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Masinde Muliro

Masinde Muliro (1922 - August 14, 1992) was a Kenyan politician, one of the central figures in the shaping of the political landscape in Kenya.

Masinde Muliro University Martin Shikuku Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Kenneth Matiba Tom Mboya James Orengo Raila Odinga Musalia Mudavadi Charles Rubia Kijana Wamalwa Paul Muite Ronald Ngala Kiraitu Murungi Gitobu Imanyara Mzee Jomo Kenyatta

TALENT SCHOLARSHIP. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology wishes to extend partial (cont)
Following you from Masinde muliro Celebrating her today
Masinde Muliro Kaimosi Campus (KAFUKO) students NASA affiliated plan to skip Jubilee theatrics rally over the weekend.
Chilling with my bro Masinde Muliro University day well spent
This elachi woman is very tribal she spearheaded a campaign 2remove the VC of masinde muliro uni becau…
the *** who killed Masinde Muliro, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, R Ouko wud b brot to book
History has it that Masinde Muliro moved from KADU to KANU for greater national duty; Wamalwa Kijana's NAK actualised the se…
BACHELOR OF COMMERCE PROGRAM. In pursuit of excellence, Vision Institute has partnered with Masinde Muliro...
Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero has said that the ODM rally scheduled for Sunday at Masinde Muliro grounds in...
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University life at Masinde Muliro can be easy if live by you rules.
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology show ni mbrcha
. Good morning.. Am tuned in at Masinde Muliro University. Good morning Kenya.
Wamalwa: Masinde Muliro said that you needed to have ambition to make it in politics
"If u go to Masinde Muliro the VC must be a Luo, go to Chuka, he must be a Meru.. How can a country be run like that?" PLO L…
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When Egerton and Masinde Muliro guys come to USIU for benchmarking
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you made Masinde's muliro and shikukus bones sat upright, and clapped. Well done.
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Masinde Muliro University gets approval to offer engineering courses
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Congratulation to Masinde Muliro University comrades Sports fraternity.we are Champs,you made us proud http…
People who never check their DMs is a syndrome associated to light skin women, Doctors in Masinde Muliro have published a…
Ha! Masinde Muliro was my grand uncle. I'm named after him, Mutinda Muliro is my gov name. Thanks for the rating 😁
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Yvonne, remember the Masinde Muliro Univ. Engineering students who have been denied registration?
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The Future of Africa,Kenya and Masinde Muliro University lies in the youth like ready to lead comrades and ensure quality.
Here she is..The incoming Masinde Muliro University student leader
Earlier today, I had a chance to pay a courtesy call at the Vice Chancellor's office at Masinde Muliro before...
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MMUST to train students on smart dairy farming: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technolo...
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology has partnered with Smart Dairy Kenya to train students on...
Her name is Sharon Adede. She claims to have the best assets at Masinde Muliro University.…
Akina Egerton, Chuka, Maseno, Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology don't appear anywhere on the list.
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Leadership row erupts at Masinde Muliro varsity A row has erupted between the Vice Chancellor of Masinde Muliro U…
Leadership row erupts at Masinde Muliro varsity
The Role of Youth and Children on Peace building is fundamental in any nation. from PAK Masinde Muliro...
Masinde Muliro Uni MMUST, which sent home its engineering students in April after they protested, is yet to recall them. - DN
Goodmorning its friday and mombasa is kissing s/o to my cuzo redempta @ masinde muliro
Masinde Muliro was great.Only God knows when Western will produce another icon like him.R.I.P. & Wife Mercia Muliro.
Masinde muliro n egerton university have churned out bright kenyans with engineering degrees only for them not to be registered by ERB
Do kenyans know that masinde muliro,egerton n moi university law school students acquired degrees that were not worth of practice in kenya
Just posted a photo @ Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
I join the family of the doyen of our selfless Nationalist politics Mzee Masinde Muliro in mourning the sunset of Mama Marcia Muliro. RIP
Masinde Muliro University of science and technology we are studying online for common courseds
Rest in peace mama masinde muliro. We celebrate your life.
Rest in Peace Mama Mercia Muliro. You stood strong with our hero Masinde Muliro to liberate this nation and for...
Bodies of 10 victims of Garissa massacre from Bungoma county will arrive in BGM @ 2pm then a service @ Masinde Muliro stadium RIP COMRADES
Have just heard in Masinde Muliro University every hostel has a posho mill.
