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Matt Smith

Matthew Robert Smith (born 28 October 1982) is an English actor. He is known for his role as the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor in the British television series Doctor Who, for which he received a BAFTA Award nomination in 2011.

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It turns out that Matt Smith's Doctor dressed like from Dempsy and Makepeice.
tfym... u have to be joking Matt Smith is h a w t
This guy looks more like Matt Smith than Matt Smith.
📷 fitmobin: I just held the elevator door for matt smith ***
I saw the new season of Matt Smith and ALL of Capaldi’s run.
The best doctor who was actually matt smith
Wolves have bid 750k for out of favour Fulham striker Matt Smith.
This man's job is to transcribe Stephen A. Smith. Poor guy.
Missing this year! Cant afford $$$(hotel,food,badge) to stand in hour long lines not to get in.But I want to see Matt Smith(💟) 😢😢
Here's the official trailer for READY PLAYER ONE:
But before I watched Peter Capaldi as 12th, I was even more annoyed like how can he live up to what Matt Smith did? Boy was I wrong
Anyway, back to Doctor Who. I do like a lot of Matt Smith's episodes, and I like his Doctor. I mostly liked the one-offs more than the "arc"
Why do these four have no arms? And was there no better picture of Stuart Pearce for the sidebar? So many questions
He sees himself 2 regenerations in the future! Matt smith isn't even a twinkle in his eye!
I haven't seen Doctor Who since like a season into Matt Smith's run but uh the best companion is still Donna
Feel like reading my crankypants thoughts on Matt Smith's second season as the Doctor?
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I hope for balance they publish similar pics of David Tennant and Matt Smith, but doubt they will 🍌🍒
A quality post. BTW, I gave up watching DW when Matt Smith was cast, the first few episodes was li…
Massive double-standard here. David Tennant and Matt Smith have gone nude on TV/Film before but there wasn't a tabloid…
and remember after Matt Smith we've had Peter Capaldi - I didnt want a 'young' doctor of any gender…
Nothing will ever beat the departure of David T with Rose, swiftly followed by Matt Smith hallucinating his goodbye to Amy Pond.
Day 19. Favorite TV actor. Zack Levi from Chuck and Matt Smith from Dr. Who. Matt Smith is my favorite doctor.
That plot hole was circumvent long ago with Matt Smith's doctor, so relatively speaking it should be th…
David Tennant and Matt Smith are EXTRAORDINARY. Fave episode: Silence in the Library - hands…
Aww, but no David Tennant!! 😢 But I guess it makes sense, since Matt Smith is pos…
Exactly and look at him and captain Jacks relationship and Craig and Matt Smith
The vicar - Arthur Darvil played Rory in the Matt Smith era.
They revealed the existence of female doctors SEASONS ago. Donna Noble was a doctor and Matt Smith made a boob joke on his first episode.
He became David Tennant so he could relish the universe like Rose,became scatterbrained Matt Smith b/c everything in his universe...
Not gonna watch it because of David Tennant or Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi? Not even fo…
Matt Smith was supposed to be the last, but you know how Steve Moffat is, he refuses to let something end
Who also wrote and drew Matt Smith as the Doctor in the Doctor Who comic for a while. Life was weird there for a bit.
The doctor time travels back to 2005 tells Rose Tyler she'll have a great year, dies in her arms, Matt Smith never happens & the series ends
Yeah, bit of both. The actual intro ep of New Who, Rose, is pretty good, and so's Matt Smith's first ep, The Eleventh Hour.
9. Christopher Eccleston. 10. David Tennant. 11. Matt Smith. 12. Peter Capaldi. 13. ?. Find out tomorrow, watch this spa…
FTR I stopped a season or two into Matt Smith because Steve Moffat's writing was absolutely appalling.
I preferred Capaldi over Matt Smith but Bill was up there with Rose Tyl…
Donna would have put Matt Smith's doctor on a child leash.
If I cared about Dr. Who (I don't), I'm not sure I'd care that it's now a woman. Why is that weirder than Matt Smith becoming Malcom Tucker?
