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Matthew Morrison

Matthew James Matt Morrison (born October 30, 1978) is an American actor, dancer, musician, and singer-songwriter.

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just watched a 10yo pilot starring Jayma Mays, Jane Curtin, Matthew Morrison, Kathryn Hahn and Derek Waters + it was terrible + I need more
Laura Bell Bundy, Matthew Morrison & Linda Hart — You Can't Stop the Beat (Medley): right now on
Carter Matt~ GA S14 the difficulties of Matthew Morrison return:
Going from Sutton Foster to a double bill of Megan Hilty/Matthew this. Sad.
it's Matthew Morrison aka Will Schuester from Glee who plays Jo's abusive husband
Curtain Up! starts at 8pm featuring the vocal talents of Matthew Morrison, Kerry Ellis and more.
"Paul Ryan looks like Matthew Morrison...if he was sad, and sat in the tub too long." -
Sunday 20th, Channel 4 at 10pm - Catch Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison on Alan Carr Chatty Man!
It's been two years and I still can't get over the fact that and I met Matthew Morrison at the stage door of Finding Neverland
I figured it out. Paul Ryan looks like the love child of Ryan Seacreast and Matthew Morrison
Sutton Foster, Matthew Morrison and a flock of sheep!
So, me and my friend met and his lovely wife yesterday. Unfortunately, the incident was not lovely.
I might go to at The Broad Stage in Santa Mo...
In "Tulip Fever," Harry would have had the role given to Matthew Morrison, and would've kissed Cara Delevingne in his opening scene.
Matthew ain't graduating so that's close enough
I had a dream last night that Matthew Morrison and I were roommates and we discussed the artistic risks Glee took in season seven
Matthew Morrison is on and I shouted at the telly DON'T DO IT LIZA HE RAPS SO BADLY
Paul Ryan looks like Matthew Morrison - if his face was melting, and he was more into Ayn Rand than a capella.
Matthew Morrison is a class act and a very talented... — BSNABDHSG
will u be the matthew Morrison to my Aaron tveit — YES
I definitely heard Morrison say "I don't care" while the commonwealth responded to Matthew Pack, Morrison's attorney.
"GO therefore and make disciples of all nations..." - Matthew 28:1
Sometimes I forget that Matthew Morrison and Justin Timberlake are two different people
I wouldn't be where I am today without the amazing public arts education that I had.
Matthew Morrison with scruff is a sight to behold. 😍
On a TV show, you don't know where the character is going.
Ramin always Ramin! But I saw Matthew Morrison he is fantastic to!
Is it just me or does Ben McKenzie from Gotham look a lot like Matthew Morrison?
*thinks about Matthew Morrison's mediocrity as a screen actor*
while I "get" the one system only, there should have been a longer beta testing period. Fin Aid is the most issue
A day of exploring the wonderful Goyt Valley - Matthew Morrison
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
There is something truly inspiring about taking off in a plane while listening to Matthew Morrison.
I pray that I will one day find a bootleg of Finding Neverland with Laura Michelle Kelly and Matthew Morrison
I'm a huge Bob Marley fan; I remember going to Jamaica for the first time when I was a kid
you know who really needs to be stopped ??? Matthew Morrison
I run probably 35-40 miles a week, and I think 80 per cent of your body is what you eat. T
Music has the ability to comfort people.
Matthew Morrison makes his debut with and
I really hope that Gary gets a pic with Matthew Morrison tonight
Photo Slideshow: Picnic with the Pops: An Evening with Matthew Morrison: Click here to view the photos!
100% chance of rain, 100% chance of fun. Matthew Morrison is singin' through the rain tonight at
Spotted Matthew Morrison in a sex and the city episode for like 2 seconds 👀
‘Glee’ star Matthew Morrison brings his song and dance to Picnic with the Pops -
WIN two tickets to see Matthew Morrison, from TV's "Glee" and Broadway, perform at the Ridgefield Playhouse on...
