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Martin Shkreli

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Anthony Scaramucci looks like Martin Shkreli's mean big brother.
Judge isn't only one who wants this guy to shut up: Martin Shkreli ordered to stop talking about trial
Man, that Martin Shkreli guy...I'll tell you what, if looks could kill I'd never stop looking at him.
I'm still upset that Martin Shkreli didn't @ me with those Nirvana tapes. You said you would my guy, what's the deal?
Feds to Martin Shkreli case judge: Shut him up! put him jail over night he will be quite after that for good
JUST IN: Prosecutors seek gag order for Martin Shkreli after his courthouse rant against them
Each of our partner industries has a designated fall guy. Defense - Eric Prince. Finance - *** Fuld. Pharma - Martin Shkreli
money does not buy everyone,ask Martin Shkreli, juror after juror saying he is such…
I'm at Martin Shkreli fraud trial, day 3 of jury selection. Said one dismissed potential juror: "He disrespected the
.You should sell post-layoff all-bossa nova pod to Martin Shkreli for $2M. Hopefully he'd leak it on dark web, if Ethan gets a pod
fails rules. the Stop those like Martin…
IRONY. HE WANTS TO PAY LESS: 'Pharma Bro' asks Brooklyn judge to lower his bail by $3M
No way. The guy at the next table is Martin Shkreli's doppelgänger.
Martin Shkreli asks for $3 million bail reduction to help pay legal fees
No doubt someone like Martin Shkreli will buy the patent in the US.
'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli asks Brooklyn judge to lower his bail
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Martin Shkreli was rich for like 20 minutes lol
that's how much Martin Shkreli's Wutang album is worth in Bitcoin
Don’t believe all of Martin Shkreli’s social media posts, his lawyer says
"He said his client is 'traveling to his [own] very unique drummer.'"
Like 10 outlets were in court today covering this, some more closely. Nothing against them but why cite USA Today?
Don't believe all of Martin Shkreli's social media posts, his lawyer says - USA TODAY
Martin Shkreli - "I'll put up $100,000 for information leading to the arrest of killer."
Lil Wayne reportedly threatening to sue Martin Shkreli if he leaks more 'Carter V' tracks. https:…
These things look like Martin Shkreli and the Fyre Festival had a baby, then never hugged it.
I went to NYC Vogue to complain of Lauren Duca taking over my condo in NYC & inviting Martin Shkreli who has caused great turmoil for me.
I don't ever want to see either Martin Shkreli nor Lauren Duca ever again in my NYC condo, taking money from my E-trade account.
Lauren Duca and Martin Shkreli go buy your own NYC Condo and with your own finances, keep out of mine. I am a real person. U are not.
Seriously though. Where is Martin Shkreli? I miss his live streams tremendously. I hope he is okay. The Lauren Duca thing ... Magnificent.
Martin Shkreli long ago late 1990's perhaps resembles Eric Justin Toth, this Martin is involved in forced drugging of alleged HIV cures.
I did not invite Lauren Duca nor Martin Shkreli access into my NYC condo. Although I thank Lauren for show us he's to be hated
Martin Shkreli will be tried for securities fraud separately from a lawyer charged with him ht…
Price-gouging “Martin Shkreli of defense contracting” sees its stock return to normal after initial public outrage. https…
Martin Shkreli says he's not afraid of Wu-Tang Clan
If Jared is going to China, why not have Martin Shkreli go to India to meet with the Prime Minister? What? He's not qualified?
And Todd Krakow. TOTALLY Martin Shkreli! I could feel it. I just needed someone to point it out. Great writing.
We dug into the drug company Martin Shkreli sold out to the Feds, and man is it ugly
"Drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars.". Remember when Martin Shkreli raised the price of Snickers from 99 cents to $…
Hey that footage from Irvine, CA is Martin Shkreli
I refuse to be silent about this. It was Martin Shkreli. Nazis, if you have to go after anyone, go after Martin Shkrel…
I strive everyday to be like Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli reportedly got hit in the face with dog poop during a college protest (VIDEO) https…
Martin Shkreli just got nailed in the face with dog poop and the internet is having a field day (VIDEO)
"Ew, gross."—Dog poop, after being thrown at Martin Shkreli's face.
