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Matt Painter

Matt Painter (born August 27, 1970) is the current Head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team.

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Watch MATT ABOUT JAX: Meet the painter behind the mural at Brooklyn Station
Congrats to Matt Painter 20th all time coach to earn 100 BIG wins
Hey up mate, Is that right Matt Edgar And Kev Painter playing super league for Brandon Club ?
Matt Painter and Sharon Versyp each have 100 conference victories
Here’s the first picture of Eddie Redmayne as transgender painter Einar Wegener via
Video from Matt Painter and players after last night's 92-85 victory over Rutgers.
When a painter draws the sound of a tear i will stop loving you. Please Matt, follow me):. Chile Chile Chile:(
VIDEO: Coach Matt Painter on his team's 92-85 victory over Rutgers via
FREE video at Coach Matt Painter on win over Rutgers
Matt painter talks about the win, the status of Vince Edwards and the next game at Ohio State.
Agreed, but you can't avoid the fact that Matt Painter teams struggle horribly against press. Just awful against it
If I'm Matt Painter, I am very disappointed in my team for the way they finished this game.
who should be B1G coach of the year...??.I think Bo Ryan and matt painter should share it...??,..
Did you know Van Gogh spent a brief time as a missionary?.
Matt Painter calls timeout while keeps taking quick threes with a 14-point lead that was 20 and some defensive holes to cover up
Continue to support JP Honsinger by going to vote for Coach Matt Painter. . With your help...
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Could Matt Painter win Big Ten coach of the year? If the Boilers keep winning.
Of course. Matt Painter is a genius tomorrow.
Finding your way in the art world is a real challenge. Painter Matthew Grabelsky has been there:
.returns to the mound for his first start March 6:
As expected, basketball coaches don't sound too excited about a proposal to make freshmen ineligible. http:…
Reminder: Matt Painter is 3-12 against OSU and MSU in their houses. He can out-coach Crean the clown, but I don't know about Izzo and Matta
IU's offensive collapse Wednesday reminds me of what Matt Painter says: "You can't live through your offense, or you will be dead a lot."
Matt Painter owned last season like a man...I respected that.
Coach Matt Painter competes for local charity
Purdue's Matt Painter said he would be open to a "national discussion" about freshman eligibility on ESPN's podcast.
He majored in astrophysics but found success as a painter. Here's Matt Grabelsky's insightful story:
In case you missed it: Jon Octeus and Matt Painter's buck-stops-here regret:
Are you an artist in college looking for direction? Painter Matt Grabelsky understands.
it is not going to happen, and to think it will is being naive. Matt Painter said Tuesday that unless all conferences in, it's dead
The REAL Matt Painter's lead is slipping. GO VOTE! Make an impact!.
3 days to paint an army. First up a quick trip to get more spray. Army painter cans are crap - I've had 2 now that have gone …
Every Tuesday and I try to help B10 Coaches...each week I say "throw the *** ball inside" Matt Painter is liste…
Hey fellow sharks go vote for Matt painter everyday, for a great cause! . Swim with us
Bo Ryan & Matt Painter certainly merit consideration, but Mark Turgeon is the B1G COY. New league, new travel, new refs, …
Coach Matt Painter competes for local charity - w...
Humbled and proud to represent - amazing character. Always looking for ways to give back.
Matt Painter says court storming is difficult at Mackey, but wants B1G-wide discussion to begin. 6:20p
Coach Matt Painter competes for local charity -
Coach Matt Painter competes for local charity
shockingly, not all the coaches sound opposed. Matt Painter sounded like he was in favor of it.
Thursday vs Rutgers, Matt Painter has a chance to earn his 100th Big Ten win at He'd be the fourth active coa…
Coach Matt Painter: 'Rapheal Davis has been one of the best defensive players we've had in 10 years.'
Coach Matt Painter: 'Rapheal and AJ really benefited from our struggles.' Learned how to lead and not lead. Ad…
Tom Izzo and Matt Painter at Homestead right now!
