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Matt Taylor

Matthew Taylor (born October 17, 1981) is an American soccer forward who currently plays for Preußen Münster in Germany's 3. Fußball-Liga.

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If new Taylor Swift is the theme music to ESPN college football all year, I may have to switch my viewing habits to NHRA Drag Racing.
Matt Saracen deserves way better than Julie Taylor.
I'm pretty sure this is Martin Short playing Tim "The Toolman" Taylor for an SCTV skit
Trust me Taylor was too much, great performance
Man, I could really use some advice from Matt Taylor right about now
Well done on the win at Otley cyclocross yesterday and to on 3rd in the vets race x…
I love you baby Hayes Matt Taylor and Nash
If you haven't read Matt Desmond's piece on mortgage interest deductions you should literally stop & read it now. https:…
What an amazing and well written piece. Truly an inspirational story that helps remind…
What I say: I'm fine. What I mean: I miss Taylor Swift, is she alive? Is she eating well? when is she gonna drop Ts6? How lo…
or every time Matt states he lives in the southwest, worked in many restaurants or "poblano"
From everything I know about Matt Ellis I think he'd be a great addition to a coaching staff. I wonder if Chris Taylor is con…
The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That's the day we truly g…
Todd Walker, a friend of my late son (Matt Taylor) has gone missing. I hope that he's found well and safe shortly.
New Mexico State’s Matt Taylor told ESPN he will not return to school, will instead try and play overseas next season.
Old school cool: Young Matt DiBenedetto and his future wife, Taylor
This is you trying to get to work in the morning
Me: [interrupts convo] do u guys ever lay in bed at night thinkin about Julie Taylor & Matt Saracen from FNL?. Friends…
Is the new song throwing shade at Meanwhile, is sticking up for Taylor. -Matt.
There is nothing quite like the love that is Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor ❤
Nobody in the industry likes Taylor sndjjdks Taylor is like the rich white kid in school who tries hard to be cool & bu…
I'm gonna guess it takes a full 38 seconds into the 12 hour ride to the beach before Cory and Matt kill each other
Katy dissing Taylor, Nicki dissing all her sons, on one track 🔥🔥
It's for real Taylor Wades birthday today lol
I don't know why I'm sharing this with you, but here you go
Please could I get a Happy 10th birth…
Coach Taylor Leathers LIVE on Matt in the Morning at 7:20! Tune in 97.9 FM
With Matt Taylor and the BBC Breakfast Weather Team at Jurassic Kingdom at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Midlands T…
Ha! This must be how Taylor swift feels all the time..! Just been reading up on upload radio and it's blown my tiny mind, congrats 👏
Taylor Swift has the vocal range of a cardboard box
not sure what i did to deserve matt taylor but thank you thank you thank you Jesus😭❤️
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hero of the day. Marine Cpl. Taylor J. Baune of Andover, died at age 21 on June 13, 2012 in Afghanistan, while conductin…
Yeah, and I nailed Taylor Swift last night.
Leonard Marshall, Matt Hasselbeck pledge brains to research
Find yourself a person that looks at you the way Lucas looks at Matt😂😍
1st time seeing Taylor interviewed. What a sweetie pie! You be nice to that girl, Matt! 😁
You've voted the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year for 2016/17 - well deserved!
Our new cover this morning, it's been a decade since did not have a cover line
Farron: "You should have the final say on whether Theresa May's Brexit deal is right for you and your family in a referend…
Interested in leading a children's class or just looking to lend a hand? Email Matt Taylor at mattto…
Reaction from the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year - the one and only 🏆
Matt Taylor doesn't understand why the stands were empty in the first leg. What a numpty! You'd think he'd have done his…
Matt Taylor saying Wembley could rejuvenate Blackpool. Shut up! Only one thing will do that
Even add in guys like Tim Hunt and Matt Taylor. Nice nerds who said something the Left did like so they were ruined.
Updated this to reflect that Matt Taylor will not be back for his senior year after signing with an agent.
