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Mary Carillo

Mary Carillo (born March 15, 1957) is an American sportscaster and former professional tennis player.

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Will you marry me = a marriage proposal. Will you, Mary, me? = A foursome inquiry.
Remember when Bob Costas and Mary Carillo did shots of Russian vodka joking about his pink eye on the air?
CBS Sports Announcer Mary Carillo, at the 1987 US Open interviewing USA's John McEnroe after the…
he's old, washed up and desperate. He's like Mary Carillo
Mary Carillo doing commentary for the Kitten Bowl is what America needs but doesn't deserve.
Mary Carillo: "You know, John (Sterling), a lot of people believe the Bobcats defense was GROOMED for greatness."
The Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel - announcers John Sterling, Boomer Esiason, and Mary Carillo - blows this halftime show away.
Mary Carillo became a world champion tennis player and highly respected sportscaster just to make cat puns for 3 hours
Haven't watched a single minute of the actual sportsball but I DID learn that the Kitten Bowl has the actual Mary Carillo commentating it.
Content to watch the Kitten Bowl with the 7yo. How far John Sterling and Mary Carillo — and I — have fallen.
- this tennis fan LOVES that Mary Carillo is calling the Kitten Bowl!
I don't think the would have much credibility w/o Mary Carillo. Extend her contract!
"Paw placement and claw quickness" say that three times real fast Mary Carillo
Bless Mary Carillo for commentating on . What a good soul!
Mary Carillo is also narrating the Kitten Bowl III 👏🏻😁
Lovin' the Kitten Bowl! All the cute kitty names are great. Not to mention the great Mary Carillo commentating.
Update your maps at Navteq
Mary Carillo, winner of the *** Schaap Award for Outstanding Journalism, just said, "and Mr. Slippers gets the FURRST and Ten!"
Mary Carillo is currently announcing the Mary Carillo has won both a Peabody and an Emmy Award.
How much does Mary Carillo get paid for this?
Bengals lead Bobcats 24-3 at halftime of John Sterling & Mary Carillo in the broadcast booth for (yes, really)
At least the doesn't have John Sterling and Mary Carillo as the PXP announcers. Bow wow...
Loving Mary Carillo's play by play is great! Who is doing the halftime show?
Lol, Mary Carillo is commentating Kitten Bowl. And doing a good job.
Not as incredible as the announcers: Mary Carillo and the Yankees John Sterling. Love to know how much they're getting
If you've ever wondered what Mary Carillo does when it's not the Olympics, the Kitten Bowl is on the Hallmark Channel right now
No one told me Mary Carillo was doing commentary on Kitten Bowl.
Mary Carillo is doing color commentary. I'm impressed.
So who at the Hallmark Channel said "we have a Kitten Bowl to broadcast. Get me John Sterling and Mary Carillo!"
He plays off Mary Carillo pretty well, but the puns are in full force.
Funny watching usually serious Mary Carillo hosting
So psyched that Mary Carillo is doing play-by-play for the !!!
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Mary Carillo is a hall of fame level sports analyst...and she's been reduced to Kitten Bowl? Must have needed a new pool
Time for John Sterling and Mary Carillo with the call of Kitten Bowl III on
- God bless John Sterling and national treasure Mary Carillo.
The thing I'm probably looking most forward to at is Mary Carillo...
Sports analyst and announcer Mary Carillo talks about III.
Ivan Lendl, Mary Carillo, etc., show up @ Casal-Sanchez Academy for the 60th BD of Pavel Slozil, Steffi Graf's coach
Mary Carillo should also be on this list. Lmao.
Cbs sports: Mary Carillo Should Call the Super Bowl - Sign the Petition! via Change
OK, CBS sports. Let's see you step up to give the people what they really want:.
Also, been podcast binging of late and thought your shows with and Mary Carillo were both great!
I bet Mary Carillo is at home chewing the stuffing out her throw pillows as I type this.
