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Matthew Crawley

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I do love but I am seriously digging in his role, even more than him as Matthew Crawley.
lmk what there isn't to L O V E about Matthew Crawley k thx
I kinda want a show where Matthew Crawley is a Hogwarts professor and becomes a mentor for Hermoine, Ron, & Harry
you better not do David Haller like you did Matthew Crawley now that is on for another season! β™‘
is Matthew Crawley. Completely went over my head :O
Even though I'm still mad at him for giving Matthew Crawley that crappy ending
Matthew Crawley | Downton Abbey (TV Series: 2010-15). The lives of a British aristocratic family and their servants in the early 1900s
omg Matthew crawley has truly come a long way
Is it selfish to want Dan Stevens to be just Matthew Crawley forever i mean i like him as Beast but
Matthew Vaughn being eyed for Man of Steel 2?
Matthew Crawley is the only man I trust
Matthew Crawley shouldn't have been asked to sing.
Christmas 2012: I swore on Matthew Crawley's grave I'd never see a movie with Dan Stevens in it. But I WILL see Beauty & the Beast, dammit!
Hanging for the end just to see Matthew Crawley again 😍
Dan Stevens is quite cute, too! So funny that he was boring Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey.☺️
Bognor man's first London theatre production.
Matthew Crawley played by Dan Stevens . He is so cute
It physically pains me to watch Downton Abbey now that Matthew Crawley has died.
Dan Stevens, you'll forever be Matthew Crawley to me. 😍😍😍 but yes, Beauty and the Beast this week!…
Matthew Crawley is creepy in Legion with his modern haircut and American accent.
Dan Stevens' transformation from Matthew Crawley to David Haller is absolutely majestic. What an actor. What an absolute star.
OMG the beast is Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey. My momma got so mad when they killed him off that show, she almost stopped watching.
Just start watching and I stupidly googled Matthew I know how fortune tellers feel.
I just found out that David on LEGION is played by the same dude that played Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey and m…
Are you watching Matthew Crawley on Legion??!?!? It also has Mr. Noodle.
Just watched a Beauty & the Beast trailer & realized the dude playing the Beast was Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey. Brings back sad times😒
I will never get over Matthew Crawley's death
100% DISAGREE! Love Dan Stevens; he will always be Matthew Crawley & in our hearts
To say that I am upset about the death of Matthew Crawley would be an understatement 😭😭
In memory of Matthew Crawley. He's actually dead, but I love remembering him.
remember that 1 roommate i liked when i was in italy? she just snapped me Matthew Crawley and now i'm crying and i love her more than ever
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Hugely impressed by Dan Stevens's acting in Clearly had to be a bit of a psycho already to kill off Matthew Crawley though
Ok. So the news hit me late. But Matthew Crawley is "The Beast". Wohoo. Can't wait
Don't feel is getting enough love. So what if Matthew Crawley is David. And Jean Smart is...
Is it weird that Hermione Granger is going to kiss Matthew Crawley?
the dude who plays david haller in legion is the SAME DUDE THAT PLAYED MATTHEW CRAWLEY IN Downtown Abbey
he doesn't look like Matthew Crawley and this upsets me
Dan Stevens will always be Matthew Crawley to me... 🀣
He is certainly a major upgraded from the animated prince. And I'm a big Matthew Crawley fan, duh.
. . 😡Just found out Matthew Crawley is The Beast, 2017 & a future mutant?😡.
Monsters, maniacs, and Matthew Crawley: the freakishly good post-Downton career of Dan Stevens
Matthew Crawley has changed since the car crash. This is not a spoiler.
If I were Lady Mary, would you be my Matthew Crawley?
Wow Mary and Matthew Crawley sure knows how to make my heart melt
Neither Brandon Crawley nor Matthew Tkachuk have come out for the start of the 2nd period. Knights and Ice Dogs tied 1-1.
hope Matthew Tkachuk and Brandon Crawley will be okay
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The Knights and Ice Dogs tied 1-1 at the end of 20 minutes... both Brandon Crawley and Matthew Tkachuk injured in the first period.