I know you missed me. Rob said you wanted my attention&I was spending too much time remembering Matthew Morrison.
Calling on Gleeks! You can win 2 tix to see Matthew Morrison at Mayo Performing Arts Center - MPAC Gleeks...
**WIN TICKETS to Matthew Morrison on 5/26! Best known as the lovable Spanish teacher - ‘Will Schuester’ - turned...
Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris singing Aerosmith's "Dream On" in the first season of Glee. Forever gold.
Victoria Clark, Kelli O'Hara, Matthew Morrison were superb in The Light in the Piazza reunion. My review and photos:
10th Anniversary of Light in the Piazza with Kelli O'Hara, Victoria Clark, Matthew Morrison,…
📷 madloveformatt: Matthew Morrison at the “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” New York premiere
Also my all time favorite is Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick Harris singing Dream On UGH
Matthew Morrison played Link Larkin in Hairspray... WUT. Duuude, that's awesome! 🌟😂
. So excited that Matthew Morrison is coming to KC to perform his great Broadway rep!
that's really awesome Matthew Morrison and good luck
Matthew Morrison Concert at Jones Hall for the Performing Arts - Mar 26. ► More:
Matthew Morrison is so hot when he sings 😍🔥
Matthew Morrison in his glee days was something else
As takes flight in he's overwhelmed by the heart of the show!
- in regards to this morning's discussion of a John Torchetti song...why not Van Morrison?
"Glee's" Matthew Morrison talks about moving on from the hit series today
I love this album! Matthew Morrison is absolutely amazing! ♫
I want a video compilation of all the bloopers in Glee of the scenes with Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison. Because that would be hilarious 😂
I can run now so much faster, now defeat won't be my master 💪 ♫ Stronger by Matthew Morrison & Kelsey Grammer
I want Matthew Morrison to put a turkey baster full of Vaseline in each nostril
I think every great show has that kind of romance that people just kind of ...
Matthew Morrison is so attractive to me on Glee 😩💗
If I wasn't already in love with Matthew Morrison and Zooey Deschanel, I would be now
morning chill~ ♫ Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Gwyneth Paltrow & Matthew Morrison —
There is a man in here that looks like Matthew Morrison and I am feeling heavily blessed
TV show song of the day: Fix You by Glee Cast featuring Matthew Morrison
Matthew Morrison from visited with me at Utah State Capitol today.
Hilary Duff teases big death, Matthew Morrison’s ‘shocking’ role & more
Matthew Morrison and Laura Michelle Kelly on opening night of Finding Neverland
would Matthew Morrison be a good King George?
Matthew Morrison and Neil Patrick-Harris' duet of Dream On is one of my fave things ever! 😍
Matthew Morrison steps out of Glee role at Zoellner Arts Center
if anyone ever sang Tell Me Something Good like Matthew Morrison did on Glee I would probably seize
omg yes I am so excited now . only reason I first listened to the maine was because of Liam turner and Matthew Morrison lmao
Jayma Mays & Matthew Morrison may be fictionally meant to be, but let me remind you that Jayma's parents met Adam before she did. SOULMATES.
Actual line: 'it's starring Ashley Tisdale from High School Musical and Matthew Morrison from Glee. It's gonna be huge!' I AM SO HAPPY
Matthew Morrison at the Olivier Awards 2013.. In love? In love.
// IM leaving the group say goodbye to Ava and Bailey and hello to my new Matthew Morrison fc ;))
Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch are doing commercials for Febreze and I think we underestimated the strength of Lea Michele's vision board.
Everyone is stage dooring for Matthew Morrison but I'm only here for Carolee Carmello and Laura Michelle Kelly
Still listening to Finding Neverland. Still cursing Gary Barlow. Still amused by Matthew Morrison pretending to be a pirate.
Matthew Morrison and the cast of Finding Neverland
Matthew Morrison posted a photo of himself in South Pacific for Veterans Day.
