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Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins is the title character of a series of children's books written by P. L. Travers. Throughout the Mary Poppins series, which lasted from 1934 to 1988, Mary Shepard was the illustrator and acted as a second author.

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Mary: Now, Bert, you know I DO dance divinely. But as a lady. I do NOT dance the can-can. Please tell the waiter.
Justin Rose wins tomorrow and no one will care, except Mary Poppins and all the chimney sweeps in London
An episode of Murder She Wrote on ITV3, set in London. Trevor Eve is in it, but it is a bit Mary Poppins with the accents
I'm looking forward to Mary Poppins! We'll be an even greater duo than Julie Andrews & *** Van *** CC:
Julie Andrews wins Best Actress in 1964 for her role as Mary Poppins in Mary Poppins.
Come watch Perry Theatre in Mary Poppins! And come support ASL 3 for Interpreting! Link for tickets in bio!🙄
Come see Perry's theater group put on Mary Poppins! Along come support Perry ASL 3 students! Link for tickets in my…
I just learned that Bette Davis could have played Mary Poppins. Lol
Mary Poppins opens at Perry High School in LESS THAN 3 WEEKS and tickets are going fast!. Check out the link in my b…
Also also Emma Thompson is gorgeous and would make a great Mary Poppins
portrayal of London black cab driver, was the flat cap really necessary. Reminiscent of *** Van *** in Mary Poppins. 😂
if you have a yellow jumpsuit, then Kill Bill. If not, then Carmen Miranda, or I dream of Jeannie. Mary Poppins if cold.
I'm still waiting for the day Emma Thompson plays Mary Poppins. Somebody make it happen please?
Tickets are very limited, and going fast, to our Mary Poppins event at the Woodland Park Zoo! Tickets must be...
I liked a video Julie Andrews Tribute/Medley - (Mary Poppins, Sound of Music & More) by Jamie Grace
you weren't wrong. Emma Thompson will forever be known for the worst British accent on film. Worst than DvD in Mary Poppins.
From the lobby of Nottingham HS's production of Mary Poppins. Chim Chim Cher-ee from Student Assistance Program Co…
Mary Poppins and Bert large size print
Uncle Albert from Mary Poppins voiced The Mad Hatter in the original Alice in Wonderland cartoon-movie.
Mary Poppins goes where she is needed the most.
Hey everybody!!! Come see Mary Poppins next week Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Tickets go on sale tomorrow!! 😊 https:…
Don't miss the performance of Mary Poppins this coming weekend!
This First Look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins is Practically Perfect in Every Way: ☂️✨
on this day in 2012-Disney Legend Robert B. Sherman, who penned memorable Disney songs for Mary Poppins and The...
They showed that Emily Blunt/Mary Poppins picture and all I thought was, "Is there a new season of Agent Carter"
Glynis Johns is my favorite part of the original Mary Poppins. I'm glad this isn't a remake but more adventures.
Mary Poppins is less than a month away! Mary's ready and excited. Are you? Make sure to get the the word out! ☂️🌂 https:…
Mary Poppins is the coolest nanny to ever exist and I wanna be half as cool as she was
Mary Poppins Returns First Look: Emily Blunt looks stunning in costume, see pic
First look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins! Disney's really doing it very well. 😍
Had our Mary Poppins photoshoot today! Show opens April 13, 20-22!
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Can someone just tell me the difference between these 2 nannies. Nanny mcphee and mary poppins.
Get your first glimpse of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins from the upcoming sequel "Mary Poppins Returns."
How much do you love Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins look?!
ICYMI: Here's our first look at Emily Blunt in
With all the remakes of films - if there is a Mary Poppins remake can we have Emma Thompson as Mary Poppins? She's perfect for it
Good luck to from the cast and crew of Mary Poppins! We'll both be working to uphold the excellency…
First Look at Emily Blunt as in via
Disney releases first photo of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins via
First look: Emily Blunt on set as Mary Poppins 😍
As if Mary Poppins Returns isn't out till December 2018 😳😳😳😳 Cinema date with my then 6 year old it will be 😱👍🏼
First image of Emily Blunt as the new Mary Poppins.
Site Exclusive: First look at in 'Mary Poppins Returns.'
ICYMI, here's the first look of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins, a role originated by the legendary Julie Andrews.
When Emily Blunt is going to be the new Mary Poppins. ❤😍☂ I couldn't be more excited. 😁😁
"Anything can happen if you let it.." Mary Poppins (Miss Asquith, Principal)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Emily Blunt would make a beautiful Mary Poppins 😍
And just like that, I was sold on Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins
First look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and I got Agent Carter vibes more than Mary Poppins
I appreciate new Mary Poppins use of Agent Carter's color scheme.
