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Matt Barnes

Matt Kelly Barnes (born March 9, 1980) is an American professional basketball player who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association.

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S/o Matt Barnes for getting that ring for Capt. Jack, BD, and the rest of the gang
Zaza Pachulia, Javale McGee & Matt Barnes have rings and Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson don't.
Derek Fisher better go back to New York or wherever he lives before Matt Barnes get home.
Javale McGee and Matt Barnes have rings. I fully expect the sun to rise in the west tomorrow.
Any time tension get high on the court my first instinct is "Where is Matt Barnes?"
I'm just tryna see Matt Barnes and Richard Jefferson fight before this series over
I wouldn't talk any mess to Matt Barnes. He'll drive to your house
You need dudes like Matt Barnes on your side that "get down" if something happens. My bro Brandon is like that..
Y'all ain't peepin Matt Barnes wit the heat packs on his knees like he bout to go in tho 😂
why do Matt Barnes got his knees wrapped up like he has been playing???
Matt Barnes just got into it with Todd Leebow, a friend of Rich Paul (LeBron attended his wedding) and Leebow was removed by sec…
Matt Barnes is the only person I would not mess with in the NBA. He would straight kill ya.
This is my first time turning on the Finals.. Richard Jefferson, Deron Williams, and Matt Barnes are in uniform.. how old are those guys?
Only 12 more hours until Matt Barnes is free to terrorize Fisher all summer
Matt Barnes is going to win the NBA title tomorrow night and immediately drive 200 miles to beat Derek Fisher with the…
SUV Derek Fisher was driving when he got in his DUI crash is registered to... Matt Barnes. https:…
Car involved in Derek Fisher's DUI crash registered to Matt Barnes, per
Forget Yankees Red Sox and Duke UNC. Derek Fisher vs Matt Barnes is the best rivalry in sports
Richard Jefferson & Matt Barnes are on the court for those of you that play at the local Y. 🏀
What is the combined age of Richard Jefferson and Matt Barnes?
So Derek Fisher getting DUI's, flipping cars over wit GlOria in there? 😳 Man, Matt Barnes go get your woman back. 😂
Don't let tonight's Finals result distract you from the fact that Derek Fisher got a DUI with Matt Barnes' ex-wife in the car with him.
Matt Barnes has every right to tell Gloria to not ever let Derek Fisher drive his kids anywhere. Or he'll file for full custody.
It's Not Funny...but Matt Barnes is 2 Wins from a Ring and Derek Fisher is getting arrested for DUI...
That's the pic Matt Barnes posted when the Knicks fired Derek Fisher. I died.
As soon as the finals over Derek Fisher is gonna come home and find Matt Barnes waiting at his crib to fade him like htt…
Matt Barnes gonna get this ring and then go clock Derek Fisher with it on
Gloria Govan was giving Derek Fisher that sloppy toppy and he flipped the whip...Matt Barnes gonna be furious
Unless you were rooting for them when they had B. Davis/ Matt Barnes/ Stephens / J. Richardson, then…
And thanks to LeBron James and Matt Barnes, it'll be true again this year.
That said, if Andrew Bogut comes back and the Cavs beat the W's. Man... Matt Barnes is cursed for real.…
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I think Justin Jackson compares more to Matt Barnes than Khris Middleton
Matt Barnes came real close to giving up a home run to Pete Kozma and thus having to retire from baseball.
Playing Anderson Varejao made ten times as much sense as playing Matt Barnes in the Finals would be (sans injury). That's how bad Barnes is.
David West and Matt Barnes are the equivalent to Shane Battier and Juwaan Howard with the Heat. Old heads *** ridN for a ring
Morris twins, Matt Barnes, and any other rich person with a proven short temper.
Matt Barnes is starting on Tuesday, sending Kosta Koufos to the bench.
Need a sign at the Jazz game that says . "Matt Barnes, Your ex enjoyed the night life with Derrick Fisher when he played here…
For sure. Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Jason Richardson and a young Matt Barnes. I could go on, but they…
Matt Barnes accuses SLC of having "no night life." . Derek Fisher accuses SLC of having "no ex-wife.". .
