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Mary Beard

Winifred Mary Beard (born 1 January 1955) is Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge and a fellow of Newnham College.

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A quiet museum in Venice by Mary Beard.l
Thinking about buying Natural Deodorant? Read the latest review by Mary T. via
Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile. Mary Ritter Beard
I look forward to Mary Beard’s endorsement of some Tumblr kid who thinks Egypt was never invaded becau…
Did Homer say live wo it? Cherish the thought. Rage, rage, we understandably cherish. (And Mary Beard herself)
"The very first word in the history of western literature is 'rage' or 'wrath'" — Mary Beard
Mary Beard was longlisted for the 2016
|Bobby is caught pants down without Lily! PT1 - I saw Bobby with his  his mouth and beard covered in sperm
hey that's ok! Mary Beard reckons on 1000 words a day, you're nearly half way there with that!
NYT review by Mary Beard of a new book making the case for the contemporary relevance of the Iliad, by Emily Katz...
Mary Beard in 'misogynistic' race row over black Romans in BBC cartoon via
Good for Mary Beard. The narrowness of Jenkins' instrumental view of learning German or any MFL is e…
Mary Beard on why Rome ruled the world
Mary Beard did it(claiming to be bi) recently when I accused her of being homophobic (ie. denying the…
If we look at e.g. Mary Beard debate over race in Roman Britain, did anybody learn anything or just harden existing positions?
"What the Greek Myths Teach Us About Anger in Troubled Times" by MARY BEARD via NYT
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This is absolutely ridiculous!!! Are these people AFRAID of knowledge??.
Does anyone other than Mary Beard really think Roman Britain was Black. 😂
Feels like an appropriate moment to say SPQR by Mary Beard is really good
Mary Beard's SPQR really brought the history of the Roman Empire alive for me. She is a nationa…
Surely this supports argument that history lessons should be mandatory till leaving school? via
An argument Taleb was in with Mary Beard about using genetics to claim Roman Britain was as multicultural then as now.
"To do a Mary Beard". idiom. Turning negativity into positivity with grace...also promoting historical education when g…
Mary Beard abused again. It's a disgrace.
Mary Beard is one of the key academics in t…
Mary Beard is treasure to this world. I'm grateful for her rational, erudite view of the past and present.
"From Medusa to Merkel, Mary Beard considers the extent to which the exclusion of women from power is culturally...
Distracted by the niceness of Mary Beard in the face of bullying ignorance from Nicholas Taleb and others.
Some numbnuts deny Roman Empire had black people in it even though incorporated N Africa
Mary Beard in online row over black Roman soldier. .
Mary Beard is an intelligent, erudite scholar, who happens to be a woman. Some not-so-intelligent men find that threat…
'We need the Mary Beard prize for women online,' author claims
So true. Mary Beard has forgotten more Roman history than that black swan bloke will ever know.
LOVE YOU MARY BEARD !!. and more shows w Mary and other lady professors LESS ANNOYING NARCISSIST MEN THX
I agree, but I don't think Mary Beard is glorifying the reality of Roman Britain, what…
Sadly not going anywhere soon.Professor subjected 2 inexcusable insults…
Bad journalism by 1) is not an economist, he hates them 2) opinion shouldn't matter
The alt-right's hysterical response to Mary Beard on the ethnic diversity of Roman Britain shows them up as no more tha…
RWNJ at it again; dangerous fundaMENTALists look toward 2 heads imploding day a Royal marries same sex or mixed race
Mary Beard in race row with people who have never read a history book .
Cheers to Beard for not backing down from trolls. I'd have taken a hammer to my router by now.
How very sad that Mary Beard, one of our most outstanding Classicists, should have to defend herself against alt-right i…
After xenophobes have finished 'educating' classicist Mary Beard about Roman society they can explain genetic medicine…
Climate scientists, Great Ormond Street doctors and now historians keep annoying bigots with their pesky facts. https:/…
The kind of abuse that the engage in when presented with facts They hate European his…
Dave, plumber from Milton Keynes, says Mary Beard, professor of classics at Cambridge is wrong about Roman Britain. Ok.
Mary Beard aggressively trolled over ethnic diversity in Roman Britain
Mary Beard is a complete moron. Only gets attention because of her political stance not because she is particularly gifted.
