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Matthew Todd Matt Lauer (born December 30, 1957) is an American television journalist best known as the host of NBC's The Today Show since 1997. He was previously a news anchor in New York and a local talk-show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Richmond.

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3 thing I learned from land of the lost . • anything is possible. • follow your dreams. • Matt Lauer can suck it
TBT: Me and Matt Lauer on Jan. 7, 1997. My first National Media Hit. Love the hair!
Ray Rice Speaks on Janay Rice Assault, Admits &Mistake&to...
Are Jerry Seinfeld and Matt Lauer becoming the same person?
"Well, all things considered it was a lovely tree lighting ceremony" - Matt Lauer to LeAnn Rimes as protesters push their …
next year NBC is doing Equus with the kid from modern family and Matt Lauer as the horse.
Carson Daly is subbing for Matt Lauer this morning on the Today Show. He's sure come a long way since his MTV days.
The 82nd Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lights up New York City It's that time of year again! The 85-foot Norway spruce, donated by a family from central Pennsylvania, was lit up in the iconic Rockefeller Center, New York on Dec. 3, 2014. Mariah Carey and LeeAnn Rimes perform during the 82nd annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Al Roker, Savannah Guthrie, Cyndi lauper, Billy Porter, Matt Lauer & Natalie Morales appear with the Rockettes on stage during the 82nd annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Search popular hotels in New York City and save up to 80% Compare thousands of travel sites in just seconds.
Carson Daly is Matt Lauer recast. I am out of the loop.
Carson Daly filling in for Matt Lauer doesnt seem right. I keep thinking they're going to cut to a bunch of screaming teenagers any minute.
Carson Daly...from hosting TRL on MTV to subbing for Matt Lauer this morning on the TODAY Show.
Next, NBC will cast Matt Lauer in their "Sweeney Todd Live!" Bonus: Savannah Guthrie as Mrs. Lovett. Al Roker as Toby.
I believe it's Brian Williams at QB, Al Roker at MLB, Matt Lauer at WR and Tom Brokaw is handling the kicking duties.
Wait, so Matt Lauer and Brian Williams aren't the same amoebic person? Well there goes my research topic
gambled with Matt Lauer and Leanne rimes
Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie make mention -- though not by name -- of the Eric Garner protests during Xmas special.
Savannah Guthrie seems to be legitimately enjoying herself, which is cool. Matt Lauer seems a bit bored. Isn't this his 20th year or such?
Love that "journalist" Matt Lauer on Rock Center Xmas broadcast makes no mention whatsoever of massive protest just block…
Dr. Nancy Snyderman once again tried apologizing for breaking her Ebola quarantine ... but again, there were asterisks and excuses. Snyderman sat down Wednesday morning with Matt Lauer and in her own way tried apologizing for breaking her Ebola quarantine.She said she was sorry, but then made…
New gossip 'Ray Rice Speaks on Janay Rice Assault, Admits "Horrendous Mistake" to Matt Lauer' has been published on www.SuperGossip.Net
Tomorrow, Dec 3rd, I will be on site for for the 82nd Annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center with Matt Lauer, Al Roker, and Natalie Morales...interviewing and watching performances by Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Sara Bareilles and more! So excited for my first time at the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting!
Janay Rice says the elevator attack was all part of God's plan -- telling Matt Lauer she believes she and Ray were "chosen" to help bring awareness to…
Chris Rock jokes that Matt Lauer will get cancer next: ‘We’ll show you Robin Roberts!’
usweekly : Wait, did he really just say that? Chris Rock joked Matt Lauer "is going to g...
When Ray Rice first assaulted his then-fiancée, Janay, she told Matt Lauer that she was done wi...
So many shows calling me for body language breakdown of Janay Rice - if any of you watched it, what did you think? On top of the signals that jump out, here's a gigantic question. When Matt Lauer asks "Has there been any incidents of violence since than?" Her response: "No, no, no. he knows what he would have to deal with." Take a look at her eyes before and immediately following the question.
00 Reports: Daily Mail Ray Rice’s wife Janay has said she initially thought she was ‘done’ with the running back after he punched her in an elevator – but her ‘heart’ told her to stay with him. She told Today’s Matt Lauer that she was ‘furious’ with the former Baltimore Ravens player in the aftermat…
Matt Lauer traveled to the Rice home in Baltimore and Janay spoke out with her mother Candy Palmer by her side.
Ray Rice and wife Janay open up about Goodell, NFL future on 'Today Show'
VAL: Janay Rice Sits Down With Matt Lauer: '. This is very emotional. I am so glad she is spe... via
Watched the Janay Rice interview with Matt Lauer. Courageous interview, beautiful woman, supportive mother and family, I wish her and her husband the best, I pray that they make it and get past this media frenzy.
