Matt Damon & Bourne Legacy

Matthew Paige Matt Damon (born October 8, 1970) is an American actor, screenwriter, and philanthropist whose career was launched following the success of the film Good Will Hunting (1997), from a screenplay he co-wrote with friend Ben Affleck. The Bourne Legacy is a 2004 spy fiction thriller written by Eric Van Lustbader. 5.0/5

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How they make the Bourne Legacy without Matt Damon???
Eighty minutes into The Bourne Legacy, and I'm sitting here thinking (with Charlie Nicholas) that Matt Damon probably isn't in this...
Matt Damon on how he really feels about his Jason Bourne legacy in new featurette via
The 3 Bourne films with Matt Damon were so good. But the Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner was absolutely horrendous.
Move aside Jeremy Renner, according to Deadline, Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are teaming up again to make a Jason Bourne movie. Universal Pictures is said to be so big on this idea that it’s pushing Renner’s Bourne Legacy spin-off … Jason Bourne To Return To The Franchise
No offence to Jeremy Renner, but the Bourne movies should only ever star Matt Damon as everyone's favourite forgetful action hero, Jason Bourne. I'm sure Bourne Legacy was a fantastic movie, but without Matt Damon in the leading role, I just didn't watch it. Sorry Renner. Thankfully for fans of the original three Bourne movies, our dreams of a Damon Bourne have come true as Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are reuniting once more to bring us a fifth Bourne movie. [ 152 more words. ]
I enjoyed SWAT & although Bourne Legacy was not as good as the Matt Damon ones, it was still enjoyable.
epidemically , I will be the Matt Damon for bourne Legacy :P
I watched the Bourne Legacy. Excellent show, but I like Matt Damon better as Bourne.
Haven't seen Bourne Legacy but I find it very hard to believe Jeremy Renner could be better. Matt Damon was perfect. He is Bourne.
Time to try a bit of the Bourne Legacy. See if the series holds up without Matt Damon.
Watching the Bourne Legacy, Jeremy Renner ain't got nothing on Matt Damon but he's still good
Watching the Bourne Legacy . Somehow it doesn't quite feel the same without Matt Damon!
I've only ever seen the Bourne Legacy so went and bought the first three for €3... Matt Damon marathon will be had soon
Bourne Legacy missing huge element…Matt Damon. Didn't work without him IMO. Big fan of Frank Marshall though. Classy guy and great filmmaker
Watching 'The Bourne Legacy'... Sorry Jeremy, but no-one will top Matt Damon's performance.
The Bourne legacy is a great film but I miss Matt Damon when I watch it
Id watch Bourne Legacy... But idk if itll be the same without Matt Damon 😫
I'm not watching the Bourne Legacy because Matt Damon is not in it! Growl
What is Bourne without Matt Damon in it? ★ The Bourne Legacy —
I love Matt Damon. Didn't even bother with Bourne Legacy because he wasn't in it.
Now reading Robert Ludlum's Bourne Legacy. Howd they expect us to go see a Bourne film that didnt have Matt Damon anyway.
"The Bourne Legacy" was ok. Started slowly but gradually got better. Still prefer Matt Damon as Jason Bourne though. Sorry Jeremy Renner.
Bourne Legacy no the same without Matt Damon !!!
Im so disappointed Matt Damon isn't in Bourne Legacy...makes me not even wna watch it, smh...
Watching the Bourne Legacy. It's good but man he's no Matt Damon!!
In half an hour, Bourne Legacy, in which Matt Damon is nowhere to be found, has made more refs to Jason Bourne than the trilogy before it!
Bourne Legacy: 3.5/5 joker faces :} :} :} .} Decent enough action film, but sub standard for a Bourne movie. Not the same with Matt Damon.
Watching the Bourne Legacy. Just sad cuz Matt Damon isn't in it):
I wanna know why Matt Damon chose to not come back and be in The Bourne Legacy.
Bourne Legacy just doesn't compare to the others. The one thing missing is Matt Damon
Why tf isn't Matt Damon in the Bourne Legacy? You can't "Aunt Viv" Matt Damon >:( !
Should I watch the Bourne Legacy? I'm worried that it will be ruined without Matt Damon.
that's a awesome movie. And they shouldn't have made that new movie a Bourne legacy it's not the same without Matt Damon
Just finished watching the "Bourne Legacy" movie with Joey. Not as good as the others in the series, but definitely worth the $1.20 for a Redbox movie. Goodnight, Y'all.
So I rented Bourne Legacy but Matt Damon isn't in it now I'm confused 5 min in to it .
I watched the Bourne Legacy last night. I think Matt Damon has had Plastic Surgery.
I just don't understand why Matt Damon couldn't be in the Bourne Legacy. What the heck, HE IS PERFECT.
Just finished watching Bourne Legacy with O & E - it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. Following the other Bourne movies & Matt Damon was difficult enough.. Not sure why they even went there. However, if Ethan gets up in the middle of a movie for any reason at all (besides ice cream), you know it's lacking!
Finally get to watch Bourne Legacy. It may not be Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, but ill settle for Jeremy Renner as Alex Cross.
*sigh* I can't get into the Bourne Legacy like I can the Bourne Identity, Supremacy, and Ultimatum. *** you Matt Damon.
I hate to admit it but the Bourne Legacy was actually an amazing movie, even without Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner, you have my seal of approval
Um..,why isn't Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy??! Who the *** is this guy!? Gr.
the last movie that was on the cinema was with Jeremy Renner! The Bourne Legacy! but the 3 movies with Matt Damon are awesome too
About to watch Bourne Legacy. Y did they change Matt Damon?
Finally watching the Bourne Trilogy. I haven't seen any of the Bourne movies before, but I want to see Bourne Legacy, hello Jeremy Renner, so I figured I should watch the first three first. Matt Damon on my tv isn't so bad.
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What is ur best spy movie of alle? Mine is the Bourne Identity, Bourne Ultimatum, Bourne Supremacy, & still waiting for the DVD release of the Bourne Legacy. After watching the trailer, i think its one of the best, even without Matt Damon starring in it.
