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Matt Bellamy

Matthew James Bellamy (born 9 June 1978) is an English musician, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known as the lead vocalist, lead guitarist, pianist, and main songwriter of the rock band Muse.

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Calling all attendees! Matt Bellamy is here all weekend, excited to share the latest EM tech! Booth
Here he is watched them once at Glasto now claims to be a super fan of lead guitar. Was Matt Bellamy last week.
Well Matt said he is planning a trip to Aus hopefully next year soo. Be prepared to die
I hope Matt Bellamy is forgotten immediately when he was eaten to death.
umM?? why isn't there a matt bellamy beatboxing compilation video??? science explain
Matt Bellamy is miles better than Chris Martin
There was that time Kinnock turned up and tried to interrupt Muse's set. Matt Bellamy gave him the full Townshend A…
Listening to Muse has that effect on me. Matt Bellamy's voice is just so OMG 😝😝😝
Nice Tune! Could be a co production with Matt Bellamy 😂. Anyway I love it!
This Lake Como home belongs to a Grammy nominated rock star! Can you guess who? >>
Why and how did I read this as Matt Bellamy?
Fancy living like a musician? Take a look at Muse's frontman, Matt Bellamys, home at Lake Como, Italy…
The problem is they spent the next 20 years trying to copy the sound Matt Bellamy and his The Muses instead of being original
Matt Bellamy cries into his Sugar Puffs every morning that he don't have a radio for a head. 😜😜😜 ☺☺☺
Celebrating the worst I've ever been drunk exactly a year ago today on Matt Bellamy's (and khuds) wine it was 14% I…
Matt Bellamy voted Brexit too FFS. Two of my favorite bands.
domain names
When I was looking for Dom, even Benedict showed up (in a post with the tag "Matt Bellamy"). Stop, let me live man.
I believe drunk me was trying to say that she loves Matt Daddario. Drunk me is still trash.
Have I told you all about the time I saw Matt Bellamy from Muse watching Aphex Twin at Glastonbury and wouldn't believe me?
Matt Bellamy over Thom Yorke every day of the year!
I think Matt Bellamy is the type to say "fidget my spinner bby" as a pick up line
Matt Bellamy would turn me straight
Jamie Cook from the Arctic Monkeys, Matt Bellamy of Muse, Julian Casablancas from The Strokes? Plenty there, just a lazy article?
I see Matt Bellamy has lent Chad Kroeger his copy of 1984.
I honestly don't know why but Muse's song Plug In Baby Matt Bellamy just reminds me of S…
Check out which celebrity is selling his Lake Como home!!
"It's about this man who's come back from work and he's just shot everyone and killed everyone". - Matt Bellamy on "Ruled by Secrecy".
I want to come back in my bed. with Matt bellamy this time.. 😂😂😂😂
""Sing for Absolution" is completely different [...], there is something oppressive inside of it, with a gothic sound.". - Matt Bellamy
Love all the Matt Bellamy and Muse references. Favorite band mentioned on my favorite show
Matt Bellamy hides in plain sight, I'd say.
I like watching matt bellamy play the piano.
Ah look I think it's time we reminded everyone of matt bellamy s massive hands
😻 My friend always says that one of the best moments of her life was when she saw Matt Bellamy play that organ!
ok time to come clean: I am Matt Bellamy's front tooth that sticks out
I think matt bellamy has the bits of hands he's missing
The Globalist by Matt effing Bellamy is bwilliant!! this was amazing live!! ♫
15 years ago this week, Matt Bellamy is the cover star of Kerrang.
There's only like three singers who I will fight people if they speak badly about the…
Reason to live: Matt Bellamy's horrible French in "I Belong To You"
Do you ever start crying just bc you love matt bellamy so much
I have these feelings about Matt Bellamy. His music: omg. His life: what the heck are you doing (althoug…
This guy's voice is amazing just don't read Roisin's bit about Matt Bellamy
Matt Bellamy always amazes me! I know he's not underrated but he also is.
Thom Yorke's vocals at the end of "Exit Music" sound a lot like Matt Bellamy's cries of desperation cuz he's never writt…
Sometimes Mike Dirnt reminds me of Dom Howard & Bilie Armstrong reminds me of Matt Bellamy. Are their faces resemble each other?
