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Matthew Weiner

Matthew Weiner (born 29 June 1965) is an American writer, director and producer of television drama.

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Hang on, Matthew Weiner has a novel!? *settles down for eight hours*
Matthew Weiner takes a break from TV success with a suspenseful new book
Matthew Weiner once referenced a Bukowski quote about 'taking that first drink in the day and taki…
. 'Mad Men’ creator Matthew Weiner comes to Seattle to talk about his debut novel via
Spending my morning with Matthew Weiner (who will be in FRA and B in December).
Books: Matthew Weiner of 'Mad Men' fame writes a novel; an edgy local debut; bestsellers and more
So, basically Matthew Weiner stole the Don Draper character from Ric Flair's life.
Just me w/Matthew Weiner at his book launch for HEATHER, THE TOTALITY. He seems to have totally forgiven…
I am watching "Mad Men" all over again. To say the least, I will read Matthew Weiner's novel. I owe it to him.
creator Matthew Weiner makes his first foray into fiction
creator Matthew Weiner has written a novel, and I wish I could say he failed, that he's…
This Friday: Meet creator Matthew Weiner as he reads from and signs his highly anticipated first book…
Love this chat with and 'Mad Men’ Creator Matthew Weiner on his Foray Into Fiction
What I really want is to direct. No, what he really wanted was to write! His novel debuts.
"HEATHER, THE TOTALITY has become one of the most anticipated literary debuts of the fall."
This is pure conjecture, but who's with me in thinking Matthew Weiner... is probably a monster?
Inside the mind of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner. Weiner & Maria Semple chat books, TV, and more 11/13 $5 tix:…
3 of 5 stars to Heather, the Totality by Matthew Weiner
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner comes to the Brattle for 2 events this Friday – visit for details!
Don't miss Matthew Weiner at tomorrow in conversation with Details:…
Everyone in TV wants to write a book and everyone who writes books wants to be in TV. Installment
The calls Matthew Weiner's HEATHER, THE TOTALITY "an experience not soon to be forgotten"
'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner in Toronto, Thursday, to discuss his first novel
Matthew Weiner’s debut novel, 'Heather, the Totality,' is creepy, unsettling, violent and queasily seductive.
Tom Hanks and Matthew Weiner wrote books that are total opposites. But are they good? has you covered:…
New events with Khizr Khan, Bill McKibben, Matthew Weiner, Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen, Gail Simmons, and more.
Corey Stoll, Andrew Rannells, Paul Reiser and more added to cast of Matthew Weiner's Amazon series THE ROMANOFFS
Wow fun fact: Matthew Weiner got hired as head writer on The Sopranos because the producers read his Mad Men pilot. It’s that…
Happy birthday to Matthew Weiner, the mind behind Don Draper.
David O. Russell, Matthew Weiner, & Woody Allen got straight-to-series orders from Amazon and AMY SHERMAN-PALLADINO has to…
Neither will we Matt, neither will we.--->‘Mad Men’ reunion: Matthew Weiner says he ‘will never be over it’
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Matthew Weiner talks 'Mad Men' book and cast reunions at launch party
I wonder if Matthew Weiner got the idea to name Peggy Olson after West Elm’s “Peggy”
Matthew Weiner and have generously donated the archive to
"You can’t set a clock for yourself (on your art) you should want it so badly that you don’t have a choice" M Weiner
.Matthew Weiner went to Wesleyan and majored in my major, the College of Letters. I'm sitting 10 feet away from his thesis right now
I had a realization in the midst of my happy marriage that I had kind...
This episode description is Matthew Weiner's wet dream.
If you've ever had somebody try to sell you something - people who ca...
same, it's ridiculous. Wow look a guy who looks like Matthew Weiner doesn't kno how to vote. Let's all suck his ***
Identity is part of drama to me. Who am I, why am I behaving this way...
No more Mad Men, or Matthew Weiner written episodes of The Sopranos before bed.
