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Marty Feldman

Martin Alan Marty Feldman (8 July 1934 – 2 December 1982) was an English comedy writer, comedian and actor who starred in a series of British television comedy shows, including At Last the 1948 Show, and Marty, which won two BAFTA awards and was the first Saturn Award winner for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Young Frankenstein.

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"I won't eat anything that has intelligent life, but I'd gladly eat a network executive or…
My guess is Rupert or Marty Feldman as Igore.
Mitch looks like he could be 3rd runner up in a Marty Feldman look-a-like contest with that pic.
Who can replace a talent such as that of Marty Feldman? He was a true gem!
Marty Feldman... Geez he was good in this...
Allegedly Marty Feldman's 'walk this way' scene was the inspiration for the Run DMC song...
Wow, just thought of Yellowbeard. Wasn't Marty Feldman in that ? He was hilarious
Scott Feldman had the Cardinals looking like Marty Feldman today
blanked by Scott Feldman today. At least it wasn't Marty.
You have a very unique look. Don't thank me yet, I happen to think this is also true about Marty Feldman.
Unless, of course, you're Marty Feldman. Then your eyes are 80 percent of your face.
New single by Dark Sky Park 'Marty Feldman's Eyes' on release 17/04/2017. now on the Way Out Radio playlist . .
Loved Marty Feldman's writing, but other than Young Frankenstein, his acting passed me by. His autobiography is fantastic tho, what a life.
Marty Feldman of "Young Frankenstein" fame before a medical condition gave him the bug-eyed lo……
Marty Feldman Young Frankenstein in the mid-(1950)s before a medical condition gave him the bug……
Why is it I keep thinking he looks like Marty Feldman?
It would help to look up one photo of Morton Feldman just to know he is not Marty Feldman like I always picture
Marty Feldman. In Young Frankenstein. Imagine him playing the ugly lol
😂😂😂😂 even Marty Feldman would pass that
Marty Feldman. He can get the Ravens over the hump. "What Hump?"
Right, if i keep this up I'll look like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.
I am too old to die young, and too young to grow up.
I'm the love child of Angelina Jolie and Marty Feldman. Discover which star you are! . START QUIZ:…
Here's to Marty Feldman... who made me laugh more than I can say...
I don't know if I've seen Marty Feldman outside Young Frankenstein. This sketch with the amazing Paul Lynde was a n…
Photo by Susan Mary Holdstock, I think he looks like a Marty (as in Feldman - it's the eyes!)
Went down photos on BBC website, actors we've lost this year. Only got Debbie Reynolds cos in news. Always say Gene Wilder is Marty Feldman.
"Everybody thinks he a spy, he's got ... Marty Feldman eyes."
"Walk this Way" is the best rock hit ever written that was inspired by Marty Feldman and Mel Brooks.
sorry we can’t all look like a less attractive Marty Feldman like you
The pen is mightier than the sword and considerably easier to write with. . - Marty Feldman
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"All the boys think she's a guy. Marie's got...Marty Feldman eyes" . - Kim Carnes
8) Not even as funny as Marty Feldman
7) Just because something has proportionally big eyes doesn't mean it's cute. Makes u look like Marty Feldman tbqh
Marty Feldman's funeral still feels as raw as yesterday. Seeing his mother and widow sobbing seared my soul.
I don't want to be a director. I want to direct. There's a differe...
Casey Neistat looks like Marty Feldman. Fight me irl
No-one apart from Marty Feldman could call the winner's move earlier than…
Then switched late to Young Frankenstein, Marty Feldman and Gene Wilder, Inge offering Wilder a roll in the hay.
Omg thank you!! LOVE Marty Feldman, you made me laugh today finally.
Give or take a laughable perm and Marty Feldman's eyes, Jeremy Clarkson and Nigel Farage look identical. Somebody look into this.
every time I hear “I ain't got nobody”, I am reminded of Marty Feldman in Young Fronkensteen
Always loved the Brighton Pier sped-up scenes in Carry On At Your Convenience. Turns out they copied Marty Feldman!
