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Matt Leinart

Matthew Stephen Leinart (born May 11, 1983), is an American professional football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

Vince Young Mark Sanchez Tim Tebow Reggie Bush Jason White Carson Palmer Cam Newton Jay Cutler Troy Smith Geno Smith Colt McCoy Matt Barkley Kurt Warner Heisman Trophy Ryan Leaf Brady Quinn Jameis Winston Jamarcus Russell

To any USC fans or followers, whose career is funnier: Matt Leinart or Mark Sanchez?
"Well at least Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley still suck !!!" . Kessler. Leinart. Sanchez. And. Barkley. Oh my...
just a part of the fraternity of SC QBs that couldn't cut it in the league. cough cough Matt Leinart
,How many does RGIII,Jason White,Sam Bradford,TimTebow,Matt Leinart,TimTebow have? That list gos on and on
will feature 2 top-10 NFL QB draft picks in a bowl game 4 the 1st time since V Young & Matt Leinart
Matt Leinart is still there. His house
ESPN mentions Vince Young and Matt Leinart while talking about Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota. Not the ideal comparison
nobody cares about his college success. Matt Leinart was 1 of greatest college QB but he sucked. like I said
Bortles well on his way to being the next Matt Leinart
The only QB from the 2006 draft that is starting at QB...Vince Young? Matt Leinart? Jay Cutler? Nope. This guy...
Atleast Jay had a better career than Matt Leinart and Vince Young.
Who would've thought Jay Cutler would outlast the two QB's in that Rose Bowl game (Vince Young, Matt Leinart) in the NFL?
is the most accomplished QB of his draft class. Where's your boy Vince Young or Matt Leinart?
Cutler outlasted fellow 2006 first round picks Vince Young and Matt Leinart.
matt leinart 2007 sage hit card rookie record breaker via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
Athletes I hate the most of all time . 1. Matt Leinart. 2. Reggie Bush . 3. Tyler Hansbrough
I can see Jim Harbaugh in the Heath Shuler, Matt Leinart and Boz Dish back to college ad & scaring the restaurant staff with his intensity.
Matt Leinart was one selection before Jay Cutler
I hear the Bears are looking at Ryan Leaf, Jamarcus Russell, Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart.
Does Ryan Lindley actually give the Cardinals a better chance of winning than Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Matt Leinart or Jared Lorenzon would?
Ugh, Cards should really think about re-signing Matt Leinart. That's pretty much where they are at this point.
you're looking for "heisman winner" and "undefeated" but even if he goes 2nd rd, he'll play longer than Matt Leinart ๐Ÿ‘Œ
"Surprise it's actually going to be Matt Leinart" No
Surprise it's actually going to be Matt Leinart
The only way the cardinals can beat the Seahawks and win the division is to bring back Matt Leinart, best QB in team's history
Plus s Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart
in 2011 we had the Matt's, Schaub and Leinart and in 2014 we had the Ryan's, Fitzy and Mallett.
that akward moment when Matt leinart has more national championships then UCLA has ever had๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚
Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, or Geno Smith? (will be your QB for 7 Seasons)
List of QBs who did not get shutout in their 1st start. Thad Lewis. Jeff Tuel. JP losman. Trent Edwards. EJ Manuel. Matt Leinart.
watch Matt Leinart reaction was shock from 06 draft when passed him over for D'Brickashaw Ferguson
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Premature draft evaluation gems: picking Ferguson over Leinart and Cutler.
Matt Leinart prime example. He was a god in LA, hanging out w celebrities, always in tabloids etc. A brand wld have loved it
I don't think Matt Leinart is the 2004 winner from Hawaii. He thanked the players not plays. Hawaiians leave Tues not Mon.
How in the world has it been 10 YEARS since Matt Leinart won the Heisman? Holy ***
Matt leinart just walked by and hes lookin god
Matt Leinart says he is exceedingly proud to have back in Pac-12 on 10th anniversary
Matt Leinart is being honored on the 10th anniversary of his win. Said he's *** proud to have the trophy back in the Pac-12."
Matt Leinart, in a speech: "I am *** proud to have the Heisman Trophy back in the Pac-12."
Matt Leinart in 2009 TEN-ARI preseason game. Ripped him all game.