I need a review for Bourne Legacy. Is it any good? Saw the 1st 3 films, with Matt Damon in the title role.
Just went to see the Bourne Legacy this evening as a welcome break from my none stop studying routine. I really liked it, and I have to say, if Jeremy Renner ever gets tired of making action movies he is an absolute shoe-in for Santa Clause when he has beard. Seriously though, I like how they make his character so different from Jason Bourne, because trying to fit Jeremy Renner into a Matt Damon mold, would not have been good.
I watched the whole Bourne Legacy, and he never came. Matt Damon never came.
Saw the Bourne Legacy last night. Mmmm. it's okay. Hard to beat Matt Damon.
Last friday, I know a little slow on the post, I went and saw the Bourne Legacy with Whitney Jones and really enjoyed it. I am glad "Jason Bourne" was essentially not in the movie at all. I have a hard time seeing anyone but Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. Plus had a great time with Whitney Jones at the movie and at the Cheesecake Factory!
The Bourne Legacy is nowhere near as good as the first 3 Bourne's. Its missing Matt Damon!
Am taking Systematic risk free rate approach in my club risk business by diversification of my future derivatives. Matt Damon- Bourne Legacy.
And yeah im not watching Bourne Legacy cos it isnt Matt Damon
jst watched Bourne Legacy ! not quite thrilling as the last 3 series ...Matt Damon character stood out as Jason Bourne !!!
In case you were wondering if the Bourne Legacy is good without Matt Damon, yes! good movie, Lots of action and government secrets. The Legacy Continues :-}
Yes, more After 'Bourne Legacy,' what is the future of the franchise? via
But why did the producers of the Bourne Series leave out Matt Damon on the Bourne Legacy??! That guy killed his character. Mcm.
. Just Watch the Bourne Legacy movie in High TS. Movie makes Sense .. Jeremy Renner replace the legend of the triology (Bourne ) Matt Damon.. I thought it will suck but Jeremy Renner u have a future in HollyWood movies.Nice 1 ... Expendables 2 Loading on my torrent downloader... Weekend looks promising..
Went to LR today to see the Bourne Legacy movie...okay, but not has good as the ones with Matt Damon. Theather was the new one at McCain Mall (nice). Got free popcorn & coke and a t-shirt for the new movie coming (Hotel Transylvania)..Maddy will like that!
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Bourne Legacy *** Bring back Matt Damon. and fire the director.
Bourne Legacy over hyped but hopefully the next Bourne Film will include Matt Damon
Let's see if this 'Bourne Legacy' is any good without Matt Damon
Not too sure about the "Bourne Legacy" flick hey...I'm not tryna watch a Bourne movie with no Matt Damon
Why did Matt Damon want to play Liberace *** lover instead of returning in the Bourne Legacy? Why do actors forget what made them famous? Matt Damon IS Jason Bourne, just like Sean Connery IS 007.duh
Bourne Legacy - never thought I'd want Matt Damon back...
Just read interiew with writer of the new movie Bourne Legacy - interesting. I learned there may be a NEW character and not someone else playing Jason Bourne (done so well by Matt Damon, who apparently chose to not make another Bourne movie). I read the Ludlum book and loved it (anything by the late Ludlum is great). I still think the screenplay Rocky and I wrote is very good, but I never have gotten it sold - probably need to try again ("Texas Trilogy: The Legacy").
Now to relax and watch the new Bourne Legacy, not going to be the same without Matt Damon but I heard it was good, still gotta see it since I got the others. Redecorating house tomorrow. I got another TV to work on thinks its going in bedroom since somehow the Babel connector got broke off.
Can't wait to watch Bourne Legacy by Jeremy Renner ,Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton. Jeremy replaced Matt down in the Bourne series let's see if he can play the role as good as Matt Damon or even better.
So Teresa and I went to the movies so my date was hot but the movie. Why didn't anyone tell me to not see Bourne Legacy? I shoulda known when Matt Damon didn't sign on that it was bad. Dude spent the entire movie looking for the blue pill... (uh Matrix much)? Then the assassin that was supposed to kill him didn't even have one line and died like 5 minutes after he showed up. Then at the end the girl says, "I was hoping we were lost." wow this must've been prophecy because I sure was lost. A complete waste of $20. Good thing Teresa was looking good.
Just watched a copy of the Bourne Legacy, with Jeremy Renner, very good especially the last 30 minutes or so, but just missing one thing, MATT DAMON, Renner was good but you can't replace the original.
I watched the who of the Bourne Legacy and Matt Damon wasn't in it once ... I feel cheated
Baby cinema audience vocally upset with lack of Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy. I was more disappointed w/lack of 2nd act complications.
With Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon gone, the franchise goes back to basics. 
Bourne Legacy opens tomorrow. Really want to go see it. *drooling over Matt Damon of course*
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Watching the new Bourne Legacy. Must say isn't the same without Matt Damon. Just saying
Went to watch 'Bourne Legacy' last night. Brilliant movie! So much for Matt Damon not in it!?Jeremy Renner really pulled it off..Impressive!
Too bad Bourne Legacy wasn't as good. But they didn't have Matt Damon, so yeah, idc.
Bourne Legacy is now showing at Are you Matt Damon or Jeremy Renner fan?
Can't believe that Matt Damon is not playing in the Bourne Legacy, peuff quelle crotte
Even without Matt Damon the Bourne Legacy was dank
At movies w Jim. Changed beach plans after brekky w friends. Uuuum. Had no idea no Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy!
Just been to the cinema to see Bourne Legacy. It was OK, but it was a bit long, relied too heavily on the audience knowing what happened in the previous films, and I miss Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner is great but Matt Damon needs to come back.
And after the trilogy... Edward Norton in the Bourne Legacy! But without(???) Matt Damon?
I think I'm the only one who thinks Jeremy Renner was better in the Bourne Legacy than Matt Damon in the trilogy.
Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy. This movie continues the Bourne saga, and does it very well. Without revealing the plot, the premise is that the bureaucrat pinheads behind the program that created Jason Bourne continued with more such programs. Because of corn did you say wipe out the successor program. Jeremy Renner is an excellent successor to Matt Damon / Jason Bourne. If anything, he's even better in the role. Almost as good was Edward Norton, who plays the quintessential amoral government jerk you really want to take a bullet to the head. Usually, I'm let down by sequels, especially ones that reset the franchise. This time, I enjoyed the reset even more. I didn't even resent that this one clearly ends setting up the next one. Overall, this was a home run!
Bourne Legacy! Big Hollywood budget with no Heart! Even worse than I expected Matt Damon was right not to work with different team! :/
Hey! How about a movie review. Just got back from seeing the Bourne Legacy. If you are a fan of the Bourne movies with Matt Damon save your money. There is two hours of my life I would like back. I spent the first hour just trying to figure out what was going on.
If I want to see the Bourne Legacy, do I need to watch the Matt Damon Bourne movies first?
Just watched Bourne Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum for the first time in two the *** can the even make the Bourne Legacy without Matt Damon?
Btw, "Bourne Legacy" wasn't that bad. Obviously it wasn't the same director, there was no Matt Damon, no John Powell soundtrack, the storyline was a sideline and they did an Ok job integrating it into the overall Bourne world. It was the movie equivalent of a Snickers fun-size. It tastes good but you know it's not the real full thing and you just want more when you're done.
Just saw the Bourne Legacy. I wasn't opposed to the producers replacing Matt Damon. Still not sure Jeremy Renner can carry a film on his own. The movie made a few odd choices, like starting Renner's character off like a drug addict, but this was morphed into an interesting Achilles heel. Rachel Weisz character was woefully underwritten. Still many Easter Eggs for Jason Bourne fans.
Bourne Triology today in preparation to go see the Bourne Legacy with the hubby.a girl has to do her homework and such torture watching the young Matt Damon ;)
Went to the movies yesterday with granddaughter to see "Bourne Legacy" . Really a good movie. I liked Matt Damon in the series but Jeremy Renner was very very good. Thanks for going with me Kayla.
Checked into see Bourne Legacy but you leave the movie with the music of Peggy Lee's song, "Is that all their is"? I liked the main character, however, he was not Matt Damon! We need to rehire both Matt and the original director in order to continue the "Bourne Story" Any thoughts?
So, I just saw the Bourne was pretty decent. I was hoping that Matt Damon would have made a cameo and dropped kicked some government spy in the head...but sadly I was disappointed. :/
Bourne Legacy.not sure what to say? Not Matt Damon.well, time for a snack at 5th floor
Bourne Legacy. holy smokes. If you haven't seen it yet, it plays for one more night at Aurora Theatre 2011 in Manning. This film was FAB! I sat on the edge of my seat through a motorcycle chase unlike any other I've seen (including doing a classic skateboard chair-rail move!)... I give this movie 4.5 kernels of popcorn out of 5. The new Jason Bourne (Jeremy Renner) almost makes the old Jason (Matt Damon) just a little too "pretty"... LOVED this film! Love Jeremy Renner!! See it on the big screen!
Just saw Bourne Legacy. He's a hottie. Thought I would miss Matt Damon, but this guy is a good replacement! Eye candy!
Bourne Legacy was good but need another movie with Matt Damon!!
I couldn't imagine The Bourne Legacy without Matt Damon but forgive Jeremy Renner for Rachel Weisz' sake to play the understudy.
Finna watch the Bourne Legacy...there aint no Matt Damon so idk how i feel about this but im gonna give it a shot
The Bourne Legacy - great movie! I miss Matt Damon, but Jeremy Renner is good, too!!
Expendables 2? Boring Nope, The Bourne Legacy? no Matt Damon, Cabin in The Woods? Love horror movie, I guess we have the winner hehehe...
Went back to see the rest of the Bourne Legacy tonight. We went a few weeks ago and about 40 minutes into the show all the electricity went off and everyone left. We just now had time to go see it all. Not real impressed. I like the Matt Damon one's better.
I just came home from my outing today. I went to Mann's Cinema 6 0n Excelsior to see The Bourne Legacy starring Jeramy Renner. I think Renner is sexier then Matt Damon and is more rugged looking! Then I went to Boston Market to eat a Chicken Dinner. I enjoyed both. Now I'm home.
oh my gosh, Bourne Legacy is the slowest, boring movie ever. And that guy is no Matt Damon...I enjoyed the Expendables 2 more.
Bourne Legacy was alright but I miss Matt Damon as Jason Bourne in Europe with his little winter sweaters.
really doubt if i ll like the Bourne Legacy. esp without Matt Damon as Jason Bourne.
Huh is the Bourne Legacy legaal nou zonderrr Matt Damon
Bourne Legacy was one of the biggest letdowns of my life. Bring bak Matt Damon and the action. Lame.
"... I think Tony Gilory's decision to not bringing Matt Damon into he new Jason Bourne series was a mistake which he is gonna realize very soon after the Bourne Legacy finall Box Office. Never turn the way, if it's on the track of success, otherwise you need to rebuild, rebrand and remake everything from zero to sky which is a tough job for tough people ..."
Its obvious Bourne Legacy doesn't live up to the expectation and Matt damon is still the man. Let u know what I think after the movie.
Seen "Bourne Legacy" (without Matt Damon) thought I wouldn't like it because it dint have Matt Damon in it...but I do admit it was pretty darn good :-)
I refuse to see the Bourne Legacy because it doesn't have Matt Damon in it.
Bourne Legacy my *** Is this the legacy Matt Damon left? NO! Stupid fools.
Bourne Legacy was actually enjoyable! I had my doubts about Jeremy Renner instead of Matt Damon, but he did pretty well!
Just got back from the Bourne Legacy. It was alright, nothing special. Also, it was odd watching a Bourne movie without Matt Damon in it.
Bourne Legacy sucked...I miss Matt Damon. His replacement doesn't have crap on him 😒
Jeremy Renner takes the sting out of missing Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy. He's great; would have liked more plot. Decent flick.
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I was skeptical about the Bourne Legacy movie because there was no Matt Damon but I must say I truly enjoyed it.
Off to see Bourne Legacy this evening. Hope Jeremy Renner kicks *** as good as Matt Damon did.
