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Matt Lauer

Matthew Todd Matt Lauer (born December 30, 1957) is an American television journalist best known as the host of NBC's The Today Show since 1997. He was previously a news anchor in New York and a local talk-show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Richmond.

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Well now I have NO morning TV show to watch...Michael Strahan joined Good Morning America...won't watch anymore because of him and his ridiculous part of Kelly Ripka's Halloween show and won't watch The Today Show because of Matt Lauer and his nasty interview with Paula Dean!!
Assistance League received the Make a Difference Day All Star Award today. Matt Lauer, Savannah Gutherie and Jenna Bush Hager, as well as Jon Bon Jovi, participated in the award ceremony! Will Assistance League be on the Today Show on Friday??? Tune in to NBC to find out.
Jenna Bush, a Today Show reporter, tells Matt Lauer & "Ironically the last time I lived in DC I ran from the two of you."
Matt Lauer, Savannah Gutherie ,Jenna Bush Hager on hand to award Assistance League
Excited to be attending Gannett's Make A Difference Day Awards honoring people across the country for their volunteer service! With Jenna Bush Hager, Jon Bon Jovi, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie!
Apparently, this woman, Cynthia McFadden (a legal correspondent on The Today Show) is ALWAYS in control of her emotions. Watching her talking to Matt Lauer this morning I came unglued and wanted to smack her!! She was commenting on the Oscar Pistorius case and said "..his crying in the courtroom would not work on a jury...not sure how it will work on the judge in this case." Regardless of whether or not you believe Pistorius is guilty of intending to kill his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, emotions are high and he is emotionally unstable. Frankly, I don't see how crying in the courtroom isn't an EVERY-DAY occurrence. How dare McFadden insinuate that Pistorius' emotions are calculated. Shame on you, Cynthia McFadden!! May you return to this world as a tortured artist in your next life. (This viewpoint comes from the artist in me. We don't always have control over our emotions as much as we may want to and as much as we may try. However, this lack of tough skin enables us to know extreme empathy for others. T ...
Bob Saget stopped by the “Today” show to promote his new memoir, “Dirty Daddy.” He told Matt Lauer the set of “Full House” was often similar to “Animal House” because they filmed so many episodes featuring animals. In his book, Saget says he and castmates Dave Coulier and John Stamos would sometimes...
Josh Elliott praises NBC gig, denies he will replace Matt Lauer
How did Michael Strahan become the Matt Lauer of our time?
Departing Good Morning America news anchor Josh Elliott says he has not personally had any discussions about working on NBC News’s Today show, that he hopes co-anchor Matt Lauer will still be at Today “when I step away from this gig 30 years down the road,” and that he loves ABC News chief Ben Sher...
Emma Watson, Matt Lauer, Kathie Lee/Hoda AND Martha Stewart were at this concert last night and I didn't get to see any of them...
Matt Lauer did you ask Nelson Mandela if he put his cause before his family? Can't moms be activist also?
After an 11-year courtship, 'Today Show' veteran Willard Scott married his girlfriend Paris Keena on Tuesday (April 1). During today's broadcast of the NBC morning show, Matt Lauer announced that the 80-year-old married his longtime gal in Fort Myers, Florida.
Matt Lauer, Al Roker to Appear in 'Sharknado 2' (Video) - The sequel to Syfy's hit TV horror movie filmed at NBC'...
I watch GDNY. Gayle KIng and Matt Lauer are unwatchable and I don't get channel 7, but I'd watch GDNY anyway just to see Lidia.
my disgust for Matt Lauer is higher than my disgust for Lara. But if it keeps up, I may have to watch Sam Champion on Weather Ch.
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Matt Lauer from the Today show on NBC interviews Elton John and David Furnish for our Grand Opening this weekend. Here's the video!
Matt Lauer had better watch his back — sources say ambitious former “GMA” star Josh Elliott is after his job as host of “Today.” Elliott told ABC News chiefs on…
Was Josh Elliot’s move to NBC motivated by taking Matt Lauer’s job at ‘Today’?
Matt Lauer has dodged firing rumors for years. But now that Josh Elliott is moving to NBC Sports, could Lauer's declining popularity finally end his run on the morning show? Conflicting reports have emerged about whether or not the former GMA host is gunning for Lauer's job. But could Elliott be aft...
We don't have an April Fool's Day joke for you today, but we do have a new Volunteer of the Month: Matt Lauer!
enjoyed your interview with Matt Lauer on the yesterday and today.
Josh Elliott after Matt Lauer's job at 'Today?'
If Josh Elliott replaces Matt Lauer, I will be switching to NBC.
Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer's job at "Today"
Now that Josh Elliott has left "Good Morning America" for NBC Sports, rumors are flying that the former morning show host could be the next Matt Lauer. Elliott accepted an offer from NBC Sports over the...
Matt Lauer pointing out that Frozen will make more money than all Rocky movies combined was a high point for me today.
Oh. Matt Lauer finally shaved that stupid beard off? Thank you. Looks way better without that stubbily hairy grey mess on his face.
In which Matt Lauer proves he has never eaten an cookie .
Subject:: Love of Christ I hope every Christian who is offended will forward this and keep it going,,, If you agree, forward it, if not delete it. Love of Christ On the "Today Show", Matt Lauer interviewed one of the wives of one of the Navy Seals killed along with the US ambassador in Libya . He asked, "What she would say to her children about their dad and how she would want them to remember him." Her answer, and I quote, "His love for Christ", and then continued on with a few other things. Throughout the day and on MSN homepage, replaying the story they edited the "Love of Christ" part out. Why? Because using the word Christ might offend someone! Well, I am a Christian and I am offended! I'm offended that they would edit it out. Offended that we as Christians are asked to tread lightly so as not to offend someone of another religion. I think anyone who missed the original broadcast that morning should know what NBC has done. THIS IS PROOF OF HOW BIASED NBC IS. This man loved his country and loved his G ...
Matt Lauer rocks, knees to his chest on the floor, "Don't you worry, don't you worry child, 'cause heaven's got a plan for you." he whispers
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That TMZ post made me smile but I'm not here for Josh Elliott to take over for Matt Lauer. Both suck, let's move Willie Geist up.
Matt Lauer is doing a great job reporting the news and comes across as very sincere today...April Fools'.
WSU flag waiving behind Matt Lauer on the Today Show this morning! Go Cougs!
