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Matt Kemp

Matthew Ryan Matt Kemp (born September 23, 1984, in Midwest City, Oklahoma) is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Matt Kemp has had 188 more PA than Joc Pederson since the start of 2015. Joc Pederson has been worth 3.2 fWAR more.
Here at Dodger Stadium, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp just hugged and discussed, I'm guessing, the length of their respective beards.
I'm kinda wondering now whether Green is being nice or if he's actually unaware that Matt Kemp is one of the worst MLB pla…
Green said he believes Drew Pomeranz and Fernando Rodney should be locks for the ASG. Also mentioned Matt Kemp and Wil Myers as candidates.
Yasmani Grandal has hit like .131/.255/.238 since last August and he's still doubled Matt Kemp in 2015 and 2016 WARP.
AJ Preller on going 0-9 vs the Giants, not trading Matt Kemp and if we'll see Tyson Ross again this season.
I don't even know what the amount of money the Padres would have to eat in order to get Matt Kemp on the next flight out of town.
Matt Kemp has won TWO gold gloves. TWO! 😯
Matt Kemp misplaying that ball still not as bad as Luis Castillo's drop
. Matt Kemp has solid v Cueto. Alexi Ramirez too...that little stack. has been good for 1B & HBP
Official: Padres send Matt Kemp and Fernando Rodney to the for Alex Wood, Trayce Thompson, and Alex Guerrero.
There is always hope that Matt Kemp will get hot especially with the Dodgers coming to town.
The may have nice trade chip this summer in OF Matt Kemp, who has 10 homers and 29 RBI, and is being made availab…
Matt Kemp is beast. Between him and Justin Upton = two scary bats (when Upton connects). Upton has a mad scary swing.
Matt Kemp, will Myers, maybe a Josh Reddick or available for a outfield bat. Slim pickings
For instance, Matt Kemp is nine for his last 46 with zero home runs. How does mindlessly writing him into the lineup get us closer to 2019?
Great catch by Matt Kemp going back on a deep shot by David Ross into right.
Matt Kemp is never going to appear on Intentional Talk ever again. Dead.
Matt Kemp roatsing on Wil Myers on Intentional Talk for having never seen Major League. Yikes
Power packed IP today 2pest & I are joined by Matt Kemp, Dave Roberts, Maikel Franco, and John Mozeliak
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp are the only Padres who can hit... can't let them beat you
Sixth dinger of the year for Wil Myers. "A power hitter like him in the two-hole, that's pretty dangerous," Matt Kemp said yesterday.
PH, Jay, Myers to kick off the bottom of the ninth. Matt Kemp would be the 4th hitter.
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp due up... I wrote about them:
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp developing into one of the league's post potent 2-3-hitter combos: https:/…
Wil Myers since being moved ahead of Matt Kemp in the order: .371/.416/.586
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp and Fernando Rodney are quietly tearing it up in San Diego. Weird.
Wil Myers on Matt Kemp: "He's the best player I've ever played with."
Matt Kemp is hitting .346 as a visitor at Dodger Stadium.
Chris Hatcher gets a necessary strikeout, followed by the privilege of pitching to Matt Kemp. Louis Coleman getting warm.
Double by Matt Kemp and RBI single by Melvin Upton Jr. give their 1st run v after 30 consec zeroes this season
San Diego opens up the score. Melvin Upton Jr singles home Matt Kemp. Padres 1 and the Dodgers 0
Matt Kemp's April has been awfully sexy.
Remember when Matt Kemp was the king of LA...I miss those days
Ryan Howard chattin it up with everyone from Pete Mackanin to Matt Kemp
Look who we caught lounging around in the new beanbag chairs under the stairs, Matt Kemp from the Learning Center...
Man these Padres might not be so bad if Matt Kemp n company stay healthy could be an interesting summer
Matt Kemp has eight career multi-HR games. And four came against the
Matt Kemp has two home runs for the
Matt kemp and his hips are gonna won a gold glove. (kidding, dont attack me)
When Matt Kemp is hitting homeruns to RCF >>
Matt Kemp is off to a CRAZY start. PLEASE don't go trading him away. San Diego needs some Homerun magic!
You all hated Matt Kemp two years ago
I heard somewhere the Padres are thinking of dealing Matt Kemp,this better be a rumor or Im gonna have to go to Petco & slap someone around!
well. I'd ask what the Padres are going to win with Matt Kemp? This year or next?
