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Matt Leinart

Matthew Stephen Leinart (born May 11, 1983), is an American professional football quarterback who is currently a free agent.

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Could be Matt Leinart at USC if u like wrestling
what you do expect from the same guy who knocked up the same snapper as Matt leinart .
Matt leinart was a great quarterback
*** remember Matt Leinart? We've had some horrible QBs over the years.
I thought he would have thick skin from all the Matt Leinart baby momma jokes but not from the equipment manger I guess
In other breaking news: water is wet. Tired of this cat--go work at Speedway w/ Vince Young, Matt Leinart & Tebow.
I started to have suspicions about BG when he got Matt Leinart's ex pregnant again. His decision making is suspect.
Had they said Blake got in a fight with Matt Leinart I'd be more understanding
baby mama and Matt Leinart who had the baby mama first
probably mentioned baby mama hanging out with Matt Leinart
1st Blake knocked up Matt Leinart's BM now he's punching equipment managers. Not the brightest bulb on the tree
He Barnes'd Matt Leinart over their shared conquests
*** Matt Leinart baby mama got a strong *** *** Must be doing Kegels
you bring up Matt Leinart every day?
Matt Leinart will forever be the best QB the nfl has seen
"we don't know how to lose, it's not in our nature" - Matt Leinart after beating Notre Dame to extend their 20+ game winning streak
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I make fun of Matt Leinart evryday for his post college career aftr winning Heisman. Smh Vince at least this guy can stay out of a jail cell
we had John Skelton, Max hall, Matt leinart, Kevin kolb, Derek Anderson. So I know the struggle.
Truly thought that Vince Young and Matt Leinart were destined for greatness... Man was I wrong. Least I didn't say RG3 was.
Matt Leinart out here begging for another chance with the Rams & Vince Young out here getting a DWI. My have 10 years have changed outlooks
Did Matt Leinart play more in the preseason that VY when they were here? Matt got a whole game.
panthers by 4 ints! They made Carson Palmer look like Matt leinart
There's no doubt Matt Leinart loves his son very much.
Matt Leinart been to 3 straight BCS Championship games. Vince Young was a dog. Harrell put up great numbers. 5000 passing yards
Ryan Leaf, Matt Leinart, Trent Richardson as well! Wait we're not talking the same thing are we
For all the QBs going to USC please go to another school USC QBs aren't meant for the NFL ask Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez etc
Cam Newton will be a bust. He's this year's Vince Young and/or Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart & Gino Torretta the same boat. 2 titles, cant play in NFL.Greatness in college doesn't guarantee it next level
That line of 5-start QBs Pete Carroll had at USC. You ALL SUCK. . Carson should be on radio with Matt.Leinart
I'll bet Carson Palmer is wondering what Matt Leinart is doing these days
Carson Palmer decided to use the NFC championship game to remind cardinal fans of the Matt Leinart era
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The sad history of USC quarterbacks in the NFL via
move over Rob Johnson, Matt Leinart, Matt Barkley, Todd Marinovich, and all the other lousy USC QB alums for Carson Palmer
or John Skelton. or Drew Stanton. or Kevin Kolb. or Max Hall. or Brian Hoyer. or Matt Leinart. or Cam's backup Derek Anderson.
Especially for the Cardinals. Say, does anybody know where Matt Leinart is now?
Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart rolling over in their graves right now
I feel like there's going to be a Scooby Doo-style unmasking and it turns out that it's been Matt Leinart this entire time.
Matt Leinart ain't running out that tunnel
The Cardinals are in need of Matt Leinart right now
Matt Leinart would have played a better game πŸ˜‚
so did RG3, Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Matt Leinart. Need I say more?
Somewhere, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush are saying, "Really Lane, now you run outside?"
Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush make appearances here.
ok, noone is following Matt Leinart but you get my point (4/4)
they are far more likely to doom their kids to a life of poverty. same as those who follow Tom Brady or Matt Leinart (3/4)
Was the same said about Matt Leinart, Tom Brady..etc, had babies outta wedlock or is it just bad cause Cam's Black?
maybe... The schedule would likely support your point. Not like Houston had to beat out Matt Leinart though... And l like Stave
No one criticized Matt Leinart for impregnating his girlfriend at USC. Or Tom Brady with Bridget Moynahan.
