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Matt Ryan

Matthew Thomas Matt Ryan (born May 17, 1985), nicknamed Matty Ice, is the starting American football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football League.

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AMAZING read for those that blame Matt Ryan for the 4th qtr of the SB...some may need Football for Dummies first
Matt Ryan says Falcons should have run the ball late in Super Bowl
My sit-down with Falcons QB Matt Ryan. “We made the play to win the Super Bowl to Julio.”
Matt Ryan explains exactly what happened in the Falcons' Super Bowl collapse -
How will the Falcons rebound from their heartbreaking Super Bowl loss?. 1 on 1 with Matt Ryan:…
[NFL Nation: Atlanta Falcons] - Going back to Cali: Austin Hooper bonds with MVP Matt Ryan
takes this opening Yamaha 125cc Gold Cup Victory from Matt Ryan and Cameron Taylor.
Matt Ryan is NFL’s best deep passer in PFF era so maybe Joe Flacco got robbed?
There are people who still think Joe Flacco is better than Matt Ryan because Flacco has a ring lmfao.
Joe Flacco Eli Manning and Matt Ryan all the same qb fr. Only difference is two of them have had consis…
solid battle but I think Becca may have won with the Matt Ryan and Jackie Moon answers. 👍🏻
Matt Ryan has Julio Jones,Sanu,Taylor Gabriel,Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman and they actually have a OFFENSIVE LINE
The basically put a big middle finger up to Russell Westbrook and Matt Ryan when it comes to these awards smh.
He saying it like Matt Ryan is a bum
did you see this from between Matt Ryan and Truex after the race. Funny as hel…
Joe Flacco has more Super Bowl rings than Dan Marino, Matt Ryan, Fran Tarkenton, Jim Kelly, and Warren Moon combined
This was the same issue that suffocated Matt Ryan under Koetter. Bad OL in vertical offense even with Julio/White/Gonzalez.
Wait what? Did u just say Matt Ryan performed better…
I hope you don't mean Matt Ryan, who performed better tha…
Re-activated my fantasy team today and realized my keepers were Matt Ryan and Ezekiel Elliott.
Matt Ryan is one of these type of QBs. Rodgers/Wilson/Brady can succeed almost no matter what talent around them b/c of placement.
Matt Ryan : "Coach, if we stayed home we could've said we didn't get beat by Tom Brady"
Bruh I had Matt Ryan starting while Brady was on the bench on suspension. My team name was Catching Plays and yes, I slimed *** 😂
Yeah *** it Matt Ryan is the worst linebacker in the league, why did he let Brady run free smh smh
It wasn't Ryan or Brady. Matt Ryan was 6th and Brady was actually 20th!
I'm not saying Matt Ryan is a bad QB, but he isn't elite QBs like Brady, Rodgers, and Pe…
They got Matt Ryan on that Gatorade commercial like he's about to comeback and will it all 😂
Drew brees is better than Matt Ryan
asks Sanu to name other elite qbs outside of Matt Ryan but only limits him to Rodgers and Brady. Smh
Matt Ryan played better than flacco and Tom Brady
Matt Ryan. Christian McAffrey. DeAndre Hopkins(he's still being drafted in R2 for whatever reason). Martellus Bennett
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Tom Brady is the only player that had a better season than Matt Ryan only because he won the Super Bowl. Nobody else should…
Why he got a Super Bowl and Matt Ryan blew a 25 point lead??
Matt Ryan dead *** looks like Sheen from jimmy neutron
Nah he shouldn't ,, you still have Tom, Aaron , Odell, Julio , Von miller, Kahlil Mack , Matt Ryan , Le'Veon , and AB
Close.Rodgers,Big Ben,Brees, Newton,Wilson,Brady,Luck,Carson Palmer,Matt Ryan...and up for grabs
Matt Ryan's first pass... was it Jenkins?
With no team, Colin Kaepernick's jersey is still a top seller. It's 17th - above Russell Wilson & Matt Ryan.
I really liked it. To me, the bigger message is how the RNC/Matt Ryan is damag…
Unlike the dreadful (though I still enjoyed it in a way) Keanu Reaves movie, Matt Ryan played my favori…
Actually thought the key to Pats Super Bowl comeback was their second half. covfefe of Matt Ryan.
