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Matthew Dellavedova

Matthew Dellavedova (born 8 September 1990) is an Australian professional basketball player. He played his college basketball at Saint Mary's College of California and is also a member of the Australian national basketball team.

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Lebron and Matthew dellavedova vs the golden state warriors lol gg
Daniel Robertson might be the best example of just a scrappy baseball player. Like the baseball-playing Matthew Dellavedova.
Could Matthew Dellavedova benefit from a position change on offense? thinks so:
Matthew dellavedova is the hero Cleveland deserves!
Matthew Dellavedova ain't walking through that door
Idk I'd take Matthew Dellavedova in a heartbeat
Best option for Cavs here might be an in-game trade for Matthew Dellavedova.
Matthew McConaughey just got an ovation that only Joe Thomas and Matthew Dellavedova would understand.
Lebron was the best player tho in every series unlike Kobe. He almost won the…
LeBron took Mo Williams to the finals and took the Warriors to 6 with MATTHEW DELLAVEDOVA and JR SMITH
If Frank Mason gets drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks I think he can beat out Matthew Dellavedova for the starting spot
🙄 when your second best player is MATTHEW DELLAVEDOVA against the Warriors? LeBron had no chance idc a…
Lol yeah I did but if we talking rosters, 2015 when Kyrie and Kevin Love got hurt and LeBron's running…
They must have forgot the days when they had to put Matthew Dellavedova on him for the clamps.
More importantly than his shooting, Matthew Dellavedova was a relentless cog in Milwaukee's defensive machine. https:/…
Matthew Dellavedova is the Jackie Robinson of white athletes.
Jeff Teague just crossed up Matthew Dellavedova. As a Hawks fan, I could watch this all day.
Cleveland Cavaliers make nine passes in 15 seconds before Matthew Dellavedova
"Matthew Dellavedova to Giannis Antetokounmpo! and the whole Alphabet is accounted for!". -Brian Anderson . I love it
Matthew Dellavedova the lob to Miles Plumlee for the reverse jam.
US Mens Olympic basketball team = Kevin Durant + every B-list perennial NBA all-star getting shat on by Matthew Dellavedova and Boris Diaw
PODCAST: The hoops star of the Rio Olympics is...wait, Matthew Dellavedova?
Ohio State backup QB Joey Burrow on being a major Matthew Dellavedova fan, formerly of the Cavs, now with Milwauk...
Has anyone noticed Matthew Dellavedova is the same guy from the League and Neighbors
Among the nuggets from OSU FB practice-Joe Burrow loves Matthew Dellavedova. "My kind of guy," Burrow said. "Have to get a Bucks jersey now"
There's no shame in losing to a team led by Matthew Dellavedova
Ohio State QB Joe Burrow on his love of former Cav Matthew Dellavedova -
bless you: The Problem of Matthew Dellavedova via
Matthew Dellavedova is your favorite player's favorite player.
Cavaliers' Matthew Dellavedova gets his own 'Delly 1' shoe
[was the Americans who settled quicker though, as a 9-0 run …
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Team Australia got a good fight against Team USA but they lost . What a great performance by Matthew Dellavedova with double doubles! Solid!👍
The Milwaukee Bucks will sign Free Agent, Matthew Dellavedova to a 4yr/$38M deal.
Today's Bucks Daily arrives as Delly and the Australians played physical and got under Team USA's skin.
The Case for Starting Matthew Dellavedova: If you watch Milwaukee Bucks basketball, you will notice two thing...
Nice try Matthew Dellavedova, but Team USA rides again!.
Just for old times sake Kyrie Irving will make Matthew Dellavedova carry his bags after the game.
Matthew Dellavedova is terrible why is he in the league ?
Kyrie Irving, Team USA shine late to hold off former teammate Matthew Dellavedova and
Matthew Dellavedova's 'pesky' play will have Team USA on high alert - ESPN
Team USA grabbed their third straight win in spite of a gallant effort from Matthew Dellavedova and the Boomers. https:…
USA Basketball is losing to Australia at halftime, but it's not fair because they have 2016 NBA Champion Matthew Dellavedov…
Two minutes, 26 seconds into the game is all it takes for Matthew Dellavedova to draw a technical foul on new Team USA s…
"Just as I should be worried about him, he should be worried about me.". Kyrie is ready to face Matthew Dellavedova.
