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Matt Saracen

Matthew Matt Saracen is a fictional character in the NBC/DirecTV (The 101 Network) television drama series Friday Night Lights portrayed by the actor Zach Gilford.

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Um Matt Saracen is one talented lil dude
me? Doesn't know any white boys apart from matt saracen and ryan atwood
How you gonna leave Matt Saracen out in the cold.
Matt Saracen is in my abnormal psych class.
when did y'all sign Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights (0:21 in the video)
Omg I can't believe Julie did the beloved Matt Saracen like that. (Yes I'm on season 2 of FNL)
Just saw a QB1 Matt Saracen jersey at bash, start a gofundme for a Tim Riggins Jersey for me
Guy at Rama has a Matt Saracen jersey on. He wins
Happy birthday to the real Matt Saracen!! Hope you have a good day, old man πŸ˜›πŸ‘―
Tbh Tim Riggins is fine af but in all honesty can i get a matt saracen? 😭😭❀️
Tucker Carlson taking over for Bill O'Reilly is like evil Matt Saracen taking over for evil Jason Street and football is just being loud
Fatalist Matt Saracen has me super bummed
Matt Saracen... you don't realise how much you miss him until you see him again
Theres a guy in my office who is Matt Saracen's secret twin and it takes all my strength to not shout CLEAR EYES FULL HEARTS when i see him
I promise you I've never rooted for a QB to succeed more than I have Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights.
Have I said lately just how much I love Matt Saracen?!? He is so kind and pure and beautiful and I can't handle it…
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I bet you can't find any person who dislikes Matt Saracen... dude is probably the most likable person ever
It never fails, every time I watch Friday Night Lights it makes me wanna be a Dillon Panther & date Matt Saracen
Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen are the most wonderfully awkward couple in TV history
Matt Saracen just gonna leave Dillon like that? He just drives out. Didn't say goodbye or get any of his stuff? That's cold man.
Matt Saracen has a rough childhood too! No mom in the picture, dad dies in war, takes car…
I know someone that reminds me of Matt Saracen & it makes me love/hate Friday Night Lights.
rewatching s1 ep1 of Friday Night Lights and I said MATT SARACEN so loud at my tv
I haven't been that emeotionally attached to the success of a tv character with his crush since Matt Saracen
Don't talk about Matt Saracen that way.
Never forget that Matt Saracen was a child molestor on SVU.
You know why JD Mccoys not my quarterback? Cause I know Matt Saracen. Matt Saracens my quarterback
Swap voodoo and Vince, Matt Saracen is the G.O.A.T.
NAH NAH NAH, Vince was WAY better then mediocre little Matt Saracen πŸ™„
Matt Saracen deserves immediate entry into the celestial kingdom for putting up with Julie for all those years
They did, lead by one Matt Saracen.
When Matt Saracen tells his grandma he won't leave her because she's the only person who's never left him...bruh.
I will die in battle for Matt Saracen
As much as I love Matt Saracen, Jason Street was the best pure talent at QB in Friday Night Lights.
Lance harbor is to Jason Street as Jonathon moxon is to Matt Saracen
Where do you think Matt Saracen is now?
Saracen was a better character, even Matt couldn't make that hail mary to win the title at the end of season 5
Have you heard my Matt Saracen impression?
Shows how powerful the great Matt Saracen is that he could be ranked higher than Adonis Creed. What a guy
2-minute warning. Down by 5 at your 40yd line. Championship game. Who is your QB1? Matt Saracen or Mike Winchell?
I wonder what Matt Saracen is up to now-a-days
The Mexican Matt Saracen is the greatest nickname of all time
Drew Barker talks EXACTLY like Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights.
Matt Saracen makes me feel so many feelings
Best quarterbacks of all time: . 1. Matt Saracen . 2. Vince Young. . . . 145. Tom Brady
With Tony Romo retiring the Houston Texans have named Matt Saracen their new starting quarterback.
I think my favorite thing about Friday Night Lights is that Matt Saracen would call Tami Taylor "Mrs. Coach"
Scott tolzien looks like Matt Saracen when street broke his neck and 7 was like uhhh what
Alright Scott Tolzien. I don't need you to be Scott Tolzien. I need you to be Matt Saracen
Gus Bradley just named Matt Saracen starting quarterback for the jags. At least he can win championships...