I'm glad you know Russell Wilson belongs in front of Matt Ryan
Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, or Russell Wilson. All more talented than Tom Brady.
I'm stating facts the offense around Matt Ryan is better than any other q…
Matt Ryan is not better than Stafford at all
Big Ben is far better than Matt Ryan, Matt ryan has had a better team aro…
Matt Ryan, David Johnson, and five Cowboys lead the AP's All-Pro Teams
Thomas Dimitroff told that Matt Ryan and new OC Steve Sarkisian are "hitting it off well.". 🎥 -
Blowing out those candles was the first thing Matt Ryan has blown since Super Bowl 51
Falcons QB Matt Ryan has dominated the field on play action passes over the past two seasons.
Matt Ryan completes a pass to Michael Jenkins with :01 left- his first career GW drive (Falcons/Bears 2008)
Matt Ryan & Ricardo Allen talking to the media
Flacco also had a hall of fame defense. Matt Ryan is the better quarterback.
Matt Ryan's first pass in the NFL - 62Yd TD to Michael Jenkins: Before he was a CB he was a WR.
*** add in Matt Ryan as Constantine, Nathan Fillion as Castle, and Molly Quinn as Alexis, and you'd…
Other current QBs who might trade in their cleats for a microphone someday? Carson Palmer, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers
Where is the 300 yards Button or 500 yards thrown by Matt Ryan. Or the Cam Newton concussion Button?
Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Wilson, Carr. . Is how I would stack my Top 5. . Ben @ 6, Matt Ryan @ 7.
my 2016 love for Stafford was up there with my love for 2016 Matt Ryan.
Matt Ryan won an MVP and took a team to the Super Bowl. Ditto for Cam. Russ won a Super Bowl and nearly won another. Stafford?
man I saw that tool heath Evans on nfl network man he refuses to give Matt Ryan and credit what a ***
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
"Matt Ryan the historical leader in 4Q comebacks" u must never heard of Eli Manning or Matt Stafford
nobody traded the future for Matt Ryan the kept there picks and still got De'Angelo Hall that year I think?
2 years ago ATL's offense ranked similarly to Bears last year and Kyle Shanny had Matt Ryan and Julio Jones.
Did Kyle Shanahan bring Matt Ryan and Julio Jones to the 49ers? Cause ummm im not sure why 49ers fans saying they can make the playoffs
Paul George is like Matt Ryan, an all star who will never get a ring. . Also both have two first names
Please let Matt Ryan guest star as on again! Ple…
Tom Brady is so smart. He knew he needed to keep Matt Ryan and Julio Jones off the field so he threw that pick-6. Brillia…
Matt Ryan, Paul George, and Steph Curry walk into a bar...
Luck has had Pro Bowl pass catchers, Matt Ryan has had a HoF TE and a perennial all pro at WR. Still can't win.
Matt Ryan only lost in the Super Bowl due to play calling. Luck needs a better defense and oline as well.
you rank Andrew Luck ahead of Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Cam Newton as the best QB drafted overall in the last 10 years. WHAT ?
Matt Ryan has watched the loss multiple times: "I watched it the day after. I watched it two days after"
If love a QB in this draft and pass on him, it's the Dolphins passing on Matt Ryan in 08 because they took John Beck in round 2 prior
Matt Ryan, AB, Jason Witten, Marshawn lynch (Seahawks still have him under contract so he is still a seahawk)
same was said about Matt Ryan.would you take Earl Thomas over Ryan if your team needed both? featured in NBC s Science of Love
How about Matt Ryan? Coming off a career year and a Super Bowl meltdown, ripe for being picked apart
Whoa whoa!.Matt Ryan was at the helm of the greatest choke job in league history!
Hue Jackson and the Browns will win a Superbowl before Andrew Luck, Derek Carr, Phillip Rivers, Matt Ryan.
If it was 29-9, maybe the Pats don't attempt the field goal prior to the Matt Ryan fumble, score a TD, and then win…
Add Notre Dame sophomore Matt Ryan to the transfer list. This thing is at a rapid pace today.