Marty Feldman. Or Peter Capaldi. Has the makings of a really niche gameshow.
And a nice man. I met him through Marty Feldman. Didn't know he wrote that. Clever Scouse.
that's fine if the person in question was Marty Feldman
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That's a really good Marty Feldman. I've probably massively offended people if it isn't, so sorry !
It is, isn't it!. Who knew she such a fan of Marty Feldman?
Marty Feldman had that Look only Mother could Love, A Mother in Laws worst nightmare come True.
That's a beautiful tribute of Marty Feldman to Gene Wilder!
Crossed eyes on a gal aren't necessarily a dealbreaker. Depends whether we're talking Shawnee Smith or Marty Feldman is all.
Teri Garr, Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle and Mel Brooks on the set of Young Frankenstein.
I think the most amazing thing about Marty Feldman was from Clive James who said he would smoke 5 packs of
& Marty Feldman examining brains on set of Young Frankenstein 1974 . h…
Enjoyed this episode. Disagree with Mike however about Yellowbeard. Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Graham Chapman...funny!
"All the boys think she's a spy, . She's got Marty Feldman eyes"
I liked a video Hilarious outtakes with Madeline Kahn and Marty Feldman in "Young Frankenstein"
Off to Largo to see Eric Idle talk about the genius of Marty Feldman.
Anne Bancroft and Marty Feldman classic dance routine.
Marty Feldman would have drawn too much power
A Ben Carson endorsement is akin to having Marty Feldman's Igor in "Young Frankenstein" as your asst..Abby Normal
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Milligan said the same of Marty Feldman. No love lost, I feel.
you want fresh takes that don't include Stevie Wonder. How about we talk about my eyes for a change- Marty Feldman
Autobiography found 30 years after his death -
Always loved the sketch Written by the great Marty Feldman too;
Member artist Nan Hass Feldman hobnobbing with Mayor Marty Walsh- maybe he'll come out to Framingham to see her...
How did I come up with Harvey Feldman? God I'm sleep deprived. It's Marty as in Marty Feldman
One person made an impassioned plea to to save "Marty Feldman" b/c they're a huge fan. I wonder how they feel about Murray?
that’s a mean thing to say about Off Brand Marty Feldman
What is saying is, she's got Marty Feldman eyes
Drinking Marty Feldman levels of coffee this morning.
Now he's trying to look-sound like Robert Downey, Jr. meets Marty Feldman. .
She's kinda hot but she has eyes like Marty Feldman.
Marty Feldman and Garry Shandling die of heart attacks while *** Cheney gets a transplant so he can keep binging WINDS OF WAR on Netflix.
Late Night Line Up, where Marty Feldman keeps calling him "Johnny, love".
It's 4:52 in the AM & you're watching "Perspectives". I'm your host, Lionel Osbourne. Today's special guest is the legendary Marty Feldman
Quick poll: As a woman would you prefer or Marty Feldman?
OH: Wait! Wasn't Marty Feldman was that guy in Back to the Future?
Round the Horne - Vol 2 written by Barry Took and Marty Feldman performed by Kenneth Horne, Kenneth
I know for sure this Marty Feldman looking *** ain't to me
I'm hearing Marty Feldman singing that in Young Frankenstein.
If Marty Feldman and Lucas Black made a child you'd get Steve Blake.
bit rusty now but perhaps getting there with eyes :) Marty Feldman's eyes.
A beetroot-faced Marty Feldman in my chopping board.
Incredible, the way He understated his characters ! Delicious ! - watching Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother. W/ Marty Feldman !
Marty Feldman's "Thing at the vet" sketch is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Just watched it again. Gets me every time.
I think she looks like Marty Feldman, but with rather less charm.
with a decent Marty Feldman impersonation
. What a film,Marty Feldman is brilliant
Is she the long lost daughter of Aunt Sally & Marty Feldman?
