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Matt Stafford

John Matthew Stafford (born February 7, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League.

Matt Ryan Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees Ben Watson Carson Palmer Jay Cutler Golden Tate Pro Bowl Phillip Rivers Tom Brady Calvin Johnson Russell Wilson Benjamin Watson Eli Manning Big Ben Ray Lewis Derek Carr Tyrod Taylor Kirk Cousins

On top of that compare Josh Dobbs to any other UGA QB after Matt Stafford.
Jay Cutler had an era adjusted passer rating just a hair above average. Exactly average? That's Matt Stafford
Matt Stafford throwing a pick six for the loss
I have Matt Stafford. He's had the most comeback wins since he entered the league.
Matt Stafford? I'm gonna be alright. Dude had 8 comeback wins last season alone.
50/50 shot but most likely an interception. *** Matt Stafford.
Have fun with Matt Stafford, Tom is gonna lead me towards the light
I got Matt Stafford. He lead the league in comeback wins last year. I think I'm in pretty good shape.
Jay Cutler "takes a lot of skill to be able to do what he just attempted". Matt stafford in real life *throws bullet into double coverage*
This is the same guy who said he hates Matt Stafford because he's from Dallas and that's where Kennedy died
My UGA alumni Matt Stafford I'll be okay with this
The Misfits and Thugs don't need to fill a hole with LeafGarrette Blunt, they have draft bust Matt Stinky Stafford, to carry the mediocrity
my 2016 love for Stafford was up there with my love for 2016 Matt Ryan.
Derek Csrr or Matt Stafford are the true MVPs of the NFL
Matt Stafford. He has a really great arm. Matt Stafford and Aaron Rodgers. How long did Rodgers sit for? -on projection of MT
You're telling me you're taking Matt stafford over Andrew luck in a playoff game?
forget Siemian, forget Lynch, let's try to get Matt Stafford!
Really like this piece. Encapsulates a lot of what I believe regarding drafting college QBs. Short of M…
Jay and Matt Stafford are forever an all-time great OCC bromance.
Matt Ryan won an MVP and took a team to the Super Bowl. Ditto for Cam. Russ won a Super Bowl and nearly won another. Stafford?
and QB Matt Stafford remain in early contract negotiation stages -
Love the pictures being posted on Instagram of Matt Stafford & his favorite women.
Matt Stafford can be the greatest Lion QB of all-time or championship chase (probably his only SB shot).
*whisper* Matt Stafford is one of the most underrated QB in the league *whisper*
Matt Stafford could make $75,000,000 CASH the next 5 years and what the issue will be is how it is titled.
I'm always stunned how young Matt Stafford is. It feels like he's been around forever, and he's only 29.
Matt Millen could've had a better draft than the Bears
Matt stafford goes down big sack by the falcons defense ! 3rd and long
"We're in the early stages of contract negotiations w Matt, confident we can get something done" . - Quinn on extension for Stafford
GM Bob Quinn tells in "early stages" of contract extension talks w/QB Matt Stafford.Too early 2 say whether it gets done
other candidates: Wings goaltending, all things "Ken Holland," Matt Stafford (generally undeserved criticism at that!)
wouldnt that basically be Matt Stafford?
Change Matt Stafford to Lions in general and that will win the poll.
Have you listened to The Herds take in Matt Stafford being better than Aaron Rodgers?
By those standards Matt Stafford is the best quarterback because he has…
"Matt Ryan the historical leader in 4Q comebacks" u must never heard of Eli Manning or Matt Stafford
Lemme get the only other *** that reliably tosses hail marys in the final moments: Matt Stafford
I love Matt Stafford...guy has ice in his veins
Brady. Brees. Rodgers. Manning. Romo. Rivers. Roethlisberger. Ryan. Wilson. Matt Schaub (da fuq). Farve. still no Stafford lol
I hope matt Stafford breaks his leg don't disrespect Kobe
Players are "injury prone" until they're not. Not many Matt Stafford is injury prone takes floating around anymore.