Matt Smith was in the Northampton youth team before he injured himself ou…
Christopher Eccleston. David Tennant . Matt Smith. Peter Capaldi. .?. The will be announced on Sunday! https:…
lost a lot of heat after Matt Smith left. Let's hope the announcement on Sunday livens things up!
Really hope it's not Kris Marshall [even if I can see him actually doing it]. Someone unknown [like Matt Smith] or a lady plz!
There is a lack of Matt Smith in my life. I miss the Eleventh Doctor.
Matt Smith with David Tennant and Billie Piper at the press night for the West End show 'Our Boys' in 2012.
This was my absolute favourite portrait from SDCC - Matt Smith & Jenna Louise Coleman by Michael Muller (2013) https:/…
That long period of time where I did not know Matt Smith and David Tennant were two different people.
Watching old Tennant and Eccleston clips makes me wish that Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi had a decent show runner.
Nope. I saw the second half of tennant, and the first half of Matt Smith
David Tennant my favourite, but loved Christopher Ecclestone & Matt Smith too - plus Tom Baker
I love Tom Baker, David Tennant, Matt Smith and Eccleston too. But Capaldi was my first Doctor and yo…
If David Tennant has to leave Duck Tails, do you think Matt Smith would take over?
It must have been so hard for William Hartnell to hand over his beloved role like that :( the Matt Smith cameo was a perfect touch too
God how I've forgotten how good Doctor Who is. David Tennant and Matt Smith will always be the best doctors!
David Tennant was on the rise but relatively unknown. Matt Smith was a gamble, young and an almost complete newcomer.
🇺🇸 • Camera test of and Matt Smith as Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe in Ondi TImoner’s…
Guess who met Jenna Louise Coleman? 🙋🙋🙋. (...She's been in the presence of Matt Smith)
Matt Smith and David Tennant both want a return :
Tennant and Matt Smith together in the 50th Anniversary special was pure brilliance too. But yes, Tennant…
Tennant is my Doctor, though I reallly like Matt Smith and thought Chris Eccleston did a good job.
season finale featuring quotes from Tom Baker, David Tennant and Matt Smith. Oh God it was big... 😭😭
Daily Photo!. David Tennant with Matt Smith in the episode The Day Of The Doctor from 2013 http…
Matt Smith made me care about Doctor Who, when his story was done (even if it wobbled towards the end), I had trouble s…
My excitement for the Doctor Who christmas special is on par with how excited i was for Matt Smith's last
And please have Matt Smith as the Charlotte Lucas Character.
Matt Smith was seen with Lily James and Douglas Booth this weekend at the Lemonia restaurant in London
Matt Smith attend the Claridge’s Christmas Tree Party 2015, designed by Christopher Bailey for Burberry, at Claridge’s…
I didn't watch the Matt Smith episodes but I think she may have died in one of those as well!
Matt Smith we will miss you and hope you return to doctor who again bring on the next anniversary .
Matt Smith & Hannah Partridge are off to back home all really the today one i said as well
Matt Smith and Hannah Partridge are stay together as well
Matt Smith and Hannah Partridge are off to USA as well matt smith said
The Peter Capaldi Doctor Whos are a big improvement over the final Matt Smith season
Matt Smith ep - A town called Mercy. I've only just rewatched it since it was on tv 😛
Awards 2017: The Crown's Claire Foy and Matt Smith cosy up on the red carpet htt…
13. I love Doctor Who & of the Docs have met Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Matt Smith and John Hurt.
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I'm going to miss Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who. David Tennant was great, Matt Smith my favourite, but Peter brings a depth and sharpness.
"Take care of Jenna Louise-Coleman" - Matt Smith's advice to Peter Capaldi
still not over Matt Smith leaving and now Peter's doing the same😭 huy Doctor Who tama na regeneration saqit na heart q
I miss the aloof portrayal of that both David Tennant & Matt Smith conveyed so well, no offence to Peter Capaldi obvz
— I've seen so many accounts with Kristen Stewart or Matt Smith as their FCs and like that's so disrespectful
Matt Smith has lots in common with his 'rude' Duke of Edinburgh character in The Crown
May 21st,2011: The Rebel Flesh was first broadcast on this date.Matt Smith,Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill
My favourite Matt Smith era episode & fave quote from the entire show. Brilliantly harsh ending too,…
I never thought that I would cry so much about a Doctor Who reunion like this one. Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman & Alex King…
May 18,2013: The Name of the Doctor was first aired on this date.Matt Smith,Jenna Coleman and Alex Kingston
Big news at 5:15. Eleventh Doctor audios with Matt Smith would be fantastic but SO unlikely.