Funny how peoples perceptions change so much after one season. First Cam Newton, now Matt Ryan..
Matt Ryan doesn't play defense. Paul Ryan only knows how 2 play defense.
Matt Ryan is no doubt better than Cam Newton
Panther fans putting Matt Ryan ahead of Cam Newton??
I want Colin Farrell, Matt Ryan, or Paul Bettany tbqh but Colin Farrell is GOAT
Tom Hopper and Matt Ryan for the Sunday hehe x
Matt Ryan was already a very talented and capable QB before Kyle got there. And Rahim Moore had a lot to do with it.
When will he start over Matt Ryan take szn has begun
Matt Ryan won the MVP over Tom Brady because he threw for more yards (4,944) and TD's (38). Look at the STATS it's easy ma…
Matt Ryan moving like Russell Wilson in the pocket lol gg
Falcons: GM Thomas Dimitroff says extending Matt Ryan's contract not out of the question but primary focus is re-s…
QBs of the highest paid WRs in the NFL, at the time they signed their deals: Big Ben, Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, Peyto…
I'd say more than 1 would suffice. You keep trying to push this idea that Romo is clutch. He isn't. Matt Ryan only a maybe?
I say they go Trubisky. He probably wants someone similar to Matt Ryan. That's not Watson or KKizer
with romo, romo is colder than Matt Ryan, n with romo at qb dez is better than Jones
fans here would have gotten rid of Matt Ryan romo rivers how many 9-7 and 7-9 seasons they had
I want to be a Jet, but I think he goes to San Fran. Makes sense for Shanahan as Glennon has some similarities to Matt Ryan.
5 things to know today: Matt Ryan relaxing in Mexico with wife and ...Matthew Stafford; cop killer found guilty,...
Wishing the best of luck to at the Personally I'd love to see you go to Atlanta and work under Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan deserves the MVP. While Julio Jones deserves the Co mvp. Great players makes great players.
One of the seven wonder of the world:. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones smiling off the field
I'll just settle this right here. Matt Ryan >> Philip Rivers. Julio Jones >> WHO??
Atlanta Falcons qb Matt Ryan the NFL’s 50th best player
I've watched James White TD over a thousand times and I can't get over the fact it looks like Matt Ryan thinks he gets a chance to answer
LeBron James Harden as the Steelers get even stop Brady's comeback king Matt Ryan's day: When will make more BIG
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James Harden is your Beyoncé. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are your Baal. They have all proven to be false god's
James Corden at the is Matt Ryan in the Super Bowl
Matt Ryan, or his age is the huddle. He turned on Undisputed ON SHANNON, CRIS CARTER, RAY LEWIS - before the Super Bowl ON
Matt Ryan beat Aaron Rogers both times they played as well..
Matt Ryan encourages Atlanta to cheer ... cheer every team
Sarks says the first thing he did when he got to Atlanta was have lunch with QB Matt Ryan
Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, and Russell Wilson are some of the worst Super Bowl winning QBs. Matt Ryan and Dan Marino as the best w/o SB ring.
Brady didn't tell Russell Wilson to throw from the 2yd line nor did he tell Matt Ryan to drop back twice within FG range.
Gerry why do you insist on kissing Metas *** regarding Matt Ryan, Ryan choked not just the coaches. Ryan fumbled and choked
Everyone who thinks Matt Ryan is better than Joe Flacco
Kurt Warner, Donovan McNabb, Russell Wilson, and Matt Ryan all fell to Brady and the Pats but Eli beat them twice and for that I am blessed
Cam Newton should take a lesson from Matt Ryan on how to be a good loser
Boston University gets on the board first as an F--Matt Ryan breaks out. Jakob Forsbacka-Karlsson on an odd-man rush. 1-0 Terriers.
I tested the bonds of my relationship last night by constantly calling Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers idfk
It's still Matt Ryan fault in my eyes.. *** could've changed the play...same for the Russell Wilson 🤗
Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan real fck boys. I can't support them.
So I guess Eli and the Giants are the only ones who can beat Tom Brady! First Russell Wilson, now Matt Ryan come on your better than that!