To take the heat off Mary Beard let's play Race is a social construct. There is ONE human…
Mary abused on over ethnic diversity
Mathematics and Music (2006) is a must listen. Also anything with Steve Jones, Mary Beard or Diarmaid MacCulloc…
The Mrs. Dalloway & Emma episodes are some of my favorites! Try anything with Mary Beard, Hermione Le…
on Victoria Derbyshire is hilarious. Put it on prime time Today's Peter Stringfella v Mary Beard!
Victoria Derbyshire have done "Election First Dates" with Peter Stringfellow and Mary Beard and it is quite something
I had a great cheese omelet in your cafe today at an unbeilable £2.40 and my guest Mary Beard two porched eggs £2 unbelievable 😛
I just loved Mary Beard on question time.
My staff conference featured Joey from VR, a lecture by Professor Mary Beard and a tour of Wemble…
I like the fact that mary beard's also i…
Here's the section from 's book about the origins of the idea
Also had Joey the Horse and keynote speech from Professor Mary Beard.
Aww - I'm only getting to that chapter Mary Beard's (very enjoyable) SPQR now - don't spoil the ending!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
.& in conversation about The Classical Debt tomorrow, 6.30pm
3 of 5 stars to SPQR. Una historia de la antigua Roma by Mary Beard
5 of 5 stars to The Fires of Vesuvius by Mary Beard
Mary mother of Jesus... with a beard
F off Arron and your sister Mary Moses . U got now , now the samary . Try to direct Arron now by his beard
On page 253 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard
On page 337 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard
Don't worry, my beard will make a thigh gap.
"Ronaldo doesn't retire when his international team loses". "Ronaldo doesn't grow a beard cos he wants to feel among". "B…
You know the beard is to long when u get food stuck in it! Hairy Mary!
Have a bit of a beard now and still no stream of face sitting requests. I'm starting to think some of y'all are full o…
I'm about halfway through SPQR by Mary Beard and I can unhesitatingly recommend the *** out of it.
If you're Mary Beard having a nice late night TV chat it's luxury you can afford. if there's a growing t…
Mary Beard: We are living in an age when men are proud to be ignorant
On page 131 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
On page 91 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard
I bet BBC would fund it. This stuff is fascinating!! I mean, if Mary Beard can do it with the Romans...
I got Mary Beard's book, a burden on public services and the GDP is mostly lost through remittances
On stories of witches dating back to antiquity as parables aimed at disempowering women. Good to read otherwise.
What a shock. is as phony as the Hair Dye in his beard
Don't you worry Mary Beard, everything will change when Franz, Duke of Bavaria, is rightfully put back on the throne.
On page 209 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard: It's kind of blowing my mind how some things ...
Worst thing ive seen anyone do to their beard
Certainly,travel s more than the seeing of sights;8 s a change that goes on,deep & permanent,n d ideas of living.-Mary Ritter Beard
Weekly web favs: Mary Beard's NYT Book review of 2 novels based in
omg this classics nerd is going to a mary beard talk on Thursday I'm so bloody excited!
Currently in London. Found you at Cashier said he wanted to be Mary Beard as well. :)
Angel Mary Wolf is of the Month read her inspiring story…
Barbara Lynch grew up in Southie and didn't go to culinary school. Now she's a James Beard Award winner:
Political trivia: TIL why people standing for political office are called 'candidates'. In Mary Beard's SPQR.
I need to know about the kneeding machines. I even emailed Mary Beard about this. I've eve…
New post (Meet the Romans with Mary Beard 1/3 - HD) has been published on Strongest Dog Toys -…
Mary beard 'women in power from medusa to merkel' -- good lecture about women and public speaking.
On page 169 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard
Mary Beard excellent on gender & power Can't easily fit women into structure already coded as male; you have to chan…
Mary Beard recounts her 'sub optimal and ghastly' trip to the Vatican Museums
Mary Beard on the life of Roman emperor, Hadrian | Books | The Guardian
The Sky describer said 'Pompeii: with M...'. I thought it was going to be Mary Beard. . No. . It's Michael Burke 😒😒😒
for non-fiction: Rick Perlstein's histories, SPQR by Mary Beard, and The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander.
