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Matthew Ashimolowo

Matthew Ashimolowo (born 17 March 1952 in Nigeria) is the Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC) in London.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Senior Pastor Bishop David Oyedepo Chris Oyakhilome Joyce Meyer Myles Munroe African American Western Europe Genevieve Nnaji Joseph Prince John Mason Lord Lugard Creflo Dollar Chris Okotie United Kingdom

I'M Not A FAILURE by John Godfrey ft Matthew Ashimolowo . I say a big Thank you to my father,…
I added a video to a playlist Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo SERMON - THE CITY BUILDERS
Why does your thumb look like Matthew Ashimolowo?
Say to your self" I'M NOT A FAILURE" by JOHN GODFREY FT Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo... buy on…
hi, I think you need to read the book 'what is wrong with being black'- Matthew Ashimolowo. You'll know there's nothing..
regranned from - . Tonight at KICC London With Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo,
Matthew Ashimolowo’s son, Tobi and wife share a kiss as they celebrate their 3rd wedding a ... - via
Fraudster poses as Nigerian Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo to scam a lady & this happens via News
To take the right steps into your FUTURE, you’ll need to make a complete break from your PAST. ~Matthew Ashimolowo
For every brook that has dried up, God will restore and give you a better one. ~Matthew Ashimolowo
To understand more about the black race, i'd recommend Matthew Ashimolowo's "What is wrong with being black?"
Just 3 DAYS,exactly 3 DAYS & this life changing conference will be on with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo from LONDON, UK
. Hi Pastor Soji. How do you do?. Been a while. Bless you. . I need messages of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's Buz. messages
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: A challenge or struggle makes us more appreciative of the people and things in our lives.
Purpose protects you from abusing your life and that of others. via
Come and STEP into all that belongs to you. With Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, Minister Tobi…
(Day 4 Evening session) Pst. Matthew Ashimolowo ministering healing to God's people. Deaf...
God’s Word cannot fail because it rests on the His Faithfulness; a foundation that is secure and unshakable ~ Matthew Ashimolowo. 🌈💫👌
9. Pastor Yemisi is married to KICC Senior Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo and she is the proud mother of 2 sons Tobi and T…
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary to Pastor Matthew and Pastor Yemisi Ashimolowo. . Love from all the KICC family.
Leading Nigerian "god of Man"/Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has urged Prez Buhari not to spend too much time hunting...
Trues: Strange things happen in the will of God. . — Matthew Ashimolowo .
With the general Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of KICC. A great man. The LORD IS BLESSING SOMEONE THIS WEEK.
Live a strategic, change the way you do things -pst Matthew Ashimolowo
After some time stop being a container and become a conduit -pst Matthew Ashimolowo
Everytime God increases you, yesterday's anointing is a waste-pst Matthew Ashimolowo
When your capacity is reached anything brought in will be a waste -pst Matthew Ashimolowo
Everytime you sow a seed,you have scheduled a harvest -pst Matthew Ashimolowo
Never negotiate with a man carrying favour and mercy of God - pst Matthew Ashimolowo
A good follower gives back to the leader so as to rise with the leader -pst Matthew Ashimolowo
You need to be a good follower to be a master class leader - pst Matthew Ashimolowo
You need to take a risk to break the ground - pst Matthew Ashimolowo
I added a video to a playlist Matthew Ashimolowo, Nothing Can Stop You
Did you miss the 50 prophecies of Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo @ ?
50 blessings to the crowd, if u here are u are a part of dis blessings. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
Get ready for the miraculous in 2017 prophetic declaration by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo @ Tafawa…
And this one is for my mom Your Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's prayer. Amen
Matthew Ashimolowo don join the league of baby boys. That man of God is fireee!!!
Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's KICC started in a school hall with only 11 members. Today it has a weekly attendance of 12000 at the main church
Halleluyah, Daddy Matthew Ashimolowo (blessed me tonight... is my year...
Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo on stage prophesying over our lives...
You will be a barrier breaker, you will be a line crosser... .Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.
Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo, the General Overseer of the KICC ministries worldwide utters 50 prophetic declarations.
You will end 2015 with jubilation and you will start 2016 with jubilation...Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.
