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Mary Slessor

Mary Mitchell Slessor (2 December 1848 – 13 January 1915) was a Scottish missionary to Nigeria.

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P-Square Bless Mary Slessor - she fought to convince 19th Century Nigerians that there was nothing wrong with...
“Blessed is the man and woman who is able to serve cheerfully in the second rank - a big test.” Mary Slessor…
"A gracious woman has gracious friendships." Mary Slessor
So,if it was the time of Mary slessor,I would have been slaughtered and my other siblings too. Issorai
Uno ... I personally don't think Mary Slessor is given enough credit.
Here is a beautiful example in Scottish missionary Mary Slessor.
I don't think I was ever a big fan of history. But anytime I hear the name 'Mary Slessor', I easily relate to the...
This one is for Adeola Mary Slessor. Nkapi of Lagos or any where else.
Sculptors sought thro Charles Jencks and Chair of the Mary Slessor Trust; both know sculptors who have sculpted the…
Calabar steet lights end at Mary slessor, beyond is a village. .
Help us to be like Jim Elliot, William Carey, the Apostle Paul, George Grenfell, Mary Slessor and CT Studd. Disturb us, to…
Eni Njoku (1st VC UNILAG) to mention a few.The establishment of the school was a joint collaboration of missionaries including Mary Slessor.
re slavery, Christians like David Livingstone, William Wilberforce, S Ajayi Crowther, Mary Slessor were doing the opposite.
Our History, things they don't teach us in school. They don't know more than Mungo Park, Mary Slessor, Lord Luggard…
What nonsense is this one saying? You had to put girls on leash to liberate women?. Oshey Mary Slessor...
And K. Annand w'drew UN peacekeepers. Mary Slessor shrieks from her grave.
Mary Slessor. A missionary who successfully fought against the practice of killing twins in infancy,
Mary Slessor,Florence Nightingale and the like have nothing on that ferocious fire her mind of course.
A whole Adeola Mary Slessor is not ordinary oo
Mary Slessor saved countless lives by changing attitudes to infanticide. More about this hero of the faith:…
Mary Slessor gan gan will not do this. Solo Educated sub
She saved hundreds of twins from being murdered. Who was Mary Slessor?:
Government officials led by the Deputy Governor taking a quick break on Mary Slessor Roundabout along the 12km...
Lmaooo yes. MLK fought for just the men nau. Mary Slessor fought for the killing of twins when a female is involved. :-) :-)
please Educate me on Rosa Parks and Mary Slessor thank you. Magaret Ekpo too
Mary Slessor jejely felt the killing of twins was repugnant and fought against it. She gets the tag today.
Mary Slessor did not not achieve this by slight misandry. You cannot vilify your partner when he's holding a ladder…
My Mary Slessor missionary stories are now infinitely more terrifying...
Mary Slessor, the woman who stopped the killing of twins
In 2009, Mary Slessor was honoured by Clydesdale bank during their World Heritage Series and the Famous Scots Seri…
You can't tell Calabar's story without mentioning the 'Queen of Okoyong,' Mary Slessor lived with the Okoyong...
Did You Know: Mary Slessor was also described as 'Queen of Okoyoung.'
Thank God for Mary Slessor who, according to history, stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria.
Mary Slessor in Scotland with her four adopted Nigerian children 1898. A nation open to all.
You dress up all fine and dandy at 7pm.. To go Mary Slessor.. To keep the nights watch.. *** like you. 😂
50 years of nothing but pure greatness. The great Duchess, Margaret Thatcher, Mary Slessor,…
But were we actually taught about those things? Were you well taught about Mary Slessor or Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti?
Drying off in admiring the Mary Slessor stained glass - love it here
Who can tell me who Mary slessor is ?
£10 actually. The front has Mary Slessor on it.
"She came with her twin, Shoutout to Mary Slessor"
Someone is blaming Mary Slessor for this Taiwo trend...😂😂😂
Early birds are getting their T-shirt now at Mary Slessor roundabout, Calabar
Na dis kind news dey please Adeola Mary Slessor
Some folks used to abandon twin babies in the forest to die. Mary Slessor came along, helped stopped the practice. Marriage needs a Slessor.
Intanationa ezposur is flowing in your blood, MARY SLESSOR
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And GBAM! Says Adeola Mary Slessor 🙌. One Nigerian in the abroad that is passionately Nigerian 😎
Red-headed Scottish Missionary Mary Slessor regularly risked her life to plant churches amongst the cannibal tribes in Nigeria. 1848-1915
Is Mary Slessor's house still standing?Do schoolkids know Benin moat or will their parents allow them visit the palace
The movie of featured the ghost of Mary Slessor gliding thru darkened chip shops while lard crackled...
I really appreciate recess time on school days. It is so lovely outside today. I got to read more of a missionary story on Mary Slessor.
“Lord, the task is impossible for me but not for Thee. Lead the way and I will follow.” - Mary Slessor
Excursion trip of my in-law Engr Evans Ebi to Mary slessor home at Calabar.
"She's making me bark like a Bingo... she got me dancing Alingo" ...I still don't understand why Mary Slessor stopped d Killing of Twins...
17. Mary Slessor's house in Calabar built in 1880.
Telling Me to Believe trash is like making me believe Mary Slessor Stopped the Killing of Twins in Nigeria.
People are interested in making a change, others feel they won't be heard. e.g.Mary Slessor; who ended killing of twins in Efik.
Prayer of the day:. Gracious God, we put everything in your hands - Mary Slessor.
When a Mary Slessor Ijaya & a souljah believe in you, fear not, God is with you
“Why should I fear? I am on a Royal Mission. I am in the service of the King of kings.” -Mary Slessor
Camon C9 is making Nigeria's history more beautiful than we know. Mary slessor Roundabout,Calabar
Breast Cancer Awareness
Mary Slessor would be proud of you guys for not putting her to shame. The bond is strong 💪🙌
My thoughts are with names like Martin Luther, Mother Theresa, Mary Slessor, Mahatma Gandhi...Not hugely successful,but generationally great
Just saw report on Lale Labuko who waged a half decade war to stop killings of kids in Kara tribe just like Mary Slessor on twins. True hero
Baba Mary Slessor sounds jittery... Correct me if I seem wrong.
Gelukkige verjaardag! May all your Flemish dreams come true. You share it with Mary Magdalene, BTW.
MARY SLESSOR (1845 - 1915 ). CALABAR. Over a hundred years later and she is still very much…
Awon Anti Adeola. I like the new name Mary Slessor...reminds me of those days in Social studies.
Mary Slessor says it as it is ..::: Gbam 📡📡📡📡
Sir, pls when is the ceremony for the naming of "Madam Mary Slessor"?. N10M will be OK 4 all! http…
Mary Slessor: A timid Scottish mill girl who became a mighty missionary in Africa.
