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Matt Leinart

Matthew Stephen Leinart (born May 11, 1983), is an American professional football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

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The Cardinals will probably find a way to beat the Giants anyways with Drew Stanton/Matt Leinart/Max Hall/Ryan Lindley/whoever at QB
The dish commercial with Matt Leinart is having me die over here. USC can't develop there QBs for the big leagues lol
The Dish commercial with Matt Leinart going back to college makes me laugh every time
I remember using USC on NCAA all the time back when Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were still there
Back in elementary school, i won the Heisman Trophy when we played football on the playground. I was THE quarterback. Matt Leinart like
Remember whan Carroll and Chow used to let Matt Leinart make it rain on the opposition?
I can't wait for him to become the next Carson Palmer/Matt Leinart/Matt Barkley
Matt Leinart is not coming thru those doors! "Meanwhile Boston College is beating USC."
The last time USC was good Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush was there.
Matt Leinart was *** in the NFL and Reggie Bush decent. The NFL a whole mother monster. Plus y'all lost to Vince Young
Come on Brett Hundley don't be a wimp like Matt Leinart was several yrs ago against ASU
I'd want to go back to college too if I was Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart leads the Trojans out. USC/Stanford: Gives me chills!
USC ain't been raw since Reggie Bush, Lendale White and Matt Leinart
hopefully it's not Matt Leinart “Rams are gonna suck their way into the top QB huh?”
the best college QB with the worst NFL success is easily Matt Leinart no question
The good news for Matt Leinart: He is the only guy in the DISH college football commercial that they don’t have to name.
It's sad how much Matt Leinart wants to go back to college in that commercial
The commercial where Matt Leinart says "I can go back to college?!"and hes wicked excited about it is actually the best commercial ever made
Matt Leinart says when visiting as a recruit, the staff took him to Via
Matt Leinart wanting to go back to college in that Dish commercial was actually very funny.
That extra year at USC paying dividends for Matt Leinart. He shares camera time in a diner with Boz and a stuffed animal.
Matt Leinart remembers his Oklahoma trip to Applebee’s.
3 Players to Watch as UCLA Takes on Texas: It's a big state showdown in Austin. Matt Leinart, Petros Papadakis...
Today's R&P trivia. won R&P I with Matt Leinart as his QB, because taking Daunte Culpepper in the 4th didn't work out so well.
So Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart got the same BM?.. Cool!
Main Benefit: Observing the game at real NFL speed. Not all are Luck or Russ Wilson. Don't want David Carr, Matt Leinart again
Not Blaine Gabbert, Matt Leinart. They are from a very active LDS family apparently. Jordan was a hoops player at BYU.
Oh...Matt Leinart is pushing network??? Sign me up!
I like how that DISH commercial assumes people will recognize Matt Leinart.
The guys who can throw in a crowded pocket win in the NFL. Not Matt Leinart, Greg McElroy, Vince Young etc. they had all day in college
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talk about a gold digging cougar. Matt leinart too? she got a baby by usher too?
she has a child with Matt Leinart too, right?
you mean the losses to the Giants ridiculous receiving core. Matt Leinart could've won those
everyone knew leaks inability to read defenses cost him lol look at Matt Leinart
I always knew would get the start. Matt isn't a good name for QBs. Just ask Schaub, Flynn, Leinart & McGloin
Fact: Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart have the same baby mama.
initially had Kevin Kolb in EJ's rookie year. He got injured & Matt Leinart got cut. Had vets. Just didnt pan out.
episode 17: by Dave standards JeMarcus Russell, Matt Leinart & Brady Quinn were all winners because they had great college stats
You know your fantasy team is good when you draft Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart is the biggest QB bust in my opinion, how do you fail with Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Steve Breaston?
The Boz!: Brian Bosworth, Matt Leinart and Heath Shuler desperately pine for college glory in new ad
The one with Reggie Bush, Lendale White, Matt Leinart, all the boys
Might as well put Matt Leinart and Jamarcus Russell on the free agency list if we're putting Tim Tebow on there.
