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Matt Lucas

Matthew Richard Matt Lucas (born 5 March 1974) is an English comedian, screenwriter, singer, and actor best known for his acclaimed work with David Walliams in the television show Little Britain; as well as for his portrayals of the scorekeeping baby George Dawes in the comedy panel game Shooting Stars, Tweedledee and Tweedledum in Alice in Wonderland, and the roguish innkeeper Thénardier in the musical Les Misérables.

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Had so much heartburn this last week, maybe Ruby isn't going to be bald after all! Ha nah she's deffo gonna look like Matt Lucas 🙄
But why would anyone care? Why is she looking up where some bloke lives just because he said hello to Matt Lucas?
Described by Matt Lucas as “One of the best new acts I have ever seen” is coming to . Tix:…
you'll have to read this. Can't wait to hear this on the podcast
Matt Williams. So savvy! That's a foul on Te'jon Lucas, his second. Tracy Abrams set to check back in. up 15-6.
i have never wanted to be Matt Lucas more in my life
Lucas Podolski just scored this screamer in his farewell game for vs 👏🏾👏🏾
AUDIO: listen to Bill Self, Graham, Lucas along with Purdue coach Matt Painter:
Here you go Matt Lucas says himself Nardole has a Job to do
Matt and Jeff Hardy offered WWE contracts, per
Gd afternoon, Stansted? Was sitcom by Matt Lucas +David Williams was filmed with you ? Is this correct?
'he also high-fived comedian Matt Lucas' - intelligent news reporting at its best. What a joke.
I don't know if I trust trading w/ Braves.but here it goes . Matt Szczur for Lucas Sims/AJ Minter/ Richardo Sanchez/or Kyle Muller
where Matt Lucas started from Little Britain he's a baby he's a baby lol
How the *** did Matt Lucas and David Walliams get away with such racism?
Here we have it. The first instalment of the Muay Thai BlogCast!! On this one I interview, Matt Lucas. Check it...
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I'm still super annoyed that Matt Lucas is gonna star in Doctor Who this season
do you know where Matt Lucas has gone guys? Injured or...Cheers
Also fans at Madison square garden started chanting we want Matt and you screwed Matt. NYC…
NYC fans will start chants like this. Remember when Matt Hardy was removed by WWE because…
Matt Jones on his final game w/ . "I'm kinda numb right now. I gave everything I had the last 4yrs. I'm proud of w…
Steven: What can fans expect from Matt Lucas as Nardole during Series 10? Do you hope they'll be won over by him?
People used to say I looked like Matt Lucas from Little Britain! 'Yeah I know'…
Did you know adam orford followed matt lucas home — What lol
1. I haven't asked for one. 2. I've never liked Matt Lucas in anything so he's not a great choice for me.
Matt Lucas is in at least one Bluetones video though, good excuse to play them.
I thought of Matt Lucas too but couldn't bring myself to request any of his comedy records.
David Walliams was unfair to Matt Lucas in his autobiography, claiming he always turned up late for writing sessions.
This will be deleted soon so I don't get sued by CBS, but you have to watch this Landen Lucas defensive possession. https:…
Matt Lucas from Vampire Academy stars in Pitch Perfect about a tolerant Botanist named Marco
Bexley more suburban Both good places but quite different- choices made accordingly
massive house building and redevelopment in RBG- large parts previously industrial
Sticktap to Reps Lucas Rowe who's suited up vs London. Battled through some injuries recently but clearly didn't want to…
.has hinted that will be involved in this year's next Friday on
Ah, makes sense. Darn, I was hoping to see an Matt Lucas appearance as a round, short, bald fellow.
Somehow I doubt Matt Lucas is really this slow on the uptake.
22:00 QI: Stephen Fry meditates on matters medieval and macabre with Matt Lucas and David Mitchell.
Aw man, that's... unimaginable for me. No-one? Matt Lucas? Chris Chibnall? Shaun Ryder? Deep Roy?
