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Matt Helders

Matthew Helders (born 7 May 1986), is an English musician and DJ, best known as the drummer for indie rock band Arctic Monkeys.

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Matt Helders singing Last Christmas is one of my favorite things to watch
Matt helders drumming sounds so good on basically every tune, reyt geezer
FFS, just clocked it's Matt Helders on the falsetto. Ballsed it.
Alex - "What came first the chicken or the .." Me - *** ?!"
Alex's messy hair is probably my weakness
Okay well this should be interesting . 🤔
I don't think I need to say anymore.
Hope you have an amazing Birthday thank you for all your music over the years and hopefully you'll be prod…
Wouldn't have to ask me twice to get in that bath
Birthday-boy Alex Turner and Matt Helders pretended to be in their final primary school assembly. ht…
The band consists of Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley.
Can you believe Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys is actually in a band with Iggy Pop im just mind blown
the new album from Iggy Pop out now ft. Joshua Homme, Dean Fertita & Matt Helders.
Everybody go to BBC 2 now... Iggy Pop, Josh Homme and Matt Helders
2/2 with Iggy Pop, Josh Homme and Dean Fertita from Queens Of The Stone Age, and Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders.
Matt Helders has a baby. Jamie Cook has a baby. Nick O'Malley has a baby. Alex Turner has a Miles Kane.   10% Off
Listening to Joshua Homme, Matt Helders, Dean Fertita and talk about playing with Iggy…
I think I may have a heart attack if Iggy Pop turns up to the IOW festival with Josh Homme, Dean Fertita & Matt Helders!
Does Matt Helders tour with Iggy Pop now? Because he drums on the album? I wonder...
Matt Helders has recorded drums for the new Iggy Pop record, 'Post Pop Depression' released on 18th March 2016.
A la bateria en when the sun goes down, thanks matt helders
Last night destroyed with the help of Josh Homme from Matt Helders and Dean Fertita⚡️
Matt helders from the Arctic Monkeys on drums
Iggy Pop and Arctic Monkey's drummer, Matt Helders in black and white. Shot and edited on iPhone6.
Saw Iggy Pop last Saturday night and Matt Helders from Arctic Monkees was his drummer.
Matt Helders is easily in my top 5 favorite drummers tbh
Matt Helders' hate for crocs as well😂
Just ran into Josh Homme and Matt Helders cautioushorse…
snap. Was just watching 'the view from...' videos with Matt Helders, forgot how good they were
Alex Turner and Matt Helders of tounching 'Snap Out Of It' live at FM94/9 San Diego in 2014.
Just found out that Matt Helders does the backing vocals on cover of Hold On, We're Going Home 😄😍
Im glad Matt Helders is doin good and playin with Jho, Iggy, & Co. while Al impersonates Broad City characters and ignores 1/2 his band.
Matt Helders is alive and breathing
This whole album is he reason why I wanna marry Alex Turner and Matt Helders
Iggy Pop, Josh Homme, Dean Fertita, and Matt Helders in an hour
32 minutes of being as great as usual live. with Josh Homme + Dean Fertita + Matt Helders.
Matt Helders touring with Iggy Pop and Josh Homme. Better than Miles Kane.
I was already stoked for the Iggy / Homme collab. But now, Matt Helders is playing drums and Matt Sweeney on bass
Iggy Pop, Josh Homme, Dean Fertita, Matt Sweeney, and Matt Helders is not a bad band at all
Iggy Pop's backup band on Colbert tonight consists of Josh Homme, Matt Helders, and Matt Sweeney?!
Alex Turner is making new Last Shadow Puppets and Matt Helders is doing something else. it seems like we wont see new AM stuff for a while💔
Matt Helders is probably the best drummer of at least the past decade and these facts.
Álbum de fotos: alexturnerers: Arctic MonkeysAlex Turner, Matt Helders and Nick O'Malley arrive at the...