Matthew James Bellamy | Matt Bellamy | Lead vocalist and guitarist of Muse
I have been lucky to experience a lot of the spoils that can happen...
Ugh, my brother sends me a video of him meeting Matt Bellamy. Ugh
What is the favourite song of Matt Bellamy ?? askmuse
Matt Bellamy is one geetar playin fool.
"Our DNA was mixed with a species from outer space and apes; we're a mixture of the two.” 2003 - Matt bellamy
“You can buy a mobile phone which can fire up to four bullets. Handy to have if you're a psycho.” 2001 - Matt Bellamy
Matt Bellamy was not originally intended to be the vocalist of Muse, as the band were originally looking for a fourth…
Conor Mason's voice is like a mix of Matt Bellamy and Jeff Buckley... AKA two of my favorite vocalists. 😍
24. Four - Bloc Party. sounds like a supergroup w/ Kele on vocals, Matt Bellamy on guitar and Ben Johnston on drums.
Matt Bellamy posts photo partying with Paris Hilton at Burning Man
Romeo + Juliet, starring Jorge Garcia and Zoe Bell. Directed by Robert Zemeckis, music by Matt Bellamy. Budget: $2000
Every time I listen to Muse I imagine Matt Bellamy being David Tennant I don't know wHY but it's highly disturbing 😩
Kevins voice is as smooth as David Gilmour and Matt Bellamy but has punch like Anthony Green and Jared Leto. Cant get enough!
Fave guitarists right now: David Gilmour, Matt Bellamy and Keith Richards.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
"Those suggesting I hang out too much with rock stars are wrong and my mate Matt Bellamy agrees..." - Nigel Adams
Matt Bellamy is so good at guitar. Not a Muse fan, but totally concede they rock very hard.
Matt Bellamy won 2009's Hottest Male Award at the Shockwaves NME Awards, beating out Alex Turner, Liam Gallagher and Billie Joe Armstrong
"We are defined by the fact that we can't be defined by anybody". - Matt Bellamy for the Rolling Stone Magazine (2012)
A message from Matt: Ryan is currently in the same state as Ann Watson. Ryan, please respect my mother's marriage. Pleas…
📷 musifications: I’m looking at his note and I realise… I’m matt Bellamy…
Why am I so obsessed with Matt Bellamy's guitars?
Matt Bellamy and Elle Evans are in high spirits after Muse's Grammys 2016 win
did Matt Bellamy ever buy you the pepperoni pizza he promised you?
Gerard Way ft. Matt Bellamy holy sh i t. I would sell the blackened, toxic remains of my soul
Can we just stop and notice Matt Smith's eyebrows started disappearing as the series went on..😂🙈
On this day in 2013 it was announced that Matt Smith would be leaving Doctor Who 😢
"Endlessly" is a "basic love song. I think there is hope in there, even though I'm dealing with generally dark subjects". - Matt Bellamy
And he was trying so hard not to fangirl bc he had to be professional it was so cute. "Oh so you want.Matt bellamy's signature.there?"
matt bellamy: breathes. me: omG THIS IS SO AMAZING, so talented, so emotional, so creative!!
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Alright Jason, day 3 of no cigarettes. You got this. Do it so you can keep hitting those Matt Bellamy notes when you karaoke. 💪🏻🔥
Adele and Muse duet live at Glastonbury 2016? Matt Bellamy thinks so
Matt Bellamy next to Ashton. What a danseband
"When I first met Dom he had long hair and I thought he was *** - Matt Bellamy.
Matt Bellamy makes me feel complex feelings.
Matt bellamy's drawing when he was young
Muse frontman Matt Bellamy picks up another home in Malibu
your high school rap trio making history with Matt Bellamy in a melodic hardcore style, produced by David Guetta
The Thing, starring Tom Hardy and Liam Neeson. Directed by Michael Bay, music by Matt Bellamy. Budget: $50,000
Just registred to say 'hello' to Matt Bellamy
If you are a boy, don't even talk to me except if you are Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard, Chris Wolstenholme, Morgan Nicholls or Tom Kirk. Thanks
To think I was actually really close to Matt Bellamy and Chris Wolstenholme yesterday still gives me shivers
I just highfived Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard. There are no words. you are Titans and I am dead.
