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Mater Hospital

The Mater Private Hospital, Pimlico (formerly known as the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, and commonly known as 'The Mater' - is the largest private hospital in Townsville, Queensland.

Raymond Terrace North Sydney

Lol - they were probably trying to avoid the hospital parking fee, it's highway robbery at the Mater
Car narrowly avoids plunging six storeys off carpark at Mater Hospital into a building full of people…
Car nearly driven off sixstorey carpark in Brisbane
abcbrisbane: Dangerous balancing act at the Mater Hospital …
Car nearly plunges off edge of multi-level carpark at Mater Hospital in - ABC-online
Dangerous balancing act at the Mater Hospital
Emergency services say people could have been seriously injured when a car almost plunged off a multi-level carp...
Making News Today: Car nearly driven off six-storey carpark in Brisbane
Australia? My sister and nephew live in Brisbane. He works at Mater Hospital
A car has been photographed hanging precariously from the edge of the rooftop carpark at Mater Hospital.
Samuel, admitted at Mater hospital, ICU, is in urgent need of blood. Any blood type can do. Contact 0711 59…
Fire fighters treat rare case of 'penile strangulation' by cutting off metal ring with power tools.
JUST IN: A car is hanging over the edge of the Mater Hospital car park after going through barriers.
Driver who was left dangling from Mater Hospital car park “can’t believe he survived”.
A driver has had a lucky escape after their car plunged through a car park barrier at the Mater Hospital.
Do you know how to check your pulse correctly? Dr John Keaney Consultant Cardiologist with the Mater Hospital is...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
German healthcare giant in €500m pursuit of Mater Private hospital group (via
know the area well, know the hospital well.Neither it nor Mater were ever suitable. An extraordinary undertaking if goes ahead
I have read the post about Gertrude's and it brought back painful memories of my very nasty experience with Mater Hospital when giving birth
Join our team today for the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon and help support patient care in the Mater Hospital
Mater is a hospital with questionable professionalism.
James hospital not in Bertie constituency. Mater was.
"St James's Hospital is "as bad as the Mater if not worse" as a location for the new national children's hospital, founder LauraLynn
Has everyone forgotten all the money and planning that went into the Mater Hospital site?
The political choice for children's hospital was the Mater, James's is the compromise location, do we need a third change and delays
in USA each hospital bound by the law, if u in hospital they have to treat u no mater what u have money or not
I knew mater hospital is going to the dogs when Sis went there to deliver . 90% of the women there were forced to have a CS
After a year im back to UST, my alma mater. But pwede next time not bec. na-hospital ako 😑😅
Anyone around Mater hospital tomorrow kindly if you can go donate blood someone needs it.
Loved my dress that I wore to the Gala Ball for SADS Unit in Mater Hospital last night! ❤️
Catherine Field, Snr.Pharm.technician presenting experience with robots@ the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Workload has now eased at Mater Hospital Emergency Dept
Mater Hospital is busy. QAS & Qld Health are working together to resolve delays
blood appeal for baby Emanuel kipkurui 6 years at Mater hospital.
Take your people to Mater Hospital at your own risk. 😧😧
.my mum suffered a stroke last week and is receiving top notch care @ the Mater Hospital, Belfast. Couldn't ask for better
The Healing garden is situated at the rear of a building near to the Mater Hospital, 400 North Circular Road. The...
# Aide - CSU: . Sydney, The Mater Hospital Sydney is one of ...
Pop in to meet Savanna in our new store at the Mater Hospital on your break for all your
Husband takes the Mater to hospital. Sit in companionable silence, driving to appts. Mater's got use to the quiet of being with someone.
Great response to our stand in the Mater hospital today!
The Mater Hospital needs your support! Join our team for the by calling 01-8303482 for your fundraising pack
.Patients waiting 6 weeks 4 routine bloods at Mater hospital Mastermind Quest.; Why do people end up…
Donations from Brisbane - Mater Hospital. Always good to see Scott & Russel from the Mater at South Brisbane. A...
FF suggested putting in the Mater, this is a teaching hospital on Luas, hundreds car spaces. If Blanch why not Athlone?
Belfast hospitals go smoke-free – City Hospital goes first while RVH and Mater will ban smoking in four weeks
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Not a teaching hospital. Compared to FF's Mater debacle it is a far far better site and will secure planning.
Hospital food I'm feeding Cousin daily from my restaurant.She in mater Hospital in high dependent Cancer w can I send images f
Why do I always do this to myself I'm half an hour early for work so I'm just chilling outside the mater hospital
Hit by a motorbike,broken leg,bleeding all over,200 meters from mater ambulance after 1hour.Kenya4rich.
"FY1 - General Surgery in Mater Hospital Belfast" on via
Prof Tim Lynch, of the DNI in the Mater Hospital, is making groundbreaking discoveries in the field of dementia
Patient at Brisbane's Mater Private Hospital tests positive for infection (via
Mater hospital overpass damaged after a truck became wedged on Raymond Terrace.
