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Martin McDonagh

Martin McDonagh (born 26 March 1970) is an Irish playwright, filmmaker, and screenwriter. Although he has lived in England his entire life, he is considered one of the most important living Irish playwrights.

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I can't overstate how great Frances McDormand is in Martin McDonagh's bracing
Just saw Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and I think it burnt my eyebrows off.
Martin McDonagh's sad, witty and wise. Perhaps his finest work.
Saw some really really great reviews on Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri…I'm so excited ah ksjskdjdhxhenen
Been waiting for Martin McDonagh's new film for a while. Wasn't massive on Seven Psychopaths but this looks class.
My review of Martin McDonagh's latest film THREE BILLBOARDS. I reviewed his excellent play HANGMEN last year too…
Yep, the Guardian five-starred it as well. Just have to wait till January, as usual for the good films…
Essential viewing surely for OOH sales and marketing professionals
Chuffed to bits seeing the great word coming out of for Martin McDonagh's
Really looking forward to this. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri review.
Martin McDonagh is God. Anyone who didn't realize this directly after watching IN BRUGES doesn't deserve his greatness.
In terms of the awards season, all eyes will surely be on Frances McDormand in Martin McDonagh’s “Three Billboards
Martin McDonagh's is a masterpiece. Give an oscar to Frances McDormand NOW!
heading to on my lonesome for ... Martin McDonagh is just what the doctor ordered!
Tonight's show at the is ‘The Cripple of Inishmaan’ by Martin McDonagh with the Corofin Drama…
Tonight's the night for .& The Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh!
Monday Movies with Joe! . This week I'm suggesting the Martin McDonagh's Feature debut: In Bruges. Set in, if you...
on the devilishly handsome Martin McDonagh. Rehearsals for his darkly comic…
Have you seen the FIVE STAR Martin McDonagh hit yet? Only here for two more weeks.
The URSA Mini making an appearance in the new Martin McDonagh movie "Three Billboards outside..."…
In bruges was so good omg super pumped to watch more from Martin McDonagh
So excited to be finally performing The Pillowman tomorrow! Playing Michal has been a blast. Hope I can do Martin Mcdonagh proud 😄
Just talking to Jord about Cripple of Inishmaan and RIGHT after I went on Amazon and my "recommended" was a Martin McDonagh collection. 🤔😱😳
to The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh as we gear up for his…
Martin McDonagh’s will hit theaters on October 13, 2017. See the hilarious first trailer:
The new Jez Butterworth play THE FERRYMAN at may feel a bit Martin McDonagh (in accent & attitude), but its beautifully crafted.
Eleven years ago today Martin McDonagh's Lieutenant Of Inishmore opened on Broadway!
Pillowman is amazing. As is everything Martin McDonagh has ever written ever
I did email Martin McDonagh agent who said he has no plans for a sequel. My feeling is may be Brendan Gle…
This looks incredible. I have a new most anticipated movie. Martin McDonagh is already 2 for 2 as a writer/director.
For example, Daniel Radcliffe and I would discuss the works of JM Synge and Martin McDonagh. Also maybe Harry Potter if there was time
Meet Black Singles 300x250
AH! I need Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to come out already! Martin McDonagh owns my soul
Signed up for 2017/18 as they are staging NY premieres including & Martin McDonagh's
Martin McDonagh’s is transferring to New York from 8 Jan 2018. For more info read our news piece here:
New Martin McDonagh at the Atlantic this season. Pillowman & the Leenane plays are amazing, but Behanding at Spokane is unspeakably bad
I have to wait until October to see that Martin McDonagh movie with Frances McDormand?!
Next season at a Martin McDonagh play, a new musical by the composer of "Hedwig" and more
I just learned that your Kenneth Branagh mnemonic also works for Martin McDonagh. So useful! (But not u-ful. Ha ha ha ha. Sorry.)
Atlantic Theater company has the US premiere of Martin McDonagh's HANGMEN. Saw a simulcast of it. It's fun, tho hardly MM's best.
