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Why is Fox still employing Geraldo Rivera? Should they not give him the same fate that NBC gave Matt Laurer & CBS gave Char…
"Matt Laurer, widely panned for his performance, has left Today, moving to be with fling Natalie Morales," w…
You guys are better off without Matt Laurer. He screwed over Anne Currey and Tamron Hall and Natalie Morales.
Only on NBC ... Matt Laurer dressed as Paris Hilton!😱. I am all over this due to the way he spoke about our President Trump…
Possibly a future Matt Laurer or Savannah Guthrie ? You never know...
Not suprised at all, psycho screamed called her a buffalo head aftr Ma…
Matt Laurer must be please with the election
Leslie Stahl is as inept an interviewer as Matt Laurer when it comes to the likes of Donald Trump and Chris Christie
Mountz Jewelers is proud to carry the Shinola watch brand! See Today Show anchor Matt Laurer’s recent visit to...
Gee, I'd put my money on Donna Brazile and Matt Laurer-Heard she even blamed Obama! Didn't campaign enough for her!
It's time for and to move on from Matt Laurer. He has been an embarrassment this political season. His Trump and Christie
Have you read about her reaction when Matt Laurer asked a question that wasn't "approved"? It was downright insane!
Matt Laurer wearing all black this morning.
I thought that Matt Laurer moved to Russia after his deplorable performance at the debate.
I've actually seen Matt Laurer do tough interviews with Christie
Did Hillary have profanity-laced meltdown after Matt Laurer Forum? via
After watching Matt Laurer last night, remember,NBC kept Laurer and let Anne Curry go!
Palin goes off on 'Today' hosts after questions about son : Good for Matt Laurer.., another Republican shift to lie about a promise
Matt Laurer interview. Gets a little heated. Let em have it Governor.
love that you call it shooting straight but when Matt Laurer puts you in the hot seat you can't take it...
Just saw spank Savannah Guthrie and Matt Laurer on Palin confronted abt her "blaming" Obama 4 son's PTSD.
just got interviewed by Matt Laurer !! watch us on the Today Show.
Brian Williams should take Matt Laurer's gig. Not like you need to be a journalist to host that show.
would love to see Ellen against Wanda Sykes or Matt Laurer on Lip Sync Battle! . PLEASE!
In Tracy Morgan's second interview with Matt Laurer, he promises to never stop doing comedy
Being stuck in an elevator with Seth Meyers and Matt Laurer is my worst nightmare.
Watching Tracy Morgan's interview with Matt Laurer. beauty of recovery
I just watched the interview with Matt Laurer. I love that man. Hope he makes it back to comedy! Glad he's doing better!
For the first three to five years after 9/11, many people did not want the news channels, on both the anniversary and other times, to saw repeated footage of the World Trade Center on fire and/or collapsing. They said that ‘everyone has these images burned into their subconscious; there’s no reason to replay that tragic event as though it was a movie.’ That was then. This is now. Only one news channel is replaying the footage in real time: MSNBC, with its NBC/Today Show coverage of that day. CNN is jumping around to different things, Fox is showing the reading of names. The networks are showing their usual syndicated programs. There’s an entire generation of people who probably needs to see this raw, unedited footage, who needs to know how it felt that day, if only vicariously through the eyes of Katie Couric, Matt Laurer and Tom Brokow and the cameras in New York and Washington, DC. The senior class of 2015 were only four years old when this happened, far too young to remember anything about it o ...
Amazing, Brian Williams, Katie Couric, and Matt Laurer are all lapdogs for the liberal left...and thats saying it, with no sexual overtures.
I can not undertands why Matt.Laurer would air this rediculous interview with sandusky wife.? she is
Currently watching Matt Laurer on the today show right outside
So this is the third night that poor Bob Costas can't host the Olympics because he has pink eye. Meredith Vieira will be hosting tonight. Thank god they got rid of Matt Laurer. Sorry but I really can't stand him. I have a very sore foot again so I think I will be watching a lot of Olympics this weekend. Please come back Bob.
Jenna Bush asking Matt Laurer: you know what YOLO means? Just like her dad..
Is it just me or does the old Jerry Seinfeld look identical to Matt Laurer from the today show?
Al Roker & Matt Laurer are Pervs! Willie still has hope. No pun intended.