Engineers at scene of a truck v bridge collision assessing damage at the Mater Hospital
Traffic is heavy at Mater Hospital overpass near Raymond Terrace entry due to a truck wedged underneath.
Absolutely no delays/congestion to speak of on STANLEY ST, as a result of this whole stuck truck incident at the Mater Hospital
A truck is wedged under the Mater Hospital overpass near the Raymond Terrace entry. Delays expected.
A truck has become wedged under the Mater Hospital overpass on the RAYMOND ST entry. We expect the incident to affect STANLEY ST
Our gorgeous Renault Twingo at Mater Hospital for the first workshop of 2016.
Tried ringing the Mater Hospital just there but I couldn't get through to them. . Anyone know what might be the matter with them ?
Update your maps at Navteq
Hospital adds more cases to list, this article reports.
Sooo.. Agree. Limited budgets do not allow for such extortion hospital €3.20/hr.
Speak Easy will meet today;. 5:30pm - 7:00pm. Mater Hospital, Speech Pathology, Level 2, Welcome to all
Bus routes to will no longer include St Luke's
I welcome anything that shortens journey times.
Bus routes to Mater Dei Hospital will no longer include St Luke's
X1 changes again. "Express" bus to airport will once again detour to hospital.
Keilah(3 Months Old) is in the ICU in Mater Hospital. She's a heart problem & requires a heart surgery in India.
Gozitan students urge transport authorities to improve bus schedules: Route X1 to make stops at Mater Dei Hospital
We’re the nearest hotel to Mater Hospital – for patients & visitors needing long term stay
Male patient stable to Mater Hospital with neck pain after a truck rollover at on New Norwell Rd about 1.30pm.
We can take of you even at Mater Dei http…
Don't forget to make us look inside you! Mater Dei
We can reach you at or when you are in Mater Dei https:/…
The finest Instrumental and Examinations in Dei http…
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center open in case of need Mater Dei
hospital GP study day yesterday. One operational Orthopedic theatre/another is store room Why do we have waiting lists ?
found three times at Mater Private Hospital Brisbane, this article reports.
Hey guys so my cousin is admitted at Mater Hospital and urgently needs blood group B+ if you can donate please head there! …
Homegrownkbc, manze tuko locked by Symo at mater hospital
Jagger snoozing through her first 9's tournament @ The Mater Private Hospital
Charing Cross Hospital, Imperial College, London! My joint alma mater! Transformed this novis into an Oncologist!
.my daughter was born in mater hospital in 1995 and applied I'd in April 2015 in kajiado and still waiting.
Sth not right is happening at Mater Hospital .. . Its like they can even misdiagnose you just to keep you there to get your cash
Hospital Hill Primary school - my Alma mater . It's been a while since I last came here.…
My alma mater, the Univ. of Rochester, has a SuperBowl commercial for the Golisano Children's Hospital.
Before the Mater was founded you couldn't get into hospital without knowing someone or paying money. Great talk by Sr Eugene Nolan
Tom Clarke was a patient in Mater Hospital today 100yrs ago. He'd been shot during target practice
NARIreland: Tom Clarke didn't have a cold after all but was in the Mater Hospital with a gunshot wound.
dear EN , was the mater hospital matron and superiors sympathetic to the rising and subsequent war of independence ?
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Vivienne Sylvia Shepherd. Welcome to the world my beautiful Princess. 🎉🎉🎉🎉 @ The Mater Private Hospital
Closing the Mater hospital A&E is madness. The RVH cannot cope with all A&E admissions now never mind with the Mater A&E closed.
Hour six in the Mater Hospital, and the cancer ward remains full, one disease destroying an entire generation.
Campaign to save Mater Hospital after changes to A&E service via
A decision to no longer treat children at Belfast's Mater Hospital's ED may be permanent: .
Mater children move may be permanent: A decision to no longer treat children at the Mater Hospital's emergency…
Belfast Trust decision to exclude under 14s from health care at the mater hospital is classic age discrimination
will soon be sharing her concerns with us, about children's services at the Mater Hospital ED.
After the news, will be looking at the current situation at the Mater Hospital ED
Patient diversions to remain at Belfast's Mater Hospital - Staff shortages risk patient safety
Staffing problems at Mater Hospital means ER & child patients still being diverted
Patient diversions to remain at Belfast's Mater Hospital
Patient diversions to remain at Belfast's Mater Hospital: The temporary measures were introduced by the Belfas...
Way back during The Adventure at Mater Dei Hospital😂 good times
neg and over 50 yrs old? needs you! Important study on ageing & bone health at Mater Hospital.Contact 01-7164584 Please RT
New radiotherapy service for cancer patients opens at Mater Hospital Springfield Central.