12:00 BST Matthew Ashimolowo is LIVE from KICC Prayer City, join in the Sunday service
Meet The Speaker:Matthew Ashimolowo is the Pastor, Author & Businessman. htt…
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Reminiscing walk and pray by revelation, religion is not the life of the spirit! Matthew Ashimolowo
LOL me I can't epp the virgins. Make una go meet Matthew Ashimolowo for guidance.
It is what you carry that matters not where you were born. God doesn’t consult your pass to create your future.-Matthew Ashimolowo
Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo will be us from 20-25th October for - Entering the day of new things
Be sure to come with a big notepad . speakers. Matthew Ashimolowo . Tudor Bismark . Steve Mensah . Eastwood Anaba
God already pre-destined you to be conformed to the image of Christ. - Matthew A. Ashimolowo
In pst 'matthew ashimolowo's voice change is coming
Lmao. What works for Matthew might not work for Ashimolowo. Ma. Don't have sex with your man for 2 years first.
My new sounds: See You At The Top. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo - Day 7 - on
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: When there's a change, everything that has worked against you begins to work for you.
There is only a wisdom problem, not a money problem! . Matthew Ashimolowo.
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for Grace to do all things and overcome all things painful. I give God Praise. Love always
Tune into GOD TV for a powerful message from Matthew Ashimolowo on
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for His Faithfulness and Goodness and Mercies in my life. I give Him all the Praise. Love Always
'God is about to bring a shift, and a new season into new things!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
Anyone who incites people to divide this nation will lose his chance Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo via
'Whatever you walk away from, determines what you are ready to walk into!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'Get ready! God will give you a new mindset of a winner!' -Matthew Ashimolowo
'Because of Christ opposition will fail in your life!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'God is changing your season of pain to a day of celebration!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
Join us LIVE on GOD TV for With a life changing message from Matthew Ashimolowo
'I believe an open Heaven means God is going to bless your life!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'It's not just going to be a new year, but you will experience a new thing!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'It's a new day and a new season for the body of Christ!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'God is not into repeats, He is into doing new things!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'God is into doing new things in our life!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
'God is bringing you out of the old, into the new!' Matthew Ashimolowo
'Don't ever negotiate yourself out of a breakthrough!' - Matthew Ashimolowo
Join our Father & Senior Pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo in for the on Sun16th Ja…
You can accelerate your education, but you cannot accelerate your experience!! - Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for Strength to go through this phase and Grace to be at peace . I praise God. Love always
Matthew Ashimolowo Our God is too faithful to fail me. He is merciful and just. I give Him all the Praise. Love always
Matthew A. Ashimolowo Sometimes, the best speech is silence. Friendship with the Holy Spirit teaches you when to keep quiet and when to talk
"One of your callings is to make the Lord known to others. Be willing to embrace the ministry of reconciliation. Matthew Ashimolowo.
Friendship with the Holy Spirit gives you power! Are you friend with the Holy Spirit?-Matthew A. Ashimolowo
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for Strength and courage to do all things. Love always
“When you withstand battles and emerge victorious, your life becomes a living epistle of what God’s grace can do.” – Matthew Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo. Tell him: My past is forgiven and my future. is guaranteed! # HiddenInChrist
Matthew A. Ashimolowo. The devil loves to tell you that you don't. deserve the blessings and the love of God. Tell him:
Matthew and Yemisi Ashimolowo I thank God for making you my Spiritual Parents. I Appreciate you and Love you dearly. God Bless
Matthew Ashimolowo I am very very Thankful for being part of KICC Family Worlwide..It's the Best thing that God did for me
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: It’s possible to know the mind of God in any situation; all it takes is to become intimate with the Holy Spirit
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank His Goodness and my life. Praise God. Love always
Matthew Ashimolowo. Speaking engagements everywhere, yet has written. over 60 books! And tons of cds. Qd discipline.
