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Matt Leinart

Matthew Stephen Leinart (born May 11, 1983), is an American professional football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

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Does anybody know what happen yo Matt Leinart??
Everyone forgot Matt Leinart was a bust since Jamarcus was the biggest bust of the century.
Plus a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart 😝
Exactly, he had stated 5 days earlier that TP wasn't even ready to be a backup for this team and Matt Leinart was.
Aj McCarron is a smart dude. Wife Katherine Webb before she realizes ur gonna be buried as a third string just like Matt Leinart
Eric crouch, Tim Tebow, Troy Smith, Chris Wenke, Matt leinart.( Soon to be Johnny Manziel )= wash out heisman quarterbacks
. is like Tony Romo (wreckless on the field), Matt Leinart (party boy), & Ryan Leaf all rolled into 1. I'll pass
Would Mitch Mustain, Matt Leinart, John David Booty, Todd Marinovich, Rodney Peete, and Sean Salisbury please report to the Philadelphia Eagles front office? Coach Kelly would like to bring on as many former USC quarterbacks as possible for next season. Thank you.
but I mean like Super Bowl successful. Carson Palmer fell off, Mark Sanchez vale sack, Matt leinart? Lmao
Chip Kelly finally has won the QB battle over USC with Barkley and Sanchez what's next Matt Leinart?
I will never understand love for Matt Leinart
Ironic how the ex Oregon coach now signs two old USC quarterbacks. MATT LEINART WHERE ARE YOU.
if Matt Leinart ends up on our practice squad I'm wishing for a "all your USC qbs are belong to us" Tshirt
The eagles roster is turning into a PAC-12 all-decade team... All we're missing is Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush
After Sanchez signing, Matt Leinart is positive he will be in uniform.
Is it too much to ask for the Eagles to sign Matt Leinart too?
Rumor now is will sign Matt Leinart.
Mark Sanchez *** balls, just like all the other highly touted USC quarterbacks, including matt leinart
Manziel reminds me of Matt Leinart. Worried about being a star rather than being a good football player.
Trojans in my pocket, call me Matt Leinart 😂
Eagles should get Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer while their at it
Barkley AND Sanchez? If Chip Kelly brings in Matt Leinart for a look, the have to throw him an intervention for a fetish!
So are the Eagles going to sign Matt Leinart too?
Johnny Manziel is easily the next Chris Weinke, Jason White, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow, Erich Crouch, or Matt Leinart.
Johnny Manziel is going to drop off the face of the Earth when he's drafted to the NFL like Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn
Is Chip Kelly looking to pick up Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer too? Collecting all usc qbs
collecting garbage USC QBs. I hear Matt Leinart is visiting & there's talk of a Foles-for-Palmer deal.
RT“usc quarterbacks are the *** devil got a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart
Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley both on the Eagles?! To backup an Arizona St QB. Time to bring in Matt Leinart too.
nah...Vince Young, Tebow, Sam Bradford, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush...all CFB gawds...all better than Manziel...all
I can't be the only one that thinks Johnny Manziel is about to be like Matt Leinart.
yea it makes sense until he has 2 come in and play the 3rd game of the season c'mon man who's next Matt leinart
Now that the signed Sanchez, can they now sign Matt Leinart for the USC trio?
Matt Barkley, Matt Leinart, Matt cassel. What's with all the Matts? Lol but anyways, Mark Sanchez... Etc.
Manziel is the second coming of Matt Leinart. JM craves is just a means to that end.
If Chip Kelly is collecting USC QB's, i'm pretty sure Matt Leinart is still available
Mark Sanchez will join the Eagles. Somewhere Matt Leinart quietly weeps into his chips and salsa, a deflated balloon draped off his chair.
Mark Sanchez joins Matt Barkley on the bench. Matt Leinart tryout in Philly?
Got a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart is a great insurance sales man now.
All these good *** QBs without jobs: Matt Leinart, Tebow, Sanchize, Vince Young. GMs better wake up
His name is Rob Loe but he looks like Matt Leinart.
No, I would think he would play the guy that gives team best chance to win, REMEMBER MATT LEINART?
Pretty cool program that Matt Leinart does.
Draft a QB from USC they said, can't miss prospect they said. Well...Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Mark Sanchez prove that wrong
I hope LaBron got paid well by McDonalds for his commercial with Matt Leinart...I mean Johnny Manziel.
Hamilton Collection
Pat Kirwan agrees Rams would be good landing spot for Mark Sanchez. - Maybe the should get Matt Leinart too.