Also recalling the time I bumped into Matt Helders in KFC
watching youtube videos of Matt Helders playing drums makes me want to learn
She gets higher than we can in the voice" - Matt Helders (Drummer from Arctic Monkeys) (cont)
Am oan ma ceiling bassing man like Matt Helders
Matt Helders drumming never got the credit for his early days drumming. The View from Afternoon is simply brilliant!
can see why NME were going crazy about Matt Helders backing vocals in AM now (2:06 in) via
I did see Matt Helders the other week though, at least that's something?
Can we all just take a second and acknowledge how ABSURDLY BRILLIANT Matt Helders's drumming is on Favourite Worst Nightmare?
I've got a big crush on matt helders
Matt Helders came into work today with his girlfriend and we shared a strangely lengthy eye contact
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Alex Turner,the gallagher's bros,matt helders,hardwell etc
let me guess, ur gonna say you saw their drummer Matt Helders next or what?
Had a phone call from Matt Helders today. Groovy
Matt Helders' fills in Pretty Visitors are genius
Matt Helders and Arctic Monkeys. it's like seeing Lewis Hamilton drive a 0.5L car from 1992
Being a drummer, I feel bad saying Matt Helders is my fav drummer because AM but that is not why he is my fav
Fun fact: it's commonly forgotten that jake rusby and Matt helders were leaders of the short back and sides hairstyle
Matt Helders falsetto gets me everytime
I Love it !! by The way has anyone told You, You have a look of Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys, especially on Your profile pic
I won't ever get over the fact I had Matt helders drumstick taken from me at Leeds last year
Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Nick O'Malley and Matt Helders scooped the coveted ...
I'm having an unexplained mancrush on Alex Turner and Matt Helders.
Set de fotos: Breana McDow and Matt Helders pose on the red carpet during the ‘20,000 Days on Earth’ Gala...
Only gone and bumped into my pal matt helders on my connecting flight. Look how excited he was to meet me!!
It's funny that Matt Helders does all the falsetto for the Arctic Monkeys cause he looks like such a tough guy.
Dreamer by Matt Helders Featuring Nesreen Shah is in Anytime Fitness (Aylesbury). Download it now at
Matt helders gets the best view when playing live
MATT HELDERS IS THE BEST!!! I only enjoy Arctic Monkeys because of him.
"Omg Matt Helders from the 1975 is so fit"
I feel bad for Matt Helders, Jamie Cook, and Nick O'Malley. They gets no love
you don't understand how bad I wanted Matt helders drum stick lmao
What's your worst fear? Matt helders - "proberly really wanting a orange and getting one that's really hard to peel"
Oh my gosh, I can't believe I met Alex Turner and Matt Helders
When Matt helders personally gets you into radio promo
Last night I had a dream I met Matt Helders at a starbucks.
When you casually talk to Matt helders
Just noticed Matt Helders was wearing a royal blood t-shirt at glasto
Can't help feel sorry for Matt helders he's like crazy talented on drums but he really does sing like a crow 😂
I s2g a guy in my class looks a bit like Matt Helders or at least the same facial range.
Really sad I couldn't really see my bae Matt Helders killing the drums
I would die if I ever caught one of Matt Helders' drumstick
Basically if I could do what Matt helders does with drumsticks I'd be happy
If I could destroy a set like Matt helders does in balaclava or dancing shoes I'd be content
Vitor, R U ok? You're missing just like Matt Helders in Suck It And See video.
It's about time Matt Helders does a Phil Collins
[points to matt helders] Love my son! Love my successful and beautiful child
Matt Helders looks so cute and angelic when he sings whilst drumming..
Matt Helders coming by to say hi after the show - I'm sure he appreciates our stalking dedication…
Very vivid dream that I was at a huge afterparty, chatting/drinking with a very drunk Alex Turner and Matt Helders. Top 5 favourite dream.
the chick next to me has Matt helders drumstick and I'm about to *** it out of her hands
Last 10 remaining Matt Helders Rollerblade Photo Tees available in the online store -
It's also Matt Helders favorite song from Nirvana.