(2/2) to make Swamplandia, & out of morbid curiosity Matthew Weiner to make The Mezzanine (takes place entirely on an escalator)
My wife's an architect, so she definitely has a very high-risk artist...
Creative friends - read this, try not to cry! "Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner's life advice for struggling artists
I will watch anything Matthew Weiner writes.
Rewatching Mad Men. Just learned that "Glen" is played by Matthew Weiner's son Marten.
I dunno what Matthew Weiner was going for, but my takeaway from Mad Men is that horrible ppl beget horrible ppl. And maybe so do good people
Matthew Weiner wants some free chicken strips.
I guess because I'm a liberal I think it's not people's natural instinct to be completely se
Chandra Kapoor on Night Of was legit done in the way people imagine Matthew Weiner did in Betty Draper/Francis in the fat suit season.
Clive James: "Matthew Weiner is in control of Mad Men the way Aaron Sorkin was in control of The West Wing"
I'm very supportive of creative people being paid for the work that th...
"It will shock you how much this never happened." My 2013 season was written by Matthew Weiner, you got this.
It's an ugly thing to see ambition and to see people satisfying themse...
hated the ending until I read that the creator said it was meant that Don created the Coke ad
Want to own Peggy Olson's moving box or Don Draper's wallet? Now you can:
If you want to reach any kind of poignancy or meaning a lot of times, ...
to a great panel with Ellen Freund, Claudette Didul, and Matthew Weiner during
Based off a conversation with Matthew Weiner interviewing Wong Kar Wai at Academy Presentation. Thanks for …
I love the way Matthew Weiner narrates his own story in this interview. Good read.
"once I got out of film school I said, They will not let me fly the plane. So I’m going to build my own airport." - Matthew Weiner
Patricia Highsmith, Mario Puzo, Matthew Weiner, & [insert your name here]. The application portal is open; they're due 8/1.
As far as I can tell, 1968 is a year about change, about revolution, a...
Wow—on re-watching, it's clear Matthew Weiner planned this scene from S2 to mirror the show's arc. So cool.
Mad Men Creator Matthew Weiner's Reassuring Life Advice for Struggling Artists: This one is worth a read/reread.
Matthew Weiner's pleasure in watching his own show is one of the best parts of the Blu-ray commentaries:
A great idea is worthless. Execution is everything. - Matthew Weiner, Mad Men Creator
I would never want my name on something that I did not write most of. ...
This sounds really craven on some level, but on some level, a lot of w...
Don't give up hope kids. It took MadMen creator Matthew Weiner seven years to get his show on telly. Seven years!
In movies and TV, we tend to fall into tropes about how characters mig...
Who knew Matthew Weiner liked roller coasters so much?
Matthew Weiner and Richard Upton explain what this artwork & U+I have in common
was a clue on Matthew Weiner of answered it. Multiple Nerdgasms.
All 3 got correct answer & u KNOW that's only cuz of u. MadMen's Matthew Weiner was big winner tonight. PowerPlayers Week.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Why I read the fringe: Mad Men's Matthew Weiner, in context as a well-off Jewish kid growing up in Hancock Park.
Exactly what I needed to read right now. "Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner's life advice for artists
It's so good and reconfirms why Matthew Weiner and Mad Men are the best. Super inspiring.
Matthew Weiner talking about the episode where Charlie and Frank crack each others backs while living together.
Matthew Weiner reminds us never went outside for 8 years.
Matthew Weiner tells the cast they're so convincing as f--kups that it's hard to believe they're given money to make the show.
Matthew Weiner says he went to the internet for Qs & says,"Dude, your show's been off the air for awhile!"
Matthew Weiner introduces first saying, "He's been part of the TV landscape for so many years."
Matthew Weiner says he used to come to to watch old tv episodes. Still gets a little nervous when he visits. aw.
Matthew Weiner on the long road to Mad Men "You can’t set a clock for yourself. If you do, you are not a writer."
