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Martin Freeman

Martin John C. Freeman (born 8 September 1971) is an English actor. He is known for his roles as Tim Canterbury in the BBC's Golden Globe-winning comedy The Office, John in Love Actually, Arthur Dent in the film adaptation of Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Dr.

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Martin Freeman interview about and more. December 31, 2016. (4:43) [Video]
Martin Freeman was a very nice surprise for me
Smaug now has the knowledge of all other Benedict Cumberbatch characters. Can he Martin Freeman-proof his lair?
thomas brodie-sangster♡. -cutie. -reminds me of a young martin freeman . -baby. -so so british I cry
I saw Martin Freeman and said yeah I'm watching that basically 😅
And don't miss this new interview of Martin! (
They said King Arthur would return in England's hour of need. So we got Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman on Benedict Cumberbatch and how to recognise a fan. 😉
did you see Andrew Lincoln aka Rick Grimes, and Martin Freeman. This movie (arguably) made them yo!
Good to know the much beloved actor and Sherlock star Martin Freeman joined Labour to back Jeremy Corbyn. He remains a big supporter. Good.
When you thought 2016 couldn't get any worse and then you hear Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up.
"John is able to hold Sherlock's hand to go through life". -Martin Freeman
If Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are no longer together then what's the point.
Will Smith, Helen Mirren, and Martin Freeman Reveal the True Cost of Fame: No More Peeing in Peace
Martin Freeman on The Graham Norton Show tonight. w Helen Mirren and Will Smith.
New S4 promo images to start the day! Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson.
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'I’m not particularly affable in real life': Martin Freeman's best quotes
Sherlock star Martin Freeman confirms secret split from partner of 14 years: 'I'll always love her': via
Graham's star-studded sofa tonight is shared by Martin Freeman, Dame Helen Mirren and Will Smith. Toni…
Alright, 2016. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are splitting?! You've had your laughs all year, but now you've gone too far.
Don't miss quality bants with Martin Freeman talking and other stuff on tomorrow night
Martin Freeman reveals split from Sherlock co-star Abbington
Amanda Abbington on the end of her relationship with Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman looks back on THAT Love Actually sex scene:...
Martin Freeman and Will Smith discuss hilarious urinal-based encounters with fans
can we all take a moment to acknowledge Ed's joke about Martin Freeman splitting up with his wife Amanda
Sherlock stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 16 years together: via
Amanda Abbington thanks fans for support amid reports of split from Martin Freeman: via
Britons least likely to be asked to put the star on top of the tree:. 1 Martin Freeman. 2 Gillian Anderson. 3 Louis Tomlinso…
I’ll be performing on tonight. Excited to be on the show w/ Will Smith, Martin Freeman, & Dame Hel…
Martin Freeman has confirmed that he has split with partner of 15 years Amanda Abbington.
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington 'split up' after 16 years
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up - this cannot be happening...
WHY 2016 WHY?. Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington separate after 16 years
Martin Freeman has split from longtime partner and on-screen wife Amanda Abbington
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington, partners on and off-screen, announce that they have broken up in real life too . https:/…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are splitting up...
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split up that's it guys love is dead and 2016 is the reason
NEW S4 promo images to start the day! Amanda Abbington as Mary Watson, with Martin Freeman as John Watson. htt…
stars Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington split up in March after 16 years.💔But Amanda told me "we're still cool, stil…
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have split up therefore I don't believe in love anymore
Sherlock's Martin Freeman has secretly SPLIT from Amanda Abbington after 15 years - Daily Mail
stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington split after 15 years: 💔
stars Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington have called it quits.
Martin Freeman has split from partner Amanda Abbington after 15 years together:
Everytime i watch the reichenbach falls/empty hearse eps of sherlock, Martin Freeman's portrayal of grief, anger an…
Breast Cancer Awareness
BBC Sherlock? . Oh, Martin Freeman is in a new show!. & since I'm obligated to love Martin, because I worship Amanda…
James and Martin Freeman at the 'Merry Little Christmas' NSPCC concert at St Paul's...
