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Matt Lauer

Matthew Todd Matt Lauer (born December 30, 1957) is an American television journalist best known as the host of NBC's The Today Show since 1997. He was previously a news anchor in New York and a local talk-show host in Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Richmond.

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Remember when Matt Lauer complained that female exec producers on would be like Lilith Fair? Good times.…
Christiane Amanpour, Matt Lauer and Katie Couric all make news report cameos in
Matt Lauer let Donald Trump get away with a clear lie about the Iraq War. Lester Holt did not.
She is medicated or may be has a earbud like she did with Matt Lauer? Trump is killing her.
Trump followers Trump is killing her. I wonder if she has an earbud like she did Matt Lauer?
We the people will have to push back on social media we did it with Matt Lauer. If Lester Holt cannot control Trump than w…
HRC's poor popularity is everyone's fault but hers: Lester Holt, Matt Lauer, ungrateful millennials, vast right-w...
The one at home has a mural of Ed O'Neill, Paul Newman, Richard Dean Anderson, Arsenio Hall, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matt Lauer tailgating.
Matt Lauer from the Today Show got his chance to intern as a Air Traffic Controller at JFK!...
I guess Walter Cronkite was right all along, Matt Lauer is no Mario Lopez
Everyone interrupts women more, not only Matt Lauer
Between Brian Williams, Matt Lauer and Jimmy Fallon basically has no credibility anymore. Sad to see them sink to such depths.
Between Jimmy Fallon, Matt Lauer, and the SNL episode last season, it seems NBC wants to "normalize" Trump. It's odd.
Great to see Willie Geist instead of Matt Lauer in NBC's Today show!
I agree :) did you see her piece on Matt Lauer? Hilarious:)
On Wednesday, Donald Trump told Matt Lauer that intelligence officials, based on body language, were not happy with
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That's the reason POTUS today, REBUKED MSM for grading dt "ON THE CURVE". They, like Matt Lauer, gives him a pass. SMH.
Criticisms over a prime-time forum hosted by Matt Lauer foreshadow the scrutiny, and anxiety, facing the anchors presiding over a trio of
Samantha Bee returns, skewering Matt Lauer and Latinos for Trump.
The subtle misogyny in Matt Lauer's interview with Hillary Clinton was appalling.
Seems like everybody forgot NBC FIRED Trump in 2015 for racist remarks about Mexicans. Now Matt Lauer is trying to get h…
Trump decides easy Matt Lauer to hard for him. 🙄
The Today Show without Matt Lauer is much more watchable. And the other folks on the show seem far more relaxed and happy.
Don't pull a Matt Lauer - and extensively ask why she KellyAnne would say that?
Agree they should be called out each time (see Lauer, Matt). But he was named Lie of the Year in 2015
going Matt Lauer. Is it an invertebrate infomercial or an interview?
Matt Lauer’s NBC presidential forum was a spectacular display of the worst habits in American journalism
Surely the isn't suggesting media bias! Welcome to our world!
Instead of holding Trump's feet to the fire, Matt Lauer seemed to warm his hands at The Donald's celebrity glow. A poor sh…
Matt Lauer should not be allowed to do political interviews. I was disappointed with his performance last night.
Sam Bee cannot believe how bad Matt Lauer is at interviewing:
Having read all the news commentaries today, Matt Lauer should be fired.
So, just dropped Matt Lauer's gnawed-clean ribcage on the ground. Utter, hilarious evisceration. I almost feel…
Reasons Matt Lauer isn't as nice as he seems He's a woman hater! Now I know why Ann Curry is gone
"Matt Lauer has been feeling many things lately."
Samantha Bee slams Matt Lauer's performance at the
This is how Hiliar handled the aftermath of town Hall w Matt Lauer. Can u imagine how she handled Sunday's collapse? ht…
Bad day at the office today huh? Get used to them. U can thank Matt Lauer...because it's not his fault after all.
Matt Lauer totally blew it on Trump’s lies about Iraq and Libya via
. Matt Lauer triumphs when good men say nothing.
