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Master Sgt

Master Sergeant Gary Ivan Gordon (August 30, 1960 – October 3, 1993) is a posthumous recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Chief Master Sgt Senior Master Sgt Army Master Sgt Silver Star Delta Force Fort Hood Tech Sgt First Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl

An ATF analyst from Columbus FD, who is also a Master Sgt. in the reserves, served on the Color Guard a…
Master Sgt. Samantha St. Louis & Lt. Col. Joseph Ricker, from the participated in a Red…
Fairbanks AK Sgt. Allen Brandt who was ambushed, shot 4 times on 10/13/16 died in surgery today. He is survived by his wife &…
.Service Chapel on 10-29-2016 1:00p for Master Sgt. Cullinane
has two new Master Cadets this evening. HC too! Well done SSgt Li/Sgt Stokes.
We did not have the E thing No stripes to the six of master sgt. My plt sgt gave me many duties, but said I was not smart enough to be Sgt.
Master Sgt. Jason Henke, 131st Bomb Wing Staff's new First Sergeant, was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal...
“RIP my little brother I will never forget get you! Master Sgt Donald E. Kusky 1970-2015
TODAY: Medal of Honor recipient Master Sgt. Pittman was laid to rest after passing away on October 13th. Semper Fidelis Master S…
Medal of Honor recipient Master Sergeant Richard A. Pittman was laid to rest in Lodi, Calif., Oct. 24, 2016. RIP Master…
S/Sgt Darcy Brandt is judging this year as a CLEAR Master trainer with CPCA. There are 10 judges from Canada and USA
Chief Master Sgt. to CAS youth: do not allow past to define you. Take your time. Recover.
Master Sgt. Dana Lark: "When we landed there, looking out towards the flight line, it looked like a war game.”
Sept. 3 Master Deputy Collins and Sgt. Kohlmeier responded to a call in De Soto, KS of a man who wasn't...
Sgt Lipton singlehandedly boosting morale like a *** master
Vic Rehart served in the Air Force from 1982-2004 as a Master Sgt. He was involved in logistics for the Office...
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MikeSmith. Mike served in the Air Force as a Master Sgt. from 1955-1972. He has 187 jumps and mainly worked in...
Join LU SAAC (on Sept. 21 as they host Master Sgt. Cedric King:
Being a range coach requires tact. Like when you have to explain to a master Sgt that it isn't the RCO he just at
Master Sgt Ross served his country with distinction
Read more about Sgt. Edens, a Kennel Master stationed aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico as he answeres your...
"What flavor slim Jim is that, master Sgt?". Master Sgt: *** ."
I still love this ridiculous thing someone made last year. Eat your heart out too.. XD
From : Army MSG named honorary roadie for rock band -
I told him--. "One day, you will be able to use this method. Yang penting, sifir kena hafal!". Darjah 4, belum berapa master sgt sifir. Soon
Army Master Sgt. named honorary roadie for rock band
I support and salute all and especially Master Sgt. Christopher Rothermel in Alaska.
Nothing like a Nuka Cola to wash off the wasteland
He's entitled to protest. I support his right to sit. As a retired USAF, Master/Sgt. He's got courage that's 4 sure
HONORING all the Service Men and Women. Daddy. Thank you for 32yrs. Master Sgt Major Hugh C Prince
As master sgt says, it is what it is
Longtime Airman Bids Goodbye to the Wild Blue Yonder: Chief Master Sgt. David Carey began his A...
Master Sgt. Oscar Flores, Michigan Army National Guard, retires after 34 years of service to his country.
Galion's own Master Sgt. Brian Owens of the 179th and Galion School Board along with 100+ others return home!...
Fort Carson’s Master Sgt. Gabriel Camacho was inducted into the Order of Military Medical Merit, one of the...
"Master Sgt. Quincy James, 61st Medical Squadron, faced a rape charge, but was acquitted of the charge during the...
Retired Master Sgt. William Behana tells his incredible story of the battle of
Since the introduction of Commissary Value Brands in November 2014, patrons like retired Army Master Sgt. James...
master, me and you also Kiki will have so much fun if u are tortured more brutally
Trainers hope for revisions to Army fitness test: Sgt. 1st Class Jacob Barner, 35, one of four master fitness ...
Senior Noncommisioned Officer of the Year went to Master Sgt. Terrance C. Calhoun, 44th Fighter Group.
How many races/CRs do you have to set before it's "evidence"?.
I learnt everything I know from the master Follow him and learn a few things.
An emotional morning for a Family of Master Sgt. Guy Woodhouse receiving 13 honors from
good for you! I made Master Gunnery Sgt. before I got out...
Tweak master flex , better not slip up . or Sgt Fernandez gon smoke you like a boogie in jail !
MBB: This afternoon's hero of the game! Thank you for your service Master Sgt. Ruggiero!
Especially when a Master Gunnery Sgt decides to show up and individually call you out to be squad leader. My life's a joke😐
when you punk a Master Sgt in the Air Force as a Corporal in the Marine corps lmfao
4 let's not forget Master Sergeant Glicklich. He reminds me of Sgt. Schultz.