"Where are the men?"- Mary Slessor, in Africa in 1910, looking for more missionaries
Learn from great men and women of faith, such as John Knox, William Tyndale, Mary Slessor, David Livingstone,...
Without a scintilla of an iota of doubt or hesitation, my best heroine must be Mary Mitchell Slessor!
Why will you ask a primary 4 child to write about the lives of Ajayi Crowther and Mary Slessor. Who does this benefit?
The face of one of the twins while saying "Thank You" after Mary Slessor saved them
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"Christ sent me to preach the gospel and he will look after the results.". — Mary Slessor. Devotional provided by Heartlight®. © 1996-2016. …
Mary Slessor is behind this P Square break up. After all she did for twins they didn't even dedicate one song to her.
If not for Mary Slessor, P Square won't be alive to drop mad hits for us... God bless her soul 🙌🙌🙌
- Sorry o. Mary Slessor, we are very sorry. 😊😊
Please Udie kenneth is FAKE not part of Mary Slessor International Foundation for Humanity family. public Please be WARN"
If not for God and Mary Slessor.. wia i for dey!
PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: It was built by the famous missionary- Mary Slessor who stopped the killing of twins
Mary Slessor stopped the killing of twins but you lot won't mention that tho
Go and Google Mary Slessor a lot of Christian missionaries have done positive things as well
Eizabeth Elliott. Just pull your britches on and go die for Jesus—like Mary Slessor, Gladys Aylward, Amy Carmichael, Gertrude Ras Egede...
Today is Women's Equality Day! Who do you think is the … — Mary slessor: 4 stopin d killin of twins nd savin my da…
Mary Slessor didn't quite stop the killing of twins, and other stories
One of those interesting sights you'd love to see when you visit Calabar. The Mary Slessor round…
This image of her is at Mary Slessor roundabout in Calabar. I can take with my phone later
looking for pics of calabar particularly related to Mary Slessor. Would appreciate
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Pray on, dear one- the power lies that way. Mary Slessor
zeeyA degguR echapA! In twos they walked into the ark via Noah's day. HBD brothers. Epicenter a htuoS nilerB Tiger. Thank you Mary Slessor..
Mary slessor was a remarkable lady.
ACADEMIX.NG launches 1st Sept, 15 with 17 Vols of Mary Slessor of
Instincts kick in my eyes wander to a book iam reading " Mary slessor" Christian missionary well let me tell you this she also kills spiders
Mary slessor"Mention one woman from history that you respect?
Mary Slessor - Everybody's Mother: The Era and Impact of a Victorian Missionary,
A book celebrating the life of Mary Slessor by local author, Gordon Douglas, on sale now in Oxfam Books & Music,...
Quite like them. Glad so see Mary Slessor honoured. Incredible woman.
As a "TWIN" I owe respect, honour and appreciation to "Lady Mary Slessor". We love U !!!
People like Mary Slessor, Flora Shaw, Funmilayo Ransome Kuti etc made influence in our nation Nigeria
I don hear say na Mary slessor o E don do biko
Mary slessor "Errm Lady Lugard? "Who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria?""
"Who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria?"Mary Slessor
Mary Slessor didn't stop the killing of twins in Nigeria
In 1905 the Aberdonians missionary Mary Slessor writes the following words in a letter from Nigeria :. 'Colouring...
7. Rahab, Jael, Deborah, Kathryn Kuhlman, Mary Slessor, are examples of women who stood out because of their bravery.
If not for Mary Slessor who stop the killing of twins, the life of P.Square, Mamuzee and co would have been that of Solomon Grundy.
I think Mary Slessor had a hand in it too. The changing of names or something.
Want to read about a strong, powerful, and inspiring woman of God? Then read about Mary Slessor! She's...
Do you want to find out more about Mary Slessor? Mother of All the Peoples, Dundee Rep April 15th - 17th
Christian Inst: ‘Inspiring’ Christian missionary Mary Slessor from Dundee honoured by Scottish Parliament
Great to speak in debate celebrating life of Mary Slessor & pay tribute to Glasgow's own Mary Barbour
Could be true Mary slessor did some bad on twins...
Well..."If not for Mary Slessor ... There would be no
Short Biography of Mary Slessor . The story of Mary Slessor's battle to bring the gospel and civilization to the...
Not a huge Arcade Fire fan, but this Will Butler solo track is great. Video features Mary Slessor, bizarrely.
Video of Mary Slessor speech. Amazing Christian woman and an inspiration to all.
Mary Slessor, an inspiration to Women and Christians everywhere!
For International Women's Day, debated the life and legacy of missionary Mary Slessor
New novel rewrites the book on Mary Slessor
New novel rewrites the book on Mary Slessor - The Courier
DUNDEE NEWS: New novel rewrites the book on Mary Slessor
New novel rewrites the book on Mary Slessor: A Dundee author is rewriting the book on one of the city’s best-known…
Martin did it without a fight,Mandela did it without a fight. Mary Slessor did it without a fight is doing…
MARY SLESSOR lessons from a woman who lived for others.
So they are showing this Nigerian series supposed to be based on Mary Slessor.prob is the villagers are chanting in Ibo
.Guild Convener moved by missionary Mary Slessor tributes in Nigeria
Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mary Slessor: they lived and died for a bigger and greater than themselves.
Meeting at Verdant Works this morning to discuss concepts for the Mary Slessor exhibition
The life and work of missionary Mary Slessor will be celebrated at a centenary service today in Union Terrace Gardens at 12.15pm
Join us tomorrow at 12.15pm in Union Terrace Gardens for Centenary service for Aberdeen–born missionary Mary Slessor
the former. Yea. What is a Mary Slessor.
got on repeat during class, Slessor and Mary, a perfect combo 👌😍
Mary Slessor,"Who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria?
"If she responds to your sarcasm with sarcasm instead of getting offended, Mary her!" Mary Slessor
If it wasn't for the help of Mary slessor who stopped the killing of twins,there wouldn't have been anything like Psquare today
I accept that, and much of what I have was brought to SA by Scottish missionaries and teachers, but Mary Slessor could do what...
“Sin is loss for time and eternity. The secret of all failure is disobedience.” - Mary Slessor
Update by ebiti: Power is currently OFF on Mary Slessor Avenue, Calabar, Nigeria.
"If you play with temptation do not expect God will deliver you." ~Mary Slessor~
P square shld do a tribute song to Mary slessor.
The afternoon business included strong condemnation of the destruction of the trees at the Tent of Nations owned by Daoud Nassar near Bethlehem; support for the Church of South Sudan; remembrance of Jane Haining and Mary Slessor; and an instruction to engage with the Scottish Churches Anti-Trafficking Group in reducing human trafficking connected to the Commonwealth Games.