Bourne Legacy has a weak ending. But not bad for the action. I miss Matt Damon tho
the Bourne Legacy was disappointing! no story, barely any action and Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon
Bourne Legacy, please bring back matt damon
After spending my last week watching the Bourne series to remember and prepare for Bourne legacy i came to realize Jason Bourne never needed drugs to make him a better agent or quite frankly to be a better movie. Bourne Legacy = waste of my time. Bourne series with Matt Damon = time well spent
"The Bourne Legacy". Matt Damon is my favorite, but Jeremy Renner doesn't seem so bad. Dorne attacks well documented. Technology used for present day warfare. Full paisa vasool.
So I went and saw the Bourne Legacy tonight and if you know me you know my affinity for Jeremy Renner;););) I have always liked the previous Bourne movies despite my lack of affinity for Matt Damon mostly because of the realism as opposed to a bunch of CGI, a pretty decent story line, and *** decent casts with the exception of Julia Stiles. But tonight I left the theater perplexed. Did I like the movie I wondered?? I did but I couldn't really explain why short of the awesome cast and amazing action scenes... There was absolutely no plot! No character development, no resolution nothing! It really didn't have a beginning or an end; it completely lacked traditional elements of story telling all together!! And I liked it! Weird.. Has Hollywood finally got me??? Just throw great actors up there and good action and I'm hooked even w/o a story???
Watched the Bourne Legacy tonight and was really impressed. Matt Damon needs to get back in and stop doing movies like " We Bought a Zoo".
Hate it when I make a typo on my status and have to re-write They need an edit button. So anyways, going to see Bourne Legacy today and very disappoint that Matt Damon won't be in it. Always spoils a sequel to change the main character.
Went and seen the movie Bourne Legacy. It was a great movie, even without Matt Damon. Thumbs up!!
Bourne Legacy tak sebagus the real Jason Bourne fufufu all hail Matt Damon B-)
Bourne Legacy - another great film even without Matt Damon
it's kinda surprise knows that Matt Damon not starring Bourne Legacy like those Bourne Identity and Bourne Ultimatum. he's just fit with it.
Bourne Legacy ended in a way they're makin a part 5 bringin Matt Damon back wit the current guy CAN'T WAIT
Went and seen The Bourne Legacy this evening... 2 out of 5 stars. Wasn't even close to the badassness of Matt Damon. But yet a decent flick overall
dear Jeremy Renner, I hope u perform at least the same as Matt Damon *bourne legacy
There's no Matt Damon in the movie The Bourne Legacy. Don't know will like it or not..
I saw Bourne Legacy. Jeremy Renner is good, but not as good as Matt Damon. But it's still a good movie. Oh yeah, and there is a car on fire on I-26 towards Ashley-Phosphate. Traffic is a bit slow for ya'll folks who live 'round here...
I don't think that the Bourne Legacy looks as good without Matt Damon to be honest
Despite what the critics say, I thought 'Bourne Legacy' was a decent film. The Bourne series is top class & despite no Matt Damon its worthy
Just finished watching "Bourne Legacy".did not met my expectations. A loosely held story.Rachel Weise is at her best but Jeremy Renner really haven't got much to perform here. The background score was the most disappointing part of the film. The script writers also disappoint here.finally I missed Matt Damon a lot in the character on which the legacy continued.My score would be 4 out of 10(if 10 to be the best). :(
Bourne Legacy is a reboot, it doesn't have Matt Damon, it's okayish, not like the real Bourne movies
I am watching the new Bourne Legacy movie. I just wish Matt Damon was playing the role =-\
Went to see Bourne Legacy with nephew and mom today pretty good (missed Matt Damon) but he will be in the final one!!
Went to the movies last night and saw Bourne Legacy, which was good...but I missed Matt Damon. I wanted a bottle of water, but it cost freakin $5.50!!! But a coke was $4.50?! I can't work out that math.
Loved the Bourne Legacy although it was quite similar to Identity. No comparison to Matt Damon..
Saw "Bourne Legacy" tonight. Being a huge Bourne fan, this was just not the same. Regardless of no Matt Damon. It was fast action and all that, just not that edge like with Matt. But, many thanks to M & P for your kindness to me tonight. I greatly appreciated it. :). "That's what friends are for!" I'm not singing it, just saying it.
Deep review of Bourne Legacy: Matt Damon is better looking, but Jeremy Renner has an odd sort of appeal
Going to see Bourne Legacy, finally! With my parents... Dad's a massive fan of the Matt Damon Bournes, hope this one doesn't let him down!
Bourne Legacy *** what a waste if money, they should pay Matt Damon a Johny Depp type paycheck to come back and end the Bourne movies properly
I saw the Bourne Legacy tonight, it was pretty intense. Jeremy Renner is no Matt Damon tho
I miss Matt Damon, Bourne Legacy was cool but its something about Jason Bourne that captivate me lol:-)
I hate the "Bourne Legacy" movie! I see why Matt Damon didnt come back for that stupid sequel.
Went to dinner and a movie with my husband tonight while Jordan was being watched by a friend and Landon was with his cousin Seth. Went to Chilis and then to watch Bourne Legacy. Awesome movie and very action packed...didn't miss Matt Damon too much.
Here's my movie critique: Hope Springs : 3 stars -cute movie but for the older crowd Hit and Run: 2 stars save your money Bourne Legacy: 4 1/2 stars-girls you won't even miss Matt Damon in this one Jeremy Renner is a cutie,great action great movie go see it The odd life of Timothy Green: 3 1/2 stars- adorable movie for the family to see Sparkle- 3 stars: Great music good costumes, Worth it just to see Whitney singing "His eye is on the sparrow"
finished our anniversary off with going to watch Bourne Legacy.not quite the same without Matt Damon though!!
just watched Bourne Legacy...awesome movie even without matt damon
Bourne Legacy isn't worth the effort. No Paul Greengrass and No Matt Damon. How the irons getting on??
although Renner was ok, Bourne Legacy should be subtitled: Matt Damon, Please Come Back!
Just saw the Bourne Legacy, probably Matt Damon's least annoying film to date.