Only thing better I can think of would be Matt Laurer and Al Roker giving EACH OTHER prostate exams...
Then he should stop bringing it up, the Matt Laurer- Ann Curry fued is old news
Ok. I have remained quiet about Paula Deen, but who in the *** including Matt Laurer hasn't said anything they wish they could have taken back. Really. Give it a break. I mean Walmart dropping her. I'm not talking bad about the employees because many of them are my friends and they do a wonderful job But as a global company Walmart of all people doesn't need to go there. I mean buying things from kids who work 12 hours a day for a dollar. Come on. She said she's sorry lets move on. What about the IRS scandal among others.
This quote shows Paula Dean's true ignorance "I is what I is and I ain't changing!" -from her interview with Matt Laurer on The Today Show Please go away now Paula.
tell us where is Brian Williams? Without Matt Laurer and Lester Holt, Savannah Gutherie is left anchoring by herself.
Charlie Rose, Scott Peley, John Miller especially strong on . Meanwhile,on Matt Laurer is in TX, Brian Williams missing.
Today Show's Matt Laurer asked Anne Hathaway the same questions, minus Lea Salonga. But she's nicer to him.
Matt Laurer deserves to be crucified! He and Natalie Morales are digging each other.
I have a question. Lottery winners, Athletes, Music makers, Actors, Some authors, Matt Laurer and other TV personalties, Corporate raiders, Wall street brokers, CEOs And on and on. That are hauling in huge amounts of crazy money having any physiological effect on the person that works their *** off and just getting by? Or is it a good thing?
I'm re-posting this very correct and important message from a friend so my FBF can see it directly: = Thanksgiving has been a changing for the WORSE over the years... I watched the entire Macy's (out of Cincinnati) Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City Yesterday... Matt Laurer and Savannah Guthrie hosted the three plus hour event... They managed to cover Each and Every Float, Band, Balloon, Dancer and Singer in intimate detail, except for ONE... The only one they didn't mention... The only One we didn't See... The only one that Should NOT have been Missing... Not from THIS "National" Celebration... This makes the second time we've seen this in the last 30 days.. The new "Ethic Silhouette"... The only ethic group, missing from a National event... This one, arguably our nation's SECOND Biggest Holiday... The Native American... I may have dropped out of school, but there are a few things I STILL remember... As we were taught in School... The Pilgrims were laid out on Plymouth Rock, pretty much STARVING-to ...
Got a text back about donating money, confirming $25, they we're asking for 10.., is a scam. I think Matt Laurer did it as a pr scam because so many people are upset about him being behind Ann Curry's firing
Matt Laurer gives Ryan Seacrest Advice on his first Olympic Games
For the past two days I've been hard at work designing UNICEF boxes for Matt Laurer and Al Roker, because my life is now a completely surreal dream.
Officially switching from the Today show to GMA. Matt Laurer & Savannah Guthrie just don't do it for me.
Let me make sure I have this right, Part 6 . . . after being absolutely waxed by Romney in the first debate, Obama's follow up is an ad featuring Big Bird?! Seriously, when I saw it, I thought it was a SNL skit. (Apparently so did Matt Laurer.) However, I suspect this stunt was an attempt to cover up what is coming out of the Libya investigation. If you get the American public to focus on Big Bird, then maybe we won't see the utter failure Obama has been on foreign policy. His lack of leadership in that arena alone is enough to fire him. The State Department apparently cannot get their story straight since they are now saying that they never believed the attack had anything to do with the YouTube movie -- Huh? Didn't SECRETARY of STATE Clinton AND the President repeatedly say that? Did they just lie or were they misinformed? Doesn't matter -- they have to go. As an aside, saw a funny bumper sticker: "I don't care where Obama was born, it is where he lives now that is the problem."
Matt Laurer is going thru mid life crisisRT Ann Curry Gets The Last Laugh! -
I used to watch the Today Show with Matt Laurer and Katie Couric but now they have news for *** I like to...
Cocaine fiend, Republican whiner ("I'm GOP, so I didn't get an Emmy"), Kelsey Grammar tells Matt Laurer he wants to run for office.