Matt Barnes checks in for his first playoff game with the Warriors since May 15, 2007 at Utah.
"There's no nightlife in Utah". Matt Barnes isn’t too excited about playing in Salt Lake City for Round 2
Sox manager John Farrell says Matt Barnes is back in the bullpen and ready to take over his 8th inning role.…
Golden State Warriors hope to get Shaun Livingston, Matt Barnes back for round 2
Farrell said even if Matt Barnes was available he may have started the 7th with Wright. Liked matchup-soft stuff vs Montero, good FB hitter
MLB: Boston Red Sox pitcher Matt Barnes has received a four-game suspension and a fine for throwing at the head of Manny M…
Dustin Pedroia forgets own words on leadership after Matt Barnes throws at Manny Machado
That NBA playoff game between the Orioles and the Red Sox was wild. Matt Barnes is confirmed as the next Bo Jackson.
Here's Pedroia/Machado exchange, initiated by Pedroia, after Matt Barnes was ejected for throwing at Machado's head: https…
Y'all with your Matt Barnes & your spoons. Don't climb Harrison Hill. I will put a goon squad stamp on your head & mail you to the bottom.
Golden State don't even need KD to win. They just Had to replace Harrison Barnes weak *** Matt Barnes even works 😭
LMFAO I forgot they had Matt Barnes. Thought they accidentally put Harrison Barnes.
Is Jackie mad at Matt Barnes too for donating money?
Matt Barnes pitched to both of the lefties in the Pittsburgh order in his scoreless inning. Now Robbie Ross Jr. is warming.
Matt Barnes at the moment. Kwame Brown my all time least favorite.
Varejao grabbed a total of 77 regular season rebounds in his Warrior career. Matt Barnes has grabbed 79 in his last 18 games as…
Here are other non-flu updates on Matt Barnes, Xander Bogaerts, Drew Pomeranz and David Price:
Love this Hunt- def my and Matt Barnes' favorite Derek Fisher in sports
Brooks won't be a high level guy. I see an early 2nd round dude that's a Jared Dudley/Matt Barnes wing type.
Matt Barnes picks up a flagrant. TNT crew, a few minutes later: "He brings toughness to this team."
Explain One Play: Matt Barnes Bombs the Bucks: We look at two Matt Barnes threes and an assist from the…
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If this version of Matt Barnes could show up every single night..
Klay Thompson said Matt Barnes looked like the "We Believe" Matt Barnes tonight.
Mike Olt is making his Red Sox spring training debut. Grew up a Yankees fan in Branford, Conn. Matt Barnes' UConn teammate/current roommate.
You mean their incredible trio of Pat McCaw, Kevon Looney, and Matt Barnes aren't able to lead the team?
lol this poor kid is so salty his big Christmas present turned into Matt Barnes vs. Dewayne Dedmon
Saturday on ABC, watch Matt Barnes and the Warriors take on Kyle Anderson and the San Antonio Spurs for supremacy in the Western Conference!
Matt Barnes looks like a Latin King lol
You complained about VC, got Jeff Green. Complained about Green, got Matt Barnes. Complained about Barnes, got Chandler Parsons.
Matt Barnes is going over out-of-bounds plays here at the NBPA offices in NYC.
Matt Barnes' return to GSW is more than basketball.
Keith Thurman is like Kobe Bryant when Matt Barnes tried to make him flinch. It didn't work. Danny Cherry 🍒 is Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes is checking in for the Warriors. He is appearing in his first game with Golden State since April 16, 2008.
ICYMI I caught up w/ Matt Barnes to talk about this season with the Kings and surprising DMC trade and being waived
What made me hate Barnes was when he was a Clipper. All Clips are big babies & he was one. So if he can be the We Believe Matt, I'm down!
5$ Matt Barnes shoots his shot at tonight lol
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I think Matt Barnes will be good for Golden State and they should definitely put him on LeBron James in the Finals 👀.