The 7 metaphor at the end with Matt Leinart, Odom and the Trojan bar mixed in threw me for a loop cus I'm heavy into sports
I guess Matt Schaub is better than Mark Sanchez. Then again, the Raiders love signing those USC alumni. (See Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart)
“Is Matt Leinart still in the NFL”>> Na he sittin on my couch right now...throwin back some brews...
I can see Mark Sanchez team up with Matt Leinart on an E! show called *** on the Beach".
matt cassel still a starter and never was a real starter at USC. Sanchez and Leinart are looking for work. Even Palmer still in it
The Bills signed Matt Leinart. I could live with Sanchez if it happened
I'm merely at Allah's nose meaning I'm lesser than a god but higher up than ya'll, A lion in form, Matt Leinart when firing the ball
Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez... Matt Barkley . U$C producing good QBs since never. last good one was Palmer
The did start Matt Leinart last year. Signing Sanchez is the natural next step.
Best QB to come out of USC? Hint: Not Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart.
don't forget Matt Leinart he was awesome
I’d watch a show where Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez sleep in bunk beds and play Halo all day.
Mark Sanchez can go hang out with Matt Leinart now
Per sources, browns bringing in Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart for visits Saturday.
"Sorry to hear you got cut bro, want to come over and hang out with some teenagers in my hot tub?" - Matt Leinart's text to Mark Sanchez
next appearance: a hot tub with Matt Leinart.
I hope not. I would rather sign matt leinart, or favre.
sanchez about to be another Matt Leinart something about those *** USC QB's man
Have to believe he was in a hot tub with Matt Leinart when he heard
Matt Flynn Matt Schaub matt mcgloin *** even matt leinart, your name Matt your guaranteed to be a Raider
Matt Leinart and Vince Young some Dumpsters now lmao
So we Had Matt Leinart Wanted Matt Barkley Traded for Matt Flynn Signed Matt Mcgloin and now Trade for Matt Schaub
Raiders gonna get Matt Schaub? Lol... The first name Matt hasn't exactly worked out. Flynn, McGloin, Leinart. LOL
QBs scare me in the 1st rd. Just based on so many busts over the years. Including Matt Leinart. Still burns to this day lol
Yea that's true. Playing at Alabama helped big time. People are afraid he's the next Matt Leinart.
tebow still a better bronco QB than Peyton and had less to make out of it meanwhile Mark Sanchez Matt Leinart just stinking it up
Ty ran into Matt Leinart at the Galleria in 2011.
Matt Leinart had all that too.where is he?
With Matt Leinart asserting his dominance in game one, we move on to game two... We have 4 seed Matt Geiger...
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he don't have a rifle ..he look like Matt leinart
chose the word "dog",but it's not the media causing the problem. should sign Matt Leinart, right Gary?
Kurt Warner and Matt leinart 08. Leinart was suppose robe the guy and Warner took the job preseason
Merril also said Matt Leinart and Mike Williams would be busts before the draft.
Blake Bortles just reeks of being a pretty boy *** like Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart. Dont take him Browns
I actually really want the Jets to land Vick just for the satisfaction that would come w/ both Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez not having jobs
All those experts on espn also told us Matt Leinart was nfl ready and could start week 1 and could make every throw, read defenses blah blah
NFL is just different. Look at Matt Barkley, AJ McArron isn't even on anyone's radar, Matt Leinart, all these guys
Cody Kessler's confidence is growing - Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart, he of legendary...
bro Fresno state made USC look like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush were still playing
Matt leinart was a dweeb. He doesn't count
He hit a homerun when he was screaming that Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Mike Williams would all be busts
too many comparisons to Russell Wilson. More likely comparable is Matt leinart...head is in the wrong place.
Matt Leinart has a girlfriend. My whole world just came crashing down.
Great day LD fundraising at the Matt Leinart Charity Golf Tournament. Thanks for having us out we look forward to next year!
. take out Matt Leinart, put in Ayoob
I keep a Trojan in the pocket , Matt Leinart !
QB Matt Leinart addresses media - "I know I have a lot of football left in me"
look at a guy like Matt Leinart bro...0 arm...multiple opportunities.fell flat on his face in ever one of them
how is Sanchize worse than Matt Leinart? No reason he's holding more than a clipboard. Schaub=8 years/1 playoff win
I got a Trojan in my pocket.. Matt Leinart
someone very experienced and extremely successful? Maybe a Jamarcus Russell or Matt Leinart? Lol
AJ McCarron is not that good. I would compare him to Matt Leinart. NFL Ready O-Line and surrounded by weapons. He's not going to do well..
Sources: After years of failure in the NFL, Matt Leinart has decided to become a righty.
Mel Kiper Jr C's AJ McCarron going in the 2nd round of the NFL Draft. Calls him a right hamded Matt Leinart. What do you think?
