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Matt Kemp

Matthew Ryan Matt Kemp (born September 23, 1984, in Midwest City, Oklahoma) is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Matt Kemp coming back to for the price of Adrian Gonzalez, Brandon McCarthy, Scott Kazmir, Charlie Culbers…
Kolby Allard, Dansby Swanson, Adonis Garcia, Matt Kemp, Max Fried for Giancarlo? Tell me you're not taking it.I…
A. David Wright. B. Ehhh...Matt Kemp. C. David Wright. I think most will choose the rival player beca…
MLB player Matt Kemp (and his agent Larry Reynolds) with former financial advisor to athletes, Jeff Wallner. Wallner is…
You have got to be joking? J.J. Watt raised $37 MILLION for Harvey victims, Matt Kemp flew a cancer patient to a dodgers g…
It's the worst decision in baseball since Ryan Braun won the MVP over Matt Kemp in 2011. Kemp was the best player in the NL that year.
I used to go to Thirsty Thursdays in college and see Clayton Kershaw pitch for the Jacksonville Suns. Oh, and Matt Kemp was there.
The Cleveland Browns foolishly took on Brock Osweiller's contract and had no use for him. Wonder if they would be interested in Matt Kemp.
Don't drop it, may damage it. Scratches on CDs are no joke.
Keep your eyes peeled for our Christmas EP dropping in December!
loving the Sportify playlist for currently being shared as our PT music to about 90 guys.
.bringing up the Yorvit/Matt Kemp brawl on MLB Whiparound in looking for precedent for suspensions in Yanks/Tigers
Riri will ruin ya life I swear. She done ruined the lives of 3 light skinned men: Drake, Mychal Kendricks and Matt Kemp.
Depends on how much labrum involvement but as a hitter yes. Matt Kemp might be the closest comp.
A Rejoinder to Matt Lewis on Libertarians and the Alt-Right
When did Matt kemp go to braves🤔 know I don't watch baseball anymore lol
Chris Taylor steals 2B. With 17 HR & 15 SB he is the first Dodgers 15/15 player since Matt Kemp went 39 HR / 40 SB in 2011
I think the GMs are clueless they got talent. How you let Adams pitch hit for Matt Kemp. Fugazi
I mean MATT KEMP! You're argument is ded ded ded & the earth over it has been both scorched & salted
Matt Kemp and Rhys Hoskins have hit the same number of HRs since April 30th. Hoskins debuted August 10th.
In honor of this week's interview with Corey Kemp, here's our very first interview from Minnesota. Matt Magers.…
-_- yt coworker thought Matt Kemp isn't black bc he has light skin with light eyes
I used to think Matt Kemp was a good looking dude , he really let himself go
hey matey myself and Tom Kemp are coming up tonight. Can you bring our shirts? Thanks!
They may need to eat more with Matt Kemp at some point too.
If you wear a Matt Kemp tank top in your profile pic, any opinions you have about the are trash.
Hey the guy in the sleeveless matt kemp shirsey said something stupid. Everyone act surprised.
13 year old hit a 420 foot shot off the 2nd deck. And all Matt Kemp can think about is the distance traveled...420.
Is he starting on the team or in a platoon role with Nick or in a bench role or giving a…
Matt Kemp drives home Ender Inciarte & the tie it up in the bottom of the 7th!
Matt kemp with the hit... tie ball game... with runners in scoring position
Matt Kemp with a broken bat single into left that scores Ender Inciarte. Tie game at 4-4
oh god this is where all those jokes we've made about Matt Kemp: RBI Machine come back to us
Matt Kemp's RBI single to left has tied this game at 4-4 in the bottom of the 7th!
Horrible swing by Freddie and here comes the Matt Kemp double play ball.
1st and 3rd one out for Matt Kemp... This has double play written all over it
Rzepczynski strikes out Freddie Freeman for the first out of the inning. Phelps coming in to face Matt Kemp with runners on the corners
Matt Kemp, I swear if you hit into a double play...
Matt Kemp up in a situation where a double play would be crushing, I wonder what's gonna happen 🙃
Matt Kemp really was the 2011 NL MVP tho.
Cannot believe this. I hate baseball. Also Rich Hill threw a no-hitter, Matt Kemp was the 2011 NL MVP and Agon was safe.