No I did not. I sent them private event invtes with Al Gore, John Glenn, Matthew Morrison and more. All called fake. OSU alum
and I saw both and Matthew Morrison in the city. Now guess who we were more excited about
But you are to be perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. (NLT) ( Matthew 5:48 ) . We all know that we...
Update your maps at Navteq
Hi ! Are you a fan of Matthew Morrison ? :)
Aside from Matthew Morrison's atrocious accent, the cast recording is really really good!
I wonder how Scott Morrison feels about Matthew 9:35 in which Christ moves from city to city healing the sick for free.
The poster might say "Matthew Morrison" but I'm not fooled...I finally found what has been up to. http:…
Matthew Morrison has shaved his beard off :( Means the end for him in Finding Neverland. He looks completely different!
You know it's a good day when Matthew Morrison shaves his beard
Harvey Weinstein wants Chris Pine to replace Matthew Morrison as JM Barrie in Broadways' Finding Neverland.
Why am I just finding out Matthew Morrison is now rocking a beard?
OMG. Matthew Morrison with a beard has flooded my basement indefinitely.
A workshop for Tarzan was held in 2004 and starred Laura Bell Bundy, Matthew Morrison and Adam Pascal.
[PICS] Jonathan Groff with Matthew Morrison backstage at Hamilton, on August 24th, 2015.
Remember when Jenna Ushkowitz, Kevin McHale and Matthew Morrison were on Alan Carr.
Girl next to me reading Matthew Morrison's biog aloud: 'Broadway - South Pacific, The Light in the Pizza, blah blah blah.'
I can't wait for the ART to announce that Matthew Morrison is replacing Jessie Mueller for the Broadway transfer of Waitress
Diaporama : thecastofglee: Matthew Morrison and Zendaya backstage at ‘Finding Neverland’ (August 06, 2015)
My interaction with Matthew Morrison:. "Hey man you were awesome". "Thanks so much.". "Can I get a picture. Like is that a thing"
Matthew Morrison - Let it be , Hey Jude [ live at the Hammersmith Apollo... via
Ugh I wanna see Finding Neverland on Broadway featuring Matthew Morrison before he's not in it anymore 😩🌃🎶
Matthew Morrison to help salute Kelli O'Hara at Westport Playhouse
I just love this because Adam Levine and Matthew Morrison are in the same pic like how perfect
Well for a second there I thought Matthew Morrison was auditioning for 'Magic Mike XXL'.
One of our Kravis kids Casey Butler will play "George" with Kelsey Grammer & Matthew Morrison in Congrats Casey
Matthew Morrison is stripping. Is this Magic Mike the musical?
Pretty sure Matthew Morrison just took a picture with Bradley Cooper. Is Bradley there? Did I see correctly?
hi Matthew Morrison, its christa happy Wednesday how are you&wife hows neverland your like a teacher to me nice voice
Seeing next week. OMG. Matthew Morrison. (Middle school, Glee obsessed me is screeching)
proud dad of a wonderful playbill signed by Matthew Morrison, Melanie Moore and Laura Michelle Kelly ✨(among others)
Sitting 10th row center at Finding Neverland starring Kelsey Grammar and Matthew Morrison. Excited to see Julius...
Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar did awesome Job 😊
is Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar did great Job 😊
Congratulations to Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar did amazing job on the Show 😊
What?! Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammar are in this play?! I'm actually intrigued now. Yelp is the best. Xoxo.
ALL BOOKED UP cant wait to see Matthew Morrison & Kelsey Grammar on BROADWAY BABY!!! xxx
hi!! I'm seeing the show tomorrow and I was just wondering if Matthew Morrison typically comes out at the stage door? Thanks!