Martin McDonagh's Hangmen finally coming to NYC at Plus a I've read and loved. And new
I'm going to sleep because making this killed me but support my set!
This just in... Watch the trailer for Martin McDonagh's darkly comic drama Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, with Franc…
The director of "In Bruges" is back! Watch the NSFW trailer for Martin McDonagh's
2017 has some potential riches: New Todd Haynes, Dee Rees, Lynne Ramsay, Martin McDonagh, possible PTA but I doubt it...
12 of the Most Eagerly Anticipated New York Stage Shows of Spring 2017 . Plays by Tracy Letts, Martin McDonagh, Aug…
OMG Frances McDormand is going to be in Martin Mcdonagh's new movie! This is PERFECT
John Michael McDonagh is not a playwright like Martin McDonagh but Calvary really left me with the impression of it being based on a play.
Don's miss the drop-dead hilarious NTL screening, 'Hangmen' by Olivier and Academy Award® winner Martin McDonagh,...
Do you have your tickets yet? See it at the Modern on May 25 or 28!
Martin McDonagh does it way better.
I would honestly love to watch this play out. Feels like something Martin McDonagh would write.
Best feeling I've had lately is being told my movie feels like Martin McDonagh and Shane Black had a baby.
I really love it. Martin McDonagh is such a great writer of dialogue.
- new dark & delicious comedy by Martin McDonagh - limited release Still chuckling
Gah! I hate that I missed this. McDonagh is a brilliant *** Hangmen – UMS – University Musical Society
My plays are always pushing towards cinema anyway. They're down and dirty, ...
so I looked for other theaters and upcoming productions, and there's a Martin McDonagh being put on in the fall. So my Q is
All I could think of during it was how amazing it could be with someone like Martin/John Michael McDonagh on board.
Martin McDonagh interview: ‘Theatre is never going to be edgy in the way I want it to be’ | Stage via
Dramatist Martin Mc Donagh talks about his early days in Ireland and his love of Galway
Martin McDonagh funeral: Two in hospital after car rammed in Mayo [].
I fell into the theatre because I felt I was doing it well, and I stuck to ...
I pick and choose what I want to do at any given time, and what not to do, ...
There are going to be so many think pieces when the new Martin McDonagh movie comes out.
Fabulous talk by Martin McDonagh today. Thanks and
Thanks all who came out to Malaprop's for the great Martin McDonagh!
It's a full house for filmmaker/playwright Martin McDonagh, happening now.
Super excited to be at book store today to hear Martin McDonagh and chat!
It’s not every day you get to see Martin McDonagh speak at your local bookstore. Huge thanks to for the opportunity.
Get to spend the day in Asheville with and also meet Martin McDonagh, so I guess you could say today rocks.
I can't believe I'm seeing a martin mcdonagh play and getting laid on the same day this is all I need in life
Got a date on okcupid off a Martin McDonagh quote
Sam Rockwell to star in new film 'Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri' with Woody Harrelson, Frances McDormand
I can't stand up in front of people. It just fills me with horror.
Have you seen In Bruges? Hilarious right? Check out Hangmen from the same writer Martin McDonagh! June 9th, 2016!
Questions have been written! Plays re-read. Excited 2 meet & interview the great Martin McDonagh! Saturday pm. Malaprop's bookstore
Great old interview with Martin McDonagh, who joins us Saturday at 3.
I think as a writer you never have to flee from fame because you're not tha...
It's like two years straight out of your life doing a film. It's very enjoy...
Plays by people like Martin McDonagh and Brian Friel attract huge audiences...
Come and see The Beauty Queen Of Leenane 17th -21st May Martin McDonagh play
NT Live's HANGMEN by Martin McDonagh scores 4.5stars in Herald Sun! Opens Saturday, book now
I just saw Martin McDonagh's new play Hangmen last week, it's fantastic. Better than Seven Psychopaths
Great workshop with on positivity, authenticity and the genius of Martin McDonagh today!
I never feel like a smug or a smart-alec film director, and there are plent...
LOVED Hangmen NT Live. and and David Morrissey were excellent. Martin McDonagh is a master storyteller.