Exactly: "There’s a big difference between free speech & giving a platform to hate speech"
Does anyone know how long Martin Shkreli (has been banned for - or is it permanent?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Martin Shkreli got nailed in the face with dog poop at a campus protest, and the internet went wild.
How can you tell the difference between 💩 and Martin Shkreli?
if you've been in a pit scarier than Martin Shkreli has
But in a 3rd strike out, Jack seemed to agree with Lauren and banned Martin Shkreli (. Poor guy just can't c…
This is Martin Shkreli level creepy. Suspend her account
Dumb move you might need Martin Shkreli one day for AIDS medicine.
When suspends Martin Shkreli's account but keeps this one up. We all know why...
Bail stumper: Martin Shkreli gets permission to travel outside of NY for speaking gigs
Lauren Duca, receiving some criticism from her harsh reaction to Martin Shkreli's advances, states this shortly after the wh…
Martin Shkreli's suspension for jokingly asking Lauren Duca to the Inauguration is just more proof the Left has lost it…
Martin Shkreli suspended from for targeted harassment of a reporter
"Martin Shkreli" got unfairly banned! My app wouldn't do the same to him! We don't do censorship!
First owned Tucker Carlson, then she single-handedly slayed Martin Shkreli. She is the hero we all need right n…
Zika virus is terrified of catching Martin Shkreli. I keep telling it the odds are so low but it won't listen to reason.
Statement just in from on decision to suspend Martin Shkreli for harassing Teen Vogue writer
If George Zimmerman, Martin Shkreli, and Trump had a heart attack and freakin died today, would 2016 be a success?
Martin Shkreli plays Unreleased Lil Wayne Album Tha Carter 5 via - Troll of the year award goes to this guy
Martin Shkreli claims to have bought Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V' When money can't make you 😎 cool?Fools gold?
Just listened to Martin Shkreli's Carter V snippet this dude is whack as ***
High school students make Martin Shkreli’s $750 drug Daraprim for $2
The best Martin Shkreli interview to date GOAT
The best Martin Shkreli interview to date via
Wow, the Martin Shkreli mission in Watch Dogs 2 is legitimately hilarious.
Kenny Albert, Fox NFL broadcaster, looks like a grown up, boring version of Martin Shkreli.
Other top choice is Martin Shkreli... Trump Picks El Chapo to Run D.E.A. via
Martin Shkreli is almost as bad as hitler
I love finding videos that obliterate the MSM narratives. 'The best Martin Shkreli interview to date'
Donald Trump just brought Martin Shkreli in to head up the FDA...
Attention seeker as Sydney student hits back
I had a dream Martin Shkreli fired me for sleeping on the job.
I want to cure many diseases and save children's lives.
Heard Trump was making Martin Shkreli the head of Health and Human Services.
. eyes to improve SOLAR CELLS:.
A group of high school students has made Martin Shkreli's $750-drug Daraprim for $2
until the day like honestly I feel like martin shkreli
"We couldn't use patented route as it involved dangerous reagents," he said.
what why is Martin Shkreli part-harambe now and see if it leaks, if not get the case upright and test again
FPIG! Martin Shkreli predictably lashes out at everyone after teens replicate his HIV drug via
'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli meets his match in a group of Australian schoolboys. Inspired by outrage over Turing
But for real. Watch nominate Martin Shkreli for Head of DEA
Martin Shkreli is quite obviously nothing more than a terrorist sympathiser
eye-opening interview!. The best Martin Shkreli interview to date via
I can't be the only one that think Popko looks like a younger version of Martin Shkreli
Watch "The best Martin Shkreli interview to date" on YouTube -
The best Martin Shkreli interview to date- interesting to hear after all the propaganda against him
All Donald Trump cabinet need is now Martin Shkreli ... to be honest
If high-school in Australia can replicate a $750 drug for $2, why is it still so expensive to buy? - Quartz :
Liked on YouTube: The best Martin Shkreli interview to date
The best Martin Shkreli interview to date
I liked a video The best Martin Shkreli interview to date
Trump taps Martin Shkreli to head FDA. You can't even tell if I'm joking. That's where we're at with this cabinet right n…
Elizabeth Holmes gets a Hollywood movie, Martin Shkreli gets a Broadway show, & Peter Thiel...well, we're too scared of t…
Bill Cosby buying drinks for Martin Shkreli and setting him up with Charlie Sheen
The NEW Joker, played by John Wayne Gacy's corpse being marionetted by the parents of his victims, is a Big Pharma Bro ala Martin Shkreli.