Matt Stafford in his rookie year completed 53% of his passes for 13 TD's and 20 picks, he's never improved since
Matt Stafford said expected extension will set up his newborn twins for life. I was wondering how they'd get along on his…
is that a joke? Who's a better QB Tom Brady or Matt Stafford?
Only at Stafford, and yeah it *** The asset is frozen now, too, so it can't even be sold
Thanks to pres who shared this pic from '03 team which included Kershaw, Tolleson and a gu…
This is the same dude who said Matt Stafford is better than Aaron Rodgers
When did Matt Stafford become a professional wrestler?
Morning Screencaps: Matt Stafford on twins duty; Brooker twins; Tiffany Toth on boat; Tucked TMac; Dale Jr in Bosto…
Just saw your ppl in Bham. Matt Stafford and Golden Tate just took a pic with a fan.
That is why gronk makes my list of players I wished were Cowboys along w/ Vince Wilfork, James Harrison, Matt Stafford & Jared Allen
3 QBs in the top 7 of AY/A changed teams this offseson. Matt Stafford, Cam Newton, and Tyrod Taylor. All 3 teams ge…
I got all offensive rookie Carson wents out of a pro pack after I got the 95 Matt Stafford
Jimmy G has more super bowl rings than Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Alex Smith, and Andrew Lick combined
Lions announce their Team Offensive Player of the Year: Matt Stafford | Team Defensive Player of the Year: Vontae Davis & Tahir Whitehead
If you have a matt stafford on your roster but you have the chance to draft a brady or manning do you do it?
I look at Matt Ryan and I think man he's not as good as Stafford but look at the numbers what a season MVP but please give Stafford a Line
says the guy with a Matt Stafford avatar, yearning for a local sports radio show in the morning
Stafford's MOTM- Tom Wright and Matt Bartlett, absolute rocks at the back. Superb performance from the pair.
All the momentum was on side, they just couldn't stop Matt Stafford for the 5th-worst play of the season.…
Colin Kaepernick is No. 4, Brock Osweiler is No. 15, Matt Stafford is No. 21, and Aaron Rodgers is No. 24. Seems li…
[CSN Washington] The Final Countdown: Redskins defense can't stop Matt Stafford for 5th worst play of 2016
If Ben retires I want Matt Stafford on the next plane to Pittsburgh & Landry Jones on the next plane to Rwanda
Big three days in Bomberland: Darvin Adams, Kenny Stafford and now Matt Nichols.
Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford. On my momma I'll even take Mike Glennon.
Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan are the same guy..yes they are..Ryan has better weapons and a better scheme..Stafford also has a better arm..
Matt Stafford is a Pro Bowler but not playing because of his finger
about TB12 putting up numbers, game changed. Matt Stafford puts up numbers these days.
When you wait on Matt Stafford, can't figure out why he looks so familiar & think that he's a *** you've waited on in RO before
if they give him a running game, Matt Stafford
It would be appropo if Detroit came calling then he would be with Matt Stafford who has as much arm strength as a Rodgers.
So Matt stafford still not going to the Pro Bowl
Matt Ryan is on the same level as Matthew Stafford
It took 9 years for Matt Ryan to become what the expert say "Elite" he was always amazing and Some are ready to give up on Matt Stafford.
Wow Matt Stafford getting no type of respect and its disgusting
how TF Andy dalton a Pro Bowler but Matt stafford is not?? The Pro Bowl is a joke period
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Stafford got snubbed again smh. Should have replaced Matt Ryan. Kirk Cousins? Really?
Andy Dalton is a Pro Bowler while Matt Stafford is not🤗🤗
who is the alternate at QB since Matt Ryan is in the Super Bowl? Gotta think Brees or Stafford
So Stafford isn't taking Matt Ryan's place in the Pro Bowl?
Since Matt Ryan is in the SB does Stafford get into the Pro Bowl?
K has been named to the 2017 Pro Bowl. 📰:
Matt Stafford had one of the best pass rushes in the league (hence more opportunities)
There's been less scoring in a game featuring Matt Stafford and Russell Wilson than Connor Cook and Brock Osweiler. Huh.
