Matt Damon & Gus Van Sant

Matthew Paige Matt Damon (born October 8, 1970) is an American actor, screenwriter, and philanthropist whose career was launched following the success of the film Good Will Hunting (1997), from a screenplay he co-wrote with friend Ben Affleck. Gus Green Van Sant, Jr. (born July 24, 1952) is an American film director, screenwriter, painter, photographer, musician, and author. 5.0/5

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first of all, it's great and directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting) and has Sean Connery, and a Matt Damon cameo.
Matt Damon talking about winning the Oscar for "Good Will Hunting". Mr. Gus Van Sant is this week's director!
Director Gus Van Sant with Robin Williams and Matt Damon on the set of 'Good Will Hunting' (1997).
Watching 'Good Will Hunting' . Another great movie from Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon
Jesus, Elysium was the worst giant allegory in any movie, ever. Matt Damon, you're fired - stick with Gus Van Sant for politics. 2/10.
On this day in 1997, Good Will Hunting, a movie that will earn childhood friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon a Best Screenplay Oscar and propel them to Hollywood stardom, premieres in Los Angeles. Good Will Hunting, which opened in wide release across America on January 9, 1998, featured Damon in the title role as a troubled math genius from South Boston. Directed by Gus Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy, My Own Private Idaho), the film co-starred Robin Williams as Will’s psychologist and Minnie Driver as Will’s girlfriend; Affleck played Will’s best friend, Chuckie. A big box-office success, Good Will Hunting received nine Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Damon) and Best Supporting Actress (Driver) and won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar (Williams) in addition to the gold statue for Best Original Screenplay. Before the success of Good Will Hunting, Damon and Affleck had achieved some notice in Hollywood but were far from household names. Matthew Paige Damon, who w ...
The old duo: Matt Damon and director Gus Van Sant with 'Promised Land'.Great to see Damon in such good messaged story
Are you kidding?? Gus Van Sant can do better than Matt Damon & John Krasinski's Promised Land
Watch the trailer for Promised Land, a Focus Features release. Promised Land is the new contemporary drama directed by Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, Milk). Matt Damon plays Steve Butler, an ace corporate salesman who is sent along with his partner, Sue Thomason (Frances Mcdormand), to close a key... circa 2012- the film, 'Promised Land'- beautiful movie from Gus Van Sant...Matt Damon and Francis MacDormand in truthful performances...John Krasinski & Damon penned a well-rounded screenplay...talented supporting cast...a film with a powerful message...see it...
No. Gus Van Sant film with Matt Damon & Francis McDoorknob. It's really good.
# of times Matt Damon has collaborated with... Clint Eastwood: 2 Paul Greengrass: 3 Gus Van Sant: 4 Kevin Smith: 4 Steven Soderbergh: 7
Directed by Gus Van Sant. With Matt Damon, Hal Holbrook, Frances Mcdormand, John Krasinski. A salesman for a natural gas company experiences life-changing events after arriving in a small town, where his corporation wants to tap into the available resources.
Opening this week in Gus Van Sant's "featuring Matt Damon, Frances Mcdormand and...
Rules:  1. The celebrity has to be playing themself  2. The celebrity cannot be a main character in the film _   1. Marshall McLuhan in Annie Hall (the only one worth ranking because of the profound nature of his cameo) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in Airplane David Bowie in Zoolander (to many** the essence of a great cameo) Bruce Springsteen in High Fidelity  Bill Murray in Zombie Land Carl Weathers in Arrested Development James Carville in Old School Chris Martin adn Jonny Buckland in Shawn of the Dead Mike Tyson in The Hangover Alfred Hitchcock in everything Bob Barker in Happy Gilmore  Chuck Norris in Dodgeball Charlie Sheen in Being John Malkovich Bill Curtis in Anchorman Billy Idol in The Wedding Singer  Eminem in Funny People Stan Lee in Marvel Films Billy Zane in Zoolander Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Claudia Schiffer in Love Actually  Danny Trejo in Anchorman* Tom Felton in Get Him to the Greek   *This is debatable, but I have a tough time thinking th ...
Interested in fracking? Check out "Promised Land" by Gus Van Sant with Matt Damon and "Gasland" a film by Josh Fox that Debra Winger produced, both fairly recent movies about fracking and Big Oil. We're all watching New York's Governor as their decision on fracking in the state is coming soon.