Mary carillo just called dude who ran on the court and put some kind of hat on roger a "chowderhead"
Gimblestob changing criteria of 'best' Its a game of percentages. How'd Mary Carillo say that straight-faced? final
not sure but apparently Mary Carillo was going in as usual on SW and Jill Smoller did some much needed "reading"
The Tennis Channel really needs someone other than Mary Carillo commentating
Couldn't resist: here's Mary Carillo as Nick Bolletieri when he coached Mary Pierce. Epic:
Not live, but I did catch Mary Carillo's "impression" of Nick Bolletieri. It should be immortalized somehow.
Mary Carillo blatantly bored on air right now, and it's only QF 1.
if I ever hear Mary Carillo imitate Nick Bollettieri again I'm canceling my Tennis Channel subscription.
We all juggle balls some of them just don’t bounce. Some of them are made of glass. - Mary Carillo on Stacey’s resigning.
Tanner Mangum throws an interception instead of a Hail Mary, there is no god
Mary Carillo's report on figure skating & ballet. Amazing. Great report, camera work & of course the dancers & skaters are min…
the ESPN commentators might just be THE worst. Give me & Mary Carillo instead please
Good morning. If you're reading MMQB tell me where you are what you're doing. Mary Carillo wants to know.
your girlfriend looks like Mary Carillo.
Can't wait for your in depth analysis of Mary Carillo color commentary on the "Paw Star Game"
Did you know that Mary Carillo grew up on the same block in Queens with the McEnroe brothers?
John Sterling and Mary Carillo on the call for the Paw Star Game on Hallmark!
Mary Carillo's lisp should be the subject of a HBO Real Sports investigation
"rod purrew, a member of the beastly boys, has been known to let the bat...drop." GIVE MARY CARILLO AN EMMY & ESPY COME ON
Mary Carillo is dropping beastie boy rhymes peppered with cat puns and I'm dying & not even stoned.
Mary Carillo, my announcing hero is involved. So it's puuurrrfect. (I hate myself.)
Watching Mary Carillo being fake for the comicality.
Watching the BBC feed with Tim Henman & Andy Roddick. Very good. Is Mac on the US side with his brother, or Mary Carillo?.
Mary Carillo is the most underrated analyst in sports TV.
Oh breakfast at how I love you. Still miss Mary Carillo's insightful commentary, though. Big loss for
He was also an apologist for her tirade at the time, as was, IIRC, Mary Carillo, who isn't especially a fan of Serena
I got to hang out near AND meet Mary Carillo today. Catch our story on
A nice kid. I spoke to him that day for background for Mary Carillo. Gordon Uehling of and arranged
or Mary Carillo. The only thing worse than Evert commentary is her publisher's note in Tennis magazine.
Why does ESPN go with Chris Evert?? Mary Carillo is so much better. No one told Chris not to wear white on TV. too bright.
Best part of the Mary Carillo and Pam Shriver are nowhere to be found. I'd rather listen to a broken vacuum.
mary carillo-"wouldn't you say djokovic is naturally more aggressive?" Johnny Mac-"djokovic has BECOME more aggressive"
John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Ted Robinson are concerned that this match can finish on time with four hours left of daylight
So we can choose NBC or TTC again today! What a treat. I'll go w/ Johnny Mac and Mary Carillo on NBC; jut hope they don't skip too many pts
unfortunately Mary Carillo will probably work the women's final. Please NBC no!
Wow! "Where there's a will there's a Williams." -- Mary Carillo
YES. BJKing, McEnroe, Mary Carillo (who hates serena) have all said Serena is hand down the best to play the game.
Mary Carillo ain't NEVER EVER EVER gonna be on board
"Where there's a will, there's a Williams" SHUT UP MARY CARILLO
people saying that she looked drunk doesn't equate to reality. Mary Carillo said she LOOKED drunk, never said she WAS drunk.