Johnny Football played in One Game, lord forbid I bring up RG3, Troy Smith, or Matt Leinart, or Jason White lol
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Also funny to look back and see how ridiculous it was that anyone, ESPECIALLY Kurt Warner, had to win a job from Matt Leinart.
I got to sit next to matt leinart, so that was cool.
First day in New York City and we get to meet Matt Leinart! Amazing trip so far!
Matt Leinart. Bet he would like a little redemption. pad up the collar bones and we're good
I'm sure Matt lionheart leinart is out in a bar some where in Arizona on spring break
Trent Green nor Matt Leinart would have done what he did for the Rams and Cardinals.
Who doesn't love love a Matt Leinart and Jared Zabransky shoutout?! Me and the .team have you covered
massive surprise nobody has mentioned Matt Leinart for this shindig... I'm sure he's not busy.
I think Matt Leinart is a free agent too. S/ Deion Sanders.
Cardinals gotta bring back Matt Leinart yaherdme
think Matt Leinart can sober up enough in time to help the
Matt Leinart also not being on any NFL roster.
I've attended Bills preseason games started by Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Jordan Palmer.
No one got my Matt Leinart reference.. Disappointing ๐Ÿ‘Ž
Always keep a Trojan one me ... Matt leinart
cardinals had Matt leinart didn't work out!
This is what the Cardinals get for cutting Matt Leinart in 2010
Pantera Call Out Matt Leinart respect the party respect the beer gut
- Cardinals have become the NFL's Ohio State. Give Matt Leinart a call here's his chance at redemption
Matt Leinart could sign with the Cardinals as early as today if Burger King will let him switch to the breakfast shift.
lmao there is always this year or the year next.. Who knows.. Matt Leinart needs to go back to AZ tho
Seriously, how bad are Tim Tebow, Vince Young, and Matt Leinart that Ryan Lindley has an NFL job and they don't?
*** Im watching this a football life. Matt leinart USC QB failure & 1 of several QB's that year aren't in league
wow over the great usc Matt Leinart???
Stanton goes down, can Matt Leinart come in? Oh wait, thats right, he went back to college!
remember when you said we should have resigned Matt Leinart when Palmer got hurt? ...better option than Lindley
Oh yeah, , bet you wish you had Matt Leinart now! - no one.
I hear Matt Leinart is still available to bring back to the team. :-P
Is Matt Leinart gonna make an appearance tonite ?
Everybody get your Matt Leinart jerseys out the attic! Cardinals about to call him back!
Can we please get Matt Leinart back in az?
So... Do the Cards still have Matt Leinart's OR Kevin Kolb's number on speed dial?
rams have always knocked cardinal QBs out. Not just this year. Remember hitting Matt Leinart?
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โ€œ"Anyone have the phone number for Kurt Warner?" - Bruce Ariansโ€ Where's Matt Leinart when you need him?
At this rate the Cards will be signing Matt Leinart back to finish the season.
Haven't they since they drafted Matt Leinart?
Where's Matt leinart when u need him
I def thought Matt Leinart was coming in.
10yrs ago today Matt Leinart won the even though i dont like adrian peterson he shouldve won!
10 years ago today USC Matt Leinart won the Heisman!!! Congrats Matt
He's gonna fail man. Not every QB is destined for greatness. Remember Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, Geno Smith as well.
Matt Leinart used to get a lot of attention from celebs too
I thought Vince Young, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn, Reggie Bush and Mike Williams would all be good :X
If he decides to enter the draft, Jameis Winston will have a career similar to Jamarcus Russell, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Tyrell Pryor
Matt Leinart is really stunning he's my favourite
Matt Leinart: Where you're drafted affects QB development
If Johnny would have been around when Vince, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart were playing? He would have just been another dude. Those 3 were on
Isn't it scary that in a QB class with Vince Young and Matt Leinart, Jay Cutler was the best NFL QB and it's not close.
TBT to when USC beat Notre Dame last weekend and Matt Leinart led the team out of the tunnel, Matt Barkley was o...
