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Matt Holland

Matthew Rhys Matt Holland (born 11 April 1974) is a former English-born Irish footballer, who represented Republic of Ireland at international level.

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You’re correct about the direct violence but in terms of everything else you’re either delu…
Also this week on Thursday 23rd & the Obtuse Angels play a 1st hometown show !…
costume concept art by James Holland
And I disagree with that. Voting is a way of voicing your opinion, it's not a racist act…
-Kick off glitch. -Delayed Player switching. -AI defending too good. -GK leg saves that shouldn't happen. -Input Delay. - No way t…
No where did she say it wasn’t free speech...? She’s saying that voting for someone who’…
Eamonn Vines and Matt Short set to make their debuts for after being named in the 12-…
shoutout to Matt Hass who can't pull!
Understatement of the year when I say 'What an awesome surprise this weekend was!!!'💍18 of our friends spelling out 'Marry M…
Holland is right that public support for single-payer is 'soft' but... so is the public opposition to it! Matt Brue…
We are shooting again this Wednesday, we will be having a pistol and shotgun course.(if there is enough people...
It's our team chat app; for more info, feel free to ask Matt of Holland, MI about it.
BREAKING: Joshua Holland of The Nation under attack by Matt Bruenig trolls after offering ideas on path to Medicare for All.
Morning Airsofters. If you are planning on coming to our event in Sunday, please can you book on on the website...
Arsenal news: Gunners 'can't win Premier League this season ' says Matt Holland
Maybe I’m being dumb but this is a joke right...?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I see that was at the WMU hockey game. Come back to Holland next!
UVU President Matt Holland to leave in June to serve as a Mormon mission president
10 Actors I'd love to meet (If the universe ever throws me enough luck to meet any of them - I'd collapse):. 1. Mat…
Congratulations Oliver Burns & Matt Holland both from who won the Junior and Senior SKINS respectively today, girls turn tomorrow.
So proud of our teammates who made an impact for NHS and our football team this year. What a ride.
Nice Janet hope one day I can matt you I am fan. Last time I went to you concert in Ahoy Rotterdam in Holland.
Which celebrity would you like to meet? — Tom Holland, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Emma Watson, David Tennant, Matt…
If the Senate probes Franken—and they should, given the allegation made today of his conduct in '06—will they ALSO invest…
Pastor Matt will be sharing on Generosity this weekend. Holland gatherings are Sundays 11am. Bedford Gatherings: Sa…
Europe!!! Tour tickets go on sale tomorrow morning!!! Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Denmark = 10am (local ti…
Excited to host pianist Matt Bengtson who will speak at our Holland Piano Teachers Forum & perform
Holland's goal at 19:29 in the first - assisted by Daniel Audette & Matt Taormina
Two power play goals for the Rocket. Peter Holland scores from Chris Terry's spot, assisted by Daniel Audette (10pt…
Especially with Matt Holland in the side. Was a fantastic side most people wrote off after roy Keane walked out.
Come to hear Prof. Matt Holland, President of Utah Valley University, speaking in Pembroke College tomorrow.
15 years ago today Matt Holland did this at the 2002 FIFA World Cup!
Meeting my idols. Matt Holland and Terry Butcher legends
Few tickets left for tonight's Evening with Terry Butcher & Matt Holland. Doors open 6.30pm First come…
A Q&A evening with Terry Butcher and Matt Holland with proceeds going to great causes. Via
A massive thank you for supporting our 'Evening With' Terry Butcher & Matt Holland 13/4
please! I'd have someone to fangirl with lol there'll also be Holland R.,Matt and Harry from Shadowhunters and Thomas McDonnell
Le Tessier, Holland, Upson, Gilks, Mills . Probably the worse team ever 😂😂
bachelor matt and shayne still dating in Holland
Principal Dr. Holland and Principal for the Day Matt Car stopped the library to check out Teen…
Not too hot on popular culture either (music)
Agree want cake & to eat it Q'd Lucas about this inconsistency in respect of unions not convinced
Warriors so light years ahead of everyone they apparently want to dictate how others run their franchise now.
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble MATT HOLLAND in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Andre Holland cooking for Trevante Rhodes is the sexiest thing that's ever happened
When I'm in front of Holland, Matt and Harry it's 200% possible that I'll cry and forget how to English
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
3:49 Macon Mayhem GOAL scored by 14, Michael Holland! Assisted by 19, Matt Summers and 44, Stephen Pierog!