So going forward if your name is Matt you will not start for the raiders leinart flynn schaub mcgloin am i missing someone
Eddy came to work with a fake *** Matt Leinart USC jersey lol. The insides are orange and the tackle twill are in yellow 😂
that's true, but he was never good there..they don't coach QBs very well, see Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez
Who will it be next year? They've tried Matt Leinart already. Matt Simms?
Sean Mannion pushed past the likes of Andrew Walter and Matt Leinart with 328 passing yards Saturday.
Imagine if Matt Leinart wasnt a bust he would have been cold
I mean, I'd even go with Matt Leinart over Carson Palmer... You know, because of his upside.
LMAO stfu! Tommie Frazier, Tim Tebow, Matt leinart, Danny Wuerffel ? Tebow at the top
that's college. it doesnt translate to pro success. Tebow, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell. all good in college and all busts
Let's see if that *** has the nerve to talk his Leinart hate directly to Matt's face!
Matt Leinart said UCLA was everyone's pick to make the CFB Playoff. Not mine. I've thought UCLA all off-season overhyped. We'll see.
Matt Leinart Joey Harrington Joel klatt and Petros Papadakis on the same broadcast 😲🔫
Matt Leinart should still be in the NFL. He was never really given a shot.
Matt Leinart looks bored as a sports caster. But good analysis...
That Dish Network diner commercial is funny because they assume everyone knows who Matt Leinart is.
Watch they sign someone like Matt Leinart smh
I found Matt Leinart! He's been disguising himself as a sportscaster on the PAC-12 Network.
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That dish commercial about Matt Leinart and The Boz wanting to go back to college is priceless and genius
Matt Leinart appears to be joining the Dark Side full-time
Love that commercial with college stars, NFL flops Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler and Brian Bosworth.
Great commercial with Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth and Heath Shuler yearning for college years.
The Dish Network commercial with Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler, and Brian Bosworth is pure brilliance. It needs Tebow, Manziel, and Vince Young
The schadenfreude side of me smiles at Matt Leinart doing Dish commercials with Brian Bosworth.
there’s a Dish Network ad on TV involving Brian Bosworth, Heath Shuler, and Matt Leinart and the punchline is AMAZING.
Dish commercial with Matt Leinart is pretty rough! A football joke even I can understand!
Sam: Matt Leinart, while at USC, took ballroom dancing his senior year bc he redshirted 1 yr. . Me: he also dated Kristen Cavallari.
Like his predecessor at USC, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez is comfortable collecting checks from the NFL as a backup quarterback. Pansy.
The Dish commercials with Matt Leinart are hilarious. "Going Back to College? College Football Live" via
also Matt Leinart day 1 year ago today
he could've been a lot better, but he's definitely not anywhere near the level of JaMarcus, Matt Leinart.
I like seeing Matt Cassel get the Vikings job. Guy never started a game at USC behind Heisman winners Palmer/Leinart.
I guess but he still made it. Idk I don't consider him on the level of JaMarcus, Matt Leinart, etc.
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Johnny Football should as Matt Leinart what happens to QB's in the NFL who are more interested in the Hollywood lifestyle.
The Raiders with Matt Leinart at QB is my new squad in Madden 13
People thinking the Rams season is over because of Bradford's injury are mistaken. *** for him, but he's no different than Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart doesn't look like he's buddy-buddy with the other guys huh
Once I had a Jamarcus Russell FatHead. It cost me 10 bucks, including shipping ... so yeah
Matt Leinart is out of football. His college backup will start for the Vikings. As William Goldman said, Nobody knows anything.
I saw you on the big screen was that an old Matt leinart jersey
I think if every NFL starting quarterback tore his ACL, Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brett Favre, and Jim...
Carson Palmer doing his best Matt Leinart impression.
show them how to draft like a boss. Take Matt Leinart with your next pick.
you're right. Maybe Matt Leinart wants to play again.
Wow! I just won this for free, Two Jersey Cards. Matt Leinart and Leon Washington.
Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell, Brian Bosworth are going back to college in ads|
Shouldnt have starting boozing b4 this fantasy draft. My team is about to look like the '08 Lions. Probably going Matt Leinart in the 1st rd
idk, what about akili Smith however it is spelled, Jamarcus Russell, Heath Shuler, Ryan Leaf, and Matt Leinart.