Before moving on to day 2 in the Darby regional, we want to first congratulate Matt Leinart, Plaxico Burress,...
We want to know the status of Matt Leinart
I very much enjoyed watching him and his clip board lol Matt Leinart and Mark Sanchez too.
Matt Leinart is taking care of business in game 1. In game 2 we have 8 seed Plaxico Burress taking on 9...
Ken Dorsey Matt Leinart Chris Wienke. Like them, McCarron won bc had great players around him. In NFL, every QB will too.
I keep bishes by the 2s *** Noah's Ark. I got a 7 on me, I call that dro Lamar. Plus a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart..
“Panthers re-signed QB Derek Anderson.”. Somewhere, Matt Leinart is cursing at the sky.
Mel Kiper on Alabama's draft prospects: Three 1st-rounders, wonders if AJ McCarron is a 'right-handed Matt Leinart'
Winning is not a transferrable trait tho. Ask Matt Leinart, Kellen Moore, Colt McCoy and Ken Dorsey
Kiper said he's posed this before: Is McCarron a right-handed Matt Leinart?
Now Kiper wonders if AJ McCarron is a right-handed Matt Leinart.
Buffalo Bills cut Matt Leinart after he struggles in exhibition - The...
So I'm just here at round table with Matt Leinart and Luke Walton.
how long were Akili Smith, Russell, Andre Ware, Matt Leinart with their first teams?
Matt Leinart tux is late and I have to call him
Could do worse than Schaub. I hear ya boy Matt Leinart's looking for a job, Ricky.
Even Matt Leinart could of done decent with that offense last year.
nah u tripping Matt Leinart is the goat my man
who's this Matt Leinart you speak of
I keep typing "Bromartie" instead of "Cromartie," and I like "Bromartie" a lot better. Matt Leinart should change his name to "Bromartie."
Bills hope not to get buffaloed by Matt Leinart signing - Leinart and the Bills have something in...
Matt Leinart at QB,Steve Smith and Dwayne Jarrett on the outside. Reggie Bush and Lendale White in the backfield. GAME OVER.
Mount St. Mary's making the NCAA tournament is like Matt Leinart being a starting quarterback.
Here's the story on Brynn Cameraon. She has a baby with Matt Leinart. And now a baby with Blake Griffin
top 5 QBs all time: Matt Leinart, Akili Smith, Koy Detmer, Jamarcus Russell, Jordan Palmer... No questions asked.
Just bought a Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart jersey for $12. Swag
"Got a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart."
idk ask Matt Leinart about that. proving it year after year at the highest level earns more bragging rights to me
If the Texans draft bortles we will be set back another 10 years. He's Matt Leinart or Blaine Gabbert 2.0
When we people stop crowning college quarterbacks as the next big NFL quarterback? Johnny Football will not be a success in the NFL. We've seen spectacular college quarterbacks make it to the NFL and disappoint. Matt Leinart, Colt McCoy, Sam Bradford, Jemarcus Russell, and Vince Young are all examples of people jumping the gun. Where are they now?
Matt Leinart visited the OC Register today. Pretty cool to see the local star!
Any cardinals fans that want aj mccarron, please find a new team.. He's a worse version of Matt leinart and Mark Sanchez..
Beware of your team drafting any QB whose fanboys, fangirls and cultists says is a "winner". Being a winner in college doesn't mean they will be a winner in the pros. In fact, the record of college championship QBs being even effective at the pros is atrocious. Even high draft picks like Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Tim Tebow were complete busts in the NFL. Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodger, Russell Wilson, Ben Roethlisberger won absolutely nothing in college, but that wasn't the story in the pros.
aka - Drew Brees. If Sean Payton has Matt Leinart at QB, team isn't winning and Payton isn't a "genius"
Makes for fun discussion. I thought Vince Young and Matt Leinart were going to be great too
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Gym flow. Matt leinart giving me ab tips and Steve Nash behind me doing drills. I love this gym
teddy will be as good as rg3 for as long as rg3 (not long). Johnny is a mix of tony romo, Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart
Maybe Matt Leinart? Or perhaps his mediocrity/irrelevance was sealed by the time those beer bong photos came out.
Keep a Trojan in the pocket Matt Leinart
Blake Bortles might be everything that Matt Leinart was suppose to be. Similar size, 1st round talent, they even have similar personalities and looks!
Carson Palmer isn't available and Matt Leinart is drunk.
Matt Leinart Hairstyle – Casual Short Straight: Description This casual yet cool ‘do is thanks to the short ba...