High school heroes recreate the pill Martin Shkreli priced at $750 for a measly $20
Sydney schoolboys take down Martin Shkreli, the 'most hated man in the world'.
Martin Shkreli meets his match in group of Australian schoolboys who recreated lifesaving drug for just $20 a pill
This is so dope ⚡️ “Schoolboys make Martin Shkreli's drug for $2”.
Nice one, boys! Sydney schoolkids show up Martin Shkreli by making a malaria drug for $2 that he charged $750 for: https:/…
Hey, maybe Trump can tag Martin Shkreli to head up the Food and Drug Administration.
Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Released to Celebrate Donald Trump’s Victory via
What happened with Martin Shkreli? Last I checked everyone hated him, now he seems to be at least moderately liked…
Is trending yet? I propose Martin Shkreli for Surgeon General and Dennis Rodman for Secretary of State
{non-music video} Martin Shkreli Plays Unreleased Wu-Tang [Just some of it]:
Good news today. . Kodak is free . Martin Shkreli showed the world the only copy of the Wu Tang album he bought for $2 mil…
Martin Shkreli for Secretary of literally anything please Donald make it happen.
A upside to the election is that Martin Shkreli released Once Upon A Time in Shaolin :)
Some good news emerges from the Trump victory: Once Upon a Time in Shaolin to be released:
You see, theres already so many positives to
Martin Shkreli streams his $2 Million Dollar Wu-Tang Clan album after Trump victory
Martin Shkreli is apparently a man of his word.
Martin Shkreli releases portions of Wu-Tang Clan album after Trump wins presidency
Martin Shkreli fires up Wu-Tang Clan tracks after Trump win via
"Martin Shkreli has fulfilled his promise to leak a Wu-Tang Clan album if Trump won". 2016, you abso…
Martin Shkreli leaks Wu-Tang Clan album in celebration of Trump victory
'American's most hated man' auctioning off chance to hit him in the face
Gotta hand it to him. He is a true capitalist.
Hm. Interesting read. I know most on my friends list have never even considered this. I knew it was all a game...
I'll give him a quarter if I can kick him in the sack. You can punch Martin Shkreli, for a price
Martin Shkreli Is Staging an Auction to Let someone punch his face..:
Here’s one question that I’m willing to bet would be answered with a loud and resounding, YES! Have you ever ...
Vice's underhanded approval-via-gentle-ribbing of Martin Shkreli is not subtle
Martin Shkreli is also my trollmate
Martin Shkreli says insurance companies are to blame for Mylan's EpiPen debacle
The year is 2036. Elon Musk and Martin Shkreli are kicking one another in the nuts on Snapchat. The winner becomes Preside…
of the week. I'm calling it now RT“You can punch Martin Shkreli in the face (for a price)”.
Any takers? . Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli Is Auctioning off a Chance to Punch Him in the Face .
You now have a chance to punch Martin Shkreli in the face:
Want to punch Martin Shkreli in the face? You could get a chance. via
If Floyd mayweather punched martin shkreli in the face I wouldn't complain about for the rest of the year
u can't spell martin shkreli without "shrek",,,. coincidence?? no I dont think so
Martin Shkreli, who increased the price of a lifesaving drug fiftyfold, is auctioning off a chance to punch him...
every time somebody new was added to the conversation & asked ppl to send names, my friend just sent "Martin Shkreli" & it was beautiful
Here's How To Punch Martin Shkreli In The Face - Here's something that may actually be priced at free market va...
Drug industry bad boy Martin Shkreli auctions off right to punch his face
So Martin Shkreli is auctioning off a punch in the face...
Watch a comedian completely eviscerate Martin Shkreli in this hilarious interview
Am I only 1 who thinks Martin Shkreli looks like the Evil brother of Herbert West/Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator?
Ever think about how happy people who don't know who Milo, Matt Forney, Martin Shkreli, Jared Taylor, Chuck C. Johnson, etc are?
Somewhere off the California coastline there's a secret island where Peter Thiel, Elizabeth Holmes and Martin Shkreli meet biannually & plot
In fact she is such thing. She is ranked among those Martin Shkreli, Michael Pearson.
I liked a video Ghostface Killah hits back at Martin Shkreli on Fox Business Network.
