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Mary Carillo

Mary Carillo (born March 15, 1957) is an American sportscaster and former professional tennis player.

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Mary Carillo profiles on the next HBO Real Sports.
Mary Carillo actually asked Ostapenko "are all Latvians like you? Pompous and condescending. She is awful.
I wish mary carillo could stfu right now.ain't nobody care about Federer.
"No one's ever moved on clay like this man." Mary Carillo on
Mary Carillo comparing Nadal's spin with Borg's (who played with a wooden racquet) is like comparing Lebron's dunks with Larry Bird's...
You can always count on Mary Carillo to find 5 or 6 ways to explain the obvious.
I don't think I have ever realized just how annoying Mary Carillo is
"No one has ever moved better on clay than this one has understood it better than Rafa" - Mary Carillo on Rafa Nadal
ICYMI: revealing interview with Mary Carillo can be viewed in full at…
To Mary Carillo's question: I'm with I would take and his 18 Grand Slam wins over and his clay court wins.
Ted Robinson/Mary Carillo/JMAC talk about everything except the match taking place in front of them
"He got a warning for racquet abuse. That's the least of his problems." -- Mary Carillo on Wawrinka, after he slammed his stick on red clay.
"Rafa doesn't look cruel, but he plays cruel" couldn't have said it better myself Mary Carillo
Let's not bring up past tragedies, Mary Carillo.
thats about the only think Mary Carillo has ever said that I can tolerate;; WHY is she allowed to call Rafa's matches
"There is no one in the world that can make you feel more inadequate than Rafael Nadal, on this court" Mary Carillo 🎾
Tennis is +39 with Mary Carillo in the booth, -21 with her on the bench
Mary Carillo on Nadal: "He doesn't look cruel but he plays cruel." Perfect.
It appears that Mary Carillo has never seen Nadal play before.
"His forehand has never been so ferocious." Mary Carillo on Rafael Nadal on
.opens up to Mary Carillo about success, rivalry, charity & more. WATCH the entire Holding Serve here: htt…
I can take Mary Carillo, but John MacEnroe is just blergh.
😀 Mary Carillo has a set of 50 talking points, so she may have wanted to use the "twice as many FH winners vs Novak" stat.
But credit to Mary Carillo for deconstructing Wawrinka's service pattern.
So glad my favourite commentator Mary Carillo is listening to my favourite podcast
Mary Carillo's role seems to be one where she keeps teasing us with little known facts from both players' childhood...
Mary Carillo is the Pierre McGuire of the tennis world.
would somebody tell Mary Carillo and John McEnroe to shut up during play!
The love-fest continues: Mary Carillo just called you “our friend Catherine Whitaker” live on the finals broadcast. 😀
"He's got some nice stuff on his shoes too." - NBC's Mary Carillo on 3-time Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka
"Those aren't bowling shoes, that's how many of these he's won." - NBC's Mary Carillo on Rafael Nadal's footwear
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
If this final is bad maybe Mary Carillo can talk about badminton again
Mary Carillo just said Savagary when describing Nadal's game
Mary Carillo talks of Rafael Nadal's play and uses the word "the savagery"
"Those aren't bowling shoes. That is the number of titles he's one here" - Mary Carillo on the big "9" on the back of Rafa's sneakers
Crap.They torture us with Mary Carillo for the final?
Hoping Mary Carillo will not have the annoying giggles today
Mary Carillo in her element doing these story telling pieces. So so good
DON'T MISS--talk success, injury, charity, & more in an EXCLUSIVE interview with Mary Carillo. WATCH Holdi…
🎥 Holding Serve with Roger Federer 🎥. Watch Mary Carillo's full interview with the 18-time Grand Slam champion:
And with the King & Queen of Gracelessness there in the booth cheering her on like her box…
"She's got like 18 different settings on her blender." -Mary Carillo on the slicing and dicing of Laura Siegemund. Caril…
Mary Carillo's accolades for del Potro are very unprofessional. Biased much? Disgusting!
