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Matt Lauer

Matthew Todd Matt Lauer (born December 30, 1957) is an American television journalist best known as the host of NBC's The Today Show since 1997. He was previously a news anchor in New York and a local talk-show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Richmond.

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Matt Lauer just boarded a plane to Seattle.
Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Al Roker recently found themselves in a situation that might seem unusual: sharing cocktails and banter
Because Matt Lauer didn't have a chance to fart into his pillow again to give him another dose of pink eye.
New GIF tagged funny, celebrities, lol, comedy, today, today show, bravo, shower, andy cohen, wwhl, bravo tv, watc…
and Matt lauer and the rest of the a holes don't? Get a clue.
Great news Ryan Reynolds has a lillebaby and he assures Matt lauer he's got it figured out now
CLASSIC: Matt Lauer asks Nikki Haley about the "far right" of her party. Savannah asks Hillary repeatedly about Sanders. No…
"Matt Lauer, "Mr. President it'd be an honor to hold yer pud while ya pee!"" — janger
I heard Matt Lauer got veneers and used HGH to aid his recovery.
can you please tell me the next time Matt Lauer will be on the show? Please! Thanks so much!!
Didn't know Gru from Despicable Me was based on Matt Lauer 🤔
He'll probably go through Matt Lauer's bag and ridicule him for using a pre-workout.
EdibleTreats2 Make the spaghetti pie that Matt Lauer ... - …
Make the spaghetti pie that Matt Lauer ... -
It's another annual segment of Where in the World Is Matt Lauer --- except no one cares.
I think Matt Lauer is the only person alive who has no haters.
I added a video to a playlist Matt Lauer in Pamela Anderson Funny Costum
"another day, another new poll with Donald Trump in the lead." Matt Lauer, no.
This fandom thing is crazy. I'm about to stan Matt lauer from the news
My mom is just randomly rhyming baking ingredients with random names. I just passed her the "nutmeg Greg" and "Matt Lauer flour."
You keep lying like this and you will lose your hair like Chuck Todd and Matt Lauer.
Behind the Interview: discusses his 2010 conversation with George W. Bush
Money matters!. “While chatting with Matt Lauer in October at a New Hampshire town hall event, sponsored by...
Matt Lauer should be ashamed of himself.
Matt Lauer's eyes legit LIT UP with unbridled glee over a Darth Vader onesie that Al Roker just gave him on The Today Show.
*turns on TV*. Matt Lauer: "Up next, a special holiday performance by Train!". *turns off TV*
Matt Lauer just hit some guy with a "what're those" on the today show 💀
Matt Lauer I still want to fight you
Coming just days after a report in the National Enquirer, Charlie Sheen announced to Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” that h…
NBC cans guy with eye on Matt Lauer's 'Today' gig. .
Really Matt Lauer and You're agreeing with Jeb Bush that likes being subjected to vulgar attacks?
Josh Elliott out at NBC after less than two years
Josh Elliott leaves NBC less than two years after he defected from GMA: Josh Elliott, 44, became a part of the...
Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales selling sponsorship spots? That would be one good looking
Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie 'can’t wait for this spectacle of Americana'
Al Roker finally made it to the booth, saving us from Fake Ann Curry & her evil captor, Matt Lauer.
Fake Ann Curry should not wear yellow or work with the human terror that is Matt Lauer.
Ann Curry is drinking her third martini, listening to Matt Lauer tell "cool" facts about the Power Ranger float, and she's smiling...
Matt Lauer saying "the very funny Ross Matthews" is going on Ross Matthews' reel and is never leaving it.
Someone ought to write a musical about Ann Curry just so Matt Lauer has to throw to it one more time during the
Matt Lauer looks like he is riding the struggle bus. But Ann Curry still looks young as ever...🐸☕️
Matt Lauer changed the game when he dropped ''Good morning America ft. Meredith Vieira"
Matt Lauer suggests to Charlie Sheen that Denise Richards should be checked for HIV.
"I release myself from this prison today." tells Matt Lauer. He also says there is no way he has transmitted HIV …
Ann Curry is looking at Matt Lauer & everyone else from TODAY dressed up as characters & is breathing the HUGEST sigh of relief.
Al Roker as Charlie Brown and Matt Lauer as Lucy are just horrifying. The stuff nightmares are made of.
I liked a video Michelle Malkin OWNS Matt Lauer, Speaks Truth about Obama
Town Hall Meeting with Matt Lauer October 26th Mark your calendar
Matt Lauer to moderate live town hall meeting with Donald Trump on October 26
Matt Lauer: Thanks for coming to see my band last night. Jack: I didn't expect you to play for four hours.
Now I read your shagging Matt Lauer...which is it...Bobby Flay or Matt Lauer, you don't waste no time Giada!