Pam Shriver and Mary Carillo as I recall both talked about it, so did John McEnroe. Shriver even said 'she looks drunk' on air
Oh Bacsinszky is a "bold player" because she's doing what she should be and making Serena actually move? Shut up Mary Carillo
tell Patrick McEnroe to shut up he beginning to act like Mary Carillo.
is to Hockey, Mary Carillo is to Tennis, Bob Costas is to Baseball & *** Enberg is to Tennis AND Baseball. Insta-Mute Button!
.Anyone who watched Mary Carillo's badminton rant at the Olympics in 2004 knows how supremely skilled she is in front of a camera.
Can I ask your opinion on Mary Carillo?
really thrilled to hear that lovely Mary Carillo will receive this year's Philippe Chatrier Award at the ITF World Champio…
.will present the Philippe Chatrier Award to Mary Carillo at their World Champions Dinner!
Mary Carillo reminisces about winning the mixed doubles title with John McEnroe
Team celebrating our pal Mary Carillo receiving the Philippe Chatrier Award Champs Dinner
.PLEASE do not let Mary Carillo cover .match! She enjoys making fun of her name. Unprofessional
What has been Mary Carillo's contributions please? Genuine question.
Thank you Martina for your comments about the Rafa and Carlos situation. Mary Carillo has lost her way.
.Can Mary Carillo get any more unprofessional, immature & disrespectful in mocking name? GROW UP
No joke: My mom has a gigantic crush on Mary Carillo.
Mary Carillo and the rest of the Tennis Channel commies all about the money.
Mary Carillo just remarked on TC that you're in Lenglen serving as line judge for Kvitova/Bacsinszky match!?!
If Mary Carillo says "look at this" one more time, I'm going to go all
Nope it isn't. I am blaming Mary Carillo.
Dear Mary Carillo, belittling by saying her name so dismissively is classless and not funny!
Mary Carillo keeps hollering "VAN UYTVANCK" at random intervals during this tennis match, like the international treasure that she is.
This Kvitova match is a snoozer, why so excited Mary Carillo at the beginning?? I think Lindsay fell asleep
.please tell Mary Carillo to stop yacking during the points!! Ugh
I will no longer watch any tennis where Mary Carillo is announcing
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Why can't John McEnroe and Mary Carillo just call every tennis match.
No one cares don't start being Navratilova or Mary Carillo this type of stuff, should not be reported.
ITF to honour Carillo, Djokovic and Williams: American broadcaster Mary Carillo will be presented with the ITF...
Mary Carillo will b presented w th ITF’s Philippe Chatrier Award @ the 2015 ITF World Champions Dinner tmrw at the Pavillon Cambon Capucines
Great that tomorrow in Paris, Mary Carillo will be honoured with Philippe Chatrier Award. Wonderful lady - wonderful gentleman
The ITF will honour Mary Carillo, & at the World Champions Dinner http:/…
but then I kinda reworked either an espn or Tennis Channel feature with Mary Carillo called Big Babes on Bricks
well, she used Mary Carillo’s “Big Babe Tennis” about that match-up, which led to her say something similar about the guys
Please tell your commentators that Less Is More. Way too much fill in jibber jabber from JMac and Mary Carillo.
I know some people find her annoying but I love When Mary Carillo provides commentary about sports. She says what we are thinking.
Wow...Monfils "This is what he does" says Mary Carillo. "Welcome to the show" says Ted Robinson... one set apiece
I don't want to live in a world where old friends, John McEnroe & Mary Carillo aren't giving me Grand Slam play-by-play together.
An app that alerts you when Mary Carillo is on TV and then DVRs it for you.
Were it not for the obvious, I'd say Mary Carillo's only regret in life is not being married to Federer.
Mary Carillo points out that as many people are pulling for Federer as they are Monfils, the Frenchman playing in Paris!