I added a video to a playlist Matt Bellamy laughin at Dominic Howard
If Michael Clifford collaborated with Matt Bellamy and Brendon Urie, I think this universe would become heaven. Eargasms lol
The Jeff Buckley, Matt Bellamy, Chris Cornell influence is strong in this one.
Credit: Jérôme Rajot youtube . Matt Bellamy is trying to kill Dominic Howard again
My uncle just followed me on IG,the last time a family member did this they complained about my comments on Matt Bellamy's *** to my mother
Hello, we are a new Muse news page and we will only post about Matt Bellamy, Dom Howard and Chris Wolstenholme and nobody else!
Hilarious how Chris Wolstenholme went from weird greasy fat dude to very handsome built guy but Matt Bellamy went from ok to worse
when did ex-boy toy turn into Matt Bellamy of Muse?
It's sad that Matt Bellamy's high note at 2.40 in Feeling Good is sharp, surely they could've recorded it again
Congrats Gail Logan & Steffan Toth - 1st qualifiers to go to "Hockey Heaven". Matt Bellamy with 2 more chances to qualify
i didn't know Matt Bellamy calls his weiner in n out
Remember that time Matt Bellamy said Muse and music wasn't about money? Then he said you could only hear a song if you had Spotify premium.
not for me, as my maths teacher IS MATT BELLAMY
Matt Bellamy is a legend with the guitar 👌
that picture of Matt Bellamy with the bomb dog is still my fave picture tbh
Matt Bellamy says he's going to dye his hair red in China for one last time. I'll believe it when I see it, Matt...
victorious makes me feel like Matt Bellamy when he kicked over those amps during the muse set at weenie roast
Matt Bellamy has been copying my outfits hmm
"This is directed at what would be God, asking why we should go forth and multiply? What's the point?". - Matt Bellamy about "Megalomania"
Put a game called Booty Quest on my phone, but so far there's not any mention of Matt Bellamy in it and I'm pretty bummed tbh.
Matt Bellamy is the best guitarist of the new millennium according to Total Guitar!
On the same thought,ha,,yes,i love em,.They were excellent.super loud too,ha,but Matt Bellamy plays guitar so good
Muse makes some long *** songs but I could listen to Matt Bellamy's voice forever
Lmao it *** but I drew my small child Matt Bellamy
Matt Bellamy describes "Uprising" as a protest song about the banking situation.
You just know that at Matt Bellamy's house right now Muse are desperately trying to write a song called on…
brody added Matt Bellamy to it and now it's even better
Wow! What an honour to meet Matt Bellamy of MUSE, hailed as the "Hendrix of his generation" he is the…
when matt bellamy sings psycho LMAO
Matt Bellamy is amazing. Chris has a nice butt. Dom is just Dom. Muse is perfect. Muse is love. Muse is life.
I was somewhere between Matt Bellamy and Justin Hawkins having a 'squeal off'
I just realized all of my favorite bands consist of really short lead singers. Patrick Stump, Billy Joe Armstrong, Matt Bellamy?
Here we have Matt Bellamy imagining deep throating Dom Howard
13 artists that need their own show on Apple Music, feat. Lauren Mayberry, Matt Bellamy + more
twenty one pilots really need to release the full version of their episode 6 RAB demo. It's like Matt Bellamy x10. 😍
Matt Bellamy said that the meaning of "Muscle Museum" was the "conflict between the body and the soul or mind".
Sing for Absolution immediately followed by Unsustainable is a painful and perfect example of Matt Bellamy's vocal skills. Do it.
Matt Bellamy hits Chiltern Firehouse with stunning girlfriend Elle Evans after romantic St Tropez .
Matt Bellamy and girlfriend Elle Evans hit Chiltern Firehouse in London
Matt Bellamy and Elle Evans were spotted kissing.