Manziel and Matt Leinart can go party together
It's been 10 years since Matt Leinart played Vince Young in the national championship wow
who the *** is in any way aware of the details of Matt Leinart's life besides Matt Leinart
Lane guided Matt Leinart to a Heisman Trophy in 2004 after posting 3,322 yards and 33 touchdowns.
I bet Matt Leinart wishes him all the best.
Someone check on Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush? Let em know the game is on.
Matt Leinart is a textbook flop, Young had a few good years before he had, well issues, White was a one hit wonder.
Do you want Vince Young fried chicken or Matt Leinart fried chicken?
Remember when Vince Young, Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart were future Hall of Famers?
I didn't see these types of headlines or letters to the editor when Matt Leinart impregnated his girlfriend at USC.
It's been ten years since Vince Young beat Matt Leinart in the Rose Bowl... Wut.
Matt Leinart and Blake Griffin have the same baby mama. Spoiler alert, she's not black
But we gone let Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart baby mama make it huh? Cause ...
didn't Matt leinart say in the 30/30 that they never seen speed like Texas before!!
.had nothing but praise for legacy at Oregon. .
He'll realize it once it's too late, like Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart was such trash. How is Carson Palmer still playing and he's home... Lol
Is Matt Leinart active for anyone today? Seems like he'd have a shot to play the way week 17 is going...
I think I just saw Matt Leinart and JaMarcus Russell warming up on the sidelines of Lucas Oil Stadium.
Looks like Big Ben is turning into a right-handed Matt Leinart based off of that statline
Means nothing for Mariota's progress as a pro QB. Matt Leinart and Pete Carroll were a good fit too, means nothing
Own it. When cards were 5-11 with Matt Leinart as QB I always rocked my stuff. Nobody calls me a bandwagon lol
Just met Matt Leinart at the airport even though he definitely ruined my childhood.
When Matt Leinart is giving advice on play calling.
Is that the old school BercoFoSheezy?. He was supposed to be our Matt Leinart this year.
I disagree that Marcus made the adjustment, don't forget that Matt Leinart and Vince Young looked good early on as well
I've seen Ty Detmer, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinart, & Jerome Bettis in person, but Christian is a joy to watch
Fitz has had the likes of Matt Leinart, John Skelton, and Drew Stanton throwing him the ball over the course of his career
Id rather start current day Matt Leinart. Wherever he is right now.
Reggie, Vince Young runner up, and Matt Leinart 3rd place 😎
Matt Leinart: "Petey could sell ice to an ice-kimo"... brilliant, this gold Jerry, GOLD!
2004 on this day Matt Leinart WON the Trophy ✌️
Matt Leinart and Vince Young were both draft busts
Matt Leinart won the heisman 11 years ago today 😳😳😳😳
"We don't know how to lose that's not in our nature." Matt Leinart
Lmao Matt Leinart tried to be John Elway and *** near lost the game for us @ ND
Did that Pizza Hut commercial really have Michael Bolton and Matt leinart?
Our client Stephanie Cantu did an amazing job in this holiday PizzaHut spot w Matt Leinart&Michael Bolton!
11 years ago on this day Matt Leinart won the Heisman. I feel like I'm 80 years old😳
ICYMI: Today's the day 11 years ago that Matt Leinart won the Heisman for
what undermines it are names like Jason White, Eric Crouch, Matt Leinart(won over Adrian Peterson), etc..goes to qb on best team
So.does Matt Leinart get in trouble for revealing his Heisman vote on national TV? Downtown Athletic Club frowns on that.
Matt Leinart as an analyst for Fox. The Craig Monroe-ization of sports analysis marches on.
Jordan Cameron's sister is the mother of Matt Leinart and Blake Griffin's sons
Matt Leinart reacts to the Whisenhunt firing
but for real this is a good comp. And does this make Blake a rich man's Matt Leinart in this scenario?
nice to see Matt Leinart doing Pizza Hut commercials
Do non-football people even realize that's Matt Leinart in the new Pizza Hut commercial?
Can someone tell me why Matt Leinart is in a Pizza Hut commercial. You could've afforded someone who at least still plays in the NFL
Matt Leinart doing Pizza Hut commercials now. At least he's doing something to stay busy
Matt Leinart commercials with a football in his hand lmao
Less than 2 years ago Luke Walton LOST a Redondo Beach Rec championship w/ teammate Matt Leinart. Now he coaches the best team in the NBA.
as did Matt Leinart, Vince Young, and Tebow. Not to discount what Newton has done, but college success does not always translate
Why is Matt Leinart in that Pizza Hut commercial?
maybe that guy who went to USC and did such a good job of handing off to Reggie Bush. Matt Leinart.