You must LIVE as if Christ will return today and WORK as if he’ll return in 50 years’ time. Ashimolowo
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for His goodness and mercies. He will Manifest His Power in my life in this season. Love always
WOW! 5 NIGERIAN PASTORS MAKES THE LIST OF TOP 10 RICHEST PASTORS IN THE WORLD 10) Joseph Prince – Net worth: $5 Million (Singapore) Annual salary of this Singaporean pastor is $550,000. Pastor Joseph Prince is the Senior Pastor of the New Creation Church in Singapore. The New Creation Church’s financial income was reported at $44.7 million US dollars in 2008. He hosts a religious program called “Destined to Reign.” He has addressed many congregations worldwide. 9) Chris Okotie – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria) Chris Okotie was a pop musician in the 1980s. He embraced the Bible and set up the Household of God Church, one of Nigeria’s most flamboyant congregations. He is an automobile lover and owns several posh cars which include a Mercedes S600, Rolls-Royce, Hummer and Porsche. 8) Matthew Ashimolowo – Net worth: $10 Million (Nigeria) Matthew Ashimolowo’s Kingsway International Christian Center is the largest Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom. It has assets worth more than $40 mill ...
God will speak to you through HIS prophets... Bishop David Oyedepo, Pst. Matthew Ashimolowo & Rev. Samuel Olubiyo... At
PHOTOS: KICC Senior Pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo's Son Weds: One of the sons of Senior Pastor of Kingsway Intern...
The description of the African by Lord Lugard and Matthew Ashimolowo is so spot on its frightening.
Lord Lugard and Matthew Ashimolowo described the African as childlike and easily excitable. I agree with them.
"Realise that what may appear ridiculous to the human mind, may be the stepping stone to the miraculous" - Matthew Ashimolowo
= BOOK OF THE MONTH for January is WAGING THE WAR AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF POVERTY by Matthew Ashimolowo. As you go through these excerpts, posted every Tuesday and Saturday, may you come into your prepared blessings. = Whenever the spirit of poverty finds its way in, it comes along with other tendencies: Laziness, Drunkenness, Gluttony, Wrong Company and Biblical Ignorance, and as Benjamin Franklin said “Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him”. May you be delivered.
The Word of God is like bread to feed the children. It is like meat and milk to feed men and women. Matthew A. Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: The Word of God is a hammer to break every yoke.
"These JBags are here to recieve some *** - Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
Matthew Ashimolowo I praise God, He didn't give me Spirit of doubt.I'll receive all His Promises for my life. IJN. Love always
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: The good news is that God is fighting on our side, and He will win the battle.
Before i get my trim, i need Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo to anoint the clipper First. My Headpiece is a mess.
Join us for the first Sunday Service of 2014. Pst Matthew ASHIMOLOWO will minister on "Living in the Overflow ". Service time is 9-11:30a.m
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: What has come against you shall become your source of stepping up, it shall become your stepping stone.
Matthew Ashimolowo I Praise God for Strength to hold on and not breakdown and faith to wait for my breakthrough. Love Always
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: Take authority over any stronghold in your life, in the name of Jesus.
Tomorrow is gonna be great. Has Big Daddy Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo Celebrate the WIDOWS in Ode- Omu, oshun state.
Tomorrow is Unique day to My Uncle Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo. God bless you has you remember the WIDOWS.
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: The weapons you use against the stronghold should be, The Word of God and your Spirit.
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: The battles of your life will become the testimony of your life.
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: Strongholds hold strong and they can be generational.
1st day of glory with Pst Matthew Ashimolowo was a point in time of prophetic release of destiny. Thank you wole
Wow matthew ashimolowo was a muslim
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for hope, it keeps me going. I know that God will fulfil all His promises in my life. Love always
Pst Matthew ASHIMOLOWO will minister on "living in d Overflow " dis Sun at d KICC Prayerdome (9-11:30am) Do all u can 2 make it if in Lagos
2014 is BIG and so it's starting BIG! Join Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo tonight in the dazzling city of Ilorin, Nig…
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for Hope. it has helped keep me more Confident and composed. It'll be well .Love you always
After you've looked smart, have you acted smart? - Matthew Ashimolowo
Matthew Ashimolowo I know that all things'll Work out for my good because I love the Lord and He's called Me. Love you always
Matthew Ashimolowo I have not been able to open my mail But I know that all things work together for good for them that love God
Matthew Ashimolowo I'm Very sorry that I have not sent you a mail up till now. I have some problems with my Yahoo Mail,
"May you be sustained, may you be strengthened."-> Pastr matthew ashimolowo
Matthew Ashimolowo wrote: FAITH PLEASES GOD And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. (Hebrews 11:6) Dearly beloved, A couple known to me was in agony as they were not blessed with a child. They loved the Lord dearly. But the reproach and mockery of others broke their hearts. Yet both of the...