Matt Kemp has something to prove this year apparently. WOW
Lmao just when we start talking about how Matt Kemp is overrated he starts hitting bombs πŸ’£
RotoRadar LIVE: Matt Kemp continues his dominance against De La Rosa, 23-50 career, with a solo shot in the 3rd inning.…
Matt Kemp with a 6 pack of RBI tonight against the
Matt Kemp is on πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ 7-10 in the two games vs. Rockies with 3 HRs and 10 RBIs
RotoRadar LIVE: Upton Jr. reaches base for the third time tonight loading the bases for Matt Kemp. **RT for chance to wi…
Matt Kemp in Colorado. See it raining fire in the sky.
So for real, scored 0 runs in first 3 games. Matt Kemp has 10 rbi in last 2 games. Baseball!
Matt Kemp can not stop, will not stop, probably will stop when he leaves Colorado
As weekend series go, Matt Kemp having a nice month against 10 RBIs in 2 games
Someone call the fire dept. Matt Kemp is on fire!
Matt kemp is killing me in fantasy right now
Matt Kemp goes yard twice tonight putting on his back!
What Padre fans don't realize is that Matt Kemp always mashes at Coors field and kills the Rox but he *** everywhere else so chill
2 more RBi for Matt Kemp on a single. Make that 10 in 2 games.
"When you think positive, good things happen." - Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp now has 10 RBIs in the past game and a half at Coors field
RotoRadar LIVE: Matt Kemp picks up his 10th RBI in the last game and a half. **RT for chance to win…
Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that Matt Kemp is really enjoying hitting at Coors Field
Career high for RBIs in a series for Matt Kemp. It's Game 2. There are still 12 1/3 innings to be played.
Matt Kemp's Padres trade value has never been higher than it is right now.
Make that 7 HR for Matt Kemp in his career against Jorge De La Rosa
Matt Kemp singles and keeps the runs coming! now lead 4-2!
{Matt Kemp says the Padres are a good team.}. Jerry Hairston Jr., just now on TWCLA: "I know Matt Kemp. He's a friend of mine. He's lying."
Matt Kemp says the Padres aren't in a slump. "It's three games guys, a slump is a lot worse than that."
Matt Kemp with his 2nd hit of the night. A sharp hit up the middle.
Apr 6, AB 1: Yasiel Puig lines out to right fielder Matt Kemp. Justin Turner to 3rd.
" hangs a star on a great catch by Matt Kemp, robbing Justin Turner on at least a double
Highlight-reel stuff from Matt Kemp, lunging behind him to snare a long fly ball by Justin Turner
Pretty great catch by Matt Kemp in RF to rob Justin Turner of what would have been another double
Hold your horses Brian Anderson, let's not all Domingo a young Matt Kemp just yet.
Nate Jones' 1st pitch, a strike, registered at 99 mph. Matt Kemp ripped 2nd one to CF & Adam Eaton, who just moved over, makes diving grab.
Melvin Upton for Rusney Castillo, James Shields for Rusney Castillo, *** give them Matt Kemp for Rusney Castillo. I don't care!
Ricky Romero, Justin Turner and Matt Kemp were all at the Lakers game tonight πŸ˜‚
Kobe also shook hands with Matt Kemp as well
Cain makes first appearance, Posey hits 1st HR in Giants win: Matt Kemp homered and John Jay had two hits and ...
in the NIT, Matt Kemp homers, TV schedule +more:
honestly Matt Kemp isn't even that good, I feel like Brian Scalabrine is better
I'm giving away something for you on Matt Kemp / Brandon Webb 2009 Upper Deck . Get it here -
Outfield drills with Jason Bay, Matt Kemp, Rocco Baldelli and ... -
Good morning! Here's Matt Kemp with some costumed puppies. (via
plus young African American kids do not see Andrew Mccutchen or Matt Kemp or David Price doing commercials like NBA/NFL ...
How can you say that Matt Kemp is falling off in his career like Vernon Wells and company. He had 100 RBIs last season!
" on why Wil Myers should have a big year & difficulty in trading Matt Kemp & James Shields
Matt Kemp look like a bullfrog with them ugly *** braids. Chris look a mess also. And Quincy does too. That hairstyle need to be deleted
sooo like them, Eric Byrnes, Alfonso Soriano and almost Matt Kemp? What a great group.
With the 12th pick of the 2nd round, King's Kingdom selects OF Matt Kemp
Don't buy the whole "Matt Kemp wasn't at the jersey unveiling, so..." They're putting him all over social media too for fanfest.