Matthew Dellavedova is a plus-19 for Australia in the first half. 3 points, 9 assists, 4 rebs, 3 TOs.
Kyrie Irving reminded Matthew Dellavedova why he left Cleveland.
Kyrie Irving dazzled. Matthew Dellavedova irritated. Australia gave Team USA a test as game lives up to hype
Kyrie Irving and Team USA face off against Matthew Dellavedova and the Australian national team. Who you got?
If there's one thing I like more than watching winning, it's watching Matthew Dellavedova lose.
# of 23 point, 13 assist games at the Olympics. Matthew Dellavedova: 1. Michael Jordan: 0.
$10 saying Matthew Dellavedova outplays Harrison Barnes in the Olympics
Second-round pick Allen Crabbe and undrafted Matthew Dellavedova. are the highest-paid players of the 2013 class ...
OFFICIAL: Cavs acquire $4.8 MIL trade exception in deal with for Matthew Dellavedova. MORE:
We live in an world where Matthew Dellavedova signed a $38 million deal. So why would D-Wade settle for anything close to a discount?
Elena Della Donne should marry Matthew Dellavedova so her jersey would say Della Donne-Dellavedova.
Report: The Milwaukee Bucks have offered Matthew Dellavedova a $38M deal. The Cavs are NOT expected to match the offer.
Matthew Dellavedova signed a $40 million deal to play basketball and people still want guys to come back and take Public…
When Matthew Dellavedova found the roll man or a cutter w/ a pass out of the pick & roll this season, that player shot 71%,…
If Matthew Dellavedova is worth $38m guaranteed, my corn has to be worth at least $4.
LeBron James hilariously spoiled the drama over whether the Cavaliers would match a fan favorite's $38 million ...
Matthew Dellavedova Agrees to 4 year, $38 million offer sheet with Milwaukee Bucks
Australia’s $200m NBA golden age: MATTHEW Dellavedova’s new monster deal shows Australians aren’t just making their mark in the NBA, ...
Timofey Mozgov and Matthew Dellavedova didn't play one second in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. They got a combined $102.4 Milli…
Matthew Dellavedova just signed a $38 million deal in the NBA so if y'all need me I'll be in the gym getting my jumper…
I can go to the Park Hill Projects and find a better basketball player than Matthew Dellavedova and I'm not even remote…
For holding Lebron's jockstrap the past 3 season the Milwaukee Bucks have rewarded Matthew Dellavedova with $38 million do…
This. But I'm still gonna make fun of a team paying Matthew Dellavedova 4/38 because come on now.
The Phoenix Suns and free agent guard Matthew Dellavedova are close on a 4 year $118 million contract. Could be done w…
Please people.his name is World Champion, Matthew Dellavedova
Matthew Dellavedova got 38.4 million. Moore is way more productive than him
Bucks are nearing a 4-year, $38M deal for Matthew Dellavedova, sources tell
Matthew Dellavedova agrees to $51 million deal with Milwaukee Bucks (News)
Matthew Dellavedova just got 4 years 39 million. There are just too many NBA teams if this is happening.
Dez Bryant got $32m fully guaranteed when he signed his new deal. Matthew Dellavedova just got $38.4m gu…
This cant be said enough; the Miami Heat started off negotiations w/the best player in franchise history by offering Matthew Dellavedova $
Matthew Dellavedova is a treasure. Total Cleveland. Wrestled with Big Baby Davis for no reason in a relatively mean…
Matthew Dellavedova is heading to the Milwaukee Bucks.
Dwyane Wade offered $10M per by Heat. Matthew Dellavedova got $9.6M per from Bucks. Let that sink in.
Y'all honestly tried to pay Wade the same as Matthew dellavedova?