When u stay away too long from what belongs to u,your property becomes the dwelling place of squatters.# Matthew Ashimolowo.
There are people who allowed themselves to be used by the devil, they do things that a normal nd decent person won't do it. They steal money from people using Highly Anointed man God such as Bishop Oyedepo, Prophet TB Joshua, Prophet Matthew Ashimolowo, Evangelist Reinard Bonkke and Bishop Adeboye to carry their evil schemes, they invite you on fb pretending to be Pastors then they will tell you to donate money to the orphanage or whatsoever, what kind of a human being can do this kind of evil things only those who allow themselves to be used by de devil and lazy to work with their own hands, May God have mercy on them and open their eyes to see the light before is too late. I will like to appeal to all my South African brothers and Sister please be very careful not to become the victim of fraud, brothers nd Sisters with God nothing is impossible and nothing is too big for God, Luke 10 v19 nd Philippians 4 vers 6, Let's put our trust only in God and his son Jesus Christ. Skeem sami please be carefu ...
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for protection and Security' of my family. He's Awesome . I give Him all the glory. Love Always
Matthew Ashimolowo wrote: DIVINE HEALING Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace and security. (Jeremiah 33:6) Dearly beloved, A few years back, one Mr. paul shared his testimony. He is a mason. He owned a small land on which he began to build a house. On seeing that, some jealous people did evil against him. He was suddenly attacked...
Ashimolowo Coming To Malawi The renowned tele- evangelist Matthew Ashimolowo will be visiting Malawi from 6-8 December, this year. Ashimolowo who is Senior Pastor at Kings International Convention Church (KICC) will conduct prayers at Bingu International Conference Centre in Lilongwe. Ashimolowo, a Nigerian but based in the US, is one of the popular preachers on Television Malawi
Some of the things we have become is because of the seeds people planted in our lives.- Matthew Ashimolowo
better than being daughter of a father who sells lollipops in rave toilets, sweating like Matthew ashimolowo in prayer meeting
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: Your life will be filled with testimonies that nobody can stop.
Anybody with Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo u borrow me
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: You will branch out beyond the limitations; the hand of the Lord will be mighty upon your life.
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Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for Peace of Mind He's given me even in the midst of my Confusing Challenges. Love you always.
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: There is an ordination of God on your life. When God makes a way for you, no man can stop you. (Ps 18:29)
Hmmm,i knew i missed,my pastor said Matthew Ashimolowo came,nxt yr is there tho'
Taking care of unfinished business a sermon by Matthew Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: When you worship and praise God, you will come into a prepared blessing.
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: When the cloud of glory is released, demons tremble and move away. You will not praise and worship in vain.
Let your life be a life of ''Praise''.. Matthew Ashimolowo
Matthew A. Ashimolowo God likes it wen we praise Him. He responds 2 it; but demons hate it.Praise is somtin u shuld choose 2 do,not avoid.
Good evening & trust you a had a fruitful day. Whatever be the case, be thankful that you are alive @ this second. .& a quick update from Readers' Forum's desk: Sometime last month, I informed you of 11 inspiring books updated in our library @ Holy Saviour's College, Isolo and last week, I informed you of 12 books delivered to QS-Daystar College, Igando. Now, information on books delivered to HighQue Schools, Isolo (also in october); * Principles of Success by Brian Tracy * Be a think tank by Matthew Ashimolowo * Don't let anything stop you by Matthew Ashimolowo * Generation Z by Sam Adeyemi * The Second revolution by Sam Adeyemi * Think Big by Ben Carson * God's Big Idea by Myles Munroe * The Book of Hours (a novel) by Davis Bunn * Finding God in the Lord of the Rings by Kurt Brunner & Jim Ware * Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy Thanks to all who have donated cash/books, LET's DO Readers' Forum today, tomorrow and always. How can you support? - Monthly support of to aid us to buy more books and ...