Masinde Muliro did not die for this *** did I just read ?
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Hi & am Joshua representing Masinde Muliro University 🎓 play for me fancy by Iggy azalea
They forgot to tell us we were never told of who killed jm kariuki,Pio Gama Pinto, bishop alex muge,masinde muliro and many more
fact:it is Masinde Muliro eho convinced Oginga Odinga to join Politics in 1952 when they were teaching at Maseno School.
There is a lot of civic education to be done in this country. The word charity for example doesn't seem to make sense to many folks. We are organising a charity walk and Run, yet you have to "pay" for almost every step of the logistics. We have been to a couple of media's explaining the concept of "Tusomeshe Watoto County". Many of our urban friends have understood clearly. That's why for example close to 30 people on this wall of mine have answered present and I salute them. On the other hand for example on Tuesday evening we went to Masinde Muliro University radio. We coherently explained in Luhyia, Swahili and English that "Tu"(we) in Tusomeshe is inclusive. That we are expecting our entire county folks to learn to pull efforts together for a common good. To give back to society. What followed during the listeners call in session totally baffled us. Clearly the Kakamega folk had understood that father Christmas was here a week in advanc ...
Dear Hon.Otieno Kajwang..first R.I.P.hpe u get there well,plz tell JM.Kariuki,Tom Mboya,Robert Ouko,Pio Gama Pinto..the comision of inquiry set 2 investget there cases have nt handed the rport yet...say Hi to Jaramogi,his son has movd on wd Okoa kenya intietve.plz tell Jomo Kenyatta his son Uhuru is back to plac wea he was born and lyk father he also has a kalenjin.V.P.plz tell Wangari..the person hu defended the eviction of pple frm Mau...that al is well.tell saitoti ana Ojode..finally Uhuru is the Prezzo and MoHa of jicho pevu tld us u two were also murderd and that we have county gvnt...Tell Michuki,Matatu Manambas no longer dresd in uniform but Vest,Tell him nowdays we have supreme court...Tell Karume,Kenya power no longer buy electricty posts from hm...plz tell the late KNUT Sec.Gen David Okuta that teachers wnt to boycot the marking of KCPE&KCSE bcoz they hv nt rcvd thea pay hike.Luhya comunity lacks leadership tell Masinde Muliro that Muliro gerden nowdays is an air open logding in western...Fina . ...
Helloo guyz am a student from masinde muliro,kindly i want to knw the reason behind the dlay of ma helb loan plz ma id no.29027250
Bunyala University has been in the works since officially opens its doors in 5 months, in the wings of Masinde Muliro
Obama is the Martin Luther's dream and you're Masinde Muliro's dream.
you been to maseno,egerton,moi n now its uoe Time to consider Masinde Muliro we need the word too cc.
I added a video to a playlist Masinde Muliro song
Akina Charles Rubia, Kenneth Matiba, Masinde Muliro didn't suffer for this!! .
In addressing Uhuru at Governor Lusaka's home coming,Dr.Hon.Boni Khalwale correctly posited,''Mr.President when Kijana Wamalwa,Raila Odinga,James Orengo,Masinde Muliro,Martin Shikuku and Kenneth Matiba fought for the constitution,relationship between members of the public and then provincial admnistration was a frosty challenge.''We can correctly speculate that what annoyed UK is not the message about the county commissioners,but the mention of the names that have occupied their rightful place in Kenyas Democratic hall of fame while UK,MM and Ruto were licking Moi's *** as he unleashed a ruthless provincial administration on innocent citizens.UKs response attests to his insensitivity on salient aspects of our new constitution and disregard of the prevailing mood in the country.Well done Khalwale,you are on the right side of history.
I have remembered the second liberation hereos; George Anyona, Masinde Muliro, Martin Shikuku and James Orengo.what did they stand for?
Truth be told. Luhya unity has been elusive simply because of narrow subtribal agenda. Rivalry between the two big subtribes the BUKUSU and MARAGOLI is squarely to blame. Since the days of Moses Mudamba Mudavadi and Masinde Muliro this two tribes have been competing for supremacy and dominance over the other Luhya tribes. This supremacy war and rivalry continues to date! That's why we have two political kingpins in western Kenya namely Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi. Trust me this two don't see eye to eye and will not be uniting any time soon! This is simply because of supremacy cold war that has existed since the sixties. Thus for the LUHYA NATION to rise and start acting in unison, we must rise and put an end to this confusion! HOW? By simply identifying and grooming another leader from another subtribe except BUKUSU and MARAGOLI! That will be the STARTING POINT! mr mwembe, Namwamba,Paul Otuoma and other emerging leaders should galivernise and rally the LUHYA NATION to relevance in national politi ...
