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Matt Painter

Matt Painter (born August 27, 1970) is the current Head coach of the Purdue Boilermakers men's basketball team.

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target Trevor Thompson (talked with HC Matt Painter this evening.
Martin said he didn't talk to Purdue coach Matt Painter about scouting Michigan out of respect for the Big Ten league.
My niece was hanging out with me while I was on the phone with Graduate advisors from Purdue and Ball State earlier and when i was done she goes, "you should try out for Purdue or Ball States basketball team if you go there." At least somebody thinks I'm good. Also, is Matt Painter in need of a 6 foot power forward who can't shoot?
coaches Matt Painter and Greg Gary here in Cincy for Vince Edwards and Nate Fowler
If the Purdue team buys into everything Im sure Matt Painter has told them the past few days,could make a run and see a classic Painter team
Fired as head coachat purdue unversity as of4/15/14 bottom of Big Ten
Can someone please photoshop that Si cover with Matt Painter and the cheerleaders shing
Help Matt Painter beat Ohio State and help this family in the process.
coach Matt Painter on G Bryson Scott: "Has to learn to play within himself"... has "God-given ability and competitive fire."
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Once again all of Indiana is next to impassible while major roads in Illinois, leading to Chicago, are merely wet. I feel like driving to Indy and punching the director of INDOT in his mouth. Then, on my way home, I'm going to stop off in West Lafayette and choke our $2.4 million out of Matt Painter. Thank you, I'm done now.
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MT Purdue coach Painter blames himself for season; says he needs to recruit less selfish players
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Congrats on PJ Thompson commitment to Purdue, Matt Painter got a great PG
Matt Painter takes responsibility as Purdue falls to last in the Big Ten - Fox 59
If does not make the 2015 NCAA Tournament Matt Painter should be let go as its head coach.
can Matt Painter right the ship and get the boilers in the tourney next year?
Matt Painter says he needs to recruit a tougher and more unselfish player, offers P.J. Thompson next day. Says a lot fo…
I once heard Matt Painter yell so I think that deserves a vote. Beat the cheats OSU.
Ohio State cheats at everything please vote for Purdue coach Matt Painter
“Add QB Curtis Painter to the list of players expected to re-sign with the Giants soon after the market opens"WHY???
I heard Thad Matta pockets all the charity money. Vote for Matt Painter and the Smith Family BReaK Thru Fund instead.
BP this morning w/ the in rotation w/ my buddies Allen Craig and Matt much fun!!
Vote Matt painter!! Thad Matta loves auburn and hates beyonce and jesus.
Coach Painter competes for votes for child with rare disease -...
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coach Matt Painter on Jay Simpson: 'It's disappointing he can't play anymore, but it's not tragic.' Health is most important thing.
coach Matt Painter on defense: 'We don't have a man-to-man defense problem. We have a discipline problem.' Details part of it.
coach Matt Painter on Bryson Scott: 'He's some competitive, so *** himself, it comes off wrong at times.'
coach Matt Painter on Bryson Scott: 'He has to learn to understand what defense is giving him and what it's not, then play.'
coach Matt Painter on Kendall Stephens: 'He can really shoot. We have to keep pushing him to be a good (all-around) player.'
coach Matt Painter: Basil Smotherman 'really good' when playing with energy and now making Js, which staff encourages him to take
coach Matt Painter on Ronnie Johnson: 'He made improvements (as decision-maker) but lately he's been inconsistent.'
coach Matt Painter on how officials have handled AJ Hammons this year: 'They've really struggled to make consistent calls in post.'
Matt Painter: Defense for teams like OSU, MSU, Mich, Wis have been "constants." was in that category until last 2 seasons.
coach Matt Painter: 'When we get good guard play and make good decisions, we give ourselves a chance to win.'
coach Matt Painter on Ohio State: 'Our decision-making and turnovers allowed them to get in transition' first two meetings.
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I was at Matt Smith's studio today and saw these two beauties! Great painter and great guy.
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Matt Painter was brutally honest about the state of the Purdue basketball program and the coaching job he did this season in his postgame press conference Sunday afternoon. Fresh off a season-ending loss to Northwestern, which clinched the No. 12 seed in next week’s Big Ten tourney, Painter, on seve...