Matt Painter is now in the building!
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Matt Painter on Troy Williams: "He's unbelievable. I've never seen a guy like him in the Big Ten."
Appears that Coach Matt Painter is eating Skittles, original flavor. Great choice coach, keep up the wise choices
Matt Painter also here now at Homestead
Purdue Coach Matt Painter and Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo in attendance here to watch Snider-Homestead.
Tom Izzo & Matt Painter sitting next to each other at tonight's sold out Snider at Homestead game.
.Coach Matt Painter sitting next to Tom Izzo here at Homestead.
Jon Octeus' dunk surprised Purdue Coach Matt Painter, too.
.joined the Show to talk about win last night at Listen Here!
How about an open with a call from Matt Painter! Nick Bosak is the best producer in the business!
Waiting on my oil change and see Matt Painter get in his Durango.I flipped him off but he didn't see me. Wish he would've .
the way greenberg described matt painter as having "a great way about him"...the exact opposite of Tom Crean. He freaks ppl out
.on "Matt Painter does an incredible job with his players. He just has a great way about him. They love him."
Tom Crean looking at Matt painter like...
Some funny comments If Ray was as good offensively as defensively I would set on the bench eating Nacho's
Don't miss tonight's reception with painter Matt Bracket from 5:30-7:30pm at the Catamount Arts Center.
Tom Crean better recruiter. Matt painter better coach
Matt Painter will get B1G coach of the year too
How can u not like Matt Painter? Understands game, cares abt his guys and just likable. As an IU guy/fan, love success 4 him & his team..
Great Win last night! Now show your support and love to Matt Painter in the Infinity Coaches Charity Challenge...
Coming up at 12:15 w/ is Coach Matt Painter after the monster win last night over
I'll say this about last nights game. Purdue players and Matt Painter once they got back in the game early in the 2nd half knew they'd win
You mean Boilerchick? He totally sabotaged the Hoosiers. I bet he is friends with Matt Painter.
Rival reaction: 'We played them at the right time' - Postgame video and transcript of Matt Painter, PU players -
Always been a Matt Painter fan, he does a phenomenal job up there. He's clearly rebounded from the misfits that tried bringing him down.
It's here! The new Matt Painter Sandwich. It's made with six different cheeses, grilled to perfection on Naan...
Matt Painter is one of my favorite college basketball coaches. Tom Crean is one of my least favorite. Congrats to …
I would like to thank Matt Painter for helping bring the viewer
Matt Painter: 'The fashion we won this game was huge for our team. We hung in there. Kept getting key rebounds, key st…
Matt Painter's teams have won 3 times in Assembly Hall. Gene Keady's teams won there 6 times in 25 years.
Matt Painter watching Nick Ward (2016 pf) tonight per . Visited last fall. Ohio recruiting has been strong.
Purdue head Coach Matt Painter is in at Gahanna to watch '16 PF Nick Ward vs. Grove City tonight
Purdue head Coach Matt Painter is at Gahanna's game versus Grove City to watch 2016 F Nick Ward.
Head Coach of Purdue Matt Painter is in the house to watch Nick Ward tonight.
I’m taking Matt Painter with trichinosis.
men's basketball Coach Matt Painter talked Rutgers and more today via
A massive thank you to Matt Beavis (painter & decorator) who has spruced up our main hall. It looks fantastic, thanks Matt :-)
Purdue men's basketball: Matt Painter on Rutgers - Journal and Courier
Purdue Coach Matt Painter: “It’s good, when you have a setback (Minnesota loss), to see how people respond to that.”
Coach Matt Painter of Kendall Stephens: 'I say to our staff all the time, 'Next game will be his game.''
Coach Matt Painter: 'I have confidence in Kendall Stephens. When he shoots the ball I think it's going in.'
Coach Matt Painter on Stephens: 'He thinks every shot should go in. It bugs him (when they don't)'
Coach Matt Painter: Kendall Stephens 'in a little bit of rut right now' that started with injury. Made his last two threes at MINN.