Spoiler alert! Dillon Panthers win on a crazy comeback led by sophomore Matt Saracen. Awful news about Jason Street…
BREAKING: After suffering yet another QB injury, the Browns have signed free agent QB Matt Saracen
you think Taylor will bring Matt Saracen for our quarterback?
Taylor is clearly a cut above. Did you see what he did with Matt Saracen? Made Jason Street who he was, too. Would…
I think we all know who the true Matt Saracen was tonight. Davis Webb, you are the man. πŸ’ͺ🏼 S/O to Cal for the win!
Ryan Murphy is the Matt Saracen to Phelps' Smash Williams and Lochte's Tim Riggins.
Does no one else think Ryan Murphy looks like Matt Saracen?
Matt Saracen just proposed to Julie Taylor outside of Alamo Freeze. If that isn't goals then I don't know what is...
Can't decide if I'm in love with Matt Saracen or Luke Cafferty😁
I need a Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, Vince , or a Luke Cafferty in my life
Need a relationship like Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor
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Watching Friday Night Lights and seeing Matt Saracen comeback and win for his team makes me miss football already..
How about Matt Saracen tho, such a cutie
Seriously, how disturbing was every character on that show? Drunk Matt Saracen is probably the only one I'd go within 5ft of!
Matt Walker shares his thoughts after taking the BDS win in Fort William:
Our bartender chick looks like Matt Saracen. I don’t know how to process this because I’m a troglodyte.
apparently Sam Dekker is into Friday Night Lights as much as us. But I think I would name my dog Matt Saracen
Matt Saracen still melts my heart everytime I watch Friday Night Lights😍
I want a guy to look at me the way Matt Saracen looks at Julie Taylor
Important questions from Becca today: why didn't Matt Saracen go to college in Friday Night Lights?
I starting to feel like this QB battle will be like the one between Matt Saracen and JD McCoy. Except in this situation, the vet is an ***
Writing character descriptions like "Matt Saracen meets Tim Riggins" makes me miss
When Julie breaks up with Matt Saracen she goes from almost the worst person to the absolute worst person ever
I want a guy who treats me the way Matt Saracen treats Julie😍😭
aka Matt Saracen, favorite character in Friday Night Lights. Hopefully we'll see ya in Chicago soon πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ˜Š
It is very upsetting to me that Taylor Swift cast Matt Saracen as her ARMY HUSBAND in her Ours music video!!! Plz someone understand me
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why is Matt Saracen in grey's anatomy that cast FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE
Matt Saracen's eulogy to his father has me in a mess right now. One of the best episodes of
Turned on the tv to find my favorite episode of Friday Night Lights, "The Son." It STILL kills me to see Matt Saracen cry
It's Monday so I guess Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen can be my MCM's 😍😍😍
Happy bday to my Matt Saracen I hope your bday is full of ice cream & cute clothes! s/o Jane though πŸ‘€πŸ’—πŸ™„πŸ€”
If I have a boy I'm gonna raise him to be like Matt Saracen
High school sweethearts of Friday Night Lights, Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor. πŸ’• (Vine by Coach T)
Matt Saracen is so cute with his grandma it makes me want to cry 😭😭
Nobody will ever steal my heart the way that Matt Saracen did when he sang to his grandmother. πŸ’š
Matt Saracen's dad's funeral episode of Friday Night Lights just ripped my heart to shreds. I'll be crying in the corner don't mind me
Just realized Matt Saracen is in the purge
Watching Purge 2, told my mom 'You know that's Matt Saracen, one of the best high school QBs in Texas state history.' She said 'Oh wow!'
That murderer on Happy Valley isn't Matt Saracen...but boy, he looks like Matt Saracen.
Your dream of being in a Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen sandwich is coming true, maybe 😱😍
Nice work Matt Walker, the Madison Saracen Bikes rider take the qualy win in Cairns!