DID MOSES MUDAVADI EVER WORK FOR THE UNITY OF THE ENTIRE LUHYIA NATION OR WAS HE JUST AS HE WAS REFERRED TO,`THE KING OF MULULU`?...`Had another 10years been availed to moses,in all likelihood,the expansive Luhyia family would have come out more cohesive`..Mwai Kibaki.. Are there any signs that like Kijana Wamalwa he worked for the cohesiveness of the Luhyia people and what was his relationship with other Luhyia leaders especially Masinde Muliro?
Good morning pals,,as we wake up to engage in the new week's activities,,i know some who are Man-u fans hv heavy hearts after poorly performing in yesterday's Epl by getting three beatings by chelsea fc.For the Gunners,,they are still flying high as before.Politically,,Weta's homecoming celebrations at Masinde Muliro stadium,Kanduyi left Western Kenya residents with smiling faces after leaders from all the divide assured them to work in unity for the development of the region.All said and done,,may i wish you all a blessed week full of God's blessings.
Something peculiar and perhaps wrong with this folks whose name abbreviate as MM- Musalia Mudavadi, Miguna Miguna, Makau Mutua, Masinde Muliro, Machari Munene, Maria Mutola . something does not add up . Kaballah philosophy says this -The power of a name and its value has long been immortalized in prose, poetry, and religious ceremony. Everyone recognizes himself or herself by name. The question is: how does a name influence a person's character? Let us consider what a name is. It is the grouping of several letters of an alphabet, or other symbols, which represent the identification of a person or an object. The one thing which separates human beings from the animal kingdom is human mind, which has the ability to reason on a conscious level. To think consciously, one must use language. This point is not generally appreciated but it is vitally important. It is impossible to think without language. What allows language to serve in this manner? In the case of languages which have alphabets, letters are place ...
the following people who competed for leadership with Odingas died under mysterious circumstances. 1. Tom Mboya ~ killed in 1969! raila recently turned 69 2. Masinde Muliro killed in 1994 3. Kijana Wamalwa killed in 2003 4. Peter anyang nyongo politically killed in 1997 to 2002. 5. James Orengo killed politically in 1997 to 2002!. 6. RAPHAEL TUJU killed in 2007 to date. 7. Tom MboyaS son Dr. EVANS KIDERO! 8. MOSES WETA_ there was also Dr. Robert Ouko
Orengo became well known for his fight against unjust rule and spent several years in detention as a result. Orengo along with Michael Kijana Wamalwa, Kiraitu Murungi, Raila Odinga, Paul Muite were among the Young Turks who along with Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro and Martin Shikuku brought about the what was termed as Kenya's second liberation, the formed the formidable Forum for the Restoration of Democracy(FORD), a vehicle that nearly pushed KANU the ruling party out of power in the 1992 general election. He is a founding-member of Muungano wa Mageuzi (Movement for Change), a cross party lobby group. Orengo was sworn in as a Minister for Lands in the new Coalition Government formed by the National Accord Act of 2008. This is his first stint as a cabinet Minister. Orengo revealed the sale of the Grand Regency hotel at 2.7 billion Kenyan Shillings (approximately $30 million US). He announced the transfer of ownership from the Central Bank of Kenya to the new Libyan owners had taken place under t ...
Thankyou mr president for your 20 years doing things your way and rubbishing the voice of wanjiku. Lesst you you forget Wanjiku has paid greatly to get Kenya where it is now and dearly. Remember the costs incured by Kenneth Matiba, Masinde Muliro, Railla Odinga Rumba Kinuthia Kibutha kibwana Orengo Lt Wangare mathai Gitobu Imanyara and many more. We have not forgotten !
