Matt Damon & Jeremy Renner

Matthew Paige Matt Damon (born October 8, 1970) is an American actor, screenwriter, and philanthropist whose career was launched following the success of the film Good Will Hunting (1997), from a screenplay he co-wrote with friend Ben Affleck. Jeremy Lee Renner (born January 7, 1971) is an American actor and musician. 5.0/5

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Sorry, Jeremy Renner... You can't make a Bourne movie without Matt Damon
Matt Damon plus the following people are in active headlocks: Colin Trevorrow, Jeremy Renner and the entire cast of Entourage.
The 3 Bourne films with Matt Damon were so good. But the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner was absolutely horrendous.
Matt Damon was the man as Jason Bourne. But Jeremy Renner should stick to being Hawkeye in The Avengers
Matt Damon is being re-'Bourne' in 2016, sans Jeremy Renner
Matt Damon's going to make Jeremy Renner wish he'd never been Bourne. Whoops, I mean born. Matt Damon is going to murder Renner is my point.
Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass will return for a 2016 installment of the "Bourne" franchise that will not include Jeremy Renner.
I can't believe they're rebooting already. I don't care how good Matt Damon is, Jeremy Renner will always be the true Bourne to me!
Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner in the new Bourne movie together. Oh My!
The Town, the movie where Ben Affleck cheats on Matt Damon with Jeremy Renner
Big, big news from the world of amnesiac super-spies: Matt Damon, apparently forgetting he'd turned over the franchise to Jeremy Renner a mere two years ago, is reportedly returning to do another J...
Move aside Jeremy Renner, according to Deadline, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are teaming up again to make a Jason Bourne movie. Universal Pictures is said to be so big on this idea that it’s pushing Renner’s Bourne Legacy spin-off … Jason Bourne To Return To The Franchise
Bourne is back! In a surprise twist, Matt Damon is set to reunite with Director Paul Greengrass for another Jason Bourne movie, according to Deadline. The fifth in the “Bourne” series would hit theaters July 16, 2016 – taking the place of a planned sequel to “The Bourne Legacy,” which starred Jeremy Renner. The news […] from Arizona Marvelous Secrets via IFTTT
Just two years after a spin-off that saw Jeremy Renner take over the popular Bourne film series, original star Matt Damon — who played the title character in The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, and The Bourne Ultimatum — is in talks to return for a fourth outing in the series. Dir…
No offence to Jeremy Renner, but the Bourne movies should only ever star Matt Damon as everyone's favourite forgetful action hero, Jason Bourne. I'm sure Bourne Legacy was a fantastic movie, but without Matt Damon in the leading role, I just didn't watch it. Sorry Renner. Thankfully for fans of the original three Bourne movies, our dreams of a Damon Bourne have come true as Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass are reuniting once more to bring us a fifth Bourne movie. [ 152 more words. ]
Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass’ third film in the Bourne franchise will supplant the previously planned Jeremy Renner sequel.
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Thank you Jesus!!! I like Jeremy Renner but I LOVE Matt Damon as Jason Bourne
It’s been nearly seven years since Matt Damon played Jason Bourne on the big screen in Paul Greengrass' THE Bourne Ultimatum. The franchise has since gone on without him by casting Jeremy Renner as the lead in 2012’s THE Bourne Legacy. The reception was lukewarm at best as trying to fill the shoes D…
True Detective speculation Brad Pitt & Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner would make a good duo, I'd say!
No disrespect to Jeremy Renner, but the Bourne movie is totally lacking without Matt Damon.
This is the last Matt Damon one (3rd overall) not the latest one with Jeremy Renner.
Matt Damon makes a way better Jason Bourne than Jeremy Renner.
Haven't seen Bourne Legacy but I find it very hard to believe Jeremy Renner could be better. Matt Damon was perfect. He is Bourne.
Dan yang jadi Mike Banning nya, Matt Damon atau Jeremy Renner,,,that would be great
the Bourne Legacy is with Jeremy Renner the others are Matt Damon
I’m betting Jeremy Renner wishes Matt Damon had never been Bourne.
Oh. My. God. There's news that Matt Damon wants to play Jason Bourne again with Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross. I'M SO HAPPY!!!
Watching the Bourne Legacy, Jeremy Renner ain't got nothing on Matt Damon but he's still good
Jason Charles Bourne is a fictional character and the protagonist of a series of novels by Robert Ludlum and subsequent film adaptations. He first appeared in the novel The Bourne Identity (1980), which was adapted for television in 1988. The novel was very loosely adapted in 2002 into a feature film under the same name and starred Matt Damon in the lead role. The character has appeared in nine sequel novels (the last seven were written by Eric Van Lustbader) with the latest published in 2012. Along with the first feature film, The Bourne Identity (2002), Jason Bourne also appears in two sequel movies The Bourne Supremacy (2004) and The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), both with Damon again in the lead role. Jeremy Renner stars in the fourth film of the franchise, The Bourne Legacy, released in August 2012.[2] Damon stated in interviews that he would not do another Bourne film without Paul Greengrass, who had directed the second and third installments.[3] Novel universe[edit]. Backstory[edit] Jason Bourne has a . ...
Ok, so, calling all Stephen King fans. I'm having a casting call moment, if they decide to do a big-screen remake of "It." I think Christoph Waltz should play Pennywise, Jennifer Garner should play Beverly, Jason Bateman should play Richie, Matt Damon should play Bill, Jeremy Renner should play Ben, and Giovanni Ribisi could play Eddie. For his brief adult role, Adam Goldberg could play Stanley. Lastly, Terrence Howard should play Mike. Thoughts? (BESIDES the fact that, clearly, I have way too much time on my hands, at this late hour)
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On This Day in 2002, an amnesiac awoke in European waters and discovered that he was an elite CIA-trained assassin known as Matt Damon, I mean Jason Bourne. The Bourne Identity was inspired by the Robert Ludlum novel by the same name, however the storyline was altered considerably. Despite this, fans were excited to see Matt Damon in as an action hero, taking down bad guys swiftly, almost naturally. The film spawned two sequels starring Matt Damon, and a third that brought Jeremy Renner into the mix.
Here's to hoping Brian Cox doesn't walk in any second. Someone call Matt Damon. Failing that we can settle for Jeremy Renner.
My favorite action movie of all time "The Bourne Ultimatum" I can't wait when Matt Damon comes back on the fifth film of the Bourne serious with Jeremy Renner.
ARGO, from Warner Bros. Pictures, is a well-padded film that tackles the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis (52 American hostages were held hostage inside the US embassy, during Carter's presidency, for a gruelling 444 days!) but with a fanciful twist that, in the hands of a lesser star-director, would have come up shorthanded or even mundane and trashy. But Ben Affleck has come a long way from goofy performances (1997's CHASING AMY, 1999's FORCES OF NATURE) and ever since his marvelous team-up with Matt Damon for 1997's GOOD WILL HUNTING (for which they won the screenwriting Oscar), Affleck has shown he IS a force of nature to be reckoned with. Take THE TOWN (2010), a heist movie that was an uncanny character study as well, which Affleck starred in and directed (culling an Oscar-nominated performance out of costar Jeremy Renner), with 23 nominations from various bodies and academies. Even earlier, take GONE BABY GONE (2007), an abducted-child thriller, with Affleck also directing an Oscar-nominated performance ...