It's up there with the Joan Collins block, Matt Lucas, Sarah Millican and Katie Hopkins block! How rude! ;-)
Like, I'll be talking about Matt Lucas on DW but instead of saying "Matt Lucas" I keep saying "Matt Smith" instead. Oy.
Yes! I do that with names, too! My latest one is I keep confusing Matt Lucas w/Matt Smith because of the Doctor Who connection. 🙄
Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas were actually roommates in real life for three years until 2015. They remain great frie…
Matt Lucas, Jessica Hynes, Joel Dommett and Sarah Millican on the team today
I'd like to see Matt Lucas or Alan Davies ref our next game as they would display a similar level of impartiality as Dean.
Just rubbish - I think Matt Lucas must have written Little Britain alone
22:00 QI: Josh Widdicombe, Susan Calman and Matt Lucas join Sandi and Alan for a Noel special.
Rebel Wilson is the female version of Matt Lucas.
I'm sure Matt Lucas and David Walliams will be thrilled with that comparison.
I enjoyed but no where near as good or funny as the days where David Williams worked with Matt Lucas.
Matt Lucas and David Williams have REALLY let themselves go before the Xmas drag queen special
he looks like Ade Edmondson and Matt Lucas had an ugly kid. His nutty name suits his views on the NHS and climate change.
Corrr... Matt Lucas and David Walliams have aged terribly...
Ade Edmondson crossed with Matt Lucas but with a humour & decency bypass
Doctor Who Christmas special: Matt Lucas's Nardole to be an
Matt Lucas is "an anti-companion" in "a really, really funny way" in this year's Doctor Who Christmas special.…
With David Walliams as Sir Humphrys [sic] and Matt Lucas as the hapless minister
I want David Walliams and Matt Lucas to do something together again
How 8 members when Little Britain consists of Matt Lucas & David Walliams.
more like Matt Lucas as Dame Barbara Cartland supine on the sofa demanding chocolates
Anybody watching the Open Golf noticed how uncannily similar Andrew Johnston looks to Matt Lucas?
This is amusing .. Matt Lucas .. Alfie Bow and Cameron Mackintosh. .. Lucas signing contract for Les Mis ..funny
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Matt Lucas yes, but Matt Smith is on stage in London so seems unlikely
Matt Lucas is Nigel Farage, David Walliams is David Cameron & Kurt Russell is Jeremy Corbyn in:. Big Trouble in Little Britain
When the eventual movie about Brexit is made it'll be called Big Trouble in Little Britain & star Kurt Russell, Matt Lucas & David Walliams
Matt Lucas to play Boris and Rick Moranis to play Michael Gove in "Brexit - the Movie!"
In the movie, I think Matt Lucas for Boris Johnson, Toby Jones for Michael Gove and David Mitchell for David Cameron.
We found out what Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas used to sing together in the hot tub -
Matt Lucas is returning to Doctor Who as the character Nardole. He'll be a series regular: https…
I though Boris Johnson was a Matt Lucas character until I was, like, 13 years old and tbh the ignorance was BLISS.
If that woman on Jeremy Kyle takes her wig off and is Matt Lucas underneath, it won't be a shock to anyone.
Matt Lucas in is perfection. Actually, everything about Russell T Davies' adaptation is brilliant. Thank you
Love Maxine Peake but her Titania is a ringer for Toyah Wilcox. Rather enjoying Matt Lucas's Bottom and Elaine Paige though
Not loving Matt Lucas. He looks like Timothy Spall as Peter Pettigrew.
Andrew Johnson always reminds me of Matt Lucas on come fly with me!
Jon Obi Mikel to Gus Hiddink: "Well...Lucas Leiva has had a go, why can't I?"
lucas friar | wildest dreams . -. i make so many lucas edits but i dont even care be... (Vine by
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Here is your first look at Matt Lucas in Russell T Davies' Midsummer Night's Dream:.
