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Matt Leinart

Matthew Stephen Leinart (born May 11, 1983), is an American professional football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

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Plus a trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart, G.A.T. in the pathfinder
Matt Leinart on a mobile was awesome. 'When's the first game? "
Just remember Matt Leinart how long did we have to see him drop back to know he wasn't the guy?
Thaaats what Matt Leinart is up to these days
Snoop prolly about as good as Matt leinart 👀
Matt Leinart glad he has already graduated...
[Imagines Pete Carroll and Matt Leinart ripping tequila shots at halftime]
Maybe the lack of alcohol is the reason why Matt Barkley, John David Booty, Mark Sanchez, and Matt Leinart can't be successful.
I don't even know where to FIND Matt Leinart.
Did Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush used to play beer pong before the games, or.?
Shoutout Matt Barnes, Matt Leinart, Don Benjamin, & for hooking up these pics from…
Collin Cowherd, Dave Wannstedt, Rob Stone and Matt Leinart will be in town for that FS1 show
Nah, ? Matt Leinart *** in the NFL. Tommy Frazier didn't even play in the NFL. Why do you assume college success translates?
He was partying with Matt Leinart before the event
Matt Leinart 2.0. One of them just got more opportunities than the other. Plus one had Kurt Warner come to his team while the other for some
Bradford is Matt Leinart 2.0. He's just gotten more chances because injuries are being used as an excuse.
I hope usc gets back too the Reggie Bush matt leinart days college football better when SC is great michigan football too.
you also have OJ Simpson, Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, Mike Williams, Josh Shaw, and are in Compton. Try out Westwood 😉
Stanton with the Matt Leinart-esq wounded duck to Fells get batted away.
...was great in college. Matt Leinart was great in college. Why is that a constant argument for Tebow?
he's the goat. But Matt leinart is better then tebow.
Mark Sanchez.. Matt Leinart... the best USC has done is Carson Palmer and he's average at best
Looked like Matt Leinart out there. Check down after check down after check down.
Kessler is getting a Master's in Communication Management...talked about doing TV work as a possibility and referenced Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart takes it by far. He won the Heisman and was a great player in his college days.
So you are not familiar with Matt Leinart or Todd Marinovich?
Sometimes I realize the last two QBs to take playoff snaps for the Arizona Cardinals are Ryan Lindley and Matt Leinart. Then I am sad.
Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn those are bust .. Came into the league and didn't show a lick of talent
I remember when Matt Leinart missed practice for his ballroom dancing orientation.
I want to guess Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart, but watch it be Salisbury or Johnson
I walked across the Hoover Dam to AZ. I saw a guy in a Matt Leinart Cardinals jersey. I'm really sorry about that dude
Update your maps at Navteq
Luke Walton, Matt Leinart, and Richard Jefferson won the Manhattan Beach 6-man? Best volleyball tourney in the world. Not easy to win.
Matt Leinart is about as intriguing as a porta-john.
Luke Walton -- Wins Another Championship ... in Beach Volleyball!: It didn't take Luke Walton long to win his ...
Former USC QB Matt Leinart on next. Knows Pete Carroll as well as anyone. Interesting thoughts from him coming up next. Jim Mora at 6 on KJR
Matt Leinart joins The Lowdown to talk Vince Young, past regrets & wanting to play for Urban Meyer.
I hated football before Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. They're the reason I do what I do.
I was gone put Matt Leinart on there but Yall don't understand how good he was at USC
For the first time in 9 years I was told that I look like Matt Leinart
I really want to ask Matt Leinart if returning to for his Sr year was worth it. I've got to imagine that was some party.
Mark Ingram definitely deserves to be ahead of Ron Dayne and Matt Leinart
You know Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart played together right?
People would say Steve Young but I do remember Matt Leinart being compared to Stabler. Lefty bunch.
*** no respect for the great Matt Leinart!
So saying Tom Brady and Matt Leinart aren't even close is just silly Aaron?
chill yall don't have any Trojans in your pockets? Matt Leinart?
