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Maury Povich Show

Maury (sometimes known as The Maury Povich Show) is a syndicated American tabloid talk show hosted by Maury Povich.

Bristol Palin Baby Daddy

This week on a very special episode of the Maury Povich show
It's there universal one and common. It felt like I was on Maury Povich show! 😂
This guy doesn't need to be on the Dr. Phil Show.He needs to be on the Maury Povich Show doing a damned DNA…
Love to get Trump on the Maury Povich Show. And the Lie Detector said .
Fox and Banks in the rubber match, Maury Povich show in 9 months
She was murdered after appearing on Maury Povich show
WHAT? Why? I thought the Maury Povich show was the sequel?
I remember when Dr Phil was called upon as a reliable psychologist on the Oprah Winfrey show, now this man is Maury povich nephew smfh
JUDY Johnson never got to see her appearance on the Maury Povich show…
I can see Maury Povich inviting this woman on his show...if Springer were on he'd reenact the brawl.
"And YOU...are not the author!" - Maury Povich doing a show on mystery manuscripts.
Nothing says woke like the Maury Povich Show
Over here, the Maury Povich show provides this service, with fights and cursingthrown in free of charge.
I like Tuck but his show is a little like Maury Povich garbage at times . He interviews to many frea…
I don't know why you posted this GIF. Maury Povich's is a terrible show.
Not exactly impressed with his first guest. Expected more from him than a rerun of the Maury Povich show.
I went on the Maury Povich show to find out who my father is but, instead I found out I have a black baby.
How do I stream the Maury Povich show?
The Maury Povich Show - Girl with Pickle Phobia . Is this the real dill?. See what I did there?
Golden rule to live by. Ask yourself"WIll doing this get me on the Maury Povich Show?"If so then you probably shouldn't do it.
Do you think Maury Povich is ashamed of his show, proud of his show, or just too busy counting his money to care?
Probly just smoke a blunt and watch the Maury Povich show .
I want that dude on the next Maury Povich show.
Maybe we should get Maury Povich to do a DNA test on his show to resolve the whole "Who's really Spencer's Mom" thing.
Old episodes of the Jerry Springer show, cheaters, all the daytime court shows and that bad *** mofo Maury Povich Etc. Etc etc 😎😎😎 LOL!
invite to appear on Maury Povich's show
Looks like the Maury Povich show. More likely to ge…
Who thought it was a good idea to give Robert Irvine a Maury Povich-type talk show?
Robert Irvine goes from Food Network "Resteraunt Impossible" to Maury Povich type trash talk show. He's become food scraps on a dirty plate.
Yes, although paternity hasn't been proven on the Maury Povich show. So I'm skeptical at best.
I found a Roku channel that shows re runs of TV talk shows such as the Maury Povich show. I've watched three...
Moses going into the House of Yochabel is like an early version of The Maury Povich Show's paternity tests.
One day we are going to see Chris Stanley on the Maury Povich Show screaming "NO!! I pulled out & jerked!"
They should go on Maury Povich Show and get a DNA test to find out who the real daddy is even though you could tell
Tomorrow is the real Season Finale for Game of Thrones. The finale will be on tomorrow's Maury Povich Show. Look...
Ned Stark's episode of the Maury Povich Show would have been incredible.
I've discovered something even more entertaining than Maury Povich: From the UK, The Jeremy Kyle Show!
Imagine Marie et Joseph au Maury Povich show: - Joseph according to our DNA test, you are NOT the father of baby Jesus.
. Just waiting for Monday so I can watch the Maury Povich show.
that *** combs, really, he needs to be with Juan Williams and geraldo on Maury povich, or have own show on MSNBC
Seriously. The Maury Povich Show will be on forever.
what a liar. It's insulting to treat this terrorist attack against *** as the "Maury Povich Show"
99% of the contestants on the Maury Povich Show are Dummies!!! Not sure if there have ever been any winners...!
Aaron held his own on the show. I am calling for a paternity test. Call Maury Povich back to the show!