That's a full two years BEFORE Lady Mary met Matthew Crawley at Downton Abbey, for some perspective.
If you've missed Matthew Crawley like I have over the last three years, just stare this GIF for the next 70 minutes.
Matthew Crawley is about to cry. Me heart break
So, Matthew Crawley died, I did not see that coming πŸ˜‰.
No Matthew Crawley dies! I hate all of you stupid morronic writters of
Matthew D'Ancona in last w/end not optimistic, polls suggest loss of 175, worst since 80's. Crawley a bellwether
Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley were the cutest incest tho
The professional golfer guy reminds me of Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey and now my heart hurts
3 minutes of research tells me that you are Matthew Crawley
Oh sure bring back Jon Snow... What about Matthew Crawley! Where was that Hail Mary when we needed it?!?
The best characters die in car crashes: Derek Shepherd, Matthew Crawley...πŸ˜­πŸ’”
Why is matthew crawley from Downton Abbey so perfect
Why can't there be a world full of men like Matthew Crawley?!
If I can't have Mr.Darcy, can I at least have Matthew Crawley?
and Matthew Crawley never came back from the dead...
You've lived your life, and I've lived mine. Now it's time we live them together. -Matthew Crawley 😭.
Matthew and Mary Crawley are my ultimate OTP πŸ’‘
Shattered dreams today made me flashback to Matthew Crawley's death on Downton Abbey and I wasn't ready for that
Beauty and the Beast live action will star Hermione Granger as Belle, Matthew Crawley as Beast
That's definitely not Dan Stevens!! Simply, he can't be the same man who played the sweet Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey!!
πŸ“· haslemere: Matthew Crawley and Lord Grantham in those red mess kits… S2 is the best and then of...
My heart just broke after watching Downton Abbey's episode where Matthew Crawley died. They were so madly in love 😭
Looking at picture of Mary and Matthew Crawley was a bad idea. . I'm in tears...😒😒😒
Be my Matthew Crawley and I'll be your Lady Mary.
Costumes worn by Matthew Crawley and Lord Grantham? We can hardly contain our excitement! Book tix today!
Very, poor Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey is one example, all happy then oh dear..
I mean Matthew Crawley's mother, Isobel. 'Violet' is the Dowager Countess's first name, I think.
When your friend meets Matthew Crawley at a party.
Matthew Crawley broke my heart idc I'll never love again
We could go see a man about a cow..
Matthew Crawley Best looking chap on the show!
Matthew Crawley is vastly more popular than the Whale on Pt Chev Beach
. 1. Mary Crawley in 2x01 when Matthew appears. 2. Rose Solano in 1x10 making a streaptease. 3. Regina Mills in EACH EPISODE!
Did not expect Matthew Crawley on the front page of
🌸. My sleeping schedule is. identical to Matthew Crawley and. Sybil Crawley. It's dead. β€’. ~ R…
Interesting post from Matthew Crawley (Golden Dawn) on changing vibe of Ponsonby at night time ('quite gross')
First there was Matthew Crawley, then McDreamy. And now, Leo Hendrie. Why do they always kill the best ones off?
You've shown me I've been living in a dream. And now it's time to return to real life. - Matthew Crawley
Exactly. Aidan was optioned for 5 series to lock him in (& avoid a 'Matthew Crawley'). V. different to commissioned seasons.
"Matthew Crawley looks so familiar, I'll google the character to find out more about the actor!" LO AND BEHOLD, spoilers. Thanks google.
is this the club that Matthew Crawley founded & left his heir George.
Matthew Crawley showed during the concert, it was so corny but we were already bawling.
/ try to not remember Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley bye
Then Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey survives a fricken war but then dies in an accident... What the heck 😑😑😑
I'm sooo prepared for horrible things to happen, but the end of season 2 was cute and I'm so in love with Matthew Crawley β™₯
Of course I did. I am Matthew Crawley after all. [He straightened himself up before his brims formed into a grin] Really?-
Every once in awhile, I remember how much I miss Matthew Crawley.
i am very tempted to put Mary & Matthew Crawley as the placeholder names for these weeding invitations i'm designing
We can't wait to find out if Matthew Crawley returns to Downton in season six as a talking can of peas.