I guess Fritzy doesn't have to worry about booking Matt Lauer as a guest, huh?
could make me watch Today show LOL Josh Elliott Leaves "GMA," Jumps to NBC as Possible Matt Lauer Replacement:
Josh Elliott is after Matt Lauer's job at 'Today'
B ut you know that Ann's firing was a concerted effort by Matt Lauer.
Everyone seems to be wondering if Josh Elliott will be the next Matt Lauer
Josh Elliott’s decision to leave 'Good Morning America' was not motivated by money but by 'a bigger job down the road' at NBC — which should have both Matt Lauer and Bob Costas worried, sources tell Confidenti
Sir Elton John told TODAY's Matt Lauer that wedding bells will chime as early as May for him and his partner, David Furnish.
CNN April Fool Joke . The Producer gives Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Savannah Guthrie an Oreo cookie with white tooth paste in it !!! GOOD ONE ... LOL
Josh Elliot is after Matt Lauer's job at the Today show...shouldn't be hard, every body hates Matt Lauer!
Chuck Todd Declares ObamaCare is Now 'Unrepealable' Appearing on Monday's Today, NBC's chief White House correspondent and political director Chuck Todd seized on ObamaCare hitting the six million sign-up mark by the March 31 deadline, proclaiming: "So at a minimum, the importance of hitting the six means the law is unrepealable.It means that it's here to stay." Todd made no mention of only 26% of Americans supporting ObamaCare in a new poll. Co-host Matt Lauer accepted Todd's declaration and wondered about the political impact of the health care law: "You can't repeal it, but does that mean seven months down the road, as the midterm elections come around, that this will be any less of an issue in terms of close races in congressional districts?" Todd admitted: "No, I don't think – at this point, the law is so embedded as sort of a – as a political negative for the Democrats and political negative overall, that I don't think anything's going to change by November."
I have an unnatural urge to hold Matt Lauer down and shave that crud off his face
Matt Lauer better be making an April Fools joke cause he just said that this years Allergy season is predicted to be the worst in several years awesome! I can hardly freaking wait :/
Matt Lauer doing a news story on the Ponzi Scheme that has become our stock market. I hope Matt Lauer got approval from his bosses over at the White House to do this actual news story !
Why is Josh Elliot really out at GMA? Will he replace Matt Lauer? More details on E-T TONIGHT at 630PM!
Not buying the job description being offered, Matt Lauer is on borrowed time with the talented Josh Elliot joining NBC.
Legendary singer Elton John sits down with TODAY's Matt Lauer to talk about his remarkable career, and his plans for a springtime wedding. "I've been very lu...
Big shakeups in Morning and Late Night TV...Josh Elliott leaving GMA to move to NBC Sports and possible replacement for Matt Lauer on Today? Chelsea Handler to leave E! late night show...could she be in line to take over for David Letterman? hm
Elton John to marry *** bufu buddy Elton John and his longtime *** rump ranger partner David Furnish will tie the knot and bufu each other this spring,Furnish told the Las Vegas Review Journal. reports that the sodomite, pervert couple have been together since 1993 and entered into a Judeo-British uncivil partnership on the day it came into judaic law in 2005. Their decision to take the next step towards sodomy comes just a few weeks after mislegislation passed in Not-so-Merry Zionist England to allow same-sex marriage/faggotry/rug chewery. "We don't feel the need to take an extra step legally. But since we're committed for life, we feel it's really important to take that step, and take advantage of that amazing change in legislation," Furnish lisped. "We all live by example." Oh yes, your example will lead many to *** The sodomite couple have two children together: Zachary, 3, and Elijah, 16 months. Unlike their lavish 2005 reception, Furnish said they plan to keep things simple when ...
The MORNING TEAM of GMA is definitely changing from the one I fell in love with last year when I gave up watching the TODAY SHOW due to the abrupt way NBC "booted" Ann Curry from the team or was it actually that egomaniac Matt Lauer's threat to leave ~ Anywho, SAM CHAMPION was the first to leave and as much as I miss his good looks, fashion sense and "bigger than life" personality, I am happy for him anchoring his own show on THE WEATHER CHANNEL at 7am, as well as, becoming an executive with the group ~ I watch him and his associates each morning splitting time between GMA ~ Don't get me wrong, I do love GINGER ZEE who was promoted replacing Sam ~ But this morning another "shocker" came when it was announced that Josh Elliot has taken another position with NBC Sports Network returning to his roots and that AMY ROEBUCK was promoted and charged with filling Josh's old seat reporting the morning news ~ Poor GEORGE is left as the "last man standing" or sitting surrounded by a whole lot of "estrogen" ~ I know ...
Do you guys think that Matt Lauer and I would be friends? Like, "eating peanuts and playing shuffleboard at a bar with sawdust on the ground" friends? Because that's where all my fanfic always ends up going.
Whenever I say something stupid and everybody thinks it was a joke I pretend it was ,then try to change the subject to Matt Lauer
Catch us on Today on NBC with Matt Lauer and Sir Elton John
Matt Lauer & Sir Elton John in one place in front of my face.oh yes.
All right...I give. I am done. Natalie, thanks for putting the last nail in the coffin for me ever watching the Today show EVER AGAIN. Today was the show I grew up watching, the show where I first learned about the nation and the world. It had real content, real news, and real journalists. Yes, it had the occasional cooking segment, and Willard Scott could always be counted on for a corny joke, but still, it was a news show. But now, it has been reduced to a sad joke. Stirrups, Natalie? Really? Between Tamron Hall's off-color tactless boorishness and Savannah Guthrie somehow being transformed from a magna *** laude JD from Georgetown into a dippy sorority girl...I cringe more than I enjoy. The Orange Room is insipid and pandering to a segment of the population that is still sleeping off last night's beer pong and it hurts to see Matt Lauer trying to play along. I am changing the channel forever. I love you Al Roker, always will, but I just can't sit through this tripe any deserve bette ...
Just read an article on talk shows. Male vs. Female on an average salaries topic. Matt Lauer pulls in 25 million a year. NBC has the nerve the pay Savannah Guthrie 500 thousand. Less than 50 cents a viewer! Come on now...they could give her few million. :) either way... they live well.
Thanks to sister Karen for heads up. No work today. I'm going in anyway. How will important me ever get done?!?! But, watching Today show, just heard about unconscious coupling!, something about laughter and really meaning conscious uncoupling! Wonder? Does one lead to the other?.. Maybe that was Matt Lauers subconscious slip up?
