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Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller is a New York based photographer whose style is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether

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I added a video to a playlist Behind the scenes with Portrait Photographer Martin Schoeller
I added a video to a playlist Interview with Martin Schoeller
Question Your Subject: Taking Portraits of Johnny Cash, Obama, and More - Interview with Martin Schoeller
I will add a fifth: Martin Schoeller who made these compelling images of them.
📷 When it comes to celebrity portraiture, there really is no one better than Martin Schoeller.   His...
📷 Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman for ‘American Psycho’ ph. by Martin Schoeller, 2000.
“Four Legends by Martin Schoeller they look like baked potatoes
Wrong link. Think you meant this guy:.
Some portrait lighting exercises, inspired by Martin Schoeller, Richard Avedon and Dan Winters
Stunning large format portraits by Martin Schoeller in 'Close Up'. My favourite of the current shows…
Photographer Martin Schoeller on portraits, the President, and perfection:
The Changing Face of America: picture book by famed photographer Martin Schoeller illustrates 'melti
Wonderful "Up Close" exhibition by Martin Schoeller at in Stockholm
The latest cover of features the legendary Photography by Martin Schoeller.
A photo of Lady Gaga is being exposed at the Martin Schoeller gallery in Norway.
Celebrity photographer, Martin Schoeller's portraits of homeless people in Hollywood. |
A photo of Gaga is being exposed in Martin Schoeller gallery in Norway !! ARTPOP BABY !!!
Celebrity photographer Martin Schoeller turns his lens on LA homeless & tells their stories
Celebrity portrait artist Martin Schoeller took his signature style to the streets of LA to photograph the homeless. http…
Martin Schoeller's 'Up Close' exhibit at the Fotografiska Museum is stunning. Wow. Sneak peek here: 📷
Beautiful exposition 'Up Close" by Martin Schoeller in faces like landscapes.
A must see exhibition in downtown Sweden! Pictures of Martin Schoeller at…
Photo: aintnojigga: Jay-Z, photographed for Blender magazine by Martin Schoeller in 2007. Word is that his...
Martin Schoeller Exhibition in the amazing A Must See if in
Martin Schoeller, one of the world's best portrait photographers, now at
My piece on the history of and Martin Schoeller's signature close-ups
If you wanna read a legit photo shoot BTS, check out this piece about Martin Schoeller, a legit photo god
“Balancing of taste”: Albert and Ferran Adrià photographed by Martin Schoeller in 2014
.shows "Changing Faces" by Martin Schoeller. How do you visualize lived experience?
Another great visual resource from "Changing Faces" by Martin Schoeller
Another look at Martin Schoeller's cover shoot for Stylist Magazine with star
Photoset: taylor swift for time magazine (2014) | photographed by martin schoeller the way she holds her...
The exquisite close-up technique of Martin Schoeller hearkens back to the thriving artistic era of Vienna circa 1900.
Photographer Martin Schoeller on shooting portraits and playing music during his sessions:
Funny work of Martin Schoeller. Auto-dérision of Jeff Koons with Floral Headpiece New York, 2013
Jake and Heath. Photograph by Martin Schoeller. See a peek at his... - ...
Was thinking about 4 portrait photographers in my head.Came out to be 4 M's - Mark Seliger, Martin Schoeller, Marco grobs and
Kevin Hart shirtless and in gigantic white wig somehow makes sense on new cover, shot by Martin Schoeller
Go behind the scenes of Taylor Swift's cover shoot. Photograph by Martin Schoeller for TIME
What is a women's college when gender is fluid? (Photo: Martin Schoeller for NYT)
Celebrity photographer Martin Schoeller reveals the stories behind his most famous portraits
Watch: Why this photographer says one of the most important things in life is curiosity
Layka is a 3-legged war hero who took 4 rounds from an AK-47. She's on the June cover of magazine.
Behind the scenes with Layka the three-legged retired MWD with her medal of heroism.
Three-legged decorated war hero had 1 leg lost to surgery after taking four rounds from an AK-47 by Martin Schoeller
Shoot w/ One of the coolest photographers today Martin Schoeller & my daughter Stevie assisted me...SWEET!!!
The story behind the cover photo of June
Martin Schoeller, renowned portrait photographer shares his tips on how to take the perfect portrait:
posted up my entry for the PDN Photo Annual this afternoon. Glad to see my procrastination puts me in good company! Nadav Kander, Christopher Anderson, Benjamin Lowy, Tim Tadder, Chris Crisman, Martin Schoeller, Eugene Richards, Ruven Afanador, Platon, Lauren Dukoff, Thomas Prior all posted recently as well
Superday at the Annenberg Space for Photography and the Skylight Studios - A tribute to the World through the lens of photography - 125 years with some of the National Geographic Magazine photographers; Lynsey Addario, Marcus Bleasdale, David Guttenfelder, Abelardo Morell, Joel Sartore, Martin Schoeller to mention a few - Inspirational and gleaming ! ! !
Erik Almås, Martin Schoeller & Mark Zibert all included in the 2013 Communication Arts Photo Annual
Flip through the pages of any major magazine published in the last few years and it's likely you've seen a picture snapped by Martin Schoeller therein.
