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Mary Jo

Mary Joe Fernández Godsick (María José Fernández) (born 19 August 1971, in the Dominican Republic) is an American former professional tennis player.

Mary Jo Kopechne Ted Kennedy Mary Jo White Mary Jo Putney Mary Jo Fernandez Mary Jo Bang Cinematic Titanic Designing Women Teddy Kennedy

Which is exactly why will go nowhere. Dems have been above the law since Teddy killed Mary Jo.
best known for playing Mary Jo Shively from 1986-93 on CBS' "Designing Women," is 65 today. Photo courtesy of AP.
I just had to share this with you, Mary Jo!
They call me 'quiet girl'. But I'm a riot Mary, Jo, Lisa. Always the same. That's not my name 🎤
Or "The Swimmer" as Teddy Kennedy is known. No justice received for Mary Jo Kopechne.
Thanks Mary Jo Heydt. 7 Days 7 Black and White photos of your life. No people No explanation. Each day challenge som……
Love it! Mini "Hidden Figures" Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson take on Book Character Day. (https:/…
They have something called Mary Jo child molestation that means a victim is under 5 years of age are you…
Teddy had to know all but had to keep mouth shut because of Mary jo
Thanks Mary Jo! It's an important message. Copied from a friend: . In the light of recent events on the exclusion...
Local Mary Kay Unit Offers the Chance to Do Good, and Look Good -- Nancy Jo Baratti Mary Kay Unit -
Drag name up for grabs:. Mary Jo Wanna
Guitarist Andrew Mactaggart with Loving Mary and Steven Tyler on piano. Great night at The Tower.
A review of Mary Jo Bang's A Doll for Throwing by alongside a poem sampler:
Mary Jo does a capital job of being both evil AND hilarious. You need that in you mads.
I remember when The Mary Whitehouse Experience was on telly as a teen and thought it was the coolest TV show ever.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Dinos (and beyond) should never be seen as a 'boy thing'!. Check out this list of great female palaeontologists and rememb…
Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn't be abla jo fly, but the bumblebee doesn't know that so it goes on flying anyway.-Mary Kay Ash
Hi Mary Jo and Sorachi. Good to see you both!! Much love from the UK. 🍻
. Greg,. Explain to the youngins what I mean. "WHEN I RETURNED…
"When I returned Mary Jo and the car were gone"
Lisa Marie Presley checked with Mary-Kate Olsen & Billie Jean King and tells me that Mary Jo Kop…
From Mary Petra. Jo Anne Moretti. Admin · 9 mins. Not sure if people understand the full implications of what just...
Come by the house and chill w me and Mary Jo
"Making Room for the Deaf in Hollywood" by MARY JO MURPHY via NYT
Check out my interview of the wonderful via
Had a great time at Fright Night this evening with and my cousin Mary Jo! 😄👻💀🎃
Here you get information about Mary Jo Sanders Lifestyle, Biography, House, Cars, Family, L…
Mary Jo Kopechne was 1000 times the person Hillary is, but we will never know.
I love that film too. Mary Jo thingie staggering off towards the fields after a "ride" in William Hurt's car 😊
So was Teddy. Just ask Mary Jo Kopechne. Oh wait. He killed her.
Thanks, Mary Jo! You heard her. Call your Senators, especially if they are Republican. Tell them to vote NO on Cassidy…
As a conservative/libertarian woman, I have a suggestion for those who want to get rid of - Mary Jo Kopechne Memorial Day.
Love seeing clients shrink shrink shrink! Way to go mary jo!
"Teddy, you've had too much to drink. You shouldn't drive Mary Jo home.". "I'll be fine".
get your facts straight and stop bandwagon jumping. Learn from Mary Jo & Pam &
Guys and gals..remember when walked up to Mary Jo's door and shot her n the face? I know I don't...
Hope you are having fun and Mary Jo! have fun at the wedding!!
Doesn't the immaculation epitomise christian belief. U know, Jo allows god to impregnate Mary thru…
Chris Evert defeated 15y/o Monica Seles in her final 101st singles win in 89'. Love her and Mary Jo's insight.
