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Mary Carillo

Mary Carillo (born March 15, 1957) is an American sportscaster and former professional tennis player.

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Mary Carillo is an imbecile: will NOT win 21 tournaments; borg & mac were stalking horses until came up for air.
The "reveal" about Connors at the end with Mary Carillo & is just perfect ...!
My dad googled "big babe tennis" and got something other than Mary Carillo.
Please take Mary Carillo and Davenport off the air when Serena lays. They are disrespectful and jealous of the American
Please whatever you do Mary Carillo don't announce Serena Williams Matches. You are so jealous and disrespectful to our America
2 years and I hope she comes back, if she doesn't, hope she becomes a commentator so that she can shut Mary Carillo up.
Last week Mary Carillo called Serena being the most "unstable" and "up and down" of all time. Which other had her longevity, Mary?
Mary Carillo was stanning so hard for Martha. She was quiet the entire 3rd set.
and Stacy are just as bad as Tarpischev; so are Mary Carillo, Peter Bodo, etc.
Charming and unpretentious. Mary Carillo: At Home in the West Village
Mary would have a pad in the Village. thought you'd like this…
So, Bowling, Anyone?: Mary Carillo’s work as a sports analyst and reporter has taken her around the world, but...
star meets John & Mary Carillo from at a foundation dinner.
Partners Adam Rosen & with Mary Carillo & Billie Jean King at the City Parks Foundation’s Tennis Benefit
Mary Carillo is the worst. I hate when she commentates. And Brad Gilbert. Not my fave.
Mary Carillo said during Maria-Woz match today that Li Na is seriously considering retiring. I hope that's false.
Remember back in the day how you could hear the disappointment in Mary Carillo's voice when Pova lost? Lmaoo.
Serena, an American is why would Mary Carillo say that Sharapova would be (in Carillo's mind) if she wins the US Open?
*** Enberg guesting in both at with McEnroe and Mary Carillo Oh My! The best team is back to call match. Thx CBS
"It's hard to make Roger Federer looked rushed" says Mary Carillo on CBS
Mary Carillo, *** Enberg, Johnny Mac DE "The last time u won this thing was 30 yrs ago." JM "I said it was nice having u back."
How great is it to have Johnny Mac, Mary Carillo and *** Enberg back together again? 🎾🎾🎾🎾
If you love tennis, turn on CBS, because *** Enberg is back calling the Federer match with John McEnroe and Mary Carillo. Oh my.
so good to hear the dulcet tones of *** Enberg calling the Federer Match with John McEnroe and Mary Carillo.
you just see that moment with *** Enberg, John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Bill Macatee in the booth? Very cool and well-done
*** Enberg returns to CBS to call one match on 8/31 with John McEnroe and Mary Carillo.
Mary Carillo and John McEnroe on CBS are a fantastic pair to listen to. Hope Carillo isn't lost to viewers when ESPN go exclusive next year.
I'm mad Mary carillo had this job since 1986
Mary Carillo's been at this job since 1986. Kinda hard to believe.
Will Mary Jo Carillo at least give some credit for beating Sharapova! *** the young lady played hard & won!
for the love of god and everything meaningful, I beg of you: DO NOT HIRE MARY CARILLO next year when you take over full coverage
Mary Carillo: 'I detest on-court coaching - Wozniacki's Dad yelling at her and then she loses. She's done this by herself.'
CBS Sports' Mary Carillo on Caroline Wozniacki's win over "I honestly think this could be the biggest win of her life."
On a side note, can somebody get Mary Carillo off my TV. She's obnoxious!
Wozniacki five of last six games d. Sharapova.mary Carillo asks: biggest win of cw's career?
Mary Carillo pumping up importance of this match. this is best I've seen Wozniacki play.
1000% sure Li Na and her agent didn't want Mary Carillo saying that Li might retire at the end of the Asian tour this season.
Does Mary Carillo still think Maria isn't worried? will be glad not to have to hear the screeching.
The rain has started in Manhattan, Mary Carillo. Should be hitting u in Queens shortly...
How much is the New York City Marathon paying Mary Carillo for every mention?
Mary Carillo said she thinks Li Na will retire after the Asian swing. What a shame.
Interesting to hear Mary Carillo on US TV suggesting that Li Na will retire this year, a huge deal for China.
Mary Carillo should host everything all the time! Still a bit shocked Rosol pulled it out. Jerzy looked tough. UNK.
Can Mary Carillo host all of the trophy ceremonies ever?
We here in Europe can be lucky we see Mary Carillo only once every year.
I see they thawed out Mary Carillo a couple days early this year.
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Crowd goes wild for Mary Carillo, the first person they've recognized on court all day
“It seemed for all the world that [Rosol] was going to be out of it.” -Carillo. I think you’re overestimating the audience for this, Mary.