Girl, you look like you wanna be a guest on the Maury Povich show
I liked a video from *NSYNC Makes Fan's Dream Come True on The Maury Povich Show
I'm picturing the Maury Povich show with a crying Desert Cottontail and a defiant Coyote nervously awaiting the results of a DNA test.
im pretty sure half my coworkers have been on the Maury Povich show
you gotta get on the Maury Povich show. gotTA DO IT
Certain people review a show from the Maury Povich (B-'s be crazy) corner. I review from the Adult Table (he tried)
Maury Povich should host his show backstage, that way when he says, "You are NOT the father" the woman will run ou…
the dinosaurs baby and the Maury Povich show
go with old Maury Povich A Current Affair type theme show, that's only way I can tolerate
New dude from work used to intern at Maury Povich show. I feel like we're going to get along.
Being invited to a Maury Povich show taping.
going on The Maury Povich Show and NOT being the Father
What if God took a Paternity Test on the Maury Povich show? [VIDEO]
No. Take child to Maury Povich or Jeremy Kyle show to find out who the Daddy or Mother is. . Simple. .
Megyn thanks for making America great again. trump see you on the Maury Povich show.
from suicide on bridge sent him10gran child cancer sent ch on Maury povich show years ago Jennifer Hudson&fam u at Chicago
You're like a Maury Povich show. Good Lord, sis. Get a grip.
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If the campaign season has been the Maury Povich show, the will be its "You are NOT the candidate!" outrageous reveal.
Imagine the twinja ot3 mess on the Maury povich show
yes, but what will they do after the election? Does Maury Povich still have a show?
Trump was watching Maury Povich 17 years ago when he had a girl on the show with a bone disease. He personally...
Is it because he wants a Jerry Spinger/Maury Povich reality show with Carson in a supporting actor role?
I wanna be on the Maury povich show
rumor has it Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are suing Trump in a No Class Action for stealing their TV Audience Fight Show business models
The "Getting to know your Seeds" sounds like a gardening topic or a Maury Povich show topic :)
Today is one of those rainy days where I wish I was in bed with my cat watching trashy reruns of The Maury Povich Show. "U are the father" 😂
Montel Williams was fine but needed more offensive Maury Povich "are you the Baby Daddy" segments to be talk show royalty.
I went to a Donald Trump rally and a Maury Povich Show broke out!
maybe you and Katina can get married after all this. Then you can take your three ring circus to the Maury Povich show.
I guess we might eventually see the pregnant girl & her roommates on Maury Povich's show. :)
Awh stop features like I'm not able ... Pure howling here did you see that one about the Maury povich show IS SHE FOR REAL
Nancy I think that you need to join the Maury Povich Show
An even better show would be Maury Povich running DNA tests on *** couples' adopted kids and announcing that nobody's the father
She's the image of something of Maury povich show 😂😂😂😂
Ex-‘Bach’ star: Lots of sex on show | These *** s will show up on Maury Povich, It ain't my BABY
This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, and this is for getting on the Maury Povich show
Hard Evidence sounds like a show Geraldo or Maury Povich would have hosted back in the ’90’s.
Debra always reads her speeches like a disgruntled father on the Maury Povich show during the segment when they state their case.
Thought I stumbled into a Maury Povich show here.
They said get a hobby so I'm on the Maury Povich show demanding DNA on my kids.
+Just make sure you have clean sheets, and a standing slot on the Maury Povich show to check paternity and we're all good. *I +
While we're in town for the Maury Povich show, let's go ahead and tie the knot. BTW why are we going on Povich?
so what? What is preventing three people from getting married? When did this nation become the Jerry Springer/Maury Povich show
If we went to the Maury Povich (spelling) show what do you think would be the results? or…
"Is your Love Pocket involved in a DNA spades game?" is hilarious
The anthropology of The Maury Show never really occurred to me, but now that has written this article...
Is it true the next Palin reality show will team with Maury Povich to find the father?
That's what the Maury Povich Show is for!
Maury Povich is 76 years old! Holy cow I never knew he was really old over the years of watching Maury show. He always looked at least 52-56
I wanna be the reason you're crying on the Maury Povich Show.
All the news concerning *** marriage and other nonsense has drove me to watch the Maury Povich show paternity...
lol the way she's going she's gonna end up on The Maury Povich Show!
Living in heady times, my lunch place turned off Maury Povich show and put on
Yep. Dudes are runnin' through her on the regular. She's a Maury Povich Show episode waiting to happen. Who's the daddy?
if you can make it thru this post at work and NOT laugh, you get the ticket. also, LMFAO. cheese cries!
I think one of my most fondest childhood memories would be faking sick in elementary school so I could watch The Maury Povich Show
So wrote this thing on Maury Povich and I'm dead of laughter.