What do you think Matthew Weiner will ask the cast about tonight?
Added fun tonight: creator Matthew Weiner is moderating tonight's panel. Can't wait to hear his questions.
the thing kelela said abt dealing with whiteness is what matthew weiner said Mad Men was abt
The day finally came. I finished One of the greatest shows I've ever watched, mad respect for Matthew Weiner. :')
I can't wait to find out if Louis C.K., Jonathan Franzen, or Matthew Weiner is the most prestigious
Here are the 10 films that inspired MAN MEN (as picked by Matthew Weiner):
Believe it or not, there's a lot of humor in 'Mad Men.' Especially in the d...
Louis C.K., Matthew Weiner, Al Franken and Jonathan Franzen to appear on 'Jeopardy!'
If you're feeling discouraged by rejection, read Matthew Weiner's essay on going from failure to selling Mad Men:
Cool moderator alert: Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner takes on gang at LA this Fri. April 1. No f…
Louis C.K, Jonathan Franzen, and Matthew Weiner are competing on
Finally watched the finale on so good! Even enjoyed the synopsis.
Thank you Matthew Weiner for creating Mad Men. It was a great show to watch and I'm glad I enjoyed the roller coaster of Don Draper and co.
"We're flawed because we want so much more. We're ruined because we get those things and wish for what were had.". —Matthew Weiner (Mad Men)
One day, Matthew Weiner is going to announce that he has a new series in production for Netflix. Can that day be today?
One is Matthew Weiner's personal shopper, the other his landscaper. They are both 27 and went to Brown.
📷 cartoline-aforismi: “We are flawed because we want so much…” Don Draper (Matthew Weiner) Source:...
Matthew Weiner has further discussed a Mad Men sequel and that's far more than enough to get me through this week
Oh, and WHAT? Matthew Weiner said something about a sequel centering on Sally Draper?!? WHATTHEWHAT?!?!
I’m proposing a - where you shove all the horrible showbiz kids like Matthew Weiner’s son/Sofia Coppola
Getting ready to see "Weiner" at Jesse w/Matthew. That's not nearly as salacious as it sounds.
Somewhere Matthew Weiner puts down his credit card, and mouths "I miss you Jon". A single tear runs down his cheek.
Extraordinary interview with Matthew Weiner (writer for Sopranos + Mad Men) in
They got Matthew Weiner kicked out. Will they ask to see proof from the Donald?
At a Q&A for Mad Men. Here's Matthew Weiner's "WISH LIST" of plot points to cover before the finale:
Just spotted Matthew Weiner & his wife strolling down Santa Monica Boulevard in WeHo. I was too stunned to blurt out, "I loved the ending."
..did Matthew Weiner really have to do that to Betty Drapper?!
"Matthew Weiner, the Creator of ‘Mad Men,’ Prepares for Another Fade to Black"
2. Mad Men - Matthew Weiner gave a perfectly judged ending for Don Draper and co, with satisfaction, tragedy, and intriguing ambiguity.
Matthew Weiner doesn't feel like he owes anybody anything in the series finale of "Mad Men"
Sally's all grown-up! Growing Up on ‘Mad Men’: A Conversation With Matthew Weiner and Kiernan Shipka
Wii-U giveaway winner drawn, the weiner is BeardofGrey aka - Congrats big papa
Despite being a lifelong PKD fan, I'm only now reading TIME OUT OF JOINT, and I desperately want it to be a cable series by Matthew Weiner.
Multi-Emmy-winning E.P of and former E.P on Matthew Weiner shares his ideas from
Welcome Mr Mad Men, Matthew Weiner:. "We have to trust our taste"
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Matthew Weiner talks on his works and
Matthew Weiner indulges and debunks Terry's analyses of Mad Men on Must-listen for Mad Men fans:
If you're a TV geek the Bret Easton Ellis podcast with Matthew Weiner is SO good via
"Don't write for an audience. You are the audience."- Matthew Weiner. .