You must be a worshipper if you want to see things change. No one can force you to praise. It's an act of the will.- Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
If you don't pass through anything in life, you can't be anything. MATTHEW ASHIMOLOWO
Pastr l Matthew Ashimolowo just prayed for Business Owners.
Matthew Ashimolowo I thank God for His Mercies which endures forever. I need His Mercy and Grace for this season.Love always
Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo was the Assisting Minister to Rev Oshibanjo and later Got married to his Daughte…
Matthew A. Ashimolowo wrote: Have faith thoughts and a faith-driven vision. Don't poison your own seed with your mouth.
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Prayer cannot replace Planning and Planning cannot replace Prayer ~ (The Power of Positive Prayer) Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.
United Kingdom based Nigerian renowned Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo is scheduled to minister in Malawi from 6 to 8 December this year at Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) in Lilongwe.
Millionaire Pastors of Africa: Bishop David Oyedepo, Chris Oyakhilome, Temitope Joshua, Matthew Ashimolowo, Chris Okotie — Are They Serving God and the People or Are They Serving Themselves? God is good, especially if you’re a Nigerian pastor with some business savvy. These days, millions of souls, desperate for financial breakthroughs, miracles and healing, all rush to the church for redemption. And while the bible expressly states that salvation is free, at times it comes with a cost: offerings, tithes, gifts to spiritual leaders, and a directive to buy literature and other products created by men of God. Pastors are no longer solely interested in getting people to Heaven; they’ve devised intelligent ways to make good money while reaching out to souls. Take Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, for example. He is the founder and lead pastor of the Christ Embassy, a thriving congregation with branches in Nigeria, South Africa, London, Canada and the United States. His publishing company, Loveworld Publications, ...
Morning Friends, interested in recent and updated motivational books, inspirational books, Christian and anointed literatures which can act as catalyst to ones career, business, ministry, and destiny written by great men like John C Maxwell, Kenneth E Hagin, Myles Munroe, Mike Murdock, Norman Vincent Pearl, Smith Wiggleswort, Joyce Meyer, Ben Carlson, Oral Robert, Matthew Ashimolowo, TD Jakes, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Joel Osteen, Zig Ziglar, Bill Gates, Brian Tracy, Muchael Gerber, Richard Templar, Tim Lahaye, Robert Schuller, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Jack Canfield, Rick Warren, John Mason, Kathryn Kulman, KC Price, Copelands and a whole lot of Nigerian Authors at a very cheap price. (Wholesale and retail) HERE THIS "If you do not read, you are not better off than those who can't read" - Mark Twain. "You've got to study if you don't want to end up stupid" - Bishop Oyedepo "You cannot rise beyond the level of information at your disposal" - Bishop Oyedepo ENDEAVOUR TO READ TODAY BECAUSE READE . ...
If a levels don't work you'll see me preaching at Kingsway international Christian centre I will be the next Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, T.D Jakes, Kenneth Copeland, Max Lucado, John Mason, John C. Maxwell, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Sid Roth, Myles Munroe, David Oyedepo, Benson Idahosa, Chris Oyakhilome, Kingsley Okonkwo, Matthew Ashimolowo, Tomi Vincent, E.A. Adeboye, Kenneth Haggin, Kenneth Copeland and other great men & women of God, I love you guys! I thank Almighty God for making you guys a great blessing to my generation. I pray & ask that God gives me a thousand fold of the anointing He has given everyone of you- Amen!
I thank God for my fathers in the Lord, whose teachings and lifestyle have shaped my life positively: Pst.E.A.Adeboye, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pst.Christian Oyakhilome, Pst.Matthew Ashimolowo, Pst.Olusegun Omotosho, Dr.Daniel Olukoya and others.