Finding Neverland in Rehearsal: "Believe" with Matthew Morrison, Laura Michelle Kelly & More. Makes me smile 💐
One nice thing about Glee ending: Adam Campbell can stop imagining ways to kill Matthew Morrison everytime he has to do a …
musical adaptation of Finding Neverland with Matthew Morrison and Laura Michelle Kelly :)))
Oh today I stood on a stage where Idina Menzel and Matthew Morrison have both performed
Worth the wait: today we publish Blake Morrison's first full poetry collection in almost 30 years, SHINGLE STREET
Man who is my new idol,sparkling hot, Matthew Morrison, who know him? GLEE, actually everyone knows this series ☺.
The trailer for Ariana Grande and Matthew Morrison's animated movie "Underdogs" is here!
Matthew Morrison's existence makes me want to cut off one of my arms I love him so much
Matthew Morrison photo double - ***Casting Notice - Los Angeles*** Glee is looking for SAG or Non Union...
Matthew Morrison Begins Rehearsals for Broadway Return in &Neverland&
[NEWS] "Glee" is looking for a photo double for February 7th with additional days TBD
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Kelsey Grammer and Matthew Morrison are going to be in the Broadway production of 'Finding Neverland'! Take my money now!
OMG those scenes between Chris & Naya in the auditorium and Naya and Matthew Morrison in the hallway in 'The Quarterback' still kill me.
.and the cast started rehearsals for their Broadway show!
Matthew Morrison & Jane Lynch at Inside the Actors Studio - Season 18
The Fantastic Four cast SHOULD'VE been:. Matthew Morrison as Reed. Elizabeth Banks as Sue. Garrett Hedlund as Johnny. Adam Baldwin as Ben
Adventure time, thinking. Missing my best friend Matthew Morrison-Sweet. Maybe its time im put in the focus... one thing i learned from you...
Matthew Morrison is so attractive oh god
How 5 great writers got started on their first books (including Morrison, Foster Wallace & Didion):
Are any of your geeky faves appearing in the animated film Underdogs?
My mom keeps saying how hott Matthew Morrison is.
My mom looked just like Kaya Scodelario in high school and it makes me so angry that I got my dads Matthew Morrison genes lol.
Listening to Matthew Morrison has to be done love that voice
oh well I thought she also looked bad when kissing Matthew Morrison on glee
wise words M! What's this I'm being told about James Morrison?
do you watch glee bc when i saw it, Matthew Morrison was Link
LOL i'm pretty sure they poked fun at the jonah hill and matthew morrison feud
I wonder if Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison ever get sick of filming these numerous bicker scenes.
Fave this is you remember my huge crush on Matthew Morrison
[CANDIDS] seen reading a script at a studio in LA
Hockey - Form 1 A team goals from Matthew Gibson, Conor Morrison and Josh Fiddis. The B team lost their matches but made good…
and in an interview with Details Magazine RM said that Matthew Morrison's character was the lead.
Matthew Morrison has a big role in a upcoming broadway production called Finding Neverland
I'm still mad at you Matthew Morrison for replacing Jeremy Jordan 😠
This movie has Patrick Wilson jerking off to a rainbow-colored holographic towel-clad Matthew Morrison. So... yeah.
watching two shows with two leads named will, and Matthew Morrison is like the poor man's Hugh Dancy.
I liked a video Darren Criss, Anna Kendrick, Kristen Chenoweth and Matthew Morrison at Trevor Live
Wanna see this one so bad +_+ ♫ You Can't Stop the Beat - Medley – Laura Bell Bundy, Matthew Morrison, Linda Hart
I'm dancing and singing in the rain ☔ ♫ Singin' in the Rain by Matthew Morrison —
It is 2 am and suddenly it's very important to me that you all know that Matthew Morrison makes me very uncomfortable on a personal level.
//Listening to the beautiful Matthew Morrison singing songs makes me feel all Christmassy\\
All purpose parts banner
I like when I Google things like "Orlando Bloom looks like Matthew Morrison, right?" & Internet assures me I'm not alone.
