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Matt Vasgersian

Matt Vasgersian (born September 28, 1967) is an American sportscaster and television host. Vasgersian is a host for the MLB Network and has served as an announcer for NBC Sports' coverage of the Olympics, and on Fox Sports' MLB coverage.

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Don't know why it bugs me so much that Matt Vasgersian doesn't know who is, but it does. is probably the worst 1/2
Matt Vasgersian doesn't know who is?? I guess all of those newspapers in front him and Harold are for show.
No, Matt Vasgersian, you can't get a cab showing your gams. OTOH, skid marks and a rear-end collision. ;)
Matt Vasgersian just said on MLB network that they must get in the Hall of Fame
Chiefs/Texans on ABC at 3:35. Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz are gonna handle the commentary.
2nd and 28 and you run a draw? Monken's here. Maybe he can pull a Joe Buck/Matt Vasgersian and break into the OSU booth.
Matt Vasgersian is way better than Joe Buck
Matt Vasgersian > Joe Buck and > Fox. I hope fox never gets the power back
It takes an act of the baseball gods to get Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz to take over the World Series call. Prayers an…
Good for former Brewers TV guy Matt Vasgersian who now pinch hits in the US via Fox International which none of us knew ex…
Gimme Denny over Matt Vasgersian squealing like a crazy person all day.
Buck only waltzes in for the LCS. Division Series this year were Kenny Albert on one and Matt Vasgersian on the other.
Matt Vasgersian should be the sound of Fox baseball. The All Star Game and The World Series. Can't stand Joe Buck's commentating.
Matt Vasgersian is perfect. Brian Anderson is a stud. I loved Daron Sutton. How have the Brewers been so luck with play by play guys?
How much MLB time do Brian Kenny, Matt Vasgersian, Bob Costas, Dan Dickerson, or former BBWA Prez Susan Slusser have? Come on.
Relistening to Matt Vasgersian doing the call on the angel's game. Dude was awesome. Swap him for buck!
Amen to that. We have been spoiled. Might I also add p-b-pers Brian Anderson, Jim Paschke, Matt Vasgersian, Daron Sutton.
Free advice to Matt Vasgersian: Please listen to John Smoltz on player name pronunciations.
Matt Vasgersian & John Smoltz will have the call of tonight's game @ 7:15 on FOX
Yes, has "Baseball Night in America" 2morrow. Matt Vasgersian, John Smoltz & Jon Morosi...They've got MIA/CHC-6:15P on
I would rather listen to seventeen Dave Sims doing PBP at the same time with four of them making fart sounds than Matt Vasgersian.
I remember Eric Karros and Matt Vasgersian comparing Aqualung to Justin Bieber during a Mariners/Rays game on FOX in 2010.
No. It will be Matt Vasgersian and Eric Karros with operating in the Erin Andrews role.
Matt Vasgersian reminiscing about We Are The World: "Springsteen... the guy from Kajagoogoo... the British guy who dressed like a chick."
Twiterless Matt Vasgersian is starting a game for anyone wants in search "henduland" under leagues
Tonight at 7:05 pm it's me vs Matt Vasgersian one-on-one on
think it was Matt Vasgersian. Mark DeRosa brought up xFIP cuz apparently Eric Byrnes said that Kluber's xFIP suggested
"The stars on the Seattle Mariners have been pretty sus as of late" - Matt Vasgersian on the MLB network 😂😂😈
"Take out the strikeouts, and Mike Leake and Stephen Strasburg are very comparable." - Matt Vasgersian (h/t
Thanks to Matt Vasgersian and the crew for having me on this morning's MLBCentral show to talk about The Gam…
Matt Vasgersian with Mudd... Not sure why Matt's not here... Good or bad... Comments..
i just lost all respect for Matt Vasgersian and for startbenchcut. Cut Carlin?! Bench beatles?!
FUN FACT: Matt Vasgersian, the main announcer of the MLB: The Show series, was one of the opening week announcers for the XFL.
