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Martin Tyler

Martin Tyler (born 14 September 1945 in Chester) is an English football commentator who was voted the FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade.

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Martin Tyler's drab maundering ruins matches. If there were as many goalmouth incidents as pauses and."errs" his commentary inflicts upon the viewer, even 0-0 draws would be amazing spectacles.
If I spend £52.99 on Fifa 18 & Martin Tyler is still wanking Alan Smith off about how good he was in the air when he played it…
Martin Tyler embarrassing himself and Liverpool with his Beatles analogy...
Martin tyler be like " Ohh yes !! Welcome to Manchester United, Anthony Martialll "
Not the same without the Martin Tyler commentary 🙄
Give us Martin Tyler commentary or don't post this. Smh.
Not the same without the Martin Tyler commentary ngl
This is amazing. But Could you at least add the Martin Tyler commentary?😭
I know I posted this earlier but... the Martin Tyler commentary is needed here. "OH YES!" is timeless.
Nah fam, we need that Martin Tyler commentary
Two years ago today... Martin Tyler... Welcome to ❤
The commentary isn't quite like Martin Tyler
This has to watched with Martin Tyler's commentary
Jesus! Marcus Rashford sent Martin Tyler into meltdown after that 'fine' goal...
Dude sports voices are not consistent. Martin Tyler has pipes. That's about it
Is it just me or is Martin Tyler really annoying
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
When will finally have Martin Tyler say AND ITS LIVE before matches
I can't wait to see Dear Martin, Tyler Johnson Was Here and THUG in the NYT Bestseller List all at the same time.
Thank god for Martin Tyler, lyrical genius.
Can't wait till City's next game when Martin Tyler woefully laments how Edersons hospital treatment cost more than Watford…
Martin Tyler on how to pronounce Mendy's surname: "It's like Otamendi, but without the 'Ota'". Cheers, Martin😅
Mate I gotta track who's against you too: All newspapers, Martin Tyler, Sky, BBC, the Queen, Anne Robi…
I'll never forget Martin Tyler on Sky shouting "Oh no!" as the ball hit the net. Brilliant!
The Premier League is 25 years old. Martin Tyler tells us about his four most memorable moments.
Straight red is carried over. Not two yellows. Martin Tyler just said it
Watching the adverts on Sky Sports News for the new Premier League Season and hearing Martin Tyler..🐝😊buzzing,can't wait 🔴🔴
I like house play-by-plays. I'd prefer if it were narrated by Harry Neale or Martin Tyler though.
Martin Tyler, Jose mourinho, Andre Villas Boas the list goes on
Kenneth Wolstenholme, Barry Davis, Brian Moore, John Motson and Martin Tyler have got absolutely nowt on this...
why did you not question Martin Tyler's uneducated comment about Demarai Gray's work rate. Was he thinking of Mahrez?
Martin Tyler got any more of these Gray / Grey puns because I'm thoroughly enjoying them.
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Leave it to Fox to cut away immediately. I'd much rather hear Martin Tyler than Warren Barton
I cancelled Sky Sports after the coverage of that game. Martin Tyler making out we were partying with…
Although not a city fan every time I hear the commentary from Martin Tyler for Aguero's goal se…
Rod Studd watching Phil Taylor lose is like Martin Tyler watching Man United lose...sounds absolutely devastated 😂😂😂
I love Steve Hunter. One of the best commentators in the business. Should replace Martin Tyler on Sky and brin…
Martin Tyler: Manchester City are still alive here... Balotelli... Me: AGUERO!!!
Stuart Robson and Martin Tyler are the commentators for tonight's Madrid derby Europe 💪💪
If Pogba had scored this Martin Tyler would need a time out to clean himself up.
If Pogba had scored that goal Emre Can just did Martin Tyler would get his *** out live on air
Is this the last North London derby at this White Hart Lane? Only Martin Tyler doesn't appear to have mentioned it as yet
Ian Darke commentating on Barca reminds me of the golden years of bias when Martin Tyler commentated on Man Utd.
Martin Tyler is as bad as Ravi Shastri.