Mount Rushmore of Most Punchable faces currently in sports:. Matt Stafford. Ezekiel Elliott. Grayson Allen. Kevin Bieksa. in no particular order
Cre'Von LeBlanc's INT is the Bears' first takeaways since LeBlanc's pick-6 vs. Matt Stafford and the Lions in Week 14.
"I think this will be a hard game for the Packers, Matt Stafford and this offense can put up some points. I'm taking Detroit" - Marty Hurney
My mentions are a mess because some clown has decided that Matt Ryan, Dak Prescott, Matt Stafford & Derek Carr are better than Aaron Rodgers
Matt Stafford out there throwing that pigskin like Prime Kurt Warner, Zach Zenner running like Marshal Faulk...WHO IS THIS DETROIT TEAM FAM?
who lol Matt Ryan got 5 losses, Derek Carr out for the year, Matt Stafford not even gnna make the playoffs
Adrian Peterson??? Or did u get screwed and get Matt Stafford
Matt Ryan, dak, arguably cam/Carson Palmer, Matt Stafford, Andrew luck are all better
Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, and Kirk Cousins are arguably better. Rodgers had a poor year...
Matt Stafford not in the Pro Bowl but Aaron Rodgers is? Seems to me it's more of a popular vote rather than who had a better season..
This shows how weak the Pro Bowl is that Dak made it over Drew Brees & Matt Stafford. Its a popularity contest…
Matt Stafford, Marcus Mariota, Brandon Graham and Melvin Gordon didn't make the Pro Bowl in case you weren't aware
Reggie Nelson, Amari Cooper, Dak Prescott and Big Ben should be replaced by Matt Stafford, Marcus Mariota, Tyrell Williams and Darien Stuart
Can you make me feel confident about starting Russel Wilson tonight over Carson Palmer, Tyrod Taylor or Matt Stafford. ty.
It's possible Matt Stafford is a better QB than Aaron Rodgers. Just listen to
Scott Tolzien looks like a mix between Matt Stafford and a puppy.
Based on box score, Matt Stafford doesn't have a single passing yard in second half. Is that true ?
Matt Stafford gone work is down fired then Matt prater gone get redemption
The Lions are going to win the Super Bowl and Matt Stafford will be league MVP this season.
Matt Stafford is ridiculous. That move to OC Jim Bob *** pays off in so many ways
Trent Murphy gets a sack-fumble and the oddly shaped football bounces right into Matt Stafford's chest. Not day.
WATCH: Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager says Matt Stafford is ‘the best quarterback in football right now’
Matt Stafford has been better than. Andrew Luck Cam Newton Phylis Rivers Aaron Rodgers Eli Manning and Russell Wilson. Y'all been sleep
On GMFB Peter Schrager said, "Matt Stafford is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He might THE best…
We round-up the action from week six as Tom Brady and Matt Stafford star in and victories
LIONS WIN!. Matt Stafford's 4 Pass TD and a crucial Int by the defense late in the game propels the Lions to their 3rd win of…
Stream Derek Anderson for 1 week vs starting Matt Stafford against the Eagles?
10 tm PPR, Trade away Matt Ryan and Lat Murray for Gurley. Could pick up Stafford on Waivers? starting QB is Roethlisberger.
He ended up wanting Matt Ryan and Lat Murray for Gurley. My other QB is Roethlisberger, and Stafford is available on Waivers.
aye man, we played them tho lol. And he didn't. But I think Matt Stafford will get one or two
I need it. Carson Palmer and Matt Stafford let me down.
Matt Stafford was his catcher, and he was Matt Stafford's center on the football team.
I'm a big time Stafford supporter, but maybe Tate is afraid to catch those speed-of-sound throws from Matt's cannon arm
matt stafford will definitely throw a touchdown pass on Sunday!
Is Matt Stafford worth holding onto, or should we start looking elsewhere?
Do I bother starting Derek Anderson over Matt Stafford? Is the bloom off the *** factor?