Jacoby Brissett has more Superbowl rings than Carson Palmer, Cam Newton, Philip Rivers, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan and Dan Marino combined.
I just had a dream that I saw Matt Ryan in the locker room after losing He was eating chips and salsa out of a jar. NOT GOOD, GUYS.
Matt Ryan blow it, just like Russell Wilson😏
Matt Ryan: We had opportunities and made some mistakes
here is mine. Matt Ryan is a sorry excuse for a starting nfl quarterback. Russell Wilson all day
2nd where QBs should have audible out of play calls. Matt Ryan & Russell Wilson will have intereting discussion…
Russell Wilson and Matt close...almost beat Brady.
A lot of questions for Kyle Shanahan and Matt Ryan after this one. Just like there were for Darrell Bevell and Russell Wilson
Matt Ryan passed Otto Graham, Dan Fouts, and Philip Rivers for 26th all-time in playoff passing yards.
The Patriots may have won the Super Bowl but hey Matt Ryan's family is still alive from him throwing that game .😉
You have to feel bad for Matt Ryan and Julio Jones, they played incredible
ball game.Kyle Shanahan takes this with him to the 49ers where he won't have Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and Freeman http…
Matt Ryan went to the Andy Reid school of clock management, with guest lectures by Les Miles. the
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Matt Ryan's plan to prevent overtime. -pass it to Julio. -pass it to Julio . -pass it to Julio
Don't give Matt Ryan too much time. With Bryant kicking all they have to do is basically get to midfield
Matt Ryan can sit himself down looking like Opie Taylor
Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are just as good as Manning and Wayne. Don't @ me
Super Bowl MVP is an interesting discussion between Grady Jarrett, Matt Ryan, Robert Alford, and Devonta Freeman.
I'd say Matt Ryan, Robert Alford and Devonta Freeman all have very, very strong MVP cases.
Kyle Van Noy was a Detroit Lion this year. he just sacked Matt Ryan in the Super Bowl. . typical Lions
This gone be Matt Ryan at the White House.
Robert Alford, Matt Ryan, Devonta Freeman, Julio Jones...The guys in red are coming in waves. Wow.
Matt Ryan has started out 6 for 6 for 96 yards.
PSA: Matt Ryan & Julio Jones are handing out FREE CLINIC TAPE
If Andrew Luck had what Matt Ryan has oh my god...
That was a very Jason Garret reaction by Matt Ryan.
Matt Ryan looks like he'd make a good half-witted sheriff's deputy on a second rate TV drama.
I wanted the Dolphins to take Matt Ryan in 2008. I also wanted them to take Brees over Jamar Fletcher + Brady Quinn over Ginn. Qb is tough
shannon sharpe said brady only faced 1 qb with high rating R Wilson, Matt Ryan has faced sevral and has won 4
We gonna act like Matt Ryan, alumni of Boston College didn't vote for Trump? If you think that you've never been to Chestnut Hill.
Congrats to Matt Ryan on the well deserved MVP. It's been an honor to block for you.
its stat fact pats havent faced a top 10 QBR QB this yr matt ryan would be the 1st
D-Rookie of the Year: Joey Bosa. O-Rookie of the Year: Dak Prescott. D-Player...: Khalil MacK. O-Player...: Matt Ryan.
EH ?😁😅 RB Anderson and Matt Ryan like "Dayammm Reallyyy ,y'all would just a Burn My jersey?And I didn't do it ?and PETA Errbodu give
'Matt Ryan to Julio Jones... TOUCH DOWN Falcons !!' I say we hear that twice tomorrow . Super Bowl !
Matt Ryan has won the 2016 AP NFL Offensive Player of the Year award.
If Matt Ryan goes (119-0) in his next 119 games (reg/post) he will have the same career record as TB12. TB12- (207-61)…
Matt Ryan winning MVP is a good preview of Super Bowl game tomorrow
Congrats to my man, Matt Ryan, on EARNING the NFL MVP award. U deserve it! Now finish it in story book fashion.
2016 MVP belongs to QB Matty Ice had a message to share after winning the honor:
I didn't vote for Matt Ryan to be NFL MVP!