Coach Matt Painter: 'We struggle to put it all together. we take care of ball, we struggle to rebound. When we reb, we turn it over'
Coach Matt Painter: Defensive breakdowns hurt them on some threes, but Minnesota 'had 30 points in half court' for the game.
Coach Matt Painter: Vince Edwards had some defensive breakdowns in second half at Minnesota, but he 'knows what he's doing.'
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Coach Matt Painter said he likes the the three-point looks his team has continued to generate.
Coach Matt Painter on Kendall Stephens' hand: 'If it wasn't OK, it would affect his shooting in practice. It doesn't.'
Coach Matt Painter said travel call on Isaac Haas at Minnesota was 'mind-boggling. Wishes he'd gotten Haas in more in second half.
Coach Matt Painter on AJ Hammons: 'He's more focused and ready to play and that helps him across the board.'
Coach Matt Painter on runs on the road given up at Illinois and Minnesota: 'We killed ourselves.'
Coach Matt Painter: 'It's gonna be important we play with some aggressiveness, but play with some smarts.'
Coach Matt Painter: 'They have a lot of length and athleticism. Have to keep them in front of you and keep them off glass.'
Coach Matt Painter: 'We have to be a better, more fundamentally sound team than we were the other night.'
Coach Matt Painter: 'It was not being mentally tough and taking care of the basketball.'
Coach Matt Painter on MINN turnovers: 'It was no one thing when you have that many. We ran full circuit.' All 10 guys turned it over
Coach Matt Painter about to begin his pre-Rutgers teleconference.
Updates forthcoming shortly from Coach Matt Painter's weekly media teleconference.
Coach Matt Painter on radio on second half run of turnovers at Minnesota: 'It was a comedy of errors.'
Matt Painter should apologize when he spikes his hair and looks like a porcupine.
Coach Matt Painter on radio said if 'Vince Edwards catches that ball with two minutes left in first half' they…
Coach Matt Painter on radio joked assistants 'sometimes get mad at me' for honesty with recruits. 'I want to g…
Matt Painter on radio about 'I chose Gene Keady. He was honest with me.'
Matt Painter said he wasnt gonna let recruit him because he liked IU. Result taught him as coach to not make e…
Coach Matt Painter on radio: D'Angelo Russell maybe 'the best all-around guard' he has seen in Big Ten in 10 y…
Coach Matt Painter on radio on last play at Minnesota: 'They don't make that call for an opponent at Mackey Ar…
in the Matt painter era for sure. Maybe ever.
Tom Crean out-coached by Matt painter. Does this mean painter is now up for coach of the year?
Let's see how long Matt Painter keeps Jon Octeus out with three fouls. Bryson Scott has four.
Got out coached again tonight. This time by Matt Painter. L o l
Matt Painter is eating Tom Crean for lunch. Beyond unprepared.
If I am Matt Painter, I cut anyone's scholarship that shoots another jumper or 3 in this game. Absolutely no reason to.
I just dominated a bowl of cereal like Matt Painter dominates Purdue cheerleaders.
Did Bryson Scott bang Matt Painter's cheerleader girlfriend? Why else has he not played in a month?
Gotta love seeing a Delta grad in Purdue Coach Matt Painter have success in big games!
Matt Painter packs fudge. And not at a chocolate factory.
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Why does Matt Painter look like a seedy politician tho
I'll slap Matt Painter in the mouth
God Matt Painter is annoying on the sidelines. Dude, shut up.
Matt Painter is the biggest cry baby
Matt Painter *** their *** for free too. Idk. That's simply a guess but it seems pretty accurate
I've gotta give it to Matt Painter. He is the only coach to realize that IU lacks a true big man. It only took 4 months.
You can tell Matt Painter has coached them on exactly how to beat a zone and they are executing it perfectly. Your move Tom Cream.
When is Matt Painter's commercial coming on? Wait. Who's Matt Painter?