North west early or Forced Marriage NorthEast Kidnap of smalll Girls, South East baby factory, mid west child traficking and painful vvf .. Middle belt unwanted pregnancy , south west ritual... Tell me where is d girl child protected in Nigeria. On campus they are molested in church they are not free in massalachi they are d promised virgins .. Mary Slessor and Florence nightingale must be. Weeping. For us o. In short in d middlebelt they are d house Help who wil. Never be like Ur Junior ! We all need to cry to God for forgiveness bcos even if we free thiis girls today one governor or senator will pack another set to his House to. Legitimately marry them... We are all boko haram by omission and or commission if u deny ur house help education u are a boko haram ... If u deny a student her grades cos of sex u are shekau... If u pick a minor in Abuja u are a. Suicide bomber... That third leg between ur legs is d weapon of mass destruction we all need to repent judgement cometh...!
KP - Now on EBAY: Mary Slessor : Light for Dark Continent by Sam Wellman (2006, Paperback) $1.99 (0
Christie Nonyelum Akumabor .just looking at the list of those given national awards even without the attendant recent massacre shows that their government certainly DOES NOT reflect the feelings, aspirations or mood of the country. Imagine honoring Buhari, IBB, Abacha; known coup plotters, human rights abusers and one a convicted theif alongside Gani, Fela, Prof Olukoye Ransome-Kuti, Prof Ambrose Alli, Achebe and Soyinka. Then including the Queen, Lord Lugard and his then girlfriend on this list whilst names like Awolowo, Zik and Mary Slessor were conspicuously absent. You continually urge Nigerians to support the country/government whilst it is PATENTLY OBVIOUS that Nigerians love their country, otherwise we wouldn't spend so much time and energy discussing it.However most Nigerians have total disregard for our government and it's officials because they offer us nothing, not even security and simply pillage our resources for their own use. Imagine some of the names the younger generation of Nigerians com ...
On 27 December, the 12-kilometre route starting from the muster point of the Millennium Park in Calabar through Mary Slessor – Marian Road – Efio Ette Junction – MCC Road to the U. J. Esuene Stadium was a beehive of activities. The event was the adult carnival of 2013 Calabar Carnival. And for almost 18 hours, there was no stopping the thousands of fun seekers on this corridor. Hundreds of thousands of people engaged in one activity or the other – dancing and singing – with other people watching, buying and selling. As the city of Calabar came to a standstill with offices and business premise under lock and key; hot hues of colour, exotic and stage-like costumes, sequins, music and choreography unseen in this part of the world took over. Welcome to what is reputed to be Africa’s biggest street party. The adult carnival, however, was just a climax of the one-month event for residents and tourists every year-end. This year’s event like the previous ones featured cultural and musical shows, fre ...
MIND YOUR TIMES WITH YOUR MIND: Don't be caught in the agony of wasted youth! No matter how young you are time will guaranty your old age. No matter how old you are youthfulness resides in your mental acumen. The rewards of age-long rest is premised in diligent youthfulness. Jeremiah cautioned the lamentation of ignoring the prestige of youthful diligence. Lamentations 3:27. Turn your high heels to willfulness to contribute, convert your swaggs to legendary contribution. Just think up something you will never be forgotten for, Isaac Newton was not an alien neither was Peter Drucker a ghost, Mary Slessor was not hanging low waist when she recorded history Neither was Bill gates with a brutish haircut when he built Microsoft in his mind. Something happens when you look at the mirror, a thought about how you look meaning how you look may infer how you think. Lets not make fashion a mental drab. single-hood and marriage are metamorphosis of mental adjustments. If you are alive you are young, a man published h ...
Missionary Mini Bio - "When Mary Slessor heard about David Livingstone’s death in Africa, she said to her mother,...
Well, Mary Slessor of Scottish Origin could speak Efik, i don't see how complex and difficult the language is then.
A Prayer for Women by Pastor John Piper May 23, 2011 Download PDFPrint ArticleComment Now 25by Pastor John Piper My earnest challenge and prayer for you is . . . . . . That all of your life—in whatever calling—be devoted to the glory of God. . . . That the promises of Christ be trusted so fully that peace and joy and strength fill your soul to overflowing. . . . That this fullness of God overflow in daily acts of love so that people might see your good deeds and give glory to your Father in Heaven. . . . That you be women of the Book, who love and study and obey the Bible in every area of its teaching; that meditation on biblical truth be the source of hope and faith; that you continue to grow in understanding through all the chapters of your life, never thinking that study and growth are only for others. . . . That you be women of prayer, so that the Word of God will be opened to you, and so the power of faith and holiness will descend upon you; that your spiritual influence may increase at home and ...
Glory to God, honor to Mary and thanks to Slessor birthday to my brother in college.. Y'all…
Saturday, 18 January 2014TOUCHING LIVES POSITIVELY,THE HON.ANIEDI IKOIWAK's EXAMPLE. "Many people are good at talking about what they are doing but infact do little.Others do a lot but don't talk about it;they are the ones who make community live." Jean Vanier The quiet and serene community called Effoi,a village located some kilometres away from Eket Local Government secretariat came agog on Sunday December 29,2013.This village,because of it significant,the active and prominent role played by its natives always stand out in the political map of Eket LGA,Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria.The community is blessed with human materials.It worth to note also that,the community benefited immensely from the good gesture of Chief Godswill Akpabio.The reason is not far-fetch,native of this village was a member of the state law reform commission,member state scholarship board,Chairman State Secondary Education Board,Secretary of Eket LGA transition committee,member Akwa State House of Assembly for eight(8)years. Effoi c ...
Everybody preaches the ENDTIME when unimaginable things happen in 21st Century.Remember all these things a DARKENESSES which needs the appropriate LIGHT to shine on it.Remember when there was the killng of Twins.Everybody in Africa was expecting the End but Mary slessor was busy looking for the appropriate light to Shine upon the Darkness of That Sacrilage. Now my Dear country is faced insurgents of Terrolism,Homosexuallity,HIV and alot more.Am hoping to shine in one of these or All of these Darkeness in due Time.Shalom
Mary slessor worn the fight for the killing of twins in calabar. But today we now know it was not a total fight in Nigeria. Last Sunday I read on one Nigerian news paper that around Abuja of all places is still existing up to about ten communities named for this babaric concept. These communities needs our prayers to get saved and education and health service to sensitize them. Today's Mary slessor is a man. A missionary.
Today we remember Mary Slessor, born in Scotland in 1848 and missionary in West Africa until her death in 1915
Mary slessor"Olusegun obasanjo"Who stopped the killing of twins in Nigeria?""
Like the way Mary Slessor interfered with the killing of twins?? :-D
KANYS MULTIMEDIA welcomes you to the first meeting in 2014, on sunday 19th January @ zoo garden mary slessor by 5pm, new members are welcome. just 1hr. meeting, no African time
Man held after early-morning police operation in Mary Slessor Square
The cow that is in a hurry to go to America will come back as corned beef. ~ Mary Slessor 1807
UPDATE: Police rushed to Mary Slessor Square earlier this morning to deal with an alleged stand-off.
