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Martin Landau

Martin Landau (born June 20, 1931) is an American film and television actor. Landau began his career in the 1950s.

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Simply priceless; the great Martin Landau, as a Mexican Bandito w/ a handlebar mustache, is torturing Lucas McCain (1961).
Martin Landau beating up Perry Saturn and Sid Vicious is hilarious 😂
This whole interview with Martin Landau went so well, I forgot to ask him about his dates with Marilyn Monroe.
Martin Landau's debut feature film role was in 1959's Pork Chop Hill, followed a few months later by North By Northwest
Especially the episodes with Martin Landau & Barbara Bain!
Birthday boy Martin Landau with North By Northwest co-star Eva Marie Saint and our beloved Robert Osborne.…
Todays Birthdays Errol Flynn in 1909 Martin Landau in 1928 (age 89) Olympia Dukakis in 1931 (age 86) John Mahoney in 1940 (age 77
The worst part about being Martin Landau were all the sad faces of the people who thought Marlon Brando was coming to the…
Nasty portrayal of Martin Bormann by Phillip Kerr in "Prussian Blue" is unlike benign Bormann of Martin Landau in "Mission Impossible."
Last night I dreamt Netflix made a new series of STILL starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain and they looked NO DIFFERENT!
I wonder who would have played the Lugosi role. Martin Landau? Frank Langella?
I guess this makes CPAC Martin Landau and the alt-right Jerry Orbach when it comes to murdering a decent version of…
Packing, packing, boxing, feeding the hungriest baby in the world. Martin Landau in the background Mission Impossible makes it easier.
Martin Landau: Bernie went to the same high school. Marc Maron: oh did you know him?. ML: he's twenty years younger than me. MM: oh sure
Goodnight Interwebs. I snailed my novel forward a bit. Loved Listening to Martin Landau on & saw decency die a bit more in the USA.
As long as Martin Landau is available to command the Moonbase (Alpha)
The real good comedians, like Chaplin, would make you laugh and a s...
I just remembered that Martin Landau won Best Supporting Actor in Ed Wood over Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction and I'm infuriated again.
don't forget about the corpse of Martin Landau winning Best Supporting Actor over Samuel L Jackson was outrageous.
Last night I saw "REMEMBER" with C. Plummer and Martin Landau on A good actor doesn't get old; It gets better. Masterpiece.
I watched four episodes of Mission Impossible old series and this is so good, omg. I love Martin Landau.
I have to say I enjoy all of your podcasts but the Martin Landau episode was just amazing. Thanks.
I hope Martin Landau wins the nomination.
My wife just told me my balls look like Martin Landau. Not sure if I'm offended or stoked.
I just listened to your Martin Landau - it was so very good. Thanks.
Dinner @ an old institution after movie night North By Northwest & Q&A with Martin Landau.…
Was able to leave the real world for a couple of hours for a wonderful revival screening of North By Northwest/Q&A with Martin Landau.
North By Northwest with Martin Landau and nattymilam at the @ Egyptian Theatre
I never clicked at the time that is Martin Landau's daughter - vampirism doesn't just run in the fami…
Just listened to Martin Landau episode, wow! Could tell you two connected. One of your best interviews. Bravo, keep it up.
On the bright side, Martin Landau on is making this morning inspiring.
"It's better to live as your own man, than as a fool in someone else's dream." Martin Landau. http…
Fun fact: actors Martin Landau and Barbara Bain are Juliet Landau's parents (Drusilla from BtVS).
Martin Landau as billionaire American developer. Not a Trump facsimile, but he wasn't known over here in 1989.
that Martin landau interview was killer
I'll be here.. ql is on full 50's sci fi its hilarious.. or martin landau and frank gorshin on hitch
Anyone interested in acting needs to listen to Martin Landau ep. So fascinating. Like Maron, I love listening to the old guys/gals
Martin Landau’s Jerk Steak was so delicious - recipe for his marinade is here...
Amazing insights on acting in this episode of
Listened to Martin Landau is an Oscar-winning... from *** with Marc Maron Pod... BEST INTERVIEW
*** Bring back Martin Landau. A great interview but so much left to discuss.
Watching "Alone in the Dark" from 1982. An old classic. Martin Landau, Donald Pleasance & Jack Palance.