"We've never seen you hit backhands like that" says Mary Carillo to Roger Federer. "Me neither" responds Federer https…
is it that others onTNNS refer to Serena Williams as the # l female tennis player in the world and Mary Carillo says it's Kerber? HATER
someone stop Mary Carillo from saying that Kerber is the # 1 female tennis player in the world when she knows that Serena Williams is?
does Mary Carillo say that Kerber is the number one female tennis player in the world when Serena Williams is. Please correct her
Mary Carillo of is talking about I like I like Mary...
Showing my brother-in-law the Mary Carillo 2004 Olympics badminton rant because sometimes you need a few minutes of pure joy.
Sunday's sports schedule is gonna be tight: followed by. . . the Kitten Bowl, hosted by Mary Carillo.
What’s the secret to the perfect curling stone? Find out here with Correspondent Mary Carillo!…
Mary Carillo's badminton rant is hilarious (and hits a little close to home for this parent!).
Looking forward to this. I've been a big Federer fan for a long time. The McEnroes are the best at this, along with Mary Carillo.
John McEnroe, Patrick McEnroe, and Mary Carillo stated that Federer has been "cemented as the greatest of all time".
bring back Mary Carillo, she doesn't fit your radical leftwing agenda? FU ESPN
I know that's your job description, Mary Carillo would not kiss *** she kicks ***
more cliff drysdale, less gilbert and Chrissy. wish Mary Carillo still around
Ok...who's impersonating Mary Carillo with these positive comments about Rafa? Especially in comparison to Roger... 😕
Mary Carillo "you cannot anoint Roger Federer the greatest of all time if he isn't the greatest of his own time"
Where da F is Mary Carillo ... and Martin cocaine Hingis ? Where are they?
When Mary Carillo said to Venus of course your happy to be alive after her sis...
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I think Mary Carillo is the worst but these 2 drive me nuts too! Stop talking during the points!
Thrilled my old friend Steve Flink is going into tennis Hall of Fame. A true gentleman. Now, how about Mary Carillo, best tennis analyst...
Podcast: Mary Carillo on the dynamic of a Serena vs. Venus final, Federer off the court and more…
Beyond the Baseline Podcast: Mary Carillo on Final Days of the Australian Open On the…
As the winds down, talks final days of AO with Mary Carillo on Beyond the Baseline Podcast⬇.
Australian open men's semis: "staggering play," says the fab Mary Carillo,from Dimitrov and Nadal!
The new Mike Lupica Podcast, Mary Carillo from Melbourne on Roger and Rafa and Serena and Venus.
Repost for the am crowd. Here's Carillo on Williams/WilliAms/Federer/Nadal and this extraordinary :.
calling mixed dubs now... learn much from Mary Carillo and '98 AO mixed champ
Beyond the Baseline Podcast: Mary Carillo on final days of the Australian Open
Podcast: talks with Mary Carillo on the final days of the
Podcast: Mary Carillo on final days of Aussie Open . Jon Wertheim talks with Mary Carillo f...…
Answer to yesterday's question: Mary Carillo. I even watch the DOG SHOW when she's on. The BEST. And a better person.
Mary Carillo had the nerve to sit there and say Serena should give the WTA "more" I guess these past 20 years didn'…
analyst and reporter Mary Carillo will host the 2016 Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards Tues. 10/18 at 11AM.
Set your DVR's for 10:15 am ET on 10/9 as HBO2 re-airs the excellent Back Nine at Cherry Hills documentary. Written…
This epic badminton rant is what Olympics passion is all about
I wish I worked for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in some capacity, preferably with Mary Carillo, who is the best at what she does.