If I am not mistaken that is Mary Carillo calling the final for
“Happy to announce Mary Carillo's expanded role w/ in-studio”. NO. Mary Carillo is the worst.
Mary Carillo is being honored at the US Open Gala Monday night, and I have never wanted to attend something so much in my life.
From the USTA ... Mary Carillo will be honored at the opening night gala on Monday
Mary Carillo takes a look at what should be an unpredictable U.S. Open
Mary Carillo going on and on about the exact dollar amount of the prize money won is forever cringe-worthy.
Oh. Ok. I wouldn't want to be associated with that hag Mary Carillo either. Lmao
she prefers Mary. Serena calls her Mary Joe. I think it's because ESPN used to have both Mary Joe and Mary Carillo...
Rebecca Lowe and In the words of NBC's legendary Mary Carillo, "That's cracklin' good television."
My producer called me Melanie 5+ times but the legendary Mary Carillo referred to me as "the lady in charge" so today was definitely a win
Coverage begins with the Opening Ceremony on Sat, Aug 16 at 6 pm ET on hosted by & Mary Carillo
Hehe Mary Carillo did such a great job with speech . Had to catch a glimpse mariasharapova
Working with Mary Carillo--even better than I'd have hoped--on coverage of the Youth Olympic Games. Tremendous way to pass an AM...
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I just really dislike Pam Shriver, Mary Carillo and Chris Evert.
Stu, I have to tell you: you sound very much like Mary Carillo. Not sure if that's a good thing, bad thing, or weird thing.
Miller best golf analyst. For tennis Mary Carillo. Sad to hear Johnny to go.
sorry missed your msg, John McEnroe, Mary Carillo (who I usually like). JM makes it 1 player playing himself: Nadal
Has anyone ever seen Bruce Jenner and Mary Carillo in the same place? And if it was in a bathroom, what sex was the bathroom designed for?
For those of you studying for your SATs during halftime: "julie foudy : mary carillo :: world cup : olympics”
I am so happy that NBC is not covering so I don't have to listen to Bob Costas and Mary Carillo's commentary
I'm a huge fan of hers. And I LOVE her voice. When I first heard it I thought it was Mary Carillo for a second.
.The World Cup is lacking in Mary Carillo, tho.
Mary Carillo interviews French Open runner-up, Simona Halep of Romania about her performance at the tournament, coming so close to a first title and more.
Mary Carillo says on NBC that Simona Halep is the fastest player, as far as getting points started, since Steffi Graf
Mary Carillo on Sharapova: "Just like Rafael Nadal, she's being illegally coached and taking too much time in between points"
Thanks Mary Carillo for announcing Federer lost his match before NBC aired it.duh.
"I love the way she goes from sheer elation, to respectful handshake,back to sheer elation!". ~ Mary Carillo on Sharapova after winning match
Huge difference on " arrogant "and "adamant." Mary Carillo not my fav commentator but that was really POOR!!!   10% Off
hey Mary Carillo,did Maria S give smart answers, or were they more like safe answers regarding Russia ??
Mary Carillo never heard of Sochi before the Olympics? She probably never heard of Yevgeni Kafelnikov either
I don't think anyone in the world would describe listening to Mary Carillo talk as "enjoyable."
Did I just hear Mary Carillo say that ," Maria is arrogant..." About being Russian? Think she read wrong--meant " adamant.". ???
Mary Carillo talking about her few days with Masha like a book
. Thank You Kim. They sound so REDICULOUS. Could they drool for her any more. Especially that one Mary Carillo
What is Mary Carillo's Q rating? She is terrible. Don't know a tennis fan that thinks she's good.
Mary Carillo & Ted Robinson couldn't make it anymore obvious how much they're in love with Sharapova…
tell Mary carillo to not speak right in the middle of a point. So annoying.
As much as I love John McEnroe and Mary Carillo, I'd pay cash money to have *** Enberg and Bud Collins in the NBC booth.
Mary Carillo do us all a favor and stop talking because you literally sound like a moron
I love Mary Carillo. She also makes John better IMO.
Mary Carillo gave the commencement speech at Elon University where her daughter just graduated.
My wife, an Olympics fanatic, is unimpressed with ESPN's March to Brazil. "This *** Where's NBC and Mary Carillo?"
"Murray used the word pathetic to describe himself on the last changeover...he used some other words too" said Mary Carillo on NBC
Seriously, Mary Carillo's packages are the best part of every Olympiad.
“There has been so much cat and mouse, this whole tournament has been about Murray’s coach.” – Mary Carillo
Mary Carillo said that she heard that Murray was “devastated” that Lendl split as his coach “It was clearly Ivan Lendl’s choice to leave”
Mary Carillo asking John McEnroe if he would coach Murray. Answers he would "seriously" consider it.