I really enjoyed that film apart from the ending. Seemed to be over suddenly. I prefer Jeremy Renner to Matt Damon.
We just caught "The Bourne Legacy" & boy howdy did it suck. Big dropoff in quality from the Matt Damon films. Jeremy Renner was solid-it was the script & direction that killed it. Bummer.
Movie rental review. THE GOOD: "Looper", easy. This is a time travel movie, yet you don't need to be a sci-fi nut to love it. What a solid, intriguing, and mind blowing story this pic delivers. It reminded me of a time when original stories were more abundant. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt are exceptional. Just a well made, awesome film all around. "Ted". Even though many won't like the cheap and raunchy elements of this comedy, or not get the jokes, its actually very well written. Seth Macfarlane produced a film worthy of his legacy. I just couldn't buy the sentimental parts story. it's a talking teddy bear, people. THE OK: "The Bourne Legacy". Sure, it's a slight disappointment, yet still it's a good spy action movie. Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon, of course, and the whole "chemical dependency" plot just feels kind of slapped together, yet it delivers on basic spy movie essentials. Plus, Ed Norton does his bestest to make this film work. THE BAD: "Dredd". Other than some o.k. gun violence, thi ...
Jeremy Renner does a nice job, but Jason Bourne will always own that series of movies. I am a Matt Damon homer! Enjoy! : )
As usual, I didn’t get to see every film during the year that I wanted. American Reunion, The Expendables 2, Argo, The Man With The Iron Fists, Life Of Pi, and most disappointingly Wreck-It Ralph.  So unfortunately, none of those films will be on my list.  Not seeing any of those movies will make my list a little different as I have heard great things about more than one of them.  But, nonetheless here is my top 10 films of 2012.     10. The Bourne Legacy – My wife is a big fan of the Bourne films. I’ve liked them, but not as much.  But I was very curious about this one, being that it had a new cast. What I really liked about it was that, despite not using Matt Damon, they were still able to tie in to the history of the franchise. So, despite a new leading man (Jeremy Renner holds his own fairly well) it’s not a reboot.  It builds on what has come before. It has a solid story, and Renner’s character isn’t just a cookie cutter of Damon’s Jason Bourne.   9. The Hunger Games – “I ha ...
Finally re-watched The Bourne Legacy. Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon have to come back so they can make more movies with Jeremy Renner. Yes.
The Mission Impossible franchise you cant get much better than that, usually movies such as this go down hill after the first or second but they just kept getting better! I actually watched Ghost Protocol twice, This series reminds me of another one with Matt Damon that was and still is a successful story, Now with that being said do you think Jeremy Renner will be the next action Star of 2013?
I watched The Bourne Legacy last night. It is amazing, and totally worth the watch. It ties in very well with the last 3 Bourne movies and isn't just a half-assed spin-off. I am excited where this new story could go, perhaps Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon will appear in a Bourne movie together someday.
The Bourne Legacy is THE best movie. period. Jeremy Renner makes Matt Damon look like Mr Rogers!! & not the vietnam vet Mr. Rogers.
Jeremy Renner is like if Daniel Craig and Matt Damon had a baby.
When Universal Pictures released the Tony Gilroy helmed The Bourne Legacy earlier this year starring Jeremy Renner - the possibility of Matt Damon ever reprising the role of Jason Bourne seemed less of a possibility. However that doesn't mean it can't happen - and Matt Damon is open to the possibili...
Jeremy Renner is great in but the story is not well-written. Continuing this series without Matt Damon seems pointless.
Jeremy Renner is by no means a bad actor, but he's nothing compared to Matt Damon. In the other movies you felt like you cared about him.
Finally get to watch Bourne Legacy. It may not be Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but ill settle for Jeremy Renner as Alex Cross.
is awesome. I love Jeremy Renner, he did great. Would love a next Bourne to feature both him & Matt Damon
Best one yet! Jeremy Renner is a much better actor then Matt Damon. Oh and I love Rachel Weisz
The second Jeremy Renner comes on screen, "You're no Matt Damon!" I love my dad!!
I can't help but feel that I'd be enjoying this movie a lot more if Jeremy Renner was as hot as Matt Damon.
Jeremy Renner can't be as good as Matt Damon, he was a unit
Be sure to see Tom Cruise as Jeremy Renner as Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in Jack Reacher.
The Bourne Legacy 12A 4/10 Or as it shall now be known: ‘The Bored Legacy.’ I waited almost the entire length of the film for this to start to move in any purposeful way and just as it did it petered out like the damp squib I feared it would be! Jeremy Renner is too good for this kind of CIA McGuffin espionage bobbins. As is Rachel Weisz and Ed Norton given the chance. This is just a dull distant cousin to the previous Bourne films and should be avoided. It’s like Bourne without the interest and grit or Captain America without the fun! The entire cast seem to be running on empty and really not really arsed with this load of old tosh at all. I know how they feel! As Clive Owen says to Matt Damon in the first Bourne film: ‘See what they make us do?’ Poor poor people!
Matt Damon doesn't see how they could bring back Bourne so that they team up with Jeremy Renner. Any idea?
I wish Jeremy Renner was as good as Matt Damon but somethings are just not . . . . .
Back this summer, before The Bourne Legacy even hit theaters, producer Frank Marshall talked about the possibility of Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner teaming
Just watched The Bourne Legacy. Aron Cross is talentless compared to Jason Bourne as much as Jeremy Renner is nothing compared to Matt Damon
Whoa.. The Bourne Legacy was amazeballs!! But still Matt Damon > Jeremy Renner! Omw home now listening to some Florence+The Machine
I wish Matt Damon, Jeremy Renner or Eric Bana would adopt me. loljk =)) i love you, dad.
I'm thinking that some "nights in" with Channing Tatum, Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner are in my near future ;)
Watching The Bourne Supremacy. But I don't want Jason Bourne. I want Aaron Cross. Not Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner (:
Took myself to the dollar movie-well ok now it is $3-to see The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner. He was great and I loved the movie. If Matt Damon wont do them then he will do just fine. Good James Bondish ending-nice since Rachel Weisz is married to Mr. Bond. Maybe next Bourne could hook up with Bond. Now that would be something.
the last movie that was on the cinema was with Jeremy Renner! The Bourne Legacy! but the 3 movies with Matt Damon are awesome too
Finally watching the Bourne Trilogy. I haven't seen any of the Bourne movies before, but I want to see Bourne Legacy, hello Jeremy Renner, so I figured I should watch the first three first. Matt Damon on my tv isn't so bad.
Am torn between Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon. Wonder who is a better Jason Borne
Long Live the New Filipino Saint 'PEDRO CALUNGSOD'...I will do the Tebowing...Amen. [][][] I'm watchin moments ago & at this time, back-to-back Movies, Jeremy Renner's "28 Weeks Later" & Matt Damon's "Hereafter."
Just went to see the Bourne Legacy this evening as a welcome break from my none stop studying routine. I really liked it, and I have to say, if Jeremy Renner ever gets tired of making action movies he is an absolute shoe-in for Santa Clause when he has beard. Seriously though, I like how they make his character so different from Jason Bourne, because trying to fit Jeremy Renner into a Matt Damon mold, would not have been good.