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Chris Rock jokes about Matt Lauer getting sick to help Today's Show ratings
Over the Thanksgiving weekend NBC was running promos of Matt Lauer’s upcoming interview with disgraced and removed from the NFL Raven’s roster Ray Rice and his now wife Janay Palmer-Rice that ran this morning on the Today Show. It’s been stated on this site that the abused are often the last to real…
Video on Today: The wife of NFL player Ray Rice tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an exclusive interview that she wouldn’t have apologized for “the role she played in the incident” without the urging of the Ravens, but did not intend to take “any light off of what Ray did.”
Janay Rice sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview about the domestic abuse scandal with her husband Ray Rice, breaking down as she spoke about the horrific incident and the months after -- watch now
Janay Rice -- The Ravens betrayed us Check out the video and tell us what YOU think!
Janay Rice - The Ravens Betrayed Us What do you think of her comments?
Ray Rice's wife Janay opens up to Matt Lauer: "I did something wrong, too."
Watch Chris Rock tease Matt Lauer on The Today Show during his interview on Monday, Dec. 1: "You'll show Good Morning America!" he said
Chris Rock continued: "He's showing you, Matt Lauer's going to get sick next, watch! He'll show you." Gasp…
Also: earth round MT Not a good look Ravens. Janay Rice: team scripted apology
Janay Rice sit down with Matt Lauer & opens up about Ray Rice & moving forward. WATCH: I really respect her! -Val
Ok so on the Today show Matt Lauer is talking to Ray Rice's punching bag . The poor child has been punched senseless . To entertain any forgiveness is mind boggling .
Janay Rice looked amazing in her interview with Matt Lauer
Janay Rice says she's furious with the Baltimore Ravens -- telling Matt Lauer she feels completely betrayed by the NFL team for the way they hung Ray out…
Some further thoughts on why ESPN's Janay Rice interview wasn't journalism--what a contrast with Matt Lauer
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I just finished watching the Janay Rice interview with Matt Lauer, and am shocked that people can't see through all the subterfuge! She's speaking all kinds of legal-eese in her responses ... "I can't say he's telling the truth" (about Gooddell, but who can? She says she knows Ray told the truth from the get-go, but was she in the room when he and Goodell spoke? No! They've both said it was a one on one session, so how does she know "for sure" what Ray said? And of course she's going to side with her husband, she married the *** after he knocked her out! If she didn't leave him then, why would she abandon him now? I think we place far too much emphasis on making the wrong people role models. Sure, sports figures motivate us all, but let's raise them up after they've done something more than slam dunk a ball or make a spectacular catch in the end zone. Our values are all screwed up! So because Rice, or Roesthilesberger (sp) or Kobe are sports figures, we're supposed to overlook their treatment of women? .. ...
In the second part of Matt Lauer's interview, Janay Rice said that the Baltimore Ravens suggested she apologize at an awkward press conference last spring, one that looked even worse after video surfaced of Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancée unconscious at an Atlantic City casino…
Here's part 1 of Janay Rice's sit down with Matt Lauer. She say's it was in God's plans for her to get knocked out in the elevator.
Monday morning seemed to signal a new day for Janay Rice, as she opened up to NBC's Matt Lauer for the Today Show about the moments her now-husband, former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice, knocked her unconscious in a casino elevator earlier this year.
Ray Rice, wife Janay speak to Matt Lauer in a TODAY exclusive - News - -
NBC's Matt Lauer to interview Ray and Janay Rice, will air on next week
Sarah saw Matt Lauer on TV and thought it was Caesar Flickerman from the Hunger Games😒
No one knows Matt Lauer's origin. Rumor is, he was born when Howdy Doody went off the air.
I wish Matt Lauer and Will Ferrell were hosting the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!
Why they didn't have Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales, and Savannah Guthrie act out this number at the , I'll never know.
I am thrilled to be a part of this year’s St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Thanks & Giving Campaign. To kick this wonderful campaign off, I am going to tell you what I am thankful for, and nominate some of my friends to do the same, and donate to St. Jude. Here I go! I give thanks to President Obama for my Presidential Medal of Freedom. I now nominate my friends Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Whoopi Goldberg to tell us what they are thankful for and to donate to St. Jude!
Credit CNN’s Brian Stelter with a very big scoop. On today’s “Reliable Sources” media-news program, Stelter reported that “high-profile news anchors” have spoken in “secret locations” with Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The sessions have been off-the-record and, the way Stelter tells it, they’ve been auditions for one of the biggest exclusives of this century — namely, the sit-down talk with the elusive officer who killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 9. Some details exist. NBC News’s Matt Lauer, ABC News’s George Stephanopoulos, CBS News’s Scott Pelley and Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon of CNN have met with Wilson, according to Stelter. “Because it was off the record, those anchors can’t talk about the meetings and the networks can’t even confirm that they happened,” Stelter notes. For just about any other story, this would be standard television ritual, no big deal. In off-the-record negotiations, networks commonly court all kinds of interview “gets ...
Julia Roberts joins Matt Lauer on TODAY for first chat in 7 years -…
Full on plan to boycott NBC after Matt Lauer pulls rank and prevents the promotion of Tamron Hall and Hoda Kotb.
NBC still trying to blame others for ratings decline instead of looking at way they treated Ann Curry & what an *** Matt Lauer is?