Join us for Matt Holland's keynote, "Delivering on Industry 4.0 Today with
Well he was Jewish Paul started (probably) using Christian with his church away from Jerusalem
biggest loser matt and suzie dating in Holland
Brown compares Nationalism in France Holland. Forgets to mention UKIP as being English Nationalists who won divisive B…
Holland, Matt, Harry an Bob are going to be in Barcelona in a week 😭
Is it me or does Matt Holland and Andy Townsend sound like twins?
We start the day with a new 2019 verbal: (NJ) A Matt Holland to
The petite Kylie bound, vibed, and roughly fingered by Matt Williams.
Wilders ended up with 13% share in Holland. UKIP got 14% here in 2015 but they've got the far right problem?
MF Dance Brisbane! . "Come on down to Holland park and watch our dances perform for Matt Fiddes and meet him...
Matt Holland launches the Swindon Festival of Literature from 1 to 13 May…
well,considering Rutte might have played a little game with Erdogan. The civilization level of holland politics is questionable
nope being from Holland I'm with Matt
Saw them a couple of times with Tom. Enjoyed it, but they were a bit sloppy. Really want to see them with Matt. My mate in..
Wilks Academy helps launch the Festival, with Director Matt Holland.
Matt Holland launches Swindon Festival of Literature 2017, programme and tickets available from today
But surely the game must go on - I'm sure that's what she'd like & her grandsons will have such good seats
I could see Kenny Holland hiring Matt Millen as a Detroit red wings executive... he's that stupid
The now Ken holland is the old Matt Millen
Funnily enough it seems to be Turkey that swung vote against him made me smile anyway
Geert Wilders predicted he would win a huge populist vote in Holland. Exit polls suggest he didn't come close.
Come check out our faculity publications at our booth! , G. Zemek, T.…
West Ham supporters forum was saying Matt Holland and scotty cannon was better than frank lampard and accused Redknapp of favouritism in 96😂
Watching and gotta laugh at Matt Holland and Phil Neville for saying Arsenal wont make the top 4.
NOW: The best from as Saggs is joined by Matt Holland and Patrick Barclay to preview
Four quid for Mark Ray, two for Matt Holland. Not the former Ipswich and Charlton man... Those were the days.
Redmond set for medical tomorrow. Good news. Would have been today but Matt Holland is just tying up the loose ends on his...
Keane's criticism of Matt Holland still makes me laugh. He was as English as John Bull but stepped up when needed,unlike Keane
Update from track relays Discus team of Riley Holland,Matt Evans Pat Duffey medaled and placed 5th today, they all had season best throws
thanks matt!Hope it works out for him!Great Job you guys do at Greetings from Holland!Your dutch subcriber! Wilco
A REMINDER:. Matt Holland ( ) captained Ipswich to the Premier League in 2000, finishing 5th in 2001.
Oooh I bet the Richard III fanclub is already out for your blood
Really did like the new recruits, Black Panther was really cool and the new Spiderman was actually superb. Tom Holland was a great Spiderman
Anyone else think that looks like Matt Holland?
I once refused to return Matt Holland's end of match applause.But then I've always been a bit of a rebel.
This past Thursday, we visited the Saugatuck Dunes outside of Holland, MI. Read about it:
5-0 as Matt Holland gets his second from a McHale cross on 77 minutes
Matt Holland on 74 minutes makes it 3-0 to Lancing.
.send Derek Holland to the mound today to face Matt Shoemaker and the Angels.
.send Matt Shoemaker to the mound today to face Derek Holland and the Rangers.
Remember, my awesome books are all free for the entire bank holiday (Because you didn't need to go outside anyway.
Why can't they ever let Matt be happy on TVD 😭😭😭
Matt hitting on 1 at The Holland Christian Invite at Mac Legends. Go Maroons!
Tour keep cruising through the lakeshore, 14-5 over Holland Christian. Wear your purple shirts to school tomorrow for Lax…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hi Matt, i'm a producer from Holland. Check my SC page and hmu if you feel it!
hi Colin, tell me, what was so racist about the Matt Holland fact or fiction story this am? Because he said Michael Flatly??
Going by the current Leftist trend of supporting Russia and Putin, I doubt it.
this could be funny with Matt holland, but it probably won't as it's also with Daley!
bruce in holland and paris. Matt in bury, edinburgh and sheffield! Happy me! And you?
me and Matt are going all the way to Holland to see them because we can't make the UK dates 😛
THE THE "This is the Day" Singer Matt Johnson with keyboard guru Jools Holland made magic!...