Megatron & Matt Stafford would put up 40 alone on any of those college fools
All I need is for Matt Stafford to throw 200 yards and 2 Tds and Then the eagles can win after that
should I drop Dwayne Washington for Flacco/DEN QB/Hoyer, or just roll with Stafford. And if Den QB which
Who would you start this week? Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, ...or pick up Hoyer off waivers?
or 1st overall pick Matt Stafford, there's a few QB's with no playoff wins
how would you guys rank Lynch, Hoyer, Stafford, Anderson, and Matt Ryan this week?
gotta go with 2 Matt Stafford, Tyrod Taylor, Brian hoyer?
I traded Matt Stafford and Brandin Cooks for Emmanuel Sanders in 1 PPR league cause I just got Brady back. What do you think?
I'd be so happy if i could spend 2 hours in the pub with you two! Just listening to the stories you'd tell :)
Lions improve on perfect start to 10-0 defeating Jaguars 27-13 behind strong play by Matt Stafford and the Lions offense.
should I start wentz or Matt Stafford??
hey Matt, which defense should I pick up? I have Stafford and Marvin Jones so not sure if I should pic…
This dude is in the break room trying to convince everyone Matt Stafford is better than Cam Newton. I'm ready to go home.
ok I will do that. I tried to get into sharp &Benning this morning but couldn't. Both tough matchups. Matt Ryan or Stafford?
No way Broncos Def is Scary. I'm starting Wentz picked him up on waivers. I think he will play better than Matt Stafford.
Matt Stafford is in his 8th season! An offensive co-ordinator is not coming in to make him a good player.
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Ive had qb Matt Stafford on bench but finally startin him disweek. Also pickup rb Andre Ellington startn him 2nit GL
would you trade brees for Pryor or J Matt? I lost deck Allen and cooks is on a bye. I have Stafford as my backup.
remember when you said to start Matt Stafford and sit Matt Ryan last week? too
Don't call it Hurricane Matt. Kelly Stafford might get a little mad.
Matt Stafford has attempted 36+ passes in each game this season so we know what's coming
I mean that's a good mentality to have in theory but it's simply not true. At least when Matt Stafford throws LOL
Matt Stafford who has been avg me 20+ pts/game
I have both Matt Ryan and Matt stafford. Do I drop one for hoyer at the risk of not getting him back?
Thinking about dropping Bortles in 1 league for Matt Stafford. Stafford is just sitting there on waivers. Hm 🤔🤔🤔🤔
need an experts opinion who do I start this week at QB? Matt Stafford vs Eagles or Matt Ryan vs Broncos
Matt Stafford speaks out about his former HC Jim Schwartz via
has Matt Stafford in fantasy. John is playing me. This means Matt Stafford will throw for 800 yards and 9tds
no no I didn't I'm just asking how is Matt Stafford and the Lions doing lol
team name: Latverian Doombots hey Rich, Tom Brady or Matt Stafford this week? Thanks
What if all I have are Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford?
stafford for sure. Had a bad weak last week but he'll bounce back. Matt Ryan is playing Denver so screw that
trading Matt Ryan for Antonio Brown? I have Stafford and Manning on my bench.
who do I start Matt Ryan or Matthew Stafford?
In Detroit for the day, where I'm happy to say I've thrown 4 fewer interceptions so far this season than Matt Stafford. cc:
I need fantasy advice, Big Ben or Matt Stafford?
"Matt Stafford vs Philly or Matt Ryan vs Denver?" CC: on w/ on
Watch this. Want to compare Lamar Jackson to someone? Think Deion Sanders playing QB w/John Elway or Matt Stafford's arm…
Craziest stat re UGA at SoCar. David Greene, Matt Stafford & Aaron Murray played 6 games at WBS. It averaged 13 PPG.
Football aside -- Who is your best Dressed Lion .. . Golden Tate - Matt Stafford - Glover Quin
If you're having a bad day just think that I dropped Matt Ryan for Matt Stafford this week and that should make you feel better 😭😭😭
but try sitting Matt Stafford on your bench two weeks in a row and playing Brees instead. 😭 you never know with fantasy!