I love when Matt Vasgersian calls games. Such a great announcer
*** Matt Vasgersian. Calling out fans for looking like Steve Buschemi? Be nice.
The A-Team of Greg Amsinger as Hannibal. Matt Vasgersian as Face. Christopher Russo as Murdoch. Harold Reynolds as B.A. Baracus
Dan Shulman would be a great candidate. "Matt Vasgersian is the heir to the throne.
It would be a dream come true if I could be the next Matt Vasgersian or Harold Reynolds Hosting MLB Network would be amazing!!
he's tolerable but gimme Matt Vasgersian any day and I'm happy. Or, Brian Anderson
So, Matt Vasgersian just called Eric Byrnes an IT guy after he used the word "supposebly."
What on EARTH is Eric Byrnes talking about?! FIP? I've never seen Matt Vasgersian look so confused.
By any chance do you know if it is Matt Vasgersian & John Smoltz calling Braves/ Phillies for FOX Saturday?
3 hours of television magic about to take place when I join Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz breaking down all of today's action
is up next on as Matt Vasgersian, John Smoltz, and take you LIVE to all of the late night MLB action!
thank you Matt Vasgersian for the Danny...caddy shack reference!
Matt Lauer with an trying to say Matt Vasgersian.
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can you guys please get rid matt Vasgersian please his voice is so annoying when you do a season every year for 7 years
wow Matt Vasgersian & Steve Lyons do the play by play on the MLB The Show? i will utilize the mute button if i ever do play this game lol
Well, on Vasergian's plus side, he has ripped StLfans in the past "lol"
Matt Vasgersian is spot on about Ryan Braun.
“That is a completely committed fan." - Matt Vasgersian on back tattoo featured on today.
I love Matt Vasgersian all the time.
Wave coach Keith Tozer, Matt Vasgersian and comedian John Caparulo all coming up today on the morning KLH!!!
I wish would use a different commentator and not Matt Vasgersian
Matt Vasgersian: Despite the Irish name, O'Flaherty was anything but lucky in 2013.
yea, braught to us by Matt Vasgersian.
"Baseball is better when the Yankees are competitive. I mean, even if you're one of those guys from Massachusetts who hates them, let's face it. Baseball, as a game, is just BETTER when the Yankees are good." ---Matt Vasgersian on " Hot Stove"
"and just like that the side is retired" - Matt Vasgersian Time to move on.
Looking forward to hanging out with Matt Vasgersian and Ron Darling on MLB Network's "Hot Stove" Thursday morning at approximately 9:15 ET to talk Seattle Mariners and other things baseball.
Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian talking about the Lego replica of the Hot Stove set that Jack built for them, during the national broadcast of Hot Stove on MLB Network :))
Matt Vasgersian is doing skiing/snowboarding coverage on NBC, dear God I gotta watch this!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Matt Vasgersian takes a tour of the trade show from the Winter Meetings during Hot Stove. Our daily live offseason morning news show is hosted by Matt Vasger...
Next to Rob Deer and Dave Kingman, Matt Vasgersian says Pedro Cerrano is his favorite power hitter of all-time.
Headed on MLB Network with Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds at 10:10 am. Harold and I did Fever Pitch together and the 2008 ALDS. Join us
I just heard one of the best quotes ever, by MLB Network host Matt Vasgersian: "Little kids these days measure their success in life by how many INSTAGRAM FOLLOWERS they have." Almost as good as Confucius. Don't know why he said it in MLB Network
Buck Showalter chats with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian on
Curtis Granderson joins Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds on Hot Stove to discuss the Uber Sleigh Toy Drive and his deal with the Mets
Harold Reynolds is straight geeking right now at Matt Vasgersian's comments.
joins Harold Reynolds & Matt Vasgersian to discuss the Kinsler trade on
Listening to Ron Darling, Matt Vasgersian, and Jim Kaat "analyze" the race is excruciatingly painful.
Matt Vasgersian or Greg Amsinger? Its hard to choose my fav MLB host. Both of them are entertaining to watch.
Harold Reynolds, Matt Vasgersian & discuss the plans to open a new stadium on http:/…
Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian discuss the news that Joe Mauer will be transitioning from catcher to 1B for the
Miss any of this morning? Catch up with Matt Vasgersian, Ron Darling, and again at 11am ET!