Win or lose, of the Atlanta will benefit greatly from
Matt Ryan scooped the big prize last night at NFL Honours. Sky Sports takes a look at his career so far:…
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I callled it that Matt Ryan was winning MVP
38 touchdowns and a passer rating of 117.1. . Take a look back at Matt Ryan's journey.
Matt Ryan named NFL MVP for 2016 season via
Matt Ryan got where is Drew Bree's? Oh right gave it to the forehead PM
When you found out Matt Ryan won the MVP award. .
Congratulations to the Offensive Player of the Year, Matt Ryan!.
It is official. The QB Matt Ryan is this year's MVP. Can he deliver them a
Matt Ryan the MVP of the NFL. That's how you know this whole season a wash
Congratulations to Matt Ryan for winning the NFL MVP award!
I'm happy to see Matt Ryan got the MVP award like he deserved!!!
Good luck to Matt Ryan and the Falcons tomorrow!!!
They are chanting "MVP" here at Philips. I suspect that was for Matt Ryan.
.fans go crazy after hearing QB Matt Ryan won the MVP!
Matt Ryan deservedly wins MVP and Dak Prescott rookie of the year. And so happy that Kurt Warner is heading to the hall of fame!
Outside of Julio Jones who do the Falcons have? Matt Ryan and Devonta Freeman. Who probably won't even be a factor because of the Pats Run D
Matt Ryan wins MVP, possible bad news for Falcons on Sunday. NFL MVPs have lost the past seven Super Bowls they have play…
MVP!. Matt Ryan has been named the NFL's 2016 Most Valuable Player.
No. 2 named No. 1. Congratulations to Matt Ryan & the
Matt Ryan is your 2016 NFL MVP. He is the first Falcons player to win the award in franchise history.
39 years old and still kicking *** Matt Ryan has so many weapons. Imagine what Tom could do w Julio Jones
The world now knows what we knew all along. . Matt Ryan is the MVP! . 📝 -
"NFL Honors" recognizes Matt Ryan, Jason Garrett, Khalil MacK on eve of Super Bowl
It's ok Matt Ryan you can have your league MVP. Tom Brady will get the Super Bowl MVP!
Now a resounding M-V-P chant for... Matt Ryan. Again, at an NBA game.
Matt Ryan is the 8th MVP this century to reach the Super Bowl. Each of the previous 7 lost
Vote for MVP was not close. Matt Ryan was selected on 25 of 50 ballots. Second place Tom Brady got 10.
Congrats to Matt Ryan for being the most milquetoast MVP winner since Brian Sipe
[NFL: Videos] Flanagan: Matt Ryan, Falcons take in the moment in visit to NRG Stadium before SBLI - NFL Vid
Michael Vick is officially retiring from the NFL. Read his interview with on Matt Ryan and more:
Matt Ryan spent his summers playing family pickup games in North Wildwood:
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Ryan if the Falcons win you should have Matt Ryan on. Or Wes Durham.
The beginning portion of the pool report, via With Dan Quinn being "pumped" for Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan went to a charter school in high school. Go Falcons! .
5 ways the New England can stop Matt Ryan in
Before Matt Ryan’s Ascent, a Quiet Grounding in the Quaker Way
Matt Ryan is in the Super Bowl and Drew Brees is not. alternative
Falcons have a chance? According 2 the X1 Sports App Matt Ryan has thrown 4 over 1000 more yards than Brady this season! Yep!
you need to get a picture of Matt Ryan behind you instead of Brady
Tom Brady or Matt Ryan as your QB for the next five years? The pick is a no-brainer -ht…
I meant to say Matt Ryan is good but not the total package. He needs to win the big game to earn it. Just my opinion.
Heres how Super Bowl quarterback Matt Ryan trains his brain
[unable to retrieve full-text content]. Matt Ryan and Tom Brady are the prototypical pocket passers. But Brady was…
I want the Falcons to win as much as any other decent human being, but let's not pretend like Matt Ryan isn't a huge Trump supporter.
Some healing for Rem and all the Falcons fans who doubted Matt Ryan over the years.
No disrespect to Tom Brady's legacy, but given Matt Ryan's 2016-17 season, Ryan might be the better QB on Sunday.