Murdoch tried to tell me Matt Leinart is in the NBA
Pete Carroll is my boy. From coaching at USC. Reggie Bush, Lendell white n Matt Leinart
Inside the 49ers: Johnny Manziel is not a franchise QB — he is the next Matt Leinart..
Johnny Manziel is not a franchise quarterback. Johnny Manziel is the next Matt Leinart.
plus a Trojan in the pocket, Matt Leinart
On a scale of Fitz to Matt Leinart you're dangerously close to Beanie Wells right now, Shane.
one of the plays of that game! Matt leinart's reaction on the sideline is great!
A real '07 article: Can Matt Leinart Save the NFL? . Comparisons to Nick Lechey and Wilmer Vilderrama were more apt.
Does everybody remember when I said Matt Leinart would go to the Hall of Fame
Quote attributed to Johnny Manziel or Matt Leinart? "Whatever happens after 2am doesn't count.”
Pac-12/10 Best QBs of the BCS Era: USC quarterbacks lead the way: Matt Leinart, Carson Palmer and Matt Barkley...
This is Brynn Cameron. She's a former USC basketball player, Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart's Baby Mama and Jordan Cameron's, TE for the Browns, sister. With so many connections she has to be a frontrunner. She also looks very smart.
My guy sounds like Matt Leinart after losing to UT with his deflecting of Clowney's Combine performance.
Have a serious feeling Manziel will be another Matt Leinart. 😕
The Texans have a history of picking DE as the pick. They selected Mario Williams over Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart and Vince Young in 2006. Williams had a few good years but did not have the impact they expected. Then again, Williams didn't run a 4.47 at the combine. They might go QB this year with a new crew on the coaching staff, but I say they go Clowney with their first pick.
Bortles looks a lot like Matt Leinart from that angle.
John Elway originally chose baseball Bryn Cameron got kids by Matt Leinart and Blake Griffin. Stanford grads are distractions
Because we had just drafted Matt Leinart. *cries self to sleep*
Texans will regret drafting Johnny Manziel! He'll be a bigger bust than "Cryin Leaf!" Add Johnny to the list of over-hyped talent/Heismann Trophy Winners/First Round picks like VY, Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford, Jamarcus Russell, and so on! Texans stop Clowning around and pick the beast as the
sorry I'm tired of hearing about Matt Leinart / Jamarcus Russell 2.0
Matt Leinart ran a 4.9 at the combine
I want Johnny Manziel to have a Matt Leinart NFL career. But worse.
Also Bake Griffin has a son with Matt Leinart's baby mama
and then no risk of bad combine performance to negate how great they look. Matt Leinart was UNREAL at pro day if you recall
Not a perfect analogy because he wasn't a big fan of Young, but Fisher played at USC and still passed on Matt Leinart in favor of VY
"Being a winner" is an essential feature of other great NFL transitions, like Matt Leinart, Jason White, and Todd Blackledge, to name a few.
He's Mark Sanchez and Matt Leinart with a southern accent and swoop over hairdo
If we went off of how ppl did in college, Matt Leinart would be starting in NFL. You have to have a tryout. Combine is actually awesome.
Before you say what does that guy know, he drafted Mario Williams ahead of Reggie Bush/ Vince Young and Matt Leinart. So he knows talent
I think his career will fall in between Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer . Not terrible but not a true franchise QB
Johnny Manziel = Matt Leinart Out of the league and playing with the Raiders in 3 years.
Teams worried he will be another Matt Leinart, all party and girls, no work on football.
Tyler Thigpen. Matt Leinart. Cleo Lemon. Johnny Manziel is, quite literally, less of a man than all of them.
Johnny Manziel won a Heisman Trophy, and everyone says how good he'll do in the NFL. But hasn't history proved otherwise? Look at the previous Heisman QB's. -RG3.hard to tell cause he's always hurt. -Sam Bradford.struggling as a starter -Tim Tebow.not in the NFL -Troy Smith.not in the NFL -Matt he in the NFL? lol -Jason White.WHO? -Carson the NFL (but ask Bengals fans about him lol) Cam Newton's the one QB going back to the 90's or even further, that's won the Heisman and shown signs of doing anything useful in the NFL, (verdict is still out on RG3). So is Manziel worth the risk? Personally, I think I'd go with Bridgewater
African American Quarterbacks in Professional Football Exhibit 2014 February 19 Rodney Peete Rodney Peete (born March 16, 1966) was the first player ever from USC to win the Johnny Unitas Award as the nation's best senior quarterback. (He has since been joined by Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart). In that senior year, he also finished second to Barry Sanders in the voting for the Heisman Trophy. His USC teams would win both head-to-head matchups in the UCLA-USC rivalry against Troy Aikman's UCLA teams. The 1988 UCLA-USC game was notable in that Peete was stricken with measles the week before the game and had been to the hospital. He led USC to the 1988 and 1989 Rose Bowl games. Peete was also a star third baseman on USC's baseball team. He was named to the all-Pac-10 team. He was drafted three different times while at USC. In the 1988 MLB Draft by the Oakland Athletics in the 14th round (359th overall), the 1989 MLB Draft by the Athletics again in the 13th round (348th overall) and the 1990 MLB Draft by th ...