What the *** is Matt Lauer wearing today? Its a light blue/dark blue plaid jacket. I. I can't decide if its the worst jacket ever - or the best?
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BREAKING STEVE- All the SASS That's FAB to Report: Josh Elliott to leave Good Morning America. Amy Robach to take his seat. Josh will be heading to NBC Sports. He has a non-compete in the "news arena", but many are saying after the 6 months, he could go from NBC Sports to the NBC Today show-REPLACING Matt Lauer!
Even Matt Lauer is wearing Kentucky blue today!!
Debbie, Elton John is going to be on the "Today" show in a few minutes - an interview with Matt Lauer...I hope you are able to catch it, but if not, I'm sure it'll be online. Enjoy!!!
Matt Lauer on TODAY got Paltrow right: "unconscious uncoupling". Ha.
Matt Lauer will interview Elton John on the TODAY show this morning! The boys are home on their vacation from school. Happy Monday to ME!!! ;)
Elton will be on the Today Show tomorrow (Monday) and Tuesday being interviewed by Matt Lauer.
Matt Lauer said a few weeks ago that he never wanted to see Susan Shankman again. This is another reason I never do competitions with women, this was my stepmother who molested me with her whispering and accused me of hearing voices and goldigging me from Brad Pitt talking about me om NBC at the same time and I won, they have kept me up on NBC and don't want her there ever and neither do I.
Got 3 giant doobies rolled up for walking dead finally tonight well 2 cuz I'm blowin smoke rings now PS matt lauer can suck it the pipes alould I asked.
Tonight! Morning news reaches out to millennials, Savannah Guthrie is going to hunt Matt Lauer in the hunger games. -The Colbert Report
"Folks, you know, I love the big morning news shows. They are a perfect combination of information, entertainment, info-tainment and whatever Matt Lauer is doing here -- other than haunting my dreams." – Stephen Colbert
NBC's 'Today' Finds It 'Surprising' Obama Not On List of Greatest Leaders On Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Savannah Guthrie touted an exclusive preview of Fortune magazine's list of the world's 50 greatest leaders and wondered about one name that was absent from the ranking: "Bill Clinton comes in at number five and makes the cover. There are a lot of other notable names here. Tell you what, though, there may be some talk about one leader who did not make the list, the leader of the free world, President Obama. Fortune tells us he was not overlooked, he just did not make the cut." Co-host Matt Lauer reacted: "Yeah, that's surprising." He then noted leaders who "did make the cut": "Pope Francis takes the top spot. Congratulations to him.Some other folks you may recognize, Bono, Derek Jeter – yes! – Angelina Jolie, and Malala Yousafzai."
NBC Today’s Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer were beside themselves Thursday over why Barack Obama didn’t make...
I'm not saying that I'm set in my ways, but I still refer to Matt Lauer as that white Bryant Gumbel.
With all due respect to the families, passengers, crew etc of the Malaysian air flight and the people of Ukraine and Crimea, the folks at Microsoft are probably going to be miffed that the death of XP as we now it will likely go unnoticed. Who knows though, maybe Matt Lauer or Savannah Guthrie will get dispatched to the Microsoft HQ to cover the story in real time. I just got a message on restarting my computer that I really really need to upgrade to 8.1 or, better yet, just buy a new computer! Thanks for the heads up Microsoft
They are laughing at Barack Obama. LOL!. Matt Lauer. ABC World News with Diane Sawyer . George Stephanopoulos...
While the rest of the country was getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day over the weekend, Today show host Savannah Guthrie married Mike Feldman in a quiet Arizona ceremony. Guthrie and her co-anchors Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales spent a few minutes during Monday morning’s show reminiscing...
This weekend, Today Show host, Savannah Guthrie tied the knot here in Tuscon, Arizona! Al Rocker, Matt Lauer, Willie Geist and Hoda Kotb attended the ceremony. Oh! And she announced that she is pregnant too. Congrats Savannah!
So Savannah Guthrie had premarital sex & publicized it on national television? Next thing you know Matt Lauer will admit he's straight.
Today host Savannah Guthrie married Michael Feldman over the weekend and surprised guests with special news. According to People, there were 80 to 90 people who witnessed the couple say their “I do’s” in Tucson, Arizona. Among the invited were Jon and Dorothea Bon Jovi, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Hoda...
My son was on spring break from Columbia University and we saw Matt Lauer on 65th and Lex. Cool :)
Paid Media tools. Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity, Cooper (Ex-CIA), Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Tom Brokaw, Cronkite, Bob Costas, Katie poser Couric, Matt Lauer, Oprah, Bill Gates, Toupe Millionaire, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Virgin Atlantic Guy, Scottish poser on Late Nite, Letterman (not really sure he knows), NPR Actor interviewer (he knows), George Stephanopoulous, Maria Bartiromo married to CBS mogul, Lou Dobbs, Andrea Mitchell and her creton husband Carville, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Glenn Beck poser libertarian. Abbreviated. Many more. Just can't think of their names right now. If they're on TV, they're players. All of daytime - just not sure they're smart enough to know or they are actually "true believers."
It's to keep your mind off odumbocare!! It's just a game!! MSM is a joke ! George Soros is leading them around by their noses!! Matt Lauer is one of the biggest jokes!! Keep them thinking about *** !! As if that was important !!
I liked a video Full interview: Dottie Sandusky speaks with Matt Lauer - Jerry Sandusky's wife video
Tryna be serious watching Dottie Sandusky interview but I can't stop laughing when Matt Lauer randomly puts on/takes off his girly glasses
I watched the first half of Matt Lauer's interview with Dottie Sandusky. Unbelievable! Not sure I can watch the rest of it.
I was reading on the internet this morning about the McGill Clan from Ireland that originated in Scotland. It was a great activity and filling a void for me because I was out of work, which could last anywhere from five minutes to five hours.   Somewhere in the background, the Today Show was rambling on, providing the necessary background noise. I thought I heard Jerry Sandusky’s name mentioned and looked up to make sure. My eyes met the television and I saw the mug of Dottie Sandusky. She was being interviewed by Matt Lauer. Although Lauer was asking some tough questions, I had a feeling both Dottie and the man beside her had been briefed prior to the interview. The man sitting next to Dottie was a journalist who is convinced Sandusky is innocent. For regular peeps like myself, it’s tough to watch someone talk about Sandusky that way. He is clearly a sociopath pedophile. One, he didn’t flinch as he was pronounced guilty. Two, he will not admit he terrorized young children for years. Naturally, som ...