Just got yelled at in the bathroom by a master Sgt. Oohrah marine corps.
is a gunny major a rank I've never heard of? I questioned a guy about a tat he said he was a master staff sgt
Would you know what to do if a child stopped breathing? Master Sgt. Evalyna Little Young Man-Baker, 819th RED...
. This PDF will support you for the expected vocabulary in your Master's Thesis
Wow. And he's a Master Gunnery Sgt - no spring chicken. That would kill guys in their teens
So very sorry. My old Marine Master Gnnry Sgt dad passed away in June. Even tho he was 86, it's still hard saying good-bye.
From junk to master regulators of invasion: lncRNA functions in migrati.
Master Sgt. Mark Allen was searching for Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan and got shot in the head. Thanks Bowe!
recognizing & thanking Master Sgt. Walter Ferris for his 27 years of dedication to
Fort Hood and KWTX will broadcast our National Prayer Breakfast, featuring keynote speaker Master Sgt. Eddy Ford,...
The kennel master why I wanted to go K-9. I just said " well Sgt I like dogs more than people" he said it was the best answer he has heard
[NA] Hajoon Server 1st Master Sgt in I know I know... it isn't arena but still awesome!
Congratulations to Chief Master Sgt. Ericka Kelly, the new Command Chief for
- Say hello to Chief Master Sgt. William Gardner who retires in three days! We asked him why...
Retired Master Sgt. Catherine Lawrence celebrates having her Military Star balance paid off at McConnell AFB
Great article about a few of our cadets written by Master Sgt. Douglas Mallary of the New Mexico National Guard.
Super-cute. 😍. Super-fierce. 💪. The world premiere of the new theme song is here!
When your master Sgt asks you "why the grass is green" and you give both the military and science answer.
Congratulations to Master Sgt. Kenny Frasier, the wing's newest First Sergeant!
Thank you Coach Rivera for the salute to service! .
Sgt. Major is way better for pt because we don't do anything. But Master sergeant, omg we die.
this message comes from Ladson S.C. right up the road from Summerville Sr. Master Sgt. Corbett. .
My son in law Master Sgt. Ronald Williams is deploying to East Asia. He is in the army and we…
Panthers get inspirational visit from vet who lost both legs: Master Sgt. Cedric King lost both of his legs in...
Congratulations to our own Senior Master Sgt. Deborah Nordyke and Tech. Sgt. Elizabeth Mahan who were recently...
Master Sgt Cedric King, a double amputee, addressed Panthers before practice today.
Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds stared down the barrel of his Nazi captor’s pistol and refused to say which of his fellow…
What U.S. Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds did 71 years ago in a German prison camp is worth remembering and honoring.
Tonight native Master Sgt. Edmonson is being honored for his heroic actions during WWII. Watch live here: http…
Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds was posthumously recognized for risking his life to in
Master Sgt Roddie Edmonds told the Nazis, "We are all Jews here."
Compare Eichmann w leadership of Master Sgt Roddie Edmonds: "We are all Jews here."
Corker Joins in Honoring Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds for his Heroism during World War II - US Senator Bob Corker
POTUS: Would we show the love of Walery & Maryla Zbijewski, extraordinary compassion of Lois Gunden, courage of Master Sgt R…
Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds was posthumously awarded for his extraordinary bravery during WW II. Read more:
Joined Rev. Edmonds in honoring his father, Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds of Knoxville, for his heroism during WW II. https:…
SF Veteran In The News: Army Master Sgt. Tu Lam, a refugee from Vietnam who came to America and ended up in a...
Master Sgt. Mark Allen was paralyzed by a sniper’s bullet during a mission to find Bowe Bergdahl
(Race) Thank you for your service. R.I.P. Master Sgt. Wheeler. "Master Sergeant Joshua Wheeler died while...
“I’m glad to see Wayne and Sylvia get these awards,” said Ret. Master Sgt. Tom Kennedy. “If anyone is deserving,...
Idaho Airman found dead during weekend hunting trip identified: The Base said on Tuesday that Master Sgt. Nathaniel…
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Happy birthday USAF Master Sgt. Bob Ross! He would have been 73 today. Paint a happy little F-22 there!
KIA 39 yo Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler of Delta Force had completed 14 tours of Afghanistan & Iraq.
R.I.P. Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler, Delta Force, USSF. KIA leading the assault on the Daesh Prison in Iraq. .
"killed in the hostage rescue operation as Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, 39 years old, of Oklahoma. Sgt. Wheeler...
The body of Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler has been transferred to Dover Air Force Base SAT0150
Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler was killed during Special Ops Forces raid on an ISIS prison.
RIP Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler killed Thursday in Iraq during an operation to rescue 70 hostages
Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler was killed in the recent U.S. Special Operations Forces raid.
Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler is identified as the U.S. soldier killed during a raid on ISIS in Iraq
American commando killed in hostage rescue mission in Iraq ID'd as Delta Force commando, Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler.
Recently a retirement ceremony was held for Master Sgt. Michael Stephen Phillips of the 210th Engineer Squadron,...