Matt Helders probably my favorite modern drummer
"The older I got, the more I got into John Bonham.” - Matt Helders of , 2007 -
People who I want to see on Big Brother:. Matt Helders. Karl Pilkington. Ricky Gervais. Keith Lemon . Will Ferrell. Steve Ca…
Me and my bro do the best impressions of LG and Noely G / Ian Brown & John Squire / Alex Turner & Matt Helders when their songs come on
BIRTHDAY WISHES: Matt Helders was born today in 1986 in Sheffield, England. Matt Helders has been the drummer for indie rock band Arctic Monkeys since they formed in 2002. The Grammy nominated band has been heralded as one of acts to come to the public attention via the Internet (fan-based sites rather than from the band), with commentators suggesting they represented the possibility of a change in the way in which new bands are promoted and marketed. They are also regarded as one of the most prominent bands to be part of the post-punk revival in the U.K., after achieving commercial success and spawning two number one singles from their debut album. Helders has said that he ended up playing drums as "that was the only thing left. When we started the band none of us played anything. We just put it together. They all had guitars and I bought a drum kit after a bit." In addition to rap music having an influence in his drumming style, he also cites seeing Queens of the Stone Age as the biggest influence on hi ...
Matt Helders' favourite song from Humbug is Dance Little Liar. Understandable.
Alex Turner wishes this was the cover of Suck It And See, it's Matt Helders
Matt helders is such a class drummer man
Top marks to Matt Helders on the drumming for Pretty Visitors. Bet he loves that one
Matt Helders looks like drinking hamster while singing lol
and Matt Helders as the modern Sonny Corleone.
Breast Cancer Awareness
John Newman looks like my idol Matt Helders' younger brother, such funny guys the pair of them!
I just love Matt Helders' sense of humour
John Newman looks like matt helders
I like dressing like Matt Helders circa 2008, sorry not sorry.
Or violently air drumming to Matt Helders
Interviewer:If you woke up and realized you’d become someone from the band, who would you want to be, and what is the first thing you would do? Matt Helders:“I’d be Jamie Cook and I’d cut my hair. No, I wouldn’t. The reason I want to be Jamie Cook is purely based on our arena tour we just did in England – I haven’t told anybody this. During Arabella, because I’m facing that way, I can always see big screens, and there’s always a great bit of him during that song, where they do a split-screen mirror. The way he moved it looked like 70s rock, I looked at it and thought that looks great.” Alex Turner:“And I’d be Nick and the first thing I’d do is keep my beard.”
and then I will scooter in. And be like. "Hey matt ;) skype. Me. I am also. Meme. HELDERS.
when i am famouse matt helders will com up 2 me like what is a meme and whyis ur Twiter MemeHe
Matt Helders kills in Pretty Visitors, that entire song is so sick man i love AM
Matt Helders is great with those drums, I swear
“*attractive person walks by* I wonder this about Matt Helders tbh . LOL
'People call it rock and roll, but I just call it unhygienic and inconvenient' Matt Helders
I kept thinking about matt helders last night sorry alex
if I won the lottery id buy matt helders, an endless supply of pencils and waitrose
this kid looks like an 11 year old Matt helders
My obsession with matt helders and Jamie Cook and nick and alex are bad and unhealthy its affecting my sleeping pattern
Matt Helders does look like a hamster drinking water when he is singing into his microphone whilst drumming
Marcus told me I looked like Matt Helders with my new denim vest
However I do agree with matt helders to never make you're goatie beard you're 'thing'
drink choice - whiskey sours, with egg whites. “You had a lot of eggs last night, Matt” Cook says to Helders. “I had a dozen” Helders groans.