What's your favourite Steven Gerard moment commented by Martin Tyler
“Not many picked on Duncan Ferguson”, says Martin Tyler. Probably because he assaulted them and got sent to prison. At a guess.
See if Jeff Stelling and Martin Tyler retire, I'm done with watching fitba on sky 😭
Who would have thought Jeff Stelling would retire before Martin Tyler
"Liverpool have had more Premier League penalties than any other club" Martin Tyler informs us. *feigns shock and horror*
"Diego Costa, has learnt some English!!!" Classic chirp from Martin Tyler on lip reading Costa swearing!!! 😂👌
Could genuinely hear the disappointment in Martin Tyler & Gary Neville's voice when Burnley missed that last minute chance.…
Blimey poor old Alan Parry - only gets one game every 3 weeks and he's binned for Martin Tyler
"Kyle Runner not Walker" Martin Tyler there, confirming his status as a raging paedophile
The only positive of United getting a winner here is that Martin Tyler might have a heart attack celebrating it
"It's time for Wayne Rooney" says Martin Tyler, as he unzips his trousers and searches for his wrinkly old todger.
Sky have phased out Alan Smith from co-commentating alongside Martin Tyler and brought in Gary Neville. New voice in FIFA 18?
Throwback to when Martin Tyler went mental over Rooney. "Is it in the script? Is it in the stars?".
Sky and Martin Tyler will be devastated if little Southampton win the league cup instead of mighty Man U. Let's make it ha…
This is how it starts; first Mark Clattenburg, then Martin Tyler, Rooney, then before u know it, all our childhood football memories GONE! 😭
IF you're a boy and you haven't heard "Hi, I'm Martin Tyler, alongside is my co-commentator, Allan Smith.. Hi...
IF you're a guy and you haven't heard Hi,I'm Jon Champion/Jim Berglin or Alan Smith/Martin Tyler. we need to take you out o…
Terrible Comm. class is David Francey to Ian Darke, Derek Rae, Martin Tyler, Andres Cantor. he made us turn off!
Having to call it the Cadbury's Premier League will suit Martin Tyler as he regularly creams himself during every Manchester…
The first person I would kill his Martin Tyler for the way he ejaculated when Martial scored against us. Unacceptable.
Hi it's Martin Tyler for you along with Alan Smith looking forward to what should be a really exciting match.
"I feel like I've had a cup of coffee or I've been playing some What a night for
Congrats to this week's Athletes of the Week: Tyler Irvine (& Lexi Martin (
Tyler is to tall to be Martin Freeman
Martin Tyler mansplaining during women's games on FIFA 17 is beautifully cringe
Martin Tyler was shocked he turned and hit a shot on target. He hid for Cahills goal and ducked on the floor.
As Martin Tyler's commentary echoes round our sitting room I look down and the look my son gives me let's me know instantly that I'm a ***
Martin Tyler hopeless today knew every minute factoid about but didn't even know Humberside abolished in 1996 ***
The disdain and disappointment at our win in Martin Tyler's voice is a joy to hear. We are ruining football all over again
Which of the controversial moments is Martin Tyler referring to? The 'offside' goal? Pedro's pen? Davies red card?
It's just dawned on me that Martin Tyler never offers any opinion whatsoever.
About time Martin Tyler hung up his mike biased bitter old ***
Good to hear Martin Tyler and Alan Smith as biased and condescending as usual...
Martin Tyler needs to stop rambling and concentrate on commentating on the game. Better still, retire.
Martin Tyler appears to think footballers are like geese
Re: Martin Tyler's Humberside quip. Our City is at the side of the Humber. . We're sticklers here in Hull aren't we?.
Martin Tyler talks so much smack. Why wouldn't Costa get an ovation?
Did Martin Tyler really just slag off a manager for celebrating when his team score. He is an unbelievable
You can hear the sadness in Martin Tyler's voice that we're going 8 points clear 😂
Martin Tyler is insufferable. Complaining about poor decisions by ref vs Hull, but who cares about the ones vs Chelsea…
Please ask Martin Tyler to stop his ridiculous H*side comments. Hull City AFC is a Yorkshire club.
someone needs to tell Martin Tyler Humberside no longer exists
Martin Tyler bingo - winning ticket for "When will Wayne Rooney's goal be shoehorned into the game?" was the 80th minute. Rollover
Martin Tyler manages to mention Wayne Rooney's goal in the build up to Chelsea's 2nd. Can't tell if the cheers were for Tyler or Cahill.