Ever since The Bourne Ultimatum hit theaters, Matt Damon has been talking about returning as Jason Bourne for more installments as long as director Paul Green
The Bourne series is interesting. And Matt Damon is really cool! but, I love Jeremy Renner... :p
I can understand the recent outrage in the Middle East. Jeremy Renner is NO Matt Damon.
Jeremy Renner's acting abilities are to be commended. He was able to proceed from where Matt Damon left off in the 'Bourne' movies and give us another
Is Bourne Legacy worth watching, is Jeremy Renner better than Matt Damon?
Jeremy Renner will never be a better Bourne than Matt Damon... It's just not possible.
Sorry peeps, but Matt Damon aint got nothing on Jeremy Renner. Oh somebody out there!
Jeremy Renner takes up the leading man slot left vacant by Matt Damon for the 4th outing in the explosive Bourne series of spy films with the series’ ...
The Bourne Legacy. Exemplary instalment of the series, once again. Jeremy Renner is as impressive as Matt Damon. A must see.
. Just Watch the Bourne Legacy movie in High TS. Movie makes Sense .. Jeremy Renner replace the legend of the triology (Bourne ) Matt Damon.. I thought it will suck but Jeremy Renner u have a future in HollyWood movies.Nice 1 ... Expendables 2 Loading on my torrent downloader... Weekend looks promising..
Jeremy Renner pulls off a decent Matt Damon impression. Worth a watch!
Can't wait to watch Bourne Legacy by Jeremy Renner ,Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Jeremy replaced Matt down in the Bourne series let's see if he can play the role as good as Matt Damon or even better.
Just saw the Good, fun, action flick. Missed the presence of Matt Damon it was a fantastic performance from Jeremy Renner.
I can't help but picture Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner dueling with swords shouting, "There can be only one!"
Just watched a copy of the Bourne Legacy, with Jeremy Renner, very good especially the last 30 minutes or so, but just missing one thing, MATT DAMON, Renner was good but you can't replace the original.
yep...Matt Damon bailed out of the movie series, Jeremy Renner is the new Bourne for now in Legacy
hey don't rip on the bourne saga. Jeremy Renner filling Matt Damon's Shoes is a Compete Level Challenge.
Went to watch 'Bourne Legacy' last night. Brilliant movie! So much for Matt Damon not in it!?Jeremy Renner really pulled it off..Impressive!
Bourne Legacy is now showing at Are you Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner fan?
Not that I don't love Jeremy Renner, but I kinda wish they would have kept Matt Damon.
The Bourne movies - yeah. Jeremy Renner is SO much better than Matt Damon. And "Legacy" was Awesome!
I think I'm the only one who thinks Jeremy Renner was better in the Bourne Legacy than Matt Damon in the trilogy.
Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon, but in the series' 4th installment, The Bourne Legacy still rocks |
“Matt Damon kills a guy with a magazine. Jeremy Renner's expertise appears to be "running away good."
Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy. This movie continues the Bourne saga, and does it very well. Without revealing the plot, the premise is that the bureaucrat pinheads behind the program that created Jason Bourne continued with more such programs. Because of corn did you say wipe out the successor program. Jeremy Renner is an excellent successor to Matt Damon / Jason Bourne. If anything, he's even better in the role. Almost as good was Edward Norton, who plays the quintessential amoral government jerk you really want to take a bullet to the head. Usually, I'm let down by sequels, especially ones that reset the franchise. This time, I enjoyed the reset even more. I didn't even resent that this one clearly ends setting up the next one. Overall, this was a home run!
I chose Bourne! Jeremy Renner is a good substitute for Matt Damon. Go see it!
Apparently I was the only person I know stupid enough to think that they re-cast Jeremy Renner as Jason Bourne. Nope, still Matt Damon.
I didn't feel Jeremy Renner on The Legacy movie, the Bourne's deserve better What do u guys think? I wonder what Matt Damon thinks.
Just saw the Bourne Legacy. I wasn't opposed to the producers replacing Matt Damon. Still not sure Jeremy Renner can carry a film on his own. The movie made a few odd choices, like starting Renner's character off like a drug addict, but this was morphed into an interesting Achilles heel. Rachel Weisz character was woefully underwritten. Still many Easter Eggs for Jason Bourne fans.
I feel like Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon. Eating candy, replacement for the drugs and acting my life as a shadow and all.
Went to the movies yesterday with granddaughter to see "Bourne Legacy" . Really a Good Movie. I liked Matt Damon in the series but Jeremy Renner was very very good. Thanks for going with me Kayla.
I couldn't imagine The Bourne Legacy without Matt Damon but forgive Jeremy Renner for Rachel Weisz' sake to play the understudy.
The Bourne Legacy - great movie! I miss Matt Damon, but Jeremy Renner is good, too!!
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Only upside on this film, Jeremy Renner. All in favor of Hawkeye stealing the show instead of Matt Damon.
I hope to see Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner together in one movie one day.
Who doesn't love Jeremy Renner? I have to see the Matt Damon ones first though.
"me..Jason Bourne.RTAm more into Matt Damon than Jeremy Renner"
The Bourne Legacy stood nowhere near The Bourne Triology . and Jeremy Renner couldnt match the excellence of Matt Damon , not even 1%
Jeremy Renner is going to be one of *those* actors that never changes his hair (I'm looking at you Matt Damon).
Bourne tonight. Jeremy Renner > Matt Damon in my personal opinion.
Bourne Legacy was actually enjoyable! I had my doubts about Jeremy Renner instead of Matt Damon, but he did pretty well!
Today I saw (with I missed Matt Damon, but it was amazing with Jeremy Renner! *_*
Obviously, they need Matt Damon to save this franchise on next sequel. Jeremy Renner is a talented actor, but he isn't Jason Bourne.
Jeremy Renner takes the sting out of missing Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy. He's great; would have liked more plot. Decent flick.
the Bourne Legacy was disappointing! no story, barely any action and Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon
Girls, help me out here.. Who's hotter, Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner?
Despite my unconditional love for Jeremy Renner, I would have to say I still missed Matt Damon.. A lot..
Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner as Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross in one movie
Youths in the street arguing about Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon but forgetting Richard Chamberlain. Kids today don't kn ...
"The Bourne Legacy". Matt Damon is my favorite, but Jeremy Renner doesn't seem so bad. Dorne attacks well documented. Technology used for present day warfare. Full paisa vasool.
So I went and saw the Bourne Legacy tonight and if you know me you know my affinity for Jeremy Renner;););) I have always liked the previous Bourne movies despite my lack of affinity for Matt Damon mostly because of the realism as opposed to a bunch of CGI, a pretty decent story line, and *** decent casts with the exception of Julia Stiles. But tonight I left the theater perplexed. Did I like the movie I wondered?? I did but I couldn't really explain why short of the awesome cast and amazing action scenes... There was absolutely no plot! No character development, no resolution nothing! It really didn't have a beginning or an end; it completely lacked traditional elements of story telling all together!! And I liked it! Weird.. Has Hollywood finally got me??? Just throw great actors up there and good action and I'm hooked even w/o a story???
I thought the Bourne series without Matt Damon wont be good, but Jeremy Renner exceeded my expectation, he is really good, it will be really good for both of them to appear in a Bourne movie!!!
I did enjoy Jeremy Renner though, hehe. No offence to Matt Damon, who has always been fab in the Bourne roles.