Dottie Sandusky will appear on the Today Show tomorrow, talking to Matt Lauer about, among other things, the things her husband misses the most. Like anyone would give a *** The question is: Why is this woman on television? Her husband is a convicted pedophile who will be in the can for the rest of his life. You'd think that would be the end of story. But no, that's not the end. You've got to figure that something's up here: Is she being paid? Is there a movie or a book coming up? Bet on it. Ah, capitalism. Ah, showbiz. Bottom line is that all involved here--the wife, the talent bookers, the Today Show, etc.--should be ashamed. But I'll bet millions will tune in. I'll be tuned to the other channel. The one that shows The Three Stooges.
Why would Matt Lauer fly 2 State College for this interview? Sandusky is already in prison.
Dottie Sandusky I'm speechless at your interview with Matt Lauer …. excuse me while I take one of my heels off so I can hit you in the head!
Wow, just listened to the Dottie Sandusky interview with Matt Lauer. Blows my mind
Interesting interview with Dottie Sandusky and Matt Lauer on the Today Show. It's long, but very telling.
Jerry Sandusky's wife showing Matt Lauer the room Jerry would molest his victims?!?! *** is this about...
Matt Lauer with Dottie Sandusky: In this Monday, March 10, 2014 photo provided by NBC News, Matt Laue...
How could Matt Lauer even sit through that interview with Dottie Sandusky w/out rolling his eyes? via
ICYMI: Dottie interviewed with Matt Lauer on this morning. Story: Recap from
Dottie Sandusky & her lawyer had the gall on the Today Show to argue w/ Matt Lauer regarding the appropriateness of showering w/ young boys
Matt Lauer has really jumped the shark. Letting Sandusky's wife take him into the room where the alleged sexual assaults happened is gross.
I am pretty sickened by the TODAY show this morning. Matt Lauer interviews Dottie Sandusky and creates this whole atmosphere that we should feel sorry for them. Now they are spending way too much time discussing the whole affair. Come on he was convicted of 45 counts of sexually assaulting underage boys. Even his own adopted son accused him. I don't feel sorry for any of the Sanduskys but do feel sorry for the young boys who were taken advantage of by him. Shame on NBC for this reporting.
Jerry Sandusky's delusional wife told Matt Lauer that she believes Jerry is innocent:
Watching this Dottie Sandusky interview. Phew, all I’m gonna say is Matt Lauer is a champ. Big fan of Matt. He’s on Costas level IMO.
Matt Lauer absolutely rocked the interview w/Dottie Sandusky! Sadly she must have some MH issues too?! Guilty=Wife in DENIAL!
Dottie Sandusky in interview w/ Matt Lauer: "He misses playing with his grandkids."
Lame interview by Matt Lauer w/ Dottie Sandusky seems oblivious to Sandusky raping so many boys
Dottie Sandusky showing Matt Lauer around her basement gave me an eerie relatable feeling to when I was watching Rust Cohle explore Carcosa.
I'll bet he does."Jerry Sandusky's wife tells Matt Lauer he misses his grandchildren:
After the "Jerry Sandusky was framed" interview, who else can Matt Lauer feature for alternate histories? Maybe Boston bombers' mom?
I can only imagine what hard-hitting questions Matt Lauer will have for Jerry Sandusky's wife. This is terrible and you shouldn't watch it.
Matt Lauer brought some serious heat on Dotti today... boom!
Dottie Sandusky should probably be thrown in jail, not be thrown softballs by Matt Lauer.
On Wednesday, Jerry Sandusky's wife, Dotty, will be featured in an exclusive interview on NBC's Today Show, speaking with Matt Lauer.
Jerry Sandusky's wife: Victims 'were manipulated, and they saw money' via - Matt Lauer never holds back.
Here is the Today Show story on the interview Dottie Sandusky and I did with Matt Lauer and the full, unedited, tape: http…
Weird interview Matt Lauer and Dottie Sandusky on husband Jerry Sandusky:. Matt Lauer: What does he take most for...
Here is full,apparently unedited, interview of Dottie Sandusky & me by Matt Lauer. Promised transcript not there yet: http…
Jerry Sandusky’s wife, Dottie, gave her first public interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer and professed her belief that her husband is in...
Dottie Sandusky is showing Matt Lauer around the basement of her house.
For the record, Matt Lauer said I believe Jerry Sandusky is "innocent." I believe that he didn't have sex with boys. I don…
Did anyone else watch Matt Lauer's interview w/Dottie Sandusky on ? Denial ain't just a river in Egypt!
Respectfully while Matt Lauer is checking on how Sandusky is doing in prison how are his victims? The monster should be castrated.
Jerry Sandusky's wife speaks to Matt Lauer . Today Show this morning , this will be interesting !
A preview of The Today Show tomorrow and Matt Lauer is interviewing the wife of Jerry Sandusky...she said her husband is not guilty of these heinous crimes that he is charged with. Please lady, you are in some serious DENIAL!!! Makes me sick, how much more proof does she need??
OK. Made a decision. Since it was Matt Lauer and Al Roker on the Today Show that had men's health month in November, where they grew their beards in support. Al and Matt had a prostate check, it reminded me I hadn't had one in 3 or so years. THAT'S what prompted me to get a PSA test done (blood test), which led to biopsies and now I'm preparing for radiation. So, until my cancer is gone I will NOT be shaving my beard. MEN, get tested! Women, make your men get tested :)
Video on Today: A special issue of Time magazine with panoramic images from the tallest building in the Western hemisphere hits stands today. It’s the culmination of a year-long project surrounding the new World Trade Center. TODAY’s Matt Lauer reports.
Remember Carl Sagan's series "Cosmos" back in the 1980's? Sunday night the National Geographic Channel will be bringing us "Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey" hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson announced on the "Today Show" this morning by Mr. Tyson with Matt Lauer.