"Maybe it's Father Time." Great play on words by Mary Carillo and the NBC team!!
Mary Carillo is such a Serena apologist. She needs to never commentate on tennis. Ever
Oh. Now Mary Carillo will do an alliterative recap of week 1. Don't mind me, I'm just throwing a rope over this beam.
Umm Mary Carillo. Please hush. Talmbout D used to look scrawny next to the other guys.
"This is not the Young of old" - Mary Carillo with the most underappreciated name pun in the history of tennis. Not even a giggle.
"This is not the Young of old" quips Mary Carillo of rejuvenated Donald Young on NBC
Can we PLS NOT TALK at least through the serve? that means you Mary Carillo
"How many Lopezes do you have to beat to make the 2nd week of this tournament?" God bless Mary Carillo.
UGH, please just get rid of Mary Carillo already. He is absolutely unbearable.
"I wasn't poor back then, I just didn't have any money." Mary Carillo talking about her youth to the Elon Class of 2014.
Mary Carillo and Martina Navratilova are so good! Smart
When you take random things on the internet to heart, what better to cheer you up than Mary Carillo's badminton rant
Mary Carillo and Martina Navratilova are hands down my favorite commentators for tennis.
love when u and Mary Carillo call together! Sometimes I think she tries, on purpose, to make u laugh.
Ernie Johnson sounds like Mary Carillo with a cold.
The only thing that would make the more thrilling would be Mary Carillo was commentating.
Mary Carillo called Jack Sock "Jack Johnson." Or was she calling Steve JOHNSON that? Or both?
Mary Carillo will be bereft of convo once the Williams' retire. She seems 2 soo enjoy talkin bout their losses!
Well done, Mary Carillo. We too love the athletic heart. And, be kind. Great words.
“How many times have we come to Roland Garros and the Americans have been out by now” says Mary Carillo on Tennis Channel
Mary Carillo is by far the most annoying commentator and she has no credentials
Here is the Mary Carillo rant you're talking about
What a pleasure to watch knowledgable, personable Mary Carillo~~credit to
ESPECIALLY less talk from Mary Carillo. Or no talk at all, if you really want to make us happy.
And now we have Mary Carillo. Can this day get any worse? My ears already hurt.
If you watch tennis (or pretty much any sport) on tv, you know who Mary Carillo is. The speech she gave at her...
Mary Carillo says Federer reached out to Caro. Aww.
Mary Carillo is slowly turning into Frank DeFord. No lie.
Subscribe to HBO Sports: On this episode of Real Sports Overtime, Bryant Gumbel sits down with Soledad O'Brien and Mary Carillo to ext...
On the next edition of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, correspondent Mary Carillo meets with transgender MMA fighter Fallon Fox who is struggling for acceptance and legitimacy in a sport where many still view her as a man. See the full story Tuesday, April 22nd at 10 PM.
and best of all I talked to Mary Carillo and told her how much I enjoyed her work on the Olympics, touring that matryoshka doll factory
Mary Carillo's hard hitting interview with Vince Wilfork on today's Whiner Line: (Scroll to 11:54)
Just saw special about Vitas Gerulaitis, and how Connors, McEnroe, Borg, Mary Carillo & other tennis greats remembered him.
Earlier this week Mary Carillo wondered if Venus could still serve in the 120s. Where tf has she been?
yes agree, why aren't you commenting, love to listen to you Lindsey and Mary Jo, Mary Carillo is funny
If I remember it right, it was Mary Carillo who first called him that during the RG 2011 Fedole semi.
Mary Carillo is jus hopeless. TC thinks 3 years of her is a GOOD THING???
Mary Carillo is wrong; DOES close. Once again refuses to show LIVE tennis w/
Seriously, get rid of that horrible woman Mary Carillo or I am going to have to get rid of my package.
Love working with my buddy Mary Carillo.
"Mary Carillo and I calling v on don't B haters 2 Serena perusal
Rennae probably thinking about the time Mary Carillo called her "Rennae Richards" every time she hears that cackling voice.
Mary Carillo reminds us that Angelique Kerber beat Serena in Cincy in straight sets "a couple of summers ago." Rennae is not too impressed.
Mary Carillo dubs Fed's new racquet the Wilson Wonderboy. in full flight. Oh yeah and Gasquet... But FED!!
Mary Carillo used to comment on NBC in US with John McEnroe
just watched Sharapova play Flipkens and Mary Carillo was making fun of Chinese chairwoman's accent - racist
Just watched Sharapova against Flipkens and Mary Carillo was making fun of the Chinese chair lineswoman's accent. Racist
really looking forward to seeing you. Love your announcing. Too bad you and Mary Carillo not together
and who's this Mary who needs clarification of the obvious? Carillo?