Scott Murray has won 3 times more chicken wings than Matt Taylor has scored City goals there
I guested with Matt Taylor of to talk some Colts draft. Here's the link:
Hope Neil Taylor gets a lengthy ban for that challenge last night.Doesn't matter if he's 'not that type of player' he's broken Coleman's leg
that was 50/50 Matt both went for the ball coleman got there first and Taylor was 2 late not a disgusting tackle m8
And I see that I been a fan of Cameron, Nash, Taylor, Shawn Matt and the whole old magcon since 2014😊 and still am💞
Chelsea to reward Eden Hazard with new contract as Real Madrid renew their interest in Belgian star
Elijah Taylor , josh aloia, Matt mcilrick all good signings by Taylor oh well about Ballin we pa d…
My neighbor still hasn't talked to me since the day I was "screaming" with my friends about ***
Blown away by exciting new big band music of Matt Ulery. Played by Chris Klaxton's "Our Big Band" with vocals by Taylor O'Donnell.
PHOTO GALLERY: Behind Matt Taylor's gem, shut out Seymour on Friday at The Fred
ELIZABETH TAYLOR in her dressing room
it was a 50/50, Colemans follow through is what broke his leg, Taylor isn't that type of player anyways, nonce
is it Matt and Taylor when they were kids with 2 of their cousins?
After seeing that tackle Neil Taylor deserves a lengthy ban from all football. Hope can get through this bad time!!
Horrific tackle from Taylor on Coleman to break his leg...
Justin Taylor and Matt Harsh each homered. JP Melby had two hits.
Chris Coleman "Neil Taylor is not that type of player" And "your players hadn't got halos on their heads either"
massive over reaction, major witch hunt on for Taylor
Matt Taylor's 12 strikeouts lift the to a 4-0 Victory over the Seymore Eagles!
The Cairngorms are spectacular, but when you mix them with the Northern Lights.Wow! Pic: Ollie Taylor
Everyone gassing about Neil Taylor it was just a dodgy tackle not like he deliberately crippled the lad it happens 😂
Get well soon Seamus Coleman, players who tackle like that should be banned from football. Including Matt Taylor, Shawcross etc!
Taylor needs to be banned for a very very long time. Horrible challenge.
Think Taylor was on the receiving end of a similar tackle a few years ago wasn't he? Obviously no excuse but he'll know how Coleman feels
Neil Taylor should get a 10 match ban for that! Disgusting!
That tackle summed up Taylor's night he was useless from the 1st minute
How to Coach for Adaptability in Leadership - Matt Taylor:
Surely Neil Taylor's not the best left sided wing back/ midfielder we have in Wales
Anyone got any scissors I can borrow to get into my scissors!?
Pantheon early in the a.m. EM5, 13mm, f/4.0, 1s, ISO 200.
Ouch! BBC weatherman forecasts temperatures of 88C on Mother's day
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Halftime at the Pan Am Center. Aggies last home game, Senior night . for Ian Baker & Matt Taylor!
The defeat Holly Pond 21-9. Matt Taylor went 6 for 6 from the plate.
I think Scottish rugby fans will feel regret at Vert Cotter leaving. Another key bloke is Matt Taylor as defence is hal…
Matt Taylor looks at how the great ensemble of 's Big Little Lies makes this show must-see Sunday TV.
An extraordinary Matt Taylor miss on tonight. Guests perfectly placed to provide analysis. 9pm
Good to see Matt Taylor going well for the Wellington Firebirds over in New Zealand
If carlsberg did heart break on deadline day Matt Taylor to Bristol city would be it 😂 coyr
oh wow. Blast from the past. I hope he's in an FPL hall of fame with Morten Gamst Pedersen, Matt Taylor etc
Lets HOPE Justin Edinburgh has guts to drop Matt Taylor unfortunately he is not the player he was, he cost us 3 goals yesterday
Matt Taylor and Kelli Raie Cooper of Taylor Hearing Centers will be on Local Matters today at 11 a.m. on KTLO-FM &
I added a video to a playlist Matt Taylor - Spring Hill (acoustic)
So here's who on the floor now: Sidy N'Dir, who will run PG, Jermaine Haley, Tanveer Bhullar, Matt Taylor, Jemerrio Jones.
Gregor Townsend brings Matt Taylor and Dan McFarland with him to give Scotland set-up a Glasgow...