Will somebody please tell Martin Tyler that humberside no longer exists!
What is this "Humberside" that Martin Tyler keeps referring to?
"might crack the resistance from Humberside" said Martin Tyler after Chelsea's 2nd goal -well it might if Humberside existed you cockwomble.
Told you Martin Tyler would slip a Rooney reference in
The managers celebrating a goal Martin Tyler you nobhead
does Martin Tyler know humberside doesn't exist? Hull is in the East Riding of Yorkshire!
And in the back ground you can hear Martin Tyler choking on his own sick. Get in Chels
Martin Tyler bringing up that Rooney goal, shock
. Can you tell Martin Tyler Hull is in East Yorkshire not Humberside. Humberside disappeared in 1996!
Kinda want this game to be over just so I can stop listening to Martin Tyler *** off hull 😒😒😒
Sky Sports should be expecting a few angry letters after martin tyler called us 'the team from humberside'
Martin Tyler's stats: Long-ball stats from the Premier League and Peter Crouch's goal-scoring record……
how do Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentate so many games of FIFA at once??
Martin Tyler: Wayne Rooney, 35 yards out. Is it written in the stars?
Here's Martin Tyler in the car park after the game because Wayne Rooney didn't score a last minute winner.
"Welcome to the live coverage of this friendly. Your commentary team; Martin Tyler and Alan Smith" ⚽️ One game of FIFA then sleep
I like the way the .they remind me of Martin Tyler and Alan. Smith.they are on fire!
So Liverpool fans are crying about Martin Tyler. Alan Green anyone?
Man Utd vs Liverpool always reminds me of my favourite Martin Tyler moment... 😂😂
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What a football match. . Had everything. . Andy Gray and Martin Tyler commentary as well. Tears.
Peter Drury & Jim Beglin sound much better in PES than Martin Tyler & Alan Smith on FIFA
If Pogba scored Giroud's goal they'd rename Sky Sports to Sky Pogba and Martin Tyler wouldn't be seen for days.
if anyone says Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are better than Ray Hudgson. Then what drugs you've been takn
Day 5 of 14 goals... Step up Ji Dong Wong in the last minute of the game with the iconic commentary from Martin Tyler.
Aguero's tackle on David Luiz is much better with this classic Martin Tyler commentary...
Aguero's tackle is better with Martin Tyler
Peter Drury has surpassed Martin Tyler as the current best English commentator is last 2-3 years, imo.
Aguero's tackle is better with classic Martin Tyler
. Martin Tyler and Gary Neville thought it was worthy of three red cards. 👀
Aguero's red card is better with some classic Martin Tyler.
De Bruyne's miss is even better with Martin Tyler commentary.
Martin Tyler "no mentioning any names...JOSE MOURINHO"
Pablo Hernández expected to be out for 2-3 weeks with injury. Martin Tyler's not taking the news well
YTV had the Big Game on Sundays with Keith Macklin commentating then Martin Tyler then John Helm
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was expecting a massive Martin Tyler "Pablo Hernandez" remix to kick in
Martin Tyler already moist with precum in anticipation of a Marcus Rashford screamer.
Chelsea are chasing a clean-sheet record. How long until they break it? Find out in Martin Tyler's column:
If Pogba scored that Ozil goal Martin Tyler would have ran on the pitch to dab with him
Sky at least have Martin Tyler, Bill Leslie, Alan Parry and Rob Hawthorne. All better than the BT ones excluding Ian Darke.
Martin Tyler commentating on Man Utd matches like... 😭😂
Used to be Martin Tyler, but in recent years has veered into self-parody and soundbite chasing. Now, probably Guy Mowbray
Anyone know how much Martin Tyler charges to follow you around shouting "AND IT'S LIVE" at things throughout your day? Askin…
"Do you think Man Utd could've come here and been more ambitious" says Martin Tyler after the Red Devils get their 1st corner…
Milner is 30, Rashford is 18. Martin Tyler: "Milner is old enough to be Rashford's dad".