I don't know how anyone else feels, but I started watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics and if it were not for Meredith Viera & Matt Laurer, I wouldn't have known what was going on! That skit with the "queen" jumping out of the plane was absolutely ridiculous! I finally turned it off and watched something "REAL", "The Deadliest Catch" which I had DVR'd. Much better tv!
I love Costas!! He always reminds me of the Olympics, always giving a heartfelt approach to journalism and sports!! Thanks Bob, look forward to spending the next 17 days with you and Matt Laurer! (hoping for minimal Ryan Seacrest exposure!)
Watching the Olympics and am finding the commentary of Matt Laurer and Meredith Vieira extremely annoying. Seriously that was the best NBC could do. A game show host and over stay your welcome pompous morning talk show host?
Watching the Today show and Anne Curry's replacement. Clearly they picked a light weight at Matt Laurer's behest. She feeds his ego and should practice her curtsey when he comes on the set! Ijs
Get rid of Matt Laurer (?) and keep Ann Curry! She is a much nicer person and better looking.
I have been watching the Batman Massacre in CO. this AM from several TV channels; HLN with Robin Mead and The Today Show with Matt Laurer. This is a sad event which will now create new rule changes to the movie industry assocaited with "Premier Midnight Events" such as, NO Costumes and Over 18 only. Comparing the two reporters. Matt Laurer sure does ask questions that are not cognitively well thought out. Sounds like he never has been to a movie theater and can not visualize or associate how the theater is set. Robin Meade, very intelligent, asks the right Questions. Are we sure the Today Show ratings decreasing are not related to Matt Laurer... things that make you go hm...
The Today's Show interview with Trevon Martin's parents was uncomfortable to watch. Matt Laurer's rebuttals and follow up questions were teetering on the side of being insensitive.
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I don't think I will watch Today show-watched it because of Ann Curry and I'm very disgusted with bully Matt Laurer
NBC you in the suits (probably dark pin stripe) are sweltering in July. You keep Matt Laurer, and Drop Harry's Law, because the show's viewers are too old. Hey morons who has the most money and buying power in the USA? So, Here's what you do- Drop Laurer from the Today show and bring back Harry's Law, which is by far a better written program. Contains substance, something the NBC suits don't understand. It's no wonder why every other network is kicking your butts across Madison Ave into the river!
hello freaks..rndom thought time...Matt Laurer is a douch for what he did to Ann Curry
After watching poor Anne Currie of the Today show crying as she said goodbye as she was FORCED off the Today show - with NBC claiming she was too old and the reason for their decline in ratings while giving ole Matt Laurer 25 million and NBC cancelling Harrry's Law saying the divine Kathy Bates is too old - it is obvious NBC is getting rid of any women who is past 30! Where is the outrage - where is Gloria Steinam (sp?) or our young women - we do not need to be put out to pasture after 50 and I don't believe for one minute that Anne is the cause of the Today Show decline - just so tired of not only the message it sends to our young women but to all of us who deserve so much better. And why is no legal action taken for such obvious discrimination??
Matt Laurer misses Ann Curry. Just watched his hope for a Peabody Award slip away as he did a "summer makeup" segment.
If I was Anne Curry I would leave the Today Show for $10million. I would be rich and I wouldn't have to put up with that jerk Matt Laurer (sp).she can't lose. Love you Anne Curry!
OH my goodness, SO , to be Anne Curry, and being fired , and being paid to leave ,only $10 million , get rid of me NBC , have you ever heard of such a thing ??? what is the world coming to , a news reporter, host and NBC is blaming her for the poor ratings and the negative interactions with Matt Laurer , oh my goodness , poor little Anne Curry , now that is a story to tell , I was told to leave , and paid $10 miillion to do so ..dcg
Jessica Sanchez appeared on the Today Show earlier today. She had an interview with Matt Laurer and sang "I Will Always Love You" and "And I'm Telling You I'...
I just wanted all my friends to know that Matt Laurer did actually call me the other day to discuss my coming to NYC to discuss the marvelous golf game that Cheryl and I won. But while talking to him I had the uncanny suspicion that Matt sounded alot like my good friend Roger LeDuc aka the former city manager of Aiken, SC. HA!
I pray for the worst luck imaginable for Matt Laurer. Ann Curry was the very best of them all!
Cant believe Im watching Matt Laurer is a tool but is on. I dont think Al Roker and Matt L. really like 1 another.
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