You went for the Marty Feldman brain joke. I like the Inspector Kemp throwing darts with his wooden arm joke. Mel Brooks--genius!
After Marty Feldman died I needed to find someway to laugh, so cruel laughter is the only way for people like me. :')
That's funny coming from a guy with a mix of Bette Davis and Marty Feldman eyes.
I leave the cauldron of Irish history and move on to the boggle-eyed comedy of Marty Feldman.
Like Barbara Walters or more like (rest in peace) Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein?
Well done David Boyle and Rebecca Vaughn reliving the last days of Marty Feldman in Robert Ross's "Jeepers...
The great Marty Feldman may be long forgotten but he is well recalled by David Boyle in Jeepers Creepers at Leicester Square Theatre.
Best efforts … David Boyle plays Marty Feldman, with Rebecca Vaughan as his wife, Lauretta.
"Jeepers Creepers" based on Marty Feldman bio - dir. by Terry Jones with outstanding David Boyle & Rebecca Vaughan.
Started to listen to the 'Round the Horne' tapes - Scripts - Barry Took and Marty Feldman - laughing as they start - BBC hasn't the guts now
Marty Feldman and Jeepers Creepers: Why Terry Jones is celebrating the comic on stage
Have you ever heard of Marty Feldman?
Screenwriter Chris Allen and Marty Feldman in jail on set of the film 'The Last Remake Of Beau Geste', 1977. this is who Marty Feldman harvested that Abby Normal brain from?
Pre Python too. I think it was by Tim Brooke-Taylor and Marty Feldman
Actor, writer, comedian Marty Feldman died on this date in 1982, at age 48. He's at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills.
"Look, this parsnip looks like Marty Feldman! Hillarious!
Look, this parsnip looks like Marty Feldman!
The narrator looks like a cross between Michael D Higgins and Marty Feldman
After enjoying Peter Wyngarde's album, it made me want to hear Marty Feldman's LP again too. Less rape, more silly:
Ringo Starr on the left, and is that dear old Rod Stewart? James Goldsmith?? Marty Feldman???
So many greats in YF that are gone now... Marty Feldman, Peter Boyle...
Marty Feldman with Elke Sommer on the cover of German TV mag 1972.
There should be a punk band called Marty Feldman's Cheekbones.
Time, like the soul, wears many faces. But none of them look like Marty Feldman.
Watching Young Frankenstein. Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman, SO very very good.
Haven't seen a pic of Marty Feldman for yrs. one of my fav 's
Is this the secret Son of the late great Marty Feldman
. I thought it was Marty Feldman eyes. Hi figure
All of these songs were done first on Marty Feldman's album 'I Feel A Song Going Off'.
Harry Potter's mother was Marty Feldman. Never even saw that plot twist coming!
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don't you dare send me Marty Feldman pictures!
Look at me with those Marty Feldman eyes, you beautiful *** Ahem... [points to face]. I'm up here, please.
I live with a Marty Feldman wanna be!
Free VideoInsight Seminar with Aug 20 8:30am-2pm. Email Marty Feldman at mfeldmanfor more info and to RSVP!
yes or we'd still be watching banjo players in music halls. Marty Feldman, Sellers, Spike etc were very edgy in their time..
. Chris wins with the Marty Feldman one. 1000 RHL points!
Go half and half but use a large Marty Feldman as the centerpiece.
Also, Roosh is really ugly. . Like, if Adrian Brody had that Marty Feldman disease and then grew pubes on his face ugly.
We have a question for Marty Feldman.. Marty... Marty.. oh.. sorry.. for Mike Tomlin
Based on how big his closed eyes are, he looks like he has Marty Feldman disease. If you're a get him tested pronto!
Mike Tomlin's eyes are completely normal. What are you even talking about??? /signed Marty Feldman.
"You offer a sincere compliment on a great mustache and suddenly she's not your friend.". — Marty Feldman
Thanks he is a little cutie, even if he does resemble Marty Feldman!
