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Matt Bevin

Matthew Griswold Bevin (born January 9, 1967), is an American businessman who has served as the President of Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company since 2011. Bevin is a Republican candidate and primary challenger to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky's 2014 Senate election.

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On Saturday, Matt Bevin accidentally convinces Ben Carson that the interns are unusually angry this week. God Almighty visits Mar-a-Lago.
Ain't that the truth! Matt Bevin and the GOP should listen to this. .
Thank you Governor Matt Bevin and crew for helping to share the story of Stuff the Bus. .
I agree and having Matt Bevin around just tops it off.
Battles began when Gov. Matt Bevin was elected. Politics has effected medical access to procedures.
Gov Matt Bevin says if you want medicaid, & are able bodied, you must be in school/training, or work or volunteer 20 hours a week.
So, your facts are only your immediate sphere of friends? I will credit Brashear, his fe…
Kentucky's Secretary of State is an elected official, so we actually have a sensible Democrat to balance out Matt Bevin. 🙏
You'd think if he could invest $300,000 in Matt Bevin's company he could leave me $3, but it's fine re…
I live in Kentucky. So, I get the trifecta of Republican stupid I.e. Mitch McConnell, Rand Pa…
The KY Board of Education is meeting to review an Education Professional Standards Board regulation as required by Gov. Matt Bevin's order.
"Some fear the legislature could make changes to the state pension system if Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin calls a...
Gov. Matt Bevin has met TWICE with OSA. His brother Tim showed up to protest outside of EMW Saturday June 17th.
The same governor that wanted praying people to patrol.
Complaints over KY Gov.'s Anchorage mansion unanimously dismissed by ethics panel via
Gov. Matt Bevin's advisory council on charter schools gets into the nitty gritty
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KY Gov. Matt Bevin is spearheading the effort shut down the last-remaining abortion facility in the state!
9 stories that Gov. Matt Bevin doesn't want you to read | Gerth via
Good to know the ethics codes in Kentucky allow to receive a bribe. Governor Matt Bevin
We dont have a viable person to run against him. Any takers? We wel…
Matt Bevin actually got after the press about that very thing:
KY Governor Matt Bevin "has warmly welcomed Thomas’ group to the state. Bevin addressed Operation Save America’s...
Just a reminder that is challenging on that executive order:
The Advisory Council was created by executive order by More info:
I'm SO OVER Matt Bevin and his attack on Ky women!! He is the worst!!!
KY Gov Matt Bevin: the state's that are nimble are going to get there first. Companies looking to come to KY are look…
Your exchange in Kentucky KYNECT worked great. Changes made by GOP Gov. Matt Bevin set it back. Why ruin a good thi…
Want to see where Matt Bevin and many of the anti-union politicians have been this week? Take a quick view of...
Will Bevin be on the scene shortly to pray?
Matt Bevin called for "bloodshed" if Trump didn't win. They believe many things that just ar…
I had enough of him when he called Gov. Matt Bevin, an evangelical twit, the coolest governor in the country
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Matt Bevin, introducing Pence:. “We’ve perpetrated this myth that somehow expanding coverage is good for everyone". ht…
Matt Bevin thinks "abortionists" should have hospital privileges? My gyno is attached to a hospital via pedway. It's for our own good right?
bad grammar but to put it plain and simple Matt Bevin ***
If you have seen 13th you know how sickening this is and how even more of a sickening of a Governor Matt Bevin is !…
Just had a friend express surprise that I haven't been blocked by Matt Bevin. I'm a dude.
Kentuckys Matt Bevin should have made that least popular least. He is a 45 clone
Goobenor Matt Bevin declares himself to be Koch Roach Extraordinaire.
The debate over the value of Matt Bevin's house may finally have a solution
Remember, this is Matt Bevin we're dealing with here..and we all know how he likes to keep the Koch Brothers satisfied.
Sounds about right Matt Bevin can't get into trouble.
Ham and Matt Bevin already beat the state of Kentucky out of 80 million dollars, that wasn't enough for them ?