I love Martin Freeman, Ivan, Amanda and yuri on ice *sigh*
Martin Freeman and Una Stubbs at St Paul's Cathedral last night. (
Exclusive Interview with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Australia's Today. from https:/…
USA: Martin Freeman will be discussing series 4 on tomorrow evening, December 9
UK: Martin Freeman will be discussing Series 4 with on on Friday 23 December
Basil Rathbone will always be *my* Holmes but Martin Freeman is quite possibly the best Dr Watson ever. Such a brilliant actor.
Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, Martin Freeman, Bill Nighy & Andrew Lincoln is too much charm for 1 movie.
I just remembered that we also have Harrison Ford and James Spader and Christopher Waltz and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman and +
1st series has Billy Bob Thornton & Martin Freeman who were surprisingly good in it. 👍🏽
As much as people like to praise Billy Bob Thornton or Martin Freeman, FARGO Season 1 belonged to Allison Tolman, s…
Adam Brown just said he's going to see Ian McKellen's play with Martin Freeman soon!
Eddie Redmayne, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston and Martin Freeman photographed by Gavin Bond for GQ UK June 2015 is dazzl…
The way Martin Freeman runs❤ he's so adorable, my heart omygosh I'm crying i love him so much
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Things Britain needs to see:. 1 Martin Freeman in short shorts. 2 The Queen in short shorts. 3 Jenna Coleman in no shorts sh…
Get a glimpse of Martin Freeman in the latest Whiskey Tango Foxtrot BTS video [Part I]
This video will surely cheer you up. Martin Freeman singing @ a recording session for Saving Santa
Martin Freeman is a genius, he really is. He gives you every color of th...
I was told Martin Freeman was the guy in Bourne Legacy and I found out he is not
I've always been attracted to darkness.
I was really taken by Martin Freeman's performance as a bad guy in The World's End. Rossier's appearance is totally…
OH: "I still think the new Beauty and the Beast should star Benedict Cumberbatch as the beast and Martin Freeman as Belle"
Martin Freeman as Bilbo makes perfect sense, he wants no part in adventure just like Arthur Dent in
William H Macy & Martin Freeman's characters in Fargo make me so unbelievably sad
Hello where is Martin Freeman, I miss him
Martin Freeman in 'what's your number?' gives me life. 👌🏼
I wrote the rest but it's very fan fictiony. Kate McKinnon does a thing. Martin Freeman shows up. And so on. All to open the show.
Like any friendship or marriage, familiarity breeds more contempt, and love, and everything. - Martin Freeman
100% of Britons wish series' of Sherlock were as long as Benedict Cumberbatch and not as short as Martin Freeman.
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I like being called 'Mr. Freeman' occasionally.
I'm not posh or common, I'm in between.
Congrats to & on the cast of growing. Loved the FrightFest tease. Via http…
For some reason you look exactly like you sound. Also you kinda look like Martin Freeman
I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's a Martin Freeman gif for every occasion! Proof: .
I have Freeman, forte, hyde, Booker, and Martin on my team, which two should I trade away that would benefit me season wise
'Sherlock' gets an Honest Trailer and it's so brutally perfect
‘Sherlock’ honest trailer pokes fun at the popular BBC series — watch
My main priority in any job is when is the soonest I can get back to ...
I have a very extreme state of mind. Things are very black or very wh...
I know. This seems to go against things she believes in! You know who doesn't seem bad? Cumberbatch lol! & Martin Freeman!
I am a fan of the Coen brothers. I'm not a fanatic. I'm a big admirer...
I don't write anything off without reading a script, and if it's a go...
Vikings Trip Giveaway Tonite! Falcons Freeman and Buccaneers Martin jerseys to be won.
Martin Freeman going "Aw Geez" over and over as he murders his wife is the most bizarre parody of minnesotan accent i've seen yet.
