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Mason Dixon

The Mason–Dixon Line (or Mason and Dixon's Line) was surveyed between 1763 and 1767 by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in the resolution of a border dispute between British colonies in Colonial America.

Mississippi River

OMG how is this guy not a South of the Mason Dixon Confederate flag waving deplorable?
Alex Jones should be able to find the time of the Mason-Dixon again.
Happy Birthday to the greatest (former) Phi Delt president both sides of the Mason Dixon
Captain Canada wouldn't have the trashiest food takes this side of the Mason Dixon Line.
I'm reading four books st the moment; mason and dixon next
Crazy thing is...D.C. And Baltimore are southern states...well they're below the Mason-Dixon Line
😂😂I can't take him seriously. I swear CD is the most divided school north of the Mason-Dixon Line
. Chicken like that can only be found south of the Mason-Dixon line by connoisseur grandmas.
Convinced the battle lines of the next civil war won't be the Mason-Dixon but whether or not you can use your/you'r…
idk how Domino's adds up north of the Mason-Dixon, but down here in Georgia, ain no way in *** it's better than Pizza Hut. PLS.
Detectives ? below that mason Dixon line justice looks to be redneck coloured
There has been 1 team above the Mason Dixon line to win the National Championship since 1997. 20 years!
The people who believe this live south of the Mason/Dixon. I'm sure you're counting on that.
Send that old racsist KKK goober back to Mayberry, RFD like kicking an old rusty tin can down the road…
The hiker, whose name was not available, was OK, said Jesse Frantz, chief of Craley Fire Department.
The Mason-Dixon Line did not block racist attitudes then & it doesn't now.
Just a few days left to apply to compete in this year's Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament. Application deadline...
Dixon doesn't know who Mason is, but she draws the line at not being adopted!
I was born on the Mason/Dixon Line in 1950 and we were still fighting the Civil War.
and you're not even being sarcastic. That's just how brains work south of the Mason Dixon.
I am without a doubt pulling for biscuits to win it all in Mason-Dixon Madness (especially…
And Bernie never seemed to get that there are states south of the Mason-Dixon Line.
Like he didn't take Mason Dixon the distance years later in Vegas while running a successful Italian…
the Mason Dixon Line says we're the South but, do you consider yourself a Southerner?
only in D.Cthink those signs south of the Mason-Dixon are going be allowed to remain on a door
I grew up/went to college in MD. I've always said this state likes to pretend it's not South of the Mason Dixon lin…
So great to connect with more music fam over the best tacos on the taco-side of the Mason-Dixon.…
Sunday School teachers. It would have been hand to hand and I would butcher and kill every last man. You cross that Mason- Dixon
you probably shouldn't be making enemies within your own party! Just sayin'. Nobody north of the mason dixon line likes u
my parents were deeply involved in civil rights wk, from the early 50's. My father would not take us across the Mason-Dixon Line.
My grandmother resisted the idea of any of us going south of the Mason/Dixon line because of this history. The stories I don't tell...
. Bring back the Mason - Dixon line. Or better, would favor a Westcoastexit... (but may we please join with Illinois)
It's a good thing climate changes; otherwise every place north of the Mason-Dixon line would be under a 1/4 mile thick sheet of ice.
I believe he comes up in Pynchon's MASON & DIXON? But it's been a long time, I could be wrong.
You lived in the Granite state? I lived there for years before moving to the right side of the Mason-Dixon in the early '80s.
I would love to show you my at 1010 Mason Court
Hated this guy and his team a week and a half ago when SC beat Marquette. Quickly became probably his biggest fan n…
Interesting, never thought about this before. My dad always said the real Mason-Dixon Line was 🇨🇦 border.
I mean it's close, but it's north of the Mason Dixon Line! But it is depressing!
as a woman born below the Mason-Dixon line, this my friends, is what we call RED. Short for redneck, of course.
Crestview Councilman Joe Blocker has strong words for Mason-Dixon Polling.
but how. We have a mixture of city and country folk. And we're so close to the Mason-Dixon Line
Maryland is below the Mason Dixon line, but Maryland has never considered itself to be actually Southern.
56F up here at the Mason Dixon line, still overcast. The UV index is up to 4. And a Marginal Risk tomorrow?
One of the smallest states south of the Mason Dixon line has won a national title in baseball, football, and working on one in basketball...