Thad Matta once let his Ohio State team theme song be "Party in the USA" seriously google it. Vote Matt Painter .
Kendall Stephens became the seventh freshman under Matt Painter named to All-Freshman Team. List to follow …
Matt Painter breaks out a Malcolm Gladwell "Outliers" reference, with its 10,000 hours.
Matt Painter on radio show: When you're close on those elite recruits and don't get them, you don't get next guy — you get no one.
Matt Painter's frank postmortem continues on his radio show. Tune in.
Matt Painter on radio show: Tells players, 'We have great fans but we have to do our part' to get them involved.
Anyone know how many Coach of the Year votes Matt Painter got?
Matt Painter on radio show: Feeding post a 'lost art' because players rarely have to do it in high school.
Matt Painter competes for local family's cause
From yesterday: coach Matt Painter shoulders blame after loss to Northwestern secures last-place finish
Hi. If anyone is in need of a matte painter/ Concept artist then look no further. Matt Barton's work is amazing!
Is it just me or has Matt Painter had the same excuse each of the past 3 years?
coach Matt Painter on teleconference: 'It's been mental for us all year.'
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old friends in the home building biz.Robert Eckrich Danny Taliaferro Matt Painter Amy Carlson Bush ..You know when those window lift springs come loose and they have to be fixed with a special tool..Who does that kind of repair in Austin? I have called several places and they only do reglazing..
If Matt Painter wins will quit as Illinois football coach. Come on ILLINI fans get off your *** .
'This isn't a school district. I recruited these guys.' --Matt Painter. Now, that is classic. Maybe I should ditch Izzo's pressers for his
Of course. Couldn't possibly be his policies. Members: Much of Obama Opposition is Racist
coach Matt Painter on teleconference: 'We have to do a better job not beating ourselves.'
. with Purdue losing 6 in a row and and a 31-33 record over the last 2 seasons Is Matt Painter on the "hot seat" in 2014-2015?
Delta grad Matt Painter says 'It's my fault' after Purdue falls to bottom of...
It's up to the 2014 recruiting class to save Matt Painter's job, no pressure freshmen
Lets get Matt to the top of the Coaches Challenge for $100K for NPC research.
My point is this: you aren't ever going to go out and find a better coach than Matt Painter for Purdue. He fits into Purdue's personality.
Re: Matt Painter/Purdue/etc... there is not one person that understand Purdue basketball better than Matt Painter.
Please View and then Vote! Matt Painter competes for local family's cause
coach Matt Painter on Rapheal Davis: 'He's set that example off the court. He cares, wants to see us win, wha…
Can you handle the Purdue basketball truth. Matt Painter can. Here's a clue: need more guys like Rapheal Davis.
Please go & Vote for Coach Matt Painter...He is an Awesome Man & Coach with a deserving charity!!
Anybody else think that Purdue's Matt Painter was begging to be fired yesterday? How many times in one interview can you say "its all my fault", "I'm the one to blame"...had to have been said a dozen times. I think he wants out!
Matt Painter admitted in an interview yesterday that Purdue's disastrous losing basketball season was all his fault. Isn't the Big 10 tournament this week and Purdue would have a chance to qualify for the NCAA tournament? I guess Painter has already thrown the towel in on that too.
Matt Painter doesn't hold back when explaining problems this season: "I need to recruit tougher players."
I've been saying this for four years. A lot of talent has walked in and out of those doors since j. Johnson,...
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It's been a tough couple years for Matt Painter, who turned down Mizzou to stay at Purdue. Consecutive poor...
After turning down Mizzou, Purdue coach Matt Painter took his program the wrong way in the Big Ten.
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Purdue men’s basketball coach has made it to the Final Four of a national competition. Matt Painter is participating in the Infiniti Coaches Charity
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coach Matt Painter accepts the blame for performance this season.