Mary Slessor not only played a role in setting up the Hope Waddell Institution, but mastered Efik, had a great sense of humour, and was just 28 when she first arrived Calabar.
Wish words can express how grateful I am. I really thank you for realizing how important 16th January is to us (DOUBLE V) and for celebrating us as well. I thank you also for the wishes via sms, bbm, fbk, calls etc. I really thank GOD for HIS grace which has kept us. "I STILL DEY WONDER, IF NOT FOR MARY SLESSOR, WHERE DOUBLE V FOR DEY" LOL... Anyways, I thank GOD for her. I thank GOD for the wonderful family and friends I have. My prayer is that GOD will bless you and HIS favour will never cease in your life. You will live to witness your Birthdays also. AMEN!!!
This is already the most read on our site: Police attend serious incident in Dundee's Mary Slessor Square
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
There's been a serious incident in Dundee's Mary Slessor Square this morning - we'll keep you updated:
She's making me bark lik a bingo, she got me dancing alingo. I stil dnt undastnd y mary slessor stopd d killing of twins***
UPDATE: Why did Jonathan sign the *** law? In 2013, an iconic picture of two ladies kissing before anti *** marriage protesters in Marseille, France, went viral. That act of defiance before an assembly of mostly old ladies was to demonstrate an inviolable right to private life and choice. It was largely the fear of this sort of freedom that spurred the Nigerian Senate to embark on pushing a bill to criminalise activities relating to homosexuality with draconian measures. The climax of the saga occurred on Monday, January 13 when the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, announced that the President had signed the bill into law. It was a well-calculated move from a politician who wants to win popular support for 2015 elections, and he chose a good time to espouse conservative values. Just the previous week, his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, and the All Progressives Congress engaged in the usual catfight, this time over religion. Having whipped up so ...
Mary Slessor, Dr David Livingstone ws ur hero BUT U're my hero! Ur life inspires me so much dat I found myself broken down at HIS feet...
Plans to celebrate Mary Slessor's life on centenary of her death | Scotland | News | STV
Join me as we build up d unity of twins as we hold it's twins convention @ calabar. Dis is 2 celebrate d works of Mary Slessor. Its tagged "THE REMEMBRANCE OF MARY SLESSOR". The slessor family wil b welcome all d way 4rm scotland to xperience d invents.
Today in Missions History: January 15, 1915 -- Mary Slessor (born: 1848), Scottish missionary to West Africa, died. Converted as a teen-ager in the Presbyterian church, Mary sailed to Nigeria in 1876 where she worked continuously with tribal peoples for forty years. Mary Slessor's uncanny insight into the African mind helped her as she worked to eliminate witchcraft, drunkenness, twin-killing and other cruel customs among the Ibo people.
He who can sing 'khona' off hand from start to finish cant forgive n forget - Mary Slessor 1875.
Mary Slessor was raised in Dundee before leaving Scotland for Nigeria in 1876.
PROVE THAT WOMEN ARE STRONGER THAN MEN MEN are the head but d WOMEN d neck. Without d neck, d head is moveless. if not for MARY SLESSOR (woman) who stopped d killing of twins, d life of Psquare would have been that of SOLOMON GRUNDI. MEN came from dust but the WOMEN came from bone. how many MEN fit take buy bullet proof cars? thank God for d wife of Lord Lugard wu named dis country after river niger. had it been EVE didn't give ADAM d apple, MEN go dey go office without clothes. Imagine President GEJ delivering a speech without clothes on. Na only GOD know where U go dey luk.
Today's Missions Quote: "It were worthwhile to die, if thereby a soul could be born again." --Mary Slessor. (I am utterly amazed at the passion of these early-day missionaries to win people to Christ. May God put in each of us that kind of passion - JE)
"Its good to be good but sexy to be badt"- Mary Slessor
NEWS!!! I'm looking 4 an exchange of hostel in Unn campus. Text me if u have AKINTOLA OR MARY SLESSOR BED SPACE IN EXCHANGE 4 ISAKITA 300 level. PlEASE UNN LADIES!!
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Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that which is not? For riches certainly make themselves: They fly away as an eagle toward heaven. Proverbs 23: 5 It is a well known fact that the quest for money is a great question that no man can answer except God. Money is so mysterious, cryptic, and spiritual. So it is certain: No mortal beings can do without it. However, as the searches for wealth and material possessions continue to dominate the mind of both the high and mighty of each generation, it is paramount for believers and more importantly the custodians of truth to present a unique approach since the bible says we are the light of the world. In contrast to what is required and expected from Christians, many believers have decided to join the rat race by embracing desperation at the detriment of their salvation to acquire wealth by all means. Some thought they could arm themselves with scriptures on prosperity to calm their conscience. The most disheartening aspect of this trend is the ungodly example demonstrat ...
Studying history with Jackson. Me-"what are 3 facts about Mary Slessor?" Jackson-"she has hair, she's white, she's human." It's going to be a long night 󾌡
Plans to celebrate the remarkable missionary Mary Slessor's life on centenary of her death
Who has ever put the veracity of Mary Slessor's account to a test? Could this have been one tall tale; made up...
All Nigeria's Problems truly start with 'P'. P-square and 'Personally'. What the *** is 'Haba, Habatically' ?? Mary Sles…
We can never repay William Wilberforce for abolishing slave trade nor Mary Slessor who stopped killing of twins.But we are thankful.
That's exactly what Nazis said to Jews. What Calabar people told Mary Slessor. Go on.
If mary Slessor had not stopped the Killing of Twins, do you know till today, we may still have been practicing such?
It'll be the centenary of her death in 2 years: learn more about Mary Slessor's work in
Some of our musician suppose dey pay homage to mary slessor
As for her rewards,she had but one question:"What would I do with starry crowns except to cast them at His feet?"– Mary Slessor ref:Rev.4:10
January 13, 1915 – Mary Slessor, Scottish missionary to Nigeria and women's rights advocate, died. She was born in 1848.
Series of events planned for 2015 to mark centenary of death of the remarkable Mary Slessor. Includes exhibition in Verdant Works Dundee
SILVER BELLS Hear their jingles piercing the sky The chords shake the gates Lifting the everlasting doors And the King of Glory makes waves Lining the heavens with Shekinah garlands Flying His twenty-five years old “multi-chrome” Seamless vesture dipped in sinless blood I hear the mellow jubilee bells, Silver bells! What a world of bliss their harmony foretells! Through the balmy air of Gilead How they halo out their delight As the Sun of Righteousness Strikes *** the healing chords They resonate with sublime notes It is impossible to silence them It is useless to even try- Silver bells! These sterling silver goblets Blaring crystalline abalone, Chalice of timeless essence Chiming notes of eternal adore Their ribbons streak the City of Calabar- The twenty-five color rainbow From Goldie to Moore road Watts, Tinapa and Mary Slessor- Silver bells! Bend over, hear them boom… How they resound Do you feel the tangible sound? Wanna hear the echo over and again? Then put a kobo, a mint or cumin In the ...