Matt Painter said this week Hammons has bad habit of twisting body when blocking shots and it gets him in trouble sometimes. Isaac Haas in.
Hammons just picked up a foul on a James Blackmon drive. Matt Painter disagreed.
Matt Painter told Dan Dakich on the radio yesterday that he won't play A.J. Hammons and Isaac Haas together against IU.
Matt Painter, on pregame radio interview with Don Fischer, says that he expects to play some small lineups tonight.
told me that "pork chop" is Matt Painter's name on Grindr. So probably that's a sign to bet on Purdue.
Dear Matt Painter, go big tonight. Force IU to play big. You'll win by 20. Go small and they will run you outta Mackey.
These back-and-forth posts of Matt Painter pointing at things & Tom Crean clapping at things have really taken the rivalr…
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Matt Painter closing in on The Mayor in Infiniti Coaches Challenge. Cyclone fans, you can't have that.
Did Matt Painter pass out Sweet 16 rings, though?
Coach Matt Painter, on his confidence more shooters will emerge. "PJ Thompson can not just kind of shoot. He can really shoot."
Tom Crean and Matt Painter were both at Lawrence North tonight to see North Central Sophomore Kris Wilkes. Had 19 points and 9 boards in win
2018 forward Kevin Easley Jr. had 16 pts, 6 rebs, 2 blocks for Lawrence North in front of Tom Crean, Matt Painter.
Both Tom Crean and Matt Painter now here at Lawrence North to see LN take on North Central. Watching . Kris Wilkes (NC) and Kevin Easley (LN)
[the ethereal forms of Bo Ryan, Mike Krzyzewski, Matt Painter, and Thad Matta smile calmly at me like at the end of Return of the Jedi]
Matt Painter is an incredible basketball mind and hearing his players talk is so reflective of the kind of guys he looks for at Purdue.
Congratulations Matt Painter and the boys. Big 10 wins in the road are tough. Go Colts!
Nice road win for Kendall Stephens bails out Matt Painter
F you Matt Painter. Can't believe I'm saying this but I just want to watch K-State.
Note to Matt Painter: practice free throws. I get one game of missed free throws but not 18 games
I think it's about time for Matt Painter to be fired
Does Matt Painter know what he's doing? I don't think so. Dude is a joke.
Kind of need this win Matt Painter...
Is Matt painter too proud to play it 2-3 zone? Isaac Haas is clearly to slow to play man-to-man
Wonder if Matt Painter is having Billy Oliver flashbacks today ...
Whatever Matt Painter said to his team at working! 8-0 run!
I wonder if Matt Painter said walkons would start playing if scholarship players don't get it together this half.
Matt Painter said had to keep Penn State out of transition. PSU has 8 fast-break points, Boilermakers have 0.
Matt Painter can't coach. This team is miserable.
This is on Matt Painter. His team wasn't prepared.
BT FOR THREE! Two consecutive threes, BT's 2nd from the left corner, give PSU a 26-21 lead and force Matt Painter to call timeout.
A 3 from Penn State forces head Coach Matt Painter to call time with five minutes left in the first half
I hate betting on Purdon't because Matt Painter is such a ***
Fun fact, Matt Painter is really tall with huge hands.
Not sure how good Purdue is, but kudos to Matt Painter for landing two offensively skilled 7-footers.
I remember having a team camp at in HS. Matt Painter talked to us for a good amount of time between games. Good basketball mind.
Start your weekend off right and for Matt Painter!
Tell the Raider Fans to celebrate the big victory by voting for Matt Painter and
Portrait painter Matt Doust...large-scale, light and Shadow. Love his work!
you're including playoffs, and Matt cassel is a bum too? Yeah he's better than painter but they both suck
Coach Matt Painter on Penn State: 'We just can't allow (guards) to get loose.' Transition a concern.
Coach Matt Painter on defense. Fouling has been an issue. 'It's concentration and lack of discipline at times.'