Jeff Koons portrait by Martin Schoeller for NY Mag, May 13 issue
I am so humbled and honored by the generosity of everyone who is contributing to the Art Start Family Portrait Project. And you know who emailed me back (and very quickly I might add) today to say he's in- Martin Schoeller!! Such an amazing talent and so willing to give his time to honor the resilience of families! Thanks to everyone who is contributing- you are all so amazing! Kim White David Johnson Andrew Eccles Zachary Stertz Kristen Ashburn Tom McKenzie Eric Ogden, Peter Yang, Miranda Penn Turin, Jim Wright, David Lang, Ty Cole, Bryan Shih, Emma Strachman, Wenya Chang and Fast Ashleys Studios
Identical, the sameness of twins captured by Martin Schoeller
My second attempt at emulating Martin Schoeller with speedlites and a v-flat
FStoppers Lighting Diagrams- Head Shot: The other day Phlearn came up with a way to emulate Martin Schoeller’s…
Martin Schoeller - love love love his fun photographs of various famous faces!
Martin Schoeller shows celebs from another angle.
did a great tutorial on emulating Martin Schoeller. Here is my go at it using a speedlite & foam core.
your photo by Martin Schoeller is great. *short hair rules*
Website Builder 728x90
If you can recognize a Martin Schoeller portrait the moment you see it, we can be best friends/get married
Found on - The Amazing Photography of Martin Schoeller
Elinchrom 135cm strip boxes and a L-ion quadra hybrid. I'm going to be a Kenyan Martin Schoeller.
So basically now going to learn how to do it and find someone to take a portrait of. Thanks bro!
Anne Hathaway by Martin Schoeller/Interview with Oscar Winning Makeup artist and Master…/Boris…
Man!!! Your video for Martin Schoeller part II was jus amading... THANKS!
Another great tutorial by of Retouching men in photoshop
Inspiring creative video [not my video] 425 MARTIN SCHOELLER PHOTOSHOP by Phlearn
I just stumbled over the amazing work of New York based photographer Martin Schoeller, who’s best known for his tight portraits or “Close Up” series. Schoeller has also been worki...
Martin Schoeller is a New York based photographer whose style is distinguished by similar treatment of all subjects whether they are celebrities or unknown. His most recognizable work are his portraits, shot with similar lighting, backdrop, and tone. His work appears in The New Yorker, Outside Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, GQ, Esquire, and Vogue.
Now this is a coll image from Vaughan Hannigan. It's like a hidden object game!
People Magazine commissioned Martin Schoeller to shoot some of their favorite 2013 Oscar nominees for the issue that is on stands now. Martin concepted these shoots with Photo Editor Brenna Britton & Photo Director Chris Dougherty to depict the stars in everyday situations, but in clothes they wou...
- Bradley Cooper photographed by Martin Schoeller via
A Close Up portrait photograph of Zinedine Zidane done by the famous NYC based photographer - Martin Schoeller.
via - My favourite one is Martin Schoeller. Des Moines, Iowa. Spring 2012. The portrait of Gabby Douglas
Little Giant Ladders
Matthew Modine, of Full Metal Jacket, & Martin Schoeller, famous photographer, discuss photographing some of the most famous actors in the world including Za...
on Get ready for a new episode with Martin Schoeller and Matthew Modine on Thursday!
Martin Schoeller is appearing with Mark Seliger & Matthew Modine, on
Martin Schoeller is appearing on Capture with Mark Seliger & Matthew Mondine, on the Reserve Channel, this Thursday.
Get ready to join our host Mark Seliger as he chats with Martin Schoeller about his recent in
Awesome Portraits of Jesse Eisenberg by Martin Schoeller - My Modern Metropolis via
You probably already know the name Martin Schoeller. He's the highly talented photographer who has been snapping the most memorable shots these days. Back in…
Photo of the Day celebrates the with Martin Schoeller's portraits of US athletes including Gabby Douglas!
Starting today, Martin Schoeller will be the first in a series of guest photographers to take over The New Yorker’s Instagram account. Follow for updates from Twinsburg, Ohio, where Schoeller will be documenting the Twins Days Festival, the...
Hey guys, check me out on the cover of TIME magazine . It was a great shoot with the amazing Martin Schoeller. Pick up your copy on newsstands now. Check out so
This Week has been exciting shooting with 2 amazing famous photographers. We had the honor to work with Nick Onken && Martin Schoeller. Day 1 - Shoot with NICK ONKEN | |...
Photographs of famous faces from Martin Schoeller's Close Up exhibition showing at the National Portrait Gallery.
The subjects on this week’s TIME cover aren’t models in pose. Jamie Lynne Grumet, photographed by Martin Schoeller with her 3-year-old son, is a mother from Los Angeles who subscribes to attachment parenting, the subject of staff writer Kate Pickert’s cover story. Attachment parenting has been on the rise over the past two decades, since the publication of The Baby Book by Dr. Bill Sears and his wife Martha in 1992. Its three main tenets are extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping and “baby wearing,” in which infants are physically attached to their parents by slings. In one day, Schoeller photographed four families from across the country who practice this method of motherhood. Using religious images of the Madonna and Child as reference, Schoeller captured each mother breast-feeding her child or children. “When you think of breast-feeding, you think of mothers holding their children, which was impossible with some of these older kids,” Schoeller says. “I liked the idea of having the kids st ...
The four mothers photographed by Martin Schoeller for the cover of this week's TIME discuss why this parenting philosophy resonates with them.
Do you know that Annie Leibovitz, Mario Testino, Herb Ritts and Martin Schoeller, among others, have shoot or...
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Several dozen of Martin Schoeller's more intriguing celeb portraits. Chris Rock & Don Rickles in bed?!
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