Why does Matt Lauer stare at me every time I walk into CVS
BOYCOTT!!!. Matt Lauer to moderate Donald Trump town hall live on TODAY via
Both Matt Lauer and his son had lunch at my school today. His son will be a freshman there next year...
"No racy selfies," warns Matt Lauer, shoulders hunched in discomfort, as terrified as I am of what our world has become.
Trump to be on the Today Show with Matt Lauer on Monday.
Did I ever tell you about the time I chased down Matt Lauer?
Matt Lauer and his hair presents the 1991 HBO Entertainment News.
Matt Lauer had a similarly frosty attitude toward Carrie when she debuted 'Something in the Water' last year.
Matt Lauer and Bp Murphy kicking off festivities while waiting for Pope Francis arrival at St Patrick's
Matt Lauer anchoring NBC's coverage of the Pope after he interviewed Andy Cohen this morning. Going from one dad to another.
but not just *any* rat, a rat from BROOKLYN! [FIN] and that's why my grandma hates matt lauer
Pamela Anderson reacts to Matt Lauer and Willie Geist's 'Baywatch' costumes: -- Pamela A...
ICYMI: Pamela Anderson reacts to MLauer and WillieGeist's 'Baywatch' costumes via TODAYsh…
ICYMI: Pamela Anderson reacts to and 'Baywatch' costumes
Mr Trump win Matt Lauer will b crying like a tiny girl!
that's the today show for you. You have to remember and Matt lauer run the show!
When people see Matt Lauer's record, how does he possibly keep his job.
Who ever did Matt Lauer's hair transplant should refund his money back. Bad hair transplant.
All about Matt Lauer ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
Finally got to watch Matt Lauer's interview with Joyce Mitchell. Smh Smh Smh. 😔 😯 😦 😞
Matt Lauer is doing but I'm not feeling it 👎🏾
And the for Worlds Smartest TV Dog goes to Matt Lauer, again
I hope Mr Trump verbally destroy all liberal media this week! Matt Lauer should b first on the list !
'There is no decision,' the actress who played Carrie Bradshaw told Matt Lauer on NBC's Today show on Thursday. 'It remains a
Keith is on the Today Show with Matt Lauer tomorrow, Friday morning - the day comes out!
Sorry, not sure if the show was from last night. I was watching it on DVR but stopped it. Matt Lauer was awful!!!
It's not going to go see Matt Lauer's blues band.
Matt Lauer: Then after her death, the bathroom train is going to begin.
if you ever feel stupid just remember one time my dad went on the news and called Matt Lauer "Max" to his face
Now, why haven't Matt Lauer did a special on
Keith on with Matt Lauer any minute. Tune in!
Keith Richards interview with Matt Lauer on The Today Show yesterday!...
Matt Lauer dramatically questions woman who helped prisoners "You can imagine that people watching…"I think she was unfortunate
Was unwatchable tonite with Matt Lauer! Where's or ?!
just don't let Matt Lauer back on again. Or that sad boring woman.
I like Matt Lauer as much as the next person but this just isn't the same!
Ski On Neon is the best way to waste time.
Can't name one thing that doesn't get worse by the addition of Matt Lauer. Including prison, murder, and aiding and abetting.
Matt Lauer you ask such hugely leading questions! It's hard to watch.
please don't have Matt Lauer on dateline.he'll just ruin it, he's not dateline material.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
please don't let Matt Lauer ruin the show. He's NOT dateline material.
I want to be Matt Lauer for 1 day especially if that day I can do yoga with Tamron Hall & Natalie Morales
Matt Lauer should win the 2015 pulitzer prize for investigative reporting.
So Matt reduces to arrested adolescence. Someone please light Matt Lauer on fire. Thanks.
Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie met up with Olympic table tennis players on the Today Show
I hate Ted Cruz' voice more than anyone else right now. It's worse than Adam Levine's and Matt Lauer's put together.
And as Matt Lauer was taken out, the sharks yelled "This is for Ann Curry"
Ann Curry sent that shark as revenge, Matt Lauer!
Please let the sharks eat Matt Lauer. - Ann Curry
Matt Lauer getting rid of Ann Curry was good for her. It kept her from being in this movie. You win Ann Curry!
I heard Ann Curry was supposed to have a cameo, but Matt Lauer screwed her out of that too.
Ann Curry watches Matt Lauer in his second film, weeping heavily and drinking right from the bottle.
- Speaking of Matt about Ann Curry onto The View?
Austin Dillon will talk to Matt Lauer about that horrible crash tomorrow on TODAY Show. (Glad he is ok!)
"On Today show Rachel Dolezal told Matt Lauer she identifies as black. Even more incredible: Lauer identifies as a journalist"Jodi Miller
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Chuck Todd , Matt Lauer and Brian Williams these three individuals should not be on NBC or MSNBC.