Good geo song Mark Knopfler and James Taylor the Mason Dixon line
I just seen a hillbilly family & a confederate flag on the same *** road, you know I'm back across the Mason Dixon line😭💀
anything north of the Mason Dixon is about as reliable as the father I never met
just another night at the trailer park south of the Mason Dixon where Trump is a god
The fact that people in Knoxville think did that to his own car.. So happy to be on this side of the Mason Dixon right now
I don't have the energy to laugh. Don't throw shade at us above the Mason Dixon line, Bruh.
. Andrew is the best *** driver this side of the Mason Dixon.
TN is called the BUCKLE of the Bible Belt. We're below the Mason Dixon...we brought u Jack Daniels, 36 Mafia & country music...y'all dumb
Delmar Blvd. in STL is like the Mason Dixon line of the city - so sad that this is STILL happening in 2016 for...
Random Road Trips and when you end up above the Mason Dixon line.. Fun times!
south of the Mason Dixon line, yes, with family in the "real south" whom we visited regularly
"Hold her up tight, make a lil lovin, a lil turtle dovin on the mason Dixon line." 🎶
said Whoever in me will live, even though he dies; whoever lives and in me will never die https…
MT Obama: Attempting 2 destroy America by letting USA be overran by illegals/refugees.
This Just Became the Third-Leading Cause of Death in the United States |
happy birthday to the craziest girl North of the Mason Dixon Line!!!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"Fayettenam" - I get it because I'm an Army brat, lived on or near posts, mainly below the Mason Dixon line.
Below that mason Dixon my residence, dirty south confederate.
Who do we elect to get a wall on the Mason-Dixon? I will vote for you. xD
Barring St. Louis, I will never root for an NHL team that's south of the Mason Dixon line or west of the Mississippi River.
The Mason-Dixon is pretty far North, let us be CLEAR..
"The (US) South is always a little behind us" -My dad, talking about SJ issues. Ah yes, bc ideologies stop @ the Mason-Dixon line.
The ten fastest growing metro areas in the US are all south of the Mason-Dixon line.
I think that one Mason-Dixon poll grabbed their attention. To me, that *should* be one of Trump's best in the south.
Chicken and waffles for dinner ... Oh how I missed being below the Mason Dixon line
I'm mostly scared of leaving KC because the last time I ordered a sweet tea above the Mason-Dixon Line, I was given hot tea and sugar cubes.
Good people writing about good people. H/T MASON + DIXON Paul Jones III Alexander Koffler Cedric Burnside Dub...
Dined there three times. It's the finest restaurant east of the Mississippi and south of the Mason…
No team in Seattle but five teams below the "hockey rich" Mason Dixon Line.
NY based is jonesing for a sighting When will you reappear above the Mason Dixon?
So you telling me I could be from a random *** town in Virginia and could jack the DMV ??? You *** below the Mason Dixon line are weird
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Antoine just told me no one underneath the Mason Dixon line milly rocks 😕😕😕
It's my absolute favorite place south of the Mason-Dixon
I liked a video from Leaving for the mason Dixon trail
I try to pump out the highest quality garbage this side of the Mason-Dixon line. . Thank you my man!
Want a tip I use as to whether or not to take a poll seriously? I look at the other side. For instance, the Mason Dixon +6 for Trump...
The shift of the Mexican border to the Mason-Dixon line is not even the worst part of
I will not be insulted about how I fry my fish by anybody born above the Mason Dixon line 😭😭😭
Rubio is closing on Trump. See today's Mason Dixon. He has a lot of energy on ground. May get little bump from DC primary too.
loved the show last night. For This Alabama girl Living above the Mason-Dixon Line is hard Thanks for a bit of home;-)
Ever single band I want to see doesn't come north of the mason Dixon...
Trying understand the inclusion of 50 Cent on a Dirty South hip hop playlist. But good playlist nonetheless.
"Melding the sound of the North and the South is integral to the band’s success, producing a sound that is...
This essay is real good. & Pynchon makes a Star Trek joke in Mason & Dixon.
The second weekend of Tour de Tanks starts tomorrow! Where are you heading?
If you grew up north of the Mason - Dixon line and say the term "yall" when you speak, just know that I think you might be stupid
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
As I travel north of the Mason Dixon line, I can feel people's opinion of me dropping. Luckily 4 me, I really don't care
how reliable is WTSP/Mason Dixon polling? It has Rubio down only 6 in Florida now
I'm just gonna assume you live below the Mason Dixon line... Yes?