Sock puppetry is incredibly difficult. So easy to slip up. About time he admitted defeat.
The Role of Literature in Life - Matt Holland – The Kaye Franklin Memorial Lecture: on the role of...
.has a new Peanut Butter and I tried it.
Whoa &Matt Holland 2me, Matt was > a boss,he was the guy who kicked Baryshnikov!
my take on Ken Holland's Monday's presser:.
Five scouts released by are area scouts: James Kirkland, Harrison Ritcher, Mike Hagen, Matt Holland and Bobby Depaul. Unaware of 6th
Am I alone in that I like Parry's version with Matt Holland of that Rod Stewart number? He sounds happy.
Poor Michael Oliver. I bet Van Gaal is a right handful at the moment or as they call it in Holland- a Dutch Rudder.
Spent the last hour watching drum covers d✖️_✖️b y'all should check out Matt Drums or Luke Holland on YouTube
At The Curve Bar in Ipswich before today's and it's safe to say Matt Holland is still one of…
It's been a long time coming, but it finally happened!
The challenges of dating Taylor Swift - akin to having sex with a praying mantis, it would seem...
2 pints of Heineken and a cat please! a fitting welcome to Holland.
WATCH: Grizzlies' Matt Barnes followed Bucks' John Henson into the tunnel after Henson was ejected for taunting.
Unlikely he will sue over allegations of dishonesty. Far too much evidence now against him.
But in specific examples of "lies" you should still be sure in each case he is lying.
Depends. Accurate to say he is a self-confessed liar.
Chattanooga coach Matt McCall on Indiana: "There's no question they're going to go on a long tourney run"
Irishman John Holland, inventor of the modern sub is
And with the Palmerston forts, he was all about building walls
I believe that is the legal situation, yes.
Beauty of the admission is that, if he now denies it, he will be a perjurer re hi…
Hi Kat... I contacted you yonks back about my son Sam who played under Matt Holland and wanted to come onto the show. .
if we don't count the titles/cups smoke and mirrors it has to be a toss up between mark kinsella and Matt Holland
Number 1: First goal I can remember, Matt Holland with a beaut against Cameroon in WC 2002 🔥
Toni and Gordon Dickinson's wall of butterflies opened by Matt Holland launch
thanking Matt Holland for the wonderful collaboration between and
We present: the Swindon Central Library butterfly wall! With Gordon Dickenson from no added sugar and director Matt Holland.
Robbie Keane, Ian Harte, Matt Holland? I doubt it as well.
Gunna celebrate Paddys day by singing songs about Stephen Henderson and Matt Holland whilst waving an Ireland flag about
BREAKING NEWS: Danny Drinkwater named in England squad for Germany and Holland friendlies
Danny Drinkwater has earned his first full call-up, ahead of friendlies against Germany & Holland
4 tips that can improve your Broad Street Run training - Matt Turnbull, center, from Holland, PA, raises his ha...
Sam Diego doesn't really look like that rn because of our drought
wouldn't dream of dissing the legend that is Matt Holland
Peter Holland wasn't trying to fight Steven Stamkos, he was trying to kidnap him.
Matt Holland here NWAS LKS lurking on my phone ...
IMG studios waiting to knock out this Fanzone show out with Matt Holland for…
In a press release announcing Matt Mitrione's signing, Bellator manages to take a shot at the UFC and Reebok.
On 3/4/16 welcomes Matt Holland. He's performed with Buy tickets from our branch.
Must give and credit for alerting me to this as I follow them. And
Matt Espinosa Ur always ignore the Holland fans. It may not look but ur follow is really important to 😩 its his birthday.
Every character is so depressed, they make another planet come and strike the Earth.
Well done First to find Matt HOLLAND in our Ipswich
And here was me thinking Teletubbies was a dead cert for that award.
Ex-Premier League stars Simon Davies and Matt Holland sign up for match
Just seen Matt Holland and Earl Barrett in Holland and Barrett
So why should we care about climate change? Matt McGrath explains .
My translation is slightly freer, I admit.
