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Matt Ryan

Matthew Thomas Matt Ryan (born May 17, 1985), nicknamed Matty Ice, is the starting American football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League.

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[NFL: Videos] Flanagan: Matt Ryan, Falcons take in the moment in visit to NRG Stadium before SBLI - NFL Vid
Michael Vick is officially retiring from the NFL. Read his interview with on Matt Ryan and more:
Matt Ryan went to a charter school in high school. Go Falcons! .
5 ways the New England can stop Matt Ryan in
Before Matt Ryan’s Ascent, a Quiet Grounding in the Quaker Way
Matt Ryan is in the Super Bowl and Drew Brees is not. alternative
Falcons have a chance? According 2 the X1 Sports App Matt Ryan has thrown 4 over 1000 more yards than Brady this season! Yep!
you need to get a picture of Matt Ryan behind you instead of Brady
Tom Brady or Matt Ryan as your QB for the next five years? The pick is a no-brainer -ht…
I meant to say Matt Ryan is good but not the total package. He needs to win the big game to earn it. Just my opinion.
Heres how Super Bowl quarterback Matt Ryan trains his brain
[unable to retrieve full-text content]. Matt Ryan and Tom Brady are the prototypical pocket passers. But Brady was…
I want the Falcons to win as much as any other decent human being, but let's not pretend like Matt Ryan isn't a huge Trump supporter.
Some healing for Rem and all the Falcons fans who doubted Matt Ryan over the years.
No disrespect to Tom Brady's legacy, but given Matt Ryan's 2016-17 season, Ryan might be the better QB on Sunday.
to when the drafted Matt Ryan with the No.3 overall pick in 2008. . Will he bring the franchise their 1st
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[NFL: Detroit Lions] Matt Ryan: 'I think the world of Stafford'
People pretending Matt Ryan is the greatest to ever touch the game because this dude made it to his first superbowl lol
What is the culture that Dan Quinn has created for the team?. Matt Ryan explains. . Full Press Conference -
System QB= 8 letters. . Matt Ryan = 8 letters. . Facts are right in front of you.
Super Bowl QB says this gadget helped him have career-best season
Look out, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. opens her press conference with a perfect pass into the audience. ht…
Matt Ryan: Most NFL teams don't have one running back like our two -
Austin Hooper was 1 of an NFL-record 13 Falcons who caught a TD from Matt Ryan this season -- so naturally, he thinks No. 2 is t…
Atlanta put right pieces around Matt Ryan & he took off in Year 9. Can same happen for Stafford in Year 9 in 2017?
If the Packers beat the Falcons I'm sure Super Bowl 51 would have more buzz. Falcons have Julio Jones and Matt Ryan..but still...
13 Falcons players have caught a TD pass from Matt Ryan this season. That's the most in NFL history (via h…
Ben Roethlisberger appeared on 'Cal Cast' -- He was not asked about his playing future, but he did deem M…
butler manning up and McCourtey helping over top Lmaoo i wish Matt Ryan would try
Evans said on NFLN that Aaron Rodgers deserved MVP over Matt Ryan because he only had “2-3 losses” this ye…
The Falcons listen to Atlanta-based Migos, except for Matt Ryan who likes Mumford and Sons.
My choices would be, Hayley Atwell, Matt Ryan, Richard Ayoade or Ioan Gruffudd. But Kohli also seems like a good pick.
Matt Ryan laughed and said a bit too much was made of the "advice" Eli Manning gave him on how to beat Patriots in a Super Bowl.
Matt Ryan gets Super Bowl advice from Peyton and Eli Manning -
Eli Manning, the only QB to beat Tom Brady in Super Bowl, is texting Matt Ryan on how to topple the Patriots
Here's the Super Bowl advice that Matt Ryan got from Peyton and Eli Manning
Matt Ryan seeks advice from Peyton and Eli Manning before Super Bowl week:.
No one saw it coming ?! have honestly been a contender every year since Matt Ryan's arrival, it all abo…
thats nice but Matt Ryan had a better statistical season
Tom Brady explains what Patriots have to do to beat Atlanta and shares thoughts on his relationship with Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan has been linked to Brady since BC days via
Matt Ryan called Eli to see how he beat the Patriots in the Superbowl 😂😂😂😂 fck him 🖕🖕🖕
The Matt Ryan era has been very successful.