New Mason-Dixon poll has Rubio within 6 of Trump in Florida. Overall, Trump leading by 14.7.
Not entirely sure where the Mason-Dixon line is. Can you use another landmark in your hyperbolic claim?
Darius Rucker has a Miami Dolphins tattoo below his Mason-Dixon line. Another reason Hootie has always blown fish!
another reason why I'll never cross the Mason-Dixon to spend 5 cents of tourism $ in FL!
Deal. But let me just give you one more: Hillary 68-23, Florida Mason Dixon
I'm glad to see that hasn't given up on states South of the Mason Dixon line.
Show me the Mason-Dixon Line or you're catching a bullet
When slaves crossed the Mason Dixon line.
IIRC the original Mason Dixon line included Md., and a sliver of Delaware. That said, it's still kinda wrong.
After 3 hours of DC traffic finally crossed the Mason Dixon line 😎
Those trumpateers are angry people. I really do want a wall along the Mason Dixon line... Donald could be their king👴🏻👑
I'd probably propose to the first WSP fan i met. There's like none of us above the Mason Dixon line
That *** a carpetbagger, we can't let him cross the Mason Dixon line and enter the South
You say that, buuuttt... everything south of the Mason Dixon line.
SEC would never come here for spring break practice, *** no need to SEC never comes north of Mason-Dixon to play, ***
For my friends above the mason dixon line . Br . Chilly here
Neo Nazis in the south, usually a result of inbreeding. Not found above the Mason Dixon Line
I don't understand how Apple Music put 50 cent as one of the artists for their playlist called "Below the Mason-Dixon Line"...he's from NY
Idioms and aphorisms are so much more colorful south of the Mason-Dixon. I learn a new one daily.
loved that too!! Have you gone through all his stuff?, am left with(after B.E) mason &d dixon
mason & dixon is pretty dang chill so far. It's definitely a lot more subtle than GR & TCoL49, but I do hope it picks up s…
When was the last time an SEC school even played above the Mason-Dixon line, let alone after September?
2 more days until I get to eat the best pirogies this side of the mason Dixon line.
they'd have to play a game north of the Mason-Dixon Line in order to need coats and gloves.
Urban Meyer screwed Florida so bad he had to move across the Mason-Dixon
Ya girl won't remember you're a slave when that Mason Dixon 😂😂😂
NCAA should restrict Northern schools from hiring coaches below Mason Dixon line
Looks like I'll be taking my talents south of the Mason Dixon potentially instead of going to faster horses
that's a lil above the median but I suppose you get an above-the-mason-dixon-allowance
If you live below the Mason-Dixon line & drive a car here at OWU, don't drive when it snows. You seem incapable of driving or parking a car.
Happy birthday to my best friend south of the mason Dixon!!! Cheers to very tame summers at…
Luckily, I'm now a legal immigrant in the USA (transplanted Canadian living south of Mason-Dixon line).
/wonders if bought all the chicken salad wraps South of the Mason-Dixon line to celebrate.
Cold weather pisses me off to no end. You will NEVER catch this *** living above the Mason-Dixon
Our Tour de Tanks packages make it easy to plan your Trail getaway.
I say just build a wall along the whole *** Mason-Dixon line and include the northern border of Texas too.
I don't think I can live south of the mason-dixon again
he has zero chance of winning a state below mason Dixon. I wonder what the reason could possibly be?! His religion matters
Did you know that Cape May,NJ (Lower Township represent!) is 50 miles south of the Mason-Dixon Line? Thanks Historic Cold Spring Village!
Photo shows American flags crumpled up on Hillary HQ floor | The American Mirror
Batch of snow currently over Mason Dixon line may hold & push E. through in am.
Clinton will recover, If Trump wins south of Mason Dixon the GOP will have to stop him or endorse him.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
A little turtle dovin'. On a Mason-Dixon night. Fits my life, oh so right,. My Dixieland delight.🐘
Why would anyone south of Mason Dixon vote for anyone North to lead our lives? Example
*** no , it's NY . imagine living below the mason dixon
not sure why any team north of the Mason-Dixon Line wouldn't fight this.
Pretty sure I'm the best advice giver this side of the Mason-Dixon
African American struggle begin there but never disappeared there. It's either that we expect more from north of the Mason-Dixon line...