Lee Mazzilli joins to talk with former teammate Ron Darling & Matt Vasgersian about his playing days w/ the
What do you think of the Tigers hiring Brad Ausmus as their new manager? Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian discuss Ausmus with Ken Rosenthal and Phil Garner, plus author Robert Weintraub, actor Nick Turturro and Tim McCarver join the offseason premiere of Hot Stove, LIVE at 9am ET!
Will Leitch talks with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian about the new replay proposal
Joe Mauer joins Matt Vasgersian, Al Leiter and Bill Ripken on live from the
I would take Matt Vasgersian commentating this game over Bob Costas any day
Matt Vasgersian or whatever and Jack Curry from YES or Kevin Millar and Chris Rose should've commentated
Coming up today: GM John Mozeliak, Matt Vasgersian, Joel Goldberg and LISTEN ->
Back on the air tomorrow on with The Cat and John Mozeliak and Matt Vasgersian will join us.
this is the same network that employes Dan Plesac, Mitch Williams, Bob Costas and uhh Matt Vasgersian
Big show today: Leafs Exec Dave Poulin, Tiger's swing coach Sean Foley, Matt Vasgersian from MLB Network & the man himself
Matt Vasgersian is to Bob Costas as Ryan Vogelsong is to Justin Verlander.
Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds really make you appreciate Bob Carpenter and FP Santangelo.
Matt Vasgersian and and John Smoltz are acting just like Joe Buck and Tim McCarver
Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz are making me miss Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.
Matt Vasgersian is a horrible announcer. Give me Michael Kay
"Robbie Cano, dontcha know" line stolen by Matt Vasgersian from John Sterling just now.
Matt Vasgersian is about to have a fit calling a HR in the WBC, calm the *** down Vasgersian is just the bottom of the 2nd, jeez zzz we're is Joe Buck and Tim McCarver when u need em!!!
Just now watching the & fight. LOVE Matt Vasgersian's call - "You want nothing to do with the hockey players!"
1. Bob Uecker 2. Vin Scully 3. Bob Costas 4. Matt Vasgersian and I can’t think of a 5th. Right now.
... I just turned the channel to and I can STILL hear Matt Vasgersian talking
Id be fine with matt vasgersian narrorating my life
Matt Vasgersian says it's Holland and for some reason I'm trusting him.
Vasgersian: "You can tell what's being chanted." Kaat: "I can't." Vasgersian: silence. Thanks for the help Matt.
I feel like i am playing MLB the Show with Matt Vasgersian announcing
I wish Matt Vasgersian would stop calling players "property" of a major league team. He sounds ridiculous.
Matt Vasgersian seems legitimately surprised that the Italian players are "aware of Mike Piazza's grand accomplishments." Seriously?
I've watched a lot of baseball and Matt Vasgersian is calling one of the worst games I've ever heard. Just awful.
Thanks Matt Vasgersian, who mentioned how great of a pace the vs games was going...4 hours later...
My Italian ancestors are so grateful that Matt Vasgersian pointed out that it's National Meatball Day. Waiting for *** *** helicopter joke.
Matt Vasgersian defending the Marlins fire-sale by Loria
Matt Vasgersian of trying to justify the trades in 2012. Might as well say that Loria should be up for sainthood.
Now Matt Vasgersian is throwing out racist Italian jokes about meatballs...Italian jokes = Still 100% acceptable.
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Matt Vasgersian is giving me a headache
Someone tell Matt Vasgersian that Ross Detwiler was in the rotation all year.embarrassing.
"he knew he had the point after, after he made the throw...the field goal" - Matt Vasgersian murdering all the sports at once
I wish I knew the name of the wrist watch Matt Vasgersian is wearing. That's a nice watch and I need a new more expensive one.
Detwiler in for Team USA. Matt Vasgersian thinks he wasn't in rotation last year until Strasburg shutdown in Sept. Lannan weeps.
Either Ross Detwiler started every game for Washington in September, or Matt Vasgersian just has no idea what he's talking about.