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to when the drafted Matt Ryan with the No.3 overall pick in 2008. . Will he bring the franchise their 1st
[NFL: Detroit Lions] Matt Ryan: 'I think the world of Stafford'
People pretending Matt Ryan is the greatest to ever touch the game because this dude made it to his first superbowl lol
What is the culture that Dan Quinn has created for the team?. Matt Ryan explains. . Full Press Conference -
System QB= 8 letters. . Matt Ryan = 8 letters. . Facts are right in front of you.
Super Bowl QB says this gadget helped him have career-best season
Look out, Tom Brady and Matt Ryan. opens her press conference with a perfect pass into the audience. ht…
Matt Ryan: Most NFL teams don't have one running back like our two -
Austin Hooper was 1 of an NFL-record 13 Falcons who caught a TD from Matt Ryan this season -- so naturally, he thinks No. 2 is t…
Atlanta put right pieces around Matt Ryan & he took off in Year 9. Can same happen for Stafford in Year 9 in 2017?
If the Packers beat the Falcons I'm sure Super Bowl 51 would have more buzz. Falcons have Julio Jones and Matt Ryan..but still...
13 Falcons players have caught a TD pass from Matt Ryan this season. That's the most in NFL history (via h…
Ben Roethlisberger appeared on 'Cal Cast' -- He was not asked about his playing future, but he did deem M…
butler manning up and McCourtey helping over top Lmaoo i wish Matt Ryan would try
Evans said on NFLN that Aaron Rodgers deserved MVP over Matt Ryan because he only had “2-3 losses” this ye…
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The Falcons listen to Atlanta-based Migos, except for Matt Ryan who likes Mumford and Sons.
My choices would be, Hayley Atwell, Matt Ryan, Richard Ayoade or Ioan Gruffudd. But Kohli also seems like a good pick.
Matt Ryan laughed and said a bit too much was made of the "advice" Eli Manning gave him on how to beat Patriots in a Super Bowl.
Matt Ryan gets Super Bowl advice from Peyton and Eli Manning -
Eli Manning, the only QB to beat Tom Brady in Super Bowl, is texting Matt Ryan on how to topple the Patriots
Here's the Super Bowl advice that Matt Ryan got from Peyton and Eli Manning
Matt Ryan seeks advice from Peyton and Eli Manning before Super Bowl week:.
No one saw it coming ?! have honestly been a contender every year since Matt Ryan's arrival, it all abo…
thats nice but Matt Ryan had a better statistical season
Tom Brady explains what Patriots have to do to beat Atlanta and shares thoughts on his relationship with Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan has been linked to Brady since BC days via
Matt Ryan called Eli to see how he beat the Patriots in the Superbowl 😂😂😂😂 fck him 🖕🖕🖕
The Matt Ryan era has been very successful.
Matt Ryan reached out to a number of QBs for Super Bowl advice, including the only on to beat Belichick and the Pats h…
Giants fans are so worked up about Matt Ryan texting Eli Manning for advice lol
Michael Vick opens up to about his relationship with Matt Ryan and Arthur Blank, career regrets and more
Patriots fans still have fond memories of Falcons QB Matt Ryan from his time on Boston College's football team
Matt Ryan has ZERO fear in his face. That dude is focused on a level I've never seen him before.
I added a video to a playlist Best of Matt Ryan from Opening Night | NFL | Super Bowl LI Opening
Matt Ryan had nothing but nice things to say about Tom Brady and the Pats. He even discussed Pete Frates. FULL:…
he ain't the MVP so stop trying to make him the one. Matt Ryan is. ***
Matt Ryan dreamed about winning the Super Bowl as a kid | Super Bowl OPENING NIGHT
Tom Brady agrees with Matt Ryan. What NBA player would he add to his team?. .
Just saw Matt Ryan got the nickname Matty Ice because he drank natty ice in college. You've now got nothing but respect from me.
Matt Ryan no enemy of Patriot state
Matt Ryan talked to Eli Manning about beating the Patriots in the
I read this in my mind with the Maty Ice voice.