Amazing the opinions of some people who live below the Mason-Dixon Line
There is a magic the South has. Maybe it's the weather. Maybe I'm biased, or not. I just know it evaporates once I cross the Mason-Dixon.
stopping to pick up some decent bagels before heading back south of the Mason Dixon
NH has proved me wrong, I didn't think anyone actually had the balls to vote for someone who'd probably support the Mason-Dixon Line
Cross the Mason Dixon, then we'll see how well New York Values play
hi all tiffany still here north of the Mason-Dixon Line
ABC News projecting that John Kasich will come second - but where to now? Not a candidate for below the Mason-Dixon line …
Pundits have always loved Kasich It's the GOP voters south of Mason Dixon line he really needs now obvi
lol right it's below the Mason Dixon line
Men north of the Mason Dixon line are trash
. The speech is disgusting, . Does it speak for 80,000,000 Americans who live below Penn/Mason Dixon line?. Not my experience
The difference that tax dollars and less roads makes.. MD roads are just peachy. Literal difference once you cross the Mason Dixon line
Latest snow totals through the region-north of DC can expect higher amts (esp. if you are near the Mason Dixon line
Just to be on the safe side, we should probably just arrest everyone in every Walmart south of the Mason Dixon line.
King Yeshua so I am from Mason Dixon and you don't like I talk so much you moved me to Jamaica sister city and even that's iffy, I talk cool
The Lady Vikings fall to Alabama 29-24 (OT) in first round of Mason Dixon.
Idk what Rhode Island is, I don't recognize anything above the Mason Dixon line. But sounds like something I wouldn't much be on
bah! I don't know how to be above the Mason Dixon in the winter!
I'm the best Terran this side of the Mississippi, & the Mason-Dixon Line, north of St. Pete FL, south of Orlando, & west of Lakeland.
And in an extreme coincidence, most are south of the Mason-Dixon line.
all I said was I want to see a Bama play against a team north of the mason dixon line…..when its like 20 and snowing
"The Civil War is not over." Health and poverty are still affected by the Mason-Dixon line
If you think that's something, try Mason and Dixon.
Been in a cvs for 20 minutes behind the worlds oldest people. Nice folks but I can sense they remember the mason Dixon line. It's snowing!!!
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Now I am north of the Mason-Dixon Line for the first time. Or at least the first time when I'm not in an airport.
Nope, the Mason-Dixon Line was Maryland's exact northern border.
Newest addition to our website! TSD's Mason Dixon Cheerleader Champions!.
part of Md is south of Mason Dixon line, part is north. (I believe)
👍👍👍 I've been to 🇺🇸 lots love it , Florida is warm I could do with ☀️🌴🍹x not sure where the Mason-Dixon Line is 😱😊 x ✌️
Isn't it "you guys" north of the Mason-Dixon line? I do often think that we need a vosotros equivalent.
It's weird how a lot of people don't know that the DMV is considered the south due to the fact we are below the Mason Dixon line .
Wonder if all these outlets that talk this bs know that south of the Mason-Dixon we just keep laughing even harder.
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The woman at the Taco Bell drive through window called me darling... twice. The Mason Dixon line is in the rear view now. Chattanooga bound!
When the mason dixon line ,and i recall one of town.
These people are very far north of the mason dixon line. Not sure works
The Mid-Atlantic Mopar Nationals at Mason Dixon Dragway is always a good show. Enjoy this car from the show.
Finding a chick-fil-a after crossing the Mason-Dixon Line is like looking for water in the Sahara
Thanks everyone who has check this out!!!. Mason Dixon Line - EP via
don't give any of my colleagues who grew up south of the Mason-Dixon line any ideas I can see them calling in already-snow day
Illuminating read for a few reasons, Article gave me a fresh perspective because Oregon is north of the Mason-Dixon line.
Portland was called the most segregated city north of the Mason-Dixon line
that's such a midwest thing and if anywhere else then not below the Mason Dixon
Yes we're under the Mason-Dixon Line but not everyone identifies with the South. And people further North are QUICK to label us as Southern
Treason just south of the Mason Dixon Line.
You knew they were coming for NH. They gotta show they can win above Mason-Dixon Line.
The only thing separating from the is the Mason-Dixon line.
At least I have the best mom in the entire animalia kingdom world species planet galaxy universe both sides of the Mason-Dixon
It's just Trump open mouth kissing his daughter to solidify votes south of the Mason-Dixon Line
I think just about any urban county north of Mason-Dixon Line will meet that criteria
If you live below the mason Dixon line you prob shouldn't talk about Kenya father sound cause half y'all fathers talk the same
with all do respect he won't win a state below the Mason Dixon line.