On January 13 1915, Mary Slessor, missionary in West Africa and known to many as "Ma", died in Calabar. Born the...
On this day 13 Jan1915 Protestant Missionary Mary Slessor dies in Nigeria after a lifetime of service to others
On this day in Christian History. 1915. Missionary Mary Slessor, who braved many dangers to bring the gospel and justice to the Africans she loved, died on this day.
In 1914, Mary Slessor, a world-famous missionary to Nigeria, fell so ill that she had to be taken by canoe to hospital. A few weeks later she collapsed again. As she lay semi-conscious she whispered "O God, release me." She died on this day, Janua...
Lucky dube died as a champion,michael jackson died as a star,Nelson mandela died as a legend n mary slessor died as gulderwat wld u die as?is it ogogoro, coke or combine?ask ur self
Just had a very in-depth conflab with my dad about Mary Slessor
LmfaO! "Cc "If she was alive, this Psquare performance would make Mary Slessor regret…
Mary Slessor died and went to Heaven. St. Peter was giving her a tour of Heaven when she noticed that there were dozens of clocks on the wall. Each clock displayed a different time of day. When she asked St. Peter about the clocks, he replied, ''We have a clock for each person on earth and every time they tell a lie the hands move. The clock ticks off one second each time a lie is told.'' Special attention was given to two clocks. The clock belonging to Mother Teresa has never moved, indicating that she never told a lie. The clock for Nnamdi Azikiwe has only moved twice. He only told two lies in his life. Hillary asked ''Where is 0basanjo's clock?'' St. Peter replied, ''Jesus has it in his office... he's using it as a ceiling fan.'''
ST. HYGINUS, Pope & Martyr (died 142) ST. PAULINUS, Bishop & Patriarch of Aquileia (died 804) ST. THEODOSIUS, Abbot (died 529) Mary Slessor, Missionary in West Africa (died 1915) The minute we don't know what to think about something and then begin to study all aspects of it in order to discover our position on it, we have begun to be a real "self." ~~ Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB
She's makin me bark like a bingo she got me dancin alingo..i stil cnt undstnd y mary slessor stoppd d killing of twins
Christian History has a brief profile on Mary Slessor, a missionary you should know: MARY SLESSOR was one of the best-known missionaries of the nineteenth century. A hard childhood in Scotland prepared her for the strenuous life of the mission field. By…
Habatically! PSquare performed woefully yesternite . . . . if Mary Slessor was alive, she for vex saving twins! Afternoon!
DEVELOPING THE CULTURAL OF TOURISM IN Akwa Ibom State By Mathias Essien The world tourism organization define tourist as people “traveling to and staying in place outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes Tourism has become a popular global leisure activity. After slowly recovering from the contraction resulting from the late 2000s recession where tourism suffered a strong slowdown from the second half of 2008 through the end of 2009 and the outbreak of HINI influenza virus, international tourism arrivals surpassed the milestone 1 billion tourist globally for the first time in history in 2012. Tourism is important and is some cases, vital for many countries. It was recognized in the manila declaration on world tourism of 1980 as “an activity essential to the life of nations because of its direct effects on the social, cultural, educational and economic sectors of national societies and on their international relations”. It also br ...
If u are a set of twins and u are alive today, u must give credit to the missionary activities of this grt woman of Faith; Mary Slessor. It was a grt privilege for me yesterday as i took a trip to Akpap Okoyong to visit the sites of Mary Slessor's Effigy and her home. God bless her soul.
The Tiv came into contact with European culture during the colonial period. During November 1907 to spring 1908, an expedition of the Southern Nigeria Regiment led by Lieutenant-Colonel Hugh Trenchard's came into contact with the Tiv. Trenchard brought gifts for the tribal chiefs. Subsequently, roads were built and trade links established between Europeans and the Tiv.[3] But before construction of roads began a missionary named Mary Slessor went throughout the region seeing to the people's needs. The geographical position of the Tiv, according to Laura and Paul Bohannan (1969: 9) and Rubingh (1969: 58), is between 6° 30' and 8° 10' north latitude and 8° and 10° east longitude. The Tiv shares borders with the Chamba and Jukun of Taraba State in the northeast; with the Igede (Benue), Iyala, Gakem and Obudu of Cross River State in the southeast; and the Idoma of Benue State to the south. There is also an international boundary between the Tiv and the Republic of Cameroon at a southeastern angle of the e ...
UNN: Hostel allocation, Mary slessor is going now, Note. that the allocation of hostels is done randomly
Mountain Cinemas Nigeria present CALABAR International Festival of Twins and Mary Slessor Day, coming soon in the city of calabar live... Are you ready? FACE of MARY SLESSOR Int'l, ROAD WALK in Hon. of Mary Mitcheel Slessor, TWINS DINNER/AWARD NIGHT.
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Pls any news abt allocation of mary slessor and awolowo hostels let me knw
CAN THE TRUTH SET US FREE? Because many actions are taken as a result of ignorance and superstition, every generation has men that are bound because they do not know the truth. For example. Until the coming of mary Slessor, people in calabar saw twins as evil. This practice wasonly halted when she showed ther the truth surrounding the coming of twins and subsequently raised them to become normal human beings
I seriously dnt like the idea of publicizing wat happens to you on fb,but I seriously nid to 2share this cos it bothers my fellow women o! Abeg I knw we can't control hw jealous we get cos of hw we actually value and own wat others strife to own. This is not an excuse to take the jealousy out on the men as this can push him to the extreme. On my way sumwhere today,I chatered a cab to marian,as we approachd mary slessor I noticd the cab guy kept struggling wit his fone n d steering and jus wen we got to marian by road safety he finally took the call::: guess wat,his girlfrnd has bin calling,raking him seriously! Sayin she saw the guy wit a girl,he picked a girl up from the road and bla bla bla,even to a point of reminding the guy she added some money for the purchase of the vehicle and he is now using it for that::: my dear,u nided to hear the girl bark!! Therafter she hung up,mehn the guy felt so miserable and was driving careleslu (I begin fear sef o),den he later took permision 4rm me:: stoppd by mr. Fa ...