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Gene Keady had 3 losing seasons in the 25 years he coached at Purdue. The way it looks, Matt Painter is about to get his 3rd in 9 years
'Good to see Herb Tarlek working again': Matt Yglesias' suit triggers snark-a-lanche
ICYMI HC Matt Painter opens up about his program and recruiting after NW game [VIDEO]
'LOL': Launch of Ezra Klein, Matt Yglesias venture sponsored by corporation they've lambasted
.BigTenNetwork: Never Forget: Matt Painter had some interesting comments after todays loss. WATCH -
Matt Painter took the blame today for the awful Boilermakers' season. Maybe.., or maybe that team should take a long look at themselves. They could have done better and I don't believe they were that poorly coached.
Have a really soft spot for Matt Painter. Was so nice when I shadowed Cliz back when I was out of middle school. Such a great guy and coach
That's my boy and reason to vote for Matt Painter!
I hate to say it. But it's time for Matt Painter to move on.
Purdue was really bad this year. I appreciate coach Matt Painter's response. "It's my fault". Love to see coaches take blame, not complain.
mbb coach, Matt Painter, had a very forthright post game presser about the state of the program:
Purdue coach Matt Painter gave a candid press conference response following his team's loss Sunday.
ICYMI: Matt Painter had some interesting comments after today's loss. WATCH -
Matt Painter takes full blame for the state of the program and recruiting. His comments after their loss to NW, on SportsXtra
I would have been perfectly content if Arizona hired Matt Painter. Not sure what is going on there, epic PC today
Purdue coach Matt Painter: 'It's my fault' via
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Wonder what Matt Painter has to do to get fired?
"It's my job to get the guys to play together [and] play hard, [and] get guys to play smart, and we do not do any of thos…
Matt Painter has a pedigree, but I can't disagree with him when he says it's his fault Purdue's been so lousy lately.
West Lafayette, Ind. (WLFI)- A genetic disease has challenged one family. Now, Purdue Men’s Basketball Coach Matt Painter hopes another kind of challenge can help find a cure. The Smith family is a Boilermaker basketball family. Although Keaton Smith has lost the ability to communicate, his mom Juli...
coach Matt Painter: 'It's my fault we're in this position.'
Do you think Matt Painter has anything to worry about with last place finish?
Just watched Matt Painter's press conference. 1. Shocked. 2. Wouldn't be surprised if 2+ players leave if Painter doesn't exit
A candid Matt Painter said, "It is my fault that we are in this position." reports:
.Matt Painter and Tom Crean split honors for worst
So, Matt Painter had this to say in his postgame presser today. Thoughts?
VIDEO: "It's my fault." - Matt Painter, brutally honest about himself & last-place finish. WATCH -
Izzo must recruit differently. Look at Matt Painter and what he said after last loss. Same problems Izzo is having.
strong comments from coach Matt Painter after 6th straight loss. 'It's my fault..we've got to recruit a tougher p…
writes about Matt Painter accepting the blame for demise.
"It's the best game in the world and we're trying to mess it up." coach Matt Painter following today's loss: ht…
Matt Painter on Rapheal Davis 'If everybody cared and worked as hard as him, we'd be wearing diamonds. Need to recruit…
Matt Painter has to be on a very warm seat next season. There is no reasons whatsoever this team should be this bad.
Purdue men's basketball finished last in the Big Ten Conference thanks to a six-game losing streak. Is it Matt Painter's fault? --
Reading your article from 2/7/13, "Fire Matt Painter? Don't Be Absurd". Do you still feel this way 13 months later?
Love this!!! I don't think our men quit know what they really mean to us in our eyes!!! Samantha Fidazzo , Jason Fidazzo, Katie Coates DeWitt, Delbert DeWitt, Megan Sarko-Cox Matt Painter
Quote of the day from Matt Painter: "This isn't a school district. I recruited these players so I am to blame..."
Matt Painter so should make these for Easter.
West Lafayette - It was easier to forgive the last time it happened. After all Matt Painter was just taking over the Purdue men's basketball program from legendary coach Gene Keady and the talent pool at that moment was young. That was the
Much to look forward to at NU after an injury riddled season of good wins and bad losses. Coach Collins clearly had their commitment, just overmatched. Add a top 25 recruiting class coming in. Go 'Cats!! But can Matt Painter survive at Purdue...slim chance IMHO.