If West Ham still had Guy Demel, Matt Taylor and Cartlon Cole I guarantee we wouldn't be 19th right now
A number of players aren’t involved tonight. Zander Diamond, Paul Anderson, Alex Revell and Matt Taylor are rested.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Sneak Peek: Scientist Matt Taylor on data from Rosetta & going out "Rock-n-Roll Style." @ 10P.…
This time tomorrow, Taylor Swift AND Ryan Adams will be setting up to sing Welcome To New York to me... I presume. here I come!
'We all in the same game just different levels / Dealin wit the same *** just different devils'
You know, now that I'm finally over that crap, I can actually say that Taylor and Matt are goals
Trump can run for president with no political experience but I need a masters and 5 years experience for an entry level…
Guadalupe Mountains National Park Poster by Matt Taylor: This new release from 59 Parks is my favorite yet. M...
The number of boyfriends Taylor Swift has had is equal to as many sitcoms as Matt LeBlanc has had.
Congrats to our Girls Golf Seniors playing tonight: Hannah Breedlove, Linsie Bussell, Taylor Lewis!
A -. hug from jacob sartorius, kiss from taylor caniff, follow & DM from dolan twins & matt. B -. sleepover with shawn m…
If you are implying that one must be intoxicated to frequent the fine establishment Taylor's then I say good day to you sir.
The correct answer to Rennie's or Taylor's is Max's.
Real shame that Coach Taylor is unavailable.
The Matt Taylor Kia rap commercial on the radio makes my ears bleed
Some Strength and Conditioning for Heavyweight cage fighter Paul The Titan Taylor. . I have…
I didn't mean to imply that I though Matt Taylor screwed up. I'm saying that he genuinely seemed to believe that he had.
you think Taylor will bring Matt Saracen for our quarterback?
Taylor is clearly a cut above. Did you see what he did with Matt Saracen? Made Jason Street who he was, too. Would…
Andy Carrol and Kevin Nolan announce retirement from International football
Did she misbehave? Sure. But the penalty for offending reactionaries is 2 years of meme torment. Matt Taylor got off lucky!
Matt Taylor may have truly felt sorry. In fact, I think we should take him at his word. He screwed up, apologized. Now it's over
"Matt Healy of The 1975 on Taylor Swift, American weed and what it means to be a rock star" amazing i stan a legend!
A little video shot at TJ's Bar & Grill of the very talented Taylor-Louise . filmed and recorded by Matt from 14...
Matt Taylor has had zero repercussions. It was a bitter news cycle for maybe a few days. I doubt most people even remember.
77' Taylor with a delightful corner for the visitors and O'Toole rises highest to head the ball home
Matt Taylor was called out for a shirt deemed sexist, but that last a week. Anita Sarkeesian STILL gets hate thrown at her.
63' Taylor with a deflected effort that nearly sneaks into the far corner, but it goes for a corner
Matt Taylor's shot is deflected and it rolls agonisingly wide with the 'keeper stranded. 0-1, 64 mins
63 mins: CLOSE! Matt Taylor's strike takes a wicked deflection and rolls agonisingly wide of the post for a corner. 0-1
57' YELLOW Taylor goes into the book for a foul on Murray
57 mins: Matt Taylor goes into the book for a challenge on Sean Murray. 0-1
Charlie Griffin, Dave Webb, Matt Taylor, Alex Sykes...and this man now in running to be next manager of ht…
20' Taylor caught in possession by Thomas before the midfielder plays in Obika, whose shot from within the box is saved by the legs of Smith
MORE ON GOAL! Matt Taylor dazzles down the left with some sublime skill, cuts it back to former Town target Beautyman who taps in. 1-0
Matt Barnes tells all to being "the bad guy," the Fisher fight, his encounters with racism
"I'm glad I never did coke because I probably would have loved it." Matt Barnes saw both parents struggle with drugs ht…
Golf got their first W today over UCT. Co-captains John Jenkins & Jake Quin led the way along with Leo Johnson, Matt Taylor, & Hayden Potts.
