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Massachusetts Senate

The Massachusetts Senate is the upper house of the Massachusetts General Court, the bicameral state legislature of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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Native American Group wants the TRUTH about Elizabeth Warren heritage. is the racist. She stole from re…
That was not such a clever move, Liz, was it? . Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai is going to bring you into the s…
Wait—the hypocritical flaunting of identity politics by a conservative and the laughable notion that dona…
Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg kicks off a summit for 100% Renewable Energy in Springfield tod…
Remember the *** of Massachusetts defeated Scott Brown, a middle of the road guy to elect this freakin…
For those keeping track:. 13 million people in the USA losing healthcare coverage => about 16,000 more peop…
Massachusetts is safely Democratic. 96% of opposition party Senators w…
Not gonna debate infanticide vs. women's rights, you know, arguing with *** and all…
Elizabeth Warren at beginning of Oct. 1, 2012, debate: "I consider myself as having a Native American background"…
Dr. Ayyadurai is an actual Indian who is her opponent in the…
Liarwatha. That is a good nick name for the fake Indian who represents Massachusetts in the U. S. Senate. You are s…
Yes indeed, she is popular in - folks are bitterly clinging to all the myths and lies…
You said Massachusetts could do better on climate change. This year, the Senate took action to combat climate change by pass…
A group of Cherokee Native Americans will be protesting Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren at this weekend's Massach…
Massachusetts voters rewarded Ted Kennedy with life tenure after his drunk driving drowned a y…
for Senate of Massachusetts, to unseat Elizabeth Warren!
Throughout 2017, talked to people in all corners of the Commonwealth and heard your vision for strengthe…
Are you freaking serious!?! . Elizabeth Warren's Pow Wow Chow 'Cherokee' recipes were word for word COPIES of famous…
You told us Massachusetts needs to remain a national model on health care. The took steps by passing the
Poke-A-Haunt-Us is off the reservation again. . None of this would have happened if you ha…
This year, the spoke with people across the Commonwealth and heard your vision to build a better Massach…
Can we all please just chip in & support anyone, anyone we can find, to defeat Elizabeth Warren in 2018 for her Massac…
There’s nothing to prove, she is as phony as $3 bill & the fact that the folk in Massach…
I am disgusted that the libstains of Massachusetts elected the RACIST Elizabeth Warren
The helped become law, ensuring Massachusetts remains a nationwide leader for healthcare and women'…
Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg: I will support the Democrat for governor
BREAKING: has won the special election for the Massachusetts Senate. Congratulations, Paul! 1/
Shiva 4 Senate the 'Real Indian' and a Republican opponent in the Massachusetts Senate race against a 'Fake...
Last week, the Massachusetts Senate voted to increase state investment in arts and culture by funding the...
your a piece of crap you unAmerican vial pig. Just try to run for Senate in Massachusetts, I will personally make you lose.
Watching Bill Weld v. John Kerry both argue for Congressional pay raises in a 96 Senate debate. Massachusetts is a whole different beast lol
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Massachusetts has dem house, senate, republican gvr. third time, my life. 2yrs all dem out of last 30
She is so annoying. Massachusetts please vote her out of the Senate. She is embarrassing
I would like to personally thank the people of Massachusetts for again electing another a**hole, aka Elizabeth Warren, to the US Senate.
But they regrouped pretty quickly. Won the special Senate election in Massachusetts and then 2010
Elizabeth Warren is a complete DISGRACE to Massachusetts & the US Senate. Don't even get me started on Maryland.
Did we gain anything in the Massachusetts legislature. Last time I checked 14 GOP in House, 5 in Senate
No one ever believed this fraud except for the voters of Massachusetts who put her in the Senate. She replaced a m…
Senate President Stan Rosenberg is among more than a dozen legislators co-sponsoring a resolution.
Taking steps to save lives, the Massachusetts Senate Passes the Non-Discriminatory Organ Donor Bill.
lol ok. Schilling isn't Trump and conservative states don't vote in the Massachusetts senate race 😂
I wish would move to Massachusetts and run for senate. We need a tough, sensible and passionate leader for this state.
The only states Hilary won that didn't have Senate races were Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Vi…
from the Massachusetts State Senate to God's ears
Massachusetts, this is the reason we are not prospering. Vote her out!
A bit late, Liz. You've lost POTUS, the Senate, the House, the SCOTUS. You should have backed in Massachuset…
Massachusetts Senate OKs bill to address opioid crisis
I'm so proud to be from Massachusetts, the home of Senate Shade Thrower
Institute of the United State mock vote...
It was also unprecedented having an Indian from Massachusetts in the Senate. First time for everything.
MT Oh Lizzy-a blast from the past. Elizabeth Warren - Controversies, Scandals, and Gaffes:
Wow, Massachusetts are you kidding me, this is the infantile moron you elected to the senate? Sad!
I pray that the Comm of Mass reverses your senate seat! You are a DISGRACE to Massachusetts!
.is neither funny nor effective. The people of Massachusetts deserve MUCH better. This comment is below…
TY Silence of grows more harmful every day.
Powerful statement by on supporting immigrants, LGBTQ community, women & post-election
An example of how quickly winds can change: In 2010, GOP won a Senate Seat in MASSACHUSETTS.
Progress! The Massachusetts Senate approved the CARE Act today! 844,000 family caregivers could use the support! Good luck !