Kentucky’s evangelical Gov. Matt Bevin signs bill allowing public schools to teach from the Bible
The Koch brothers invited Matt Bevin up to a summit to pay him back for screwing the working class in Kentucky. https:…
Speaking Chair Wilson says Gov. Matt Bevin has declined invitation to speak at this year's Fancy Farm Picnic
Republican governors at Koch donor meeting in Colorado: Greg Abbott, Matt Bevin, Doug Ducey and Eric Greitens.
Gov. Matt Bevin explains plan to curb violence in west Louisville via
Matt Bevin solution to Louisville gun violence? Pray it away.
Matt Bevin's plan to address crime in Louisville sounds a lot like Chief Wiggum, but with more prayer.
Steve Beshear talks about what he says are abuses of power by Governor, Matt Bevin on tonight's episode of Hey Kent…
Matt Bevin, Kentucky's Dear Leader, wants us to shut up. Not in America, comrade | Gerth via
Matt Bevin got bitted by the racehorse Always Dreaming at Churchill Downs. I'm always dreaming of a day without conservative christians
Matt Bevin rudely informs President Trump that Catholics are still alive. Scottie Nell Hughes has to fly coach.
Matt Bevin stated improving foster care system and adoption is top priority yet he's cutting funding and overloading social workers
Gov. Matt Bevin said Thursday afternoon there is no "war on Louisville" being waged by his administration
Gov. Matt Bevin says he's not waging a 'war on Louisville'
Then there is his fellow Tea Party nutjob Matt Bevin saying "the tree of freedom is watered with blood…
Gov. Matt Bevin has declared 2017 the “Year of the Bible” in Kentucky. God bless him and
Nathan *** former economic development director for Garrard County, is named by Gov. Matt Bevin to reorganized Kentucky Arts Council.
Kentucky Supreme Court rules Gov. Matt Bevin cannot cut budgets of public colleges and universities.
. Johnson is the epitome of stupidity! So is Matt Bevin of KY and the dangerous governor of Maine and that sheriff in AZ!
UPDATE: Nancy Jo Kemper, Democratic nominee for Congress, calls for the impeachment of Gov. Matt Bevin
Liberal? No. I'm a Republican. Give me Russ Meyer's character over Matt Bevin's character any day.
Another scoop: Gov. Matt Bevin left a voicemail for Rep. Meyer w/ strong hint of retaliation threat:
Listen to Gov. Matt Bevin's voicemail message to Rep. Russ Meyer after lawmaker refused to switch parties. -
Kentucky's finest leader (oh and Matt Bevin and Andy Barr too)
And, btw, ask GOPs McConnell, Rand Paul, Andy Barr, and Matt Bevin why coal jobs are disappearing under THEIR watch.
Steve Beshear's crew may be corrupt & literally going to prison but Matt Bevin is dangerous for health & the future of the Commonwealth.
UPDATE: John Schnatter reacts to Matt Bevin's U of L appointees announcement...
NEW: Gov. Matt Bevin has named the 10 new UofL trustees. John Schnatter was one of them. See the full list here -->
Anyone in Louisville today reading Leo Magazine might notice a poem of mine about that evil tick, Matt Bevin. I am very gruntled. Published!
Mr. Levin Glenn Beck also had Matt Bevin on his show several times.
Governor Matt Bevin, a multi-millionaire, had taxpayers pay for his stay at a 5 star resort in Utah for the Experts and Enthusiasts Summit.
Matt Bevin's social media guru has been extra busy removing comments from his FB page. Apparently, the little emperor wears no clothes.
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin taking a stand against federal overreach. I approve, do you?
There are parallels to be made here between Squidward Tentacles and Gov. Matt Bevin.
Hamilton Collection
which, this race was lost because Conway's platform was "I'm not Matt Bevin"
what do you think of Matt Bevin so far?
Matt Bevin is literally a blessing from God. What an amazing guy. I was going to be at that…
Yep..we're in PA now and may head back to Ky soon. The land of Rand Paul and Matt Bevin sounds Devine.
Focus. I'm talking about Kentucky, Matt *** Bevin, and his systematic attack on the women of Kentucky.
:BREAKING KY Governor Matt Bevin to vote for Hillary in November in hopes of a 2020 Presidential bid. Imma pimp! Lol,
Gov. Matt Bevin flew to Romney summit in Utah on taxpayers' dime late last week: .