The Maury Povich Show is a National Treasure - new AweLuv post
iz she gonna be appearing on the Maury Povich show 4 DNA results?
I keep waiting for that family to show up on Maury Povich and Jerry Springer.
I'm going to send Bristol to the Maury Povich Show!
I need them to do a "best of Maury Povich Show" DVD set. I might buy it. Just for the exercise inspiration alone from the backstage runs.
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I can only hope this means Bristol Palin will soon be appearing on the Maury Povich show.
Who is the father of Bristol Palin's baby? Next on the Maury Povich Show!
Any truth to the rumor that Bristol Palin will be appearing on the Maury Povich show?
Woman looking at Led Zepplin Records today: "Ohhh my momma was wearin' this shirt when we was on the Maury Povich Show! Her favorite shirt."
oh good. I thought i was hallucinating. I thought i saw flo from progressive insurance on maury povich show today
Maury Povich needs to show up to tonight's NBA festivities & surprise the players with paternity test results.
Sign him up for The Maury Povich Show. Spain ex-king appeals against paternity suit.
Bill Cunningham is a Loser Republican Establishment Lawyer and Third Rate Maury Povich . His show is less than Trash TV .
Why all these *** run around screaming when told he isn't a father on Maury Povich show? Biatch, you seriously didn't know it? Smh
Why does Maury Povich still have a show?
The Maury Povich Show is so over the top its ridiculous. The audience reactions and people on the show are insane
Get on Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. And I don't mean the show.
** gazes over at you sitting next to me on Greyhound bus and asks you if you want to discover if "I'm the father" on Maury Povich show
Talk show host Maury Povich pokes fun at his paternity test slogan with Christmas sweater
The mall tonight was a cross between the Zombie Apocalypse and the Maury Povich show.
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Nothing gets me in the mood to lift more than when the TV in my gym is playing the Maury Povich Show
Maury Povich's 'Not the Father' Christmas Sweater Wins All the Awards: Maury Povich, best known for his show M...
Last night I woke myself up by unconsciously yelling at Maury Povich to pay me my money for being on his show..Dont worry. Im not the father
"I am too good looking to be that ugly baby's father" - chyron from the Maury Povich show
send it to the Maury Povich show for a lie detector test
Maury Povich has his own talk show and it's full of drama
absolutely no need for a Maury Povich Show paternity test here.
Stuffing my face with a Christmas ham while watching “Biggest Loser” with “The Maury Povich Show” on deck, and feeling great about myself.
What *** called it The Maury Povich Show and not Founding Fathers?
I'm pretty sure The Maury Povich Show is the world's largest consumer and distributer of paternity tests and their results.
sho_theaffair After an engaging start, this show became more pedantic & silly each week. It's Maury Povich pretending to be Phil Donahue.
If The Maury Povich Show doesn't call their annual Christmas episode "What Child Is Dis?", then we all lose in this game call…
Local Guinea Pig on Maury Povich Show says: "They are NOT mine."
When god, Mary, and Joseph went in the Maury Povich Show.
Just got a letter from the Maury Povich Show. It's either a lie detector or paternity test. I can beat one of them...
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Blast from the past! and Kevin Aviance on the Maury Povich Show!
I contacted the show several times... But it's like Maury Povich doesn't even care... Who the real father of my new born kitten is?
Hi, my name is Mike, and I'm addicted to Herbal Tea and Maury Povich paternity show re-runs...
They should title the DNA paternity test episodes of the Maury Povich show: "Can I remember who was in my *** 9 months ago?"
Nick and the terribly annoying maury hype man. @ The Maury Povich Show
Starting to look like the Maury Povich show on racism..looking for cameras and 2 minutes if fame..(sigh)..go home
reminded me of jenny jones. Terrible talk show host. Female equivalent to Maury Povich
Just heard a woman say "we've met, but we never conversated." On the Maury Povich show. Dumbing down America one show at a time.
unless if you're talking about America's most wanted, Steve wilkos, Maury Povich, or Jerry Springer show, then i can agree w/ you
Maury Povich looks like he wants to leap off a bridge half the duration of the show. So would any other person though
looks like the Maury Povich show is now on wheels, offering paternity tests...