When will Mary Jo get promoted to the booth? Seems like she has been reporting from the stands for over a decade!…
"What ones loves in childhood, stays in the heart forever" - Mary Jo Putney. . Podía reír horas…
Bill, I'm looking forward to seeing you and Mary Jo in Lexington at the end of the month!
so right. sickens me how phonies like chris evert and Mary Jo Fernandez want us to admire this DRUG…
Dr. Burzynski in Texas saved my friend Mary Jo Siegal from stage4 (25 years ago)Please see him BEFORE anything else! I beg you
Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski saved my friend Mary Jo Siegal of stage 4 lymphoma 25 years ago.He has the cure.Please check him out
is it me or does Georges resemble Mary Jo?
love listening to u & Mary Jo commentate during Sharapova match. I hope your both doing the next match with
Mary Jo Fernandez is so easy on the eyes
Actually, Mary Jo, the president and his family are doing well. MAGA.
Yes and Mary Jo are commentating. The two best, unbiased, commentators. 🙌🏾
Alabama Crimson Tide will be undefeated this season!
Hopefully Mary Jo is an eternity away from her "chauffeur".
needs to do one on Mary Jo Kopechne
Mary Jo Kopechnie has had 48 years of sobriety thanks to Teds "help"
He's still a murderer and got the slow painful death he deserved. Poor Mary jo kapeckne never had a chance at sobriety
Miss the D&MJ Show? & welcomed to discuss UK's season opening win at Southern Miss
Senate to ban the burqa? I personally have loved all the colourful attire from Senators. Dances too. Eg Ma…
So much to discuss from the game. Tune in to the Dan & Mary Jo Show 9 to 11. We'll have on at 10:30.
We are so happy to feature long time Artist Member Mary Jo Parker Ohearn as September's solo online exhibiting...
Tonight on Mary Leakey Girls High School will be showcasing their different talents do they have what…
My boobs jump out and my sexy lips in kylie mary jo k lipstick
(New Book Release: “Once a Rebel” by Mary Jo Putney) has been published on . As Washington b…
Hey and Mary Jo...we are LOVING your commentary at the Open tonight! We're moving our seats closer at your suggestion 😉
Happy Birthday, Mary Jo Catlett! (as Rosemary Ackerman, a role intended for &…
Wishing Mary Jo Catlett a happy 79th birthday. To John Waters fans, she will always be the non-recycling Rosemary A…
The "insider" is Tori and she's a real *** for trying to throw Mary Jo under the bus after everything she's had to put up with.
I hope you really find it useful, Mary Jo!
Ted admitted his negligence resulting in death of 28 yr Mary Jo. She drowns he calls police 10…
Thanks Mary Jo- so nice to share the time with you!
My gramps says the last thing Mary Jo said to Teddy was, " Honey, go feed the kids, I'll feed the fish".
Big milestone for Congrats to Mary Jo Bitner for a impressive tenure as editor of JSR. Read more
Mary Jo Shively (not Annie Potts, the platonic ideal of Mary Jo) as Maggie in A Chorus Line.
You mean like President Edward Kennedy the man who drowned Mary Jo?
Psst. Mary Jo. If it's okay with Julie, want a sneak peek? :)
well Mary Jo, the softball coach over there at Eastside high ran 3 miles this morning!
Today on the Dan and Mary Jo show we will have coach John Brannen and Scott County's Billy Hicks! Well also talk
Would anyone be interested in doing a Mary Jo's run sometime this week? Realized schedule wise I don't have time to go Saturday.
Imogene = and his staff, me being Julia Sugarbaker, Mary Jo & Bernice via
it's a sad club :( but REMEMBER u have Saul, and Sarah, and Mary Jo in this hard time
dear Mary Jo. I'm assuming you are white. Amirite? U obviously don't care that 2 ppl convicted of exact same
Dean and Jo. Personally my favorite match. Pity she got killed 😢 ~mary☆
Hypocrisy of MSM Attacks on MSM Obama/Clinton Ted Kennedy Lovefest: Mary Jo Kopechne Left to Drown ht…
MSM/Obama/Clinton attack Trump for words said decades ago. Yet BHO welcomed Ted's endorsement, who left Mary Jo to drow…
Mary Jo White became the head of the SEC She wasn't comfortable about pardoning a guy with 5-99 yr sentences
It's the best kind of snow. Mother Nature's doing all the work! 😉
Sean, ask Joe about Lori Klausutis. Then tell me if Joe doesn't sound like Teddy deflecting any talk Mary Jo.
