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Martin Sixsmith

Martin Sixsmith (born 24 September 1954) is a British author and radio/television presenter, primarily working for the BBC.

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On page 300 of 611 of Russia, by Martin Sixsmith
KINDLE - Philomena by Martin Sixsmith via now just £0.99 save 88%
:: £4.74 to £0.99 on Philomena: The true story of a mothe... | by Martin Sixsmith
The Last Bite: Martin Sixsmith tells that 'portrayed me as a stuck-up conceited prig'…
now on author Martin Sixsmith talking about his latest book
The mysterious life and gruesome death of Ibrahim Rahman is the subject of Martin Sixsmith's new book, Ayesha's Gift
Bestselling author Martin Sixsmith will be talking on re his new book
And this is a lovely introduction to art and literature in Russia (1917-1932) by Martin Sixsmith
New Releases in World History. Ayesha's Gift: A daughter's search for t... by Martin Sixsmith…
From Martin Sixsmith, the author of Philomena, comes the story of Ayesha in a quest for her father's justice -->…
By Martin Sixsmith. A British Sharia court and one girl's hunt for her father's killer via
Sobering piece on sharia courts by Martin Sixsmith in today's paper.
Martin Sixsmith, bestselling author of Philomena, tells the Daily Mail the story behind his new book Ayesha's Gift
Apparently Martin Sixsmith will do anything for a book. Seems a bit sociopathic to anyone not a writer.
Martin Sixsmith was on Radio 4 talking his new book Ayesha's Gift. He was amazed at the amount of corruption in Pakistan.
Tune into Start the Week tomorrow at 9am to hear Martin Sixsmith talking about Ayesha's Gift
Martin Sixsmith waxed lyrical for at least 20 mins before arrived
Wonderful this morning hearing Martin Sixsmith talk about his brother's suicide in relation to his work on book 'Ayeha's Gift'.
So here we are! After Start The Week with Martin Sixsmith, Andrew Marr and Dipo Agboluaje. Oh my…
And he wld have had interesting viewpoint on Martin Sixsmith's view that some corruption in Pakistan was tolerable…
Start the Week - and Martin Sixsmith on corruption and family drama -
Book to look up: Ayesha's Gift. By Martin Sixsmith of Philomena fame. Aftet listening to at 9 this morning.
Very moving story. Martin Sixsmith on corruption and family drama. Another brill show
Could be hearing a lot of Martin Sixsmith on the Marr programme this morning. All other guests stuck somewhere in tube strike chaos. Radio4
In a few minutes on Radio 4: Start the Week: Chibundu Onuzo and Martin Sixsmith on corruption a...
So yours truly is going to be on bbcradio4 Start The Week with Martin Sixsmith! Hoping I can…
Read interview with Martin Sixsmith about Ayesha's Gift in The Sunday Times
Martin Sixsmith, author of Philomena, tells why he has returned to the role of private investigator.
Journalist Martin Sixsmith investigates an adoption scandal involving the Irish Catholic Church. "Ireland’s Lost Babies" 10pm on
On page 168 of 611 of Russia, by Martin Sixsmith
(p44) trafficking supplier in the first place! It really makes the young victims written about in Martin Sixsmith's book & the Lost Children
Philomena (peak,Oscar-nominated Judi Dench,irascible and heartbreaking all at once) teams up with floundering journ…
Putin's Oil by Martin Sixsmith is worth a read. Somewhat hagiographic on Khodorkovsky but chilling on Putin & his MO.
Another chance to hear Martin Sixsmith's history of psychology over the next few weeks on
Radio 4extra is repeating Martin Sixsmith's series - A History of Psychology and the Mind.
Tonight's is of Philomena by Martin Sixsmith, a mother's search to find her son
Deep into the Bower Blair book. Worrying lack of basic fact checking. Martin Sixsmith never worked at DTI.
Tonight at 8/7 on KET, a real life follow up to 2013 film Philomena, as author Martin Sixsmith investigates "Ireland's Lost Babies."
Excerpt from 'The Lost Child of Lee' by Martin Sixsmith concerning records.
I found nuns' secret grave for 800 babies in Tuam, by MARTIN SIXSMITH via
The last half hour is just a round table of Simon Sebag Montefiore, Orlando Figes and Martin Sixsmith discussing the war.
I highly recommend Philomena:The true story of a mother and the son she had to give away by Martin Sixsmith fab book
On page 363 of 452 of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith
On page 178 of 452 of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith: Absolutely loving the book , that I'...
Starting a new read today . by Martin Sixsmith .