Can we get Maury Povich on the show for the lie detector test? . I dont know who telling the truth between Stevie,Benzino and Joseline
Looks like this show is turning into a Jerry Springer, Maury Povich show cuz that's what minorities watch. Hope I'm wrong
Oh Maury Povich, the guests on your show make me feel so better about myself
Maury Povich is the whitest guy ever, but yet he has the most ghetto show of all time.
imagine if were the topic for a salacious episode of the Maury Povich show
a guy asked me if my dog was from Germany I said we are waiting DNA results from the Maury Povich show should know who his real dad is too
LOL the Maury Povich show is hilarious 😂😂😂
Maury Povich could have months and months of show ideas if he came to my neighborhood.
Necessity is the mother of invention. Find out who the father is on the next Maury Povich Show!
all I do is watch the maury povich show
Just once, I'd like to date a girl who wants to "surprise" me with an appearance on "The Maury Povich Show."
I'm watchin Maury Povich. Hes doing paternity tests. That's all he does anymore, It seems. I remember when this show MEANT something.
Maury Povich Show- "You had sex with me and my dad... Who's your baby's father?" .
Live here on the Bill Cunningham show. This is going to be hysterical! Like the Maury Povich Show.
Darth Vadar: "Luke - hang on! There's something I need to tell you... I got us tickets to the Maury Povich Show!"
I added a video to a playlist Maury Povich Show
Veterinarians at the National Zoo inseminated Giant Panda Mei Xiang. We'll find out which doctor is the father on today's Maury Povich Show!
I just saw a commercial for Maury Povich Show, said tomorrow's episode will reveal the real drug test results.
StarWars crossed with the Maury Povich Show; "…and the results are in…" lol
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Dream date for girl who got makeover on Maury Povich Show. I was young I need the money :)
Shows like the Maury Povich Show always alarm me...they're so hyped-up and vicious. It saddens me to see that as a picture of our society.
I have watch the Maury Povich Show in a long time
with Cold Hard singing "Maury Povich" on the Maury Povich Show. I love this one!
So I just read where Lisa Ling just had a baby, Britney Spears and Kim K are both pregnant. So what I want to know is if I'm gonna have to make 3 seperate appearances on the ' Maury Povich Show ' to get the test results or are they gonna arrange for the 4 of us to do one taping? I don't wanna miss too many days of driving
Dummy mission this morning- why we gotta watch the Maury Povich Show though?
If you are heading to the Maury Povich Show, your relationship is already over. Enjoy your cheap vacation and order the lobster.
"This is an express bus to the Maury Povich Show."
Now I remember why I don't watch the Maury Povich Show. Dude said he can't make girl babiesand his mom agrees.
Scientists have found conclusive and irrefutable proof that evolution is in fact reversible.. Maury Povich Show.
I spoke with a real person at the Maury Povich Show. I'm off to mail my album. I sure hope my album gets some...
“one of my kids keeps on calling me daddy lol I'm not your daddy!” Better call up the Maury Povich Show!!!
I thought I saw her on Maury Povich Show
Things that don't make sense: people watch the Maury Povich Show. It's the same formated show every week with...
Colin Kaepernick looks like he should have been on the Maury Povich Show.
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the Trisha Show is a little better than the Maury Povich Show.
So many angry hockey fan.err...I mean ex-fans on FB today. Extremely violent comments and opinions, it's like reading a script for the Maury Povich Show.
yep, and he was on the Maury Povich Show
Yo can y'all air the Maury Povich Show next year? We need to see that on our screens :"""D
Do you think the chemists who discovered DNA would take it back if they knew it would lead to the Maury Povich Show?
Now .is comparing the ATL Falcons to a Maury Povich Show. Silly Doug, Travis Henry is not on that team.
If someone doesn't get all the leftover pie out of this house soon expect to see me on the next Maury Povich Show
The next DNA test on the Maury Povich Show should take place in SC as I'm pretty sure Steve Spurrier is Dabo Swinneys's daddy.
Do people get paid to get on the Maury Povich Show? Nothing good could ever come from that show. Well except for the dude who was accused of being the father of two babies born two weeks apart from two different mothers. He found out he's not the fa.wait, wth am I doing??? I don't watch that show I swear!
One day, I want to be on the Maury Povich Show just so I can hear the words, "You are not the Father!!" And it will be the best day ever...
Another All-American fun time on the Maury Povich Show! LOL I think by now, Maury has (not quite, but) almost the same notoriety that the Jerry Springer Show had in the mid-late 90's! But instead of hoodrats and inbreds fighting and throwing chairs, it's mostly DNA tests and 3/4 of the loud *** loose *** women barreling from the stage, backstage, and even one of them (Rebecca) crashing through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man!