Tom Brady and Matt Ryan square off on Opening Night. WATCH:
66 TDs, 9 INTs in the regular season combined. . Jaw-dropping numbers for the two QBs in Super Bowl LI. . 📝 -
Julio Jones: Matt Ryan does not need ring to be ‘elite’
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Matt Ryan just ignored when asked a question. proceeded to count how many rings he has...
"He's tough. He's got a good arm. And more than anything are the intangibles.". talks Matt Ryan:
Matt Ryan said he spoke with Peyton Manning last week about the process of preparing for... https:…
Ricardo Allen not ‘starstruck' facing Brady. “Another QB in this league. I went against Rodgers last week. I go against…
Matt Ryan on opening drives, insane numbers
Matt Ryan is already over the media hoopla and just wants to focus on the game. I like it.
This guy just came up on Matt Ryan's press conference. "Nice mask," Ryan said.
You know Lebron is a freak athlete when Matt Ryan AND Tim Brady would take him over anyone else in the NBA 😳💪🏾
Corporal Corey Tanner earned a Purple Heart but never met his son. Matt Ryan will wear his initials on Sunday. .
Matt Ryan said he's texted Eli Manning multiple times about how to beat Tom Brady. (via
here's the deal Matt Ryan is good but he hasn't met Trey flowers hope this text gets you fired up go get him sack him
Matt Ryan says he sought advice from Eli Manning on beating the Patriots.
If Tom Brady says Matt Ryan was the first pick, then Matt Ryan was the first pick.
Dwight Freeney: "The year Matt Ryan had this year is as good as any Peyton had, or Phillip Rivers had, or any QB I've been around."
Julio gets attacked by a Saber tooth tiger. Matt Ryan steps in to help...Wooly Mammoth crushes him.
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Michael Vick on Matt Ryan, Arthur Blank and more via
Nice QBs banner of Tom Brady and Matt Ryan at George Brown Convention Center in Houston -
Just saw this on Amazon: Justice League Dark by Matt Ryan via
Matt Ryan will out play Tom Brady in the Super Bowl 😬 Just wait on it.
Quarterback Proposition Bets - What Will be the Total Passing Yards by Tom Brady & Matt Ryan -
"Meanwhile differential equations and Matt Ryan are ruining my life" -honestly a pretty accurate summary of how things are…
you must be confused. Matt Ryan is NOT Kurt Warner.
Maybe if Matt Ryan was about to break the record for most Super Bowl victories ever he could be on the cover
If Matt Ryan don't win MVP the NFL some snakes 🐍
I said it before, I'll say it again. If anybody deserves this, it's Matt Ryan. He deserves to be here. I'm so proud of an…
Matt Ryan’s long, hard road to the Super Bowl
Giants fan we beat yah twice let's see what Matt Ryan is gonna do
Boogie and Rondo worked out well the first time.
Remember that time Clammy won the Clammy would play better than Matt Ryan, right
Seven and a half years after we first ran it, this profile of Matt Ryan by has renewed relevance:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I got 15 minutes with owner Arthur Blank today, & he talked Matt Ryan, the Westside, and Pres Trump: htt…
lololol. Unless he bringing Matt Ryan and Julio Jones too it makes no difference
If I gotta run on the field and catch a Matt Ryan interception myself so the Falcons can lose then I'll do it
Overreactions: There's no stopping Matt Ryan and the Falcons
Kaep had a defense and starter longer. You see where he is now. Does Matt…
On today we call out bandwagon Matt Ryan fans and talk about the discography of the 04 QB draft class. https…
SB LI will feature the highest combined regular-season passer rating (114.9) by opposing QBs in any Super Bowl. 📝- htt…
My new sounds: Super Bowl Matchup X's and O's and why Matt Ryan could be having the greatest QB Year of all time
Awww Ryan that means a lot! Although i don't think Matt would agree. You too kind. You are a beautiful person!Thanx
🇺🇸 👈 It's our end-of-season NFL awards! And Matt Ryan is the only choice for MVP…
The Patriots know they need to get pressure on Matt Ryan
The pains of recruiting: Sometimes teams like Iowa lose out on players like Matt Ryan, only Matt Ryan or can shut down .
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