A Big Thank You to L Smudski, Nick Zahneis, Damaso Tinoco, & Shane Harris for greeting at the funeral of Master Sgt. Co…
ARPC congratulates Master Sgt. Jacqueline A. Rinne, DPAT, on her selection for promotion to senior master...
Master Sgt. Jess LeMaster with the 341st MSFS participates in the 5k WIng Fun Run on July 17, 2015. (U.S. Air...
MilJ: Comment on Master Sgt. David L. Poirier, US Air Force, Died of Non-combat Death in Afghanistan by Jennif...
Hamilton Collection
I'm thinking of doing a of Sgt. Hammer's black master skin for
Air Force releases names of 5301 master sgt. selectees -
" turning a negative into a positive." Master Sgt. Cedric King shows that.
Congrats to my niece, Melissa who has earned another stripe. Master Sgt.
Now I am saying you could reinforce recruitments centers ,but to what degree are we going 2? There could be a Master/Sgt at arms
Best wishes to Master Sgt. Denny Hale, who, after 29 years of service, retired this drill weekend from the 131st...
Congrats to those who made master sergeant. Here's the list
Congratulations to all the Team Airmen selected for Master Sgt!
George, Zoey is a Master Gunnery SGT in the squad. You do NOT underestimate Gunney! RaaAAA!!!
shoutout to my step dad for getting promoted to Master Sgt.
please join us in congratulating those selected for Master Sgt. today at 3:30 at the Sheppard Club!
Congratulations to newly promoted Master Sgt. Mandy Pauley! She was congratulated by co-workers and family at...
leaves Andrews on for Oklahoma. (Photo by Senior Master Sgt. Kevin Wallace)…
Senior Airman Anthony Lauderdale and Senior Master Sgt. Alan Baker with the 445th Civil Engineering Squadron...
Congrats to our 2015 Military Person of the Year recipient Senior Master Sgt. Chad Woodburn.
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German air force Master Sgt. Mark Winkler, from the George C. Marshall European Center for Security
During an all-call at the base fitness center, Chief Master Sgt. Brandy Petzel, Headquarters Air Force chief of...
Damnit I was on leave when the Chief Master Sgt of the air force came to our fire department and took a picture with everyone
State of the - Interview with Chief Master Sgt. Mitchell Brush
A Captain and Battery Quarter Master Sgt of in I do not know their names :( Probably from Biscot Camp.
Kena the master SGT and warrant officer handicap smack down la at the parade square
On this day in 1959, Maj. Dale Ruis & Master Sgt. Chester Ovnand became the 1st Americans killed in the Vietnam War. h…
a *** master SGT had to unlock it for me 😂😂
Senior Master Sgt. Josh Rich of the 188th Civil Engineer Squadron reads to children at the Cedarville Public...
What an honor! . Not everyone can say they've had a 2-star swear them in, but Master Sgt. Sean Barnum can. Maj.
Band Master Sgt Spencer decided that it was time for our cadets to be presented their bandsman proficiency badges!
During the July drill weekend, Senior Master Sgt. Bob Weber officially retired from the 131st Maintenance Group...
Master Sgt. Ken Hundemer talks about today's 315th Airlift Wing humanitarian aid mission to Haiti and the Denton...
"Master Sgt. Anderson is arguably the recognized expert in the power production career field in the Air Force.
Master Sgt. Coffman discusses Army Reserve programs today at Jackson State University. Text Army to 99000
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Meet your new leadership 39th ABW Command Chief: Chief Master Sgt. Vegas Clark: Every wing in the U.S. Air For...
A story from Master Sgt. Robin Olsen of the Tennessee National Guard A Battery, 1st Battalion 181st Field...
New command chief joins Team Kirtland: Chief Master Sgt. Brion Blais arrived Monday at Kirtland to assume his ...
Silver Star: (From left to right) (1st row) Sergeant 1st Class David Blish, Master Sgt. Charles Ritter, Chief…
The Air Force's second highest award was recently given to Master Sgt. Ivan Ruiz for showing courage and valor.
The 174th Attack Wing hosted the Command Chief of Air Combat Command (ACC) from Oct. 6-8, 2014. Command Chief Steve McDonald visited the diverse missions across the 174th and the New York Air National Guard. This video is CMSgt McDonald leaving the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) in a HH-60 Pavehawk headed to Fort Drum, NY. The HH-60 is from New York Air National Guard’s 106th Rescue Wing based in Westhampton Beach, New York. The 106th Rescue Wing deploys worldwide to provide combat search and rescue coverage for U.S. and allied forces. The ACC Command Chief witnessed 174th operations ongoing at Fort Drum, New York that included the 174th MQ-9 Launch and Recovery Element (LRE), Forward Operating Location (FOL), and Adirondack Range 48. (New York Air National Guard video by Master Sgt. Eric Miller/released) Click HD button on video for High Definition
1 of my fav eps. Sgt. Benton detains the Master 😊
Northrop T-38 Talon jets are an integral part of training for pilots of the 131st Bomb Wing and our mission here at Whiteman AFB! Here, a T-38 taxies to takeoff on a training sortie with 131st Bomb Wing Guardsmen on board. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Master Sgt. Mary-Dale Amison)
Mark Baker has more on the story behind this touching photo today, talking with the family of the soldier who gave us a final salute on Veteran's Day. Watch News10ABC at 5 and 6 today to hear more about the life of Master Sgt. Justus Belfield, who passed this week at the age of 98.