Last 3 remaining of the Matt Helders Missing T-Shirt Design available in the online store -
"relationship like Matt Helders and Breana McDow please". andale u_U
I would like Matt Helders,Robert Patterson, Alan from The Hangover, Lewis Watson+Stewie Griffin to turn up next Tuesday for my birthday tea
You've just been put into a speech with Dave Grohl, Rick Allen and Matt Helders...hope you're happy
Alex Turner and Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys perform 'Do I Wanna Know?' at the Armoury Studios in Vancouver. 'Do I Wanna Know?' is from the 2013 Arctic Mon...
Matt Helders is my fave, I maybe even prefer him to Alex dare I say it
Matt Helders is the ultimate babe. So underrated too like Alex is great but look at the drummer too
re-watching Alex Turner's speech at the Brits last night, i cant take my eyes off how much Matt Helders is rubbing his nose.
Matt Helders is featured in The Drum Thing - a Kickstarter project - if you wish to donate - head here -
What about the drummer! ridiculously underrated and just propper reight good! Mr Matt Helders I salute you
..As is Jamie Cook. Matt Helders and Nick O'Malley are the sound ones.
I'm so in love with Matt Helders and Alex Turner ugh
'It's been said a lot about me and John Newman looking exactly the same' Matt Helders
watching the brits. Just realised how much Matt Helders looks like John Newman??
Matt Helders doesn't get half the appreciation he should.
Biggup Arctic Monkeys breezin thru the Brits again last night! Here's a tune I did with Matt Helders >>>
Matt Helders' singing in R U Mine at the Brits was sick.
Mind you, Matt Helders is an amazing drummer too.
just seen the video. Him and Matt Helders are high as a kite, surely?
Matt helders couldn't control his jaw bless him
Matt Helders seems okay as always though ♥
There's a guy on tv who sounds like Matt helders, therefore I like this guy
Don't understand all this hype about Alex Turner... It's always been Matt Helders for me!
BREAKING: Alex Turner arrested on drink driving charges after Matt Helders poured him 'One for the Road'
I love Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys so much. Top drummer, so humble
I love the way matt helders just looks at Alex Turner like 'why am i friends with you'
Matt Helders and Tom Hardy are defo twins
I bet Matt Helders went home about 3 o'clock after the Brits and slept like a glove
Alex Turner's Brit awards speech is superb.matt helders face just screams "you're getting nutted"
Matt Helders on rehearsal for the Brit Awards …
Shouts to Matt Helders in that video as well, who is an utter mess. Looks, facially, like an extra in Human Traffic:
Photoset: Matt Helders on rehearsal for the Brit Awards
Had a wonderful dream about me, Alex Turner and Matt Helders last night... and Tom Hardy even popped up :')
I think it was all about Matt Helders last night at the BRITS
Matt Helders has air of Phil Jones about him.
my man ezra on guitar, me on bass, JC on vocals, matt helders of Arctic Monkeys on drums, *** yeah
yup, like Mr. Matt Helders in Suck it and See (video)😌😎
Where would you wish to wake up tomorrow? — next to matt helders
“A comment about the way that Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys) sings 😂
Matt Helders and Breana McDow's relationship makes me cry a little.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Anybody else see the look of fxcking disgust Matt Helders dealt Alex Turner at the Brits? Righteous, what a knob.
I was matt helders first favourite just then js lol
My sister has fallen in love with Matt Helders and now it's a must that we see Arctic Monkeys in concert
Matt Helders has an adorable personality
Had a great time at the Brits tonight! Met great people like Greg James and Matt Helders! So glad we were there...
Favourite worst nightmare wouldn't be what it is without Matt Helders
Everyone loves Alex Turner but its all about Matt Helders in my eyes
Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys reveals b-side 'You're So Dark' was inspired by Stevie Wonder, as a direct quote from whe…
I genuinely think Alex Turner would be dead if it were't for Matt Helders.
Matt Helders needs to get out of the Arctic Monkeys NOW
Alex Turner is class.. would be nice to hear Matt Helders etc say a few words though!