We nearly had an unbelievable finish when Prep GK Matt Smith came out to help his defense. A Kearney shot from near midfield was just wide
Troughton for me (old git) then Chris Eccleston/Matt Smith joint with Tennant an honourable
Dream Report: I'm Steve Roger's true love Peggy Carter but I'm engaged to Matt Smith (?) who is also great, but not Steve by any stretch.
Matt Smith workshop! Sun Valley, ID August 14-17. Email me at kmriedingerfor details!
B3 | WCU 2-0 | Singles by Bryson Bowman and Matt Smith put runners at the corners; but is unable to add to its lead thru 3.
Talking about behavior and welfare with Matt Smith, director of Project Perry, the Central Virginia
The realisation that Matt Smith refers to Josephine Jones and Sarah Jane Smith as "Smith and Jones" which is the title of Marthas 1st ep!😂
“Going to the Met Ball” with British actor Matt Smith in New York
Matt Smith and Lily James wearing to attend this evening's celebrations in New York
I added a video to a playlist Christmas Shopping with 'Doctor Who' Actors Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise
April 30th,2011: Day of the Moon was first shown on this date.Matt Smith,Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston
Eddie Krawiec and Matt Smith advance out of the final PSM quad
Eddie Krawiec & Matt Smith advance to the next round!
Now, if it were Tom Hiddleston, Matt Smith or Arthur Darvill running along that beach... :-D :-D :-D
Nothing against Coleman. Absolutely loved her. But the chemistry with her and Matt Smith just worked bett…
T6 | WCU 5-2 | Nobu Suzuki with a 2-run HOMER to also score Brett Pope; Bryson Bowman with his 3rd hit, scores on a RBI double by Matt Smith
I thought there was a wonderful opportunity to do that with Rory (Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill had a smashing chemistry)
Karen Gillan talking about how she loves Matt Smith & what an amazing actor he is never gets old for me. I'm such smillan trash
Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day and Matt Smith are all going to Fan Expo in Toronto this year. Sounds like a party you should join.
No Christopher Eccleston is the first one in the new series then David Tennant and then Matt Smith but Matt Smith is my fav
Ummm... this one. Matt Smith was the best Doctor.
costumes that Matt Smith tried on before deciding that bow ties are cool.
I was bought up on Tom Baker's era! Peter Capaldi is my favourite, but Matt Smith and Pau…
Paul McGann dressed in Jon Pertwee's velvet, Matt Smith's bow tie and Tom Baker's scarf is the best Doctor of all time…
Torn between David Tennant or Matt Smith as my fav doctor.
When u miss Matt Smith then u miss David Tennant and then u miss Chris Eccleston and you just cry forever cause u know u'll miss Pete C too
It's funny to watch the first series of with Matt Smith and notice the crossover they did with Rip Hunter.
Actors I wish they'd be in the DCEU but probably won't happen:. Matt Smith,Peter Capaldi,Tom Riley ,Tom Mison,Lee Pace. https…
If John Simm is retutning, I demand Matt Smith to return to face Master & Missy with Peter Capaldi.
Brisbane Roar set to dump departing captain Matt Smith to bench...
wow.. Karen Gillan, Billie Piper, Matt Smith, & all at Might be my first visit
It lost my fervor as soon as Moffat took over. Matt Smith, Karen, and Arthur were lovely but I despised so much from then on.
what are they doing to my show! The golden age of Matt Smith and Karen Gillian are gone :(
Happy birthday to my talented, funny, and smart son, Matt Smith.
Matt Smith played the doctor and also got snogged by Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman. I think Matt Smith has won life h…
3 years ago today we met Matt Smith and Karen Gillian! 😍
Thanks so much for getting Karen Gillan to come. Don't get me wrong, Matt Smith is cool but Karen is fantastic!