DeMarcus Cousins is a disaster. He's the Matt Kemp of basketball. Occasional big games but never when it matters most.
Who are you more confident with in a 12 team H2H points league near rd 5/6 Kyle Seager, Matt Kemp, F. Lindor or Pence?
Just saw an old picture of Matt Kemp in a Dodgers uniform and well my day is ruined
Matt Kemp (Los Angeles Dodgers) runs over to give his own game ball, hat, jersey,and cleats to a fan battling cancer
I have heard that one and yes, it is a positive one. Call me crazy, but how far am I off on Matt Kemp?
Good morning, here is the MLB Daily Dish: MLB trade news and rumors for January 3, 2016
*Looking at Matt Kemp's IG remembering how hot he is.* 😍
I never want to sit out. I want to play baseball. -Matt Kemp
we're gonna die we're still not over Matt Kemp 😩😭
Nothing I love more coaches/managers coming out with the 'he's managed this many games, he knows what he's doing' line. H…
Matt Kemp: A microcosm of the Padres: Kemp's career arc while a Padre mirrors the Padres as a...
Matt kemp is 6"4 and 214 lbs .. These stats alone is why he must let me sire his son .
Whew, Matt Kemp's father is so fine. Jesus!
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Forgot about Matt Kemp's comically good looks.
The are Matt Kemp, and Matt Kemp is the Padres.
You're catching the mute from all your followers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Matt Kemp had -37 Defensive Runs Saved and a -25.8 Ultimate Zone Rating in 2010. jfc.
If you're looking for inspiration, keep in mind that both Brian McCann and Matt Kemp had torn shoulder labrums and successfully recovered.
OCR and Plan International catch ups today - always innovating with Matt Mead Louise Marriott & Sam Gaskin-Kemp
assistant Dave Kemp expects Berahino to stay at Albion - story
This was Matt Kemp as a 1980s-era wrestler last year, for those who missed it
But in all seriousness, I'm excited to see how the Game of Thrones-ify Matt Kemp's mugshot on the scoreboard
Matt Kemp as the dead guy in the bathroom.
matt kemp growth posters, seat cushions, bobble heads, good quality beach towels. So many options from the 80's
The Padres this winter have acquired Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, and Derek Norris. Best move for them this offseason? Hiring AJ Pr…
That was Mike Trout and Matt Kemp when I met both of them πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½ awesome guys!!
if you had to pick between Felix Hernandez & Matt Kemp which would you want going forward next 3 years?
I legitimately don't know who's on the team other than Matt Kemp an Wil Myers now. They had Kimbrel, right? I didn't dream that?
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Y'all think Chris Brown look better than Matt Kemp?
Tahliah is engaged to R-Patz. Loved Robyn with Matt Kemp, Drake & Chris Brown. Zayn was engaged to Pez and he's now with Gigi.
Kenley/Matt Kemp*/Andre Ethier/ Russell martin/ Clayton Kershaw and so on. Mccourts were the problem, not Ned Colleti.
Matt Kemp looks like an African American Studies professor.
Yeah it could look like Matt Holliday or Matt Kemp. I think more in line with Alex Rios where it is bad.. then look OK
I have a question for you Dennis, Matt Kemp for Pablo Sandoval which team says no?
Thoughts? TX sends Derek Holland, Elvis Andrus and Joey Gallo to San Diego for Tyson Ross and Matt Kemp to Texas
If true, forget Chapman. That's WAY worse than Matt Kemp having arthritis! In fact, IF true, he shouldn't play in the MLB again. EVER.
Matt Kemp thinks the Dodgers are taking too long to trade for Aroldis Chapman.
Matt Kemp for our soup Β―\_ツ_/Β―. Johnny Cueto's turnaround makes me feel like dying"?
My sources telling me no Peraza, but Matt Kemp's medicals could be in the deal too
According to the would "consider" moving Matt Kemp, James Shields and Derek Norris this offseason.
Matt Kemp's new original painting with the most important players in his career. The latest work by V.WELLS
.entourage: Rhett, Beau, Bart, Jarrett, Kemp (yes, first name), Mott (not Matt), Nash (again, first name).
that's what they said about Matt Kemp
her opinion means nothing to me and frankly I can't stand her..matt kemp is FAR from a jerk. *** she had a bad experience
becoming a worse Dodger than Matt Kemp was.
why is there a picture of matt kemp of the San Diego Padres?