...Angela Lansbury wasn't in the original Mary Poppins.. Mrs. Banks was played by Glynis Johns.
A slightly surreal Staff Briefing led by Captain Hook, Mary Poppins and the Cat in the Hat!
Julie Andrews wins the academy award for best actress for her performance in Mary Poppins, 1965,
I thought you were referring to Mary Poppins
There's been a new addition to the Mary Poppins cast
Come see the dynamic duo of Rob Ay and Mrs. Brill in Mary Poppins at AHS. Feb. 24th, 25th, and 26th. 🎭☂️
"Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.". Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins, 1964.
Showbiz: Angela Lansbury will be in the new Mary Poppins film!
ICYMI the best news of the year: Dame Angela Lansbury returns to the big screen in Mary Poppins sequel
Mary Poppins sequel cast will include Angela Lansbury
Dame Angela Lansbury joins cast of Mary Poppins sequel
Angela Lansbury is confirmed for Mary Poppins sequel
. Where's the one where Mary Poppins is actually a street walker & Bert's her pimp?? Or Snow White's a petulant runaway teen??
Emily Blunt in talks to play Mary Poppins
Lin-Manuel Miranda talks 'Mary Poppins,' Bob Dylan and a mother's love
Can we have a new Mary Poppins directed by Tim Burton?
No one ever will be Mary Poppins except for Julie Andrew.
I'm not okay 😭 I've been waiting for this my whole life
Personally, I don't like the idea of a "sequel" to Mary Poppins. I think masterpieces like that should be left alon…
Cast and crew begin work on for Disney.
DisneyInsider: Production has begun on Here are the details: …
I assume Mary Poppins has a Bert in every port.
Mary Poppins is probably the pinnacle of Walt Disney's filmmaking. Story, humor, music, casting, and visual effects ar…
Emily Blunt is gonna be gr8 as Mary poppins I have 100% faith she is wonderful. Also wish devil wears Prada was on Netflix/amazon ffs
Production officially begins on Mary Poppins Returns. Here's the full synopsis. Hits theaters on 12/25/18
Disney just released the FULL official plot for starring Emily Blunt and
Production has begun on Here are the details:
Production has begun on Here's everything we know so far:
EVERYBODY FREAK OUT. Production has begun on "Mary Poppins Returns," a sequel to the 1964 film, starring Emily Blunt and
We all know and love Mary Poppins. Now is your chance to see it live on stage right in your own back yard!...
Lucia at Saint Paul’s: bringing light, traditions, and Mary Poppins
Mark your calendars! The JH is performing Mary Poppins, created by P.L. Travers and Julian Fellowes, on Thurs, Jan…
Mary Poppins continues this weekend plus they added a show on Thursday night for last weekend's snow cancellation…
Working on Anne of Green Gables and Mary Poppins orders today and happily smiling to myself because I love the fluffy classics. :D
Attention Parents: Interested in taking your kid's to see Mary Poppins at Bridgewater State University? BSU...
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever." -Mary Poppins this quote made me think of Alan today. Thinking about you, Blair. ❤️
Broadway's Mary Poppins comes to life at Bridgewater State
Broadway's 'Mary Poppins' comes to life on BSU stage - The Family Performing Arts Center at Bridgewater State U...
happy and healthy new year to you and family...loving you in Mary Poppins and Diagnosis from Germany
Seriously, how great a Bert - the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins - would Bradley Walsh make?
Congrats to ex MTC Scott Waugh who is performing with international tour of Mary Poppins
Dame Julie Andrews was fine as Mary Poppins and she still looks *** fine being 81. I hope Emily Blunt is just as good as Dame Julie Andrews
There will be a Mary Poppins sequel with *** Van *** Meryl Streep, Colin Firth (my boyfriend), and Emily Blunt?!
'Mary Poppins,' 'Dracula,' 'Hair' headed to Mercury Theater via
'I gotta be a part of it!' says *** Van *** of Find out more details on his role https…
Mary poppins white dress is just the best 😍
I've decided there's no better song than 'Jolly Holiday' in Mary Poppins.
Fifty-two years after starring in the original Mary Poppins, *** Van *** is set to step in time once again!...
wonder if Mary Poppins and the great escape and E.T will be on this year 😱
*** Van *** a great eccentric dancer in the line of Ray Bolger, to appear in the next Mary Poppins
So excited that and Angela Lansbury are both in the new Mary Poppins film!!
