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Masood Azhar

Masood Azhar is a Pakistani mujaheddin leader and the founder of the militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed, based mainly in the Pakistan-administered portion of the state of Kashmir.

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Mr Vivek v shud not at all entertain what China barks…
Hi china r u reactive on Dalai Lama visit to arunachal ?. Dalai Lama is 100% times better than masood azhar
At the same time,China supports terrorists like Masood Azhar in the UN. Hope India extends all support to persecute…
The day China meddle with Azhar Masood it lost all cordial relations with India
whether its refusal to allow the UN Security Council to declare Masood Azhar of the Jaish-e-Mohammed as an international terrorist
If they want us to pay heed to them, they should first allow our NSGentry, and allow masood azhar to be declared as an interntnal. terrorist
Like China says why can't we say interfering in Azhar Masood issue will strain relations between India and China?
Dear China, instead of lecturing India first rectify your own. Stop vetoing India's N…
Friends of our neighbouring Terrorist Nation, Shielding most wanted Terrorist Masood Azhar in UN, CP…
Dalai Lama's visit is very positive approach compare to blocking ban on Masood Azhar in UN ..chaumin uncle..
if China really cared about indo sino relationship. Would never blocked azhar masood. N built cpec through our territory. Lama
. We have reasons, china supports pakistan and Masood Azhar and our entry in NSG
"allowing a secessionist leader to a disputed territory would not be tolerated" -Chinese consul gen. Is he talking of POK n Masood Azhar?
China warns India of committing major mistake in allowing Dalai Lama visit Arunachal. But Chinese support of Azhar Masood is not a mistake.
It's already boggling Indian minds by supporting terrorist Masood Azhar and trying to hinder India…
But not allowing Masood Azhar on UN terror list is China's greatness
Then what abt China's mistake in protecting Masood Azhar the terrorist? They shd not medldle.
India says Azhar Masood is a terrorist. Does China support India? China has no right to interfere or…
China has problem with Dalai Lama a Nobel Peace prize winner, but has full sympathy with Masood Azhar & Hafiz Sayid. Red rascals.
China is considering & investigating Indias proposal to get PAK based Terrorist ldr Masood Azhar listed on the UN Terror catalogue a Comunst
is getting the taste of its Masood Azhar and NSG medicine now.
when they built cpec in pok?? And blckd india's bid to declr masood azhar as terrorist..relatnshp ruined already
Oh, it's Owaisi she prefers, if Hafiz Syed, Salahuddin & Masood Azhar aren't around !!!
1999 -BJP gave another Chance to Terrorist Masood Azhar. 2017-BJP Trying hard to give another chance to Swami
My analysis - Hafiz Saeed is taking the fall for Masood Azhar at China's behest. Pak Army playing along. . . htt…
Hafiz Saeed & Masood Azhar are irrelevant topics for the super powers (2).
China defends the hold on US' proposal to impose ban on Masood Azhar
Wud that help us get Masood Azhar banned..?? How much for a permanent seat in UNSC..?? 🤔
US moves UN to ban JeM chief Masood Azhar, China voices objection. China is the biggest enemy of Democracy in World.
China defends blocking USA's proposal to impose UN ban on Masood Azhar .
Brilliant article by on China's repeated moves to cover terrorists. An in-depth analysis.
Probably is saying they can afford a conflict with India? Especially after supporting Azhar?
China comes in defence on favouring azhar masood– News18 Hindi
Party of protects Islamic Republic of & its terrorists like Masood Azhar. But won't wo…
Indeed a huge opportunity 4India provided there r enough terrorists of =/> stature of notoriety in Pakistan.
China puts hold not for love of Masood Azhar but because it understands Indo-US game in S/Asia 😂 via G…
Why repeated backing of is a huge opportunity, not setback for India, writes . https:/…
Does repeatedly blocking the move against Masood Azhar constitute an act of 'State sponsorship of Terror'?
Will China's protection of Masood Azhar create bigger problems for Pakistan down the road? via
China defends blocking US proposal to impose UN ban on Azhar Masood.
why do we need China.z acknowledgement in the first place . Just surgical strike Masood Azhar.