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are coming to Toronto!!! Squee can't wait to see them again!
so you're just going to jump from David Tennant to Matt Smith without prior warning ok then
Straighten your bow ties, Matt Smith from is coming to FedCon 26! Get your tickets now! http…
Didn't someone think Matt Smith was a drug dealer at one point? I think in the James Corden one
: Matt Smith: What I really think about facing former club Leeds . MATT SMITTH admits he's looking forwar…
Matt Smith in is the best thing ever!!!
I just want to turn my phone off and see Roman Polak, Matt Hunwick, Ben Smith, and Tyler Bozak have been traded. Is th…
I'd prefer the way they announced Matt Smith. Was less full on tbh.
Shepard Smith is SO *** .. [how *** is he?] ...he's so *** he looks like a Matt Damon who OD'd on estrogen and Brylcreem. 😂🇺🇸
Bucs' baseball plates pair in top of 4th, leads 2-1 in Game in Fort Pierce...Andrew Auld relieves Matt Smith on mound
you should pick up the story of Mini Matt Smith he works so hard helping other disabl…
"Hundreds." You could get hundreds of people out in support of a third Paul Blart movie. You could get hundreds in support…
Hamilton Collection
Does anyone actually like the Shepard Smith segment of Fox News?
I'm raising money for matt smith's lunch money. Click to Donate: via
Matt Smith has open water in Feb and looks to be doing well!
Bucs' baseball trails 1-0 in top of 4th of Game in Fort Pierce...Matt Smith on the mound for MMA
we should break the bank for Matt Smith and Mile Jedinak
The is back with & pondering Franju's unsettling Eyes Without a Face https:/…
True story: Matt Hart was doing shooting drills Sunday at 9 AM after a road game while we were taking engagement ph…
will there be package deals for the guests like in the past? Specifically Matt Smith and Adam West/Burt Ward.
Tim Lopes draws a 2-out walk in bot8, but Dwight Smith, Jr. strikes out to strand him. Matt Dermody on for top9, down 2-1.
Matt Smith making his collegiate debut on the mound in Game of Bucs' baseball DH vs. Houghton in Fort Pierce today
Ah!! THE MATT SMITH is going to be at the this year!!I've always wanted to go and this is the year!Have to!
But it's David Tennant, he'll just regenerate into Matt Smith 😉
So we've got 54 billion to pump into our already bloated military budget? Someone should have told GOP while they were cu…
Well, he tried to wrestle with boys, and y'all didn't let him. .
sudden, unbidden desire to re-watch the first Matt Smith series of Dr Who
Your president is an obese 70 year-old your constituents think is smart and rich even though there's no evidence he…
Not to mention the pretty damned good Christophe Gans film from two years ago.
hope its cheaper and easy for me if i know which days matt Smith is appear on
Now is probably a good time to remind everyone that Gorsuch is not going to be good on voting rights/discrimination
Man, do I want someone to ask why the White House is trying to use a dead Navy SEAL to attack a reporter https:…
You know it's bad when George W. Bush is calling for an inquiry into a rigged election.
seriously guys... Eva green and Matt Smith.. such an uncomfortable movie
Sean Spicer talks to reporters like a bad dad talks to a judge who is about to revoke his visitation rights
Mid-day break. Watching and hosting a doxxie nap party.
Seems like you're implying that Islamophobia is also bad when it comes from Democrats.
Plaintiffs tell me DOJ plans to withdraw its position that Texas' ID law is intentionally discriminatory. /1
Sean Spicer just spent 10 minutes sayin' the White House wouldn't have to cover-up their treason if the press would stop un…
Awesome meeting with Aaron Bacus, Matt Smith and Amir Elliott, networking and team building! Let's get it done!!!
from people like yourself, Matt Lees, Quentin Smith but I still always found it useful to have touch stones and staple terms
I want them to play Proteus and get back to me. Games don't have to be connected to literature to be art. 🙄
Think that Matt Smith guy might have a slight obsession
I slowed down Stone Cold and it sounds just like Sam Smith...
wow. It's not like "relaxing games" are a new thing. Where's the piece on Stardew Valley?