It's odd hearing Matt Barnes talk about the 2007 Warriors because he sounds like a Warriors fan
Matt Barnes is now apart of the Warriors & will suit up tonight vs the Bulls
Warrior fans just figuring out matt Barnes used to be a warrior
Matt Barnes joins a culture that's "second to none"
"Tremendously humbled and blessed by the situation. This is the team everybody talks about." -- Matt Barnes
on Matt Barnes agrees to sign with Golden State.
Matt Barnes discusses his return to Golden State:
Warriors officially announce the signing of Matt Barnes. He's expected to be available tonight in Chicago vs the Bulls.
Matt Barnes was in LA when Willie Green let him know KD got hurt and the Warriors were interested. Steve Kerr called 2…
Matt Barnes called the Warriors environment easy and laid-back: "That's the perks of winning"
Matt Barnes on the We Believe Warriors, His return to HSW and Stephen Jackson "tearing up" when he heard
Matt Barnes will wear the familiar in his return to the Warriors.
Matt Barnes in a Warrior uniform today🙌🏽
OFFICIAL: Warriors sign veteran forward Matt Barnes to contract. He will be in uniform for tonight's game in Chicago. htt…
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Matt Barnes posted a text conversation with Stephen Jackson congratulating him on his return to Warriors
YO, REAL FANS... which player on this list was NOT a teammate of Matt Barnes in GSW?.
Matt Barnes said playing for Golden State is special because this is the last team his mom saw him play at before she die…
Warriors sign Matt Barnes, waive Jose Calderon. But there was still this jersey outside of the visiting locker room in Chicago…
Matt Barnes getting some shots up with his new team at shootaround.
Check out => Matt Barnes agrees to sign with Golden State.
Just walked by Golden State equipment guy Eric Housen, who was hard at work sorting out Matt Barnes' gear
I can already see Matt Barnes starting stuff with LeBron IF Golden State even makes it to the Finals
Couple years ago, spent some time with new (and old) Warrior, Matt Barnes. One word kept coming up to describe him.
The Golden State Warriors have signed F Matt Barnes, not his first stint with the club
Golden State Warriors have signed Matt Barnes and he will be in uniform tonight against Chicago Bulls.
This gonna be McCaw sitting on the bench between Matt Barnes and Andre Iguodala
Golden State plans to sign veteran swingman Matt Barnes in the wake of the Kevin Durant injury. (via &
Kevin Durant injury update: Warriors to sign Matt Barnes as they fear the worst
BD(Baron Davis for those who don't know), Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes. Antwan Jamison before he was traded to the Wizards with Gilbert.
Welcome back Matt Barnes! Looks like we are back to a Barnes small forward
Matt Barnes is about to play for all 4 California NBA teams in a span of 6 seasons. That has to be a first, right?
Welcome back Matt Barnes! he'll bring that veteran toughness to the Warriors.
What I would do to swap Wesley Johnson for Matt Barnes though 😥
Matt Barnes. A.I. Draymond. Livingston. & K. Thompson WILL be the best 2-way lineup the Warriors ever put on the floor
Wow. Shocked Joe Lacob would go for a guy like Matt Barnes. But I'm glad.
Say what y'all want but I wish OKC would've kept Matt Barnes in that Jeremy Lamb deal last year. OKC been soft as *** sinc…
Next time Derek Fisher does a broadcast I'd like Matt Barnes to be his partner instead of Grant Hill.
He really looks like Derek Fisher if Matt Barnes smacked him
Derek Fisher on the call for tonight. Time to bring in Matt Barnes?
if Garrett isn't back then Matt Barnes will have to start with DC, Ben, DMC, & 2K
Kanye driving 30 hours to whoop James Cordon like Matt Barnes
Ayyy I'm a real one doe, I go back to the 90's with Toby Bailey, OBannon brothers, and then Earl Watson and Matt Barnes
What's the deal with Matt Barnes? I mean if it's Ryan, why do you want a foundation? Who ARE these people?
Matt Barnes dumb why force the pass they all know it's going to cousins
domain names
Someone slap a Crying Jordan on Matt Barnes. How you give up the game winning basket and throw a steal on the inbound pass?
Matt Barnes fined $35000 by NBA for comments about Derek Fisher
Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins on the same squad not a good idea.