Report: Matt Lauer got 'Today' boss fired over a plan to replace Savannah Guthrie with Hoda Kotb
Macy's NBC Performance Times! As the nation gathers to celebrate and give thanks with family and friends, the biggest spectacle of the holiday season returns to entertain millions, as the 88th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade® returns to NBC on Thursday, November 27 (9:00 a.m. to noon in all time zones). Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie of NBC's Today will anchor the broadcast. More than 8,000 participants, some donning clown costumes, handling balloon giants or striking up the band, will set off down the streets of Manhattan at the sound of the time honored catchphrase Let's Have a Parade™. With a live audience more than 3.5 million strong and a nationwide television gathering of more than 50 million viewers, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is the nation's most beloved holiday pageant. Western Carolina U 9:57am American Fork HS 10:10am Baldwinsville 10:18am Bahamas All-Stars 10:36am Center Grove HS 10:47am Paul Laurence Dunbar 10:58am Georgia St U 11:14am NYPD 11:23am Winston Churchil ...
NBC’s Matt Lauer goes down a short list of topics that fill the news of late, all of them related to Islamic terrorism. He asks Hussein Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice, “What happened to the days when the administration was able to say it felt confident that we had dealt a crippling blo…
One Direction's Zayn Malik lashed out on Monday, Nov. 17, slamming rumors mentioned by Matt Lauer that he skipped the band's Today show appearance because of drug abuse issues
Matt Lauer asks One Direction about rumored drug abuse, fans flip out | He should have look into the matter.
.the astronaut? TODAY anchors reveal childhood 'dream jobs!'
Not a fan of 1D but how is Matt Lauer on live T.V. going to ask if one of them is sick because of substance abuse?
ESPN anchors speak the truth, they get suspended. Matt Lauer ASSUMES on live television one of the guys from One Direction has a substance abuse problem, nothing happens to him.
Yesterday pop-sensation One Direction made a guest appearance on Today with Matt Lauer and Al Roker to promote their new album Four however when Zayne Malik failed to make an appearance, rumors of substance abuse began to circulate.
Matt Lauer should've shown respect. He should've said "Hope he feels better soon and be back with you guys." He was out of line.
Good on you Matt Lauer, for insinuating that zayn has a drug problem when he's literally just sick. When did being sick become a drug habit?
.fans are furious at Matt Lauer for asking the band about substance abuse.
Has anyone checked on Matt Lauer? I'm a little concerned about his safety...
One Direction's Zayn Malik has responded to Matt Lauer questioning his bandmates if Malik was a substance abuser.
Finland's Matt Lauer, , focuses intently on the show ahead.
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it was so uncool what the Matt Lauer did. Don't overshadow this amazing day with petty rumors.
"The band being interviewed by Matt Lauer on the - 1DHQ via Instagram
good bless Zayn Malik. Good for you for putting Matt Lauer is his place.
"Matt lauer askd if Zayn was absent bc he was abusing drug substances". so I wrote a book.. One Direction
Zayn Malik fired at Matt Lauer for suggesting he has substance abuse issues while was on 'Today':
Tiki quit football to become next Matt Lauer. How did that work out? Then when he trained for a comeback in 2011 nobody …
Matt Lauer got right to it, quizzing the guys about why Zayn Malik was a no-show.
In case you missed it, earlier this week One Direction performed on Today without boy band member Zayn Malik. This was a bit puzzling for host Matt Lauer who asked Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson why the other heartthrob was, but then made matters worse by suggesting substa…
Matt Lauer really effed up yesterday
I wish people would understand matt lauer was only doing his job in posing a question that is obviously on ppls minds. No need to get salty
SLAMS for insinuating he was out sick because of drug abuse!
Zayn Malik is NOT happy that Matt Lauer questioned One Direction about the singer's supposed substance abuse problem on live TV yesterday.
One Direction's Zayn Malik slams Matt Lauer over his drug questioning.
there were never any rumors of drug problems until Matt Lauer opened his mouth. Like no goodbye.
just told my religion class to pray for Matt Lauer but I wouldn't say why so now my teacher is calling him "mysterious matt"
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Wow just like Wendy Williams, Matt Lauer should avoid social media for his idiotic comment about Zayn's absence yesterday.
Matt Lauer asks if Zayn has substance abuse issues.
On Monday, One Direction released their new album FOUR, and made an appearance on The Today Show to promote it. Before they performed, Matt Lauer asked the guys
Florida Today's Jennifer Sangalang chats about One Direction with Al Roker and Matt Lauer of the "Today" show at Universal Orlando's CityWalk on Nov. 17, 2014. Video by Heath Chapman, For FLORIDA TODAY
I added a video to a playlist Pop Quiz with Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer
Last time I went to NY I woke up at 5 am & got a selfie with Al Roker. This time around- Matt Lauer. I'll keep you guys updated.