PS: loving the Marty Feldman profile pic !
Some of Data's facial expressions during the first seasons of remind me of Marty Feldman.
I mean this in the fondest way...but this is vaguely reminiscent of an impish Marty Feldman. I …
Just like Marty Feldman having a bad cluck, mate
I hear they are re-making Young Frankenstein ..gawd I love Marty Feldman..
ah, Marty Feldman . who'da thought etc.
Nothing cheers a person up like random googly eyes.* Look at Marty Feldman. . Which is weird because you can't tell when he's looking at you.
Marty Feldman sure is losin' it these days! HEH!! :)
yeah the minions is Pixar's best wait are you going to marty Feldman jpg me
LOL at Marty Feldman on The Flip Wilson show. “Beast in the Basket” skit is hilarious physical comedy. Bonus: music by Taj Majal!
Woody Allen imitates Groucho Marx for Vanity Fair, 1983. I think he looks like Marty Feldman.
God how sleazy! Worse than Benny Hill who were much more sleazy 100**^^^ than Marty Feldman and Frankie Howard ?
*rubs face against your arm like Marty Feldman's Igor to Gene Wilder's Frankenstein*
Marty Feldman dunked so *** Tyus jones, that's all I'm saying.
One of my favourite films. Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman and Madeleine Khan. :-))
I just noticed 70's Rod Stewart looks just like Marty Feldman as Igor in Young Frankenstein.
If I could watch my head AND step, I'd look like Marty Feldman!
Marty Feldman's eyes were insured by Lloyd's of case they ever became "normal."
A little bit more Coke and you could be the brother of Marty Feldman
I know it now Chris search Marty Feldman.
I see a little Marty Feldman there. "My grandfather used to work for YOUR grandfather"
I added a video to a playlist Slapstick of Another Kind Jerry Lewis Marty Feldman Full Length Comedy
I really don't want to know the truth about those her nipples are askew, like Marty Feldman's eyes.
oh there is reason all right. and it has to do with what Marty Feldman did when snorkeling in Mykonos.
I'd love to see Marty Feldman with nice eyes.
And for no reason whatsoever here's David Hasselhoff with Marty Feldman's eyes.
"Young Frankenstein" is a brilliant comedy from Mel Brooks, starring Gene Wilder and Marty Feldman. Check it out!
And for no reason whatsoever here's Elvis Presley with Marty Feldman's eyes.
If I had any skill with Photoshop, you would all regret my Manic Pixie Dream Girl/Marty Feldman revelation.
I'm now recasting every Manic Pixie Dream Girl of the last ten years in my head with Marty Feldman. (2/2)
you have Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein eye.
Could be worse...could be rainin. Igor (Marty Feldman) Young Frankenstein
Watching Young Frankenstein,Marty Feldman has me gaffawing with laughter.Bug eyed and awesome.
If u don't know Marty Feldman, u missed out. Almost every Mel Brooks movie is good I mean Blazing Saddles
Eric Grayson will screen Mel BrooksYoung Frankenstein at the Irving Theater, 5505 E. Washington St., this Wednesday at 8 p.m. This is a 40th-anniversary celebration of what Grayson describes as “probably Mel Brooks’ greatest film.” I'm sure you've seen it - and want to see it again. If you haven't seen it, this is truly one of the funniest films ever. It stars Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Peter Boyle, Cloris Leachman, and Marty Feldman. According to Grayson, every one of the Universal films had an idea or scene stolen and satirized and this is “a hilarious, canny spoof” of those films. Young Dr. Frankenstein (Wilder) has to return to his ancestral home to claim his inheritance. It seems that the family legends about monster-making are true, and the young doctor uses the old equipment to make a new monster (Boyle) who kidnaps the doctor's fiancée (Kahn). Grayson adds, “The print is actually improved since I screened it at the Irving a few years ago. Since then, I found another two prints .. ...