China defends blocking US's proposal to impose UN ban on Masood Azhar
China and India have been consulting each other, says Chinese Foreign MinistryHope stand on Masood Azhar won’t aff…
China's Masood Azhar ban veto was outrageous,but not just bilateral. Global terror consensus is in trouble. My piece https:/…
'Conditions not met', China defends blocking US move to ban Masood Azhar
The FIA thing against Altaf seems to be an effort by CH Nisar to divert attention away from activities of LET/ASWJ and Ma…
"China defends vetoing UN ban on terrorist Masood Azhar." As long as such an action remains cost-free, why will China not he…
TopNews: In talks with China over repeated blocks in designating Masood Azhar: India - India TV
Why Chinas repeated backing of Masood Azhar is a huge opportunity, not setback for India
Dr Ahmad here's my take on the Masood Azhar issue. I content that China's action presents India with a st…
Hafiz Saeed was declared terrorist by UN, China didn't object. Why is it willing to risk international credibility for…
blocks move to designate Jaish chief a terrorist at UN.
No, because China is preventing the real game India and US are playing behind charades? via
China blocks US move to designate Jaish chief Masood Azhar a terrorist at UN
: Hopeful China would agree on Masood Azhar issue: Rajnath Singh India's proposal was submitted in Febru…
Pak's statement on Masood Azhar shows its support to terrorism: India.
Unsurprisingly, despite all its counter-terror rhetoric, China's blocked UN sanctioning of JeM chief Masood Azhar
will be at it for the foreseeable future. Where is the surprise?
Respected President Jamaat Aus,Azhar Haneef Sb &other distingueshed guests on of Canberra
Horror of IC814 hijack is still fresh that took India to ransom releasing Masood Azhar. Shame on Pakistan for shielding suc…
After UNSC setback on Masood Azhar, India will consult resolution co-sponsors, new members on next step
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China blocks proposal at UN to list Masood Azhar as global terrorist, India calls it double standards.
When a even school child knows Masood Azhar was released from jail in Kandahar episode,Pakistan pretends he is a spiritual angel.
China's protection of Masood Azhar is only one component of the campaign to provide Pakistan its diplomatic support.
Azhar masood is +ive brand of pak.China may be world for pak bt India can ensure pak rmains branded as terror state n west
Keep supporting these terrorists, consider them your assets & they'll eventually bite you where the sun never shines
New Delhi | Islamabad: Pakistan said India's bid at the UN to ban Masood Azhar was "politically motivated" and…
question- If Hafiz Saeed,Masood Azhar, OBL gets protection 4m Pak Army n ISI who is extremist there? Baloochs?
I'm referring to China, a country that has blocked sanctions on JeM & Masood Azhar. No racism, India comes first.
U *** hypocrites Hafeez, Masood azhar lives on moon & Osama was killed on Mars, Liers!
china sheltering Masood Azhar under its Veto is shame. U somtime hv…
Lol! Can they start by supporting the UN resolution on declaring Masood Azhar a terrorist?
and on China blocks India's bid at UN to blacklist Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar
China blocked a recent Indian move to blacklist Jaish-e-Mohammad's chief Masood Azhar at the UN…
Why is Pakistan against the UN blacklisting Masood Azhar? What could we possibly gain by keeping him off the list? https:…
India's bid to ban Jaish chief Masood Azhar at UN 'politically motivated': FO
This is the right time when RAW should kill Masood Azhar!
If China shields Masood Azhar, India will paint it as terror abettor
will they ever pass resolution against terrorists like Hafiz or Azhar Masood?
China which is shutting down 100s of mosques in Xinjiang & making mullahs dance has no qualms protecting Islamist terrori…
Chinese support to Azhar masood helps to gain political mileage to communal force in India and abroad.
Actual face of terrorism. Please Don't supports azhar masood.Chinese action in UN Will encourage the terrorism wo…
Inability of intn'l community to list Masood Azhar as designated terrorist is blow to counter terrorism efforts; shows double…
stops bid to blacklist JeM chief Masood Azhar, yet again
's great friend China vetoed on Masood Azhar. should celebrate this as new year gift.
Sources on Statement: MoFA is even afraid to mention Jaish Chief Masood Azhar by his name in the official Press Rel
blocks proposal at to list Masood Azhar as .
need to convince the Pak Army, Masood Azhar, Hafiz Sayeed, Bahawalpur Gang.. etc first
chinese may outsource to Maulana Masood Azhar and JeM.