In the ring now- Legends & Lions Tag Team Champ Simon Reed vs Matt Taylor . Title Contenders match
could also do with a few more goals,Bodin Gaffeney Harrison hardly prolific supporting Taylor
Matt Taylor looked sharp up front last night. Gunna be a good season for us
"Matthew and his team were fantastic, reliable, helpful and I am chuffed to bits with the results. Thank you Matt". John Taylor, Chichester
Book Shambles podcast on science, recorded at Blue Dot with Monica Grady and Matt Taylor:
Taylor is on fox tonight with interview with matt johns. Couple of stories will come out of that
I'm tryna focus on watching vb but matt andersons face is way too distracting
Metallica: Back to the Front - Metallica: Back to the Front Matt Taylor (Author) 1,051% Sales Rank in Books...
Matt Carpenter does a lot of things well. But he starts every slide roughly 48 feet early.
Matt Anderson aaron Russell David lee max holt Taylor sander Micah christenson who do I love the most bc I'm not sure
-- for Matt and Liz.. [Pausing for a while to ponder on the best association.] Ah, I know. Imagine Elizabeth Taylor --.
If Matt Anderson doesn't make you love the USA, you aren't American. 😍
Zack Pace scores on a sac fly from 2nd base by Jake Taylor as Matt Hibbert robs Taylor of a homer in left center! Stompers down, 1-0, Bot 1.
I should buy Matt a charger because His phone is always dying 🙄
Grant Morrison and Brian Taylor to adapt ‘Brave New World’ for Syfy Matt Cole
yes it is, it's always feminist, cause we live in a woa is me feminist run world. Just ask Dr. Matt Taylor
Great to see Jordan Taylor and Matt Lewis 2 MV Football Grads at practice today! here they come
Must be the first one in ages I haven't had Neil Taylor in
| leads the way with 6pts, 3asts and Taylor has 5pts but need to contain speed.
try telling that to Dr Matt Taylor...
Matt, hearing loads of rumours today, can you shed any light? Benteke? Schlupp? Sion striker? Slimani? Dunk? Taylor?
Choir isn't the same if Matt Taylor and I aren't belting Hamilton😭😭
We're delighted to announce the permanent signing of former Portsmouth and Burnley midfielder Matt Taylor!
Oxford Utd miss out on Bristol Rovers striker Matt Taylor. Deal with another forward now likely to be completed over the weekend.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Lloyd and Mark Wallace are at the crease. Lloyd is on strike. Matt Taylor will open the attack
Torvalds Brendan Eich and Matt Taylor was accused by other radical group and for a victory like this.
Surrey finish on 151-9. Batty (Worst Card In Top Trumps) out for a golden duck. Three for Matt Taylor & Andrew Tye
Dallas Campbell, Danielle George, Monica Grady, Matt Taylor and more join bluedot!.
Portsmouth to sign Kieron Freeman and Lee Novak on free transfers in the coming days. Matt Taylor however has turned down a move
A QB just threw a pick-six on his first pass in 11 on 11. It wasn't Taylor or Jones.
Coach Matt: *flames Taylor* *closes blinds* "See that Taylor that's some shaaadddeee"
Feminism died a miserable death the day scientist Matt Taylor was abused and made to cry over a silly shirt.
Matt Taylor did a great job @ showing thought leadership beyond technology (CTO+!)…
RETAINED LIST: offer new deal to Joey Barton, but 6 are not, including Matt Taylor:.
Andrew Taylor, CEO of Bronzeye is just one of the many amazing speakers we have with us on Wednesday 24th May for Cy…http…
If I had known matt matt was going to make me meet him at 7am I would have gone to bed like 4 hours ago
I'm so glad mrs Elrod out me taylor and Matt at the same table in 7th grade
great news. Just to make sure we don't flush it until after midnight, Root is replaying the game.
Tomorrow, a dedication of the plaque that once lived in Camp Fallujah honoring Matt Sandri and Mark Taylor. .
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
ok I'll flush this and hope you're right.
If we win tomorrow & Wednesday, it's just another L no one remembers come September. The A's are also trying.
wear our road jerseys at home, find a shaman and get rid of the Safeco curse, whatever. Just not...this.
Matt and Taylor bout to make a nice collab 🔥
Our Matt Taylor offering some insight at .. Start with finding the cause and purpose.