Clue 2: Martin Landau won an Oscar as Bela Lugosi in my film *Ed Wood.*
Martin Landau is such a wonderful soul.
Hey: All acting students! This interview with Martin Landau can't be missed. Fascinating anecdotes of his career!
.and Martin Landau finishing with a little Bela Lugosi - fantastic!
Martin Landau beating the crap out of people in Ready to Rumble is top 5 moments in cinema history.
That scene in Ready to Rumble where Martin Landau pops up:. "Sal Bandini. Wanna wrestle?!"
Ah, Martin Landau on is that something you might be interested in? (Joke explained: )
Terrific, insightful interview with the amazing Martin Landau, an living master of his craft:…
1. Didn't even know Martin Landau was still alive. 2. So much amazing insight on acting! Mind = blown.
I always treat each take as a rehearsal for the next take. That w...
just wanted to simply say thank you for that wonderful talk with Martin Landau. Always great to hear the legends.
How the heck did Mark Maron beat you guys in getting Martin Landau?! It's like getting beat by the Jets!!
Great episode of with Martin Landau tw. Fascinating pro - need to rewatch Ed Wood and Crimes & Misdemeanors
This Martin Landau might be my favorite in a long time. Do yourself a favor and listen
41 years ago tonight.Peter Cushing and Joanna Durham guest on 'Space: 1999' starring Martin Landau and Barbara Bain.
Still chuckling at Martin Landau's Woody Allen impression on *** (though the Crimes and Misdemeanors stuff was cool)
Martin Landau gave the performance of a lifetime as J. Howard Marshall in 's Anna Nicole 🏆
wow what an amazing conversation with Martin Landau on It was riveting. I could have listened for another hour!
Today is Martin Landau day on Great talk about acting, teaching, movies, amazing. Do it up!
. Great interview with Martin Landau on Marc Maron show. . Think about what you say all the time Mr. Alan Gordon.
Martin Landau just died on Without a A Trace ..poor Jack
if i rewatch this movie enough, eventually Martin Landau and James Mason will kiss
my sexual orientation = Martin Landau in North By Northwest and if you try to tell me what that says about me i will block…
All clues lead Jessica to suspect a bitter relative, played by Martin Landau. Jessica turns down an ex-lover.
Johnny's undergoing constant metamorphoses on that go-cart: he looks like Martin Landau one moment, then Bob Denver the next.
I don't know who's the most evil: Culp, Martin Landau, George Hamilton or Jack Cassidy. Faye Dunaway was just fit.
Can't pay attention to news horror, watching Jeff Conaway and Martin Landau on "Murder She Wrote"
Please feel free 2 ask. I cannot believe I gave Martin Landau's daughter & someone who's worked with Johnny Depp a reading!
The two surviving teenagers got kidnapped by Martin Landau. Jack Palance cut an alien off his leg before it could eat him. Now he's mad.
Crazy-eyed Martin Landau and crazy-eyed Jack Palance in the same room. This is fine art.
Tough decision: Presidential debate or an alien movie w/ Martin Landau and Jack Palance... OK, not a tough decision. Aliens!
Last night I dreamt an young Martin Landau hacked film from a rival spy's Leica®, developing & replacing the roll with an unprocessed dupe.
Matter of fact, the most impressive thing that Bud Selig did in his entire career was cosplay Martin Landau to perfection every single night
and Martin Landau: separated at birth?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Juliet Landau aka Martin Landau daughter from Ed Wood follows me!!!💕
Loved Mission Impossible , as a kid and an adult, Rollin Was my Favourite character , Martin Landau Stiil Good Today
The scene where Martin Landau gets tired of winning
Martin Landau, Jeff Conaway, Carol Lawrence, Gabe Kaplan and Genie Francis in one episode of
Barbara Bain was part of Mission Impossible TV show and Martin Landau's wife. Still a beauty and…
Which was the more wooden performance, Shane Rimmer in Ed Bishop in or Martin Landau in
I googled "Corey Haim" and "Martin Landau" and I got a Jewish conspiracy book as a result:.