Comical Line: MLB Network`s Matt Vasgersian in discussing the pronunciation of Tim Crabbe`s last name “Pay no attention to the Media Guide.”
Can Matt Vasgersian please take Joe Bucks job?! I would start watching Fox Baseball with the volume on again!
Matt Vasgersian just threw Team Italy PR staff under the gondola for the incorrect pronunciation of Tim Crabbe in the media guide
anybody else think it's weird matt vasgersian refers to players as property of MLB team?
Matt Vasgersian new trend instead of grand salami, Classic
Tim Crabbe's name has variable pronunciations and The New York Ti-- er, Matt Vasgersian is ON IT
REETZO is currently Matt Vasgersian's favorite word
Oh man, it's not Sutcliffe. Sounds just like him though. It's Matt Vasgersian, Jim Kaat and Sam Ryan.
"I think I misspoke earlier when I said Team USA has never gotten out of the 2nd round". By earlier, Matt Vasgersian means all weekend.
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I don't think Matt Vasgersian can go a sentence without talking about and
note to Matt Vasgersian: Vernon Wells played in the in 2006 and there's no way in *** he'd make the team now even if he wanted to play
Matt Vasgersian is an underrated commentator. Especially in a profession with Joe Buck, Phil Simms, Jimmy *** etc.
International Salami for David Wright says Matt Vasgersian, quality line at
I still associate Matt Vasgersian with XFL, 989 Sports, and Battlebots more than calling baseball games.
Every time Matt Vasgersian is announcing a baseball game I feel like playing The Show
Nice call Matt Vasgersian - an international salami for Wright. Yay Team USA!
Matt Vasgersian said it all David Wright hit an International Salami!!!
Is there a better play by play guy in baseball than Matt Vasgersian? I mean, apart from
Matt Vasgersian called the David Wright grand slam...and I quote "International Salami."
Incidentally, Matt Vasgersian needs to stop insisting Team USA has never been past round 2 at the WBC, they made the semifinals in '09.
There needs to be a count on Matt Vasgersian's outlandish comments.
"International Salami" Matt Vasgersian is still one of the best.
"International salami for David Wright!" Matt Vasgersian is a dirty, dirty man.
Best part of the World Baseball Classic so far...being able to listen to Matt Vasgersian again. I miss that man.
Matt Vasgersian makes me miss Joe Buck and thats a hard thing to do
Matt Vasgersian, you need to shut the *** up... You may quite possibly be more annoying that Gary Thorne or Buck Martinez. Why couldn't they have gotten Michael Reghi to call the play by play for the WBC...???
And, yes, I ACTUALLY AM watching this game as I write this.
what the deuce with matt vasgersian?! he's said twice now that the US has not advanced past the second round. that is not true, they made it to the "Finals" round in 2009. lost in the semi-finals.
"Welcome back to Chase Fie.WOAH! What the Clockwork Orange is going on with that dude?" - Matt Vasgersian. Fun times watching the WBC. USA!
Matt Vasgersian makes Joe Buck and Tim McCarver look like geniuses.
Gaming's finest representation of America's national pastime is back on PlayStation 3. Is it still a pennant-winner worthy of your money?
Four weeks before the season starts, "A Talk in the Park" talks with author Paul Dickson about his new book about a man who revolutionized baseball: "Bill Veeck: Baseball's Greatest Maverick". Matt Vasgersian, host of "Baseball Tonight" & "Hot Stove," discusses the impact of the MLB Network's; and Brad Steil, the MN Twins' farm director, shares his thoughts on the year ahead for the Twins and their AAA affiliate Rochester Red Wings.
I dont think Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds of MLB Network's Hot Stove have ever watched a game of baseball.
Playing MLB 13 The Show, and hit a booming Home Run with Braun at Miller Park. Matt Vasgersian actually imitated Eucker saying "Get up, get up, get outta here, GONE!" That was AWESOME!
Matt Vasgersian ribbing Mike Moustakas about the Greek players. Hopa! On another note- I'd like to get my Armenian on with Matt V!