Matt Taylor says Life Be In It was the ultimate in content. Message led to action to a business
Matt Taylor from on getting people who can write to write for you.. It's obvious and it's brilliant
Getting talented writers to write for you: it seems so obvious, but it works, says Matt Taylor, Founder & Director,
Matt, Carter, and Taylor together makes me feel like I'm back in 2014
if you want a solo dm with, matt, nash, carter, LOX, shawn, ethan, grayson, taylor, gilinsky or hayes. must be active, s…
Booker HFC/AD jbb posted Steve Taylor out after one year
Matt Taylor amongst departures as Clarets announce retained list...
It just set in that last night was the last time Matt Taylor and I would sing "I like you" to each other and I'm dead inside :(
Need a relationship like Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor
My grandma's reaction to seeing Matt, " Oo he's one good lookin fella!" 😂😂😂
Tim Hunt and Matt Taylor don't need to fear Cameron
Matt Taylor's Lost In Translation print is so well done! I love my weekly emails
Matt Taylor nominates for Bicton after losing out on safer seat of Bateman to Transport Minister Dean Nalder
Matt Taylor has just nominated for seat of Bicton after losing preselection to Dean Nalder for Bateman
89' - Burnley sub - Andre Gray is replaced by Matt Taylor. 1-0
lol Arsenal are lucky we don't have Carlton Cole, Matt Jarvis and Matt Taylor on the pitch
I heard Matt Taylor skinned a greyhound in the canon Williams hall ,is that true?
Bateman preselection clash: Liberal MPs Dean Nalder and Matt Taylor nominate for seat via
Fantastic wasn't it. We haven't seen a goal that good since the days of Pedro Mendes & Matt Taylor.
TFTF Do you work w/or know Matt Taylor? Think he's in an HR PM role these days. He worked for me BITD. Cheers!
I FELT KIND OF SAFE FOR SOME REASON: Unfollow by Rob Williams and Mike Dowling, cover by Matt Taylor
72 - Burnley sub - George Boyd is replaced by Matt Taylor. 1-0
looking forward to the Justine Sacco, Matt Taylor,Tim Hunt and Pax Dickson episodes.
. Does the behaviour endured by Justine Sacco, Tim Hunt, Matt Taylor count as abusive, I wonder.
whilst david Russell football and the english is also very good and my old tutor Matt Taylor has wrote a
Last month and Matt Taylor coached Cambuslang RFC in conjunction with Scot JCB. Read more>
Much like Matt Taylor or Tim Hunt, Slater probably thought he was being edgy & irreverent. He didn't want to be sterotypical.
DTN UK: VIDEO: Football Focus for BBC World News: Dan Walker is joined by Matt Taylor for this week's Football...
Mesut Ozil, Lucas Joao, Jacob Murphy and Matt Taylor have been named as the PFA Fans' Players of the Month for…
definitely in the top 5. Matt Taylor v Everton, Glen Johnson v Hull, Drogba v Everton and Matt Ritchie v Sunderland this s.
New article on 'Football, Nation & Class in Britain, 1939-1945' by Prof. Matt Taylor in Historical Social Research.
.When and try the Matt Taylor workout
SUB: Matt Taylor replaces Connor Dymond. Taylor being used as a striker for the remaining 8 mins! (1-2)
Ernie and Eddie Howe, Keith and David James, Tony and Matt Taylor, Steve and Craig Foster,
for a dm to. Nash. Hayes. Cam. Carter. Shawn. Jack J. Jack G. Taylor. Matt. Aaron. Jacob. Mahogany. Must be active with notifs on ✨
new-romantics27: Reblog if you want to thank Taylor The Band Mike Meadows David Cook Amos Heller Matt...
Cameron, Jack & Jack, Taylor and sometimes I like Matt other times I'm like chill fam
Not sure why people are so obsessed with Chuck and Blair when there is Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor. 😍
yep it is. Because Matt can give you something you never could
what do u think of Jared Taylor, Richard spencer, and Matt Heimbach?
Hoping KU gets the W, so Matt, Ethan, and I can watch Tech get the upset against them Saturday!