Listened to 0% of Philomena by Martin Sixsmith. Try and get it free:
Can i recommend you read Martin Sixsmith excellent book "Litvinenko file" Very good investigation
5 of 5 stars to Philomena by Martin Sixsmith
loving this & already eyeing up visit to Russia and about to start Russia by Martin Sixsmith - thank you
"The time is always right to do what is right"-Martin Luther King Jr. MLK/Jackie Robinson always did what was right
Philomena: Philomena, the book by Martin Sixsmith which was made into a movie nominated fo...
14600 Philomena / Martin Sixsmith the book that led to the highly-regarded film : bet Sixsmith felt good having Steve Coogan play him
Philomena by Martin Sixsmith, The Counsellor by Cormac McCarthy, Me and you by Claudia Carroll and Freaky...
Philomena is a 2013 drama film directed by Stephen Frears, based on the book The Lost Child of Philomena Lee by journalist Martin Sixsmith. Starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, it tells the true story of Philomena Lee's 50-year-long search for her son.
When former journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) is dismissed from the Labour Party in disgrace, he is at a loss as to what do. That changes when a young Irish woman approaches him about a story of her mother, Concessions go on sale at 6:00 p.m. with movie at 7:30 p.m. Cinema Cafe is a program of St. John's Episcopal Church, 3480 E. Main St, College Park, GA. Our events are free and open to the public.
PHILOMENA I'm sorry that this brilliant movie didn't receive more press advertising than it did. It's the true story of Floundering BBC journalist Martin Sixsmith and aging Irishwoman Philomena Lee. The two form an unlikely bond as they pair up to find the toddler son Philomena was forced to give up for adoption 50 years ago from an Irish convent for young, unwed, girls under the supervision of strict Irish Nuns. Judi Dench"s Philomena is her best role ever. She's simply amazing and, in my opinion, should have received an Oscar for her performance. Her performance is equaled by her co-star Steve Coogan as journalist Martin Sixsmith. Pursuing a lost child could be a one-dimensional story. This story has so many dimensions to it, I could fill up a page and not cover them all. Philomena is an innocent teen victim, beset upon by pseudo-pious Catholic Nuns, who guilt her into surrendering her toddler, who is sold to adoptive American parents. No matter how greatly she has been sinned against, Philomena has n . ...
Watched a great movie. "Philomena" is a true story and is based on the book by BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith "The Lost Child of Philomena Lee". Philomena was an Irish Catholic 18 year old teenager who got pregnant in Ireland in 1952 and had to live at a Catholic home for unwed mothers. She married later and had more children but always wanted to find her son. I won’t give all the details because I really think this is a movie worth watching. I did a little research and found out that the Irish government actually allowed the babies of these unwed mothers to be sold. Because of the Archbishop McQuaid in Ireland, these mothers were never allowed to have their own children, they had to be sold. And the young mothers HAD to sign a contract that wouldn’t allow any type of contact or inquiry as to where their children had been placed. These young women were marked for life as sinners. I will say that the movie doesn’t show most of the life and struggles of Philomena’s son. Dame Judi Dench played ...
Don't forget Martin Sixsmith's excellent history of psychology is still on Today 'car…
After seeing Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in Philomena, the movie, my wife and I walked down the street full of questions because the movie claimed to be based on a true story and so much felt untrue, incomplete and confusing. I had to buy Martin Sixsmith
Sometimes, filmmakers screw up a true story so badly that you have to read the book to get anywhere near the...
Top selling books for March were: Philomena by Martin Sixsmith, The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd and The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Top selling author was Beatrix Potter, followed by Lynda La Plante, Donna Leon and Peter Robinson.
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Best Sellers in Nonfiction. Philomena: The True Story of t... by Martin Sixsmith.
This book is brilliant. Martin Sixsmith is so wonderfully sarcastic! :PMakes history coursework far more enjoyable :D
On page 135 of 452 of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith
New eBook: Philomena by Martin Sixsmith (the story that inspired the award-winning film)
If you're looking for a good read, I suggest Philomena by Martin Sixsmith. It's very compelling. Looking forward to the movie!
“The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time” (Martin Sixsmith) T.S. Eliot
4 of 5 stars to Philomena by Martin Sixsmith
3 of 5 stars to The Litvinenko File by Martin Sixsmith
*** I cannot put across how moved I am over Steve Coogan's / Martin Sixsmith's Philomena
Just watched the Steve Coogan's film Philomena. WOW! To all injustices by the Catholic Church, the wrongs to Martin Sixsmith, Philomena Lee
On page 158 of 420 of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith
Philomena by Martin Sixsmith. This, and the I'm amazed that the Catholic Church still has a congregation.
Just watched Philomena. What a fantastic and moving film. Total respect to Martin Sixsmith.
On page 12 of 452 of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith
Just watched the film Philomena. About the Irish girl forced to give up her child. Very good. Now need to read the Martin Sixsmith book.