Nah, I quite fancy Marty Feldman, but don't fancy myself.
You've no need to worry. I'm sure Marty Feldman was attractive to many women.
. Marty Feldman would have been perfect!
get freaky with Michael Berryman or Marty Feldman
Marty Feldman's hump is always in a different place lol
Ha Ha, good ol Marty Feldman. I see it's your profile photo too now, lol! Good one!!!
*shakes head* He's like a cross between Droopy and Marty Feldman ;)
Marty Feldman sings of sauces in French.
Kinda' feel bad for Ray Charles and Marty Feldman...
oh my gosh I so miss Marty Feldman. So good!
Why you should come to Marty Feldman Chevrolet
“"I feel about Keaton the way an organist thinks of Bach". Marty Feldman
I forgot a very important part of your birthday!. Your girl look like Marty Feldman.
Royce da 5'9" shout out to Marty Feldman Chevrolet
Love BBC's new listings archive. Day I was born BBC1 had Magic Roundabout, Marty Feldman, Harold Pinter...and Savile.
Didn't realise you're so young! 8pm THE WALRUS AND THE CARPENTER written by MARTY FELDMAN & BARRY TOOK. I remember it!
No need for the Marty Feldman joke jugs.
lmfao booty so big u need Marty Feldman eyes
Before u made History of the World-did you get a letter with an outline of movie with a David and Goliath Marty Feldman scene?
you've seen this, yes? MT here's Sir Alan Sugar with Marty Feldman's eyes.
And for more reason than I normally give here's Sir Alan Sugar with Marty Feldman's eyes.
Do you think that Mesut Ozil the German player look like a Young Frankenstein actor Marty Feldman ? Yes or no?
What's going on with Dale Winton? He's moving around like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein.
It came out in 1974. Stars Gene Hackman, Marty Feldman, Madelaine Kahn, and Teri Garr
And for no reason whatsoever here's the Mona Lisa with Marty Feldman's eyes.
Young Frankenstein's last show is tomorrow. My only regret is that I can't ever be as beautiful as Marty Feldman.
Marty Feldman is Igor in Young Frankenstein. Also, can I show you my newly written and topical blog draft?
the ear of Caesar, hunch of Quasimodo, eyes of Marty Feldman, legs Twiggy. ;-)
Made me think of Marty Feldman, 'Young Frankenstein' & that course where I thought the woman was speaking to the girl 2 along.
Look, all I'm saying is that Young Frankenstein never made me laugh until Marty Feldman revved my motor
Hubby just said "That Özil guy looks just like Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein." and now I can't unsee it! Sorry
It has been reported that Marty Feldman watched a Buster Keaton film, every day. The photo may show the side effects.
How have I never seen this Sherlock Holmes movie with Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman et al? It even has John Le Mesurier in it!
Happy Birthday to some famous people today; including DARREN DRYE, AARON HAIGLER, John D. Rockefeller, Toby Keith, Hugo Boss, Marty Feldman, Wolfgang Puck, Angelica Huston, and Kevin Bacon, and Jaden Smith.Hooray!!
Richard Pryor as God, Andy Kaufman, Marty Feldman... Haven't seen it a long time. Should watch again.
Oh man, you HAVE to see Young Frankenstein. I love Silent Movie for Marty Feldman in an aviator suit.
I think "Young Frankenstein" turns 40 this year also. Gee, both were hilarious, but I actually thought this was funnier than "Blazing Saddles." R.I.P., Marty Feldman and Peter Boyle; we miss you.
All absolutely fantastic movies... Marty Feldman was brilliant in Young Frankenstein..