If Matthew Dellavedova is worth $38 million & Timofey Mozgov $65 million then Lebron legitimately should get $1 billion…
Matthew Dellavedova has reached a 4-year, $39 million deal with the Bucks. Cavs will have till June 10th to match the of…
Matthew Dellavedova just got paid 38 million dollars! Forget your education kids, just focus on being a mediocre basketb…
Attention White People - Matthew Dellavedova is getting paid $38 million. Stop what you're doing & learn how to take charge…
Matthew Dellavedova expected to leave NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers for Milwaukee Bucks via
Miami's trying to pay Dwyane Wade around what Milwaukee's set to pay Matthew Dellavedova...
Soon: Thousands swamp homegrown NBA superstar Matthew Dellavedova at a signing in the city.. 4PM.
Matthew Dellavedova agrees to four-year, $38 million deal with the Bucks, per
Mike Conley to MEM 5y-$153M. Matthew Dellavedova to MIL 4y-$38.4M. Dwight Howard to ATL 3y-$70M. Evan Fournier to ORL 5…
Matthew Dellavedova is about to make more money than Le’Veon Bell, Jeremy Hill, and Eddie Lacy combined.
The Pistons have interest in signing Cavs point guard Matthew Dellavedova. (via ESPN)
Timofey Mozgov, Matthew Dellavedova, and Mo Williams all have championship rings than Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Reggie Miller.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Matthew Dellavedova went for a Wedding Crashers look at the Cavs' championship party in Las Vegas
S/o Matthew Dellavedova (aka who now has more rings than Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, & Reggie Miller
Peak are to Nike what Matthew Dellavedova is to Mike Miller.
Matthew Dellavedova is getting his own signature sneaker — the PEAK Delly 1
Remember that time Matthew Dellavedova 'shut down' Steph Curry? Numbers don't always tell the story...
FYI... Matthew Dellavedova might be one of my favorite players in the NBA
The most unstoppable play in NBA history involves Matthew Dellavedova and Richard Jefferson.
Matthew Dellavedova (navigating maze in pursuit of cheese) will be a gametime decision.
In the there's a fine line between being a great defender and being an annoying *** Then there's Matthew Dellavedova.
other than Matthew Dellavedova and jr smith
Now, he's in How Is Becoming the Coffee King of Cleveland
foxsports​.com >> Why fans love and hate Matthew Dellavedova summarized in one video
Your Matthew Dellavedova segment yesterday was absolutely hilarious
Matthew Dellavedova: Cleveland Cavalier & unlikely coffee entrepreneur (by
Watch Matthew Dellavedova’s ball denial of Kyle Lowry. He is as relentless as it gets.
neat GQ story on Delly's sort of burgeoning coffee empire:
Steph is the regular season MVP. He's great against inferior opponents. Couldn't even get Finals MVP vs Matthew Dellavedova.
When I grow up, I want to be Matthew Dellavedova.
Matthew Dellavedova, the coffee king of Cleveland?
Despite last season's NBA Finals debacle, Matthew Dellavedova is still drinking coffee before games via
VIDEO: Matthew Dellavedova is stuck to Kyle Lowry like glue.
Jose Calderon has ham, Delly has coffee.
Updated Matthew Dellavedova passing numbers in the playoffs: 9.3 assists/36mins, 5.33 assist/TO ratio. Leads team in +/- pe…
Jordan McRae, Sasha Kaun, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert& Matthew Dellavedova in my new cover photo. All the 🐐s
Between Joe Ingles and Matthew Dellavedova, Australia has produced two of the ugliest effective jump shots in the NBA.
Steve Blake versus Matthew Dellavedova is the whitest PG matchup in NBA playoff history.
Matthew Dellavedova, Jordan McRae, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Tristan Thompson will start against the Pistons on ...
We know Matthew Dellavedova is not racist because he throws a lot of alley-oops to Tristan Thompson, who is black.
NBA. Matthew Dellavedova just got a block
Matthew Dellavedova does a great job of feeding LeBron James easy shots under the basket. Great fundamental basketball.
Matthew Dellavedova is the best back up
Matthew Dellavedova / Cavaliers' Matthew Dellavedova Hands out eight assists off the bench Tuesday
"We’re going to need him performing at a high level to achieve what we want to achieve."
"You’re just going out there to win every game, you’re not thinking about the No.1 seed."