YEAH SURE . all I want in life is a photo of you with Matt Bellamy and Dan Smith
No longer a fake fan as I properly like Drones after my 17th listen! Sorry for doubting you Matt Bellamy senpai 🎵
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are in Greece tehehe
YES - everything from the box of teapots, pink Buffalo trainers, swimming badges, Matt Bellamy signed shirt and pound puppies
¡Buenos días! "The time has come to make things right" Knight of Cydonia. Matt Bellamy
Is that some kind of terrifying David Guetta/Matt Bellamy hybrid?
Am I the only one thinkg that Matt Bellamy and David Tennant look alike???
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New Muse album- great riffs, will be fun to witness live. Lyrics? Ugh. Matt Bellamy needs to put down the Guy Fawkes mask for a bit
Muse interview - on modern warfare, Barack Obama and Matt Bellamy's night at the White House
So Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy split up and now she's looking at houses in London? Getting warmer, Kate. Almost there. Up a bit.
Matt Bellamy and the Fountain of Youth, tho. "Matt llegando a Webster Hall, NY
Harry, Matt Bellamy, Kellins, Soupy and David Bowie have my favourite voices tbh
forever in love with Alex Turner's baritone, Matt Bellamy's falsetto and Florence Welch's vibrato ❤️
"Your *** belongs to me now" says Joey Hamilton miming Matt Bellamy. Okay then. Do whatever you want with it. Tattoo or not...
"the story of the album" - Matt Bellamy, musician, shepherd, painter and even novelist?!
I think if we stuck Paul Meany, Stephen Christian, Rob Swire, Thomas Mars and Matt Bellamy in a room, the world's best album would be born.
Is it only me that thinks it will be very interesting to hear a version of Grace (Jeff Buckley) by Matt Bellamy?
Matt said that "Hyper Music" is about "Wanting to destroy a person you've loved".
You're a good singer if you can hit the Matt Bellamy high-pitched notes and still sound in tune
Matt Bellamy's voice is so unique, it's perfect
Have u ever heard matt bellamy's voice and started to cry?
Matt Bellamy spends some quality time with son Bing on a beach visit in Malibu - Daily Mail
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Matt Bellamy just did his daily jog past me at work. Today he was discussing radiation with his running buddy
am I going insane or does Matt Bellamy look like fckin Justin from Waterloo Road
well he is insane enough and possible rich enough, so yeah I agree, Matt Bellamy is batman
lol "Matt Bellamy in Drones will be like
The lead singer and guitarist of Muse, Matt Bellamy, holds the world record for the number of guitars smashed on a tour …
Matt Bellamy in Drones will be like
Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy call off engagement after four years ...
I like vocalists with great voices - Matt Bellamy, Patrick Stump, Brandon Boyd, Brendon Urie, Jared Leto... and then there's Tom DeLonge.
There is just on who masters the guitar and the piano PERFECTLY: Matt Bellamy. ::: Uprising [live in Rome]
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy's break up is not stopping them from spending time together around the holidays.
Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy are the friendliest exes - they're on vacation together! Pics:
Find out to see what exes Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy were doing in Aspen, Colorado!
THEY announced their split earlier this month but Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy looked like the best of friends as they tackled some last minute Christmas shopping together.
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy tackle Christmas shopping together after announcing split.
Kate Hudson, Matt Bellamy spotted in Aspen after split
Are Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy giving Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin a run for their money...
HOLIDAY REUNION: Kate Hudson spotted in Aspen with ex Matt Bellamy
Matt Bellamy of Muse is definitely modelling himself on Dortmund's Neven Subotic.
"Happy" is not a word you'd expect to hear from Matt Bellamy when asked about his split from Kate Hudson...
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy after breakup and breakfast
Hudson has breakfast with Matt Bellamy -
Kate Hudson Has Breakfast With Matt Bellamy. Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy reunited for breakfast on Wednesday (1...
Kate Hudson has breakfast with Matt Bellamy -
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy pictured together for first time since split - Daily Mail
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy may have called off their engagement, but these two celebs are far from bitter exes.
Friendly exes: Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy reunite for breakfast with their son Bingham!
Has Kate Hudson moved on from Matt Bellamy with Cheryl’s ex Derek Hough? -
Billie Joe Armstrong ; Gerard Way ; Matt Bellamy and Tom Delonge but I have so many more
I still love this one. Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013
Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013 . How I wish this was clearer!