For those on South Shore of Nassau County a heads up that Bellmore Theater are showing an evening viewing of Mel Brooks "Young Frankenstein" on the occasion of its 40th Anniversary, over a few Sundays in June. 1st showing is June 8th. Remember such classic comic cinema moments as: the old man acting as medical school test case getting kneed in the nuts (while his nerve reflexes were subdued), Dr Frankenstein stabbing himself in the thigh with a scalpel, as his medical students quiz him about his infamous Grandfather, Marty Feldman as Igor saying "Walk this way" at the Station after meeting Dr Frankenstein, (way before Aerosmith or Run DMC), Peter Boyles late inner peace and cerebralness as the Married Monster, Terry Garr as Inga asking Dr Frankenstein "Hallo. Vould you like to have a roll in ze hay?" Cloris Leachmann as Frau Blucher (Horses whinny), Madeline Kahn as Elizabeth, (after sex with The Monster) "Oh. Where you going?... Oh, you men are all alike. Seven or eight quick ones and then you're out wit ...
I just ate an Earl Campbell Hot Link Sausage. I covered it with kraft "fancy" shredded cheddar cheese. I don't know.I guess I just thought I would feel different as I ate it. I didn't. I didn't feel fancy at all. Thought I might feel like Prince Harry or Marty Feldman, ya know. The cheese was good but I didn't notice it being any more fancy than normal cheese. Just another way "The Man" is sticking it to us! more thing. I ate it while standing up in the kitchen. Not very fancy at all.
As a sequel of sorts to the Sid James event I did last year I am doing a Marty Feldman in Covent Garden this Wednesday (14th). It starts at 2 pm at the Club Acts for Actors in Covent Garden (20 Bedford Street). Cost is a fiver (none of which comes to me lol) and there is a cheap bar upstairs we are welcome to use. Hope to see some of you there.
Me: you have pretty eyes. Bar pig: I'm not going home with you. Me: I was just being nice, you wonkey eyed *** You look like Marty Feldman with his balls in a bear trap.
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When we went to Vintage Stock in Springfield I found a movie called "The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother. It was written, directed and stars none other then Gene Wilder himself. It is about Sherlock Holmes younger brother Sigerson Holmes whom Mr. Wilder plays. It is funny and brilliant. Gary Schaeperkoetter and I couldn't stop laughing so we highly recommend this movie to anyone. It also stars Madeline Kahn and Marty Feldman. (One of my favorite scenes in this movie is after a saw cuts the back side of Mr. Wilder and Mr. Feldman pants and underwear away and they go to a party not realize that they are no longer covered on their back side and you get to see their *** ) SO, totally worth seeing it for that because I LOVE Gene Wilder. YAY! I am so glad I found this hidden gem.
Went out yesterday (gorgeous day) to walk a lap around Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills, happening across the resting places of a number of greats -- Stan Laurel, Marty Feldman, Rod Steiger, Bette Davis -- as well as those of some past mentoring figures I've known here over the last 14 years. While at first blush, it seems like a macabre way to spend a sunny day, I think it never hurts to remind yourself that you've really only got so long to make the experience of being alive even better for the people around you.
Mel Brooks and Marty Feldman on the set of Young Frankenstein.
Why does my Peter Capaldi figure look like Marty Feldman?
The cast of Young Frankenstein join Mel Brooks at The Daisy on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, 1974. — with Madeline Kahn, Gene Wilder, Mel Brooks, Teri Garr, Kenneth Mars and Marty Feldman.
Can't quite tell who the guy on the far left is. Otherwise left to right it's Madeline Kahn, Gene Wilder, Brooks, Terri Garr, Kenneth Mars and the great Marty Feldman. Alas, only Wilder, Brooks and Garr still are with us.
Sun April 13, WELCOME TO CHRONICWOOD at the Bussey building/CLF Art Cafe Our second Monthly event showcasing Comedy Classics. Then to Now. From Steve Martins gut busting THE JERK to Stanley Kubricks satirical cold war master-pierce DR STRANGELOVE or: "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb", then there's Mel Brooke’s funny as Frack - Young Frankenstein with a beyond on form Marty Feldman and a very young Gene Wilder - followed by Live Stand Up from some of the best local comedians around. Taking us to beautifuly through to the. Arguably The Coen Brothers finest comedic work. Jeff Bridges is The Dude AKA THE BIG LEBOWSKI. Nuff said. There’ll also be popcorn, pick n’ mix, monster sausage rolls and pastries + a fully stocked bar to help put you in the mood to kick back, relax and enjoy some of the greatest Comedy Films of all time. Runs 130pm - 1030pm on the 2nd Sunday of each month Free Entry B4 4pm, £5 After. Or £5 Adv from or £5 OTD. Welcome To Chronicwood. Gonna be E ...