Coach Matt Painter on Isaac Haas (51%) and AJ Hammons (63) FT shooting: 'They have to keep working' Hammons 'has no technical flaws;
Coach Matt Painter: Guards all shooting well at foul line 'and that's who has ball in their hands at the end of the game.'
Coach Matt Painter on bigs' FT shooting: 'I think AJ can get to 70% by end of season. It'd be great if Isaac could get to 60.'
Coach Matt Painter on Vince Edwards: 'He has to keep having that energy an that focus' when shots aren't going in.
Coach Matt Painter: 'But as a young team, we've played better when we've had (consecutive) practices.'
Coach Matt Painter on week without a game: 'You really can't answer (whether it helps) until you play.'
Coach Matt Painter on Penn State: 'We have to do a good job playing position defense and do a good job on the glass.'
Coach Matt Painter: Penn State tough stretch to start B1G play related to playing 3 of first 4 on road.
Coach Matt Painter chatting with us media wonks here in a moment. Updates to come.
In the hobbit everyone always talks about Azog The Defiler but no one ever talks about Grog The Finger Painter or Blarg…
I was in the same room as Greg Paulus, Dane Fife, Matt Painter & Chris Holtman tonight. Speaks volumes to the talent on the floor @ SHS.
I'd be shocked if Matt painter is retained by Purdue if they fail to make the tourney this year...
Didn't see him until I was in hallway but Purdue Coach Matt Painter was also at Southport-Park Tudor game.
Purdue head Coach Matt Painter was also at the game
Coach Matt Painter scheduled to be at tonight's Southport-Park Tudor game. Joey Brunk, Paul Scruggs and Jaren Jackson.
Matt Painter checking out Paul Scruggs and Joey Brunk at Southport tonight. Scruggs is a 2017 guard and Brunk is a 2016 F/C
Purdue Coach Matt Painter will be in the Southport Fieldhouse tonight watching SHS Soph 6'3 G Paul Scruggs. PU offered Scruggs last summer.
Painter: For millennial shoppers, "A fixed-gear bike can only carry them so far."
Emily & Scott at say Matt Jessee "is the most professional painter we've seen". Awesome!
Matt Painter was at Lawrence North to see 2018 prospect Kevin Easley
Purdue's Matt Painter stopped by Lawrence North today to watch 2018 F Kevin Easley per Mike Saunders.
Matt Painter thinks weeklong break will benefit young
Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter will watch Southport 6'3 soph G Paul Scruggs tonight at Decatur Central HS.
ICYMI: No mid-week game is a good thing for a young Purdue basketball team, Matt Painter says.
Purdue Coach Matt Painter ticked enough to get technical, poised enough to get team to force Maryland turnover. Boilers trail 59-52.
Question on trivia crack: Which painter said, "If you paint a big picture, you're in it." Answer: Mark Rothko. I got it wrong.
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Matt Painter says switch to zone defense has proved costly at times this season: "Huge mistake on my part."
Coach Matt Painter on playing PGs Jon Octeus and Bryson Scott together: 'It gives us two guys who can really guard the basketball'
Coach Matt Painter on only issue with scheduling setup with 14 teams: 'I'd like to play Indiana twice. That's my only thing'
Coach Matt Painter: 'Communication is a big part of the game that doesn't get talked about as much.' Especially on defense.
Coach Matt Painter: Communication in ball-screen defense has been lacking as part of defensive struggles. That's often on bigs.
Coach Matt Painter: 'That will be the game.'
Coach Matt Painter on Minnesota: 'What they want in their press is turnovers and quick contested jumpers. You can't give it to them'
Coach Matt Painter: 'We're trying to build habits.' Worried things slipped when they had four games/eight days.
Coach Matt Painter on AJ Hammons: 'Where he needs to do a better job is just his motor … Those are areas we need him to step up.'
Coach Matt Painter said he liked effort in practice this week, 'but we need to see it Wednesday at 3:15' vs Minnesota.