There's not enough time or space. Danny Wuerffel, Ryan Leaf, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart, need I go on?
um...ok. So the fact that LUCK is a Stud, and RG a bust. Both taken 1 & then is this theory sound. Who is Matt Leinart?hah
WATCH: Matt Leinart: Where you're drafted affects QB development:
he did say he keeps a Trojan in his pocket, Matt Leinart
. Or how you perform in the field. Has Matt ever heard of Tom Brady?. Leinart is an excuse making dope.
did Dan just grunt when Matt Leinart said calling Kaepernick is a specimen?
Matt Leinart says he lost his confidence when Cards replaced Dennis Green w/ Ken Whisenhunt: "It all comes down to where you're drafted."
Heard the football team was looking for the next Matt Leinart.. Here I am.. .
Only other time visited was 2006 - Matt Leinart's 1st start for Like now, came after Cards game in ATL
he also plays in the PAC-12... where Matt Leinart dominated... then did nothing in the NFL
College superstar means nothing, Matt Leinart, Troy Smith, Tebow, and Jason White won the Heisman and were college stars...
what tmz / Matt Leinart dating Paris Hilton and some kc girl, maybe kaley cuoco, I don't know
Just watched the Oklahoma vs USC 2005 Natl Championship, and I'm wondering how Matt Leinart isn't still starting in the NFL?? Dude can sling
led by ESPN, wants to see Vince Young vs. Matt Leinart in the championship game.โ€ Shut out of the previous seasonโ€™s BCS title game, the featured in NBC s Science of Love
Winston is getting the same treatment national that Cam Newton, Tim Tebow & Matt Leinart got. Only difference Jamies is giving people ammo
Matt Leinart had 99 and 23. Not a spread offense.
My doctor looks like Matt Leinart. I was going to tell him this then I saw the OU logo on his shirt. Decided telling him would be a bad idea
Behind the Scenes: Matt Leinart leads the team ouโ€ฆ:
Very soon Geno Smith and RG3 will be battling to see who takes Matt Leinart's place in the "I wish I could go back to college" commercial
I heard Matt Leinart doesn't have any plans the cardinals could pick him up he's still the greatest of all time
Geno Smith is one bad start away from being in those Dish Network commercials with Matt Leinart and the Boz.
Matt Cassel carved out a better career than Matt Leinart. no one saw that coming.
โ€œcam, rg3 rookie season, and Matt leinartโ€ Leinart??? Lmao he might be the furthest thing from a star
cam, rg3 rookie season, and Matt leinart
Matt Leinart is going back to college to lead the Trojans
Behind The Scenes with Matt Leinart leading the way out of the tunnel:
Now that I realize Brian Bosworth is the old guy in the "go back to college" commercial w/ Matt Leinart it makes it hiralious
The only difference between Vince Young and Matt Leinart is on has all his money
Cowboys girlfriend. First she cheated with Colt McCoy now Mark Sanchez. It's a good thing Vince Young and Matt Leinart are out of the league
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Glad the CFB committee doesn't listen to Matt Leinart! Under estimate the FROGS that is when they play the best!
It's hilarious when QB busts become analysts like Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn
Just saw Matt Leinart say TCU's QB couldn't beat a great team . . . Do your homework, son!!!
Matt Leinart got hooked up with a job at Fox Sports 1.
Matt Leinart is stupid. He's trying to talk about Boykin when you won a heisman and got cut. You're opinion is irrelevant
Matt Leinart was a better NFL QB than studio guy.
you're probably talking about Matt Leinart lol
โ€œAnd to think, Marshawn never won a Heisman at Cal. Over Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush?? No.
isn't Matt Leinart now a used car salesman in Fresno?
Why TV sportscasting *** Matt Leinart fails at football, miserably, and still winds up on FOX.
So Fox Sports 1 has a panel of Petros Papadokis, Clay Travis, Matt Leinart and some guy with a goatee. What fresh garbage is this?
Watching Matt Leinart in studio on FS1 thinking "Man, Mark Sanchez is really overachieving as a USC QB in the NFL."
I don't think could assemble a more deusche crew here. Matt Leinart, a guy with a fu manchu, and Petros Papadakis.
Last time I saw Matt Leinart, he had just accidentally walked into a Texas Longhorns bar in Hollywood on GameDay.
Having Matt Leinart on hand to talk about Texas LOL
Shut up, Matt Leinart. Don't laugh. I'll show you that VY touchdown again.