James Harden with the killer eurostep past Matthew Dellavedova! . (via
"After recent locker room scandal, Lakers agree to trade D'Angelo Russell to The Cleveland Cavaliers for Matthew Dellavedova"
I spoke to the Matthew Dellavedova about the Australian Boomers’ Olympic medal quest. htt…
Want something to read at halftime of Knicks-Cavs? I spoke to about the Aussie's Olympic campaign. https:/…
Matthew Dellavedova starts in place of Kyrie Irving
Right now on TNT: Dwight Howard and Matthew Dellavedova wear the same size jersey!
Matthew Dellavedova starts in place of
"I congratulated him on choosing an agent, because I know that is an important decision."
One on one, who wins?. RT: Matthew Dellavedova. FAV: Michael Jordan. My money is on Delly.
Cleveland Cavaliers beat Boston Celtics at their own game and high praise for Matthew Dellavedova: Fedor's five...
The positive impact Matthew Dellavedova has on the Cavaliers is nutty...
Cleveland Cavaliers stars Kevin Love and Matthew Dellavedova will be among the area sports figures making...
so he Matthew Dellavedova ain't strap ya mans for a 2 game stretch in the finals? 🤔
Dellavedova has 'enemies' at the Warriors - Bogut (Omnisport): Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova w...
you could do me I'm like a mix between Matthew Dellavedova, Tom Cruise, and Jesus. With a hint of Drew Barrymore.
Kevin Love to play tonight for Cavaliers vs. Chicago Bulls; Matthew Dellavedova probable...
Mitch no one knew who matthew dellavedova was until he locked up yo boi in the finals
Because it is 2016 and Matthew Dellavedova is a better Point Guard than Maurice Williams...
"And look who's on the scene...MATTHEW DELLAVEDOVA YOU ARE HITTING THREE POINTERS FOR THE Cleveland Cavaliers"
Steph Curry is making 47.8% of his catch and shoot 3's. Matthew Dellavedova is making 47.6%.
NBA. CLE 40 - 34 CHA. Matthew Dellavedova just got an FT
Matthew Dellavedova is a 3pt percentage ANIMAL. 42.9% which is the highest on the team.
Jeremy Lin and Matthew Dellavedova guarding one another as they compete to see who has the more irrational fans.
Ben Simmons will be Australia's greatest NBA player: Andrew Bogut
.says star will become Australia's greatest player:
With a bench.. Mo Williams, Iman Shumpert, Anderson Varejao, Richard Jefferson, Matthew Dellavedova.. What if Spurs get to Finals?
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I don't want to be *that* guy, but the Cavs are just 9-5 since they traded Joe Harris and 0-2 without Matthew Dellavedova in that span.
Matthew Dellavedova, Kemba Walker to miss Cavaliers vs. Hornets: Jeremy Lin and Mo Williams figure to get minutes…
Chris Paul made Matthew Dellavedova look silly on this crossover. .
CP3 told Matthew Dellavedova to take a seat
Three people bring out the sports ire in me: Matthew Dellavedova, Kevin Garnett, and Captain Mike Rotunda/o.
Were Ike Barinholtz and Cleveland Cavaliers' Matthew Dellavedova separated at birth? They could be twins.
I liked a video Matthew Dellavedova's Back to back Threes Cavaliers vs Mavericks Jan 12, 2016 NBA
NBA. HOU 72 - 91 CLE. Matthew Dellavedova just got an FT. Sponsored by
Would you rather start a franchise with James Harden or Matthew Dellavedova knowing that one isn't seeing a Kardashian
Matthew Dellavedova does not look right without his beard🙈
Matthew Dellavedova beats the buzzer—again. 01.15.16 (Vine by
NBA. Matthew Dellavedova just got a rebound. Sponsored by
Single season record for botched alley oops, Matthew Dellavedova.
Not only is Matthew Dellavedova cancer to the and to the he is also cancer to my fanship. How he gets minutes astounds me.
Matthew Dellavedova with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
"He's a legitimate part of a true championship team.". HC Brett Brown admires
There is no backup point guard better than Matthew dellavedova his game has came that far
Matthew Dellavedova's floater gives 23-21 lead over after first quarter in Houston
Matthew dellavedova should be a crime
Matthew Dellavedova looking like the legendary with that D!!