I'm a Hoosier fan and this basketball season was disappointing. If Von Leh goes pro in this Spring's NBA draft then my Hoosiers are in trouble for next year--if he doesn't, look out Big Ten. Oh, and as to Purdue, Matt Painter deserves a lifetime contract, and I'm willing as an IU Alum to pitch into a fund to make that happen. PURDUE = "DoorMATT of the Big Ten"
So is Matt Painter on the hot seat yet? Last in the Big Ten? Yikes.
Question if you had to choose would you fire matt painter or Morgan Burke? Purdue mens sports is a joke. Last in football, basketball and starting year 1-9 in baseball. Who is to blame? Players, coaches, ad or president? Or are the fans expectations too high?
Matt Painter must go. Gene Keady had three losing seasons in 25 years... Painter has three in nine years and two in a row! He is slowly turning the Purdue Basketball team into the Purdue football team. I'm sorry...and maybe I am spoiled by the success Keady brought to the program.but this is really sad. Keady teams always over achieved.Painter teams always under achieve. And for those of you who want to blame it all on the players.I ask you...who the *** recruited the players?
This may sound wrong but I truly believe Purdue needs to fire Morgan Burke, Darrell Hazell and Matt Painter.
Another Matt Painter team epic fail. Worst team in the Big Ten. Congrats! I don't believe Purdue has finished last in my 30 years of following and loving the Boilers. Is Gene to old to coach again?
If Purdue loses this game, Matt Painter needs to go.
Last night was a great show at the Blair Oaks Fundraiser, need to shout out some thank you's, Jennifer Prenger, and the other organizers for having us play, our friend John Hall, for saving us by filling in for our singer who had a family emergency, Shannon Siebeneck, and the rest of the crowd for singing, Angie Branson, Lauren Branson, for being my road crew, Matt Painter, Ashley Painter, and Cory Wilson for the support and everyone else that made a helluva fun time, and my boys in Full Throttle.
when Anderson left, Mizzou needed to throw the boat at him first, not Matt Painter
Purdue coach Matt Painter said is going to have to finish strong to make NCAA Tourney, but “they looked like it today."
How warm is Matt Painter's seat after tonight's loss on a scale of 1 to 10?
coach Matt Painter apparently taking some extra time with team in locker room. No surprise.
Matt Painter? I think if Purdue is sub-.500 in Big 10 next year, he won't get fired, but serious ??s start to be asked.
Post game radio show doesn't get coach Matt Painter on. Still in locker room.
No Matt Painter on the post game show tonight. Speculation on Sterling Carter will remain.
.will decrease in wins for 3rd straight year. Matt Painter is 23-27 in last 50 league games.
Yo people... Matt Painter did not forget to coach. Ask Hummel, JJ, Moore, Kramer, Landry, Smith, etc on how great of a coach he is.
Matt Painter told Kendall not to choose Purdue cause his dad went there and got lucky. He probably told that to Gary Harris and GR3 too.
Starting to question what the *** Matt Painter is doing with this team.
Matt Painter and Morgan Burke can both kiss my a$$
Matt Painter needs to take some pointers from Sharon Versyp... Our women's team knows how to run an offense AND win with it!
Nice effort Purdue... Not Purdue don't play with Heart, don't play Def... Hammonds is a nba talent but plays bout 15-20%.. I think Matt Painter is a great Coach but he has lost the team... Great class coming in next year but maybe a Change is needed...
Time for Matt Painter to be held accountable. I see no improvements anywhere.
does Matt painter survive this year? Gr8 six year run, but tough to see much positive going on in w Lafayette at least right now
does Matt painter roam the sideline yet next year in West Lafayette?
I'm not saying Matt Painter should be fired, but I'm thinking it pretty hard.
and Matt Painter should be on the hit seat.
Hate to be not patient, but if Matt Painter were fired right after the game I wouldn't be upset.
Matt Painter is gonna have to make something happen the rest of this year and next year or he's gonna get the boot
Matt Painter might need to be sent the way of bob knight
Matt Painter has lost every ounce of my respect. Purdue is now where good players come to become worse. What A JOKE!!!