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VY & I before the NC Game with Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush & Matt Leinart. Great group of athletes. ht…
. Mike Williams. Reggie Bush didn't live up to the hype, average at best. Matt Leinart . Jay Soward . Mark Sanchez . Matt Barkley
Richard Sherman, Jalen Rose, Matt Leinart, Jose Canseco and now... Dan Gilbert can be added to the illustrious list of people who blocked me
The only thing better than a Matt Leinart flag football league would be a Matt Leinart disc golf league.
Matt Leinart in controversy after using his charity's non-profit status to get discounts for his flag football league
Matt Leinart's flag football league is up to some shady stuff:
The Matt Leinart League use to go up 😂
At -- According to , former USC quarterback Matt Leinart has a great chanc…
Love Warner, but a HOF QB does not spend prime years losing starting jobs to Marc Bulger, Josh McCown and Matt Leinart.
it will never be worse then when I bought a Matt Leinart Cardinals jersey his rookie year and got it signed by him
Wasn't Matt Leinart, Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel, Brady Quinn, Vince Young, and many more good-great in college too?
*** be Matt Leinart fans but don't be lying to their girl to hurt.
and moved to New York and joined UPCI...I don't know all the details clearly but that is what I see and know and is linked to Matt Leinart
they do this with human sacrifice of primarily orphans and Lee Stoneking knew of this by his days of Monastery, regarding Matt Leinart&Heath
when did your dad get to meet Matt Leinart? Lol jk
Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart share the same baby mama. 🍻
Oh his child's mother also has a baby with Matt Leinart. Why didn't Black Yaasz Online inform me of this?
Matt Leinart is having fun with the new sale price of his $2.077 Million beach house at Manhattan.
Matt Leinart re-listing his beach house at Manhattan for $2.077 M, after buy it for $2.4 M.
Matt Leinart drops the price of his beach house at Manhattan to $2.077 Million.
Matt Leinart sells his beach house at Manhattan for $2.077 Million .
Do you really think that's good PR for the WH? Anyway, he's prob. out of your price range:
Matt Leinart exits Manhattan Beach with home sale - LA Times
Matt Leinart uses . never looked so good! ht…
Matt Leinart uses . never looked so good!
And then at the end of the verse he said some "I got a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart", man I had turn it off and wipe the tears
LIVE on Killing it. Fat matt Leinart on the right.
"Complete with the real Matt Leinart in a case like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in BASEketball."
"and the coup de grace, Matt Leinart's hot tub and beer bong..."
Throwback to when my boys met the quarterback for the Cardinals, Matt Leinart
he had mine when he said he got a Trojan in his pocket...Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart has turned into the QB version of Petros Papadakis.
FOX is interviewing Reggie Bush as a special guest? Was Matt Leinart unavailable?
I'd rather get money for it then watch it burn. Until then, it serves a purpose as a tool to laugh at... Matt Leinart LOL.
Face it. Matt Leinart was just another good QB. Vince was better. Vince was the best👌🏼
LOL yeah Vince Young is better than Matt Leinart and Cam Newton
2004 USC-Oregon St on TV: "He even has his own weblog, which is like Matt Leinart Weblog -- or blog, which they call it -- dot com."
is str8 garbage. "Like a Richie Rich first name Matt Leinart"
I just love that when they wrote about Matt Leinart and the CFB HOF, they used this picture. via /r/CFB
In honor of being put on the CFB HoF ballot, let's revisit some The GOAT's best moments as a Trojan
The greatest moments in Matt Leinart's USC career.
Dennis Dodd agrees with Matt Leinart should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.
USC great Matt Leinart should be a first-ballot HOF'er. But will he? Hardly guaranteed
Matt Leinart's Hall of Fame case is open & shut...right?
Candidates for College Hall to include Matt Leinart, Brian Urlacher - ESPN
Back in 2004, I would have killed to see SC play LSU...Les Miles vs. Pete Carroll, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush...Guess the will do.
Corey Webster would have given Mike Williams *** in 2003 and Matt Leinart would have been running for his life.
Matt Leinart deserves to be a first ballot CFB Hall of Famer.