Nobody goes on the Maury Povich Show thinking they're going to solve a problem. Nobody.
Why does anyone care about General Petraeus. This nation is so dumbed down its sad. We have become a big Maury Povich Show. Lol.
Nothing reassures me about humanity than the Maury Povich Show.
I feel like a guy on the Maury Povich show, "You are NOT the father!"
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Is this a presidential celebration or the Maury povich show?!!!
I feel like I am on the Maury Povich show waiting on DNA results. We need to get to 270
They need to let Maury Povich read the election results. "When it comes 2 the 2012 election, the results show, you are NOT the president!!!
"Having a kid is the best birth control." I THINK ITS THE MAURY POVICH SHOW :-)
America is in your hands, Chuck Norris, pro skater Tony Hawk, and talk show host Maury Povich. Do the world proud.
Maury Povich is saying to get out and vote "but first vote for most memorable moment in the last 4 years on The Maury Show". Wow!
My printer is more dysfunctional than a Maury Povich Show: I know He's the Baby Daddy episode
I woke up thinking 'Maury Povich' which is kind of weird seeing as 1.) I don't watch his show & 2.) I never knew his last name.. o_0.
If Dante were alive today, one of the circles of *** would involve being on the Maury Povich show.
There will be an all day Maury Povich Show marathon on TV tomorrow. I'm assuming this is an effort to suppress the Obama vote.
Do you remember the Maury Povich/chat show freaks one? That's gotta be one of the best."It's my hot body and I'll do what I want!"
I saw my girlfriend from Augusta on The Maury Povich show 1 day. Her sister was sleeping wit her Baby Daddy/fiancé. I laughed my *** off.
I say all politicians must go on the Maury Povich Show and run the gammit of lie detector tests so once and for all we know who is lieing and who the daddy is.
All I want to know is if the new handsome security are single and ready to date?
One of my lifelong dreams is to make an appearance on the Maury Povich show.
A happily married teen mom. George knew Jane would never have to appear on The Maury Povich Show (young wife material).
(although what you did there was pretty good. Sounded like a baby mama from Maury Povich's show).
We waiting on like a *** on Maury Povich Show results-Your Not The Father. On Nov 08, 2012 the World will witness GREATNESS.
He has never been on Maury Povich's show more than once!
do u spell ur name with a K or a Ch? And u should probably stop using that it sounds like it on the Maury Povich show
*** Morris & Rush Limbaugh will be on the Maury Povich show to see which of them is Ann Coulter's father.
They should have done the Boustany/Landry debate on the Maury Povich Show so they can accuse each other of being a *** and the Baby Daddy. They've accused each other of everything else under the sun so why not?
Dear Maury Povich, my husband was really mad at me for watching your show, while I'm supposed to be looking for a...
MAURY POVICH should change the name of his show to "Who's Semen was it"...
This reminds me of the Maury Povich show when he had 8 yr olds that weighed 175 pounds!
why am I watching the maury povich show lol
"Maury Povich Show" is On Right Now Yall! Mad Drama to Live and learn From! Word! Smfh. (Just a 'Kyza' Thought!) And if Anybody ask RON why I chill. Ask ME after You've served 18 years on One Gig and Took Care of his Kids Financially and Physically... Being a DaddY as well as a Father! I was Grown Man Since I was a Kid! Teach the kids and Other Grown folk Who are "Clueless" to Mind Their Own Biz!) "Kyza's Advice!"
Honestly, the Maury povich show needs subtitles. I just can't keep up.
Sit down son, this ain't the Maury Povich show
Every guest on the maury povich show is an exact representation of what the average American is like.
my daughter was on the Maury Povich Show it will air Monday!! Don't miss it
The people on maury povich show belong on fb They are so dramatic Just saying
I'm about to cheat on my diet so bad, we are going to have to go on the Maury povich show.
My life's goal is to be in the studio audience of the Maury Povich show.
the Maury Povich show is so entertaining
I feel like one of those guys on The Maury Povich show...waitin on these results right now
I read that first as "won tickets to the Maury Povich show" LOL!!! cc:
I come home and my dad is watching some ratchet show called Tisha Goddard. She's like a black British female Maury Povich.
as a European having just watched The Maury Povich Show i feel a dread for the human race where do they find these people
I just read a terrible article. But it made me feel better about myself. Like, The Maury Povich Show for journal articles.