So if Matt Damon decides to do a Bourne movie again, it will be okay to put Jeremy Renner in the same film..
I am never a fan of Matt Damon as actor because I think he is pretty one dimensional. That's why I never really dig into the boirne trilogy cause I think he doesn't have the charisma of action star and the camera setup is pretty confusing. However I was pretty big fan of Jeremy Renner too bad he doesn't star in much big budget film as the main star, so I was excited when I heard he gonna be the main star in the new Bourne film. He didn't dissapoint me, He bring life to the character unlike Damon who potray Bourne like a robocop. Unfortunately the rest part of the film is bad, the plot, the editing, the character. You gonna spend the first hour of the film with yawning since they didn't even try to make the story even remotely interesting. Instead of making the new chapter in Bourne World they decide to chase after the ghost of Jason Bourne. When finally the plot stir away from Jason Bourne, the story kinda lost it, one Bourne trademark is the realistic super spy story, however in they suddenly go to the c ...
dear Jeremy Renner, I hope u perform at least the same as Matt Damon *Bourne Legacy
Need an assassin in my life, Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner please!
I'm thinking tonight is new Bourne night. Jeremy Renner better than Matt Damon? We shall see.
I enjoyed it and really rate Jeremy Renner as an actor but Bourne is not the same without Matt Damon simple as really
Lol! And also the first three have Matt Damon instead of Jeremy Renner :)
"Jeremy Renner is a good actor, but I love machine-like role of Matt Damon :D" - me too: Extreme Ways by Moby:
Just finished watching "Bourne Legacy".did not met my expectations. A loosely held story.Rachel Weise is at her best but Jeremy Renner really haven't got much to perform here. The background score was the most disappointing part of the film. The script writers also disappoint here.finally I missed Matt Damon a lot in the character on which the legacy continued.My score would be 4 out of 10(if 10 to be the best). :(
Summer 2012 Winners and Losers Winners : 1. Joss Whedon and "The Avengers": The summer's opening -- and best -- studio tent-pole blockbuster. Now, Whedon will direct the sequel, too. 2. Matthew Mcconaughey: The hunky actor got a career infusion with his Oscar-baiting male stripper in the surprise hit "Magic Mike." Continue to take it off, Matt! (Add in the underrated "Bernie" and "Killer Joe," too, for a massive and interesting comeback.) 3. Wes Anderson and "Moonrise Kingdom": Anderson's most successful live-action movie also boosted the careers of Bill Murray and Bruce Willis. 4. Jeremy Renner and "The Bourne Legacy": Renner proved that he could open a movie and make audiences forget Matt Damon as Jason Bourne -- and he also had a piece of "The Avengers" action as "Hawkeye." 5. Tom Hardy and "The Dark Knight Rises": Hardy is the summer's breakout action star with dramatic chops -- see also "Lawless" -- and he rises with the Dark Knight franchise. 6. Seth Macfarlane, Mark Wahlberg, and "Ted": A sleeper h ...
Anong masasabi nyo sa "The Bourne Legacy"? I've watched this with my mom and dad yesterday, so after watching it they said that the action sequences were awesome. I'd have the same reaction pero medyo bitin lang and I never knew it was already running 2hrs. I wanted a bit more. Though I really give my respect to Jeremy Renner for filling the shoes of Matt Damon, great job i must say! Sana may part two or part three pa! and next time i'll watch this again with my girl..Dana ^^
..very disappointed in The Bourne Legacy...sub standard plot lines, and believe me...Jeremy Renner is NO Matt Damon...not even close!!...
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Good morning Peeps! "The Bourne Legacy" rocked (even though Matt Damon wasn't in it) I would have loved to see Matt, but Jeremy Renner and his arms done just fine. :0)
Deep review of Bourne Legacy: Matt Damon is better looking, but Jeremy Renner has an odd sort of appeal
I saw the Bourne Legacy tonight, it was pretty intense. Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon tho
of course he is not Matt Damon , he is Jeremy Renner ..
The Bourne Legacy... very good, Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz nice going... but still Bourne Light... I did enjoy the way he went up the side of the house in the window in about 3 seconds though... Matt Damon, please agree on a new script!
Here's my movie critique: Hope Springs : 3 stars -cute movie but for the older crowd Hit and Run: 2 stars save your money Bourne Legacy: 4 1/2 stars-girls you won't even miss Matt Damon in this one Jeremy Renner is a cutie,great action great movie go see it The odd life of Timothy Green: 3 1/2 stars- adorable movie for the family to see Sparkle- 3 stars: Great music good costumes, Worth it just to see Whitney singing "His eye is on the sparrow"
not much story progression in The Bourne Legacy. It was still a Good Movie though. Would be great if they made a movie of Matt Damon w/ Jeremy Renner.
This week on the podcast Matt and Jonathan open by trying to confirm exactly how many Bourne films there are. They then discuss Matt Damon being replaced (not as Jason Bourne) by Jeremy Renner and which of the two they prefer. They then review elements of the plot such as Jeremy Renner's junkie or ...
Never really a fan of Matt Damon. Watched TBL solely because of Jeremy Renner, ngl.
Just read Matt Damon v Jeremy Renner in Bourne 5. Now that would be brilliant. Bourne Legacy was good, still not as good as the trilogy but none the less a good film.
Enjoyed The Bourne Legacy more than I thought I would. A slow and somewhat confusing start which felt a little like 'Bourne Free / Where's Jason' but once it hit its stride it was great. Matt Damon's absence became a lot less noticeable as Jeremy Renner's character took shape. It really kicked off in the final third and all is in place for a sequel.
Saw Bourne Legacy. I liked it. I didn't miss Matt Damon at all. And is it just me or do Jeremy Renner and Daniel Craig look like they ought to be related to each other? Just sayin'...
"Get some rest Jeremy Renner, you can't do my job" - Matt Damon
Jeremy Renner blows Matt Damon out of the water in Bourne.
yeah it is, it was Matt Damon (just remembered his name) and now it's Jeremy Renner !.. This convo is very misunderstood LOL
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No. Don't end Bourne like that :(. There had better be a fifth film. Jeremy Renner meets Matt Damon. Please.
I like The Bourne Legacy more than the others. It made more sense & good actors. I also like Jeremy Renner more than Matt Damon. :-)
Bourne Legacy is fecking class, Jeremy Renner does a pretty good job, not as good as Matt Damon, but still pretty epic
Jeremy Renner did a decent job in the Bourne Legacy, still got nothing on Matt Damon though.
I love the Bourne films. So good. Jeremy Renner was a good replacement for Matt Damon although not as charismatic. Go see The Bourne Legacy...
"They'd better make another Bourne movie, but this time with Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner" - absolutely amazing team up :)
Despite being sleep deprived, hubby thought I could use a movie break. We just saw Bourne Legacy... off the chain! Jeremy Renner was great, but, I will need to see Matt Damon a little more in the next chapter!! Great movie & even better company, love my hubby! God bless & remember to keep Him first.
gamefreaksnz: Film review | Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner takes over from Matt Damon and introduces a new hero …
I like Matt Damon than Jeremy Renner for Bourne but i really really like Jeremy for his movie "Hurtlocker" astig!! ;-D
The Bourne Legacy mostly made me jazzed for The Bourne Couple, in which Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner share an apartment.