Didn't the moon get blown out of orbit by a nuclear explosion in 1999 anyway, taking Martin Landau and Barbara Bain with it?
thanks for the follow! You're not related to the actor Martin Landau, by any chance? Remember him from Space 1999!
yes! He was engaged to Jessica's niece and found Martin Landau's body in San Francisco.
While the Beatles always had George Martin around to clean up their act, the Rolling Stones ha
I agree. Saw this weekend in the movie Lovely, Still with Martin Landau and Watch it!
A classic 80s gem, Alone in the Dark, starring Jack Palance, Martin Landau, and Dwight Schultz. Obscure but awesome! http…
Bad guys don't think they're bad guys. Hitler probably thought he was a wonderful guy doing s
Someone from a movie I'd never heard of: Martin Landau of Ed Wood. Forrest Gump & Shawshank Redemption up that year too. :)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Myself and (daughter of the legendary Martin Landau and Barbara Bain and Drusilla on Buffy and Angel).
Cause you got an *** like Martin Landau's performance: subtle yet effective. Understated but brilliant.
Good news: I think I'm about 10 years away from developing Martin Landau-style eyebrows.
You can have immediate regrets, but if you look at stuff and say, 'Things happen for a reason
hey Juliet am I stating the obvious but is Martin landau from space 1999 any relation ?
Academy Award (tm) winner Martin Landau, ladies and gentlemen:
Gena Rowlands in Another Woman and Martin Landau in Crimes for me, but I won't quibble with Davis.
WITHOUT WARNING has all the bizarre charms I was hoping for. Jack Palance/Martin Landau are crazed MVPs. Fun, rural slasher-creature feature
but then I would miss such fabulous guest starts like Jeff Conway and Martin Landau...
You should get Martin Landau on the show but no need to rush--he's only 88 years old.
Martin Landau's greatest physical performance was in Ready to Rumble
wz late Martin Landau her hubby? if so its proof talented people can B so attracted 2 each othr. Loved her on M.I.
Remember Space 1999? Martin Landau and Barbara Bain where the 70s version of Mulder and Scully
"Steven Hill" when Larry asked them to name best actor they ever saw. Martin Landau and Robert Duvall both said Hill.
crimes & misdemeanors is 1 of his best. The subplot of Martin Landau & Angelica Houston is right out of Dostoyevsky
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I dreamt a post-apocalyptic movie in which a bloody Lee Remick nursed Martin Landau, who was her son, back from the brink of death.
Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in conversation with Martin Landau and Barbara Bain on the set of Space 1999
Catherine Schell,as Maya, Barbara Brain as Dr Helena Russell and Martin Landau as John Kenig in Space 1999
Planet continues to hurtle away from Earth. Like Space: 1999, but without Martin Landau to keep it grounded.
Here's a great article on the career of Martin Landau.
Call it my "woman's intuition" as Martin Landau once said, but I am pretty sure she'll pick Warren
I've always been interested in science fiction.
Veni. Vapi. Vampi. Christy Oldham, Martin Landau, and yours truly at the Demi-Goddess Vape…
I was walking down the street and bumped into Martin Landau. I think he was happy a youngin' noticed him.
And the 90% they are not is what I do for a living.
I'm not sure, but Martin Landau is the guest star - it's a good one.
no, that's the next one I still need to see. This one has a young Martin Landau
You rocked on the TV series Millennium!!! You are a fine actor in the likes of Martin Landau.
"Remember" is an amazing movie. Martin Landau still an incredible actor at his age. Did not expect to that ending. Wow.
I absolutely love Martin Landau's performance as Bela Lugosi's in Ed Wood film. He is outstanding and his accent is perfect. Great movie.
Watching a great Twilight Zone episode, ‘Mr. Denton on Doomsday’, with a very young and strapping Martin Landau.
Remember's Martin Landau on acting with Dean, McQueen and now Plummer
Martin Landau stars as a Jewish industrialist facing tough choices when it comes to his family & friends during WWII
Everything that has happened to me is of value to me. As painful as ce...
Cast includes Martin Landau as Geppetto. Landau was also considered for a role in game CEO (but was too expensive)
Remember(2015)a doozy of a revenge film with one *** of a final shot . & great performances from Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau (3.5).
Watching Remember w Christopher Plummer, first time I've seen Martin Landau in a long time
James Dean and Martin Landau having lunch together in NYC, photographed by Roy Schatt.