GreenChimneys Gala 2015 new pal Mary Carillo warming up 4
Hanging with my new friend Mary Carillo up at Trump National for a fundraiser tonight
I think you could take Mary Carillo but no way you gettin past Ditka
Sports analyst and former tennis player Mary Carillo spent the morning at
mary carillo? Thought she did ok Olympic coverage
No video testimony from Mary Jane on May 8 prelim probe vs. recruiters
now, maybe she will be the sexiest woman? 😳 sorry, no. She looks like Mary Carillo a bit right now, but pretty. 🙊
Poor First her dickbrain husband names her daughter North, now she finds out her dad is Mary Carillo.
I love how blunt Mary Carillo is commentating on Knowledge AND honesty.
Have I mentioned how much I hate Mary Carillo?
I don't know whose more annoying as a commentator/analyst Tennis Mary Carillo or NBA Charles Barkley
Did Mary Carillo just say *** clown?! She's now officially my hero. goes NSFW.
Hard not to love Mary Carillo referring to a drunk unruly fan as an *** clown" Great start to my Sunday!
*** . Good morning to you too, Mary Carillo.
"The match is delayed in the second set because some *** in the stands looked pretty drunk.". - MARY CARILLO
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Now, if Mary Carillo gets a procedure done to look like Bruce Jenner, we will have come full circle.
I want to formally congratulate Bruce Jenner on becoming Mary Carillo...And vice versa.
is it just me or do Bruce Jenner and Mary Carillo look extremely similar?
Miley Cyrus is to Hanna Montana what Mary Carillo is to Bruce Jenner.
Has anyone ever seen and my least favorite tennis commentator Mary Carillo in the same room?
Bruce Jenner has become the woman he's always wanted to be...Mary Carillo
We love Mary Carillo giver her a raise.
RIP Radwanska-Navratilova coaching partnership, per Mary Carillo just now.. :(
"Caroline's father is explaining tennis to her; that could take a while". Mary Carillo
has done a fantastic job with its expanded live coverage this year. Increased role for Mary Carillo has been another perk.
"The Cheech immediately makes the call!" - Mary Carillo
But we all know how Mary Carillo can be...
Mary Carillo just said that apparently Simona Halep is being threatened by a stalker in Stuttgart. Extra security provided for her.
"My entire life has been just one large, bizarre quirk." Mary Carillo, after talking about player superstitions,
My entire life has just been one large bizzare quirk. -Mary Carillo (that is really deep and I relate)
I hate to see this way. And Mary Carillo isn't making it any better.
Mary Carillo sounds like she needs a cigarette every time Rafa is in trouble. *** is that about?
I've been saying for years that Bruce Jenner looks exactly like Mary Carillo, the tennis announcer.
Mary Carillo is being the biggest Rafa Chicken Little right now.
Dear I'm sure I'm not the only one watching on Mute or looking for an online stream. Why Mary Carillo again???
Mary Carillo said Maria is better than Serena again. 😏
Bruce is morphing into Mary Carillo and that's a huge compliment
Not much worse than anything that Mary Carillo commentates
ha! I'll take any chance to get close to Mary Carillo 😏
yea it's fine, I'm just unfamiliar with the voices lol. Way better than Mary Carillo's hating ***
I used to like MaryJo but she is getting as bad as Mary Carillo with all these negative comments.
So glad I don’t have to hear Mary Carillo gloat over this unfortunate looking little boy.
Carillo, BTW, I like better than all of them. And that's not including that I met and interviewed Mary and find her really great.
and don't forget Mary Carillo and Chrissie.
Just had my first encounter with Mary Carillo's badminton rant thanks to feed and now my life can never be the same.
Hooray it is Serena rime, and no mary carillo, even better
Tennis Channel commentating team of Mary Carillo and Paul Annacone among best ever!!
On my way to the airport still marveling how and Mary Carillo made a 2:40 serve-fest so fun on
In an epic match between John Isner & Milos Raonic the winner is...Mary Carillo!
Mary Carillo literally couldn't wait for that to end.