PBS is having a Downton Abbey recap and they just showed Matthew Crawley's untimely demise. Why Downton, why did you remind me?
St. Mary the Virgin's Church in Bampton where Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley got married in Downton…
Please don't let me down o'beloved Matthew Crawley
I watched Downton Abbey for the first time yesterday. Although my interest to Dan Stevens, who is playing the role of Matthew Crawley,-
Matthew Crawley from Downtown Abbey reborn as an American James Bond
Did we ever find out who crashed into Matthew Crawley? If not, I'd bet 50 quid it was that new Henry Talbot chap.
There's no answer to that! The ultimate Christmas TV quiz Downton Abbey's Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens, left wit...
I really want to see night at the museum just because Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey is Sir Lancelot.
Matthew Crawley is a time traveler! Check out the cellphone in his pocket!
I couldn't take it when Matthew Crawley died in "Downton Abbey". Matthew and Mary were my favorite ship back then. 😒
The man who proposes to me should just be Matthew Crawley. End of story.
Just watched THE christmas at with Matthew Crawley...always a feel good factor.
'God's not dead' - the movie. Showing live in this Sunday!!! 6pm. Don't miss it! Free pizza afterwards. http:…
the visit you had in London when Matthew saw you at the doctors.
in-flagrante Michelle Dockery with her adaptation of Frank Sinatra's Bang Bang titled 'Matthew Crawley Shot Me D...
and Idk man he had that Matthew Crawley opened eyed stare with blood on his head going on soo.
Get outta my way, you two! aka Matthew Crawley is here. He's mine!
previews- Was that Robb Stark I saw as Prince Charming?! And Matthew Crawley in the new ?! Say wha?!
Re last RT: I guess that wasn't Matthew Crawley I saw running up Montague St. this AM. *shrug*
I will never be over the death of Matthew Crawley
msmenna: What if Matthew Crawley did not die the day his son was born? This story tells his tale through his …
I'm watching the fourth season but already realized the absence of Sybil and Matthew Crawley.Still enviable enough!
Relationship status: still not over Matthew Crawley.
Oh my...Matthew Crawley has certainly! 😍 movie to watch my lovelies
Just had a lil cry at work bc Matthew Crawley is dead
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It's hard being sixteen and being more in love with characters like Matthew Crawley and Mr. Darcy than Augustus Waters
Great. I came across this and now I'm sad. Matthew and Mary Crawley forever. Sigh.
OMG.Matthew Crawley and David in 'The Guest' is the same person, doesn't he scrub down well?..
You and have done an excellent job.
But no matter what. Real or Not Real. knows how to mess with my feelings. Why did it have to be Matthew Crawley...?
Feeling sentimental after watching Matthew Crawley's death πŸ’”
They have indeed, darling. Quite flawless!
I had a feeling that you were. You make all us parents very proud.
I would ask if you have both been good, but I know the answer already.
I quite agree with you, my darling.
"I wouldn't be happy with anyone else as long as you walked the earth." -Matthew Crawley, DA
Speaking of Downton Abbey, I suddenly miss Matthew Crawley
remember when matthew crawley survived the trench warfare of WWI only to die in a car accident hashtag Downton Abbey spoilers
Watching the final episode of Downton Abbey Season 3 again. Why, oh why, did it have to be Matthew Crawley? :(
Sometimes I wonder if Matthew Crawley is still in would he be playing around with little Georgie? Teach him anything?
We'd be the Lady Mary to your Matthew Crawley anyday...
Awwee master george is indeed the little chap of matthew crawley.
What if Matthew Crawley didn’t die the day his son was born? I’ve been getting a lot of new followers (THAN …
Barring Matthew, Evelyn Napier is my favorite of all Mary Crawley's beaux. Why does she not fancy him?
According to Granny I am already in costume - as a man!
Foundation has successful year in Matthew’s memory - Crawley Observer:
I hope you shall all become expert riders.
Even more bizarre was fighting Nazi's with Matthew Crawley in the very halls of Downton. Two of him. One courageous. The other cowardly.