God is good..all the time. Today i thank God for he is faithful. Congratulation Senator elect Moses Wetangula. and hats off to the Hon Mushikari Kombo for an excellent and Peaceful campaign. As we celebrate let us do so with humility and decorum. Knowing that the road ahead is still long and hard. Comrades thank you all for believing in yourselves to effect change. This is what the late Micheal Wamalwa Kijana, Masinde Muliro, George Welime Kapten, and Martin Shikuku stood and gave their lives for. I am humbled that the good people of Bungoma rode the tide and stood firm, shamming our oppressors in unison, saying resoundingly that we shall not be blackmailed. I extend a hand of friendship and reconciliation to my Brothers and Sisters for whom i have nothing but respect and admiration. They fought long and hard for their candidate but at the end the best man carried the day. To Erick Natembeya and Namuliye Wasike, come let us reason together, and ensure we propel one of our own to state house. To Musalia Mu ...
James Orengo: Kombo travelled with Masinde Muliro who never returned alive. As his name suggests, he's never straight forward!
If the Government is serious with Jubilee Celebrations,Kenyans should be told what led to the deaths of Pio Gama Pinto,Argwings Kodhek,Tom Mboya,Ronald Ngala,J M Kariuki,Titus Adungosi,Robert Ouko,Rev Alexander Kipsang Muge,Masinde Muliro,George Kapten,Father Antony Kaisser,Odhiambo Mbai,George Saitoti and Orwa Ojodeh.How can we celebrate while the above heroes lie in cold blood without any tangible explanation??? The Government should also explain to Kenyans why public service appointments are skewed in favour of certain communities.President Uhuru Kenyatta should tell Kenyans why his father Jomo Kenyatta was biased in sharing the national cake! The President should also tell us why he is favouring his Mt Kenya community in sharing the national cake! I don't see the need for celebrations if these issues are not addressed.
Happy Jamuhuri day dear Kenyans. 50years of independence, we acknowledge how tributes like His Excellency Jaramogi Odinga, Tom Mboya,Masinde Muliro and our own Hon RAILA AMOLO ODINGA faught for thz day,we pay them an attribute,happyday
KenyaI have this begging question that needs one answer. What exactly happened to: Pio Gama Pinto, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko, Masinde Muliro, Mbai Otieno, George Saitoti and more lately Mutula Kilonzo. Do they share a fate?
Kenyatta, Maseno, Masinde Muliro and University of Nairobi are all having their graduation ceremonies this morning.
Some choises that we make and leaders we elect with ignorance will ever haunt us no matter how heard we fight for our democratic rights: can i call Kenyan mps in the elventh parlianment rogue mpigs, blood thirsty vampires, untrust worthy villains, eaters of human flesh n blood, unfeeling beasts and uncapeble of love and pitty for human race and society,,if by grace the likes of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Martin Shikuku, Masinde Muliro, Charles Rubia arises from there grave they will feel sory and ashamed of themself for being denied its freedom(media bill), gained in the yr 1992,. shame on you Jubilee
The oppostion has lost the sight of an antelope for a squirrel. We are really using a short knife to fight this devil. The rule is that when you go to wrestle a devil, you must have a long knife. CORD's tactics have become so porous with plethora of gimmicks and minute action. The old dogs should embrace new tactics or they should usher in and orientate youthful and new gallant soldiers. The Devil is growing and the oppostion is being diluted. This is unhealthy. The "old dogs" like Prof. Nyongo, Otieno Kajwang, Dalmas Anyango, James Orengo and others should hand the button to new brooms like Ababu Namwamba, Hassan Omar, Neto, and others to inject new styles in wrestling the devil Maybe the focus is lost but the ideas which were coined by Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Pio Gama Pinto, Masinde Muliro, Achieng Oneko and the rest will never die. There is hope! But who is the hope? Our youths have copied the vices of our old guards and so the difference is only age otherwise they are the sam .. ...
WITH THIS PARLIAMENT IS THE PRESIDENT SAFE Even when majority Parliamentarians belong to the Party of the President and yet when they pass motions that negate the good relationship of the President and the Citizens or sections of the citizens and/or the global people, how can a majority Parliament such as this be good, be safe and be secure for the Presidency? I doubt because I saw the Parliament that Mzee Jomo Kenyatta used. It consisted of the individuals like the firebrands late Thomas Joseph Mboya, the former Vice-President Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, the late Joseph Martin Shikuku, tough talking Ronald Ngala, Paul Joseph Ngei, Masinde Muliro, the tough introverts like Dr. Njoroge Mungai and Joseph Mbiu Koinange et cetera. People who hailed from different ideological stratifications. They never were of like mind but they ever passed Parliamentary resolutions not as sycophants. I saw the Moi regime with tough Parliamentarians who included the very late Chelagat Mutai, James Orengo, the late Joseph Martin . ...