I would like a Lucy Worsley and Mary Beard telly channel. It would be bonkers and beautiful and we'd all be better for it
yep her, Mary Beard, Kate Williams, Joann Fletcher all fantastic historians whose passions come across & make you enthusiast
Can we not try and imagine the *ideal* presenting team, now there are vacancies? Richard Osman, Diane Morgan & Mary Beard, for eg
isn't it! The Romans amaze me. Did you see Mary Beard's series on BBC recently?
Great advice; currently listening to Mary Beard's recommend it
Finally found the time to watch this! Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome via featured in NBC s Science of Love
I like John's beard much more than Sherlock's, and that's saying a lot because I really can't stand Mary...
You only watch Pointless and Mary Beard on tv.
Maybe Mary Beard's said that because of the fear for the rise of the extreme right wings in Europe (?)
Congratulations to winner of the Princess of Asturias prize for Social Sciences
I find this memory really interesting as now I am studying Roman history at school and Mary Beard is something of...
SPQR is a compelling read about Roman history that only Mary Beard could tell.
To make a break between works with Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit, it's fantastic.
lol. Yes please take that beard. Lol
Greece vs Rome, with Boris Johnson and Mary Beard via
Cambridge professor Mary Beard hits out at 'vandalism' of historic lampposts.
Mary Beard says plans to replace Cambridge's Victorian-style lampposts are 'vandalism'
On page 145 of 608 of SPQR, by Mary Beard
Listened to 9% of SPQR by Mary Beard. Try and get it free:
"The world isn't going to stop if Pompeii loses a house. But it will stop if we stop being interested in it."
I know this is SUPER late lol but here is the link:
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit Mary Beard takes in the mythology, history and ...
Finished another chapter yesterday -- so I spent 4 hours today reading Mary Beard's "SPQR" on East Sands and i honestly couldn't be happier
Dimbleby following in the footsteps of Mary Beard!
Mary Beard's by Hadrian's Wall and I am just yelling GO TO CORBRIDGE.
Mary Beard: 'Romans were as xenophobic and ethnocentric as any people there’s ever been'
let's do it. . Get Mary Beard signed up too!
'I still get my students to watch Gladiator' is marvellous in this Q&A with
I'm basically spending the afternoon being Mary Beard:
Guys my colleague just compared me to Mary Beard and Helen Macdonald, in the same sentence. Considering this a Victory Lattè.
I ran into Mary Beard at the Parthenon today!
Mary Beard: ‘Gladiator was a wonderful story, with marvellously accurate re-creations. I still get my students to w
"There have always been men who are frightened of smart women." ~ Mary Beard
Roman history: Mccullough is dense and icky on sex but great on history; Mary Beard's SPQR is amazing & worth it. Machiavelli?
I liked a video Mary Beard on 'SPQR', with James Davidson
Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire... crid:240w75 ... Spain to Israel, the Nile ... temple in Jerusalem and that ...
domain names
Mary Beard is absolutely great. Even in the post-cocktails 2am atmosphere x
It takes all of like a week to grow a beard. Especially with his type of hair.
Congrats to the 18u Nationals on advancing to the ship after 4-0 win over the Patriots behind 6 shutout innings from Caleb Be…
ICYMI: Bibo Ergo Sum! I thought fondly of Rome, played around with some cocktails, and reviewed Mary Beard's "SPQR"
01:25 Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limit: Mary tackles the biggest puzzle of all: why, and how, did the Roman Empire fall?
Mary Beard's Rome computer game. Gotta say, I think a lot of people would play it Would def be a new perspective...
yes and brings history 'to life's. Mind you I like Mary Beard as well.
When I grow up I want to be Mary Beard Meegan Beech
Mary Beard’s Ultimate Rome: an interview about her new BBC series
Mary Beard, stop playing with your food. Catching up on episode 4 of her great series on the Romans.
The 'Venus Bar' opposite promising 'Girls, Girls, Girls is likely to leave me queasy with indigestion... Mary Beard's 'Rome' it is then...
Congratulations to Mary & Daniel Beard on the purchase of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee. We appreciate you business!
Loving a bit of Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome. Bank holidays don't get geekier than this...