Speaking to the women of Apollo with Mary Carillo...a fun and empowering discussion about women in the workplace.💃💃💃
I'm gonna die for this but it reminds me, now, of Mary Carillo 💀
-watching reruns on TC. Appreciate combo Mary Carillo & anyone. Passion-knowledge-humor. should learn
Only got to watch mens final in stops-n-starts yesterday. Upside? I get to watch w/fresh eyes w/Mary Carillo,Jim Courier on the call
Breaking News. Mary Jane Veloso to be executed within the year as Pres. Duterte has given the green light for her...
"then you see Christopher Burr and its ALWAYS Christopher Burr"- Mary Carillo
❤️having now since I screwed up DVR of women's finals - enjoying Mary Carillo calls
We can all agree the Olympics needed a lot more Mary Carillo and a lot less Ryan Seacrest. 😂😂😂.
I'm safe then. (Though I would have liked to see more of Mary Carillo.)
Mary carillo so bad at commentating serena matches lawd
Just got home from the Open, turn on TC and guess what I hear? Martina calling the Kerber-Woz match with Mary Carillo. 😁
not enough Mary Carillo in your prime time coverage. I liked her bigger roles in Vancouver & Sochi
Serena is really up against it tonight and Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver are at their annoying best
--Mary Carillo, heartfelt, great interview with legendary great Really loved it and great tennis moment.
Love yr commentary. PLEASE put subject at start of sentence, not end - not like she does, Mary Carillo.
Me too. I think she just does desk segments with Mary Carillo & co.
will be on Daily with Mary Carillo tonight. Along with gold medal. Watch at 11p ET! 🏅
LOOK AT THIS!!!. *in my Mary Carillo voice, when Serena is losing*
Mary Carillo, top my list. All excellent!
I'll do a few more today. Mary Carillo
Mary Carillo, & Cindy Shmerler share memories of at -->
Mary Carillo sat down with to hear his inspiring story at the 2016
You don't get the show, but kudos for this. Mary Carillo.
To answer Sarah's question: mine is Mary Carillo.
Love for the positivity. Mary Carillo always & I'm digging & Rebecca Lowe these days too!
Really enjoying listening to & banter with Mary Carillo on right now 😁
Carole Bouchard's voice and accent threw me, just now. I've never heard her speak. She's on Mary Carillo's show on Tennis Channel.
I always think about St. Mary Carillo saying she wanted kill herself watching a Murray/Berdych match.
Watch pt. 1 of Mary Carillo's interview with the on Daily. --> htt…
Mary Carillo chats with after his 4th round win.
Had major fun on set talking french tennis with Mary Carillo ! And my partner in crimes ; Thanks for the invit'!
This is an example of what Mary Carillo was speaking to today when she said the on with Chris Jansing
I talk about my love of Bob Costas incessantly, but shout out to my other pals--Dan Hicks, Rowdy Gaines, and Mary Carillo.
The greatest Olympics video you've (probably) never seen -
(Mary Carillo is the only person in Rio I've been too shy to say hello to. I saw her!)
*sings Mary Carillo to the tune of Jason Derulo*
Need a laugh right now? Watch the greatest Olympics video you've (probably) never seen - LOL
One of the greatest moments in sports broadcasting history: Mary Carillo introducing Olympic badminton, Athens 2004
Bob Costas and Mary Carillo will have more borderline offensive comments to make, I'm sure.
Thanks to for sharing this super funny vid - Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant - Athens 2004
If you have never seen this video, you have to rectify it right now. Mary Carillo is a GIFT.
On the eve of watch the greatest video you've (probably) never seen
Breast Cancer Awareness
That Bob Costas is all fine and good, but Mary Carillo is the NBC host with the most. Beware the flying shuttlecock.
Just walked from workspace and in 5 seconds said hi to and Mary Carillo
Mary Carillo spends the day at Rio's most popular beaches
me to. Mary Carillo is my god for the next month. I know it's problematic and terrible and I adore it.
One of the 86257 reasons I love the on is for Mary Carillo's reports & stories. Can't wait to start hearing them.
Mary Carillo showed me pretty beaches.
.and Mary Carillo host the Kitten Summer Games 8/5 at 8!