So this USC Mount Rushmore is going around. What does everybody think? I can only pick from people within the last 40 years because I don't know too much about the older Trojans. I have Reggie Bush, Marcus Allen, Junior Seau, Matt Leinart
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My top 10 worst active QBs after the 2013 season (does not include career backups) 1. Blaine Gabbert, Jaguars- Pretty self-explanatory, its straight up comical watching this guy play QB. 2. Geno Smith, Jets- Although he is a rookie, I'll give him a couple more years to straighten up. But as for now, here he is. 3. Brandon Weeden, Browns- Read (blaine gabbert), I pretty much have the exact same commentary for this guy. 4. Matt Schaub, Texans- Bum. 5. Tie: Terrelle Pryor, Matt McGloin, and Matt Leinart, Raiders- The Raiders are a sinking black hole for QBs, where washed up veterans and big NFL draft busts go to die... 6. Christian Ponder, Vikings- As much as I really like Ponder as a person and as an athlete, my hope has run out for him being the Vikings' QB of the future. 7. Robert Griffen III, Redskins- I'm gonna catch a lot of heat for this one, but seriously, I would bet my life RGIII is gonna go down as one of the biggest draft busts in NFL history. 8. Michael Vick, Eagles- I hate you. PLEASE for love ...
Who knows if Blake Griffin actually smacked Justin Bieber. But I know that Griffin is eskimo brothers with Matt Leinart and they both had a child with the same woman who happens to be the sister of TE Jordan Cameron.
Feb072014Matt Leinart: The failure of Southern California’s golden boyBy Caleb BarronFebruary 07, 2014 7:30 am PST 25 views no comments I went through a jersey phase in my high school years. They were comfortable, I had no interests outside of sports and it was a way of distancing myself from the av...
Plus a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart G-A-T in the Pathfinder
Sheryl Crow is in the house, hehee along with Kobe Bryant and Matt Leinart. Oh yes and don't forget Caroline Sunshine. Kids are loven this.
Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley were both in his corner on this one
I wish there was a secondary football league where all the big name college players that didn't quite make it in the nfl could play eachother...Jamarcus Russell, Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart, Maurice claret Vince Young, David Carr... who wouldn't want to watch that? That's a media dream.
lol he's pretty good, all our quarter backs are really good. Matt Leinart/ Matt Barkley/ Max Wittek are from my school.
Pumping iron with some pals; Phil Jackson, Matt Leinart and Luke Walton.
Well, I thought Matt Leinart was a waste, but we both know he was the backup qb all of 2012.
uh Matt Leinart, Ryan Leaf, and Vince Young would BEG to differ
Remember when "Plus a Trojan in my pocket... Matt Leinart, hehe" happened
Fox Sports Live ran an episode with no Richard Sherman talk? Next they should not allow Matt Leinart to talk.
no. All I see is Matt Leinart. All about me, living up the nfl QB lifestyle. To much freelance in his game. Don't see it working.
2 don't count you arrogant *** because those 2 are Matt cassel and Mark Sanchez and you better not be counting matt leinart
The fact that Matt Leinart and Luke Walton are best friends 😂😂😂
i keep a Trojan in my pocket , Matt Leinart !
I've said it before, I'm going to say it again. Cleveland Browns, please don't draft Johnny Manziel! Please don't draft a QB with your first pick, Period. Look at history. For every Peyton Manning, and Andrew Luck, you have other "Can't Miss" prospects such as these: Matt Leinart, Jeff George, Tim Tebow, Rick Mirer, Joey Harrington, Heath Shuler, Vince Young, Akili Smith, Art Schichter, Jamarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf, ad nauseum. Maybe I will be proven wrong, but I have History on my side. *** just look what QB's the Browns have drafted, and I'll admit I was excited over most of them. Colt McCoy, Brandon Weedon, Brady Quinn, Charley Frye, etc. go ahead and draft a Skill player with your just not a QB.
that's College though Matt Leinart shined bright to as well as VY
Still cant find tacos al vapor, I think double doubles do have crack in them, I played football with Matt Leinart and the traffic on the 290 yesterday morning actually was pretty cute LOL. I do miss it everyday!