Dear Christchurch come here me do poems and the odd rap with my good pal Matthew Crawley . Abu Dhabi. trying to...
Tom Branson and Matthew Crawley's bromance kills me!!!
Downton Abbey - Mary Crawley/Michelle Dockery Matthew fills her brain. Still. And she doesn't ... I like the...
only 4? Crawley are 6-2 up but the shrews have been tamed from the looks of it
im still Angry at matthew crawley the Bitterness is Alive and KIcking
If you would like to see Matthew Crawley brought back alive, please check out fanfiction and refer:
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For those in U.S. who need a Downton fix, I've brought back Matthew Crawley. Plausible.
I have brought Matthew Crawley back to life in a believable way. I hope you will read and refer :
I submit this fanfiction for consideration. It brings back Matthew Crawley in a plausible way:
God *** Matthew Crawley is turning me *** Got to get rid of the shadow of him ASAP!
And I am sure he will have no objection! Will you, Papa?
Desperately trying to channel my inner Matthew Crawley today
If you're lucky, Sybbie, and Granny isn't watching you'll be able to learn astride!
Because there aren't horses small enough for you,darling.But maybe we'll see if we can get you a pony soon...
Matthew Crawley is like, the luckiest man in the entire world.
Hello ladies, meet the even hotter Matthew Crawley... Still obsessing over and
my rocking horse isn't a real horse?! *looks down in despair* why don't I have a real horse?
Matthew Crawley resurfaces after car crash as a guy named Dan Stevens--and he lives in Brooklyn!
As long as I can ride too. If Aunt Mary can then I can too. We could learn together, George!
Thank you, Matthew! Maybe a few years until you are riding, my dear, but you will be splendid.
Matthew Crawley is getting my standards for men way too high.
Darling boy, your rocking horse does not count... But I think that you will be a fine rider one day.
she was amazing!! Next time I would like to ride too though because I am the BEST rider ever
Tell me were you proud of your mother as she raced yesterday?
Champagne and ice cream? You enjoy it you truly deserve it.
You need to find your happiness, dear Edith.
This will genuinely never be forgotten. Ever.
Has anyone noticed that Matthew Crawley and Tim Krul have never been spotted in the same room together?
Judging from my TL women in Britain have finally gotten over Matthew Crawley. It's Sidney Chambers mania now.
[Weekly Support] Check out Dan Stevens, who plays the character of Matthew Crawley on Downtown Abbey, in a new...
My hatred 4 Matthew Crawley is well documented, but in Dan Stevens is a certified G and bonafide stud and you can't teach that!
Dan Stevens is perhaps best known as Matthew Crawley on "Downton Abbey."Β But Stevens is also a busy film actor, with four movies hitting theaters in the next four months.
Went to see last night. Dan Stevens looks nothing like Matthew Crawley in his film.
Matthew Crawley has been spotted in London as an OB-GYN! He would do anything to get away from Lady Mary!
Don't think is a Downton Abbey spinoff with a gun-toting Matthew Crawley, but about to find out.
Catching up on Downton Abbey. How mean to kill off Matthew Crawley in a Christmas special.
Where did he go...Dan Stevens, known as Matthew Crawley will be Sir Lancelot in the new Night of the Museum due out Dec 19
Daniel Jackson's death is right up there with Matthew Crawley's. Idk which one is worse.
Photoset: bama744: Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley and Michelle Dockery as Lady Mary Crawley. Downton Abbey:...
Dan, would you say you're more like Matthew Crawley, Sir Lancelot or Gilbert Evans?
I forgot about it until I saw Matthew Crawley in the new Night at the Museum trailer just now.
What is Matthew Crawley's problem with money thou?
Photo: wdedalus: Exiled from Downton Abbey over a scandal, Lady Mary Crawley is ruined. Meanwhile Matthew...
I find Matthew Crawley a decent young man.
Downton Abbey was my favourite show, then Matthew Crawley died and life held no meaning.