Matt Stafford throws the football like a drunk Dennis Eckersley.
so first Big Ben vs Cin or Matt Stafford vs ten I know Stafford has the edge cause he plays ten but im thinking ben
Matt Stafford came up HUGE today! Marvin Jones almost pulled a Terrence Williams
you just know it'll be a 51-45 slugfest like Brady Quinn vs Matt Stafford a few years back
Doug Baldwin or John Brown for my flex, and Eli Manning or Matt Stafford at QB?
😂 well as long as the world has Matt Stafford and Jay Cutler, NFL can go on.
Matt Stafford, Golden Tate, and Sam Martin looking fresh to death
Former No. 1 draft pick Matt Stafford of the Detroit rated as an 85 overall in
Being the favorite red zone target of Matt Stafford is like being the best salad at McDonald's
Just realized I called Matt Stafford "Drew Stafford" in this piece. My God, I'm turning into my father.
.sat down with QB Matt Stafford at the Gatorade Athlete of the Year Awards:
ben's a leader, Matt Stafford is a scrub
Former Lions WR believes Matt Stafford will come out better with Calvin Johnson retiring. .
Clayton Kershaw played offensive line in high school (his quarterback was Matt Stafford)
Matt Stafford is primed for a HUGE year. In year two with Jim Bob *** big things may be in store...
Jim Schwartz traveled similar road with Matt Stafford as Eagles are with Carson Wentz: Eagles defensive coord...
Matt Stafford talks about possibility of a Calvin Johnson return
Matt Stafford is going to have a killer year this year
The are going to fire Brad Ausmus like the are going to trade Matt Stafford.
Little Giant Ladders
in that case, put Matt Stafford on the cover, or Tom Brady!
in fact I say he should get on a bus with ken holland and jim Caldwell in fact maybe Matt Stafford will drive
Matt Ryan did to Tony Gonzales what Stafford did to Megatron... SMH retired early
Stafford don't get nearly the amount of hype as Matt Tryan tho
Romo close second tho. Him and Matt Stafford
Listened to Quinn interview 3X. Comments about Stafford VERY revealing. Maybe hasnt been the most vocal leader
Turned on NFL Network for 2 minutes and heard a guy talking about how solid Matt Stafford is. Umm.I'm gonna go stare at a wall instead
Scratch the Pro Bowl and show me a live stream of Ben Roethlisberger vs. Matt Stafford in recliners drinking as many beers as they can
I don't follow the NFL like I used to, but $22.5 million seems like Matt Stafford is grossly overpaid
.Matt Stafford is a guy you hold onto. Ryan Fitzpatrick and Sam Bradford are guys you settle for.
I'm still Lmao @ that dude that said bortles and Matt stafford >>>>>> romo Lmaooo
Ran into Matt Stafford at Luxe, who was also picking up carryout.
Regarding your top 10 QB list, Matt Stafford bounced back after *** was named OC. Call him a late(r) round value pick.
Took the wing up to see Matt (@ Stafford Springs, CT in Stafford Springs, CT)
Matt Stafford and Kirk Cousins are the same age?! ***
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Matt Stafford, Chief Winemaker at Craggy Range Winery knows a thing or two about Family. Here he is spending...
I'd disagree. Palmer really was playing at Matt Stafford level during the end of his Bengals tenor. Ball placement terrible.
On Sunday, Mark Sanchez and Matt Stafford squared off in a battle of the top two quarterbacks picked in the 2009 draft
Matt stafford not better than romo Lmaooo
RGIII or Matt Stafford might have a chance to Hoist the Lumbardy
Romo best qb not named Russell Wilson and Matt Stafford
So yes, I can still draft Matt Stafford at pick 147, but I can also draft Drew Brees at 100. Last two years, Brees (QB6) would cost pick 51.
5 overs, Chorleywoodcc are 17-0. Good tight bowling from the opening bowlers Matt corran and Lee Stafford
Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford did combine to win a co-ed church league basketball title this season, there's that. They were both amazing.
Matt Ryan and Matt Stafford combined to make about 40 million last year and they also combined to throw 122 INTs the last 4 yrs (61 each).
Matt Stafford or Mike Pelfrey who is better
Andrew Luck reminds me of Matt Stafford who was supposed to be Luck before Luck!