New 'Sherlock' season will arrive earlier than expected via
Acting is reacting, and it's always easier to react when someone is d...
is the mystery voice Martin Freeman? 😊
My mum works for a producer of a show, and she had contacts with a lot of celebs aND SHES MET MARTIN FREEMAN
I think Martin Freeman is very underrated. As an actor and as an human being. He's so marvelous and nice.
If you want your film to be instantly green-lit, your first approach ...
I've got an overly developed sense of what selling out is, and I of c...
a detailed synopsis of CARGO with Martin Freeman on the Bankside Films website
Ben Afleck is Theo, Martin Freeman is Jed, Chris Pratt is Schwarber, Ben Savage is Rizzo.
Martin Freeman was in Leeds yesterday?! To see Tony Christie?! Random.
Martin Freeman attends the UK film premiere of "Starfish" at The Curzon Mayfair on October 27, 2016 in London. (via ht…
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman? Or Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu? Tell us your fave Sherlock retellings!
Can't wait for Sherlock to come back! It'll be a real shame when Channel 4 buy it and replace Martin Freeman with Joey Essex
This time last year, Shear-lock met Watson! Here's star Martin Freeman with 's super sleuth at our Gre…
Anna, what could possibly be the best use of your time at 12:36 am EST? Watching a supercut of every Martin Freeman talk show appearance.
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After seeing Amanda Abbington at the Emmy's 100% of Americans are jealous of Martin Freeman.
We need Martin Freeman has visited Henge, but was interested in a
Am I the only one who wishes for a contribution from Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Sc…
'Sherlock' season 4: New still features Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman front and center
A new series 4 image of Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman hits:
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman cut brooding figures in a slick new Sherlock photo https:/…
Gorgeous new mean & moody shot of Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman from series 4
Back in the dark: It looks as though Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's characters have …
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman prove the bromance continues with new 'Sherlock' photo
I thought it was funny the way Martin Freeman's cheacter dies. Gus Grimly kills Billy Bobs character right?
What the *** Martin Freeman is taller than Daniel Radcliffe?
E nulla, li adoro. Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch video welcome at San Diego Comic... via
Daniel Radcliffe and Tobey Maguire were considered for the role played by Martin Freeman in this series
Watching lovely Martin Freeman on ITV2. Who knew he was so short! (Not his Brazilian stalker I bet)
Last night I dreamt that Martin Freeman was in the next Magic Mike.
Little Giant Ladders
I know Martin Freeman says some bonehead things at times, but I love love love him as Watson. And Bilbo heh
Adam Brody and Martin Freeman are in a new TV show together called 'StartUp'
Martin Freeman and Adam Brody disrupt the cartel business in this trailer:
I liked a video The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (2005) - Martin Freeman, Yasiin Bey, Sam
"Oh, hi Sam. Martin Freeman here, from the set of Sherlock series 4. I really hope you'll like it when we'll bring it to you."
Has anyone ever noticed that the Irish Goalkeeper Michael McGovern seems to be Martin Freeman's doppelganger??
I literally started screeching on Skype with Isadora about how smol Martin Freeman is, Sam are you proud?
And Rod Hull & Emu fell through the bar, and Martin Freeman looks straight at the camera
Martin Freeman signing and taking pictures at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards. (source:
Can you believe thath Martin Freeman and Jared Leto are born the same year ?
Why is Martin Freeman dressed like George Smiley from Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?
ME TOO. I want the romcom. Martin Freeman is the token straight friend. Jessica Hynes the pregnant officer.
Seriously, people wouldn't care about Mike Sullivan if it wasn't for Martin Freeman's charm
Exclusive: William Hague revealed to be just Martin Freeman in disguise...
Our favourite Richard IIIs ever, from Kevin Spacey to Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman and Tracy-Ann Oberman at the South Bank Awards (video)
Martin Freeman is probably one of my favourite actors. So underrated.
Okay I thought you meant Morgan Freeman and I was like ??? He's always had an American accent ??? But I get it. I love Martin.
Martin Freeman's silver lock just saved my life protect that piece of art people
This photo of and Martin Freeman has made my life better tbh
I want to cuddle martin freeman, touch his hair and then cry for the rest of my life
hello and omg! You're soo lucky!I'm a huge fan of martin freeman and I literally came to london in friday to meet martin-
Why isn't Martin Freeman as James Bond an option? .