I agree. Must be difficult to be a terrible writer when Matthew Weiner is your boss.
Matthew Weiner can help him with this.
Like, I'm pretty sure Matthew Weiner's gonna go full hermit on his next project or at least be quiet like DC as a result.
What if Matthew Weiner did a special edition of the Mad Men finale every decade? And inserts dead characters as ghosts?
Is it so much to ask that everybody be more like:. David Simon, David Chase, David Milch, David Lynch, Vince Gilligan, Matthew Weiner etc.
Imagine if Mad Men had been half as good or as important as Matthew Weiner thought it was
ArtsBeat: Matthew Weiner on the Coke Ad and the Meaning of 'Mad Men'
Finally finished Mad Men. Thank you Matthew Weiner & team for 7 seasons of impeccable writing. A masterclass in character & subtlety.
I think I totally hate Matthew Weiner. And I love television.
matthew weiner is directing ep.12 but is in LA. 😫 why?!! she barely had any screentime per ep last season..
Great life advice from Matthew Weiner: "You can’t set a clock for yourself." - via
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Matthew Weiner sending Rogelio a cease and desist notice for "Hombres Locos" is the most believable thing has ever done.
VIDEO creator and EP Matthew Weiner talked to me?
"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner's reassuring life advice for struggling artists via /
Great writing advice from the genius Matthew Weiner -
Same thing happened a couple of years ago. Most of the audience left before Matthew Weiner gave James Salter his award. So upsetting.
chyrons are usually so on point, but they got Matthew Weiner’s number of Emmys wrong? Boy...
You should also look at Are You Here, the first film from Matthew Weiner. What a bizarre misfire.
Advice for struggling actors from Mad Men creator Matt Weiner
.with poet and Matthew Weiner & Richard Upton at The Movement opening y'day https:/…
"Yes, we're laughing at our own joke. We thought it was funny." --Matthew Weiner
TLDR: About Passion and Persistence - "In the book, Getting There, Matthew Weiner said he had a passion to be a wr…
TV is for people who hate being alone more than they hate writing. MATTHEW WEINER.
Well sure, if they get Aaron Sorkin or Matthew Weiner to write it. (Oh god please make Matthew Weiner do a Star Trek show.)
Popping down to IKEA to sort this later.
Matthew Weiner's selection of his 10 top Criterion Collection films is great:
Have you fallen in love with the '60s? creator Matthew Weiner explains his love affair to . …
Loved how Matthew Weiner ended on a beautiful, authentic and positive note.
Matthew Wiener the creator of MadMen picks his favorite films.
Of course Matthew Weiner has amazing taste.
Finally caught up on final season of Mad Men. Gonna really miss Don, Peggy, Betty, Joan and even Pete! Thanks Matthew Weiner for a fab show
Is 007 getting a makeover? Bond set to return to the 60a with show creator Matthew Weiner
I just cried over Mad Men so first of all How Dare you Matthew Weiner and secondly How Dare you Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss
Ben Feldman's last day on the set of Mad Men with Matthew Weiner, Jay R. Ferguson and Elisabeth Moss
"Artists are so insecure, but for whatever reason they are very secure in their work" Matthew Weiner creator of
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on why you should show your work:
Mad Men creator and Emmy Nominee Matthew Weiner in conversation with Vanity Fair's West Coast Editor,…
.asked Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner about post-finale Don, tragic Betty, and a Sally spin-off at
Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner on Betty's surprise fate, Don's post-finale life, and a Sally spin-off
Being a fan I was especially thrilled to hear details from creator and creative genius, Matthew Weiner
"I think anybody who becomes more comfortable with themselves has found happiness." Matthew Weiner
Update your maps at Navteq
Loved meeting Matthew Weiner at 's social club! He is a genious!
"This is so good you know no one's ever gonna see it.' -Matthew Weiner on NOT!