Martin Tyler: "James Milner (30) is old enough to be Marcus Rashford's (18) dad."
Gr8 trip for him they ended up on the *** with Martin Tyler, Dennis Law, Derek Johnstone to name a few
These aren't the usual commentators where's Martin Tyler and Alan Smith?
We can choose Martin Tyler or Arlo White for this match. makes you think. englands biggest clubs ? 🤔🤔🤔
No Gary Neville on tonight, he's on a three-day bender with Martin Tyler celebrating Pogba's header and watching the 199…
bit like Martin Tyler wanking over pogba Henderson scored a worldwide last week and all he said was good goal
Live scenes of Martin Tyler at half time.
I met Martin Tyler once, on the set of Mike Bassett: England Manager. Strange that he didn't mention being underwhelmed by Jordan Henderson.
Jordan Henderson scores an absolute screamer and Martin Tyler's reaction is typically muted. If only it was a Man Utd player, eh?
Martin Tyler only gets excited when Man Utd score lol
Why are Martin Tyler and Alan Smith so out of sync in the game?
I'm excited for the Manchester derby, but I'm not excited for the spunking sesh Martin Tyler is gonna have from a 25 yard pass from Rooney
If Rooney scored that goal Sky would do a whole documentary Tommorow and Martin Tyler would *** himself
This is the best commentary I've heard. Martin Tyler is so so good
The other day I commented how we celebrate and welcome mediocrity... "A draw is not a bad result". Martin Tyler, you epitomise it, mate.
I like Skrtel. His bleeding out once had Martin Tyler telling the football world how head injuries result in more blood to wash the wound
Martin Tyler has already managed to throw in a dig at Hodgson
Joining Nick Collins next on will be Martin Tyler - LIVE from Trnava ahead of Slovakia v
Football will be something else without commentators like Martin Tyler, Jon Champion, Andy Gray, etc
Ffs that curler from the edge of the box and Martin Tyler's commentary. Gives me chills
Les Ferdinand, Alan Smith and Martin Tyler will all be St Albans v Hampton & Richmond tomorrow for
People met today: Pat Jennings, Ossie, Jamie Redknapp, Alan Smith and the one and only Martin Tyler 👍
Martin Tyler here. Openly hoping for a Utd win. In a match between Liverpool and Spurs.
Sky and Martin Tyler love Manchester United more than Giggs loves his brother's wife.
Hype for FNF hope Rachel Riley isnt biased to Man Utd on a Martin Tyler level
you sit there listening to Ian Wright, lineker, Hansen, carragher, gray, Martin Tyler, Henry, shearer, keown, savage etc
And here I am, explaining why Jon beats both Peter Drury and Martin Tyler, and slowly they can see why
The Manc-loving *** Martin Tyler can't help himself with his constant cheap digs at LFC. Nowt changes does it eh!
Martin Tyler will be appearing at Student Unions when he's in his 80's, shouting 'AND IT'S LIVE' on stage for £500 a pop.
Sky Sports seriously need to get shut of Martin Tyler the man is a united fan who doesn't try to hide the fact he's a bia…
😂😂 like when Martin Tyler talks on FIFA about James Rodriguez' World Cup and getting his Real Madrid transfer
One of the main reasons I don't want Diego Costa to leave is cause of the way Martin Tyler screams his name on FIFA when he scores lmao
Duane Delloca is our very own Martin Tyler. Congrats 2 him,Safe Travels to him and please send my…
Martin Tyler commentary needed when Pogba makes his first Premier League start
Alan Smith & Martin Tyler my favorite commentators.
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Jesus help me , having to listen to Martin Tyler & Alan Smith on bein sports
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentary boring as this game
Wait, so in real life Martin Tyler & Alan Smith don't talk about the state of the pitch every few mins? lied.
Just listening to Martin Tyler & Alan Smith running commentary of the Euros Final; is like playing FIFA.