Again: Trump lies. All the time. His standard operating mode is to say whatever helps him at the instant he says it. No co…
BREAKING: I'm now told at least *16 Jewish community centers & day schools received bomb threats today: Ann Arbor, Indy…
Best QB option no 1st or 2nd rd draft pick, or big bucks or drama queen. Brian Hoyer/Matt Schaub/AJ Mac. Alex Smith if$?
In less than twelve hours Chuck Tingle wrote a book. This is inspiration for the amount of work I need to get done…
These *** DO. NOT. PROVIDE. HEALTHCARE. I'm apoplectic about the way we talk about insurance companies.
Congratulations to the following students for qualifying for state in NX. Daniel D in 10th, in 9th and Matt Smith in 8th!
Tim Curry, Stan Lee, and now Matt Smith... is working on giving this blerd a happiness heart attack…
Find someone who looks at you the way Luke Freeman looks at Matt Smith
So far Stan Lee, John Romita JR, and J. Scott Campbell. Now they add Matt Smith!!! Love it. I look forward to...
Artist and he was so creepy in Jennifer Jones. But when you watch DW, there will also be a special with him and Matt Smith
Matt Smith was a radical departure from William Hartnell, but my childhood survived just fine.
Matt Smith and Gavin Brown will be attending Shawnee State Univ. to continue their basketball and academic careers. 🏀 🐻
Matt Smith on working with girlfriend Lily James in Pride and Prejudice ... via
Claire Foy, Vanessa Kirby and Matt Smith are sensational in The Crown. Cannot wait for season two.
62mins: First change of the game, Matt Smith on for Jamie Mackie. 0-0
QPR - Ian Holloway’s quotes about Matt Smith and Ravel Morrison - and what lies beneath
I used to listen to the soundtrack for Matt Smith's first Doctor Who series to survive grueling days at Amazon.
produced & directed by Lisa Zanyk & Donnie Laflamme, with . Louis Lemire as Peter, Matt Smith as Je…
Thanks for the hard work, Capaldi! And thanks for 'Listen' nightmare. I'll always be hung up on Matt Smith, but you're one fine Time Lord.
Tom Baker and Patrick Troughton were the best Doctors - but Matt Smith the best of the modern quartet
There's a 50% chance Matt Smith will try for the Doctor Who role again.
It was the same case with Matt Smith and David Tennant, people just get used to the doctors and dont want to part ways with them
Matt Smith (1st team at LB) + Jack Griffin (2nd team at DB) selected for the Tulsa area Football Team. .
Claire Foy and Matt Smith lead British arivals at the SAG Awards.
Like, I'll be talking about Matt Lucas on DW but instead of saying "Matt Lucas" I keep saying "Matt Smith" instead. Oy.
Yes! I do that with names, too! My latest one is I keep confusing Matt Lucas w/Matt Smith because of the Doctor Who connection. 🙄
yes! Watched the last ep tonight. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are so well cast! And it's all quite believable..
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Oooh, isn't it just! We were a bit cynical but loved it. Claire Foy & Matt Smith both wonderful.
My first doctor was Matt Smith and he's still my fav ☺️I liked David Tennant in the special where they mee…
Matt Smith at the EE British Academy Film Awards at The Royal Opera House in London, England (14.02.16)
Q&A the crown with Claire Foy, Matt Smith and John Lithgow via
Matt Smith and Claire Foy, oil on canvas, a work of art.
Claire Foy and Matt Smith and their claps are too adorable
Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi? (No, I don't care about the fact that you've probably forgotten about Doctor Who)
I wanna miss Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan so bad
- Arthur Darvill said that Matt Smith is a better kisser than Karen Gillan because their faces fit better
worth it for -Deciding you fancy the young Prince Phillip (ok Matt Smith) - inspo to wear a triple strand of pearls at all times
Matt Smith is KILLING it as Parson Collins. And yes, I would care for a scone. — watching Pride + Prejudice + Zombies
Honestly the best part of this movie might be Matt Smith as Mr. Collins.
Matt Smith must have had a Great time playing pastor Collins in Pride and Prejudice w/ Zombies, because he is great fun to watch.
Pride & Prejudice & Zombies. It's silly but very funny. Matt Smith completely stealing it as Parsons C…
Its a pity Matt Smith was never in Foyle's War, I mean Peter Capaldi and David Tennant both made it into it.