Angelina Jolie on the 'Today show' where she was interviewed by Matt Lauer at NBC Studios in New York City. Interview held on 16 October 2008. Part 2 of 2
So very glad the Academy Awards and the Olympics are over. Boring covering by both networks.missed Bob Costas.having lived in NYC I have had my fill of Al Roker and Matt Lauer...Savannah Guthrie and Natalie Morales should just go away. Now for the next half, with Hoda Kotb and the big mouth, useless Kathie Lee Gifford ...please take them far, far away and off a cliff. Now for GMA ladies, Robin Roberts, who always look like she is talking to you in outer space and Lara Spencer, too chatty (she was on HGTV and sound like she was doing GMA). Was George Stephanopoulos Bill Clinton's press secretary? TV is a joke!!! Oh, and I am not laughing.
"Today, Saturday 1 March, 2014. From NBC News, This is TODAY with Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie ! LIVE on Studio 1A in Rockfeller Plaza !"
Matt Lauer told me its warm in sochi, how can that be wrong?
"I don't do illegal drugs. I experimented with them a year ago but I don't do drugs." Rob Ford to Matt Lauer. Be proud Tor…
Neile Jones and Tim Kelcher are live in Sochi. They had the opportunity to hang out with Matt Lauer, Savannah...
Matt Lauer is rumered to be replacing Alex" Trebek on Jeopardy: Or as Trebek puts it " Who is Matt Lauer"
Leftover Olympic Thought. Seeing the handoff to Pyeongchang I wondered which would be worse: Bob Costas, Matt Lauer or Al Roker doing a report on K-Pop?
Please can we add the ppl who say Liz and I when it should be Liz and me? (ehem Matt Lauer) Few get that right. But I do!
Contestant eliminated for calling leading man *** on the bachelor. Hopefully things will go better on her date with Matt Lauer next week
After doing some research, I think John's singing group, SMO, is going to sing on Thursday on the Today show. They will be in the plaza singing. Matt Lauer went to school at OU, and may talk to them a minute. Unfortunately, I will be driving to go see him that night.
Thanks Matt Lauer for filling us in on who Putin is sleeping with during Opening Ceremony! Keep it classy, ML!
Just spoke to a guy in Alaska He was so excited to know I was in NYC because thats "where they shoot that show with Matt Lauer, I watch that every morning"...
And will she ever have another Face to Face encounter with Matt Lauer on the Air?
Is Matt Lauer growing hair on his face to distract everyone from seeing he's loosing it from his head?
ANYTHING is better than seeing Matt Lauer's face every morning ugh ugh
I've come down with Bob Costas-style pinkeye, but Matt Lauer won't be subbing in for me at
I just got a 94% on my final exam for Spanish 6! Suck it Matt Lauer! Saque 4.7 en mi examen final de nivel 6!
"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is making the rounds again. Today he did an interview with Matt Lauer on the 'Today' show. Lauer said, 'Thanks for getting up early to be with us.' Then Ford said, 'I never went to bed.'" –Jimmy Fallon "The FDA has approved a new camera that can be swallowed so that doctors can look at the inside of their patients' bodies. So to answer your question: Yes, selfies CAN get worse." –Jimmy Fallon "The Olympics are finished. Everybody has gone home, so once again there are no *** people in Sochi." –David Letterman "Hey, you know who they locked up? Public enemy No. 1, El Chapo Guzman. He was the leading distributor of cocaine and cocaine-related items in the world. So another setback for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford." –David Letterman
U know you've hit the big time when you've made headlines in.
Dan and Bob Costas on the show today...Matt Lauer calls in:
Dan Patrick, Costas and Matt Lauer are having a good laugh on Dan's show about Dan's pecking order at NBC lol
JetBlue's CEO did such an amazing job taking on Matt Lauer! That's how you handle a crisis
has pink eye Costas in studio while they are interviewing Matt Lauer on the phone. C'mon guys, step your game up
"My eyes looked a lot by Bob's eyes." Matt Lauer talking about the hotel bar in Sochi.
"I've been on hold for 20 minutes just in case Bob tapped out." Matt Lauer on the show now with Dan and Costas.
Bob Costas is in studio with and now on the phone...Matt Lauer.
Wow a Matt Lauer Klondikebar people should get them in the lol!
Today News Matt Lauer is among those who believe NBC couldve handled Ann Currys departure from the "Today" show better than it did last summer. Lauer ...
"The real you is the best you" :) -- The Today Show's hosts get photoshopped!.
The wardrobe difference? I guess you could ask them to picture Matt Lauer in one of Katie Couric's outfits :)
Jim Parsons talks SNL debut with Matt Lauer on TODAY and discusses role on ... - Mstarz
everyone at the office is a huge fan of yours, and now my latest nickname?..."Matt"
Do Rick Pitino and Matt Lauer employ the same facial hair advisor?
Matt Lauer having an conversation with a brand interested in selling him as a brand about sums up his career
Do you realize what this means? . Yes it means... MATT LAUER CAN SUCK IT
The Truth About Ritalin: Dangerous Drug for ADHD * L. Carter * Sun September 18th, 2005Unless we live under giant boulders, most of us have heard about Tom Cruise's recent appearance on the Today Show with host Matt Lauer. In response to direct questioning, Cruise boldly expressed his views on psychiatry, declaring it a pseudoscience and denouncing the use of Ritalin. His communication lacked the slick social veneer that would have made it more palatable to the masses, and thankfully so--by ruffling some feathers he started a much-needed media firestorm on the subject of psychiatry. As a result, issues that much of society has conveniently put in an old box marked "someone else's responsibility" and placed in the back of the cultural closet are finally being brought to light. Not the least of which is this country's obsession with Ritalin, the drug of choice for psychiatrists everywhere. So in the interest of shedding light on shadowy subjects, let's follow in Mr. Cruise's footsteps and keep that importan ...
Matt Lauer did a better job. Disappointing
Thoughtful take on photoshopping by
With his new facial hair, Matt Lauer looks like someone Chris Hansen would ask to "have a seat".
Ever since I saw Matt Lauer there for the Today Show, I've made it my number one place to visit
What good deed did I perform today? Well as I was walking through the hospital this morning I happened to notice that the tv in the CCC waiting area was tuned to Hangin' with Mr Cooper. I promptly turned the station so that anyone passing by could enjoy the sweet sweet anchorman stylings of Matt Lauer (after failing in my search for SBTB). My payment? That our patients get better is payment enough. You're welcome hospital.
This is what friends are for, right?! WATCH this hilarious clip of Matt Lauer helping Savannah Guthrie take care of those pesky hard to reach places during the Today Show talk back with Karyn Greer 11Alive and Chesley McNeil 11Alive this morning!