Jimmy Johnson: Great players play great in big games. That's the knock on CK vs. Leinart,Palmer,or even Matt B at times.
Matt Leinart and Reggie Bust still my all time favorite college football duo tbh
I'm still mad Marcus Martin hasn't panned out. Might be dud from USC. One of the few (Dwayne Jarrett & Matt Leinart)
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Pizza Hut is hurt... You really put Matt Leinart in your commercial...
Just sniped Matt Leinart out of a very brief part of a Pizza Hut commercial πŸ˜‚ ??
Matt leinart is doing extra work now? bet he would kill to be back at USC.
if that's the case, Vince Young and Matt Leinart are star QBs too
Finally watching the USC 30 for 30 and remembering how obsessed I was with Matt Leinart back in the day 😍😍😍😍
I pick Matt Leinart part of the most dominate football team of all time 🏈✌Fight On!
no seriously I checked his stats he statistically was the best of all the options even Matt Leinart
Matt leinart arizona authentic by reebok..youth size…
Tui from UW, but I'd go with Matt Leinart for best of all time.
Even Matt Leinart said Mariota was the best.
For you being a Ducks fan, I'm glad you realize how good Matt Leinart was at USC. Good luck this weekend! :)
Why is Matt Leinart in a Pizza Hut commercial?
Matt Leinart lived in LA. Johnny hung out with Lebron, Drake, 2 chainz etc and he live in Texas.
Matt Leinart dated supermodels as a college student. Chad Kelly also won in Tuscaloosa. ...
so many, if o had to pick just a couple., Ryan leaf and Matt leinart
exactly...he was a stud coming out of USC. And his career mirrored another Trojan, Matt Leinart.
brb, checking their rundown for any Matt Leinart mentions
Watching Trojan War has rekindled my love for Matt Leinart. That was my favorite player when I was 11 & 12.
Watching The Trojan War on Netflix and I completely forgot about the three headed monster of Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Lendale White
I also have a Cardinals Matt Leinart jersey, and an Oakland Raiders Carson Palmer jersey. lolol
If T.J. Yates is still in the league, how long till someone gives Matt Leinart a call?
Wow, Matt Leinart has lowered himself to doing commercials.
Nothing says not living up the the hype as well as Matt Leinart.
Matt Leinart on a Pizza Hut commercial and they dont even tell you his name. He's too far removed from the NFL for the majority to recognize
Was that Matt Leinart in that Pizza Hut ad
Did Matt Leinart live the greatest "student"-athlete life of all time? Yes, yes he did.
For someone with a lackluster NFL career; Matt Leinart sure is in a lot of commercials.
Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart share the same baby momma she makes $30,000 a month off them wow
Matt Leinart fired up on the radio has me a little aroused.
Help support the businesses that support St. John's. Check out the Matt Leinart Flag Football League!
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Eric Crouch. Troy Smith. Matt Leinart. They all won Heismans but were products of the system
Nothing like watching Matt Leinart hand the ball off to Thunder and Lightning
I have an extra Matt Leinart cards jersey you can have.
Cody Kessler is now 41 career completions away from tying Matt Leinart (807) for the 3rd most in history.
We know Matt Leinart can party, the tradition continues.
By this rationale, Matt Leinart should have been a stud...
I need to get myself a throwback USC Matt Leinart jersey
That USC vs Notre Dame game when Matt Leinart pushed Reggie Bush in the end zone.. Smh
Cal/USC. Remember in 2004 when this was a super-hyped matchup because of Matt Leinart and the poor man's version of him, Aaron Rodgers?
We don't know how to lose. That's not our nature. - Matt Leinart πŸ’―
he didn't have the sparkling career of say a Matt Leinart but he didn't too badly
Reggie Bush, Dwayne Jarrett, Matt Leinart, Chauncey Washington, LenDale White, and Steve Smith. Who was gonna stop us?
At first was mad when I thought this USC documentary was just about Matt Leinart, but now I want it to be.
How did Matt Leinart pro career pan out.πŸ€”
Kevin Love looks like Matt Leinart if he sold dope
Memphis and Houston add QBs to the Heisman Hopeful list via
USC fans are mocking J Rosen for having a hot-tub in his dorm while Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart had strippers/alcohol/drugs x100 lmao foh.