Santa in the Library. Read all about it Santa's day ...
if I had 5k I'd give it to matt Holland to stop talking about co efficient
Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth are 'Sea' heroes at heart
Of course on Pointless we have call 'Holland & Barratt' 'The Netherlands & Barratt'
domain names
If you can't get past the 5th best team in Germany, 3rd best team in Holland having spent over £200m you shouldn't be in …
I am already going crazy without having matt to talk to about everything and it's been like half a day... help
Thoughts? TX sends Derek Holland, Elvis Andrus and Joey Gallo to San Diego for Tyson Ross and Matt Kemp to Texas
I disagree, as that girl is like is 12 years older than Tom Holland smh
Matt Cassel is the first Cowboys QB not named Tony Romo to win a game since Week 17 of the 2010-11 season.
heard him on TS where he does a weekly stint with Matt Holland (also decent) and didn't sense much MU bias but could be I guess
Steve Morison on George Williams's Wales appearance v Holland: "They called up some lad and, no disrespect, I’d never heard…
Holland isn't going to pitch in 2016, and Matt Albers is no good,. I love Shawn Kelley and Tony Sipp
Holland Patent's own Matt Lee has won 300 games as HCCC men's basketball coach! He knows what he's doing & I am getting old!
Tom Holland points out Spider-Man’s unique position in the Marvel universe
The only anger they can't express is for innocent Muslims killed by ISIS. Which is a *** of a blind spot, considering.
great article- but.. Once again Greg holland is not even mentioned. Key component in 14+15-survived his injury!
How long would you have the break? Weather in Scotland is awful throughout winter anyway. Holland have a month!
Posted by Jon and Matt on instagram.
thanks for voting Matt Holland into our Hall of Fame!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Hall Of Fame? Matt Holland played 89 games from 1995-1997 scoring 17 goals. Vote or
it was Matt Holland. Just about got over it now
non-tender reliever Greg Holland, making the former all-star a free agent:
oh god, well either way we're off to war! Grab your rifle Dicky!
MATT are u coming to holland in january??! We still dont have any info
Roy Hodgson on Gary will be fully committed to preparing for Euros and matches against Germany and Holland
UVU president Matt Holland sitting on the front row of the Marriott Center. No sign of his dad, former BYU prez Jeffrey R. Holland.
Lorenzo Amoruso, Julias Aghahowa, Nigel Reo-Coker, Jobi McAnuff and Matt Holland to Portsmouth. Every summer for a good few years.
Unless Mark Kinsella picks himself and Matt Holland in midfield against Rovers, they should be safe.
Ipswich Town signed Matt Holland for £800k in 1997 and he led them to the Premier League and later the UEFA Cup. http:…
Hi I'm Matt Holland and all I do is shred the gnar & talk about how I met Bethany Hamilton once
HOWZAT!!. Matt Holland and Graham Napier are hosting a FREE 20 Twenty celebrity cricket match on Friday 18...
Matt Holland and Graham Napier are hosting a Celebrity Cricket match in support of the Cancer Centre Campaign. At...
level on goals in World Cups with, craig burley, junici inamoto, Darren Anderton, and Matt Holland.
...the likes of Jamie Scrowcroft, Matt Holland, Richard Wright and Marcus Stewart in there team.
Still blown away that we have sold out our shows in Holland. Switzerland, Poland, France and Italy still have tickets ht…
someone told me other day. Was involving Matt Holland or Marcus Stewart and Reuser? Gutted Johnsons gone though
Iceland over Holland! Reykjavík is abuzz. I'd be in the midst of it had I not been awake for 36 hours. Sunday at Laugardalsvollur will be 😆!
UVU President Matt Holland is about to take the stage at the Covey. See you all here!
I thought England was cold. Then I came to Holland. I definitely haven't packed the correct clothes!
Day was made when I got the text that my brother & future sis set the date to get married!💘💍
With all the Matt Williams talk, I wonder if there's been any changes league-wide since wrote this:
Photo: toasterlock: the-doors-are-closed: A real statue in Holland. Although it is a statue of Father...
But…tulip name tags? I never even saw one of those in Holland.
Matt Holland oats with my girls... And missing kimberly and Ang..
Transfer latest - Matt Holland seen leaving medical after years of speculation! Good job Virgil's transfer wasn't so drawn out!
I watch a lot of games and do not think Keuchal is stronger than Hamels or Holland last night. Im excited about the March up. Go Texas
Devastating hailstorm wipes out crops due for harvest in Holland
Line on Holland's complete game, throwing 116 pitches.
Check out Derek Holland rocking the Ricky Vaughn cut..😂👌🏼
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I thought you meant Matt Holland (no disrespect David)! Very special in the eyes of Town fans.
1st team picked up 3 points yesterday winning 2-1 at home to Exwick Villa 2nds. and Matt Holland were the Bow scorers
.black and white WOLF cover was a selfie that he took on a roller coaster in Holland.