Taylor on 1040 said there is talk Sutter was injured before the trade
Casey, Taylor, Jackie, matt, Kyle, and Roland are pretty much the only people I need to be happy❣
you love Taylor? Bc, if you really love her I will support you 😊
me and Matt got an 82 day streak lol
"Metallica: Back to the Front" by Matt Taylor... look for it in the Fall of 2016.
How do me and Matt not have a sc streak?
Michael and Calum with Alex DeLeon and Matt Pauling in Bali || via
Like I'm happy for Jake and Taylor but *** hit Matt, and Larry up lol
Hey Cameron, Nash, Jack and Jack, Aaron, Matt, Taylor, can you please make my dream come true and follow me? 😍❤️
I didn't even know they came that small 😂😂😂💀
Dinner with Matt, & and our little crazies! 😊 ... Sorry Taylor, you don't fit that category 😜
S/O to Matt Fink, Caleb Watkins, Corey Taylor & Tyler Schoenick 1st team & David Label 2nd team
Interesting. I was thinking of her as a possible young Elizabeth Taylor opposite Matt Bomer in
Mike Bercovici last night tied ASU's season-record for TD passes. on how the QB should be remembered.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I thought we weren't telling her yet Matt!
Every time Ciara make future mad...he makes legendary music. So you know I'm waiting for the mixtape lol
Cypherpunk list contributor's Jim Bell, Carl Johnson & Matt Taylor (Moi) were all jailed. Bell was especially punished by the USG.
I had a dream I met Taylor Swift. It was pretty cool.
Last night in the studio with Taylor Upshal and Matt Turner creating a plan of attack for our…
too late they appointed Peter Taylor
.Mike Bercovici exemplifies what it means to be a Pac-12 student-athlete. Read more from
Nice meme, Jennifer. Tell that to Matt Taylor or Tim Hunt & get back to me
Matt Taylor strikes 16th over, bowls captain Nathan McCullum on 11! 129/4 after 16
WATCH Does Glen Johnson's stunner or Matt Taylor's belter do it for you? Our top 10 goals:
Directed by Quentin Tarantino & starring Leonardo di Caprio as Jim Bell, Brad Pitt as Carl Johnson and Robert Downey Jnr as Matt Taylor.
How is Matt Taylor's shirt sexist while Phil Plait's microaggression is not?
Congrats to 2016 C Matt Taylor (Eastern York) on committing to Lancaster Bible College.
Jon Doyle, Matt Taylor, there may be a couple of spoilers in this . . .
Thanks so much to Matt Bailey for having me on his show.
Happy 18th matt I'm glad you got cici's!
it's was meh, I was just living for lady gaga, Matt bomer, and liz Taylor lol
I miss Matt and Riggins and Smash and Vince and Todd/Lance/Landry and Tyra and Coach and Mrs. Taylor 😭
When lex gets all sad when she finds out Matt Bomer is *** and doesn't want to believe it😂😂
for a DM to.. Cameron. Jack G. Matt. Shawn. Jack J. Aaron. Jacob. Hayes. Nash. Carter. Taylor . (must have my notifs on & be act…
John Cole (learned it's not wise to take on Matt Taylor.
Only reason i HATE them is for innocent people like Matt Taylor & Greg Elliot who get their REAL lives ruined over nothing
Gary Beck, Brendan Sheehan, Matt Taylor will be on the Daily Mail on Sunday, don't forget to check!
WATCH: 20:15 with Mark Bennett and Matt Taylor on the eve of Scotland's opening match with Japan. Available here:
COMING UP - On the eve of the Japan game, we speak with Mark Bennett and Matt Taylor in an exclusive 20:15 in one hours time
Matt Taylor: Japan to pose big challenge for Scots
Tbt to when Matt came over the day after Taylor Swift and I was telling him about the concert and I started crying again?
F is for farce: how Australian Border Force united the nation against it | Lenore Taylor
the same Bills scouts who prepared a QB trio of Matt Cassell, EJ Manuel and Tyrod Taylor?
