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Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore (born December 29, 1936) is an American actress, primarily known for her roles in television sitcoms.

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Love & prayers to Mary Tyler Moore's family & friends. Her smile will always be be in our hearts >>
TBH Della Stree was a *much* bigger part of my childhood than Mary Tyler Moore, as much as I loved her.
- John Hurt, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Hale, Miguel Ferrer, Mike Connors, *** Gautier...all in one week.
Mary Tyler Moore, Mike Connors, and Barbara Hale all died this week. All of them have shows currently running on
Mary Tyler Moore earlier this week. Now John Hurt. I see 2017 is picking up right where its predecessor left off.
Mary Tyler Moore quoting Dorothy Parker, "What other people have to say about me is none of my business".
"Sunday Morning" anchor Jane Pauley remembers Mary Tyler Moore as the ultimate role model
. Professor Robert Thompson remembers Mary Tyler Moore as the woman who changed the world with her smile
2 the legacy of Mary Tyler Moore & & women's March like me Mr Ali Obama & Michael Jackson fo…
just finished watching tribute to Mary Tyler Moore and saw actor Mike Connors passed at 91. was perfect as good guy de…
A day after Mary Tyler Moore, we say goodbye to "Mannix" star Mike Connors. He was 91
Mary Tyler Moore, Grant Tinker, Allen Ludden and I had some of the best times of my life together. She was special. https:…
.praised Mary Tyler Moore as "one of the few single working women depicted on TV at the time."
Jimmy Fallon got choked up as he recalled Mary Tyler Moore's role in his childhood and his family.
Looking back at Mary Tyler Moore's life and career.
Mary Tyler Moore died at 80?. Bridget Bardot is 82?. Marlo Thomas and Jane Fonda 79?. Raquel Welch 76?. They couldn't stay young waiting for me?
"I got my guitar out and picked the song for [James L. Brooks] and he said 'Sing that again.'" RIP Mary Tyler Moore.
Rancho Mirage resident Gavin MacLeod, who played the writer Murray Slaughter, and others remember Mary Tyler Moore:
RIP Mary Tyler Moore. 2016 strikes again its first victim in the year 2017. that's right it was still the year 2016 that took her
Melissa Rycroft sure looks like Mary Tyler Moore.right?!? I knew she reminded me of someone...& finally just...
Thank you Mary Tyler Moore for inspiring me and paving the way for women to be funny and to be leads. We'll keep going for yo…
We’re live, discussing Michael Bay’s Trump film and the late Mary Tyler Moore
:. Good news for those who love the "Mary Tyler Moore" show. our sister station ME-TV Jackson plans to...
Legend *** Van *** (Wrote this powerful tribute to Mary Tyler Moore
Decided to watch Robert Redford's Ordinary People once again just to see Mary Tyler Moore perform her Oscar nominated role.
Which TV show did Mary Tyler Moore appear on prior to getting her own show?. A. That Girl. B. Leave It to Beaver. C.
I am sticking to books and babies, but sometimes it's hard. Love this quote from Mary Tyler Moore, with whom I...
Talking the impact Mary Tyler Moore had on pop culture when joined &
Statement from Robert Redford on Mary Tyler Moore, whom he directed in 'Ordinary People'
Mary Tyler Moore has left us, so has Florence Henderson in recent times. I hope Marion Ross (Mrs Cunningham) is doing okay!!! Legends!
I forgot Mary Tyler Moore had her own Production company!
Reaction to the passing of legend Mary Tyler Moore when joins & next:
Candice Bergen (Murphy Brown!) talking about Mary Tyler Moore on the Today Show. All I need now is Holly Hunter from "Broadcast News".
Trump needs to adopt late great Mary Tyler Moore quote. . "It's none of my business what people thin…
I was thinking of the brandy Alexander scene from the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Robert Redford on casting Mary Tyler Moore in her Oscar nominated role
Robert Redford, Mary Tyler Moore and Donald Sutherland on the set of Ordinary People (1980). .