I don't understand how Matt Painter isn't on the hot seat...
So disappointed with Matt Painter. Definitely has not lived up to his contract.
Not advocating for Tom Crean or Matt Painter this year? Can't say I blame you.
Please fire Matt Painter, team continues to get worse - he has turned a constant at into an embarrassment
If this continues next year, Matt Painter's *** is going to be on fire.
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Matt Painter used to be such a good coach 😢
It's time for Matt Painter to go, tired of mediocre Purdue Basketball. We have too much winning history for this.
Purdue fans are you ready for Matt Painter to move on?
I just don't know if Matt painter is a very good coach. He plays with 5 guys who can't shoot a jumpshot.
Matt Painter about two seconds from channeling his inner Jim Boeheim
Matt Painter may top my B1G Coaches loud voice power ranking. Much of what he says is audible, which doesn't bode well for heads ringing.
alert me if Matt Painter rides a refrigerator to freedom
AND-1) Matt Painter will coach his 298th game at Purdue today; just 3 other coaches in Purdue hist have coached 300+ (Keady, Lambert, Eddy).
Coaches that have more wins at Crisler than Izzo the last four years: Zhao Wang, Matt Painter, Thad Matta, Tom Crean, and Bo Ryan
Matt logic: It's sad that Wile E Coyote is thought of as an evil villain instead of a really good painter of tunnels.
Which was the knock on him coming from Miami. If only Matt Painter had the stones to tell his players he was leaving.
When Zo is counting his UT buyout money on Matt Painter's staff next year he'll have no one to blame but himself.
Am I the only one that thinks John Calipari and Matt Painter look a lot alike?
we'll played worse than a matt painter coached Purdue team today
prospects Jalen Brunson and Evan Boudreaux combined for 100 points, playing in front of Matt Painter.
Matt surprised me with Universal season pass. But first we get our grub on!!! I am so blessed to have you in my...
Here's Matt Painter's charity. Please help vote - doesn't matter if you're an IU or Purdue fan - the cause is worthy of your votes!! Please vote daily!
Help & Matt painter fight NPC!. Currently in 2nd, so HELP with a quick vote!.
Niemann-Pick Type C Disease doesn't take the weekend off. Neither can you. Please vote for Matt Painter & fight NPC. htt…
John Beilen and Matt Painter were there. Didn't hear anything on Groce.
Brunson now has 50, lighting it up in front of Purdue HC Matt Painter. Stevenson & Lake Forest headed to double OT, tied at 88.
Matt Painter is watching 2015 PG Jalen Brunson tonight. Brunson has 40 in the third.
ICYMI: HC Matt Painter will be heading up to the Chicago suburbs to watch two 2015 standouts tonight (FREE)
I'm a strong believer in giving coaches time to build their program but I believe Matt Painter may have had enough time at West Lafayette.
Too bad. Matt painter is going to get very tired standing up all the time. As hot as his seat is
Glenn Robinson night against MSU is the best time to remind everyone Matt Painter chose Rapheal Davis over Gary Harris and GRob III
I will never EVER understand why Matt Painter teaches his guys not to hedge screens on pick and rolls. If you want to beat the Boilermakers, just pick and roll us to death. You'll either get a drive to the basket or an open jumper off the roll. It's ridiculous.
I, your humble WOG fb admin, am thinking is not going to be Gene Keady or Matt Painter. Boiler Up! But you Wildcats or Jayhawks might get lucky with a cool purchase! See you at extravaganza!
Debra Jo Painter Matt Painter Are you guys measuring the depth of sand?
Purdue Basketball Tickets - Purdue's Big Three Ready To Dominate Big Ten Revisit the 2009-10 college basketball season and you'll remember the Big Ten school that suffered the biggest heartbreak: the Purdue University Boilermakers. Ranked in the NCAA's Top 10 for most of the season and even hanging at No. 1 for quite some time, the Boilers boasted a trio of juniors named Robbie Hummel, E'Twaun Moore and JaJuan Johnson that helped the team garner huge expectations in the NCAA tournament - until Hummel tore his ACL, that is. Just before March Madness began, Hummel took a misstep in a Purdue-Minnesota showdown and suffered an ACL tear in his right knee. He was immediately ruled out for the remainder of the season. Purdue's dreams of an NCAA title were dashed along with the news of Hummel's injury, and the Boilermakers ultimately fell to Duke in the Sweet 16. The powerful Purdue basketball team ultimately couldn't make it to the Final Four without the help of their 6-foot-8 star forward, and after the season ...