A view of the room during the interview w/ creator Matthew Weiner. WOW! htt…
"I felt Betty was a tragedy from the beginning." Matthew Weiner
Matthew Weiner recognized me after we talked last night
It was wonderful to meet Matthew Weiner, creator of Mad Men. He was delightfully charismatic and down…
"is the gold standard for looking good" - Matthew Weiner. Love this quote & its true!
Matthew Weiner of is the first to arrive!
Matthew Weiner: is the gold standard for men's fashion
This also seems true of most great show runners come to think (Matthew Weiner, Dan Harmon). I'd smoke up with David Milch in a heartbeat tho
Matthew Weiner, Julianne Moore, Salma Hayek to discuss careers at TIFF 2015 -
Movie stars Julianne Moore and Salma Hayek, comedian Sarah Silverman and Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner are am...
creator Matthew Weiner says the Coke ad finale had been planned from the beginning
Outstanding writing for drama series: . 1) Lost Horizon by Semi Chellas & Matthew Weiner 2) Person to Person by Matthew Weiner
This interview also features Jules Feiffer talking about how Matthew Weiner referenced his work on !
Breast Cancer Awareness
Drinking an old fashioned in a suit at and the theme just started playing. Stop mocking me Matthew Weiner!
So tomorrow there's an even where Matthew Weiner, Elisabeth Moss and John Slattery are speaking and I waited too long to get my tickets...
Matthew Weiner writing about failure & rejection & the general struggletown of starting a writing career. htt…
Our Q&A with creator Matthew Weiner by from Summer 2013
Haven't watched enough Mad Men to see Matthew Weiner today despite being offered a spare ticket. Oh, the intensity of my sha…
Matthew Weiner is the Agatha Christie of TV writers. And I don't mean that as a flattering comparison.
TIL: Matthew Weiner found the RJD2 theme music via a bumper.
Peggy Olson and Matthew Weiner share an intimate moment of pure happiness.
Matthew Weiner actually explains the Mad Men finale in a new interview via
Matthew Weiner explains the 'Mad Men' ending — or not
Thank you Thank you Matthew Weiner. Thank you Jon Hamm, Elizabeth Moss. Thank you writers. Thank you for 8 years. Thank you.
I never really enjoyed Julia Ormond as an actress until Matthew Weiner hired her and told her to act like the craziest French lady ever.
Matthew Weiner sends Jason Alexander out ahead of him when he’s worried about too many questions.
has been great lately. Eliza Coupe, Matthew Weiner, Thomas Middleditch, Kristen Schaal, Eddie Pepitone, Will Forte
Who says Matthew Weiner does not do fan service: More Alison Brie than we could have reasonably expected
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Great interview on of Matthew Weiner on end of (Not for &
John Slattery on what Matthew Weiner said on the last day of Mad Men:
Don to Sally : "You're a very beautiful girl. It's up to you to be more than that." Thank you Matthew Weiner
A heart to heart Olympia Welles could use - 's Matt Weiner's advice to artists:
There's some great TV. And then there's Mad Men. Incredible. Thank you Matthew Weiner.
Matthew Weiner speaks tomorrow for In anticipation, this great piece on struggling as a writer:
“Sterling Cooper is more like my high school in the ’80s than it may have been like an ad agency in the 1950s..."
Here's how 'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner manages his super busy schedule
Speaking of movies that aren't often on large screen, has series curated by Matthew Weiner, "Mad Men's Movie Influences"
Let's get Vince Gilligan and Matthew Weiner to write an episode of the Twilight Zone to star Jeremy Renner, please.
"Mad Men and Selective Censorship" a deliberate journey into the coarseness of modernity.
If they recast the "Bizarro Jerry" episode of Seinfeld today, Matthew Weiner would have to be Bizarro George.
If you like check out what creator Matthew Weiner has to say about struggle:
It isn't too late to create a great Please Matthew Weiner figure it out or 'how 'bout tackling the '80's next
"Matthew Weiner (Mad Men) on the hypocrisy of censorship on American television" : via   10% Off
Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant reflects on working with Matthew Weiner and costuming Don Draper, Peggy Olson and Joan Harris.