Matt Leinart is the most intelligent and most likable person on this 4-man halftime show. Well done, Fox!
Matt Leinart is the worst draft pick of all time. Don't listen to him
Matt leinart, clay Travis and petros? Nah I'm good
Wait. Matt Leinart is still alive lol?
Mark Sanchez is so happy he's holding that football and he's not on the "back to college" commercial with his boy Matt Leinart
cause you like left handed QBs like matt Leinart ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ ***
Such a great article about USC quarterbacks...
t-day thought: I think pitbull has played in more games than Matt Leinart
Incredible weather. Just bought that dude a drink and asked if he wanted to meet Matt Leinart.
Yeah thats true. Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley also went pro but Leinarts not even in the league anymore.
bruh yall better start callin us Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush
defense needs to realize Sanchez is only better than Matt Leinart and Jamarcus Russell.
. on the sad history of USC quarterbacks, and Mark Sanchez's promise
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I reviewed USC quarterbacks in the NFL: | did the same for Notre Dame:
I never would have thought out of Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Jay Cutler. Jay Cutler would be the most successful.
The Bills wouldn't have needed to pay Kyle Orton all that money if they didn't cut Matt Leinart last year -cousin
"The Bush Push" - Reggie Bush pushes QB Matt Leinart into the endzone as defeats
Remember when Vince Young, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart were all supposed to be NFL superstars?
The very sad history of USC quarterbacks in the NFL:
The sad history of USC quarterbacks in the NFL - SB Nation
fans acting like they have Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush in the backfield and Mike Williams, dewayne Jarrett at wr. Stop it
Well fast forward a couple years and where are the best players from that team? Matt Leinart? Nowhere. Reggie Bush? Marginal second stringer
this dude at the heat game looks like if you and Matt Leinart had a baby.
Lmao some thot had a kid with both Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Was that Matt Leinart at the Heat game??
I got this Trojan in my pocket, Matt leinart
did you read that article by Matt Leinart? He called your buddy clay out
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I dont watch alot of so when did Kevin Love give his jersey to Matt Leinart?
Outstanding article by Matt Leinart on what Jameis and FSU have accomplished. He should know.
Matt Leinart says Cody Kessler is 'very underrated'
The QB whisperer.Do they still have Matt Leinart? ;)
Covering this game Saturday so seemed normal that former USC QB Matt Leinart was in my hot yoga class this morning.
Former USC QB Matt Leinart knows what it's like to try and defend a national championship. Here's why he's impressed with what the Florida State Seminoles are doing on the field.
Heisman winner says Cody Kessler is a "very underrated" QB who should be front-runner next season
Great read by Matt Leinart USC BCS Champ. Written from a little different perspective, check it out
Matt Leinart: Why you should appreciate Winston, FSUโ€™s title defense
Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Matt Barkley? What they all have in common? All USC QB and have the same SB wins๐Ÿ˜‚
Thank you Matt Leinart, its good to hear it from someone who knows from experience and not from some *** clown...
Then again, Nick Young went to USC so he's got great minds like Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush to look up to.
Matt Leinart: Winston and Florida State still winning despite the noise
Amen Matt Leinart! Jameis Winston, Florida State Seminoles still winning despite the noise via
Interesting commentary, someone that's actually been in shoes, Matt Leinart former USC QB
Matt Leinart gets FSU's back by telling others to get off 'Noles' back. Passed along by
Found this on today. Written by Matt Leinart, former USC QB. Good points.
Matt Leinart just gained points with me --> via
With all due respect to my husband, I have fallen in love with Matt Leinart
Good read from Matt Leinart speaking of and
Matt Leinart calling out clay travis ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
SPORTS: Matt Leinart: Why you should appreciat... via |
Former USC QB Matt Leinart knows exactly what it's like to defend a National Title, great read here defending FSU. http:โ€ฆ
Matt Leinart: Why you should appreciate Jameis Winston, title defense /
Through 10 games, is out-pacing Matt Leinart's Heisman Trophy winning season. httpโ€ฆ
I'm not comparing him to Ken Dorsey, Matt Leinart, or Vince Young. But he's led impressive comebacks. 'bama would beat them.
Some of the Qbs that have won the Heisman since 2000: Chris Weinke,Eric Crouch,Jason White,Matt Leinart,Troy Smith,Tim Tebow.