Tristan Thompson And-1 Alley-Oop on Aldridge-Tristan Thompson takes the lob from Matthew Dellavedova and throws it
Remember when matthew dellavedova was good?
Matthew Dellavedova (R) hustles for the ball. MATTHEW Dellavedova produced some big plays but the Cavaliers’...
Matthew Dellavedova’s big plays as Cavaliers’ winning run ended by Spurs at eight games
Improving: G Matthew with 260 FGA already, last season he had 307 FGA total, also shooting a ridiculous 44% 3PT & 91% FT
I never thought I'd be seeing either Donald Trump or Matthew Dellavedova on my TV this long after June 2015.
How on earth can this possibly be coming back to Matthew Dellavedova?
Patty Mills and Matthew Dellavedova are matching up in arguably the biggest game of the season. Australian basketball has co…
Almost unbelievable Matthew Dellavedova made it to the NBA & Jacob Pullen never got the chance.
but did you know that Matthew Dellavedova is Australian?
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Thompson's Big Oop Matthew Dellavedova finds Tristan Thompson for the big alley-oop dunk.
Dellavedova Beats the Buzzer Kyrie Irving hits Matthew Dellavedova with the no-look assist for the three as time r…
Why do we need all the role players on the GOP debate stage?. Nobody watches the the NBA for matthew dellavedova we want LeBron vs Curry.
Matthew Dellavedova and Patty Mills are both of St. Mary's College in Moraga, CA.
Matthew Dellavedova drives on Draymond Green during the NBA ...
PGs I've picked up over Matthew Dellavedova in fantasy bball this past month:. Rodney Stuckey. Lou Williams. Raymond Felton. Jameer Nelson
Tristan Thompson, Matthew Dellavedova and LeBron James have all been key in the Cleveland Cavaliers surprisingly...
Tristan Thompson, Matthew Dellavedova and LeBron James are anchoring a surprisingly stout Cleveland defense
lol Matthew Dellavedova is shooting 45.2% from three, 6th best in the NBA.
That's what I'm sayin how tf are you supposed to win with Matthew Dellavedova and Larry Hughes (2007) as your 2nd best players
Mo Williams returns to Cavaliers but Matthew Dellavedova out: Mo Williams returns to Cavalier...
Now I need to meet J.R. Smith, Matthew Dellavedova, and of course Kevin Love.
No im honestly kidding i absolutely adore athletes like Matthew Dellavedova and Joe Harris
Cavs up five after one. James Jones (8 pts), Jared Cunningham, Matthew Dellavedova each a plus-four on Hardwood Classics Night.
steph played Norris Cole; Jason terry, and Beno udrih and Matthew Dellavedova in the playoffs
Matthew Dellavedova and Jared Cunningham aren't exactly Steve Nash and Joe Johnson
LeBron's best player in two of those losses, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Matthew Dellavedova.
The Marco Estrada lovefest is as nauseating as the Matthew Dellavedova one from the NBA Finals.
Chris Maragos is the Matthew Dellavedova of the NFL
Matthew Dellavedova, Andrew Bogut and other members must impress by team New Zealand's Maori war dance, the haka.
Get to know Matthew Dellavedova: Links to content on Cleveland Cavaliers guard -
LeBron James, Matthew Dellavedova once again lead Cleveland Cavaliers to ... -
I wonder the fan of what team just edited Matthew Dellavedova's Wiki page...
Matthew Dellavedova isn't dirty, America: he's just Australian - The Guardian (blog)
Cavaliers bring back Matthew Dellavedova on one-year, $1.2 million deal (Ball Don't Lie)
Matthew Dellavedova not close to Cleveland Cavaliers deal
Cavaliers sign guard Matthew Dellavedova to 1-year contract
Matthew Dellavedova gets in scuffle in international friendly
Matthew Dellavedova signed a 1-year $1.2M contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Cleveland Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova added to Rising Stars ... -
Delly scuffles with Domantas Sabonis in Australia-Lithuania friendly
ICYMI: I wrote about how the combination of and Delly will be ideal for Cavs this season.