KY Gov. Matt Bevin sent the police to a public meeting and threatened to arrest certain people if they participated. Gestapo much, Matt?
I hate to say I told them so, but supported Mitch McRINO over Matt Bevin in 2014. Yep, I said it!
It'll b worth $ if Romney persuaded Bevin not 2 endorse Trump. Matt, U r too good a man 2 endorse that man.
The open borders US Chamber of Commerce. They also saved McConnel from being defeated by Matt Bevin.
KY Gov Matt Bevin is addicted to selfies. Looks creepy. Check it out.
Wondering why Matt Bevin is pandering re: opioids this morning?
I'm a democrat From Floyd County and I voted and support Matt Bevin for Governor and as Governor
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin scrapped most current members of a powerful commission and repl...
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Matt Bevin just cut state funding for mental health CRISIS CENTERS (aka what prevents suicide, homicide, crises etc.) so bu…
just being Matt Bevin, I was particularly thinking of his endless support for the NRA
Gov. Matt Bevin Appoints Cordelia Harbut Executive Director of KY Commission on Women - -
It's crazy that Matt Bevin really thinks he's doing what's best for Kentucky
Not going to silently watch my people die because of ignorant, hate-filled rhetoric pushed by people like Matt Bevin & Rush Limbaugh.
I'm gonna put "u might suck sometimes but at least ur not matt bevin" in my wedding vows
Let me begin by thanking Governor Matt Bevin for his trust in appointing me as District Judge to the 17th...
Hey Matt Bevin could you please stop?
Gov. Matt Bevin announced the launch of a $15 million dual credit scholarship program for Kentucky high school...
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin has again replaced a powerful commission that nominates some state ...
Bevin Reorganizes Workers’ Compensation Panel Again: Gov. Matt Bevin has abolished and reorganized the Workers’…
Kynect is causing higher premiums, is not fiscally sustainable & is a channel for Medicaid enrollment
Gov. Matt Bevin revamps workers' comp panel...again
I blame Matt Bevin. Obama is a chill guy
"I am Matt Bevin...just hanging out inside a tree... you know how I do"
Who should be a Kentucky Colonel? Gov. Matt Bevin considering changing its meaning
Kentucky's goodwill ambassadors have now been cut off thanks to Matt Bevin-- more Kentucky Colonels.
Budget will hobble Kentucky - Lexington Herald Leader Editorial: While we applaud Gov. Matt Bevin and lawmake...
Another fabulous Governor Greg Abbott fighting back on this inane issue. Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky and the...
Catching up with Matt Bevin, Governor of Kentucky, at the Jim Beam for the bourbon tasting
Matt Bevin jerks off the devil fiery red weiner. .?? ok who is messing with the teleprompter??. GET IN HERE, DAVID.
Matt Bevin downplays early childhood education related to mcconnel
Rand Paul supports Trump now? Kinda like his support of Mitch McConnell over Matt Bevin...
Lol Matt Bevin is literally a disgrace to the human race
Name one thing that our *** of a governor Matt Bevin has done to justify his participation in the Kentucky Derby Pa…
Matt Bevin thinks himself too funny
I watched Matt Bevin get booed today
This is how it is done. Take a sheet from this playbook Matt Bevin.
.Remember Rand backed Mitch McConnell over Matt Bevin for $enate
Gov Matt Bevin walking the parade route with some serious looking security dudes
Matt Bevin is wearing jeans in the Pegasus Parade. Nice. . PS. yes. I know it's petty. but, still . jeans? really?
Matt Bevin getting 0 applause at the parade. Even a couple of boos. Too funny
No greater irony than Matt Bevin walking in the Pegasus parade followed by the KY *** pride and Medicaid floats
No surprise, he never endorsed Cruz and he supported McConnell over Matt Bevin, THAT is why he lost my vote
Honor to meet with Governor Matt Bevin to discuss the Kentucky ESGR program! Pictured L to R Chair Emeritus Bob...
Matt Bevin not ready to endorse Donald Trump: Bevin acknowledges Trump is presumptive GOP…
Matt Bevin won't say if he'll vote for Trump. He's not interested in being Trump VP, but no Sherman-esque statement
Matt Bevin not ready to endorse Donald Trump
Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin with Harper's cap on at the Kentucky Derby Museum prior to this weeks Kentucky Derby.
Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin's answer when asked if he had any interest in being vice president: "Oh my gracious. No."
Exactly WHAT DC "infrastructure" was Trump tearing down by giving McConnell $50K to defeat Matt Bevin for Senate in 2014!!?.
Matt Bevin's idea of bullying: A Christian kid gives a suspected homosexual a swirly and for some reason is punished for this moral deed.
Matt Bevin has never voted 2 increase pensions at expense of taxp…
Matt Bevin is what happens when people don't go out and vote.
AG Andy Beshear is examining the validity of Gov. Matt Bevin's vetoes and other cuts.
If you're pro-then you're pro-McConnell because Trump gave him $50K to defeat Matt Bevin for Senate.
Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear says he is looking into the validity of Republican Governor Matt Bevin's...
Why not? Trump paid $5,200.00 for McConnell. And another 50 grand to McConnell-PAC to help him defeat Matt Bevin
My home state of KY elected Matt Bevin so I was pretty sure they'd continue the crazy with Trump.
Matt also said Bevin had no chance.
You're going 2 b blessed 2 have Matt Bevin as your governor! I pray your move goes smoothly & b safe
BREAKING NEWS: Gov. Matt Bevin wants to end abortion so every live birth results in more people in grinding poverty.
About making Oaks Day an official Holiday– it just makes sense for the American people.
Switched to GOP to vote for Matt Bevin against McConnell and stayed for Cruz. No more. I no longer care.
You mean the same Franklin Graham who's anti *** Oh, that's right. Matt Bevin is also anti *** Hateful men x 2.
Good read from the Bluegrass y'day... Bill Clinton takes aim at Gov. Matt Bevin in Lexington via
Matt Bevin is not only killing higher education, but also secondary education.
Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul & Matt Bevin are all likely to be named to KY GOP convention slate
Matt Bevin is not a good look on you. He'll destroy your image the same way he has Kentucky's.
Matt Bevin, Mitch McConnell, Rand Paul, Kim Davis -- What the *** is going on in Bluegrass state? Too much kool-aid
There's a Matt Bevin bad lip reading. This might make the day a little brighter.
Professors Michael Goleman, James Taylor and Jon Burlew met with Gov. Matt Bevin to advocate for SCC.
That's why *** like Matt Bevin, Rick Scott, Scott Walker get elected and people like Alan Grayson get the boot.
Gov. Peter Shumlin of Vermont, a Democrat, and Gov. Matt Bevin of Kentucky, a Republican, led the effort to press...
What are Matt Bevin appointees paid? Over half get over $100,000
I cannot express how much I detest Matt Bevin
Matt Bevin just ordered Hal Rogers to take a selfie with him.
Does anyone know if Somerset/Pulaski Co. is still under a state of emergency per Matt Bevin or Steve Kelley??
Matt Bevin accepts military but loves paul blart
As I have always said the people voting are nuttier than the people they elect.
Matt Bevin is the Republican archetype. Get into office, and take away people's heath care and their right to vote.
Bevin swears in Cabinet, sets House election date: Gov. Matt Bevin has set March 8 as the the date for c...
That Matt Bevin (of all people) is softening on Obamacare when push comes to shove is pretty telling.
Gov. Matt Bevin has issued a writ of election for House Districts 8, 54, 62, & 98. Special election to be held Tuesday, M…
Kentucky state House special elections set for March 8: Gov. Matt Bevin has scheduled special elections on March 8…
Tea Party darling Matt Bevin ready to betray them on Medicaid expansion in Kentucky
Dh of Country Boy meets Governor Matt Bevin this morning!
Oh Kentucky when will you learn? Governor Matt Bevin was sworn in on Dec. 9th and wasted no time being a
Matt Bevin appoints a Democratic state rep to his administration, opening his seat up to a GOP takeover
should've gotten a Matt Bevin fat head to hold up
Matt Bevin appoints Charles Snavely as secretary of Energy and Environment Cabinet. Snavely was President of Eastern U.S. Ops for Arch Coal
Louisville attorney chosen as secretary of Matt Bevin's Executive Cabinet
Matt Bevin who is now the Gov but at the time could have replaced McConnell as Senator
Matt Bevin hires Scott Brinkman, a former state representative from Louisville, as secretary of executive cabinet …
"Kentucky counties with highest Medicaid rates backed Matt Bevin, who plans to cut Medicaid"
Matt Bevin tells state GOP central committee he will be a "praying governor."