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Lol Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart have the same baby mama
Matt Leinart was God in college. Idk *** happened
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Matt Leinart, TV analyst, returns to campus
Tom could be playing against Matt Leinart and he'd still say he's going up against a great quarterback.
"I got a seven on me, I call my 'dro Lamar. Plus a Trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart"
if we drafted a QB in 2006 instead of signing Brees it would've been Vince Young or Matt Leinart
that seven foot duck is just like Matt Leinart except he's 7 feet tall, yellow, and has a bill.
Matt Leinart outraged over report Cam Newton has taken most hits over last 3 seasons. Leinart says he has the bong to prove otherwise.
Matt Leinart is somewhere thinking he could play in Chip's offense.
Mark Sanchez really realized he was season away from being the new Matt Leinart LITERALLY
Carson Palmer was such a good QB prospect & young QB that we all thought Matt Leinart & Mark Sanchez were good QB prospects by extension.
Stat of the night, Matt Leinart sighed sixteen times while watching other USC QBs compete in the NFL.
Wow. Sanchez lives. I think Matt Leinart's phone actually just rang
Someone call John David Booty and Matt Leinart and get them in on this action.
Ironic, that's like when Norm Chow took Vince Young over Matt Leinart in the 06 draft.
Barkley's in now. Stick around and you'll see Matt Leinart.
Also, the Eagles' ball boy looks a little like Matt Leinart
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Answer to previous question about USC QB's is Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart in 2012 for the Raiders
Somewhere, an unemployed Matt Leinart is all *** '
We gettin our *** kicked by Mark Sanchez.Mark Sanchez. He was 2 weeks away from being in that diner with Matt Leinart & The Boz
Matt Leinart just angrily reaching for Doritos all night.
Chip Kelly: QB savior. Tim Tebow & Matt Leinart on the phone right now begging their agents for tryout with the Eagles.
Cam Newton on the sidelines with the iPad watching the Matt Leinart going back to college commercial on a loop
Someone from the Texans needs to get Matt Leinart on the phone. Now.
No one wonders where Danny Watkins is. Fighting a fire? Being Canadian? Returning to college with Matt Leinart and the Boz?
Cam this bad all the sudden? ProBowler in the past, Matt Leinart now? Or is the fix in?
you act like every successful college qb does well in the nfl Look at Matt Leinart, Tebow, Jamarcus Russell, etc
Matt leinart at the crib polishing his heisman right now watching Mark Sanchez win a football game.
Rumor has it that Matt Leinart will be going back to college, will be roommates with the Boz.
I think Cam Newton wants to go back to college with Matt Leinart
Maybe we could sign Matt Leinart too for next year, why not.
โ€œSanchez DID go to USC tho. What you expect?โ€ Ant better than Carson or Matt Leinart
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Why isn't Matt Leinart our 3rd string QB
Matt leinart sick to his stomach right now.
Cam Newton in the line of biggest bust at QB with Ryan Leaf and Matt Leinart
should pluck Matt Leinart from his mom's couch and have a trifecta of USC bust QBs.
Dude is so hit or miss, can be SuperCam on one drive and Matt Leinart the next
Matt Leinart back at practice: Former USC quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart retu...
WeAreSC Video - Matt Leinart takes time out to talk following the Trojans' practice on Monday. .
Greg Toohey is just like Matt Leinart, except he's a foot shorter and has no athletic ability.
is that Matt Leinart's sister's kid?
Matt Leinart and Steve Sarkisian share a moment before practice.
Matt Leinart and team of young Trojans come to practice at
Rodney Peete, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart were previous winners of the Unitas Award. Cody Kessler one of five finaliโ€ฆ
USC RipsIt: Cal Monday: Notes: USC was visited by Heisman Trophy winner Matt Leinart who brought along his ...
Former quarterback Matt Leinart spoke with after practice today.
Caught up with Matt Leinart and Hayes Pullard at practice today. Interviews up soon.
freshman Adoree' Jackson signs jerseys for kids on the team of Matt Leinart's son.
can't believe Matt Leinart went to frannies
:))) LOL its okay i suffered through matt leinart for a while.