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Tonight we're showing Philomena at The Park. . This true story of Martin Sixsmith has been brilliantly adapted by...
hope you saw Philomena author Martin Sixsmith on on Wednesday. Cracking show!! Xx
The Lost Child of Philomena Lee, Martin Sixsmith, Book. I have just seen the movie. I am overwhelmed. The cruelty and the self righteousness
Martin Sixsmith: did u catch him on talking about adoption and Philomena? One of the best yet I reckon! Top film too x
Looking forward to talking adoption and pound pub with Philomena author Martin Sixsmith on later xx
Yes, it's based on 'The Lost Child of Philomena Lee' by Martin Sixsmith. Judi Dench & Steve Coogan's acting is masterly.
Everyone knows the book is always better than the movie…. Twelve years a slave by Solomon Northup A captain's duty: Somali pirates, Navy Seals, and dangerous days at sea by Richard Phillips The Wolf Of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort The Lost Child of Philomena Lee: A Mother, Her Son and A Fifty-Year Search by Martin Sixsmith
"Philomena" is a 2013 true-story movie inspired by writer Martin Sixsmith's novel "The Lost Child of Philomena Lee." The movie, which is set to air in select ve
Philomena (2013) Reviewed by Frankie H. Fitch Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) has been sacked from his last job and looking for something to do. He is thinking of writing about the history of Russia. At a cocktail party a server overhears his dilemma and offers him her mother’s story. He is not interested, but soon with absolutely nothing to do; he finds this story may recharge his career. Philomena Lee (Judi Dench) had her child stolen from her when she was a young girl and she has been looking for him for the last 50 years. Sixsmith initially does not want to help her, but when he runs the idea past his editor; he is told to take the assignment and get the story. Sixsmith’s magazine pays all the expenses for himself and Ms. Lee to travel to the convent where her son was born and to America where he was adopted when he was four years old. He left Dublin with a little girl who would become his sister; Sixsmith and Ms. Lee find the girl who was sent to America and talk to her about the son’s lif ...
On page 15 of 452 of Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith
The Catholic Church sold my child : By Martin Sixsmith on which is based on.
The carvings on the heads of devil-worshippers' babies are done by Martin Sixsmith.
Monday at -A craft drop-in and book discussion on Martin Sixsmith's Philomena. Join us for one or both! 6-8p
Cinema 1 - Lone Survivor  showing at 4:15, 7:00 and 9:15. Web Site: Rated: R for strong bloody war violence and pervasive language. Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch, Ben Foster, Ali Suliman, Alexander Ludwig and Eric Bana Director: Peter BergScreenplay: Peter Berg Synopsis:Based on The New York Times bestselling true story of heroism, courage and survival, Lone Survivor tells the incredible tale of four Navy SEALs on a covert mission to neutralize a high-level Al-Qaeda operative who are ambushed by the enemy in the mountains of Afghanistan.  Faced with an impossible moral decision, the small band is isolated from help and surrounded by a much larger force of Taliban ready for war.  As they confront unthinkable odds together, the four men find reserves of strength and resilience as they stay in the fight to the finish. Mark Wahlberg stars as Marcus Luttrell, the author of the first-person memoir that has become a motivational resource for its lessons on how the p ...
Pace archaic Partridge, Steve Coogan back in great form with moving Philomena's investigative journo Martin Sixsmith:
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finished Philomena: The True Story of the Film by Martin Sixsmith and gave it 5 stars
Martin Sixsmith stayed 4 years in by
Author of The Lost Child of Philomena Lee and basis for the movie, Philomena, Martin Sixsmith has come to the forefront in recent news. In his 20 year career as a BBC foreign correspondent that took him everywhere from Washington to Moscow to Warsaw, he also worked in Brussels. Here at BrusselsLife,...
'Philomena' by Martin Sixsmith. It was a present, devoured in a couple of days. Stunning, emotive and unexpected.
Flick-talk… if you are interested… - Philomena is a great film that addresses many large issues on the global scale (think about it: it does). It is no mere real life story reenactment, great acting notwithstanding. But, it is a movie; and, gratefully, it features great theatrical stalwarts, for all the right reasons too. For this, it will go down in history as a great production. Judi Dench worked hard to get the Irish accent down pat, if you require a comment on technicalities. It’s interesting that Judi Dench’s character kept the zing hidden until the film is more than half way through. Even then, it’s more wit than zing, as she is a sincere and philosophical character. I must admit that I was rooting for the character of Martin Sixsmith. I identify with him. Now, that should not be a surprise for anyone who knows me. I love it when he dropped the f-bomb at the heartless nun who has maintained her hard-line bigotry over the years. Indeed, I clapped. The character of Philomena reminds me of a ...