“It's kind of weird to think about that we're going to college soon”
Found a site where you can get your Matt fix on :D Where I find new pics sometimes!
Ashley Tisdale and Matthew Morrison in new clip from
I've ventured into the nook of YouTube with Matthew Morrison's Glee performances, will I emerge alive (probably not)
I saw Matthew Morrison last Saturday in indy and I am just more in love with him now
unrelated: don’t know how I stumbled onto Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester from ‘Glee’) performing “Ease on Down The Road,” but no.
it was Matthew Morrison's annual Halloween party
They didn't even mention Matthew Morrison as a Glee actor in the . They only mentioned he is to star in
Matthew Morrison (A.K.A. Mr. Shew) is sitting behind us at the UCI game rn 😱
Morrison was best player for us vs Spurs and Leicester especially.
Here, my love friend sings a song Matthew Morrison This I Promise You …
Matthew morrison was such a babe in hairspray
just had this reaction with I Think I Love My Wife. Also Matthew Morrison is a shirt salesman in that flick
If anyone is a fan of either of these wonderful actors, please let me know Matthew Morrison, GW Bailey and Taye Diggs Thanks!
Lea Michele, Darren Criss, Matthew Morrison & Jayma Mays on the set of "Glee" today
I totally forgot Matthew Morrison was in this.
Lol wait so when Idina allegedly moves for a few months, Glee finishes filming/come to see Matthew Morrison on Broadway..
Rita Ora to feature on Matthew Morrison album
Nathan Fillion I get. . Diana Agron - no reason for her to be there (or Matthew Morrison).
Seeing Matthew Morrison tonifht, from the second row. Yes, he is beautiful😍. And Zach dePue from Time for Three is playing tonight, too!
Intermission time. Matthew Morrison is putting on a wonderful show.
I just want to note that Matthew Morrison is even more attractive in person
Getting ready to see Matthew Morrison in concert with the ISO!! Our first official day of rehearsals... done!
Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays filming a scene for "Glee" today
Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays filming for "Glee" today
Check out my Q & A with the star of Broadway's upcoming "Finding Neverland."
Tonight: and the join forces downtown.
.and attend the HFPA celebration of the 2015 Golden Globe Award Season! (cc …
No big deal just your average morning breakfast run in with Matthew Morrison AKA Will Schuester from…
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(New Photo) Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison on the set of Glee on November 19, 2014!
that's really awesome Matthew Morrison and have wonderful time 😊
Matthew Morrison feels a deeper connection to his wife:
I would like to know how she got into Matthew Morrison’s party.
Two Grant Morrison-influenced motion pictures where Matthew McConaughey stars. I think he's an Invisible.
Darren Criss, Lea Michele, & Matthew Morrison seen in LA filming the new season of
Eek! Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays were filming scenes for the final season of Glee with a tiny little costar:
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison heading back to B'way
Justin Theroux, Zach Braff, Matthew Morrison, & Jeremy Piven are already prepping for the Golden Globes! See pics:
Jake Gyllenhaal literally could be Matthew Morrison's twin.
TOO CUTE! Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays show off the new Schuester baby filming GLEE!
An Oscar winner, a Broadway star and "The Weasel" will all be in Indy this weekend.
Congratulations! Glee star/ singer Matthew Morrison marries model Renee Puente on Oct 18 in Hawaii! Morrison and... http…
!. Eliot Kennedy. So thrilled about the announcement of Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer to play the roles of...
What do hope to see in Season 6 of ? Check out thoughts here
Whatever Happens Will The hardest part of sitting still Is not knowing what happens next When sometimes its the best of things At others feels like your hexed Should you jump on opportunity Or wait until it passes Should you just take it slow Or do whatever's fastest When the opportunity comes Or it just passes by Should you just give up Or give it another try Sometimes you have to stop And throw the thoughts from your mind Because there's no going back There's no pressing the rewind So just live in this moment And enjoy like you must Know whatever happens will And in God place faith and trust Matthew Morrison 11/10/2014
Tony Award nominee and "Glee" star Matthew Morrison has been announced to portray Peter Pan author J.M. Barrie...