.explains why Matt Lauer failed to fact-check Trump
Here's what's going on in Matt Lauer's neck of the woods...nothing. Watch Part Two:
How badly did Matt Lauer screw up as moderator of the presidential forum?
Chelsea Clinton disses Matt Lauer over treatment of Hillary at election forum
TRUMP: Matt Lauer did a 'very good job'
Matt Lauer should never again be allowed near a serious interview. He can't handle it. Interrupt HRC, let Trump lie. ***
Trevor Noah totally rips apart Matt Lauer over his presidential forum: 'He was terrible'
It wasn't Matt Lauer that hurt Hillary last night. It was her very dumb answer about emails & the veteran who said she…
what a complete *** Matt Lauer is.have not liked him since the Anne Curry debacle!
Dumb and Dumber town hall: Donald Trump didn’t know anything, and Matt Lauer didn’t care.
Tonight at 11/10c, Matt Lauer asks Hillary Clinton to describe her Middle East strategy AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.
Matt Lauer wants red Halperin and discuss the fact that Hillary appeared too serious and mean spirited last night. Rubbish.
Hillary's Performance at National Security Forum Was Atrocious: So why are the media focused on Matt Lauer instead? https:…
. Hi Julie. Question for Tim Miller: Was it obvious that Matt Lauer was much much harder on Clinton than Trump last nite?
Is anyone surprised Matt Lauer hates women after the way he treated Anne Curry???
Shame on all of you at Morning Joe. Not a peep during this morning about the pitiful performance of Matt Lauer. CorpShillsru!
So first Rick Perry tried wearing glasses to look didn't help. Matt Lauer was just as stupid with the glasses...didn't help.
can you get a comment from Anne Curry re: Matt Lauer's performance last night?
Matt Lauer let Trump get away with lying about the Iraq War in April too.
Matt Lauer let Donald Trump get away with Iraq War lie
Donald Trump: leave Iraq, but take the oil. *Thats a war crime*. Matt Lauer: Moving on...
Democrats accuse Matt Lauer of bias at NBC veterans forum: Liberal outcry over host's seven-minute grilling of...
Matt Lauer lets Donald Trump get away with Iraq War lie # via
Matt Lauer biased against Laugh out loud funny...
Who's having a worse last 24 hours; Matt Lauer or Never mind, it's still the people of Aleppo.
Again. Matt Lauer is an entertainer. This election is official a reality TV show.
I want to thank Matt Lauer for the revealing exposé on sexism in journalism. That was his intention.right?
Matt Lauer is a boob and too incompetent to run a forum of such importance. He let Trump off the hook repeatedly and focused on emails
This article hit the nail on the head - ONE SIDED QUESTIONS Matt Lauer Shows What TV Does Wrong via
Matt Lauer should just stick to pop culture celebrity interviews. Period.
Matt Lauer gets paid $20 million a year. . At that price seems like he should come with basic factual info
I like Matt Lauer but he totally blew it...
Matt Lauer was 10x tougher on Tom Cruise than he was on Donald Trump. Sad!
On one hand Matt Lauer was ridiculous choice as moderator. On other hand you need to reach that least common denominator. This is it folks.
Roughed up by critics, Matt Lauer jokes with Dana Carvey
Matt Lauer pressed Hillary Clinton but surrendered to Donald Trump
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"Matt Lauer Loses the War in a Battle Between the Candidates" by JAMES PONIEWOZIK
paigelav: Matt Lauer wouldn't lay off Clinton for her emails. He asked Trump 1 question about Iraq War -- Trump lied, th…
Matt Lauer gets rough reviews after candidate forum via
Last night was a clear example of the media's lack of fairness, accountability and balance.
"When did first you realize you were terrible?". -Matt Lauer to Hillary Clinton
"There’s a difference between an interviewer who has questions and one who has knowledge, & Mr Lauer illustrated it". http…
I thought Matt Lauer did great last night in his audition for Fox News.