# I'm sick of Matt Lauer and Al Roker always saying hashtag # it sounds ridiculous # Its a news program not a teen hang out # hash tag shut the *** up with this dribble already # do you know how stupid you sound? who agrees?
Haven't watched the Today Show in awhile, but I'm getting an oil change and it's on. So when exactly did it get so awkward? Matt Lauer is never around, I think he's over it.
I don’t want to sound unkind but Matt Lauer should really call Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh ASAP for a double dosage of Cindy Crawford’s anti-aging cream. Matt's looking like the waiter at the Last Supper.
Jim Parsons is gearing up to make his debut on Saturday Night Live and the Big Bang Theory actor recently stopped by TODAY to talk with Matt Lauer about his big night and his role as Sheldon.
Matt Lauer gets more does Natalie.
Can't decide on the bigger tool, Matt Lauer or Joe Scarborough : discuss...
Is it just me or does Matt Lauer from the Today Show just get sexier with age?
can someone please explain to me why Matt Lauer is not shaving??? He looks like an old slob!
On the Today Show, Matt Lauer said he loves Klondike Bars. Who knew he had such great taste?
This is our weekly tribute to the FCC where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. This week we feature Olympians, Matt Lauer, Al Roker and mo...
Wrote an opinion paper ( I am hoping to learn how to refrain from "holding back" and better express myself) on Scientology vs. Psychology/Psychiatry for an online class I am currently taking. While I am building this restaurant with Eunah I am also enrolled in school, FULL-TIME. This is because I am crazy and have no consideration of my limitations. Anyway, if you are into such things, enjoy! The Church of Scientology vs. Psychiatry/Psychology When I moved to Los Angeles some 15 years ago, I was very interested in the infamous cult of Scientology (as it was and still is a local favorite topic of cocktail-hour discussion here, especially in Hollywood) and its well-documented, aggressive and pervasive hostility towards both of the Sciences of Psychology and Psychiatry. In my extensive readings on the subject, I have found that Scientologists (quite uniformly) believe these professions to be entirely bogus, absolutely criminal, and essentially a corrupt scam based on victimizing people who could (in their op ...
Quote from Matt Lauer: Chivalry is not dead but the last men practicing it have Pneumonia after the bad weather we have seen.
From the Let Me Get This Straight dept: Matt Lauer announces that NBC is following People Magazine's lead of not disseminating paparazzi-style photos of the children of celebrities any more. LMGTS: They want a pat on the back for no longer doing something they never should have been doing in the first place.
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"Do the religious freedoms of one group trump the right to not be discriminated against of another group?" -Matt Lauer
So... who's gonna tell Matt Lauer that his "Sochi 'stache" looks really dumb?
Leaders don’t force people to follow, they invite them on a journey. – Charles S. Matt Lauer
BEN-ELIEZER: Ford ignores CDN media questioning him about his drug use, but opens up to NBC's Matt Lauer - why?
Now is time to shake things up. Replace Savannah Guthrie with Tamron Hall. Replace Matt Lauer with Willie Geist.
I'm watching parts of the Rob Ford/Matt Lauer interview and I'm so disgusted. Rob Ford is still in such a deep state of denial. He IS a drug addict and he NEEDS to GET HELP, but first he has to GET OUT of office. What a joke he is! I'm so sick of hearing his double-talk, how he thinks he's answering the questions with such a smug, self-serving attitude and no one will catch on. I guess he must think we are all pretty f**king stupid. OH MY GOD he makes my blood boil!
oronto News | Canada News George Doodnaught is pictured in an undated photo provided by Toronto police. (Handout) Doctor who assaulted women during surgeries sentenced to 10 years Bob Barker is seen attending The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books at The University of California Los Angeles, in Los Angeles, Calif., on April 25, 2009. (AP Photo/Katy Winn) Ontario dismisses Bob Barker's call to scrap plans for spring bear hunt Ontario is dismissing a request from TV personality Bob Barker to scrap plans to return the spring bear hunt in the province. In this video screen grab, NBC "Today Show" co-host Matt Lauer interviews Toronto Mayor Rob Ford on Tuesday, Feb. 25, 2014. Ford dodges drug use question, denies heavy drinking in 'Today Show' interview Toronto’s embattled mayor returned before a U.S. television audience Tuesday to try to convince Americans he has changed for the better since he admitted to smoking crack cocaine while in office. A member of Ontario's Special Investigations Unit is pictured i ...
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told Matt Lauer on TODAY Tuesday that his heavy drinking is a thing of the past. "I have a drink from time to time," he said, but deni...
Crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford refused to say Tuesday whether he's done any drugs since November. Just over three months after Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine and embarked on a blitz of interviews with a handful of American and Canadian networks, the mayor sat down for a live interview Tuesday with NBC's the Today Show and host Matt Lauer.
Today show host Matt Lauer followed through on his promise to check up on Rob Ford, this after an interview he did with Toronto's controversial mayor last fall.
Matt Lauer is an intolerable *** bag. I'd like to see him go after one of his liberal A-list celebrities the way he did Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.
(Video) In case you missed it, Matt Lauer asks Bob Costas the Captain Obvious question:
"Researchers have discovered that chocolate produces some of the same reactions in the brain as marijuana. The researchers also discovered other similarities between the two, but can't remember what they are." -Matt Lauer
I would much rather see Megyn Kelly and Dana Perino hosting Olympics than Matt Lauer and Bob Costas' pink eye!! Sochi was a let down..,
Matt Lauer has been accused of turning into a hipster, but as Conan O'Brien pointed out on his show last night, he's also turning into a creepster. Case in point...
Bob Costas joined Matt Lauer on The Today Show this morning to discuss the buzz in Sochi and at the end of the segment, Lauer casually asked Costas...
Jenna Bush and Matt Lauer were there too.
If Bob Costas is sick of hearing jokes about his eye, well, he's out of luck. He walked right into this one from Matt Lauer on Friday's "Today." Lauer looked p...
Matt Lauer is the stranger who tells you about his goals at a party and then follows you when you say you're gonna get another drink.
If snarky comments on social media over an eye infection weren't hard enough on NBC's Bob Costas, "Today" show host Matt Lauer added to the barrage in person on Friday's show.
Look, we've all had our fun with Bob Costas' eye infection, but everyone else can go home, because Matt Lauer got the best zinger of all in an interview with the man himself.