Y'all, Mary Carillo was so sick after Serena beat Sharapova in Melbourne 05. 😂
I haven't been watching 10 minutes and guess what? I've already seen an episode of the new season of "Screwing Around With Mary Carillo!"
The Olympics are officially on, and Mary Carillo's first missive is a damning look at how gorgeous Rio's beaches are.
I'm watching a Mary Carillo local flavor story about Rio. is officially underway.
I was looking forward to the Olympics, then I see making forced small talk with Mary Carillo and now I just want to puke
I love that Mary Carillo specializes in Olympic commentating and dog show commentating. That's depth.
I think Mary Carillo should have the first and last word on badminton:
The Boys on the Boat is the exact opposite - a soaring, poignant showcase of the best in all of us. PS - Mary Carillo helped make that film
"When Serena first started dominating the sport, it was all about power. It wasn't really about tennis." -Mary Carillo.
"Absolutely not." — Mary Carillo, who will be cover men's open water swimming for NBC Sports, on whether or not she would g…
Great work by Ted Robinson, Mary Carillo, and John McEnroe to give that last game the silent treatment. Tension didn’t need the commentary.
I love how John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson have been silent through that last game. The drama speaks for itself.
Will you marry me = a marriage proposal. Will you, Mary, me? = A foursome inquiry.
Remember when Bob Costas and Mary Carillo did shots of Russian vodka joking about his pink eye on the air?
CBS Sports Announcer Mary Carillo, at the 1987 US Open interviewing USA's John McEnroe after the…
he's old, washed up and desperate. He's like Mary Carillo
Mary Carillo doing commentary for the Kitten Bowl is what America needs but doesn't deserve.
Mary Carillo: "You know, John (Sterling), a lot of people believe the Bobcats defense was GROOMED for greatness."
The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark channel - announcers John Sterling, Boomer Esiason, and Mary Carillo - blows this halftime show away.
Mary Carillo became a world champion tennis player and highly respected sportscaster just to make cat puns for 3 hours
Haven't watched a single minute of the actual sportsball but I DID learn that the Kitten Bowl has the actual Mary Carillo commentating it.
Content to watch the Kitten Bowl with the 7yo. How far John Sterling and Mary Carillo — and I — have fallen.
- this tennis fan LOVES that Mary Carillo is calling the Kitten Bowl!
I don't think the would have much credibility w/o Mary Carillo. Extend her contract!
"Paw placement and claw quickness" say that three times real fast Mary Carillo
Bless Mary Carillo for commentating on . What a good soul!
Mary Carillo is also narrating the Kitten Bowl III 👏🏻😁
Lovin' the Kitten Bowl! All the cute kitty names are great. Not to mention the great Mary Carillo commentating.
Mary Carillo, winner of the *** Schaap Award for Outstanding Journalism, just said, "and Mr. Slippers gets the FURRST and Ten!"
Mary Carillo is currently announcing the Mary Carillo has won both a Peabody and an Emmy Award.
How much does Mary Carillo get paid for this?
Bengals lead Bobcats 24-3 at halftime of John Sterling & Mary Carillo in the broadcast booth for (yes, really)
At least the doesn't have John Sterling and Mary Carillo as the PXP announcers. Bow wow...
Loving Mary Carillo's play by play is great! Who is doing the halftime show?
Lol, Mary Carillo is commentating Kitten Bowl. And doing a good job.
Not as incredible as the announcers: Mary Carillo and the Yankees John Sterling. Love to know how much they're getting
If you've ever wondered what Mary Carillo does when it's not the Olympics, the Kitten Bowl is on the Hallmark Channel right now
No one told me Mary Carillo was doing commentary on Kitten Bowl.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Mary Carillo is doing color commentary. I'm impressed.
So who at the Hallmark channel said "we have a Kitten Bowl to broadcast. Get me John Sterling and Mary Carillo!"
He plays off Mary Carillo pretty well, but the puns are in full force.