Matt Ryan reached out to a number of QBs for Super Bowl advice, including the only on to beat Belichick and the Pats h…
Giants fans are so worked up about Matt Ryan texting Eli Manning for advice lol
Michael Vick opens up to about his relationship with Matt Ryan and Arthur Blank, career regrets and more
Patriots fans still have fond memories of Falcons QB Matt Ryan from his time on Boston College's football team
Matt Ryan has ZERO fear in his face. That dude is focused on a level I've never seen him before.
I added a video to a playlist Best of Matt Ryan from Opening Night | NFL | Super Bowl LI Opening
Matt Ryan had nothing but nice things to say about Tom Brady and the Pats. He even discussed Pete Frates. FULL:…
he ain't the MVP so stop trying to make him the one. Matt Ryan is. ***
Matt Ryan dreamed about winning the Super Bowl as a kid | Super Bowl OPENING NIGHT
Tom Brady agrees with Matt Ryan. What NBA player would he add to his team?. .
Just saw Matt Ryan got the nickname Matty Ice because he drank natty ice in college. You've now got nothing but respect from me.
Matt Ryan no enemy of Patriot state
Matt Ryan talked to Eli Manning about beating the Patriots in the
I read this in my mind with the Maty Ice voice.
Tom Brady and Matt Ryan square off on Opening Night. WATCH:
66 TDs, 9 INTs in the regular season combined. . Jaw-dropping numbers for the two QBs in Super Bowl LI. . 📝 -
Julio Jones: Matt Ryan does not need ring to be ‘elite’
Matt Ryan just ignored when asked a question. proceeded to count how many rings he has...
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"He's tough. He's got a good arm. And more than anything are the intangibles.". talks Matt Ryan:
Matt Ryan said he spoke with Peyton Manning last week about the process of preparing for... https:…
Ricardo Allen not ‘starstruck' facing Brady. “Another QB in this league. I went against Rodgers last week. I go against…
Matt Ryan on opening drives, insane numbers
Matt Ryan is already over the media hoopla and just wants to focus on the game. I like it.
This guy just came up on Matt Ryan's press conference. "Nice mask," Ryan said.
You know Lebron is a freak athlete when Matt Ryan AND Tim Brady would take him over anyone else in the NBA 😳💪🏾
Corporal Corey Tanner earned a Purple Heart but never met his son. Matt Ryan will wear his initials on Sunday. .
Matt Ryan said he's texted Eli Manning multiple times about how to beat Tom Brady. (via
here's the deal Matt Ryan is good but he hasn't met Trey flowers hope this text gets you fired up go get him sack him
Matt Ryan says he sought advice from Eli Manning on beating the Patriots.
If Tom Brady says Matt Ryan was the first pick, then Matt Ryan was the first pick.
Dwight Freeney: "The year Matt Ryan had this year is as good as any Peyton had, or Phillip Rivers had, or any QB I've been around."
Michael Vick on Matt Ryan, Arthur Blank and more via
Nice QBs banner of Tom Brady and Matt Ryan at George Brown Convention Center in Houston -
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Just saw this on Amazon: Justice League Dark by Matt Ryan via
Matt Ryan will out play Tom Brady in the Super Bowl 😬 Just wait on it.
Quarterback Proposition Bets - What Will be the Total Passing Yards by Tom Brady & Matt Ryan -
"Meanwhile differential equations and Matt Ryan are ruining my life" -honestly a pretty accurate summary of how things are…
you must be confused. Matt Ryan is NOT Kurt Warner.
Maybe if Matt Ryan was about to break the record for most Super Bowl victories ever he could be on the cover
If Matt Ryan don't win MVP the NFL some snakes 🐍
I said it before, I'll say it again. If anybody deserves this, it's Matt Ryan. He deserves to be here. I'm so proud of an…
Matt Ryan’s long, hard road to the Super Bowl
Giants fan we beat yah twice let's see what Matt Ryan is gonna do
Boogie and Rondo worked out well the first time.