Delly gets in scuffle with Domantas Sabonis in Australia-Lithuania friendly
On the bright side, he got in a scuffle w/ Arvydas Sabonis' son
Matthew Dellavedova tried to chop Sabonis' arm off today lmao. This dude stays causing issues
Matthew Dellavedova is reportedly coming back to Cleveland Cavaliers on a 1-year deal
What do you think about the Cavs re-signing Matthew Dellavedova to a one-year deal? –
"Mo Williams and Matthew Dellavedova Provide an Ideal Backup PG Situation For Cavs" via for RCF -
Dellavedova gets into it w Sabonis Elbows him in the back in Australia vs Lithuanis Eurobasket 2015 Friendly game vid
Matthew Dellavedova, JR Smith, Tristan Thompson, Sasha Kaun, and Sir Dominic Pointer will round out the Cavs final roster spots.
Cavs make it official: Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert, Matthew Dellavedova ... - Fear the Sword
Report: still want to do deals with RFA PF-C Tristan Thompson, RFA PG-SG Matthew Dellavedova, and UFA SG-SF J.R. Smith.
Numbers a bit deceiving because Cavs still want to do deals with Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith and Matthew Dellavedova. B…
Matthew Dellavedova. Norris Cole. Luke Babbitt. Chris Johnson. Brian Roberts. At least the Cavs still have Lebron.
are looking at Matthew Dellavedova that could be a solid move I guess? they should also go after dorell Wright or Beasley
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Little late but: Andrew Bogut, Dante Exum, Matthew Dellavedova, Cameron Bairstow will play for Australia this summer in O…
Bradley Beal says the toughest one-on-one defenders are Matthew Dellavedova, Iman Shumpert and Tony Allen:
Report: The Cavaliers still plan to bring back Matthew Dellavedova
this dude just said he'll take Matthew Dellavedova over Jordan Clarkson lmao WOW!
REPORT: The Cavaliers extend qualifying offers to Tristan Thompson, Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova!
Troy Daniels, Brian Roberts and the 9th Pick to the for a sign and trade for Kevin Love and Matthew Dellavedova.
Molly McPhee joins Matthew Dellavedova and Patty Mills as St Mary's student
Can Sean Astin pull off the role of Matthew Dellavedova like he did the role of Rudy Ruettiger?
Matthew Dellavedova deserves to win Finals MVP, there I said it.
If you wanna give American youth motivation and hope for their future, send Matthew Dellavedova to their respective high school.
if Matthew Dellavedova talked you into buying an extended warranty at Best Buy
"After that my guess is that you will never hear from him again..." - Verbal Kint about Matthew Dellavedova.
It turns out Matthew Dellavedova is actually a paid actor named Brandon Fisher whose show, Undercover Player, airs in September on ABC
It looks like Steph Curry may have figured out Matthew Dellavedova... (via
Matthew Dellavedova is not the one who is living the moment in this NBA Finals. It's Shaun Livingston, who nearly...
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The tide has turned for Steph Curry vs. Matthew Dellavedova.
Steph Curry now has 30 points (his series high) after this crazy 3 on Matthew Dellavedova.
Steph clowns Matthew Dellavedova then hits him with the stank face .
Bought a Matthew Dellavedova jersey? I hope you saved the receipt.
SPLASH! Steph Curry has 30 points after crossing up Matthew Dellavedova and hitting the 3-pointer.
I keep switching btwn watching Matthew Dellavedova & George McFly & I keep getting confused as to which cartoon character is which
Kobe Bryant on Matthew Dellavedova: “He's playing extremely well. Good to see players with that passion”.
David Lee, Matthew Dellavedova get into it after first quarter
Matthew Dellavedova has been strong in the playoffs defending opposing point guards
Matthew Dellavedova inspires cancer patient after escorting her to prom
Golden State Warriors level NBA finals as fatigue catches up with Matthew Dellavedova
Matthew Dellavedova went from 'goofy kid' to leader at Saint Mary's first
Matthew Dellavedova awoke the MVP tonight in Game 4
"Don't do that" - Marc Jackson to Jeff Van Gundy after comparison to Matthew Dellavedova
HA HA! Matthew Dellavedova channeling his inner "Mark Jackson" with the post up on early.