Martin Ronan sussing out the routine as John Mulry steps it out with Eileen Mcdonagh. Dont miss the...
- Martin McDonagh remains one of my favourite writers, and Johnny Flynn becomes one of my favourite actors. Great night.
The Dink and John Hawkes inject a little more awesome into Martin McDonagh's THREE B
All my work shares a kind of balance between black comedy and sad and despa...
The Cranberries, Martin McDonagh, Beyonce, and my own "pacifist rage," are all in the crucible this morning
"I can't stand people analysing things" - Martin McDonagh. FAB to know as I analyse his plays within an inch of their lives for this essay
Peter Dinklage & others join the cast of Martin McDonagh's Three Billboards
20 years after it was first staged in Galway, Martin McDonagh's The Beauty Queen of Leenane returns in a new...
Martin McDonagh's Beauty Queen of Leenane to be revived by in September. See
Are you a fan? Check out our Martin McDonagh infographic!
The fact that ticket prices are way too expensive, and there's only one bun...
Theatre was an art form that I didn't really respect, and because I wanted ...
Loved the by Martin McDonagh on screen today. Certainly the funniest play i've seen for a long time!
Martin McDonagh is definitely a playwright/filmmaker to make sense of himself, which I really respect.
Dominic Dromgoole's farewell 'Tempest' makes the most of the Sam Wanamaker theatre’s intimate theatricality
both are written by Martin Mcdonagh. I can't think of anything he's written I don't like.
OPENING NIGHT TONIGHT, 8PM-- The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh! This is dark comedy and expert storytelling at its...
Me, last semester: Wrote A grade essays on Digital Humanities, Martin McDonagh, Shakespeare. Me, this semester: Choked on toast.
Next Live is by Martin McDonagh on 5 May. Discounts for alumni!
thanks for the random like I was a bit shocked at first when I saw it I thought you were Martin McDonagh
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NT Live's production of Martin McDonagh's Hangmen comes to the Kenworthy tonight at 7:00 PM. Tickets are $12.
presents by Martin McDonagh. Thursday 4/21 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $12 for General Admission.
Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op presents "Hangmen by Martin McDonagh" on Friday, April 22, 2016 at 7:00pm.
David Morrissey, the Governor from the Walking Dead, stars in Hangmen by Martin McDonagh, up next for
British filmmaker Martin McDonagh's movie 'Seven Psychopaths' is about a struggling screenwriter
Tuesdays are pretty cool when you shake hands with Sam Rockwell, Martin McDonagh, and Woody Harrelson.
With a stage play, they can't cut a word; you can be in rehearsals every da...
And it's not even April 1st: Vladimir Putin should be in charge of Europe, says Bernie Ecclestone.
From Award winner Martin McDonagh (In Bruges), HANGMEN screens this weekend on 4/22-4/24 at 12pm @
Junior Witter vs Peter McDonagh in talks for July 9th on bill @ Manchester Arena
How dark do you like your comedy? The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh 20-23 April.
Encore of Martin McDonagh's popular play HANGMEN this Sunday at 12:30!.
THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh is only a few days away. Got your tickets yet? Visit
One from last nights session at Connolly's,. Mossy Martin,. Rick Epping,. Brian McDonagh. ht…
A huge thanks to Dave, Serena & Martin McDonagh and their families for raising €700 for Snowflakes in Runamuck.
The production of Martin McDonagh's "HANGMEN" will transfer to Broadway in the 16-17 season w/ attached.
After rewatching Martin McDonagh's films, I just want Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri to come out. 2017 is so far away :(
When you see a Martin McDonagh or Conor McPherson play for the first time...
In honor of St Paddy's Day here's a to our 2011 production of Martin Mcdonagh's The Lieutenant of Inishmore!...
Seeing the National Theatre Live production of Hangmen by Martin McDonagh.
Woody Harrelson & Sam Rockwell to star in Martin McDonagh's new movie
Would love to hear people's fave plays to read on the page. Mine:Shaw-always Shaw. Stoppard. Martin McDonagh. Tennessee Williams. Chuck Mee.