The disrespect Matt Barnes has for Derek Fisher SMH 😂
Demarcus Cousins & Matt Barnes should both be fined for shoving the Bulls assistant coach, those 2 are clowns..
Dwyane Wade drills a clutch jumper in Matt Barnes' face. Bulls up 2 with 13 seconds left in regulation.
how are Matt Barnes and Boogie on the same team lmao they both too wild
Matt Barnes has been exactly what the Kings traveling circus needed
Well how about that coach put his hands on Matt Barnes first, then Boogie, and boogie essentially gave him a get of…
Watched again, that was a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE pass by Matt Barnes. Horrendous. And once again Cousins can't just le…
Hey, Coach Boylen - how did you feel about being involved in that scuffle with Boogie Cousins & Matt Barnes?
Demarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes both left the locker room without speaking to the media.
Bulls' Taj Gibson gets technical foul; Kings' Demarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes make contact with Bulls assistant coach dur…
who allowed Matt Barnes and Boogie Cousins to be on the same team?
Boogie and Matt Barnes on a same team. I'm excited for non basketball reasons
Demarcus Cousins, Matt Barnes make contact with Bulls coach in altercation
Matt Barnes been taking some serious L's last couple games. Defending a buzzard beater from Booker and also game winning shot from Wade
now you see why I hate Matt Barnes bro smokes easy *** layups and turned the ball over in the most critical time. Hella weak
Lifelong Kings fan. I will never be until Boogie Cousins and Matt Barnes are off the team.
Whose bright idea was to put Matt Barnes and Demarcus on the same team
Matt Barnes had Collison open and then threw an awful pass.. Then DMC got another Technical foul. He won't play the next game
Matt Barnes' inbound pass looked like he's playing rec ball at 24 Hour Fitness.
Whoever thought matt Barnes and Boogie Cousins on the same team was a good idea should be fiyad
Who approved of Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins being on the same team😳
Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins on the same team and you dont expect any issues 🤔😂😂😂
Demarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes on a team and you expect them not to get crazy?
Matt Barnes and Boogie on the same team. What could possibly go wrong? - Vlade Divac
You put Rajon Rondo and Matt Barnes on a court together. Of course there will be fighting.
Matt Barnes remains the NBA's number 1 clown
Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins are *** Pushing the Bulls assistant for wanting peace? Really?
Boogie Cousins, Matt Barnes, and Rondo. Never saw those 3 guys getting heated on a basketball court coming
Matt Barnes can defend against good photography...
That dagger down Matt Barnes spine was identical to Michael Jordan over Bryon Russell -the push off
Matt Barnes airball pretty much sums it up. Malachi ‘Fresh Legs’ Richardson just chilling on the sideline.
Devin Booker shakes Matt Barnes and banks in the buzzer beater to beat the Kings
Police: and where were you the night the robbery took place?. Matt Barnes: .
We're about to have:. Chris Brown vs. Soulja. Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes. LeBron vs. Charles Barkley. 2K17 Fight Card 😂
"I'm about to drive, 90, 90 miles like Matt Barnes"
Sacramento's Matt Barnes and Indiana's Monta Ellis are the last 2 still playing from the We Believe team of 06-07
Fr only the real remember Ben Wallace, Ron Artest, vintage Kobe, Matt Barnes, etc. Real *** of the NBA
I'd argue Matt Barnes is worse for this team then Ben honestly.
If you see Matt Barnes tell him Jake Tarin said hi.
Derek Fisher is lame for making Matt Barnes ex chick his main smfh
I appreciate 30 Hours because I'll never forget that Matt Barnes drove 90 miles to whoop Derek Fisher's ***
Gotta be Robert Horry, Matt Barnes or Brandon Knight for me.
Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins ate Philly cheesesteaks and drank Hennessy after the 76ers/Kings game was postponed ht…
this is the same organization that highly rated Henry Owens, Matt Barnes, Anthony Ranaudo, Casey Kelly, Michael Bowden
Anthony Ranaudo, Henry Owens, Matt Barnes... its pretty insane how many bust
Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins turned to cheesesteaks and Hennessy after their game got canceled
Matt Barnes with the alley-oop pass that was so far off it banked in for a 3-pointer. 😂
Matt Barnes turns bad pass into a three-pointer off the glass
There have been like six techs in this game, Matt Barnes got tossed and Boogie has 31 and 10, which is basically what people paid to see
Matt Barnes really drove 90 Miles just to whoop Derrick Fisher *** lol
Matt Barnes or Aron Baynes in a landslide.
Matt Barnes, Frye, Nance, Patterson, or Powell? Need to choose one of them so I could finalize my lineup
Bruh I cannot find that video of Jason Williams cuss'n out that reporter in front of his locker who was trying to interview Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes reacts to latest fine by quoting Martin Luther King on Instagram
Matt Barnes on defense winning games. -
Matt Barnes gets cold-as-ice Instagram revenge on Derek Fisher...
Matt Barnes born in Monkey year, feuding with Derek Fisher born in Tiger year (enemy signs)
The "Derek Fisher" chants while Matt Barnes was at the free throw line was priceless.
But why are fans chanting "Derek Fisher" while Matt Barnes shoots a foul
They were saying Derek Fisher when Matt Barnes was shooting his free throws 😂😂
They screaming Derek Fisher at Matt Barnes lmfaooo petty
Matt Barnes beat me in a staring eye contest..I see why Derrick Fisher ain't want no smoke
Derek Fisher costume comes with attachable Matt Barnes replica that chases after you.
Forgot to share partnership with Matt Barnes, Tony Allen, Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo:
Matt Barnes was the the heart of this Kings team tonight. In preseason, Dave Joerger mentioned it would be like that th…
For as good as Rudy *** and Demarcus Cousins was tonight, Matt Barnes won this game for the Kings
2) and it's Kobe's contract's fault. They had Matt Barnes, Carlos Boozer, and Tom Penn on there? WHY??? Oh, and Byron 😡
So, the OTL piece that’s upcoming. They spoke to Byron Scott, Carlos Boozer, and Matt Barnes? 🙄
Evelyn Lozado and Matt Barnes both donated to Jackie Christie's daughter TaKari's gofundme that's dope as *** Jackie is true…
Literally got a bus to Dublin with for Matt Barnes xxx
Matt Barnes tells all about the day he jumped in his car to fight Derek Fisher. And, no, it wasn't a 90-mile drive http…
Racist name-calling led to schoolyard fights for a young Matt Barnes in Sacramento
'I'm the bad guy but I'm real and I do real s--t' — Matt Barnes talks reputation, D-Fish and racism
Matt Barnes tells all to being "the bad guy," the Fisher fight, his encounters with racism
"I'm glad I never did coke because I probably would have loved it." Matt Barnes saw both parents struggle with drugs ht…
Matt Barnes and Mo Cheeks did not get along during Barnes' stint in Philly.
NBA player Matt Barnes says his former coach Mo Cheeks was a *** and would still slap him…
ICYMI: Matt Barnes says he was almost a Clipper again this past summer (1:40 mark)
Which new comer forward will make more of an impact this upcoming season? . RT: Matt Barnes . FAV: Anthony Tolliver https…
Matt Barnes and Henry Owens were both 1st round picks by the Red Sox in 2011. Mookie Betts was taken four rounds later, 172nd overall.
I feel like Matt Barnes right now driving 90 miles to whoop a *** ***
Some of your answers to "Non-star athlete you always loved to hate". Matt Barnes, Antawn Jamison, Doug Christie, Patrick Chung, Trent Dilfer.
did Matt Barnes get to his head, Fisher should stay in his lane
Raja Bell and Matt Barnes the same player
"I have learned that PTSD is real and not a weakness. I have my life back." - Matt Barnes
Demarcus Cousins and Matt Barnes together is a match made in heaven. We made it to this day
Matt Barnes joining the Kings with Cousins has such a huge Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, and Ben Wallace vibe. Lol.   10% Off
We're gonna sign B Jennings, Matt Barnes and Crawford. Fights every game. It's gonna like Rucker park lol
Monta Ellis and Matt Barnes. Maybe this wasn't the best analogy lmao 😂
Monta Ellis, Baron Davis, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Jason Richardson, etc. you know that squad I been rockin with them
Matt Barnes, Ryan Clark, Kevin Mawae, Derrick Mason, the creator of ESPN among many others. Please let me know, thank you!
journey of how you made it to the LEAGUE, among other topics. I've interviewed Ryan Clark, Kevin Mawae, Matt Barnes + many more
Strugglesville for Rodriguez continues. He lasts just 4 1/3 innings this time. Farrell calls on Matt Barnes from the bullpen.