Back when Matt Kemp could steal a base.
Snit PH Lane Adams instead of Matt, doesn't double switch him in for Kemp, and then brings in Motte.
Matt Kemp slowest LF in the game. Diving for routine fly balls.
Matt Kemp has 2 home runs since June 22nd.
Look at Matt Kemp's stats after May. *** pour
Matt Kemp hasn't even made attempts at any ball hit his way today.
Matt Kemp just looks in pain in the outfield..
It's been awhile since I've seen OF play as lackadaisical as Matt Kemp's. It kinda seems like he's just out there for an evening stroll.
Matt Kemp joins Clemenger BBDO Melbourne as senior planner
Matt Kemp's bat no longer outweighs his lack of a glove
me too..but there are 108 players with more HR than him this year. even Matt Kemp has more. in less games too.
If Matt Kemp raced his pregnant wife, he'd come in 3rd
Until Matt Kemp starts hitting, expect the IBB for Freddie to be a more common tactic.
Robbie Cano with a diving stop and throw to first to get Matt Kemp and end the inning. Braves lead 3-2.
Rihanna is thicker than my boy Matt Kemp
Perhaps Phillips missed the 2B bag on the way by, either way. He had to stop at 3B. have two men in scoring posit…
Imagine rooting for a team that has Matt Kemp and Nick Markakis batting 4/5. Lmao. .oh wait.
Matt Kemp joins Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne from Grey, London in senior planner role
Albert Pujols, Matt Kemp, Jose Bautista, and Adrian Gonzalez are all free agents in my fantasy league. We're all getting old.
That's Brian Cashman's job to figure out. But Vernon Wells and Matt Kemp got traded twice each. Anything is possible.
Russell Martin, Matt Kemp, Manny Ramirez, Andre Either, James Loney, And Casey Blake all on one team and one video…
Some time during his stay in San Diego, Matt Kemp morphed into Josh Willingham. I'd rather have Schwarber in left field than Kempingham.
Daniel Norris (hottest player of all time), Cole Hamels, Matt Kemp, Kris Bryant, Kevin…
He fought Drake over Rihanna & i'm pretty sure he fought The Migos over Karrueche. Now i know he couldn't jump Matt Kemp
Rihanna has been with Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, Travis Scott, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake. and she is *** near 30. THAT…
Matt Kemp would not have scored there ... but Danny 80-grade Santana did!
Matt Kemp pulled for pinch-runner Danny Santana after 5th inning single. No immediate word if injury involved.
Danny Santana will run for Matt Kemp who just singled to end Matt Cain's night. Wonder if the hamstring acted up on him? We shall see.
But I'll throw names Melky Cabrera and Matt Kemp out there
Fan voting has got to go... Brandon Phillips and Matt Kemp should be in there instead of Daniel Murphy and Jason Heyward
you've gotta help me out here man. How in the name of all things raisin is Matt Kemp valued at $32 on your TC
Matt Kemp's commentary on old teammate Clayton Kershaw (on TV in clubhouse):. "He's a phenom.". "He's not real.". "He's a…
Ender Inciarte & Matt Kemp are the first teammates w/40+ hits in the month of May since 1959 (Hank Aaron & Johnny…
Matt Kemp lasers out a long one, and the Braves go up 2-0!
The guy at security gate at Stadium thinks I'm Matt Kemp. Guy was so excited I didn't have the heart to say no I'm just…
Matt Kemp had been 5-for-40 career against Max Scherzer with 11K prior to that solo-homer.
@ T1-1o: Ezequiel Carrera flies out to LF Matt Kemp.
@ B9-2o: Mike Ohlman singles on a sharp ground ball to LF Matt Kemp.
@ T3-3o: Matt Kemp lines out sharply to LF Ezequiel Carrera.
Pat Tabler just said of current ATL barve RF Matt Kemp "he played CF when he played in the NL"
On a note Matt Kemp and Brandon Philips are
Matt Kemp is killing it. . I'm about to turn the lights down low, light a few candles and have a Papa Slam to the replay.
Coming up next on Matt Kemp joins and Harold Reynolds from…
.collects ALL of the hits to nail down the second cycle in history (Matt Kemp, 2015).