Martin McDonagh and Caryl Churchill’s two plays, so different, are united by extreme narrative tension.
Martin McDonagh's new play - is savagely funny. So glad I managed to catch the transfer.
and he's now reading Martin Mcdonagh plays - so all I'd say is, don't let people tell you teens are predictable!
Seven Psychopaths is just a brilliant movie. Martin McDonagh's movies are really astounding.
Marlon James on not coming from the ghetto: 'The first time I heard a gunshot was at a Martin McDonagh play'.
Insightful feature on Martin McDonagh - the brilliance of the darkness...
I got cut off before I could say: written by Garth Ennis and directed by Martin McDonagh (Seven Psychopaths/In Bruges)
Have to go and see Martin McDonagh's new play "Hangmen", sounds great.
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Looking forward to seeing this show next weekend. Martin McDonagh quality writer.
Martin McDonagh's new play Hangman is most definitely interesting.
Just finished The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. An absolutely brilliant and twisted play.
In more Tron production news, we return to Leenane in July with Martin McDonagh's LONESOME WEST:
Got my ticket to see Martin McDonagh's at Wyndham's Theatre... looking forward to it big time!
In Martin McDonagh's The Lieutenant of Inishmore, the apparent death of a pet cat leads to all manner of carnage.
Missed Martin McDonagh's line about "talentless Dublin journalists" in the Sunday Times, if anyone can sum up?
Martin McDonagh's first film, but his playwriting pedigree shines through.
Accusations of 'paddywhackery'? - "It's only some talentless Dublin journalists who go down that route", says playwright Martin McDonagh.
Martin McDonagh needs to direct another film. I can only watch In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths so much. Just kidding I'l watch em forever.
Hangmen by Martin McDonagh featuring patron is up for Best Play in the Evening Standard Theatre Awards
'Pulp Fiction' is an amazing film, and I haven't made one nearly as good. -- Martin McDonagh
Interview with HANGMEN playwright Martin McDonagh in today's (£)
Martin McDonagh is one of the few filmmakers more handsome than his filmic stand-ins. Discuss.
Martin McDonagh has some strong views, particularly about journalists, Dublin ones in particular
'What! YOU were the one who liked Seven Psychopaths!'. Tomorrow in I interview Martin McDonagh, the playwright who hates theatre
Tickets for Martin McDonagh's Hangmen booked for Jan! V happy I haven't missed it entirely.
“A Behanding in Spokane,” is a black comedy by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, on stage at Players by the Sea...
Just picked up the script of Martin McDonagh's Beauty Queen of Leenane. Saw it 19 yrs ago when I was 10. Half remember it like a nightmare.
When the lowly got to hang out with the maestro Martin McDonagh... ☺
Alan Bennet enjoys The Big Bang Theory, the plays of Martin McDonagh and Larkin's poetry. I love him even more, now!
The clever talented and funny Martin McDonagh 💖
.will be playing The Cripple Inishmaan from Oct 30- Nov 29. To purchase tickets visit:
If you like scary stories, I find the "Pillowman" story from Martin McDonagh's play The Pillowman to be terrifying.
Journey to London, reading 'the pillowman' by Martin McDonagh, fantastic piece of writing wish I had caught it at the NT
Full cast announced for Martin McDonagh's Hangmen at the Wyndham's Theatre:
Martin McDonagh w/ cast and crew on the set of In Bruges. Photos by Jaap Buitendijk
The 12 Deaths of 2011 sounds like a Martin McDonagh movie
Greg Kotis' is a sub-Martin McDonagh black comedy with lots of mud & 'fecal sludge' as well as blood
5 of 5 stars to The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh
is excited to be supporting the critically acclaimed transfer of Martin McDonagh's to Wyndam's Theatre
Audience reactions to Martin McDonagh's transferring to the West End from 1 Dec
for real, imagine if Martin McDonagh wrote a video game. This would be it. No hyperbole.