Even Pakistani court Judges has life threats from Hafiz Sayeed and Masood Azhar Hamid Bashani: via
Even Pakistanis surprised at China goin out of the way to protect Masood Azhar
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India's bid to ban Masood Azhar is 'politically motivated' claims Pakistan
China abetting by preventing from declaring Masood Azhar as one
China’s former diplomat calls for change of stance on Masood Azhar:
The inability of int'l community to list Masood Azhar confirms double standards in fight ag/ terrorism. Our response to the C…
I was thinking of the hijacking of Indian Airlines 814 to free Mushtaq Zargar, Ahmed Saeed Sheikh & Masood Azhar
Morons you see them as extremists? then what R Masood Azhar, Hafeez Saeed Devils or Islamic butchers?
to deal with LeT, JeM, ISIS these leaders r necessary. BTW r u ok with likes of Hafeez Saeed, Masood Azhar & Baghdadi
China refuses to budge on India's NSG bid, Masood Azhar's banning: On the eve of President Xi Jinping's India...
dawood, Masood azhar, Hafiz Saeed & list is so long no doubt why world called Pakistan a terrorist state.
Watch this shocking video of Maulana Masood Azhar preaching terror in the valley!.
How would you rate each player after the first Test, out of 10?: Hafeez - 2. Masood - 3. Azhar...
:Which spineless, weak political party was in power in Central Govt which released this terrorist Masood Azhar?
Our life is wasted if we cant help the jihad in Kashmir: JeM chief Masood Azhar
if masood azhar not arrested and eliminate d India may not face highjack of flight, so what wrong if a terrorist is eliminate d
So has already copied my story on Masood Azhar, waiting for other usual suspects
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Now, JeM chief Masood Azhar calls for &links Kashmir unrest to Pathankot attacks
yup like Shan Masood and Azhar Ali who couldn't managed 40 in both the innings combined!
Hafeez Shan Masood and Azhar Ali must be dropped and aik aur spin bowler must hona chahiyh team mein .
Either Shan Masood or Azhar Ali must be dropped. Both of them are not performing.
Arrested ? So that they can hijack a plane and get him free the way they got Masood Azhar out ?
CPO Azhar said, we found sume numbers from QB's Stuff,but didnt tell from cell phone?or any Diary?Cellphone term not mentioned.
If its only about money, y dnt d RAW pay d youth of PoK n mke them pelt stones at Hafiz Sayed,Masood Azhar n co?
China hints it won't change stance on JeM chief Masood Azhar https…
Yasir Shah has scored more runs than Shan Masood Muhammad Hafeez and Azhar Ali in this match :
sooner he realises the better. By his own admission, kejri now bracketed with Hafiz Saeed, masood azhar class
Your country hide Bin laden,Masood Azhar,Hafiz Saeed,Abdul Asghar,Lakhvi and still you think about human rights
China's "hold" on Indian demand on Masood Azhar likely to lapse as no support, wrts | Sunday Guardian
What kind of a world are we living in where a country like China are against listing Masood Azhar as a terrorist.
Shan Masood & Azhar Ali ensure no more damage is done. PAK stretch their lead to 107 at lunch on Day 3. .
day will come when terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed and Masood Azhar will destroy entire Pakistan. There will be no way to amend.
China may back ban on Masood Azhar if India resubmits plea: Subramanian Swamy.
Ekta Kapoor can make sequel to as Masood Azhar,which will make more money due to so called secular forces in India
Plain & clear msge given by to China, If you defend Masood Azhar, we wd defend ur terrorists. https:…
China shielded Pakistani Terrorist Masood Azhar in UN earlier. India retaliates by Inviting Uighurs.
If Masood Azhar is terrorist for India NOT China THEN Dolkun Isa is terrorist for China NOT India. FART
Is India's move to issue visa to Dolkun Isa a 'reply' to China's stand on Masood Azhar?.
Dolkun Isa is not like terrorist Masood Azhar: Congress.
Rebuff to China was needed. It had no business blocking name of Masood Azhar for UN blocked terrorist list
The day China blocked Masood Azhar terror tag @ UN, it struck me that we shd pay back in Uighur coin. Glad India's now finall…
Sushma Swaraj talks tough, tells China 'review your stand on Masood Azhar' - Times of India
Masood Azhar: The man who brought jihad to Britain . Don't forget China supported Pak on Masood Azhar in UN
Masood Azhar's name dropped from NIA press statement after it went for vetting to govt, I report
Modi Govt & NIA lets down fight against terror by being mum on Masood Azhar's role as kingpin of Pathankot Attack. https:/…
NIA wale bhi pagal hai. Inhe (007) mili thi "Masood Azhar" ka khabar dene ko. She knows more than your whole dept does, Samjhe !! ;)
India approaches UN to name Masood Azhar in SC sanctions list: India has formally approached the United Nati...