Bob Costas was the man with the most talked-about eyes in America during the Sochi 2014 Olympics after an infection forced him to be replaced by Matt Lauer for NBC coverage...
Funny and ironic to watch jenna bush interview a Mexican Prince, who is also a 6 time Olympian, considering her father wanted to build a wall between us and Mexico. She's also a horrific journalist, she doesn't flow or speak well. A majority of good journalists who fumble and don't always speak smooth are usually funny or slightly sarcastic to compensate. She is not, and honestly besides kathylee Gifford and Hoda Kotab, channel 4 now *** Savannah replaced my lovely Ann Curry and for that she's a *** in white as aunt flow rolls in. Matt Lauer is about 600 he's boring, always has been, and like Deric Jeter take a hint, Al Roker getting a near nude massage in sochi caused 66,000 cats to blind themselves and the two wild orcas captured just for the Olympics, drowned themselves in beet soup, AKA its time to go. Channel 4 really lost me after Sue Simmons was replaced with the stiffest, oldest/youngest black woman, you might just mistake her for an old white woman from New England... Finally off to bed! Nig ...
Bob Costas is quickly becoming the *** Clark of sports ( and not in a good way) ; and Matt Lauer is still America's tool...Go USA!
Jerry Seinfeld seems to be going to Matt Lauer's same barber.
Had the lovely Ann Curry in.out iad-den flight this evening along with her camera man and pa. Visited with the rear of the airplane and he confessed thAt she was "super nice".and great my work wife Patty Kenney and I fan of Matt Lauer bribed to.have been instrumental in having.g her removed from.the today show. I composed a.nice.note thanking her for flying ual and created a voodoo doll made.from.napkins for her to.use as "she wished" I.wrote."we.have named.him Latt Mauer and that his head pops right off." Not sure who laughed hardest, the pa, Patti Kenneyy , me or.hopefully Ann . Her assistant said she would love it. Let's hope so
David Wise won gold in the first-ever freestyle skiing men's halfpipe event. The American joins Matt Lauer on TODAY to discuss this historic accomplishment and what it meant to have his wife's support.
In other news, I met Matt Lauer today.
What's with the leather pants on the Today Show, suprised Matt Lauer isn't wearing them too.
Every word out of Matt Lauer's mouth is condescending
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Why am I watching the today show and Matt Lauer said that homeland security has alerted many airlines to possible shoe bombs?!??!
Standing in a room by myself, I just laughed out loud at a Matt Lauer joke.
Matt Lauer, SO RUDE. Muttered "how do you say 'stop waving' in Russian" as the teeny figure skater girls continued to wave at the camera
Now that Matt Lauer grew a gray beard, he only needs a nose enhancement to look like me.
Matt lauer just did the john wall on the today show soo 😍😂
please tell me you saw Matt Lauer doing the dougie on the this morning! 😍
I'm at the service center getting the car's oil changed. The "Today" show is on in the "lounge" and I find myself wondering how Matt Lauer and Al Roker can live with themselves. Lauer appears to be a *** and Roker is a grotesque parody of a human being.
They should send Lara Spencer and Matt Lauer to a far away island, then morning tv would be better.
phenomenal dad's of great students program. Right up your alley and is awesome! Good Matt lauer/today show watch dogs
it's ok. Matt Lauer thinks we still use flash cubes.
Starting the day with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Roku is replacing the Today Show with Matt Lauer.
I have a lot of concerns about Matt Lauer's mustache. Thoughts?
I think I caught pink eye from Bob Costas...I wonder if Matt Lauer will be at the Double V today to fill in for me.
Matt Lauer looks like he is wasting away; a shell of his former studly self.
April 15: Physicist Michio Kaku tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that with the cancellation of the Constellation program, the U.S. will lose its status as a leader in space exploration, falling behind Russia and China.
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5 bucks says Matt Lauer gets some disease from those fish he's putting his feet into
Bob Costas Sidelined by Eye Infection, Matt Lauer to Step In - Bob Costas' eye infection has...
Al Roker took a naked Russian steam bath with Matt Lauer on the Today show. His forecast was partly cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
When did Jerry Seinfeld start looking like Matt Lauer?
Getting some writing done for our new album coming up. In other news, go to youtube, type in "matt lauer rappers delight", watch, and thank the computer nerds around this beautiful world.
I'd rather have Bob Costas with half a face anchoring Olympics coverage than Matt Lauer / Fred Roggin.
- the Brian Williams rap was off the hook! Next - Matt Lauer doing "I Like Big Butts"
"Welcome to NBC's primetime coverage on this Monday, I'm Bob Costas, sitting in tonight for Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira." With that opening one-liner, a bleary-eyed Bob Costas made his return to...
'GMA,' 'Today,' and 'CBS This Morning' Personalities Ranked by Popularity (Photos)
Such a surreal experience getting interviewed yesterday by Matt Lauer! So excited to be here in Sochi,…
Sorry Ted...I first thought that was Matt Lauer's face. Tee hee. We love ya here in SLC.
I think I have a weird disease where all men on TV are starting to look like Matt Lauer
Jerry Seinfeld... Or Matt Lauer? I don't know who looks like who more.
I bet Matt Lauer is sitting on his bidet right now interviewing a hand mirror.
Where can I get ahold of that video of Matt Lauer and Al Roker doing the luge
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i just wanna be close to Matt Lauer
Fallon: "On a segment on The Today Show, Al Roker got in a hot tub with Matt Lauer. His forecast: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs"
With Matt Lauer we are on again in 30 min stay tuned
Also screw Matt Lauer and his beard
Love Jerry Seinfeld...always will. However, I am so distracted by his current Matt Lauer look-alike look. (So not a Matt Lauer fan). Sigh.
lookout matt lauer... cheers to Stephen, the best looking guy in Jersey
When did Matt Lauer turn into such a hot little daddy!?
Omg creepy Matt lauer on Conan. I'm dying.
I'm sorry but Jerry Seinfeld looks like Matt Lauer with that haircut. Stop it.
is Matt Lauer or Meredith picking up your slack at work?