Just in case you missed tonight's Today's Top 3 on the on the new here's what you missed with yours truly Farewell to 106 & Park?!? Looks like it's a wrap for "106 & Park". At least when it comes to it having a daily home on BET. Some are saying the joke on Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy is to blame, but I'm pretty sure the Beygency is not behind this one! LOL There have been complaints for years now about the downturn of the show--from original hosts AJ & Free's exits to the original audience simply outgrowing the show. And now, the network has announced the show is a wrap...on cable tv. After the last show on December 19th, the show will move to BET's digital platform in some way. Stephen Hill gushes over the last 14 years by saying "All of us have been touched by 106 & Park. Now it’s time for 106 & Park, as a daily TV entity, to take a bow and exit." What should replace 106 & Park? What direction should BET go in? Janay Rice speaks out to NBC's Matt Lauer ✊ Janay Rice is suiting up for her first ever ...
Matt Lauer may interview Ray Rice. Today Show producers are begging Ray to share an elevator with Kathy Lee & Hoda.
See liberals can still smile after mid-terms. Nothing but a gross love fest on with john Stewart and Matt Lauer
First Ann Curry now Natalie Morales, why don't they give the boot to Matt Lauer?
While discontent with Matt Lauer has quieted over the past few months, problems at The Today Show still exist, according to a report in The New York Post. And Natalie Morales is right at the center of them. The veteran co-host of this NBC morning program has been locked in a “power struggle” with…
I liked a video Pop Quiz with Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer
I love anybody that talks down to Matt Lauer. Scientologist or not. 5 foot 6 or not.
It's a big hairy deal! Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Carson Daly and Willie Geist are once again relinquishing their razors for November, growing...
If you thought presidential aspirations might temper Chris Christie's zeal to be his unapologetic self, think again. In a tense interview Wednesday morning with the Today Show's Matt Lauer, New Jersey's Republican governor reaffirmed his commitmen...
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going after the already. I love it when liberals squirm and don't keep their cool. Matt Lauer is not cool anymore!
Matt Lauer wins for best Halloween costume this year. Hands down.
Matt Lauer didn’t dress like a girl for halloween, he dressed like Pat. Wait isn’t that the same no never mind
From Matt Lauer in drag (more than once) to a royal wedding almost as good as Will & Kate's, look back at the...
Why is this picture of Matt Lauer as Pat the funniest thing I've ever seen?
What's Matt Lauer's most memorable Halloween costume on TODAY? From Batman to Pam Anderson, our anchor looks back.
Halloween means costumes and candy, but also 1 day till Learn more here:
Wait did Matt Lauer dress up as Donald for Halloween??
Halloween costumes around the world: Julia Sweeny, left, and Matt Lauer both dress as the iconic androgynous c...
Halloween costumes around the world: Matt Lauer, dressed as the iconic androgynous character Pat, left, Savann...
May you be as fun as Matt Lauer (as Pam Anderson) and yup, Melissa McCarthy & Sandra Bullock tonight.Happy Halloween!
Matt Lauer and Ann Curry Halloween 2011, Ann Curry will be ousted as co-host of the "Today" show after months of spe…
Just when I finally repressed the image of Matt Lauer as Pam Anderson. MT: WATCH:
Judging by facial expressions, Matt Lauer and I feel the same way about Josh Elliot.
Jim Carry is taking over this interview with Matt Lauer and joking about Ebola instead of discussing SNL and its the greatest thing ever.
1 Week. . For now, we look back, because no one does Halloween like TODAY!
So as I watch the morning news an "Emergency Action Alert" warning comes on my screen saying it has been activated via "The White House" It says MY TV HAS BEEN FORCE TUNED,MY CHANNEL CHANGED TO WNBC ON ITS OWN.Only to find Matt Lauer interviewing some guy then go to commercial.MY CABLE BOX IS NOW LOCKED ON NBC AND I CANNOT MANUALLY CHANGE THE CHANNEL.The only emergency that I can see is the fact that my viewing choice was changed and locked out by someone in an alphabet agency of our government on a whim.
One week from today, celebrates Halloween on the plaza.
MATT LAUER IS BACK ON THE TODAY SHOW today is already great 😍🙌
Matt Lauer got a friend in Uverse forcing folks to watch this Today Show...
What's going on with those shadows behind Matt Lauer & John Lithgow on right now? Distracting! I'm gonna have a seizure.
Now Matt Lauer is interviewing a Broadway star. Why is this happening and is there really an emergency I should know about
Matt Lauer should stay away from drawing!
face on the after Matt lauer drew Hoda. Hilarious!!
Matt lauer is such an *** for drawing Hoda's butt on live tv.
Jackson mentions he wont have the time to walk you thru it . So u still have not seen the video matt lauer of ur wes unseld tryout? . Horrible
Gov. Andrew Cuomo: 'We expected' to have Ebola in NYC: The New York governor talks to TODAY's Matt Lauer about...
Up and about, Today Show is on, might be me but is Matt Lauer a total *** Just saying,
I truly cannot stand Matt Lauer. He lacks the fortitude to be a trusted & respected journalist.
The Governor's Silence Spoke Volumes. Mandatory 21 day Quarantine is Needed. CDC is turning into a joke. Lauer
Matt Lauer's suit is nice this morning.