Ender Inciarte, Matt Kemp and Nick Markakis collected multi-hit games for Atlanta. Kemp left early for precautionary reasons (hamstring).
If Ender Inciarte and Nick Markakis can get there bats going the will be SCARY because & Matt Kemp are 🔥
Matt Kemp now has as many home runs as Tim Tebow.
Angel Pagan is better than Bonifacio but also better than Nick Markakis and probably also better than Matt Kemp
And Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford and Brandon McCarthy and Hyun-jin Ryu and Alex Guerrero and Matt Kemp and Hector Olivera and
Brought my mother to two games last year. One was JDLR giving up approximately 37 HRs to Matt Kemp. The second? Jon…
.and are talking to Freddie Freeman, Brian Snitker, Matt Kemp and the rest of the
Matt Kemp..on his way to first full squad meeting in CF at Spring Training..
Oh man pretty glad I just found this Matt Kemp this video from Spring Training.
That's Matt Kemp again doing extra conditioning work on field, an hour after practice ended.
LA is literally paying players not to play for them...I think LA is still paying Carl Crawford and Matt Kemp's *** contracts
REPORT: Pittsburgh acquires Giancarlo Stanton & Brandon Guyer from Atlanta for Taijuan Walker, Matt Kemp and Neftali Felix.
I got a Torey Smith 49ers auto /25 from the Matt Kemp. I just sent in Morneau on Monday.
A little over a year later and all the Braves have to show for this trade is Paco Rodriguez and Matt Kemp's salary
How is it a total loss when we ended up with Matt Kemp, Paco Rodriguez, and Joey Wentz?
...Braves are left w/ Matt Kemp, Paco Rodriguez, Joey Wentz. Dodgers are left w/ Luis Avilan, Alex Wood & 3 ChiSox prospects (for Peraza)
R.A. Dickey, Bartolo Colon, Matt Kemp, Nick Markakis. If this was 2012, we'd be a World Series contender
Still have Matt Kemp & Nick Markakis under contract. I wouldn't be shocked to see one or two of the pitc…
Rumor Central: Braves not looking to shop OFs Matt Kemp, Ender Inciarte and Nick Markakis - Atlanta Journal-Consti…
same time earlier this year - Freddie Freeman, Matt Kemp, & Nick Markakis. Anything like that happened before?
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Rajai Davis and Coco Crisp are tough to replace. I hear Matt Kemp plays a pretty mean CF. Seriously though, team to beat in 2017.
Matt Kemp won two Gold Glove Awards. Both were in the same year he also won a Silver Slugger Award. Hint: the GG isn't necessarily about D.
"With this home run, Andre Ethier (649) passed Matt Kemp (648) for fifth place on the LA Dodger RBI list. ht…
Don't forget Joe Ross, plus Yasmani Grandal for the honor of Matt Kemp's anchor of a contract
uhhh no lmfao Rihanna dated Matt Kemp then got back with Chris
DISS! just came for Matt Kemp and maybe even 💅 💔
Rihanna counts Chris Brown, Matt Kemp and Leonardo DiCaprio among her former partners.
Matt Kemp promptly doubles off the right wall and Dansby Swanson comes in to score the go-ahead run. 2 -
Matt Kemp took a seat on slugger Freddie Freeman's knee just now
Matt Kemp (was ejected in the 3rd inning vs. . Today is his 32nd birthday. Happy birthday,
Matt Kemp was ejected from today's Braves game. Today is his 32nd birthday.
This is an awesome read on OF defensive metrics, featuring Jason Heyward, Adam Eaton, Matt Kemp and Mookie Betts:
Matt Kemp must have looked up and see this on Anthony Rendon's fly ball
lead 2-0 in the 1st inning at Turner Field as Matt Kemp drops an Anthony Rendon pop fly in LF... allowing 2 runs to score
Matt Kemp tracks a fly off Anthony Rendon's bat to the track in LF and...drops it trying to make a 1-handed catch. 2 runs score. 2-0
Matt Kemp drops a fly ball and two runs score on Anthony Rendon's drive to left field warning track. 0 - 2, Top 2
first Derek Jeter now A-Rod ... if Bryce Harper or my husband (Matt Kemp) retire anytime soon my baseball dreams will be shot 😩
Robinson Cano, Matt Kemp, Adam Wainwright, and John Lackey are on the block for
It's a home run party! Matt Kemp cranks 1st big fly with the We are having fun!