Very good news - but more needs to be done to feel it in the 413. Mass unemployment rate falls to new low.
Clear statement on Massachusetts from and
This is what leadership looks like:
Massachusetts Senate approves transgender rights bill. let's hope has more sense
Massachusetts Senate approves bill extending protections to transgender people
Massachusetts Senate debates age to buy tobacco -
Important bills passed in the MA senate today. "The Massachusetts Senate today passed several bills related to...
There time loser. He lost a Massachusetts Senate race
from the Patch... Mass Senate Passes 5 Bills to Support Persons with Disabilities: One of the bills removes ar...
I think I see now why he lost his Senate race in Massachusetts...and then again in New Hampshire.
As a constituent of Massachusetts all she owes me is her votes in the senate and to remain engaged with her constituency nowhere
What about the successful Opioid treatment program that was 'shuttered' known as "The Massachusetts Model"? Read the…
she's not supposed to be anything other than an elected representative to the Senate, of the state of Massachusetts.
Don't forget to today it's Presidential Primary Day in
The official website of the U.S. Senator for Massachusetts, Democratic party.
I'm not political, but cool that this 17 yr. old senior is running for Senate.
Massachusetts Senate divided on resolution urging US Senate vote...
This is what I love to see! Go Jake! He was just a little tike when I first met him!
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I saw that editorial and loved it! Happy to have you supporting Massachusetts' industry
Massachusetts: don't forget Eldridge, Jehlen, Moran, Wlf, Keefe to help take back the Senate for the Democratic platform
Some 17-year-old pipsqueak from my high school is honest-to-god running for Massachusetts State Senate. I'm out.
Framingham 17-year-old running for Massachusetts Senate seat
from the Patch... Framingham Teen To Challenge Spilka For Senate Seat: If elected in November, the current Fra...
Yet the oh so "smart" ones in Massachusetts sent her to the United States Senate. Founders rolling in graves.
The endorsements mean that fully half the GOP’s representatives in the Massachusetts State Senate are backing Marco.
Massachusetts GOP Senate Minority leader on why voting Kasich is the only common sense thing to do
Massachusetts could be the latest state to act on See why:
Massachusetts Senate to debate gender pay discrimination bill later this week.
Massachusetts Senate to debate gender pay discrimination bill Thursday
New Record: In the U.S. Senate, Henry Wilson of Massachusetts proposes the size of the peacetime Army
Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who made an unsuccessful run for a New Hampshire Senate seat in 2014, said he believes Bloomberg
It's an honor to receive endorsement today! .
The Massachusetts Senate takes up a bill on Thursday that would ensure men & women earn for comparable work.
It was a pleasure to welcome the to last month! via
Massachusetts Senate passes amendments to create a "sleep awareness week" to educate people about drowsy driving. https…
Senate prepares to weigh in on weakened public records bill
"Worcester and Middlesex counties — have seen sharp increases in Lyme disease rates"
Bruce Tarr, minority leader of Massachusetts State Senate, warms up the Londonderry, NH crowd for Ohio Gov. John Kasich town hall.
Dear Please stay in the Senate. We need you there. Not only for but for the country.
Massachusetts Senate passes ban on use of handheld phones while driving
Massachusetts Senate creates SLEEP AWARENESS WEEK to educate people about
Massachusetts Senate backs ban on hand-held while driving . .
Massachusetts Senate voted to raise the state's minimum wage to $11 over the next (cont)
Members of a Massachusetts Senate panel plan to visit Colorado next week to learn more about that state's expe...
Massachusetts state senators to get inside look at Colorado marijuana: Members of a Massachusetts Senate panel...
Massachusetts Senate panel on legal pot to visit Colorado. {dailymail}
Young people running for state senate! States as laboratories for cooperative business! Hey Massachusetts: this...
Add your name today to help fix Massachusetts schools!
Job growth numbers are in for Massachusetts, and they look promising.
Tell the Massachusetts Senate to pass a strong public records bill! via
"Senate bill would allow Massachusetts casinos to expand into online gambling."
MA Playbook: COAKLEY boosts HEALEY in Cali -- ROSENBERG fiance out of Senate race -- MBTA reform report out
Rosenberg declined to say Tuesday if he would have endorsed his fiancé.
Meeting w/ Massachusetts senate republican caucus today. Bringing Aurora with me in spirit
A Memorial of Stephen Nye Gifford: Clerk of the Massachusetts Senate from Januar
Why does Ayla Brown insist on singing with country twang? You're from Massachusetts... is your dad is planning a senate run somewhere new?
Democrat Bernie Sanders, Republican Jim Gilmore to top 2016 Massachusetts primary ballots senate
Benefits of preserving and extending tax credits for families | Elizabeth Warren | U.S. Senator for Massachusetts
.outgoing Vice Mayor of is mulling a run for Massachusetts State Senate.
If you need a cheat sheet on 1st Suffolk and Middlesex Senate Special latest, playbook has you covered.
Stan Rosenberg's fiancee could run for state senate
Bryon Hefner, fiancee of President is considering a run for the state Senate
Well, this would be something you don't see everyday
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Just in: Hefner considering run for Petruccelli Senate seat via
Massachusetts Senate Bill 326 calls moratorium on Commonwealth schools
Elizabeth Warrens history exposes her unethical character - List of controversies:
Senate president seeks funds for police .
