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Mathew Knowles

Mathew Knowles (born January 9, 1952)[] is an American music executive and manager.

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Join HowU Innovate as we host Mathew Knowles for the 2017 John H. Johnson Speaker Series.
The Lemonade singer shared two new photos with her father, Mathew Knowles, and her 4-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy,...
Marisol's momma was on that Mathew Knowles mess.
You cannot tell me that amber Stevens is not a Knowles! Tina and Mathew have some explaining to do
hear the replay MATHEW KNOWLES interview on RADIO …
The legend continues Mathew Knowles Reflects on Beyonce’ and Blue Ivy
.shares pics of Blue Ivy playing with her grandpa Mathew Knowles.
Family Affair: shares some adorable photos of her, Mathew Knowles and Blue Ivy:
Mathew Knowles debuts girl group 'as big as Destiny’s Child': The Houston trio comprises of two rappers and a…
[Entertainment] | Mathew Knowles reportedly furious with Kelly Rowland for stealing his concept |Via Linda Ikeji
Tiana going to a girl group is stupid. Why is Hakeem going from Roscoe Dash to Mathew Knowles?
Mathew Knowles says he's working on 'a few' Destiny's Child projects
Selfie session in class with my teacher Mathew Knowles!! @ Texas Southern University
Mathew Knowles was just like Curtis TBH! Passionate, Shady, technical and Obsessed
If i were an artist, I'd INSIST on Mathew Knowles being my manager.
Blushhh Mathew Knowles new girl group: via
They need to find her password and change it until she finished her course at the school of mathew knowles
So many artist need to hop onto the school of Mathew knowles
We're SHELL-SHOCKED that Mathew Knowles would do this to his own daughter:
Mathew Knowles Was a terrible manager to Jon B
I still say Mathew Knowles is Kelly Rowland's father😑
We're still reeling from the unfortunate news. We're SHELL-SHOCKED that Mathew Knowles would do...
We’re still reeling fromv the unfortunate news. We’re SHELL-SHOCKED that Mathew Knowles wo…
The fact that Tina Knowles Lawson looks better than the young scallywags Mathew cheated on her with makes me smh.
😂😂😂 "Don't be the amber rose to a Kanye situation...Be the Tina Knowles to a Mathew
Mathew Knowles homeboys gon make him pull the 38 out in middle of a spades game at 4th July cookout drooling over & talkin about his ex-wife
I know Mathew Knowles feels stupid for cheating on Tina now lmao.
Ms. Tina left that Knowles in her name so Mathew will forever know how he fuvked up.
Donte must not be paying attention lol. Mathew Knowles doing BAD out here post Tina
LMAO @ Tina keeping the name Knowles and attaching her new husband’s name to it. One T Mathew sick.
Tina is looking the best she has ever looked. Mathew Knowles lost.
So did Miss Tina keep Mathew's last name? Because Knowles is not hers.
He wanted to pull a Mathew Knowles on the choir lol
Man oh man Mathew Knowles. Was it worth it bruh?
Mathew Knowles is gonna have a bottle of Jergens and his tears handy when that Ebony with Tina on the cover drops.
I was so so proud of my boy Mathew Knowles-Cooke yesterday as he bowled for Lancashire in the battle of the...
Wow! Did you know that Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé's dad, owned a hair salon for 18 years? He popped in on some of...
Queen Bey's father accused of not paying child support for love child — details:
Beyoncé's father refusing to pay child support for his SECOND love child, mom claims.
The way I feel about Mathew Knowles is similar to the way I feel about Joe Jackson. Thanks for giving us these icons, but …
That was all Mathew Knowles. She talked about it during the BDAY era. He truly pushed her to the stratos…
Mathew Knowles School Of Media Training really had a lasting effect on her :(
for example, if i’m telling you about the song Ring Off, you need to know about Mathew & Tina Knowles & the song Daddy.