Robert Redford, Carol Burnett and more stars pay tribute to 'rare and enormously powerful' Mary Tyler Moore
For female journalists, Mary Tyler Moore Showed us the life we wanted
US actress Mary Tyler Moore, who captured the hearts of millions on The *** Van *** Show and her own eponymous...
A great moment in television is when Oprah was surprised by her hero, Mary Tyler Moore.
I love Mary Tyler Moore, as both a comedian and she taught me so much. Good show Mary.
Hollywood actress, Mary Tyler Moore dies at age 80
We're not crying watching Oprah meet her hero Mary Tyler Moore for the first time, she is:
MTM, Mary Tyler Moore. Rest In Peace. You were about your Business. You Owned it! Thank you.🙏🏾🌹
Speechless about Mary Tyler Moore. I've been watching her since I was very little. Huge inspiration. RIP
.on how Mary Tyler Moore changed America with feminism, TV, and comedy
Mary Tyler Moore will always be immortalized in Minnesota. My thoughts are with her family and loved ones today.
RIP to iconic funny lady Mary Tyler Moore.
This is Mary Tyler Moore's star tonight on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Growing up, I wanted to live in Mary Tyler Moore's apartment. Thank you for the inspiration.
Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. -Mary Tyler Moore
James L. Brooks remembers Mary Tyler Moore: "She was brilliant. Nobody ever found the thing she couldn’t do"
You finally made it after all! Well done, Mary Tyler Moore. Well done!!
Death of actress Mary Tyler Moore removes last obstacle staying hand of Marshal Kim Jong-Un from unleashing his wrath agains…
Ooh, wee-ooh, I look just like Buddy Holly. Oh, oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore. R.I.P., Mary!
Mary Tyler Moore passed away today at the age of 80—take a look back at her historic career
Thank you for all you did for animals, Mary Tyler Moore. You will be sincerely missed.
*** Van *** pens an emotional tribute to Mary Tyler Moore after her death:
Mary Tyler Moore: a true cultural icon who changed the face of television. . A great lady
A piece of Mary Tyler Moore history is on the market via
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NEW: Legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore has passed away at 80 years old, her longtime rep says.
*** Van *** on Mary Tyler Moore: "There are no words. She was THE BEST!"
Mary Tyler Moore's style influenced millions of women around the world
We're remembering Mary Tyler Moore, who turned the world on with her smile.
Ed Asner on Mary Tyler Moore: "I will never be able to repay her for the blessings that she gave me." http…
Mary Tyler Moore's Great Grandfather was Lewis Moore. His Virginia home was also used by Stonewall Jackson. Now a m…
My all time favourite Mary Tyler Moore episode: the singles bar. "I don't want to be on television!"
Yes, James L. Brooks. Trivia: in Mary Tyler Moore Show open, he's 1 of the joggers at the lake
🌿Not only was Mary Tyler Moore a beloved Icon, she was an activist. Working with
Michael Keaton, Connie Britton, Uzo Aduba and more stars pay tribute to Mary Tyler Moore:
What TV show was his wife on? I'm sure she's a nice lady but she's no Mary Tyler Moore.
RIP Mary Tyler Moore. I loved your show as a youngster...
Mary Tyler Moore's achievements are for the ages. Van *** show, HER show, Ordinary People, MTM cat logo. Definition of an ico…
creator remembers Mary Tyler Moore: "She was grace personified"
In memory of Mary Tyler Moore, I'm watching my first-ever episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. I'm loving it so far!
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Mary Tyler Moore was a trailblazer in every way. The newsroom was never the same after her show. Heaven just got a new an…
I liked a video from the Mary Tyler Moore Show intro final season theme song 480p
Mary Tyler Moore's tossing up her hat in her show’s title sequence became a joyous symbol of female independence
R.i.p. Mary Tyler Moore. My heart is broken to hear about this. Use to watch her show when I was younger, love her. ❤😢
R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore . I loved watching her on the *** Van *** Show and also with Ed Asner on the show named...