Hobbs' Thursday Thoughts (National Football League and Black Ownership) Aside from history and politics, perhaps my next greatest passion is sports in general, with football and baseball being my particular favorites. This morning I arose to read one blog comment and another article that gave me pause to consider the dominance of black athletes and how that same dominance has made many black athletes rich, but endowed few with inter-generational wealth. The first article centered upon the struggles of Vince Young, the uber talented quarterback who under a decade ago, was a record setting player at the University of Texas. His junior year, Young led the Longhorns to a National Championship win over USC, which was at the time the most dominant program in college football. Young parlayed a scintillating 4th quarter comeback win over Heisman Trophy winners Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush into a first round pick the following year and a contract with the Tennessee Titans that was for 58 million dollars---26 of wh ...
I think he'll be the next Matt Leinart. Just saying. 😂😂😂
when ya got Matt leinart and John Skelton throwing to ya and still get 1,000+ I'd say that counts
I called Matt Leinart classless when he said USC was the better football team after losing the championship to Texas.
got ya a 6'5 210 roll tiding Matt leinart machine!!! Thank me later in Dallas at the trophy presentation. Roll tide!
Remember when Vince Young and Matt Leinart were part of the best bcs title game ever? Their careers really took off from there huh
Vince broke my heart 2005 Rose Bowl BCS. Matt Leinart's looking for work too. Heisman Trophy jinx. Sad.
Matt Leinart, Chris Leak, and Matt Flynn to name others!
Definitely not. Matt Leinart was a heisman winner and look where he's at.
Leinart is right. Kurt Warner was the offensive genius, not Whisenhunt.
I played against Chcuky Atkins once but never against dudes like this...
where are they now? last week Matt Leinart lost a park and rec basketball game in Redondo Beach...with Luke Walton as his teammate. this week Vince Young filed for bankruptcy.
Check out Lot of 2 2006 Sage ML 8 of 10 Matt Leinart GU 2000 5 Michael York on via
bruh lost his job to Bulger, Eli, and Matt Leinart for a while. There's no way you can say he was consistent.
Remember 2006 draft whn Vince Young & Matt Leinart had sme hype as Luck & RG3 now 8yrs later both out of & Vince Bankrupt
Just LOLd at gym getting "looks" now Matt Leinart wins. Vince Young Files for Bankruptcy http…
Vince Young officially files for bankruptcy. He'll soon be joined by his former BCS title game competitor Matt Leinart.
Another Top 5 mock: Jadeveon Clowney, DE, Houston Texans Jake Matthews, OL, St. Louis Rams Johnny Manziel, QB, Jacksonville Jaguars Blake Bortles, QB, Cleveland Browns Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Oakland Raiders Bob McNair went with Mario Williams in 2006 over Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Jay Cutler--and I think he'll take Clowney this time too. Jake Matthews is a perfect pick for the Rams. He's related to Hall of Famer, Bruce Matthews, who played for Jeff Fisher in Tennessee. The Rams need help on the o-line. My gut feeling is that Teddy Bridgewater is slipping (don't ask me why) and the stocks of Johnny Manziel and Blake Bortles are rising. Manziel has faced the toughest competition. Bortles did not impress in big games, but has better size for the position and also faced questionable competition, as Bridgewater did. Bortles numbers are also similar to that of Bridgewater's.
Luke Walton and Matt Leinart's rec league team will shatter your dreams.
Some all time greatest "post-game" remarks: QB Jameis Winston FSU win over Auburn this year; QB Matt Leinart USC loss to Vince Young TX Longhorns; GNR Slash & Duff winning album of the year after losing to Def Leppard the year prior (the rest of the band could not make it to the stage); and Richard Sherman "shutting up" Michael Crabtree's 49ers "real fast!"
Congratulations to Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks!!! I'll never forget flying Pete and USC to and from Fort Lauderdale when they won the National Championship in 2005!!! It was a great trip with Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Lendale White, and even Nick Lachey!!
I do love me some Pete Caroll tho, from back in the Trojan days with Mike Williams and Matt Leinart.
F.N.N. Featured Columnist: Lucy Rendler-Kaplan The Toughest Battle Lies Ahead San Francisco 49ers Top Carolina Panthers 23-10 to Advance to NFC Championship Our San Francisco 49ers came out victorious Sunday facing the Carolina Panthers, just as was expected. Knowing this would be the outcome, it was still a great game. San Fran played like a Super Bowl worthy team as always, so let’s look ahead and talk about this Sunday’s game. Now it’s “onward” to Seattle to face the Seahawks, as Coach Harbaugh put it after Sunday’s win. This is the 49ers 15th appearance in an NFC Championship game, and their third appearance in as many years. Kudos to Coach - Harbaugh has now been to the NFC Championship game in each of his three seasons with San Francisco. He’s the first head coach in NFL history to reach the conference championship round in each of his first three seasons. We are down to the wire here – the winner of Sunday’s game is GOING TO THE Super Bowl! I have legitimate concern about this upc ...
why is Matt Leinart still speaking to the media on whiz or the kid was a flop just needs to shut his mouth.