Hey guys I need your help again! Matt Painter made it Round 3 but needs help to win $100K for NiemannPickC Disease research. Vote & RT
Matt Painter and Chris Morris i so want this
Amazing to see the community out at Buffalo Wild Wings for the Matt Painter & Sharon Versyp Radio Show in support of the Break Thru Fund! It's not too late to join us! 15% of all sales tonight go to the cause!
Don't forget to vote today Infiniti Coaches Challenge, Matt Painter
Matt Painter met with the media following Purdue's 82-64 win over Indiana on Saturday at Mackey Arena.
Congrats to Matt Painter for saving his job! Ever Grateful!
Matt Painter has been the best coach in the state of Indiana for years now., this game should shock no one
All I'm saying is that if I'm Matt Painter right now, I'm doing 4 things: 1. Calling a timeout 2. Giving every single one of my players a 5 hour energy 3. Initiating a full court press for the remainder of the game 4. Running the score up as high as possible But I'm not Matt Painter. So...
Just finished up at Paragon!! Good Work Jairo Gonzalez, Julio Becerra, Matt Painter, Big Dave and TinyTyson!! Gotta love that Sat. Sparring!!
If Purdue can beat Indiana today that will be a huge win for Matt Painter...
Harlem didn't really like having a stranger in the yard, but she really didnt like him once she knew he was made of snow lol Matt Painter see she doesn't like it either, and Charlene Koontz so ya dont miss it... here's her vid. ;)
Matt Painter looks like a skinny Paul Allen.
In his words: Matt Painter discusses loss to Wisconsin - News Sentinel
Matt Painter never will play zone. Never. Is from the Keady/Weber school of 100 percent man to man, plus motion offense.
spent a great evening with my brother and nephew watching Matt Painter not coaching his team and the team not playing but had Arni's and that made it all good. Thanks guys, love spending time with you.
Purdue fans only need reply. All others will be deleted. What kind of a job is Matt Painter doing and how patient are you with him?
So when does Matt Painter get called on to the carpet for this. The product is mediocre. And there's no improvement.
VIDEO: Purdue coach Matt Painter on his team's 72-58 loss to No. 9 Wisconsin
FREE video at Matt Painter on loss to Wisconsin
I actually started to write "which is what Matt Painter has been telling us too" but ran out of room.
These Matt Painter defenders crack me up. "The problem is the players.You can't coach heart or basketball smarts". Um, what?
Matt Painter: positioning on defense was poor, leading to fouls; legit calls.
they sure don't. Starting for the first time to question Painter.
Well played with that gigantic raise Matt Painter, well played.
Matt Painter timeout as Purdue cuts 17-point lead to 15 points with 45.2 seconds remaining. I get it, but I'm pretty sure practice covers it
Matt Painter is taking timeouts with 45.2 seconds left and his team trailing by 15 points. This is something that should not be allowed.
It's time for Matt Painter to get fired
You're down 15, Matt Painter. Let me watch some women's basketball.
When will matt painter teach his players not to make awful decisions when passing and shooting the ball???
I've always given Matt Painter the benefit of the doubt, but I'm starting to question at this point. just terrible execution today
Purdue is terrible. Matt Painter is getting left behind. Better coaching and recruiting throughout the B1G. Should have lost to PSU, too
Matt Painter's teams are usually so discipline, smart and technically sound. This group, at least tonight, is far from that blueprint.
Matt Painter wearing a grey suit and white nikes...
Somebody get a message to Matt Painter to take the ball down the middle please
Coach Matt Painter just said, "Is anyone going to check Matt Brust??!"
UW starts the 2nd half with a 5-0 run, and Purdue's Matt Painter needs a timeout with only 50 seconds elapsed. Badgers up 37-29.