'star Matthew Morrison to lead 'Finding Neverland' on Broadway
What better way to celebrate 11/11 than by granting every Gleek's wish? Check out this Season 6 exclusive from Matthew Morrison!
Matthew Morrison is returning to Broadway! Find out where:
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison heading back to B'way - Charlotte Observer
GLEE's Matthew Morrison Reflects on Loss of Cory Monteith: 'We Were the Tightest' - November 11 2014...
"can't wait to go on this journey with you Gary! Let's make some magic!" Matthew. Morrison. En. Gary. Barlow. 😍🙌
"Glee" star Matthew Morrison will be making a return to Broadway
Gary Barlow and Matthew Morrison working together on Finding Neverland Broadway 😍👌🎶
I don't ill be able to handle it if Gary and Matthew Morrison get a photo together
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison heading back to B'way - U-T San Diego
I'm still having trouble accepting Jeremy Jordan won't be in on broadway, but Matthew Morrison is a good 2nd choice.
Matthew Morrison speaks out on Cory Monteith's death: “Cory and I were definitely the tightest."
Still so angry that Finding Neverland is coming to Broadway without Jeremy Jordan. Matthew Morrison? Are you joking?? Can't stand that man!
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison heading back to B'way - Daily Herald
Excited to announce that I'm returning to Broadway in 2015, playing J.M. Barrie in
Matthew Morrison did the workshop and they brought him back for Broadway. Just like Ivy. Jeremy Jordan is Karen Cartwrigh…
.at the 2014 Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards: pictures!. h…
Wait. Music by Gary Barlow, CHOREO by Mia Michaels, and Matthew Morrison as JM Barrie? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD
I will never be able to separate Matthew Morrison from my hatred of Will Schuester. It's been years and I'm still mad at ur smug noodle face
Glee star Matthew Morrison and fiancé Renee Puente had a lovely relaxed wedding in Hawaii. Congratulations to...
Here comes the bride! How gorgeous was star Matthew Morrison's wedding?!
to October 18 when Glee star Matthew Morrison and Renee Puente tied the knot at a private estate on the...
Twists and Turns in the Marriage of Matthew Morrison with Renee Puente
Matthew Morrison and wife Renee Puente grab lunch in Los Angeles
Matthew Morrison & Kelli O'Hara Will Reunite at Carnegie Hall!: Matthew Morrison and his new wife Renee Puente...
Matthew Morrison stepped out for lunch with his new wife Renee Puente! See their pics together:
Matthew Morrison shares wedding photo with wife Renee Puente
Matthew Morrison and new wife Renee Puente show their 'Maui love' during honeymoon outing ...: Glee star…
Congratulations to Glee star Matthew Morrison and sweetheart Renee Puente, who tied the knot last week…
Guest speaker today in class alum Matthew Morrison head of investor relations
whos the better husband: Adam C., John Stamos, Nelson Franklin, or Matthew Morrison? dont let my icon influence your choice
On Saturday, one of the best-known members of the cast of Glee tied the knot in Hawaii when Matthew Morrison, who plays William “Will” Schuester or Mr. Schue on the musical Fox series, got married to model Renee Puente. Puente had been his girlfriend for three years before they were wed in Kihei, Ma…
Of course Matthew Morrison sang at his wedding
New post: "Of course Matthew Morrison sang at his wedding"
Congrats to who got married this weekend!
Tony nominee and GLEE star Matthew Morrison has tied the knot with fiance, model Renee Puente.
Yesterday was my 18th birthday i'm your brazilian fan, wish me PLS 🙏, you are very important to me! I❤YOU MATTHEW
Matthew Morrison married his longterm girlfriend Renee Puente in Hawaii.