Remember that time Clammy won the Clammy would play better than Matt Ryan, right
Seven and a half years after we first ran it, this profile of Matt Ryan by has renewed relevance:
I got 15 minutes with owner Arthur Blank today, & he talked Matt Ryan, the Westside, and Pres Trump: htt…
lololol. Unless he bringing Matt Ryan and Julio Jones too it makes no difference
If I gotta run on the field and catch a Matt Ryan interception myself so the Falcons can lose then I'll do it
Overreactions: There's no stopping Matt Ryan and the Falcons
Kaep had a defense and starter longer. You see where he is now. Does Matt…
On today we call out bandwagon Matt Ryan fans and talk about the discography of the 04 QB draft class. https…
SB LI will feature the highest combined regular-season passer rating (114.9) by opposing QBs in any Super Bowl. 📝- htt…
My new sounds: Super Bowl Matchup X's and O's and why Matt Ryan could be having the greatest QB Year of all time
Awww Ryan that means a lot! Although i don't think Matt would agree. You too kind. You are a beautiful person!Thanx
🇺🇸 👈 It's our end-of-season NFL awards! And Matt Ryan is the only choice for MVP…
The Patriots know they need to get pressure on Matt Ryan
The pains of recruiting: Sometimes teams like Iowa lose out on players like Matt Ryan, only Matt Ryan or can shut down .
.tells y'all what the Matt Ryan prays for every night in a new
Matt Ryan put up better stats though and so did Rodgers with less receivers
if Patriots defence can stop Ryan, Brady will do the rest. Hopefully it will be a close game
Falcons QB Matt Ryan may be the hottest passer in Super Bowl history   10% Off
Matt Ryan's long, hard road to the Super Bowl
FIRST PERSON TO VISIT 😍 can't wait to love you and Matt. and Ryan 😈
look at those numbers for Matt Ryan. Imagine what Kyle Shanahan could do with Luck still in his p…
NFL_Patriots247 The New England Patriots head coach is preparing for what may be his toughest test yet in Matt Ryan. …
"This team is really good. We were alright...nothing like this team.". talks & https:/…
Cris Carter, and Love or Matt Ryan has been telling Shannon Sharpe argue his Super Bowl, Deflategate will crumble under pressure
. . Glennon can be at least better than Alex Smith, and maybe develop as good as Matt Ryan. Trade Winston to move up..
The best athletes in the world have two first names:. Tom Brady. Michael Jordan. Matt Ryan. Cristiano Ronaldo . Michael Scott
Michael Jenkins caught this pass and then went on to catch Matt Ryan's first NFL pass, a long TD, remember both lik…
Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and a first round pick for Matt Ryan and Dan Quinn
he didnt play as many games as Matt Ryan or as many games as any other canindate so its not fair for him to even be in the convo
Can't wait to hear what Shannon Sharpe has to say about his Atl neighbor Matt Ryan's chances vs Brady, tomorrow at 930…
Bradford, Stafford, Matt Ryan, Alex smith. Jamarcus Russel and Vince Young only burned…
I look at Matt Ryan and I think man he's not as good as Stafford but look at the numbers what a season MVP but please give Stafford a Line
HOF QB Matt Ryan is so deserving and has always handled himself in a classy manner. Kudos to him for gett…
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Love this on Matt Ryan whenever he went to the BC media relations office. Terrific work by my man
ICYMI, Matt Ryan left a legacy of excellence at Boston College, both in crunch time and when cameras weren't rolling
Two hours later and the same guys just said they have Matt Ryan behind Russell Wilson, but the audacity of him being Tier 3 prior to 2016.
Mac Engel writes: Romo called it on Matt Ryan from the start CowboysNation
Matt Ryan is a hero to folks at Boston College. So no surprise they're giddy he's in
I'm salty because Matt Ryan never got this kind of sympathy.
21st Sports Illustrated cover for Tom Brady, shared this week with former QB Matt Ryan.
Since the Kansas City loss on December 4th, Matt Ryan is 142/195 (72.8%) for 1,861 yards, 19 TDs with 0 INT & a passer rat…
ATL got Matt Ryan because they had Byron Leftwich and Joey Harrington in 2007. But I'll give you that one. Dallas as well.