*** Van *** Is Set to Appear in Mary Poppins Returns: *** Van *** the actor who…
*** Van *** sweeps back for Mary Poppins sequel
ICYMI: Original Bert in will appear in sequel.
"In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun." -- Mary Poppins
So they're making a sequel to Mary Poppins.. Is there a movie that would be worse for a sequel
Best news to wake up to: *** Van *** has joined the cast of Mary Poppins Returns! ❤️
Yes, it's true *** Van *** will be in the Mary Poppins sequel
There's a sequel of Mary Poppins being made and I'm so scared
*** Van *** confirms part in Mary Poppins sequel
'Why Mary Poppins Returns is a victory for nonagenarians.'
TV schedule over Christmas is rubbish. Can't see the Great Escape anywhere. Mary Poppins and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang only on Sky.
⚡️ *** Van *** will return for Mary Poppins sequel”.
Original Mary Poppins actor to return for the sequel - and fans are overjoyed
Finally, some nice, happy news! Cannot wait to see it. BBC News - *** Van *** 'joins cast of Mary Poppins Returns'
*** Van *** confirms he will appear in Mary Poppins sequel
Perfect for fans of Mary Poppins, Bob Odenkirk, The Man Show, Jack Black and industrial-strength swea…
Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins 😍😍. Dame Julie Andrews better have a cameo!
I'm with you on Casablanca. Not attached to ET or Mary Poppins . Blade Runner is pretty open ended for me.
I'm so beyond ready for Mary Poppins to arrive the centre! Anything can Happen its official!
you must watch Saving Mr. Banks. All the Mary Poppins feels plus history of P.L. Travers & Walt Disney bringing her to screen👍
London was never more fun than during the Olympics, I will watch for Mary Poppins, Tom Heatherwick's entrancing Oly…
Fun day with the Mosley Drama Club and their Mary Poppins float. With olivia_l_scott and cast.…
James had never seen The Sound of Music or Mary Poppins so we're basically having a Julie Andrews marathon.
"I'm like the Asian version of Mary Poppins." -Ms. Smith
If it gave nods to Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins or Lost ... now that would be something.
Buy tickets for Mary Poppins to see dances like Supercal who wouldn't want to see this?.
Seeing on the big screen for the Moana ad broke my heart 💕 can't wait for Mary Poppins !!
Officially in Tech for Mary Poppins. It has been amazing being the Production Stage Manager on…
I had that Mary Poppins statue when I was little! Did you steal it from me? Because I don't know where it went. You stole it.
My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Oklahoma, and The Music Man all are set within ten years of each other.
Did Andre Bauer just walk off the set of Mary Poppins?
Mother claims she was told to 'calm down' her seven-year-old disabled son after he LAUGHED during Mary Poppins...
Forget the cosy Mary Poppins image - death and disease would have been the harsh reality for most Victorian child chimney…
Mary Poppins opens THIS friday!! Shows are Nov. 11,12,18,19 at 7:30 pm and Nov. 13 at 2 pm @ Schauer Center. Hope to see…
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Russell Brand is England's response to *** Van *** as Burt in Mary Poppins. "No no no, this is a chimney sweep, children, learn,"
Bemidji Pioneer Pop in to see 'Poppins': Bemidji Community Theater to stage 'Mary Poppins: The…
Lin-Manuel Miranda dishes on the Hamilton mixtape and his ‘incredible’ Mary Poppins costar Emily Blunt
Colin Firth is the latest addition to the Mary Poppins Returns cast [ 126 more words ]...
Nothing I dislike about this movie so far: Colin Firth Becomes the Latest Addition to Disney's Mary Poppins Sequel
Theatre hits €1m profit thanks to top musicals: The staging of 'The Sound of Music' and 'Mary Poppins' were s...
Colin Firth 'in negotiations' to play banker in Mary Poppins Returns via Yes, please!!!
I've made a few acquisitions in anticipation of who might make an appearance at Expo. Mary Poppins sequel soon? Cameos?
When I see signs I read it as tuppence & immediately think of the crazy banker demanding money of the children in Mary Poppins.
I'm so excited for Mary Poppins Returns! I really hope can get a part in that movie as well as if Hocu…
Colin Firth is the latest addition to the cast of
Don't judge a thing by its appearance - Mary Poppins. 😏
Colin Firth joins the cast of Mary Poppins Returns
Nigel Farage is like a nationalist Mary Poppins. A Brit who flies in out of nowhere and helps you solve your nation's probl…
If the trend continues with turning the films I watched over and over again on VHS into TV remakes, we should expect Mary Poppins next.