Thank you! Watching Mary Beard first but good to know Biffy's show is up.
the Human Planet mini series,Meet the Romans with Mary Beard,Malle's Calcutta (1969),Wonders of the African World.
This is wonderful: Mary Beard receives 2016 Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences
Mary Beard wins Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences - euronews -
ClassicsNews: Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences: Prof Mary Beard has been bestowed with the...
Mary Beard just said Romans and Nazi Germany tried to create same sort of empire. Boris agrees!
current read is SPQR by Mary Beard.. in the prologue she explains what those letters mean so I'm already learning and impressed.
BBC told to stop competing head on with ITV.What next?Mary Beard v X Factor?
For a horrible second there, I thought Mary Beard was gigging with Jim Davidson.
Apparently Wendi Deng and Vladimir Putin are going out on a double-date with Joseph Ratzinger and Mary Beard
Mary McAleese and Mary Beard join the line-up for the FT Weekend Oxford Literary Festival
Mary McAleese, Mary Beard, and Richard Ovenden to Appear at the FT Weekend Oxford Literary…
Irish president Mary McAleese and historian Mary Beard to appear at 20th Oxford Literary Festival: A former Ir...
If someone wrote a piece saying Michael Gove would fail history GCSE citing Mary Beard, would you leap to Gove's defence?
The latest from which includes Cambridge professor Mary Beard and author Cressida Cowell
Mary Beard's celebrated new history of Rome downplays a key statesman of the republic. https:/…
I have only got as far as Mary Beard but so far Stephen Fry, David Mitchell and Dave Gorman
"Big books by blokes about battles": historians like Mary Beard and Antonia Fraser on the male dominance of history.
Mary Beard misses the point its not White Men, it's bourgeois historians (history still written mainly by men?)
Greece vs Rome, debate with Boris Johnson and Mary Beard [Video].
This is a guestpost from my friend Eric Bandholz of ... - https:/…
What are the reasons that Chinese Govt cracking down on Christians have they not read Mary Beard on the Roman Empire?
Clinton, the beard! Did you not learn anything from What Not to Wear? Love ya though!
apparently Mary Beard concentrates on this a lot in her new history of Rome "SPQR"
"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I'll try again tomorro…
Super glad I didn't go to Oriel. (Also worth reading for the glorious bucketing from Prof Mary Beard.)
SPQR by Mary Beard was nominated by Dale
New out from Mary Beard this spring by Penguin, a history of Roman pirates in SPQArgh.
get Mary Beard's Pompeii from WH Smith for £5, leaving £95 for a Ryan Air flight to Herculaneum
yeah, Mary Beard's position on this is seriously disappointing, considering how good she's been on feminist issues.
On behalf of all white people, I'd just like to apologise again for Mary Beard.
it's no different to cultural vandalism like that in Palmyra. Ideological thuggery. Read Mary Beard.
When Unbreakable Hearts is on Goodreads and the Mary Beard book I need to finish isn't. Lol.
Well done Mary Beard for having the clout to call Oriel governing body stance on the Rhodes statue 'barking'. Time for the
Apropos of little, here's an excellent thing Mary Beard wrote ages ago:
Cecil Rhodes statue to remain at Oxford University. disappointed with Mary Beard
That time Mary Beard totally know what she was talking about because she has a black friend
Seeing with a beard on snapchat was kind of weird... BUT YOURE BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SINGLE WAY. AND WORDS CANT BRING YOU DOWN OHH
Interesting bit in the article where Mary Beard says getting rid of the statue would be erasing history.
Bought myself a birthday present today. SPQR by Mary Beard, I am such a fan girl of hers.
Best Sellers in History. SPQR: A history of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard.
365History Recommends. SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome. by Mary Beard. Ancient Rome was an imposing city even by...
Take Euro.your teacher can grow a Marx like beard.
- Rylan to phone and ask Jeremy who is better groomed Rylan beard or Steph hairy mary
Beard. Mustache. Deep *** voice. The works. Then he tells me his name is Mary.
Cheers to for always giving me a super fly haircut and beard trim. Mary is A+!
Speaking of terrible humans, this, from Mary Beard's SPQR, is priceless.