No barrier this time, just Martin Freeman and me. Finally. ♥
Behind the scenes in Sherlock: Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington with the baby.
Just saw really enjoyed it. Interesting perspective on war journalism. Tina Fey very good, Martin Freeman brilliant as always!
I used to look at Martin Freeman and go, meh. Now I look at him and go, PHWOAR!! How did this happen?
That is one sexy man, that Martin Freeman.
Me and Martin Freeman at the southbank awards tonight, one of many influential creative people I met tonight!
Martin Freeman looking handsome at the South Bank Awards!
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Do like Martin Freeman's hair in these pics 😊 looking good sir
Martin Freeman dead-eyeing the camera in The Office is my aesthetic.
Martin Freeman speaking with an American accent makes me uncomfortable
Martin Freeman is so cute dress like this :)
My fav pics of Martin Freeman from South Bank Sky Arts Awards
case in point: Martin Freeman in Civil War. OR David Tennant in Grace Point.
I adore the first Hobbit movie, great visuals and storytelling, and Martin Freeman is perfect. The sequels not so much...
Richard Hammond, furious, with the swearing enabled is basically just Martin Freeman
I saw a picture of myself today where I looked exactly like Martin Freeman. 😕
I'm one of the few who preferred S1 to S2. S2 lacked the brilliance of a Martin Freeman and especially a Billy-Bob Thornton! 🔫
It's a very sad scene, and both Martin Freeman and Richard Armitage are great on it. They have such a good chemistry together.
Following on from my Billy Bob Thornton portrait here's Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard in Fargo!
Just saw One question - Why cast Martin Freeman as American? The world knows he's not. IT DIDN'T WORK! Come on.
Happy Anniversary to John & Mary & thanks to Martin Freeman & for wonderful performances in http…
Russell Brand as Arthur was not the right choice. Martin Freeman would have been PERFECT. Or Billy Boyd.
//Oh my gods I'm just imagining tiny little mini Hugh Dancy and Martin Freeman now. IT'S SO ADORABLE!
//I just want to take little Hugh Dancy and Martin Freeman and put then in my pocket. I shall call it 'Two Brits in a Pocket.'
Waiting to go into my exam and Benedict Cumberbach and Martin Freeman walk past me on the stairs
If you squint its Hugh Jackman and Martin Freeman.
What's Your Number is actually a pretty good film, especially seeing as it stars Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Anthony Mackie & Martin Freeman.
Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes part 3. Next week Martin Freeman as John Watson
I do kinda wanna see the HHGttG movie because Martin Freeman seems like the perfect Arthur Dent
Martin Freeman is also really short
Martin Freeman : Sherlock! What did you do here?. Robert Downey Jr : Watson, dont disturb me, i'm undercovering.
Martin Freeman does a pitch perfect american voice. I didn't think he could pull it off, he's Arthur Dent levels of basic Englishmen.
I can't see Martin Freeman and Jeremy Renner in the same movie without thinking they should be playing siblings
Take away from Martin Freeman with an American accent sounds uncannily like Jason Bateman
Also, I love Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, I think they're BOTH great actors.../>
Saw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, tremendous movie with Tina Fey & also Martin Freeman as sexy Scot journalist in Kabul.
innit, no idea why Martin Freeman was casted trying to put on an American accent, but still a very good film
Martin Freeman talks about his 'state secret' in 'Love Actually' sex scenes: . The very funny M...
I forgot to record Graham Norton so I missed Martin Freeman. Sam is going to disown me. :(
Martin Freeman looking like a Michael Caine stunt double
Martin Freeman looks like Michael Gove in those glasses.
Can't decide if Martin Freeman on looks like Michael Caine Or Gove. Bit weird.
Alex describes Martin Freeman as a mix between Michael Caine and Colin Firth.
Martin Freeman has come as George Smiley on the show.