Cause of death: Lucas Friar being a bamf. || Sam (Vine by vibrant lucaya)
maya and lucas are endgame. ...sike!. dt: leslie because rilaya (Vine by alycia grimes)
Russell T Davies' Midsummer Night's Dream: First look at Matt Lucas, John Hannah and more
Lucas has all the ladies../ Dt: and Romantic Rucas for saving my life toda... (Vine by Legit Lucaya)
Lucas Scott photography , same profile pic as on here would link but not on comp right now
Henderson Can Milner Grujic Allen Lucas(maybe) and he obviously rates Brannagan & Pedro Chirivella we have enough
I mean comedy is something that's very personal and people have strong opin...
Matt Smith aiming for Atlanta victory with Victory Gunner
"God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy"
Listen to Dreamwalk Ft. Matt Lucas (Prod. by Hotep Slowsteps & Six.oh.xiS) by Nic Pavement on
The most useful form of time travel would be to go back a year or two and r...
Riley ~ Lucas | Your my brother Lucas. had to repost of the quality. Day 3: Rucas. (Vine by Moreamex Edits)
Good Lucas VS. Bad Lucas. CC:mine. AC:not mine (Vine by Moreamex Edits)
riley & lucas — you were my everything . ib: jojo. dt: lia & bells 💓 (Vine by
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It'd be fine to be bald if you looked like a big gooey baby like Matt Lucas
I visited Lucas Scott's house from One Tree Hill, not sure if you are a fan or not but it twas cool
Here's today's lineup, who will be facing Matt Cain
we'd have Matt Lucas being pushed around in a wheelchair by Dido whilst Mo Farah runs laps...
what do you mean that's the time I met Matt Lucas
Matt Lucas springs to mind, the only *** in the village 😂😂😂
say Hi to Hazel and Matt from Darren and Lucas. Looking forward to our annual get-together in Stockholm on Sat.
Matt Lucas unveils hilarious new character
Greg Davies and Matt Lucas, neither well used in this one
just! Left Cardiff at 4.25. rocked a romper suit. Looked like a ginger Matt Lucas
Good Luck to Jann, Ricardo, Lucas, Bryan, Matt & Romain for the season ahead with
Lucas Duda has now been a part of back-to-back HR for the Mets in 3 straight games.
Curtis' dedication to the We Follow Lucas Duda account is commendable!
Back-to-back werthquakes. Lucas Duda goes deep. 19 homers in past six games for Mets. 4, 3, top 5 https:…
FT Madrid 3-0 Villarreal. Benzema scores one and involved in others for Lucas V & Modric. Ronaldo apparent injury at e…
2-0 Madrid. Brilliant run and finish from Lucas Vazquez
2-0 Madrid. Lucas Vazquez with what should be clincher as he exchanges passes with Benzema and catches out Areola at n…
Loved his reaction to Lucas' shot even more!
Huge blow for Atletico's league and Champions League chances as Godin hobbles off injured after just 10 minutes in Bilba…
You know things are bad when even Lucas gets an assist.
We first heard about Matt and Lucas last year. Glad to hear they're still
Matt Tifft to race in the next three truck events in the Red Horse Racing No. 11 truck.
requested him into sm4sh. Lucas has become iconic in the same way Ness did in the UK, through Smash
I'm not going to criticise Lucas, but Allen has been our best central midfield player this season,Lucas' best games were as CB.
surely a 3 man midfield Milner Lucas Allen, if Lucas and Milner are starting?
Rumours of Lucas and Milner in midfield, surly Allen will start with them in a 3 man midfield?
Introducing Matt please contact the agency for rates.
I liked a video from Friday by Rebecca Black - Cover by Matt Mulholland
Matt's point speaks to fact Lucas was font of ideas, as opposed to a group. So ideas process is different. -JM
Dave Gorman (together with Matt Lucas leading the discussion on "Making real for Business"
Happy Zeisel Day! Matt Lucas is 15,387 days old today which is a Zeisel number. RT
Rider Matt Smith ready to rebound at home track
Matt Adams isn't the most athletic guy in the world... That slide 🙈
Everyday I pray my favourite TV shows don't hire Matt Lucas because I just can't watch him 😫😫
There's been talk for 10 years now. Lucas is in Smash and has an amiibo. People that normally wouldn't care, now know about it.