Love it when Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentate together... Makes me feel like I'm playing
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith for So much mumbling and understating and taking 15 minutes to describe one attack
You know it's a final when Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are on commentary
"Hi there, I'm Martin Tyler and this is Alan Smith."
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith ladies and gentlemen 😊
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentating, could this match get any better
final, vs ,Ronaldo vs Griezmann, nearly a lakh people, Martin Tyler & Alan Smith commentating, can't get better ⚽🏆
on super sport it's Martin Tyler and Alan Smith. It's in d game!!!
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on the com 👌👌👌
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith commentating the game I feel like I'm playing FIFA
So happy Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are on the commentary case vs ⚽️
Martin Tyler & Alan Smith up for this one. Can't get any better 😉
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith senior men
Martin Tyler and Allen Smith.. ohh yes the best commentators!
Guess what? Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are the commentators tonight.
Martin Tyler's diary: will be annoyed despite 5-2 win over
England out - Roy gone. Live to Nice for reaction to exit & Alan Smith, Martin Tyler from 9 with
Imagine tuning in to super sunday to hear Martin Tyler banging on about how David Silva is one of the best "CAMs" in the league
an nice session with Martin Tyler there John it's fascinating how there is no a clear winner of the euros!!
Games w/ Martin Tyler commentating is weird.. I feel like he's going to make a random cross to Geoff Shreeves at any moment
I only like about three English commentators. Martin Tyler, Peter Drury are my two favourite
"That's the goal of the season, no doubt!"-Martin Tyler on Dawson Jakobs goal
Give me Ian Darke, every match. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are great too. American commentators just purely aren't as good.
Croatia v Turkey game and the commentary were world class Martin Tyler and Alan Smith
see guy; nothing can change my opinion on Martin Tyler; Peter sef know say Oga na master. Martin used to have the big games.
The only other person I told as highly as Martin Tyler n.a. Archive Macpherson. God I loved that guy in the 90s on EuroSports
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Martin Tyler had the day off. Tony Jones commentated UCL Final on world feed for 2nd yr in a row.
I'm glad Martin Tyler finally has found some excitement with the penalties.
I'm not saying that Tony Jones isn't good. Just would rather Martin Tyler calling this match.
Who the *** is Tony Jones and David Pleat? Where's Martin Tyler, Andy Gray and Clive Tyldesley??
Martin Tyler is nothing without Andy Gray, needed back at Sky
Never will there ever be a commentary pairing as good as Andy Gray and Martin Tyler.
loved the Martin Tyler interview from the Stadium of Light. Such a calm, knowledgable and kind gentleman.
United need to replace Stewart Gardner as Mutv's commentator. His failed attempts at being Martin Tyler are hilarious
Martin Tyler & Ian Darke the two best to ever call a match
Martin Tyler/ Andy Gray for Gerrard vs Olympiakos will never be beaten. Never.
Martin Tyler and Alan Smith were the best ever commentary duo
"Rooney took his eye off the ball, quite literally", says Martin Tyler
I'm a big fan of Martin Tyler but he's over doing the commentary here. Desperate for another moment like when city won the league
Also, with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith on commentary, I'll be amazed if they make it to 20 mins without mentioning Leicester City!
Brie Bella screaming "Brie Mode" is heaven compared to Martin Tyler's "And it's LIVEE!!"
pundits are the pits mate!Give me Andy Gray n Martin Tyler any day
Andy Gray's top 3 commentator of all time mate, Clive Tyldsley & Martin Tyler...
announcers for match sure were Premeier league homers. Stuart Robson and Martin Tyler?
Martin Tyler and Stuart Robson . . It did not take a deflection. *** .
Martin Tyler & Alan Smith after years of FIFA looking at them right now just doesn't seem right
Martin Tyler claiming Leicester winning the league is the greatest story ever told. I thought it was when Gazza shat in McCoist's locker
Alan Partridge would be proud of the chat-a-thon from Martin Tyler on tonight
Waho my favourite commentator, Martin Tyler what an impartial man he will be tonight shame no Alan Smith
Martin Tyler, Alan Smith and golfer Andy Sullivan were on the Soccer AM sofa this week.