PM visits Mater Dei Hospital, says regulations on nightclubs will be reviewed and changed if need be
Just visited victims of Paceville incident at Mater Dei. We are close to them in these difficult moments. Grateful to hospital staff.
Jungle Glam Ball in support of Mater Foundation. Great to support the Mater with its new hospital. ht…
I'm at Mater Hospital in nairobi, kenya
The Mater Hospital in Dublin deploys private to manage & ensure good clinical decisions:
South B, heeeaavy traffic all the way from mater hospital
This is just outside mater hospital after Dar-es-laam road industrial area motorists not moving at all
Also next to the Mater hospital is half an acre (0.68)acre asking price of key 200M
. Also a 0.68acre piece behind mater hospital whose asking price is 200M is a valuable asset to have.
Mater Hospital Dublin deploys private cloud built on to ensure good clinical decisions
5 fee on abide an artifact against hospital mater: gAwj
I'm letting the all know the quickest route tothe Mater hospital in advance of Winter. I'll have a list of TDs ready
My residency alma mater making me proud! | Apple Watch helped patient with irregular heartbeat
Hamilton Collection
. Also a 0.68acre piece behind mater has squatters in it and the asking price is 200M
did you ever meet? I was once invited to dine with him at our mutual alma mater, but a car crash put me in hospital instead :(
Super serviceHospital yesterday - appointment with consultant.Unscheduled Blood tests& Xray.all done 90mins excellent public service.
45yo male taken stable to Mater Private Hospital with neck pain after a motorbike crash Mount Mee Rd,
Internet usage among older people is increasing according to a study by the Dept of Psychiatry in the Mater Hospital
(It's now Mater Hospital car park - school moved up road to Drumcondra in 80s - so doesn't look v exciting)
"If you are acutely sick or injured, we are here" you have to love the Mater Hospital advert
At The Mater Hospital, we continue to 'Touch a Child's Heart' Follow this link for more information...
Broken pinky. Wasn't allowed to get a photo of the X-ray. @ Mater Hospital Adult's Emergency
The Mater Hospital had three times as many patients on trolleys last month as July 2013.
The Mater Hospital, under the leadership of our able management team has grown in leaps and bounds to offer...
New hospital car park fees start today at Mater owned Carparks including LCCH
Mater as of today had increased Hospital Car Park Fees. . This includes the car park owned by Mater at Lady...
Big Rules by what? People Voice. like chiky scame, Doctors are not happy with there HOD please look into the mater
school of nursing MATER MISERICORDIAE HOSPITAL, AFIKPO. EDO STATE Application form is ...: ... MATER MISERICOR...
Mater raises hospital carpark fees photos are at Lady Cilento but Mater owns the carpark.
Night shift @ The Mater Hospital! Lots of strange noises while walking the corridors! Hope nothing jumps out!
I just hope that the X2 will start working as scheduled.every 30mins. This bus connects, all the south of Malta to Mater Dei hospital.
Thanks Mater Hospital for the great write-up in your magazine about and how their donation of almost...
delicious cupcakes for sale at the stand in the Mater Hospital today ...
Get delicious cupcakes at the Mater Foundation stand in the Mater Hospital today, sold by the wonderful Karrie Hogan!
After 17 years of operation Yeppoon Mater Hospital closed its doors indefinitely today. Details at 7PM.
You never know what my day brings!! First stop today Mater Hospital. Big chat with Roy's Dr... Change chemo...
The Mater Hospital Ag. CEO Dr. Agnes Chege at the grand opening of revamped Camp Toyoyo Stadium - Jericho.
in the Support Freya in her new business venture.
Mater Dei Hospital children's emergency ward to open this Christmas - Chris Fearne
Mater Dei Hospital childrens emergency ward to open this Christmas - Chris Fearne
Proud to be helping Mater Hospital in Brisbane with Nutanix. A great customer in and partner http…
clinical trial at Calvary Mater Hospital shows promising results to eliminate surgery
Man accused of sexually assaulting patient in Mater Private Hospital goes on trial
A man accused of sexually assaulting a patient at the Mater Private Hospital in Dublin has gone on trial:
Care assistant accused of sexually assaulting hospital patient goes on trial:
Look at this eejit catching the sun outside the Mater Hospital.
Man accused of sexually assaulting female patient at Mater Hospital
Keeper House + Mater University Hospital by Scott Tallon Walker, shortlisted for the RIAI Public Choice Awards 2015
The Mater: The Story of a Belfast Teaching Hospital and its Community. This very colourful and beautifully...
Really enjoyable day operating at the Mater Hospital, North Sydney... People are so chilled here today.
Just walking through the Mater Hospital behind this old guy who was farting like no tomorrow.
As a I'm beyond disappointed in my alma mater Univ. Hospital for denying women treatment.
Dr Mark Gormley opening book launch event celebrating the history of Mater Hospital
Hospital at my 2x alma mater, is making me proud... to be going to a different university next year.