Madame Bovary: pig. Orlando: *** Mary Poppins: would not be my first choice.
This decision to remake/sequel everything from Mary Poppins and MacGyver to Rocky Horror is exhausting. Where's the creativity?
would make the perfect Mary Poppins.
Creativity kudos to for rocking Mary Poppins on Homecoming Week Costume Day
Colin Firth to float into 'Mary Poppins' sequel
Why do I see this and think of that Mary Poppins meme, "LOOK AT ALL THE F---S I GIVE!"
The producers are going to do Mary poppins next but they are just going to beat Julie Andrews with a bamboo rod for 2 hours.
I just want the Mary Poppins sequel wrap party pictures to be as iconic as the Mamma Mia ones
I believe her last role was as The Bird Woman in "Mary Poppins" (1964). I loved that sequence, "Feed the birds..."
'Colin Firth will be in the new "Mary Poppins," which is practically perfect in eve...'
Mary Poppins was so annoying idc idc idc
What's with SNL's Mary Poppins fetish? First Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt from the upcoming sequel, now Tom Hanks (Saving Mr. Banks).
Played Wheel of Fortune on my kindle last night. Apparently I went up against Mary Poppins.…
Colin Firth joins Emily Blunt and for Mary Poppins sequel
. Amazon: Hey we got an order for an umbrella but we're out of trucks. *Mary Poppins, sighing, gets up from her desk*
Okay they're gonna talk about the new Mary Poppins film aRE THEY GONNA MENTIONS COLIN???
Whoever thinks that looks like Mary Poppins was definitely watching a pirate copy
I wish I could wear halloween costumes all the time. I’d love to have a reason to be Mary Poppins :(
Tracy sounds like mary Poppins and as if she is reading a nursery rhyme
Mr. Banks? Terrible employer. Horrible businessman. And look what that nasty Mary Poppins did to him.
& This is just getting better!! Lin-Manuel better be posting sneak peeks!
surely NO ONE can be this nice? You're like Mary Poppins with swag...
. Reminds me of the janitor junked Mary Poppins in a Cathedral:.
Emily Blunt's reason for playing Mary Poppins is a spoonful of adorable:
Ed Wynn (Uncle Albert from Mary Poppins). Two today cause I missed yesterday.
Has Ben Whishaw signed up for the Mary Poppins sequel?
Mary Poppins was quite fit wasn't she?
Watching Harry Potter and Mary Poppins back to back would be a real hootenanny.
This is very fitting for today. Thoughts?
Julie Andrews, star of classics like Mary Poppins, celebrates her 81st Birthday today!
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most English can't. Is like a friend I have in Maine: thought GB all spoke Mary Poppins.
Belle has big shoes to fill following Mary Poppins, but she's going to be great! Hope to see you at the show!
The worst..on social media like Mary Poppins, but have their kids 2 hours, twice a week then drop them off to go ou…
Martha Stewart, SuperMom, Mary Poppins, and a Paralegal all in one
Last nights is just further reminder that is the Mary Poppins of VPs: absolutely perfect in every single way. 😙
Great to have lunch and catch up with our Patron Anthony Drewe, who wrote the musicals Mary Poppins, Half a...
right on! I got Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and a hidden Mickey!
I'm torn between being Sweeney Todd, Darla from Finding Nemo, or Mary Poppins for Halloween
Yesterday! I got package# from Sprit Halloween, it was my two Adult Costumes my SuperNanny Mary Poppins and Mortel combat costume. (YAY)))
I BELIEVE! LOL! My friends call me Mary Poppins, because I keep trying to make it happen! I Imagine and I Believe!
My workout buddy A National treasure turns 90 Sunday and Disneyland salutes him! Mary Poppins t'nite https:…
Strictly Come Dancing week 3 : Fred Flintstone and Mary Poppins to battle it out in movie week
We're clearly soldiers in pettycoats, and dauntless crusaders for women to vote! -Glynis Johns (singing) as Mrs Banks in Mary Poppins
Then home girl opens up a Mary Poppins bag and pulls out a a big *** styrofoam container of hot wings. I'm talking like Nigerian spice hot.
you do know there is a Mary Poppins 2 in the works right (not happy about that one AT ALL).
I like to say it like Mary Poppins. R-r-r-rr-rum punch!
we are seeing Mary Poppins tonight for my daughters 6th bday which is today. Any chance of a little bday surprise?