Little Giant Ladders
I'm so over Bryson tiller. His beard doesn't even connect so whatever
I added a video to a playlist Pompeii - Life and Death in a Roman Town ( Mary Beard )
I added a video to a playlist BBC Caligula with Mary Beard [HD]
Simon Schama and Mary Beard to present major BBC art series. Will it be good or condescending and old fashioned? https:…
On page 103 of 360 of The Fires of Vesuvius, by Mary Beard
SPQR is my imperial brand of choice, so caught eye writ large on Mary Beard's book cover. Augustus would be proud...
That beard is meant to play Mary Kate & Ashley
Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that go...
I really want to try and grow a beard and really go for it but I am doing a new thing this year that will require me to be i…
On page 144 of 606 of SPQR, by Mary Beard: honestly I have to admit, this is the best anc...
I had a nice phone chat today with Mary Beard, author of one of my favorite books so far this year: "SPQR," about Ancient Rome.
Huh. Just got "insulted" by some git calling me a wannabe Mary Beard. Um, that is NOT an insult. That is a life goal. She's awesome.
Also, I am just big fan of Mary Beard, Antonia Fraser, Lucy Davidowicz, Jenny Uglow, Amanda Vickery. Just AM.
And his picks are: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson; The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond & SPQR by Mary Beard.
I remember once Adam Boulton was asked if there was a public figure he particularly hated. He said … Mary Beard.
Clash of the titans: when Boris Johnson met Mary Beard
TV historian Mary Beard has rallied against campaigners at Oxford University who want the statue of Cecil Rhodes taken down. She said
I have SQPR by Mary Beard and Celts by Dr Alice Roberts and need a third
Mary Beard one of the rabid new left breed that Mary Creagh thinks are "these people" NS this week.
Well said Mary Beard - the people need a party that supports them instead of just licking the boots of the 1% like Blair.
Yea, Mary Beard. The campaign is simply project fear 2. The lack of factual info about EU is shocking & BBC worst example
I fear Mary Beard is being naive. Going negative works. Look at the AV referendum
Inside the Emperors’ Clothes by G.W. Bowersock reviews of new books on Ancient Rome by Mary Beard and
Mary Beard's excuse for rigging result of GreecevRome debate is It was just a bit of fun!
In her "wonderful" new book, Mary Beard writes about Ancient Rome's success with "crisp and merciless clarity."
Very jealous of my parents who have front row seats to Jo Brand tomorrow but who's seeing Mary Beard and Boris Johnson tomorrow? 😎
Hi Mary. Last weekend we took the kids to a festival. The fairy floss operator had pink hair and beard fused like this! ☺
British historian, Mary Beard on Rome’s most interesting characters, best slogans & more. https…
Mary Beard: why Ancient Rome matters to the modern world | Books | The Guardian
The copy of SPQR by Mary Beard that I won arrived! Thanks - such a lovely thing to come back from sick leave to find!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I was shown this wonderful essay on how women's voices have been silenced. It's a must read! Mary+Beard in+the+
It looks like Mary Beard's SPQR is available in international audible stores; will it ever make it to the US store?
Hey, is there a reason why I can't find Mary Beard's SPQR on audible?
Did you miss engrossing lecture about Ancient Rome? Here's the video!
I really want this book. Maybe over Christmas break? (Along w/the Mary Beard book on Rome)
Just started reading SPQR by esteemed historian Mary Beard - going to love it!
SPQR is "a four-letter summing up of a whole political culture" tells
Book News Update: Mary Beard on Rome & her book 'SPQR'
I have a signed Folio Society edition of Mary Beard's 'Pompeii' and I could sell it, or I could add it to the altar...
The British historian reveals some surprises about the ancient Roman,
what to get for xmas? on 'SPQR,' Ancient Rome and the migrant crisis via
Went to hear Mary Beard talk about S.P.Q.R. Fascinating, funny, I'd like to share a slow pot of tea with her. Discovered I still read Latin!
by any chance have you read new Mary Beard book?
'I’d love to know if Nero really did murder his mum' - brilliant interview with in magazine
What you, or I, don't know about Ancient Rome could fill a book .