Ebola in NYC, on Matt Lauer asks Gov. Cuomo if doctor was being cautious after returning from Guinea, and the silence b4 answer (con)
.just punked himself when questioned closely by Matt Lauer on the - Stop making excuses for Dr. Spencer.
Good ol' Matt "I'm sorry to interrupt but I need to spread inaccurate information and mass hysteria" Lauer.
Thurs announces that Matt Lauer will interview Secret Service dogs Hurricane & Jordan on the Friday.
Matt Lauer is sterilizing his helicopter.
Relive 20 years of Halloween on . I love this!!!
Matt Lauer's going to be walking around in a hazmat suit.
Hearing all the hot Matt Lauer gossip while in line at walgreens
Live from the hive with Matt Carroll and Scott Lauer!
Talking about Katie? John Molner and Matt Lauer catching up at Fashion Group Intl.'s Night of Stars.
Look who's in the 2010 pic 4 No one does it better!
I gotta go visit the ant matt lauer i just put a casserole in the oven . Oh ur gonna chop some brocolli . Is that all . Cold as ice . Paradise
Hilarious look at the last 20 years of
Matt Lauer in drag, Hoda as Yoda: Relive 20 years of Halloween on TODAY
No one does Halloween like does Halloween. Here's all 20 years of it.
Matt Lauer just learned about Parliment Funkadelic's "Flashlight" today. Someone get this guy a mix tape an...
Matt lauer can suck it: by dr. Rick marshal
These celebrity Halloween costumes are inspirational. Hello, Matt Lauer as Pamela Anderson
THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT. TO THOSE WHO TORTURED, INSULT AND BLAME AN INNOCENT VICTIM ON HIS SICK DYING BED AND AFTER HIS DEATH, HERE ARE SOME REVEALING TRUTH FROM THE NURSE, WHO TREATED DUNCAN: Watch: Dallas Nurse Reveals Shocking Hospital Blunder That Exposed Her And Others To Ebola “I watched them violate basic principles of nursing..." OCTOBER 16, 2014 Nurse who cared for one of the recently infected Ebola patients told NBC’s Matt Lauer Thursday that she “couldn’t believe” the lack of protocols in place at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, and could “no longer defend” her place of employment. Appearing on Today Thursday in an interview with Matt Lauer, Briana Aguirre said officials at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital did not properly treat patient Thomas Eric Duncan. I would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. I would feel at risk by going there. If I don’t actually have Ebola, I may contract it there.”Aguirre asserted that no one in the hospital’s ad ...
Nancy Writebol shares with Matt Lauer how she overcame the Ebola virus. Read full article here-
Unbelievable! Way to avoid answering Matt Lauer's direct questions regarding the Ebola at Texas Presbyterian Ms. Secretary of Infectious Disease! Diminished faith in our CDC!
"We said 'if we beat Auburn, we're gonna go to the TODAY Show.'" GREAT STORY: Mississippi State students celebrate No. 1 ranking at TODAY Show And Matt Lauer didn't miss out on the opportunity to get his hands on a cowbell! Story and more pictures here:
We have to listen to what the MEDIA tells us we are?!?! Matt Lauer has a lower IQ than my buttons!
Lauer: Snyderman 'knows she made a mistake'. The NBC News doctor is apologizing for violating her Ebola quaranti...
Lauer: Snyderman 'knows she made a mistake'
New post: "Lauer: Snyderman 'knows she made a mistake'"
Matt Lauer no longer biggest *** in the room. He probably called u guys and ratted out
She should be placed under arrest until further notic. NBC doc apologizes for breaking Ebola quarantine via
and need to fire Nancy Snyderman... Being risky with public health is unacceptable!!
Matt Lauer was more honest than any of his colleagues Tuesday ... telling our photog that Nancy Snyderman was squarely at fault for violating the…
. Matt Lauer is a self serving Yost. He is the most despicable person I have ever witnessed. His self serving attitude is disgusting
"I just wanna take his Ray Bans off so I can see his crow's feet." -talking about Matt Lauer.
Snyderman 'knows she made a mistake' via
Matt Lauer: Dr. Snyderman is at fault in violating Ebola quarantine!
Matt Lauer can suck a *** .. Oh wait... He's been there, done that...
Matt Lauer: Nancy Snyderman 'knows she made a mistake'
“I hope Matt Lauer and Al Roker get eaten by sharks.”. ILL LET MY HITTAS KNOW
you should quit your job and sell tortillas in the Andes mountains also Al Roker is your dad and Matt Lauer is your brother.