U.S. Air Force Capt. Gideon Esuzor, a flight nurse stands outside his squadron building here May 3, 2014. Esuzor, a resident of Atlanta by way of Nigeria dreamed of flying as a young boy. He is not a pilot, but as a flight nurse, he scrambles to board an aircraft at a moment's notice when a person is in need of immediate medical attention. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Cohen A. Young/Released)
Fort Bragg airman awarded rare second Silver Star: Master Sgt. Thomas Case is one of just three Air Force members…
Master Gunnery Sgt learned the cello in his 40s...makes you wonder what we could all do in our "spare" time!...
Master Sgt. Michael Stockman met 5th graders who were praying for him while he was in Afghanistan.
This gentleman is Master Sgt. Patrick Schreiner, a crew chief for the North Dakota National Guard’s Fargo-based...
Master Sgt Leroy Petry, featured at is member of MOPH Chapter 407. More:
Master Sgt. Tim Marks speaking to 5th grade StuCo kids about the history of Veterans Day.
.Master Sgt. Case with his second Silver Star at Pope Field,
Happening now: Master Sgt. Thomas Case receives his 2nd at
Getting ready for the Silver Star ceremony for Master Sgt. Case at Pope Field.
. Alexandra Theunissen’s lifelong efforts to master the piano and guitar wer...
Hero! Master Sgt. King finished after prosthetic legs broke
hey the master sgt. Is looking for you !
Air Force Master Sgt. Robert Lilly pays his respects to a fallen veteran at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial...
"Possibilities in life, are what you create." - The amazing Master Sgt. Cedric King on on
How inspiring was that story of Master Sgt. Cedric King? This is a great event.
Master sgt Cedric King's story incredible. Bravo and Scott Johnson for cameo with his triathlon
to hold the door for a retired Chief Master Sgt of the Air Force?
.graduation keynote, Master Sgt. Leroy A. Petry was acknowledged at last night's
US Medal of Honor recipient & graduation keynote Sgt. Petry was recognized at yesterday's
I've written about Master Sgt. Sean Clifton many times Now he's on Nightline! A great story.
Lawd this master sgt just broke out in his Jamaican accent I was like
"Instead of hurting me you made me better." Master Sgt. Cedric King
Master Sgt Cedric King: "Possibilities in life are what you create--what you choose to see"
“Stories like this make you think twice about saying "I can't." Master Sgt. Cedric King: INSPIRATION.
Master SGT Cedric King, a TRUE American hero! We thank you for your service and sacrifice for US!!
Master Sgt. Cedric King, Sgt. Tim Lee and all the others... Thank you.
My Father, Master Sgt MH Woodard WWII, opened up the world for me."No man is above you, babe. No man is beneath you".
A special thank you to Lt Col Johnston & Master Sgt McCarty for their service to our country & our students today.
Team Andersen,. Check out our photo of the week: . Master Sgt. Lazaro Acosta, 36th Civil Engineer Squadron...
"Master Sgt. Leroy Petry, We thank you for your service and we salute you." -
Missouri Air National Guard Senior Master Sgt. Sheldon G. Matthews serves as the 131st Bomb Wing First Sergeant...
So thats what it feels like getting blasted by a gunnery sgt and master sgt. 😕
My papa retired as a master Sgt, I'm tryna be like him. 👌
Ohio Air National Guard Senior Master Sgt. Renee Frey, who was in Washington D.C. to compete in the Army...
Geoff Roberts (from left), Kimberly Hazelgrove, Esperanza Correa and Master Sgt. Mark Patterson, all U.S.
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Ret. Master Sgt. Joe Deslauriers and his wife, Lisa, saw the inside of their new home for the first time Saturday...
A slave cannot serve two masters... either you will love your master or choose freedom and be over yourself
"What if someone had saved the chip from the master disc of, say, Sgt. Pepper, or Nevermind?" on waste:
Be Aware -- Connect with Care: by Master Sgt. Patricia F. Moran145th Public Affairs10/2...
Jr. ROTC cadets learning the "ropes" of raising the flag from Master Sgt. Desphy.
Just like master Sgt. Said haters gonna hate lol
Honoring with gratitude...What a beautiful smile ~ May you rest with the angels... "Honoring Army Master Sgt.
HERO! Honoring Army Master Sgt Thomas A Wallsmith selflessly sacrificed his life 9 yrs ago 2day in Iraq
*Answers the secure line after Master Sgt. Jeffries fetches him* O'Neill here. Rush I hope that's you? Fill --
Honoring Army Master Sgt. Thomas A. Wallsmith who selflessly sacrificed his life nine years ago today in Iraq for...