Wow..Famous actress (Dru in Buffy) is following me! She'is the daughter of Martin Landau and Barbara Bain (Space:1999)
Three of the 1960s and 1970s: Martin Landau, Barbara Bain and
I keep track of everyone who owes me $$ - I never forget. Off the top of my head... Martin Landau still owes me $60.
Oh my. Martin Landau is in this stinker. Cyclone, 1987. Another Fred Olen Ray masterpiece.
Does he mean in the way Martin Landau was up on Mt Rushmore?
Thank you so much for the follow. Have a great weekend! Are you related to Martin Landau?
Dear you totally need to do Birds of a Fearher. Drag Queens, Mr. Kotter, and Martin Landau is pure gold for your show.
I'm going to buy this movie because I want to see it. I've met Martin Landau! . Watch Remember with me
Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Martin Landau (Space: 1999 and Ed Wood) to attend Steel City Comic Con!...
That's a pre-Mission Impossible Martin Landau in the monster suit.
Remember (2015) Trailer, Christopher Plummer,Martin Landau - One of the most incredible films I've seen in some time
"Remember (2015)" A fabulous movie! And, if you know notice Martin Landau.
Martin Landau and Cate Blanchett give two of my all time favorite performances in Allen films. Refuse to deny them.
Who knew in 1989 that the Woody Allen character in CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS was actually played by Martin Landau?
irony is perhaps that a director, in real life, becomes both Alan Alda&Martin Landau in Crimes&Misdemeanors
Re-creating the wedding reception for Martin Landau & Barbara Bain at Hawaii Kai, NYC., for Television.
Couldn't sleep decided to find it man. Really, good!Solid B! Good to see Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau still bringing it.
Pre-Tiswas I remember Sally interviewing Space 1999's Barbara Bain and Martin Landau with props as prizes!
Martin Landau - that was in the '70s and I was about 8 😂
Milo Janus puts his victim in the exercise room just like Martin Landau's characters did in "Double Shock."
Have you seen starring Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau? Very intriguing movie about Holocaust prisoners!
Mainly because it's got Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau not that Egoyan has made anything worth watching in years
📷 Johnny Depp and Martin Landau from ‘Ed Wood’ by Tim Burton. I love the *** out of this movie.
Martin Landau in entourage asking, "Is that something you might be interested in?" Makes me die everytime
I thought it was Martin Landau and Michael McIntyre episode of Rogue Traders
While preparing for his role in Tim Burton's Ed Wood, Martin Landau supposedly watched this film 3 times -
But have you seen the live-action version with Martin Landau, Genevieve Bujold and Bebe Neuwirth?
Martin Landau on his acting life with James Dean, Steve McQueen and now Christopher Plummer
Martin Landau on acting with James Dean, Steve McQueen and Christopher Plummer https:/…
Guest suggestions for future UK events... Lynda Carter, Martin Landau and Barbara Bain
not to be mistaken for Martin Landau, who was a BOSSS on "Space:1999"
Humbert Astredo had an interesting career, everything from Shakespeare in the Park to Martin Landau’s Dracula.
I'm watching S1E7 of Martin Landau is in this episode.
3. Ed Wood (1994), the biopic of the schlock crossdressing filmmaker. Martin Landau's performance as Bela Legosi is amazing.
Always a good feeling bumping into good friends. Mr. Martin Landau
Academy Awards winner Martin Landau at my Dad's Night of 100 Stars
Can't hear this song without thinking about that video of Martin Landau and his ebony queen
Somebody inform Martin Landau that Eddie Redmayne stole his lips.
I love Pulp Fiction as much as anyone, but Martin Landau was pretty awesome in Ed Wood.
Hearing some incredible things about the starring Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau. .
Space 1999 is a little late, and no Martin Landau, but at least they're talking about trying it.
Want to make sure Martin Landau is alive & well. These hoaxes are awful.
A bit confused. Martin Landau is still alive, correct?
A lot of people do. His stint was overshadowed by Martin Landau, who Nimoy replaced. A shame -- he did some great work on it.
I'm very proud of Space 1999. Its success paved the way for other sci-fi sh...
Yes! And I grew up with that show, Martin Landau and Barbara Bains.