I saw post in the room where a brother so complained indirectly of leadership. I wanted to comment on his post, but i thought i should say it in alfresco; as someone will, in someway, learn a fact. In a sense, he was correct when he said there's a bad leadership. But have we all sat down to think it and ask ourselves that; aside the corrupt SYSTEM of leadership, what is true nature of the person operating in that corrupt system? What am trying to point out is that corruption and dishonesty to human is not just of top-profile officials/leaders; corruption lies in each and every one of us. Believe or argue it; that's a fact we all must come to terms with. So what is the way forward? Simple! Be sincere and sacrificing. Every reformation comes with a big sacrifice. That sacrifice could be so intense to the extent of a life or lives. But not all reformation take a life-sacrifice. You can be a leader, see all the money and use it to do some good and 'monumental'; something that would benefit multitude of genera ...
Mary Slessor stopped d killing of twins in Calabar, Nigeria 1848,
Dear Nelson Madiba, pls, wen u gloriously arrive @ d great beyond,inform Lugard dat d pple he amalgamated will be 100yrs by 2014 celebrating full blown corruption and unfulfilled political promises;tell Herbert Macaulay dat d party he founded has been turned to people destroying party. Bring it to notice of Obafemi Awolowo dat we now pay skol fees without going to skol & dat cost of education is now higher dan dat of bullet proof cars and still yet no jobs for our youths. Tell Dr.Nnamdi Azikiwe dat democracy has fallen leaving only d crackd fence of nationhood standing; tell chief Tony Enahoro dat d independent Nigeria he tolled for is now a mirage. Tell Mary Slessor who stopped d killing of twins dat Psquare r greatful. Tell Alhaji Ahmadu Bello dat d judicial system now favours only d rich. Tell baba Fella dat Obasanjo was elected & re-elected after all he sang,dat Terry G is d new afrobeat king. Tell Dagrin dat Olamide has continued from where he stopped, also tell MKO Abiola dat elections are still wo ...
It was confirmed today from the office of the Dean of Student Affairs that the school management is set to receive and grant temporary accommodation to the Lions and Lionesses who are already returning for the new session. It was gatthered that the male freshers will be accommodated in Akpabio Hall while the female freshers will be in Mary slessor Hall all in the Nsukka campus of the school.As for Enugu campus (UNEC), male freshers will be in Kenneth *** Hall while Female freshers will be in the New Hostel. Please note that the school does not give accommodation anyhow. They offer temporary accommodation only to persons who have been screened and certified to be newly admitted students of the school. In view of this, you are expected to come to school with the following documents for this purpose: 1.A proof of Acceptance fee payment. 2.A proof of admission (Admission letter/slip). As I promised earlier, we'd do our best to keep you posted on the developments in the school as we expect clearance to fully . ...
if nt 4 William Wilberforce wht would av apen 2 slaves, if nt 4 Mary Slessor wht would av apen 2 twins. if nt 4 Jesus Christ wht would av apen 2 sinners. d yellow leaves is giving d green leaves warning 2 get prepared 4 one day u'll be like me. think.
All those people loitering around Diamond Bank ATM on Mary Slessor, hoping careless meat will arise from Gbogobiri, e go fail una today!
And My state governor Liyel Imoke had to stop Mary Slessor from sitting down. She now stands with a cloak over her. She prolly choking
Do you know children of nowadays don't know Mungo Park,Lander Brothers or Mary Slessor.
January 13 1915 at remote station near Use Ikot Oku She died at the age of 66 from old age Commemoration in Calabar and Amongst the Efiks[edit] Mary Slessors Work in Okoyong earned her the Efik nickname of Obongawan Okoyong (Queen of Okoyong). This name is still used commonly to refer to her in present day Calabar. Several memorials in and around the Efik provinces of Calabar and Okoyong testify to the value of her work. Some of these include: Mary Slessor Road in Calabar Mary Slessor Roundabout Mary Slessor Church Statues of her (usually carrying twins) at various locations in Calabar. See also[edit] List of female adventurers References[edit] ^ a b c Hardage, Jeannette, "Slessor, Mary", Dictionary of African Christian Biography ^ a b c "Mary Slessor:'Mother of All the Peoples'", Holy Trinity, New Rochelle, NY ^ a b Toms, Sally, "The life of a Scots woman and 19th century missionary to Nigeria", Scotland Magazine, issue 46, p.42 ^ a b c Livingstone, W. P., Mary Slessor of Calabar, Pioneer Missionary, Hod ...
WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR JESUS? “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith...” 2 Timothy 4: 7 Mary Slessor, was an unmarried Scottish young lady sponsored as a pioneer missionary to Nigeria by Scotland Presbyterian Mission. She worked tirelessly among Efik people in the present day Cross River State of Nigeria. Although, a Scot, she deeply endeared herself to the people of Calabar province by learning and speaking Efik language. There she effectively fought against the infamous killing of twins at infancy. Her faith in God helped her to succeed in her missionary venture in spite of demoralizing challenges. She sacrificed her Scottish comfort zone and people. Dear Christian boy and girl, what would you be remembered for? Our text today admonishes you to have devotion towards Christ in God. Like Mary Slessor, you should surrender your life to God and serve Him loyally. You may or may not decide to work fully as a missionary, but there are many boys and girls around you w ...
Crude. Cruel. Absurd. Call it any of these words and many more and you won’t be wrong. Twins are still not spared in some communities in Kwali and Abaji Local Government Areas of Abuja Federal Capital Territory (FCT) decades after a Scottish missionary, Mary Slessor, championed the campaign that sto...
DAY  19 Friday, May 10, 2013   I Corinthians 13: 1-3 “If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing.  If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames, but have not love, I gain nothing.”   Mary Slessor was a Scottish missionary who devoted her life to serving others. She followed the Lord’s calling and ventured to Okoyong, an African village where a dangerous pagan people lived. The people were feared throughout their country, but Mary’s desire to bring the people to the Lord outweighed her apprehension. She began by simply showing love to those who were in need of it. She talked with the sick, lonely, and any who needed love. Slowly, the people began to entrust Mary with more and more. She became a part of their tribe, and eventually led their ...
When I remeber the past, I begin to shade tears. I can not hold myself when I start thinking about the evils men displayed centuries ago. My feelings today made me to say a little about what I felt, and how good the works she did has eventually appreciated. My readiness to question my parents about this issue, was not a burden. I am convinced with some answer to my question. Plodding with my idea, I just concluded that Mary Slessor have a cordial relationship with twins. Who can even trace her history? Who knows if she is a twin? I believe with this saying, seeing is believing. Who will tell us more about this great woman? Internet descriptions can only say what they heard from people, how sure are we, that all what they vomit, is really what happened. Mary Mitchell Slessor was a Scottish missionary to Nigeria to Nigeria. Her wonderful idea on how to reform, transform and inform people, especially women lures me. She have a great and strong faith in God who send her to this great mission that she will do ...