Hon Moses Wetangula suported Cord coz Musalia Mudavadi had ditched ODM,why did he fought Masinde Muliro,Wamalwa Kijana and Musikari KOMBO?I pity those claiming that he is aluhya kingpinRobert M A Kiberenge who told you that Moses Wetangula is our spokes man?style up
I SUPPORT THE MEDIA BILL.Kenyans we have come 50years far.We have fought for democracy under our GENERAL RAILA AMOLLO TINGA.Our fellow fighters have deserted us Masinde Muliro,Charles Rubia,Kijana Wamalwa,Martin Shikuku,Jaramogi Odinga have been promoted to glory,Martha Karua,Kiraitu Murungi,Willy Mutunga,Njeru Gatabaki and many others have changed clothiwmg.The media was as well pivotal in the democratization process.Today they are cohabiting with the dark forces.The only way to get them back is getting pregnanted by the devil.Kudos Jubilee give them more mandazi and tea.NOT YET UHURU.
Friends, as we mark HEROES day, lets remember people Jomo Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga ,Masinde Muliro, Tom Mboya and others who participated from behind the catain to help us attain freedom from the Colonialist. But at 50years since we got self government and 49 years since we got independence have we achieved the purpose of the heroes? With a bigger percentage of Kenyans still wallowing in poverty are we economically free? With the Kenyan population of almost 50 million still divided along ethnic lines eg coast proclaiming "Pwani si Kenyan "North Eastern sending greetings to the Kenyan people and Longing to come to Kenya, are we socially free? With impunity dominating the political elite,political assassinations, injustices and perception within the Kenyan populence that with money you can do anything do we consider ourselves politically free? Look and see that we still need HEROES WHO ARE READY TO CARRY THE VISION OF THE HEROES TO THE LATTER PLATFORM. Heri mashuja!
Yes it is mashujaa day. I dedicate this day to remember: Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro, Ochieng Aneko, Dedan Kimathi, Tom Mboya, Martin Shikuku, Raila Amollo Odinga,Katana Ngalla and many others who fought for our independence, God bless them.
I today wish to celebrate the efforts of the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga,Masinde Muliro,Martin Shikuku,George Anyona for their fight of our live.
SABA SABA...Today i salute Jaramogi Odinga,Kenneth Matiba,Masinde Muliro,Charles Rubia among others together with young turks Raila Odinga,Gitobu Imanyara,Kiraitu Murungi,Nyang Nyong`o and Paul Muite among others for the democratic gains we are enjoy in kenya...If you think it is for granted,look elsewhere.
Oginga Odinga, Martin Shikuku, Masinde Muliro, George Anyona, Kenneth Matiba,Timothy Njoya' Raila Odinga' Paul Muite, and all other departed and alive heroes of the Saba Saba Movement... We remember your contribution on this day of Saba Saba. Yo forever live in our younger hearts. We owe you a lot in our freedom.
Watching Kenneth Marende and George Khaniri speak on TV about Uhuru and Ruto's deliberate isolation of the Luhya from senior gov't positions, am left with lots of sadness. The land of Masinde Muliro, Martin Shikuku, Moses Mudavadi and the Osogos and Aworis is no more. We elected low grade parliamentarians who have no idea why they went to parliament. None has ever spoken against this blatant injustice being perpetuated against the Luhyas. We have fellows in parliament who can neither express themselves in coherent English or Swahili. The few who can speak are basically cowards, choosing to watch the unfolding events from the sidelines. This is a major lesson we have learnt. Never again shall we elect these mediocre fellows that cannot fight for the interest of the community. We must start early identifying those leaders that can fight for the welfare of our people.
The anti-devolution forces are mobilizing. We are going to 'war' against a tough and determined enemy, the centrist army. Remember, in the last 'war' against majimbo army in 1960s, many experienced and senior generals in the Majimbo army literally defected to the centrist or republican army, then led by 'Gen'.Jomo Kenyatta. History tells us how powerful and highly influencial Majimbo generals such as 'Gen'. Daniel Moi, 'Gen' Ronald Ngala, 'Gen' Masinde Muliro, shamelesslt decamped to centrist army, eaving lieutenant Martin Shikuku alone in the basecamp KADU. Like in the 1960s defections, already there's strong likelihood that 'Gen' Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy 'Maj.Gen'. William Ruto, 'LT'. Najib Balala, 'LT'. Charity Ngilu of devolution army may soon defect to centrist army! Irony is that this time round, it's a Kenyatta who is leading defection. He is therefore not receiving defectors like was the case in the 1960s!