Mathew Knowles when he saw those new Pictures of Miss Tina
Mathew Knowles pretty much lost his entire family. Sons might be more understanding but ain't no daughters forgiving u…
let me give a logical explanation on why that couldn't happen..HER DADDY AIN'T MATHEW KNOWLES. HER MOMMA AIN'T Tina Knowles
5H stans literally want Sean Bankhead to turn into a Mathew Knowles/Joe Jackson mash up 😭
😩😩 👆🏿I do not feel bad for Mathew Knowles at all, Tina's new husband survived a 33yr friendzone…
Mathew Knowles gotta restore order to the Knowles family name
Why is Mathew Knowles out here embarrassing Tina and the girls 😒
Would you watch a 'Destiny's Child Movie' if was being told by former manager, Mathew Knowles?
Would you be in favor of renaming a midtown street after Destiny's Child? Destiny's Child founder Mathew Knowles, and City Councilman Michael Kubosh will present their arguments in favor of renaming Hadley St. into "Destiny's Child Lane. Watch
Tina and Mathew Knowles were married and raised an illiterate and a thug.
Tune into The Tom Joyner Morning Show right now! I'm talking about Mathew Knowles and his paternity case.
I'm on The Tom Joyner Morning Show discussing the Mathew Knowles paternity case right now!
I feel like Ike Turner, Joe Jackson, and Mathew Knowles are all gonna live in the same subdivision in ***
The visit by the Port Royal Development Team sparked a great deal of interest as evidenced by the tremendous turnout at the Chamber of Commerce Membership Breakfast, and although the response has been very positive, there have been some valid questions and legitimate concerns which I would like to address.   Who is behind the Port Royal Resort? The developers are a private investment group based in New York. Numerous individuals are involved and include a New York State Supreme Court Justice, as well as Recording Industry Executive, Mathew Knowles. Mathew was the featured speaker at the Breakfast on Tuesday the 13th.   Does Port Royal own the property?  Port Royal owns the original site located on 136. The current location on the Appalachian Development Highway is part of a 750 acre site owned by the Forestar Group. Forestar has provided an assignable option and purchase agreement for a 125 acre tract to the Jasper Development Authority. The Development Authority Attorney and the Forestar Attorney are ...
Maybe I'm stupid and late, but I didn't know Mathew Knowles cheated on Miss Tina! How could he do that? :/
Guitar Lessons 07016 - Lessons 07016 The Close Relationship of Art and Pretension We have all seen or at minimum listened to of some of the preposterous contributions that tumble beneath the heading of 'art'. Piles of bricks, unmade beds, pickled cows and canvasses smeared with different bodily fluids. We have all laughed at the absurdity of it all and have been stupefied by the most current nominations for the Turner Prize. Lots of of us have manufactured this sort of statements as 'my baby could do greater than that' or requested questions like 'how can everyone simply call that art?' Guitar Lessons 07016 Beyonce Knowles - A Texan Pride Beyonce Giselle Knowles or just referred to as as Beyonce, is a renowned American R&B artist, Hollywood actress, and manner product. Born on September 4, 1981 in Houston Texas, Beyonce is the daughter of a experienced manager Mathew Knowles and hair stylist and costume designer Tina Knowles. At an early age of 7, Knowles started off getting notice from the press. The Ke ...
wasnt feeling well today so its very late-January 9-Balloon ascension Day & Nat. Static Electricity Day. Kate Middleton (duchess of cambridge) is 32, my friend Eddie Mills is 19 today (thats Valerie Buttrey's son ya'll), Jimmy Page (guitarist for led zeppelin, was listed as on rolling stones 100 greatest guitarists of all time) is 70, Dave Mathews (singer) is 47, Bob Denver (played Gilligan) 1935-2005, Crystal Gayle (singer, sister of loretta lynn) is 63, A.J. McLean (backstreet boys) is 36, Joan Baez (singer) is 73, Mark Martin (Nascar) is 55, Mathew Knowles (record producer who launched his daughter Beyonces career) is 63. 1)Did Adam inherit his mothers powers on Bewitched. 2) What was Samanthas fav. saying when things went wrong? 3) Uncle Fester was whos uncle on the Addams Family?
A Destiny's Child movie would slay. Clifton Powell could play Mathew Knowles.
New drama for Beyonce's dad Mathew Knowles! See the latest ->
I hope beyonce has everything together with this album set to release at the end of November . I would hate to say she needs Mathew knowles
Houston!!! Mathew Knowles has an artist showcase every Wed!...