Living in a parallel universe today...Dr. Seuss winter world, perhaps? About a foot of snow here in Lookin'…
Actually Mary Jo did help. We just gave her $15 lol
I'm literally an independent. Apolitical. So that I am not always goin...
Searching for literate and descriptive characters for SLs as follows:. Sam, John, Mary, Bobby, Bela, Lisa, Jo, and Ruby…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
today I discovered that mary jo k mixed with heir is my new obsession
Find out what kind of procrastinator you are! by Mary Jo Guglielmo.
Bravo to Mary Jo out of Raleig/ Durham.She made an ingenious find of my lost bag at Ohare Aiport then called me to pick it up. Got it.
MARY JO SLATER is casting OVEREXPOSED. The daughter of sheriff tries to cover up committing an accidental murder.
laughably, the Kylie lip kit pencil in Mary Jo K. I think I want to look into good, colored waterline pencils now.
On page 523 of 568 of Star Wars Omnibus, by Mary Jo Duffy
Refuse to watch it. I will NEVER forget how they dishonored Thomas. Kennedy who abandoned Mary Jo to die. lead the circus
"No vendor, NOT ANY VENDOR, can identify your Native American tribe."
Any one want my Kylie lip kit in Mary jo k? It's barely been used. If you don't care about germs and what not
thanks to Mary jo Foley, not enough Xbox talk on windows weekly 😢
I literally do not know how to send one text like I just sent Mary Jo 45 messages that could've been done in one lol
Happy belated Birthday, Mary Jo of Cream 'n Sugar, from your friends at The Coudersport Area Chamber of Commerce.
Turkish mall rolls out the welcome mat for homeless dogs as temperatures plummet. MARY JO DILONARDO. January 11,...
hey Paul, Mary Jo, love your Podcasts and Thurrot website contents. Keep it up guys!! From Kenya.
Indigenous circle at says the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is the East Coast's Dakota Access Pipeline.
Bronco Stampede promo at Mary Jo Sheppard this morning!! Go Broncos!
"Sunset & Moonrise at Oceti Sakowin Camp January 10, 2017 and our four legged relatives greeted the walkers from Canada!" by…
"Play is often serious, but it is also enjoyable and deeply satisfying." -Joan Almon
"Meet your Librarian" Hello my name is Mary Jo Fox and I work at Sibley Elementary. This is my 30th year with...
start talking to your familymembers- AI is storing more problems than dolls Mary-Jo de Leeuw.
Mary Jo Perry Director for Ms parents for vaccine rights.
My English class only has 15 people in it yet there's a Mary Katherine, Mary Jo, and a MaryFrances (Me)
A Wednesday share for you, from a Tuesday episode of Mary-Jo Dionne created
Mary Jo gave the The Pawn by Skye Warren saying "This dark...
8% done with Pecado y virtud, by Mary Jo Putney
Bastille will be on BBC Radio 2 with Jo Whiley tonight at 20:00!
Yummy gumbo and banana pudding with Missy - Mary Jo - Howard and carolinemccabe14 and…
Got one this year, too! Thanks Robin, Lori, Sarah, Helen, Mary Jo, and Casey.
Mary Jo in Customer Service provided rock star level help to me today. Thank you!