Red Sox lost to the Twins today. Matt Barnes gave up a 3-run homer. Surprising with 2 runners on, Farrell did not relieved him & put Kimbel
very true. No one was with them back in the Baron Davis, Ellis, Stephen Jackson, JRich, Matt Barnes, Pietrus days
My current athlete obsessions:. Mike Evans, Matt Barnes, Rafa. And now we get to add George Springer to that list 😍⚾️🚀
Michael Pietrus , Matt Barnes , Baron Davis and Stephen Jackon and ian even a warriors fan lol
[Portland Press Herald]Matt Barnes has helped fill that void, and Buchholz won Sund…
The bearded one - Stephen Jackson, pietrus, Matt Barnes, and a young Monta Ellis > we believe team 2007 killed mavs
lmao the eye test. Would you rather play Paul Gerorge and Monta Ellis or Zach Ranolph and Matt Barnes
Seriously, my target would be Andre Drummond (not Greg Monroe). Then add role players like Matt Barnes or Jeff Greene
*** been rockin since the Baron Davis, Jason Richardson, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, etc.. Warriors days. It's quiet for the bandwagon.
Stephen Jackson , Matt Barnes , Jason Richardson , Baron Davis & idk white yo (the Warriors ain't even my team😂)
Jason Richardson, idk the white guy, Stephen Jackson, Matt Barnes, Baron Davis
Jason Richardson, Stephan Jackson, Baron Davis, Matt Barnes, and Adries bieredrans however you spell his name 😂
don't forget Matt Barnes and Al Harrington was there. And Chris Webber
I didn't know that Matt Barnes was a singer?
In Toronto: Tommy Layne relieves Matt Barnes in the 8th -- Boston 8, Toronto 4
"Man...I gotta clean my act up...I'd better consult w/ Matt Barnes" --Draymond, apparently
Is that $109k being used to pay Matt Barnes' future hospital bills?
Karma can hit you anywhere. For Derek Fisher, might as well let Matt Barnes, Quincy Acy and Tim Hardaway Jr take him out the paint
Hey I don't think Bradley Beal deserves a max contract we need to go after Matt Barnes and Demarcus Cousins
Bout to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop a *** *** ..
our perfect summer to me would be signing Noah, Parsons, Matt Barnes or Dwight, draft Thon Maker & Kay Felder, Gorgie Niang
Mark Jackson can't even get Matt Barnes' old lady to call him about filling a position.
(Video) NBA: Matt Barnes on Fighting Derek Fisher or Colin Kaepernick: ‘I’ll f–k both of ’em up’...
Matt Barnes: "I would beat Derek Fisher and Colin Kaepernick in a fight.":
Robbie Ross' 7th inherited runner to score this season. Matt Barnes has most on club (11).
John Farrell lost the game tonight. Not sure why he brought in Matt Barnes and not Carson Smith...oh well
*** yea dude. Him and Matt Barnes would make a dream duo.
I haven't woken up with this much disbelief from an NBA basketball game since Matt Barnes and John Henson had postgame smoothies together.
Every time I hear "Barnes" I think Matt Barnes not Harrison Barnes. Idk why
This can only end badly MT Derek Fisher took Matt Barnes' ex-wife & kids to see new Angry Birds movie https:/…
If I was Matt Barnes, I'd have to kill Fish off lack of RESPECK.
If he could deal with Matt Barnes, Tony Allen and Zach Randolph, Boogie will be a piece of cake.