Listening to Governor-elect Matt Bevin at the Republican State Central Committee Meeting in Louisville.
Here's what you need to know about Gov.-elect Matt Bevin's plans for inauguration day
Governor-elect Matt Bevin selects Medal of Honor winner Dakota Meyer as Grand Marshal of Inaugural Parade.
Matt Bevin defunds taxpayers but loves paul blart
Matt Bevin has been elected Governor of Kentucky. Way to go, Bluegrass State! 😊.
Obama-bashing worked for Matt Bevin. It won’t work for David Vitter. via
People who vote for Matt Bevin and Mitch McConnell... :(
Matt Bevin wins KY & KY is not dead to us Matt Bevin won & Mitch McConnell still ***
Kim Davis, Matt Bevin, and Mitch McConnell are great people (to lead Kentucky to the depths of ***
This is what Matt Bevin's big win in Kentucky means for 2016
Matt Bevin, Social Conservative CHRISTIAN Elected Governor: Democrats are gonna lose big in a year! . . Pssst!...
Matt Bevin takes the Kentucky Governor's office--only the 2nd Republican to do so in the past 40 years.
next Breaking Madden: tiny Matt Bevin gets sacked by 7'10" defenders. Again. And again. And again.
Matt Bevin won the governor's race in Kentucky. This is the state that is home to the "Creation Museum". Check his profile, KY in trouble...
Concerned for the course of public policy in Kentucky with Matt Bevin now at the helm. Access to healthcare is a human right.
In KY tonight, the PEOPLE became independent of the main stream media and elected Matt Bevin as Gov. Look out national Dems.
Matt Bevin wins the Governor race! A great day for the commonwealth! Ready to see real change for once.
BREAKING: Matt Bevin elected governor of Kentucky, only the 2nd Republican governor in 4 decades.
One thing about KY, you can lose a race and come back. Steve Beshear. Andy Barr. Geoff Davis. and now Matt Bevin. Happens alot actually.
Matt Bevin will fix your state. Congratulations, Kentucky!
Matt Bevin is the Martha Coakley of the
Matt Bevin will endanger the health of women and families. - Matt Bevin will take away Kentucky access to...
I would not call KY "deep red" current gov is also Dem. Matt Bevin was the WRONG candidate to run in that race.
Matt Bevin says U R a liar Jack. But he uses that line with GOP colleagues as well. U are in good company.
Thomas Massie, Matt Bevin and Steve Knipper at a Northern Ky fundraiser!
Matt Bevin will be at Limestone Grill on 26th. Young Republicans need to be there to show support!!
Matt Bevin, James Comer in Virtual Tie As Kentucky’s GOP Primary for Governor Remains Too Close to Call
It is odd that Matt Bevin is passionate about not releasing his tax returns before an election. What scares him about his returns?
Matt Bevin realizes early childhood education .really??
Candidates for Gov Jack Conway & Matt Bevin will present their education plans to The Ky Council on Postsecondary Ed
Pro-Matt Bevin super PAC releases online ad with focus on coal
Mike Huckabee apologizes to Matt Bevin for endorsing Mitch McConnell in 2014 Kentucky Senate Primary. Latest...
Bevin's first TV ad caters to football fans: Republican nominee for governor Matt Bevin kicked off his fall ad…
The Independent candidate for governor here in KY is giving Matt Bevin the best jabs. "I'll send you a spreadsheet."
Hit Rand Paul on endorsing Mitch McConnell for reelection over Tea Party Matt Bevin. Ask at debate in public
We asked Matt Bevin about technology at policy event. - Tenn gov is example of private tech innovation.
Kentucky Dems remind us that Mitch McConnell called Matt Bevin "an East Coast Con Man" but not that McConnell lied throughout his campaign.
1975 movie format, 1875 policies. Matt Bevin: out of date, expired.