"Matthew Morrison Marries Renee Puente Congrats on your Maui wedding! Wishing you both the best of everything!
New post: Glee star Matthew Morrison rumored to have gotten married in Hawaii
"Of course Matthew Morrison sang at his wedding"
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison weds in Hawaii: Matthew Morrison, best known for playing Mr. Schue on…
"Glee" star Matthew Morrison married girlfriend Renee Puente in Maui on Saturday.
my old vocal teacher just played for Renee Puente & Matthew Morrison's wedding!!! WOWWOWOWOWOW
Glee's Matthew Morrison marries fiancée in Hawaii
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison is now a married man! The 35-year-old actor married Renee Puente after dating for almost three years.
Glee star Matthew Morrison marries: They were planning on getting married next year, but it appears Glee star ...
Follow the link: Glee star Matthew Morrison marries
'Glee' star Matthew Morrison weds in Hawaii via
Congrats to both of them! . Glee Star Matthew Morrison Marries Renee Puente! via
"I'm a burrito, burritos don't have to wake up in the morning" - Matthew Morrison Not even on his wedding day, the most important day of his life, will he wake up early.
Matthew Morrison on Cory in the Glee 100 DVD extra
i love this *** video Nuthin' But A Glee Thang with , Matthew Morrison & Sofia V...: via
my pro pic is of me and Glee star Matthew Morrison
Matthew has already done that one to me before. But ya those two minutes we really solid
I spend a lot of time imagining what holidays are like in the Keith Morrison/Matthew Perry family unit.
that Matthew McConaughey got his famous line from Jim Morrison? Alright! Alright! Alright! Alright!
Penicillin will release 'Artificio Conceal' composed by Matthew Wilcock & Aleah Morrison
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Matthew you and I are gonna have a joust one of these days
the new scent Modern Muse smells Divine when I hear that name it's my favorite scent I always refer to Matthew Morrison as a Muse .
What To Expect When You're Expecting has all my fav actors - Chace Crawford, Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Cameron Diaz, Matthew Morrison :)
Why is Chords photo so big on the Season 5 DVD? Why is Matthew Morrison's? I mean who looks at it and says,"oh..those two..lemme buy that! "
to my impromptu interview with Matthew Morrison for
4 years ago today..Matthew Morrison accepted a Don't Stop Believin' bracelet from me. Can't believe it has alread...
"Fame, you know, it's like a handgun - in the wrong hands,..".
If you have any details of the economics of the debate, you would understand why 2 million Scots voted NO.
.has a new look! Banner picked out by our very own Thanks
Matthew Morrison makes my heart melt
The boyfriend is listening to Remember when Matthew Morrison was just a great stage singer and not a giant ***
Glee’s Matthew Morrison Talks Wedding Plans Matthew Morrison and his stunning fiancée, Renee Puente, are going to…
I have the weirdest crush on Matthew Morrison
lullaby ♫ Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Matthew Morrison & Gwyneth Paltrow
Thank you to for the cover, and to for sharing. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Morrison is the one whose says the first thing to...
Just saw and Matthew Morrison drive by on my Paramount Pictures tour! As well as the cheerleaders and the Warblers! 😭😱
On the Street Where You Live by Matthew Morrison from the album: Where It All Began
Back on set for Just had my hair done sitting next to Lea Michelle AND Matthew Morrison... Two…
Matthew Morrison instead of Jeremy when Finding Neverland comes to Bway? So many levels of unacceptable. via
[New Photo] Matthew Morrison and Chord Overstreet posted this pic.
Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch just walked right on by me in paramount studios.
Can you shoot yourself in wishing a happy birthday to Matthew Morrison and send it to me ? Please it's very important for me
'The Snow Queen definitely has her sights on Emma for a particular reasons.' -Jennifer Morrison
MATTHEW JAMES MORRISON, you wanna marry me?
Chord overstreet and Matthew morrison are my faves!
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