Some serious drugs been done at Brits tonight all making themselves look like *** All except Matt helders obvs what a guy
Matt Helders of le Arctics on the lemon and barley by the looks of it... 😁
Arctic Monkeys opening the Brits... I swear may cannot come quick enough... Alex Turner & Matt Helders... Are you mine???
As much as I'm completely in love with the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner is a bit of a nob lol... Matt helders is the boy, end of!!
Matt Helders sat there with a can of boddingtons while everyone else is supping champaign what a legend 👍🍺
Good on yer Arctic Monkeys. And the product placement for Boddingtons Matt Helders
Arctic Monkeys Matt Helders with 0114 on his drum kit. Quality!
Hello there Mr Matt Helders!! Love a bit of the artic monkeys xx
If your a drumma like Matt Helders. i will pay you well...
Back in October 2013 we sat down with Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders before the release of the band's epic new album AM. During the chat Matt told us ab...
"Since he’s been writing songs, it seems like he’s always thinking about that. So even when he’s talking to you now, he’s thinking about the next thing that rhymes with that word. Even when he’s driving. We joke he’s a bad driver, his focus is never 100 per cent on what he’s doing. Which is good for us ‘cause that means he’s got another 12 songs up his sleeve. I think music be the easiest way for him to be concise and get everything out. Otherwise his head would explode." -Matt Helders on Alex. You are always so nice...
September 18th 2013 Philadelphia performance of R U Mine. Matt Helders wore my GoPro Camera during this performance. Shouts out to Alex Turner for picking me...
Matt, what do you think of Alex’s dance moves? Alex Turner, where do you get your dance moves from? Matt Helders: “I think they’re great, ‘cos he got them from me.”
Big thanks to David Howe & Mr Matt Helders of the Arctic Monkeys for the guestlist ATM @ MSG
So in case you haven't heard - the Arctic Monkeys concert was amazing. I touched Mario Cuomo. A lot. Alex Turner looked at me quite a few times. Matt Helders nodded his head at me (and Tori and Paden but I think it's just common knowledge that they experienced all this as well). Matt O'Keefe waved to me, that was cool. I have barricade bruises on my chest, as well as countless others on my legs and back. My legs are really stiff. My ears are still ringing. So, in short, best night of my life.
Playing the Olympics. Headlining Glastonbury. Releasing one of the albums of the year. Things have been pretty sweet for Arctic Monkeys and their drummer Matt Helders in the last year or two.
Chris Hawkins now talking to Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys, who have this morning been named 6 Music's Album of 2013. The full Top 15 is here:
Matt Helders is inspired by Led Zeppelin’s deceased drummer John Bonham.
I never cared much for drums but god *** do Matt Helders and Chad Smith make it hard not to want to get behind a kit
By distilling the sounds of Franz Ferdinand, the Clash, the Strokes, and the Libertines into a hybrid of swaggering indie rock and danceable neo-punk, Arctic Monkeys became one of the U.K.'s biggest bands of the new millennium. Their meteoric rise began in 2005, when the teenagers fielded offers from major labels and drew a sold-out crowd to the London Astoria, using little more than a self-released EP as bait. Several months later, Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not became the fastest-selling debut album in British history, entrenching Arctic Monkeys in the same circle as multi-platinum acts like Oasis and Blur. Frontman Alex Turner and guitarist Jamie Cook began their music careers in 2001, when the friends both received guitars for Christmas. Two years later, they began performing shows around their native Sheffield with drummer Matt Helders and bassist Andy Nicholson, two fellow students at Stocksbridge High School. A series of demo recordings followed, and Arctic Monkeys' audience swelled ...
Matt Helders and Harry Judd to swap bands
Quero um gif do matt helders cantando poker face!
says Matt Helders walking into the room
And then my man, Matt Helders. I couldn't take my eyes off of him during all the gig.