Master Sgt. Michael Mann honored at retirement ceremony
already took my diag and I think I sgt said we may not have to take the test
10/26/2014 Honoring Army Master Sgt Thomas A Wallsmith who died 9 years ago in Iraq. Honor him so he is not forgotten
We need to subject dictators to what Master Sgt Samuel Doe went through at hands of Ironically the latter turned out worse.
Triple amputee EOD tech celebrates new home, growing family - Retired Air Force Master Sgt. Joe Deslauriers can't ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
(Stars and Stripes) Alaska National Guard recruiter fights accusations of misconduct: Master Sgt. Ja...
In the old Corps a Gunny was a Tech Sergeant. A Master Sgt. was the highest enlisted rank and sometimes a Gunnery Sergeant.
Master Sgt this guy right here you are following is Stolen Valor, from a Marine Captain and a real POS
While Wednesday Kickoff! Senior Master Sgt. Gerald Pangelinan has a true heart for service! Fulltime you will find him protecting the streets of Jacksonville as a Police Officer but when his state or nation calls he changes from a blue uniform to one of camo with the name U.S. Air Force on his left chest. Pangelinan has proudly served his nation for 26 years WHILE being in law enforcement for over 10 years. He is currently assigned to the 202nd Red Horse Squadron but was previously the 125FW's First Sgt. where he worked on behalf of the Airmen to ensure their needs were met. "I love being able to serve and protect the citizens of Jacksonville--all the WHILE serving this great state and nation in the Florida Air National Guard," said Senior Master Sgt. Gerald Pangelinan.
DTN Aviation: CMSAF brings vision, priorities to Seymour Johnson: Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Cod...
Today I Remember… Today we remember those lost in the Battle of Mogadishu, Somalia that began on this date in 1993. U.S. Army Rangers took part in a raid to capture the leaders of the Habr Gidr clan, led by warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid. Shortly after the assault began, Somali militia and armed civilian fighters shot down two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. The subsequent rescue operation to secure and recover the crews of both helicopters became an overnight standoff in the city. The battle resulted in 18 deaths, 80 wounded, and one helicopter pilot captured among the U.S. raid party and rescue forces. Three of the casualties are buried in Section 60: Sgt. James C. Joyce, Master Sgt. Timothy L. Martin and Spc. Richard W. Kowalewski, Jr. An American sweetgum (memorial tree) stands tall in Section 60, a living reminder of Operation Restore Hope.
Master Sgt. Paul Horton discusses his deployment as an EOD tech & being honored by the president:
DID YOU KNOW? 1. Falcao became the 1st player to bag a hat-trick in the UEFA Super Cup when he did so against Chelsea in September 2012. 2. He also became the most expensive player in Athletico's history (£35M) and scored 68 goals in 83 appearances. 3. Mourinho led Real Madrid to the Liga title for the 1st time in 4 seasons in 2011-2012. Their 100 points was the highest ever tally, as was the 121 goals scored. 4. The Liberian national team escaped imprisonment by holding Gambia to a goaless draw in 1980. The Head of State then, Master Sgt. Samuel Doe had threatened to jail them if they lost. 5. C. Ronaldo was expelled from school at the age of 14 after he threw a chair at his teacher. He said the teacher disrespected him.
*I inform Master Sgt. Jeffries that a secure call will be coming though momentarily for me from Nicholas Rush*
Master Sgt walks n my room im sleeping
Look what was on the end of Master Sgt. Roger Hunceker's fishing line during his guest appearance on the local...
We completely forgot Master Sgt. Richard Grybos who was promoted to master sergeant on June 30, 2014. He should...
Team Mildenhall,. Please join me in congratulating Master Sgt. Michael Rodriguez in his win of the 2013 United...
Master Sgt. James Courneya shows off the 934th Airlift Wing flight deck display at the Minnesota State Fair today...
Master desiderate so as to carry excluding udaipur up to dramatize abu: SGt
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One of Malmstrom's deployed members was a small piece of history recently -- Master Sgt. Phillip Hauser, is one...
Master Sgt. Talks more than all the people of the world combined.
140822-Z-AL508-004. Senior Master Sgt. Marie Sheehan, left, and Master Sgt. Crystal Chinquee-Smith, second from...
Master Sgt. Jose Cervantes shares experiences in this
Gordon Elem. named for Medal of Honor recipient Master Sgt. Gary Gordon, killed in action in Somalia in 1993.
Wounded warrior MSG Luis Morales runs to give inspiration
Morales will likely be one of the few competitors who brings a bag of legs to the competition. A Special Forces...
This week marks one year since U.S. Army Master Sgt. George Bannar made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan.
ICYMI: shares the story of Master Sgt. George Bannar.
On Saturday, Wing announced Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Ariana Bean as the wing's new Cadet Advisory Council chairperson.
Wounded warrior Master Sgt. Luis Morales runs to give others inspiration, competed in Quantico Tri today
My out of touch master sgt is listening to unfunny out of touch white people comedy
Nice! PRO-HUNTER GMT-MASTER II, only 100 pieces world wide! 😱😱
1 of my fav characters in all series & 2 movies is Chief Master Sgt. Walter Harriman!