Matt Lauer's interviews of Clinton and Trump were a complete disgrace to journalism
"Matt Lauer gets bullied and shamed over moderator performance"
ICYMI: Two shameful moments when Matt Lauer let Trump get away with blatant falsehoods
This CNN politics reporter just perfectly explained why Matt Lauer was a disaster last night
Excellent piece by on the debacle, and epic fail:
Can someone explain to me why Matt Lauer, who has no background in national security, is moderating a town hall focused on…
Matt Lauer gives a master class on how you bomb an interview with Donald Trump
Wow, Hillary looks drugged up at the Matt Lauer forum!
Matt Lauer was tougher on Ryan Lochte than on Donald Trump
This misses the mark. So... what's NYT critic suggesting? Lauer shouldn't have asked about emails? Gimme a break.
Matt Lauer - please bring back Ted Koppel. We need responsible journalists; folks who won't back down or be, 'ooh, look, pretty celebrity'
Looking forward to Matt Lauer's interview with OJ Simpson about his ongoing search for Nicole Brown's killer.
Anne Curry would do a MUCH better job than the low intelligence and unserious Matt Lauer on
Matt Lauer managed to get played by Ryan Lochte; I don't know why y'all thought he'd actually challenge Donald Trump.
Anne Curry is still too nice to even get the smallest satisfaction from Matt Lauer's epic fail.
Makes sense. Matt Lauer has never seen STAR WARS, yet he believes he's qualified to host a pop culture/news show
Lester Holt - moderator of 1st presidential debate - needs to do better than Matt Lauer tonight. via
Matt Lauer got his journalism degree in a Bazooka Joe comic.
Excellent work by Matt Lauer. Even handed and poignant questions. Major kudos to him.
NBC denies Matt Lauer is a donor, after he’s listed as one on Clinton Foundation website; page was removed
Matt Lauer, a huge donor and friend to Hillary Clinton, will monitor the 1st debate which is actually a town hall format.
Matt Lauer's supposed to be one of the Moderators too. Did they remove him from the panel?.
Last time Matt Lauer made a front page. This notable member of Clinton Foundation will really ask Her tough ?'s
. I stopped watching tv. I doubt it will be fair given Matt Lauer donated to the
Oh yeah Matt Lauer is so far to left he's going in circles TRUMP TRAIN will run over him
Is media merging with the Clinton machine? Matt Lauer, selected to moderate "Commander-In-Chief" forum, has ties to the
Waiting for the to interview with Matt Lauer about the shakedown the just gave them.
Matt Lauer is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative
.Is Matt Lauer tough enough to ask the questions that Hillary Clinton has been dodging?
Qusay Trump says Matt Lauer may be biased in debate bc of ties to I may be biased too. Gave them $100K! h…
Matt Lauer will moderate the first forum between and
Matt Lauer is so out of his league. Plus he's an old bald guy. Trump will c…
This isn't right, Lester Holt is moderator not Matt Lauer.
Matt Lauer and Hillary Clinton preparing to attack Trump during the debate!
Matt Lauer: Hillary...given that Trump is Hitler, which minority would he likely genocide first?.
Could this ruin Matt Lauer's career if he's too soft on Hillary? Nope nobody's gonna say a *** thing!
I am worried that Matt Lauer's appearance is hurting Stanley Tucci's career.
Matt Lauer is not a credible journalist. Never was, never will be. He's a celebrity suck master. Always was,…
Matt lauer should interview Matt Lauer, since it's his job to interview *** bags trying to 'redeem' themselves.
Clinton pawn Matt Lauer to moderate first debate. No surprise there.
This is the most stupid thing Trump has done in the entire campaign. Matt Lauer??!! Was David Axelrod busy?.
Clinton Global Initiative member Matt Lauer to moderate 1st presidential debate. No conflict of interest there then. http…
Matt Lauer, a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, will host the first presidential forum
This also applies to Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Andrea Mitchell, Mika, & some more. All are biased and in the Democrat tank.