Massachusetts Senate vote aims to prompt more solar projects cc
Massachusetts Senate directs state to be ready to collect Internet sales tax via
Bold move by for - voted for a bill to increase women on boards of companies in MA:
Massachusetts Senate passes bill to prep for climate change
Massachusetts Senate has passed a bill that will allow Suffolk Downs to remain open for simulcasting, according...
Stop Predatory Gambling - Mass. residents read below and call your senator and representative: On Christmas Eve morning, when virtually no media, citizens or other state legislators were paying attention to legislative business, the Massachusetts Senate approved an amendment during informal session that would allow ATMs inside casinos. This stunning action occurred even though the intent of informal session is to move non-controversial legislation. Please take 5 minutes tonight or Monday morning to call both your MA state rep and state senator and tell them to remove the amendment language approving casino ATMs in House Bill 4110. Here's why. Casino ATMs are one of the most predatory and financially damaging business practices used by casinos and they were expressly prohibited when the casino law was signed by Governor Deval Patrick. The ban on ATMs was a core part of the political narrative that Patrick and other casino sponsors sold the public: "We're going to do casinos right, better than everyone else ...
Massachusetts residents! Please tell your state rep to support this bill restricting minors from tanning salons:
A Massachusetts State Senate candidate was asked to leave a debate venue on Tuesday night |
Senate candidate Gosule counting on voter dissatisfaction
Massachusetts democrats rally to slam republican senate candidate Scott Brown's record in the Bay state …
Scott Brown is asked why he didn’t run for Senate in Massachusetts. “Because I live here.” Crowd laughs.
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let's start with Massachusetts and head straight due north to the Granite State
I'm endorsing Charlie Baker for Governor of the Commonwealth of
Massachusetts: Senate nixes 'discretion' for FID issue
Remember, Scott Brown campaigned his butt off in Massachusetts against all odds & ended the Senate supermajority in 2010.
Ryerson seeks to oust Kennedy in Brockton senate race
did Charlie ask her about teaming up with the KKK?
ICYMI sides with KKK to restrict rights -
*** Massachusetts has a senate race this year. Why hasn't there been any coverage then?
will Baker momentum in Massachusetts affect the NH senate race,?
Update: New Hampshire senate candidate Scott Brown accepted his endorsement from Carpetbagger Monthly today at a reception in Massachusetts.
Massachusetts Gubernatorial debate now, Georgia Senate debate at 9 on CSPAN. Good programming night.
Massachusetts. It just makes me feel better. It won't help keep the Senate out of the hands of barbarians.
Elizabeth Warren v. Scott Brown. Like NC this year, the most competitive US Senate race in 2012.
Wasn't a media conspiracy that had YouGov polling the wrong GOP Senate candidate this summer.
;) Today, parents, students, teachers and community members saw their hard work pay off as we defeated a bill (13 to 26) in the Massachusetts Senate that would have starved our public schools of crucial funding to lift the cap on charter schools. Today I believed again in the power of authentic community voice and organizing against corporate interest. Let's make sure that we are fully investing in the success of the schools we currently have before opening the floodgate for schools with dubious and exclusionary track records, like many of the charter schools in the Commonwealth. Regardless of the type of school we are talking about, wether it be traditional, charter, innovation, pilot or exam, every child deserves a well-funded, quality education. I am proud to work with Youth on Board, the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) and the The Boston Education Truth Coalition, in partnership with the Boston Teachers Union, the AFT - American Federation of Teachers, and the Massachusetts Teachers Association ...
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Massachusetts Senate approves bill making volleyball official recreational and team sport of the state:
Way to go Senator Rosenberg and GCC! $9.5 Million is on the way to build a Child Care Center at GCC. High quality affordable childcare for students and families in our community is just what Franklin County needs! ROSENBERG SECURES $9.5 MILLION IN CAPITAL BOND BILL FOR GREENFIELD COMMUNITY COLLEGE CHILDCARE CENTER State Senator Stan Rosenberg (D-Amherst), Majority Leader of the Massachusetts Senate, announced today that he has secured $9.5 million in the Senate’s Capital Bond Bill for the design and construction of a childcare center on the Greenfield Community College campus. Rosenberg said this proposed center, which would be a state-of-the-art facility designed to achieve maximum environmental efficiency, would be a boon not just to GCC students but also to working-class families across Franklin County, and to the region’s economy as a whole. “Very often, the lack of quality childcare is an obstacle to lower-income families entering the workforce, or acquiring the necessary education and job trai ...
Massachusetts Senate just enacted S2005, the Wrentham Charter bill. The House enacted the bill yesterday, so...
More bad news for Tea Party Republicans v. GOP Establishment. Today, in KY primary, Mitch McConnell beat Tea Party candidate, Matt Bevin. If some conservatives used their brains they would actually be a force to contend with. but too manyTea Party Republican voters are being played for suckers again in primaries like the ones in Kentucky, Georgia, and Oregon where the Republican ESTABLISHMENT backed candidates are winning. Does anyone remember how Scott Brown pandered to the Tea Party, and won the Massachusetts Senate race several years back and then once elected he turned around and proved he was no conservative.. ONCE THE ESTABLISHMENT SUPPORTED CANDIDATES WIN IN KENTUCKY, GEORGIA, AND OREGON THEN AMERICA LOSES AGAIN... Nothing will move to the right or change for the better until conservative ideology defeats progressive ideology in the minds of young voters. WE WILL CONTINUE TO GET BIGGER GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON.. WE WILL CONTINUE TO RACK UP HIGHER NATIONAL DEBTS AND DEFICITS AND THE LIBERAL COURTS . ...