Participant, Doha Film Institute create $100 mil film fund Partners discuss TV, digital, movie distribution By JOHN HOPEWELL Berk Al-Khater BERLIN -- In its second high-profile deal in a key and expanding overseas film region announced in just one week, Jeff Skoll's Participant Media is teaming with the Doha Film Institute (DFI) to jointly create a $100 million revolving fund to finance development and production for 12-16 Participant feature films over the next five years. The slate's films will all be in English. The partners plan to make "a wide range of films across diverse genres, aimed at the global market," said Participant Media's Jim Berk. Films will be in the vein of Participant-backed U.S. small town set "Promised Land," from Gus Van Sant and with Matt Damon, and Tate Taylor's Mississippi-set "The Help," with Emma Stone. The $100 million revolving fund will cover the cost of all the slate's films, Berk added. Deal was announced Wednesday by Berk and DFI CEO Abdulaziz Al-Khater. The film fund is ...
Fracking has gone Hollywood. In January the movie “Promised Land,” directed by Gus Van Sant and written by and starring Matt Damon and John Krasinski, was released. It explores the role of “landmen” — natural gas industry salespeople who pave the way for hydraulic fracturing. Damon plays gas industr...
'I gave you very specific Matt Damon, how did Ben Affleck happen!?' -Gus Van Sant
    'Promised Land': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)   Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon reunite, after 1997's 'Good Will Hunting' and 2002's 'GERRY'.  All three collaborations were starring and co-written by Damon while Van Sant directed.  Damon was going to make this film his directorial debut but stepped down due to scheduling conflicts and asked his buddy Van Sant to direct it instead.  I don't know what kind of a job Damon would have done but Van Sant is one of the Best Directors around and does a breathtaking job here once again.  Damon co-wrote 'Good Will Hunting' with his longtime pal Ben Affleck and the two co-starred in the film together; he did the same kind of teamwork with Ben's brother Casey on 'GERRY'.  This time around he co-wrote and co-produced the film with actor John Krasinski (of TV's 'THE OFFICE' fame) and Krasinski also co-stars in the film as well.  The movie is a heartfelt drama with a strong environmental message about fracking that has some ultra-conservatives upset.  No ...
I like to think that, every night, Matt Damon calls up Ben Affleck at 3AM and goes "Where were you in The Departed?" and "Check out all the people who paid for Bourne Identity 4 just to look at my headshot!" And Ben channels all the rage and jealousy into legitimately good filmmaking. Someday, he will direct Matt and Casey to an Oscar. But not if Gus Van Sant can do it first!
Matt Damon in Gus Van Sant's drama about fracking in rural Pennsylvania, Promised Land. (Photo: Sam Jones/AP)Last week, the oil company Chevron took out a full-page ad in the Atlantic Monthly to say – seemingly innocuously – that hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking, needs to be "good for ...
We got to see a lot of movies before and over the holidays, and I'm feeling pretty informed going into Oscar season for the first time since the NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN year. So the nominations actually mean something to me this time, and there are so many glaring omissions. Ben Affleck's direction of ARGO was flawless and inspired, and now, unrecognized. (Spielberg? LINCOLN was super - I loved it - but the direction was not the standout. DDL, Field, and Jones can direct themselves, and most likely did. And where was James Spader's supporting actor nom?? He was amazing. Robbed.) ROBBED!!!: Matt Damon and John Krasinski's script for Promised Land avoids preachiness and is as inventive and compelling as they come: crickets. It should be in the Best Picture category (there's room for 1 more...); it is as surprisingly fresh as they come, and every bit as good as ARGO, which might be my pick at this time (have yet to see ZERO DARK THIRTY or DJANGO). While we're at it, director Gus Van Sant deserved one, ...
News of the extreme lackluster box office for the new Matt Damon film about fracking, "Promised Land," comes as a bit of a surprise. Normally movies about fracking do huge box office ("Frack! The Movie" and "Frackmageddon" being just two examples). From The Hill: Fracking gets natural gas out of the ground, but it isn’t bringing people into movie theaters. Big stars and political controversy didn’t translate into a significant box-office haul as “Promised Land,” a new movie exploring environmental concerns about the gas-production method known more formally as "hydraulic fracturing," fared poorly in its nationwide opening. The film, which Matt Damon co-wrote and stars in, took just 10th place at the weekend box office, with $4.3 million in ticket sales, according to The Los Angeles Times. “Promised Land,” which cost $15 million to make and was directed by indie pioneer Gus Van Sant, delves into fears about water pollution from fracking. Industry insiders say concerned producers are considering ...