'It's miraculous they found each other': gushes over newlyweds and as he reveals he gave wedding toast Bill Murray has opened up about the speech he delivered during good friend George Clooney's September 27 wedding to Amal Alamuddin, calling their union 'liberating'. The Oscar-nominated actor sat down with the Today show's Matt Lauer on Tuesday to promote his latest film, St Vincent, though the topic soon moved to the role he played in the couple's big day. Of course, the funnyman couldn't resist throwing in some lighthearted humour as he joked of his grand entrance to the lavish soiree in Venice, which saw him arriving by water taxi in true A-list style, looking dapper in a tux. 'So everyone's just in T-shirts, you know, real casual,' he began as the crew off-camera erupted into fits of laughter upon images of him waving in a rather regal fashion flashed up on the screen. 'It was real fun.' Clearly approving of the love match between the Hollywood heartthrob and the British human rights lawyer, the 64-y ...
We’ve had a great deal of negative news regarding the bad behavior of celebrity athletes recently, particularly from the NFL. Especially in light of this constant stream of bad news, this interview between Matt Lauer and Yankees star shortstop Derek Jeter is particularly refreshing. Jeter, never one…
bias. What about Matt Lauer, Steve croft, Charlie rose, Stephanopliis, Maddow, schultz, etc,etc! Wake up Beckel, smarten up!
Michael Strahan is not a journalist, Reagan, you dunce. Matt Lauer is.
What?RT“Matt Lauer asked the CEO of GM if she could run the company and still be a good mom.
leaves voicemails that are more informative than what Diane sawyer or Matt Lauer would leave, I bet.
If Im an *** " then why don't U debate me on issue, or at least listen to what I have to say like Matt Lauer & Bob Costas have?
By Radar Staff Lesson learned. That seemed to be the theme as a contrite Paula Deen returned to the TODAY show Tuesday to push her new subscription network, a year after a racial scandal wreaked havoc on a previously-successful culinary career. PHOTOS: Celebrity Racist Rants “My words hurt people,” the embattled chef told Matt Lauer in regards to her follies of yesteryear, in which she admitted to a court that she used racial slurs like the N-word around past employees. “Words are so powerful; they can hurt, they can make people happy,” the ousted Food Network star said. “They disappointed people and frankly, I disappointed myself. And for that, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry for the hurt that I caused people because it went deep.” PHOTOS: Cooking Up Trouble! 11 Celebrity Chefs Scandals Lauer rehashed Deen's calamitous TODAY appearance at the height of the scandal, in which she said the only time she'd uttered the epithet was after she was robbed at gunpoint in 1986. The 67-year-old, in retrospe . ...
I am not a big viewer of TV anymore, and was never a daytime viewer except for the early morning shows, but one has come along that has really caught my attention. Anymore we seem to watch CBS in the a.m., as we find more of what we think of as "real news". Recently, Meredith Vieira came on right after the news and we didn't turn it off at once. Then we got interested; now we watch it on purpose. We always liked her on the Today Show with Matt Lauer. She is funny, entertaining, has enjoyable guests and activities (today's kindergarteners were so fun) and good music. I'm looking forward to more.
Video on Today: A year after controversy over a racial slur that resulted in the loss of a number of her corporate sponsors, Paula Deen told TODAY’s Matt Lauer that she has learned that words are powerful and can hurt people, and apologized for the hurt she said her words have caused.
Greased laughingstock who said the word *** once in the '80s Paula Deen, appeared on this morning's Today show to discuss her return to cookin' programmin'. Throughout her 10-minute chat with Matt Lauer, Deen's faced crapped out smiles with the desperation of a child beauty pageant contestant w…
I woke up and saw Matt Lauer interview Paula Deen. I thought I'd died and gone to ***
Paula Deen sat down with Matt Lauer on Tuesday, more than one year since her tearful interview with the “Today” host amid a racism scandal that brought down her multimillion-dollar culinary empire.
She actually looks better than Matt Lauer.
Full VIDEO Interview w/ on the N word controversy, a year later
I'm honored to be participating in the 2nd Annual Lulu & Leo Fund Fall Benefit, hosted by Matt Lauer.
Paula Deen speaks to Matt Lauer on 'TODAY' show via
Matt Lauer named one of the most stylish New Yorkers - Style - via
Matt Lauer is reporting that Miss America was kicked out of "Alpha Phi (hard 'I')"
Lets hear it for the Today Show for putting Racist Paula Dean back on the air! You really blew it this time Matt Lauer! The Nerve
NBC’s Matt Lauer and Andrea Mitchell discuss President Obama’s statement on US airstrikes in Syria.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
There were other people on that show,not just Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer was terrific with the kids. How kids relate to adults says everything about the kindness of the adult. Great to see!
Matt Lauer helping then holding the baby was just precious!!
Paula Deen to Matt Lauer: ‘My words hurt people’ . NEXT, on the Today Show: A year after controversy over a...
Celebrity cook Paula Deen returned to TODAY more than one year after her racism scandal I am so sorry I hurt people, she told Matt Lauer?
Paula Deen to Matt Lauer: 'My words hurt people'.
Matt Lauer and Paula Dean, what a terrible morning spectacle. Please both just disappear. Quickly please!
Matt Lauer's pants are so fitted he has Thigh Gap!