BIZARRE: 40 FCT towns still kill twins Our Reporter March 27, 2013 6 Comments » By JULIANA TAIWO-OBALONYE It is 98 years ago that Mary Slessor, the Scottish missionary to Nigeria, died. She was reputed to have led crusades that stopped some societies from killing twin babies at birth. Such births were taboo and not tolerated. While her history remains alive, as her remains were interred in Nigeria, it seems some communities in Nigeria, even today, are out to rubbish and undo what Slessor did. It might shock you to hear that there is still a community that still sees twins or multiple birth as abomination. But it is more confounding to find that the communities are in the nation’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT). How awful that even within the world’s newest city, with all the trappings of modernity, the preponderance of religions and inclinations that abhor killing of human beings, twin kids are still sacrificed to the gods of tradition that don’t want them alive like the biblical story of the noti ...
Quiet here the day, International Wummin's Day. Famous Scottish wummin. Name some and why they're famous. I'll start. Mary Slessor - Star of Clydesdale Bank tenners, she was a missionary and, more importantly in my view, a champion of wummins' rights.
I remember that one very wise person passed a comment on the cost of education ...i think it was chief Obafemi Awolowo ..he said if education is costly try ignorance!! look at the sad tragedy of those health workers trying to vaccinate against polio and meet with death in the hands of this ignorant folks while I am not particularly excited about tribal/regional sentiments I think it is time that 'leaders' if there are any in the true sense of it call their subjects to order in the north!! this is a real disgrace and a thing of shame that in 2013 the north is still 'needing a Mary Slessor to come and stop the killing of twins' In my opinion rather than trying to lead the country which of course every citizen irrespective of what part of nigeria they come from can aspire to do I think it will be better if they remember that charity begins from home! I hope i will not have to write about another tragedy in the North of Nigeria especially relating to things that concern education and health
Twins in nigeria should create a shrine or something for mary slessor. Amean she saved their ***
Mary slessor. Matron saint for twins in Nigeria.
Thank God for Mary Slessor, now we pray to have twins, even in CAlabar☺
Today hotels and chalets will be fully booked, immorality will be at its peak, and Satan will smile greatly, heaven will be embarrassed and ashamed, is that love? what is love? Christ Jesus crucified, beaten, spat upon,humiliated and ridiculed for the same people who perpetuated this very act, that is love and the greatest there is. The scripture says "Greater love had no man than this, that a man laid down his life for his friends" St Valentine didn't do anything different from what Mother Theresa, Mary Slessor and the so many who sacrificed their time and resources in humanitarian work. The bible does not tell us anything about valentine, To the christian everyday is an opportunity to express love, Valentine has been misunderstood by so many and is now an avenue people use to express sexual lust and carnality. if u are truly a believer then the greatest gift you can offer anyone you claim to love today is to introduce him/her to the one whose show of love gave you and I easy access to salvation.None oth ...
Wat! Mary slessor hostel is on fire.badluck for that room
A room is burning in Mary Slessor hostel UNN
Love this ma mary slessor kinda gown
If not for mary slessor, psquare wouldn't be celebrities:D
Compare and Contrast: Mary Slessor vs. Ayo Oritshejafor/Chris Oyakhilomen/Enoch Adeboye. Your thoughts and comments will be appreciated
If Florence Nightingale and Mary Slessor had insisted on getting married they wld av missed d purpose God had for them.
julliet, Mother Theresa, Joan of arc, Mary slessor, desdemonda of othello. Happy?
Lamp Unto My Feet God's word directs peoples lives, this book tells over 100 bite-sized, thrilling, biographical sketches from a wide range of cultures and times. From missionaries such as Mary Slessor and Helen Roseveare to theologians including Martin Luther and Jonathan Edwards, this book provides a valuable introduction to the lives of many great Christians. RRP: £8.99, Our Price: £6.75
MISSIONARIES: THEIR LIVES AND THEIR MESSAGE A Real Burden For Lost Men If "God so loved the (John 3:16), should not believers share a love and concern for the world? The great missionaries of the past have been those men and women who have shared God’s heart of concern for lost men. As examples of this, let us consider William Carey and Mary Slessor. 1) William Carey William Carey, the great missionary to India who is remembered as the father of the modern missionary movement did a lot that we can learn from. When Carey lived in England he was a shoemaker. Carey was very interested in the journeys of the famous English navigator and explorer, Captain James Cook. Carey wanted to learn all that he could about the world and the needy people who lived in the world. On the walls of his humble shoemaker’s shop he hung hand-drawn maps of the world on which he had noted the population, climate, vegetation, animals and religions of the different countries. Out of pieces of leather, he had constructed a globe, ...
THE HERALDING (OGA IS BACK: WELCOMING SEN BAR (DR) LIYEL IMOKE FROM HIS LEAVE) To lead you must care for your life, he left with a clue, for he sticks to his work like glue but this time he flew Some say he was dead,one day is all it takes, others said he will die but in those words were lies Is there a mortal that needs not rest or a being that falls not for nature's frailties? Mortals are mortals and God is God, there's no mortal that can stop the sun or paint it blue He is alive and sound, the wishes of some fulfilled, the wishes of few smashed, he arrives-our Who is Who The drums of silence broke and the gongs of questions ensued: kidney,liver,heart break or Mary Slessor's monument their cries Who cares? We do!The prayer and tarry, the phone calls and inquiries Atlas it is well! He comes in the wings of February, let the people of Paradise rejoice for our due is dew Let the waterfalls in our round about flow, let the Governor's lodge gate closed at our last worship at Hepzibah open For our King is hai ...
Home The Project People Story Indexes Resources Institutions For Writers Contact Africa Countries Slessor, Mary 1848 to 1915 Presbyterian Nigeria The Legacy of Mary Slessor Sixty-six-year-old Mary Mitchell Slessor lay dying in the village of Use Ikot Oku, Nigeria. Feverish, weak, and going in and out of consciousness, she prayed, "O Abasi, sana mi yak" (O God, let me go). Her prayer was granted just before dawn on January 13, 1915. The woman known as eka kpukpru owo (everybody's mother) had lived nearly forty years in Nigeria, but her death was noted around the world, and her influence lives on today. How did Mary Slessor, a petite redhead from the slums of Dundee, Scotland, become a role model for others, even today? How did she come to wield such influence in the land known to her compatriots as the white man's grave? How did she fit into the British Empire's plan to "civilize" Nigeria? A study of Slessor's life reveals certain factors leading to a missionary fervor, combined with a large measure of dow ...
On behalf the executive i wish to thank all members who played active role in making the first public outing of the present exco a huge success. Special appreciation goes to young scientist in the making, talking about students from Department of Medical Laboratory science, University of calabar, As the Associaton marked the 2012 world HIV/AIDS day. There were also those who though not prsent physically but kept spirits by sponsoring one item or the other. The day deputybegan with the deputy Governor of Cross River State, Barr. Effiok Cohbom kicking the city walk from the U.J.Esuene staduim,the carnival float moved from the stadium thru leopard road ,by pass the melinium park into the ever busy calcbar road thru Mary Slessor and terminated at the Cultural center ground, where the deputy governor decleared open the Chrismass village. At the cultural center the Association perfomed her social responsiblity,by performing HIV screening and counselling to member of the public free. As we mark world HIV/AIDS da ...