Ducks lost their QB and C. Turned this game around like when Mason Dixon breaks his hand in Rocky Balboa. lol
send the Cocky Cook back above the Mason Dixon battered and bruised
MD a southern state. We below the Mason Dixon line. And *** nah we don't say that
Below the Mason Dixon line, down where all the girls are fyhhn 😩🎤
B1G teams play many games south of the Mason Dixon line in Dec and Jan. Many every year.
.I have a friend who used to thank his parents for having him born north of the Mason Dixon line!
When is the last time Bama played ANYWHERE north of the Mason Dixon line?
Since the Mason Dixon line represents the division between slave owning states, its implied
We play south of the Mason Dixon line in December and January all the time.
No, SEC teams can't win N of the Mason Dixon line. B1G teams win S of the Mason Dixon line all the time!!
There's a reason SEC teams run spread offenses and don't play north of the Mason Dixon line. They'll lose.
This will be the Pats first home December loss in a 430 start to a member of the bird family north of the Mason Dixon line since 1941
If you were born in MD you are South of the Mason Dixon line!
& I guess the the Mason Dixon line isn't a thing, huh?
Anything below the Mason Dixon line is the south. Point blank. Period. No debate.
The doesn't change the fact that maryland is below he Mason Dixon line.
Me either but the way the Mason Dixon line is set up...
eaaasy chief. Win more than 1 NC in a row and we'll talk. A LOT of hardware below the Mason Dixon line
More like south of the Mason Dixon line
Big ten proving once again that the best football is played above the Mason Dixon line.
Yea but he doesn't play below the Mason Dixon line
You *** think every white male in USA south of Mason Dixon line is a confirmed terrorist
I feel way more comfortable asking for free stuff south of the Mason Dixon line
Do you know where the Mason Dixon line is?
Missouri plays all home games above the Mason Dixon line.
Going to school anywhere near the Mason Dixon line is sickening, I need out 😖
Can we build a Wall at the Mason Dixon line instead of the Rio Grand.
How many "signature" wins does the SEC have north of the Mason Dixon line in the past 20 years? rankings
I've never had Chick Fil A. I'm too far north of the Mason Dixon line lol
Just keep the dancing south of the Mason Dixon line. I wouldn't mind 78 here.
Heading out of town tonight. I have a love hate relationship with states below the Mason Dixon line.
Having lived south of the Mason Dixon line for the last 10 yrs I forgot what darkness at 5pm felt like 😩
Mason Dixon poll shows closing in on Jim Hood. Hood's support hovers just at 50%. Vote Mike Hurst Nov 3!
When I lived in Southern Missouri, South v. North was a big deal. MO is N of Mason Dixon, but has a S mentality
Holdin' her up tight. Make a little lovin'. A little turtle dovin' on a Mason Dixon night. It's my life. Oh so right. My dixieland delight🎶🎶
“Just a casual glance into my day to day life living above the Mason Dixon dying
Da Mason-Dixon Line help separate the north from the south when it is illegal to have the song of our people to play good follow miss molly
I lowkey judge ppl who arent from Texas that say trill, I may give grace if you're from the south but if you're above Mason Dixon line, NO!!
Check it out!! 'Bout to Be a Good Time EP on Mason Dixon & The Backwoods Brotherhood's store!
Slingin' bigotry & sweet sweet artery blockage NORTH of the Mason-Dixon Line!
Catholicism basically reigns from the Mason Dixon northward.
sadly, I'm not at all confident there'd be a different outcome north or west of the mason dixon line.
You *** foreigners never could figure out where the Mason-Dixon line was, huh?
We're from Southern Maryland... that's just south of the mason Dixon line, chill out. I can spit into dc lol.
Tom's Home Cookin': the best Southern food north of the Mason-Dixon - if not anywhere. I'll always…
I make the best *** low-calorie high alcohol content cosmo this side of the Mason-Dixon. 🍸.
Understood. Yes, knuckle-dragging trolls like are more common south of the Mason-Dixon line.
It's Funky Friday! Get down wit yo bad self across the Mason-Dixon Line at World Cafe Live at The Queen in...
"Below the mason Dixon line of your pants"
Massa been trappin since before the Mason-Dixon
These white Southern accents kill me!! Lol! That's how you know when a Black actor is from above the Mason-Dixon line! 😂😂😂
Living below the Mason-Dixon line is a trip let me tell you.