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Melvin Upton isn't worse than matt kemp
Falsely ID'd in vid is Cole Hamels then Matt Kemp. When its not me, its Jean. Do u recognize real ID of guy?
AJ Preller trades all his sides until he ends up with a chipped gravy boat and Matt Kemp.
*** destined for DHhood: Matt Kemp, Pedroa Alvarez, Nick Castellanos, Jose Bautista Logan Morrison, Avisail Garcia (if he can it)
Padres rumored to be shopping Tyson Ross and Matt Kemp
what would you think of a JBJ, Swihart, and prospects to SD for Tyson Ross and Matt Kemp deal? I think it would be solid
Padres rumors: San Diego is shopping Tyson Ross and Matt Kemp
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Mlb>The Padres are shopping Matt Kemp and Tyson Ross - Sources tell Ken Rosenthal of..
are shopping RHP Tyson Ross and OF Matt Kemp, per
The are shopping right-hander Tyson Ross and outfielder Matt Kemp, according to Ken Rosenthal.
Per Robothal, the Padres are looking to move Matt Kemp. Wonder if they'd take Andre Ethier for him?
Thoughts and prayers for Preller in Boca Raton as he attempts to get rid of Matt Kemp's contract.
I liked a video Matt Kemp Gives His Jersey to Fan With Cancer
Jim Harbaugh does cartwheel after four-star DE Carlo Kemp commits to Michigan. WATCH:
Matt kemp is better than steph curry
Ha! That's like the time I tried to convince the Dodgers to trade me Matt Kemp, so he could come live at my house.
matt kemp that garbage now a days or something? I know his other hr derby performance was crap but still he's there lol
It seems a lot more likely they'd go for the thrifty, half-assed "reload" combined with some "Hey look! Matt kemp!"
doesn't make It doesn't complain. Whatever you're doing, go out there and get it done. Matt Kemp
both have been pretty bad tonight. I expect Kemp to be scratched tomorrow
Dodgers player Matt Kemp is an example of how all stars should be. It's unreal what he did for this kid. ッ
The first of many Sunday roast leaving the kitchen today.
What I'm saying is I think Matt Kemp might be a serviceable bottom-6 forward.
Matt kemp? Cardinals would have had to offer LAD the world
if nothing else, Matt Kemp has proven the last 3 years of Heyward's deal will be tradable
Matt Kemp drove in 100 runs in 2015. He was worth 0.4 WAR.
when you bring defensive value and position into it, Miller is far better then Matt Kemp.
If they do trade, I feel it will be for a bat tho, not a pitcher. I wouldn't be shocked if it was Matt Kemp.
Yeah. The other guys Im hearing are Matt Kemp & Upton but those will be in a trade
Matt Kemp isn't really Bad. He's just not as Good. . Which I guess is Bad.
Miller's career started at the exact point that Matt Kemp became Bad, so it's not really that impressive
Wait this is real? I thought ppl were joking when they said Cameron thought Brad Miller was better than Matt Kemp.
"I think Brad Miller is a better player than Matt Kemp even without the cost difference considered" -- Dave Cameron, 11/…
and they're both better than Matt Kemp
buddy i have never said Ryan Flaherty is better than Matt Kemp
I'll have you know Brad Miller put up .5 more fWAR than Matt Kemp last year.
Dude is over here trying to tell me Matt Kemp was one of the greatest Seattle Supersonics of all time.
Other sitcoms : Matt Kemp in August :: You're the Worst season 2: Jose Bautista sending the Blue Jays to the ALCS
Yup, the should blow this thing up and start from scratch.
Great omen for the coming weekend! Sofball up-and-comers meet baseball great Matt Kemp on their way to the 2015...
I liked a video from Joc Pederson is Better than Matt Kemp | 5/22/15 | S08E24
Funny: Justin Maxwell, Jarrett Parker & Adam Duvall had higher fWARs than Matt Kemp in 2015
Matt Kemp is more shameful. Went from Goddess RiRi to Centaur Khloe.
Just like his old Matt Kemp avatar. How long till Ken posts that bad boy? You are the best Kenny...
it's Matt Kemp Alana.. He's tagged in it πŸ˜‚
I can see that Matt Kemp is used to enjoy the offseason. That's the spirit!
hopefully next to your Matt Kemp jersey.
Jose Bautista and Matt Kemp have that high pitch Mike Tyson voice, I crack up every time I hear them talk.