Mel Kiper: "I still don't think Tom Brady throws a tight enough spiral, and that he is a system quarterback." He remains adamant that Matt Leinart has All-Pro potential.
Which of these QBs do you think could make a comeback in 2014 A; Jamarcus Russell B: Matt Leinart C: Tim Tebow D: Brett Favre E: Vince Young » Your vote
Spoiler alert: Luke Walton and Matt Leinart lost their recreational basketball league game. We sure hope you didn't have this baby stored on DVR...
Just saw a guy walking around in public wearing a Cardinals Matt Leinart t-shirt. I mean, why would you even.? If for some reason you feel the need to wear a Leinart shirt, make it a USC one, where at least he did some things to admire.
Reading chat: "What qualification does Matt Leinart have to critique anything NFL-wise?" |He right
Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart have the same baby mama who knew
Asked on Fox Sports Live if he thought Ken Whisenhunt would be successful as the new head coach of the Tennessee Titans, Matt Leinart threw his former coach under the bus: "I don’t think it’s a great fit, and I don’t think it’s great timing, and here’s why...You look at his tenure in Arizona — only two years, he had success, and in those two years, Kurt Warner ran that football team — I was a part of it. Every single Monday, Kurt Warner would come in and implement 20 to 30 new plays which he would say ‘I want these in my game plan.’ We became a spread offense and we became Kurt Warner’s offense. Then Kurt Warner retires, they go 5-11 twice and they go 8-8.”
Matt Leinart's info box on FS1 needs to read "played" in the NFL for 7 years.
Lol Matt Leinart says Sherm is by far best corner in the league and Crabtree needs to shut his mouth.terrible but awesome
Matt Leinart says Kurt Warner led Cards to Super Bowl, not Whisenhunt. Leinart also says he'd really like to move out of…
Day 133: video of Matt Leinart & Luke Walton playing in a rec hoops league on the SAME team
Question by Daniel M: Who is the greatest college football quarterback of all time ? In my personal opinion i would say Matt Leinart. He was 37-2 as a starter. Two National Championships, and very very close to a third. A Heisman Trophy winner. His resume' goes on and on. But the thing that I think made Matt Leinart so great was that he isn't the most talented quarterback ever but when he stepped on to the football field he made his team and everyone else think he is. And that quality shows how great of a leader he is. Now, give your pick and why ? Best answer: Answer by austinite11Easy. It's Vince Young. The guy delivered the greatest performance ever in a National Title game in what is widely considered the greatest college game ever played. His Rose Bowl game will never be forgotten. Don't forget, when Matt and Vince played against each other, it was VY that carried his team to victory while Matt stood and watched. Matt also had a Heisman winning RB, while VY had a freshmen running back. VY had ov ...
Matt Leinart not a fan of Ken Whisenhunt from the article gives a lot of credit to Kurt Warner.
The Cleveland Browns should hire Kurt Warner as their head coach. And if he's not up for it maybe Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart says Ken Whisenhunt is not a good fit for the Tennessee Titans. Is he right? Or is there an axe to grind? NFL
Former Arizona Cardinals QB Matt Leinart not a fan of Titans' hiring of Ken Whisenhunt - Cardinals Stories at
and Matt leinart said he wasn't a good coach. This is what happens when people who actually know football have a say.
Mullins, the MLS version of Matt leinart
Y'all heard these comments from Matt Leinart? Even more, the comments from former teammates about how lazy and uncommitted he was?
Matt Leinart had plenty to say Monday about the Tennessee Titans' recent hiring of Ken Whisenhunt, his former head coach with the Arizona Cardinals, on "Fox Sports Live."
Manning was, by any measure, a remarkably productive college quarterback, one of the most prolific in football history. Tennessee fans were so enamored with Manning's glitzy five-touchdown performances against the likes of Kentucky, Texas Tech and Northwestern that they named their children after him. But Manning was haunted by the specter that he couldn't win the big game: namely, that he couldn't beat SEC rival Florida. In Manning's junior season, he cost his team an SEC title and a shot at a National Championship when he tossed four interceptions in a 35-29 loss to Florida. In Manning's senior season, 1997, he took an undefeated Tennessee team into Florida for a shot at the SEC title, the national title and the Heisman Trophy. Manning threw two interceptions as Florida won, 33-20. The grand Manning-fan tradition of whining after losses officially began in 1997 and made its way to the highest office in Tennessee. Despite Manning's failure in a nationally televised game against Florida, the governor publ ...