SCENA Theatre's hilarious production of Cripple of Inishmaan opens this week! Previews 10/28 and 10/29! Tix:
When I'm happiest writing is just not knowing where it goes and just let the characters bring you there. - Martin McDonagh
I don't think I'm really going to feel fully comfortable until I've seen Martin McDonagh's Hangmen
And we're back! Lincoln sits down with new co-host Tim Bridge to discuss Martin McDonagh's "In Bruges". We also...
Straight out of a Martin McDonagh movie
4 of 5 stars to The Lieutenant of Inishmore by Martin McDonagh
Come to LAVC today see Cripple of Inishmaan by Martin McDonagh 2:00 or 6:00 tickets available at
TONIGHT! The Bizarre Humor of the tragicomedy, "The Cripple of Inishmaan" Get your tickets now!
Fantastic interview with Just finished and my crush on himself is still going strong.😉
It is the perfect movie. It is literally as if Martin McDonagh made a film specifically for me.
presents Martin McDonagh's Irish comedy The Cripple of Inishmaan this weekend. Evening...
not quite short story but Martin McDonagh's 'The Pillowman' is my all-time favourite play.
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Apparently old news, but still awesome:
The West End transfer of David Morrissey in the Royal Court production Martin McDonagh's Hangmen is now on sale at
Martin McDonagh's Hangmen to transfer to the West End (Tickets on sale at midday) -
who would your choice be to direct a solo movie other than James Gunn? My choice is Martin McDonagh, you?
The Fourth Wall Theater fall show is Pillowman by Martin McDonagh directed by Louis Napolitano! Auditions are the 4th and 5th of September!
70 minutes now of Martin Carney talking absolute scutter
Don't forget! Kelly Woodland is holding auditions tomorrow and Monday night for Martin McDonagh's…
In Bruges, what a sick film 👌 10/10. Martin McDonagh you are one incredible writer
Colin Farrell and Martin McDonagh discuss the dark comedy via
The Costa Mesa Playhouse is holding auditions for “A Behanding in Spokane” by Martin McDonagh, Monday, August 31,...
Martin McDonagh is doing the circuit training rehearsals EVERY morning!
Martin McDonagh's comic masterpiece The Lonesome West is with us next week, Tue to Sat. Tickets here
Dear Martin McDonagh: please make another movie. I think you could become one of my favorite directors. Thank you.
Saw In Bruges for the first time tonight.. I already loved 7 psychopaths.. Martin McDonagh's gorey black humor is brilliant really...
Look out for the new Martin McDonagh a brilliant writer, but I've never taken advantage of one...until now.
What a delightful little film Seven Psychopaths was. 3 years too late, but so happy to have seen it. Martin Mcdonagh is so cool.
A new Martin McDonagh play is coming to the Consider this a PSA.
Where has Martin McDonagh been all my life?
The writing of Martin McDonagh; the performance of Cannot wait to see next month.
playwright Martin McDonagh with new play 'Hangmen,' set in Oldham, about Britain's last executioner.
In Bruges director Martin McDonagh returns to Royal Court with new play
This show strongly reminds me of Martin McDonagh's work. I'm into it.
Martin McDonagh returns to London in new Royal Court season
Also (and I may be blabbering), I highly recommend Martin McDonagh's films. :)
It's the first day of rehearsals for by Martin McDonagh - MLR's is Lighting Designer
it's okay. it's valid, just not hot. I put it in context of Shane Black and Martin McDonagh
"Any professional Boxer can get knocked down in a fight, but, it takes a fighter with the heart…" — Martin J McDonagh
Have you seen Martin McDonagh's earlier film In Bruges? I love it even more.
Side note In Bruges in one of the best movies released in years Martin McDonagh is brilliant
Martin McDonagh's at the in So far so good. Struggle to stay awake at times!
U12 boys then travel to Ballivor on Sat 18th April for 3pm throw-in. Ballivor v Gaeil Colmcille. Referees Michael McDonagh & Martin Ennis.
yeah Martin St. Louis and Ryan McDonagh are some of my favorites in the league so. go Rangers
My latest piece for reviewing Martin McDonagh's 'The Pillowman' - currently on .
Colin Farrell is awesome in Martin McDonagh movies, and he looks like he could be great in True Detective. Can't wait.