When did Matt Holland get a sex change ?
Darren Randolph's 1st & 3rd Premier League games at Anfield. The 1st was so long ago Robbie Fowler/JF Hasselbaink/Matt Holland played in it.
Here's my thoughts & MOM from New v Ars. Agree or disagree??
I reckon Mitrovic could be a real handful today. Here are my pre match thoughts on Newcastle vs Arsenal -
Holland up. Quick, score more runs.
Tony Cascarino to Matt Holland "You were just like my wife except we don't have sex"
He's probably on a flight to Holland as we speak, strange strange man
if you love Holland Roden and Colton Haynes . if you don't
Dear Matt Holland : monster5130, Wanna get iPh0ne 6 for FREE? U better check my bi0. Thanks
I'm sorry, but you can't have a closer whose ERA is hovering around 4.00. Holland's days are done. We need lights out.
Matt is playing with Holland's best club this season
I'm not sure I say this aloud but I've was never a Matt Holland groupie.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Don't tell me you rate Matt Holland? 😂
I'd agree with holland girls do it better.
Shout out to WOVB tonight on sweeping Holland and Zeeland! All 3 levels went undefeated tonight at the Tri!
Well with Connor Wickham up top and Matt Holland in the middle of the park you've always got a chance 👊🏼
Matt Holland always underrated too. I hope James Richardson is a big part of BT's CL coverage.
Matt Holland and mark beard. That is a fact. A source close to the club told me
On this day in 2001: Matt Holland was among the scorers as Town beat Man City 2-1 at Portman Road.
Reminds me of the likes of Matt Holland, Mark Venus and Richard Wright unable to topple our ridiculous side which included John Mullin.
Matt Holland goals for Pheasant future. Focus, good programs,along funding will put things back together
Burnley vs Southampton is on air on Setanta Sports 1 with Matt Holland and Kevin Kilbane in studio with Connor Morris!. KO 3:00pm.
Didn't spot any famous celebrities today, apart from the chubby one out of G4 and Matt Holland (again)
Hi Matt, I would like to send you a Christmascard from Holland! Could you give me your (business) address?
.thinks Royals still trade Holland or Davis, Morales is better than Butler, and at least one of RF/SP will be…
Anyone else think Mark Owen from Take That looks like the love child of Jools Holland and Macaulay Culkin?
matt holland faked being irish 2 get caps 4 a country sad guy how does he get on the radio ! Headsgone
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Scoring for the Ponies on a power play Matt Jorgenson assisted Mutt Hoefferle and Gavin Holland. 1-3 in the 3rd period.
U13: Batsmen of the year Aidan Burt. Bowler of the year:Jack French . Donald Linmon Trophy:Matt Holland . thanks Jerry and Ollie for coaching
Happy birthday Matthew Edward Holland! Hope you have a great day!! 🎉🎊🎈
UVU President Matt Holland gifts Elizabeth Smart a UVU sweater after her speech Wednesday after. Read…
Dang! Really thought we could get Matt Kemp for Greg Holland.
- Interview with Luke Holland and Matt Horn of The Word Alive now at Highwire Daze Online
Still surprised Matt Holland wasn't sent off 4 kicking u in head during city/ipsw abandoned game in 2000. I was 15.
Teams that have asked about KC bullpen say they'd need controllable impact RF or starting pitcher to move Davis, Holland or H…
Smart didn't just spring from captivity into what she is today, Matt Holland says of Elizabeth. Took education, faith, gritty determination
Photo Credit: Matt Holland -- Camped with my trusty sidekick Dozer the border collie. At Jay Cooke S
Matt Holland on the bass ukulele. Wait what?
3 days til the album is released in Australia, Holland and Germany, 6 days til the album is released worldwide.
🚨🚨 clearing things up 🚨🚨. 1. Holland in my @ name is for Kenny not Dylan!!!. 2. I'm an account for Justin Shawn Aaron Kenny and Matt! -
I think it's by Miley Cyrus and Matt rolled down the window while u had it all the way turned up lol
If Davis' value is similar to Holland's, which it *should* be, I stay far away. I just wonder...
Who is coming to the wrestling seminar on Sunday? Please add your name below, so far I have:. Me. Matt Holland. Dom M. Dom Walsh. Anyone else?
serious question...Holland and who to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp? Who else would have to go to make that happen?
Is it realistic for royals to get starter like stroman or Sanchez from Jays for holland?
Good night I love Dylan holland and Matt walden.