KENYATTA, MOI SEIZED 17% OF WHITE FARMS - TJRC Should this report be implimented??? PRESIDENT Jomo Kenyatta and his successor President Daniel arap Moi grabbed 17 percent of white owned land after independence, according to the TJRC report released on Tuesday. "One sixth of the settler lands were found to have been sold intact to the emerging African elite comprising Kenyatta, his wife, children and close associates. These elites did not even need much money to buy settler farms, as they were also able to raise loans from government bodies such as the Agricultural Finance Corporation and the Land and Agriculture Bank," says the report. The report named Daniel arap Moi, Mbiyu Koinange, Ronald Ngala, Oginga Odinga, Gikonyo Kiano, J.M. Kariuki, Masinde Muliro and Paul Ngei as among Kenyatta's associates who benefited from cheap land allocations. “By 1965, Kenyatta is reported to have been using his position as president to buy numerous settler farms in the White Highlands and also excising and allocating t ...
The ugali-eater, W.M. Musalia has betrayed the spirit of the luhyia nation as espoused by Elijah Masinde, Masinde Muliro & Michael Wamalwa
Can I email u the whole story on how Masinde Muliro Univeristy is serving academic injustice?Very painful one.Nsaidie email yako
Join us at masinde muliro on 22nd as we celebrate international womens day courtesy of MMUST ROTARACT CLUB.All are welcome.
lol watu wa Masinde Muliro HIV gardens are talking? talk about caning your own SMH
Masinde muliro student raped... "dry spell can make some animals roar"
Hi. There's one Masinde Muliro University who have had 2nd yrs out on holiday for almost a year now! Hao watoi wamelia yao yote!
Luhyia nation is with Masinde Muliro, Michael Wamalwa & Budamba Mudavadi couldnt hv bequethed Eugene & Wyclife that mantle
ata ka kenya decided CORD, how did iebc ballot boxes remain at KU of all polling stations?KU? afaa masinde muliro
Masinde Muliro students rioting because "someone forgot to close the door for the chicken house"
K.U is no longer a campus 4 anywan to b in.I HAVE OFFICIALLY TRANSFERED TO "MASINDE MULIRO"wat do u think
I attended the mother of rallies in Nyayo today...and I must say I did learn a lot...Kalonzo Musyoka stands out as a smart orator, an outstanding diplomat and a sober leader..Raila stands out as the face of the liberators war..I heard what he did nott say..he was clear..mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka...Jaramogi did not steal anybody's land, he did not murder anybody...we remembered in a somber mood the deaths of our great fathers JM Kariuki, Tom Joseph Mboya, Ronald Ngala, Masinde Muliro..and later our own University Don Odhaimbo Mbai..indeed the road to liberation as been matter the outcome of Monday's polls, one thing remains clear, no more murders, no more assassinations, no more land grabbing, no more rule of the jungle.time to right the wrongs good people...we cannot afford a digital reversal of the constitutional gains..
Martin Shikuku,Kenneth Matiba,Charles Rubia, Masinde Muliro, Jaramongi Odinga, Wamalwa Kijana,Raila Odinga and other Kenyans talked the talk, walked thetalk and risked limb and life When it came to the fight for reforms and in particular the quest for a true democratic dispensation.Do not let there struggle be in vain. VOTE RAILA VOTE CORD.
The famous words, "we will hold the Kamukunji rally with or without a license". Matiba, Rubia and Raila Odinga (now Prime Minister) were detained a week before the intended day. Failed to take place Despite the meeting failing to take place, Kamukunji became a no go zone on July 7, as riots spread across the city, mostly fanned by university students. The fire had been started, despite Matiba, Rubia and Raila being held. Politicians, among them the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, James Orengo, the late Masinde Muliro, Salim Ndamwe, Salim Ahmed Bamariz, George Nthenge, Philip Gachoka, Paul Muite, Salim Ndamwe, Rashid Mzee, Salim Bamahriz and Martin Shikuku defied the then almost invincible Kanu regime and called for another rally in kamkunji ground those r among the great MASHUJAA
The Bukusu people have really let us down, open your eyes n cast your votes wisely to Raila. Y follow Eugine when he has declared to back Uhuru in case of a runoff??? This means that he has no hope in Musalia, ah come on, does it mean you wanna move with him to Jubelee. This guy is very young politically, infact, he was elected over his late brother Wamalwa but he isn't a leader but a political hopper. Masinde Muliro told you people that leadership will come to Western through Nyanza, this is our time, so y fail the Luhya community? Lets vote for Raila coz Musalia led us down in 2002 when he was seduced with a VP post n early this year by Uhuru n Ruto n later thrown away by this youngmen. How can we trust such a man? A vote to Raila is vote to your life?