Democratic PAC ad slaps Matt Bevin around some more for not making his tax returns public. ^JC
Democrats say Bevin changing position on tolls via
KDP Chair Statement: what else is hiding in his tax returns?
Matt Bevin (drunk?) belives farm bill related to mcconnel
Gubernatorial candidate will be addressing YPAL on 9/15! Register & come hear about his plans for KY:
Matt Bevin (drunk?) defunds teacher pension in frankfort
The leaders need to be called out before the nation. won't do it. Did he support Matt Bevin in KY? Cruz did.
That would be like tying Matt Bevin to Josh Duggar because both of them claim to be Christian. Pretty bizzaro.
Get your Matt Bevin for governor yard sign. Cintact Carl Nett
KENTUCKY: Rand Paul endorsed Matt Bevin for Gov. When asked if he backs Paul for Pres, Bevin told Courier-Journal he isn't backing anyone.
lies when he says he's for term limits. Rand Paul endorsed McConnell over TeaParty Matt Bevin for Senate
Matt Bevin (drunk?) realizes teacher pension from livestream
Matt Bevin (drunk?) defunds planned parrenthood .really??
do your homework...Here's my stance from 6 weeks ago...Was the first to call for this:
Just like everything else about him, business record is pretty shady
Video | Rand Paul on the stump for Bevin via
ICYMI: visits will come 2 Frankfort with a blank sheet 4 state gov. http…
Dear Jack Conway, stop with the Matt Bevin commercial on his taxes
Matt Bevin realizes common core but loves paul blart
Matt Bevin hopes to emulate George Wallace as governor of Kentucky.
Matt Bevin stresses sam youngman but loves paul blart
Video | Rand Paul on the stump for Matt Bevin via
Matt Bevin doesnt understand conway from livestream
Matt will disregard lawful decisions of govt agencies. Bevin is as naive as Trump.
Well, here's to hoping that Kentucky is blessed with Matt Bevin as its next governor!
Matt Bevin woukd have been better but I wanted Harry Reid to lose his power also
All purpose parts banner
Honored to meet future Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin.
Why is KY GOP gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin running for office? He needs to be home sharing half the childcare for his 9 kids w wife.
ICYMI: Gubernatorial GOP candidate Matt Bevin announced Wed. that if he is elected he would defund Planned Parenthood
If U think we ought 2 put KY on a different course (from Obama) Matt Bevin is the next governor of KY! - Mitch
WAVE: GOP nominee Matt Bevin has a history of paying his property taxes late.
IMHO, neither Jack Conway nor Matt Bevin are fit to be Kentucky Governor, maybe Virginia's?
Ky. Attorney General Jack Conway and Louisville businessman Matt Bevin agree to Oct. 6 gubernatorial debate at Centre College.
Jack Conway to continue candidate tradition of releasing tax return, cn2 says. Matt Bevin: "Why would I?" ^JC
Atty General Jack Conway and Matt Bevin will square off next Friday (June 19) in the first of many debates.
Politico: race is a nationally watched referendum on Obamacare, w/ Matt Bevin against & Jack Conway for. ^JC
Congratulations to Matt Bevin for Kentucky Governor in 2015 for winning the primary and carrying Hancock county...
KY has history of rewarding candidates who try again. Geoff Davis. Ben Chandler. Jack Conway. Steve Beshear. And now Matt Bevin
Matt Bevin speaking to a packed house at the Montgomery County Lincoln Day Dinner.
GOP candidate for Matt Bevin chooses Black woman Tea Party activist as runningmate. Would make state history.
not really concerned about McConnell or Boehner. I supported Matt Bevin. RINOs need a permanent time-out
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JUST IN: Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to win primary over Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin, the AP projects.
Of course he's a democrat.. He ran against a conservative Matt Bevin, Kentucky chose the democrat again.. Thanks!!
Matt Bevin was no turnip. will turn the ship around
how many times kentucky keep lining up for that coward? Matt bevin was the one!
In the Senate primary, Mitch McConnell delighted in Matt Bevin's defense of Kentucky's cockfighting industry but at the same time was holding a dirty little ani
Matt Bevin was at the rally also. Theo Keith asked him if he'd vote for McConnell. He said "I will vote" but didn't say "for McConnell."