Mary Tyler Moore a class act and an inspiration to all of us who watched MTM Show growing up. As a child women like her inspired me
She brought the newsroom into our living rooms on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and became a TV icon. Mary Tyler Moore has passed…
Carl Reiner (94!) remembers the day he discovered Mary Tyler Moore, when she auditioned for 'The *** Van *** Show' https:…
The world lost another icon with the passing of Mary Tyler Moore today. Learn about her life in her own words:…
If you want to ugly cry all day: Here's Oprah when her idol, Mary Tyler Moore, surprised her on her show:
Beyond her historic show, Mary Tyler Moore will be remembered for her work with juvenile diabetes. You will be missed.
Mary Tyler Moore was one of heroes. She had never met her in-person until MTM surprised her while she was taping her s…
Much more to Mary Tyler Moore than Mary Richards via
It would be more appropriate to have a Brandy Alexander in honor of Mary Tyler Moore, but a…
How great was Mary Tyler Moore? She made me *DESPISE* her as OrdinaryPeople's Beth Jarrett & love her as Mary Richards
RIP Mary Tyler Moore. She'll always be remembered every time someone plays Buddy Holly by
Opinion: Mary Tyler Moore taught us to face changing times with joy and spunk via
Legendary Actress Mary Tyler Moore Dies at 80 GOOD BYE MARY. Loved and missed by America. You made us laugh!
So sad to hear the news about Mary Tyler Moore. She seemed like an amazing woman. 🙏🙏🙏
Thank you Mary Tyler Moore for paving the way for us ladies in comedy. You trailblazed the way for us to be confident &…
We loved her!. It was impossible not to... Mary Tyler Moore (1936 - 2017)
New post: "Ed Asner says Mary Tyler Moore had spunk, and this time he liked it"
This is great. All the feels. Watch Mary Tyler Moore Surprise an Utterly Ecstatic Oprah via
Laura Petrie, beloved character immortalized by Mary Tyler Moore, was inspired by your wife Estelle. True? Saddened by her loss.
Remembering 5 of her best TV and film moments
Mary Tyler Moore, you're gonna make it after all. ❤️
Julie Andrews calls the late Mary Tyler Moore a "joy to work with."
A cap in the air and a silence in our heart. Forever her smile and laughter will be with us. RIP Mary Tyler Moore.
The opening credits of the Mary Tyler Moore Show are an encapsulation of a gorgeous 1970's melancholia and i'm not even at the hat-throw.
In the wake Mary Tyler Moore's death, CBS and PBS have tribute specials in the works
I hope Mary Tyler Moore is breaking into heaven just like this...
Mary Tyler Moore was a Minnesota icon, an example of women's leadership, an inspiration for a generation. We will miss he…
As a 70's child, Butch Trucks of the Allman Bros and Mary Tyler Moore were woven in to the fabric of all my entertainment. Such talent
Join us in honoring Mary Tyler Moore. Pay tribute to everything she is, was and will always be at
"Mary Tyler Moore" left her home + jerk boyfriend to create a new life in a new city. In 1970. The importance of that can…
Mary Tyler Moore rocking the awesome Fran Tarkenton jersey.
MARY TYLER MOORE her statue on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis, MN
Mary Tyler Moore: a life in pictures
An icon, a role model, and a fellow Immaculate Heart Panda. Mary Tyler Moore, you'll be missed dearly ❤️
Take chances. Make mistakes. That's how you grow. - Mary Tyler Moore
The NYT obituary for Mary Tyler Moore, the actress who incarnated the modern woman on TV
Join us as we celebrate a legend on "Mary Tyler Moore: Love is all Around", Tomorrow on
i agree with you Cloris. There will never be. Another one like Mary Tyler Moore
The story behind Mary Tyler Moore's iconic hat toss — and all the pop culture tributes it inspired http…
"You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you." Mary Tyler Moore.
I just loved the Mary Tyler Moore Show. A fond memory from my early teen years.
Mary Tyler Moore was appointment TV for me & my mom. I grew up watching her- she was 1 of my favorites. My sympathies to he…
How Mary Tyler Moore helped define a new vision of American womanhood
Mary Tyler Moore, beloved TV actress, dies at 80.