Bresch is being mentioned alongside Martin Shkreli, and Michael Pearson, the onetime McKinsey consultant who took over Valeant
Trump's got Roger Ailes advising him now? Were OJ, Robert Durst and Martin Shkreli not available?
Martin Shkreli & Jerry Sandusky are trending. Is it Villain Appreciation Day?   10% Off
More than 450 journalists get looped into email thread with pharma bro Martin Shkreli: It was a summer Friday like no other. . At 2:20...
Lost cause. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is the Martin Shkreli of politics.
Ryan would have been obsessed with Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli calling anyone “scum”… That’s like the black hole calling the kettle black.
Just curious:How does one get liked by investors? Guess someone like Travis Kalanick or Martin Shkreli. More charisma & PR than track record
Martin Shkreli received his trial date, and asked his lawyer to let him go play Pokemon
CORRECTION: Trial date for ex-pharmaceutical exec Martin Shkreli is June 26 - Reuters, CNBC
That's the vocabulary of a Trump supporter right there. Enjoy gargling Martin Shkreli.
Everything you love about the capitalism in one story .
Oh looks like Martin Shkreli uses 4chan now
Well. Martin Shkreli RT'd me. I feel like that's an achievement.
Martin Shkreli sounds like a pretty dope name for a DJ
Mayweather is not far off Martin Shkreli, and press hate him too.
I'm only gonna be on a box of wheaties if martin shkreli takes over the cereal industry
Martin Shkreli tries to resurrect Harambe, the beautiful ape, but his soul is already in heaven. Harambe must save earth from dark Harambe
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
KaloBios binds up Martin Shkreli and cages his stock in a long goodbye
Martin Shkreli was searching for Pokemon in Times Sq at 6 am.
Martin Shkreli might possibly be Team Rocket irl
The Wu-Tang Clan was also with Martin Shkreli, their judgment is flawless 😒.
Another thing to complicate my feelings for Martin Shkreli.
I think Martin Shkreli might be my favourite person in the world right now
Twin Visuals puts Martin Shkreli in the "devil" role:
I added a video to a playlist [Gaming] *** - Martin Shkreli wants start buying up rare MAGIC: THE
I enjoy that Martin Shkreli has just become a parody of himself, at this point.
Snyder beat out Martin Shkreli, who raised the price of a sole-supply generic drug by over 5000% for alone
Really don't want to get into the Martin Shkreli convo again. Last time I lost fifty followers defending this man lmao
Martin Shkreli is a navy seal and trained in gorilla warfare
I just realized diamond kind of looks like Martin Shkreli
Using predictive analytics, I'm prepared to announce our 2024 presidential candidates will be Martin Shkreli and Bill Cosby.
Super villain Martin Shkreli just made his entrance to the MTG community:
Martin Shkreli stays based, even when playing Pokemon Go.
watch the people coming onto Martin Shkreli's streams to try and preach to him why he's the devil.
holy crap. watching the Martin Shkreli stream with this guy and he is as autistic as all ***
maybe you're just a troll. You did have the Martin Shkreli profile photo for a pretty looong time
All I did here was correct misinformation reported about Martin Shkreli. 2 days and still "pending approval"
An entire weekend with a buncha die hard Magic fans and we didn't feel the need to talk about Martin Shkreli once. FeelsGoodMan…
This guy is quite weird (check out the pictures) – ​New charges for ex-pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli is still a scumbag. The world would be a better place if he put the barrel of a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger
Martin Shkreli clarifies: Only Trump with 'gun to my head'
"Pharma bro" Martin Shkreli: I would only vote Trump "if someone put a gun to my head"
Martin Shkreli is now a Donald Trump supporter:
Baker Mayfield looks like Martin Shkreli. That's all I have to say about this.
Martin Shkreli endorses Trump, who once called him 'spoiled brat' | AP photo
At this point I think if you polled it, Martin Shkreli would have a higher favorability rating than Debbie Wasserman Schultz.
2/2 I'd rather see nat'l news update me on a past story than this. Gun reform (Sandy Hook), Martin Shkreli, Syrian refugees, etc.
Everyone got angry about Martin Shkreli but he was doing the same thing all pharmaceutical companies do.
have you thought of other VP choices? May be David Duke, OJ Simpson, M. Tyson, Bernie Madoff, Eliot Spitzer, Martin Shkreli
So happy to be playing RZA of Wu Tang Clan tonight in a reading of Joel Esher and Lauren Gundrum's new musical Martin Shkreli's Game.