.gets a runner on first and second but P Matt Stafford strands the runners, inning ends on flyout
Hawks P Matt Stafford takes the hill for Game 1. Stafford finished the regular season with an 8-1 record, 2.33 ERA over 73 1/3 IP
Forward down the field at Clinton Township school. So cool! Thanks Matt Stafford!
did you know Matt Stafford has only 1 road win over a plus .500 team. Give me luck!
Jealous of my dad meeting Matt Stafford today at a cryotherapy clinic
Parading the house in my Matt Stafford jersey.
But Matt Stafford can get the job done and only looked his way.
Matt Stafford it's yo world my baby just slang that pork. They gonna block for you this year. SUPER BOWL FA SHO !
In the last 10 years, had Leonard Floyd, Todd Gurley, AJ Green, Matt Stafford drafted in top 10. Knowshon h…
Do you think that now is the time to start thinking about Matt Stafford's next contract? Is he worth Eli Manning money or greater?
I don't mean to alarm you, but there's a Matt Stafford on your roster.
Speaking of Matt Stafford...whatever happened to Knowshon Moreno?
Carson Wentz reminds me of a Ben Roethlisberger or a Carson Palmer. Maybe Matt Stafford. Not really Byron Leftwich or Donovan McNabb...
RIP Matt Stafford. Ameer Abdullah with all the yards to the right, though.
do a weirdest/most unique name EXTREMEDRAFT! If you get Antonio Brown,Prince Amukamara,and Matt Stafford you choose Amukamara
2 playoff appearances in 7 yrs. And top playmaker retired. Time for Matt Stafford to lead:
Trade for Matt Stafford!!! More realistically, draft Paxton Lynch at 31 and just let him play.
I love Matt Stafford more talent then Rodgers
Apparently Claire Underwood is from the same place as and Matt Stafford.
Matt Stafford is my favorite nfl quarterback based on doing the most J's in the league last year
RGIII and Matt Stafford. Replace Megatron and the NFC North better watch out, especially the Packers and Bears.
Bury Matt Stafford. I think they are telling agents not to use them in leaks like the Pats do
lions trade matt Stafford for mike vick
whos Manning's heir apparent? Some say Osweiler, but if we're talking facial sq footage it has to be Matt Stafford
Golden Tate: "matt stafford is best QB I played with". 2015: Russell Wilson posts seasons highest passer rating. lol
Just saw what to me looked like Matt Stafford driving a 2015 Jeep Wrangler in Alpena
Not really. Jay Cutler, Matt Stafford, Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers isn't on that list and how was their stats...
Peyton should come work with Matt Stafford
Do any of yall remember the talks of Matt Stafford being on the trading block What happen to that story
Why does young look like Matt Stafford 😂😂😂
My years with Matt Stafford, not so much.
Matt Williscroft's Westling Debut is this Friday at Couture in Stafford (formerly ZanIbar and if you are as old...
Mock draft says "Matt Stafford was sacked 89 times the last two years" then picks Conklin for Lions to play LT.
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or he could never break thru and be Phillip Rivers or Matt Stafford
When Matt Stafford throws for 5k yards, you know that none of these passing numbers mean anything anymore.
..Meanwhile, full-back Matt Regan has left for Northwich Victoria & Ahmed Obeng departs for Stafford Rangers - where he netted on debut yday
Matt Stafford is the best qb to ever grace the field
Thill threw 12 picks last yr. Both Mannings, Ben, Rivers, Flacco, Luck, Stafford, Matt Ryan all threw more
Did Matt Stafford sign sign with the Celtics? THROWING BOMBS😳
Ohio State's Cardale Jones, with time, could be an NFL franchise QB The next Matt Stinky Stafford.
Calling all Dawgs! Matt Stafford's place is on the market!
Then you got Bortles, Carr, Jameis, Cousins, Mariota coming up. W/ Matt Ryan, Stafford, Bradford, etc etc
"Phillip Rivers would be like Matt Stafford if Matt Stafford had Parkinson's." -
Newest Redskins rumor: Interest in new quarterback? Matt Stinky Stafford.