Mater taking shape, due for completion later this year
I need the handle for The Mater Hospital! What do you mean your systems are down?? I'm dying Jowa😢
Surprise visit to Emergency at Mater public hospital. Really glad these excellent nurses aren't getting 'good jobs' to pay their mortgages
I wanna call it my Alma Mater because I feel like I "grew up" there! Congrats ranked yet again as...
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Mater hospital's jobs get our readers talking ...
Reopened Mater Dei Hospital concrete inquiry should be concluded within days
No need for surgery: NEW technology being trialled at the Calvary Mater Hospital looks set to revolutionise th...
Mater hospital's jobs get our readers talking
Shabra Charity Oliver Brady Memorial Fundraiser in aid of Genomic (Gene) Sequencing Equipment at the Mater Hospital http…
The Irish Street Medicine Symposium takes place on Thursday, June 18 in the Mater Hospital. See the programme here:
Today -Oliver Brady story for a Genomic Sequencing Equipment for the Mater Hospital through Shabra charity foundation
Used the After Hours GP Access at Mater Hospital tonight (all ok) - a great service that deserves our support.
Do you speak Italian? Looking for a job in a hospital? Mater has 1000 positions available - doctor, nurse,...
am a new fan tuned in from south B mater hospital
1st visit to the Mater hospital Belfast. . Beautiful architecture bridging old& new. PARKING only £1 will …
The scandal relating to the concrete supply at Mater Dei Hospital is turning out to be a fitting metaphor to...
Government has right to compensation for low quality work at Mater Dei Hospital - Times of Malta
Tuesday, I had an appointment at the Mater Hospital, which went well after Mum and I eventually found where we were meant to be.
Irish TimesNational Rare Dis Ofc opens Dublin: Mater Hospital facility to focus on
Staff in the Mater Hospital would renew your faith in humanity
CFI CEO Philip Watt speaking at the opening of the National Rare Disease Office in The Mater Hospital, Dublin.
Apply now to work for Mater Misericordiae University Hospital
Prominent Kenyans who died in 2014: He died on Tuesday November 18 at Mater Hospital in Nairobi due...
Its very unfortunate that our outspoken Homabay Senator Gerald Otieno kajwang' is no longer with us.The Senator passed away this night in Mater Hospital following an heart attack.His demise is a big shock to me,entire CORD family and Kenya at large for losing such a leader.Senator may you R.I.P.Pass your condolences by typing R.I.P
BREAKING: The senator for Homabay County, Hon Otieno Kajwang has died of heart attack at the Mater Hospital.
Senator Otieno Kajwang' dies in Mater Hospital in Nairobi after suffering a cardiac arrest.
HOMABAY SENATOR Otieno Kajwang has died suddenly at Mater Hospital after suffering a heart attack.
30 September 1972: Francis Peter Lane, 23-year-old Catholic civilian, a medical student at Queen's University and was also the son of a prominent consultant at the Mater Hospital. Mr Lane was killed by the UDA/UFF and is body left in a house in the Glencairn area. Despite having no assault marks on his body, the inquest was told that he had been pistol whipped. The inquest was also told that after 9:00PM on September 29th Mr Lane left his Crumlin Road home. After a shot was heard, his body was found at 3:00AM in a derelict farmhouse. A report was made by soldiers that a UDA vigilante patrol was in the derelict house. Mr Lane's father, Patrick Lane, was born in Cork and was a former member in the Royal Army Medical Corps and served in France and the Middle East in the 2nd World War. He said his son had no interest in politics and was not a member of any illegal organisation. The inquest was told that it appeared that Mr Lane had been beaten on the head most likely with the butt of pistol and then shot in t ...
Update on Mackay Regional Council Walking & Cycling Advisory Committee (WACAC) meeting 1 Sept 2014 Cycle Tourism: Mackay Regional Council (MRC) to investigate whether there is a possibility for rural landholders to establish campsites on their property for touring cyclists to use. Willets Rd: There is an informal path near the Mater Hospital. A plan has been developed to construct a path to the southbound lane of the Bruce Hwy costing around $90,000. Funding will be needed for this. In the interim the kerb on Willets Rd may be modified to make the existing situation easier to ride over. Peak Downs Hwy: The existing standup lane leading to the City Gates intersection will be painted green from the location where the left turn lanes begin up to the intersection with Nebo Rd. Mackay-Bucasia Rd/Sologinkins Rd intersection: The bike lanes are to the left of the left turn lane. Bicycle Mackay wanted this to be rectified so that it conforms to current practice which is bike lanes to the right of the left turn la ...