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Kylie Lip Liners Mary Jo K & Candy K NEW. via
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I got a fake Mary Jo K and I instantly knew it was fake (some mu giveaway account was promoting it) an…
I got a "Mary Jo K " from my cousin. 2 weeks ago I found out it was fake. I'm still sad because I can't afford the original 😢
on snap can you compare 22 and Mary jo k please. I want to purchase one but can't make up my mind. Thanks dear!!
my Mary jo k is so sticky there is glue in it
👍🏼HI Mary Jo!!😘Glad you enjoyed the article...might like this too:
I bought two months ago Mary Jo K and I feel so satisfied with it… don't trust fake websites only KylieCosmetics 🙋🏻
For all of you at the Windows 10 event -- the chairs with power and wired internet are called "mary jo's" in honor of
omg I have a fake Mary Jo K lipstick and I still have a rash from where i swatched it was so sad:(
Practical Nutrition: Pumpkin offers multitude of health benefits
Yet I've heard of Mary Skrenes, and not Virgil North. I've also heard of Jo Duffy, Louise Simonson...
Love GEORGIA PEACHES & OTHER FORBIDDEN FRUIT Jo goes back in closet in small town GA til she meets Mary C.
you do know I was Mary Jo last year, right???
I got Mary Jo k from eBay it stained my lips and made them infected a I also had to wait 6weeks for it to arrive I was so sad
thanks Mary Jo that was a great surprise
I got poise k, 22, candy k, koko k, Mary jo k lmk girls
Little Giant Ladders
the fake Mary Jo K I bought was just... my lips got so dry and it doesn't seem like the right color. Packaging was messy.
Mary tried that too! Everyone remember when she didn't like Jill & accused her of being JO
my very first lip kit, Mary jo k finally came in, can't wait to try it out!!
wow the Koko K one is real Kylie Cosmetics Mary Jo K is fake LOOKS NOTHING LIKE IT!
i got mary jo k on amazon (i was desperate) in April or may for prom. Is it fake?
In anticipation of upcoming ENT promotion, my publisher has already lowered the Amazon price of to 99¢! https…
And our newest Grandma's Great Gourd is live in the In time for
I have Mary Jo and Exposed... what are the next two I should buy... help me decide!
Newsflash: Aforementioned Mary Jo Duffy created Lumiya, who was probably the 1st recurring female villain of SW
I'm so happy my friend bought me a REAL Mary jo k for my birthday, it's disgusting how people get away with it xx
‘There’s No Such Thing as Average’: Todd Rose on Brain Science and the Limitations of Standards | Mary Jo Madda
Happy Why not try a Savory recipe: Roasted Pumpkin
I'm thinking of Leo or Mary Jo K what you think follow plz
Mary Jo when you apply | Mary Jo after 8 hours 10 kisses and 3 ***
Mary Jo White is really serious about the regulating U.S. Treasuries more closely
ABORIGINAL RADIO - we should start that up again, here in Vancouver, if it is not still broadcasting. [Leonard Brillon Mary-Jo Braid]
Mary: 'The decoration on these tarts are so pretty I couldn't possibly...'. Paul: .
Practical Nutrition: Pumpkin offers multitude of health benefits...
Check out "Transformation presented by Renee Sotile & Mary Jo Godges"
Today I asked to immediately designate a new Chair of the SEC to replace Mary Jo White:
Urge the to provide strong oversight of infant formula marketing!
On the radio now with Karen Simkins of Respect Life with guests Mary Jo and Matea.
I like these climbing walls.strong inside and out!
Kicking off the with dr. Mary jo bitner and a mariachi!
For sure! Great article with some good tips in it.
He and Mary Jo have huge followings. They're realists. I get that. But don't *** on creative users.
Love to see her and Mary Jo from SEC in the thunderdome. I can say this 'cause I have 11 followers and I don't mind losing them.
Deck the tent with bakes of holly!. Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue will return to BBC One for two special new episodes of
Oh I loved you. Thank you Mel, Sue and Mary for your gentle effervescence that was as calm and lovely as a sunset.…
Thank you Mel, thank you thank you Mary. genuinely made the world a nicer, happier, kinder place. The f…
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Facing opposition from Piwowar, Mary Jo moves forward to rewrite the book on director-election proxy fights
Today we said goodbye to our fab psychologist Dr Jo Mary. We wish her well
Hope the closing music to this final is Goodbye by the Spice Girls as Paul, Mary, Mel&Sue walk into the sunset holding hand…
"Practical Nutrition: Pumpkin offers multitude of health benefits..." via
When you realise it’s the last episode of GBBO with Mel & Sue and Paul & Mary
Sen Ted Kennedy (Democrat Legend Hero) wld never say things about women like Trump.right Mary Jo?
did anyone else hear Jamie Campbell day Mary Jo?