Not cool. There was only one Marty Feldman for a reason.
Putin saying that Russia does not control the Russian forces in Crimea is like Marty Feldman saying "what hump" in Young Frankenstein.
are you related to the late Marty Feldman?
"adottiamo un umano! ;)) Lol couldnt help but show you Marty Feldman (Odzil) x
Are they really talking about finishing BBC4? Like the marty feldman photo, from Young Frankenstein?
"The loneliness of the long distance golfer" by Marty Feldman (1968)
Brilliant tribute to comedy legend - Marty Feldman - by Andre Vincent. Not just a gagging gargoyle :
Not just a gagging gargoyle: Marty Feldman
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How cool... Mel Brooks & Marty Feldman on set during the filming of "Young Frankenstein"
I see that Marty Feldman's bird got out again...
in case you missed it, here is 's excellent piece on Marty Feldman
Thanks Chris and N+1 for finding Marty Feldman still alive in the Ukraine.
Change Siri's voice with the late Marty Feldman. Apple could even market it as the "iGor".
I made about 20 at school today including this one which I like to call "Albino Panda Marty Feldman"
Marty Feldman had bulging eyes caused by which he used to vivid comedic effect. Died at age 48.
Well, that and then we'll get a tattoo of Marty Feldman on his face.
LITTLE MARTY FELDMAN isn't work from home buddy today!
Walt_Felix posted Marty Feldman to his blog
your uncle rob keep in a lazy eye on Marty feldman
Remembered what said when he found out we were linked with Ozil and Ba in the summer - "Bloody *** Marty Feldman and Bubba Gump"
It is. The others are Don Shanks and Marty Feldman lookalike Rodney Fern. Feldman was a Luton fan, by the way.
And it makes you look like Marty Feldman...
practice sat test starts in 10 minutes and our teacher isn't ever here lmao ok bye marty Feldman
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Another fine article from This one about Marty Feldman.
ew, that sounds creepy, sorry. If you looked like Marty Feldman I'd feel the same about your tumbler, next time I'll just favorite
What a cast in Yellowbeard! Just loved Marty Feldman, so funny, great loss.
Mezut Ozil starting to look more and more like Marty Feldman
Just like me. Ice pop out of my head like Marty Feldman broke my chin on the floor from my mouth poppin open!
Saturday catch-up: Andre Vincent's celebration of the genius of marty Feldman
Crazy Marty Feldman type creature is asleep in my living room. It snores. Send help
It's magnificent. You've really captured my resemblance to Marty Feldman. Thank you, sir.
Midway through the excellent TGWATG and now I won't hear "The River" without thinking of Marty Feldman. What an image.
Elijah Wood should try to close his eyes a bit. He's like a young Marty Feldman and I find it distracting.
here is with another of his unsung heroes, it's Marty Feldman
Andre Vincent pays tribute to Marty Feldman, the unorthodox comedian: But before his film career in Hollywood ...
In the latest in his Mislaid Comedy Heroes series, Andre Vincent – – pays tribute to Marty Feldman
Mel Brooks Great and Fantastic Send up of the Universal Frankenstein Series.Right up there with Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein! Starring Gene Wilder,Teri Garr,Cloris Leachman,Marty Feldman,Peter Boyle,and Gene Wilder as the Blind Man in the Woods.Horror/Comedy Scale 4 out of 5.Worth several Viewings.