Kasich keeps calling Martin Landau explaining how to fix Space 1999.
Just five years before that the Russians were our allies.
DEADPOOL: How to send Hollywood all the wrong signals?. (Also: Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau in REMEMBER)
Saw Ed Wood for the 1st time They should have retired the Best Supporting Actor category after Martin Landau's performance.
I think it would be incredible to work with Martin Landau and Tony Goldwin!
Don't follow You should. Checkout out Ricky Martin Landau from his https:/…
Was it not Martin Landau who beat Sam Jackson?
out on DVD. I had SUCH a crush on Martin Landau. And Catherine Schell, come to think.
SamJackson SO deserved an Oscar for "Pulp Fiction". Martin Landau was good in "Ed Wood" - but Jackson was superb.
My new favorite COLUMBO guest star tryptic might be Martin Landau + Martin Landau + Dabney Coleman as the gum chewing cop in Double Shock,S2
Martin Landau (won) was good in Ed Wood. Morgan Freeman wasn't even nominated for Shawshank.
if I had the power of Drawing Well, I'd make my Joker look like a young Martin Landau
Okay you know what? What's Martin Landau doing these days?
she keeps comparing my sexual prowess to Martin Landau's.
Martin Landau in season two of SPACE: 1999.
In critical ways, the film reminded me of "The Usual Suspects" and the 1972 TV movie "Welcome Home, Johnny Bristol," with Martin Landau
A babe, a bike and things blow up! Fred Olen Ray directs Heather Thomas, Jeffrey Combs and Martin Landau in...
Joel McHale delivering Martin Landau's speech from Fight the Future is a helluva low point.
I went to school with one of Martin's nieces, Cathy Landau💖
Both great actors. Martin Landau was so good and creepy in "North By Northwest!"
Do U know Karen Cadle? She booked Martin Landau Burbank Show met him know her thru my Friend Mario Della Casa
(Re: STA) Remember that Martin Landau line in Tucker? "You made the car too good!"
this episode has a VERY young martin landau. also, the show was cleary groundbreaking in its heyday but JFC is it boring now.
A Twilight Zone with Ida Lupino as an aging movie star with attitude problems is on SyFy right now. Also with Martin Landau!
Sorry if you're not watching the Twilight Zone episode with a young Martin Landau right now 😍
Again.Martin Landau just couldn't be more of a jerk right now
But Martin Landau is a jerk in this one.
This one is so humiliating. And it makes me hate Martin Landau forever. What an ***
Martin Landau is a jerk in this one.
Martin Landau did a MASTERFUL job going from old west jerkwad in "Mr. Denton in Doomsday" to KGB defector in "Jeopardy Room"!
"Mr. Denton On Doomsday" isn't one of my favorites, but Martin Landau does such a good job at being hateful.
ah this is the one with Martin Landau(not dead)
the cast is perfect & Martin Landau was brilliant as Bela Lugosi
Watching can't help but think of the Tim Burton movie Ed Wood w/ Johnny Depp Martin Landau was perfection as Lugosi.
Makes me think about that Outer Limits episode with Martin Landau, 'The Man Who Was Never Born'.
Watch winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau in Remember today!.
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I really like Martin Landau. He's an absolute legend.
Loved the Ed Wood movie by Tim Burton. Martin Landau gave a fine performance as Bela Lugosi.
Can’t help but see Martin Landau there.
Martin Landau's Judah and Alan Alda's Lester are two of my favourite Allen characters
Martin Landau fires off a blank. James Mason not amused.
REMEMBER opens Friday Directed by Atom Egoyan, starring Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau!
The great Martin Landau. Once compared David and Gillian to Hepburn and Tracy. ☺
...including (but not limited to) Donald Pleasance, Ricardo Montalban, Martin Landau AND Martin Landau!
wait to see Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau and my son on the crew, must be grt.. Director Adom Agoyan a fav!
Watch: Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau and praise Atom Egoyan at
nuclear issues beyond retired Israeli security experts but not beyond Landau and Kramer ??? Unbelievable
Only in the 70's, would an action figure of Martin Landau seem desirable. ;]
Yes I recall the same thing was said of Space 1999. Didn't say much for Martin Landau! Space Precinct was a peculiar animal
The tickling scene is *real* TV gold, not some cooking show mayhem with Martin Landau! Right 😁
Highly recommend Double Shock. Martin Landau in dual roles, Dabney Coleman and Julie Newmar.