Got into the habit of winking after enthusiastically shouting 'COLD AS THE NIGHT' and 'YOUR DYNAMITE' in a matt Helders 'crow voice'
Only matt helders can pull leather pants off
Would love to hear a matt helders solo album
I really want my hairs like Matt Helders
it makes me so happy when I see Matt Helders wearing his t-shirt
Off to Madrid for Arctic Monkeys tonight, buzzing to see some of the new album live! Can't wait for Matt Helders to invite me onstage.
For £60 per ticket, I expect to be able to take Matt Helders home with me for the evening tbhons.
Remember my Tumblr boyfriend that went to CSUF? Well I found him again & realized he looks like Andrew Garfield mixed with Matt Helders. 😩
Dear Santa, i've been a good girl this year... All i want for christmas is Matt Helders
Matt Helders would be a ideal housewife
Matt Helders, please stahp to be awesome and ruin my life. ok, then.
It's amazing that Matt Helders can keep up with the speed of Arctic Monkeys playing live
I better not be the only one cracking out the Matt Helders falsetto's next week
Matt Helders why are you so amazing
Matt Helders' drum stick, from the last Arctic Monkeys show at Enmore Theatre ;)
I'd fangirl so badly if I could drum with them. Matt Helders is the reason why I got into drumming!! That Agile Beast!
"I want matt helders to do my laundry" (I really do)
I never really noticed matt Helders until I had a dream right after the Olympics that he asked me out in that one track suit
It's been almost 3 months and I still can't believe I actually met Alex Turner and Matt Helders
"He’s like Cinderella." - Matt Helders on Nick O’Malley’s career change from being an Asda employee to...
Oh Matt Helders your mixtape is exactly what is needed right now
Matt Helders needs to stop being so attractive
the many secrets of Matt Helders' Afro
"The view from..." videos that Matt Helders made on youtube are hilarious
sheldonice: Alex Turner and Matt Helders on Deejay Radio. It's great that a radio in my country inerviewed t…
domain names
Alex Turner & Matt Helders' discuss playing live with Arctic Monkeys, the bangers, the banter, the moves. From supporting The Black Keys to headlining Glasto...
There’s no monkeying around on Radcliffe and Maconie today as Alex Turner and Matt Helders of Arctic Monkeys will be on the show
Matt Helders and Dan Flint are my absolute favourite drummers.
Listen to Alex Turner and Matt Helders' Q guide to the Arctic Monkeys live, including their favourite songs to play, how supporting The Black Keys transformed the band, what it's like to headline Glastonbury and the inspiration behind THAT onstage banter. Plus get Q328, out now for an exclusive cove...
This week's Weekend Woodshed features Matt Helders at least three times! And some other stuff about bad stick tricks and a pair of Wet Nuns
Ahead of our new issue featuring Arctic Monkeys on the cover, watch Alex Turner and Matt Helders' exclusive video guide for album AM - and then grab a copy of Q328 tomorrow:
Listening to Jo Whiley With Arctic Monkeys Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner and Matt Helders joins Jo to talk about their latest album, AM.
Watch - Alex Turner & Matt Helders tell us about the dangers of drunk texting:
I know I've said it before but I need to say it again, how much does John Newman look like Matt Helders crossed with a mole?
Lets just take a moment to appreciate that through the whole of Arctic Monkeys lifetime, Matt Helders still comes on stage w…
Matt Helders should definitely go down in history as one of the greatest drummers of this generation at least.
i should become a millionaire so i can have matt helders come live with me to play the "BADUM-TSSS" everytime i make a joke
imagine being punched my matt helders OWWW
"Nick O'Malley on bass guitar ladies and gentlemen, Jamie Cook on guitar and that man back there on your girlfriends mind is Matt Helders."
Matt Helders is easy the sexiest arctic monkey.