Goodbye Matt Lauer. I've enjoyed our time together. It's not you, it's me. (And helo Tim Tebow) 💘
Not even Matt Lauer can say Alpha Phi correctly... Phi like Phe
Matt Lauer holding that baby was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. 😭
good major media's chattering about news anchor who quit on TV, which job would you apply for at the circus Matt Lauer needs 2 no
Guy performs like he is 25 ! As said by Matt Lauer Happy 65 birthday Bruce
Live on the with Matt Lauer. She's saying how sorry she is again, & her New Documentary.
you and harry still suckin that lil jew *** Matt Lauer?! yawn
picking on woman again with Matt lauer. Ugh!
fukin schmucky jew Matt Lauer is!! I will hit that victorias secret wife of his deeper than he will!! lmao
Go Don't allow Matt Lauer to interrupt you and derail you. Can't wait for your network!
Matt Lauer isn't throwing softballs he putting them on the t-ball thingy for Paul Dean.
Is it me, or is Matt Lauer being a *** to
I'm watching Matt Lauer go easy on Paul Dean on Today.
Matt Lauer speaking to Paula Deen on Today Show. Even after visiting Savannah & speaking to locals, I still have mixed feelings abt her.
Let's see if Matt Lauer can be more professional and fair this time as an interviewer.
God bless Paula Deen for coming back to the after Matt Lauer crucified her the last time she was on.
Hey - you owe Matt Lauer and the a gift basket.
and why the *** is she doing interview with Matt freakin Lauer!!!??
Tomorrow morning Paula Deen returns to for first time since n-word scandal interview I'…
Wait. Not Oprah. I meant Matt Lauer. I think that's his name.
Where the is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here. At least get all the refugees. Look like we had a hurricane here.
Do we get the pleasure of watching you cry and snivel to Matt Lauer again?
Robin Williams didn't break just the fourth wall, but "the fifth and the sixth." Billy Crystal to Matt Lauer on
How did she know that all of Matt Lauer's mouth movements are controlled by Al Roker.
He's expected to retire (he's 74!) in 2016, with possible replacements being Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper, Ryan Seacrest, and some other guy
I love Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb! Did anyone get to see them host the Today Show with Matt Lauer this morning?
Funny from the network of mean, crude Matt Lauer. Bring back Ann Curry.
Keith Richards turns children’s book author The legendary rocker sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about his new kids’ book, “Gus & Me,” which is about his g...
Video on Today: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York sits down with Matt Lauer to talk about her new book, “Off the Sidelines,” and discusses some startling remarks colleagues made while she was pregnant.
Love the guys on The Today Show this morning: Brian Williams co-hosting with Matt Lauer, Josh Elliot and Bryant Gumble with sports, plus Al.
Decent applause for Matt Lauer's video. So to review, they hate Cano, have no sympathy for Ann Curry.
Dr. Kent Brantly says he doesn't have any hard feelings about people who said he shouldn't have been treated in Atlanta. Coming up on the Today Show, Matt Lauer sits down with Dr. Brantly for his first interview since he was treated for
I'll see your Matt Lauer and raise you a Jim Gray.
Dr. Kent Brantly told NBC in an exclusive interview that he felt like he was about to die when he was isolated.
I'm watching Today and earning great rewards from where in the worlds matt lauer hurry back Savannah ur missed everyday
NBC, you missed a fear-mongering chance; you should've said: "This morning on Today, Matt Lauer exposes himself to Ebola..."
Matt Lauer shakes hands with former Ebola patient: Dr. Kent Brantly, who has a clean bill of health after bein...
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I want see Matt Lauer's reaction if this Ebola survivor accidentally sneezes on him... That's the only reason I'm watching this interview.
KWQC-TV: Matt Lauer sits down with Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly, this morning on Today.
Just watched the Matt Lauer interview with Dr, Brantly. Wow, he is truly a man of faith...what an inspiration...
patients more scared of proximity to Matt Lauer and his career-killing mojo
.Matt Lauer's should have asked Dr. Kent Brantly about infecting ISIS fighters with Ebola.
Powerful testimony from Dr. Kent Brantley (Missionary Ebola Survivor) on the Today Show:. Matt Lauer: When facing...
The whole world has been waiting to hear Dr. Kent Brantly tell the story of his life and death battle with Ebola. Tonight on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, get a sneak peek of his interview with Matt Lauer, with a full one hour primetime special coming Friday night. Pray that God will be glorified.
Video: Matt Lauer shakes hands with former Ebola patient
Ok..Matt Lauer looks incredibly sexy today!
No kissing and telling! Ariana Grande danced around the topic of her love life with Matt Lauer
WATCH NOW: Matt Lauer shares some of his interview with Ebola Survivor Dr. Kent Brantly.
I find Matt Lauer to be the most annoying TV personality in the history of television.
Really curious to see the interview of Dr. Kent Brantley with Matt Lauer today. I'm fascinated.
About to air on the Matt Lauer's exclusive with Dr. Kent Brantly, American doctor who contracted Ebola
Matt Lauer will join soon to talk about his exclusive interview with Dr. Kent Brantly
U.S. Doctor Cured of Ebola Thought He Would Die: Dr. Kent Brantly, the American doctor who contract...