Little Giant Ladders
Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013. I seem to have caught quite a bit of the duckface
Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013. Not long after the Citizen Erased guitar death.
Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013. Honestly. Gorgeous boy stands right in front of me & I still can't get him in focus!
Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013. Goddammit security! This one had so much potential!
Can't wait to see the longer style in action. Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013
Matt Bellamy & Dom Howard. Perth Arena 2013. I can't tell you how much I wish this was a clear pic!
Well hey. I've been investigating the contents of my gig files. These are kinda nice. . Matt Bellamy. Perth Arena 2013
My favourite singers are Gerard Way of MCR & Matt Bellamy of Muse!
Matt Bellamy speaks out on his split from Kate Hudson
It took me a lot to me to like Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy together because she is too much for him now they broke up and i'm sad ***
Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson have split up :(. Devastated.
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy split -
Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson split after four years -
Kate Hudson and Muse's Matt Bellamy are just one couple to recently split. Here's who else broke up in the last year:
Kate Hudson has already moved on from Matt Bellamy — to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s ex, say US sources.
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It's over: Kate Hudson & Matt Bellamy have ended their engagement!
Apparently Kate Hudson has dumped Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. Get out your guitars, she's back on the irrelevant musician market!
Kate Hudson has ended her engagement to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. Get out your guitars, guys! She's back on the medio…
Muse's Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson confirm they have separated
Derek Hough rumored to be dating Kate Hudson days after her split from fiance Matt Bellamy: via
Kate Hudson is back on the market again after she and her fiancé Matt Bellamy called off their engagement. The announcement comes after several media outlets began speculating that the couple may...
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy have split, and she's already hooking up with a new guy:
BREAKING: Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy have called off their engagement
Surprised to learn that Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are no longer together after 4 years 😔
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy call it quits, end engagement |
They've been together for four years but it's all over for Kate Hudson and Muse front man Matt Bellamy. The separation details are here - Best Variety…90s, 2K & Today
Matt Bellamy, ARod, Lance Armstrong, Adam Scott, Owen Wilson, Dax Shepherd, . These are the famous ones we know about..
"What's the problem?". 'This time it's Dom Howard and not Matt Bellamy'
Set de fotos: Matt Bellamy photographed in 2003 by Toby Madden
I loved Muse from a young age, Matt Bellamy made me want to play guitar. Great to see them on the bill.
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just went in the tag and saw no Matt Bellamy, allow me to fix that
I never pay too much attention to the studio version of Endlessly, but its a whole different ball game live, Matt Bellamy is a god basically
Last night in LA Chris Martin (Coldplay) dedicated "Clocks" to Matt Bellamy, who was in the audience.
what are your Favorite Signers? c: — Matt Bellamy, Alex Turner, Julian Casablancas, Brandon Flowers & Mark Foste...
Muse live in Rome on Sky Arts now, bit of a daft show but def once again proving that Matt Bellamy has a truly incredible vocal range
From Kanye West to Pete Doherty and Matt Bellamy - see footage of huge stars in their youth
I would wed Matt Bellamy for the kids, says Kate Hudson - The Asian Age
after I get back from this camp in Alabama we can 😈
"Feeling Good" is Muse's most popular cover, and covered because of Matt's ex-girlfriend's liking of the song.
"Save Me" and "Liquid State" are the only songs by Muse that doesn't have Matt Bellamy on lead vocals.
me when I try to hit matt bellamy's falsettos
tf I wanna meet matt bellamy before I die
I'd probably get places on time if I didn't choose to prance around thinking I'm Matt Bellamy nailing Survival instead of getting ready
I was just about to put Muse on, then remembered how frustrating a listen they are since having my voice trained. Matt Bellamy can't sing.
Not sure if I want Sam Dew's or Matt Bellamy's voice.
And it's the same thing with Matt Smith and Matt Bellamy. It's too complicated for my little messy brain.