Is that James Mason and Martin Landau I see hanging from the side?
“We can’t run from who we are. Our destiny chooses us.” –Martin Landau ‘Rounders’
Also, so funny that the characters Cruise is sent to impersonate are clearly Cruise in makeup, ala half the guys Martin Landau impersonated.
Whoa...watching and Martin Landau complete an impossible mission
No, but I do want to sodomize Martin Landau.
Space 1999. I want to see moe Martin Landau.
This is like the "Entourage" episode when Martin Landau asks for a Sanka.
All I can think of is Martin Landau as Boris Karloff in Ed Wood saying "Bevare! Bevare!"
Watching a episode that spends like ten minutes on Peter Falk and Martin Landau cooking. And amazingly, it kind of works
LGOTSML: Let's get one thing straight, Martin Landau
Yeah! But nothing beats the original TV series starring Steven Hill,. Peter Graves and the extraordinary Martin Landau! Classic!
Martin Landau as Count Ladislaus Zark in The Bat Cave Affair. You can find more pics of him at:
More looking back at past 2010 with Eva Marie Saint and Martin Landau talking about North By Northwest
James Mason & Martin Landau in North By Northwest. Stunning was a set, based…
Meteor stars Natalie Wood, Brian Keith, Karl Malden, Martin Landau and Henry Fonda as the POTUS, who just told America to shelter in place.
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Of course not, but he defined Spock. In Mission Impossible, he replaced the iconic Martin Landau, who had defined that position.
Emily Watson (my favourite actress) takes Sandler to her level. Worst film ever? The Majestic. Martin Landau, how could he?
He replaced Martin Landau as the disguise guy in Mission Impossible.
You're quite right. That was Martin Landau, who was in Mission: Impossible with him. Maybe that triggered my confusion.
Please correct your story on Leonard Nimoy that appears on AOL. Martin Landau was Paris on Mission Impossible.
And imbued Spock with a healthy dose of himself--can you imagine Martin Landau in the role? Also good, but not the same.
Please don't forget he was Paris on Mission Impossible replacing Martin Landau aka Roland Hand. RIP
oh I'd forgotten about Mission Impossible. Did he take Martin Landau's place?
He also did a couple of seasons on Mission Impossible succeeding Martin Landau as the master of disguise
Lest we forget, Leonard Nimoy was Martin Landau's replacement on the original Mission: Impossible. And he was...
Its a difficult when you have to fill the shoes of Martin Landau in MI, but Leonard Nimoy did it well
As well as Martin Landau, he was one of my favourite characters in Mission Impossible. A sad day indeed.
Guest-murderer on early episode of "Columbo." Replaced (ably I might add) Martin Landau on Mission Impossible.
My favorite role was Paris on Mission Impossible. Martin Landau was a big shadow to walk through. Mr. Nimoy stepped soundly.
Irony: Nimoy got Spock after Martin Landau turned it down. Later, "Trek" & "M:I" were "sister shows" at Desilu, then Paramount. When Landau
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Post Oscar brunch with screen legend Martin Landau.
Onto episode 3 of 'The Twilight Zone' with an early appearance from Martin Landau.
Channing Tatum danced his way into the party to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours" right last Shonda Rhimes and Martin Landau.
Columbo with Martin Landau on TV right now... How good was Peter Falk though?
I had no idea Juliet Landau was the daughter of Barbara Bain and Martin Landau. I feel like I ought to have known that, but I didn't.
This episode of Columbo features like a 15 minute sequence of Peter Falk cooking with Martin Landau. It's brilliant.
This next is a bit chopsy. Barbara Bain and Martin Landau having a right old ding dong!
Joan Collins and Barry Morse are doing paperwork. Martin Landau has just pulled a shooter out and told Joan to get Barbara Bain
You guys ever check out "Alone In the Dark" (1982) starring Jack Palance, Donald Pleasance, and Martin Landau? Pretty good one
Kevin Peter Hall, Martin Landau & Jack Palance were all in good horror movies in the 80s...this is not one of them:
Jon Voight & Martin Landau at Insignia Productions and The Weinstein Co Celebrate "Inglourious Basterds" with Quentin
Oh dang, Elizabeth Moss was in the Joyriders with Martin Landau which is pretty good, if I may return the favor.