Ted Kennedy hasn't had a drink since 2009, Mary Jo has been dead for 47 years.. Rapist, murderer and all around drunk, libs still love him
so you like Weiner's style. figures. Typical lib. You musta loved it when Ted Kennedy killed Mary Jo.
Patrick Kennedy has his own agenda & promote his book. Mary Jo could not found to comment yet.
As you know Mary Jo...white smoke is a good sign!! They wouldn't have lifted evacuation orders if getting worse!
I need a relationship like Alex Moran and Mary Jo.
Kris Jenner and lover Corey Gamble head to her birthday girl mother Mary Jo's store
22 (top) and Mary Jo K (bottom) are now available on grab yours now!
Ave María, gratia plena. Ora pronobis pecatoribus. Hail Mary, full of grace. Pray for us sinners. Good night!
to win: Kylie lip kit in "Mary Jo K". MBF ✨. Use my Mercari code: CGGZDM extra entries!!
TO WIN: Kylie Lip Kit in Mary Jo K. Must be following us so we can DM you!
INFINITE Sunggyu and Jo Se *** are jamming to girlgroup songs, watch the clip here:
Love this makeup and hair look on Kylie! Wearing her 'Mary Jo K' lip kit. Makeup by Ariel Tejada…
Great reaction from this nurse on comments about her appearance, shame the assumptions still exist though
can we get a trailer for Haters Back Off. Series idea: Miranda Reviews series. Video Idea: Miranda Reviews Kylie Lip Mary Jo K
Mary Jo K Singles 💋. Php: 150. Pm me for reseller's price
⚡️ “Henry VIII's ship the Mary Rose revealed after restoration”
I have 22 and Mary jo if u wanna try them on u🙇🏽
Three books on the captivating Mary Boleyn...
Finally my very own mate in posie k and mary jo colors. Can't wait to wear it later…
If Mary is coming back, then why can't Bobby, Ellen & Jo? 😭
Wait it kinda looks like Mary Jo K. I guess mine just looks darker on me.
I want Mary Jo K or Candy K. Let me know how it works! I might break down and just buy one.
Can't wait to get my Mary Jo K liquid Lipstick ❤️
Mary Jo, Posie, and KoKo available on along w everything else!
and 2 days before that Ted Kennedy drove off a bridge and killed Mary Jo Kopechne.
Dolce K or Mary Jo K. You would slay them all, but I feel like Mary Jo K would look super good on you. Or Dolce. 😊
Practical Nutrition: Learn how to choose produce at its best - Practical N...
Might get a kylie lip kit😱😁...i was thinking Posie first i wanted Kourt say no no, to dark...mother dear wants Mary Jo K
State Director Mary Jo Rugwell, spent time with interns & seasonal employees during a visit to the Lander FO.
I have candy, dolce, exposed and Mary Jo.. I'm getting more tomorrow 😛😛
My Mary Jo K arrived yesterday and I'm so obsessed. . Mary Jo K is THE RED 😭 this shade looks…
Mary Jo, any plans to buy Microsoft stock?
ONCE A SOLDIER a by is featured. Win a copy of the book
Just ordered Mary Jo K, if you know my obsession with red lip colors, you'd understand I'm really excited about this
wowowowow I want mary jo k or kristen so bad omg
On this date 47 years ago, Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to die, trapped in his car off Character al…
I had to get on a waiting list for mine, those 2 and the mary jo were the only ones available but makes sense cuz they're 😻😻
And I'm planning on buying Mary Jo and True Brown for christmas, the first one for my mum and the second for me
I ordered Mary Jo but I just got my order in the mail and they gave me True Brown 😭
Woman missing in Luzerne County: Mary Jo Meyers, 79, was last seen at her Dorrance Township residence around 9 a.m.… https…
I don't like the fact that Exposed cracks on my lips IMMEDIATELY after putting them. Wth?? Mary Jo is 🔥 tho.