College Football Hall of Fame: The 5 best nominees on the ballot via
right after he makes the HOF QB compete for his job against Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart is probably still living the bro dream
I keep a Trojan in my pocket Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart, Mark Carrier and Dennis Thurman on Hall of Fame ballot
Matt Leinart, Brian Urlacher among first-timers on College Footbal Hall of Fame ballot
2016 College football Hall of Fame ballot is out! Texas OL Bob McKay is on it and so is USC's Matt Leinart but not Vince Young! Put VY on it
4 "star QBs" and not one of them has worked yet. Matt Leinart, Vince Young, Tim Tebow, and Johnny Manziel.
so did jason white Matt Leinart Eric crouch Tim Tebow Charlie Ward danny wuerfell & Troy Smith how'd they do in the pros
memo a working man now 😢 I remember those Matt leinart days 😂
who will be a better NFL QB: Vince Young or Matt Leinart?
Vince Young and Matt Leinart when they were good
As Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart demonstrates, men want good sk...
Matt Leinart & Blake Griffin now have the same baby mama...Ironically she went to USC but clearly hates "Trojans"
I got one for you guys. Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart vs Vince Young. 2006 Rose Bowl, and wow did they deliver
Keegan's team won the Matt Leinart passing league championship tonight. Proud my my little corner/safety!
Hot News! Matt Leinart exits Manhattan Beach with home sale - Los Angeles Times
Matt Leinart exits Manhattan Beach with home sale: (LAT)
Matt Leinart exits Manhattan Beach with home sale included by NoirNews
Former USC quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart has completed the handoff of his Manhattan Beach...
Matt Leinart exits Manhattan Beach with home sale
Throwback to the Reggie Bush Matt Leinart days. primetime215
5 years ago, fans in the FG comments were suggesting a trade of Haselbeck + 2 1sts for Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart would probably be the best CFB QB coach ever think about it. Definition of cool, Heisman winner, and played in the NFL.
I guess that USC team had Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, and Lendale White
Imagine Blake Griffin's baby mom. She also got a kid with Matt Leinart. She's set for LIFE!
you should've seen it when they had Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Flynn in camp. Taeks so hawt
So did Matt Leinart when USC lost to UT in the Rose Bowl. Amazing how bitter losers can be. :(
At least Matt Leinart doesn't have a noodle arm like Ponder.
2006 national championship was a great one. VY and Jamaal Charles in one back field, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush in the other.
is he more Kerry Collins or Matt Leinart? Is Hackenberg more Logan Thomas than Andrew Luck?
Yep.. That's Matt Leinart loving his R+F! The results aren't just for the ladies! Takes 5 minutes to…
That girl that got pregnant by BOTH Blake Griffin AND Matt leinart must be rolling in child support money every month
Watching the Rose Bowl game with Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush. So much has changed😂
Got a Trojan in my pocket. Matt Leinart
Take a look at Mike Iupati's new home (former owned by Amar'e Stoudemire, Matt Leinart) -
ahh the infamous Spa/pool house that showed the true character of Matt Leinart.
Cardinals' Mike Iupati buys former home of Amar'e Stoudemire, Matt Leinart
Cards' Mike Iupati buys former home of Amar'e
Sports News - Cards' Mike Iupati buys former home of Amar'e: It's not everyday that a home's past four owners ...
.Iupati buys former home of Amar'e, Matt Leinart. Check it out via
Mike Iupati buys former home of Amar'e Stoudemire and Matt Leinart. It's nice.
Little Giant Ladders
Correction: Cam Newton, not Matt Leinart, is the most recent two-time NCAA champion to attempt a pass in the NFL. ;)
"I keep that 7 on me, call my Dro Lamar. Trojan in my pocket call that Matt Leinart"
...FAT CHANCE that McGannon even get's his chance. Ponder was gifted on the depth chart. Matt Leinart 2.0
AJ McCarron is on the FWAA's 75th Anniversary ballot, but not Matt Leinart. How is that possible? At worst, Leinart was a better McCarron.
Ty Detmer, RGIII and Johnny Manziel are the on the 75th Anniversary FWAA All-America Offense ballot, but not Matt Leinart.
Yes - even football players like Matt Leinart love Rodan + Fields!
NFL all-pro Mike Iupati paid $1.365M for Matt Leinart and Amare Stoudemire's former home
Oh hi Matt Leinart. Look at you sporting Redefine Cleansing Mask. Not just for us…
Blake baby moms also had a baby w/ matt leinart. If that ain't the epitome of swag lol
Wait so Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart have the same baby moms?! Is this chick trying to make sure one of hers kids go pro?!?!
that's Matt Leinart's I think. That's who Blake dates Leinart's BM
Here ya go fellas (and ladies), former football player and Heisman Trophy winner, Matt Leinart, uses too!...