Look for my review of 'Promised Land' today. It stars Matt Damon & Frances Mcdormand. Directed by the talented Gus Van Sant.
Another snowy day in H-Town. The perfect weather to head out to the movies... Today’s Review: Promised Land The combination of Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant enticed me to see this film. I wasn’t expecting the same film as Good Will Hunting, but I was expecting something good. And it was good. Not great. I was hoping it might address the issue of fracking – one that is in the news a lot. Out west, we are indoctrinated in movie theatres by Alberta companies about how things are safer now, but then I see the trailer for Gas Land, and people lighting their drinking water on fire. I was hoping for more of that, but there isn’t. It is actually about one man’s struggle with his own integrity, with his soul at stake. Excellent performances, and a compelling story; on those levels, it is a powerful film. And there are speeches about fracking, but they are minimal. But, there was nothing earth-shattering about the film. It plays like a drama, but makes a turn, though not expected, did take me out of the fil ...
Before You Watch: Although the film is clearly a passion project for director Gus Van Sant alongside co-writers/co-stars Matt Damon and John Krasinski, one of the production companies that backed the project is located in the United Arab Emirates.  Image Nation Abu Dhabi FZ is quietly becoming a player in Hollywood and some of its projects carry political themes.  The UAE holds the seventh-largest reserves of crude oil in the world.   The story: Steve Butler (Matt Damon) is a company man whose past is rooted in America's troubled farming community.  He's the guy whose job it is to convince other farmers to sell their land and make way for so-called progress, all under the very convincing guise of financial independence for farmers and energy independence for the country.  Steve's employer is Global Crosspower Solutions, which is an energy powerhouse that utilizes the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing -- commonly known as "fracking" -- to drill for natural gas.  But many environmentalist ...
Matt Damon & John Krasinski script + Gus Van Sant at his best = an excellent film. Really enjoyed Promised Land.
I'm just on tippy-toes to hear what John Krasinski, Dave Eggers, Matt Damon, and Gus Van Sant have to say about fracking.
Fracking fans have a new target: Matt Damon. “Promised Land,” the new Gus Van Sant film about the controversial technique that acquires natural gas through drilling and pressurized fluid, stars and was written by Damon and costar John Krasinski, opens nationally Friday. Phelim McAleer is...
Read our review of Promised Land starring Matt Damon who reunites with Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant for the powerful environmental drama
Promised Land Review - Matt Damon reunites with Gus Van Sant for powerful environmental drama
Nick Ahlers reviews the drama Promised Land, from director Gus Van Sant and starring Matt Damon & John Krasinski.
"Promised Land", starring/co-written by Matt Damon, is out in some locations now. It's also directed by Gus Van Sant & scored by Danny Elfman so it's sort of a Good Will Hunting reunion only without Ben Affleck. How much of a difference could that make? Read the review.
Let the ‘fracking’ battle begin: two films about Shale Gas are being released in the New Year – one pro-fracking, the other against. One has been touted for Oscar glory and features Hollywood actor Matt Damon, star of The Bourne Identity trilogy, with Cannes Best Director award winner Gus Van Sant at the helm. The other is a made-for-telly documentary following Irish journalist Phelim McAleer, which got $210,000 of funding from 3,000-odd people on crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter. In a country which has been the envy of gas-producing nations all over the world with its Shale Gas boom, the two flicks are about to go head for head – if not in the box office, then in the hearts and minds of the American public. In anti-fracking film Promised Land, Matt Damon plays a gas firm salesman who buys up the drilling rights to plots of land from small-town Americans. The Focus Features film is set to open the upcoming Berlin film festival. It highlights the environmental risks of fracking and is said to cast t ...
Promised Land, a new film starring Matt Damon and directed by Gus Van Sant, will familiarize Americans with the f-word—fracking.
Promised Land with director Gus Van Sant and actors Matt Damon and John Krasinski
Just continue mocking Matt Damon/gushing over Gus Van Sant like you did & I think you'll be fine
Get ready to feel old: Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant on the 15th anniversary of 'Good Will Hunting.'