Funny watching usually serious Mary Carillo hosting
So psyched that Mary Carillo is doing play-by-play for the !!!
Mary Carillo is a hall of fame level sports analyst...and she's been reduced to Kitten Bowl? Must have needed a new pool
Time for John Sterling and Mary Carillo with the call of Kitten Bowl III on
- God bless John Sterling and national treasure Mary Carillo.
The thing I'm probably looking most forward to at is Mary Carillo...
Sports analyst and announcer Mary Carillo talks about III.
Ivan Lendl, Mary Carillo, etc., show up @ Casal-Sanchez Academy for the 60th BD of Pavel Slozil, Steffi Graf's coach
Mary Carillo should also be on this list. Lmao.
Cbs sports: Mary Carillo Should Call the Super Bowl - Sign the Petition! via Change
OK, CBS sports. Let's see you step up to give the people what they really want:.
Also, been podcast binging of late and thought your shows with and Mary Carillo were both great!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I bet Mary Carillo is at home chewing the stuffing out her throw pillows as I type this.
Mary carillo just called dude who ran on the court and put some kind of hat on roger a "chowderhead"
Gimblestob changing criteria of 'best' Its a game of percentages. How'd Mary Carillo say that straight-faced? final
not sure but apparently Mary Carillo was going in as usual on SW and Jill Smoller did some much needed "reading"
The Tennis Channel really needs someone other than Mary Carillo commentating
Couldn't resist: here's Mary Carillo as Nick Bolletieri when he coached Mary Pierce. Epic:
Not live, but I did catch Mary Carillo's "impression" of Nick Bolletieri. It should be immortalized somehow.
Mary Carillo blatantly bored on air right now, and it's only QF 1.
if I ever hear Mary Carillo imitate Nick Bollettieri again I'm canceling my Tennis Channel subscription.
We all juggle balls some of them just don’t bounce. Some of them are made of glass. - Mary Carillo on Stacey’s resigning.
Tanner Mangum throws an interception instead of a Hail Mary, there is no god
Mary Carillo's report on figure skating & ballet. Amazing. Great report, camera work & of course the dancers & skaters are min…
the ESPN commentators might just be THE worst. Give me & Mary Carillo instead please
Good morning. If you're reading MMQB tell me where you are what you're doing. Mary Carillo wants to know.
your girlfriend looks like Mary Carillo.   10% Off
Can't wait for your in depth analysis of Mary Carillo color commentary on the "Paw Star Game"
Did you know that Mary Carillo grew up on the same block in Queens with the McEnroe brothers?
John Sterling and Mary Carillo on the call for the Paw Star Game on Hallmark!
Mary Carillo's lisp should be the subject of a HBO Real Sports investigation
"rod purrew, a member of the beastly boys, has been known to let the bat...drop." GIVE MARY CARILLO AN EMMY & ESPY COME ON
Mary Carillo is dropping beastie boy rhymes peppered with cat puns and I'm dying & not even stoned.
Mary Carillo, my announcing hero is involved. So it's puuurrrfect. (I hate myself.)
Watching Mary Carillo being fake for the comicality.
Watching the BBC feed with Tim Henman & Andy Roddick. Very good. Is Mac on the US side with his brother, or Mary Carillo?.
Mary Carillo is the most underrated analyst in sports TV.
Oh breakfast at how I love you. Still miss Mary Carillo's insightful commentary, though. Big loss for
He was also an apologist for her tirade at the time, as was, IIRC, Mary Carillo, who isn't especially a fan of Serena
I got to hang out near AND meet Mary Carillo today. Catch our story on
A nice kid. I spoke to him that day for background for Mary Carillo. Gordon Uehling of and arranged
or Mary Carillo. The only thing worse than Evert commentary is her publisher's note in Tennis magazine.
Why does ESPN go with Chris Evert?? Mary Carillo is so much better. No one told Chris not to wear white on TV. too bright.