Brian Williams talks to Matt Lauer in his first interview since his suspension
Matt Lauer interviewed this morning.Paula Dean has a network.martha Stewart is doing fine.Will Brian make it back to good?
Brian Williams tells Matt Lauer he is now the spokesman for the second chances club.
Brian Williams' coworkers gather around him. For the watch, says Lester Holt. For the watch, says Matt Lauer. For the watch, …
An interview w/ Brian Williams by Matt Lauer will air on Friday's Today show and Friday's NBC Nightly News.
Suspended NBC anchor Brian Williams breaking silence in interview with NBC's Matt Lauer; unclear when it will air.
When is Matt Lauer going to interview Rupert Murdoch for pushing the deception of Fox News trying to pass as actual news?
Matt Lauer? C'mon sir. This is the most overrated "news person" besides Anderson Cooper.
you should check out Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer reaction on today show NOTHING. Like they could care less...
Tracy Morgan spoke with Matt Lauer on the set of SNL (Video
No reason not to bring back just a big pile-on, now. Dump Matt Lauer instead. I also miss Ann Curry's soothing voice.
Out of all the pics I've posted from my nyc trip, the one with the cardboard cut out of Matt Lauer received the most likes. What.
Why not sit with Matt Lauer for an interview?
OK...Now THIS is funny. Thanks, Seema Kalia for sharing.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
When Tom Cruise asked Matt Lauer "do u know what's in Adderal?" he didn't say it didn't serve a purpose. A=4 types of speed
Matt Lauer, is happy being a *** bag a DeeBag. He's stupid enough to be addicted to cocaine.
Would you sleep with Matt Lauer for $1M Y/N?
Didn't Matt Lauer also try to pound this into our heads as well?
... and see a video were Matt Lauer still has hair on exhibit at the 9/11 Memorial.
Jorge Ramos Can Stay, but Matt Lauer has to go
The neighborhood drunk, Matt Lauer, and Henry Kissinger walk into a restaurant: a lovely read on Donohue's
Is it me or does Jerry Seinfeld now look a little like Matt Lauer
Tracy Morgan is being interviewed by Matt Lauer tomorrow morning 6/1/15.
Jerry Seinfeld is starting to look Matt Lauer.
Jerry Seinfeld now looks like a Matt Lauer-Gilbert Gottfried love child.
Seinfeld is becoming Matt Lauer. . *searches internet*. Already observed. Carry on.
"Thank you, Bryant." -- to Matt Lauer. . Can't believe I never noticed this joke until today.
Adios, America? . Ann Coulter notes America has already taken in one-fourth of Mexico’s entire population...
Little known immigration facts from Ann Coulter. Adios America
For years people often ask "Where in the world's Matt Lauer?". Thing is, he's always been in our hearts. He's been inside you this whole time
Tracy Morgan to talk with Matt Lauer in first interview since accident via
Stepping out the shower looking like Matt Lauer
Perhaps Jeremy Piven should try to tackle Matt Lauer in future as an AmFAR ambassador or such non movie premiere interview.
It very possibly could be Matt Lauer who doesn't create atmosphere 4'comfortable' interviews. Willie Geist did his job today.
Channel 4: NBC. NBC staff ritually sacrifices Matt Lauer so that he becomes property of Satan in piece called 'Where the *** Is Matt Lauer'
Where is Kashamu please?. We will soon need to start a . "Where in the World is Buruji Kashamu". À la. "Where in the World is Matt Lauer"
So what do you think of Matt Lauer & would you do him
Matt Lauer stopped by Sunday on route to NYC to support Video: h…
Unless I'm really getting my timeline out of order. Wait, no, you also had him calling Matt Lauer glib on the Today Show.
ICYMI: There's a new way to get to the that doesn't involve sitting in traffic and more news:
About to try green matcha? tea from Trader Joe's. A bit nervous thanks to Matt Lauer. Celestials and Jesus, ayudame, please and thank you!
Tom Cruise chews out Matt Lauer on LIVE TV via
it was a big news story briefly in 2011. She went on Matt Lauer shoe
yeah I understand if she doesn't have time for someone like me now that she's in NY eating crumpets with Matt lauer
Matt Lauer is such a boss. The Today Show anchor got on his bike and rode a whopping 227 miles (!) for a good cause. Lauer completed his
This could be the greatest journalism joke has ever made:
The Today Show’s Matt Lauer is Riding from Boston to New York City
I'm the man of the hour, call me Matt Lauer
I liked a video Ellen Pranks Matt Lauer at The Emmys
Matt Lauer: There have been calls from some religious groups. They wanted a disclaimer at the beginning of this...
Matt Lauer meets girl, 10, who's overcome long ...
Ellen DeGeneres vs Matt Lauer who will Win the ...
i also loved The Today Show interview with that Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales at the Today show studio.
Kathie Lee Gifford and Matt Lauer share an awkward kiss for the Twizzler Challenge
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