- may be a bad idea, see: Matt Leinart. Was his senior year worth $20 mil Also, I've never heard of Frank K&
I've been blocked by: The Raiders, Darren McFadden, Matt Leinart and a few fans I never even followed or they was just ***
Matt Leinart replaced Matt Schaub and now Ryan Mallett replaces Ryan Fitzpatrick. Apparently we need to trade for Matt Ryan.
Yo that Trojan and Matt Leinart line is still the dopest line in So Appalled.
I think I'm the only person in earth who still believes in Matt Leinart as an NFL quarterback
I thought Matt Leinart was gonna be awesome.
This Dish commercial for college football cracks me up! Good to see Matt Leinart has a sense of humor about himself ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘
Remember when Cards fans booed Kurt Warner and openly wanted him benched for Matt Leinart?
If Al ALWAYS had his way.Matt Leinart would j5ave been our franchise qb
what stats? Jason White, Troy Smith, Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart all won the Heisman. check out their NFL stats
some other notables:.Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinart, Chris Weinke, and Jason White
I love that commercial where Matt Leinart says "i can go back to college??"
so was Derrick Williams. They both miss college like Matt Leinart in the Dish commercial
Matt Leinart is a poor man's drunken hobo plucked randomly from the crowd.
Bo Wallace is a poor man's Matt Leinart.
Aight Sanchize, let Chip start you on your path to the Hall-of-Fame. Make amends for my failed Matt Leinart HOF career prediction
I keep thinking Matt Leinart when they say the Eagles backup is Sanchez
The dish tv commercials with the boz, Matt Leinart, Heath Schuler and Jamarcus Russell gets me everytime
Matt leinart, declining Kurt Warner, just to help you out buddy
Eagles should sign Matt Leinart for the trifecta.
Mark Sanchez could have easily Matt Leinart himself and been content with being a bust.
I feel like Matt Leinart... Morgantown was awesome
Matt Leinart is probably available to help him with this.
I woulda been better off starting Matt Leinart instead of Rivers this week. Smh
I wonder if Mark Sanchez, Matt Leinart, John David Booty, and Matt Barkley all share an apartment in the offseason. I like to think they do.
Matt Leinart getting inspired watching at home calling up curves& reactivates his membership
I was thinking of Matt Leinart. Confused my USC QBs.
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crap,where's Matt Leinart when you need him oh and The Boz
If we have a Vince Young or Matt Leinart sighting I am done NFL ... Done!!
I have a pretty big Football card collection. The only signed card I ever nabbed was... Matt Leinart. My life ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
so Matt Leinart was just talking about Zane...
A broadcast with Matt Leinart and Erin Andrews would be funny.
It's a same that it took me multiple viewings of that Dish commercial to realize that was Matt Leinart
It's probably too early to say but might be the Matt Leinart of
Is that Matt leinart in that hopper commercial or?...
All these Brian and the boz just made me realize he's the random guy in that back to college commercial with Matt Leinart
okay Matt Leinart maybe. But I still feel like Johnny had a better one.
You've gotta feel good for Colt McCoy. A once diminished career has been revitalized. It gives Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart some hope... Maybe
Lol remember when Matt Leinart was our quarterback
Not like Matt Leinart, who couldn't give a single word of props to UT when we beat them in the Rose Bowl,
& your point ? Matt leinart led USC to a national championship & that *** a free agent. I know the nfl very well.
Cowboys losing to a guy re-enacting that Matt Leinart insurance commercial where he attempts to go back to college is poetic
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Colt McCoy bringing back some NCAAF glory days! Now let's get Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart a few W's
Cardinal fans only rep their team when they do good.. Where were u guys when Matt Leinart was qb?๐Ÿธโ˜•๏ธ
Matt Leinart is even sadder that he doesn't get a mention.
Colt was about a half season away from having lunch with Heath Shuler and Matt Leinart!
yeah usc was actually dope. Reggie and Matt Leinart๐Ÿ‘€.
How you know college football is a joke? Colt McCoy, matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Vince Young all dominated.
one name whose not on that list of elites but should be: Matt Leinart
Tim Tebow and Matt Leinart would like to talk to you lol
Grew up watching Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart. Always liked them. lol
PS love the logo. Similar to the logos of QB greats such as Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Leinart, and Ryan Leaf.
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