Mike Moustakas about to go on live with Harold Reynolds, Matt Vasgersian and
Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian didn't know what team roping was
And for all of you dying to know, Harold Reynolds says his boy DJ going to "bring home the title" Matt Vasgersian has mike trout winning
Talkin’ A-Rod on MLB Network’s “Hot Stove”: Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds and I talked about the A-Rod busine...
Breast Cancer Awareness
is LIVE at 9aE with Harold Reynolds, Matt Vasgersian and
Coming up on Hot Stove: Bob Costas and Tom Verducci call in to discuss today’s breaking news with Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds & Ken Rosenthal
Matt Vasgersian is THE MAN! On today's "Hotstove" they were talking about the trade of Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks to the Braves. The Braves play the Diamondbacks on May 13th. Vasgersian says to the producers... "Could we get that (game) on the schedule, or is there a Yankees- Redsox game that day, God forbid? Maybe we could see our way clear to do this one? I love the idea of doing that one." Mat Vasgersian understands what real fans want. He knows we're sick of New York and Boston stealing the limelight all the time. When Bud Selig croaks, I'm saying Matty V for Commissioner.
Billy Ripken and Matt Vasgersian make a good mix on tv together.
Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian are both not on Hot Stove today... Its not Hot Stove without them...
The only thing I look forward to every morning is watching "HotStove" Thats my morning show! Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian are great!
No! More like Jon Gruden put together with Matt Vasgersian
Home Run Weather app hits the big time. At the end of the 2012 baseball season and in the heat of the pennant race, the app was featured on the MLB Network’s Emmy Award-winning MLB Tonight show with Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds and Dan Plesac. The app was used live on the air to help explain the numerous home runs being hit that night in the unusually warm cities of Baltimore and Boston. Short video clip from MLB Network can be found here:
Hot Stove is LIVE at 8:30aE. Tune in for details of the Rays/Royals deal with hosts Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, Lauren Shehadi & Ken Rosenthal.
Hot Stove Highlights are coming up at 4pE. Matt Vasgersian is joined by guest host Bill Ripken along with Ken Rosenthal and Alanna Rizzo.
Joe Posnanski is on Hot Stove now to discuss the Marlins/Blue Jays deal. Hot Stove is LIVE from 9am-11am with Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian every weekday morning.
Didn’t catch the premiere of MLB Network's new show, Hot Stove? Watch the cutdown of the first episode, coming up at 4pE and tune in weekday mornings with Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds at 9aE.
new morning show, premieres tomorrow at 9am ET with hosts Matt Vasgersian & Harold Reynolds.
premieres Monday at 9aE on Hosts Matt Vasgersian & Harold Reynolds will be joined by NL nominee Todd Frazier
Harold Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian host baseball's first and only morning show, Hot Stove, airing weekdays at 9 a.m. ET starting Nov. 12
Hot Stove is now in the morning on MLB Network starting Monday. Its Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, and Joe Posnanski
Monday it will be Harold Reynolds Matt vasgersian and I. See you then!
Matt Vasgersian flames me so *** MLB the show like your the one in the booth *** and I'm on the field so blow me ***
debuts Monday at 9aE. What topics would you like to see Harold Reynolds & Matt Vasgersian discuss on the show?
You gotta love Joe Buck's quick wit. Matt Vasgersian says, "Guys in the booth...Jim...Joe and Tim I put your names together and got Jim." And then Joe Buck says "I think putting our names together and getting Jim is a lot better than putting them together and getting Toe."
Me: "Alright! World Series Game WO!" Matt Vasgersian: "Here is Joe Buck and Tim McCarver on the call." Me:"NO! Glad I have a radio :)"
props to 3 peeps tonight: former San Diego Padres play-by-play announcer Matt Vasgersian for making it to the World Series, the SF cop that sang God Bless America during the 7th inning stretch, and the crazy old dude sitting behind the plate with the orange "Marlins" shirt. I don't get it but I couldn't not notice him.
They try to add to it. They should just leave it how it is and use Matt Vasgersian and Tom Verducci.