Want to find out more about Matt Smith's Prince Philip? You'll like this news about series 2.
I liked a video Matt Smith spoke to Prince William about playing his Grandfather - The Gr…
now I remember Claire Foy and Matt Smith on Graham Norton show few months ago. because they're there with Ben Affleck & David Attenborough.
Starting wrestling finals at Saratoga. Good luck to our BSpa Wrestlers; Tyler Barnes, Jake Cook & Matt Smith!
I really can't imagine anyone but Matt Smith playing Prince Philip.
Ok, I am rewatching the 50th anniversary episode with Matt Smith, David Tennant, and John Hurt. And you're watching it with me😜.
I was rather bored with the first episode. Plus, was Matt Smith's Philip supposed to come across as a *** I wasn'…
have the british actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith playing the Queen and Prince Philip
Clare Foy and Matt Smith are amazing as the Queen and Prince Philip. Love that show!
Matt Smith is handsome but Philip is the WOOORST. You just got that name like YESTERDAY! Shut your face!
Not enough Prince Philip & Churchill scenes in Matt Smith's swagger as the Queen's consort is 🎯
Some v. interesting history stuff and looks great. I still have 2 eps to go. Matt Smith is Philip
and Philip is a dill but Matt Smith is awesome too.
But jk I love Philip bc he's played by Matt Smith and he's just an exceptional actor
I just started The Crown on Netflix and Philip is already my fav character not bc he's played by Matt Smith but just bc wow
Watching The Crown on Netflix just because Matt Smith plays Prince Philip. But it is very good!
They started playing The Day of The Doctor on and now I miss Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman ❤️💔
watching THE SNOWMEN with my parents. One of my all time favourite episodes. Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith were absolutely brilliant.
I'm still championing Olivia Coleman to be the next Who. Although rumours are a RETURN for Matt Smith
I'm partial to the one with the Snowmen, Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman were so wonderful together.
I agree with this more than doctor who. I liked Matt Smith a bunch. Bring back Jeremy Clarkson 😠
I miss Matt Smith & Jenna Coleman SO much. Re-watching their episodes make me really really emotional
if You love : . Doctor Who . Matt Smith . David Tennant . Billie Piper . Jenna Coleman . all Docs + companions
Tom Baker is List, Matt Smith is Paul, Michelle Gomez is Jessica, Kate O'Mara is Gaius Helen Mohaim, Jenna Coleman is Irulan
I couldn't get over how ripped he was. I thought Matt Smith was skinny from my Doctor Who viewing, but boy, I was wrong!
I find it pretty hilar that both Dr Who peeps Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman went off and did their own British Royal Fam TV drama
Today: with "Troupe Talk, Head Coach Neal Brown and Matt Smith of plus Age v…
Richard Cockerill says Owen Williams will move to 10, with Jack Roberts & Peter Betham in contention in the centres. Matt Smith remains out.
Karen Gillan since a few weeks... sorry but come on. And also Arthur Darvill and Matt Smith... Dammit...
📸 Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill at the 'Doctor Who: Asylum Of The Daleks' Screening in London (August 14, 201…
Matt Smith is a classically trained actor/MDE fan who just did a really solid performance https:…
However, this made me miss Matt Smith so now I'm re watching
Jared Harris and Matt Smith are both on fine form — the latter is very amusing — but Claire Foy is the standout. She really nails the voice.
I really don't know how I managed to meet Matt Smith, Catherine Tate & Rebel Wilson all in one year✌🏻️
I don't want Eddie Redmayne as a future Doctor he looks to much like Matt Smith would be an insult to his Doctor no…
He's a great actor but I think Eddie Redmayne would be too similar to Matt Smith to be the Doctor?
Lots of shades of Matt Smith's 12th Doctor in Eddie Redmayne's performance in
It feels as if you are living it. Matt Smith is just perfect as Phillip and I'm utterly heart broken for Margaret.
with GENISYS - Matt Smith in a FX suit designed to help render the ionized air partic…
Matt Smith & Hannah Partridge are must save all county Matt smith said before 30 year time after shock shock & shock t…
Matt Smith reveals he swapped royal tips and tricks with Jenna Coleman for The Crown
7) Christopher Eccleston and Matt Smith were both better Doctors than David Tennant.