Movie Marathon. Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum. Next? Bourne Legacy :D How I wish it was still Matt Damon :)
Bourne Legacy is awesome. Forget about the previous Bourne movies for a while. Not as good as Matt Damon's version but still amazing.
This week on the podcast Matt and Jonathan open by trying to confirm exactly how many Bourne films there are. They then discuss Matt Damon being replaced (not as Jason Bourne) by Jeremy Renner and which of the two they prefer. They then review elements of the plot such as Jeremy Renner's junkie or ...
"The Bourne Legacy" is talkier & slower than the previous films, but more intelligent & entertaining than the trailers would have you believe. We like the new angle & the new characters, but let them team up with Matt Damon for the next one, ok?
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We went to the movies...had two passes so we saw "Bourne Legacy." It was very good but Bourne movies should have Bourne i.e. Matt Damon.
Erm why isnt Matt Damon in the Bourne Legacy?
Bourne Legacy excellent movie, he's no Matt Damon but it was great 👍👍
Bourne Legacy has middle child syndrome. Nothing was really accomplished. Waited entire movie for Matt Damon to not show up.
Bill Clinton in Obama ad :: Matt Damon in Bourne Legacy ad?
Just read Matt Damon v Jeremy Renner in Bourne 5. Now that would be brilliant. Bourne Legacy was good, still not as good as the trilogy but none the less a good film.
Went with Barry and Cim to see Bourne Legacy tonight. Very well done, even without Matt Damon. Really liked the musical score. Excited to see a preview for Les Miserables the Musical movie coming out at Christmas. That is my fav story in every format: original novel by Victor Hugo, the Broadway show, the films...especially the one starring Liam Neeson. It is all about grace and love vs. the law and justice. Incredible story, based on actual stories woven together.
liked Bourne Legacy but prefer Matt Damon. plus I'm confused so I guess that makes the previous ones better.
Just got back from watching the Bourne Legacy - what a great film! Anybody who enjoyed the original trilogy for any reason other than Matt Damon should enjoy it. If you only liked Matt Damon then take yourself outside and have a strong word!
Just saw the Bourne Legacy. Action-packed, but lacking in plot, so basically a long chase movie. Not much is added to the series, besides some medical research that didn't seem to apply to Jason and the other agents we saw in the previous movies. So aside from potentially setting up a new, less expensive (than Matt Damon) actor to make more Bourne movies about, it was just an adrenalin run. I would also disappointed that we didn't get a big hand-to-hand fight between the two agents at the end (much like almost every James Bond film had a climactic fight between James and the bad guy/henchman).
Saw Bourne Legacy tonight. Definitely hold onto your seat action. Looking forward to the next one. Wouldn't it be awesome if Matt Damon appeared in the next one!
Bourne Legacy was good and not as bad as I was expecting... But just isn't the same without Jason Bourne [Matt Damon].
Bourne Legacy is fecking class, Jeremy Renner does a pretty good job, not as good as Matt Damon, but still pretty epic
Bourne Legacy - Decent enough film but not quite up to the standard of the previous 3. Needed Matt Damon and a stronger plot.
Bourne Legacy was still decent without Matt Damon involved
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Whent and seen the movie "Bourne Legacy". it was good but i sure did miss Matt Damon!
Bourne Legacy wasn't what i thought it was going to be. It didn't rili blow my mind, the story wasn't all that. Plus the fight scenes, haay. BRING MATT DAMON BACK! :|
I absolutely loved the Bourne Legacy movie. I think it is my favorite Bourne movie so far, which surprised me because I didn't think it would be as good without Matt Damon.
the Bourne Identity,Supremacy and Ultimatum starred by Matt Damon,had Matt Damon starred in Bourne Legacy,it woulda been good movie.
About to watch the Bourne Legacy. Can't wait to see what Matt Damon gets up to in this one.
Bourne Legacy with Papa W.! Not sure if we'll miss Matt Damon.
Bourne Legacy was missing one thing... Matt Damon
Bourne Legacy was good. But NEVER EVER EVER EVER as good as the Matt Damon Bourne Movies
Despite being sleep deprived, hubby thought I could use a movie break. We just saw Bourne Legacy... off the chain! Jeremy Renner was great, but, I will need to see Matt Damon a little more in the next chapter!! Great movie & even better company, love my hubby! God bless & remember to keep Him first.
make no mistake...watched Bourne was akin to reading all five dan brown novels and finding out the difference bw them( or rather similarities?). same plot. same action... Only diffrence is new hero!.. instead of matt damon.. :P
Just finished watching the Bourne series and just finished watching the Bourne Legacy. Such awesome movies!! they better make another with Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner together in the same movie!
Bourne Legacy was pretty good. Not as good as the Matt Damon Bourne Films. The good: Some great action and awesome chase scene and Ed Norton. The Bad: Non-ending. See it!
Better tag line for Bourne Legacy: "YOU try getting Matt Damon for four movies"
Bourne Legacy was awesome!! Been waiting a while for a good movie. Gotta say my favorite Bourne movie even though I still like Matt Damon.
We saw the movie Bourne Legacy today. We liked it - very busy, especially at the beginning. So much going on. I did miss Matt Damon though.
Recently I've seen the movies The Bourne Legacy and The Expendables 2. I'll start with the Bourne Legacy! I have always enjoyed the Bourne movies, I thought they had great action scenes in them and I thought Matt Damon was fantastic as Jason Bourne. So when I found out they were making another Bourne movie I thought that was very unnecessary because the Bourne Trilogy was already great and it ended fine, so there was no need to make another movie. But of course they made another one, so I just had to see it and just as I expected I didn't care much for it. Yes Jeremy Renner was great in it, his character Aaron Cross was very cool and Jeremy Renner played the part very well. The action in the movie wasn't half bad either, it doesn't have better action scenes than the previous Bourne movies do but it still works. One huge thing in this movie that didn't work though was the story, I found the story to be lacking in a lot of things and I also thought the story dragged on at times. I also found co-stars Edward ...