Matt Helders once saved a squirrel from a burning bush in a local park
Matt Helders is such an unreal drummer
SKIP OMG!! And can we not forget about matt helders
Only way to describe my haircut is like, matt helders
All time best drummers are Matt Helders, Patrick Carney and Flea.
ok so here's why you should also love Matt Helders and never insult him again
I don't know why I find this picture of matt helders so funny
that stuff about Matt Helders wearing trackies doesn't make him cool, it makes him sensible 'cos you can't drum well in suit trousers.
“I remember Alex going through a gangster rap phrase.We found a photo recently of him dressed as a gangster”Matt Helders’ mum on Alex Turner
"Matt Helders, drummer with a good face"
He looks like Matt Helders with a buzz cut. xD
The guy who's taking out our cable looks just like Matt Helders. It's so scary •.•
Matt Helders does not have a bad voice
I love a Matt Helders backing vocal
That movie called the spectacular now the one dude looks like Matt helders omg
John Newman reminds me of Matt Helders it's frickin' weird.
Where are you from?? ~Matt Helders — Why do u wanna know where i'm from? it's only cause of the Kuwait thing rig...
Nearly 2 months until I see Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, matt helders and nick O'Malley doing their thing at the arena. YES.
Laugh every time I watch matt helders singing last Christmas during flo
Jokes that Matt Helders got kicked out of ASDA because they thought he was a chav stealing a video camera
Miles, Jake, Morrissey, the Gallaghers, Liam Fray, Ian Brown, Alex Turner and Matt Helders are all on my wall, watching me while I sleep
Wish Matt Helders would start doing his view from videos again
Matt Helders is just the best drummer in the world! alongside Travis Barker he is awesome
How did Matt Helders go from being so awkward in 2006 to being the bad-assery that is 2013 era Matt Helders?
Innit Matt Helders broke his hand so Elvis Costello's drummer drums on half the album lol he's like 50
Baby matt helders on the drums there, aw
It still makes me so *** happy that Oli Sykes went to the same school as Alex Turner and Matt Helders and that he's an Arctic Monkeys fan
has anyone ever told you how much you sound like Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys before? .
my dad think Matt Helders is a sick drummer
couple of the year award goes to. drunk Julian Casablancas and the rest of his band members. OR. Alex Turner and Matt Helders. vote now!!
"My hand came into contact with something that was stronger than me" - Matt Helders on breaking his hand...
Matt Helders broke his hand during the recording sessions, but he won't reveal how or why.
Matt helders broke his hand whilst recording? ***
Matt Helders is such a CLASS drummer
pretty much I just want a matt helders, Alex Turner, or Jamie Cook look alike.
Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Alex, Matt.. That's all u hear about with Arctic Monkeys, Nick O'malley never gets a shout, love u Nick O'malley
Why'd you only call me when you're high really fuses hip-hop and rock. I think this is Matt Helders' idea, nice one Matt!
And when did Matt Helders get so beautiful am I the only who who has noticed this?
Matt Helders can hit high notes better than Mariah Carey
I've already said they don't get close to Alex Turner and matt helders
Interviewer: . What is a song you never get sick of hearing?. Matt Helders: . The whole Dre 2001 album. Ding ding ding! Correct answer.
I keep seeing a ridiculous amount of Eastern Europeans that look like Matt Helders
Favourite drummers. Chris Dangerous and Matt Helders. I like this connection. Gifset quote:
A doctor just walked past and he looked just like Matt Helders, and for one surreal moment, I thought I was going to run at him
I'm pretty sure Matt Helders is god
Matt Helders' drum faces are minted
If nothing else I admire Matt Helders purely for being able to sing and drum well at the same time.
I have hots for Matt Helders. Isn't he a hottie?
I wish the same thing every day, never mind matt helders drumming ability. Amazing.
I think I'll marry Matt Helders and then be best friends with Nick O'Malley
Alex Turner is a babe but I love Matt helders.
Matt Helders makes me really happy too.
I'd love to be able to play drums like Matt Helders!
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