Coach Matt Painter on opponents' ridiculous three-point shooting past three games: 'We've had breakdowns. We've gotten behind plays'
Coach Matt Painter: Emphasis during break was 'just competing.'
Purdue Coach Matt Painter on Vince Edwards: "He's been sick and missed last 3 days with flu. He’s a tough guy. He’ll fight through it."
Coach Matt Painter: 'I really believe if we don't go zone against Gardner-Webb, we win the game. Huge mistake on my part.'
Coach Matt Painter: Samford was valuable prep for Minnesota press but Minnesota more talented, obviously.
Coach Matt Painter on what jumps out about Minnesota: 'How hard they play.' Pressure forcing lots of turnovers. 'Their best offense'
Coach Matt Painter: 'We did some good things (early), then took step back. We've done good things just haven't sustained it'
Coach Matt Painter: 'Every team has inconsistencies but they can't be in effort or playing hard.' Struggles can't affect effort
Coach Matt Painter beginning first teleconference since break.
Updates to come beginning shortly from today's basketball call-in press conference with Matt Painter.
I thought I was watching a Matt Painter led team with a big lead. Now you see it now you don't.
So disappointed in I'm at work. Want to hear & on No Matt Painter show. Hate Fox Sports Radio!
I hope Matt Painter got an unemployment application.
Seems like a good time to revive the rumor that Matt Painter yelled at Hartman's mom after he committed to
Bruce Weber has strong ties with Purdue and Coach Matt Painter -
My sources say it's 100% certain that Matt Painter is going to coach Michigan football next year.
Boilers look to regroup: 'It's not going to get any easier' - Indianapolis Star
I've always favored this one painter & Matt remembered. 😍
fire matt painter ...losing to scrubs...its ashame.. Bring g kedy back...
What do you think: Important week of practice for Matt Painter's (and the Assistants) future as Purdue basketball coach?
Matt Painter can't help the fact he's a garbage coach and even more of a garbage recruiter.
VERY important week of practice for Matt Painter coming up?
I'm the last person to take pleasure in Purdue's misery, but good lord is entertaining as *** today.
What looked like a season of promise for has taken a nightmarish turn: "It's not going to get any easier."
I have always been a Matt Painter apologist. But it's gonna be real hard after this game.
Kravy, we need a column on what's going on w/ Purdue basketball and Matt Painter.
Matt Painter is really putting this whole Zen mindset of mine to the test.
Wait, Purdue lost to Gardner-Webb? A team with a hyphen. It's getting tough to defend Matt Painter.
How is Matt Painter still the coach at Purdue?
. do you think Matt Painter is starting to sweat bullets? The team showed so much promise after beating byu and NC State...
It's nothing personal, but it's time for Purdue Coach Matt Painter to "MOVE"! As in, move away from West Lafayette.
Earlier this month, joined me to podcast positively about So what happened?
The Indy Star was kind enough to post the best Matt painter picture ever. Use at your discretion.
Hi, I'm a painter of male competitors/models. Using techniques to express the full physique!. Would be great to get a follow!.
kids don't want to play for Matt Painter, when is the last time for new got the bass player from Indiana
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Starting a petition to fire and Matt Painter, how many of my Purdue friends in on that? Purdue sports are a joke
Hit the road, Matt Painter. You are OFFICIALLY done.
Has someone replaced Matt Painter with an actual painter?
to be fair, at this point even the real Matt Painter might but a not in his name
Just when you think athletics could not get any worse, Matt Painter's team loses to mighty Gardner-Webb in Mackey Arena. Wow!
I did like seeing them get beat by 30 and losing to Gardner Webb... wanna talk about a coach getting fired... Matt Painter lol.
Fire Matt Painter, Fire Morgan Burke, *** fire yourself while you're at it. Ever since you've shown up, we've sucked BADLY!
What do Matt Painter and Billy Gillispie have in common?
What does Matt Painter and Billy Gillispie have is common?
Matt Painter isnt the guy, and hired him. Purdue is shamed. The public face of my alma mater is scarred and beaten.