I know little about football...but I know a smart man when I see one! Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart recently...
I forget that Matt Leinart is a former 10th overall pick. O_o;
The 3 most underrated QB's in this forum are Drew Brees, Chuck Long and Matt Leinart. via /r/CFB
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Ladies eat your heart out! Men take notes! Matt Leinart (former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner) uses R+F!
At one point USC had Reggie Bush Dwayne Jarrett Lendale White Matt Leinart Steve Smith (not the one on the Ravens) and a loaded defense
To all my USC fans, former USC Heisman Trophy winner, Matt Leinart, uses too! . It is not just for...
when Matt Leinart was drafted I insisted to a friend he would win 3 SB's and be an 8-time pro bowler.
Tim Tebow's ANY/A+ is 92. Matt Leinart's is 91. Believe it or not, those are both pretty good for college champion QBs in the NFL.
Matt Leinart. Keeping his man card just not his wrinkles! REDEFINE = game changer
The Boz, Heath Shuler or Matt Leinart? Scrambling birdies for Tiger on all three par 5s so far by 10.
Blake can't wait to come back to LA and share Matt Leinart's baby moms
180k, Smh then she has a baby by Matt Leinart
Oh and look, Blake Griffin's baby mama/Matt Leinart's baby mama is a perky blonde girl who went to USC.
No need to check your "man card" to use R+F!!! Check out R+F user and 2004 Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart.
Yo! Fellas! I'm talking to you too!. Matt Leinart, 2004 Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback, is sporting...
Just found out that Blake Griffin has a son with Brynn Cameron, who had 1st son several yrs ago with Matt Leinart. LA is so weird.
Think skincare is just for the ladies? Think again! Matt Leinart knows what's up!.
Matt Leinart, Amare Stoudemire, Daryn Colledge and now Mike Iupati have owned this AZ home
Desert estate adds to its lineup of sports star homeowners What do Matt Leinart, Amar’e Stoudemire, Daryn Colledge…
“Give yall all time top 5 college QBs” . Tim Tebow. Cam Newton. Tommie Frazier. Vince Young. Matt Leinart
twernt the headset Son, did you say Matt Leinart? Then you've said it all
Yes, R+F for men, too! :). Check out former NFL quarterback and Heismann Tropy winner, Matt Leinart,…
Just waiting for Matt Leinart and Kurt Warner to confirm if the Patriots messed with their headsets in a 40 point blowout lmao
Think Rodan and Fields is just for women? Nope!!. Check out Matt Leinart rocking his Redefine mask
Hey, Matt Leinart. Why don’t you go back to your *** groove on the bench and stop trying to stir up trouble to become relevant again.
Everyone's in ❤️with incl QB Matt Leinart! Msg me & get started on a customized regimen
Matt Leinart has it going on!! Still not convinced our products are the best on the planet? Try it 60…
Your headset malfunctioning didn't make you lose 47-7. Matt Leinart at QB did
Alright fellas - there's nothing taboo with you wanting good skin too! Matt Leinart, former NFL…
Former player and trophy winner, Matt Leinart, is using some Rodan + Fields! No more
Here ya go! Former NFL and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart uses too. Come on guys!!!
Kinda like his one night stand/paternity event with Matt Leinart's baby mama
"Skincare's for girls". . Ok, tell that to Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart.
If you think men can't use it, take a look at Matt Leinart, recent Heisman Trophy winner.. Wrinkle wrinkle go...
Hey Fellas!!! Check it out.former player and Heisman Trophy winner, Matt Leinart,…
totally not because they were starting Matt Leinart
Yep just found this on Instagram!! Matt Leinart won a Heisman Trophy and uses Rodan+Fields too!! This…
Oh yeah, it's for everyone! Former NFL player and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart isn't shhh about…
What was my post about earlier today. Men use R+F!!! Yet another macho man using R+F, QB Matt Leinart!! Maybe...
it says Matt Leinart was having issues with his headset too
Will probably cause issues for some Friday Night Lights and Matt Leinart passing leagues.