Get u a Matt Saracen who looks like a Tim Riggins
This lady looks exactly like Matt Saracen's grandma from Friday Night Lights
I don't want to have a son because I'm afraid I won't love him as much as I loved Matt Saracen
Not only do I live with my grandma, but she just had shoulder surgery and I just had to go pick up her medicine. I am the real Matt Saracen
i want Matt Saracen to father my children
Matt Saracen has got to be the cutest character in Friday Night Lights
Josh Richardson is out there like Matt Saracen in this video and that's the highest compliment you can pay someone.
Still not over seeing Matt Saracen at the taco place today.
Matt Saracen deserves better than this cruel, cruel world can offer him
When Matt Saracen's dad dies in Friday Night Lights, gets me every time.
Matt Saracen has got too much on his mind to be locked in.
lmk how my man Matt Saracen is doing
Finally got around to watching the sequel to The Purge thanks to 's latest newsletter...Matt Saracen is a hero, no surprise
Oh God this episode is hard. Caskets. Eulogies. Underprepared for planning... Bawling. Well done, actor playing Matt Saracen.
Yo season 4 matt Saracen. Let me touch ur *** and help the pain go away. Why is it hot when cute boys cry
Matt Saracen's and Julie Taylor's relationship still makes me giddy like a little school girl πŸ™ˆ
ugh i adored them and Coach Taylor and Tammy. I also have a soft spot for matt saracen and Mindy
There need to be more Matt Saracen's in the world
Expectations: look like Tim Riggins, but act like Matt Saracen 😍🏈
I will forever be in love w Matt Saracen
wait, so you're telling me that James Harden is the Matt Saracen of the Purge Part 1?
No need, he had his own Matt Saracen in Dele Alli anyway
...I'm gonna have a talk with that boy. You're gonna have a talk with Matt Saracen?
Shaun Livingston is Matt Saracen if he had blown out a knee in the 6th grade & if Jason Street only had a mildly sprained ankle
not worse, there's an even split: 200 boxes are for sad tears, 200 for joyful tears, 100 for Matt Saracen bc he needs them
Buddy: So tell me, you think little Matt Saracen can get it done?. Coach Taylor: I guess we’re fixin’ to find out.
Matt Saracen will forever have my heart
Some days I want a Matt Saracen other days I want a Tim Riggins but everyday I want a Coach Taylor
but play him at WR in a Matt Saracen role that gets him clean
matt Saracen is my 2016 Michael cera
I need a Matt Saracen or Tim Riggins in my life 😍
Zach Gilford's acting job in the episode in which Matt Saracen's Dad dies is one of the best acting jobs i have ever scene i…
How about 17 year old Matt Saracen hooking up with his grandmother's foreign caretaker?. How Dillon-esque is that
SOS! Zach Gilford came into the office & we had a pleasant conversation about Flip or Flop. That's Matt Saracen!! 😭
Started watching The Family and was met with a lovely surprise of seeing Zach Gilford :) Be still my Matt Saracen loving heart
"I got demoted to QB2 so I guess I'll get back with Julie Taylor." - Matt Saracen
If you like Julie Taylor remember that she broke Matt Saracen's heart and got Tim Riggins kicked out of the Taylor's house
Matt Saracen just proposed to Julie Taylor and I AM FREAKING OUT
Im gonna watch the family bc matt saracen is in it
Just realized that Matt Saracen is in the new abc show, the family
MATT SARACEN IS IN A NEW SHOW! It looks terrible but I'm gonna watch it anyway!
Friday Night Lights is actually a great show, but I think I'm more of a Landry than a Matt Saracen, and that's kinda upsetting.
My love for Matt saracen is becoming a bit of an unhealthy issue
Matt Saracen in a new show coming out?? Will Coach Taylor be in it as well or...? 😍
On the real Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor will forever be goals
I wanna be a little more Tim Riggins and a little less Matt Saracen if you know what I mean
Are you telling me the Dillon Panthers didn't have a better quarterback than Matt Saracen?
Matt Saracen doesn't get the respect he has earned
I don't really know what it says about my character that I love both Matt Saracen and Tim Riggins.