I'm at a screening and Q&A of Promised Land with Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon, and John kraszinski!
My family depends on the gas industry. Does yours? If so, tell Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant you won't see their bogus movie.
Gus Van Sant tells what he learned working with Matt Damon & John Krasinski on
Matt Damon, Hal Holbrook and John Krasinski and others all talk the Gus Van Sant film Promised Land - check out the video interviews:
NYFA students are invited to a screening of Gus Van Sant's new film Promised Land (starring Matt Damon) on Tuesday 12/18, 7:00PM at AMC 18th St in NYC. Stop by the front desk at our Union Square campus for tickets.
Watch The New York Times's Matt Damon & Gus Van Sant on Actor-writer-producer Matt Damon — the 2012 Gotham Independent Film Award honoree and star of one of the year’s most highly anticipated films —joins director Gus Van Sant to talk about their careers and collaborations, including...
We've got an insight into Hollywood's attempt to twist the story about fracking - you can read Promised Land's script (John Krasinski, Matt Damon, Gus Van Sant) exclusively on our FrackNation page!
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Just watched "gerry" by Gus Van Sant. Beautiful picture followed by two amazing performances from Matt Damon and Casey Affleck...
With a launch date set for December 28, Gus Van Sant's Promised Land is in the race for the 2013 Academy Awards. The film's early launch in New York and Los Angeles will make it eligible for the 85th Academy Awards, scheduled for February 24, 2013.
Notorious director Gus Van Sant directs movie about fracking... what, what?! How does nice guy Matt Damon play...
Promised Land? An interesting return from Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon.
Aside from the fact that only one of them gets to have Matt Damon in the credits, there are a couple of key similarities between Gus Van Sant's new feature film Promised Land and Josh Fox's budget documentary Gasland. Both are set in Pennsylvania, and both make a connection between fracking and p...
Gus Van Sant's new film, Promised Land, starring Matt Damon has a UK release date of 19 April 2013. Here's the trailer:
In the fracking-centric "Promised Land," Matt Damon, John Krasinski, and Gus Van Sant aim to deliver a star-studded, Oscar-baiting environmental drama -- and they'll do it without a single penguin ...
Phelim McAleer reveals a desperate twist in the new anti-fracking movie Promised Land by Gus Van Sant, starring John Krasinski & Matt Damon.
What do Matt Damon, Gus Van Sant and natural gas have in common...? Now RSVP for
"Good Will Hunting" film by Gus Van Sant and starring Matt Damon. :(
Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon are back! And they brought The Office's Jim
Director Gus Van Sant's anti-fracking movie starring Matt Damon just got its first trailer.
In rather topical timing, the trailer for Promised Land came through today thanks to Indiewire. The Northwest's own Gus Van Sant directs and Matt Damon stars
New Gus Van Sant movie Promised Land with Matt Damon and Jim from the Office looks like a good one
John Krasinski, Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant made an anti-fracking movie--WATCH:
Electronic Device Insurance
Promised Land has quite a pedigree: John Krasinski had the original idea for the movie, and he hired novelist Dave Eggers to write the first draft. Krasinski then took the Eggers script to Matt Damon, and the two revised it together, eventually bringing Gus Van Sant on board to direct. Krasinski...
Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant have worked together in the past on a little movie called Good Will Hunting. Which, if you haven't seen it, it's pretty amazing. It was very well directed and written, good enough so that Damon went and won himself on Os ...
Gus Van Sant is in full-on Hollywood mode for Promised Land. Snappy zingers abound.
Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon back again - trailer of 'Promised Land' - .. no Ben Affleck, sadly.
Promised Land Trailer: We also have the poster for this Gus Van Sant drama starring Matt Damon and John Krasinsk...
Call it Bad Will Hunting? A decade and a half after Matt Damon teamed up with Gus Van Sant (and Ben Affleck) on his Oscar-winning breakout hit Good Will Hunting, the pair shoot for prestige film status once again with Promised Land. And whereas Damon played a troubled but good-hearted genius in the...
This town, this life... it's dying. Focus Features has unveiled the first trailer for Gus Van Sant's Promised Land, a contemporary drama that explores
Gus Van Sant reteams with Matt Damon in the trailer for Promised Land
popculturebrain: Trailer: ‘Promised Land’ - Jan 11, 2013 Directed by Gus Van Sant, written by Matt Damon and …
Robert Pattinson or Naomi Watts: Which one is Queen of The Desert?; Gus Van Sant takes Matt Damon to the Promised...