Mary Carillo on Isner-Raonic: "I have deep respect for both these guys, but this is a stylistic nightmare."
Stylistic nightmare? Mary Carillo and I finally agree on something.
I don't understand why Mary Carillo is laughing at you?? We are not getting the "joke."
"Mary Carillo screeches with laughter randomly as the commentators struggle to keep it together"
Mary Carillo randomly screeches with laughter as the commentators struggle to keep it together.
Funniest person alive, according to Mary Carillo?. Answer: Mary Carillo. She laughs at everything she says. . .
Ext. Night. Close up of clock showing midnight. MARY CARILLO. It feels like later. (Mary is in California)
Mary Carillo is great fun commentating lol
OMG Mary Carillo just lost it at Davenport complimenting something in the match 😂😂😂
"This match had made us all numb." -Mary Carillo cutting to the chase. This has been atrophying stuff.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
"[John] needs to know that this set, like the first, can be decided by just a few shots." -Mary Carillo
There are few things I enjoy more than listening to Mary Carillo call a tennis match. Smooth perfection.
Mary Carillo keeps saying the men are playing to get into the SEMIS, it's the QUARTERS they're playing for! Anybody home?
Mary Carillo may be my favorite person of all time...such a delight every time!!
you have to be able to better than Mary Carillo.
and having to listen to Mary Carillo just makes it worse ugh
You've just tuned into Vocabulary Chat with and Mary Carillo
I dont like when Mary Carillo commentates
Mary Carillo: if 2 people play well at the same time, it would be a good match.
no one cares what u think Mary Carillo!
*** it have to suffer through Mary Carillo commentating Venus' match.
Mary Carillo is so lost. Quarterfinal, not semis.
Once a day Mary carillo says that someone is serving for the set when they haven’t broken.
“It’s like a NASCAR team.” — Mary Carillo as Dolgopolov has both feet treated simultaneously.
If Dolgopolov wins Mary Carillo has to pronounce his name correctly for rest of tournament. Bet she can't do it.
I'm liking the duo of mary carillo and Very good chemistry.
Paul Anacor is just like Renee Stubbs and Mary Carillo talking the whole match...
Mary Carillo has done a BANG UP job of turning Tennis Channel around. She has brought on a GREAT mix of commentators.
Does pay you extra for babysitting Mary Carillo in the commentary booth?
The certifiably insane Mary Carillo complaining? Hard to believe! Tennis fans love the system. That is all.
No disrespect but is Mary Carillo announcing mandatory everyday? Mix it up please.
All day matches for Serena please, that way we don't have to deal with Mary Carillo.
Sh Mary Carillo,quelle diarhee verbale, blah blah blah every anecdote in tennis, she spits it, mbass!
"You're always so positive, it's annoying" Mary Carillo my friends
you're so yada yada Mary Carillo, of course you're going to be confused...that was point for game not break...
“This system has to change. It’s ridiculous” says Mary Carillo on on Hawk-Eye challenges and illegal coaching on challenges
Mary Carillo agreed that was booable tennis.
,We would all have a better month/life if you would keep Mary Carillo off your broadcasts.
Mary Carillo. Is this a man in drag? Do people really want to get their Olympic comments from that thing?
Anyone remember when Mary Carillo was saying Simona Halep should just lose in two sets at the WTA Finals? Yeah...yeah...
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Bruce Jenner went into the plastic surgeon's office with a picture of Mary Carillo and said, "Make me look like this!"
Just watched Mary Carillo's profile on TREMENDOUS! W/ BGumbel, pros make me want to work harder at my craft
Yes to everything. Love Mary Carillo. JMac always is unprepared which is why he never has anything new to say.
100 percent agree. He never shuts up to let the match breathe. Mary Carillo's the best, John's the worst.
John Sterling and Mary Carillo called the Kitten Bowl. On the Hallmark Channel. What.
Mary Carillo on the throwing some serious shade at the Puppy Bowl. Love this woman.