Yeah Adonis Garcia doubles home Matt Kemp for 5-2 lead!
Two pitchers who began this season in A-ball duel, plus Adrian Gonzalez can break a tie he shares with Matt Kemp.
BREAKING: AJC basketball blogger judges Matt Kemp trade based on two at-bats
Somebody tell Matt Kemp that LA hasn't had a real right fielder since Raul Mondesi and a real center fielder since Brett Butler.
Matt Kemp says Freeman hugged him and said, "Now I've got somebody to hit behind me."
that was a good trade! I like former dodger Matt Kemp going to the Braves
Matt Kemp is now easily the coolest athlete to play in Atlanta since Joe Johnson
Matt Kemp Does a hot gangsta that jumps drugs
If only it was LA dodger Matt Kemp and not the "who is that" Matt Kemp
The San Diego Padres have traded Matt Kemp and cash considerations to the Atlanta Braves for Hector Olivera.
The Matt Kemp trade makes no sense to me
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San Diego acquired a two-time All-Star outfielder with the Dodgers, from Los Angeles in December 2014. It
OFFICIAL: acquire INF/OF Hector Olivera from the Braves and send OF Matt Kemp, cash considerations to ATL
Remember when Matt Kemp was the best player in baseball?
Matt Kemp was in the way of the next plan in SD. So he had to go.
Matt Kemp and Dwight Howard now play in Atlanta. That would have been really awesome about 5 years ago.
i was at work. WE HAVE MATT KEMP LIT
GM Coppolella on closing book on Olivera: "What happened with Hector is unfortunate and unacceptable. We're happy…
😱⚡️ “Padres trade Matt Kemp to the Braves for Hector Olivera”.
To finish this Matt Kemp-Hector Olivera trade, do Ned Colletti and Andrew Friedman have to fly in from L.A. to debate which…
On July 30, 2015, the acquired Hector Olivera in a 3-team trade. On July 30, 2016, they have dealt him to the
Now all you girls are gunna stop rooting for the Padres cause Matt kemp got traded lol
Matt "Washed Up" Kemp is on pace to break his single season home run record of 39.
Padres to give Blash another look: After the Padres traded Matt Kemp to the Braves on Saturday, they will rep...
Matt Kemp's contract is becoming some form of a modern MLB chain letter.
Matt Kemp and his ex-Padres teammates give us the first of the MLB trade season
Advanced baseball metrics say Matt Kemp blows. Basic metrics he's a great addition for Braves. Homers and RBIs don't come easy us.
actually just got matt kemp from the padres! Solid outfielder
The have acquired OF Matt Kemp & cash considerations from the Padres in exchange for OF Hector Olivera.
San Diego Padres agree to trade OF Matt Kemp to the Atlanta Braves for third baseman Hector Olivera.
Braves acquire Matt Kemp from Padres in bad contract swap
It's official. The acquire Matt Kemp & cash from the for Hector Olivera.
Work in the Internet without investment | Padres trade Matt Kemp to Braves for 3B Hector Olivera - ESPN
Padres move to Braves, get back Olivera
Padres reportedly trade Matt Kemp to Braves for Hector Olivera
Coppy and Hart comment on the Olivera-Kemp trade. Financials updated
I'm happier than I should be about this trade. I know he won't put up MVP type numbers anymore. But ITS MATT KEMP.
IT'S OFFICIAL! Matt Kemp is the newest member of your Atlanta Braves!! Welcome to
*** and I was about to buy a Matt Kemp Padres jersey too 😂
.acquire OF Matt Kemp and cash from for INF Hector Olivera.
Matt Kemp straight up for Hector Olivera. The just robbed the
BREAKING: The have traded Hector Olivera for Padres outfielder Matt Kemp.
Padres send Matt Kemp to Braves in exchange of bad contracts //
I don't look at age. I look at experience therefore he's "Young" and he has more potential than Matt Kemp.
Matt Kemp trade makes no sense. Why would a rebuilding team trade away young talent for a guy that maxed out 2 years ago ?
Matt Kemp has had 188 more PA than Joc Pederson since the start of 2015. Joc Pederson has been worth 3.2 fWAR more.