Matt Vasgersian needs to be calling this game with Buck Martinez
Matt Vasgersian, AJ Pierzynski, Harold Reynolds, and Eric Karros get you set for Game 1 RIGHT NOW!
Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, and Dan Plesac wrap up the Wild Card games with post-game sound, highlights, and analysis coming up next.
I like Matt Vasgersian. Tim McCarver is another story.
Bob Costas, Matt Vasgersian and Jim Kaat broadcasting playoffs on is a good thing I wish they had more games
Little less than an hour we will be chatting with MLB Network/FOX Sports Analyst Matt Vasgersian.
Matt Vasgersian offending all Hispanics. Talking about the "hablaing" on the Spanish lang broadcast. Good work,
Matt Vasgersian joins us live on the show tomorrow. Stay tuned It's gonna be a good one.
As Matt Vasgersian would say, Santa Maria! The have scored!
Matt Vasgersian is back from his vacation. I'm sure he's got some stories. c
Pretty sure Matt Vasgersian could call play-by-play on my morning *** and make it sound more exciting than a D-backs game.
did Matt Vasgersian just drop an f-bomb during the Top 5th of NYY-Min game on MLB Network? My9 has the game but MLB sound screwup?
Umm, did Matt Vasgersian just call Chase Headley a turd?
The real reason Matt vasgersian trashes so much: when he hosts it, the show is 10 times worse
Nope. Matt Vasgersian said he would like us to win, and Eric Byrnes said that Robin was a cool guy, so we're getting closer!
My Biomechanics professor sounds just like Matt Vasgersian, so all I think about in this class is baseball. Which isn't good
Making a liar out of Matt Vasgersian, fails to show clubhouse celebration. Heads will roll!
Matt Vasgersian and Tim McCarver recap the division-clinching win over Dodgers:
Matt Vasgersian could have saved a lot of words by just saying "for those of you tuning in for Erin Andrews"
Matt Vasgersian just said the Phillies threw a perfect game in the 2010 playoffs. No further criticism of Joe Buck is ever allowed.
Matt Vasgersian talking fantasy football: "I drafted 2 QBs with the same bye week."
I hate Matt Vasgersian on commentary for this game, Where is Joe Buck??
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Matt Vasgersian and Tim McCarver are sort of making me yearn for the days of Steve Lyons. Clearly, I need to cut my brain out.
Matt Vasgersian: Great set of pipes, has never said anything interesting in his life.
Matt Vasgersian just made it seem like Jerry Sands was starting for half of the year. Great reporting there champ.
Matt Vasgersian should call a game on Fox with Dave Campbell and Eric Karros
Matt Vasgersian and Tim McCarver from GA Ballpark in Cincy on Fox
Matt Vasgersian, Dan Plesac & John Smoltz discuss the Yankees, Orioles, Athletics, Chris Carpenter and more on MLB Tonight, LIVE 6pE
6-9 pm with John Smoltz and Matt Vasgersian !
rolls on with Matt Vasgersian, Jim Kaat, and Jerry Manuel. All the highlights and analysis of Su ...
On at 1:30 with Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds to discuss the huge / trade. Only on .
On the pre game show at 3:30 pm est with Matt Vasgersian and Harold Reynolds.
Matt Vasgersian discusses the latest news involving & w/ & Jim Kaat, LIVE, 6pE
Matt Vasgersian discusses the latest news involving Carl Crawford, Johan Santana & Michael Cuddyer with Dan Plesac & Jim Kaat, LIVE, 6pE on MLB Tonight
if you watch MLB Network and play MLB The Show as much as me then you probably hate Matt Vasgersian as much as i do.
has got to get a new broadcast team... Matt Vasgersian is great but he has been there too long.. switch it up
I want to hire Matt Vasgersian to do play by play of my entire life
I want Matt Vasgersian to do play-by-play for this Yankees game on FOX. Throw Joe Buck into the Hudson River!
Matt Vasgersian hands down. They gotta give him some new lines
Matt Vasgersian still thinks I got it!
On at 3:30 pm est with Harild Reynolds and Matt Vasgersian hosting. Talking / and / .