Spectrum 17U Miron will be at - names to watch: Josh Colon, Caleb Snead, Lucas Myers, Jake Hahn, Malik Johnson & Matt Palumbo.
Here at the Bob Lucas Stadium. face Join us live on Xtra -
I did that once... But didn't get caught 😈
Follow game tonight on with and myself at the Bob Lucas Stadium from 7:30pm -
Great Job Lucas Carr, Another one done Brotha, Keep it up!. We hope Matt is feeling better.
looks like Matt Lucas has put a bit of timber on!!
There's a Matt Lucas lookalike on this train flirting with a girl who's way out of his league and it's pure pain...
The Chris Evans Breakfast Show, 19/04/16 Matt Lucas wants to be on Top Gear, but there's a problem...
Love Matt Lucas! Miss BBC radio here in Oz. Will attempt to listen online!
I just watched Matt and Lucas kill a poor possum who was nursing babies. 😢
Lucas Duda must've heard the fan calling his name when he hit his first homer of the season:
Glad to see my Ranger Buddy Lucas and Matt Brown getting the word out there. Get better Matt!
Lucas Duda just took David Hernandez 421 feet to right field. Landed in the second deck. Bomb.
- Hey. This is for you to grow your business online Lucas, take the survey and grabb a pre-build
remember 'rock profile' with Matt Lucas and David Walliams? They definitely used this
ICYMI: Aussie heavyweight world champ Lucas Browne insists he's not a drug cheat:
*rolls his eyes cause he and Matt don't get along*
What's been happening with that # 1 Car of Talking shop with CC right now on
will you be buying the apocalypse script like you diD DOFP?
MAJOR 🔑 ALERT: go see Dr Matt Lucas and staff at Lucas Chiropractic and Acupuncture, always a…
Lucas determined to clear name after positive drugs test. WATCH:
Matt would it be helpful if Lucas passed a polygraph test, I think it would go along way in court if B sample comes up bad.
Todrick Hall, Alyson Stoner, Matt Steffanina among judges for new DanceOn competition
For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many. Matt 20:28 NLT
Can bear Lucas for cup games at least. Not with Skrtel, made Benteke look a 32m player then that Matt Smith match lmao
Lucas Browne proclaims innocence after testing positive to banned drug clenbuterol
Songwriters in the Round returns to Bazaar Cafe with v.16.0! Featuring Lily Holbrook and Matt Lucas! Saturday...
When your sister and mum face swap and Matt Lucas as the dust woman from Little Britain appears, ffs
nice of Matt Lucas to turn up for the match
everytime you post this i think the lady on the right looks like Matt Lucas
When drops the bar at Planet and blames it on you 🤘🏻
Recapping 1st top-10 finish of the year at crew chief joins
But Graham Coxon, oh dear, he’s got nothing at all, not a thing, bless him. Lovely bloke, though.”. — Matt Lucas in Vox Magazine, Jan. 1996
I had the most realistic dream that Matt Noah Lucas and Riley were still alive as omg I'm shaking 😭💔
: Lucas let me see your hair. *takes off hat*. *Matt begins laughing uncontrollably*
Worksite to Waratahs: RUPA & chat to about an eventful 12 months
Finished my first US movie filmed in the US...look out for BRIDESMAIDS in May 2011..Kristen Wiig is going to kill, Matt Lu…
Matt Lucas awaiting his peanuts on the set of Catterick
think he likes lallana though. I don't follow PSG that much, does Lucas Mura play ?? Either way I think we will sign
very similar player to them I agree... But what a player got to take him if given the chance !! Lucas mora or Reus 👌
This may be the best photo ever taken- Peggy O'Leary trying to guess what Matt Pavich and Lucas Connolly are...