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Let's be honest, it's time for Matt Leinart to begin his true destiny as a Rams QB.
Matt Leinart graded rookie card up for auction! great! Graded 9.5!!
Johnny Manziel might be the next Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell
Matt Leinart and Jamarcus Russell in a Dish Network hopper commercial. Or "2 Busts and a Kangaroo." .
Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell, and other NFL busts in the hilarious new DISH ads. More @
A year ago the Bills signed Matt Leinart
NFL busts Jamarcus Russell and Matt Leinart reminisce about college in newest DISH ad -
Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell go back to college in ...
Former star Matt Leinart, in a TV ad, longs for his college days - Oh, glory days.Based on his...
Who do you think Coach Pete Carroll likes the most? Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Richard Sherman or Russell Wilson?
Matt Leinart, Jamarcus Russell, and the Boz FINALLY get to go back to college (in an ad)
Jeff Fisher just did him wrong because he wasn't allowed to draft Matt Leinart.
Ifs funny how bad Matt Leinart and Vince Young have become a football.
the same talent evaluators that draft Jamarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf, and Matt Leinart in the top 10?
On new DISH commercial: Who was biggest NFL bust ... The Boz, Heath Shuler or Matt Leinart?
I laugh every time that the Hopper commercial about Matt Leinart going back to college comes on
Matt Leinart doing Dish commercials? Times is rough…
"The Boz" - Funny stuff. . Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth wish they were back in college via
Props to Matt Leinart and his sense of humor in the new Dish commercial.
Pia just issued a challenge to Matt Leinart.
Met matt Leinart at my hospital today making him look little lol.. Great guy usc alumni and one of my fav qbs to...
Apparently, Nick Lachey and Matt Leinart are tight. Makes so much sense, I love it.
It really is. He name drops Matt Leinart which is just great
in that draft Matt leinart is the bust!
That Dish Network commercial with Matt Leinart is hilarious
I totally forgot Matt Leinart was the Texans backup in 2011. Huh... Weird
Matt Leinart this is your one day a year to stay relevant
Matt Leinart called, he wants to take more yoga classes.
ALSO if being cute was a metric that actually improved football skills then Matt Leinart's pro career would've turned out differently
Matt Leinart wanting to stay in college forever = TOO REAL.
Matt Leinart's going back to college, didn't you guys hear?
I got a seven on me, I call my 'dro Lamar. Plus a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart
Supporting the Matt Leinart jersey today for
The dish commercial with Matt Leinart gets me every time.
What exactly is Matt Leinart doing in that back to college commercial??
Matt Leinart in this Dish commercial looking super washed.
Is that not Matt Leinart on the Dish commercial talking about going back to college? If it is, absolute gold. Good for him.
"Effeciency"? Lol um just in the past decade but who was Vince Young? Tim Tebow? Matt Leinart? Sam Bradford? Kellen Moore?
Johnny Manziel is the next Matt leinart
Hey, why isn't Alfred Blue draftable? I can draft Randy Moss and Matt Leinart, but not Houston's RB?
I think I just saw Matt Leinart in a commercial for Dish.
Did anyone see the new commercial with Matt leinart I laughed so hard because he *** at football
What are the chances of running into Matt leinart, Heath Shuler and the boz in the same diner???
Cleveland... Rex Grossman? Couldn't you have grabbed Matt Leinart or Health Schuler?
Hey can you make a reality show of the Heisman House? Starring Johnny Manziel and Matt Leinart... obviously. You're welcome America.
Johnny Manziel should've been in the DISH kangaroo ad with three historic busts Heath Shuler, Matt Leinart and Brian Bosworth.
When Matt Leinart first moved to Phoenix to play 4 Cardinals, my wife and I saw him at Pet Smart buying a ferret.
Was that Matt Leinart in that Dish Network commercial? Lmfao
The Matt Leinart going back to college commercial is too funny. Only thing better would've been to get Brady Quinn and JaMarcus too.
Still gotta catch up on Matt Leinart in the race for the heisman.