"Digvijaya Singh" He will call his brothers in Pakistan respected Shri Hazif sayeed ji, Masood Azhar ji to complain about BJP'…
But one must also understand that Masood Azhar got radicalised bcoz of Babri Masjid demolition..
Sartaj Aziz to Karan Thapar: JeM chief Masood Azhar in protective custody since Jan 14th! Bizarre that Pak govt hasnt announced this yet
Abdul Basit is a moron..He should first get permission to talk from his boss Hafeez Sayeed and Masood Azhar..
Ma'am, when are our spies going to take down Masood Azhar, Lakhvi, Hafeez Saeed, etc. Let's learn something…
Masood Azhar "may never have turned his attention to India ... were it not for the demolition of the Babri Masjid":.
8)Usually ascribed as none state actors people like Hafiz Sayeed, Masood Azhar roam freely but Ansar Abbasi blames India for Charsadda
I added a video to a playlist Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Masood Azhar's arrest
we want extradition of Hafiz Saeed, Dawood, Masood Azhar etc but will we be able to sentence them ? As we already have …
Masood Azhar was named by New Delhi as the mastermind of the airbase attack.
pakistan has arrested Masood Azhar for his security & well being not to take action against him jai sri ram
Arrest of Masood Azhar good step, says Mani Shankar Aiyar Read More :
Arresting of Masood Azhar this one is great victory of Indian PM Sri Narendra Modi & his team
Jaish chief Maulana Masood Azhar identified as handler.
Great show about mistakes of leaving terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar free. India need to be intolerant to terrorism.
Arnab is doing on 'peace talk' , what Masood Azhar did in
I feel Masood Azhar is more expendable
.So Maulana Masood Azhar is back in game & one of the major reason looks like taking focus off Hafiz Sayeed..
Nothing else than a handover of Masood Azhar, Hafeez Sayed, Lakhvi would really mean anything
Put Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar's name in Vyapam Chargesheet. Next day both *** will be found dead in some corner …
masood azhar openly ralies in pak. Dont they know how did he freed from india. It is in media watch it out
Maulana Masood Azhar, head of Jaish-e-Muhammad group and who's is behind Pathankot Attack, is believer of Sufism
Pak officials in India asked more info like DNA samples. JeM chief Masood Azhar might be put under detention if proof by India matches.
Maulana Masood Azhar, chief of Jaish-e-Mohammad, identified as handler
So 's achievement so far in 2016 is NOT to name Maulana Masood Azhar ,negotiate with Nawaz have & bea…
Maulana Masood Azhar,Jaish-e-Mohammad Chief, and one of the militants released in 1999 by the then NDA govt.headed by former
Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Maulana Masood Azhar, his brother Rauf, and two others identified by India as 'handlers' behind Pathan…
terrorists like masood azhar, zargar and two others were freed by your nationalist government i.e. vajpayee & james bond Dova
Maulana Masood Azhar main handler in Pathankot attack, India provides evidence to Pakistan.
If flight plan relaid 2demonstrate "chemistry"with name-only Sharif too,how not acting on Maulana Masood Azhar?
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reacts to TV s expose on digital footprint of Masood Azhar, says NIA is on d job.
JeM chief Masood Azhar : Mastermind of Pathankot terror attack
The attack was reportedly planned at a markaz (a seminary) in Bahawalpur, headquarters of Jaish-e-Muhammad
Pak-based JeM 'handlers' identified in Pathankot terror strike.
Is MEA saying-no secretary level talk till Azhar Masood is handed over to India by Pak.What it means by act on actionable …
Jaish chief Masood Azhar identified as mastermind of
Masood Azhar is a free man because he is a strategic asset in the Pakistani army: Brig (Retd) Rahul Bhonsle, Defence Analyst …
Wouldn't it be easier for India to hire someone to assassinate Masood Azhar and his brother?
Modi visited Pak, detonated nukes, causing repeat in Pakistan and Afghanistan. So is justified: Masood Azhar.
Pak politician's vote bank also relies on appeasement of minorities. They too have Mamata, Mulayam for Hafiz Saeed & Maulana Masood Azhar.