The Pillowman - ... McDonagh repeated his famous quote at our first reading on the matter: "We are all
Looking forward to seeing Martin McDonagh's new offering 'The Pillowman' in the later.
The Pillowman: t Patrick’s Day at the Everyman Cork saw the Irish premiere of The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh...
Ken Webster, Jude Hickey, and Kenneth Wayne Bradley in HPT's 2007 production of THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh
Martin McDonagh channels Kafka in 'The Pillowman' at the Lyric Theatre, Belfast http:/…
I couldn't get into Martin McDonagh's work at first. Too bleak. Funny, yeah, but pitch black. . Now? . I love In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths.
“I suppose I walk that line between comedy and cruelty." Read about violence in
Then in January, we'll bring you THE BEAUTY QUEEN OF LEENANE BY Martin McDonagh directed by Carin Bratlie at Andy Boss Stage.
reminds us that without freedom of speech we cannot have freedom of thought. Read Prof.Lonergan's post:
Who are your heroes? Mine: Chuck and Jim, Sorkin, and the DEITY that is Martin McDonagh.
I'd like to take a moment to thank Martin McDonagh and John Michael McDonagh for using Townes songs in their movies, God bless them both
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Should have guessed given that they both share a surname and make the best Irish films that Martin McDonagh and John Michael McDonagh...
Martin McDonagh writes dialogue as good as Tarantino, don't even care
RIP Brian Farrell(1929-2014)- I once sat with him at a Martin McDonagh play & had a great chat. http:…
Martin McDonagh's Tony Award-nominated The Lonesome West will be on our stage in a matter of weeks! The dates are 14th to 18th October (that's the usual Tuesday to Saturday run) and then 22nd to 24th (Wed to Fri the following week). Spread the word. With hundreds of holy statues and a sensitive priest, it'll be a holy show.
"Laugh until it hurts" - Biggar Theatre Workshop is staging Martin McDonagh's play The Cripple of Inishmaas soon -
writer/director Martin McDonagh getting a festival in his honor in Siberia .
Siberian Festival to Celebrate Martin McDonagh: … and theater director Martin McDonagh will be celeb...
yeah! Then we just get Martin McDonagh to write all the scripts, and swap Vince for Ralph Fiennes 👍
Auditions for our third show of the semester, Martin McDonagh's 'The Pillowman' See you there!
CALVARY: In the opening scenes of Martin McDonagh’s rather violent drama (that I pervesely still insist of calling …
I've not seen Seven Psychopaths yet (I love Martin McDonagh though) but didn't care much for Phonebooth.
In Bruges is still one of my favorite movies. Triviality, mortality, purgatory- comedy! Martin McDonagh is a brilliant man.
He was also great in Seven Psychopaths. Hopefully Martin McDonagh will be writing True Detective 2.
Martin McDonagh (of In Bruges) also worked with him on Seven Psychopaths. Highly recommend if you haven't seen.
Anything that involves Martin McDonagh is exempt from my analysis (bc I made up this analysis). :) But yes In Bruges was good 6 years ago.
He's great in Martin McDonagh films, but then there's Winters Tale.
Doubting Colin Farrell means you haven't seen his stuff with Martin McDonagh. McDonagh should write Season 3, "True Detective of Leenane."
I've really enjoyed Farrell in the Martin McDonagh films. He gives good black humor.
Martin McDonagh has pretty much sold me on Colin Farrell. I think this will be good but I also thought Godzilla would be
Seems like a good time to re-up me riding and dying for Colin Farrell, who does tremendous work with Martin McDonagh
those are also Martin McDonagh writing, whose tone and humour I much prefer prefer to Nic Pizzolato...
have you ever read or seen Martin McDonagh's play THE PILLOWMAN?
Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell's characters have broken my heart, oh my god. Martin McDonagh is a genius.
"Opinion on the merits of Martin McDonagh’s theatre is sharply divided"
The big takeaway here is that Martin McDonagh needs to be this season's director.
How would Martin McDonagh categorise that, I wonder?