Here we go again! Thank you Mary Jo, and this incredible cast for a fantastic opening, and…
I'm a big fan of the poet Mary Jo Salter, and although she doesn't nee...
Mary Jo is currently making my dog watch videos with her on her phone
A Girl Named Mary tells the story of Mary, the Mother of Jesus as a young girl
nope and I probably wouldn't but they look cute, I also want Mary Jo K just to see how it looks lol. I feel Sandra would
Thanks Mary Jo for sharing. e hope to have them back soon.
When your Mary Jo K matches your work shirt
I really need mary jo k by kylie omg and i need colourpop to order in france
Yesterday I bought Literlly, Candy k and Mary Jo k. Can't wait to have it in my hands, so nervious.
Missing: Mary Jo Meyers, 79. Police found her car, but no sign of her.
Can anxiety just go away and leave me aloNE FOR AT LEAST ONE NIGHT IM BEGGING
State police are searching for Mary Jo Meyers, 79, of Dorrance Twp. in Luzerne Co.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Mary Jo are your pups on vaca without you ?
Hi babies. reign, king, like gloss, so cute gloss, and Mary Jo are still available for my loves.
Clearly Zac does not listen to Windows Weekly or reads your site Mary Jo.
Thanks to Mary Jo and Mark Collins of Brighton Springs and Willow Publishing for the great job on our bottled water!
Liz Nelson, this is Mary Jo. I wanted to thank you myself for your kind donation. It really means a lot to me and...
May is off to a great start at Lott Realty Group! Cheers to Paul and Mary Jo on a fast sale!
I remember her as Mary Jo on Designing Women! She's a classic
The family went to MaryJo and Steve Harris' home for dinner. Mary Jo confronted Cal about a threat he made to Michele.
I agree. Also, I thought you might enjoy this Christian site by Mary Jo: She will enc…
My great aunt Mary Jo and her daughter Marie :-) ❤️ @ Brady…
I'm absolutely positively 100% heartbroken! My aunt Mary Jo was diagnosed w/breast cancer today. Please for her.
This story is kind of reminding me of Mary Jo & Joey Buttafuoco, and Amy Fisher. .
looks like Ted " the murderer who left Mary Jo to die" Kennedy
Track 2 on 2 days until the release on March 11th, It’s all systems go for Mary Jo!
Jack, Vicky (473), Jim Hoffa Jr, Mary Jo (473), and Fred participating in a rally at the old JC41 in Brookpark.
Mary Jo is married to Tony Godsick, who is Roger's agent. 😃
but you're Paul... Thee Paul, they should have seats reserved for you and Mary Jo.
Mary Jo's labor of love...114 jars of grape jelly just today! An amazing lady & still in kitchen tonight.
"You’ll see what [Senator Ted Kennedy] had to go through." More important to see what Mary Jo had to go through.
I think I'll root for Detroit this time to support my cousins Denise, Kevin, Scott, Mary Jo and Mike.
Mary Jo & I were honored to be w/ the Roberts family and many friends dedicating a bridge for SGT Kristie Roberts.
as of yet. But he was Cinematic Titanic with Trace, Frank, Mary Jo, and J Elvis. There's hope there!
Joel,Mary Jo, Josh Weinstein, Trace, and Frank are too... Cinematic Titanic & other projects
I'd be shocked if Mary Jo didn't at least show up. She toured with Cinematic Titanic and does regular Rifftrax now.
Been off FB for a while and I think everyone knows this, but republishing anyway! Congrat's to Bonnie & Mary Jo!
He also said that he wasn't drunk when he drove Mary Jo Kopeckny into a pond.
Bonni Jo is wearing her collar, but sure hope that isn't her game face.
😂 I knew I'd like it when they commented on "Popping Mary Berry's cherry" in the first epi.😉
We asked for it, you did it. So 'ere you go, enjoy special dance!