The Bourne Legacy review. I actually watch this right after The Expendables 2, as I as leaving the cinema I bumped in to Tung and Hing, so I decided to join them. Anyway back to the point. Everything that was right with the first three films is absent from this film. All 3 films starts with a mystery and then begins this fast action cat and mouse chase city by city all over Europe and ends with Jason Bourne bringing the fight back into the enemy's doorstep. That is the pretty much tried and tested formula all original trilogy went by. Now compare it with the story line of this film. The Bourne Legacy has a slow boring start to the film which tries to explain everything from the beginning and anyone in the audience can guess what is the next step is. There is no mystery, no plot twists just a boring story line. As for the actors I got nothing towards Jeremy Renner's acting but he's no Matt Damon. With Renner I feel like they were trying to make him this superhero guy. The action is dull and boring, No mys ...
Going to see who is the better Bourne, Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner hmm..
Recently I've seen the movies The Bourne Legacy and The Expendables 2. I'll start with the Bourne Legacy! I have always enjoyed the Bourne movies, I thought they had great action scenes in them and I thought Matt Damon was fantastic as Jason Bourne. So when I found out they were making another Bourne movie I thought that was very unnecessary because the Bourne Trilogy was already great and it ended fine, so there was no need to make another movie. But of course they made another one, so I just had to see it and just as I expected I didn't care much for it. Yes Jeremy Renner was great in it, his character Aaron Cross was very cool and Jeremy Renner played the part very well. The action in the movie wasn't half bad either, it doesn't have better action scenes than the previous Bourne movies do but it still works. One huge thing in this movie that didn't work though was the story, I found the story to be lacking in a lot of things and I also thought the story dragged on at times. I also found co-stars Edward ...
The Bourne Legacy - best Bourne film yet. Jeremy Renner definite improvement on Matt Damon.
It's time for "The Bourne Legacy" in theater...Let's see how ... "Jeremy Renner" on stepping into Matt Damon's shoes for Bourne Legacy !!!
I went to see the Bourne Legacy with Lesley this week. It has Jeremy Renner in it.Rachel Weitz is in it as well as Edward Norton . Matt Damon is NOT in this. It is an action drama and is quite good. It all works out at the end. I would recommend this to teens and older.
Just saw Bourne Legacy. Loved it!! Although I did miss Matt Damon, new guy Jeremy Renner was really good.
The Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Matt Damon's yearbook photo, and that Moby song from the other Bourne movies.
Movie Review THE Bourne Legacy. Fourth of the Bourne installments & no Matt Damon in sight (unless you count a photo). This one has Jeremy Renner (he of The Hurt Locker) as one of numerous Bournes who's existence is threatened by the closure of the programme that spawned them. Picking up Rachel Weisz as the doc who developed the mind-controlling substances along the way, it's a rough & tumble ride to stay one step ahead of the relentless bad guys. Starts well and does captivate however kinda looses it's way a bit & peters out towards the end. 7/10.
Usually the best time to go to a movie is the first showing of the day, and today was no exception. Maybe 8 couples in the theater. When we came out, the parking lot was pretty full. Bourne Legacy this time and it did not disappoint. As expected, lots of action. I thought it'd be weird not having Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz did an awesome job, so it worked. I think they left it open for another, you be the judge when you see it. I do know one thing, they need to do something about the popcorn in those theaters. When the movie is over, I have to stand up and wipe off the popcorn that got away from me, which is all over my shirt and lap. It's not my fault, it's like that stuff has little springs in it. I put a fistfull up to my mouth and some of it just jumps away from my hand and there it is, just like those foam packing balls, it sticks to you like a magnet. Is it just me? Something needs to be done people!
I don't know why people didn't like Bourne Legacy. It was awesome! Jeremy Renner is an extremely better action lead than Matt Damon. And I definitely cared about the character of Aaron Cross much more than Jason Bourne
So there is another movie. Only ours not Matt Damon. They have gone with Jeremy Renner
The new Jason Bourne reboot is doing exceptionally well in the box office. Jeremy Renner is a far better cast than Matt Damon, me thinks
however, Jeremy Renner's character was great and different approach from Matt Damon
Jeremy Renner is cool , but Matt Damon tho >
We went to "The Bourne Legacy". A great movie to see. If you like action movies, you will enjoy this one. Jason was only mentioned in this movie but it's set up for the next sequels to come. Jeremy Renner as the new Treadstone does a great job. The next Bourne movie can have Matt Damon & Jeremy Renner together - that would be great! Too bad Hollywood can't produce more movies like "The Avengers, The Dark Night & Bourne movies. We definitely would be going to lots more movies than waiting for them to come out on DVD and rent thru Nexflixs.
Bourne Legacy isn't as good as the first 3 movies !! Jeremy Renner did a great job, but he is no Matt Damon !!!
It's not that I like Jeremy Renner, but I can't imagine Bourne movie without Matt Damon :/
There was never just one.thats right, move over Matt Damon (I'm sorry), but hello Jeremy Renner!! Awesome movie, Boerne Legecy!! Lunch & movie with girlfriend, great day!!
It is my informed opinion that if any man had to be chosen to carry on Matt Damon's legacy as Jason Bourne, then the only man who is possibly up for the job is Jeremy Renner. Good form Tony Gilroy, good form.
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The Bourne Legacy contains a lot of overlap between the last episode featuring Matt Damon along with trying to introduce the character played by Jeremy Renner; the trailers depicted a movie that is paced faster than it actually is one thing for sure though with Jeremy does his thing… He does his thing like many movies that try to establish a history this is often where the low occurs but I do think they set the stage for a sequel I would actually give the movie 3 1/2 out of five stars.5
Saw The Bourne Legacy with Jim. He loves the Bourne movies, and I like seeing Jeremy Renner in a starring role! This film gave more of a background about how the Bourne characters came about, and, yes, there are several of them, not just the one that Matt Damon played. Aaron Cross is Renner's "professional" name given to him, but, again, like Bourne, he has a "real" name. I love the movie, but, it was rather weird to not see Matt Damon in it. I feel Renner did an excellent job, though, as the lead character. It's a buyer!!! (Of course, I buy everything Renner is in!) :)
Move over Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner kicks it in Bourne Legacy.
Saw The Bourne Legacy today. Great movie, and plenty of action. Who needs Matt Damon when you've got Jeremy Renner? :)
Watched Sense and Sensibility with Emma Thomson and Hugh Grant and Jane Eyre with Michael Fassenbender and Judie Dench on cable . Good Movies. Michael Fassbender who played in Jane Eyre and in Centurion and in the latest Prometheus is working his way into my favourite actors list. He is of Irish/German desent. I couldn't watch almost all of those Borne Identity movies because I just can't like Matt Damon, but now that he has been replaced with Jeremy Renner who did a very good job in the movie The Hurt Locker I might just be able to watch the new ones. Jeremy Renner is best friends with Ben Affleck who did a terrible acting job in The Town in which Jeremy was also featured, though it was a rather Good Movie idea. The last Bourne Identity movie I forced my way through was The Green Zone. Matt should just drop movies and go into politics and get it over with.