Bourne Legacy. Is it a sequel? Which one's next.. The Covert-One Novels (The Hades Factor, The Cassandra Compact, and The Paris Option?) I hope it will be Matt Damon still the original Bourne..
..."Bourne Legacy" ok, at the end of the movie, can anyone tell me where the two main character are going? hubby said, they're heading to Thailand...I said, to El Nido, Palawan & they gonna have a baby soon named J. Bourne ( Matt Damon), lol
Went and saw the Bourne Legacy today, I liked it. Granted, it's not 100% as good as the previous Matt Damon movies, but it's not as bad as some of the reactions I've read. I think it'll be interesting to see where they go from here, the Aaron Cross character is pretty good.
It's time for "The Bourne Legacy" in theater...Let's see how ... "Jeremy Renner" on stepping into Matt Damon's shoes for Bourne Legacy !!!
I went to see the Bourne Legacy with Lesley this week. It has Jeremy Renner in it.Rachel Weitz is in it as well as Edward Norton . Matt Damon is NOT in this. It is an action drama and is quite good. It all works out at the end. I would recommend this to teens and older.
Bourne Legacy ***1/2 It's okay but not better than any of the Matt Damon movies. The movie hits a slow point in the middle and you just want all of the talking to stop everywhere and have some action. This movie is all over the place location wise and can get confusing who is where and how they got there sometimes. When there is fighting and action, the movie is really good.
Just saw Bourne Legacy...excellent movie. Joe liked the first 3 with Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) better, but I enjoyed this one more than 2 or 3. Maybe Matt Damon could join in for the next one!?!
Just saw Bourne Legacy. Loved it!! Although I did miss Matt Damon, new guy Jeremy Renner was really good.
I am going to cheat on Matt Damon...I mean Jason Bourne, and go see the Bourne Legacy today. I've seen my European film this week, Farewell My Queen. I've seen Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones pretend this is how older couples in Nebraska handle a past tense sex life. Today I want chase scenes and unnatural abilities to run fast while climbing crumbling buildings and craggy mountains.
Date night this week dinner and movie...Bourne Legacy - Bring back Matt Damon.
Bourne Legacy...awesome movie, but would have been better if matt damon made an appearance.
Out with the hubby last night to see Bourne legacy not the same without Matt Damon was alright though cant wait till taken 2 comes out it looks amazing
Movie Review THE BOURNE LEGACY. Fourth of the Bourne installments & no Matt Damon in sight (unless you count a photo). This one has Jeremy Renner (he of The Hurt Locker) as one of numerous Bournes who's existence is threatened by the closure of the programme that spawned them. Picking up Rachel Weisz as the doc who developed the mind-controlling substances along the way, it's a rough & tumble ride to stay one step ahead of the relentless bad guys. Starts well and does captivate however kinda looses it's way a bit & peters out towards the end. 7/10.
Went and saw "Bourne Legacy". Out of 1 to 10 it was an 7 1/2. Just isn't the same without Matt Damon? Lots of action and a great chase scene. ( Matt's fight's are much better).
The "Bourne Legacy" is actually a good film. Yeah, it's a sequel and it doesn't even have Matt Damon in it, but Rachel Weisz does "totally terrified" better than anybody around. In some of the scenes, she's so convincing that you really feel the fear. Some of the plot twists are pretty quick---don't go to the bathroom during this one. It has a lot of good actors in small-to-medium roles---Edward Norton, Stacey Keach, Zeljko Ivanek (Ray Fisk from "Damages"), Scott Glenn.
Usually the best time to go to a movie is the first showing of the day, and today was no exception. Maybe 8 couples in the theater. When we came out, the parking lot was pretty full. Bourne Legacy this time and it did not disappoint. As expected, lots of action. I thought it'd be weird not having Matt Damon but Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz did an awesome job, so it worked. I think they left it open for another, you be the judge when you see it. I do know one thing, they need to do something about the popcorn in those theaters. When the movie is over, I have to stand up and wipe off the popcorn that got away from me, which is all over my shirt and lap. It's not my fault, it's like that stuff has little springs in it. I put a fistfull up to my mouth and some of it just jumps away from my hand and there it is, just like those foam packing balls, it sticks to you like a magnet. Is it just me? Something needs to be done people!
I don't know why people didn't like Bourne Legacy. It was awesome! Jeremy Renner is an extremely better action lead than Matt Damon. And I definitely cared about the character of Aaron Cross much more than Jason Bourne
Bourne Legacy isn't as good as the first 3 movies !! Jeremy Renner did a great job, but he is no Matt Damon !!!
like all others Bourne..Bourne Legacy is a very good movie..even is during the first minutes of the movie i couldn't stop thinking that it wasn't a very good idea to change Matt Damon..not that Geremy Renner wasn't excellent in charactere as Jason Bourne..just that it's a little hard readjust after 3 movies with the same actor.. but now i can't wait for the next one..
Move over Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner kicks it in Bourne Legacy.
I saw Bourne Legacy last night. It kind of sucked...(not all the way, but it really didn't deliver) Please Hollywood producer people, invest in a decent plot to entice Matt Damon on board for any future films.On another note, Jeremy Renner was kind of hot. LOL
Just saw Bourne Legacy. It was an impressive reboot, knowing that Jeremy Renner doesn't have (yet) the same clout of Matt Damon. The action scenes fell short for me though. Sidenote: Chowking should pay Universal for ad placement. Lol.
Superb. Let me know what Bourne Legacy is like, not sure it'll be the same without Matt Damon?
Bourne Legacy was a waste of my f'in money mate! It's not the same without Matt Damon
But the Bourne Legacy aint the same without Matt Damon.
Went to see Bourne Legacy yesterday with Scott and his family.Good movie!! Now I have to see the first 4 Bourne movies with Matt Damon!
Bourne Legacy was ok, Renner isn't as good as Matt Damon!
Bourne Legacy tonight. you know, that movie named after matt damon but without matt damon.
saw Bourne Legacy yesterday... good movie but not the same without Matt Damon. but, at the end they leave it with a way for Jason Bourne to return in a future sequel.
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Bourne Legacy: I missed Matt Damon. Only negative I could come up with. Maybe I'm easily entertained, but I'll be in line to see the next one.