Crispy looking footage of Matt Bennett filmed by TJ Gaskill. . 🐖
Matt Lucas from Chelsea Lately stars in Poseidon about a competent Mortgage broker named Dana
It's important to hold something back, though, because quite frankly my per...
WHITE HAWK HILL A three screen film installation by. RED EARTH and Anna Lucas with abandofbrothers and Dr Matt...
Why Matt Wingard's return is so shocking, a man unfit for public office
Matt Lucas served in Afghanistan & lived through horrific moments. Learn how he beat PSD. Legacy Interview
I thought this was Matt Lucas portraying the character of Boris Johnson at first glance
New Alan Davies on Dave? Go on then. Matt Lucas and Russell Kane pull up their seats to the table tonight at 10pm
Just got round to watching the Christmas Dr Who with my boy! Brilliant! Greg Davies & Matt Lucas very funny
Watched this a few days ago. So she shares an apartment with an English guy, Matt Lucas, and his Australian...
That'll only be because Matt Lucas is playing Rebel Wilson in that one.
Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Russell Howard, Ruth Jones, James Corden & countless writers owe their success to Sad day for new talent
Happy Birthday Harper I hope you have a amazing day and that Lucas & Marcus notice you today ☺🎂🎁🎉
Small Apartments (2012). Very odd film Matt Lucas is good as central character. Really great cast with some big stars. Will grow on me. 📀
I'm a very recent convert to the *** scene. I went to a party a couple of y...
Not really a fan of Matt Lucas but he is just wonderful in 🍻
Three Ontarians will suit up for Canada at Lucas Hammond, Matt Mullins & Captain
Legal Britain was marvellous comedy series and I hope David Walliams and Matt Lucas are hard at work on another season.
Perfect conditions at Hindmarsh for Tune in on & Lucas Pantelis
Better than the Dalai Lama - 2 minutes of life advice from Matt Lucas & Alex Horne!
I agree... but Matt Lucas could do her really well!
shut up paul you look like Matt Lucas...
Matt Lucas is a strange looking fella
you were awful! I had faith in you. You let me down. Now I have to shave my head to look like Matt Lucas
Francis Ford Coppola on the true cost of George Lucas' Star Wars legacy
DISCLAIMER:. This experience is only intended for people(s) not currently GEORGE LUCAS.
and I used to admire Matt Lucas aswell.
I like to go with my first instincts on your pics which is Matt lucas but I think I might be way off on this one!!
Darts is actually an amazing sport. It takes so much skill and yet its number one in the entire world is a down's syndrome Matt Lucas ffs.
On the tube with Ian McKellen, and a man who looks like Matt Lucas in character, but isn't.
An avalanche of 'Friends' jokes welcomes Matt LeBlanc to 'Top Gear'
BBC has announced Friends actor Matt LeBlanc is to be one of the new presenters of
I'll vote for the candidate that makes it illegal for Landen Lucas to shoot a basketball in a basketball game
.Matt Lucas looking like a lounge Mr Weatherbee on the subject
You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?. Matt 7:16
Matt told me I hit a new level with my writing, everything is awesome, and I can probably go direct to betas!!!
it's not! I'll get JT after revisions from Matt. This is from another author friend.:)
Matt Lucas: "Guys I'm dropping out. I'm dropping out and becoming a prostitute. It's all I'm good at"
I see that cheeky like from Matt Lucas ;)
Lucas is defo that creepy masked guy. Him and Mona working for Ali, trying to get dirt on the girls. Still no idea who killed Charlotte
Congratulations to IFPG Members Seva and Matt Lucas on their Newest Area Representative!
Our is The ambidextrous pitcher talks with Matt & Harold on
The CEO of is officially in... Chase Lucas!
Chase Lucas will be resending his NLI to ASU shortly (technical glitch), but no worries Sun Devil fans- he's solid.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
“Keep yourself busy if you want to avoid depression. For me, inactivity is the enemy.” -Matt Lucas
without his blond mop his career would fold. A bald Boris would look like Matt Lucas
P.S. small world. Person who's mixing my album just moved in with Matt Lucas. Creative sphered combine.