We welcome Ray Lu, Max Guinn, Matt Bender, Jayson Taylor and Ryan Langborg to the Upper School and Obinna Anyanwu to the …
An adorable photo of Taylor and Matt hugging! (via
Coach Rex Ryan says EJ Manuel will start preseason game for Buffalo Bills
Bills vs. Steelers preseason :EJ Manuel starts; Tyrod Taylor, Matt Cassel to take first-team snaps
Meet ... Rt- Grayson Dolan, shawn and sebastian. Fav- Taylor, Grant and jack dail
Nicki Minaj was right to call the racist. Miley Cyrus may have missed the memo:
Aren't they always? Nicki won't win. Tinashe will get snubbed. Taylor will win everything cause shes the white devil htt…
3 more days until the death of Taylor.
Life hits you hard when you least expect it but so do blessing
okay... BEYONCÉ, one of the most credible icons in our generation, that white media juxtapose to Taylor Swift 🆗🆒.
we'll probably cause I do t have that number anymore xD
We should do the Taylor Swift thing where we bring our friends on stage but they aren't famous so it's just Chris and Matt …
Matthew Paul mikula Taylor swift song has 15,619 views on you tube Matthew mikula real cowboy has 4,990 views on YouTube I need 10 -5,000!!!
.sang a wicked duet of "Family Affair" with among other celeb appearances:
man they lost Span Taylor and Escobar today. that's rough. matt den dekker will prolly be their new every day CF
When listing the guys names and you mix Taylor and carter names... Tarter 😂😂
Buy Miche Bag Online!
If Eric Taylor was coaching that Texas LL team, they would never lose a game. Matt Saracen would be their ace, and Riggins batting cleanup
remember when matt leblanc was at the other show and we were hoping taylor would at least sing the friends theme song and LITTLE DID WE KNOW
I saw seating arrangements today! Taylor Swift is closest to the stage htt…
Clever cat outsmarts owner, ignores pet door and uses handle to enter house.
Matt Taylor is a certified rude boy with a lefty peg like dat
You can clearly see that they're missing Sol Campbell, Matt Taylor and Jimmy Dickinson...
I mean yes I know Matt Taylor's shirt went back in time and caused Elliot Rodgers' killing spree and everything but still.
you mean BY women, against men like Tim Hunt and Matt Taylor.
Feminists destroyed Tim Hunt's career over a joke and tried to destroy Matt Taylor's over a shirt. Seems Hunt was right after all.
I remember a time when George McCartney, Matt Taylor, joe Cole and roger Johnson were starters for West Ham
Why does Matt Taylor have to be so much older than me :-///
Magcon fandom:. Shawn: sweet,talented girls. Aaron: nice,kind hearted girls. Matt: witty,carefree girls. Taylor: reckless . Carter: careless
I've always wanted to meet Cameron,Matt,jack and jack,Nash,Hayes, Shawn,taylor,carter, and one direction
When Matt asks me if he can borrow my Taylor Swift cd ...ok🙊🙈
What would you do if baylie brown and Taylor got marri... — i'd fly matt to nashville to steal taylor away from her
Jacob and Hayes, almost met Matt, Taylor(x2), and Aaron
The Ashleigh Louden Matt Taylor good bye. 4 hugs later and she left. :-'(.
I want at least 7/12 by the end of the year and the only people who can make that happen are Matt, Hayes, Taylor, Aaron, Jacob, and Mahogany
this is when you should flaunt your car Matt
Matt I'll hold you back cause it looks cool
ok listen up here's how it goes. alli+Hayes. Bri+jai. Teema+g. katelin+Nash. juls+Matt. silvia+taylor because OTP. and idk about me Bc unloyal!!
I'm still crying over the fact that looked like Taylor Swift when he was younger
this if you're proud of Jack Gilinsky🌈
Not only did Matt Taylor return tonight, he recorded his first save since 2012 (Delmarava)
Amara, Taylor, Lee Ellen, Will, Zack, Matt, Fred and Mindy... Thank yall. . I am blessed to have friends like you.
if you want to win :. Nash Hoodie. Cam Hoodie. Matt Hoodie. Shawn Hoodie. Jack & Jack Hoodie. Hayes Hoodie. (turn my notific…
Wolf leads the pack this July: Writer Ales Kot and artist Matt Taylor team up ..
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