Oh snap! Mary actually said something nice about Serena.
and Mary Carillo are lovely commentators. They know a lot about the game!
Hey , maybe y'all shouldn't allow Mary Carillo to drink in the booth.
"It's always darkest before it goes black" -Mary Carillo
How is this the first time I've seen Mary Carillo's badminton rant? It's amazing.
can't begin to describe how much I'm enjoying the commentary with 3 amazing ladies: Mary Carillo
3rd set of and live on now w/Mary Carillo & Serena, Stan, Rafa, Isner to follow.
All purpose parts banner
This Sharapova-Flipkens match is not the best tennis I've ever seen, yet I keep watching. Why? Mary Carillo.
Dear Please ask Mary Carillo to stop doing impressions. At best they are uncomfortable, at worst, offensive. Thank you.
Mary Carillo's impression of Bollettieri is insufferable.
FINALLY! Mary Carillo pulls out the Nick B. impersonation. My Monday is complete!
Mary Carillo is being a huge dbag about women's tennis right now and Knowlesie isn't even responding to her BS
I just spent 4 hours with my cousin. Three of which were spent explaining why Mary Carillo should be the new Olympics prime-time host.
Funny. Mary Carillo on the just accidentally called Renee Richards.
Y'all. Mary Carillo... I mean Jesus take the wheel.
LOOL I wish Mary Carillo's head could be served up like a tennis ball by Rena.
please get rid of Mary Carillo. She's the absolute worst and obviously anti-Williams sisters.
I switch to tennis and Mary Carillo is playing 20 questions during the Venus service game
I can't believe I'm forced to hear Mary Carillo commentate in order to watch Vee.
you wanted match so Mary Carillo can trash talk her,leave the Williams sisters off your channel ,ya racist pig
guarantee you only wanted to broadcast match to have Mary Carillo talk trash her
so sick of you making sure Mary Carillo will be commenting on and matches, to trash them
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Mary carillo gosh I wanted to see Vee but I gotta have u 2?? Smdh shut up and let huh stubbs talk
That hair comment by Mary Carillo about Venus was borderline racist
Update: will be airing vs Casey match per on-air promo & Mary Carillo announcement.
Recommend NBC's Nancy and Tonya on doc on Sunday night (7 ET). Same caliber of a 30 for 30. Well done to Mary Carillo a…
Showing my dad and sister the Mary carillo badminton rant.
Can we please ALWAYS have him for Rafa matches? And NEVER Mary Carillo?
"Chicks eating chiquitas on this Saturday night" says Mary Carillo on Tennis Channel of Sharapova v. Safarova
On top of the screams from Sharapova, the commentating of Mary Carillo
Lucie takes the set, and (unlike most of our TL) Mary Carillo sounds positively giddy at the prospect of a third set *reaches for caffeine*
OMG Mary Carillo's impression had me rolling on the floor laughing! "Mentalleee, physicalleee..."
Is anyone else watching Tennis Channel thinking Mary Carillo is legitimately drunk?
Either Mary Carillo's water was spiked or she's been indulging in some of Miami's nightlife. Yikes. Embarassing.
With respect: whadda f**k is Mary Carillo talking about most of the time!?
Oh, dear. Mary Carillo, please stop with the impersonations/accents. You made Lindsay (and all of us) squirm.
Why did Mary Carillo just call Rafa "Yannick Noah?" Did I hear that right? Either I'm crazy or she is.
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Mary Carillo? I believe you have taken over Pam Shriver's spot as my least favorite sportscaster, followed closely by justin gimelstob. Elek tells me it's just that I haven't heard Pam in a while. Maybe. Can't we just listen to the European guys? We deserve better. Do I need to hear 8X that the poor Italian girl's dad is a thief? At least they admit that they are afraid to say anything against Federer or else he will refuse to give them an interview. Sound off.
I appreciated Mary Carillo's fine documentary about the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding incident of twenty years ago. but enjoyed even more the interview afterwards which Bob Costas did with Nancy. It underscored what a classy and surprisingly articulate person she is- and the film was a moving celebration of her astonishing courage through all she endured. I'll always be a fan.
The Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan drama is STILL compelling 20yrs. later. And props to Mary Carillo for a fantastic piece. The whole *** thing still makes me shake my head.
Awesome ice dance to "I've Had the Time of my Life". Not sure what to think about the flesh tone body suit under the little blue outfit worn tonight by the Italian bronze medalist. Mary Carillo needs to have her dentures adjusted because she sounds like my dad when she talks.
Hear why Polina Edmunds did not go to the opening ceremony in interview with Mary Carillo -->
Mary Carillo's voice is deeper than Lester Holt's.