I blame for this Matt Bellamy beauty
Matt Bellamy's vocal range in "Showbiz" spans from C♯3 to G♯5, marking both his highest note to date along with "Survival" and "Micro Cuts".
matt bellamy more like matt HELLAmy am I right ladies
matt bellamy: The centuries geinus guitarist. Plays in "Muse...
coming up. What better way to pass the time than with Matt Bellamy and Dom Howard? I know... Chris too
Maybe her husbands/baby daddies are a factor? ex: Chris Robinson of the Black Crows. Current: Matt Bellamy of Muse.
Matt Bellamy looks like a 40 scene kid who's idol is Dahvie Vanity
Gonna just cry myself to sleep over how much I love Matt Bellamy.
Hey Matt Bellamy & I want to grab both your shoulders and shake baby.SNAP OUT OF IT🎶😆
"It's just about some hot girl, a chance meeting someone who you have a connection with.". - Matt Bellamy about "Darkshines"
He prances around the internet like he's Matt Bellamy 😏😏😏
MUSE and U2 is my live and matt bellamy my. Inspiration :)
matt bellamy: The centuries geinus guitarist. Plays in "Mus...
who is this? His voice is just like Matt Bellamy's!!
I am not a Kate' s fun, and Matt had right to call her *** because she 's a Real *** !!
"This song is about brain washing and the psychological manipulation that has been going on in the world". - Matt Bellamy on "MK Ultra"
Gah! No Tom Morello, Matt Bellamy, or Metallica? Never mind, still a great doc
Yeah 5sos are alright, but they ain't not Matt Bellamy, and they definitely ain't no muse!
It's so cool that Kate Hudson's son looks up to Matt Bellamy and wears Muse tour t-shirts. It's like a little boy's dream…
Happy Birthtime to muse guitar MATT BELLAMY! 63 today! Happy Birthtime Matt! Massive hole!
Matt Bellamy from Muse and Aretha Franklin apparently have the same vocal range. That's actually hilarious.
is that Matt Bellamy and Ben Wyatt's lovechild
We spent five minutes with JackMan Friday ahead of his lunchtime session tomorrow for Friday Beats.   Who  are your musical influences? I like guitarists like John Butler and Matt Bellamy, drum n bass/hip hop producers. I'm big into production and beats at the moment.   What is your  pre-gig routine? Pre gig I just try not to eat anything that messes up my throat and relax my vocal chords, get them warmed up. If I'm somewhere cold I try to keep my fingers hot and wear a scarf around my face before I play/beatbox/song   How do you relax/unwind? I relax however I can wherever I am! Listen to music or talk to people around me.   What was the best gig you performed and where was it? 2013's Efterski festival in Thredbo was great fun. I performed at the top of a ski lift in the snow, with a big air competition going on right next to me   What are you currently listening to on your ipod? I have been listening to a lot of of hip hop at the moment, mainly conscious lyricists guys like Talib Kweli, Mos D ...
Is Neighbors the movie to watch this weekend? Matt Bellamy things so. Read on.
If you could have lunch with 5 people dead or alive w... — Billie Joe Armstrong, Matt Bellamy, Hayley Williams, ...
[White House Responds To Justin Bieber’s Deportation Petition: Morning Mix] Did You Hear? :: The White House has finally responded to a petition to deport Justin Bieber which attracted 273,968 signatures. In short, they refused to comment to the pop star’s case but waxed lyrical about the need for immigration reform. [E! Online] :: Robin Thicke has a lot to celebrate. He’s rich, handsome and now has the highest selling download in UK history with iTunes-conquering “Blurred Lines”. It has sold 1.54 million copies to date. [ABC] :: It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from “Somebody That I Used To Know” songstress Kimbra. Her soon-to-be-released second album features Muse frontman Matt Bellamy on guitar as well as cameos from John Legend and Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns. [NME] :: Chance The Rapper cancelled his appearance at Coachella on Sunday (April 20) due to a mystery illness. However, his team assures us that he is expected to make a full recovery. Get well soon. [Rap-Up] After t ...
Dissapointment from the fam as they realise after three years at uni I have nothing to offer a pub quiz but TV theme tunes and Matt Bellamy
I'm now on Instagram! Follow me if you like photos of Matt Bellamy, Rib eye steaks and cats!