Omg Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights is in the second purge movie! How could I not know this?
can we just take a moment to appreciate cute and awkward Matt Saracen because I freakin love him πŸ’•
I'm not saying Taysom Hill is Ray "Voodoo" Tatum, but Tanner Mangum is Matt Saracen so maybe we should just stick with him.
thought Andy Bernard was better than Michael Scott. wouldn't block for Matt Saracen . don't like New Girl
Matt Saracen is crying is making me cry.
Sorry but I my loves are Matt Saracen, Vince Howard, and Tim Riggins 😍😩😭 I think I'm going to watch that show again
When Matt Saracen started crying at the dinner table.
Julie got to see the real Matt Saracen, who cares about his grandma, not the macho football persona. Makes me happy :)
Matt Saracen shopping at a thrift store for first date digs. Bold move.
Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor are real goals πŸ˜‚πŸ˜΄
Coach freaking Taylor and freaking Matt Saracen both have scenes in Grey's Anatomy.😭😭😭 this to much for me to handle.
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I'm glad ep 9 had a happy ending. Matt Saracen realized he doesn't have to act like QB around Julie anymore.
Matt Saracen is one of the most clutch QBs to ever play football
Passed a guy on the street and thought, "Oh my god, he looks like Matt Saracen," as if he's an actual *** person.
I just want a love like Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen 😍😭
Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek are like Matt Saracen and JD Mccoy from FNL. You know what's best for the team but it's hard to let go.
I feel like I did when Coach Taylor benched Matt Saracen. But if Matty had been the better quarterback and still as lovable as he is.
I'll never comprehend how Matt Saracen was able to land that babe of a Latino house maid in season 2 of Friday Night Lights.
Matt Saracen is such a great guy. Honestly, he's so mature.
um do you love Matt Saracen as much as I love Matt Saracen cause honestly holy 😍😍
you can find him in Texas near Matt Saracen and coach T. πŸ€”
Most of the cast of Friday Night Lights, especially when Matt Saracen goes off to art school in Chicago.
with the mind blowing realization. = a real life Matt Saracen
Ben is the Indiana equivalent of Matt Saracen 😍😍😍😍
I wish I could grow up to be half the man Matt Saracen is
yah but I think ma boii Matt Saracen can do this –  10% Off
So I started watching Where is my Matt Saracen?
I love Matt Saracen more than life itself
When Matt Saracen's dad went back to Iraq I kinda just 😭😭😭😭
Matt Saracen was seen warming up on the sideline for the Panthers
Matt Saracen and the Dillon Panthers should have played this game
Matt Saracen was such a good dude for taking care of his grandma
I am Matt Saracen minus the athletic ability, the good looks, and the artistic ability. So basically just the awkwardness.
Julie broke up with Matt Saracen what a ***
okay yes this is true too but Matt Saracen has my heart
The dude playing Andrei looks startlingly like Matt Saracen
thinking about watching Friday Night Lights again just bc I love Matt Saracen so much.
Matt Saracen is the reason why I have such high expectations in men
Can't deal with Matt Saracen at his dad's funeral πŸ˜­πŸ’”
Matt Saracen is on this episode of grey's rn I'm so excited
I am Matt Saracen. I talk to her. Now I might have to mute you. :/
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L O L that's bc Matt Saracen would never talk to you
Matt Saracen would never treat me the way you do
The closest we will ever get to Matt Saracen vs Voodoo Tatum.
Do you ever wanna cry because you arent dating Matt Saracen??? Or is that just me??? JW
I've watched so much FNL in the past week that last night I had a full on stress-dream about Matt Saracen.
I feel like I’ve seen Devil’s Due but I also feel like I’d remember a movie with Matt Saracen in it. I’m watching it anyway bc Matt Saracen.
tami Taylor is the best woman alive. I'm more of a Matt Saracen girl 😜
Does anyone know where Matt Saracen ended up after art school?
I wanna date someone like Matt Saracen!❀️
the Dillon Panthers won state with Matt Saracen as QB.