Best part of the Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver are nowhere to be found. I'd rather listen to a broken vacuum.
mary carillo-"wouldn't you say djokovic is naturally more aggressive?" johnny mac-"djokovic has BECOME more aggressive"
John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson are concerned that this match can finish on time with four hours left of daylight
So we can choose NBC or TTC again today! What a treat. I'll go w/ Johnny Mac and Mary Carillo on NBC; jut hope they don't skip too many pts
unfortunately Mary Carillo will probably work the women's final. Please NBC no!
Wow! "Where there's a will there's a Williams." -- Mary Carillo
YES. BJKing, McEnroe, Mary Carillo (who hates serena) have all said Serena is hand down the best to play the game.
Mary Carillo ain't NEVER EVER EVER gonna be on board
"Where there's a will, there's a Williams" SHUT UP MARY CARILLO
people saying that she looked drunk doesn't equate to reality. Mary Carillo said she LOOKED drunk, never said she WAS drunk.
Pam Shriver and Mary Carillo as I recall both talked about it, so did John McEnroe. Shriver even said 'she looks drunk' on air
Oh Bacsinszky is a "bold player" because she's doing what she should be and making Serena actually move? Shut up Mary Carillo
tell Patrick McEnroe to shut up he beginning to act like Mary Carillo.
is to Hockey, Mary Carillo is to Tennis, Bob Costas is to Baseball & *** Enberg is to Tennis AND Baseball. Insta-Mute Button!
.Anyone who watched Mary Carillo's badminton rant at the Olympics in 2004 knows how supremely skilled she is in front of a camera.
Can I ask your opinion on Mary Carillo?
really thrilled to hear that lovely Mary Carillo will receive this year's Philippe Chatrier Award at the ITF World Champio…
.will present the Philippe Chatrier Award to Mary Carillo at their World Champions Dinner!
Mary Carillo reminisces about winning the mixed doubles title with John McEnroe
Team celebrating our pal Mary Carillo receiving the Philippe Chatrier Award Champs Dinner
.PLEASE do not let Mary Carillo cover .match! She enjoys making fun of her name. Unprofessional
What has been Mary Carillo's contributions please? Genuine question.
Thank you Martina for your comments about the Rafa and Carlos situation. Mary Carillo has lost her way.
.Can Mary Carillo get any more unprofessional, immature & disrespectful in mocking name? GROW UP
No joke: My mom has a gigantic crush on Mary Carillo.
Mary Carillo and the rest of the Tennis Channel commies all about the money.
Mary Carillo just remarked on TC that you're in Lenglen serving as line judge for Kvitova/Bacsinszky match!?!
If Mary Carillo says "look at this" one more time, I'm going to go all
Nope it isn't. I am blaming Mary Carillo.
Dear Mary Carillo, belittling by saying her name so dismissively is classless and not funny!
Mary Carillo keeps hollering "VAN UYTVANCK" at random intervals during this tennis match, like the international treasure that she is.
This Kvitova match is a snoozer, why so excited Mary Carillo at the beginning?? I think Lindsay fell asleep
.please tell Mary Carillo to stop yacking during the points!! Ugh
I will no longer watch any tennis where Mary Carillo is announcing
Why can't John McEnroe and Mary Carillo just call every tennis match.
No one cares don't start being Navratilova or Mary Carillo this type of stuff, should not be reported.
ITF to honour Carillo, Djokovic and Williams: American broadcaster Mary Carillo will be presented with the ITF...
Mary Carillo will b presented w th ITF’s Philippe Chatrier Award @ the 2015 ITF World Champions Dinner tmrw at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines
Great that tomorrow in Paris, Mary Carillo will be honoured with Philippe Chatrier Award. Wonderful lady - wonderful gentleman
The ITF will honour Mary Carillo, & at the World Champions Dinner http:/…
but then I kinda reworked either an espn or Tennis Channel feature with Mary Carillo called Big Babes on Bricks
well, she used Mary Carillo’s “Big Babe Tennis” about that match-up, which led to her say something similar about the guys
Please tell your commentators that Less Is More. Way too much fill in jibber jabber from JMac and Mary Carillo.