*** NEW SOUTH WALES *** The Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) group supports parents who are pregnant again following the death of a baby. Deb de Wilde and Belinda Power are Social Workers who have a vast experience in caring for families at the time of the death of a baby and in providing support in the pregnancy, birth and early parenting of a subsequent baby. Deb and Belinda are planning a new group and would welcome enquiries from anyone who is interested. All meetings will be held near the Mater Hospital in Rocklands Road, North Sydney. Please contact Deb de Wilde on 0412 514 996 or email: peterbarryou. Lisa - PLA Moderator
16 May 1976: Roy McIlwaine, 33-year-old Protestant civilian, married with 3 children. 17 May 1976: William Martin, 52-year-old Protestant civilian. Both men were at the Glenbryn Social club when they were killed by IRA gunmen who opened fire on them. Mr McIlwaine was on security duty at the club and was shot outside the door. He died 40 minutes later at the Mater Hospital from gunshot wounds he received in the chest and abdomen. Mr Martin was shot in the hallway but died the following day in the Mater Hospital. A detective told the November 1976 inquest that the attack was carried out by the IRA. Mr McIlwaine was from Deerpark Road. Mr Martin was from Glenbryn Gardens. He died from haemorrhaging and lacerations to various parts of his body caused by the bullet wounds. LEST WE FORGET!
In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness I have changed my profile picture to a Aloe Ever-Shield is the only deodorant recommended by The Breast Cancer Unit in The Mater Hospital and St Vincent's Hospital. Remember our health is our wealth. PM me for more details.
Folks, there’s a young homeless man who sits at the bottom of Bedford St in Belfast. He’s got ulcers throughout his body: Mater Hospital
hallo friends plz help me praying for my little nephew, who was admitted at Mater hospital last night.
True to form, Konrad Borg from Mater Dei Hospital drew the top positive feedback from the Sheffield course. L…
This isn't something I would normally do but circumstances are such that I feel I should. Just over one month ago I became seriously ill with heart failure. I have been placed on the organ transplant waiting list in the Mater Hospital. Many others are in a position just like me. We need something new to survive. This is merely an appeal for everyone who sees this to become aware of organ donation and make it clear to your love ones that you would be open to it should God forbid anything awful happen to you (if you are, of course). As selfish as this may seem, it's not just an appeal for me but rather for the many gravely ill people who would be eternally grateful to get a new start. I'm not a ticking time bomb quite yet but it will take the generosity of someone else to save my life. The same is true of hundreds more. Get an organ donation card and put it in your wallet. Please and thanks.
Karlia had good night, off to the mater hospital to do the brace.
Met with staff & union officials in the Mater Hospital- it is vital that the Mater be allowed to continue to provide vital health services
The patient, Mgr Gilbert Aubry, island bishop has been transfered to the Mater Dei hospital, in
Off to audiology dept in Mater Hospital with my Granda, this'll be fun. 'What you say!?'
Mater gets his tailpipe checked at my hospital: - not 's funniest vid ever.
Hodgo meeting the kids at the Foundation at the Mater Hospital
The Silly Face Game - Justin Hodges and Kodi Nikorima visiting the Starlight Foundation at the Mater Hospital
Today in 2001 former Taoiseach Charles Haughey is in critical condition in the Mater, a Dublin hospital, after collapsing at his home
Hoping the Mater Hospital children enjoy our puzzle booklet - Aimed at distracting them from their treatments! ♥♥♥
Nearly broke my leg running to the Mater Hospital to visit my friend.
Don't forget the sausage sizzle tomorrow at Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Mackay - 10am to 1pm at the front of...
In the Mater hospital just now with my wee Wife Alison Colwell. I'm being treated for blood poisoning.
happy St Patricks Day big Jim. I'm celebrating mine in the Mater Hospital. My knee has swollen up so much & now got an infection
The Mater Hospital is recruiting!!. We are in search of customer service officers that will be able to represent...
Mater hospital say they dont deal with such operations,Safaricom say they don't deal with operation conducted in abroad
Announcements: MICALLEF. On March 16, at Mater Dei Hospital, SAVIOUR, from Rabat, residing in Attard, Ex-BOV m...
Catching up with the wifey and Saxon — feeling happy at Mater Mothers' Hospital
I've just been roaring at tv and I'm in Geriatric ward in Mater hospital with my Mum!
Wiz Kid had been released from the major hospital in South B but after he fell sick again, he was taken...wait for it...back…
Just came from there. Please donate. MT Robert Gathu in Mater Hospital urgently needsO+ Blood. Cal…
Kevin Hickey - especially in our thoughts at this time Kevin Hickey - a third-year Law with Politics student here in UCD - is in the Mater Hospital, waiting for a heart transplant. He has been getting great support from his fellow students and others through social media, both sending him best wishes for a full recovery and in supporting his efforts to raise public awareness of the importance of organ donation. We are very happy to join with many others, on both counts.