Look! It's me and at the Mary Tyler Moore house last year. :)
"…like the region it purported to represent, 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' was steady, comfortable and fad-resistant." h…
*** Van *** reflects on working with the late Mary Tyler Moore.
She could turn the world on with her smile … and arm. Mary Tyler Moore could do it all.
To all her fans! "Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it's breaking... "RIP" Mary Tyler Moore 💔Dec.…
Mary Tyler Moore changed the world for all women. I send my love to her family.
Even now looking at this picture I want to cry. I still can't believe Mary Tyler Moore touched my face. Will love her 4 ever. h…
My reaction to anyone who didn't love Mary Tyler Moore.
Mary Tyler Moore surprising Oprah will always be a favourite moment
Reports: Actress Mary Tyler Moore has died at the age of 80.
The opening to "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" is one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen or heard.
Hats off to the late Minneapolis legend, Mary Tyler Moore. Our thoughts are with her family and friends. 📷: Jerry Holt -
Mary Tyler Moore, who changed depiction of women, dies at 80.
Not sure why Mary Tyler Moore's passing stings so much. Guess she reminds us that there were once celebrities famous for…
Mary Tyler Moore provided so many laughs in our household. I found my own Laura Petri/Mary Richards in Anna-Marie.
Rest in peace Mary Tyler Moore. You made us smile as Laura Petrie and Mary Richards. Thankfully, you managed to avoid Trump's presidency.
Mary Tyler Moore is gone. As Laura Petrie, & Mary Richards, she was a neighbor, friend & role model. More on
Onscreen and onstage, Mary Tyler Moore was more than Mary Richards or Laura Petrie
Hard to think of Mary Tyler Moore in the past tense. Happily, Mary Richards will always be with us.
Thank you Mary Tyler Moore for inspiring so many young women-like me-through Mary Richards!
Mary Tyler Moore. Jimmy Stewart. James Garner. Shelly Winters. Phyllis Diller. Basically Anyone who was a regular on Joh…
Mary Tyler Moore may not have intended to become a feminist icon, but playing Mary Richards made her one. RIP, lady. T…
It's easy to forget what a trailblazer Mary Tyler Moore was. Mary Richards was a sitcom character whose crazy trait was…
‘She could turn the whole world on with her smile’: Connie Britton, others react to Mary Tyler Moore death…
Oprah's reaction after being surprised by Mary Tyler Moore (her all-time favorite) will always make me smile. RIP Mar…
Gemma Teller working with Mary Tyler Moore!! looks so innocent in this pic! What a precious memory to s…
R.I.P Mary Tyler Moore. I think it's safe to say that we all now have *** Van *** as the next draft pick in our 2017 celebrity death pool.
The death of iconic actress Mary Tyler Moore has former co-stars and famous fans expressing their grief ht…
I heard Mary Tyler Moore passed away this afternoon. ☹️ I will miss her so much. When I get home tonight I'm...
“Mary Tyler Moore deserves a spot in the pantheon of great comic actresses.”. —Robert Thompson, TV historian.
Before Peggy Olsen, Leslie Knope, Liz Lemon, Murphy Brown and Pam Beesly there was Mary Tyler Moore, an icon and pi…
RIP Mary Tyler Moore great actress (mother from *** in Ordinary People) & driving force behind iconic shows like L…
Mary Tyler Moore was brilliant beyond her time. Ask Robert Thompson at how influential the MTM model was in television.
I grew up dreaming of Minneapolis: Janet Jackson made it cool; Prince made it weird; Mary Tyler Moore made it possible.
So strong, so courageous and so beautiful. Rest In Peace, Mary Tyler Moore.
RIP Ms. Mary Tyler Moore. One of the pioneers of televised Girl-Power.
I feel like saying "actress Mary Tyler Moore" is like saying "Baseball player Jackie Robinson." So reductive to someone who changed so much.
BREAKING: TV legend Mary Tyler Moore has died at 80
I finally have a hit in the Stanhope Celebrity Death Pool with Mary Tyler Moore, I feel kind of awful.