Is Martin McDonagh a chancer? Yes, but academics prefer to answer this question in circumlocutory po-co theoryspeak.
ICYMI: rehearsing The Cripple of Inishmaas by Martin [In Bruges] McDonagh, one of the funniest plays I've ever read -
(Martin McDonagh, I mean. Colin Farrell's only as good as his script)
John Michael McDonagh should do s2 of True Detective. I'd even settle for Martin.
"Seven Psychopaths": so different from the trailer I saw and my expectations. Wonderful work by Martin McDonagh and the entire cast.
Martin McDonagh has nothing more recent on his IMDB page than Seven Psychopaths.
I like Colin Farrell a lot, but I've already him seen him nail Flawed Man in Violent World twice in Martin McDonagh's films.
gets Colin Farrell- wish that meant Martin McDonagh was coming w/ him. Still want women's POV/directing on this anthology too
If Martin McDonagh could direct a couple of True Detective episodes, that'd be great.
Now they just need to announce that Pizzolatto's been replaced by Martin McDonagh and we're all set
Martin McDonagh, cynical as ever re Irish film.We lack confidence but product is hot
Laughing at the diehard TD fans bummed about Colin Farrell. Watch Martin McDonagh films instead. Seriously.
Colin Farrell officially in True Detective season 2, I like it! They should have Martin McDonagh write it.
Day 3 begins! First up in our session on Irish Agata Dziadul of the University of Edinburgh on Martin McDonagh & John Connolly.
Just back from - it was a violently funny night out, like an Ayrshire Martin McDonagh.
Definitely in my top 5 directors along with Edgar Wright, Steven Spielberg, Martin McDonagh, and Michael Bay. Probably my second favourite.
There is something about Martin McDonagh's plays that really speak to me. Can't wait to see this one!
Daniel Radcliffe stars on Broadway in Martin McDonagh's Tony-nominated play, THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN, directed by Michael Grandage. Now playing at the Cort Theatre.
The UHI Golf Team successfully retained their position in the top division of the SSS/BUCS winter league for the first time in the University’s history! The team beat the University of Edinburgh in the quarter final before losing out to an improving University of Strathclyde team in the semi-final. Congratulations to our golfers: Sam Munro, Martin McDonagh, Callum Greenhill, Derek Ramsay, Darren Leith, Shaun Johnson, Iain MacCallum, Sebastiano Galeppini, Ruairidh Robertson and Grant Wilson.
Courtesy of Tony Finstrom: 1945 - Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning playwright AUGUST WILSON (1945-2005), known for his massive cycle of plays about African-American life in each decade of the 20th century, is born today in Pittsburgh, PA. 1976 - Based on the play ENTER LAUGHING by Joseph Stein (from the book by Carl Reiner), the new musical SO LONG, 174TH STREET opens tonight at the Harkness Theatre for a run of only 16 performances. It features music and lyrics by Stan Daniels, and stars Robert Morse. Burt Shevelove directs and Alan Johnson choreographs this Frederick Brisson production. Loni Ackerman, George S. Irving and Barbara Lang co-star (with Rita Rudner standing by for Ackerman.) 1978 - Lanford Wilson's FIFTH OF JULY opens tonight Off-Broadway at the Circle Repertory Company for a run of 159 performances. The cast includes William Hurt and Jeff Daniels, under the direction of Marshall W. Mason. 1999 - Martin McDonagh's new play THE LONESOME WEST opens tonight at the Lyceum Theatre for a run o ...
Daniel Radcliffe returns to Broadway in Martin McDonagh's play, THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN. Directed by Michael Grandage, previews begin April 12 at the Cort Theatre. Opening April 20.
(On June 27, 2013, I published a review here of The Cripple of Inishmaan, Martin McDonagh's thigh-slapping, heart-plucking play, in its Michael Grandage production at London's Noel Coward Theatre. The production is now transferred intact to New York...
Tomorrow we show up - we bounce back and for Martin, Krystle, Lingzi Lu & Sean.