Mary Carillo calling the Kitten Bowl 😻
Announcers for Hallmark Channel's Kitten Bowl include John Sterling and Mary Carillo. So basically, *** but with kittens.
Sterling on PxP, Mary Carillo and Boomer Esiason on color, Beth Stern hosting.
Hallmark Channel, you have Mary Carillo on a show with a bunch of cats. Playing on a carpet.
How do u know ur career is tanking? When u go from being a sportscaster for the Olympics to the Kitten Bowl. I'm talking to u, Mary Carillo
Ready for the big game? Kitten Bowl is on Hallmark. Mary Carillo is commentating!
Mary Carillo is really committed calling this thing
Aussie Open final was today. Mary Carillo is a fine tennis commentator. But she's covering the Kitten Bowl. Wonder how she feels about that.
John Sterling, Mary Carillo, and Jenn Brown on the call of the Kitten Bowl, in case you were wondering what they’ve been up to.
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Fire up the Betamax. Mary Carillo is doing the play by play of Kitten Bowl.
Screw the Puppy Bowl, the Kitty Bowl on Hallmark has Clawvin Johnson & Mr. Meowgi. And, Mary Carillo is commentating.
Mary carillo commentating kitty bowl 😣😫 no
.& Mary Carillo are HILARIOUS on the Bowl. John Sterling is even making me forget all those horrible casts.
Of course Mary Carillo is a commentator on the Kitten Bowl.
Mary Carillo is doing a better job at the Kitten Bowl than Bob Costas is doing at the Super Bowl.
That Mary Carillo is commentating the Kitten Bowl makes me very happy.
Mary Carillo deserves an NFL play-by-play job after hearing her work the Kitten Bowl.
Mary Carillo is announcing the She's clearly trying to one up Bob Costas and his role in BASEketball.
Joe Montuna takes the overtime cute-off to win Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl II for the Good Witch Wildcats, a professional low for Mary Carillo.
I totally forgot that Mary Carillo does play by play for
Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski covering the Super Bowl pre game is like Mary Carillo covering Westminster.
John Sterling and Mary Carillo have got to be thinking "where has my career gone."
Oh Lord, why is Mary Carillo in the Kitten Bowl? Really?
Kitten Bowl commentated by John Sterling and Mary Carillo on Hallmark-1st time this channel has been viewed on my TV; ready for Yankees.
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Mary Carillo's commentary is to much!!! : love it / makes me smile
You checking out Kitten Bowl II? Hallmark Channel with Mary Carillo doing color commentary...
The Kitten Bowl commentary from Michael Kay and Mary Carillo is...yeah.
must be doing well if they can pay Mary Carillo to host the
Hearing Mary Carillo spout out non-stop cat puns during the and my brain is boiling itself alive in agony. Cute cats, though.
Mary Carillo is calling the Kitten Bowl. I just can't with all this cuteness!
Okay, Mary Carillo is calling the Kitten Bowl. I hope she's getting paid $ for this ...
Yes, I am watching the Kitten Bowl. Mary Carillo can barely keep a straight face.
Mary Carillo and Jon Sterling broadcasting Kitten Bowl – pad that checking account?
Mary Carillo, you are living my best life.
"From toughies to fluffies, we've got it all!!" - Mary Carillo, inexplicably giving the play-by-play for the
One day these tennis announcers will learn they can't be a Serena hater forever. She's the GOAT! *stares directly at Mary Carillo*
I gather that Bodo, like Mary Carillo, Pam Shriver, & Brett Haber, worships at the altar of Fed & despises Rafa.
Yes! So happy for You know that old scumbag Mary Carillo is seething mad about this victory.
It's been so nice not listening to Mary Carillo this year.
it's been a great Aussie Open... Mary Carillo was nowhere to be found. Thank you
is the Mary Carillo of Serena haters😂. Prove her wrong SERENA
Mary Carillo is definitely loving every point of this.
I'm not even listening to them. I like John & Mary Carillo.