Mary Carillo Is Best Sports Caster I Ever Heard Of. Are you watching the Olympics by any chance.
Anyone else think Mary Carillo and Scott Hamilton have the same voice? Listen next time you watch coverage! 🙈🙉
American sportscaster Mary Carillo begins a news broadcast in the middle of the night with Olympic badminton talk. However, since most US viewers are asleep during this time, she decides to talk about something different...
Hey, Monarchs! Just watched a very nice piece Mary Carillo did for NBC about Polina Edmunds. They featured Archbishop Mitty very prominently and showed the send off rally they held for her. It was very cool to see some of the familiar places(like the front lobby and the gym) on National tv! She starts today--go Polina!
Mary Carillo visited the Indian Wells Tennis Garden so see what she says about why you should make plans to attend tournment!
Exactly 20 years to the day after the 1994 Olympic Winter Games, Mary Carillo looks back at the events leading up to, during and following the ladies’ figure skating competition in the one-hour special, "Nancy & Tonya." The documentary, featuring an exclusive sit-down with Nancy Kerrigan and a one-on-one interview with Tonya Harding, debuts this Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT on NBC – immediately prior to the Closing Ceremony.
Mary Carillo looks into the history of the sport of curling, from the intricate stone creation to the sport's first "grand match."
Sharon Chapman, Grant Butler, Melissa Kreutz Gallardo and Victoria Roberts ... I thought of all of you the other night as Mary Carillo previewed her exclusive interview piece with Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. Can't believe it's been 20 years. TONYA! TONYA! TONYA! WHY? WHY? WHY?
Deep voiced Scary Mary Carillo ranting about badminton.
Christen Cooper the female Jim Gray, the two most pathetic sportscasters...not far behind Mary Carillo the phoniest of them all
It needs to be said, Mary Carillo should win a gold for commentary!
One of my favorite things about watching NBC Olympics is the human interest stories that Mary Carillo does. I look forward to them every 2 years. Loved the story on the Matryoshka dolls and also the vodka. Went right out and bought Russian Standard vodka to try it. Wish I knew how to contact the family who makes the Matryoshka dolls by hand. I'd love to buy a set or two.
I love watching the little side stories Mary Carillo reports on for the Olympic telecast & she was great as the voice of Darth Vader too.
Mary Carillo goes inside the story of Russian nesting dolls also known as matryoshka dolls, the sets of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other.
People, this stuff is crazy. I didn't even bother posting Johnny & Tara, Kristi Yamaguchi, Nancy Kerrigan (sans Tonya), Mary Carillo, Meredith and god knows who I'm forgetting all shoved into the Today show set. My favorite moment was when Jenna Bush dropped the F bomb. This is my life.
Mary Carillo remains the best part of NBC Olympics coverage.
I am watching Tonya Harding being interviewed by Mary Carillo and Mary asked her about January 6, 1994 and she looks at Mary and asked WHICH DAY IS THAT, still lying after all these years.,..
NBC is doing a totally poor job on these Olympics...let's have more sports and less talking heads like Mary Carillo and Bobby talking stupid 20 year old stories...geez...
OMG do we really need to hear Tonya Harding ever talk again? Especially with Mary Carillo. ITS OVER!
Mary Carillo has always been one of my favorites.
Who's voice is deeper, Mary Carillo or Bob Costas? I'm undecided.
Is it just me or does anyone else wish Mary Carillo was doing the Olympics instead of Bob Costas?
Realizing that time must be filled, and that US audiences are adverse to watching any other country's athletes perform - given all that - why must Mary Carillo revisit the whole Tanya Harding - Nancy Kerrigan mess? And I like Mary Carillo as a sports journalist - her glimpses of life in the Rodina have been interesting and well done. And Nancy Kerrigan still looks like Kate Hepburn! And Tanya Harding still looks like Tugboat Tanya.
NBC's coverage of the 2014 Olympic commercials is about some *ing sports? 6 minutes Of coverage, 4 minutes of Mary Carillo, 15 minutes of commercials in last 25 minutes
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Thanks for the heads up on The Return of Bob Costas, Wendy Fencl! Had to laugh, thinking of Nanette Beer, as Mary Carillo joined Bob to talk about her new documentary revisiting the Nancy Kerrigan / Tonya Harding debacle, again. Great broadcasting all around! And, Mary Ellen Woods, I figured you weren't watching the Olympics when you talked about dancing to the Beatles anniversary special instead of ice figure skating, ice luge and ice speed skating.What?
A least NBC has the foresight to have Bob Costas bring in Mary Carillo for a little male perspective.
Are we sure Mary Carillo isn't really Marv Carillo?
Mary Carillo talking to Tonya Harding. What did I do to deserve that kind of pain?