Martin Sixsmith on Philomena Lee and her son via
4 of 5 stars to O Filho Perdido de Philomena Lee by Martin Sixsmith
Just finished by the brilliant Martin Sixsmith. A true story that touched me very deep. -now for the film
Newswire L.A. & Rich Girl Network.TV worked a great event last night. Here's a post from ND Chin Thammasaengsri who was the red carpet reporter... Worked the 26th Annual Scripter Awards last night at USC. It is a yearly event honoring the year's best in the area of screenwriting (something I know a little bit about). Got a chance to interview some of the biggest names in that arena incluing Steve Coogan (Philomena), Scott Neustadter (The Spectaular Now), and Martin Sixsmith (Author of the book Philomena was adapted from). The most SIGNIFICANT interview of the night belonged to John Ridley who is the screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave. My most FUN interview was with actress Sarah Clarke who is known for being part of the Twilight cast. However, Interviewed her starting from her three seasons with TV's 24...of which I am a superfan. Great night. Pictures to come. Nice to sit in for Joy Parris from time to time!
Philomena (2013, UK) – Of all the films I missed last year during time of theatrical release, the one I most regret not getting around to was Philomena. I’ve now had the opportunity to catch it – and now, the regret is slightly stronger. Director Stephen Frears and co-writer/producer/star Steve Coogan have produced, rather unexpectedly, one of the UK’s most touching, engaging and humble movies of last year. It’s a story known to most, so I’m told. Martin Sixsmith – a journalist previously at the BBC – is ousted by the firm due to a minor controversy and finds himself without a job, and no story. A chance meeting with a drinks server at a function leads Martin to this woman’s mother – Philomena – a septuagenarian Irish woman who’s reliving the memory of her abandoned baby. Today is the child’s birthday. Back in 1955, Philomena accidentally fell pregnant to an unfortunate bout of lust with a chiselled hunk who, literally, took her round the back of the carnival. Enslaved, as ...
Just watched 'Philomena' prior to interviewing Steve Coogan for great as Martin Sixsmith, but brilliant Judi D…
"Knowing me Martin Sixsmith, knowing you Philomena, a-ha!" is probably an out-take scene
What can I say - if you haven't read Martin Sixsmith's Philomena then please do - what a stunningly well told story!!
finished Philomena by Martin Sixsmith and gave it 4 stars. So sad.
. Philomena. Brilliant film. Judy Densch stars in it. Based on the book by Martin Sixsmith.
Now a movie, new at Mead: Philomena: A Mother, Her Son, and a Fifty-Year Search by Martin Sixsmith
The sensitive book on which the movie Philomena, starring Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, was based. Martin Sixsmith writes of Philomena Lee’s real-life quest to find the son who was taken from her and sold to new parents in 1955. At the…
Here's how to write Pope Francis yourself to add to the power of his visit with Philomena Lee: His Holiness Pope Francis Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City Be sure to affix international postage of $1.15 per oz. Real-Life Woman Behind 'Philomena' Gets an Audience With Pope Francis Feb. 5, 2014 By JAKE WHITMAN via GOOD MORNING AMERICA PHOTO: Pope Francis shakes hands with Philomena Lee. Real Life Philomena Meets Pope Francis at the VaticanNEXT VIDEO Real Life 'Philomena' Blessed By Pope AUTO START: ON | OFF Philomena Lee, the real-life woman behind the hit movie "Philomena," got an ending to her story today that even Hollywood could not write, a meeting with Pope Francis. Lee, 80, traveled to Rome at the invitation of the Vatican to meet the Pope, the head of the same Catholic Church that, six decades ago, forced her to give up her baby son for adoption by an American family because she was an unwed mother. "Thank you. I'm very happy to meet you," Lee said, touching the hand of the leader of the faithful. ...
"The burden of shame has to be transferred away from the women." Martin Sixsmith, author of The Lost Child of Philomena Lee which led to the film, said: "Philomena's story is not a story about the past but it continues today with many women who went through this forced adoption, legal but forced adoption, in the the 1950s, '60s and early '70s." AND TODAY, NOW
Former BBC foreign correspondent Martin Sixsmith describes how a chance meeting moved him to write the story of a woman’s search for her lost son – now a big-budget film
..many many thanks to Martin Sixsmith...I can now communicate!!!...I gotta keyboard!!...yipppe.
Just been to see a flick, 'Philomena' staring Judy Dench . wonderful. Based on true story. 'The lost baby of Philomena Lee' by Martin Sixsmith, published by Pan Mcmillon. Real tear jerker.