Can't watch! Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd. You all knew how weak Trump & Hillary were. Now you're panicked!
Matt Lauer: i’m here with Ryan Lochte. Ryan Lochte: it's Brian. Brian Lochte. ML: no it isn’t. RL: ok ya got me it is Ryan. Ryan L…
Ryan Lochte gets called out by Matt Lauer 😂😂
Matt Lauer talks to Ryan Lochte in exclusive interview about robbery
Ryan Lochte finally gets real (we think?) during this interview with Matt Lauer on
"I left details out," Lochte tells Matt Lauer about his explanation for what happened in Rio https:…
Ryan Lochte tells Matt Lauer "I'm embarrassed for myself, my family, USA swimming"
Ok wait did Ryan Lochte just dye his hair back to brown for the Matt Lauer interview because if so that's hilarious. https:/…
Hey NBC's Matt Lauer, interview Hillary as thoroughly & devote the same intensity to the truth about Her lies as u did with Ryan Lachey.
EW: Ryan Lochte speaks with Matt Lauer about that Rio robbery story: 😶
Is it hypocritical for Matt Lauer to interview anyone about "Truthfulness" amongst allegations of having an affair w/ Natalie Morales?
Matt Lauer would rather channel Peter Marshall asking softball questions to celebrities on Hollywood Squares.
Seems he went 2 the Trump school of deflection from watching the Matt Lauer interview.
Wonder if Matt Lauer and will grill on emails like they just did
Al Roker, Matt Lauer, and that whole bunch can suck my balls
I only wish Al Roker had come on after Matt Lauer and slapped the taste right out of Ryan Lochte's mouth.
Wonder if Matt Lauer will drill down heavy during a Hillary interview, the way he just did with Lockte? Ryan/Hillary lied.
⚡️ "Ryan Lochte discusses his 'tantics' with Matt Lauer" OKAY ... SO YOUR... *** ??.
Matt Lauer is my favorite Steve Carrell character.
matt lauer Ryan Lochte In what universe is it a "negotiation" when one guy is drunk and the other guy has a loaded gun?
Ryan Lochte's robbery story to Billy Bush vs today to Matt Lauer
The only Matt the *** Lauer does is judge people that actually do things. He is a liberal paid hack.
The definition of Stupid is not knowing whether you were a 'victim' or a 'vandal'. Thx Matt Lauer.
Matt Lauer interviews Ryan Lochte, who'll have some work to repair trust. It'll be sad to waste such talent over an in…
Matt Lauer acts like gas station police are all innocent. THEY ARE NOT
Hey Matt Lauer how about you treat the way you treated Her crimes deserve a pounding tough guy
Why Matt Lauer?... that interview was meant for Brian Williams. 😝
Omfg and Matt Lauer.. With this f'n interview..
did you see his interview with Matt Lauer? Unless he's a good actor he looks likes he's been vomiting for several days.
Watching Lochte w Matt looks even a total dope and liar and fraud...
Watching the swimmer interview with Matt Lauer; and all I can think of is the manipulative privileged kid who talks his way out of a mess.
Locthe is a joke and embarrassment to
Shame on Matt Lauer for treating the Champion like a common criminal on national television !
I wish Matt Lauer of and other journalists would interrogate as thoroughly as he did Ryan Lo…
Matt Lauer acts like Lotche put national security at risk by transmitting classified info on a private email server or so…
It was cute how Matt Lauer interviewed Ryan Lochte like was not also culpable. They sold that story for ever…
I wish Matt Lauer would probe like they probed poor .
Matt Lauer was way too *** Ryan Lochte but black kids deserve to get shot if they seem suspicious.
While Matt Lauer is doing a thorough job of interviewing Lochte, I keep thinking of the airtime is not devoting to gr…
Matt Lauer, how about going after Hillarys lies! Who cares what these boys did?
Matt Lauer should probably retire, it's time. Interview with that swimmer dude was mediocre.If Matt was a woman he'd be go…
Matt Lauer, redeem yourself. Help get put in jail. Do a story about her anti-USA foreign money deals.