Bourne Legacy was juicy good. Go see it. Matt Damon who??
So last night Dan and I went to see the Bourne Legacy (good movie, love Jeremy Renner but Matt Damon was better) So I come home and say to my mom "guess what new movie is coming out about the life, capture, and death of Osama Bin Laden", she looks at me and says "Batman?" I started dying laughing, she says "well everyone else has played him" I keep laughing she says "no the Bourne movie" I laugh even harder. After my laughing fit I said no they made a movie about this it's called High (something) Zero. wow I can't believe they have made this movie so soon after his death. it's like he died and the movie industry jumped on it.
I saw the new "Bourne Legacy" movie last night and it was horrible. Bad acting all around, I love Jeremy Renner but this was not the best movie for his acting abilities. Paging Matt Damon, we need you ASAP for the next "Bourne Legacy" movie! DO NOT spend your $$ on this crap it's a DVD rental or NETFLIX! lol
Bourne Legacy - Jeremy Renner wears Matt Damon's costumes and jumping from building to building.sometimes they r showing Matt Damon's photo.except these 2 things the film is no way related to Bourne average movie...!!
Loved The Bourne Legacy. Didn't think Renner could come close to Matt Damon but he nailed it!
Looking forward to seeing "The Bourne Legacy" tonight! Hopefully it'll be just as good as the others despite not having Matt Damon in it. I'm expecting good things!...Please don't be a complete let down that ruins the series!
Movie review: Bourne Legacy. Lots of action. Fun to watch. Miss Matt Damon!
The Bourne Trilogy has got to be the best action movies in the last decade! I had hoped that the new "Bourne Legacy" would be a decent ok action film. How do I put it! It just SUCKED SO BAD!!! Bad story, poor directing even the action was a joke!!! Worst of all, what is a Bourne movie without Matt Damon? How could they F... it up so much? lol My advice save your money or go watch a chic-flick instead, it can only be better than the Bourne Legacy. :(
Saw the Bourne Legacy. A lot of folks hatin' on this film. Folk say it's boring or they can't follow the action for the first hour of the movie, etc. I totally got it and enjoyed it. It isn't wall to wall action like the other Bourne movies. It's more in line with espionage films of the '60's like THE IPCRESS FILE and THE QUILLER MEMORANDUM. Those films were about intrigue and intelligence. Granted, the other Bourne movies were intelligent and thrilling but this one has a different pace. I found it intriguing that some of the action happens silmultaneously with some events in the Bourne Ultimatum. I'm in the minority but I enjoyed the movie and thought the story was easy to track. However, I've read the new Bourne books by Eric Van Lustbader and there is one called the Bourne Legacy and it's story is completely different from the movie. In that book, Bourne is a middle-aged spy who confronts his son who's been manipulated into hunting his father down. Interesting story. Would have made a good ...
Bourne Legacy impressions: enjoyed Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz more than Matt Damon & chicks. Action wasn't as good.
Bourne Legacy better be good without Matt Damon.
Saw the new Bourne Legacy and Batman films at the weekend. Both were good. Jeremy Renner fills Matt Damon's boots...
I like Jeremy Renner so much better than Matt Damon, even though I feel like Bourne Legacy's plot wasn't as well developed as the prequals
Bourne Legacy wasnt that good to me...Rather Had Matt Damon in it
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'Bourne Legacy' does $40 mil in 1st wknd? Not bad at all... but please bring Matt Damon back!
Saw 'Bourne Legacy' today. It was ok. Miss Matt Damon. Maybe he'll be back for the next one.
Tony Gilroy talks about how 'Bourne Legacy' expands the 'Bourne' movie universe. Meanwhile, producer Frank Marshall says that both Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner could appear in a fifth installment.
Saw the Bourne Legacy...was sorely disappointed. Not enough hand-to-hand combat. Plus, Matt Damon is irreplaceable.
'Bourne Legacy' tops Box Office: Despite the departure of star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass, the "Bou...
I am planning on checking out the Bourne Legacy. I know it's going to be live. They have the right and only person to replace Matt Damon
Bourne Legacy. Jeremy Renner was great. Rachel Weisz was pretty. The movie lacked direction...pacing was off...there was a ridiculously long chase scene...then it was over. I was hoping either Matt Damon or Ben Affleck as Jason Bourne would make a cameo. Susie Talbot was amazing! Clapped at your credit, girl! Boo.
'There was never just one' from Bourne Legacy: we know. All the other ones tried to kill Matt Damon in all the 3 previous movies, remember?
Movie Review time! I saw Bourne Legacy this weekend and I recommend it to any of you that have enjoyed the previous Bourne movies. I thought is was very good, Jeremy Renner is a good successor to Matt Damon, and had just enough suspense and action for me.
Trust me, Bourne Legacy is better than the trilogy. All I can say is although Matt Damon is not reprising his role as Jason Bourne, the movie is still feels like is the real deal of Jason Bourne with nothing less of its character. Thumbs up for another good movie again :)
Taking Fran to see Bourne Legacy after work tonight. Will she be all butthurt that Matt Damon isn't in it, or will she have a spot in her heart for the new guy Jeremy Renner? Only time will tell.
Bourne Legacy: No Matt Damon. No Paul Greengrass. No John Powell. Not enough action. No hot eastern European women. But it was a decent movie, I'll give it a 6 out of 10.
I don't think Bourne Legacy was as good as the previous 3. But then again I can't really remember what happened in them, other than in the first one Matt Damon couldn't remember who he is.
Went to see the Bourne Legacy yesterday, it's another good one even without Matt Damon!
Keep hearing that Bourne Legacy was good and Jeremy Renner did his thing. But I can't see nobody playing that role better than Matt Damon.
