Martin Luther & Holy Roman Emperor

(10 November 1483 – 18 February 1546) was a German monk, priest, professor of theology and iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation. The Holy Roman Emperor (or Roman-German Emperor ) is a term used by historians to denote a medieval ruler who had also received the title of Emperor of the Romans from the Pope. 5.0/5

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The Story of the Augsburg Confession Posted: 25 Jun 2013 Thanks to Pastor Walter Snyder who wrote this article a few years ago. Source. As a Lutheran pastor and theologian, especially since I began writing Ask the Pastor, I continually receive questions about my church: Who are we, where do we come from, what do we believe? Since we Lutherans have a very special remembrance this Sunday, I thought this a good time to share a bit of our history and teaching. Diet of AugsburgIn 1530, our Lutheran forefathers made public proclamation of a new summary of the ancient Scripture truth: Mankind is justified by God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus. They set forth this notion in a religious document affirmed by secular rulers. Written by Philipp Melanchthon, approved by Martin Luther, and signed by princes, dukes, and other civil leaders, the Augsburg Confession was presented to Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor, on 25 June AD 1530.Some thirteen years of activity preceded this gathering. Many Lutherans (and a ...
Events World May 25 567 BC – Servius Tullius, king of Rome, celebrates a triumph for his victory over the Etruscans. 240 BC – First recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet. 1085 – Alfonso VI of Castile takes Toledo, Spain back from the Moors. 1420 – Henry the Navigator is appointed governor of the Order of Christ. 1521 – The Diet of Worms ends when Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, issues the Edict of Worms, declaring Martin Luther an outlaw. 1659 – Richard Cromwell resigns as Lord Protector of England following the restoration of the Long Parliament, beginning a second brief period of the republican government called the Commonwealth of England. 1738 – A treaty between Pennsylvania and Maryland ends the Conojocular War with settlement of a boundary dispute and exchange of prisoners. 1798 – United Irishmen Rebellion: The Carnew massacre, Dunlavin massacre and Carlow massacre takes place. 1809 – Chuquisaca Revolution: a group of patriots in Chuquisaca (modern day Sucre) revolt against ...
1521.Trial of Martin Luther begins 2nd day during assembly of Diet of Worms in presence of Charles V,Holy Roman Emperor.
Today 1521 Martin Luther, catalyst of Protestantism, defies Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, refuses to recant his writings at Diet of Worms.
in 1521 Martin Luther had to appear before the Diet of Worms to be examined by the Holy Roman Emperor
On This Day In History: 1521 Charles V (1500–1558), the Holy Roman Emperor, declared that the writings of Martin Luther were to be burned. 1748 John Newton (1725–1807), the captain of a slave ship, was converted to Christianity during a huge storm at sea. He eventually became an Anglican clergyman, the author of the famous hymn “Amazing Grace” and a zealous abolitionist. 1913 Harriet Tubman, known as the “Moses of her people” for her work rescuing slaves and guiding them north on what was dubbed the Underground Railroad, died (b. ca. 1822).
The life of Martin Luther is one of the most fascinating stories in the history of Christianity. It has all the stuff of a good novel: parental conflict, spiritual agony, life-changing moments, near-misses, princes, popes, emperors, castles, kidnapping, mobs, revolution, massacres, politics, courage, controversy, disguises, daring escapes, humor and romance. And not only is it a good story, it marks a major turning point in western history and in Christianity.       Luther at the Diet of Worms. Youth Luther's story begins in Eisleben, a small town in the region of Saxony in modern Germany. As a part of the Holy Roman Empire, 15th-century Saxony was under the political control of the Holy Roman Emperor and the religious control of the Roman pope. The Roman Catholicism into which Luther was born focused on purgatory, *** angels, demons, sin, judgment and the saints. Jesus was depicted as an unapproachable, terrifying judge, but believers knew they could call upon the Blessed Virgin and other sain ...
January 3 – Pope Leo X excommunicates Martin Luther in the papal bull Decet Romanum Pontificem. January 22 – Emperor Charles V opens the Diet of Worms. January 27 – Suleiman the Magnificent suppresses a revolt by the ruler of Damascus. January 28 – The Diet of Worms begins, lasting until May 25. March 6 – Ferdinand Magellan discovers Guam. March 16 – Ferdinand Magellan reaches the Philippines. April 7 – Ferdinand Magellan arrives at Cebu. April 16–April 18 – Martin Luther is examined before Emperor Charles V and the German Diet of Worms. April 24 – Revolt of the Comuneros – Battle of Villalar: Castilian royalists defeat the rebels and execute their three leaders. April 26 – Martin Luther leaves Worms and disappears for a year – he is rumored to be murdered, but is actually in hiding at the Wartburg Castle. April 27 – Magellan is killed in the Philippines, in the Battle of Mactan. May – War breaks out between Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor and Francis I, the King of France. May ...
On This Day Dec 10, 1520, Martin Luther publicly burned the papal edict. The papacy demanded that he recant or face excommunication. Luther refused and was formally expelled from the church in January 1521. And Protestants could be burned at the stake as heretics too. But the German princes did not care about religion. They were just tired of paying tribute (taxes) to the Holy Roman Emperor. Religion was a convenient way to get their populations to support their break with the Church. Wars of Religion followed for about 200 years. ~M~
December 10 December 10 is the 344th day of the year (345th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar. There are 21 days remaining until the end of the year. Events 220 – Cao Pi forces Emperor Xian of Han to abdicated the Han Dynasty throne. The Cao Wei empire is established. Three Kingdoms period begins. 1041 – The adopted son of Empress Zoe of Byzantium succeeds to the throne of the Eastern Roman Empire as Michael V. 1508 – The League of Cambrai is formed by Pope Julius II, Louis XII of France, Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Ferdinand II of Aragon as an alliance against Venice. 1520 – Martin Luther burns his copy of the papal bull Exsurge Domine outside Wittenberg's Elster Gate. 1541 – Thomas Culpeper and Francis Dereham are executed for having affairs with Catherine Howard, Queen of England and wife of Henry VIII. 1665 – The Royal Netherlands Marine Corps is founded by Michiel de Ruyter 1684 – Isaac Newton's derivation of Kepler's laws from his theory of gravity, contained in the pap ...
No Halloween at the Lovell house. But we are celebrating Reformation Day! 495 years ago Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the Wittenburg door sparking the Protestant Reformation. Four years later, in 1521, Luther would give his famous defense of his stand against the Catholic church before the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, at the Diet of Worms. "Unless I am convinced by proofs from Scriptures or by plain and clear reasons and arguments, I can and will not retract, for it is neither safe nor wise to do anything against conscience. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen."
Have been reading "The Dark Sky Labyrinth" and its good but probably not most peoples' cup of tea... Its about a Lutheran astronomer/ mathematician in the time shortly after Martin Luther and they are being converted/ persecuted by the Catholics under the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph II
Today in 1521 Edict of Worms of the Diet of Worms, presided over by Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, outlaws Martin Luther & his followers
The Edict of Worms, decreed today 1521, was issued by The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V banning the writings of Martin Luther.
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, issued the Edict of Worms, outlawing Martin Luther, on 25 May 1521
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