Do we even care what Matt Leinart has to say about football?
Matt Leinart issues scathing criticism of Ken Whisenhunt to sports media, who immediately Googles "Matt Leinart" to remember who he is.
Matt Leinart would have been the Peyton Manning of this game.
Matt Leinart should look in the mirror before he throws stones at Ken Whisenhunt. So classless, Leinart.
Matt Leinart said Kurt Warner ran the Cardinals when they went to the SB, not Whisenhunt. That's the guy all you Lions fans wanted so badly?
someone needs to ask Matt Leinart who is still in the NFL and who is not?
I bet Wiz did more 2 get them their than he did. Is he even playing anymore? Leinart: Warner, got us to a Super Bowl
To combat Matt Leinart's assertion that Whisenhunt's success was cos of Warner, Esiason brings up Whiz's success with Big Ben/Rivers. Lol
So Matt Leinart doesn't like Ken Whisenhunt. Now I feel even better about this hire
Listening to Ken Whisenhunt | He handled Matt Leinart's comments w/class. Hope he does well w/the
will you ask thoughts about what Matt Leinart said about his tenure with the about how he ran the (1/2)
what is Matt Leinart doing these days?...exactly.
Matt Leinart's comments on Coach Whisenhunt are completely inappropriate & classless for a professional
Kudos to Ken Wisenhunt for taking the high road with Matt Leinart's comments.
Like Matt Leinart has any room to talk about anybody. What's he done again? Oh.
what was the point of the Matt Leinart question?
I just heard the rant that Matt Leinart went on about Whisenhunt and it sounded like he was coming from a very bitter place.
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like that gal in LA with kids by Matt Leinart and Blake Griffin?
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heheheh stupid titans. So lucky we didnt stick with old Mikey Baby
You tell 'em, Ken Whisenhunt never gave Leinart a fair chance and the team suffered because of it.
I completely agree with Matt Leinart saying that Kurt Warner lead the cardinals to the Super Bowl not Ken Whisenhunt the records prove it
Matt Leinart: Warner, not Whisenhunt, got us to a Super Bowl via
Matt Leinart rips former coach Ken Whisenhunt - Detroit News » Leinart, when asked on 'Fox Sports Live' how ...
Los Angeles Times: Matt Leinart doesn't think highly of former coach Ken Whisenhunt.
Day 133: I just watched a team with Luke Walton AND Matt Leinart lose its rec league playoff game. Unreal.
Matt Leinart rips the Lions hiring of Ken Wisenhunt -
You know it's bad when Matt Leinart drops some smack on you and is 100% correct. Ouch!
Obvious solution to this Vikings season: sign Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Jimmy Clausen and give …
Luke Walton AND Matt Leinart's rec league team down big at halftime of playoff game.
I'm watching men's rec league playoffs in Manhattan Beach. Luke Walton AND Matt Leinart on same team. They trail by 9!
what u think - Matt Leinart: Kurt Warner, not Whisenhunt, ran Cards -
Watching Luke Walton AND Matt Leinart play for same rec league hoops team.
Can you imagine playing against Matt Leinart or Luke Walton in your hoops league? Try both on same team.
Day 133: watching men's rec league hoops playoffs. One team has Matt Leinart AND Luke Walton.
According to Matt Leinart, Ken Whisenhunt never made Kurt Warner win in Arizona, Kurt made Ken win in Arizona. Wouldn't shock me.
In other news, Can Matt Leinart just shut the *** up? Thanks, greatly appreciated.
Former Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart says Kurt Warner was the mind behind Arizona's offense in 2008 and 2009, not Ken Whisenhunt.
Could Ken Whisenhunt have succeeded as Arizona Cardinals coach without a Hall of Fame-level quarterback? Matt Leinart shares his unique opinion about the new Tennessee Titans coach.
Matt Leinart: Credit Kurt Warner for Cards offense, not Ken Whisenhunt via
Matt Leinart played for Ken Whisenhunt for three seasons in Arizona. Leinart was not impressed with his coach. Asked on Fox Sports Live whether Whisenhunt will succeed in Tennessee, Leinart expressed skepticism, saying that Whisenhunt is wrongly credited for getting the 2008 Cardinals to the Super B...
Matt Leinart thinks the Titans made a bad coaching hire, credits Kurt Warner for getting Arizona to the Super Bowl:
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