Matt Bellamy after show in Wines to the Stars lounge with his fave of the night
Orlando Bloom's single and rumour has it Matt Bellamy and Kate Hudson are splitting up. The Lord is testing me, good thing I'm atheist.
Fears Kate Hudson and Muse frontman Matt Bellamy are heading for split as they are pictured apart
Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are reportedly working on their relationship. - NZ City
Shocking (?) celebrity split. First Katy Perry DUMPS John Mayer, now Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy calling it quits?
According to a report from the New York Daily News, Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy are going through a bit of a rough patch in their relationship. Apparently, the rift in their relationship has been caused by Kate’s ‘globetrotting lifestyle’ and her desire to stay in Hollywood. A source tells the NY
I hope the rumors are not true that she's breaking up with Muse frontman Matt Bellamy. Here they are together, ...Fabulous! Hardly anyone wears sweater dresses on red carpets. Like Kate Hudson here? PIC
Kate Hudson''s representative has dismissed speculation about her relationship with Muse rocker Matt Bellamy.
Kate Hudson is in no rush to marry Muse rocker Matt Bellamy (Picture: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images for Novak Djokovic Foundation) Kate Hudson admits she is in no rush to wed her rocker fiancé Matt Bellamy and hasn’t even thought ……
Free wifi is the most gorgeous thing after Jared Leto , Matt Bellamy, Daniel Lavoie Novak Djokovic & prof Youssef Salamin. I love free wifi
Chandra Observatory discovers a new supermassive black hole. Matt Bellamy unavailable for comment.
Kate Hudson, along with co-star and director Zach Braff, hit the Sundance Film Festival 2014 premiere of their new movie, “Wish I Was Here,” where Kate shared her plans (of lack thereof) to walk down the aisle with fiancé Matt Bellamy.
I have lost all focus from everything, just from looking at this photo😍. Well any photo of Matt Bellamy does that!😊
My favorite pictures of Matt Bellamy are the ones where he looks either really disgusted or really confused.
Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard making mojitos: via
I liked a video from Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard making mojitos
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I am in love with Matt Bellamy and I don't care what people will say for this!
Matt bellamy is such an amazing singer
Matt Bellamy has the voice of an angel.
Matt Bellamy and I appear to be in the same mood
The bird guy on this program looks like Matt Bellamy
Remake of the japanese movie Happy together (starring: Matt Bellamy and Dom Howard)
Ok here is the staaap I do what you want thing
Bellamese: The language spoken by the lead singer of Muse, Matt Bellamy. It is often uni...
Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard making mojitos: via love so much Royal Mojitos.
Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard making mojitos: via BARMEN
"Matt in London's pub this pic is sooo sweet.. ^^
Matt Bellamy and Dominic Howard making mojitos: god bless
“Matt Bellamy... Hi! Eeeep why I'm so excited about this idk but it's Matt and Dom listening to Beyoncé
Rekindled my love for muse oh Matt Bellamy you are god
Matt Bellamy,only musician who seems to ENJOY himself on stage,not just "work"! :-) Muse Argentina 2013 Personal Fest
If I could sing like Matt Bellamy the world would be a better place :)
More than 14000 photos of Matt here:
can I get married with Matt Bellamy's voice
Matt Bellamy looks so much older than he actually is woah
"What happened made me realise that complete, absolute happiness doesn't exist." Matt Bellamy
"Sunny bellamy". :kitty muser:. (I love you matt. Please... please please! Marry me!)
If you are passing the studio at any time before Monday then come in and get your photo with one of Matt Bellamy from Muse guitars. RED SANTA IS HERE!
I dont see Oliver Hudson here at this video. but if you zoom the video you can see Kate Hudson sitting at Matt Bellamy knees
While "Neutron Star Collision" may not be many people's favorite Muse song, I've always loved the outro. I channeled my inner Matt Bellamy and added some flo...
Muse frontman Matt Bellamy has elaborated further on the plans for a follow-up to 2012's The 2nd Law, which Bellamy previously said would steer the band's
Matt Bellamy is like Pippin's emo phase.
Seriously, I love all people whose names are Matt. Matt Bellamy, Matt Smith, Matt Bomer, and so on!
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