Matt Painter not own a tie? Even the 20 year old in the student section knows how to suit up!
Matt Painter ALWAYS has the scariest stare downs.
Matt Painter comes back with A.J. Hammons and his two fouls at 10:12 and Hammons draws a quick foul.
During timeout, Purdue student just earned pizza for a year by making layup, FT and 3-pointer. Coach Matt Painter quickly signed him.
Where'd Matt painter from Purdue get that tan?
7-0 run for the and Matt Painter calls a timeout. 7-2 UW.
Look out, Matt Painter not wearing a tie today
Bo Ryan, Matt Painter and each of their staffs are wearing sneakers to bring awareness to Coaches vs. Cancer.
Did you know Purdue's Matt Painter is 8-4 vs. That includes 5-1 mark in Mackey Arena.
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Thoughts go out to Tom Reiter's family and those in his professional family, Matt Painter included. One of his foremost mentors in coaching.
Purdue lost a great man w/passing of associate AD Tom Reiter.mentor & friend to many in family,including Matt painter & myself.
Purdue's Matt Painter wants nothing to do with average. What's that have to do with beating Wisconsin today? See:
Rapp, Guerin win 3A showdown with Brebeuf via PJ less than stellar in front of Matt Painter .
Average not part of Purdue basketball plan: Matt Painter finds no satisfaction in being average.
"Matt Painter scouted me tonight, do you love me yet?". "if you get me good seats, yes."
I voted for Matt Painter in the hopes of finding a cure for NPC so that I don't ever have another day like today.
Purdue on pace for 9-9 Big Ten finish. Matt Painter wants no part of that. Beating Wisconsin would be big. Story coming
My dads sitting next to Matt painter at the Guerin game. Holba?
Purdue head coach Matt Painter here to watch PJ Thompson.
Don't forget to Vote Matt Painter! $100K for NPC Research via the efforts of the Smith Family BReaKthru Fund
Howard county girls tournament games tonight have been postponed until Monday night. Hear them both starting at 5:40 pm on ROCK 98.5 and at ESPN Sports 1350 AM WIOU will have the Matt Painter Show at 6:05, and Tom Crean at 7:05 that same night.
Who is getting excited for the Purdue-IU Men's Basketball game on February 15th? Your Purdue Alumni Club of Bartholomew County team members are excited to announce that the Purdue College of Technology - Columbus campus has joined us as a Co-Sponsor for the Purdue-IU Family Game Watch Party at Yes Cinema. Remember admission to this fun family event is FREE! We will have door prizes of Purdue gear to hand out. There is more though! Raffle tickets will be sold for the chance to win a Purdue basketball autographed by Coach Matt Painter. We hope to see you there!
Fire Matt Painter, most overpaid coach in America
Purdue Head Coach Matt Painter led his Boilermakers into Evanston tonight for a match-up at Northwestern, just hours after the Purdue University was scarred by tragedy. The campus was briefly put on lock down while local police apprehended a Purdue student who shot and killed a fellow student. Class...
Crazy Big Ten season! Northwestern wins again?? Maybe Purdue should fire Matt painter??
Big Ten Men's Basketball Coaches Tim Miles, Chris Collins and Matt Painter are suiting up this weekend to finish the fight against cancer! Join our Nebraska Huskers coach Tim Miles by wearing your to the game Jan 26 and help raise awareness and funds in the fight against cancer! The winning school will receive a donation from the Big Ten Network to their Relay For Life event!
Matt Painter, I can't help but remember your Hellen at Taco Bell...still laughing my *** off! :)
Would like to share with everyone the Smith family is a local West Lafayette family with 4 children, 3 of which have the Neiman-Pick Type C Disease, they lost one of those to this disease a couple years ago, this past week it took the life of there daughter Riley. Matt Painter head coach at Purdue University is representing the Smith Family Break Thru Fund in the Infinti Coaches Challenge, If we can vote once a day and everyday we can help Matt win $100,000 to donate towards the research of this disease. Please vote only 5 days left. PLEASE go to register and vote.
Yes. This is why we vote. Please continue to vote for Matt Painter in the coaches charity challenge. Sweet Riley.