Matt Ryan was excellent at BC, but if you ask those who surrounded him, his excellence went beyond late-game heroics
Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan are the same guy..yes they are..Ryan has better weapons and a better scheme..Stafford also has a better arm..
Scott is the Matt Ryan of sports talk 😭😭
Matt Ryan: making us look like clowns on and off the field this year
Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan head to head Stats
Yo Aaron, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish but Matt Ryan is having one of the best games of All…
Matt Ryan is on the same level as Matthew Stafford
It took 9 years for Matt Ryan to become what the expert say "Elite" he was always amazing and Some are ready to give up on Matt Stafford.
Are people forgetting that prior to this year Matt Ryan was considered someone who got scared in the playoffs?
Stafford got snubbed again smh. Should have replaced Matt Ryan. Kirk Cousins? Really?
Matt Ryan isn't the only QB on Falcons from Philly area. Matt Schaub went to West Chester East. Chester County well represented.…
who is the alternate at QB since Matt Ryan is in the Super Bowl? Gotta think Brees or Stafford
So Stafford isn't taking Matt Ryan's place in the Pro Bowl?
Sproles also added...hey can..can Wentz replace Matt Ryan?
Is this news? Really? Wouldn't every wife do the same? Why not report that Sarah congratulated Matt Ryan? Pathetic!
Matt Ryan was in the same tier (or below) as Stafford last year. Don't tell me Stafford can't get a team to the Super Bow…
I love my raiders and I love as our QB, but Matt Ryan is playing like a true MVP. He really derseves it.
Matt Ryan used this opportunity to steal powers
"Ryan has a [post-season] passer rating of 132.6, the third-highest that any...QB has carried into the Super Bowl." ht…
Kirk Cousins will head to the Pro Bowl since Matt Ryan is headed to the Super Bowl
We will see about Matt Ryan in two weeks
That's a wrap! Monster game from Matt Ryan & the Falcons, but after that game and that season? Our Super Bowl Preview c…
On the big stage, had poise. And he lifted the to (Via http…
A quick recap of how Matt Ryan's day went vs the Packers
Tom Brady on Matt Ryan: "Always sending him texts over course of season, or vice versa. Have lot of respect for Matt" (via
Scott Pioli got the Falcons to the Super Bowl but couldn't get us to the playoffs...difference?? Matt Ryan.
Matt Ryan gonna give the pats the sauce
Brady and Belichick are going for ring No. 5. Matt Ryan & Co. are trying to break through. Who ya got? Vote:
Brady says he talks to Matt Ryan regularly via App
"I guess Steelers fans should want to get rid of Ben?" "Matt Ryan just won his first playoff game at 31, that's why you keep Kirk"
crazy how much better Matt Ryan is than Mike Vick ever was
To be elite I think you gotta be top 5 at your position. Matt Ryan has been that THIS year, but overall career? No
I think Matt Ryan was the best. Leading a team predicted to go 5-11 to the Super Bowl with 5000 yards, 38 TDs and a 117 rtg...
A collection of Cold Takes about Falcons and Matt Ryan from throughout the season
Matt Ryan doesn’t get enough credit for extending plays. Had a higher rating than Rodgers outside the pocket in reg sea…
This is an untouched photo of Matt Ryan.
Tom Brady proves once again he's better than Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, or Ben Roethlisberger. 9:30 AM ET.…
Matt Ryan over his last 7 games: . 21 TDs, 0 INTs
I hate brittany, matt ryan popped up on tv and she asked if that was Julio Jones 😑
Last 6 games on 3rd down, Matt Ryan was 45/54 (83%) for 484 yds, 6 TD / 0 INT. Averages 7.7 per play.
One game completely flipped the narrative that Matt Ryan is a choke artist ? 🤔🤔
Tom Brady not winning a 5th ring that's dead I got money on matt Ryan
best advice you would give Matt Ryan considering he's never played a Super Bowl before
*** was not talkin about Matt Ryan last year 😂😂😂
Matt Ryan is an even year Pro Bowler.