I think every flick with Kevin Kline cracks me up, adding Charles Grodin and Martin Landau makes Dave hilarious.
Very good! We agree. Barbara Bain, also in Mission: Impossible. Married to Martin Landau.
Remember "Space 1999" with Martin Landau and Barbara Bane? I ran from 1975 to 1977, and by today's standards would qualify as Camp.
...and starring Jack Palance and Martin Landau. Apparently people claim Predator ripped it off.
I grew up on Ed Wood's movies. I love this biopic, especially Martin Landau in it.
Still, that's a very 'hip' choice to include Miami Connection. Tell me, and I've seen it but where's the Martin Landau close?
The Che Guevara one actually looks like Martin Landau.
So far I haven't recognised Martin Landau or Telly Savalas in the I just see their names in the credits!
Who's been in more movies? Martin Landau or The Wilhelm Scream
Did you know that Martin Landau's daughter is called Susan Finch? Is Martin Landau your grandfather?
yeah, it's all just amazing. Martin Landau's ace in it too. I needs to be stuck on TV again.
from the 70s. All the effects done with miniatures. Brilliant sci fi. Martin landau. do you get your shows from youtube?
The Actors Studio w/ master Martin Landau yesterday "If you always drive the fwy you'll never see the countryside"
also Martin Landau was not bed either, back in his day.
I can tell by his blank, unblinking stare that Finn really digs my impression of Martin Landau playing Bela Lugosi.
Martin Landau turned down the role of Spock.
Martin Landau was an amazing Bela Lugosi...Pull the string! Beever (sic.)!!
Mission accomplished was never the same after Martin Landau left.
You have a portrait like Martin Landau in Outlaw Polygamist: Warren Jeffs.
I like Martin Landau but I do not think it would be Star Trek without Leonard Nimoy.
Did you know Martin Landau was originally offered the role of Spock in Star Trek?
Welcome home, Johnny Bristol was GREAT TV movie starring Martin Landau. know?
An animatronic Comic Book Hall of Fame, or a ballroom full of Martin Landau's Bela Lugosis.
Johnny Depp for SWEENEY TODD and Martin Landau for Ed Wood (who won).
it's got... Jack Palance, Donald Pleasance, Martin Landau... and Murdock from the A-Team! I love 80s movies =^.^=
Living Dead Jodie Whittaker Martin Landau Trump Jr George A. Romero Roger Federer Star Wars Donald Trump Jr Donald Trump Marin Cilic Ed Wood George Romero President Trump Ann Coulter Middle East Don Jr John Mccain Bastille Day Last Jedi Maryam Mirzakhani South Africa White House Secret Service Health Care Caitlyn Jenner New Zealand President Donald Trump Trump Tower Prince Harry Hillary Clinton Aaron Carter Andy Murray Andy Serkis San Francisco British Grand Prix Lewis Hamilton Jane Austen West Ham Time Lord Princess Jasmine Robin Williams Harry Potter Red Sea Supreme Court Honda Accord Pamela Anderson Will Smith Watch John Oliver Long Island Princess Diana Naomi Scott Grand Slam Claret Jug David Davis First Picture First Lady Trent Bridge Charlie Gard Mutual Fund Planned Parenthood Leader Mitch McConnell Kristen Bell Kennedy Space Center World Cup Grenfell Tower Milo Yiannopoulos Ohio State Prince Charles Justin Trudeau Holy Spirit White Sox Seattle Mayor Ed Murray Chancellor Philip Hammond Whole Foods Des Plaines River John Lackey Garbine Muguruza South Korea Daft Punk Chris Froome Premier League Fields Medal Mike Pence Kumail Nanjiani Fox River Emilia Clarke Elizabeth Warren Willson Contreras Champions League Peter Capaldi Kid Rock Jamie Dimon Man Utd Northern Lights Home Depot Adrenaline Mob Los Angeles Grand Central Parkway Joe Gibbs Racing Alfred Angelo

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