Matt Smith had not one, but TWO encounters with danger while filming in Cape Town...…
Matt Smith reveals he was threatened with a gun and a Crocodile Dundee knife while filming The Crown in Cape Town
📷 margaretroses: Claire Foy and Matt Smith as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in ‘The Crown’...
BBC releases David Tennant to Matt Smith, Edith Bunker, and I can't stop thinking it's her:
Also worth noting Matt Smith does a great job as Phillip, but if it's even close to the real Phillips, hoo boy, poor Elizabeth.
is so good! Claire Foy is an amazing Elizabeth ll and Matt Smith has such charm!
Series. Not sure who the actor is who plays Queen Elizabeth's father, but he is really good, too. Matt Smith as Prince Phillip.
in love with ... partly because of Matt Smith but mostly because it's about Queen Elizabeth 👸🏻
During Fantastic Beasts was not the ideal time to realise I don't like Eddie Redmayne's affected 'Matt Smith meets Hugh Grant' performance.
Eh, we've all thought that about Matt Smith and we never know why. You should see him as Christopher Isherwood.
Teresa Jones with her Kia Optima and salesperson Matt Smith! We appreciate your business...enjoy your Kia!
Louise 😨 you have to focus on the actors in particular (or just Matt Smith)
I can enjoy Matt Smith acting again What a great job he is doing as Prince Philip!!
Say watching The Crown and Kerry's just asked when Prince Philip is going to get out his Sonic Screwdriver. (Matt Smith is in it)lol
mickey Mellon, ex Fleetwood manager, and Graham sharp.(scored in 1984 cup final) Matt Smith is the host
Matt Smith says "[he]'s stuck in the land that time forgot." Is this The Crown or Doctor Who?
Ooh! It's out? :D Interested in it just for Matt Smith :)) How's the show itself, though?
Matt Smith as Edinburgh - you really really need an imagination leap
On the Show this week... Sir David Attenborough, Ben Affleck, Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Sting https…
📷 Photographed by Ronan McKenzie, Vogue, November 2016. Matt Smith returns to TV as Prince Philip in...
Alyson Hammond left cringing after asking Matt Smith about wearing 'fake ears' - Daily Mail
LISTEN: From Doctor Who to Duke of Edinburgh - actor Matt Smith on playing Prince Philip htt…
The Crown star Matt Smith on what he really thinks of Prince Philip's famous gaffes via
Watch our exclusive video chat with Matt Smith and Claire Foy
Stan Lee and Matt Smith... It's just so perfect💕
Matt Smith & Claire Foy make the cover of this weeks Check out the new 10-part series 'The Crown' on
Matt Smith asked Prince William how to play Philip via
Matt Smith reveals he asked Prince William for advice on how to play Prince Philip in The Crown
Happy birthday to our very own Eleven - Matt Smith!. 🎉. Geronimo!.
It's Matt Smith's birthday! 😄. If you could pick your all-time favourite Eleventh Doctor moment, what would it be?.
I think is like a young version of Matt Smith
man we could even do one with doctor who 😂 every time Matt smith fixes his bow tie or gets flustered or talks to the tardis 😂
Adrian Beltre is everything good about baseball 😍❤️
Matt Flynn, Aaron Brooks, Scott Mitchell, Osweiler, ... Alex smith, and the lost goes on and on
Will follow in Golden Globe winning footsteps of British shows like "Downton Abbey" & "Wolf Hall"?…
David Tenant is my FAV. Matt Smith was good, but I love Tenant.
TV Review: about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II
I liked a video Smoke - Abbey Smith and Luke Levenson cover by Matt Bloyd and Luke Edgemon
Bobcats offense cooking with gas now. Another TD. This time, Greg Windham to Sebastian Smith. 14-3 Ohio.
Claire Foy, Matt Smith and Peter Morgan on bringing to life the most famous woman in the world in
Take a 5 in 1 tpur with Matt or Drew @ Haunted History Tours
Devin Smith with the one handed grab. WOW 😳
We celebrate the life FF/PM Matt Smith who was taken too soon from us 13 years ago. RIP Brother
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