I do believe Matt Vasgersian just dropped a "Madone!" on
I wish Matt Vasgersian commentated my whole entire life.
I wanna be like Matt Kemp when I'm older but with a vocabulary like Matt Vasgersian.
Hopefully Matt Vasgersian doesn't do an on-air interview with Melky Cabrera about his 50 games suspension...
I think Matt Vasgersian does every show on MLB network
Baseball is a game of numbers and on the 3 year anniversary of 9/11 the numbers of one in particular game really stood out. The mets played the phillies and went into extra innings. Both teams were tied at 9 and both had 11 hits. Its one of those things where it makes you think about a higher power. It was no surprise that on this memorable day the mets end up losing the game 9-11. Matt Vasgersian
Well I think Matt Vasgersian and did more than their share of jinxing Kuroda's no-hitter. Thanks guys. Go !
Maybe Matt Vasgersian should yell a little more about Kuroda's no-hit bid. TV pbp guy shouldn't talk about it.
To quote the voice of MLB The Show Matt Vasgersian, is just running roughshod right through this lineup.
Matt Vasgersian "The Yankees are now playing in their 4th permanent home"
Really hope Yanks don't get blacked out on MLB Network I'd love to hear Kitty and Matt Vasgersian call the game
Harrison and Kuroda are on the hill and Matt Vasgersian and Jim Kaat will set the stage from Yankee Stadium live on at 6pE.
Cowboys are everywhere but no kid fans here so I don't really interact with any. I saw that too. Probably Matt Vasgersian and then
Matt Vasgersian and Mitch Williams host giving you highlights, and analysis of Saturday's baseball action.
Matt Vasgersian wisdom words of the day: Fastball and woah watchout! That just about got him in the coconut!
Coming up next, MLB Network's Matt Vasgersian joins me on the Show on
lineup: Matt Vasgersian at 9:31 CT, Doug Gottlieb at 10:13, Ted Sundquist at 10:31, at 10:47 .
Don't worry. Matt Vasgersian can't even record video game lines properly. I express disbelief that he gets paid to talk baseball.
Did matt vasgersian really just drop an reference on mlb tonight?
Why do I watch Vasgersian just expressed disbelief that "Roch Kubatko" was a real name. "Sounds like Bob Loblaw".
Matt Vasgersian just asked thought Phil Coke was Brad Penny, who plays for the Giants and not the Tigers.
John Hart, Tom Verducci & Matt Vasgersian are updating the latest reports LIVE now on
Not sure how rats and cheese relate to baseball but apparently it does according to Matt Vasgersian
cant wait for tuesdays bartender...matt vasgersian. Great guy!
tell Matt Vasgersian it's Jesus Montero, not Miguel Montero who just went yard for Seattle.
I question if Matt Vasgersian actually knows anything about baseball.
Matt Vasgersian is an older looking version of Brandon Beachy! Cutie!
Matt Vasgersian just said "50 Shades" is the cliff notes of a Mark Grace road trip to Atlanta and Philly in '97.
and Matt Vasgersian r doin a pretty good job hosting
Yes, that was Matt Vasgersian who just referred to Fifth Shades of Grey as a "Horny Novel" on national TV
Nice to see my dude Matt Vasgersian do the show alongside Gonna be fun as always. SANTA MARIA!! LOL
Matt Vasgersian believes Zack Grienke will go to the
Matt Vasgersian wears a polo on because it's just a real casual show ya know?
Matt Vasgersian filling in for Chris Rose. Finally, someone who actually knows baseball.
Matt Vasgersian and welcome 3B Pedro Alvarez to 5pE, to ask him why he wears his hat over his ears
Jason Kubel joins & Matt Vasgersian to discuss his recent success & about fans that follow him
No offense to Chris Rose, but the best combo on is Matt Vasgersian and
is on with special guest Matt Vasgersian! I'm shocked that he is tall enough to see over the IT desk!