Matthew Stafford is the best UGA QB of all time and I don't care what the record book says or anybody
Tickled to be the 487th backer on for Official Catan Collector's Se... | Thx
Jacob Eason will be a Matt Stafford kind of QB. Calling it right now.
Ebay PSA Matt Stafford MOJO Rookie Patch Auto. this video made possible by ...
He's second tier to me in Romo, Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford class
How is Matt Stafford only 28. I feel like the dude has been in the league for a decade.
March coaching clinic will feature Bruce Arians, Frank Beamer, Jake Scott and Matt Stafford. Not too shabby a lineu…
What do you think Matt Ryan's trade value is? Matt Stafford's? Drew Brees'? Ryan Tannehill's?
Are the Rams going to try to trade for Drew Brees, Matt Stafford or Matt Ryan?
If true, Matt Stafford may as well hang it up along with him.
I am like 99% sure I just walked past Matt Stafford in the Atlanta airport.
Matt Stafford would never be even remotely near a playoff game 😂
Lions coaching change seems to have helped QB Matt Stafford -
Wasn't aware Michael Bennett pinned the JFK assassination on Matt Stafford. Hilarious.
great and QB Matt Stafford hits the Ray Lewis dance to perfection.
ICYMI: Matt Stafford becomes latest QB to enjoy playing against the Saints defense.
Matt Stafford is completing 66.1% of his passes this season. 7th in the league. Higher than Brady, Carson Palmer, Cam Newto…
This is who Matt Stafford actually looks like.. Jason Isbell
Matt Stafford's wife getting on-line backlash for selling MNF tics rather than giving them away
"Matt Stafford's wife wanted to sell her extra tickets"
Matt Stafford closes ESPN's MNF coverage by doing the Ray Lewis dance
Shoutout to my boy Matt Stafford for picking me up that fantasy win
I had a 10 point lead, with Megatron and Ben Watson. He had Matt Stafford. I am so salty
so Matt Stafford lookin like a all pro?? lol
God, I know we don't talk, but could you please let Matt Stafford throw to Megatron and make the Saints stop using Ben Watson as a lineman
Matt Stafford and Jason Isbell look like they could be brothers.
The need to get up to detriot before their OL gets Matt Stafford killed
Matt Stafford's wife fires back at fans who criticized her for selling her Lions tickets.
I'm up by 40. It's Ben Watson/Golden Tate (me) vs. Tim Hightower/Matt Stafford. I should be OK. Knock on wood.
Please let Matt Stafford and Ben Watson go off
Megatron, Matt Stafford and the Saints kicker vs 23 pts and Benjamin Watson. Lets Go!!
Matt Stafford and Ben Watson you guys will have the game of your life tonight.
With Brees and Hightower vs. Benjamin Watson and Matt Stafford, can I win playoff game tonight?
Lions fans called out Matt Stafford's wife, Kelly, for putting tickets on Stubhub
Hamilton Collection
Gonna need Benjamin Watson+5.86 over Matt Stafford (for a birth to the championship vs.
I need Matt Stafford to have the game of his career tomorrow if I want to beat in fantasy.
My opponent needs Matt Stafford and Ben Watson to get 21 points to beat me and knock me out of the playoffs? Do you think it will happen?
Gonna lose this fantasy match up opponent has Matt Stafford to play tomorrow I have Ben Watson I'm leading by 4 atm
it's a bunch of future Hall of Famers and Matt Stafford if you're wondering
Georgia boys, Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson reaction to Aaron Rodgers game-winning touchdown last night. 😂😂
The difference in the win over the Aaron Rodgers is sponsored by Ford, Matt Stafford by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
Matt Stafford get your ish together
Matt Stafford knew it. Eric Ebron knew it. . The D didn't know it:. Nobody was covering Eric Ebron.
Matt Stafford running for first downs where is my liquor
Matt Stafford looks like a human Raggedy Andy doll.
🤔🤔🤔🤔 Matt Stafford, Aaron Murray.Stephen Morris n Brad Kayaa are equal to them if not better
who would you rather have on your team: Matthew Stafford or Matt Ryan?
I am on the cuff, Derek Carer Matt Stafford? You have helped me a lot I might add.
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