We know where Hafiz Saeed lives. Where Dawood lives. Where Masood Azhar lives. Lakhvi is in jail. The point is to *do* something about it.
Eliminating Pakistani terrorists like Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed is in the interests of Pakistani people and India.
.Not at all. I fully stand for the people of Pakistan -- their well-being lies in eliminating Masood Azhar and Hafiz Saeed.
No. I remember from following the story at the time. Recall a Masood Azhar connex who was finally sprung by IA 184(?) hijacking.
Masood Azhar delivering speech in Punjab Uni,KU didn't want 2 b left behind
or wait for another khandar hijack which lead to release of Masood Azhar ? Who went and formed Jaish e Mohammad ?
mullah Masood Azhar and Hameed Gul both killed by RAW and zaid hamid jailed
jaish mhammad headed by ISI Pawn- azhar masood who was helped by Taliban chief to hijack IC814 Indian airlines & get him released
But Masood Azhar after getting free from Indian prison, kept living in Bahawalpur.
Do you know when HuM was split into two to help Masood Azhar in early 2000s. OBL helped HuM and most hardcore jihadis turned against state.
Finally, but not sure whether it will bear any fruits... Private schools face CCP probe
Downtown Karachi: A street called love - Blogs -
Hard knocks: Pakistani boxers dare to dream of Olympics - Sport -
Syed Salahuddin, Maulana Masood Azhar, and Hafiz Saeed muat be orphans today! What will happen to
Because we don't learn from failed experiments with Ilyas Kashmiri, Asma Ullah Moawia or Masood Azhar!
Shame for being an inconvenience to public: Zoo closed for public without prior notice during Aseefa’s visit
Brilliance and hard work never disappoint; well done Younis khan! And well done Shaan Masood. Say: Azhar Mahmood
You had serious reservation on Shan Masood's selection
Those with links to extremists should not be invited: Punjab Uni. Last year, an event at PU was to host Masood Azhar.
Cakes for Azhar Ali (100 in prev Test), Younis Khan, Shan Masood, and Yasir Shah. No cake for Imran Khan's 5-fer?
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congralati0n pak won by 7 wicket. Younis khan 171 not out. PAK Bting card. Masood 125. Shazad 0 of. Azhar 8. Younis great 171. Misbah bhai 5 ...
Team effort cannot be depicted better than this victory. yasir and imran 5 wks. Sarfraz, azhar, Misbah 50s. Masood 100s. Yunus 150.
Had not seen enough of Shan Masood. He has talent as have Azhar, Haris Sohail, Asad S, Sarfaraz---
Many of Asad Shafiq, Azhar Ali, etc. (and now Shan Masood)'s centuries have come with d likes of Younis n Misbah at the other end.
This is terrific cricket from pakistan. Playing consistent cricket for some time. Good young players in masood, azhar asad
I added a video to a playlist Maulana Masood Azhar latest speech
Tests:. Shahzad. Masood. Azhar. Haris. Asad. Sarfraz. Wahab. Junaid. Rahat. Yasir. But in reality Hafeez and YK will be selected.
plz add Hafeez Saeed, Laqvi, Zaraar Shah n Masood Azhar... Will be out of our minds in joy!!
BJP release Terrorist Masrat n Masood azhar. Vajpayee was Informer of Britishers is this Nationalism?
Azhar Ali for test, Wahab for one day and either Sarfraz or Fawad Alam for T20. This is my opinion might PCB is more loyal to the country
I’m afraid that at any time the MJC (All terrorist groups’ leaders) particularly Masood Azhar, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed kill me.
Dr Shahid Masood. The man who knew everything (useless)
Azhar and Fawad will strengthen our batting. Sami Aslam should be in for Ahmed Shahzad
Who was the PM when Azhar Masood n other terrorist were escorted back?
Convenient. The Pakistani state need not go after Maulana Burqa any longer. A la Masood Azhar. Plus ca change.
Another sectarian blast in Shikarpur till now 29 killed over 60 injured. NS & SS shud take care of LeJ & Masood Azhar at Bahawalpur to stop
Another Sectarian blast in Shikarpur. Lets join to ask NS & SS to eliminate LeJ & arrest Moulana Masood Azhar from Bahawalpur
Future honourable panelist on times now - masood azhar, Hafiz Sayeed, dawood etc etc.