I saw Bourne Legacy last night. It kind of sucked...(not all the way, but it really didn't deliver) Please Hollywood producer people, invest in a decent plot to entice Matt Damon on board for any future films.On another note, Jeremy Renner was kind of hot. LOL
The Bourne Legacy was great. I don't understand people's problem with it. Matt Damon wasn't in it so what? Jeremy Renner kicks just as much bad guy butt. And it sounds like it hurts more
Just saw Bourne Legacy. It was an impressive reboot, knowing that Jeremy Renner doesn't have (yet) the same clout of Matt Damon. The action scenes fell short for me though. Sidenote: Chowking should pay Universal for ad placement. Lol.
Jeremy Renner may be a decent replacement for Matt Damon, but James Newton Howard sure isn’t one for John Powell.
Went to see "The Bourne Legacy" yesterday. Great movie. Action packed and Jeremy Renner does as much justice to his character, Aaron Cross, as Matt Damon did to Jason Bourne's.
What would be really good is if Matt Damon & Jeremy Renner could do a Tag Team special for a 5th one. That would make my year!
I saw the new "Bourne Legacy" movie last night and it was horrible. Bad acting all around, I love Jeremy Renner but this was not the best movie for his acting abilities. Paging Matt Damon, we need you ASAP for the next "Bourne Legacy" movie! DO NOT spend your $$ on this crap it's a DVD rental or NETFLIX! lol
Bourne Legacy - Jeremy Renner wears Matt Damon's costumes and jumping from building to building.sometimes they r showing Matt Damon's photo.except these 2 things the film is no way related to Bourne average movie...!!
Matt Damon with a pen beats Jeremy Renner with ANYTHING.
Bourne Legacy impressions: enjoyed Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz more than Matt Damon & chicks. Action wasn't as good.
May not have Matt Damon but stars Avengers Assemble star Jeremy Renner who played Hawkeye and Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton (Hulk) as well
Jeremy Renner was brilliant as was Rachel Weisz. I expect there will be another Bourne movie, hopefully Matt Damon will return.
Jeremy Renner is just way more awesome than Matt Damon in my opinion. That is all
Despite the departure of star Matt Damon and Director Paul Greengrass, the "Bourne" franchise still ruled the box office this weekend.
‘THE Bourne Legacy’ Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz. A chemically enhanced secret operative is in a deadly collision course with his handlers, who are trying to silence him. The very convoluted plot labors along keeping not only we the audience in the dark but also all the characters with the exception of Edward Norton’s, head of operations, dogged pursuit. Plenty of high tech tracking, missile laden drones, shoot-outs and a lengthy motorcycle chase through crowded streets. Renner does well as the smart athletic action guy but Matt Damon does all that and draws us in with a more appealing personality. 2 ½ stars but falling well short of the previous Bourne adventures.
Other than having no plot or a real ending, The Bourne Legacy was pretty good. Acting was fantastic and the action was bad *** I'm excited for the new trilogy and can't wait till Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner team up in the next one!
Saw the new Bourne Legacy and Batman films at the weekend. Both were good. Jeremy Renner fills Matt Damon's boots...
I like Jeremy Renner so much better than Matt Damon, even though I feel like Bourne Legacy's plot wasn't as well developed as the prequals
was awesome x) I'm sure it's tough following in Matt Damon's footsteps, but Jeremy Renner did a good job
I am dying to see the new Bourne movie. Even though I will miss the fact that Matt Damon isn't in it, Jeremy Renner will do just fine. Have you seen it?
I hope the next 'Bourne' has Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon. :D That would be AWESOME!
Tatum is superior to Evans and Jeremy Renner is to Matt Damon as a teaspoon is to a cup. I REJECT THESE OPTIONS!
The marketing tagline for The Bourne Legacy reads, “There was never just one”, which is a very clever way to introduce a new lead with ties to a secret CIA operation, now that Matt Damon and his character Jason Bourne have dropped out of the picture.
Can someone please explain why Jeremy Renner is in the new Bourne movie and Matt Damon isnt
Saw "The Bourne Legacy" and "Hope Springs" this past weekend. Jeremy Renner is a very worthy successor to Matt Damon and Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones perform convincingly from a good script. Both well worth seeing. Two thumbs up!
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Tony Gilroy talks about how 'Bourne Legacy' expands the 'Bourne' movie universe. Meanwhile, producer Frank Marshall says that both Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner could appear in a fifth installment.
Jeremy Renner out-toughs Matt Damon in the fourth Bourne installment, and parkour fans will be delighted. But is the franchise already outmoded, asks Peter Bradshaw
Are u kiddin me? Jeremy Renner the new Jason Bourne?! Yeah after doing town, Ghost Protocol and avengers, he sure is Good but would he be as good as Matt Damon? Hmmm i cant wait to see the new 4th bourne movie 'Bourne Legacy'
In The Bourne Legacy, writer/director Tony Gilroy expands the Bourne universe created by Robert Ludlum with an original story that introduces us to a new hero (Jeremy Renner) whose life-or-death stakes have been triggered by the events of the first three films. For The Bourne Legacy, Renner join...
Bourne Legacy. Jeremy Renner was great. Rachel Weisz was pretty. The movie lacked direction...pacing was off...there was a ridiculously long chase scene...then it was over. I was hoping either Matt Damon or Ben Affleck as Jason Bourne would make a cameo. Susie Talbot was amazing! Clapped at your credit, girl! Boo.
Taking Fran to see Bourne Legacy after work tonight. Will she be all butthurt that Matt Damon isn't in it, or will she have a spot in her heart for the new guy Jeremy Renner? Only time will tell.
Saw THE Bourne Legacy last night. It was diverting fun, Jeremy Renner is a good action hero, and Rachel Weisz is always worth watching. It ties nicely to the three BOURNE movies with Matt Damon, as it takes place alongside THE Bourne Ultimatum. Ed Norton was a delightful bland bureaucratic bad guy, so focused on "big picture" doublespeak that he's lost any shred of humanity. My only real problem was when we got to Manila, and Our Heroes are found out and three security guards go after them. Now this isn't like the earlier bit where there were trained assassins there specifically to kill the doctor played by Weisz. No, these are three working stiffs working the night shift at a pharmaceuticals company who are just there to bring two intruders upstairs. And Aaron Crow kills them. Later, when Weisz's character is about to be arrested by Manila cops who again are just doing their job, Aaron kills them, too. And I'm supposed to root for this guy? This is the equivalent, to my mind, of targeting civilians -- wh ...
Just watched a Preview screening of 'The Bourne Legacy' - no Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner can kick butt. Has nothing to do with the book of the same title but still OK as far as spy/thriller/action movies go...
The Bourne Legacy review :The 4 th part of Bourne series Based on Robert Ludlum novel this time Having a new a hero as Jeremy Renner with Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton filling up the cast.I am a great fan of the Bourne series for its racy screenplay with lots action and intelligent counter actions by the agent to detect the mystery .But this movie disappoints a bit as action part was very less and the screenplay bit dull and slow. Still the plot was interesting but the execution could have been much better. Whenever we go to watch a second or third part of a movie as sequel or in a trilogy we expect it to be much better than the previous one in screenplay and content wise. Matt Damon did a great job in the first three parts . Jeremy Renner has also a good job in this part of Bourne Legacy.decent performances my Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton.this it was genetic behaviour compared got emotional behaviour in the previous series of story. As usual the screenplay shifting to all parts across the globe in th ...