Matt Ryan looking like the MVP right now
Kirk Cousins got some contract leverage with the help of Matt Ryan.
10 story lines to watch for Patriots, Falcons in Super Bowl LI
Tom Brady and Matt Ryan could deliver one of the most offense-driven Super Bowls ever.
Going on the record now: The whole Matt Ryan - Boston College storyline means nothing and doesn't deserve to be discussed
BREAKING: The Falcons have reportedly traded Matt Ryan for Eli Manning after seeing Brady clinch Super Bowl birth
I hate the Saints, but Drew Brees should be Matt Ryan's replacement in the Pro Bowl. Not Kirk Cousins
Matt Ryan will defeat Brady and prevent him from gettin his 5th and Brady will never win another bowl in his career
Matt Ryan Is No Fluke: Going into Sunday’s NFC championship, the Atlanta Falcons — and, by… |
POLL: NFL Quarterbacks. Cam Newton & Matt Ryan. Which guy is more likely to replicate his great season next year?
New from - a look at why Matt Ryan's career has been building to this playoff run
Matt Ryan, to explore contract extension: (via
Matt Ryan's performance yesterday vs the Packers was historic.
I don't know what I'd rather see, Brady becoming even more of the GOAT or Matt Ryan and Julio Jones getting rings
I hope Atlanta wins the Super Bowl honestly Matt Ryan really deserves it
Matt Ryan: Still not considered elite by Kimani Gregoire, trying really hard to make that happen...
popped on today's episode as I drove to BC to interview Matt Ryan's coaches. Almost swerved off the road. Nice work, fellas.
Tom Brady was even greater than I thought he'd be tonight. He's so much better than Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan.
Dan Quinn, Matt Ryan & Julio Jones just some of the Falcons who'll talk Sunday's NFC Championship victory. At 9 on…
I'm so happy for Dan Quinn, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan because they stayed true to the game when the Atlanta...
Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady in Super Bowl LI: How NFL's top two QBs stack up - ESPN (blog)
Update your maps at Navteq
Matt Ryan, Tom Brady to battle as Falcons draw Patriots in Super Bowl
Football fans now have been reduced to having to root for Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, what a time…
Mazz's notes for Tuesday's show:. 1.) Matt Ryan is the MVP. He's good, Mike. 2.) Julio Jones. 3.) Atlanta's D better than they get credit for
Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are effective counters to this trend.
BREAKING: Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons dominate Green Bay Packers 44-21 to earn the franchise's second Super Bowl appearance.
fans, meet the Atlanta Falcons. has 5 things to know about Matt Ryan's Super Bowl team…
Matt Ryan you may be the you're going up against the G.O.A.T in TB 12 in
I remember when Dan Connolly said Matt Ryan reminded him of Brady when he was at BC. Too bad Brady's gonna kick his *** in two weeks
I remember interviewing Matt Ryan of BC, back in 2007 at the ACC Football Media Days in Pinehurst, just prior to his record setting year.
"Man, you look fast today," Dan Quinn said of his message to Matt Ryan after Ryan's...
Matt Ryan was really impressive today. He shut up a lot of critics, including myself.
Exton native Matt Ryan is starting QB for the Falcons. West Chester East grad Matt Schaub is the backup QB. Both are going…
Finally.So happy for Matt Ryan and the Great to see one of the most down to earth pros make it to the…
Matt Ryan is the 3rd player in the Super Bowl era with 4 Pass TD & a Rush TD in a single postseason game. 🔥
Congratulations to Matt Ryan, man. Prior to the season I didn't even think you were top-10...
Props to the Falcons. Matt Ryan prior to the game was I think 1-4 all time in post season games. Now his team is headed to the SuperBowl. 👌🏽
Good for Matt Ryan. Showed to the nation he's an elite quarterback and a worthy MVP candidate
I can't imagine how sweet this is to Matt Ryan, who has been doubted so often, and for Jonathan Babineaux, who has waite…
Fun fact: QB Matt Ryan went to Penn Charter high, which I attended before being unceremoniously expelled prior to my senior year
MVP chants for Matt Ryan...deserves it.