TheGreenParty: Our environment doesn't have borders - we're the CarolineLucas in HuffPostUK on Env…
ok Matt kick some Harley butt this year
"if you think like young scholars, one day you can be like my husband and build the Lucas oil stadium"
I can confirm that I've picked up Matt Lucas in my cab... Nice bloke!
This formation we've been best with. Firmino as a false 9. Lucas/Hendo/Can poor in MF today. D bad as always.
Yes, Lucas awful. But I believe this was the team that smothered LC back on Boxing Day. I get Klopp's logic.
decisions ? Its just allen for lucas mate!! And whoever he puts its still a poor team 1 or 2 wont make a diff
Klopp got it horribly wrong tonight. How Henderson/Can/Lucas can start when Brannagan/Allen are playing so well, ill never understand
players (from tonight) who I'd KEEP: Henderson, Emre, Firmino. Lallana, Milner, Lucas, Teixeira on the 'maybes.'. All others: go.
cartoon version ie Orko but green or film version ie Matt Lucas but green?
I see Matt Lucas and I raise you a Piers Morgan
Me neither, but a bunch of huge counts follow him, like Matt Lucas and Mara Wilson
Is the person in the BT Infinity advert Matt Lucas in Drag? Or is it really some Aussie woman that looks like him?
makes me cringe but the guest appearances 👌🏻 Matt Lucas, Kylie, Robert Lindsay!
As if Beth has saved me as fkin Matt Lucas 😭
If the clubs of the players we really want won't budge, what else can we do? or would you rather we play Lucas and Enrique th…
Nice Breasts David Walliams and Matt Lucas will be jealous brilliant Judy Dench and Angela Merkle you still have it.
out of sync dancers Matt Lucas opening song.
wait, when did say it was in the Matt Lucas song? She just said It's in ep 203...?
she said it was in the Matt Lucas song tho.
Cliff Palu is back. After one season in Japan Cliffy has decided to join the Tahs again in 2016. Scrum half Matt Lucas is…
Oh! Matt Lucas is in this episode! (Watching the newest Christmas Special)
Matt Lucas, have U any idea how stupid that lie sounds?The A B S figures prove that LNP have deficit of $480 million
I could've met Alan cummings and MATT Lucas
Who knew Matt Lucas could sing so well...must be what happens when you have all that lonely time in the village :) rocks, er MTs
Matt your a God thanks for the like😭
Matt you should have considered taking old position! 😂
Good to know Hendo and Lucas are back
Sakho and Toure are back to face Arsenal. Henderson & Lucas too
Hope Lucas called one of several ex GH drs to help Sonny. Tom or Simone Hardy, Matt Drake, Noah Drake, DR Sarah Webber? Go for it!
🙄🙄🙄 ok look guys KB has been my love since 2013 along with Lucas,Ronnie,and Matt 💯
Wycliff Palu is back in blue for the after signing on for the 2016 season - along with Matt Lucas!.
Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, Brian St Pierre, Jake Delhomme. But we all have to be bandwagon fans...
yeah so would I, but it would of been nice for someone else to win it 😂
great to see SA Legend Lucas Radebe representing in Zurich
n come fly with me. all Matt Lucas and David Walliams stuff is amazing x
I actually adore Matt Lucas he makes me howl
Have someone look at that second sentence again -- it's not 2023!
Declan Lowney's aired last night on ABC, here's singing his heart out
Matt Lucas and David Walliams are literal geniuses
Luke, could you please dm me so I can get your contact info? Thanks!
.include Wycliff Palu and Matt Lucas in 38-man extended squad announced for 2016 season https:/…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
BREAKING: Palu & Lucas return to bolster NSW Waratahs squad confirmed for 2016. Read:
Big day for Lucas boys. Tom back from injury & raring to go for Thunderbolts in Fiji & Matt signs for https…
33 out of the 38 players announced in our extended man squad today were born in NSW. ICYMI:
Bet he loved it though when celebrations went wild 4 *** marriage. Shades of Matt Lucas's "The Only *** in the Village."