4 colonels. 4 Lt colonels. 4 Sgt majors. And 4 master Sergeants all in 1 little PX... if you can avoid this place save your self and wait.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Chief Master Sgt. Anne Hamilton, briefs Undersecretary Jessica Wright about how the Reserve medical records...
Senior Master Sgt. Karriem, 315th AMDS, briefs Undersecretary Jessica Wright on the work the Wing is doing to...
sfischer1967 stands up to salute Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt.
I become a snark master at the least opportune moments. Think I may have offended/scared mum's dinner guest tonight
Omg a Master Sgt just sat beside me on the bus 😳
New post: Lawsuit: Master sgt. was kicked out for anti-Obama and religious views
ANG's 2014 Outstanding First Sergeant of the Year. Leadership and development are integral to Master Sgt. Linda...
Def just showed a master sgt the anaconda video.
LIBERTY JUMP TEAM COMMEMORATIVE JUMP FOR D-DAY Modern day jumpers perform commemorative jump for D-Day June 6, 2014 at Normandy France, 70 years after the real D-Day in 1944. Chief Master Sgt. Del Atkinson and Master Sgt. John Hawkins honor the memory of the brave heroes who who gave their lives for the success of the war in Europe.
179th Airlift Wing members gather in the Maintenance hangar to honor three airmen who are retiring after over 20 years of faithful service, May 4, 2014, Mansfield, OH. Chief Master Sgt. Mark V.Carey, Master Sgt. Daniel B. Hall and Master Sgt. David P. Tedford are each presented the meritorious service medal, U.S. Air Force certificate of retirement and an official Certificate of Appreciation from President of the United States, Barack H. Obama.(U.S. Air National Guard Photo by TSgt Joseph Harwood \Released)
Flyover Photo: A United States Air Force C-130H Hercules aircraft from the 165th Airlift Wing, Georgia Air National Guard, flies over the church square in Sainte-Mère-Église, France, as part of a four aircraft formation that marked the start of the anniversary ceremony at the Signal Monument in the first French town liberated from German Forces by U.S. Soldiers from the Army's 82d Airborne Division. A replica of U.S. Army Pvt. John Steele is suspended by a parachute commemorating the 82d Airborne Division paratroopers and Pvt. Steele's two hour ordeal during the battle. Formation Photo: A French official reviews a formation of Soldiers from the 173rd Airborne Brigade at a ceremony in Ste. Mere Eglise, France. (U.S. Air National Guard photos by Master Sgt. Charles Delano/released)
Sunday, June 8, 2014, Senior Airman Tristan Flynn and Master Sgt. Lawrence Buell, from the 104th Fighter Wing's...
Army Public Affairs Alumni Association announces award winners Awardees will be honored June 13 at Army Public Affairs Dinner The Army Public Affairs Alumni Association is announcing the recipients of its 2014 awards. The association’s board of directors voted to present the Joe Galloway Award for Lifetime Achievement to Thomas C. "Clark" Taylor. Sgt. 1st Class Jeremy D. Crisp, public affairs noncommissioned officer in charge for 1st Cavalry Division, was selected to be this year's recipient of the Master Sgt. Marcia Triggs Award of Excellence. Both awards will be presented at the association's annual awards dinner June 13, 2014 at the Army and Navy Club in Washington DC. (Only three days remain for dinner tickets purchase or until the maximum capacity is reached, which may be imminent.) Tickets may be purchased online at Taylor will be recognized for his career-long contributions to Army broadcasting. He was instrumental in the modernization of broadcast command information through the development of S ...
Fort Hood, Texas—It was the last thing Master Sgt. Herbert Tate wanted to hear. "Being in the Army, nobody wants to stop working out cause you're trained all...
Congratulations to Michael Armstead, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Juan Jusino, and Master Sgt. Jason Kirk who were...
Master Sgt. Chris Weiskittel is awarded the meritorious service medal for his more than 24 years of military service.
Today is Armed Forces Day! A special shout out to the Stratton Wheelmen Team from the Saratoga Tour de Cure. Many members of this team and some Tour volunteers are made up of members of the NY Air National Guard 109th Airlift Wing and is led by Air Force Master Sgt. Scott Molyneaux and Master Sgt. James Welch. Thank you for your dedication to your country and to Stopping Diabetes!
Fort George G. Meade, Md's Massing of the Colors symbolized the ideals of patriotism that we see throughout America. Master Sgt. Klima is seen here performing "Taps" after the procession of the colors. Office of the Chief of Public Affairs (OCPA)
Funeral for Master Sgt. John Collum will take place today in Fulton.