JFC, Theresa May is making Margaret Thatcher look like Mary Poppins.
Wasn't it Mary Poppins who sang: "Just a spoonful of sugar helps the nothing go down"?
I liked a video from Assassin's Creed Unity: Brotherhood of Bugs - MARY POPPINS IN
Can anyone else relate to this? Having a teen and a pre-teen, my Mary Poppins/Cruella ratio is about 20:80.I'm...
they're filming a movie that's like a "few years forward film" of Mary Poppins and I'm here for it🤗🤗🤗
hi there,could you advise if you sell "VIP meet and greet" tickets for Mary Poppins at the Alhambra please?🌂many thanks 🙂
*channels inner Mary Poppins to float away from responsibilities with the Lake Erie wind* ☂️
You were so right. I'm loving this book. "Mary Poppins: NotSorry since 1934" for the tips &…
Some Mary Poppins magic at Studio Four yesterday--thanks for showing us around,
her starring in mary poppins reboot as mary poppins will cement her a-list status. HOLLYWOOD FINALLY SEEING THE Emily Blunt LIGHT
HBD to actress NW: Around the World in Eighty Days; Forty-Ninth Parallel; Mary Poppins.
At the airport at 7:01, cked bag, thru security by 7:17 including a tsa search thru my mary poppins carryon bag!
thank you for noticing how smart I am. Also it's not soot just so you know. You watched Mary Poppins 2 much. Chimchiminee
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being in mary poppins is stressful but i love acting but also A
DYK? Mary Poppins is the snazziest play of 2016.
I've just arrived at Heathrow with an umbrella packed. I shall arrive like Mary Poppins. But faster.
Loading up on luxuries is a luxury you can't afford now. Never... More for Capricorn
Today in 1923, actress-singer Glynis Johns was born in Pretoria, South Africa ("Mrs. Banks" in "Mary Poppins")
some sweet moves from an old favorites movie Mary poppins. do u remember which scene :)
I can feel a Mary Poppins song on its way. . .
Just don't become the ATF version of Mary Poppins
BIG thanks to our Mary Poppins collaborators
Film idea. Mary Poppins recalibrated for modern tastes. Mary Poppins (Mark Steel) teams up with Alex Forrest (Tony Hancock).
Me: "I'm pretty sure bragadocious isn't a word.". Dad: "Yes it is, Mary Poppins said so."
My daughter is currently watching Mary Poppins so it's already Christmas here.
Tonight is the night! StageWorks presents Mary Poppins at the Clinton School District Performing Arts Center.
Describing myself as would most likely be Mary Poppins, Jo March, &Anne Shirley
A gust of wind becomes a Mary Poppins moment. (Gust =actually a typhoon closing in on Jeju island)
We got Cinderella, Jungle Book, Sleeping Beauty, Mary Poppins, Tangled, and Ant-Man. Pretty good deal.
WOW! Good singing tonight at the Mary Poppins rehearsal! Mark your calendars for November 11th and 12th!
Get Julie Andrews to give you her Mary Poppins blessing. ..
Not going to lie, Mary Poppins does things for me. She could chim my chiminey any time.
Emily Blunt reveals more about her Mary Poppins character in the upcoming reboot
How well you really know See how you measure up:
I know it's 12:30 but I really wanna watch Mary Poppins rn 🤔
- I like Magical Map, but I would lose it in a HEARTBEAT if it meant a Mary Poppins ride!
Emily Blunt new Mary Poppins: Spoonful of sugar for Julie Andrews AND WHO WANTS TO SEE THIS???
Musicals are always popular. Mary Poppins (1964) perhaps, Grease (1978) is very regular but too new...
Ugh I just heard they're making Mary Poppins with an all-male cast and Ray Winstone will be playing Mary
Julie Andrews gives Emily Blunt her blessing for the new Mary Poppins (via…
"I felt like I wanted to cry" - Emily Blunt reveals Julie Andrews's verdict on her Mary Poppins casting: 
Spoiler alert: A remake of Mary Poppins is not going to be good. Doesn't matter if Rob Marshall is directing it. It's not going to be good.
Congrats to the cast of Mary Poppins! Anne Frank and The Foreigner auditions are coming up, so there are plenty of chanc…
When the budget is low, but Mary Poppins has to fly.
There was a concept for a attraction at that was never made
Ok so the opening notes of Mary Poppins still gives me goosebumps
Just show your kids the original Mary Poppins, I don't know what the issue is
Emily Blunt being cast as Mary Poppins with Julie Andrews's seal of approval is the greatest event of our generation.
