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Mary Jo Buttafuoco

Mary Jo Buttafuoco is an American author, motivational speaker, and ex-wife of Joey Buttafuoco. She was shot in the face on May 19, 1992 at her Long Island, NY home by Amy Fisher, with whom her husband was having an affair.

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I literally just realized that is Mary Jo Buttafuoco's daughter...
1992 “Long Island LolitaAmy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the right side of the face
24 years ago today, Amy Fisher shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face, causing Drew Barrymore & Alyssa Milano to star in rival TV movies.
This day in 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco meets the side chick of all side chicks.
TODAY IN HISTORY: In 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot and seriously wounded by her husband Joey’s teenage lover, Amy Fisher.
Amy Fisher: On May 19th of 1992, Mary Jo Buttafuoco answered her door and was shot in the head…
Mary Jo Buttafuoco forgave her aswell, that's what simpletons do forgive people!
Mary Jo Buttafuoco didn't think her husband was having an affair, don't be so naive! lol
Dewey: Spike Lee, the guy who sold Amy Fisher the gun she shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco with, me.
Today in 1992, Amy Fisher shot her lover Joey's wife, Mary Jo Buttafuoco.
Rock Calendar 5-19-92: In Massapequa, NY, Mary Jo Buttafuoco is shot and seriously wounded by her husband Joey's teen-age lover, Amy Fisher
And another starts now with on Mary Jo Buttafuoco and a woman addicted to plastic surgery.
his wife, mary jo buttafuoco is how they see her ok. look i don't know this lady but i'm sure she's trying really really hard ok. Being part
Today In History 5/21/1992: * Long Island Lolita is arrested. Amy Fisher, the so called."Long Island Lolita" , is arrested for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco on the front porch of her Massapequa ,New York home. God loves you! I do too!
"Long Island Lolita" Amy Fisher says she feels "no sympathy" for Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the woman she shot as a teenager when she was sleeping with her husband — even though she still has the bullet in her brain.
Just finishing up "Getting It Through My Thick Skull" by Mary Jo Buttafuoco tonight. Basically, this book is about a housewife who craved having a life of normalcy, even before she was shot in the face by Amy Fisher. Mary Jo constantly battled her husbands cocaine addiction, even before her two children were born. I think the book is a good example of how long it truly takes to process and overcome traumatic events in our lives. In Mary Jo's case, it took her approximately 10 years to piece together what all had actually happened to her. The story has a happy ending, where she rediscovers herself and finally decides to leave Joey Buttafuoco and finally discovers who she is, and in turn, finds a gentle, patient and understanding man who truly loves her. It is a great book about finding love again when you are divorced and in your 50's. From that perspective alone, I think it would be a truly inspirational story for women who are 50 and beyond.
BIG BLEND RADIO is live with Bobbi DePorter & Mary Jo Buttafuoco now at
TODAY IN HISTORY: 1992, Amy Fisher was sentenced to 5 to 15 years in prison for shooting and seriously wounding Mary Jo Buttafuoco.
Today in 1992 Amy Fisher is sentenced 5-15 yrs for shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco ,she serves 6 :(
Mary Jo Buttafuoco look good for being Shot in the head by Amy Fisher
*** Ricki Lake is back & she got Mary Jo Buttafuoco on the show... I swear this blunt just put me in 1994.
I'm man enough to admit it: I am watching Ricki Lake, only for the Mary Jo Buttafuoco interview. Joey's a classic sociopath and narcissist.
Ricki Lake is interviewing Mary Jo Buttafuoco today if you forget what 1992 was like.
“In mid-1992, CNN reported that sixteen year-old Amy Fisher had just shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco, something about...
I happened to be flipping channels and saw Mary Jo Buttafuoco saying she was old at 47 & shocked she found love...
If I ever learn to wholeheartedly forgive, I hope I can forgive like Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Long Island reppin at the Is that Mary Jo Buttafuoco?
Holy crap, Mary Jo Buttafuoco just asked a question about assault rifles.
looking forward to Nov 10 in LA with speaking and singing. Mary Jo Buttafuoco will be with me!