4/ Once the truth comes out, the advertisers paying Lochte call his agent, agent calls NBC, and voila, there's Lochte with Matt Lauer.
lochte’s mom: so I saw your interview…. lochte: matt lauer pointed a gun at my head
I have NO IDEA what Lochte told Matt Lauer. I quit watching TODAY after Ann Curry got shafted.
Matt Lauer, I still want justice for Ann Curry. C'mon.
I want to hear ask Matt Lauer about his affair with Natalie Morales when they were both married. come on.
Matt Lauer did a Merv Griffin imitation. Lochte must have seen the questions beforehand a la Hollywood Squares.
What I really want is for Ryan Lochte to sit down with Al Roker, not Matt Lauer. He had his chance. So did Billy Bush.
If u prefer not to watch Matt Lauer & Ryan Lochte Interview now, turn to ch 426 on Time Warner in NYC : Replaying Brazil vs Germany
Ryan Lochte Will Attempt to Explain Himself to Matt Lauer in an NBC Interview Airing Ton...
NBC's Matt Lauer says Ryan Lochte changed his story on two key details
Matt Lauer: Ryan, your robbery story isn't adding up? . Ryan Lochte:
Ryan Lochte after Matt Lauer was all like "Wait a minute..."
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Bob Costas and Matt Lauer's keystone cops reporting is Laurel and Hardy at their finest. Holmes and Watson jingoism. Paging Brian Williams!
Matt Lauer is never loyal look what he did to Ann Curry
yeah Matt Lauer is still an ahole 4getting Ann Curry kickd from the 2day show 4 no reason
Live from Rio, there's a Ball State flag flying behind Matt Lauer on Today!
Lester Holt, Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera and Hoda Kotb covering the for NBC. Next up: Kathy Lee Plasty.
To be fair, I had to turn it off because Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera were TERRIBLE!
Meredith Viera & Matt Lauer so boring. should have and narrate.
All of this plus Matt Lauer was absolute downer
This is how you end up with Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera and Hoda Kotb *** ) at a sporting event. Bleh.
Also, loved reference (or was it and Matt Lauer adding a full-on plug) 😂
Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera are more boring and annoying than everyone ever associated with a PBS pledge drive.
"Did we just see a second ago?" Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera and Hoda Kotb trying their best.
Should be Natalie Morales, Matt Lauer, and Hoda!! Not liking Meredith and her mumbling!
The worst coverage, give it back to ABC. Matt Lauer? Meredith Viera? 👎
Meredith Viera's and Matt Lauer's voices sound like the adults in Charlie Brown to me. Wah wah waah
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Is Meredith Viera's sole purpose to make Matt Lauer seem more intelligent?
Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera need to go away. None of the countries are in the order they keep telling us.
Remember when I asked what it would be like if Trump talked about the Olympics? A lot like how Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera do.
If only Meredith Viera and Matt Lauer would shut the heck up!! Ugh!!
Matt Lauer says the basketball final is hotter than Hamilton. Matt Lauer is inane.
...did Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera just quote Hamilton together live on the Olympics???
"What do you think is a hotter ticket? Hamilton on Broadway or basketball finals here in Rio?" -actual Matt Lauer quote
Five hours into the parade of nations and Matt Lauer brings up Hamilton. ***
"Did you know that some people think Natalie Morales and I have had sex? Wild! Alright, here comes Malawi" - Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer "interesting fact: NBC sacrifices interns to give Bob Costas and I the blood of 20 year olds. We'll never go away."
True, would be nice. Not looking forward to Bob Costas/Matt Lauer-land yet again.
Matt Lauer your Micronesia introduction was like to the extreme.
Did… Did we just come back from commercials to watch Matt Lauer introduce an NBC Olympics coverage commercial, then go back…
Ah yes, exactly what I watch the Olympics hear Matt Lauer. Let us hear the crowd & atmosphere, NBC.
All these commercials help pay for Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales' room service bill.