Can't wait to see Matt Lauer's interview with Dr. Kent Brantly on What an incredible survivor's story
Dr. Kent Brantly: "I Felt Like I Was About to Die" | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort ...: And I don't know how long I can keep...
More with Dr. Brantly can be seen on the Today Show on NBC 6
An America doctor cured from Ebola says he felt like he was about to die before treatment:
Matt Lauer and Al Roker were very nervous in Sharknado 2... Ism if that counts as post apocalyptic.
Celebrities like Rudy Giuliani, Matt Lauer, Gayle King join fans at Classic via
Ariana Grande may be the new big thing but her interview on the Today Show was dreadful. Feeling sorry for Matt Lauer.
Willie Geist is awesome...please can't stand Matt Lauer ( because of the ousting of Ann Currie) give Willie the anchor-ship...
Media Research Center. America's Media Watchdog Please take a moment to read this important op-ed by Media Research Center Founder and President L. Brent Bozell, III. MEDIA CENSOR SOROS CONNECTION TO PERRY INDICTMENT By L. Brent Bozell, III On January 27, 1998, then First Lady Hillary Clinton – without a shred of credible evidence – infamously claimed during an NBC Today interview with Matt Lauer that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” had been working to destroy her husband “since the day he announced for president.” Sixteen years later we have tangible, documented proof that a vast left-wing conspiracy is in fact out to destroy conservative presidential hopeful Gov. Rick Perry, and the liberals who run the establishment media are doing everything possible to cover it up. The alleged wrongdoing by Gov. Perry is a farce and the indictment a brazen political abuse, denounced by conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats alike. Who is behind this outrage? According to a Media Research Cen ...
Martha Stewart takes Matt Lauer's 'ice bucket challenge,' calls out three stars via
With the arrival of Savannah Guthrie's baby, we found seven memorable past guests who could provide some great morning TV with Matt Lauer.
As of yesterday morning, Savannah Guthrie has a new, adorably sweet reason to wake up at 3 a.m. every day: Her name is Vale and she's the newborn daughter born to Guthrie and husband Michael Feldman. Guthrie, 42, gave birth on Thursday, invited her colleagues (such as Matt Lauer) to come visit...
Savannah Guthrie Has Baby And baby makes three for Savannah Guthrie. The "Today" show co-host is the proud momma to a brand new baby girl, born Wednesday morning. Her name is Vale Guthrie Feldman. The child weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces at birth. The news was delivered by Today co-anchor Matt Lauer during the opening of yesterday's show.
Watch this great clip of AYDN star on the AYDN premieres next Tuesday at 10 ET/7 PT!
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yes... Indelible in my brain now lol and sharks raining in NYC on fire and being stabbed by Matt Lauer lol😨😨😨
Whether reported by Hannity or Larry King or Matt Lauer, I want to hear from the eye witnesses.
please tell me you watched yourself on 😂😂😂 Poor Matt Lauer.
(2/2) talking to Matt Lauer. It's the last 45 seconds of the approx. 5 min. clip that really turns into Done-As material.
If Al Roker and matt lauer don't wins oscars for I'll lose all faith in humanity
how on earth did Matt Lauer keep a straight face during his Kim Kardashian selfie book interview??
The challenge format is donate $10 if you do it, $100 if you don't. If Matt Lauer et al. screwed it up, that's on them.
If it happens again You will be force to spend a whole weekend with Matt Lauer. That would be major Punishment right there LOL
Just told someone else my dad is Matt Lauer, secrets getting out fast
Check out The Best Ice Bucket Challenge Yet [VIDEO] Lauer & all those who have done the challenge
Another awful decision by NBC. Loved David on Today in place of Matt Lauer...will follow David wherever he goes...
Bush goes nuts on matt lauer... Within the law by breaking the law
Chuck Todd. please. Matt Lauer would be more hard hitting and a *** of a lot more honest.
So can we classify Chris Cuomo as the Matt Lauer of Building pairings around him Really
Comcast wanted him to replace Matt Lauer on Today. Still do,especially since both GMA and local shows beat Today in ratings.
Because NBC just signed Matt Lauer to a big bucks extension and was scared to do anything.
A one time NBC wanted to hold on to Gregory at all costs. He was even considered as a replacement for Matt Lauer. Now look what's happened.
I dont know even if i liked matt lauer
lol, yeah it's like replacing Matt Lauer with Al Roker
Social media’s blowing up lately w/videos of Elizabeth Banks, Martha Stewart, Matt Lauer & others being doused for a dare called what?
for Tony Stewart for the Joker's jinx for Upper Marlboro for matt lauer . He gave it . now if you wish him to have laboured in vain that's
Was the bit they ran before i watched fisher king . Which ended with two guys naked in central park right matt lauer?
Matt lauer asked robin williams if he was *** . Robin williams said with coffee mug in hand matty why would u say a thing like that?. This
"You look like Matt Lauer. I don't know if that's a compliment."
baby looks like Matt Lauer. Coincidence...or do all newborns just have a Lauery look to them?
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