No Baby Daddy drama ... I taped a segment on maury povich show last month about videos on the internet. Its airing now on PIX
Anyone else remember a time when Maury Povich had a much less ridiculous show?!
1. I hate Halloween. 2. Work felt like the Maury Povich show today. 3. I've had to apologize twice in the last few hours. 5. It's time for an Ambien and then bed.
I didn't know people actually watched the Maury Povich show lol
Shemroy Parkinson & I in our Halloween costumes! In case you haven't guessed, we are The Maury Povich Show!
The Maury Povich show: giving stupid people the attention they desperately long for since 1991.
apparently addicts don't watch A&E. It's like the guys bangin chicks in the green room at the Maury Povich show.
To learn more about this watch the next Maury Povich show "Who My Baby Daddy".
im Going to be on the Maury povich show,
your show is becoming more and more like maury povich. Why don't you stop trying to get ratings and actually help these people.
I'm feeling kind of bummed about life today. It might be time to watch the Maury Povich Show.
I must be bored out of my misery...watching the Maury Povich show. Between lie detectors and DNA tests SOME ONE has to be "Starlisha's" "Baby Daddy". After all, she has been on the show 15 times... "I just know Tyrone is my Baby Daddy!" she claimed. AHHH the drama bus!
How to waste five minutes of your life: By watching 2 women scream and cuss over a man, on the Maury Povich Show with 6 kids already who claims not to be the father of their kids. Ignorance is just ignorance.
Sandy is going crazy like a chick on the Maury Povich show right after he says "you ARE THE FATHER" lol
Trying to work on something at the computer this morning, I am reminded of how a Windows app is like Eric Cartman on the Maury Povich Show: It does what it wants, B*tch!
Even the Maury Povich show is cancelled
Good morning to all those who work in Lenox Hill, not at 70th Street, but at 55th Street, meaning F-D-R (you know who you are). Anyway, I hope none of you showed for work; it is MURDER out there, and a lot of you have families to look out for, including children who either want or need you by their side. But I'm telling all of you to PLEASE be more than extra careful, and if possible, I hope to see y'all faces Wednesday. In the meantime, I just woke up and due to neither "The Maury Povich Show" and probably - and possibly - "The Jerry Springer Show", I may-as-well can just start doing some housework, laundry, and everything else I can throughout today, and just get it out of the way. It is now 56*, at 10:58 a.m., and I sure pray to Jesus you all are okay, and that the hurricane winds down. WE HAVE $ TO MAKE AND RESPONSIBILITIES TO TAKE, BUT IT'S THE LORD'S WILL; HE HAD IT MADE! WE, AT 'THE HILL', GOTTA GET CRAZY PAID! Check the rhyme.
There is no better way to spend an afternoon than watching hours of The Maury Povich Show. "Decardo is naht the Fatha!"
I remember the first time I watched "The Maury Povich Show", I thought we had hit bottom. And then I saw "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."
This is good, but I'd like to see these two sit down on the Maury Povich Show and take a polygraph test. Then we'll know who's telling the truth and if they really mean what they say. Problem solved.
Dear Maury Povich, When you retire can I host your show? I too wish to answer the worlds greatest riddles such as" Who is my Baby Daddy!? and Did my husband impregnate my Daughter?" Please consider me for your replacement as I would love a front row seat to the antics of drugged out morons and the *** who love them! Also I want to be the man who gets to ask the tough questions like" Are you sure it's one of these 12 men this time?" Thank you for your consideration in this most important of matters. Your friend and hopefully future Host of the Maury Povich Show, Nicholas L Giovanoli, President and C.E.O. of Those *** are dumb, incorporated.
If Jesus were born today there'd be a *** of a paternity test special on the next Maury Povich Show.
Doing my usual and watching my 3 hours of the Maury Povich Show! I know it's Coming Out Day and everything and with that being said, I'm glad I'm not one of these guys on the panel being screamed at that " I Am The Father!" because seriously I'd rather be *** and Out then screwed with that situation! My favorite is when the women are so positive that they are the father and they end up not being the one! I want to go to one of the shows and see that just so I could be that guy a drink! " LOOK AT THE EYES MAURY! LOOK AT THE NOSE!, THAT's HIS BABY!!!", Yet the guy doesn't say " Maury look at the billboard over her bed that says "One Billion Served". LOL! Love this show!