The new Bourne was great, but Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon
Keep hearing that Bourne Legacy was good and Jeremy Renner did his thing. But I can't see nobody playing that role better than Matt Damon.
Liked the new Bourne movie. Jeremy Renner should sing 'I'm f***ing Matt Damon'.
The Bourne Legacy- well it was a good backgrounder for Matt Damon-aka Jason Bourne to come back as Jason Bourne again and all in all it miss the action and it has story but less action, less hand to hand combat, less of thriller and suspense movie. Bourne movies really which keeps you edge of your feet, this one is just a different then regular Bourne movies, Jeremy Renner is very decent actor but sorry can't take to be a spy. Or CIA operative.
The Bourne Legacy was better than I expected. I prefer Jeremy Renner over Matt Damon.
After seeing the new Bourne movie with Erin Pincus we've come to the conclusion that they need to make a movie like "The Expendables", but a *** assassin movie with Liam Neeson, Sean Connery, Matt Damon (who is not allowed to speak), Jeremy Renner, Bill Nighy, Steve Martin, and Daniel Craig.
Thank you Borne franchise...for not just replacing Matt Damon with anyBODY. Jeremy Renner will do (Jeff Tweedy with a six-pack). and thanks dad, for accompanying your "adult children" to opening weekend! re-borne.
Read our review of 'The Bourne Legacy' to find out if Tony Gilroy and star Jeremy Renner can live up to the real world legacy left by franchise leading man Matt Damon.
Jeremy Renner knocks it out of the park in won't even miss Matt Damon! Catch my review at
Saw The Bourne Legacy today. I give it a "C". Matt Damon's performance in the 1st three movies will not be surpassed by Jeremy Renner, ever
Jeremy Renner did an incredible job of NOT being Matt Damon.
I shall watch Bourne Legacy before my birthday ends!! :) it might not be Matt Damon as Jason Bourne but Jeremy Renner will suffice! ;)
I'm really, really impressed with "The Bourne Legacy." Jeremy Renner creates a compelling lead and foil to Matt Damon's Jason Bourne in Aaron Cross, Rachel Weisz knows how to play a good person realizing the enormity of what they have been involved in, and Edward Norton is rather terrifyingly amoral. Tony Gilroy gets the frustration and language of the espionage business down, and the connections between this fourth entry and the trilogy are frankly elegant. Great way to spend an evening, and I have to admit that I wish more blockbusters were like this.
The Bourne Legacy was a Good Movie. Can't wait to see the Sequel. My guess is that Matt Damon will be back as Jason Bourne along with Jeremy Renner as this story goes on. But now is back to writing. Took two days off, but now I'm back on my grind. Gotta keep going and still wont let anything distract me. The parties and festivities can wait til I'm successful.
Just sawn "Bourne Legacy" and Jeremy Renner was a great sub for Matt Damon. Matt will always be a favorite, but this California boy did rock! Rachel Weiss is a beautiful and great actress addition as well. Can't wait for the next one!
The Bourne Legacy: It was okay. I like Jeremy Renner, he's a lot more believable than Matt Damon. But there's just something about the earlier series that I could watch over and over again: ACTION! Hopefully they'll patch things up for the sequel. Still a decent movie.
Universal's "Bourne Legacy" ended the reign of "Dark Knight Rises" with a $41.3 million opening weekend at the domestic box office, and gave franchise fans an intriguing question to ponder: Jeremy Renner, Matt Damon, or both? The super spy tale is the fourth installment in the "Bourne" franchise and the first with Renner replacing Damon as the lead.
wow THE Dark Knight Rises has fallen from 1st place. now that honor goes to THE Bourne Legacy! Jeremy Renner is so hott. :D has anyone seen it yet? The Dark Knight had a good run and i loved that movie. now time to go see the Bourne Legacy. if anyone has seen it do u think its better without matt damon in it ? or is that what the movie is missing?
Just got home from seeing The Bourne Legacy it was good but Jeremy Renner is definitely no Matt Damon!!!
The Bourne Legacy - UnJustified the Bourne Series. Without Matt Damon its difficult to digest Jeremy Renner in the lead. 1st half konjam blade potu irupaanga. Climax chasing was the only Action in the Movie. Mokkai ending of all the Bourne series. Padam mudinja piragum theatre la yaarum elundu pogala. (They still didn believe the movie is over).
I'm sorry Jeremy Renner...but your just not Matt Damon!!
Bourne Legacy review (with no spoilers): First of all, I'd give it a 7 on a scale of 1-10. As a fan of the series and Robert Ludlum, I was slightly disappointed. Pros: -action was intense as expected. Filming was excellent. -Matt Damon was not in the movie. He did a great job acting in the first three, but I can't over what a *** he is in real life. -Renner was great. Cons: -very slow start. Plot took forever to develop. -Renner's character was a little too likable, not fitting the character of the assassin. I'm chalking that up to the director, not Jeremy Renner. -there was on major action scene and a couple of smaller ones. The small scenes were too small. The big scene too long. -if you've seen the previews and trailers...then you've seen the best parts.
Bourne Legacy was a very Good Movie but Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon
Saw The Bourne Legacy, completing my goal of seeing all the movies this summer I wanted to see that Butler had to offer. The movie was just alright. I like Jeremy Renner a lot more than Matt Damon, but the story and action was a little flat. The fantastic Joan Allen, Albert Finney, and David Strathain were barely used.
Spoiler alert: The new 'Bourne' movie pretty much *** As a big fan of Bourne and having seen the first three umpteen times, this one was on my radar for a long time and I've been waiting in anticipation. But the kinetic camerawork is gone, Joan Allen is gone, the great dialog (curiously, seeing it's written by Tony Gilroy again, who also directs, instead of Liman or Greengrass, who did the others) is gone, and Rachel Weisz puts on that annoying uber-American accent of hers that once again makes you wish they hadn't killed off Franka Pontente in Bourne 2. The only surprise is Jeremy Renner. He's different from Matt Damon's character and actually carries the thing off pretty well. But the whole story just doesn't work. Blue pill, green pill? For a wasted night, though, I guess you could do worse.
The Bourne Legacy tries to take us back into the same paths, but without the real Bourne the journey becomes tiring. Jeremy Renner lacks the stylishness and enthusiasm of Matt Damon.
Well the Bourne Legacy is a solid film I loved every minute of it. Character driven, engaging dialog, strong continuity with previous films an a great leading man. Jeremy Renner holds his own an gives a gripping performance. This is a fresh start of a new trilogy. I have to read the Bourne Betrayal an The Bourne Deception. This film gives lots of answers to this bleak world of espionage an super agents. The film is so good that it makes you want more an it'll also make you want to watch the Bourne Ultimatium again. I'll leave it at that. People stop comparing Matt Damon to Jeremy Renner they're 2 different characters :-) like it or not Aaron Cross is here to stay. Go see it.
The Bourne Legacy was off the hook! The best Bourne movie by far. If you think Matt Damon is more of a bad *** than Jeremy Renner, you haven't seen it yet. Trust me, check it out!
Jeremy Renner disappointed totally,another movie-series got into shredder coz f tht money-minting attitude,Only Matt Damon can do justice to Jason Bourne.