Electronic Device Insurance
Go easy on Matt Lauer. He thinks Strange Brew was a documentary. Because Brian Williams told him it is.
There is no Matt Lauer quite as condescending as Olympic Opening Ceremony Matt Lauer: "Here comes Canada. They're the country to our north"
Guessing this might be on Matt Lauer's notepad tonight
Lyin' told Matt Lauer, she wrote the speech mostly by herself. that whole Trump family is one big lie.
Melania Trump told Matt Lauer she wrote the speech. . Also Donald Trump told us he'd stop TPP. If you trust them we have…
Matt Lauer reveals why he addressed Natalie Morales departure rumors
Cringeworthy: What did Matt Lauer just say while Sandra Lee’s parade float passed by? 
is REAL quick to report on a RUMORED affair between Matt Lauer & Natalie Morales, but nothing about Roger Ailes
Natalie Morales' all female going away party aka Matt Lauer's dating pool.
Today Show's Natalie Morales has all-female farewell party after denying Matt Lauer 'affair'
I bet Matt Lauer is going to miss boinking Natalie Morales when she leaves for the West Coast. Allegedly.
Today - Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer deny affair rumors (again!)
Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales address second round of affair rumors
Natalie Morales puts her foot down regarding ridiculous Matt Lauer affair rumors: With the news that Today's ...
Matt Lauer & Natalie Morales Deny Affair Rumors: Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales are speaking out to deny rumo...
"Today" show anchors Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer are denying rumors of romance, again.
Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales deny that they're having an affair - read statements:
Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales fervently deny affair rumors # They met the Clintons on the tarmac to get advice on how to tell convincing lies
I would die with that secret so I wouldn't ruin it. . and Matt Lauer deny affair rumors via
Natalie Morales denies rumors she had an affair with Matt Lauer
Who'd do Lauer? I'm SURE there's "nothing to see here!". Matt Lauer, Natalie Morales fervently deny affair rumors
Natalie Morales definitely not moving to LA because of an affair with Matt Lauer gone wrong
Uh-oh. There are rumors of an affair between Matt Lauer and Natalie Morales.
UA alumna Savannah Guthrie is Matt Lauer's new co-anchor for TODAY via
Matt Lauer revealed as buyer of Richard Gere’s Hamptons compound
Reporters in the media are democrats, take Matt Lauer, journalism is their cover, they r agents 4 d Democrat National Committee.
Yeah Right, and I'm Cindy Lauper, but like the au in Lauper would be pronounced like the au in Matt Lauer.
A. Kiedis just superbly interviewed by Jo Whiley at Radio 2. As he gets older, his voice sounds similar to that of Matt Lauer from Today
Fun shoot with Matt Lauer & Al Roker! Watch for their trip to White Sands tomorrow right after
Why do esteemed journalists such as Lester Holt, Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Matt Lauer, and Wolf Blitzer...
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My web team just posted some short cooking video clips, with Bobby Flay, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Natalie Morales, &...
"Last time you've seen him cry?" Matt Lauer asks the kids. "Never," says DTJ. Of course not. CRYING IS FOR BETA MALE LO…
Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on Donald Trump’s Effect on the GOP Race
I love when continuously interrupts but not Matt Lauer..
Happy Here's a joke Matt Lauer used to
Midwesterners are 7.1x more likely to vote for Matt Lauer on our The Best Today Show Hosts list. Vote
Ellen gets her car loaded with 20,000 pingpong balls thanks to Matt Lauer. Happy April Fools Day!
Stopped watching this show. Matt bullied Trump about Corey Lewandowski for 5 freaking mins. Not a Trump fan, but BACK THE H*** OFF, LAUER!
Who let the email address out? During segment about cats and dogs, goofs.
Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: Last week on the Today show, Matt Lauer told millions of Americans about “a new ...