Journalist Martin Sixsmith describes how solving a family mystery exposed an illicit trade in ‘orphans’ by the Catholic Church
Fact About 86th Academy Award 2014...9 Films Out Of 28 Films Which Leading The Oscar Nomination This Year Is Loosely Based On The Real Life Incident...Succesfully 6 Of them made it to the Best Picture Nomination...They Are... 1)American Hustle...This crime comedy drama is loosely based on the FBI ABSCAM operation of the late 1970s and early '80s.Its leading the nominations in 10 categories...Including the Best Picture... 2)12 Years A Slave...British-American historical drama film and an adaptation of the 1853 memoir of the same name by Solomon Northup, a New York State-born free *** who was kidnapped in Washington, D.C. in 1841 and sold into slavery...The film leading in 9 nominations.Including the Best Picture... 3)Captain Phillips...The movie is inspired by the 2009 Maersk Alabama hijacking, an incident during which merchant mariner Captain Richard Phillips was taken hostage by pirates in the Indian Ocean led by Abduwali Muse...The film for now honored with 6 nominations...Including the Best Picture. .. ...
In the emotional Weinstein Company release of "Philomena," an older woman named Philomena has told her daughter something that she hasn't told anyone ever. Fifty years earlier, a young Philomena gave birth to a son. But, due to her not being married and living in an Irish church, she was forced to give her son up for adoption.    After Philomena tells her daughter about her son, she runs into a former journalist/Labour government advisor named Martin Sixsmith at a function. After talking with Sixsmith about Philomena's story, Sixsmith believes that this story could help bring him back into the journalism world. But, after helping Philomena out with finding her son that she had to give up decades earlier, Martin goes through many lengths to find out all the answers that Philomena needs answered about her son.   "Philomena" is a heart-felt drama that features an amazing performance from veteran actress Judi Dench. Dench's performance in the film is deeply moving and is extremely award-worthy. The chemist ...
Two nominees on this poster - Steve Coogan for best screenplay of Martin Sixsmith's book PHILOMENA and Judi Dench for Best Actress. Wishing them both the best of luck!
EXCLUSIVE: Judi Dench, Steve Coogan, Stephen Frears, and author Martin Sixsmith (The Lost Child Of Philomena Lee) discuss the origins of Weinstein sleeper Philomena in the exclusive featurette below.
Well worth the trip to the cinema. PIctured here - Judi Dench and Steve Coogan alongside the real Martin Sixsmith and Philomena Lee. So well cast.
My review of Philomena (and it's subject to further edits as I process more): The overall grade of this movie would be a B+. Judi Dench is always very good and the actor who played Martin, I personally found to have a very sexy and distinguished quality about him. I don't remember seeing him in any other movie and I do like British movies, so I can't compare his acting in any way but I found him to be quite good. The basic plot is based on a book written by Martin Sixsmith, which is supposed to be based on Philomena's true story. As I haven't read the book or any reviews about this movie I cannot say how much of the movie is truth and where the artistic license takes place but I'll tell you my criticisms of what I saw. Philomena was a young Irish teen without a mother for 10 years when we first meet her in the early 1950's and we learn she had not been taught about sex or babies. She meets a handsome boy at a local carnival and she gets pregnant. Her father basically disowns her and sends her to the conve ...
Go and see this, unbelievable true story Steve Coogan pulls off the Martin Sixsmith role and Dame Judi is of course amazing.
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MOVIE: PHILOMENA: Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) was a big time BBC reporter then as a political spokesman he is embroiled in a gaff that leaves him fired & no apparent opportunities for serious work. As he ponders his options he reluctantly looks into doing a freelance “human interest” story concerning an aging Irish women, Philomena (Judi Dench) who has a story to tell. When she was a teenager (Sophie Kennedy Clark plays the young Philomena)she was abandoned at a convent by her father & when she became pregnant she was initially along with other teenage mothers was allowed to see her child one hour a day. But eventually the children without maternal consent were given up by the nuns for adoption primarily by Americans. Fifty years later Philomena is still haunted by the loss & wonders whatever happened to her son. Martin is initially just a cynical correspondent looking to do quick work of a story that he considers beneath him & get a paycheck before doing something serious. But as he helps pursue c ...
Can't wait to see Judi Dench in Philomena Lee ... gotta read the book by Martin Sixsmith first. Oscar worthy potential I hear.
Prediction: PHILOMENA will win a number of Oscars this season including one for Dame Judi Dench for "Best Actress." Based on true events and preceded by a book of the accounts by British journalist Martin Sixsmith, the story recounts the efforts of an elderly woman to find her long lost son. A lot of folks are going to pass over this film, because in our vampire ridden, special effects sodden panorama of film offerings, this quiet little film about an old woman and a journalist - both needing to heel and both finding a sort of redemption just won't jump out. It's not a religious film, although there's a sturdy whack at the Catholic Church. It's not a sad film, but you will weep openly (take hankies!). It's not a moralistic or preachy film, but you will definitely leave with some opinions about certain things. And, it's not a "holiday" miracle film, but you might leave believing in some level of divine intervention. Whatever you take from it, it is absolutely R.I.V.E.T.I.N.G. So block out two hours ...