Matt Kemp will hit another cycle in December too πŸ˜‚
Matt Kemp was sitting one section away from me last night at game. Wondering what he was thinking as the game unfolded?
Hartford is on the board, just 1:02 in. Matt Kemp 11 run. PAT kick good by Cleary. 7-0 Indians with 10:58 left in first.
Matt Kemp gets $3.135M for his chromed-out contemporary with 20 TVs and swim-up bar
Matt Kemp would have been the best Dodgers outfielder this year...stats wise πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ˜”
Matt Kemp sells his gorgeous Arizona home for $3.135 Million
Matt Kemp had a .312 OBP this year. You can't possibly argue that the Dodgers were worse off without him.
That pic of Corey Seager now replaces Matt Kemp in the best looking Dodger region of my mind.
He moved on to lamenting the trade of savvy veteran Matt Kemp to San Diego last December.
Well we are talking about Is he still griping about unrefined youngster Matt Kemp supplanting Juan Pierre?
nights like last night, I wish the Dodgers still had Matt Kemp & Dee Gordon
Matt Kemp sells stunning Arizona home for $3.135 Million
yet ANOTHER dumb Mattingly decision. I honestly don’t understand what he was thinking. He learned NOTHING from Matt Kemp situation
GORL he is cute... Giving me Matt kemp feels πŸ™ˆπŸ’πŸ½
still wondering why the dodgers got rid of matt kemp to bring in some older players and go with a young rookie?Should have kept kemp!
I look forward to this podcast, Matt. I have always felt Jack Kemp was much more important than he was given credit for.
Some dude got a tattoo of Bautista's bat flip. But it looked more like Matt Kemp to me.
When you think good things happen. Matt Kemp
Sure would've been nice to have NL batting champ Dee Gordon and 100-RBI guy Matt Kemp in that game...
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Had a great talk w/ Morton Kondracke about Jack Kemp. Check out the podcast!
I love your intro music. Matt Lewis Show: Jack Kemp, Bleeding-Heart Conservative
only when Matt kemp was there only reason I liked them. you know my family are New Yorkers so how can o not like the mets
An episode with talking about the importance of app performance
we traded Dee Gordon and Matt Kemp which, I think, hurt our chances.
Padres' Matt Kemp sells his desert home with 20 TVs for $3.135 million
My guess is Walter would have a man-crush on Donnie Baseball before Matt Kemp.
Somewhere Matt Kemp is sitting in a swivel chair with pyramid fingers saying good, good.
Dodgers got rid of Dee Gordon, Hanley Ramirez and Matt Kemp for three guys that gave us nothing in the second half of the season.
ha! didnt even make playoffs with matt kemp. Ha! didnt even have a winning record
Sign Matt Kemp back and the will be taken away upon the franchise
To be honest if the Dodgers had Matt Kemp they would’ve won lol
Matt Kemp what are you thinking right now
They said before Matt Kemp needed labrum repair.
Where's Matt Kemp right now so I can't drink with him
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Maybe la needs Matt Kemp in their lineup again lol
Matt Adams, Matt Holiday, Matt Kemp, Matt Harvey, Matt Carpenter, tough to choose one
I like the fact the Dodgers got a great catcher but if you have Matt Kemp you trade him for a David Price.
Dodgers need all these revenue streams just to pay for Jason Schmidt and Matt Kemp contracts
Brandon Weeden was teammates with Matt Kemp and Jumbo Diaz in 2004 on the Dodgers Low-A team.
Matt Kemp, Tyson Ross, and no chance Murphy is back
Pat Murphy announces that Matt Kemp will miss the remainder of the season with a strained tendon in his right middle finger.
Hey we really enjoyed the story you did on Matt Kemp visiting the third grade class! So cute. Read it on my MLB app.
Birthday Walkoff! Jedd Gyorko drives in Matt Kemp to win the game for It's BOTH of their birthdays today
Next time you make a $300M payroll joke, remember Matt Kemp scored to beat the Giants & Hector Olivera homered against the Met…
Last second switch of Brandon Crawford and Matt Kemp in for Eduardo Escobar and Joey Bats. Let's see how it works.
oddly Matt Kemp has over 10 more RBIs than Brice Harper, sort of like on a lesser degree to Steve Carlton on the 1972 Phillies
Rymer Liriano batting .285, 13 HR 61 RBI, and not getting a look because we got Justin Upton and Matt Kemp
Kemp has HR, 4 RBIs in Padres' 8-6 loss to Rangers: San Diego (AP) - Matt Kemp is trying to carry the San Dieg...