Matt Leinart probably ain't up to much?
top it off with pathetic play ..when dink and dunk is your entire game your doomed to fail anyways ( see Matt Leinart )
I saw a segment with Matt Leinart and I wondered what he's doing nowadays and then... wait, what?
LMAO I didn't know that Matt Leinart did this to me. Probably has to do with his beef with
When you are listening to and remember that there was a Matt Leinart reference.
.likes Clay Helton's performance as interim head coach |
Matt Leinart led USC to 3 consecutive National Championships. However, his pro career was short lived. He was not a pro style QB.
We can trade them Verne, Danielson, and a conditional pick in 2016-2017-2018 for Gus and Matt Leinart…
I see Matt Leinart, '04 Heisman winner, yakking away on TV & I think: Is this REALLY what is going to be doing 7 …
I remember hearing in 2010 how much Shanahan had wanted to draft Matt Leinart that I was certain our QB were going to be Rex and Leinart
I'm old enough to remember matt leinart playing at USC.
Lone thing I've always found amazing was the Matt Cassell never played QB in college he backed up Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart
THOSE are the kinds of exciting plays Matt Cassel made backing up Carson Palmer & Matt Leinart at thank you very much!.
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Are we all forgetting this guy rode the bench behind Matt Leinart, that's all I need to know
In Matt Cassel defense. He never had the opportunity to be a QB in college. Shadowed behind 2 heisman winners Carson Palmer & Matt Leinart.
I don't understand how Matt Cassel is still in the NFL when Matt Leinart (who was supposedly much better) is long gone.
Did Matt Leinart just picked Pitt to run table, win the ACC and make College Football Playoff on FS1? If so, he's my new fav…
And that's why he backed up Matt Leinart, guys
On FS1, Matt Leinart just picked to run the table, win the ACC and make the College Football Playoff. I wouldn't be mad…
Matt Cassel may suck but he's had a better career than Matt Leinart and that is hysterical.
Matt never played Starting QB at USC, and it makes you wonder why? Oh yeah, Palmer, Leinart.
We're about to enter that golden part of the NFL season injury arc where out of nowhere Matt Leinart or Jon Kitna or something is starting.
I wonder what Matt Leinart thinks every time he sees his backup take the NFL field...
In Cassel we trust. He should of been the QB at USC instead of Matt Leinart. A way better QB
T.J Yates & Matt Leinart were good QBs for the Texans
[3/4] Second, this assumption they'd go get a fancy young QB. But you're as likely to draft Matt Leinart as you are Aaron Rodgers.
I’m convinced that Matt Leinart is in ALL those β€œFind Your Beach” ads.
Andrew Luck is throwing check down passes like Matt Leinart in his prime with the
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I could go for some Schaub right now. TJ Yates? What's Matt Leinart up to?
Watching Trojan War and being reminded of my painful middle school crush on Matt Leinart.
...shines vs. Irish at end of November, well, let me introduce u to Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, etc.
Matt Leinart currently in our studio singing "Fight On"
Matt Leinart just owned Clay Travis so bad
I hate Clay Travis! This is the first time I've liked Matt Leinart though!
did you guys see Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart arguing about the Bush Push? Lmao
Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and Mike Williams was so filthy
TBT to when Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart were on the same team and it was magical bc they are two of the most beautiful humans
Praying for a Matt Leinart led USC or a Stephen Garcia led South Carolina some day.
PTI destroyed Tannehill, comparing him to Matt Leinart in Arizona
gotta keep that Matt Leinart on me.
I don't know if I've ever actually seen it called though. I'm looking in your direction Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart.
I'm never going to call shoehorning Matt Leinart into a verse the worst. Can't do it. Won't do it.
Check youtube for Colin Cowherd's interview with Matt Leinart on Raiders front office.
"A trojan in my pocket, Matt Leinart" corniest line ever
Kudos for ESPN films for giving Matt Leinart something to do in their new 30 for 30
This 30 for 30 about the Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart Trojans is about to be serious.
I hope they document how many chicks matt Leinart took down at usc. Over under 95?
30 for 30 presents: Matt Leinart was never the same
They just made a 30 for 30 about USC, Pete Carroll and Matt Leinart...