14 March 1976: Nicholas White, 31-year-old civilian, married with 1 child, a labourer and a community worker was working at the community centre in Ardoyne on 13 March and was shot by the IRA and died in hospital. When Mr White opened the door of the club, he was immediately shot in the head and chest with a handgun. He died 13 hours after being rushed to the Mater Hospital. Mr white had no chance to use his legally held hand gun to defend himself. Mr White was a former soldier with the Queen's Regiment and was married to a Belfast woman. He returned to Northern Ireland to work as a bricklayer and was heavily involved in community work. He was well known as "Nick the Brit" in the area. He was particularly involved in youth work and was killed as he was running a Saturday evening disco. Mr White lived in Squire's Hill in Ligoniel. He was buried at Carnmoney Cemetery after a funeral service at Holy Trinity Church in Ballysillan. A 21-year-old Ardoyne man was given 5 life sentences in March 1979 for Mr White ...
McARTHUR Dr. BRUCE Of Fishing Point 4th March 2014 Died peacefully at home surrounded by his loving family Survived by his loving wife ANN. Loving father and father-in-law to STACEY and SAM, BREE and LUKE, MICHAEL and MARY-ELLEN. Loving Pa to PRESTON, JASPER, STELLA, HUNTER, BODIE, OSCAR, RORY and AIDEN. Son of KEITH (dec'd) and PATRICIA. Brother and brother-in-law to WENDY and PETER, SUSAN (dec'd) and LES (dec'd) Aged 67 Years The Relatives and Friends of BRUCE are invited to attend the Celebration of His Life commencing 11.00am on MONDAY (10/3/14) at Lake Macquarie Memorial Park, Ryhope. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the Haematology/Oncology Department of the Mater Hospital. Special thanks to the doctors and staff of the Haematology/Oncology Medical and ICU Departments of the Mater Hospital; also to the previous and present loyal staff of Westlakes Medical Centre. NNPC04617 FDA of NSW 4973 1513 Family owned & operated
Yesterday in a random talk among my friends,somebody asked if in Kenya,cancer is treatable ? The argument went into offensive ,most arguing it can never be treatable in Kenya.This was based on lack of medical personnel,facilities and institutions to manage cancer. So I decided to do a research related to Cancer treatment/therapy in Kenya,our home. 1.Cancer is treatable in its early stages in Kenya,just like any other countries. 2. Hospitals in Kenya that offer cancer treatment services: -Aga Khan University Hospital, Limuru Road, Parklands, Nairobi; -Coast Province General Hospital, Kisauna Road; -Kenyatta National Hospital, Hospital Road, Nairobi ; -Kijabe Mission Hospital, Kijabe ; -Mater Hospital, Along Mukenia & Dunga Road, South B, Nairobi; -Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, AMPATH Oncology Centre, Eldoret, plus its satellite clinics in: Kitale, Webuye, Busia, Chulaimbo (Kisumu), Mosoriot, Turbo, Iten ; -M.P. Shah Hospital/Cancer Care Kenya , Shivachi Road, Parklands, Nairobi ; Nairobi Hospice , - ...
Qld medics on alert as bacteria kills boy AAP December 19, 2013, 11:08 am A four-year-old boy has died in a Brisbane hospital from complications caused by a common bacterial infection that has also killed two elderly men. GPs and emergency departments are being told to be on alert for more cases following the youngster's death. The boy, from Caboolture, north of Brisbane, died at Mater Hospital after what medics called a "a rapidly progressive illness" caused by a group A streptococcus infection. They said he had "overwhelming septic shock". Two men in their 90s who died at Greenslopes Private Hospital's rehabilitation centre last week also had the bacteria in their system. Queensland chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young told the Courier-Mail she was worried about the deaths. "I've decided to alert all GPs and emergency departments. "There's more of the bacteria circulating in the community for whatever reason. Acting director of the Metro North Public Health Unit Dr Madhumati Chatterji said officials ...
A fortune for a non-existent fund!! Craggy Island now located in Mater Hospital.
Irish hospitals warn that spending cuts threaten “quality and safety” By Jordan Shilton 18 November 2013 Government health care spending in Ireland has been slashed by 5 percent since 2008, and Health Minister James Reilly has committed to eliminate 8 percent of the health budget between 2012 and 2015. This has included cuts to funding for essential services, a reduction of personnel and wage cuts for health workers. On November 5, the chief executives of four of Ireland’s largest hospitals wrote to the director general of the Health Service Executive (HSE), Tony O’Brien, warning that government-imposed cuts “had begun to seriously threaten the quality and safety of patient services.” The letter, which was signed by the heads of Tallaght Hospital, St James’s Hospital, Mater Hospital and Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children, cited evidence showing that children had been denied chemotherapy treatment for cancer for four days as a result of budget cuts. This had earlier been brought to publi ...
JANUARY 28, 2013 8:24AM Joe Hockey: we will deliver a surplus in our first year and every year after that. lol another epic fail and I wont even Start on Scott Morrison for trying to lay blame at the the Mater Hospital for his departments fark up.