I liked Jeremy Renner in Hurt Locker but I loved him in The Bourne Legacy! I never thought of anyone who could play the role better than Matt Damon and he defied all skepticism and rolled it! Btw, the motorcycle chase was nicely done albeit hilarious to see Manila's traffic jam and dense populace. ;)
Universal’s domestic weekend estimate for The Bourne Legacy keeps dropping, from $48M midday Friday to $44M last night to now $41M this morning. And Friday’s figure has fallen from $15M to $14M. Which is cause for concern. Especially for a reboot that cost $125+M, is opening much lower than the last two original Bourne movies with Matt Damon, and has a star like Jeremy Renner without a proven track record at the international box office. Although the studio went into this weekend lowballing expectations around $35M, the real figure Universal wanted was $40M-$45M. Warner Bros’ The Campaign also lowered its Friday opener from $11M to $10.2M, which puts its weekend estimate at $26.8M. The studio’s The Dark Knight Rises dipped slightly to $5.6M and an estimated weekend of $19.7M. Sony Pictures’ midweek newcomer Hope Springs drops to a weekend estimate of $14.0M and cume of $18.5M after revising Friday’s figure down to $4.6M.
It rocked! No Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz were great!
Summer Movie Update: "The Bourne Legacy". Matt Damon is a wise man. The first 40 min goes on forever, with no good reason. Then it gets better, with everything involving Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz being excellent...until they jumped on the motorcycles while being chased by Robo-Assassin. With an ending right out of a James Bond movie. What the heck? The more we think about it the more annoyed with it we are. What a waste. Not the worst of the summer, but darn close. Denise says "It was lame" Alex says "I'm mad at this movie." I say "Go see "Ruby Sparks, it's really good".
The Bourne Legacy:- I dont know what was going through Universal Pictures when they thought to continue the series without Matt Damon and Director Greengrass. Result a never ending drag of a story and when you thought something would happen now, the movie abruptly ends. There was nothing like the real Bourne Trilogy nothing at all. Script was really poor, Jeremy Renner acted well but was too confident looking, here you will miss Matt Damon badly as he was so vulnerable that u can feel for him. The movie lacked in all fronts the slickiness, the thrill, the pace and most importantly Action. A strict no no for a Bourne Fan. Wastage of my 270 Bucks. My rating 1.5/5
"The Bourne Legacy" was by far the best of the Bourne movies. Don't listen to the ignorant critics. Jeremy Renner was a much better main character than Matt Damon. Rachel Weisz had a reason for being in the movie (unlike Franka Potente in the previous ones), and she also delivered some great performances. The story also made sense and wasn't chock full of ridiculously unbelievable scenes. B+
Jason Bourne or Aaron Cross.???...very difficult to answer dis one...Jeremy Renner matches Matt Damon every inch be it screen presence, style or action.n the goood news is tht Tony Gilroy n co have more stories to tell...n de plot n action sequences r as thrilling as de earlier trilogy if not better..n *** to dose critics who hv written off de movie...operation treadstone, operation outcome n operation blacbriar r here to stay...Jason Borne, Aaron Cross...whoevr.the franchise will continue...yipe...!!!..
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Jeremy Renner was good but I miss Jason Bourne. I miss Matt Damon.
Bourne Legacy - great action, Jeremy Renner and pulled it off well as a new outcome agent but I still missed Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.
"The Bourne Legacy" wus pretty awesum. It doesn't compare 2 the previous 3 but for a 4th installment it does an awesum job. During his fight scenes Renner does put Matt Damon 2 shame. I suggest u dn't blink during his fight scenes cuz Renner is so fast u'll surely miss sum of the action. I highly recommend watching the previous 3 Bourne film cuz they do reference the films a lot. Like all Bourne films the cast is great. I did have mixed feelings about Rachel Weisz. Although I luv her n her acting (heck she is an Academy Award Winner) but in this movie she wus irritating. Writer of the previous Bourne films Academy Award Nominee Tony Gilroy (writer/director of the amazing film "Michael Clayton") returns as writer but also steps behind the camera as Director and does a great job. Also returning is Director of "The Bourne Identity" Doug Liman as Executive Producer. Overall a nice opener 2 the Jeremy Renner character. The action pieces r very few but amazing. Not the quality of the previous films but still v ...
Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon and no Jason Bourne either, but his Aaron Cross is much, much deeper, more sensitive - that makes him better.
Bourne Betrayal returns David Greengrass to helm Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon as Aaron Cross attempts to kill David Webb aka Jason Bourne
Having read Robert Ludlum's novel, right from Identity, supremacy and ultimatum . it always tempts me to watch them on TV. I still don't feel Matt Damon is the right fit for that character. Any updates on Jeremy Renner .. ?
Hoping that in the 5th sequel of the Bourne movie, Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross ( Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner, respectively) would finally meet and join force to fight their nemesis ( the people behind the Treadstone, now enhanced to become the Blackbriar)...
The Bourne Legacy - a great transition from the Paul Greengrass adaptation. No need to worry about Matt Damon being absent. Jeremy Renner is a beast and takes the Robert Ludlum series to a whole new level.
Bourne Legacy is an utter disgrace to Matt Damon's Oscar Winning Bourne Series...Weak ripped off previous Bourne action sequences, lousy plot, Edward Norton & Jeremy Renner wasted...This is Tony Gilroy's disastrous attempt to milk the best ever spy novel on-screen adaptation of all times. Powerhouse performance of Matt Damon & Director Paul Greengrass terribly missed...
Smart Eventful And HEAVY... That's how the new Bourne flick can be described. 'Would the Legacy of Jason Bourne be carried forward?' ... Now ths question of many might have some mixed answers... Classic action sequences, intelligent CIA political stuff, an agent's spy mind n all those Bourne flick elements. But yeah, Matt Damon n Paul Greengrass wr missed as expected... Jeremy Renner was awesome... Trademark Bourne screenplay which wud not allow u to relax a bit. Movie will lead u wth some lose ends though... U may ask, 'wud ther b a sequel cumin soon??' . Well.. U remember how Bourne Identity ended? Ok cool... :) .. Bourne fans, go watch it!! :)
We dub Jeremy Renner to express how he really feels in “The Bourne Legacy”!
Jeremy Renner takes over for Matt Damon in THE Bourne Legacy which opens along with THE CAMPAIGN today and HOPE SPRINGS (which opened Wed).
I may actually go see Bourne Legacy. And the only Bourne i will have seen. Why? Jeremy Renner >Matt"the pole" Damon
After watching the Bourne Trilogy, I can honestly say that the new one *** Matt Damon > Jeremy Renner
I think Jeremy Renner is a much hotter agent than Matt Damon. So looking forward to watching The Bourne Legacy!
Gonna go see that new non Bourne Bourne flick. Jeremy Renner is quite the little trooper these days. First he's taking over Mission Impossible then he saved New York and now he's usurping Matt Damon. What's next?
Bourne Legacy with no Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner. IDK...who is going 2 give this " Bourne" a try ?
Go see The Bourne Legacy tonight. Jeremy Renner transitions smoothly from where Matt Damon left off. Synchronized action at its finest. It won't disappoint!
Jeremy Renner, you are not Matt Damon. Therefore you cannot be the star of a Bourne movie. It really is as simple as that. I didn't need six semesters of Film Theory classes to figure that out. It's elementary math, really.
Enough with the Dark Knight hype.. i'm off to see Jeremy Renner do Matt Damon stuffs.
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