30 for 30 on usc when they had Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
I’m blasphemous but I won’t say Weeden is better than anybody but RG3, Vince Young, Brady Quinn, Jimmy Clausen, and Matt Leinart
hey fellas it could be worse. Couldve been matt leinart or mark sanchez
And i thought Matt Leinart was the king of check downs...
ok so then explain Vince Young and Matt Leinart
Why is Matt Leinart wearing Texas colors on after they beat him in the national championship a few years ago?
oh, don't know if you're kidding. Reggie Bush pushing Matt Leinart for TD vs Notre Dame circa 2005.
I agree with Matt Leinart and it makes me feel dirty inside.
Is Dave Wannstedt starting to lose it? Just yelled at Matt Leinart about how OSU passes the eye test and are playing as good as anyone.
Good to see Matt Leinart. He wishes he couldve played college football forever.
Why does Matt Leinart still have career with football...
Matt Leinart has perfected the designer stubble look as a studio analyst
but have you been blocked by Matt Leinart? lol
continues to be impressive. Gets better every week. Beautiful deep balls, great touch and ability to improvise. Matt Leinart
Good to see Matt Leinart found employment.
Anybody else looking forward to Matt Leinart breaking down the midfield??
I'm not sure how it's possible but Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart were better NFL QBs than commentators. Quinn is the worst.
I find it weird watching Matt Leinart breakdown an OU game that had Brady Quinn helping out during the play-by-play commentary.
Good to see Buffalo Bills legend Matt Leinart doing the Fox College football halftime show.
Washington State has been stuck at the one-yard line. They need to try the USC-Matt Leinart play where the QB gets a push from the RB.
at least most our QB's besides Matt Leinart can last 😴
Would you believe me 10 years ago if I said Carson Palmer would be an undefeated NFL QB and Matt Leinart worked for Fox Sports in 2015?
Lmao Matt Leinart now a fox sports analyst just defines his career
Should've followed the Matt Leinart senior year schedule.
I thought Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart were both homeless, living under the same bridge. But apparently they work for FS1 now.
Matt Leinart says Walsh outplayed Rudolph last week, why? Because Walsh threw only 2 passes?
We're losing and now I have to listen to Stache Wannstedt & Matt Leinart do a recap?
Good to see Matt Leinart found a job
I'll be honest... I've never been big on college football. But back in the Matt Leinart - Reggie Bush days, those games were fun to watch.
Sitting in a room with Pete Rose, Frank Thomas, Matt Leinart and Dave Wannstedt. Well alright then.
Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn are a part of Fox NCAAF coverage. two careers that went horribly wrong
Matt Leinart has not aged well at all
Jordan Cameron's sister really have Blake Griffin and Matt Leinart as baby daddies
So I'm writing this blog on the bush push game and I'm amazed at how many words I can fit in about how much I appreciated Matt Leinart ✊🏾
Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart and Eric Crouch all analysts, in what I can only imagine is part of Fox's plan to assemble a 2000's All-Star Team
Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart are analysts for Fox Sports 1? *** life comes at you fast.
Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart are like 30 now ***
Somewhere, Matt Leinart is sitting in a hot tub plotting how he's going 2 replace . Troy Aikman in those 'live in the past' Miller Lite spots
Matt Leinart is a college football analyst now? That *** I wish he'd have a better shot in the NFL instead of Kurt Warner replacing him.
Hamilton Collection
beat overrated and weak armed Matt leinart
I used to think Reggie was gonna be the truth...he's a bust, lendale white is crazy, and well, Matt Leinart is Matt Leinart
hey at least he outlasted Matt Leinart and Vince Young
I had such high hopes for Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart back in 07. Meanwhile in 2015, Reggie's always hurt and Matt's busy snitchin.
I bet Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart still wish they were at USC
Reggie Bush is he can call it a career and join his fellow Trojan & permanent couch potato Matt Leinart πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Who thought out of Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush that Reggie Bush would be the one still in the league and he won a Super Bowl
pour one out for Matt Leinart while you're at it.
Reggie Bush lasted longer in the league than Matt Leinart. Woulda never thought that in 2006
Matt leinart was a seexy Hollywood play boy.thank you so much
word. He was so nice he got Matt Leinart and Lendelle White sorry behinds drafted
Didnt matt leinart have 100...nevermind cant even finish with a straight face
him and Matt Leinart were ignorant in college. Unstoppable.
Think, this time a decade ago we were wondering if Aaron Rodgers was as good as matt leinart.