Martin Shkreli the most hated CEO... Most mgrs in corp america would dislike jack welsh T10/B10 if they even knew who he was
“A good day for Martin Shkreli,” who may try to pin fraud on former counsel | Ars Technica
Prosecutors say additional charges against Martin Shkreli are likely
Martin Shkreli on The Milo Yiannopoulos Show: Hate the Media, Not Pharmaceuticals - Breitbart via
Donald Drumpf does to democracy what Martin Shkreli does to capitalism. and it might be a good thing.. at the end.
. Can the government prevent the next Martin Shkreli.
- Lessons learned from doing Martin Shkreli's PR. -
DIY crisis PR: The guy who represented Martin Shkreli opens up to
An interview with the guy who did Martin Shkreli's PR vía
Donald Trump Jr. looks like a mix between Martin Shkreli and Scott Disick.
You guys remember that time Maggie killed Martin Shkreli?
Martin Shkreli is the guy who never got laid in college and blamed it on him being "too nice"
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Everything you need to know about the collapse of Valeant, Martin Shkreli's less-punchable cousin, in seven minutes:
People of the World, a special update about your new Martin Shkreli: Valeant Pharmaceuticals 💊 $VRX 💉
Jack Falahee looks a bit like Martin Shkreli and I'm all here for that
Dr. Luke is the Martin Shkreli of Trump Steaks. I don’t know what that means, but it’s comedy for the lazy.
Young Suave, people call me Steven Jobs, but that's silly my moniker is Martin Shkreli
Brooklyn witches hex Martin Shkreli: 'The justice system is not going to do anything'
Martin Shkreli is a Saint compared to the and plans to destroy Solar, Wind, and Electric Cars.
she has the same haircut as Martin Shkreli - messy rat crop chop
Kanye thinks it's better for Zuckerberg and Page to help rapper celebrities rather than opening schools in Africa
Martin Shkreli Interview at The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (02/03/2016) this is the craziest most unexpected video
Week in Feb. 19 edition: Martin Shkreli, Butterfly Labs, Dwolla, IBM and ransomware ...
When Martin Shkreli's Turing Pharmaceuticals planned to make billions through a drug price hike, it knew
Bobby Shmurda opens up about his $2M bail, rumored beef with 50 Cent, & Martin Shkreli via
you can take the Martin shkreli example also. This is where govt regulation is needed
.Jeez, guys. Proofs, not words. Take this or this for examples
With the benefit of hindsight, is Martin Shkreli actually an evil scumbag?
They should hold the Grammys as a private party at Martin Shkreli's house, he's the only person left who buys music
Martin Shkreli notwithstanding, a market basket of generic drugs has dropped in price >60% since 2004. b…
After the 2nd set of commercials, Ferro's mask is ripped off to reveal Martin Shkreli.
The Cardassians are Trump Obama is the Federation the Ferengi are Martin Shkreli
It just occured to me that Vincent Kartheiser would play an excellent Martin Shkreli in a biopic
Reminder: Martin Shkreli listens to Brand New. If you have friends w/ similar tastes, please report them to the FBI. http…
The to spend $10 million on attack ads against electric vehicles... they are officially the Martin Shkreli of the environment.
Martin Shkreli is nothing more than a greedy lying bum. I hope he gets life in prison for taking the lives of everyone he screwed over.
Martin Shkreli talks to someone with HIV
I got martin shkreli pretty riled up in a group chat, I hid at my mom's for 3 days after he left
After watching Martin Shkreli's interview on VICE & the Breakfast Club, it made me dislike him less. He just seems like a big *** troll tbh.
as an advocate I'm supposed to hate you. But... My relationship status is changing to "it's complicated with M…
I'm just tryna be a young brown Martin Shkreli tbh
Martin Shkreli: The gift that keeps on giving.
If cancer was a person it would look like Martin Shkreli.
Does anyone know how to get in touch with Martin Shkreli? I think we've got a love connection:
Hey man you look like Martin Shkreli
dang does Martin Shkreli play that guitar in the background of his stream? looks pretty neat!