Jeff Green, Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith, Pablo Prigironi, and Matt Barnes have all played for LAX and either MEM/HOU in the last year. ***
Matt Barnes gotta shoot Derek Fisher bro. Only solution at this point
Derek Fisher trolling Matt Barnes trying to up his stick game statis!
Matt Barnes is the Chris Brown of the NBA
Matt Barnes' twins are a spitting image of him.
Matt Barnes just filled up his gas tank
*Matt Barnes listening to DMX and barking at his own reflection in a mirror*
This *** Matt Barnes is somewhere on his way to stomp Fisher out right now smh
Pray for Derek Fisher ain't nothing wrong yet but when Matt Barnes see this picture it will
Chris Brown outchea looking like Matt Barnes now 😂
Matt Barnes inside that Angry Bird costume, holding back tears with a loaded hammer hidden in the wing.
Matt Barnes leaving his house right now like
"There's no way Harrison Barnes is better than Matt Barnes"- same non GSW friend
Dave Joerger made the playoffs with Matt Barnes as one of his "star" players and with Ray McCallum and Jordan Farmar playing significant
The Grizzlies should hire Derek Fisher as their coach and resign Matt Barnes so they can improve relations in their org.
*** coach Joerger got fired after having to play Matt Barnes and Jordan Farmar 40 minutes a game
You about to go hit Matt Barnes wife again Coach Fish? 😂😂😂
Matt Barnes was the most high-profile free agent snag for the during David Joeger's tenure. Of course the coach is to blame
Memphis is so close to being a great team but come on thinking Jeff Green, Lance Stephenson, or Matt Barnes was the missing piece?
Dave Joerger won games this year with Jordan Farmar, Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, Tony Allen and Jarell Martin.
The man had 45 lineup changes and had Matt Barnes be a leading scorer in the playoffs. You fire him? Smh
Andre Roberson looks like he's related to Matt Barnes and Ben Simmons
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No way Matt Barnes stayed mad for 95 miles.. Homie had to be on the highway like...
Matt Barnes has been learning from his mistakes via
lol Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson know he ain't about that life lol
I wish lebron had the kg/matt barnes mentality when it comes to altercations. He always just flop & cry
On that White Sox bench clear: 1. Shocked that Brett Lawrie was one of the guys screaming. He's the on-field Matt Barnes of MLB
Watching NBAtv and I keep waiting for Matt Barnes to come take a swipe at Derek Fisher.
Matt Wertz, Dave Barnes... gangs all here hangin' out with Parachute tonight.
Peter tried to tell me Matt Barnes was on the Lakers last year.. Lmao that was 3 years ago where have you been? 🤔
Now I have to watch one of the worst dudes in the NBA on NBA TV! Man, I wish the homie Matt Barnes was in the vicinity, lol!
If you weren't a warriors fan. When Matt Barnes played. You shouldn't be now. You should be on the train tracks taking a nap. :)
Matt Barnes has been learning from his mistakes
Matt Barnes has been learning from his mistakes - The Boston Globe
yeah, I'm expecting the Core 4 the recruit him to stay big time, Matt Barnes likely as well!
he's just not worth 20 mil, sorry. wouldn't you rather sign Matt Barnes for 7?
Meanwhile in the NBA, Matt Barnes is chasing dudes into the locker room...
Matt Barnes to a pic of Obama leading RINO on the fisherman both have beginners luck.
uhm. You're kidding right. Might as well give Matt Barnes the mid level then. At least he's a familiar face and hits 3's
(Insert running from Matt Barnes joke here)
I am blind, Barnes. But I do see the color of your eyes. So why can't you use one hand for both? —Matt
*** look like Matt Barnes now.. Gel head ***
wouldn't mind us letting go of Barnes and signing someone like Matt Barnes for cheap too
Splitting the MLE with Johnson and Matt Barnes would be ideal.
I'm bout to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes to whip a *** *** .
wishing Matt Barnes and Rihanna were really a thing so I could finally see a live action Disney villain bone a live action D…
A jovial miserable cow. Wake him up. Did you see the Barnes art today? I did it especially for you
“Big series win” is how Matt Barnes described Red Sox’ victory over White Sox last night
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