25/09/2013 Thomas Ashe collapses following force feeding and is taken to the prison hospital. As his condition deteriorates rapidly, Thomas Ashe is transferred to the Mater Hospital at 5.15pm. While lying on his deathbed, Thomas Ashe is visited by Michael Collins and Countess Markievicz. At 10.30pm Thomas Ashe dies. He is the first Irish Republican to die on hunger strike.
19 September 1976: Joseph Paton, 64-year-old Protestant civilian, married with children and a stereotype was from Drumalig Road, Lisburn. Mr. Paton worked at the Belfast Telegraph and on 15 September he was fatally injured in an IRA bomb attack on the premises. At 4:15PM the bomb was transported in a white Ford Transit van to the loading bay at the newspaper. Two men in the van opened fire on the workers and injured 1 man in the attack. The gunmen were fired upon by a soldier but they escaped. Before the 50 - 100lb bomb exploded, Mr. Paton went to a locker room directly above the loading bay. He was seriously injured in the debris and rushed to the Mater Hospital where part of his leg was amputated. He was then placed in the intensive care unite where he died 4 days later from his injuries. Mr. Paton had worked for the Belfast Telegraph for over 20 years. LEST WE FORGET!
THE HEALING OF KELLY WILKINSON Through Padre Pio’s Intercession — as told by Ann Wilkinson, County Louth, Ireland “On December 5, 1976, my second child, Kelly was born in the Mater Hospital in Belfast. She was delivered by cesarean section because it was discovered before her birth, that her heart was beating very rapidly and that she was very distressed. While I was still under the anesthetic, I remember a nurse telling me that the little girl I had just given birth to was very ill. They needed her name, because they were going to baptize her. Kelly had been born with a congenital heart defect which also caused her to have a grossly enlarged liver. She wasn’t expected to live through the night. I lay in bed in the hospital and prayed that this little girl would live. I always had a great devotion to Our Lady and I said my rosary that night as if I was sending a message with no room for error. I thought about all the babies that had been aborted or given up for adoption. I knew that at birth, Kell ...
Liam Quigley Memorial Fun Walk in aid of the Pulmonary Hypertension Unit at the Mater Hospital, will take place on Sunday June 23rd at 11am, commencing at Askea Church. Entrance Fee: Adults €10, children free. Refreshments afterwards in Askea Parish Centre.
Hello / Dia duit ~ My name is Deirdre Montgomery Slevin I came to America in 1984 whilst my best friend she is like my sister. Jackie Moore. Anna Moore and Pat Moore were arrested and taken to Armargh JAIL. Jackie gave birth to this lovely little girl therefore Nikki was born in Armagh Jail. She and her mother Jackie were moved to what used to be the old dirty protest cells. The place was not properly fumigated or ventilated! When Nikki was born, any time she was sick, a screw would take her to the doctor. When Nikki turned 11 the manifest of this disease took total control of her. Nikki has the disease Diffuse Systemic Scleroderma. Nikki has a great voice she sings like an angel. She has been in and out of the Mater Hospital in Belfast which is too expensive and her mother Jackie has five kids so financially, it gets hard. I’m back at home living and to see this wee girl and her gorgeous wee hands all crunched up I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Last week Nikki fell twice and blackened the whole side ...
Lecture - Familial Cancers Some forms of breast and ovarian cancer are specific to families. These are called hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. This lecture will describe what hereditary breast and ovarian cancers are, how they are passed on and the importance of family history. Please feel free to attend and family members are welcome. Dr Reem Salman, Consultant Oncoplastic Surgeon in Mater Hospital will present this lecture. Wednesday 19th June at 2pm. Contact 041 9805100 to book.
10 March 1977: Norman Sharkey, 18-year-old Protestant civilian, single and a shop worker was from Downhill Avenue in Belvoir Park in south Belfast. Mr. Sharkey was shot by the IRA when they left a bomb on the premises where he worked. He was trying to warn other staff at Paddy Hopkirk's car accessory shop when he was shot by 1 of the gunmen. The gunman shot him at close range as he and his accomplice left the shop. Mr. Sharkey was dragged away from the scene by his workmates and shortly afterwards the bomb exploded. Mr. Sharkey was dead on arrival at the Mater Hospital. One of Mr. Sharkey's workmates said: "I heard Norman shout, 'bomb', and then there was a loud crack. I turned round and Norman fell at my feet". Another workmate said: "when are they going to stop these thugs? How could they shoot a young lad like that? He had only been with us 18 months". A 21-year-old man from the New Lodge area was given 2 life sentences after pleading guilty for Mr. Sharkey's killing and the killing of CPL. William Smi ...