RIP Mary Tyler Moore. Thanks for teaching women it's ok to have spunk... even in a world full of grumpy old men who hate spunky women.
Had the pleasure of meeting Mary Tyler Moore at a charity do once. She was surprisingly down to earth, and VERY funny.
Mary Tyler Moore (Dec 29,1936–Jan 25,2017) The amazing gal in the *** Van *** Show and the Mary Tyler Moore Show
Mary Tyler Moore was best known for her starring role on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which earned 29 Emmy Awards ... htt…
RIP to legendary Mary Tyler Moore who died today at 80 years old. Full story >>>
RIP Mary Tyler Moore. I'm so very sad to see this amazing woman leave us. I wish you beauty and radiance in your passi…
Mary Tyler Moore, leading actress and a symbol of women’s liberation, dies at 80
I wanted to be Mary Tyler Moore when I was a young girl.
I was answering Kati incorrectly here instead of in messages. She's talking about Mary Tyler Moore. I'll add you to the message.
This look reminds me of the *** Ted Baxter on Mary Tyler Moore Show. He too thought everyone loved n admired him.
makes me feel old. We never went out on Saturday night because of mash, Mary Tyler Moore, The Bob Newhart Show, Car…
Have my DVR set for The *** I think Kaitlin Olson can be in that tier with Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, JLD, Carol Burnett.
What about Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore & Bob Newhart new time slot
Early career ambition: to be a window dresser, a la Rhoda Morgenstern (on Mary Tyler Moore Show)
Sat. night 1970s-80s was all about MASH, All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart Show. BEST TV EVER!
Before Tina Fey, there wasy Mary Tyler Moore, a pioneer in TV feminism
Happy 80th Birthday, Mary Tyler Moore! Thank you for demonstrating an unwavering commitment to our vision to achieve a world with…
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Happy 80th birthday, Mary Tyler Moore!. If you perchance happen to be dead upon reading this, please do not let us know until Monday morning.
actress/producer Mary Tyler Moore (b.1936). Here she is as Beth in Ordinary People (1980), which ea…
Mary Tyler Moore is alive and well and that's something to be excited about
Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. ~Mary Tyler Moore
..or go for 3: If Steven Tyler married Mary Tyler Moore could she be Mary Tyler-Moore-Tyler?
My theory is it was developed by the MTM generation of writers for "Mary Tyler Moore" and "Bob Newhart," since "Cheers" is in that lineage?
And.thanks again channel for Mary Tyler Moore Shows back to back on Thursday 👍
Yup. *** Van *** Show, Mary Tyler Moore, Carol Burnett Show. Mom put me in a playpen, turned on the TV & fell asleep on couch.
Drinking at ur desk? what are you, Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?. I know that may be a way too old reference 4 U
So do I! Lou Grant was the boss on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
I liked a video Cloris Leachman, Mary Tyler Moore, Valerie Harper exclusive with Katie Couric for
or Gavin McLeods Murray from the Mary Tyler Moore Show
to you all! I'm thrilled about today's early morning Mary Tyler Moore inspired photo-shoot, c/o
Can I just move into the "Mary Tyler Moore" house in Mpls as a curator? (I promise to be polite to curious passers-by)
10/ Thank you to two of hearts of the diabetes advocacy movement Mary Tyler Moore and Robert Levine
Whee-ooh, Chris Farren looks just like Buddy Holly,. Whoa-oh and Jeff Rosenstock's Mary Tyler Moore
Not to be mean but Al reminds me of Ted Baxter from the Mary Tyler Moore Show reporting election results during a blizzard.
Perfect pic of E, but I'm pretty sure Mary Tyler Moore was given "Hollywood" urine-free leaves.…
Another occasion checked off of the Minneapolis to-do-list--Lunch at the Mary Tyler Moore table…
I look just like Buddy Holly. and you're Mary Tyler Moore 💑🌹
I only keep Hulu because it has Mary Tyler Moore, twilight zone, and a couple other shows
I have also always been called "nice". Thoughts of Mary Tyler Moore would pop into my head. Gullible and nice, both I was so tired of being.