THE WAMALWA KIJANA EFFECT Hon. Micheal Kijana Wamalwa remains the gentleman of Kenyan politics of all time.The outspoken young turk stood head and shoulders above his peers in the then Forum for Restoration of Democracy-FORD in the early 1990s.Among its luminaries, were Paul Muite, Gitobu Imanyara, Raila Odinga, Kenneth Matiba, Masinde Muliro, Martin Shikuku and George Anyona.It is for his charisma that the doyen of Kenyan opposition politics the late Jaramogi Odinga picked Hon. Wamalwa as the first vicechairman of Ford-k following the historical and unfortunate FORD split ahead of the 1992 general elections.Had Jaramogi won the 1992 election, he would probably made Wamalwa the vice-president.However as fate would have it, the founder of FORD-K passed away too soon leaving FORD-K in the hands of Hon.Wamalwa. The tussle that ensued within FORD-K was, to use Barrack Muluka’s words, of ‘apocalyptic proportions’.The battle pitted two former comrades in the second generation of young leaders.On one side ...
As we already ha Jomo Kenyatta,Moi,Dedan Kimanthi,Masinde Muliro, Jaramogi Universities in Kenya,why can"t we ha Embu University College bcoming Mwai Kibaki UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMIC GROWTH & if he is not willing let it b SOLOMON NDWIGA UNIVERSITY OF MACHIZI.
WILL THE BUKUSU CAPTURE CHERANGANY MP SEAT 2013? FACTS FILE: - Masinde Muliro was Kitale East mp from 1963-1979, Fred Gumo 1979-1983 then Muliro again 1983-1988 - Maili saba, Bikeke, show ground, Sirende, Milimani, Kibomet, Toro areas dominated by Bukusu were hived to Saboti giving Kipruto Kirwa an easy win in the 1989 by-elections in the newly created Cherangany constituency. - The settlement of kalenjins at ADC milimani in 1998 whose population now stands at almost 10,000 has further rubber stamped kalenjin authority in terms of numbers in cherangany. - The bukusu are banking on Patrick Simiyu to help win the seat but attempts to persuade Kibebe, Karamoja and Buyela to postpone their ambition is yet to bore fruits The hiving of Sirende, Kibomet and Milimani wards to Saboti from formerly Kitale East constituency gave birth to Cherangany constituency with kalenjins as the dominant tribe. - Cherangany elections has been much to do with tribal arithmetics but 2013 is unique in itself because majority of th ...
Does it not *** your conscience when you are inherited from one tribal chief to the other like some form of commodity- from Masinde Muliro to Moses Mudavadi to wamalwa kijana to Musalia Mudavadi. or from Jaramogi to Raila... or from Kenyatta to Matiba to Kibaki to Uhuru. Do you ever pause to consider what all those years of supporting ethnic chiefs has done for you?
I long for the day our kenyan s/heros will be publicly acknowledged and for this reason I will vote Raila Odinga for president this year. His inauguration speech will not miss to mention Koitalel arap Samoei, Mekatilili wa Menza, Chief Otenyo, Dedan Kimathi, The Burning Spear - H.E Jommo Kenyatta, Harry Thuku, Paul Ngei, Achieng' Oneko, Jaramogi Oginga, George Anyona, Koigi wa Wamwere, James Orengo, Martha Karua, Kiraitu Murungi, Masinde Muliro, Waruihiu Itote, Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Charles Rubia, Kenneth Matiba, Joseph Murumbi, Pio Gama, all the people of Kenya and others who Raila remembers better. Vote Raila for president, acknowledge the great men and women of this country.