Just panicked bc I'm trying to build a professional life and I accidentally followed Martin Shkreli. Don't need sewer trash on my feed thx.
neither is Martin Shkreli and that sure af ain't gucci
Bill Ackman is going to jump of his building tomorrow. Meanwhile, Martin Shkreli is going to proclaim his innocence. $VRX
"In capitalism, rich people are almost never punished for exploiting, duping and defrauding normal people, but...
The American people are fed up with the blatant profiteering of pharmaceutical company CEOs like Martin Shkreli. It must en…
cloudy with a nonstop livestream of Martin Shkreli's bedroom
Martin Shkreli actually got scammed 15 million dollars by some dude saying he was Kanye's boy Daquan hooking him up with the album. DAQUAN
you find out you have a life threatening illness and Martin Shkreli owns the patent on the cure
I feel like MC Ride, but I look like Martin Shkreli
I'm starting to like Martin Shkreli more and more
I feel like the next logical step for Martin Shkreli is to voice his wholehearted endorsement of the F-35.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
.is the Martin Shkreli of breakfast tacos
Martin Shkreli tried to buy exclusive rights to was sent 55 gallons of lube instead htt…
Martin Shkreli revived the legend of African American pharma CEO Percy Julian. Here's how they're different.
your resemblance to one Martin Shkreli in that vid is uncanny…
I am going to follow in the steps of Martin shkreli
Martin Shkreli is like a Scooby Doo villain
Pharma industry has more in common with Martin Shkreli than it likes to admit via statnews
I keep searching Netflix for the Vincent Kartheiser plays Martin Shkreli zombie movie. WHERE IS IT.
It's obvious that Vincent Kartheiser is going to play Martin Shkreli in the movie, right?
Jai Paul & Frank Ocean made a whole album together but Martin Shkreli bought it and threw it into the Indian Ocean
Martin Shkreli allegedly owes tens of thousands of dollars to former esports players:
Martin Shkreli is what would happen if cocaine became a person.
Martin Shkreli says he lost $15m in Bitcoins following scam involving new album
Idea for reality TV show: Martin Shkreli and Ted Nugent drive cross country in a vintage automobile.
Martin Shkreli was tricked out of $15 million trying to buy rights to Kanye's new album
Martin Shkreli is now offering $15 million USD for to not release his new album.
Photos of Martin Shkreli make me miss Harris Wittels.
Elsevier: the Martin Shkreli of publishing? Academics fight back. # via bigthink
I suddenly miss Keith Olbermann's "Worst Person in the World" segment. He should Martin Shkreli it every single day.
Martin Shkreli offered Kanye West $10 million to not release his newest album
Martin Shkreli has made a formal offer to buy Kanye West’s new album for $10 million:
Martin Shkreli has offered Kanye $10,000,000 to exclusively buy "The Life of Pablo" like the WuTang album he has https:/…
I'm starting to think that Martin Shkreli is actually Joaquin Phoenix.
Martin Shkreli is Jesse Lacey wearing a mask
By Kelly McClure A few weeks ago we shared a laughably threatening video that pharma *** Martin Shkreli made...
Bill Cosby endorses Kanye West's album -- waiting to hear back on thoughts from R. Kelly, Martin Shkreli and Marco Rubio
Martin Shkreli sued by artist over Wu-Tang Clan album
A lawsuit against Martin Shkreli over his Wu-Tang Clan album comes down to a single (dubious) sentence
Ghostface Killah destroys Martin Shkreli in magnificent video: . It always seemed a little odd that Martin Shkr...
Has anyone noticed Martin Shkreli kinda looks exactly like Zach, the villain in the children's show, Wild Kratts??
Ghostface Killah to Martin Shkreli: You're a Fake *** Supervillain on Ritalin! - The Hollywood Gossip
Ghostface Killah claps back at Martin Shkreli with a TWELVE-minute diss video:
Ghostface Killah responds to Martin Shkreli: "The man with the 12-year-old body"
"32-year-old boastful pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli's net worth is estimated to be $100 million"
It seems more likely that Martin Shkreli would have bought an unreleased Coldplay album then Wu-Tang.
Adam Scott would play a great Martin Shkreli
Martin Shkreli in court like the Chappelle show skit: I plead the Fifth Amendment! - Dave Chappelle
Yo tell me Martin Shkreli case didn't make you think of Dave Chapelles skit!!!.
Martin Shkreli says he'll smack Ghostface Killa in his face
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