I did not know Mathew Knowles is Bahamian. should have known Beyonce was Caribbean.
If the concert's sold out that means seats are filled which means where are u gonna be upgraded to? mathew knowles seat? smh.. Lol
I hate when people make Mathew Knowles jokes and spell his name with 2 T's
Beyonce's Dad Mathew Knowles to Sell Label.. Not before Suing his own Artist
You guys keep asking for Mathew Knowles, but he is busy somewhere counting Beyoncé's money.
If Bey does this US leg without new music then Im calling Mathew Knowles myself.
Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles is allegedly about to sale his ‘Music World’ label, after struggling to keep it...
Yall remember that time Mathew Knowles was looking at Beyonce & the road at the same time while driving?
Mathew Knowles - My American Story [Video] Great guy, very happy I had the chance to work for him!
:(( “Kelly is the result of what a child would look like if Gayle King & Mathew Knowles made it.”
Your Black World Staff Blogger Beyonce's father Mathew is now a happily re-married man, but she and her sister Solange don't seem too happy about it. Mathew Knowles recently married former model, Gena Avery in Texas after being engaged with her for a year and a half. Avery is now a realtor, and K...
“Beyonce's dad remarries: catch that
Wedding bells rung once again for Beyonce‘s father and former manager, Mathew Knowles. In a surprise statement...
Beyonces dad Mathew Knowles has remarried - to a former model turned realtor.
Congrats Mathew Knowles on your marriage..Much Love & Happiness Hugggs all Around
New York (AP) — Beyonce has a stepmother. Her father and former manager, Mathew Knowles, got married last Sunday.
Via Word in the Christian circle is that prophetess Juanita Bynum has a new love interest – Beyonce’s father Mathew Knowles. According to our source, Mathew and Juanita have been friends from MANY YEARS and she has counseled him in the past through his hardships. The insider tells that the two are, “exploring taking their friendship further.” And there’s more. Juanita just signed on to have Mathew manage her career.
“THE SUPREMES” Talk.igloo: “DESTINY CHILD” Christ.reborn: Previously recorded: “Listen” Jesuskingdom: Barrack had already heavily indicated through other situations that Beyonce belonged to New World Order. Evil kept the words out, I could see by the reactions of others, and the participation of Mister & Misses Carter at the Earth Top Throne of who would be heavily included with the lack of listen. Talk.igloo: Did Barrack say, “Beyonce belongs to him?” Christ.reborn: Blue Ivy Jesuskingdom: Barrack did mutter those words, This was after I sent a piece of thy scroll to Mathew Knowles. I let no one know that it was tailored to Blue Ivy, but those reading the “Mathew Scroll.” The name Ivy was also a friend and co-worker of Jesus at WorldNet, from down south. Talk.igloo: Did you hear or know Beyonce before you left Houston? Christ.reborn: Federal Building. Jesuskingdom: I heard Beyonce and others looking and talking about me as I attempted to sleep on the bench in front of the fe ...
This was Kennady's first visit to Beale Street. She went to take a dollar to the band and the lead singer ask if she wanted to come on stage and sing. Ken Ken turned it out. She song Mustang Sally with the band playing. We went further down the street and by the Pavilion and the band singer ask her to dance on stage. Kennady had everyone taking Pics. We walked up Beale and everyone was saying it that the little girl that was singing and gave her a dollar or two. Kennady made about 20 to 25 dollars. So it is official she is the Princess of Beale Street and you may call me MK (Mathew Knowles) lol. I got a little Diva.
Mathew Knowles said that he is shopping around an idea for a Destiny's Child broadway show. -_-
The Good News: Beyonce's dad, Mathew Knowles, raked in BOATLOADS of cash during the years he…
Celestine must anoint every born Knowles-Carter with the blood of the creole to cast roots on Kelly & Mathew
I do believe if she was still attending the "Mathew Knowles" school of mgmt this wouldn't have happen in the MIDDLE of a tour.
i just dont know why we cant get a song? where is Mathew Knowles?