The burning question on everyone's mind is... IS MARY CARILLO A *** !
NBC Olympic talking heads Bob Costas and Mary Carillo ... he likely is capable of bearing her child.
I swear I think Mary Carillo used to be a guy!!
Mary Carillo sounds like she's on acid whenever they have her on camera. Maybe that's the real reason for Bob's watery eyes.
It is deeply disturbing to me that Mary Carillo is explaining the Harding/Kerrigan incident as though her audience knows nothing about it. As if, perhaps, they had not yet been born. *shudder*
Welcome back Bob Costas, and doesn't Mary Carillo have the best job??
Just tuned in to the Olympics again -- Is Mary Carillo 7 feet tall, or is Bob Costas 4 feet tall?
I consider myself to have a relatively lower octave voice. Mary Carillo has me beat all day long!!!
Did I mention I got a tennis lesson from Mary Carillo?
Winter Olympics Russia bashing. Baltimore Sun By Thomas M. Barrett February 16, 2014 The Olympics have begun, and it's clear already that one sport is still flourishing — Russia bashing. Or more precisely, awkward American back flips over exactly how to depict Russia. Only a few days in, NBC committed factual errors, gross distortions and patronizing enthusiasms. During a fluff piece on the Trans-Siberian Railway, the tsar who initiated its construction was referred to as "Nicholas III." There never was a Nicholas III; anyone with a passing familiarity with Russian history knows that Nicholas II was the last tsar. The Trans-Siberian was initiated during the reign of Alexander III, Nicholas II's father. This gaffe is the equivalent of a Russian broadcaster calling our 26th president Woodrow Roosevelt. Alexander III was not an obscure figure. A simple Google search could have caught this error. If NBC broadcasters are going to try to be knowledgeable about Russia and take upon themselves the duty of unrav ...
Now, if it was me running NBC's Olympic primetime, I'd go Mary Carillo or Rebecca Lowe. And get praised the next day fo…
Can someone please help Olympic correspondent Mary Carillo with her hair, does anyone have Johnny Weir's cell?
More great Olympics action on NBC prime time. Mary Carillo goes Russian doll painting. For twenty minutes. On Primetime. For the Olympics. Which they paid money for the rights to.
The best part of the Olympics: Mary Carillo.
Thank you Mary Carillo for being the only bright spot for NBC's coverage, in the cultural presentations of Russia.
Dear NBC - Thank you for covering all the cliche russian stereotypes. Thank you for the facinating "taste test" of Vodka. Thank you for sending that Fauxman Mary Carillo to Siberia to.shock me, shock me.tell us how COLD Siberia is. Thank you again for the in depth coverage by Mary Carillo about the Ancient art of Russian Nesting Dolls or as they are known in russia, Matryoshka dolls. Seriously, they've only been around about 120 years and they are inspired by a Doll from JAPAN. I don't remember hearing that mentioned by Mary though.
while i don't like the interruption of sport, the human-interest olympic interludes give me an opportunity to ogle that handsome Mary Carillo.
Every time Mary Carillo talks, an angel loses its wings.
I already saw this matrioshka feature, Mary Carillo!!!
Am I the only one who was astounded listening to Mary Carillo speak with Lester Holt on this morning?! They were discussing medal chances for the next week and after using "normal" terms when discussing everything else, when she got to the female USA hockey team she said that when they play Canada they get "cranky" and moody. She then referred to them as chicks with sticks. Really?! Lester's response was that he couldn't get away with that, but neither should she!!
Here's something I don't understand. Mary Carillo has been busting her butt and doing a great job working as both an Olympic analyst/commentator and late night host for over 15 years. She's definitely paid her dues. So, Bob Costas gets pink eye, and who gets to be the first ever female Olympics primetime host? Meredith Viera! That, folks, is just plain WRONG, and I cannot understand the rationale behind it. BOO, NBC!!
Anyone else tired of Bob Costas talking about his eyes? The Games can go on, Bob - really you're not as big a deal as you think you are. It's about athletes - not hosts (except my cousin Mary Carillo, who runs circles around all of you :)
She is do good "Mary Carillo's classic badminton rant:
T: Is she choking up? J: You know that's a man talking, right? T: It is? Who is it?? J: Scott Hamilton! T: He sounds just like Mary Carillo.
Roses are red,. Costas' eyes are too,. I hope Mary Carillo,. Cures her balls of blue.
OMG, Johnny Weir is wearing a hot pink suit jacket tonight and kind of looks like Mary Carillo with straight hair and bad taste.
I have decided that before I become Maggie Smith when I grow up (after, of course, I am Dame Judi Dench), I would like to be Mary Carillo. Do cool stuff, interview interesting peeps, see the world. Yup...that's a plan.