Mason and Dixon by Thomas Pynchon 1st/1st (1997, Hardcover)
1881: crosses the Mason Dixon line to establish the Pennsylvania Tau chapter.
The Episcopal Church wrestles with a pro-slavery history on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line - -
Me. Idc about anything that happens above the Mason Dixon.
"Strong femininity from South of the Mason-Dixon." .
If you from below the mason-dixon line and haven't ever eaten fish & spaghetti together I question your upbringing.
Dear everybody on the planet. OHIO is NOT MIDWEST. every piece of it is EAST of the MISSISSIPPI and NORTH of the MASON DIXON LINE.
i've never been this far south of the mason dixon line son i'm rl in The South™
when going south from Pennsylvania & you enter Maryland, you immediately cross over the Mason-Dixon Line.
Nikkis Roadhouse in Woodstock. The best peeler joint this side of the Mason Dixon. Phenomenal jalapeno poppers
we closed the border at the Mason-Dixon line. We've all filled up with Yankees.
I grew up south of the Mason Dixon. Workin' spittin' huntin' and fishin'. Stone cold country by the grace of God
I've come to the realization that I'm not going to meet my spouse south of the mason Dixon line and I'm learning to be okay wit…
All my worries went away once I went south of that Mason-Dixon
Coolest part of reading Mason & Dixon in hardcover is when you fall asleep reading it in bed and drop an 800-page hardcover book on yr face.
The Mason-Dixon Report - Stripping history from the Civil War
2 shifts stand between us and the weirdest city south of the Mason Dixon.
Mason Dixon has a show on 09/04/2015 at 08:00 PM @ Island Joe's Monkey Island in Afton, OK
Mason Dixon has a show on 08/23/2015 at 10:30 AM @ American Legion Post 639 in Springfield, MO
I'm better than all you Mason Dixon line Appalachian mountain folk
Well when the Civil Rights Bill was passed. No Republican south of the Mason Dixon line voted for it Ok Cletus?
Theta Beta and have crossed the Mason Dixon.
Damnit! I deleted my post thinking it was an old one. Lol . for mine and Mason Dixon birthday were gonna go to...
Testimonial Tuesday: "Best private investigators this side of the Mason Dixon." -Brittany. Call to see first-hand what she is talking about!
Every time Cory Lee, Mason Dixon, and Chelcie Lynn see this post they think
Virginia is below the Mason Dixon line, people in NC just can't read maps.
And John Legend is the freeman who met him on the other side of the Mason Dixon line
Nowadays the highway is more than a road, it's takin over country radio. Move the Mason Dixon line all the way to the edge of the world 🎶
Check out these adorable newborn booties made by my good friend and fellow Mompreneur Heather at Mason Dixon.
well Maryland is south of the Mason Dixon line. So they probably think that makes them southern. But MD was a Union State.
.I like Rubio and hope Mason Dixon is right. Hard to forget this, though.
Belated thanks to for the crispest cut East of the Mississippi and north of the Mason Dixon 👌✂️
You ever get north of the Mason Dixon line?
Apparently kids these days haven't learned that Maryland is south of the Mason Dixon line
and correct me if I'm wrong but one of us lives below the Mason Dixon line. Hint: it isn't you.
it's legal to shoot him below the Mason Dixon line
I thought toilet water was supposed to flush the opposite direction south of the Mason Dixon line? What the *** Austin!
*** was not listening to Jay Z past the Mason Dixon line till 99 but I bet *** had DMX first two LPs on constant rotation
We gotta remind niggahs Jordan was born in BK cuz no way is somewhere south of the Mason Dixon line gonna have full claim of the goat baller
Indiana Gov. Pence signs religious objections bill into law I thought Indiana was NORTH of the Mason Dixon line
must be those light skin chicks above the Mason Dixon line you refer to
Great show Steph. How is it you spent another show doing 'Plane Talk with Steph' & every airline pilot north of the Mason Dixon line
A little turtle dovin on a Mason Dixon line
He left out, "...south of the Mason Dixon line and not from Texas."
maybe south of the Mason Dixon line, we're a long ways off up in New England
The Weather Channel interviewed Joel Osteen about spring and then referenced the Mason Dixon line. I'm out, folks. Guess I'll stick to apps.
LumberJills preparing for first game North of the Mason Dixon line!
I still wanna live below the Mason Dixon line 💕
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