Right, I wanted Matt Bevin, but Mitch beat him. I have had very good communications with Mitch McConnell. I am on his
‘This is what gives me hope’: Matt Bevin talks about his loss in Kentucky – Glenn Beck via
Louisville, KY - Today, Matt Bevin called on Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to invoke the state’s 10th Amendment Constitutional rights in opposing new EPA regulations. According to the Chamber of Commerce, the new regulations will cost the country $50 billion annually, and critics say “the new rest…
Feels good to have a keyboard in my hands. anyhow. If you have a thorn in your flesh, it will hurt until it is removed. just like some of you feel about me...only you didn't elect me and can't shut me up. Mitch... on the other hand is hurting the Republican Party with his money/influence... squashing the young talent that ACTUALLY believes in the Repub Platform... to endorse his buddies or those who he feels are electable (like Trey Grayson, whom Rand Paul destroyed in the 2010 Primary). thus the Republicans are in a "conundrum" Rand Paul would say... and "it galls me" as Rand Paul would say. only Rand Paul can't say it...because he is in the middle of it now. He sticks with Mitch...and together they crushed Matt Bevin... and WHY? . beats me... but I don't like it and can't support it... sorry if that offends other Republicans.
TEEN VOLUNTEERS WANTED! YOUTHFORMCDANIEL.WEEBLY.COM SIGN UP TODAY! A.C.T. is endorsed by Glenn Beck! PLEASE VOLUNTEER!! COME TO JACKSON TO HELP!! Wanted: Volunteers. Come to Jackson, MS, May 30 - June 4 to help elect a constitutional conservative! Friends, We are planning on hosting a 5 day get-out-the-vote ACT (Active Conservative Teens) event in Jackson, Mississippi to help pro-family constitutional conservative Chris McDaniel win the Republican nomination for United States Senate. We recently worked in Kentucky as Youth for Bevin, hosting our first ACT with The Madison Project, a conservative political action committee, to help elect Matt Bevin, running for Senate. The Madison Project has asked us to organize another ACT event to support Chris McDaniel and we're excited to be involved! As you are well aware, we don't have to wait until we're old enough to vote to make a difference in the political culture. We can stand for principles and help get worthy candidates elected while gaining hands-on experie ...
Only 8 and a half hours until all polls close in and Matt Bevin is downgraded from “candidate” to “trivia question."
You know, if Matt Bevin intends to run for office again, 35% vs a sitting Senate Leader isn't a bad start.
Scott County voters bckd Matt in quest to unseat
What a sore loser Matt Bevin is He throws a hissy fit somebody put this Fool in the corner. He supports cockfighting. Shame!
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Conservative Challenger to Senator Mitch McConnell, our guest on Bards Logic
Mitch McConnell just won his primary. His biggest obstacle in November won't be his Dem opponent, by
Dear Matt Bevins Supporters, You did a great job getting signs out Monday night before the election. I mean, I hardly saw any before Tuesday. But like magic, they were EVERYWHERE Tuesday morning- interstate ramp medians, the right of ways in front of closed businesses, stoplights- you must have been busy little beavers Monday! Congratulations on your last minute efforts. But now that your candidate lost and doesn't need to campaign for November, can you please summon a little of that same enthusiasm and gusto to motivate yourselves to go get all those signs and get rid of them? Now that all is said and done, well, they're just pollution. Thank you so much! PS- Same to all you yard sale enthusiasts. Once your sale is over, get your signs.
We thank Matt Bevin for giving conservatives a choice in this election. Now it's time to unite for victory in November.
A FIRST DISAPPOINTMENT OUT OF KENTUCKY ; MCCONNELL SCORES PRIMARY VICTORY OVER Tea Party RIVAL MATT BEVIN; THANK YOU, *** VOTERS! After Primary Win, McConnell Faces Hollywood, Harry Reid Wednesday, 21 May 2014 By John Gizzi No sooner had Tea Party-backed Matt Bevin conceded defeat in the Kentucky primary on Tuesday than Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell began to focus his fire on Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes — who will have strong backing from Hollywood liberals, Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, and Bill Clinton. The critical importance of the McConnell-Grimes race to conservatives was underscored moments after the five-term senator's big (59 percent to 37 percent) margin over Bevin became clear. The Senate Conservatives Fund and the Madison Project, which both ran spirited independent efforts on Bevin's behalf, issued strong congratulatory statements to McConnell and called for his re-election. Numerous Tea Party groups throughout Kentucky also weighed in Tuesday night for the . ...