In "The Cripple of Inishmaan," Martin McDonagh's sublime tragi-comedy about life on Ireland's desolate Aran Islands, there are two old biddies who desperately dote on Daniel Radcliffe -- and who wo...
New York (AP) — Contradictions of human nature are the fodder that playwright Martin McDonagh often mines in his masterfully satirical dark comedies about quirky rural Irish characters.
Big fan of Martin McDonagh's work. Need to plan a trip to NY to go see The Cripple of Inishmaan.
Radcliffe, co-stars mine humor and pain in 'Inishmaan' Martin McDonagh's 'The Cripple of Inishmaan' makes a b...
Broadway should always have one Martin McDonagh revival running.
Yes Martin McDonagh's 'cripple of inishmaan' is finally on Broadway.
Wishing happy opening night to Daniel Radcliffe and the company of Martin McDonagh's
go see it asap! Love The Guard! Love both the McDonaghs actually, I hope to see a play of Martin McDonagh's some time.
Question 4: Also an accomplished screenwriter, Martin McDonagh won an Academy Award for which of his films?
Daniel Radcliffe, Martin McDonagh, Michael Grandage and the producers pose for photos!
The Michael Grandage Company production ofThe Cripple of Inishmaan, by Martin McDonagh, starring Daniel Radcliffe and the critically acclaimed West End cast opens today at the Cort Theatre (138 West 48th Street).
NPR The Cripple of Inishmaan: Theater Review Hollywood Reporter Daniel Radcliffe stars in Martin McDonagh's corrosive comedy, set in a tiny Aran Island community in 1934, abuzz with news of a film crew descending on neighboring Inishmore. New York – Jaded film students will get a huge kick out of...
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Countdown to the Cripple of Inishmaan. Harrys new play opens on sunday week the 20th. The Cripple of Inishmaan is a fantastic dark comedy from Martin McDonagh and with the likes of Dermot McManus , Pat Canty and Chrissie Killian in it , its going to be brilliant. Dermot is playing Billie , "the Cripple", who is seeking a bit of excitement in his otherwise boring life on the island. He gets his chance when a real life Hollywood film crew comes to the island to shoot a film. Billie decides to try for a part in the film and to the surprise of everyone , he succeeds. The cast also includes a welcome return to the stage for *** Dillon and Anne Blackie alongside Geoff Boles fresh from his run in the Heiress. Also there are three new members to the theatre in Edel Chadwick , Molly Coyle and Breen Elliot. Martin McDonagh is a superb playwright and this play is currently enjoying a hugely successful run on Broadway with Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter in the lead role. It is definitely one not to be missed. Bo . ...
Attending the opening night of THE CRIPPLE OF INISHMAAN by Martin McDonagh, starring Daniel Radcliff and directed by Michael Grandage.
Following a sold-out London run, the Michael Grandage production of Martin McDonagh's The Cripple of Inishmaan, starring Daniel Radcliffe, officially opens on Broadway April 20 at the Cort Theatre.
Nothing like a 5 hour train journey home to finish a book. Martin McDonagh's 'Cripple of Inishmaan' - what a play! Would thoroughly recommend it.
Today is OPENING→ Dark comedy master Martin McDonagh's latest play to come to Broadway, The Cripple of Inishmaan, brings Daniel Radcliffe back to these shores in an unexpected role. The Michael Grandage-helmed Inishmaan, which was a huge smash in London, follows a sleepy town in Ireland that gets invaded by Hollywood types. Radcliffe plays the title character, whose physical infirmaries don't hinder his Hollywood aspirations. (Cort Theatre, 138 W. 48th St., btwn. 6th & 7th Aves. Click here for Playbill Club discount tickets.)
"The Pillowman" is a 2003 play by Irish playwright Martin McDonagh. And this is probable the most horrifying puppet-scene I ever had to create, addressing the horrors and consequences of child abuse. The puppet is almost life-size carved out of Linden-wood, with movable eyes and manipulated by three puppeteers. Today might be the only befitting day to post this picture ...
In Bruges, Seven Psycopaths and Martin McDonagh get alot of love but brother John John Michael McDonagh deserves just as much love!
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