Mathew Knowles needs to come back and manage Bey cause she a mess right now
Interview with Beyonce's uncle Larry Beyince, he speaks on Blue Ivy and how controlling Mathew Knowles was!
I told her id she leaked Beyoncé's music, we'd help prove Mathew Knowles is her real father
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Oh my god. Is it just me or does Candice's dad look just like Mathew Knowles??
Kelly Rowland is claiming in between lines dat Mathew Knowles touched her in her latest released song-Did Bey know?
It's funny that EVERYONE is saying Mathew Knowles! He NEVER came to mind the first time I listened to Dirty Laundry!
Please don't start the rumor of Mathew Knowles beating Kelly.😒😡
Someone said Maybe the man who was beating Kelly was Mathew Knowles. 🔫😒
he said it wasn't him, but i need proof. right now everybody is a suspect on my list. especially Mathew Knowles
All that "Dirty Laundry" and Kelly Rowland still didn't give us the results from Maury on Mathew Knowles being her father. Waste of time.
And Beyoncé was never sued for it Columbia records & Mathew Knowles were Beyonce is just a artist
Beyonce allegedly refuses to meet Mathew Knowles son her half-brother | Bossip via
We need a movie based on our show. I want Halle Berry to play me, Mathew Knowles should play my James he got that nose . Bless his heart.
“Tina and Mathew Knowles know they created a beautiful and talented lady & then adopted one!”
beyonce and solange are both my sisters, tina and Mathew Knowles are my biological parents
LOL Beyoncé remember when we were kids daddy ( Mathew Knowles ) and know took us to Jacob's Well in Wimberly, TX one summer ! it was scary but fun after you jumped and know you SURVIVED LOL!
Fun Fact:177 Beyonce Knowles! Personal Life Born in Texas, on September 4, 1981, to Mathew Knowles and Tina Beyince, Beyonce's inclination towards music and dance was discovered at a very young age. She is fondly called Bee, Moth, and Juju by her friends. Her father is a professional record manager and mother, a costume designer and hairstylist. She has a younger sibling, Solange Knowles who is also a singer and a songwriter. Beyonce's parents have been a great support system throughout, especially in her early days. From a richly paying salary, Beyonce's father, Mathew Knowles, resigned, to fully concentrate on his daughter's career. She married American rapper, Jay-Z on April 4, 2008. In 2011, Beyonce announced that she and Jay-Z were expecting their first child, and on January 7, 2012 she gave birth to a baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, in New York. Music A sneak peek into Beyonce's career graph explains, how taking up music lessons from childhood has played a pivotal role in her musical career. Band Perfor ...
Mathew Knowles taught Beyonce very well. Inauguration, Super Bowl, Grammys and go on tour and sell your tickets while the kids are getting their income taxes!
1981–96: Early life and career beginnings Knowles was born in Houston, Texas, the daughter of Mathew Knowles, a professional record manager, and Tina Knowles (née Beyincé), a costume designer and hair stylist. Knowles' father is African American. Her mother, a Louisiana Creole, has African, French, Native American, and Irish ancestry; she is a descendant of Acadian leader Joseph Broussard.[13][14] Knowles was baptized after her mother's maiden name, as a tribute to her mother.[13] She is the elder sister of Solange Knowles, a singer, songwriter and actress. Knowles was educated at St. Mary's Elementary School in Fredericksburg, Texas, in the Texas Hill Country, where she was enrolled in dance classes, including ballet and jazz. Her talent in singing was discovered when her dance instructor began humming a song and she finished it, hitting the high-pitched notes.[15] Knowles' interest in music and performing began after participating in a school talent show. She sang John Lennon's "Imagine" and won the ...
So, if Beyonce', Kelly & Michelle get together to reunite "Destiny's Child" for the super bowl... wouldn't a proper reuniting include the girls whose "destiny" was stolen by Mathew Knowles - especially since the album that put them on, the best album they had was "The Writing's On the Wall" and DIDN'T include Michelle? I'm just askin' the questions that the people want to know the answers to.
If fifth harmony went on a Mathew Knowles boot camp today, they'd be third harmony tomorrow...