2014: NBC pays for Matt Lauer's helicopter rides to work via
I just saw a thing on fb about Matt Lauer sharing someone’s email on air. You’re the only morning show devotee I know so…
Anyone else annoyed matt lauer INTERRUPTS like let her speak! Nice job taking your answer back to the issue
The interview with Matt Lauer today was appalling. You were treated so unfairly! Right
Shout out 2 for shutting down Matt Lauer when he tried to change the subject to Zika jeopardizing women's reproductive ability
Matt Lauer: your analysis is FILTHY re: no wonder you are BALDING. Support America.
Biased Matt Lauer always says "the conservative news site Breitbart", but then doesn't say "the liberal site Huffington P…
My fave part of any Today Show interview is when a woman shuts down Matt Lauer
My favorite part of that Today Show interview with the USWNT team is when Hope Solo shut down Matt Lauer for getting off topic. *SNAPS*
I think you are being very broad minded about this choice Matt Lauer made. This was crossing the line in my opinion.
Matt Lauer: Yes, but what about the Zika virus?. Hope Solo: MATT. FOCUS.
Where's the attacks to Bernie and Hillary!! Stop the crap, woman listen to the real news not Matt Lauer, a.liberal!
I have a personal vendetta against Matt Lauer. Any man who dares slight Ann Curry is not worth any of my warm regards
show by the way u don't even know the name of the game it is not soccer morons it is football get a grip Matt Lauer
Matt Lauer *** He's so overly dramatic. You make the Today Show intolerable to watch you liberal *** ***
Why does it matter what the the men soccer players think. Matt Lauer you went off subject, why???
Because of Matt Lauer I stopped watching Today years ago because of how Ann Curry was done.
Lauer needs to take a hikeon Willie!
Matt Lauer gives out Savannah Guthrie's email on live TV. But since no one watches anymore, no harm no foul.
Matt Lauer just gave out Savannah Guthrie's email on live TV
OK. Did Matt Lauer just give out Savannah's email address live on TV?
Matt Lauer just gave out Savannah Guthrie's email address on live TV...ouch.
Did anyone else find Matt Lauer asking about Zika completely sexist? She was there to talk about pay equality, not pregnancy.
Good piece on USA women's soccer. Equal pay makes sense. Do Savannah & Natalie make as much as Matt Lauer? Do tell-
How trustworthy is Matt Lauer's reporting on any issues. .
shutting down Matt Lauer is the best thing I've ever seen⚽️
Why is Matt Lauer straight-up attacking the US Women's Soccer Team? That was a weird interview.
Matt Lauer, please stop interrupting the players
Matt Lauer questioning Donnie about his comments on women is literally laughable
Birthday wishes from Toasting The Town to NYC born news host Matt Lauer!
If Matt Lauer could just NOT, that would just be great.
If Matt Lauer & the Dem run media were a honest they would admit this video shows Michelle Fields claims are a to…
(I just watched him say that live talking to Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer.)
Trump might as well make his friends Martha Stewart or Matt Lauer the Vice President if he wins.
Today I shook the hands of Al Roker and Savannah Guthrie and got a shout out from Matt Lauer. What a way to start the day! Carnegie tonight!
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It's a poor carpenter. [but it did match his bad hairpiece]. "Donald Trump tells TODAY's Matt Lauer and...
Even if I hate Matt Lauer and what he did to Ann Curry
Screw NBC (remember how they & a**hole Matt Lauer treated Ann Curry)? U are in the BEST company. Boycotting NBC ever since.
All HACKS...Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow, Chris Wallace, Little Georgie S, Matt Lauer, and on and on and on.
I didn't like the Ann Curry clubbing by Matt Lauer. I quit after that, watch CBS instead.
Matt Lauer recalls THAT Tom Cruise interview during his sit-down with Katie Holmes:
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin spoke with TODAY anchors Savannah Guthrie and Matt Lauer about supporting Donald Trump and the
Matt Lauer and Chuck Todd and Tom Brokaw and Marco Rubio and Sarah Palin. All before 7am.
I need Michael Jordan being asked point blank by Matt Lauer what he yhinks of crying Jordan
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