ANTHONY WAS FORCIBLY GIVEN UP FOR ADOPTION I saw a British flick yesterday called Philomena starring splendid grandam Judith Dench and a very popular British actor Steve Coogan. I’m going to buy stock in Kleenix because this tear-jerking flick is so *** compelling and factually based on an Irish lady who got knocked-up early as a teen and was forced to give up her three year old son in a nunnery. She spent the next forty years searching for her little Anthony and finally with the assistance of a notable author Martin Sixsmith, found out the stark raving truth of her little Anthony. I say no more but just to say the twists & turns of this true story will take you on unforgettable odyssey.
The real Lee being interviewed now by - brilliant tale of her lost son, Martin Sixsmith, Steve Coogan, Dame Judi
Philomena is based on a true story by Martin Sixsmith, a BBC journalist. The book he wrote, The Lost Child, was a best seller. It told the story of
Holy crap that's Martin Sixsmith in Philomena. So says the Yankee, casual listener of the BBC
No, Coogan plays the journalist Martin Sixsmith, who wrote the book and helped Philomena.
Playing now at Upstate Films Theater: All is Lost, Robert Redford's open-water thriller about the battle for survival after his sailboat is destroyed at sea; Philomena, a film based on BBC correspondent Martin Sixsmith’s, The Lost Child of Philomena Lee; and a special 12/1 showing of Civil Courage, the Holocaust Study Abroad course documentary produced by students at Dutchess Community College. Visit for times and trailers. 6415 Montgomery St.
finished Philomena: The True Story of the Film (Film Tie-in Edition) by Martin Sixsmith
Philomena Lee, the real life subject of the acclaimed forced-adoption drama “Philomena,” has issued a letter defending the film against accusations that it is “anti-Catholic.” Responding to a review in the New York Post that called the film “hateful and boring,” the letter published by Deadline replied directly to the Post’s critic, Kyle Smith. The Guardian quoted the letter: “Your review of the movie paints its story as being a condemnation of Catholicism and conservative views. It states that the relationship depicted between Mr Martin Sixsmith and myself comes across as contrived and trite, and funny for all the wrong reasons. Forgive me for saying so, Kyle, but you are incorrect.”
Just texted a relative who knows Martin Sixsmith. She loved Philomena too and was impressed by Coogan but 'he couldn't be more different'.
Congratulations to Martin Sixsmith, Hanif Kureishi and Allan Cubitt! Full shortlist here:
Just seen Philomena. Wow. V powerful. Great perfs from Judi Dench and Steve Coogan. Credit Martin Sixsmith too.
Can't stop reading Philomena by Martin Sixsmith & crying my eyes out. Can only read a few pages at a time!
Former BBC foreign correspondent and one-time British Labour Party spin doctor Martin Sixsmith is getting the big screen treatment with […]
never went to U.S. with Martin Sixsmith. Means one of my fave bits - breakfast buffet scene - an invention
Recently Diane and I saw "Philomena" with Judi Dench as Philomena and Steve Coogan as Martin Sixsmith. As a teenager, Philomena became pregnant outside of wedlock, and her father put her in a convent. When the child became three, the chief nun sold him to an American family against her will. She tried to find him throughout her life. Sixsmith agrees to help her. Ultimately they travel to America. The movie is well-acted by both Dench and Coogan--possible academy award nominations. The selling of illegitimate children of young Catholic girls was a norm in Ireland by the Catholic Church. Numerous ones tried to find their family links and many still are trying to find links to their families. This is a tearjerker. It opens on Wednesday, November 27th.
missed martin sixsmith on your show but saw Philomena after reading article in paper. Wonderful film.
The one disappointment of was that Steve Coogan as Martin Sixsmith didn't say 'Martin Sixsmith', as the real one used to do.
I'm hearing lots of good things about Steve Coogan's new film Philomena: His first dramatic script.
Interesting >> Steve Coogan and Martin Sixsmith on Philomena: 'It's got humanity without irony' - video interview
Actor Steve Coogan and journalist Martin Sixsmith talk to Catherine Shoard about adapting Sixsmith's book on Philomena Lee for the big screen
.so maybe he would have to play Martin Sixsmith playing Kit.
No. He had some wry looks. that's it. Only faniced him as Martin Sixsmith, so.
No, defo not as Alan Partridge, but as Martin Sixsmith in he's really yummy.
Martin Sixsmith is amazing. I asked him to help my mum find her real mother. We found her - and a brother.
Off to see tonight after hearing Martin Sixsmith on show
Philomena, by Martin Sixsmith; a book worth reading, and based on a true story.
Nasty nun portrayed in "Philomena" couldn't have voiced horrible opinions to Martin Sixsmith, as she was dead at...