Hey what's with the ChrissieEvert haterade man? I mean she's no Mary Carillo sexy voice and deep insights but..
...but your colleagues and Mary Carillo very different had very different opinions about the subject a couple of weeks ago.
Terrierman's Daily Dose: leave the & & stop supporting of
She can be so annoying but she's better than Mary Carillo. Lol
If Mary Carillo could never commentate again that would be great.
Mary Carillo and John Harkes sound eerily similar.
Mary Carillo is an imbecile: will NOT win 21 tournaments; borg & mac were stalking horses until came up for air.
The "reveal" about Connors at the end with Mary Carillo & is just perfect ...!
My dad googled "big babe tennis" and got something other than Mary Carillo.
Please take Mary Carillo and Davenport off the air when Serena lays. They are disrespectful and jealous of the American
Please whatever you do Mary Carillo don't announce Serena Williams Matches. You are so jealous and disrespectful to our America
2 years and I hope she comes back, if she doesn't, hope she becomes a commentator so that she can shut Mary Carillo up.
Last week Mary Carillo called Serena being the most "unstable" and "up and down" of all time. Which other had her longevity, Mary?
Mary Carillo was stanning so hard for Martha. She was quiet the entire 3rd set.
and Stacy are just as bad as Tarpischev; so are Mary Carillo, Peter Bodo, etc.
Charming and unpretentious. Mary Carillo: At Home in the West Village
Mary would have a pad in the Village. thought you'd like this…
So, Bowling, Anyone?: Mary Carillo’s work as a sports analyst and reporter has taken her around the world, but...
star meets John & Mary Carillo from at a foundation dinner.
Partners Adam Rosen & with Mary Carillo & Billie Jean King at the City Parks Foundation’s Tennis Benefit
Mary Carillo is the worst. I hate when she commentates. And Brad Gilbert. Not my fave.
Mary Carillo said during Maria-Woz match today that Li Na is seriously considering retiring. I hope that's false.
Remember back in the day how you could hear the disappointment in Mary Carillo's voice when Pova lost? Lmaoo.
Serena, an American is why would Mary Carillo say that Sharapova would be (in Carillo's mind) if she wins the US Open?
*** Enberg guesting in both at with McEnroe and Mary Carillo Oh My! The best team is back to call match. Thx CBS
"It's hard to make Roger Federer looked rushed" says Mary Carillo on CBS
Mary Carillo, *** Enberg, Johnny Mac DE "The last time u won this thing was 30 yrs ago." JM "I said it was nice having u back."
How great is it to have Johnny Mac, Mary Carillo and *** Enberg back together again? 🎾🎾🎾🎾
If you love tennis, turn on CBS, because *** Enberg is back calling the Federer match with John McEnroe and Mary Carillo. Oh my.
so good to hear the dulcet tones of *** Enberg calling the Federer Match with John McEnroe and Mary Carillo.
you just see that moment with *** Enberg, John McEnroe, Mary Carillo and Bill Macatee in the booth? Very cool and well-done
*** Enberg returns to CBS to call one match on 8/31 with John McEnroe and Mary Carillo.
Mary Carillo and John McEnroe on CBS are a fantastic pair to listen to. Hope Carillo isn't lost to viewers when ESPN go exclusive next year.
I'm mad Mary carillo had this job since 1986
Mary Carillo's been at this job since 1986. Kinda hard to believe.
Will Mary Jo Carillo at least give some credit for beating Sharapova! *** the young lady played hard & won!
for the love of god and everything meaningful, I beg of you: DO NOT HIRE MARY CARILLO next year when you take over full coverage
Mary Carillo: 'I detest on-court coaching - Wozniacki's Dad yelling at her and then she loses. She's done this by herself.'
CBS Sports' Mary Carillo on Caroline Wozniacki's win over "I honestly think this could be the biggest win of her life."
On a side note, can somebody get Mary Carillo off my TV. She's obnoxious!
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