Mary Carillo's lisp just won a Silver medal!
mary carillo might be the worst...I can't even handle it.
I watched this live and have never stopped loving her. "Mary Carillo explains her amazing badminton rant: http:/…
Like, bring out Mary Carillo to fill the dead air with a four-minute rant about ice skating.
Furthermore, if Bob's eye condition persists can please swap out Matt Lauer with Mary Carillo?
Mary Carillo is the greatest. As proof, her surreal monologue on badminton from NBC's 2004 coverage.
Mary Carillo has the best job during the Olympics
“Mary Carillo's classic badminton rant: the fabulous intricacies of
best ever. “Mary Carillo's classic badminton rant:
If you've watched any of NBC's Olympic coverage, you've probably found yourself enjoying the work of
Two article assignment: Under Entertainment in the Santa Cruz Sentinel Eye infection ends Bob Costas' lengthy Olympics hosting streak Sarah Glen, Posted Tuesday Feb. 11, 2014 10:58AM EST |Updated 36 minutes ago Despite staring down a nasty eye infection just a few days into the 2014 Winter Olympics, veteran NBC reporter Bob Costas is looking on the bright side. "I'm looking at it this way: My eyes can't get any redder, no matter what I do," Costas said before downing a swig of vodka on-air with Mary Carillo Monday night. NBC announced Tuesday morning that "Today" host Matt Lauer will sub in for Costas during the Tuesday evening broadcast. The change marks an end to Costas' streak of 157 consecutive appearances as NBC's Olympic anchor. Tuesday night will be the first time since 1988 that Costas has not hosted NBC's primetime coverage of the Olympics. "I was trying to throw a complete game here, but I think we're going to have to go to the bullpen," Costas said. - Under Sports in the San Jose Mercury News A ...
Hate the personal stories, love Mary Carillo
The biggest disappointment of this Winter Games...Matt Lauer in for Bob Costas. Matt Lauer, you are no Bob Costas. The only other person that can Bob Costas the Olympics is Mary Carillo.
Mary Carillo: Mary Carillo Autographed Tennis Ball: This is a Mary Carillo Autographed Tennis Ball. Signed in black s
and they PROMISED so faithfully. Ask Mary Carillo what the deal is- she's doing news stories from there.
Mary Carillo's epic rant on.badminton. She's now my favorite sportscaster.
Let's watch Mary Carillo and Bob Costas drink Vodka together
Is there somewhere online where I can watch all of Mary Carillo's segments from Sochi?
Bob Costas gratefully gulps vodka with Mary Carillo - If laughter is the best medicine,...
Warm and cozy! Get Mary Carillo's look with our Merino Cashmere Cardigan
You know its an Olympic games in Russia when Bob Costas and Mary Carillo take shots of vodka on air.
If you have never seen Mary Carillo’s Epic Badminton Monologue NOW IS YOUR TIME:
It's stories like this one airing right now on NBCSN that are why I LOVE Mary Carillo. I would have enjoyed doing this story on Russian Ballet so much!!
80 in los angeles. Wow. Olympics just aren't grabbing me. Maybe the warm weather there. Is this the winter olympics. Where are those wonderful european mouuntain villages. Where is mary carillo
This morning, we posted NBC anchor Mary Carillo's 2004 rant about badminton because we had never seen it before and we wanted to share it with the world. Carillo just wrote an email to us, explaining how that monologue made it on the air:
UPDATE, 5:50 PM PT: "We're back now with a good opportunity to welcome in our Mary Carillo, and she’s about to bring us our nightly dose of Russian cultu
Just wondering, is Mary Carillo and Cris Collinsworth the same person?
WATCH: Lifestyles of the Rich and Russian. Mary Carillo shows lavish side of Russian culture.
Can I just say Mary Carillo is my favorite part of the entire Olympics broadcast?! Oh, and thank you NBC for benching Costas. I forgot to say that yesterday. His eyes were making me sick. (Oh the compassion of a nurse!!)
My guess is that Mary Carillo was once know as Berry Carillo before the surgery. If ya know what I mean.
I think Mary Carillo and Cris Collinsworth are one & the same. Not sure how they di that voice-change trick. They could be twins!
Ha! Love that Mary Carillo called doubles luge "a bar bet gone bad". In other news, I want to be her when I grow up.
Mary Carillo is doing an excellent job covering the cultural side of Russia - as a former dance teacher I thought her segment on the influence of ballet on ice skating was spectacular!
Mary Carillo wondered following her special segment on Russian vodka production during the Monday-Tuesday overnight Olympics telecast. *** straight, Carillo — and you're the Hoda. “I'm not really a vodka guy, but look at it this way: My eyes ...
Would somebody call the Russian police and report Mary Carillo as a terrorist? I know NBC is about to throw her in our face.