I was so blessed to share a platform with Raphael B. Johnson a motivational speaker appearing weekly on The Maury Povich Show and Janine Folks Edwards as "The Dream Team" at River Rouge High School. Mr. Johnson shaved his head in honor of someone close to him who was recently slain. Will be posting vids soon from high school.
Really Cameron Scmidtz, isn't there another way you can settlle things? Like the Maury Povich Show or Jerry Springer Show - so we can get a free trip? A Soda drink, only gets you banned...and we can settle it like NWO, only prooves what people in Perry, Iowa say about you, YOUR A BULLY, and that is just why you got wraped around that pole in the winter years back!
Tonight's special guest is my friend Pastor Wess Morgan who wanted to be apart of this anointed conference. I am honored for his support of me and his mother Pastor Yolanda Morgan. Just finished speaking at my high school where I am from with Janine Folks and national motivational speaker Raphael B Johndon from the Maury Povich Show. Thanks to this event a new after school program will be added. Blessings.
Getting closer to show time at The Maury Povich Show !
Maury Povich Show live taping tomorrow! Here Me Coming CT! I got all my reaction faces in the fanny pack jack! Leggo.
Say what you want about the Maury Povich Show, but it ain't nothin' (SMH & waving my finger), nothin' like when Maury cracks open that envelope and says, "You are NOT the father"!
You can't make no man on this earth want you unless his heart tells him so, stop getting on tv and embarrassing yourself looking for the father your child on the *** Maury Povich show. I think that's so tacky and trashy..
I've always wanted to go on the Maury Povich Show but I've never fathered any kids out of wedlock, I hope that's a good thang...
I wanna be a security guard on the Maury Povich show for a day. Bucket list
We just came to the conclusion that Mighty Mouse was in fact a writer for the Maury Povich Show, but he broke away from the show citing artistic differences from the producers.
Watching Madea's Big Happy Family.tooo funny!!! The Maury Povich Show scene has me sick right now.
Sitting here watching The Maury Povich Show! This show is always crazy it's either about paternity tests, or lie detector tests lol!
The Maury Povich Show isn't supposed to be comedic, yet I always find myself laughing my *** off when I watch it.
Walking from class to class makes me feel like I'm on the Maury Povich Show.
i once danced to this spng as a crowd warm up for the maury povich show TWICE
Shouldn't Darth Vader have been told he was Luke's dad on the Maury Povich show?
If you wanna feel better about being single, watch the Maury Povich show.
Happy to all the victims of the Maury Povich show.
My summer consisted of the Price Is Right and the Maury Povich Show every morning. 😞
Dr. Phil is an absolute *** (Maury Povich, Jr.) and commercials for his "show" should never be on during football games.
Does anyone actually, unironically, watch Maury Povich and enjoy it as a serious talk show, not just for laughs..
Lol I love Maury Povich I hope this show never ends
Maury Povich should have Mitt & Ann on his show w/their son Craig. I'm sure a paternity test would reveal 'Mitt, you're NOT the father!".
Guys, the Maury Povich Show is still a thing.
Y did I have a dream that I had a baby with Maury Povich He took a paternity test on his show & I woke up right b4 the results lol
I appreciate for many reasons but putting the Maury Povich Show line "chicken tetrazinni" in my head was evil.
The only good thing abt discussing which relatives my kids resemble is the decrease in likelihood that I end up on the Maury Povich show
What is this, the audience of the Maury Povich show?
The whities in the audience were provided by the good people at The Maury Povich Show."
I want to be the guy that bleeps out the swear words on the Maury Povich do I get that job?
Add drinking in the audience of a Maury Povich paternity test show to my bucket list
Mj was serving that Maury Povich in Billie Jean long before the show
shocked that The Maury Povich show is still on the air. How are there so many people that don't know paternity of their kids?
I know you and are taping an episode of The Maury Povich show to prove you ARE the father. -A
I'm watching the Maury Povich show. It's so sexual.
Switch that. When I grow up i'm going to marry and not end up on the Maury Povich show :)
We need to put Battleship on the Maury Povich show CC:
I think its safe to say I can check off a life goal I have had: never, ever, appear on the Maury Povich show.
I lived just outside NYC for almost 10yrs. How did I never go to a taping of a Maury Povich show?
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