They are saying "Lou" because they thought he was that Mary Tyler Moore guy
I'm hearing Mary Tyler Moore as Laura Petrie in my head saying, "Oh Rob!"
I'm not as charming as Mary Tyler Moore, but I would be mesmerizing in "The Married Tired *** show".
Look who showed up on the Mary Tyler Moore Show...Monte was such a handsome fellow wasn't he? :)
This is a great show intro though. Mary Tyler Moore was a great show.
he looks like Ted Baxter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show
mom just said she's proud of me that my idea of a wild Saturday night is drinking wine with one friend&watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show
Remember the Mary Tyler Moore Show (how could you forget ;-))? Well, the home featured in the opening credits is...
Well now she can also star in a reboot of the *** Van *** Show as Mary Tyler Moore's character as well
Happy Birthday to actor, Ed Asner. The loveable grump from the Mary Tyler Moore Show is 87…
Man, if it wasn't for the Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore & Mannix marathons...and Haagen Dazs. And bottles of red...
I'm under 40. I knew who Buddy Holly was before Weezer. (and Mary Tyler Moore)
It is very important to get over it, it is OK to get mad, it is not OK to stay mad...Mary Tyler Moore Show.
A pilot as perfect as The Mary Tyler Moore Show's is.
Does Chris Myers know something we don't ? I swear he's auditioning for the part of Ted Knight in a Mary Tyler Moore Show remake
Aw I completely agree but don't drag Mary Tyler Moore into this sordid mess!
Just saw new On The Story commercial with Mary Tyler Moore theme. What a great idea! Kudos to HLN marketing. Love your show!
Went to a book sale at the big public library and bought Lana Turner's and Mary Tyler Moore's autobiographies
Feeling down about the election? take a break w/The Mary Tyler Moore Show on It pairs well with a box of Bugles & soda.
The Mary Tyler Moore, only with a jacket.
"Sometimes you have to get to know someone really well to realize you're really strangers." ~Mary Tyler Moore
Yes, so very funny! It's has Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Channing in it as well, it's just brilliant!x
do u really fancy yourself some mary tyler moore? You're not!
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I only like pious shows or ones with Mary Tyler Moore that aren't black and white
*Joins in. Phone rings. We all shuffle over like the Mary Tyler Moore finale*
Yes, that's how I do it! Party Down, Mary Tyler Moore, Ab Fab etc...
BRB writing 8,000 pieces about why the Mary Tyler Moore Show is so absolutely perfect
My relationship with the Mary Tyler Moore Show might actually be the longest relationship of my life, save for the one with my parents
It's a Saturday night and I'm watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show with my best friend and this is 100% good with me
Since when did horrible 70's fashion become the thing?!? At Target walking by the ladies clothes and I think Mary Tyler Moore wore all this.
Ted Baxter, on Mary Tyler Moore Show, lost election. 'The people have spoken and if that's who they want, the *** with them.'
📷 American actress Mary Tyler Moore (in yellow at center), as Mary Richards, walks down a crowded city...
Mary Tyler Moore was a working woman whose story lines were not always abou...
Fitting that the new QB is Rhoda when you consider the Mary Tyler Moore Show was in Minneapolis imho
Kreisberg & Adler are pitching it as a Lou Grant/Mary Tyler Moore relationship. . That's an incredibly high bar.
There are two kinds of cloning right now. One is therapeutic cloning...
"You might not make it after all." Me, in a Mary Tyler Moore Show reboot
I just realized I have been singing the Mary Tyler Moore theme all week long.
.I just saw the Mary Tyler Moore themed commercial.. I loved it! Such a good idea!
Because of the enormous responsibility, diabetic kids tend to grow u...