If I had a dollar for everytime Joe Buck said "How about Matt Ryan today".
Matt Ryan don't need no love he the 🐐
Matt Ryan says. nope. I would have thought same thing prior to the game. .
Matt Ryan gonna have a 500 yard play-off game😳
Matt Ryan was gimpy on the play prior to that amazing Julio Jones catch.
GB can't stop Matt Ryan. He has 271 Pass yds, tied w/himself (2012) for most in any half in a Conference Championship in…
Matt Ryan already thrown for 344 yards and got 3 TD passes and the 3rd quarter just started sheesh
I'll tell ya what. Matt Ryan is like a surgeon out there the way he's picking apart Green Bay's defense. Somebody get him…
Strick's Picks once predicted that Brian Brohm would be a better NFL QB than Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan watched Mike Vick highlights prior to this game.
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great photo here of that Matt Ryan touchdown
Matt Ryan runs it in and extends the Falcons' lead, 17-0!
You know it's bad when Matt Ryan is running all over you.
Packers sleep AF they let Matt Ryan slow *** run that in lmao. Game over
Matt Ryan has a weak *** Chad Pennington noodle arm. Yeah, I'm mad we're gonna lose.
Matt Ryan got that noodle arm. Chad Pennington throws for days.
Matt Ryan reminds me of Trevor Simian... in that they both have 2 feet and 2 hands. That's where the likeness stops.
Matt Ryan is doing Matt Ryan things. This is why I picked this team to win it all going into playoffs. Had no clue prior to season
A lot of open targets for Matt Ryan.
the Matt Ryan falling apart thing is overblown imo he's never had a defense and 2 years prior to Quinn OL was a mess
I'm starting Matt Ryan, Ty Montgomery, and Jeff Janis (?) today in Draft Kings via /r/fantasyfootball
I need the Matt Ryan we all know to come out today. Scared *** Matt Ryan.
draft Matt Ryan, rebuild, and are within 8 yards of the Super Bowl in 2012. are finally good, but warning signs are there.
Ric Flair’s message to Aaron Rodgers: ‘Matt Ryan is the best quarterback in football’
Draymond win for but this Mavs/Jazz trolling him a little as is Heyward. Matt Ryan almost a lock this weekend right?
Rodgers and Carr meant more to their teams, any competent qb could do what Matt Ryan did on the Falcons lol
lmao ok luck was playing hurt all year and Matt Ryan wasn't even the best qb this year so idk why you're so hard for him
coming from the guy saying Matt Ryan is a better qb than Andrew luck. He only had a better season bud sorry
Please let Matt Ryan guest star as on
Yup she is drunk and waiting for the attitude
From boo birds to the NFC Title Game: Matt Ryan has turned the Falcons into contenders
Please let Matt Ryan guest star as on Pretty…
funny how the Matt Ryan fans come out now because he's finally having a MVP season
Rain stopped, clouds cleared for a minute, Sun peaked it's face just long enough for this shot.…
Matt Ryan is a top 10, no where close to luck
Future reportedly sent multiple Matt Ryan jerseys to baby Future after win over Seahawks.
Yo, but seriously, how good is Ryan O'Reilly & can somebody get Rasmus Ristolainen some oxygen?
Good news, Matt Ryan won NFL MVP. 💯 . Oh yeah and happy birthday alright?
Aaron Rodgers vs. Matt Ryan: Who has ball last might be Super Bowl-bound - via App
I apologize, Matt Ryan. I didn't realize it until after I said it.
Voted for Rodgers, but it's him or Brady. Matt Ryan is not relevant enough to have more pressure than those two.
when Matt Ryan lights up the packers defense and Aaron can't match it, we'll see what he has to say
Matt Ryan's last 5 games (including the playoffs):. -5-0, 14 touchdown passes, ZERO interceptions.
No way has Matt and Ryan just ran into my room whilst I was asleep with their hoods up jumping and shaking me screaming give me the money 😩😭
Matt Ryan was asked if he's concerned if Julio Jones isn't 100% healthy on Sunday: "He's pretty good at whatever percen…
Chief would like to thank the NFL gunslingers for joining me today Tom Brady /Aaron Rodgers / Matt Ryan & Big Ben Roethlisberger on XM182🏈
"Matt Ryan has 2 great RB's, Aaron Rodgers' RB wears no. 88". Rodgers should win MVP over Ryan.