Yeah Matt Painter!!! Now that's how you draw up a late game situation. Take note Clappy the Clown!!!;)
Whew ... Purdue pulls out a win against Penn State. Three pointer with 4 seconds left to tie, steal on the inbounds pass, and then Hammons fouled on the lob with 1 second left. Today I've seen some of three games with ex Purdue players as coaches. Tennessee (Conzo Martin), Purdue (Matt Painter), and now Vandy is on (Kevin Stallings).
Fire Matt Painter! Im over him getting out coached every game! Im over this terrible effort that the Boilers have played with all season, and im over the game plan that is just as bad. He might be a mediocre recruiter but he is a TERRIBLE coach.
AMAZING WIN FOR THE BOILERS! They defeated Illinois on the road in Champaign last night 66-58. This brings the Boilers to 12-5 on the season and 2-2 in the B1G. The next game is January 18th vs. Penn State. The start time will be at 7pm and will be covered by ESPNU! Matt Painter is asking the Paint Crew to pack Mackey, so be there and bring the energy!! Boiler up!
VIDEO: coach Matt Painter discusses his team's 66-58 victory over Illinois
I'm an IU fan till the very end but I absolutely love this quote from Matt Painter..."The biggest donation you can give is your time." 👍
Watch the complete post-game press conference from Matt Painter, A.J. Hammons and Ronnie Johnson.
FREE video at coach Matt Painter on win at Illinois
That won't be necessary. Thanks for your concern kind person who is not Matt Painter.
The Illini free-fall continues as Purdue wins in Champaign (Matt Painter getting most out of this squad); LSU continues to slide;
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"He's a good player. He has a chance to be great." —Purdue's Matt Painter on 7-foot soph A.J. Hammons
I love the Purdue has won 9 of last 10 vs Illinois stat underneath Matt Painter on
Baylor was ranked in the AP poll last week...joke. Matt Painter getting it done!!
Have Vince Gill and Matt Painter ever been seen at the same time during a Purdue game? It must be hard for keeping the secret.
Who else loves the stat underneath Matt Painter on BTN just now? Won 9 of last 10 versus Illinois!
Matt Painter was a loser in high school
When Matt Painter is out-coaching somebody, it's sad. Really disappointed.
Matt Painter's group is an NCAA tournament team this year. Really like the young core they have. Boilers will be a tough out in the
I have to imagine that Matt Painter is the biggest grease ball coach in the NCAA.
Matt Painter has that look on his face of."Should have took that Mizzou job"
Remember when Purdue paid up to keep Matt Painter? . Should have let Mizzou take him away.
And as so often happens with bad calls, AJ Hammons gets third at other end. Matt Painter: 'You just changed the game!'
Watching Purdue basketball and wishing Kerwin would post the Matt Painter story about sitting in front of Lewy at the NC basketball game.
Ronnie Johnson advances it to Basil Smotherman for acrobatic layup as Matt Painter urged him to hold up. leads 39-38 at 15:10.
Halftime means its time to vote for Matt Painter and all the kids fighting Niemann-Pick Type C Disease.
Matt Painter really working Gene Steratore. This will be good practice for when the ref faces the insane Jim Harbaugh on Sunday.
Matt Painter huddling with refs. Groce walks over and yells, "What's going on down here?" Gets icy stare from Painter.
Matt Painter not happy with the referees. Coach Groce says "excuse me, whats going on down here!? Is there a convention!?"
Purdue coach Matt Painter wants plenty of motion and movement from offense. Boilers are working the inside. A.J. Hammons hits 2 FTs. 4-4 tie
Wow, thought I just heard Bruce Weber. But it was Matt Painter. "Motion! Motion!"
Thank you to my sister and brother Talia and Matt painter for letting me live with them until I find a house of my own! And thank you Laurie Palmer for being my realtor:)
I wonder what Purdue cheerleader Matt Painter is banging.
I've always liked Matt Painter as a coach. Tough season last year. Think he's getting it back on track with last few recruiting classes.
It doesn't matter what team you cheer for be it Illini or IU or Purdue. Vote for Matt Painter!! Then we all win!!
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