☹️☹️ oh. So when i get compared to Mary Tyler Moore it's because I am naive or a pushover or too earnest? oh. ☹️☹️
I've decided to watch the Mary Tyler Moore Show, mostly to figure out how to feel about people comparing me to her most my adult life
Work Selfie cuz I was alone in the newsroom. Werkin' that "Mary Tyler Moore" look as per…
we're working through GI, Petty Coat, Mary Tyler Moore Show and Charlie's Angels :)
Erica, I love the Mary Tyler Moore song on your TV commercial. Very creative, and you resemble a young Mary. Love the song. Thx
OOoo We OOooo I look just like Buddy Holly/Oooh hh You're my Mary Tyler Moore
I mean, I know that Mary Tyler Moore did. Maybe that's who he saw with Trump.
I want to walk through the door and find Mary Tyler Moore
I love watching The Bob Newhart Show, Mary Tyler Moore, and Taxi every Sunday night on TV.
Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore *and* Taxi? Now that's Sunday night. Thank you
Y now it's time for the dunkey show starring Mary Tyler Moore. Oh, fart.
Ordinary People is Starz Classics. One of my favorite sad movies. My mother is so the Mary Tyler Moore character.,
Fashion week said the 70s are back so I took a cab like Mary Tyler Moore.
Duck blow out is is in the works! We want our team to have a coaching staff that is not waiting for Mary Tyler Moore reruns.
Been watching an ungodly amount of Mary Tyler Moore (i'm a 25 year old man). Time to switch it up & watch a motion picture movie.
Can't wait for the Roast of Mary Tyler Moore on MTV
Leslie Jones should star in a Mary Tyler Moore series remake.
📷 I’ll be hopping on and off the Inktober train this month. Been watching a bunch of Mary Tyler Moore -...
Last night I dreamed I was producing a cabaret show with too many stars so I had to cut Mary Tyler Moore's number and I was d…
If I ever get a boyfriend, I'm making us go as Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore for Halloween
The way Westwood is playing, he wouldn't beat Mary Tyler Moore
my favorite sitcom moment is still either the Thanksgiving ep of WKRP or the clown ep of Mary Tyler Moore
... as it's what appears to be an old maid making it in the city. Lead independent female star 7 years before Mary Tyler Moore.
Brad Pitt and Jolie are full of themselves-loved meeting Tony Bennett and Mary Tyler Moore & Joan Rivers
Oooh wheee oooh I look just like Badr Hari Oooh wheee oooh and you're Mary Tyler Moore
Interviewed the wonderful and talented The world is ready for a trans 'Mary Tyler Moore' show - please!
I added a video to a playlist Able Tasmans - Mary Tyler Moore
2 left in the Mary Tyler Moore tunic! Don't miss out!
To me, it wasn't 'Star Wars' that shaped me; it was more 'Mary Tyler Moore' and, nowadays, '
Trump is to the Presidency as Chuckles the Clown was to the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
Watching a Mary Tyler Moore episode where Lou's nephew tells everyone he had sex with Mary. It's not funny. Was it ever?
Best Male Video sounds more like Mary Tyler Moore making a go of life.
Mary Tyler Moore -- I want this framed and hanging in my apartment, asap!
if you get the chance to go to St Paul, the Peanuts statues *** all over Mary Tyler Moore
"Change of Habit" Enjoying this old flick with Elvis Presley & Mary Tyler Moore! Elvis was good-lookin😘
53 years ago today. . . Mary Tyler Moore and Keenan Wynn play 'You Don't Say!' with Tom Kennedy in color on
Hard to believe Mary Tyler Moore Show ended 40 YEARS AGO!!! Still fresh as can be. Networks today don't want shows like this.
TFW when you put on the Sonny Curtis instead of Sammy Davis Jr. version of the Mary Tyler Moore theme song.
Catching up on *** James L. Brooks has the best laugh! Also, the Mary Tyler Moore Show is one of my all-time favs.
I’m watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show instead of
dude, Mary Tyler Moore never even lived in Minnesota she just set her TV show here and we all ADORE HER
Every time Mary Tyler Moore gets a new hairstyle on the show, I encounter a new emotion
Oh who was that reporter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show?
Growing up, we only had US TV in Bangkok, so Mary Tyler Moore Show was SEMINAL. .
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