Who needs real love when you can just be fictionally in love with Matt Saracen
I feel this. But also I want a Matt Saracen :(
Where can I find myself a Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen? πŸ™„πŸ˜πŸ˜­
Rewatching Friday Night Lights just makes me even sadder Matt Saracen isn't real
Do you think if Saracen and Julie never got married, Landry would have ever started hanging out with Walter White?
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Eric Taylor and Tim Riggins are great Americans. Matt Saracen too.
Moving to Texas for a Matt Saracen or a Tim Riggins
Just looking for my Matt Saracen in this world
yes!! I would marry him in a heartbeat! Matt Saracen is literally the sweetest thing ever
My Microeconomics professor reminds me so much of Matt Saracen!
towards the end of the season there is great Coach Taylor/Matt Saracen scene. Almost makes the Landry murder storyline worth it
Matt Saracen does play well in big games
never. And your lab partner is matt saracen
They killed Matt Saracen. They killed my quarterback.
Also Matt Saracen is beautiful like omg so much love rn
Matt Saracen is right, nobody likes grape jelly
you don't like Matt Saracen himself? Or even Coach Taylor
Never forget that Julia Taylor friendzoned Matt Saracen but he still wifed her up.
WOW….Matt Saracen just proposed to Julie Taylor in front of the Alamo Freeze!! Are you kidding me? C’mon Matt.
there are 99 reasons I love Friday Night Lights and Matt Saracen's grandma is 98 of them
I need a boyfriend like Matt Saracen 😍
Matt Saracen when he came in for Jason Street on Friday Night Lights
Not sure why people are so obsessed with Chuck and Blair when there is Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor. 😍
The one where Matt Saracen's dad dies and Vince Howard takes care of his mom and oh man I'm crying now.
Matt Jones' rendition of Jim Abbott's pitching career on is spot on. Love Matt Saracen playing Abbott as well.
Will pay to have Matt Saracen and or Tim Riggins
On this NYE, let us remember that Matt Saracen convinced his coach to run an 18-yard hook-n-ladder for the state championship & IT WORKED.
Texas HS Qb with a pic of him and his grandma. It’s Matt Saracen, but he looks just like Landry
Matt Saracen is on greys anatomy this is life changing
I am also in love with Matt Saracen
Sean Maguire is our own real Matt Saracen. .
Between Matt Saracen, Coach Taylor, and Vince Howard, I no longer think I have a "type"
Let’s see what Matt Saracen can do on this drive
so much for the red shirt freshman coming in like Matt Saracen... It's cause there's no such thing as
matt Saracen wouldn't treat me like this
Matt Saracen appeared in greys anatomy today. Greatest moment of my life?
in at quarterback for the from Dillon, Texas, Matt Saracen!
Um... did Tim Riggins chew up Matt Saracen, clouding the fish tank with blood? B/c if not, YES.
Matt Saracen deserves so much better than Julie Taylor.
you have that Hollywood handsome about you. But to name one it'd be Matt Saracen Friday Night Lights
The fact that Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor end up together makes my heart happy❀️
* currently binge watching & in love with Matt Saracen so I have forgotten everything you ever told me * πŸ˜†
Aggie fans are patiently waiting for Matt Saracen to come running through the tunnel in Nashville.
I'd like to thank Tim Riggins, Jason Street, Matt Saracen, and Coach…
Matt Saracen is the real mvp I need him in my life
more like kyle allen was the Matt Saracen but he'd rather transfer than stick it out
Pretty sure is the Matt Saracen of this writing biz.
Gonna spend most of what's rest of 2015 with Matt Saracen😍
"Even Matt Saracen couldn't stay with Coach Taylor forever." lol
"Well look who it is. QB1 Matt Saracen." Lyla offers a wide smile towards him.
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I want a Matt Saracen and Julia Taylor relationship.
your Matt Saracen when his dad dies
I've never seen anything sweeter than when Julie Taylor and Matt Saracen finally make out again on Friday Night Lights
Not even Matt Saracen was used to throwing on the run as much as Pat Mahomes.
Crying bc Matt Saracen called Julie back in season four 😭😭
How do you not want to punch Matt Saracen and tell him to speak up and grow a backbone?