Massachusetts Citizen Legislative Seminar I recently completed an intensive two day Massachusetts Senate sponsored seminar on Beacon Hill. I highly recommend this citizen legislative seminar for anyone interested in learning how legislation is initiated and passed in Massachusetts. The seminar covered: 1. All the key stages a bill goes through from the initial idea to final passage, signature by the Governor and enactment, 2. The state budget process, 3. Formal and informal legislative processes, and 4. The best way to interact effectively with our local legislative representatives. The seminar concluded with the members participating in an actual mock legislative session relating to gun control, using a detailed case study method. As a selectman candidate, this seminar has provided me with the skills, knowledge and insights to better serve the residents of Cohasset. Local municipal officials need to understand the state’s legislative processes which often have a direct impact on how selectmen make dec ...
New Hampshire Democrat U.S. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen is calling on newly announced Republican challenger Scott Brown to sign the same pact in New Hampshire that helped prevent outside groups from pouring millions of dollars into his last Massachusetts Senate election.
Carpetbagger Scott Brown Rejected By NH Voters As He Trails By 13 Points In Senate Race -- FORMER Elizabeth Warren's Opponent... By: Justin Baragonamore from Justin Baragona Thursday, March, 6th, 2014, 7:05 pm In a poll of New Hampshire voters conducted by the Boston Herald and released on Thursday, former Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) trails Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) by 13 points in the state’s current Senate race. Recently, Brown changed residency when he made his second home in New Hampshire his primary residence. After getting soundly defeated by Democrat Elizabeth Warren in the Massachusetts Senate race in 2012, Brown realized that he wouldn’t have a chance of winning a Senate election in his home state so he decided to look elsewhere for a better option. Brown was elected to the Senate in 2010 in a special election to fill the deceased Ted Kennedy’s seat and serve out the remaining time in his term. Surprisingly, Brown defeated Democrat Martha Coakley , the state’s Attorney General at the time, b ...
Today my district elects a US Congressperson, either Alex Sink or David Jolly. There has been more money poured into this temporary term than went into the Massachusetts Senate race. My coworker was called at home six times by one campaign (or related campaigns, thanks Supreme Court for striking down campaign finance reform). This for one seat out of about 460.
Today the Massachusetts State Senate recognized the Fallen and the Gold Star Families from the Commonwealth
With nearly every American election cycle new spending records are broken. In the 2012 cycle candidates in the Massachusetts Senate race alone spent over $85m. That is small change compared with that year's presidential contest, in which $2 billion was spent (the total cost of the 2012 elections, including congressional races, topped $7 billion). Why are American polls so pricey?
Who will take Sen. President Murray’s place?: The Massachusetts Senate President announced she will not be run...
TOMORROW!! Come to the Vote 17 Party at UTEC, 6pm, to celebrate Vote17 passing the Massachusetts Senate! This is...
Robert Cappucci is running for the Massachusetts Sate Senate!
Scott Brown wanted to run for US Senate from NH but lived in Massachusetts. So he moved to
Scott Brown on NH Senate Run: 'We'll See What Happens' - The former Massachusetts Senator appeared on Fox Business...
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Massachusetts' first woman state Senate president says she will not seek re-election.
“Proud of my senator from Massachusetts You should be. Glad to have her in Senate. Period.
Massachusetts Senate Passes Comprehensive Election Modernization The Election Modernization Coalition, led by ACLU Massachusetts, Common Cause Massachusetts, League of Women Voters of Massachusetts, MASSPIRG, MassVOTE, the MA Voter Table, the MIRA Coalition, and Progressive Massachusetts applauded the long sought vote. Some changes: Online voter registration. Reduces processing time, cuts costs, decreases errors, and encourage more people to register. The online system would search the Registry of Motor Vehicles database for the applicant’s driver’s license and other identifying information and match it to the electronic form. Newly registered voters would be required to show proof of residence the first time they vote. Online voter registration has been passed in 20 states. Early voting. Early voting would allow Massachusetts residents to vote in person up ten business days before Election Day, at city or town hall or at a satellite site. Early voting is available in 32 states. Post- election audits. ...
Senate falls short on employer aid: The Massachusetts Senate has to do better in order to claim ...
Senate (1952–60) ~ represented Massachusetts's 11th congressional district in the U.S. House of
Politicians react to departure of Mass. Senate President Therese Murray: Massachusetts political leaders are r...
Politicians react to Senate president departure: Massachusetts political leaders are reacting to news that Sen...
Politicians react to Senate president departure
ICYMI: This is what Mayor Walsh said about state Senate Prez Therese Murray not seeking re-election
Check out what Marty Walsh said about Therese Murray not seeking re-election to the state Senate
Mass. Senate Prez Therese Murray will not seek re-election
Mass. Senate President announced that she will not seek re-election
Multiple reports say Massachusetts Senate President Therese Murray won't run for re-election. This is not a big surprise.
Mass. Senate president will not seek re-election
Friend to Sen. Pres. T. Murray says she's retiring.
Friend to Nantucket & all of Sen. Pres. Therese Murray says she's retiring.