Apple defies law of large numbers by booking bang-up iPhone sales | Computerworld
I ve myself seen Kashmiri policemen listening to speeches of Masood Azhar,The only reason they serve Indian govt is because of money
All signs point to the demise of Microsoft's Surface 2 tablet by via
JeM's Maulana Masood Azhar received his education in Binoria Town not in Madrassa
with JUD,Masood Azhar & Haqqani's running around freely,i doubt it
I think the 3 militants we had in our custody – Mushtaq Ahmed Zargar, Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh and Maulana Masood Azhar
BJP should not give us any Gyaan on National Security . - They released Maulana Masood Azhar. -They Slept During Kargil. Congr…
FB286: Terrorist and/or Terrorism Supporters still enjoying Political Patronage: 1. Maulana Fazlur Rehman-Hafiz Gul Bahadur, Maulvi Gul Bahadur. His madrassas are boarding and lodging places for taliban in FATA, his financiers are from Libya and Kuwait 2. Sirajul Haq (ameer JI)-remains in touch with Maulvi Faqir, Maulana Aziz of Lal Masjid 3. Maulana Sami ul Haq-max taliban have emerged from his madrassas, he still remains in contact with major taliban leaders 4. Irfan Sidiqi-advisor to PM (biggest sympathiser of lal masjid activists, was in touch with Mulla Fazlulla) 5. PMLN-patronised lal masjid activists, provided financial support, asked PPP govt to give alternate land for madrassa for lal masjid group and jamia hafsa: Prof Ibrahim piracha is their contact man with taliban leaders) 6. Maulvi Aziz of lal masjid 7. Umme hassaan wife of dead maulvi of lal masjid-she provides female support, logisticians and informants to taliban 8. Maulana Masood Azhar of Jaish e Muhammad-maximum punjabi taliban emanate ...
Pakistan Army doesn't need to kill thousands, here are the culprits: Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, Salahuddin, …
can someone ask PPP/ANP/MQM what they did in their govt about abdul aziz,masood azhar etc as they have been at large 4 a while
Provocative statements have never been part of RSS chief's agenda. Stop or get compared with Masood Azhar
Gentle Reminder: It was BJP minister who freed Azhar Masood from an Indian prison, escorted him to Kabul during AirIndia plane hijacking.
is this near Maulana Masood Azhar's location? Lol
I where is Masood Azhar these days? Shall we wait for him too to reappear on screens after some time? Why not preemptive action?
Why one has to pass through many Security points while travelling towards Masood Azhar place in # Bahawalpur
Why do secular faujis support psychos like Hekmatyar, Mullah Omar & Masood Azhar in Afgh/Kashmir and then oppose terrorism at home
Why did Maulana Masood Azhar reemerge to address a rally in Muzaffarabad recently?
why no black warrant against Gen (r) Hameed Gul, Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar and Fazl ur Rehman Khalil?
We also need to ban Masood Azhar's 37 published books and close off his madras in Punjab.
Release of must be seen in context of Hafiz Saeed's recent public appearances & Masood Azhar's recent public r…
Do hunt down the TTP leaders, but will you also cease protecting Maulana Masood Azhar?
"There had been the odd ISI-Sponsored incident in Kashmir, like the time in 1983 when India had played the West Indies in a one-day Cricket International at the Sheri-i-Kashmir Stadium in Srinagar, and spectators were paid to shout abuse and hurl eggs at the Indian Players. A series of bomb Blasts across the Kashmir Valley, paid for by the ISI, had led to riots and government buildings being put to Torch. Some places, such as the Southern Town of Anantnag, at times became ungovernable. But the Kashmiri groups, Badam complained, had a habit of going their own way, preferring to mount their own campaigns, calling for freedom and independence from everyone, rather than incorporation into Pakistan.Warriors, whose ranks were now bloated with war-hungry Pashtuns and dutiful Punjabis, the Kashmiris-infused with their mountain ways and Sufi-inspired Traditions-were insufficiently bloodthirsty.'The Kashmiris were just too moderate,' Masood Azhar wrote in the Voice of the Mujahid, 'to mount the kind of total war th ...
bro u've to differentiate between Mullah Umar Hafiz Saeed and Maulana Masood Azhar from TTP ISIS TUQ and others
now the Boys have come out into the open,this is the real policy,c Hafiz Saeed,masood azhar,Hameed Gul
"Grant Luden has done a lot of work with us and Azhar Ali has given me tips as well" : Shan Masood
Finally a catch taken at silly point... Azhar Ali *** in that position, good that Misbah replaced him with Masood. Taylor gone!