I crack up every time I see the Dish Network commercial cause of how excited Matt Leinart gets to go back to college 😂😂
*** Matt leinart will be back before vy man its a sad day in Hiram Clark
Vince Young, Troy Smith, Matt leinart, Eric crouch, Jason White. Where they? Heisman QB curse lol
What does it say about Tim Tebow, Vince Young and Matt Leinart that the Dolphins signed Brady Quinn off the Fox TV roster? …
Matt Leinart's stated he could pass in college, too. Same with Kellen Moore. They can't.
Rex Grossman, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, And Matt Leinart are actually all the same person
him and Matt Leinart must be commiserating together, wondering what they did so wrong to not get a call before those two.
The dish commercial with Brian Bosworth, Matt Leinart, and Heath Shuler is awesome!! Lol
Lol that Dish commercial with Heath Shuler, Matt Leinart and Brian Bosworth kills me.
Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler, and Brian Bosworth are in a Dish Network commercial. I can’t make this stuff up
Just saw the Dish Network ad about "going back to college" starring Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler & Brian Bosworth. Home Run!!!
matt leinart. He cursed himself after giving that shrewd interview after losing to the Longhorns in the '06
Matt Leinart is mess. Total Brody Jenner wannabe. But since you're sending out opinions, I want to know if I'm hot? 😉
The new Dish commercial with Matt Leinart has me dead.
gives me chills .. Matt Leinart leads USC out of the tunnel for Stanford game: via
ight if y'all say so, then Matt Leinart a perfect fit
.you making commercials for Samsung now? You dropped the dream of being a QB faster than Matt Leinart.
Sydney White is such an old movie that they make a Matt Leinart reference
VIDEO: Matt Leinart and the Boz want to go back to college in this hilarious DISH commercial.
I'm no expert, but what I've hear Manziel I think 2 words: Matt Leinart.
For Your KBNW Fun At 1:00: With another season of college football just around the corner, lots of people are...
CLE should bring Johnny Football along properly.don't want a Matt Leinart type situation.
. Hey Johnny. Dont worry about that baseball cap look. The chicks still dig it. -Matt Leinart to Manziel.
Jason White, Troy Smith, Matt Leinart, Chris Weinke, Eric Crouch just to name a few. All great players, that never got it going in NFL
Matt Leinart for sure. First round pick, Heisman winner.
I would have to say matt leinart and just the way he got so angry all the time. He seemed like a punk
This is such a gnarly Dish cfb ad with random mini-Aussie kango and all.
Brian Bosworth, Matt Leinart, and Heath Shuler were all excellent college football players, but they faltered when it came to their NFL careers.
Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth & Heath Shuler. Three college stars reliving their glory days thanks to the Hopper from DISH.
Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth and Heath Shuler pine for the glory days of college in new Dish Network commercial.
VIDEO: Matt Leinart & Brian Bosworth try to go back to college in a hilarious commercial h…
Props to Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler, Brian Bosworth for this funny college football commercial.
The dish commercial with Matt Leinart, Heath Schuler, and Brian Bosworth is funny.
College football legends Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler and Brian Bosworth go back to college.
Great commercial on college glory with Boz, Heath Shuler and Matt Leinart. Pretty funny. Best acting ever.
Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth and Heath Shuler have a sense of humor in new days.
Matt Leinart, Brian Bosworth and Heath Shuler yearn for college years in new commercial via
Matt Leinart and Brian Bosworth Want to Go Back to College in Dish Commercial via
Whoa whoa whoa.. only if Kevin Kolb, Vince Young, Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn, and Matt Leinart are all busy.
and the next Matt Leinart and Ryan Leaf is ... Drumroll .. Johnny Manziel.. Hoyer will be the starting QB
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Matt Leinart was a buss, John David Booty was weak, Rocky Hines was overrated... Carson Palmer is surviving
I got Jon Daly, Matt Leinart, John Rocker, Brian Wilson, JR Smith and throw in Darryl Strawberry circa 1986 for good measure
I got a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart!
At the Matt Leinart event with my brother LA |
Today's events: Awards, Magic in the Moonlight and Private Number premieres, Matt Leinart FDN benefit,
Matt Leinart gave up on football to pursue his dream of becoming Mario Lopez
he doesn't have it physically, college accolades mean nothing in the nfl (Matt Leinart, Jason White, Tim Tebow)
Blake Griffin & Matt Leinart have the same Baby Momma. She's getting that check.
idk why after the Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart days I've been in love with SC!