Senate approves Unemployment Insurance Reform Bill: The Massachusetts Senate voted 33 to 4 to approve an Unemp...
Mass. Senate approves bill on unemployment aid -
Mass. Senate approves bill on unemployment aid
We did a great thing Massachusetts getting Elizabeth Warren into the U.S. Senate!
Openly *** Republican Richard Tisei Expected To Challenge John Tierney To A Rematch January the 22nd, 2014. By Samantha Lachman Source: Republican Richard R. Tisei, a former Massachusetts Senate minority leader, is expected to officially announce his candidacy for the state's 6th Congressional District seat on Thursday. Tisei will challenge Rep. John F. Tierney (D), who narrowly defeated him in 2012. A press release from Tisei's campaign on Wednesday highlighted the fact that he was endorsed by The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald and other newspapers the first time he challenged Tierney, who beat Tisei by just over 1 percentage point. Tierney has held the seat since 1997. Tisei is expected to make the announcement in Wakefield, Mass., according to the Boston Globe. He would make history if elected; no openly *** Republican has ever has been elected to Congress. Tisei married his partner in July. He told The Associated Press earlier this week that the GOP must do more to change the perce ...
Schumer: We would’ve given up on the Massachusetts Senate seat if Scott Brown voted to overturn Citizens United
With a strong push from Senate President Therese Murry the Massachusetts Senate has voted to raise the minimum wage from $8.00 to $11 by 2016. Mean while, House Speaker Richard DeLeo plans to wait till January to consider the bill because he wants to link it to changes in the state's unemployment insurance system. These reforms would cut costs to for business. Minimum wage hike should be the priority. Boston Globe.
Keystone pipeline opponents biggest spenders in Massachusetts Senate racewas an epic dad for embarrassing his kids lol
PRESS RELEASE - November 15th, 2013 SHERIFF TOMPKINS NAMED TO FEASIBILITY COMMISSION FOR BOSTON’S 2024 OLYMPIC GAMES BID Suffolk County Sheriff Steven W. Tompkins was recently appointed to serve on a special commission convened to study the feasibility of bringing the Summer Olympic Games to Boston in 2024. Members of the commission were appointed by Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick, Massachusetts Senate and Massachusetts House leaders, and Mayor Thomas Menino. Sheriff Tompkins was selected to bring his breadth of knowledge in both public safety and community affairs to the commission, which is comprised of 11 members who represent a broad spectrum of expertise in such areas as: infrastructure, marketing and development, transportation, public safety, tourism, finance, and hospitality, among others. Created through legislation drafted by Senator Eileen Donohue (D-Lowell) and signed into law by Governor Patrick, the group will examine all aspects of the Olympic Games including: transportation, sec ...
We are very pleased to receive the endorsements of Charlie Baker and Richard Tisei. Baker, candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, said, “Ken Gray is focused on the outcomes that should be foremost on the minds of anyone in the public sector: growing the local economy in a sustainable way, making services more affordable, and ensuring accountability in every facet of municipal government.” Richard Tisei, former Massachusetts Senate minority leader, said, “I am excited to support Ken Gray's candidacy for the Mayor of Amesbury. Ken has the energy, passion and most of all, the acumen to bring Amesbury together and help make it a true North Shore success story.” I could not ask for finer people in my corner. Richard and Charlie have been very successful in both the public and private sectors, and are great models for balancing services and the needs of the taxpayer.
Keystone pipeline opponents biggest spenders in Massachusetts Senate racese than saved by criticism, -Norman Peale" --
No Ben Affleck? That's OK, Massachusetts Senate race still poised to be big.
Occupy the CFPB: During last year's Massachusetts Senate race, the banking giant JPMorgan Chase heaped more than $80,000 on Sen. Elizabeth Warren's opponent Scott Brown. And for good reason. The consumer watch dog agency that she conceived of and helped get running announced Thursday that it has ordered JPMorgan Chase to pay $309 million to more than 2.1 million Americans it scammed, plus a penalty of $20 million. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) found that between 2005 and 2012, Chase charged customers monthly fees ranging from $8 to $12 for services they didn't ask for and didn't receive. The bank collected money from customers for credit card products such as "identity theft protection" and "fraud monitoring," even when the consumer hadn't given consent. Erika Eichelberger
This is one example of why it was such a disgrace for Billy Bulger to be Chancellor of the UMass system. Observe the reactions of his children while they spoke with Whitey Bulger (from the Boston Globe): “Pa-pa-pa-pa-pow,” whispered Bulger, during the recorded conversation last Oct. 13, as he mimicked the sound of machine gun fire while describing what happened to “the guy in the phone booth.” Bulger was referring to Edward Connors, a tavern owner who was gunned down in a Dorchester phone booth in 1975, one of 19 people Bulger is accused of killing. “Somebody threw my name in the mix,’ ” he went on to say in the phone conversation with his niece and nephew, the children of his brother William, former president of the Massachusetts Senate. “As usual,” said Bulger’s nephew, William Bulger Jr. The gangster’s niece, who was not identified, can be heard giggling."