Why should I watch NBC coverage, spoilers, plus that pink eye pontificating *** back, he *** even worse than Matt Lauer
Clutch. RT: Meredith Vieira will make history tonight as Bob Costas's replacement: (via
So I'm in a fight with the wife. Apparently I am the complete *** for thinking that there is really nothing to Luge or Skeleton. Let's see... you push a sleigh down a hill and then lay down in it as it follows a trail. Then whoever does it faster wins! In fact your hands are still at your side and your legs stay straight!! I've done that many times on a water slide and even on the log ride at Disney World!! How can you compare that to skiing, hockey, etc...??? Oh BTW: I don't see Al Roker and Matt Lauer trying ski jumps, sweetheart! :-)
Is it just me or is Bob Costas really annoying? Matt Lauer is so much better. We record the primetime Olympics broadcast and then start watching an hour into it just so we can fast forward through Bob.
OMG, with all the violence in Sochi what happens if Matt Lauer and Al Roker get taken hostage??? I mean...Hey, wait a minute...
I liked Bob Costas better when he was Matt Lauer.
Good to see Bob Costas back at the desk...don't know how much more of Matt "I'm a *** bag" Lauer I could take.
he came back Monday night... I was happy that he did... I wanted to punch Matt Lauer
NBC, can we get Matt Lauer back please. I've had my lifetime fill of Bob Costas.
Watching the Olympics in Montreal, just arrived to do a KiAi Way talk-training with a CEO group tomorrow. Seeing lots of Canadian hockey & athletes - and no Bob Costas or Matt Lauer! They're fine, but now I want to watch TV in Belarus, Norway, Austria, Japan, etc.
I like him too. I really like him when the alternative is Matt Lauer. *shudder*
Hey Bob your doctor called and needs you to take a few more days off. Bring back Matt Lauer.
I don't think Matt Lauer is ever going to forgive Bob Costas
Anniversary night. Making dinner, pounding out raw chicken, some flew up, hit me in the eye. Now Matt Lauer has to fill in for me tonight.
Jerry Seinfeld is starting to look like a pre-beard Matt Lauer.
same. I've never gotten it to successfully fast-forward or rewind. It's prob Matt Lauer's fault.
Jerry Seinfeld and Matt Lauer have aged into the same person, looks-wise.
Mr. Lauer just called me flat Stanley..
Does anyone else who watched Fallon last night think Jerry Seinfeld resembles Matt Lauer???
Matt Lauer sits down with Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy and Nick Goepper. The Americans swept the medals in men's slopestyle skiing.
In other news, Matt Lauer getting hit by a bus would be a good thing.
Matt Lauer is really getting spread thin taking over for Bob Costas at the Olympics while doing his morning show also. Wow what's iron man.maybe the should pay him 40 million instead of 25 mil a year!
Watched last nights TONIGHT SHOW with Jimmy Fallon. Noticed that Jerry Seinfeld looked a lot like Matt Lauer without the beard & stache. Just saying
Jerry Seinfeld looks alot like Matt Lauer, but Jerry is funnier - sometimes.
Has anyone else noticed that Jerry Seinfeld looks like Matt Lauer?
How frickin cool is to watch David Wise interviewed by Costos and then Matt Lauer ~!!!
In a brave and candid interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer today, snowboarding star Shaun White revealed he has been struggling with much more than just a disappointing 4th place finish in Sochi in the halfpipe. “I try to maintain a facade of being stoked, but sometimes I am very unstoked,” said White. “...
When did Jerry Seinfeld and Matt Lauer start looking exactly alike?
Come along as 2008 Olympic gymnastics all-around champion takes Matt Lauer shopping in Sochi for the best Team USA swag. See what USA gear Lauer...
American gold medalist in the men's freestyle skiing halfpipe, David Wise, joins Matt Lauer to watch his daughter's reaction to his gold medal win...
Finland beats Russia 3-1 and Russia is knocked out of medal competition. Putin reportedly very peeved. Matt Lauer and Bob Costas broke down and sobbed like little girls.
The "Today Show" is explaining a new research finding that if you take your kids in for a well check they have a significantly higher chance of catching the flu. Uh. Yep! The docs don't get our vaccine money in exchange for a 5 day hospital stay. We do NOT do well checks people. They see our kids plenty. And IF we do a well check, it's in the summer. But wait...Connor had the flu and a hospital stay in July once. So yep...sure fire way to get sick? Go to the doctors' office when you're NOT sick. Just sayin'...right along with Matt Lauer!
This is such a fun site! I'll share my brief bio...tho I dream of publishing my first book so Brevity is not my strong suit! I was born in East Meadow, Long Island, NY in 1951. The fourth of five girls. My sisters are Suzy, Sally, Magie, and Nancy Twinem. We moved from NY to Aberdeen, MD, to Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, lived in Valparaiso. moved to Huntsville, AL, when I was six...I suppose that was 1957. Our house in Country Club Gardens wasn't ready so we lived in Cowan, TN, in literally a shack for a few weeks. I remember bathing in the kitchen sink, I started school in Cowan...received the courtesy award...I learned very quickly as a northerner to say Yes Ma'am and No Ma'am! We moved to the Twickenham Hotel in H'ville for two weeks then moved across the street to the Russell Erskine Hotel. Finally the house was ready! I attended Terry Heights Ele., University Place. We moved to Sherwood Park and I attended Madison Pike Ele, then Westlawn, then BHS. My dad was extremely strict...I don't remember the ...
If you haven't puked today you should flip over to NBC and take a look at Matt Lauer in his skinny jeans.
Jenny. This was I taken in the early 2000's. He came into my store and asked for me. It was on the Morning Show with Matt Lauer. For the launch of his album " the Rising"
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I am pretty sure I am an eighty year old woman trapped in a twenty year olds body. Here lately my off days have consisted of me waking up at eight, eating a bowl of Raisin Bran and watching the Today Show with my cats because I really like Matt Lauer...
Matt Lauer is sexy. He's looking good over there in Sochi. I like that 5 o'clock shadow. Rustic.
"He's becoming the Brett Favre of figure skating." -Matt Lauer on Evgeni Plushenko.
Matt Lauer looks homeless this morning
Jerry Seinfeld ...or Matt Lauer is telling jokes on the Tonight Show. You never see them together do you? Either way...not funny smh
Jerry Seinfeld now looks like Matt Lauer. NOT the hair I would go for, man.
Jerry Seinfeld looks too much like Matt Lauer for me these days.
Just realized (while watching Jimmy Fallon) Jerry Seinfeld looks a lot like Matt Lauer.brothers?? You be the judge.
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