Here at Dodger Stadium, Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp just hugged and discussed, I'm guessing, the length of their respective beards.
I'm kinda wondering now whether Green is being nice or if he's actually unaware that Matt Kemp is one of the worst MLB pla…
Green said he believes Drew Pomeranz and Fernando Rodney should be locks for the ASG. Also mentioned Matt Kemp and Wil Myers as candidates.
Yasmani Grandal has hit like .131/.255/.238 since last August and he's still doubled Matt Kemp in 2015 and 2016 WARP.
AJ Preller on going 0-9 vs the Giants, not trading Matt Kemp and if we'll see Tyson Ross again this season.
I don't even know what the amount of money the Padres would have to eat in order to get Matt Kemp on the next flight out of town.
Matt Kemp has won TWO gold gloves. TWO! 😯
Matt Kemp misplaying that ball still not as bad as Luis Castillo's drop
. Matt Kemp has solid v Cueto. Alexi Ramirez too...that little stack. has been good for 1B & HBP
Official: Padres send Matt Kemp and Fernando Rodney to the for Alex Wood, Trayce Thompson, and Alex Guerrero.
There is always hope that Matt Kemp will get hot especially with the Dodgers coming to town.
The may have nice trade chip this summer in OF Matt Kemp, who has 10 homers and 29 RBI, and is being made availab…
Matt Kemp is beast. Between him and Justin Upton = two scary bats (when Upton connects). Upton has a mad scary swing.
Matt Kemp, will Myers, maybe a Josh Reddick or available for a outfield bat. Slim pickings
For instance, Matt Kemp is nine for his last 46 with zero home runs. How does mindlessly writing him into the lineup get us closer to 2019?
Great catch by Matt Kemp going back on a deep shot by David Ross into right.
Matt Kemp is never going to appear on Intentional Talk ever again. Dead.
Matt Kemp roatsing on Wil Myers on Intentional Talk for having never seen Major League. Yikes
Power packed IP today 2pest & I are joined by Matt Kemp, Dave Roberts, Maikel Franco, and John Mozeliak
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp are the only Padres who can hit... can't let them beat you
Sixth dinger of the year for Wil Myers. "A power hitter like him in the two-hole, that's pretty dangerous," Matt Kemp said yesterday.
PH, Jay, Myers to kick off the bottom of the ninth. Matt Kemp would be the 4th hitter.
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp due up... I wrote about them:
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp developing into one of the league's post potent 2-3-hitter combos: https:/…
Wil Myers since being moved ahead of Matt Kemp in the order: .371/.416/.586
Wil Myers and Matt Kemp and Fernando Rodney are quietly tearing it up in San Diego. Weird.
Wil Myers on Matt Kemp: "He's the best player I've ever played with."
Matt Kemp is hitting .346 as a visitor at Dodger Stadium.
Chris Hatcher gets a necessary strikeout, followed by the privilege of pitching to Matt Kemp. Louis Coleman getting warm.
Double by Matt Kemp and RBI single by Melvin Upton Jr. give their 1st run v after 30 consec zeroes this season
San Diego opens up the score. Melvin Upton Jr singles home Matt Kemp. Padres 1 and the Dodgers 0
Matt Kemp's April has been awfully sexy.
Remember when Matt Kemp was the king of LA...I miss those days
Ryan Howard chattin it up with everyone from Pete Mackanin to Matt Kemp
Look who we caught lounging around in the new beanbag chairs under the stairs, Matt Kemp from the Learning Center...
Man these Padres might not be so bad if Matt Kemp n company stay healthy could be an interesting summer
Matt Kemp has eight career multi-HR games. And four came against the
Matt Kemp has two home runs for the
Matt kemp and his hips are gonna won a gold glove. (kidding, dont attack me)
When Matt Kemp is hitting homeruns to RCF >>
Matt Kemp is off to a CRAZY start. PLEASE don't go trading him away. San Diego needs some Homerun magic!
You all hated Matt Kemp two years ago
I heard somewhere the Padres are thinking of dealing Matt Kemp,this better be a rumor or Im gonna have to go to Petco & slap someone around!
well. I'd ask what the Padres are going to win with Matt Kemp? This year or next?