At a Mad Men exhibit where they have Matthew Weiner's journal pages. Sadly no mentions of who he totally has a crush on.
Wise encouraging words from creator Matthew Weiner as I try to get in gear for two scripts.
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner joins us on Men In Blazers show this Monday. Send us your Ravens
It was bc I spent 1000 hours watching all the clips with Matthew Weiner analysis
You have to change your mind Matthew Weiner, there can't be a TV world in which there is no
Do NOT miss the Mad Men exhibit at Museum of Moving Image! Matthew Weiner's journal.…
"I was surrounded by extraordinarily smart people. People who are smart enough to argue about stuff." Matthew Weiner:
For any writers finding it hard; Matt Weiner, creator of 'Mad Men' dishes the dirt on the long road to his success:
Matthew Weiner 'I used my wife, my apartment, my car—basically everything I could to finish the film'
...and, should a woman insane enough to marry Anthony Weiner be this close to a president? Huma Abedin Probe Begins:
Creepy Glen from Mad Men is cute as *** now. Also is Matthew Weiner’s son?
"Get a day job, but don’t get too good at it. It will take you away from your writing." Mathew Weiner
"Now we need to find a place for you" . Dammit Matthew Weiner and your profound final lines!
Thrive on rejection and hold on to compliments - Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner's
Mad Men is incredible and Matthew Weiner is a genius
*spoiler alert* I loved the return of Glen in this week's - it's all ending brilliantly
Would Elizabeth Moss tell Matthew Weiner, "I can't work with her?"
Matthew Weiner cites Cheever, Frank O'Hara and Allen Ginsberg as strong influences in his creation of
I wish we had more seasons of if for nothing else, to see how far back Matthew Weiner could make Pete Campbell's hairline recede.
George Miller and Matthew Weiner are collaborating on a multi-entertainment experience, working title: Mad Max Men.
If you’ve just watched the latest revisit this ’09 interview with series creator Matthew Weiner in Sydney:
Mad Men” is driven by his resentment of WASP country clubs
Matthew Weiner: "His hair *is* longer [...] To me this is not a symbol of Don being out of touch, it’s a symbol of timelessness"
I spoke to creator Matthew Weiner about tonight's episode at
Matthew Weiner spoke to about tonight's premiere and what to expect from the final episodes:
What prop from would you want to own? Never mind, Matthew Weiner kept them all
Matthew Weiner on origins, Peggy's baby, and why there will never be a spinoff:
creator Matthew Weiner on Don Draper and existential angst, in .
creator Matthew Weiner is credited as executive producer, but that's not what TV-industry insiders call him: ht…
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So, this interview with Matthew Weiner is exceptionally well done:
'There are a million ways in which the integrity of a show can be compromised in an attempt to gain more viewers.'
David Samuels & Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner discuss the perverse pleasure bigots get from likening Israel to Nazis h…
Matthew Weiner explains midseason premiere (and those mustaches):
Has anyone read the Matt Weiner interview at It's so, so weird but fascinating.
Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner on the “Twilight Zone-ness” of last night’s premiere.
Not sure, but I heard Matthew Weiner is digitally adding a mustache to every male Mad Men character this season.
I just want to have a beer with Vince Gilligan or Matthew Weiner and learn to craft these stories for TV.
Who knew Matthew Weiner was a fan of
final episodes kicked off on a contemplative note. Recap:
Mad Men is an elaborate excuse for Matthew Weiner to gather his fave teen soap stars and make them kiss each other
Lunch and a new episode with . Can't wait to meet Matthew Weiner soon
The show always wins: how Matthew Weiner kept it real for 7 seasons of "Mad Men" by via
Matthew Weiner, the creator, writer, producer and occasional director of “Mad Men,” paid no heed to the old showbiz adage:…
"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner says your Megan Draper/Sharon Tate theories are legit:
Brian Krakow. Lindsay Weir. Alex Mack. Rory Gilmore. Claudia Salinger. . Matthew Weiner and I have the same taste in TV shows.