2nd Test: New Zealand have won the toss and will bat. XI: S Masood, T Umar, Azhar Ali, Younis Khan,...
who is likely to open with shan Masood then? Will it be Taufeeq or is Azhar likely to be promoted?
Instead of punishing those who will anyway die (terrorists), one should punish those who instigate terrorism! E.g Masood Azhar.
Open with Azhar and Masood. Play Hafeez at 6. His bowling is useful tbh,
all issues were their own making. Who got weak-kneed & realeased azhar masood in kandahar hijack? What use of nuclear bomb?
Ayesha Hamid, Mian Imran masood, Azhar Ehsan, john Saroya with Etpb chairman Siddiqul Farooq at the governors house …
Congratulations scoring his 3rd test hundred.. Make it big tomorrow..well done to Azhar Ali ..wish u 3rd co…
Its really wonderful to see the reaction of Indians if Pakistan appoints Zaki ur Rehman Lahkwi or Masood Azhar as Defence Min
place the books of Mulla Sufi Muhammed or Molana Masood Azhar, at that time what will be over reaction!
Yes that plus Vajpayee gifted 900cr and Maulana Masood Azhar to Pakistan.
Wonder in which caves Masood Azhar and his jihadis are hiding instead of helping their favourite Kashmiris and Kashmiriya…
Asmaa' Masood, 23, Engineering student at Al Azhar University, ALL family members in need of...
U can remind Som n Adityanath but u r silent on Azhar masood n Owaisi Bro. Hypocrisy on height
One fact I found from him that is his CAP he wear CAP like MOLANA MASOOD AZHAR when he was in TIHAR JAIL my father also gone there SEEMS ISI
There will be no positive trajectory as long as Dawood Ibrahim, Maulana Masood Azhar, and Hafiz Muhammad Saeed are free
formed 1994 after supporters of Maulana Masood Azhar split from Harkat-ul-Mujahideen carried series of a…
Meet the lawyer who defended most-wanted Masood Azhar and other fidayeen suspects l
ATLEAST I AM NOT SURPRISED. Amir Mir of the PakIstan daily The News has come up with an exclusive that a former Pakistan air force officer is behind the Karachi airport attack . Following is the story.Read it . Adnan Rasheed, a former officer of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF), who now heads a lethal fidayeen unit of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), has turned out to be the possible mastermind of the June 8 fidayeen attack at Jinnah Airport in Karachi. Preliminary investigations into the audacious fidayeen attack have given broad hints that the man at the helm of the bloody raid was Adnan Rasheed, the mastermind of a 2003 assassination attempt on General Pervez Musharraf in Rawalpindi. Adnan was freed in an unprecedented jailbreak episode on April 15, 2012 when around 200 Taliban militants armed with guns, grenades and rockets attacked the high-security Central Jail of Bannu and released 384 prisoners. TTP spokesman Ehsanullah Ehsan subsequently declared on April 20, 2012 that the operation was mainly ai ...
leading Human Rights lawyer Mir Shafqat Hussain in conversation with Kashmir Reader .
A lawyer who defends Masood Azhar and fidayeen suspects - Kashmir Reader
Taliban played a vital in the release of Molana Masood Azhar from india.
Hafiz syed and Molana Masood azhar always support afgan jihad and consider it there first priority to librate Afgan
u.s has put 100 million dollor bounty on Hafiz syed and Masood Azhar has been decleared as terrorist by u.s
For years Pakistan deluded itself with the Good Terrorist-Bad Terrorist bunkum. Now the chickens are rapidly coming home to roost. The collateral damage in the spectacular attack on the Karachi airport might have been fortunately minimised, but the damage to the psyche of the Pakistani establishment will take some time to heal. Terrorism is a genie which cannot be easily bottled. Unfortunately, the Pakistani political establishment is still caught up between the Good-Bad terrorist differentiation. Perhaps even if it wants to differentiate, the ISI which apparently is a state unto itself will not allow it to do so. Therefore, scums like Masood Azhar roam unhindered across Pakistan preaching their brand of Islam which teaches blind hatred for the Kafirs. ISI might wink at this since Masood Azhar and the LeT have only India on their radars. But a man whose head is filled with visceral hatred for someone is unable to differentiate between a friend and a foe. For him his hatred becomes so encompassing that it ...