Good week for movies, saw 'Gravity' in 3D, fantastic Special Effects, go and see it (although we wouldn't have watched it if it hadn't been 3D as it was a very weak story). And last night, 'Philomena' great story, very poignant, superb comedic 'turn' by Dame Judy Dench but Steve Coogan's serious performance as Martin Sixsmith, stole the show for me.
Incredible story uncovered by Martin Sixsmith, as depicted in the film shows the power of
Tonight I went to see the film, 'Philomena' with my mum. A brilliant, touching and moving film that is both funny and poignant!! Only two words sum up the film for me and that is something Steve Coogan's character Martin Sixsmith says . . . 'FCATHOLICS!!!' :-)
The Catholic Church sold my child via 2009 Martin Sixsmith article about Philomena Lee and her lost child
Just read the book philomena by Martin sixsmith what a great read !
Hi Carol FlynnSo sorry to hear that you are not well. I hope you have some good books to read. I am reading Philomena by Martin Sixsmith. Well worth reading if you haven't already done so. Saw the film last week and it too was well worth going to see. Hope you will soon feel much better Love Eileen
TUESDAY TRIVIA 11/19/13 QUESTION ANSWER In the upcoming film "PHILOMENA," the story of Philomena Lee (Judi Dench) and Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) searching for Philomena's long-lost son would not have happened without the intervention of Jane (Anna Maxwell Martin) who sets Sixsmith off on this "human interest story." Although many filmgoers may not be familiar with Anna Maxwell Martin, she should be quite familiar to PBS viewers of BBC dramas. Anna Maxwell Martin has appeared in "North & South," "Bleak House," "South Riding," and, most recently, "The Bletchley Circle." She has a plum role in the upcoming series coming to PBS "Death Comes to Pemberley." This would-be sequel to Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" is treading on hallowed ground to Austen devotees. Anna Maxwell Martin plays _. A. Anne Elliot B. Elizabeth Darcy C. Elinor Dashwood D. Jane Bennet E. Mary Crawford ANSWER: Laurie Graves got the correct answer B. Elizabeth Darcy. For those who might not be as well-read in Jane Austen as Laurie, ...
Still mulling over Philomena: a powerful film based on a true story and so expertly acted. Steve Coogan (not someone I admire normally) was absolutely brilliant as Martin Sixsmith.
In 2009, well known British investigative journalist Martin Sixsmith released a shocking book about an Irishwoman's real life struggle to be reunited with her forcibly adopted Irish-born son. In "Philomena," which opens on Friday, actress Judi Dench plays the title role and Steve Coogan plays the jo...
Journalist Martin Sixsmith talks about the impact Philomena is having on Ireland's adopted children.
Recalling the day I "doorstepped" coke-and-strippers actor Steve Coogan, who last night I watched play the journalist Martin Sixsmith in the film Philomena "doorstepping" someone. Strange world! Fantastic film despite personal distaste of Coogan...
Been to see a film today 'PHILOMENA' Judy Dench was incredible as usual. In the part of Philomena and Steve Coogan in the part of Martin Sixsmith Taken from truth 'Food for thought' As I am a Roman Catholic It was particular hard to watch but go and see
Last Big Fundraiser Movie Night before Christmas. PHILOMENA, staring Judi Dench & Steve Coogan is coming out on Boxing Day. We have secured a pre-release screening. Tickets just $20 each incl glass of wine at Bridgeway Cinema, 122 Queen St, Northcote Point Bridgeway Drinks will be served in the foyer from 5.30pm, with the movie to start at 6.00pm Sunday 8th Dec. Organise your tickets now, but we also ask that you sell a few extras. That's at least another one or two non club members, that would enjoy our company and see a top ranked movie, with wide appeal. Secure seats by emailing: run & pay direct to the club bank account BNZ 02 0280 0341212 04 (Name/Movie, in the reference field). Collect tickets 10-30 mins before the screening. Alternatively, see one of the committee for tickets. It will be the top ranked movie in the country. Synopsis below. Falling pregnant as a teenager in Ireland in 1952, Philomena Lee was sent to the convent of Roscrea to be looked after as a “fallen woman”. When her b ...
We have seen 3 films in the past week all with contrasting styles and genera. First up the highly hyped and long overdue 'Gravity'. A one person film, George Clooney only appears for about 15 minutes, the rest is Sandra Bullock and 3 dummies (difficult to tell them apart). Fantastic special effects, how they achieved all the weightless scenes is amazing, storyline pathetic. Second film the much under advertised 'Philomena'. A funny and at times heartrending story of a mother searching for the son taken from her by the catholic nuns in Ireland. Based on a true story Steve Coogan makes a very good job of playing the journalist Martin Sixsmith but the best of it is Judy Dench playing the lead role of Philomena. She is amazing in the part which involves a lot of close-up shots. If this doesn't get award nominations something is wrong with the film industry. Final film 'The Councillor'. Not much to say. Boring, long winded, pathetic ending, weak story.