6 years ago today I was in the hospital with meningitis and I met Matt Leinart πŸ’ƒπŸΌ
Remember the '06 Rose Bowl when USC swapped out Reggie Bush for Lendale White on 4th & short and failed to convert?
Forgot Matt Leinart is with FS1 now. Big part of forgetting that is that I hardly watch FS1, but whatever. I forgot Matt Leinart is with FS1
Matt Leinart was a stud college QB who was a backup in his NFL career. Notoriously fratish in college and Playboy attendee
Tbf he got a lot of crap when he said he'd be better than Matt Leinart and Vice Young. Which he deffo was.
The Mariota-Winston rivalry is like the Vince Young-Matt Leinart rivalry except Leinart would almost win sometimes.
Wonder if Marcus Mariota is gonna be the Vince Young to Jameis Winston's Matt Leinart.
remember the Vince Young and Matt Leinart debate?
Vince Young Matt Leinart both trash there it Go back to backπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
that's a Matt Leinart statline and he has a Heisman so.
I can name so many QBs who have flamed out after starting day one: Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, David Carr, Alex Smith, etc.
Will the Brian Hoyer era in Houston be shorter than the Matt Leinart era?
yall still haven't been good 😴😴 been trash since Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush left
Matt Leinart didn't die in a hot tub for this!
Matt Leinart is a broadcaster now and he looks a bit confused.
Matt Leinart, what in the world did you just say? Central Florida and the Pac-12? We made it to the P5 y'all!
Back when Bennett did it, it was just him and Matt Leinart. Who else did it?
how did Matt Leinart do in the NFL again bro...?
Matt Leinart is so disinterested in what Wannstedt has to say, when what he should really be doing is respecting the mustache.
Matt Leinart looks as cross eyed as the day he was served with that paternity suit
Matt Leinart on FSN with a look on his face that says 'you promised me a coed, not Dave Wannstedt'
Did that trivia question seriously just omit USC's Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart winning back 2 back Heisman's bc Bush's was 'vacated'
Matt Linehan drives for the end zone a la Matt Leinart and falls short. End of the 1st quarter. 21. Idaho 0.
ND secondary not looking so hot today. Making Matt Johns look like Matt Leinart during his heyday
The irony of listening to Matt Leinart talk about what's best for quarterbacks.
Quote of the day: "He's struggling because he's not a starting quarterback!" -Matt Leinart. Yeah Matty, like looking in a mirror.
Wanny is making Matt leinart look like a genius
I thought Matt Leinart had fallen off the face of the Earth.
Wait Matt Leinart a analyst on Fox now?
Matt Leinart in the studio made a good point about Hubes' body lang. Too many negative reactions
Kansas St quarterback was 4 of 12 in the first half vs UTSA. Matt Leinart just spent 4 minutes praising his performance so far.
So that's where Matt Leinart ended up lol
At this point in the season so were guys like Leinart, Matt Barkley, long ways to go
Matt Leinart, Dave Wannstedt, and Rob Stone is just bad television. I don't have another way of saying it. Can't compete with Gameday Crew.
Wanny and Matt Leinart in a studio in Cali called the game. It was horrendous. Beyond words man.
Only on Fox can you get Brady Quinn for play-by-play then cut to Matt Leinart in the studio.
with Matt Leinart and Brady Quinn. Next year Manziel in line for on tv
Fox's cavalcade of failed NFL quarterbacks is impressive. Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, Joey Harrington... Ponder would fit right in.
FS1 has Matt Leinart in the studio pregame and then kick it out to Joey Harrington working the color for the UCLA game. NFL QB bust heaven
Went to another channel and saw Matt Leinart next to Dave Wannstedt. Pretty sure I've died and am enduring some punishment of sorts.
Matt Barkley follows Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer to Arizona. Just in case anybody was also looking for John David Booty.
- nothing like college football back when Troy Smith, Brady Quinn, Colt Brennan, Vince Young, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush played. Legends.
must be hard up for on air talent. Colin Cowherd, Matt Leinart and Dave(Emil Muzz) Wannstedt.That's a murders row of ***
The new Fox Sports1 pregame cast: Dave Wannstedt, Matt Leinart, and Colin Cowherd
Fox Sports 1 rag tag college football analyst team is Matt Leinart, Dave Wannstedt, and Colin Cowherd. Extremely weird and uncomfortable.
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