RNC Statement on the Massachusetts Senate Special Election Results Posted June 25, 2013 WASHINGTON - Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on the Massachusetts Senate special election results: “Candidate Gabriel Gomez fought hard and should be proud of offering real solutions and a fresh perspective throughout his campaign,” said Chairman Priebus. “I extend my deepest gratitude to him, his family and all volunteers for their dedication. As a former Navy SEAL and first generation American, we hope he will continue to play an active role in our party and inspire others to pursue public service. “Gabriel proved to be a strong candidate. Even in liberal Massachusetts, he forced Democrats to pull out all the stops as they desperately called in President Obama, President Clinton and Vice President Biden for backup. “Republicans now look forward to winning this seat in 2014 when we reclaim the majority in the U.S. Senate.”
Democratic Rep. Ed Markey has won the Massachusetts Senate special election, beating Gabriel Gomez -
Good Tuesday morning! We're keeping our eyes on: 1) the impending Democratic filibuster in the Texas Senate as it debates abortion legislation, 2) the Supreme Court, which may hand down some big decisions today (though it may not), 3) the Massachusetts Senate special election, 4)Pres. Obama's big climate-change speech, 5) ... wait! We need more eyes! What are you reading/watching this morning?
President Obama Speech Last Night: Youtube Video and Analysis On Wednesday, former President Bill Clinton will take up the torch as the major headline speaker to address the Democratic National Convention, after First Lady Michelle Obama brought the convention crowd to its feet with an impressive speech on Night 1. On Tuesday, Democrats lined up an impressive group of speakers to address the social issues surrounding *** rights and abortion issues. On Wednesday, attention shifts to the economy, as Bill Clinton and Massachusetts Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren will make the case that President Obama's economic policies will protect the middle class and look out for consumers over corporations. That message stands in stark contrast to the one propogated by Mitt Romney at the Republican National Convention last week. Just one week after Republicans showcased the best their party has to offer in Tampa, Democrats will use the second day of speeches to continue to define the stakes of this election. For too l ...
Today: Political Junkie (Another Full-Hour Edition), The Future Of The Internship, Lemony Snicket's 'The Dark' Political Junkie (Another Full-Hour Edition) Last night, Massachusetts Senate candidates Edward Markey, a Democrat, and Gabriel Gomez, a Republican, faced off in their final debate before next Tuesday's special election. Host Neal Conan and Political Junkie Ken Rudin talk with Jim O'Sullivan, political reporter with The Boston Globe about the debate, the latest polls and the candidates. They'll also discuss the week in politics from the controversial House abortion bill to the continuing debate on immigration reform. Then they'll look ahead in politics with NPR senior Washington editor Ron Elving. The Future Of The Internship Earlier this month, a New York Federal District Court judge ruled that Fox Searchlight Pictures broke the law by not paying two interns, Eric Glatt and Alexander Footman, who worked on the film "Black Swan." The judge's ruling made clear that many for-profit companies who o ...
Pressure on Republican ahead of Massachusetts Senate debate - BOSTON (Reuters) - Republican political newcomer Gabriel Gomez heads into the final debate with veteran Democratic Congressman Edward Markey ahead of next week's special U.S. Senate election with one big hope, observers contend: that Markey screws up.
Rep. Ed Markey (D) will go on the radio Tuesday with an advertisement attacking Gabriel Gomez ahead of the final debate before the special Massachusetts Senate election.
“It’s really not math. It’s just arithmetic. It’s very simple arithmetic. It’s not as complicated as math.” Democrat Rep. Ed Markey lecturing opponent Gabriel Gomez in their debate for the Massachusetts Senate seat.
Gabriel Gomez, running for a Massachusetts Senate seat, calls himself a "new kind of Republican." But Paul Begala says he is just more of the same old, same old.
The Biden, unleashed: In remarks made on Tuesday night at a fundraiser for Massachusetts Senate candidate Ed Markey in front of an audience of donating (doting?) Democrats, Biden went for the ...
We all remember what Scott Brown's victory in a Massachusetts Senate special election did to hold back progressive change. In that election, as in this one, college democrats won't be in school so our organizing challenge is harder, but we're getting out the vote anyway to make sure Ed Markey wins o...
Outside Attacks in Massachusetts: New ads from outside Democratic groups attacking Massachusetts Senate candid...
Rather than discuss real issues that affect women in Massachusetts like jobs and the economy, candidate for the Massachusetts Senate special election Ed Markey
With less than two weeks until the Massachusetts Senate special election, President Obama traveled to the Bay State on Wednesday, exhorting the state’s Democratic voters to get to the polls for the June 25 vote in an effort to prevent a repeat of the last special election …
Obama scandals take toll on Ed Markey's bid for Massachusetts Senate seat Washington Examiner The wave of scandals washing over President Obama's White House is starting to slam his team, notably Rep. Edward Markey, the Massachusetts Democratic Senate nominee who has seen his approval ratings...
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Democrats make major push to hold Massachusetts Senate seat
With the special election less than a month away, the Cook Political Report has moved the Massachusetts Senate race between Democrat Ed Markey and Republican Gabriel Gomez into the ”toss up” category, from “lean Democratic.” The race is to fill John Kerry’s old seat, which he left to become secretar...
A fundraising push by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) on behalf of Massachusetts Senate candidate Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) more than doubled a goal set by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), who blasted out a request for donations for Republican Gabriel Gomez last week.
fire Mitch McConnel here's another reason, altho redundant, its again said by this right winged jerk. This guy is unconscious to the world outside of his own little one... Hi Judi -- Want to know who Mitch McConnell is fighting for in the Massachusetts Senate special election? Take a look at the email he sent out this morning. Mitch McConnell said it himself: Gabriel Gomez will help right-wing Republicans and Tea Party radicals to stop President Obama's agenda. We can't let Gabriel Gomez put Mitch McConnell one vote closer to a Republican majority in the United States Senate.