My rant for the day - last week I sent a letter the Editor in Chief for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette informing him that when my subscription expires I will not renew - SHOCK, SURPRISE - didn't bother him at all - why you ask? We had two fine young men killed in action on April 28th - PFC Christain Chandler and Sgt Shawn Farrell II - today in the Springdale Morning News tucked in a small little Casualties of War section, they are just now reporting on KIA's from Feb and April - Master Sgt. David Poirier, 2/28, Capt James Caffin III, April 1 and Spc. Kerry Danyluk 4/12. It breaks my heart that these fine soldiers have died, but it disgusts me that the printed press no longer believes that the loss of a solider's life is worth front page copy, that it no longer is worth reporting the day it happens and that the men and woman in harms way don't deserve more attention than a man who tries to rob a bank with a stick up note written on a grocery receipt, No, I will no longer be purchasing, advertising or readi ...
Master Sgt. Frank Sabol of the Port St. Lucie Police Department talks about today's crash in Port St. Lucie. Read more on this developing story:
While pulling extra hours at work, one of the Master Sgt's decided to keep me company and join me in singing to Blake Shelton, Brad Paisley,Florida Georgia Line, and Lee Brice today..Never knew Marine's could be so good at singing. lol.
A command post is the eyes and ears of a base 24/7, and the one at Vance AFB was just named the best small command post in the Air Education & Training Command!! The folks who work in the Vance CP are also pretty special. Senior Airman Andrew Zecchino is the AETC Command Post Airman of the Year. And no wonder… he is working for the AETC Command Post Senior NCO of the Year, Master Sgt. Christopher Nihiser. Sleep well tonight Team Vance. The watch is in excellent hands.
USAF Master Sgt. Anthony Smith pays it forward as a Red Cross volunteer:
Master Sgt. George A. Fernandez, a member of the Army’s Special Operations Command, was the third generation of his family to serve as a senior noncommissioned officer.
We would like to extend congratulations to one of Nellis’ own! Senior Master Sgt. David DeLoney III, the operations flight superintendent assigned to the 820th Red Horse Squadron received the 2013 Sijan award. The Sijan award, first presented in 1981, was named in honor of the first Air Force Academy graduate to receive the Medal of Honor. Lance Sijan, as a captain, was shot down over Vietnam Nov. 9, 1967, and evaded capture for 45 days despite severe injuries. He later died while in a Vietnamese prisoner-of-war camp and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his heroism.
That's sad. I had a friend who was a chopper Master SGT. Took 15.
Exercise African Lion 14 is an annually scheduled, multi-lateral and combined-joint exercise between the Kingdom of Morocco, the U.S. and other partner nations, and is designed to strengthen relationships in the region by increasing understanding of each nation's military capabilities. (Official U.S. Marine Corps photos by Master Sgt. Chad McMeen/Released)
Please send prayers for brandon david and his parents Sheryl David and peter david as their son is locked down at Fort Hood kileen tx this family are great friend of mine since child hood please continue our prayer chain for all solider and their families on base my husband master sgt michael lombardi asks for all our friends family and associates to please light a candle and kind words to sooth our military family and our friends and comfort them in this time... ty xxoo please repost
Houston Chronicle reports: "Fort Hood officials confirmed that a shooting took place on the post this afternoon, but no details were available. Post spokesman, Master Sgt. Jacob Caldwell, said he didn't know whether there were one or more shooters involved. He couldn't say if anyone had been killed or wounded. “I haven't been notified of that yet,” he said. KCEN-TV in Waco is reporting “multiple injuries” and at least one patient being transported to a hospital. The TV affiliate reported the shooter was in Building 33026, which is the Medical Brigade Building. The post was the scene of a shooting nearly five years ago that left 13 people dead, 12 of them soldiers, and dozens of others wounded, A Fort Hood psychiatrist, Maj. Nidal Hasan, was given the death sentence in that case last summer."
Anthony Mackie AKA Falcon from Captain America- The Winter Soldier accompanied Maj. Tyler Ellison in a Thunderbird 7 on March 31st from Nellis AFB in NV on a special flight. (U.S. Air Force Photos by Master Sgt. Stan Parker)
Profile page of Army Master Sgt. George Andy Fernandez, who died in Operation Iraqi Freedom, including photos and visitor-submitted messages.
Retired Chief Master Sgt. Walter Richardson passed away last weekend. Richardson was a great Airmen, father,...
A short video of the 399th Combat Support Hospital under the 804th Medical Brigade training exercise. Video recorded by Master Sgt. Juan Unnigaro.
This man is a Tech Sergeant. One more rocker - a master sgt., one less - a staff sgt., a diamond shape between the upper 3 and the lower 2 stripes - a first sgt. He appears to be about my age. WWII or Korea. Bless them all, bless them all, the long and the short and the tall . Google Bless them all, bless them all & Vera Lynn will knock your army socks off !!! and so will Gracie Fields. Shared April 2, 2014 Wm. P. Thompson
All these army wives that wear their husbands rank...please for the love of god, disappear! I don't give a crap if your husband is PFC, SPC, PV2, Master SGT, SSG, SGT, SFC, a captain, or a butter bar or whatever they may be! I also don't care if they are 1st Cav, a medic, 13 BRAVO, 13 fox, 5th group, a fueler, a mechanic I don't care so let's not play 20 questions just to see if we can hang out! 💁😃
Naval Postgraduate School Defense Analysis student Master Sgt. James Monroe, left, is congratulated on his selection as the quarter's top Army student by Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, Adm. William McRaven, during a campus visit, June 7. McRaven is also an NPS graduate, receiving dal master's degrees in 1993. (U.S. Navy photo by MC1 Grant Ammon)
Check out Master Sgt. tips on making nutritious. choices at
You must be a master of your own face. Know how to disguise your anger & frustration, to fake contentment & agreement.