Mboss Flashback 1991.Kamukunji grounds and the names that come to mind are: Gitobu Imanyara, Paul Muite, Njehu Gatabaki, James Orengo, Martin Shikuku, Raila Odinga, Kijana Wamalwa, Anyang Nyongo, Ooki Ooko Ombaka, Timothy Njoya, Bamariz, Anyona George, Masinde Muliro, Jaramogi, Matiba, Rubia . these are among the selfless men who fought for the freedom I enjoy today posting such comments. Fast Foward to 1992 and u find William Ruto, Musalia Mudavadi, Cyrus Jirongo, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka working hard to erase the gains made by FORD then the main opposition party. Outfits such as YK92 come to mind with and the 500 shilling notes that were printed created the mess we are in today. Well it is time again to vote for a new leadership dispensation in Kenya and for me the best suited midwife for the new constitution is someone who believes in it and has fought for it all through. As Martha Karua says u cannot employ a suspect in your own house or shop but here u are wanting to employ a suspect as our Ne ...
UDF supporters demonstrating in Kakamega town in support for UDF's Musalia Mudavadi a few minutes after CORD's first rally in Kakamega county. They are alleging that Raila used abusive language against one of their own @ Masinde Muliro gardens today. 'Kuku'
Masinde Muliro,Kijana Wamalwa,Mudavadi or any other.who is the father of Western politics? Admin Rob.
Khasani kha papa wo nikhakwa mwiloo socha wamurusiamo. Namwe okhalekha nocha ebukeni? Abaluyia khupare lukali khumakhuwa kali mu Kenya ka Mudavadi owefwe nende Raila omurende wefwe. Mudavadi alatawala Kenya nali Rais. Let us not cheat our brothers we all supported Masinde Muliro as we all supported Wanalwa Kijana. Kibisu and Martin Shikuku stood firm in defence of Elijah Mwangale when Parliament had to decide whether he goes in the ashes or not. Mwangale survived while Kibisu omulogoli was sacked by Jomo Kenyatta. Tufikirie.
Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 00:00 -- BY IBRAHIM ORUKOPresident Kibaki awards a PhD degree in peace and conflict studies to Hesborn Masese at Masinde Muliro University during the 6th graduation ceremony in Kakamega yesterday. Photo/ Samuel Simiti PRESIDENT Kibaki yesterday denied that he was forcing...
TO: WHOM IT MAY BENEFIT OR COMMITED RE: UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AGAINST POVERTY IN AFRICA (UNI-SAPOA) *1000 volonteers needed before Saturday 8th,2012. A programme of the african society against poverty (asapo) that engages the youth to use their motive power; reservoir of enthusiasm; creativity and innovatory drive to transform their lives and empower the african continent out of poverty and deprivation. Students of MMUST & MASENO University Ignite Memories of Masinde Muliro and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga as They Storm the National Scene to Transform Kenya through: The “Youth 4 Youth Empowerment” Initiative Looking for 1,000 Volunteers! There is a Token Appreciation of Ksh 15,000 For each volunteer who succeeds in Recruiting 500 Kenyans into the Project (to be fully funded to tune of 1 million) during the Christmas Holidays Youth 4 Youth Empowerment Facilitating Our Youth to Create their Own Jobs & Wealth right from the Cradle NB:REGISTRATION FORMS ARE FOUND IN: 1.SOMU OFFICE (student centre) 2.Dean of stude ...
Is August the month of doom? Let’s try to analyze together... 22 August 1978: Kenya’s founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta died 1 August 1982: Kenyans woke up to the sounds of gunshots of Kenya Air Force solders who seized power in coup attempt. Bishop Alexander Muge who had opposed many politicians died on August, 1990 14 August 1992: Opposition leader Masinde Muliro died under mysterious circumstances at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. 12 August 1997: The World Bank announced it was withholding the disbursement of $5b in structural adjustment credit to Kenya. 13 August 1997: An attack on the Likoni Police Station where a number of policemen were killed. 7 August 1998: The embassy bombing where over 300 Kenyans died August 2000 many people died in accidents of both railway and road in the Kenya history. Over 200 people died. 23 August 2003: Vice President Kijana Wamalwa died. 27 August 2004: Karisa Maitha died. 22 august 2012: The wife of Michuki and the veteran politician Martin Shikuku dies…. ...
Historically, the month of August has always been the darkest month in Kenya as far death of prominent personalities are concerned. It started with our founding father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta in 1978, Masinde Muliro, Emmanuel Karisa Maitha, Michael Kijana Wamalwa, and now Martin Shikuku Oyondi.
An Indian man was found busy on the act of mking love with a Luo woman on the benches of Kisumu Municipal Stadium. i thought benches zilikuwa ni za Masinde Muliro peke yake
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