ICYMI: Matt Stafford becomes latest QB to enjoy playing against the Saints defense.
DAILY BONUS QUESTION 3. [40 points to the first correct answer] What is the name of the character that Matt Lucas...
how to talk to girls at parties, Nicole Kidnan and Matt Lucas, all wrapped now
bit after I moved away unfortunately, Bob Lucas far left back row, looks like Alex Browne 4th from right front row.
with my tee shirt on I can do a good, 'want that one.' Matt Lucas style.
remember when Lucas dragged Matt and you stood up for Matt with passion and loyalty. Why are you not doing that now?
Congratulations to Matt Mittelstadt for & a trip to Cabo San Lucas
Force Awakens is amazing. JJ Abrams > George Lucas any day of the week.
Ha ha, thanks Matt. We got your holiday card, by the way. Cute picture. You guys look great! Let's connect soon buddy.
Lucas it's Matt. Text me your new number, fool.
I know. Matt Lucas has blocked me. Does that count? Is he nice? I like him, but he took offence at something I said.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
So Matt Lucas will be playing himself in the Christmas edition. For crying out loud.
Festive banter and gift-giving with Alex Kingston and Matt Lucas…. Check out the video at
New video!. Alex Kingston and Matt Lucas swap presents and talk of festive fun….
it's scandalous. Sounds like a David Walliams & Matt Lucas sketch from Little Britain
David Jason, Matt Lucas and David Walliams ... Now that's a party!!!
David Walliams and Matt Lucas also otherwise engaged
Last night's audio up. . HUGE show tomorrow w/Matt Lucas +more!
The Xmas Special:. Peter Capaldi & Alex Kingston are joined by Greg Davies as King Hydroflax & Matt Lucas as Nardole! http…
Matt Lucas, Alex MacQueen, Tom Hollander, Nathan Dyer and Pat Sharp are among VIPs at the gala tonight.
Does Jess Wright have eyes? It's like kissing Matt Lucas when you can have Tom Hardy.
So, Hosmer’s run came 17:38 into elapsed World Series time. Not in my column, but holy cow. http…
Rebel Wilson models her new plus size clothing with close friend Matt Lucas - Daily Mai...
She's a fashion rebel! Ms.Wilson flashes a smile as she models her new plus size clothi... - Daily Mail
Left to right Scout300 four-star recruits Byron Murphy, N'Keal Harry and Chase Lucas. Very close friends.
Lucas and Murphy both have ASU ranked in their top 3. Lucas said the three have known each other since they were 5.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Spoke with Chase Lucas, who said he would "love" the opportunity to play with "his brothers" (Perkins, Harry) at ASU again.
Chase Lucas tells me he will make his commitment announcement next Monday also at Chandler HS.
Harry's teammate Chase Lucas is a 4-star & is seriously considering ASU as is Harry's close friend Bryan Murphy of Sagu…
My poor eyes. A hairy version of Matt Lucas just stood next to me in the shower at the gym. Somethings just can't be unseen 😱
If Romo isn't back next week, the plan to give their fans a free bottle of Jack Daniels to help them cope wit…
Mindfulness is a process when you are in the moment, it slows down the thought process to allow vets to focus on a future…
Rev. Matt found an even heavier cross to bear last night on Our recap:
he needs one player like Lucas moura or someone. And if thins continue like this, martial will burnout soon
ppl dressed as jimmy Savile,matt lucas,snow white ,nuns, nurses etc most folks just dress up I think a lot of good/bad taste
yeah, Matt Harvey decides he's got big balls and demands his way into the game and blows it. Not an Allstar way to handl…
You cud see referee doing a favour to Lfc by not sendin Lucas off but not a word on Costa cud have been sent off. hypocrite
I honestly thought the new headteacher in was Matt Lucas
Matt Harvey and Lucas Duda have to be reevaluating their careers right now...maybe they should take up soccer or something.
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