Beyonce fans for Fantasia RT: Mathew Knowles fans for Al Sharpton
Singer Tiffany Evans, who was formerly signed to Mathew Knowles' label, has posted pics of her adorable baby bump as she nears her due date. See the pics inside.
Man sometimes i wished my parents went hard in the paint like Tina and Mathew Knowles lol
Why are Mathew Knowles and Tina Knowles not my parents :(
*ONLY FOR MUSICIAL PURPOSES* Beyonce "Daddy" a song she recorded to dedicate to her father Mathew Knowles the mastermind behind her career Destiny's Child an...
I'll pass. the only thing Mathew Knowles did good was sleep with tina 2 good times to make Bey and Solo
Mathew Knowles helped in negotiating a record deal with Columbia Records which signed the group in 1997. Prior to signing with Columbia, the group had recorded several tracks in Oakland, California produced by Dwayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Toné!, including "Killing Time", which upon the label's recognition that Destiny's Child had a "unique quality", was included in the soundtrack to the 1997 film Men in Black.
The partnership — National Black Television — will focus on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, the institutions that have produced celebrities and culture makers like Sean “Diddy” Combs, actress Taraji Henson and Lance Gross, all of whom attended Howard University; American Idol’s Randy Jackson (Southern University); comedian Wanda Sykes (Hampton University) and Mathew Knowles (Fisk University) who are privileged to be counted in the number with a civil rights great, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Morehouse College).
I will be on FOX 26 Houston tonight at 9pm discussing my experience working with Mathew Knowles for the last 6 months. I had a life-changing experience today and I look forward to many more. Fellow Texas Southern University alumni Alex Green (in 5 days) made the interview happen. Thank you Mr. Green.
Michelle Williams is back with this ultra sleek and ultra disco club banger featuring Ultra Nate'. You remember Michelle Williams as 1/3 of Destiny's Child. With Beyonce as the superstar she is, and Kelly Rowland just now getting her wings, Michelle is looking to be known as more than just 1/3 of Destiny's Child. She's released 3 solo albums (2 gospel and 1 pop) that didn't really do anything, but she has made quite a name for herself on Broadway. She starred in Aida, Chicago and The Color Purple as Shug Avery, and she had a starring role in David E. Talbert's stageplay 'What My Husband Doesn't Know' opposite Brian White. I think this song/video is a good start. It's a different look and a different sound than what we know of her. Whether it's a hit is debatable. One word of advice I'd give Michelle is to start going by her first name. Michelle is her middle name. When she joined Destiny's Child, Mathew Knowles made her change to Michelle because her first name is too hood. Her first name is Tenitra, whic ...
One can only imagine what it was like for Mathew Knowles, to give up job, downsize home, cars, + live on Tina's income just cos he believed.
-Jay-Z's wife and father-in -law are Beyonce & Mathew Knowles. -Shari & Harry Belafonte are father and daughter. Sharon's husband is Sam Beherns---Jake on General Hospital. -Ellen Travolta--who played Scott Baio's mother on Happy Days--is John Travolta's sister. -Penny Marshal is the ex-wife of Rob Reiner who played the Meathead on "All in the Family". Producer, Garry Marshal--a day younger than Charles Manson---is Penny Marshal's brother. -Jimmy Swaggart, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley are cousins -Henry Fonda's kids are Jane and Peter Fonda. Bridget Fonda is Jane's daughter. -Kirk and Candice Carmon are brother and sister. Kirk played Mike on 'Growing Pains' and Candice played D.J. on 'Full House'. -Tracey and Missy Gold are sisters. Tracey played Carol on "Growing Pains" and Missy,the governor's daughter on "Benson". -Diane Kind's half sister is Barabra Streisand. Diane's father was everything, but kind to Barabra. -Eddie & Gerald Levert were father and son. -Judy Garland was the mother of Liza Min ...
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Beyoncé Knowles, Soundtrack: Austin Powers in Goldmember. Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, manages Destiny's Child. Her mother, Tina Knowles, designs their glittering costumes. Solange Knowles, her sister (they're about 5 years apart), has released her debut album. She dances with her big sister du...
Mathew Knowles baby mama turns up in the current issue of Star Magazine and puts Mathew Knowles on blast. SMMFH
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