Matthew Dellavedova looks like a used car salesman in a small West Virginia town *** is doing in the nba
US radio station gives Delly his own song: WHAT do you get when you cross Aussie NBA star Matthew Dellavedova and Ricky Martin? This ...
After a breakthrough performance in Game 3, the over/under for Matthew Dellavedova's total points has been set at 11.5.
Matthew Dellavedova has quickly become a hero in Cleveland. Now the Q is selling awesome shirts in his honor ...
Matthew Dellavedova watching Game 3 tape after getting his pregame shots up.
Mychal Thompson on Matthew Dellavedova: "He's trying his little heart out, but come on. It's a joke to think he can stop Ste…
How LeBron James and Matthew Dellavedova have Cleveland Cavaliers fans feeling today
Matthew Dellavedova has limited Stephen Curry to just 14 points in the last 2 games.
In the NBA Finals there's always going to be unsung heroes and Matthew Dellavedova is playing that role for the Cavs.
This just in: Matthew Dellavedova has been named to the cover of NBA 2k16
NBA Finals 2015: Matthew Dellavedova lauded by US media for starring role in Game 3 | Herald Sun
ICYMI, Matthew Dellavedova broke the internet last night:
Matthew Dellavedova working on his go-to move pregame. Asst. Coach James Posey providing the defense
Both Iman Shumpert and Matthew Dellavedova are expected to play in Game 4 on Thursday.
David Blatt said issue with Matthew Dellavedova is fatigue. Blatt told MD he'd limit his minutes, MD's repl…
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Criminal: Brendan Haywood, & Joe Harris make more money than Matthew Dellavedova. . CRIMINAL!
Matthew Dellavedova will be discharged from the Cleveland Clinic later today after being treated for dehydration. (via
Matthew Dellavedova spent the night at the hospital & was treated for dehydration following the Cavs' Game 3 win.
Aussie bookends: Matthew Dellavedova and ... Joe Quinn? Fine story by Andrew Keh.
Matthew Dellavedova was taken to a hospital for treatment of severe cramping following Game 3
We saw Reggie Jackson carry OKC on his back in the playoffs last season & Matthew Dellavedova stepping up in the finals after Kyrie's injury
There going to make a movie about Matthew Dellavedova that Mark Wahlburg will star in
Matthew Dellavedova was HUGE for the Cavs last night, but did the refs miss this cheap shot on Draymond Green? WATCH:
"If the ball is on the ground, he's going be the first guy to the ground." LeBron James on Matthew Dellavedova.
LeBron James & Matthew Dellavedova scored or assisted on 78 of the Cavs' 96 points.
Who is more annoying, Matthew Dellavedova, Patrick Beverley, or Matt Barnes?
Man S/O to Matthew Dellavedova, I remember when they thought I was a one hit wonder too😏look at him now, I'm a Delly fan
First it was Andrew Gaze, then Luc Longley, Loren Jackson, Patty Mills now Matthew Dellavedova.
BREAKING NEWS: Woody Harrelson will play Matthew Dellavedova in the new movie "White Men Can't Jump, But, That Doesn't Matter if You Hustle"
Career game for Matthew Dellavedova! He sets new career playoff high with 20 points.
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Stanley Cup Final ad: "You like Matthew Dellavedova? Almost ALL of our players are scrappy white guys from a different coun…
He did what?!?. Matthew Dellavedova somehow banked in this unbelievable and-1 in crunch time. WATCH:
"He's made of steel or something." - LeBron James on Matthew Dellavedova after another HUGE performance in Game 3.
Doris Burke asks LeBron what Matthew Dellavedova "is made of.". Chris Pratt, Kevin Durand and douchebeard, in equal parts. Next question.
Matthew Dellavedova is the second greatest player of all time, behind Magic Jackson
Matthew Dellavedova reminds me of a white Patrick Beverley and because of that I hate him
Can a player play better than Matthew Dellavedova asks Mark Jackson. Yes. He could have 100 points on 50-50 shooting
Matthew Dellavedova: 18 points. He totaled 19 points in the last 3 games combined
Phil Jackson just offered Matthew Dellavedova a max contract. Says he's a perfect fit for the triangle.
JUST IN: Whites are ready to give Matthew Dellavedova a max contract!
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