NBC reporter Mary Carillo once gave a very passionate speech about how badminton is played at her house during the Athens Summer Olympic Games in 2004.
Is it merely coincidence that Chris Collinsworth and Mary Carillo are never in the same room?
2.11.2014, 10:32 PM Winter Olympics: Bob Costas' eye infection becomes Sochi storyline ROB CARR/GETTY Bob Costas during the NFL season, before his now infamous eye infection during the 2014 Sochi Games. At dinner conversations around the city, at all-important soirees where the elite meet, they are not talking about Obamacare or who won the gold medal in women’s slopestyle snowboarding. They all ask a more important, pressing question: “What’s up with Bob Costas’ eyes?” Every Olympics has a storyline. Going into Sochi it was the threat of terrorism. The weather. The media’s incomplete accommodations. Whether Vladimir Putin would take his shirt off. Now it’s Costas’ eyes. Any day now, NBC suits will be trading in their stately Olympic overture for Crystal Gayle singing “Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue.” Or in Costas’ case, pink. Make no mistake, Bob (Rapping Roberto) Costas is now officially bigger than these Olympics. He is the story. For anyone who has not been paying attention ( ...
Just my personal feelings, but I don't think I'm alone in questioning the wisdom of NBC Sports on the Bob Costas fill-in decision. I would much rather see Mary Carillo in the anchor chair! Very disappointed that Matt Lauer will be filling in. Mary Carillo has been part of Olympic coverage for years and has earned it!
Tune in to NBC's Prime Time Olympics coverage tonight to see Matt Lauer and Mary Carillo present a feature on EMIN shot in Moscow last month. Due to wrap up tonight's broadcast at 12.55am (EST) on NBC
Mary Carillo an NBC sports reporter and former professional tennis player was stalling during a 3AM broadcast from the Athens Summer Games. What began as an exploration of the difference between recreational and Olympic badminton turned into one of…… [ 19 more words. ]
Eye don't get it. Washed eyes with Visine last night instead of Stoli, combed my beard, wore my best skinny pants, and Mary Carillo said nothing about how awesome I looked! What does Bob have that eye don't have, besides hair and conjunctivitis?
During NBC's late night coverage of the Olympics in Sochi Bob Costas and Mary Carillo shared a favorite Russian past time, drinking vodka. accident news curr...
Did the attack on Nancy Kerrigan in 1994 have a positive effect on figure skating? Olympic silver medalist shares her opinion with NBC's Mary Carillo.
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Since 2008, Olympic host, Mary Carillo, has given viewers and intimate look at the host nations. Gallavanting around Russia, she made time to sample it's sig...
Granted, I've always preferred the Summer Games... Yet, this is honestly the most boring of all the Winter Olympics that I have ever watched. And I've watched them all. Often staying up all hours of the day and night to catch the action in real time-a necessity in years past, as there was a but a tiny fraction of the events covered in prime time. I know we're not doing as well as hoped, and that may honestly be a significant part of my problem. I know that for the first time in decades, I have not kept up with the exploits of the competing athletes leading up to the Games (other than the ice skaters and a few veterans in other fields, I don't recognize a single name), and I know I'm older and may have simply run the course on this venue... But, I don't think it's any of the above. I just feel that-despite Mary Carillo's lovely "puff pieces" on Russian lifestyles-this has been a bit of a snoozer. Literally. It's been damned near impossible to keep Michael awake while nodding off myself. So maybe I should s ...
Mary Carillo was once the second highest paid runway model. Only Doris Roberts earned more than Carillo.
I think NBC should've handed off Bob's job to Mary Carillo instead of Matt Lauer.
So into the Olympic broadcast, but wondering...what does Mary Carillo do during the 23 months in between Olympics?
The Olympics... Sarah Newcomb Mary Carillo does her culture piece every night... How did I of all people miss the vodka piece? The piece on Siberia was very interesting & it's very pretty... It was like -43 there... She's just realizing now that they use ballet in figure skating? Last night either Mary or Bob said Hockey wouldn't be Canada's national sport for long after one of the events (snowboarding, skiing idk which)... My point though is that LACROSSE is Canada's national sport! Not hockey! Just needed to get that out...
Also, I really hope Matt Lauer and Mary Carillo bleached down that whole area that Bob's been working in.
The Olympics: where Bob Costas and Mary Carillo make all other broadcasters look like amateurs.
Doesn't anyone at NBC have a comb and a mirror for Mary Carillo??
Mary Carillo is disturbing looking. Not quite man and certainly not quite woman.
It would appear Mary Carillo is growing into her new teeth...
Did Matt Lauer replace Bob Costas because of Bob's eye infection or because Bob and Mary Carillo were throwing back shots of vodka last night and he just couldn't handle the hangover? Hm??
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