Just another selfie! Bet you didn't know that Matt Leinart (former NFL QB) uses Men...
This is out of control. Now Goodell says that the Patriots have to start Matt Leinart at QB for the first four games.
Love when the guys share their interest in looking great as they age. Way to go, Matt Leinart!
usc breeds cheaters and terrible nfl quarterbacks like Matt leinart and Mark Sanchez 😂😂
My brother team play against Matt Leinart and Terrell Owens 😂😭😭 they about to get this work🏀
getting ready to make Eagle's roster. Do you know what Matt Leinart's up too these days?
Fair enough. She's pretty much fallen off the map since she left ESPN though. I mean, Matt Leinart is a Fox panelist. MATT LEINART
fair enough. Then you must feel the same punishment should be given to Aaron, Eli, Matt Leinart, Boomer….the list goes on
Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart are up next.
football lefty Matt Leinart, happy birthday from
This woman dedicated her life to that mission.
At -- Happy birthday to Cody Kessler and Matt Leinart! Born a decade apart, but sharing a …
Over/under on Craft calling Matt Leinart - Vince Young on a four game contract!.
Matt Leinart will forever be a Trojan
Matt Leinart today is my birthday too except I'm 33 !
Which ones? Besides Matt Leinart. He's not a real QB. Besides they were told not to do it and Tommy couldn't help himself.
totally forgot about him. He's right up there with Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn.
Like this one between Ryan Seacrest, 102.7 Kiis-fm and Matt Leinart 🏈
"Matt Leinart or Carson Palmer would never do this to me"
Happy 33rd Birthday to Matt Leinart: Heisman Trophy Winner, BCS champion, recipient of the Manning, Johnny...
It's somebody's special day today and I'm not talking about Matt Leinart or Salvadore Dali.
American Idol is ending in 2016. Remember that time Matt Leinart randomly showed up?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Matt Leinart took one class, ballroom dance, for USC's 2005 season
Unbiased? Laughable. Using Matt Leinart as one of your quotes? Closer to a ball boy than a NFL QB.
Happy Mother's Day to that chick who trapped Matt Leinart & Blake Griffin for for child support come ups!
Tired of "he won a Heisman" being a reason people say Tebow deserves an NFL job. Where are those complaining about Matt Leinart/Troy Smith?
Vince Young-ultimate winner. Matt Leinart-the golden boy. Jay Cutler-the kid with a big arm from a bad football school
Spending my Saturday morning playing USC vs. New Mexico in NCAA 04, because why not? What's fun is that Matt Leinart is rated a 78.
Love the kid with the Matt Leinart usc jersey in "the longest yard"
I was actually just looking at the last time a FBS QB was MVP in a NC game and it was Matt Leinart in 2004
Only way we'd be talking about Jeff Blake and Matt Leinart in 2015
I don't think he does either. I think Matt Leinart has proven to say anything for attention at this point.
Matt Leinart has taken this class 7 times
pretending he and Matt Leinart never altered game balls despite Leinart's admission.
I say we drop Russell Wilson and pick up JaMarcus Russell instead. And then make Matt Leinart our 2nd string QB.
ask his teammate Matt Leinart who doctored balls?
I think he has one with the chick that had one with Matt Leinart.
Matt leinart's Eskimo brother is killing us...
Grad Transfer Rule Prompts Poaching Fears - “School’s done for me,” Matt Leinart told the Associated Press in Augu...
I'd still rather have Matt Leinart quarterbacking the Bungles, than Andy Dalton.
Got a trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart.
Well that track record is just 2 yrs as OC. Like I said, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, Amari Cooper, TJ Yeldon etc. make the job easy.
Got the Trojan in my pocket. Matt Leinart.
Reggie Bush was and is a solid pro. Not a bust. Matt Leinart is a bust.
Those USC QB's are rather overrated. From Carson Palmer, to Matt Leinart. Add Sanchez and John David Booty to the list.
Well, this is just outstanding. Guess Matt Leinart dealt with senioritis his entire career.
Former .legend relisted his Manhattan Beach home w/ GBH Realtor → via
the mother is Matt Leinart's ex. She has a son from an NFL & NBA player! DANG!!