A short clip from Molana Masood Azhars Bayan. Visit my channel to listen different bayanat of Masood Azhar. My shared folder with plenty of Jihadi Books, Vid...
Check out how ths 'freedom fighters' of Kashmir play jihad speeches f Masood Azhar in mosques: Not a religious issue?
Masood Azhar’s Jihad speech played on loudspeakers in slain militant's village
Masood Azhar’s speech on Jihad plays on loudspeakers in slain militant's village
PLZ IK and NS let our brave generals to finish off the TTP and their illegitimate children Hafiz Saeed, Masood Azhar, lakhvi-Ishaq
Know your enemy: JEM: Masood Azhar: founder of Jaish-e-Mohammed. Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM)—also known as the Army...
Indian Govt. will never participate in such heinous act. Yes, they will abduct Hafiz Saeed and Azhar Masood one day.
Here comes a time we define 'terrorist'. How many of you consider Hafiz Saeed, Malik Ishaq, Masood Azhar terrorists? raise your hands plz
dear *** can we talk masood azhar,umar and zargar now.. r u reminded of IC814
Yes that is an issue. But imagine if we could have done the same to Masood Azhar. So many lives would be saved!
Terrorists like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar trying to shelter their misdeeds by using Kashmir card.
Now that Mr. Sharif has had "Chicken" Biryani served to him by none other than the BJP government, I am assuming our beloved Modi has achieved the below already: 1. Dawood Ibrahim is in Tihar Jail? 2. Hafiz Saeed is facing trial in India? 3. Masood Azhar is handed back over to India? 4. There is pin drop silence on borders, with no violation of ceasefire. No Indian soldiers being killed? 5. Pakistani soldiers who took the heads of our beloved soldiers are handed over India??? If none of the above has happened, then what changed? Is it the vested business interests that is motivating this new found love??? will there be dramatic announcements on trade and commerce front between both the countries which will benefit the capitalists on both the sides?? Let's wait and watch
Masood Azhar of JeM was freed in exchange for hijacked passengers of I.Airlines. Hafiz Saeed is JuD
What do you know! Masood Azhar is a mastermind ! He had given training even to erstwhile Al-Queda
.The Last NDA -BJP govt handed over Maulana Masood Azhar to Pak in a golden platter, allowed terrorists to occupy Kargil ..
If patriotic is called by standing for dharma than why ur so called patriotic leader release Azhar Masood in Kandhaar with ransom
Azam Khan is a indian version of Maulana Masood Azhar . he should deport to the
sir! y do not u act upon ur thought & meet to terror factories Hafiz Sayeed & Masood Azhar & influence them for mankind.
the question asked first should be replied first. check ur TL who asked the question first abt masood azhar.
What scares you so much as if you have danced on Azhar Masood's BOTI BOTI? He just asked to vote!
Or feed them biryaani for years and then free them..masood azhar..hazrat bal shrine terrorists etc. :)
ya ya. AAP only gifted Masood azhar to pakistasn. AAP leader fought case to save afzal guru. AAP leader Modi stalk young girls.
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Its kinda cute that India obsesses over Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar while supporting Modi as next Prime Minister.
Masood Azhar at Punjab University prize distribution on the 16th. Punjab needs a Liberal Death Squad.
Masood Azhar to preside over a debate competition at the Punjab University. Seriously, what did Mush do to be in, while these guys are out?
get ur facts correct madam. it was BJP that released Masood azhar nd Ramjethmalani fought case to save afzal guru.
nd what abt those sisters who lost their husband, their father, their son, their brother in fight with Masood Azhar?
or should i support the BJP whose leaders support terrorists like Kasab, afzal guru and masood azhar.
so BJP silent on its support to ajmal kasab, afjal guru aur masood azhar and questioning AAP on Khap guys. LOL
Dr Shahid Masood: Dr. Imran Farooq was my senior in Medical college, He was the part of APMSO, He was a mysterious personal…
Why was the Congress sitting on its haunches when Masood Azhar was imprisoned in Indian jail for over 5 yrs??
Maulana Masood Azhar Jihad Ki Mukalfat Karnay Walo || Do Listen to what this guy has to say ?
"Masood Azhar was in Bahawalpur for a long time not in Waziristan as the state would like us 2 think
Maulana Masood Azhar, while addressing a public gathering through a telephonic conversation said they had broken for... (1/2)
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