BIRTHDAY MESSAGE. OFFICE OF THE GOVERNOR His Excellency Chief Godswill Akpabio. THRO:THE DEP.GOVERNOR. MESSAGE OF FELICITATION: I humbly felicitate dis virteous Twins (ROLEX&REDOX) of Akwa Ibom origin,on d occasion of their day of birth. Before i proceed,i want us to observe 1min.silence for Mary Slessor,the woman that saved the day for d twins. I am nt surprised dat its happening now d govt.has put in place utra-modern birthday facilities to cater 4all sorts of birthdays,nor is it a surprise dat d Ibom Tropicana has added value to d life of dis ones..i wont fail to state dat b4 nw, birthday ws nt 4evri1,bt due to d uncommon trans4mation by his excellency, Edidiong n Mmeyene who never had hope of celebrating bday can nw celebrate Ibom 5star n Gulf resort. What more can we say than thank u lord.. As d deputy gov. Mandated by God to bless u wereva I go, I say it is well with U, dnt mind rumour mongers,chanlla nters,detroyers of goodwill and mandate,stay firm.. Already u knw u'l be going on a dualized road t ...
'Mary Slessor - the white queen of Okoyong': But first there must be a church. The chief and free men and women helped, and by and by there rose a long roomy shed, complete, except for a door and windows. What a day it was when it was set apart and used for the worship of God--the first church in wild Okoyong! Ma told the people that they could not come to God's house except with clean bodies and clean hearts. Few of them had clean clothes, or clothes at all, and the children never wore any. But Ma had been receiving boxes from Sunday Schools and work-parties in Scotland, and out of these she dressed the women and little ones in pinafores of all colours. How proud and happy they were! But the excitement died into quietness and reverence when they went inside the building, and an awe fell upon them as Ma explained what a church meant, and that God was in their midst. The chiefs rose and said that they would respect the building, that no weapon of war would ever be brought into it, and that all their quarre ...
*** Its amazing how the days' so fly having wing by side.Positivity of d mind keeps you focus on your vision in life.Those that have a positive mind give birth to a positive result.'on 1960 Princess Alexander of Kent,on behalf of Queen of England,formally handed the mantle of leadership to the Nigeria Prime minister,Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafewa Balewa-a northern fulani while Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikwe(zik) from Ibo's east,became the first governor general.' Success is only achieve by striving for it,people make up a nation yes sure. My question is, what have we to offer to this great country?Youth needs to wake up from their slumbers and think.If u can't think you will sink.The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.Where are the Lurther's of our time,the soyinka's,the Achebe's,the ben carson's,the Nelson madela,Mary Slessor's e.t.c.Everyman is born great but not everyman is great.Greatness of a man lies within the heart..It doesnot mean how many times you/we've fail what matters is believing . ...
My all time women of substance are many but let me name a few. Dora Akunyilli (of course!), Oby Ezekwesilli, Ngozi Okonjo Iwealla, Hajiya Gambo Sawaba, Queen Amina of Zazzau, Mother Theresa, Oprah, Maragaret Ivase, Enyantu Ifene, Condoleeza Rice, Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, Mary Slessor & Catherine the Great. I will leave family out of this.
People I will luv 2see in d after world; Muritala Muhammed, Martin Luther King, Aldof Hitler, Mary Slessor, Usman Dan fodio, Abraham Lincoln
Roman Catholicism in Nigeria The majority of Christians are found in the South East and South-South and Middle-belt region. An increasing number of mission stations and mission bookstores, along with churches serving southern enclaves and northern Christians in the northern cities and larger towns, are found in the Muslim north. Christianity in Yoruba area traditionally has been Protestant and Anglican, whereas Igboland has always been the area of greatest activity by the Roman Catholic Church. Other denominations abounded as well. Presbyterians arrived in the late 17th century in the Ibibio, Annang and Efik land and the Niger Delta area and had missions in the middle belt as well. The works of the Presbyterian Church in Calabar from Scotland by missionaries like Rev Hope M. Waddell, who arrived in Calabar 10 April 1846, in the 19th century and that of Mary Slessor of Calabar being examples. Small missionary movements were allowed to start up, generally in the 1920s, after the middle belt was considered p ...
Mary Slessor: White Mother of West Africa Among those inspired by the life and death of David Livingstone was Mary Slessor (1848 – 1915), who ventured alone into Calabar, a remote area of present-day Nigeria. She was one of the thousands of women who flooded into foreign missions in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Scottish Presbyterians sponsored her even as they had sponsored her hero David Livingstone. Indeed, by the time she ventured into Africa in the mid – 1870s, denominational mission boards were beginning to open the doors to women. Like Livingstone, Mary Slessor had grown up in poverty and had worked long hours in textile mills as a child. Unlike the Presbyterian missionary wives serving in Calabar, she lacked sophistication, and in her leisure time she preferred climbing trees to attending afternoon tea parties. Her initial assignment was to teach in a school at Duketown, but dissatisfied with the social niceties and ample lifestyle of the other missionaries, she convinced ...
Doing some casual reading on some of the early church pioneers! The likes of Billy Graham, John Wesley, Mary Slessor, Mother Teresa, John Calvin etc.These guys didnt just plant churches, or feed the poor.they gave up EVERYTHING, and started Christian MOVEMENTS that would change the WORLD. God, I pray that you give me the courage to 'STEP OUT IN FAITH' just as they did in serving you!
For a ''man'' to be successful in life he/she needs a shoulder (s) to stand on. On whoever shoulder (s) you will stand will determine your existential altitude and latitude in life and how you live it. On the following shoulder (s) a typical man can stand.Is either your father or mother, or men/ women within our contemporary world with certain or diverse achievements: Jesus Christ, John the Baptist, David, Solomon, King Saul, St. Peter, St, Mary, Abraham Lincoln, Obama, John Wesley, King Sunny Ade, Kumuyi, Adeboye, Obasanjo, Babagida, Shonekan, Martin Luther, Martin Luther King Jnr, Prophet Mohammed, Wole Soyinka, Aristole, Plato, Socrates, Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Derrida Jacques, Galileo Galilee, Michael Faraday, George Bush, Julius Ceasar, Awolowo, Bola Ige, Francis Bacon, George Muller, Smith Wigglesworth, John Bunyan, John Newton, Mary Slessor, William Wilberforce, Gamiliel Onosode, Odunayo Olagundoye, Jim Ovia, MKO Abiola, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, James Aggrey, Christopher Kolade, Max ...
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