Retired Major-General John Cantwell to open new Post Traumatic Stress Disorder clinic at Mater Hospital
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has warned against touching bats, after an eight-year-old boy died in Brisbane from lyssavirus. The boy became ill early this month after he was bitten or scratched by a bat in north Queensland in December. He died late on Friday in Brisbane's Mater Hospital, according to Queensland Health authorities. The boy was the third confirmed death from the Australian bat virus, which is similar to rabies. Mr Newman, who was speaking in Brisbane on Saturday before flying to Bundaberg for Australia Day 2 celebrations, said his heart went out to the family and friends of the dead boy. 'It is a time of great sorrow for us all and we feel for the family,' he said. However, Mr Newman said there was a lesson to be learned in that the public should not handle bats and leave that to experts. He said it included dead bats. 'If you find a dead bat in the backyard, bury it deep so the dog can't get it. But do not handle it yourself,' he added. Mr Newman said it was up to Queensland Health a ...
On the 5th Dec 1975, my second child, a little girl named Kelly, was born by C-section in the Mater Hospital, Belfast, and was not given any chance of survival due to a congenital heart defect … She only had a single ventricle, she was born with three chambers in her heart instead of four and her liver was grossly enlarged … … Doctors had given Kelly days to live …      part 3 For the first year of Kelly’s life she had to sleep sitting up to assist with her breathing and heart-rate; this was done in a little chair, strapped to her cot. At first we would take turns at sitting up to watch her but eventually we settled into a sort of normal life although the worry of her condition never left our minds! Every month or so we would travel to hospital in Belfast with Kelly for her appointment and every time we were told the same - things seem alright at the moment but her condition has not changed. Her medication had to be altered from time to time, as she got bigger and more mobile, to keep her h ...
We would like to welcome to our family... Joshua Graham Hunt Born 4/2/13 at 2:01pm at the Mater Hospital. Weight: 3.79kg Height: 53cm Rosa and baby doing really well. Looking forward to introducing you to him. Graham x
can u give a shout out to Conall, alan, maggie may and Darren workin hard in the Mater Hospital
€125k Raised for Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Centre at the Mater Hospital - YouTube
To Whom It Concern I was taken to Mater Hospital at 2.30pm by an ambulance from Dorset Street Lower Dublin following an accident in my wheelchair. At the hospital, a few X-rays were taken on my back and they found nothing wrong with my back. Their diagnosis revealed I only had an irregular heartbeat. Consequently, I was admitted over night. At about 8.30pm, I was put on the stretcher and was later moved to a dark room where I was made to pass the night all by myself. At about 9.30pm a woman came to register/process me, she said to me, “according to my records you are Mr. Tom Chambers living at Newcastle County Galway and your GP is Dr Pat Conway.” I was astounded to realise that both the address and the GP’s name on her record were wrong. Much later while in the cold room nobody came to change my clothes, I went on the stretcher with the same clothes I wore when I had the accident until when I was discharged the next day. At 12.30am a nurse opened my door and asked me if I would like a blanket. At ...
Breast Cancer has been the most diagnosed cancer among women since year 2000. Ladies Drop by Mater Hospital on...
On this date: September 25, 1917 - Thomas Ashe, member of the Gaelic League, the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB) and a founding member of the Irish Volunteers, dies in the Mater Hospital in Dublin from the combined effects of a hunger strike and forced feeding at Mountjoy Jail. The following famous and much repeated Sean O’Casey quote "You cannot put a rope around the neck of an idea... you cannot confine it in the strongest prison cell that your slaves could ever build" was made on the subject of the death of Thomas Ashe. Thomas Ashe was also a relative of actor Gregory Peck.
Minnie mouse, Dave his mum and I are on the rd . Mater Hospital here we come!! I'm feeling really good this morning yay! Let's get this op done and dusted so I can get home ;)
A blogger shares the value and initiatives of the Mater Hospital founded by Irish Sisters of Mercy in Nairobi, Kenya
spent the day supporting brother Jorjie with his shot-put , took dad to the docters then finally came home and had a rest... woke up and spoke to the sister Zheyann Mibyrita Leota in NZ, really miss having you around;( then went out for dinner with Aunty Simona Maggie...Came home because Mahiera wasn't sounding too good & we end up at the Docters with her on the Ventalair to help her slow down her breathing... Thank goodness we took her cos now shes dead asleep & hopefully we won't end up at Mater Hospital tonight... Wish i had magical powers to take all the pain away from you my baby... BE STRONG... xoxox
My sincere prayers to my former General Manager, and his wife after I learned with sorrow that they were in the house that collapsed in Mulolongo. I am sorrowful and trying to look in my heart to see some truth, I am weeping for whatever was my delight. Peter Mutinda. where are you? At least your wife Prisca is at Mater Hospital. We wish her a quick recovery.
THE Mater Hospital is now back in pole position to be selected as the location of the new national children's hospital after backers submitted a radical new proposal which would shave almost €70m off the original cost.
The Brisbane Doll Society will hold a charity fundraiser for the Mater Hospital on April 21 @ the Waterloo Bay Leisure Centre, 241 Tingal Rd
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