Mary Jo has been busy making a cat shelter for for the community cats!! Wonderful job, Mary Jo!! . Thanks for...
brought to you by Teddy K. He killed Mary Jo and over 50 years has been killing the rest of us.
Mary Jo White, the S.E.C. chairwoman, says regulators have been uncovering recurring issues, particularly in the area of fiduciary duty and…
happy 28th anniversary to Mary Jo and Ken!! thank you both for your endless love and support 💞💓
Red is my favorite color! Check out the cover of Flourish by Mary Jo Tate
"I think of the page as a social space."--Mary Jo Bang at
The topic in general, or the interviewee's perspective?
ICYMI: Chair White provided keynote remarks at MFA’s Outlook 2015 yesterday. Check out the highlights here
Mary Jo White makes another speech where she hints at more enforcement ahead of the issuance of SEC annual report.
just as a side note...Teddy Kennedy killed Mary Jo Kopechne whilst driving drunk. We have failures in all sides of the spectrum
Sushi tonight with Mary Jo & then drinks with Isaac, Jessica, and Zack :) .. but first I have to work ...
im reading The Last Two Seconds--poems by Mary Jo Bang & it rly seems like smthn u would luv. so visual!
Love these bears from Mama Jo's Inspired by Love.. . Check her out! Great gifts.
Who was the unfortunate victim of Senator Edward Kennedy's crash at Chappaquidick: mary jo kopechni
and Communities push back against politically motivated school takeovers Stop privatization of
McTeacher Nights are just plain wrong oppose fast food fundraisers sending wrong message to kids
Fortified w breakfast tacos & ready to talk dystopias with Mary Jo Bang & Emily Bell at 2PM at the
Stopped at a gas station up in St.Ignace and saw Mary Jo Matson( Melissa Matson)! Made my day ❤️ Keith Gamble Carrie Gamble
All the take a turn under the mistletoe incl and Mary Jo Putney.
Everything that's wrong with today's "Feminism Where ‘Lean In’ Means Leaning On Others" via
We can all get some . We can all get laid
thank you lovely Jo, that would be very welcome, hugs xxx🌹🌹🌹
Mary: Jo boy, we're pregnant oh. . Joseph: but how nau?. Mary:
Ok. But why leak something a band worked their socks off for and then urge people to listen to it?
how can people have the nerve also to listen to a LEAKED album
How someone in their right mind leak a bands album that they've worked so *** is beyond me
Mary Jo and Spencer rocking on a Saturday
Mary Jo Fernandez is not really media for men's tennis though. I don't really see the problem in this instance.
Congratulations to our 2015 distinguished alumni: Danlade, Donelle, Wendy, Deborah, Toni, and S. Mary Jo! Inspiring women and men
Federer on his way to the studio, a hallway full of people waiting for a hug. Mirka, Cooper, Mary-Jo, Lindsey Vonn
ESPN just showed Federer hugging people in the hallway -- including Mary Jo Fernandez. The media conflict lives on!
Mary Jo gets a new look for her European vacation
Chilling with Mary Jo - so glad to have some R&R (@ The Inn at Union Pier in Union Pier, MI)
I would not expect anything less from Mary Jo!!
Adventures in Oz! Mary Jo Putney on her recent trip to Australia — with pics of cute critters.
The fix was in before Obama was elected
*pulling up to Olympic training center*. Coach: "the best athletes in the nation train here". Mary Jo: "I don't remember ever being here"
I'm still not over the fact he plays bass, electric, drums and sings man
amazing..funny to see Chrissie and Mary-Jo's reaction...classic. thank u Vinci
Mary Jo Kopechne died at the hands of Ted Kennedy in 1969. Ted Kennedy has now answered to God for that sin. Amen.
Monday starts "Bring a Friend" Week at Mary Jo's Performing Arts Academy. Bring a Friend to try a class with you...
thank you for the first ever review... You rule x
Ted Kennedy's drunk driving and subsequent killing of Mary Jo Kopechne
During the women's final,I bet Everett, Schriver and Mary jo will . Talk abt Serena more than Vinci or Flavia. . .
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