Massachusetts Senate race called 'toss up': Could GOP surprise again? - Christian Science Monitor
FLOTUS To Mass. Dems: You ‘Cannot Elect Barack Obama By A Landslide’ And Lose Senate Seat PERRY STEIN 3:07 PM EDT, WEDNESDAY MAY 29, 2013 A day after her husband formally endorsed Rep. Ed Markey (D) for the Massachusetts Senate seat, First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to Boston to urge voters to support the congressman in the state's special election to replace Secretary of State John Kerry. “Listen to this Massachusetts: you simply cannot elect Barack Obama by a landslide and lose this Senate seat!” she said. “Remember all of those times when I’ve asked you to have my husband’s back. This is one of those back-having times, right now." Markey is running against Republican Gabriel Gomez, a former Navy SEAL who spent years in private equity. A recent poll from Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling showEd Markey leading Gomez by seven points, 48 percent to 41 percent.
Your thoughts? Sometimes a budget is significant more for what it omits than what it includes. Senate budgetThat’s the case with the $34 billion spending blueprint approved Thursday by the Massachusetts Senate, which wisely chose to pass its budget without a proposal to allow the Department of Revenue to hire outside tax auditors and pay them a portion of what they recover. The budget proposal also replaces two existing health care assessments with a new Employer Responsibility levy and does way with the Health Insurance Responsibility Disclosure (HIRD) form as Massachusetts prepares to replace its 2006 health care reform with the federal Affordable Care Act. A conference committee will now hammer out differences between Senate and House versions of the budget for the Fiscal Year that begins July 1. Senators adopted an amendment from Senator Michael Rodrigues, D-Westport, that struck the so-called “contingent contracts” provision that had been added to the budget in an outside section. Rodrigues not ...
Eagle Radio News Headlines Fri May 24, 2013 Haverhill Police are asking for the public's help as they search for a masked man who robbed Bradford Liquors on South Main St. Wednesday night. The suspect is described as about six feet tall with a husky build. -- Nearly two years after voters in Methuen overwhelmingly rejected an attempt to revise Methuen's City Charter Methuen Mayor Stephen Zanni would like to appoint a new committee after this year’s election to review it. -- After making a few key changes to the original House bill, the state Senate passed a medical marijuana bill yesterday by more than a two to one margin. The changes, which follow the wishes of Governor Maggie Hassan, eliminates the "home-grown" option. -- Massachusetts Senate candidates Ed Markey and Gabriel Gomez have agreed to a second Boston-area debate. The first will take place June 5th the second on June 18th. The Markey campaign has yet to commit to a Western Mass debate. -- Federal District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton has ...
Candidate for Massachusetts' 5th Congressional District and Current member of the Massachusetts Senate, representing the 5th Middlesex district.
Massachusetts Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez is in full freakout mode...
Massachusetts Senate budget jeopardizes plan by University of Massachusetts ... -
BARNSTABLE, Mass. — He is hailed as the second-coming of Scott Brown: A young, telegenic military man with moderate Republican views and a candidate with a real possibility of winning the Massachusetts Senate seat. But Gabriel Gomez is quick to warn that this is not 2010. And on this point, he...
It's statistically possible for GOP candidate Gabriel Gomez to win the race for John Kerry's Massachusetts Senate seat, but the odds aren't in his favor, Nate S
Weeks after the Boston bombings, terrorism politics have taken center stage in the Massachusetts Senate race to replace John Kerry.
In a small act of political theater meant to highlight his support for a pact that would limit outside spending in the Massachusetts Senate race, Democrat Edward J. Markey held an event Monday morning in which he sat next to an empty chair. Markey called on his Senate opponent, Republican Gabriel E.
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Massachusetts Senate hopefuls Edward J. Markey and Gabriel E. Gomez differed in their reactions to a top National Rifle Association official’s invocation of the hunt for one of the the alleged Boston Marathon bombers in a political speech. Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s Executive Vice President and CEO,…
Mass. GOP Senate nominee: I would have voted for background checks: The morning after the Massachusetts specia...
Don't write off the Massachusetts Senate race just yet.
Six ways the can make the Senate race competitive
ICYMI: Check out on 'On The Record' last night:
U.S. Senate race between Markey and Gomez is another momentous election in Massachusetts via
Six ways GOP can make Mass. Senate race more competitive by
Don’t write off Massachusetts Senate race just yet.
Markey, Gomez win in primary election for U.S. Senate in Mass. -
.[Markey] has been a career politician since I was playing little league baseball in 1976
Love the new Hispanic Navy Seal GOP candidate for Senator of Mass. - Gabriel Gomez!
6 ways the and can win the Senate race!!
Meet the First Generation, Entrepreneurial Former Navy Seal who could take MA Senate by storm via
Good luck to Gabriel Gomez in MA Senate race!!
Long shot. Six ways the GOP can make the Massachusetts Senate race competitive - The Hill's Ballot Box
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GOPacez is another Boehner Cantor Rubio Flake Romney career RINO sellout. GOP is going down to go down in 2014.
Find your polling place in today's Massachusetts Senate primary:
Dan Winslow, pro-Michael Sullivan group release new ads for Massachusetts Senate special election
The US Senate race in Massachusetts appears to be slowly creeping back to life, with statements from candidates now coming in.