Where are they now: Mary Jo Buttafuoco, 20 years later. Catch up with her on at 11 pm ET
New post: Mary Jo Buttafuoco talks about her new life
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Mary Jo Buttafuoco talks about her new life
Watch Mary Jo Buttafuoco talk candidly about TX case
Can I just give props to John Sweeny for calling attention to the fact that Eddie Money and Mary Jo Buttafuoco may very well be the same person?
Jump into my political time machine and let me take you back to 1992… President Bush apologizes for raising taxes after pledging not to, Amy Fisher plead guilty to shooting Mary Jo Buttafuoco, Congress voted to close the US House of Representatives Bank and billionaire Ross Perot was burning up the ...
Also Today in History:Mary Jo Buttafuoco shot, seriously wounded by husband's teen lover(1992);Dow Jones closes at 3,500 for 1st time (1993)
May 19th: Anne Boleyn (35) was beheaded in 1536. A mysterious darkness enveloped the northeast in 1780. The Russian Ballets debuted in 1909. Cy Young won his 500th game in 1910. National quotas for immigrants were established in 1921. T.E. Lawrence/Lawrence of Arabia (46) died in 1935. Churchill addressed Congress in 1943. Marilyn Monroe sang a sultry rendition of "Happy Birthday" to JFK in Madison Square Garden in 1962. 40 hidden microphones were found in the US embassy in Moscow in 1964. The Soviets ratified a treaty in 1967 with the US and Britain banning nuclear weapons in outer space. Ogden Nash (68) died in 1971. Five British soldiers were killed in 1981 in Northern Ireland. Mary Jo Buttafuoco was shot by Amy Fisher in 1992. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (64) died in 1994. Walter Lord (84) died in 2002. Julio Franco (45) became the oldest baseball player to hit a pinch-hit homerin 2004. The Group of Eight met in Germany in 2007 to discuss financial support of Africa. Jon Lester pitched a no-hitter in 2 ...
Amy Elizabeth Fisher (born August 21, 1974) is an American woman who became known as "the Long Island Lolita" by the media in 1992, when, at the age of 17, she shot and severely wounded Mary Jo Buttafuoco, the wife of her lover Joey Buttafuoco.[2] She was initially charged with first-degree attempte...
today is No Diet Day & World Laughter Day & George Clooneys 51st birthday. on this day in 1971 Welcome Back by John Sebastian was 1877 in Nebraska, Chief Crazy Horse surrendered after defeating General Custer & 7th calvery at Battle of Little Big Horn. 1915 while playing for Boston Red Sox, Babe Ruth hit his 1st homerun. 1950 Liz Taylor married her 1st hubby Conrad Hilton Jr, they divorced 9 months later. 1999 Amy Fisher was paroled after 7 yrs for shooting her lovers wife Mary Jo Buttafuoco in the face
50 Cent moved by trip to Africa Mary Jo Buttafuoco marries print shop manager ...
Nightcap: Remember Mary Jo Buttafuoco? Well, she has found love again.
Mary Jo Buttafuoco got remarried this weekend. I hope it was to Tony Vagafisto.
(I can't imagine what that wedding was like?) Mary Jo Buttafuoco remarries in Las Vegas: via
Panda Extreme Mary Jo Buttafuoco Gets Married [PHOTO] - Mary JoButtafuoco who was infamously shot in the face by h...
Mary Jo Buttafuoco remarries 20 years after being shot by Amy Fisher by
Rolling Hollywood Magazine | Jennifer Aniston gets a star on Hollywood Walk of ...
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Working on a Hollywood Magazine: These are the beginnings of it.
I think Mrs. Herman Cain needs to have lunch with Mary Jo Buttafuoco.
My wife is the Mary Jo Buttafuoco of dodging a load to the face.
Mary Jo Buttafuoco speaking at 7 pm at Jesse Hall tonight re: Domestic violence. Sponsored by Alpha Chi Omega on MU Campus.
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