"I remember vividly when the entire America's economy crashed in the late 2008 and millions of people were losing their homes and jobs as well as defaulting on their bank loans and credit cards. A popular Nigerian Church in the Washington, DC area organized a week-long program on "how to survive the economic recession" and they invited the following popular Nigerian pastors, Ayo Oritsejafor, Mike Okonkwo and Matthew Ashimolowo as their guest ministers. These preachers told these gullible, ignorant and vulnerable Nigerians that the generational curses, demons, witches and wizards that troubled them in Nigeria and made them to be poor and miserable in Nigeria were still directly responsible for their current situations in America. These Nigerian pastors then asked these Nigerians to make personal sacrificial offerings that ranged from $200 to $2,000 per person or per household as the only way for them to make it in America or come out of their present problems which many did religiously" - Sunday Iwalaiye.
lol Elizabeth turn Ghanaian yeah! Don't worry I will soon let you go to Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo's church
“and John Hagee” with a feature from Matthew Ashimolowo
The founder and Senior Pastor of the Kingsway International Christian Centre (KICC), Matthew Ashimolowo has said clergymen who own private jets could be saving lots of monies for their congregations.
WHOEVER SAID OUR STORY WAS DIFFERENT? P-square (e), Nigeria's biggest export musical duo & GLO's biggest brand ambassadors once PAID & BEGGED to be given slot to perform in shows. D'banj (used to wait at restaurant tables but now topping UK music charts. Tony Momoh, CEO of Channels TV used to hawk on the street when he was little. Genevieve Nnaji (i1), Africa's hottest Actress once BEGGED for stand-in roles & was abandoned when she got pregnant in her teens. Don-Jazzy (arguably Africa's most talented music producer was once BETRAYED by his first/ former music group. Matthew Ashimolowo, pastor of the largest church in Western Europe, didn't have a FORMAL EDUCATION. Kanu Nwankwo, Africa's most decorated footballer was SICKLY WITH HEART FAILURE throughout his career. Joyce Meyer (the most popular female televangelist was SEXUALLY ABUSED by her father who later abused her own two daughters. T.D. Jakes, the hottest African American preacher was once a GRAVE DIGGER. Oprah Winfrey (the TV STAR was once ...
I love Evang.Bonnke, Baba Adeboye,Benny Hinn,Bishop oyedepo,Pst. W.F.Kumuyi,Morris Cerullo,Paula White,Bishop Noel jones,R.W.Shambach,Dr.Nick Ezeh,Matthew Ashimolowo,Creflo Dollar, Pst.Chris Oyakhilome,Dr.Umah Ukpai and others for their contributions in Spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. BUT I must not fail to MANIFEST THE LIGHT in my own capacity, bcos by doing this,i shall have helped one Soul 2 see the Saviour...
...Kings University owned by Matthew Ashimolowo at Ode Omu,Osun state!
# INFORMATION: Nigerian, renow motivational speaker, Matthew Ashimolowo completes billion Naira KICC University! The preacher and Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Church (KICC), has completed his billion naira KICC University situated at Ode Omu, Osun state. KICC University sits atop over 500 acres. The National University Commission of Nigeria requires at least 250 acres of land for a university campus. The university would be structured around six faculties and 22 mainstream departments. The Schools of Medical Science and Pharmacy in the College of Medical Sciences as well as the Faculty of Law are to run faculty/school-based degree programmes. Academic activities would commence initially in two Schools: Humanities, Management & Social Sciences, and Information Science and Technology. Courses to be developed by the School of Information Science and Technology will be central to the teaching programmes in all Departments. There is a total of 59 academic programmes.
16. The pastor of the largest church in the UK is a Nigerian (Matthew Ashimolowo)
Expect a Paradigm Shift at the “360 Leader” Abuja Leadership Conference with Matthew Ashimolowo, Mensa Otabil & ...
The common saying, ‘As poor as a church rat’ is fast losing its proverbial essence, given the assets churches and their leaders parade today. To disprove the saying, Opeyemi Adesina, Tayo Salami and Chika Morkah, using additional Internet sources, identify four Nigerian pastors who are not only rich but are setting the pace in the art of wealth creation and business management. They labour in the Lord’s vineyard, yet they are stupendously rich. That statement aptly captures the monetary worth of some pastors plying the gospel of Christ in Nigeria today. Not a few people will marvel at the value of the estates and earthly possessions on which they sit and superintend. Although they are many in the wealth circle, four of them clearly stand out, given their carriage, life styles, investments and popularity. Not many will fault the likes of Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Centre, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy, and Prophet ...
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