The only duo better than Sharkboy and Lavagirl is Martin Tyler and Alan Smith
We live to fight another day. Not sure I can quite stomach another 90 mins of Martin Tyler & Alan Smith on Leicester thou…
I reckon Martin Tyler has a *** rag with a picture of Wayne Rooney on it, that way he gets to unload onto his wanna be lover everyday.
Shout out to Martin Tyler and his comparison to Boca Juniors 😂😂😂
The way Martin Tyler screams "OLIVER BIERHOFF" when you take a header with him on FIFA is hilarious
Martin Tyler is sharing wrong information, Casemiro was promoted by Carlo Ancelotti in 2013 not Rafael Benitez
The noisy Leicester fans had the camera gantry bouncing nd Martin Tyler's seat shaking during the game with Swansea.
No way did Martin Tyler just compare Leicester's atmosphere to the Boca Jnrs la Bombonera
don't forget to send Martin Tyler and Alan Smith a replica shirt c/o Kind regards.
I can't believe Martin Tyler and Alan Smith are mentioning Andy Carroll and Euro 2016 in the same sentence. Sort it out
Jesus Christ how biased have Martin Tyler and Alan Smith been to Leicester
Martin Tyler mentioning the Arsenal-Leicester game. Perfect time for Alan Smith to remind us all how he played for both teams.
If you aren't at the Leicester game, your match commentators are Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.
The one I really can't listen to is Martin Tyler on sky, drives me mad with his histrionics. Kevin Kilbane is ok on MOD as well.
Martin Tyler is the best thing that ever happened to English football. Right next to Ozil
Miss the days of Andy Gray and Martin Tyler
The new Gary Neville and Martin Tyler, by yours truly and
Martin Tyler is the greatest commentator ever to live, period.
Martin Tyler's commentary makes you want to relive every footballing moment after a goal 😥😥
QUOTE: Martin Tyler: ''They should call him Kyle Runner, not Kyle Walker!"
Martin Tyler's voice gives me goosebumps, best commentator going?
Watching the City game on a stream that features Martin Tyler, Richard Keys and Andy Gray. Didn’t realise this was Sky Sports circa 2006.
Martin Tyler, The best commentator going? His voice gives me goosebumps
"They should call him Kyle Runner, not Walker," quips Martin Tyler of Sky Sports.
Martin Tyler accusing Ashley Young of going down too easy when he was asking first half if Kyle Walker should've gone down in box. Langer.
Andy Gray on BEin Sports, Martin Tyler on FS1. These elite commentators don't lose out
Still want to hear Martin Tyler and Tommy Smyth run a commentary together.
Arlo & Ian Darke & Martin Tyler make me swoon while watching matches
How desperate did Simon Holt sound when Cue Card fell? Sounded like Martin Tyler when United score.
"PSG-Man City, what an atmosphere," Martin Tyler beams as a gaggle of oil barons boredly text pictures of their boats back and forth.
Tuned in to the Leicester Newcastle match expecting to hear Martin Tyler. And instead getting second rate Arlo White- going online
Between Peter Drury and Martin Tyler's Commentary on Aguero's goal who did it best
When they make a movie about me, I hope Martin Tyler and Peter Drury are the narrators.
We need new Commentators in FIFA, I'm tired of Alan Smith & Andy Townsend + Martin Tyler. A Peter Drury & Jon Champion would be great!
Still reeling from Martin Tyler saying 'he's all over them like a Rashford' yesterday. That's Jonathan Pearce bad.
Why are Sky Sports filled with peadophiles? Martin Tyler and Jim White to name a couple...
Martin Tyler no matter how many times you mention Sylvain Wiltord or Marc Overmars, it doesn't change the score. Wally.
I think Martin Tyler might be a united fan
Are we sure Martin Tyler wasn't part of the Keys/Gray stuff? Be a good excuse to sack him
Strange how Martin Tyler never gets as excited when people score against utd. Wonder why that is ?
the way Martin Tyler is going on today about Man Utds young players he'll be getting done for 'grooming'
Martin Tyler: "One thing Van Gaal has over Mourinho is the youth of young players" hmmm
"Good to see 2 young men enjoying each other's company" Anything you want to tell us Martin Tyler? 🍆💦 😂😂
"Good to see two young men enjoying each others company" . Martin Tyler has just won 10 nonce points.