I know some people find her annoying but I love When Mary Carillo provides commentary about sports. She says what we are thinking.
Wow...Monfils "This is what he does" says Mary Carillo. "Welcome to the show" says Ted Robinson... one set apiece
I don't want to live in a world where old friends, John McEnroe & Mary Carillo aren't giving me Grand Slam play-by-play together.
An app that alerts you when Mary Carillo is on TV and then DVRs it for you.
Were it not for the obvious, I'd say Mary Carillo's only regret in life is not being married to Federer.
Mary Carillo points out that as many people are pulling for Federer as they are Monfils, the Frenchman playing in Paris!
GreenChimneys Gala 2015 new pal Mary Carillo warming up 4
Hanging with my new friend Mary Carillo up at Trump National for a fundraiser tonight
I think you could take Mary Carillo but no way you gettin past Ditka
Sports analyst and former tennis player Mary Carillo spent the morning at
mary carillo? Thought she did ok Olympic coverage
No video testimony from Mary Jane on May 8 prelim probe vs. recruiters
now, maybe she will be the sexiest woman? 😳 sorry, no. She looks like Mary Carillo a bit right now, but pretty. 🙊
Poor First her dickbrain husband names her daughter North, now she finds out her dad is Mary Carillo.
I love how blunt Mary Carillo is commentating on Knowledge AND honesty.
Have I mentioned how much I hate Mary Carillo?
Update your maps at Navteq
I don't know whose more annoying as a commentator/analyst Tennis Mary Carillo or NBA Charles Barkley
Did Mary Carillo just say *** clown?! She's now officially my hero. goes NSFW.
Hard not to love Mary Carillo referring to a drunk unruly fan as an *** clown" Great start to my Sunday!
*** . Good morning to you too, Mary Carillo.
"The match is delayed in the second set because some *** in the stands looked pretty drunk.". - MARY CARILLO
Now, if Mary Carillo gets a procedure done to look like Bruce Jenner, we will have come full circle.
I want to formally congratulate Bruce Jenner on becoming Mary Carillo...And vice versa.
is it just me or do Bruce Jenner and Mary Carillo look extremely similar?
Miley Cyrus is to Hanna Montana what Mary Carillo is to Bruce Jenner.
Has anyone ever seen and my least favorite tennis commentator Mary Carillo in the same room?
Bruce Jenner has become the woman he's always wanted to be...Mary Carillo
We love Mary Carillo giver her a raise.
RIP Radwanska-Navratilova coaching partnership, per Mary Carillo just now.. :(
"Caroline's father is explaining tennis to her; that could take a while". Mary Carillo
has done a fantastic job with its expanded live coverage this year. Increased role for Mary Carillo has been another perk.
"The Cheech immediately makes the call!" - Mary Carillo
But we all know how Mary Carillo can be...
Mary Carillo just said that apparently Simona Halep is being threatened by a stalker in Stuttgart. Extra security provided for her.
"My entire life has been just one large, bizarre quirk." Mary Carillo, after talking about player superstitions,
My entire life has just been one large bizzare quirk. -Mary Carillo (that is really deep and I relate)
I hate to see this way. And Mary Carillo isn't making it any better.
Mary Carillo sounds like she needs a cigarette every time Rafa is in trouble. *** is that about?
I've been saying for years that Bruce Jenner looks exactly like Mary Carillo, the tennis announcer.
Mary Carillo is being the biggest Rafa Chicken Little right now.
Dear I'm sure I'm not the only one watching on Mute or looking for an online stream. Why Mary Carillo again???
Mary Carillo said Maria is better than Serena again. 😏
Bruce is morphing into Mary Carillo and that's a huge compliment
Not much worse than anything that Mary Carillo commentates
ha! I'll take any chance to get close to Mary Carillo 😏
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