Even without Matt Damon, The Bourne Legacy easily debuted in first place this weekend ahead of Will Ferrell/Zach Galifianakis political comedy The Campaign and Box Office behemoth The Dark Knight Rises. Also, after a quiet mid-week start Hope Springs saw a nice jump in attendance over the weekend. The Top 12 grossed an estimated $138.3 million, which is up a bit from the same weekend last year. Reboot/spin-off The Bourne Legacy debuted to an estimated $40.27 million at 3,745 locations. That's on par with recent Bond franchise reboot Casino Royale
*** you Bourne Legacy, good movie but its a just a setup for the next one. Where's Matt Damon at?
Pink sky and lightning with gentle raindrops. Cool spell temps at 117. Went to movies and saw Bourne Legacy. Pretty good and action packed but I miss Matt Damon. Hope he'll be back soon. Luckily he is not replaced. I suspect he'll be in the sequel.
Gives the Bourne Legacy 2 thumbs down! This move drags like you wouldn't believe. And very choppy editing on the action scenes. I had high hopes for this one. Maybe Matt Damon will return for the next one.
Bourne Legacy is the perfect example of why you don't change the star of the movie like Matt Damon who did great for years.
Saw a couple movies this weekend and I rarely go to the movies. Bourne Legacy a great action adventure without Matt Damon but intense and very cool visual effects then I saw The Campaign with Will Farrell & Zack Galifiankis it was hilarious and raunchy I laughed thru the whole picture. I recommend them both.
The Bourne Legacy: There are two movies which I regret of not having watched on Big Screen - The Ring and The Bourne Ultimatum. Reason ? Both have a weird but unique & impeccable background score. Bourne series also happens to be the only action movie series that's irresistible to me. And it's surprising, considering my apathy towards Hollywood action flicks. But then there is a reason for it too. While most action movies are all about visual effects and CGI -which obviously doesn't excite me- , Bourne relies on raw and edgy execution of fight and chase sequences. So how does Bourne Legacy fare on these counts. put it simply Bourne Legacy is a cocktail of all the three of it's predecessors. It lacks the novelty factor and hence the grip which earlier Bourne movies had. Even Background score is not pathbreaking and neither are the action scenes. Screenplay lacks any surprises or intrigue. Having said that, Legacy has it's share of moments. It has possibly the best 20 mins of climactic action seque ...
We saw the Bourne Legacy. It took a while to get going and didn't have the great road chase until the end. Jerry gave it a thumbs up; I thought it was entertaining but had issues - like a realistic plot - and seriously didn't know how to end it. I missed Matt Damon.
The Bourne Movies were great with Matt Damon, some of my favorite movies of all time. I was thoroughly disappointed with the Bourne Legacy. Was not a good use of $7.50. It was BAD with a capital B in my opinion. Wow. Won't be adding that one to the DVD collection. I will stick with the first 3 Bournes!!
While I am a big Matt Damon fan, I would still give the new Bourne Legacy movie without him a big thumbs up.
Bourne Legacy was just ok, not the same without Matt Damon.
Major thumbs up for The Bourne Legacy. Renner is not Matt Damon but story was clever, especially how they weaved it in to the Bourne timeline.
I shall watch Bourne Legacy before my birthday ends!! :) it might not be Matt Damon as Jason Bourne but Jeremy Renner will suffice! ;)
Bourne Legacy replaces Batman at No. 1 at the US Box Office. I wanna see it because I love the series, but I don't because no Matt Damon!
Dave and I went to Bourne Legacy last night, it was exciting, but we missed Matt Damon.
Just sawn "Bourne Legacy" and Jeremy Renner was a great sub for Matt Damon. Matt will always be a favorite, but this California boy did rock! Rachel Weiss is a beautiful and great actress addition as well. Can't wait for the next one!
Bourne Legacy should of been boring legacy save your money folks Matt Damon wht were you doin that u didnt want to make this one LOL
Went to see Bourne Legacy. Very good if you enjoyed the rest of the Bourne series (and I loved them) and you would have to have seen the others to understand ths one. Missed Matt Damon though!!! Hope there is another one and they bring Jason Bourne back!
Went and saw Bourne Legacy. An excellent set-up for a continuation of the series now that Matt Damon has gotten to old for the role.
Universal's "Bourne Legacy" ended the reign of "Dark Knight Rises" with a $41.3 million opening weekend at the domestic Box Office, and gave franchise fans an intriguing question to ponder: Jeremy Renner, Matt Damon, or both? The super spy tale is the fourth installment in the "Bourne" franchise and the first with Renner replacing Damon as the lead.
Saw the Bourne Legacy yesterday.sorry to say it was a 3 out of 10 for me. It's not Bourne if it isnt Matt Damon.
Saw "Bourne Legacy" yesterday. Missed seeing Matt Damon, but his picture was in a lot of shots. ;)
I'm all curious about Bourne Legacy now. Strange, but I kinda wanna see how far this series will fall without Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass. Heard about this time the guy's also somehow beyond just flesh and bones? Humm Interesting.
Bourne Legacy review (with no spoilers): First of all, I'd give it a 7 on a scale of 1-10. As a fan of the series and Robert Ludlum, I was slightly disappointed. Pros: -action was intense as expected. Filming was excellent. -Matt Damon was not in the movie. He did a great job acting in the first three, but I can't over what a *** he is in real life. -Renner was great. Cons: -very slow start. Plot took forever to develop. -Renner's character was a little too likable, not fitting the character of the assassin. I'm chalking that up to the director, not Jeremy Renner. -there was on major action scene and a couple of smaller ones. The small scenes were too small. The big scene too long. -if you've seen the previews and trailers...then you've seen the best parts.
A lot of PIs in the Bourne Legacy lol. Enjoyed the movie but I think the Matt Damon series is better comparing the first movie to this one. Wish there was more story to it than action scenes.
Moviegoers were apparently able to look past the fact that Matt Damon is not in "Bourne Legacy," as the film is currently on track for a $45 million-ish weekend, buoyed by a strong Friday start of $16-18 million, THR reports. "The Campaign" also performed well, besting expectations to pull in $10-11...
Just watched the Bourne Legacy...yawn. I totally missed Matt Damon. Now gonna enjoy, hopefully, the Dark Knight; gotta love the drive-in
Bourne Legacy is a super sequel to the Bourne film series.. The only missing part is Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner did a wonderful job.. 7.5/10
Bourne Legacy not the same without Matt Damon. don't pay full price
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