Kentucky primary: McConnell defeats Bevin, but Grimes could be trouble via
In Whitley County, where Matt Bevin spoke at the infamous cockfighting rally, McConnell beat him 61-32%. Yeah, probably not worth it.
Leftovers: A sad day for Rick Santorum, Matt Bevin vows to make history, & Has Glenn Beck been "born again"?
Rand Paul wants Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin in the same big Kentucky GOP tent
Tea Party heart throb Matt Bevin went down in Kentucky last night:
Matt Bevin is running for McConnell's seat. This is his campaign site: . . .
Primary recap: received nearly as many votes as Mitch McConnell and Matt Bevin combined (3/4)
On Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell won an easy victory over primary challenger Kentucky businessman Matt Bevin. Within minutes of the polls closing, the Associated Press called the ...
Mitch McConnell celebrated his primary win over Matt Bevin by doing what he loves the most-- nothing.
THIS-->Matt Bevin: McConnell pretending to be to trick his way back into US Senate
How in the world did Matt Bevin loose?!??! America, you made a mistake
Bevin: People have ‘McConnell fatigue’ via - Does Matt Bevin realize the HUGE Deficit was caused by GOP
Sad day for Matt Bevin, happy day for Mitch. 2 hours we'll talk abt it.
Thanks to for bringing voters this pic of Matt Bevin's wife arguing with women in chicken suits. http…
BREAKING: Mitch McConnell defeats Matt Bevin with his upbeat message of destroying America to stop Obama from helping the …
Matt Bevin only won 2 counties, Scott and Pendleton, in northern Kentucky.
I just have one more thing to add to the election results.all Republicans must unite in November including Tea Party members who voted for Matt matter how much you dislike McConnell, we can not allow a Dem to take over his seat and lose control of the Republican Senate.what a disaster that would be! Would sooo hate to see a Kentucky senator adding to the national deficit issues we already have! Let's stay Kentucky Proud!
Thanks Kentucky, you just let one of the most amazing Patriots, Matt Bevin down..McConnell will never beat the democrat in …
Mitch McConnell’s campaign spent more than $10 million to deny glory to a local dolt named Matt Bevin.
In honor of Matt Bevin, keeping the fight to restore conservative principles back to Republican Party alive.
Mitch McConnell just won his primary. But his biggest obstacle in the general won't be his Democratic opponent:
KENTUCKY- Matt Bevin loses primary battle to Sen. Mitch McConnell, who wins with massive funding and help from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association.
By Jim Geraghty From the midweek edition of the Morning Jolt:How About [YAWN] Those Thrilling [YAWN] Primary Night Results?It would be easy to say something snarky or derisive about Matt Bevin, jumping into a primary challenge against Mitch McConnell and largely failing to get any traction, winning only 35 percent to McConnell’s 60 percent. Yes, he made a bunch of missteps along the way. Yes, he was an imperfect-at-best messenger for an anti-TARP message. But he got in the arena, made his case, stood up for what he believed in, and took his lumps. That’s what America’s system of free elections is all …read more Source: National Review
May 21, 2014 Primaries show Tea Party impact on GOP Rick Moran Interesting analysis of yesterday's primaries by AP, where it is pointed out that even if Mark Bevin and other Tea Party candidates failed to break through, Tea Party challenges have forced establishment candidates to move to the right, adopting many of the positions taken by conservatives. The differences between Tea Party and non-Tea Party Republicans are shrinking. Often it's merely tone and experience that separate them. Tone and experience matter, however, and Tuesday's GOP voters chose the less bombastic and unpredictable conservatives in most cases. In Kentucky, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell easily dispatched Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin. As a 30-year senator and party leader, McConnell is about as establishment as they come. He has predicted that he and other mainstream Republicans will "crush" Tea Party candidates this year. Bevin initially excited anti-establishment Republicans. But his campaign eventually collapsed under ...
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