Calls Boston Bombings a ‘Godless Act’ Wrong, it was your murderous imaginary "God"
Semi automatic gunfire going off in Watertown, Massachusetts. You hear that, Congress and Senate?
Really? Wasn't Waco a Christian group? The KKK? How about that guy who murdered his 3 year old stepson because he...
Scumbag Michael Sullivan! It was an act by an extreme religious fanatic!!
Should Muni consider station naming rights? MBTA is...
I am godless. That does not make me evil!
You are absolutely correct, Mr. Sullivan. It would have been a godly act if they had drowned everyone instead.
Michael Sullivan, Republican candidate for Senate from Massachusetts, calls Boston bombings "Godless act."
Please don't associate nontheism with terrorism. The godless people of MA are hurt and grieving too
Not as bad as certain other politician quotes going around, but worth noticing nonetheless:
Keystone pipeline opponents biggest spenders in Massachusetts Senate race
Ed Markey is the only pro-choice Democrat in the Massachusetts Senate race. Spread the word. RT
would like to see Michael Dukakis run for Massachusetts Senate race and take over for John Kerry - wise voice for modern times
NARAL Pro-Choice America, a leading pro-choice advocacy group, will endorse Ed Markey's Massachusetts Senate bid Thursday morning, one of two Democrats vying for John Kerry's Senate seat, TPM has learned. Rep. Markey, a liberal Democrat, is facing off in the April 30 Democratic primary against his m...
Massachusetts Senate hopeful Rep. Ed Markey drew a comparison between the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United case on campaign finance to the Dred Scott decision which upheld slavery. B
As a current P&G/Gillette employee, I would like to let my FB friends know that a former employee (and fellow softball player) is trying to secure the required signatures to get on the ballot for the upcoming special election to fill the open Massachusetts Senate seat. His name is Michael Sullivan - If you see anyone looking for signatures, please consider giving him the chance to get on the primary ballot. If you want to sign a sheet - send me a message.
GOP state representative, Dan Winslow, could be first Republican to run for Massachusetts Senate seat bid.
According to, this piece was not written by Bill Cosby, but was written by Robert A. Hall, a former Massachusetts senator and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, who is also the author of the 2005 book "The Good Bits" (The Marines, the Massachusetts Senate and Managing Associations). Robert Hall Blogs as the Old Jarhead at tartanmarine.blogspot,com, and the piece quoted here, titled "I'm Tired," was his blog entry for February 19, 2009. Regardless of who wrote it, I think I am tired, too! I'm 83. Except for brief period in the 50's when I was doing my National Service, I've worked hard since I was 17. Except for some some serious health challenges, I put in 50-hour weeks, and didn't call in sick in nearly 40 years. I made a reasonable salary, but I didn't inherit my job or my income, and I worked to get where I am. Given the economy, it looks as though retirement was a bad idea, and I'm tired. Very tired. I'm tired of being told that I have to "spread the wealth" to people who don't have my work ethic . ...
Oops. Warren takes over as senior member, 3 mos after Election Day. Wonder boy Schatz did same in 50 days.
Scott Brown puts the kibosh on another run for Massachusetts Senate seat.
Rep. Stephen Lynch, a former ironworker, announced his campaign to succeed John Kerry in the Senate. He faces Rep.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren pays off most of her campaign debt: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren,...
Yay! “Scott,we will miss you >> Republican Scott Brown won’t try for aSenate seat in Massachusetts
Scott Brown skips Senate race in Massachusetts via
Scott Brown won’t run for Senate seat in Massachusetts. Dems likely retain lead in Senate
Scott Brown decides to steer clear of Massachusetts US Senate race - Yahoo! News (blog)
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Republican Scott Brown won’t try again for a Senate seat in Massachusetts
After 28 years of reviewing foreign policy in that same room and representing Massachusetts in the Senate, Kerry...
sorry Scott Brown but Governor Centrefold just doesn't have the same ring as Senator Centrefold..
Brown not running for Massachusetts Senate seat:
Mass. GOP scrambles to find Senate candidate via
Scott Brown will not run for US Senate
Scott Brown drops out of MA Senatorial race. Good news for Dems.
Republican Scott Brown won't try again for a Senate seat in Massachusetts - Washington Post
Jack Hart has been serving the people of the First Suffolk District in Massachusetts Senate for the past ten years - a job he refers to as an "incredible privilege". A son of South Boston, Jack was born second oldest into a great Southie family - the legendary Hart clan composed of John Hart Sr, El...
Scott Brown up big in Massachusetts Senate poll - Kevin Robillard - via
The argument for a contested Dem primary in the special Massachusetts Senate election.
"Democrats not quite ready to unite around Ed Markey for John Kerry's Massachusetts Senate seat"
Rep. Ed Markey said Thursday he will run for the Massachusetts Senate seat likely being vacated by Sen. John Kerry, President Obama’s...
Edward Kennedy Jr., the Connecticut-based son of the late U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, says he has decided not to run for the Massachusetts Senate seat that will become vacant if U.S. Sen. John Kerry is confirmed as Secretary of State.
Former U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy confirmed Saturday that his Connecticut-based brother, Ted Kennedy Jr., is considering running for the Massachusetts Senate seat 'to keep up legacy of his father'.
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