Fantastic all american burger at the today. thanks matt leinart flag football tournament
Wow! I just won this for free, Matt Leinart 2006 Aspire rookie card
TIL Blake Griffin and matt leinart have a child w the same woman and she played basketball at USC
I wonder if they pay Matt Leinart to babysit every once in a while?
Met Matt leinart. And Blake Griffins 2 yr old. Turns out they have the same baby momma. Lil bro Just played leinarts sons team
Now THIS is how you golddig properly. Original baby daddy pro athlete not doing well? Trade up. .
The mother of Blake Griffins child also has a son with Matt Leinart...she came up for real.
She has a kid with Matt Leinart too. Weird.
she's not bad looking lol, she also has a child for Matt Leinart.
Awww look at Blake Griffin's son by Matt Leinart's babymama...😍
from the same woman Matt Leinart got his white baby from
yup. He and Matt Leinart share a baby mama
I did not know Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart each have a kid with the same baby mama lol.
Blake Griffin & Matt Leinart got the same baby mama
Yeah that definitely is Blake Griffin's baby and not Matt Leinart's.
knocked up Matt Leinart ex I believe
yeah dawg. Him and Matt Leinart got the same baby mama.
has a weird feeling were going to pick up QB Matt Leinart for the Denver Broncos in a trade for Brandon Marshall.
FML just been on a UK jersey website and it is still selling Matt Leinart jersey's featured in NBC s Science of Love
Blake Griffin has child with mother of Matt Leinart’s son | Named Ford? Kia won't be happy to hear that...
Let's see whose in the Matt Leinart Memorial Suicide Watch room
Matt Leinart was a round one pick as was Cade Mcnown. Both are busts. Brady was drafted in 7th round
I feel like Matt Leinart. Really deflating. But Bryce will overcome. Kid has strength and faith.
How long until Matt Leinart throws his 2 cents in about Whiz and Mariota?
You mean the greatest QB of all time Matt Leinart?
I really thought the Cowboys would take Matt Leinart
When is Matt Leinart going to pick for the Cardinals?
With all the Jay Culter haters. Cutler is still in the 2006 First Round Draft Pick QBs Matt Leinart and Vince Young are not in NFL.
this is saying he won't be a bust. Lets take a look back at heisman winning qbs. Manziel, rg3, Troy Smith, matt leinart, & Tebow
Hypeman Trophy Runner Up? That's impressive. Manziel actually won a Heisman and he hasn't been great. Matt Leinart...
watch Jameis Winston be the next Vince Young and Marcus Mariota be the next Matt Leinart
yes my b Duece was the year we drafted Matt Leinart
Tennessee gonna ruin the kid ok oline and terrible coaching Matt Leinart 2.O
For the 3rd pick of the 2nd round the Jacksonville jaguars select Matt Leinart
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Wake me up when Matt Leinart gets picked.
I look at Locker, Gabbert, Alex Smith, Vince Young, Matt Leinart and even RGIII. We passed on 5 starters for a "potential" franchise QB
Wisenhunt couldn't make Matt Leinart good.. what makes him think he can develop Mariota smh
Sure Whiz will mold his system for Mariota. Sincerely, . John Skelton, Derek Anderson, Kevin Kolb, Matt Leinart, Brian Hoyer, Locker and Mett
Yes I'm aware about Matt Leinart...time will tell...watching hockey. Have a good night.
can't go wrong with a Trojan. Unless it's Matt Leinart. Hahha. ✌
first college vs pro is different. look up drew henson , chad Pennington, matt leinart, and Vince Young
I'm really low on mariota. He reminds me of a Vince Young or Matt Leinart
that awkward moment I had a Matt Leinart jersey when I was younger.
Matt Leinart is one of the suckiest *** to ever suck IMO
Remember that time Matt Leinart was drafted in the first round...
Awww. Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart. I'm so nostalgic right now.
look what Wiz did for Matt Leinart.
the drafted Matt Leinart. Good for you!
Mariota will be the second Heisman Trophy winner Ken Whisenhunt has worked with. He inherited Matt Leinart in Arizona.
If I were Mariota, I'd be so *** afraid to go play for Whisenhunt. Just ask Matt Leinart how that went...
It would be hilarious if they do Mariota like they did Matt Leinart but he's not bad like him
LMFAO this aint nun but matt leinart Vince Young part 2
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