Log onto work photo editor and find the first photo is Matt Leinart at the ESPYs. Nope.
remember when Matt Leinart walked into the Texas bar on gameday? He must have had nightmare flashbacks lmao
I think the drive by Matt Leinart was more heart breaking.
Matt Leinart didn't win a championship because he was ***
so you're saying Matt Leinart is clutch and he never won championships because his team's were ***
Who partied harder their last 2 years of college: Matt Leinart or Johnny Manziel?
- Like, there's a difference in Kellen Moore & Matt Leinart. IMO, Moore had much more to do w/their success than Leinart...
Alex Smith was 21-1 as a college starter, Kellen Moore 50-3, Matt Leinart 35-2... but tell me more about "winning QBs"
I got a chance to scout today. Kid Was impressive. Looks like a young Matt Leinart!
Hey I actually preferred Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning...and thought Matt Leinart would be the next Joe Montana
plus a Trojan in my pocket... Matt Leinart
It's funny that Matt Cassel was Leinart's backup at SC and is now a starting quarterback in the NFL while Leinart runs summer camps for kids
is the Matt Leinart of your industry?
Bringing up Matt Leinart's NFL career is the most irreverent thing ever. But I bet you jock Chris Leak and Tebow, huh?
Ugggh, Reggie Bush pushes Matt Leinart into the end zone to win the game. Saving our bid to play in the natty.
Keep a trojan in my pocket matt leinart
r u going to matt leinart's celebrity bowl? Why? I thought we were gonna work on our issues
If Giada's grandfather told her not to soil the family name, then why did she soil the sheets with John M, Drake, Tyson B & Matt LEINART?
Matt Leinart's only class his last year at USC was ballroom dancing. Marcus Mariotta's classes? Yoga and golf
Still no word on what flavored vodka Matt Leinart will be having for lunch.
lol you throw andrew luck out there like this is 2011. I could throw Matt Leinart, Sanchez, Palmer, Bush, etc if I wanted to
*Steps in the middle of bar fight* . Look, all my buddies and I are saying is, Matt Leinart makes that tackle!. *Bar stool flies across room*
Matt Leinart is in the drew league -_-
Matt Leinart. Basically--Cards and Raiders fans been through a LOT in the 2000's...
I got to see the amazing days of Matt Leinart (my fav SC QB) and the thunder and lightning duo of Reggie and Lendale.
Matt Leinart plays in the Drew League lol... stop it...
“ From the food to the staff … Incredible!” – Matt Leinart, football player, on his recent stay with his actress...
Looking to escape the XL heat of an summer? Matt Leinart lists his Manhattan Beach home for $2.05M.
I told you Manziel is the next Matt Leinart.
From the Top 10 USC Trojans of all time. Stunning list. Includes 4 NFL Hall of Famers.
Matt leinart got a year of eligibility left? 😂😂
Why did Denard Robinson, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush have to play for Portugal?
have had so many shots off target, you might be fooled into thinking Matt Leinart's playing for them.
I'm kidding if I was Pete Carroll USC 2004 your my starting quarterback not Matt Leinart
I think the names of Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley prove otherwise
.HOW!? USC QB's have had nothing but short-lived "success." idek if you can call it that… ex. Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez,
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Except Matt Leinart had a noodle arm
You know who Manziel is starting to remind me of? Matt Leinart. Stud college QB who spends too much time partying.
Heisman Trophy winner asks $2.059M for Manhattan Beach house with ocean views
yeah Matt leinart would take him to school
I'm talking like Matt Leinart tebow guys like that
Former star Matt Leinart calls audible on Manhattan Beach home
Matt Barkley? Matt Leinart? They fell because they're not good. Teddy fell because he's not good.
Ma *** Matt leinart played at the drew, that's hilarious man
Johnny should talk to Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart. See what he learns from their example.