Jason Kubel talks to Matt Vasgersian and on
Kevin Millar and guest host Matt Vasgersian ask Diamondbacks LF Jason Kubel about the dentist commercial and his '09 grand slam to complete the cycle, LIVE at 5pE on Intentional Talk
Guest host Matt Vasgersian & ask LF Jason Kubel about the dentist commercial & his '09 grand slam for the cycle, LIVE 5pE
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Matt Vasgersian is the voice of baseball, as Vin Scully and Harry Caray once were.
On Aug. 2 at 7pE, Matt Vasgersian & Jim Kaat will call the 1st game of the month between the and the
I think Matt Vasgersian always introduces him as "HEY HEY HEY IT'S MATT ALBERS"
tim, can you get matt vasgersian to sign this pic of himself for me? Im a big fan of his pronunciatng.
Love Joe Buck, but MLB Network and FOX's Matt Vasgersian might be the best PBP guy in baseball. Would love to hear him in postseason.
The broadcast team of Matt Vasgersian and Bill Ripken isn't terrible. Unfortunately, the game is boring.
If interested: White Sux/Red Sox on TONIGHT at 7:00. Matt Vasgersian and Billy Ripken on the call. 2 fantastic broadcasters.
Matt Vasgersian is on the field for the MVP trophy presentation for the All-Star Game on Fox Sports. He was broadcasting Tucson Toros games on the radio in the 1990s, ending in 1996. Before him announcing Tucson games was Mario Impemba, who is now announcing Detroit Tigers games on TV. Impressive Toros broadcasting alumni there ...
Watching the Fox All-Star game pre-game show. Strangely I went to high school with Eric Karros and college with Matt Vasgersian. I've never met Harold Reynolds.
Why not have Mark Grace, Bob Brenly and Matt Vasgersian announce it? Oh right ESPN only employs ***
Kevin Millar and Matt Vasgersian look so sharp! But why are they on Fox 5?!
Matt Vasgersian drops the elbow on Chris Rose and Kevin Millar over Derek Jeter not being on I.T. today.
Wow!!! Matt Vasgersian just took a shot at
I just found out Matt Vasgersian used to be an XFL announcer. His credibility just went down 3.25%
Matt Vasgersian is my favorite sports personality. No doubt about it. Doesn't take himself too seriously and is pretty smart.
I hate the way Matt Vasgersian's mouth moves. It's so odd the way he talks. Watch it next time you watch network
Was Matt Vasgersian a Texas Rangers broasdcaster? This is an MLB Network game, not a regional network game. This is shameful.
Matt Vasgersian is a *** "That one is over his head. It either clipped him on the bat..." No, that was straight in Cabrera's ear.
On pre game show in 2 min with Mitch Williams and Matt Vasgersian getting set for all of tonights matchups...
Matt Vasgersian he has been with MLB for several years doing podcasts and reporting
Watching Yankees/Nationals. Solely because Matt Vasgersian is on the mic.
Matt Vasgersian of joins to talk a little and more at 10am! Listen:
can somebody tell me why Matt vasgersian calls the white sox good guys in the game?!
somebody needs to tell matt vasgersian that the Rangers lost ONE of THREE, not even close to a sweep...
Tell Matt Vasgersian they're not the Florida Marlins anymore.
Matt Vasgersian has now wrongly reported twice that only won one game in last series against . They won 2 of 3
Matt Vasgersian said during the 7-minute Stretch the avoided the sweep. They took 2 out of 3.
Have a question for Matt Vasgersian, Joe Magrane or Dan Plesac? Ask the Experts here and watch LIVE at 6pE
Reason number to hate FOX's baseball coverage: Matt Vasgersian just referred to Carlos Zambrano as Carlos Beltran.
According to Matt Vasgersian, Carlos Beltran is getting lit up pitching for the Marlins tonight.
Matt Vasgersian totally just pulled a on Carlos Zambrano
I want to do a petition to make Matt Vasgersian to do play-by-play on FOX instead of this bumbohole Joe Buck..
What is it about Fox that automatically makes good sportscasters mess up? You mean AL East, Matt Vasgersian.
Matt Vasgersian, Harold Reynolds, and Dan Plesac have all the West Coast games covered. Keep it on MLB Network for updates and Live looks.
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