Bulwer Lytton: 'The pen is mightier than the sword'. Marty Feldman added: 'And considerably easier to write with'. xvi
“Good god that was a great match. Post match celebration Marty Feldman has not aged well...
Things that keep me awake at night. Was Ryan Davies the Welsh Marty Feldman or was Marty the English Ryan Davies?
don't you mean Marty Feldman has been dropped by Wenger?
I am Marty Feldman. Here is my selfie
Marty Feldman as Igor is totally scene stealing in this movie.
How come no one ever sang a song about Marty Feldman's eyes?
Marty Feldman, he's hilarious. This is probably the first movie I've enjoyed watching in school cause of him
At least Marty Feldman put a shift resemblance to ozil?
Classic from "At Last the 1948 Show" - The Yorkshireman Sketch featuring the incomparable Marty Feldman
Marty Feldman was truly a beautiful man
My friend should have named her puppy Marty because his eyes turn out like Marty feldman's do 😂😂
best movie ever made YELLOWBEARD . all monty python , cheech an chong , marty feldman an madline con from young frankinstine . awsome cast
The 'Arsenal Banter' page are having a discussion about Ozil's form, or lack of, as the case may be. Anyway, I turned troll for a minute and posted this comment, I couldn't resist: ' Do me a fovea, some of you are so myopic, just put a lid on it, there's no point lashing him just coz he's not playing well ATM. Players can't always retina their form throughout the season, they just don't lose their vision! Wenger is the teacher, and Ozil is one of his pupils now, and he will cross the i's and dot the t's to get him back to form. Maybe he's simply lost his focus. I'll be bugeyed if I know why, but then that is the managers job to get to the bottom of it, and I'm sure he will probe deeply to do so. As Marty Feldman said in 'Back to the Future', "Keep the faith!" ' COYS
"days when he was feasting on goals and assists with eyes bulging like Marty Feldman seem a distant memory"
I don't think so, unless Marty moved to Chatsworth in the 70's,. and used sperm donors.
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Sung to Kim Karnes "Betty Davis Eyes" or Marty Feldman Eyes more exactly. Enjoy..
Directed by Gene Wilder. With Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Dom DeLuise. The younger brother of the consulting detective tries to steal Sherlock's glory by solving an important case assisted by an eccentric Scotland Yard detective and a lovely but suspicious actress.
what would you do if you looked like Marty Feldman?
One year ago tomorrow is a day that God has granted Ray Reyes another chance at life. Ray has done something that many of us only dreamed of doing, and that was to meet the most high and come back to earth to tell everyone about it. Ray had an Aneurysm and Spinal Meningitis and spend 20 day in the hospital. God had other plans for him and sent him back to tell everyone of his greatness. It has been a long road for both Ray and myself, Although Ray seems fine he still has a long way to go he still forgets a lot, but that is nothing compare to what could have been. Ray's band of praying hands around him from: His kids, family Band mates, friends, fans and everyone around his is one of the main reasons why Ray had a speedy recovery. I will consider this not a birthday for Ray but a rebirth for him. God is awesome and looks like Marty Feldman according to Ray. God does have a since of humor. I love you baby. I have so much more to say, but I can't. I don't want to bore you all anymore.
Wözil gummadge penalty miss that marty Feldman could of netted but marty wouldn't of cost £42m or was wözil thinking about aunt sally
Kate Moss has gone a bit Marty Feldman in her old age
Marty Feldman was better at taking penalties of that I am sure
Is it me or is ozil dad Marty Feldman
Anyone who doesn't know Marty Feldman check it out :D
How did Marty Feldman miss that penalty for Arsenal
Marty Feldman is one of my favorite actors 💁
he is a young Marty Feldman ain't he?!!
Nueur saved Marty Feldman's crap penalty. Alaba made a haims of his.
LMAO I thought Marty Feldman's penalty was bad, but that was horrific
Marty Feldman misses pen at the emirates
Did Marty Feldman have his eyes in the wrong sockets ?
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