Auditioned today for Mrs. Brill in Mary Poppins... I gave her a Scottish best I could.😉
😂😂😂 'thanks for participating in the country women's association Mary Poppins morning tea' i love maryborough it's the ultimate lmao
Julie Andrews reacts to Emily Blunt's casting as the new Mary Poppins:
Lindy Klim poses in bizarre low-crotch trousers that strike a resemblance to *** Van *** s costume in Mary Poppins
Emily Blunt has Julie Andrews' approval to play Mary Poppins
A spoonful of praise: Emily Blunt is playing and Julie Andrews is thrilled. https:…
Everything’s OK, Julie Andrews approves of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins
How Julie Andrews reacted to Emily Blunt being cast as Mary Poppins
on this day in 1964-Mary Poppins has a lavish world. premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
Today 1964 the IMO amazing Mary Poppins holds its premier at Grauman's Chinese Theatre! 😁
Today in 1964, "Mary Poppins," starring Julie Andrews, premiered at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.
One of my favorites. Mary Poppins premiered August 27, 1964 at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Los…
Emily Blunt reacts to being cast as Mary Poppins in 'Mary Poppins Returns':
in history the classic film Mary Poppins premiered at the Gruman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in 1964
😂😂😂 This *** Young Thug out here looking like Mary Poppins
-Mary Poppins from A-Z. -Maey Poppins in the kitchen. -Mary Poppins in cherry tree lane. -Mary Poppins and the House next door 🙂📚
The guy who recorded Mary Poppins and Once Upon a Mattress decided to cut the overture from the taping and THE OVERTURE IS THE BEST PART
Watch George Osborne go Rambo as he blasts with machine gun in Vietnam jungle . Mary Poppins more like!
Guess who's coming to dinner '67. Mary Poppins. I married an axe murderer. Priscilla,Queen of the desert . Up. Blues Bros'80. H Potter.
. Mary Poppins. Winter soldier. Jaws. The mummy. Xmen 2. Assassination of Jesse James . Priscilla, queen of the desert
Santa Claus, Uncle Albert, Robert Wyatt, *** Van *** in some scenes of Mary Poppins
Oh heavens. They're doing micro organisms. Is that a health and safety message? We had Mary poppins and the the woman's vote.
Come on Rio, jazz it up a bit. By now I'm sure we'd already had James Bond, Mr Bean, Mary Poppins & The Dark Lord.
Starting to think we aren't going for flying Mary Poppins this time.
not all of us can hire Mary Poppins
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Rio, you're going to have a hard time beating: Kenneth Branagh as Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Mary Poppins & Beckham speeding down the Thames.
will we see more Mary Poppins POPs With Mary Poppins Returns on the horizon? Would LOVE a Bert!
The opening ceremony is still incredible to watch. Liz and Bond skydiving, Mary Poppins, NHS workers. Wonderful
She's like the guy in Mary Poppins who has tea parties on the ceiling.
We had Voldemort, Mary Poppins and Isambard Kingdom Brunel...I'm expecting great things Rio
Awake for the ...but I can't imagine it lasting. I can't wait to see the bit where all the Mary Poppins come floating in!!!
Just a spoonful of sugar and a big name cast may join the "Marry Poppins" sequel
Whatever Rio manages to pull out of the bag, it'll never hold a candle to when a horde of flying Mary Poppins defeated Lord Voldemort.
This'll have to be pretty bloody good to beat flying Mary Poppins
Guys Mary Poppins ends tomorrow and I am not okay
Julie would have been great but she also had a great year with Mary Poppins and her Oscar, so it's nice for Audrey to be in it
"Bert, just look at the crowd. I'm glad we came early to see Mary Poppins.
The weather?Well, winds are certainly changing SeaWorld but there's no Mary Poppins to make it all better for you!😎
I LOVE seeing Broadway Broncos signing up for Mary Poppins auditions!!!
Remember a spoonful of sugar is all it takes. Don't miss Mary Poppins tonight at 7 @ The…
Try not to sing along, I dare ya. Mary Poppins - Philharmonic Youth Winds via
"Think of Mary Poppins or something." - Kris Jenner >
Just watched a lady buy a $40 umbrella!! She better be able to fly like Mary Poppins with that price!! 🌂💁🏼
I can't even spell the Mary poppins word 😂 I'm a master at coming up with long # 's
🔮I know places🔮. -so mysterious . -it reminds me of the chasing scene in mary poppins SORRY. -a song to scream out loud
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