BATTERY with Master Sgt Tuscon. That dude was awesome & one of the reasons BATTERY got to play at AL UDEID AIR BASE
May you rest in peace. Master sgt JOSE PONCE.. CONDOLENCE FROM DE LEON FAMILY We love you so much daddy.
Local News-- A leader's farewell: Marines cast Master Sgt. Robert Taylor in the role of a father — a man they ...
Post named after Master Sgt Juan Negron, prod member of the 65th Infantry Regiment, the Borinqueneers of Puerto Rico, and recent Medal of Honor recipient (posthumously)
Blood, sweat, tears & anger, thats the living of a warrior hooyaah. - Master Sgt Garcia dude was preaching & we didnt even know it.
Hopefully Master Sgt doesn't make me PT with that class again... Like that's not even my period bro
Singapore! Join us at NTUC Auditorium on Wed, Apr 30 - 18:00 SGT for a Masterclass in Technical Trading:
I am so proud of my wife Tracy Lee Bowden-Funk she went back to college after raising three great boys. She endured my many deployments and the last six years of living apart so I could chase my dream if being a Chief Master Sgt. Not only did she get recognized as Who's who of college students but an award for Ministerial Alliance for her work within her degree congrats Tracy you have set the bar high and I pray God will use you love mark
U.S. Army Soldiers from the 804th Medical Brigade take defensive positions in order to repel a simulated enemy ground attack during the war exercise. The base has been under continuous simulated attacks by enemy opposing forces looking to test our perimeter defense and gain entry into our area of operations. (U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Juan Unigarro/released)
Feisty: Master Sgt says in prison pub "poor standards and differing opinions on merit" erode military awards. ht…
Be a spiritual and resilient Airman. Check out Command Chief Master Sgt. James W. Hotaling’s commentary on...
Update from in Oso, WA. Master Sgt. Thomas Siegel helps transport tired search and rescue K-9 team to...
Senior Master Sgt. Sharee Chabot provided this speech on Women of Character, Courage and Commitment for Women’s...
That time when your stats professor says "everybody understand?" And you almost scream "YES MASTER SGT."
Medal of Honor recipient Army Master Sgt. Jose Rodela copies the print of a close friend’s name from the Vietnam...
On behalf of the entire NHS Eagles family, "Thank You" Wounded Warrior Master Sgt. Deslauriers for kicking off...
Which master drill Sgt. did you retry??. :-)
never annoying, you know I live to please you, master
Hour 1: they finally realized what to do with the help of 2 Airmen, a Tech Sgt, a Master and a Senior Master Sgt. Go big or go home
-> Former Master Sgt. Jose Rodela, a recipient at the Vietnam Memorial
Congrats to VA State Police Sgt. Marilyne Wilson on receiving the Award for Valor for trying to save the life of a fellow Master Trooper.
Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James shakes hands with Chief Master Sgt. David Eschborn as she meets...
I am I take care of the place while The Master is away.
The Indian master sgt asked: who is from hub east here? Who is under Mdm Wong? . I'm keeping quiet.
Rest in Peace, Master Sgt. A grateful nation mourns your passing.
WOW! The Snowball Express kids are taking over the media airwaves all over the country!. Master Sgt. James "Tre"...
IM Super proud 4my bratha AF Master Sgt.JJ on his Senior NCO award!!
"One time.. This young master sgt bet me a small bottle of whiskey for every pull up I could do over 10.. I went home with 38 bottles."
First weekend in campus as master student really not good! Cough, sore throat, headache ! Homesick sgt ke?? Haisshhh!
Master Sgt. Lamont Wood combs his mustache during issued by
Three days into marine training, Bowe tosses in towel PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. (AP) - Riddick Bowe signed up for three months of boot camp to fulfill his dream of becoming a Marine. He lasted three days. The man trained to take punches from the toughest fighters in the world couldn't take the regimented lifestyle of boot camp, and left Friday. ''It has to do with a guy who's 29, who's a multimillionaire, who's had control over his life ... coming and going whenever he pleased, losing control,'' said his manager, Rock Newman. ''That was a big culture shock - something very hard for Riddick to deal with.'' Bowe reported to Parris Island on Feb. 10, but the first few days of basic training involve mostly paperwork and orientation, said Master Sgt. Chuck Demar. The heavy physical training and marching began three days ago, he said. ''He may have heard the bugles blowing and said, 'Hey - I'm a Marine.' But it's tougher than you think,'' said Angelo Dundee, who trained Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. ''In sports ...
GREAT MOMENT: Master Sgt John Edwards of the U.S. Air Force returns home early to surprise his family.
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