It's amazing how Matt Kemp went from being a scrub to the man. San Diego is a funny sports town.
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Matt Kemp's cycle is the 309th such occurrence in MLB history. The first occurrence happened in 1882 by Curry Foley of the Buffalo Bisons.
My player in road to the show was actually the first Padre to ever hit for the cycle but I guess they can give all the credit to Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp should ride that cycle out of town & take that absurd contract with you # overhyped
Show San Diego some love here ! Matt Kemp with the first cycle in the Padres 46 year, 7,443 game history!
Matt Kemp does it!. Kemp's triple in the 9th completes the first cycle in history.
How's about you and I do a early 1 hour show tomorrow expressing our reactions for Matt Kemp's cycle tonight!?
Hey guys ... U might wanna have a game-break to show Matt Kemp's cycle. It's the 1st cycle in Padres history!!!
Utility spot rest of the season, Maikel Franco or Matt Kemp?
You want Goldschmidt? We'll take James Shields, Matt Kemp, Tyson Ross, Justin Upton, and your minor league system.
Wild pitch from Heston sends Matt Kemp to the ground & to 1st. Drilled hard in the forearm.
Baseball Tonight scoreboard. Pujols's big day, Cashman on NYY trade talks, Matt Kemp hits the beac…
Pitchers who induced the most Matt Kemp and Jedd Gyorko Home Runs Fri:. J. De La Rosa (1 ea.)
Fourth career HR for Matt Kemp against Jorge De La Rosa. Kemp is now 19-for-45 lifetime against the left-hander.
Matt Kemp's got great vs Jorge De La Rosa & was heating up heading into the break
Justin Upton and Matt Kemp almost have the same batting average now.
Matt Kemp is the new Justin Upton and Justin Upton is the new Matt Kemp
The Padres are now 13-2 when Matt Kemp and Justin Upton both drive in at least one run. Thought it would happen a lot more often.
sdn, 5, Justin Upton singles on a ground ball to left fielder Josh Hamilton. Yangervis Solarte scores. Matt Kemp to 2nd.
April 11-14 is the only time this season that Matt Kemp and Justin Upton had hits in 4 straight games at the same time.
By Fangraphs WAR... the worst position players in the NL are:. Matt Kemp. Ian Desmond. Chris Owings. Starlin Castro. Jimmy Rollins. Ryan Howard
yknow it would be cool if Justin Upton could just trade contracts with Matt Kemp
"Matt Kemp, I bet you voted for Romney"-
Wow Justin Upton with an amazing catch robbing Cutch then Matt Kemp shows us how not to field a ground ball in the outfield
Matt Kemp follows up Justin Upton's incredible, homer-robbing catch in LF by slipping near a ball in RF. Kang gets an RBI triple. 2-2.
Justin Upton makes a *** of a play and then Matt Kemp blows it. Basically sums up the 2015 Padres.
Justin Upton's catch is everything that Matt Kemp's scoop wasn't
Justin Upton just went three rows into the crowd to top a home run. Matt Kemp can't field a ground ball.
Matt Kemp making up for Justin Upton momentarily making the Padres outfield defense look good.
Wow Justin Upton... And are you kidding me Matt Kemp...
Has Justin Upton been worse than Matt Kemp over the last 38 games? Seems like it. So overrated.
The Dodgers are paying Matt Kemp, Brian Wilson, Dan Haren, Dee Gordon, Ryan Webb, Brandon League $47.5 million to not play for them in 2015.
The Padres could trade Matt Kemp for maybe a used washing machine at this point. At least we could count on clean uniforms
Less we not forget, Matt Kemp got thrown out at 2nd from Molina while on his knees.
paying $47.5 million for Matt Kemp, Brian Wilson, Brandon League, Dan Haren and Dee Gordon not to play for them.
My 5 dongs of the night are: Adrian Gonzales, Kris Bryant, Jose Bautista, Matt Kemp, and Justin Bour.
Matt Kemp one-hands a home run to left. He has two home runs in his last three games.
Clearly. Although if he put himself in for Matt Kemp it might be a boost to the team
David Lough has teh same amount of HR's as Matt Kemp and Robinson Cano.
It's not Bud Black's fault that Matt Kemp has 2 home runs and a .289 OBP, Wil Myers has been off and on the DL and Jedd Gyorko is in AAA.
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