Matt Kemp has something to prove this year apparently. WOW
Lmao just when we start talking about how Matt Kemp is overrated he starts hitting bombs 💣
RotoRadar LIVE: Matt Kemp continues his dominance against De La Rosa, 23-50 career, with a solo shot in the 3rd inning.…
Matt Kemp with a 6 pack of RBI tonight against the
Matt Kemp is on 🔥🔥🔥 7-10 in the two games vs. Rockies with 3 HRs and 10 RBIs
RotoRadar LIVE: Upton Jr. reaches base for the third time tonight loading the bases for Matt Kemp. **RT for chance to wi…
Matt Kemp in Colorado. See it raining fire in the sky.
So for real, scored 0 runs in first 3 games. Matt Kemp has 10 rbi in last 2 games. Baseball!
Matt Kemp can not stop, will not stop, probably will stop when he leaves Colorado
As weekend series go, Matt Kemp having a nice month against 10 RBIs in 2 games
Someone call the fire dept. Matt Kemp is on fire!
Matt kemp is killing me in fantasy right now
Matt Kemp goes yard twice tonight putting on his back!
What Padre fans don't realize is that Matt Kemp always mashes at Coors field and kills the Rox but he *** everywhere else so chill
2 more RBi for Matt Kemp on a single. Make that 10 in 2 games.
"When you think positive, good things happen." - Matt Kemp
Matt Kemp now has 10 RBIs in the past game and a half at Coors field
RotoRadar LIVE: Matt Kemp picks up his 10th RBI in the last game and a half. **RT for chance to win…
Im gonna go out on a limb here and say that Matt Kemp is really enjoying hitting at Coors Field
Career high for RBIs in a series for Matt Kemp. It's Game 2. There are still 12 1/3 innings to be played.
Matt Kemp's Padres trade value has never been higher than it is right now.
Make that 7 HR for Matt Kemp in his career against Jorge De La Rosa
Matt Kemp singles and keeps the runs coming! now lead 4-2!
{Matt Kemp says the Padres are a good team.}. Jerry Hairston Jr., just now on TWCLA: "I know Matt Kemp. He's a friend of mine. He's lying."
Matt Kemp says the Padres aren't in a slump. "It's three games guys, a slump is a lot worse than that."
Matt Kemp with his 2nd hit of the night. A sharp hit up the middle.
Apr 6, AB 1: Yasiel Puig lines out to right fielder Matt Kemp. Justin Turner to 3rd.
" hangs a star on a great catch by Matt Kemp, robbing Justin Turner on at least a double
Highlight-reel stuff from Matt Kemp, lunging behind him to snare a long fly ball by Justin Turner
Pretty great catch by Matt Kemp in RF to rob Justin Turner of what would have been another double
Hold your horses Brian Anderson, let's not all Domingo a young Matt Kemp just yet.
Nate Jones' 1st pitch, a strike, registered at 99 mph. Matt Kemp ripped 2nd one to CF & Adam Eaton, who just moved over, makes diving grab.
Melvin Upton for Rusney Castillo, James Shields for Rusney Castillo, *** give them Matt Kemp for Rusney Castillo. I don't care!
Ricky Romero, Justin Turner and Matt Kemp were all at the Lakers game tonight 😂
Kobe also shook hands with Matt Kemp as well
Cain makes first appearance, Posey hits 1st HR in Giants win: Matt Kemp homered and John Jay had two hits and ...
in the NIT, Matt Kemp homers, TV schedule +more:
honestly Matt Kemp isn't even that good, I feel like Brian Scalabrine is better
I'm giving away something for you on Matt Kemp / Brandon Webb 2009 Upper Deck . Get it here -
Outfield drills with Jason Bay, Matt Kemp, Rocco Baldelli and ... -
Good morning! Here's Matt Kemp with some costumed puppies. (via
plus young African American kids do not see Andrew Mccutchen or Matt Kemp or David Price doing commercials like NBA/NFL ...
How can you say that Matt Kemp is falling off in his career like Vernon Wells and company. He had 100 RBIs last season!
" on why Wil Myers should have a big year & difficulty in trading Matt Kemp & James Shields
Matt Kemp look like a bullfrog with them ugly *** braids. Chris look a mess also. And Quincy does too. That hairstyle need to be deleted
sooo like them, Eric Byrnes, Alfonso Soriano and almost Matt Kemp? What a great group.
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