Plz flw Gus Van Sant's upcoming film penned by Matt Damon to
Gus Van Sant's upcoming penned by Matt Damon to release just in time for 2013 Oscars - ...
Moving Gus Van Sant ’s issue drama “Promised Land” into this year’s Oscars season raises some interesting questions for Focus Features.
Focus Features is giving Gus Van Sant's 'Promised Land' a limited run in December, so that the environmentally-conscious drama (co-written by Matt Damon and John Krasinski) qualifies for the 2013 Oscars ceremony.
The first time Matt Damon teamed up with a fellow actor (Ben Affleck) on a feature screenplay (Good Will Hunting), Gus Van Sant directed it,...
Good Will Hunting is an amazing film Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant are pure geniuses 👌
The superstar is pairing with director Gus Van Sant for a critical look at hydraulic fracturing.
Thank you Focus Features, Gus Van Sant, John Krasinski, and Matt Damon for the amazing time on set. This is why I love what I do.
More on Gus Van Sant Promised Land Shale movie with Matt Damon now shooting in PA.
Last day shooting Promised Land. Such a joy working w Matt Damon again. Gus Van Sant has been amazing. I'll miss this group.
Hollywood star Matt Damon is hunting for some "great character faces" for a feature film he is making with director Gus Van Sant said to be critical about fracking for natural gas.
Gus Van Sant off to the Promised Land with Matt Damon, John ...
Gus Van Sant has reunited with Matt Damon for the film 'Promised Land'.
Good Will Hunting: A Screenplay (Paperback): As director Gus Van Sant observes in the introduction to Matt Damon...
Directed by Gus Van Sant. With Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgård. Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT, has a gift for mathematics but needs help from a psychologist to find direction in his life.
Does anyone know, or know how to contact, director Gus Van Sant (or John Krasinski, Matt Damon, Frances Mcdormand...)? He's in Pittsburgh filming "Promised Land," which I understand is a feature film about the Marcellus Shale. I recently wrote a song about Marcellus Shale - probably one of my best - and I'd like to send it to him (or some other relevant person engaged in "Promised Land" production). I'd love to see if my music could do some good for the cause, and of course, I'd be just tickled to get my music in a feature film (and such a relevant one at that!). This is probably one of the issues I'm most closely tied to, and it would mean a lot to me to be able to contribute to the public discussion on such a scale.
Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant should read the new EPA report on Frackin...but since when does the truth matter ref Al Gore
TREEHUGGER: Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant Making Another Fracking Film: "The Promised Land" is an anti-fracking m...
Ryan Gosling may have saved a woman from a speeding car, but some of our other favorite stars are doing the next best thing: starring in an anti-fracking movie. Gus Van Sant is directing, and the c...
Matt Damon will star in “The Promised Land,” an anti-fracking movie set to begin filming later this month. WME Agency, which represents Damon, confirmed that the “Good Will Hunting” star has signed on to the movie and co-wrote the film, and that it is, indeed, about hydraulic fracturing — the contro...
Previously, details on the plot of Gus Van Sant's next feature The Promised Land had been a bit vague. The dramawhich at one point had Matt Damon attached to helmwill star Damon as a businessman whose entire perspective on life is altered after moving into a small town. We knew that John Krasinski
Gus Van Sant and Matt Damon take on fracking in Promised Land. Set to film in McKeesport, Pittsburgh.
Gus Van Sant, Matt Damon and Frances Mcdormand ALL take on fracking? In a real movie?? Something is right in the world.
“Matt Damon's controversial new film Gus Van Sant again! Hope he could get a beautiful co-star!
Matt Damon, Gus Van Sant to make anti-fracking film ("Gasland" director Josh Fox should get cameo)
Gus Van Sant to direct ‘Promised Land’, a new drama starred by Matt Damon. Get all the info to join the crew on
Promised Land, (Gus Van Sant movie with Matt Damon and John Krasinski) has open casting call in Pittsburgh for extras on Saturday, April 7.
Gus Van Sant is shooting the Matt Damon movie in 2013. I thought it's due 2012. I hope he stil got time for Tay cuz I cannot wait til 2014!
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