Ah, another young United player for Martin Tyler to have late night *** to while he fingers his pet cat. Great.
Please oh please could someone like snowdon find incriminating footage of Martin Tyler that would make him have the same fate as Gray n Keys
Rashford is clearly a good young player, but you know Martin Tyler will lick up his ***
Martin Tyler surely now is Man Utds no. 1 fan, just ahead of Howard Webb
Love the Greatest Hits style line up rugby on ITV has. Sky's Miles Harrison with BT's Ben Kay. Imagine Martin Tyler turning up at the Euros
tbh Martin Tyler and Andy Gray made this goal so much better
BT over done it with 3 commentators n a ref panel. Then 3/4/5 in the studio. Makes you miss the simple days of Martin Tyler and Andy Gray!
Martin Tyler has won the Sports Commentator of the Year Award. 'Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my acceptance speech. AND IT'S LIVE'.
What a time to watch a Champions League match, with Martin Tyler in commentary box. (at Ketapang, Pasar Minggu) —
The best commentators in my opinion are Jon Champion, Martin Tyler and Peter Drury.
Remove that *** Niall Quin from the City hall of fame, and sack Mr-biased Martin Tyler! lets bring some impartiality to football commentary
get rid of Martin Tyler & Alan Parry etc etc boring old farts, Alan Smith, Niall Quinn etc etc get some new blood trained up!
"AND IT'S LIVE!" bellows Martin Tyler. We know mate, it's 2016. You wouldn't yell "AND IT'S IN COLOUR!" would you?
Lol @ Martin Tyler saying 'Chelsea could hardly have a better replacement [for Zouma] in Gary Cahill'. Bad player.
sometimes I think I regret buying Tom an Xbox One; I think he'd rather be in a relationship with Martin Tyler and Alan Smith
rewatching the highlights of the match and Martin Tyler was downright disappointed Rooney’s curled shot went in 😂
Notice how Martin Tyler sounds very upset that the Derby handball was not given yet was so casual about Rooney's offside.
Hard to say what standouts more for me here, Rooney's curler or Martin Tyler's latest calm but class call -
If only Martin Tyler had seen that Rooney celebration and yelled "THROW YOUR DIAMONDS IN THE SKY IF YOU FEEL THE VIBE!!"
Martin Tyler's commentary on Rooney's goal was lame af tbh
Admittedly a great goal from Rooney and Martin Tyler carries on as if nothing happened.
I'm a Martin Tyler fan, but that call of Rooney's goal was absolutely awful. It was almost as if he Wazza hadn't scored!
Schneiderlin's ball is cut out it seems. Rooney laid it off to the defender, Martin Tyler you ***
footy team a few years back.Tony Wilson,Bob Greaves,Paddy Crerand.Martin Tyler & ME all in there. :-) http…
8 minutes - that is all it took for Martin Tyler to mention vs Exeter and the 2 missed penalties by Jay Simpson!!
"They're not pressing high" says Martin Tyler about Liverpool as Henderson sprints through the 18 yard box at De Gea.
Martin Tyler wearing his Christmas present today - full Man United kit, with Martial on the back.
*Presentations should all be real in Fifa 17:Example Bundesliga* Commentators should be added* Martin Tyler and Allan Smith are old
Guy Mowbray is almost as vomit inducing as Martin Tyler
Defo wanna listen to Martin Tyler and Carragher talk about Mooro et al. Couple of 💤 merchants!!
I want to live in a world where people greet each other by calling their surnames in Martin Tyler's voice.
“The Premier club in the Premier League - that is Manchester United!”- Martin Tyler
the tv show martin , or one of Tyler perry movies w. ma ta the *** dea in it 😂
I like the way Martin Tyler says Giroud when he scores
Sometimes I wish Martin Tyler would commentate my life "The first day of work in 2016.AND ITS LIVE"
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