Matt Painter's days in West Lafayette have to be numbered. You don't consistently lose with that talent and those bigs
I am absolutely driving the bus for the committee to fire Matt Painter and make Brian Cardinal the new HC. 0 excuse for how futile they are.
Matt painter after tonight's loss to Gardner-Webb
Matt Painter & Purdue just pulled the Billy Clyde Gillispie trick tonight, losing at home to Gardner-Webb like BCG did at UK, 84-68 in 2007.
FREE video at Matt Painter reacts to loss to Gardner-Webb
Two words. Matt Painter. Hadn't been same since his personal issue.
Just think fans you hate me, but It could be worse, I could be Matt Painter.
It's official. I'm back to calling for Painter's head. Fire Matt Painter. Purdue basketball has turned into a disgrace!
Purdue being Purdue. Painter going shopping for resume paper.
Matt Painter be the next former SIU coach to get fired? Starting 2 appear so..
Matt Painter owes a lot to Cuonzo Martin and the true Baby Boilers for his hefty contract!
I get the same feeling for Matt painter
If Matt Painter finds himself looking for work, I'll help him pack for a return trip to Carbondale.
How much longer until Purdue fires Matt Painter? It keeps getting more and more pitiful in West Lafayette.
So at what point do people talk about Matt Painter getting fired?
Wonder if Matt Painter would enjoy living in Springfield, Missouri or Peoria, Illinois...
Hate to say it Matt Painter but now is the time to nut up..
I can't defend Matt Painter anymore. is no longer a competitive team.
hey matt painter. You will never get a gary Harris or Brendan Dawson. Gardner web? North Florida? Indiana wesleyan?
Purdue is 39-40 since Robbie Hummel left West Lafayette. Matt Painter, meet the hot seat.
So, Purdue is now 8-5... Matt Painter's seat might just currently be on fire...
I think it's safe to say Matt Painter will be fired after this season
Honest question for Purdue fans. What has Matt Painter done at Purdue to deserve untouchable status?
I like Matt Painter but Purdue can't keep losing
This can no longer be tolerated Matt Painter has to go!
Matt Painter needs to be fired. He's been a bust since the big contract extension.
What are the chances Purdue buys out Matt Painter? It's $1 million.
Kansas State coach Bruce Weber has strong ties with Matt Painter and Purdue
After Isaac Haas went 0-5 at line, he and Matt Painter went to local school to shoot 300. Jon Octeus, Rapheal Davis and Jacquil Taylor too
Matt Painter tried to play football but they didn't make helmets big enough
Matt Painter really needs to figure out his Polo size.
I hope Matt Painter stays at Purdue forever.
Matt Painter has got to get AJ Hammons back in the game. The game has spun out of control since he went to the bench with 3 fouls.
Obviously..Matt Painter a genius though. What i've seen from Purdue so far this year tells me they're a middle B1G team
It seems like Matt Painter has these refs’s ear. They hear everything he says.
Matt Painter lobbying for the foul to not be on Hammons, his third. It appears his pleas are being heard. Refs looking at monitor.
EVERYBODY PANIC!! “Matt Painter screaming in the huddle.
“Matt Painter screaming in the huddle. Been there, done that.
Matt Painter with another high-volume timeout. 43, BYU 37, 18:57 left.
Matt Painter screaming in the huddle.
sniffs out the inbound play this time, Jon Octeus jumps on it and Matt Painter calls timeout.
Matt Painter looks to have slimmed down or something. Never noticed how similar he looked to Shane McMahon.
Matt Painter looks like he's really added some years since Purdue last made it to the Big Dance.
Matt Painter and coaches look like they are wearing shirts 3 sizes too big.
Purdue HC Matt Painter on his team making 15 straight FTs: “It’s good to make free throws because that’s what wins or loses games.”
Last time matt Stafford was on my plane now Steve yzerman is pics will come soon
Purdue has only one transfer on its active roster: former Colorado State PG Jon Octeus was an October addition for Matt Painter.
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