'Peyton won his 1st ring in his 9th year. Brees won his 1st ring in his 9th year. What year is Matt Ryan in? His 9th year' - Shannon Sharpe
"Do you really trust Matt Ryan in a big game to get to the Super Bowl? I'm not sure. I'm not sold." — http…
Here's what Matt Ryan had to say at the Falcons Championship Week press conference
Matt Ryan's legacy on the line in epic duel with Aaron Rodgers -
Matt Ryan averaged the most yards per attempt (min. 500 passes) in NFL history: 9.26. That mark was held by Aaron Rodger
How is this historic? Matt Ryan's booty cheeks. It's just another win for Aaron Rodgers
.Aaron Rodgers owns the Georgia Dome. It's more his house than it is Matt Ryan's house.
Matt Ryan is going to pick apart the Packers' secondary like Sergeant York on Sunday.
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As great as Aaron Rodgers has been in past 2 months, Matt Ryan has matched him throw for throw. Data series latest: https:…
As great as Aaron Rodgers has been during Green Bay's eight-game win streak, Matt Ryan has been even better.
but when he had a semblance of weapons and a good defense he beat Aaron Rodger, Matt Ryan and Cam on the road in the playoffs.
Matt Ryan has 14 TDs & 0 INTs in his last five. Imagine the love if he was wearing one of the other three jerseys playing thi…
Congratulations to Matt Ryan for being named the Most Valuable Player and Offensive Player of the Year today.…
.QB Matt Ryan (who led the NFL's top-scoring offense, is PFWA's 2016 NFL MVP & Offensive Playe…
Matt Ryan had a witty response to one reporter pointing out that he has yet to win a Super Bowl. . 🎥:
Reporter reminded Matt Ryan he was the only QB in the conference championships that didn't have a Super Bowl ring: Ryan's…
Narrative of Aaron Rodger's end of season projecting him to MVP made no sense to me. Matt Ryan was w/ him step-step & better…
Matt Ryan is named NFL MVP and NFL Offensive Player of the Year by the Pro Football Writers of America
Matt Ryan has been named NFL MVP and Offensive Player of The Year. . Congratulations,
I voted Brady for MVP, Matt Ryan for Offensive Player of the Year and Landon Collins for Defensive Player of the Year. Only got 1 out of 3
MVP: Matt Ryan. OPOY: Should also be Matt Ryan but I think voters will give it to Zeke. DPOY: Landon Collins. OROY: Dak. DROY: Bosa or Ramsey
Landon Collins was in the running. Matt Ryan is the MVP and OPOY.
Crazy stat: Every QB left in the playoffs has two first names. Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodger(s), and Ben Roethlisberger.
Matt Ryan, Vic Beasley and Julio Jones have been named to the All-NFL Team. Matt Bryant named to All-NFC T…
Is it now Brady Rogers Ben Brees and Matt Ryan now since Peyton retired?
Matt Ryan, Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady and yes even Big Ben.are you listening! Think about it...
Matt Ryan is keeping some special company these days: KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) " Matt Ryan is keeping some special……
Brady, Big Ben, Rodgers, and Matt Ryan. Can't even be mad about these last 4. Hoping Atlanta pulls it out, for my uncle.
I guess quarterbacks matter in - Check out the Final 4. Tom Brady vs Ben Rothlesberger and Matt Ryan meets Aaron Rogers.
U know Matt Ryan is as good as Ben, a lot of $for someone who never says anything...😂😂
I'm playing Matt Ryan next fo sho though, home vs Green Bay, love that matchup
Matt Ryan is going to pick the packers defense apart!! End of story!
Matt Ryan gone announce that he's pregnant with Ezekiel Elliot baby
I'm a Falcons fan because my uncle was a freshman at Boston College when Matt Ryan was a senior and led the Eagles to a ranking
Matt Ryan now has the highest career completion percentage in NFL playoff history (66.96%).
as much as I love Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers is by far the best
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