Hamm, Weiner talk about their 'Mad' creation: Series creator Matthew Weiner found the perfect Don Draper ...
Bert Cooper's posthumous musical number on the midseason finale of S7 wasn't Don's hallucination. It was Matthew Weiner having fun.
Henry Francis won't get elected to anything too important because that would be too ahistorical for Matthew Weiner.
"One of the great tensions in the show is: Do people change or don't they?" Matthew Weiner interview:
Matthew Weiner "Norms is not just a great example of googie architecture, but perhaps the last example."
City Councilman and creator Matthew Weiner show their support to keep diner open.
Here Are Creator Matthew Weiner's First Notes On Don Draper ... from the '90s!
At last week, Matthew Weiner discussed how the show reflects the passage of time:
What floor? talked to Matthew Weiner about the importance of elevators in
Matthew Weiner discusses the origins of with Read his interview:
"Dickens to me is the first TV writer. A Tale of Two Cities: best TV show ever!” Matthew Weiner Mad Men
I would love to interview him, have so many questions: Matthew Weiner on Mad Men's Origins, Peggy's Baby
Put on your best suit and make yourself an old fashioned, our guest this week is own Matthew Weiner.
Matthew Weiner discusses the origins of Calls seasons 5 thru 7 the sequel to the show. Interesting.
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In which I am insanely jealous of chat w Matthew Weiner. Folks, she did a great job:
I interviewed Matthew Weiner about Jews and other fun things. And no, sorry, no spoilers.
Matt Weiner kills my dreams of a Mad Men spinoff where Stan and Ginsberg solve mysteries :(
Matthew Weiner on Mad Men's origins and Peggy's baby:
Jon Hamm, Matthew Weiner pose at tonight's premiere in L.A. Read about making of show:
It's crazy nobody wanted to buy that Mad Men script. Matthew Weiner ended up being a writer on The Sopranos because David Chase liked it.
“As far as I'm concerned, seasons five, six, and seven are the sequel to Mad Men.” def that’s where quality dipped
creator Matthew Weiner's talk at the Museum of the Moving Image taught us these 7 things - .
"If people are left wanting more, then you did your job right." I wish more showrunners would share Matthew Weiner's philosophy.
Mad Men Final Season Interview. Tonnes of great TV coming this spring. Hope work winds slows I can watch some of it.
Matthew Weiner on the sitcom-ness of Mad Men. Respects the term and the format. Good man.
"TV and film, in general… …. designed to satisfy the lack of justice that we feel in everyday life.”
i'm going to this. Do you want to come up - I can get us both tickets?
Our podcast this week features creator Matthew Weiner and cast:
Matthew Weiner on the Final Season of ‘Mad Men’: Matthew Weiner:. TV and film, in general… some of it is de...
Watching Dear Heart (1964) gave Matthew Weiner the impetus to write the pilot. Trailer with Angela Lansbury -
Matthew Weiner analyzes the final, official Mad Men poster:
Matthew Weiner thanks Jon Hamm for introducing him to Zach ...
ONLY GOD FORGIVES, dir. Matthew Weiner (would be better than the Refn movie)
Chris Pratt, Matt Damon and producers Matthew Weiner and Frank Marshall attend the 65th…
Matthew Weiner and the cast of Mad Men kicked off its second string of lasts on Saturday morning. The team behind the AMC drama, announced to return for its final seven episodes on April 5, made its last appearance at the Television Critics Association to talk about closing the book on their critical darling. 'Mad Men': Premiere Date Set for Final Run'Mad Men': Matthew Weiner Talks Midseason Finale, Music and Dream Sequences (QA)What 'Mad Men' Creator Matthew Weiner Took Home From the Set… [ 594 more words. ]
TCA 2015: A 'Mad Men' cruise? Don't count on it, Matthew Weiner says
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