Of all the couples ever to be, real or fictional, I get the most emotional over Matthew and Mary Crawley.
happy birthday pretty lady sending Matthew Crawley love your way πŸŽ€
is Dan Stevens aka Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey whom I wish didn't have to die πŸ˜©β€¦
I wonder if I will ever be able to speak with people that resemble Matthew Crawley without stuttering or choking on my tears.
The Guest - See the trailer Who knew Matthew Crawley was shredded.
Recent ordination of Matthew O'Gorman (Southwarik) Sean Crawley and Anthony Rosso to the diaconate in Rome.
Suddenly thinking of when Matthew Crawley died. I am not yet over that. And it has been a while.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, Matthew Crawley is my dream man
I want a marriage like Matthew and Mary CrawleyπŸ’–
Matthew Crawley can get on fine with just a cook and a maid. Yeah, keep slummin'. Season 1 Ep 2
One must have a heart of pure fiber-optic wires not to laugh at the death of Matthew Crawley.
The Guest - See the trailer / What a different role from Matthew Crawley!
In case you didn't know, Matthew and Mary Crawley were my first and only true otp (they ruined me)
clarinet-oswald: the only thing worse than your otp dying is half of your otp dying Matthew Crawley, Sybil...
a person namet Matthew Crawley just followed me, my heart is breaking all over again
Check out our newest TRAILER REVIEW of Matthew Crawley himself in The Guest:
Matthew Crawley went bad? First trailer for with Dan Stevens from
Whoa! I barely recognized Matthew Crawley in that poster. O_0
Still crying over Donna Noble's memory loss and Matthew Crawley's death.
Please pray for Tony Rosso, Sean Crawley, and Matthew O'Gorman who will be ordained deacons tomorrow.
Dan Stevens aka MATTHEW BLOODY CRAWLEY went to my firm choice uni. I have to go. There is no question about it I HAVE TO GO
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jajaja I'm Matthew Crawley. Which character are you? vΓ­a
broadwaybaggins said: Emma Swan and Matthew Crawley: Choose between Downton and Storybrooke for setting ;)
You have no idea do you? Ever since that *coughs* Matthew Crawley left me alone on here..I've been alone, been blocked (c)
Netherlands goalie looks like Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey ... just sayin
Michael Scofield, Damon Salvatore, Matthew Crawley.. All died. And now Anshuman might be next? I've the worst luck with shows.
Downton Abbey just killed me. Why on earth would Matthew Crawley die, this is horrible I wanna crawl up and just cryπŸ˜”πŸ˜­
Ghost of Matthew Crawley takes in at
My only reaction to seeing the trailer for thriller Um, when did Matthew Crawley get hot?!!
Wow, Matthew Crawley got buff since that automobile accidence in
Mary Crawley and Matthew are the Ross and Rachel of I'm addicted.
Fictional death that I will never get over: Matthew Crawley.
I loved Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley in Downton. Seeing him sans shirt, post shower in today's Standard my feelings have transgressed..πŸ˜‹
En route London. The guy sitting opposite me looks like Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens) from Downton Abbey; I kid you not πŸ‘ŒπŸ™ˆπŸ˜
thank you my dear!!! Come along waaah omg Matthew Crawley has just turned up on this programme I'm watching, COINCIDENCE?!
Bombs - alliluna24: It certainly was an odd sight, to see an earl in such terror. If Matthew Crawley, the...
When you refuse to purchase any eps after Downtown S3 so that in your own boxset collection & universe Matthew Crawley lives
I really miss having Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey. πŸ˜₯πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜£
like 10 Game of Thrones characters and of course Matthew Crawley from Downton Abbey...OMG crying again...
We’re delighted to announce 2 new partners here at Lovewell Blake. Congratulations to Chris Solt and Matthew Crawley! ht…
You will have to google "The Lady and the Lawyer" and watch it in its entirety. The link won't show here. Watch this and tell me you made the right decision in killing off Matthew Crawley.
Downton Abbey S3 - Dan Stevens as Matthew Crawley and MICHELLE DOCKERY as Lady Mary
Season 3 Christmas Special of Downton Abbey has left me cold and unfeeling. Why would you kill of Matthew Crawley's character?
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