One of the weirdest Friday Night Lights storylines was Matt Saracen being in love with his grandma's nurse
Matt Saracen has my heart forever ugh
Do the right thing Bring in Coach Taylor and Matt Saracen. Connie Britton too, but mostly because I love her
Wish I was Tim Riggins but I am so matt saracen
Sam Bradford isn't half the QB that Matt Saracen is.
Taylor won state with Matt freakin' Saracen at QB. Surely he can win a Super Bowl with Sam Bradford...
I may be swayed by my unending love for Matt Saracen.
it's all about Matt Saracen, Leila is a sloot
THE DAY Matt Saracen becomes a real person and finds me will be the best day of my life.
hope Pryor is somewhere throwing footballs through a tire swing Matt Saracen style in preparation for his workout.
The most unnecessary character to ever exist is def Julie Taylor from FNL. Plus she didn't deserve Matt Saracen
Also never forget that Matt Saracen left Dillon, Texas and moved to Philly to become Dennis Reynolds, probably.
sugar shane falco. Him and Paul "motley" Crewe are the greatest fictional QBs. Plus sunshine, and Matt Saracen
Upset is making me see Landry Clarke in the alternate timeline where he never became friends w/Matt Saracen.
I'm in love with Jana Kramer, Robert Buckley, Nathan Scott, James Lafferty, Seth Cohen, Matt Saracen, and the list goes on and on
Q: why am I watching purge anarchy?. A: Zach Gilford aka Matt Saracen is in a lead role
Wonder what Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, Jason Street, and Smash Williams are doing right now
Definitely would have made Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen, Smash Williams and…
Did not make the final 8:. Paul Blake (Necessary Roughness) . Matt Saracen (. Flash Gordon. Johnny Walker (Johnny be Good). Mike Winchell
To the boy in my building that looks like Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights can u pls marry me
Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen have a low key brothers type relationship.
Though you know who is the real JD McCoy/JD's Dad/Matt Saracen? Jake Heaps, his dad, and Riley Nelson.
I see Matt Saracen got married in real life. I thank God that it wasn't to real life Julie Taylor.
Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor make my heart happyπŸ˜πŸ’•
Matt Saracen had some serious balls dating Julie Taylor, ultimate varsity move
Matt Saracen is so cute omg can I please be Julie Taylor
"I'm very proud..." says QB1 Matt Saracen of the Dillon Panthers.
I remember man it was me, and Tim Riggins (fullback) and Matt Saracen (QB) we played hard and fought for one another. ***
Do I ever find out what happened to Matt Saracen's mom?
Who's your favorite character: Tim Riggins or Matt Saracen?
Matt Saracen can play for me any day
An offence with Tim Riggins and Matt Saracen would win the Super Bowl easy
Death, taxes, and Matt Saracen kissing someone when Julie looks out a window.
Is Matt Saracen the kinda guy who just falls in love with everyone he dates?
Matt Jones flowing some amazing trails on his Saracen Bikes and Kore components.
My Upset Special: East Dillon over West Dillon, who is facing their former coach w/out 3-year starter Matt Saracen at QB. 25-24.
I will say it loud and proud: I love Matt Saracen.
did you know prefers Matt Saracen .
we should be Eskimo sisters with Matt Saracen tbh
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Tbh I just want a relationship like Matt Saracen & Julie Taylor..
To the guy yelling "BLUE 42" outside of my window while I'm sleeping... unless you're Matt Saracen GO HOME
you single handedly ruined Matt Saracen's life
You turned into a very nice lad Matt Saracen
So listens to his HS football team on the radio. He's Matt Saracen (He was QB1 ladies). I'm Tim Riggins.
Matt Saracen just kissed Julie Taylor and yeah I teared up but it's fine I'm fine
Matt Saracen and Julie Taylor are my relationship goals, weeping right now Finale
All I want is a love that Julie Taylor & Matt Saracen have ❀️😍
How do you let go of a guy like Matt Saracen? Someone in her life needs to tell her that NO GUYS are like him
Also Matt Saracen and Luke Cafferty are seriously relationship goals 😍🏈
All I need in life is a Matt Saracen
The way Matt Saracen treats Julie is the cutest thing omg
He's the modern day real life Matt Saracen lol
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