Kurt Warner rewarded the Arizona Cardinals for reviving his career with a trip to Super Bowl XLIII and now the team is returning the favor. Warner will be inducted into the Cardinals' Ring of Honor at University of Phoenix Stadium at halftime of Arizona's "Monday Night Football" game against San Diego on Sept. 8. He's the 14th former Cardinal to receive the honor and the first since Hall of Famer Aeneas Williams was added to the Ring of Honor in 2008. With Warner leading the offense from 2007-2009, Arizona experienced its most successful three-year span since the early 1980s and late 1970s. But his stay in the desert wasn't also so successful. Warner went 3-12 as a starter in his first two seasons with the Cardinals, starting just five games in 2006 as the team opted for rookie quarterback Matt Leinart for the majority of the season. Looking back Wednesday, Warner said he contemplated retirement after being replaced by Leinart. THA TRUTH
Does everyone see as the second coming of Matt Leinart?
Gotta be the legend himself Matt Leinart
He's going to split Ring of Honor reps with Matt Leinart.
we love the "pay for what we will do"idea. Akili,Tim couch,vy,David Carr ,Jamarcus ,Matt leinart,Andre ware..
Most college Qbs that go to nfl end up blowing, like the ones that look real good in college like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Tebow, etc.
USC squad was so cold , Reggie Bush, Dwayne Garrett, Matt Leinart , Brian Cushing
Brady Quinn's opinion is making headlines...time to stop the Johnny Manziel train before Matt Leinart gets tracked down for his analysis.
Matt Leinart was not here in 2010. this guy dont know.
Matt leinart is the biggest bust of the 2006 draft not VY!
college 🏈 yea i like USC was a matt leinart fan stuck wit em after tht
agree. What '95 huskers made it big and where is Matt leinart?
If USC got another Matt Leinart & Reggie Bush duo that would just be so amazing like I would cry
Arizona tried that strategy once. We got Levi Brown and Matt Leinart and traded away Suggs.
Lmao my god “Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game
So apparently Matt Leinart is dominating the Drew League:
Matt Leinart played in the Drew this wknd? Did any of y'all see that game?
Johnny Manziel is going in the same direction of Vince Young & Matt Leinart. All party and no PROFESIONAL game = BUST.
If he never wins, he'll be the next Matt Leinart. Don't think Drake and Lebron will care much about him at that point.
“Matt Leinart Is Dominating The Drew League oh he ballin lol
Wasn't Matt Leinart a talented QB that liked to party? How'd that work out for him again? Oh yeah, I remember now.
"Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game wait..what!?!
In other news, Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game
Matt Leinart leading basketball teams to victory but can't get a 3rd string QB job
"Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game WHAT?!?!
"Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game
"Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game Ayyyeee
Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game
"Matt Leinart scores 15 points in a game get buckets then!
Why are people angry about Rashad McCants at UNC? Matt Leinart had 1 class his senior season, ballroom dancing (no joke)... They dislike college so who cares. The NCAA is a joke (so was McCant in the NBA, so at least its even stevens
Matt leinart tried out for the texans and didn't make it. His nfl career reminds me of one of my homies career searches
I wish Jimmy Clausen and Matt Leinart panned out...
LOL. As long as Matt Leinart isn't guest editing again any time soon.
Sims picked right before Matt Leinart in 06
It's funny that Matt Cassel couldn't get any snaps at USC and 10 years later he's a NFL starter and Matt Leinart plays Madden all day.
He was taken 1 pick ahead of Matt Leinart, lol. Outlasted him by a longshot oddly enough...
Matt Leinart played for the USC Trojans and was always dropped back in the pocket cus he played QB
bad omen? Ernie Sims drafted one pick ahead of Matt Leinart.
Ernie Sims signed by the Arziona Cardinals. 9th overall selection in 2006, one selection before Matt Leinart.
Story on signing LB Ernie Sims. He was No. 9 overall pick in 2006, one spot ahead of Matt Leinart:
using wins to judge QBs gives you Matt Leinart and Vince Young
What does Matt Leinart know about Deep Learning? We're about to find out
How you a Cardinals fan and actually were happy with them drafting Matt Leinart?
everyone is a baller in college...Troy Smith, Vince Young, Matt Leinart..the list goes on and on
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