Scot McPhie and Matt Bell performing in Anywhere Theatre Festival at Holland Park Bowling Club
Winter meetings prediction: Holland (and others) to the Dodgers for Matt Kemp at half the salary.
this is my 19th season, come a long way since Ken gardener, steve Jones and Matt Holland first of my era
It's never too early to bring it up: Ohio State is 0-10 vs. SEC teams in bowl games after vacating win over Arkansas in…
Matt with Kenny Holland moments ago at the premier!
Last couple of days have been sick , Sweden and holland . now In Rome ! Great weekend
And that's Matt gone for another two months :(
Shout out to my boys Greg Holland and Wade Davis for winning their first Gibby! Can't think of two guys that deserve it…
Kenny Holland no snap com Matt, Lox e Jack J na premier do filme.
Greg Holland and Wade Davis join Harold and Matt on
Last night with Matt for another two months booo
Our studio pundits for are Matt Holland and Nigel Winterburn. Kenny Cunningham will join…
Stayed on a spare Bav46 in Sivota with Matt last night ah my god what a nice boat, so much rom
A teenage boy is fighting for his life tonight in a Fort Worth hospital. His mom says was a room full of joy tonight thanks …
lose 2-1, but this game will be remembered for Holland's return not the outcome.
Three guys Kimbrel, Chapman, and Holland that is all
Finally derek holland is back and healthy
Looking forward to having Matt Holland back on the horn later this month! it's been too long! 🎺
Matt Foley has his 2nd point of the night as he gets a point shot to go in, Jake Holland with the assist on the PP goal.
Matt Holland was spotted at St Marys earlier also!
Can someone edit Matt onto this pic please I'll DM you to Dylan Holland and Kayden Stephenson
Remember when we tried to ignore the fact we'd lost our best two players because some Polish bloke said he liked Matt Holland? Great times.
yeah I thought that but Van Gaal comes across quite stubborn so we'll see. I read that about RVP but he's with holland now.
if Matt notice me im Gonna scream so Loud my aunt in Holland will hear me 🌚😂
For all you junkies… some (partly blurry) vids of AV-8B Harrier, Matt Chapman, Rob Holland
BREAKING: Fulham have agreed a £1m deal with Leeds to sign striker Matt Smith. Confirmation asap.
Helicopter carrying Oliver Bierhoff, Gary Lineker, Matt Holland and Alex Buttner just landed at Staplewood.
Blind role actually is a versatile midfielder, he just played defensively for Holland as they had too many options
Has Matt Holland finished his medical yet?
Good liars are better at noticing other people's lies.
One of the most amazing feelings today to walk on stage and say, "my name is Kenny Holland and I'm from PHOENIX, ARIZO…
Apparently God was pretty happy with the Aggie win the other day.
Also in holland saying Blind is definitely a DCM that can also play LB. We are buying a CDM. Our Dutch Makalele.
Our bullpen is too top heavy. Beyond Herrera, Davis and Holland we're in trouble
here's hoping there's some proper diaspora in the next race, wouldn't mind Day Lewis or Matt Holland running
Matt Holland, UVU president, and Pres. Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the LDS Church’s First Presidency are at Clyde Field for tonight.
If matt comes to holland i'll stalk him sorry not sorry i'll make in fall in love with me, ok jk but i need a cute pic and a kiss sorry
“don't be, it will happen for you :(” my goal in life is meeting matt but i live in holland.. Impossible ugh
Woah officially rocked it to over 25,000 people in Holland today! Go boys!well done Matt at nsanityhq
Tell that to Matt Holland working on Setanta . muppet
I don't know how is worst at pundit work matt holland or
He played in defence for Holland because that's what they needed. But he's usually a CDM
Had a *** next to Matt Holland. Add that to the list of mediocre Premier League footballers I have had a *** next to.
Don't you work with Alan Brazil and Matt Holland?
I may be able to wire a house full of dutch people, dont know the difference between holland and netherlands
Courtesy of our friend and local artist Dale Smith.
reporting Blind to United for £14m & now Telegraaf in Holland have something on Ajax in the morning..
agree. Matt Lawton are saying it's "according to reports in Holland". Sounds suspicious.
"More on story about Blind joining MUFC from Ajax for £14m Oh, reports from Holland
LOL. "reports in Holland" but Holland havent been reporting anything
so its from reports in Holland and not ur own info.
According to reports in Holland is what he's saying but I can't find anything in the Dutch Press.
Mate can we see those dutch reports? because no one in Holland are saying we agreed a deal
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