Just went to see the movie Philomena, sad story but still very enjoyable with many laughs. Loved all the scenes in Ireland that were all filmed near home. The scene about 15 minutes in where Martin Sixsmith drives into Birr to pick up Philomena is actually all in Rostrevor. As they pull away there is a sign pointing to Roscrea, the house to the left is my house with Aisling's Punto parked outside. There are three strangers (extras I assume) standing in my driveway. However not really expecting an invitation to Oscars for best supporting role.
Went to see Philomena at Belsize Park, your old stomping ground David Moloney (Bird loved the cafes, bars and restaurants spilling onto the wide pavements, though it was the rain flooding pavements that was more evident). This film is so good. Laughed and cried in equal measures throughout. Judy Dench is wonderful and Steve Coogan handles the part of the awkward and uncomfortable Martin Sixsmith really well. Go and see it everyone - if you come out the cinema unmoved, I want nothing more to do with any of you. Get lost!
Philomena The best movie I have watched in a very long time. Dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan are brilliant. Heart warming , heart wrenching and also funny. Sadly a very true story , another sad chapter in Irish history from the Magdelene Laundries and only one of many that are still ongoing . Philomena is a wonderful and inspiring woman and mother portrayed by Dame Judi so well with great realism. Martin Sixsmith played by Steve Coogan is also a most heroic individual . Well worth going to see .
"You're talking about a human-interest story," world-weary journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) sighs early on in Stephen Frears new film, Philomena.
Philomena is a wonderfully poignant film based on true events following Judi Dench's characters journey to find the son that was taken from her 50 years ago. Dench is wonderful as Philomena, a person who is unaware of how comical she is with her frequent witticisms throughout. Helping her along her journey is Martin Sixsmith played by Steve Coogan. Coogan has shown that he is not a one trick pony typecast to comedy roles on a number of previous occasions but he really comes into his own in this film adding to his credibility as a serious actor much the same as Billy Connolly did when he starred alongside Dench in Mrs Brown. A truly heart warming story worthy of the best screenplay award at the Venice Film Festival.
Martin Sixsmith: "I am not as snooty or as up himself as Steve Coogan portrays me in the movie." So now we know Coogan isn't acting in Philomena.
Philomena !!...the new film out now.,starring Dame Judy Dench ,and Steve Coogan..true story by Martin the book first...Kindle £3.61...try it !!..
James Rush talks to Steve Coogan, Stephen Frears, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Jeff Pope and Martin Sixsmith at the BFI London Film Festival Gala of Philomena...
Can't wait to see Philomena, starring Judi Dench + Steve Coogan, based on Martin Sixsmith's book The Lost Child of PhilomenaLee.
Next week on Essential Classics (9-12 am, Mon-Fri, Radio 3) mu guest is the author, journalist and radio/television presenter Martin Sixsmith. His mammoth 1,000 year chronicle of Russia has just been published in paperback and I'm greatly looking forward to our chats. My artists of the week were pivotal to my own musical upbringing, the wonderful Amadeus Quartet (they'll be performing some indelible quartet masterpieces) and my Essential Choices at 11 feature major 'anniversary' composers. Also, don't miss film music on Sunday Morning, which starts at 9 am. All manner of scores - Shostakovich, Steiner, Young, Walton, Williams and so on. Any comments - come on down!
Valery Gergiev (speaks to Martin Sixsmith about the opening of (
Excerpted from book entitled "The Livinenko Files" by Martin Sixsmith, journalist for the BBC and UK Guardian "...there are persistent stories about Sasha's life that cast doubt on his widow's idealized portrait of him as a kindly, sensitive paragon of virtue.Litvinenko spent a considerable amount of time working in the FSB's operations against organized crime gangs and...there are suggestions of some less than tender behaviour on his part. Sasha himself allegedly told a British newspaper that part of his work involved the recruitment of contract killers to carry out FSB hits, and that the methods of doing so could be quite brutal...There were allegations too that Sasha didn't hesitate to do some of the dirty work himself. In one case, he is reported to have carried out the execution of a loan shark with whom a senior FSB colleague had got into serious debt, eventually ascribing the killing to the ongoing operation against terrorists." p 80 "According to his widow, Sasha's work involved the pursuit of g ...
Unmarried mother Philomena Lee was forced to give up her son to Irish nuns, who sold him on to rich Americans. For decades she tried to find him. A chance meeting with Martin Sixsmith eventually uncovered the truth
Luke Harding and Martin Sixsmith will give a talk on on 20 May 2012 at 5pm
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