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
you are missing this Mary Beard Philly experience
GreekWord: An interview with wmarybeard on the surprising history of Ancient Rome via …
Was unsure why Mary kissed him, Black beard just fell into it
An interview with on the surprising history of Ancient Rome via
Here's the full program: Mary Beard, "Oh Do Shut Up Dear" on the public voice of women.
Thanks to Mary Reilly of Edible Pioneer Valley for including our pictures in her summary of the...
We've got a few ideas to help keep that facial hair looking great this "Movember"!
Thanks for making the field trip, Mary Reilly! Glad to have Edible Pioneer Valley in the room with us...!
The return of Boone! really should consider growing a full beard.
Great to have Mary Reilly from Edible Pioneer Valley as part of the 'Berkshire Pilgrimage' kitchen team at the...
Mary Beard on SPQR, Ancient Rome and the Migrant Crisis: They would have been horrified tha...
History review: 'SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome,' by Mary Beard
Mary Beard launches her new book SPQR
Mary Beard launches her new book SPQR .
Stuart Maconie, Mary Beard, Michel Houellebecq and much more. Come browse our new titles.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
'Hugely ambitious [but] she succeeds triumphantly' Mary Beard's SPQR, reviewed by Peter Heather, Sunday Times
Prof Mary Beard says in 4th century the incoming migrants were called swarms and derided so what is new?
Join us for an Evening with Mary Beard. Discussion & signing to celebrate her new book SPQR
Mary Beard once rode a bull, and nine months later it had a calf.
Why Ancient Rome matters in the modern world
Ancient History achieves peak Beard. My review of Mary Beard's new book SPQR in The Spectator.
“Roman history has changed dramatically over the last 50 years...” Oh yes.
.will be at next week to discuss her new book. Details here:.
"Unless one's philosophy is all-inclusive, nothing can be understood." – Mary Ritter Beard
Very much looking forward to hearing Mary Beard read from her new book next week
pretty sure you gone be Carlton shooting that hail mary
:-) I will hear him speak soon, along with Mary Beard - a Greeks v Romans debate.
I'm trying to find a copy of Mary Beard's lecture 'Oh Do Shut Up Dear' that played on BBC Four for use at London Business School.
Great article by Mary Beard on the precious work done by
Back when I had a pretty gansta beard
lots of events including Mary Beard , Ian Kershaw.
Mary Beard: why matters to the modern world
Mary Mcgibbon once pulled out a single hair from his beard and skewered three men through the heart with it.
What can Ancient Rome can teach us about the migrant crisis?. A lot says Mary Beard
The classicist Mary Beard discusses what can Ancient Rome teach us about the refugee crisis.
We may advocate but take a look at our shaving guide with our pals to mark http:…
Fewer than 100 tickets left for in conversation with 25.10.15 Don't miss this!
See Mary Beard on Newsnight last night discussing what the Romans can teach us about modern politics-filmed in Bath!
Mary Beard: Rome was "a city of asylum seekers... they'd have been baffled by the scenes on our borders & beaches" http:/…
Why Ancient Rome matters to the modern world
Sunday Times interview with Mary Beard (who has a new book out).
I like the idea of making Mary Beard, Hilary Mantel and J K Rowling into admirals!
Would watch Top Gear if they replaced the presenters with Sue Perkins, Shappi Khorsandi, Mary Beard and Rustie Lee.
Which charities do Gyles Brandreth, Quentin Blake & Mary Beard support? Find out in Nov's Oldie
David Starkey is being attacked. I suspect Mary Beard to be behind it all.
Oomf is sooo handsome! His hair is everything and his beard is so cute 😩
. Sarah by your logic you support death threats to Peter Tatchell.
Reflections on Episode 1 of Mary Beard’s ‘Meet the Romans’
Class struggle is a serious issue in the baths n bars for Mary Beard in History via the Marxist interpretation of history...
Thinking about implanting a magnet in my chin so I can make a badass beard of iron filings and paper clips. More attractive, yes?
When the opened, Mary Beard wrote in the guest-book: 'Nice feel. Rather understocked with the works of M. Beard.'
lol, cc The SJWs he's talking about were actually attacking 'TERF' feminists though:
he just left omg out of the door opposite of me! UGH! it was all grey too. like it was a reverse beard that's how long it was.
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