Is it just me who thinks that Martin Freeman looks like Michael Gove?? 🙈
Martin Freeman, looking like George Smiley’s younger brother, there.
Martin Freeman channelling old Bobby de Niro in Goodfellas on
Martin Freeman at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards at the Royal Albert Hall!
Fargo is one *** good TV Series; Billy Thornton, Martin Freeman, Ted Danson and Kirsten Dunst were absolutely amazing.
Martin Freeman was there to present an award, as were Stephen Mangan and Sara Cox. Then the whole thing ended with Mount The Air and clogs!
I have now watched six Peter Jackson films and six Edgar Wright films in the Prince Charles Cinema. Six of those featured Martin Freeman.
Hi! Thanks for the pictures from the set of Start Up! We're excited to watch it. How was working with Martin Freeman?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
new photo of Martin Freeman with on set of Start Up | datphancomedian
Watch the first trailer of Crackle StartUp, a new series starring Adam Brody, Martin Freeman, Edi Gathegi ...
.Did you know Watson's wife Mary is Martin Freeman's partner, Amanda Abbington?
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Ashley Johnson & Amanda Abbington are my happiness 💗💕
Seriously, the love between Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington is so beautiful!
"Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy". I love this movie. it rules my world.Martin Freeman. I love me! LOL!
Martin Freeman & Amanda Abbington in Penarth filming at the 😊😊😊
Britons least in need of ladders:. 1 Martin Freeman on stilts. 2 Louis on Harry's shoulders. 3 Gillian A on David's shoulder…
In what conceivable universe is Tina Fey shorter than Martin Freeman?
Sam has turned me into someone who talks about Martin Freeman and John Watson more. . Well done, Sam.
I want to find the Ian Hallard to my Mark Gatiss, the Sophie Hunter to my Benedict Cumberbatch, & the Amanda Abbington to my Martin Freeman
BBC News: Martin Freeman wins animation award: The Stick Man picks up two prizes at the British Animation Awar...
Also like, we have Crossbones, Sharon Carter, and 90% certain Martin Freeman is playing Dr. Faustus :\
brad looks a bit Martin Freeman in this photo.
'Tina Fey, and Martin Freeman as Ian MacKelpie are both standouts' - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Review
He plays her character's security guy. It's more that she's his love interest. She's more interested in Martin Freeman's Ian
Sherlock is hands down one of the best TV shows out there. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman duo 💪🏼
Let's cast Primary Colors: 2016 edition. Glenn Close as Hillary, Martin Freeman as Jeb!, and Kevin James in his dramatic debut as Christie?
the complete episode of Jimmy Fallon with Martin Freeman is up on NBC but it's geoblocked. For US folks:
Jimmy and Martin Freeman both agree on what their friend Tina Fey is really like
Martin Freeman unveils his superhero costume!
Hehe! Good to have a little crush, here & there. I have masses. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Damian Lewis .. On & on.
People who definitely will win elections: . - Eddie Redmayne. - Emma Thompson. - Martin Freeman. - Danny Dyer. - My great uncle Richard
Photo of Martin Freeman in Captain America Civil War from the new
Martin Freeman's Captain America: Civil War character has finally been revealed
Can't wait for Martin Freeman to show up in cpt America civil war like oh hello there, terribly sorry to interrupt
|| I think it's to do with Martin Freeman's character revealed in Civil War I know I'm not going to like him.
Martin Freeman nominated for best voice performance for Stick Man.British Animation Awards https…
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot behind the scenes interview with Martin Freeman via
Just watched Shaun of the Dead. I quite enjoyed it!! Simon Pegg is gr8. Didn't expect to see Martin Freeman & Chris Martin tho hahha
Benedict Cumberbach, Martin Freeman, Jenny Agutter, Richard Wilson Lenny Henry. All support the left, all work at "our Coincidence?
Crackle series starring Martin Freeman and Adam Brody to film in Puerto Rico
I put off watching Fargo the series because Martin Freeman, but I was wrong, it is really good. He is good. Billy Bob Thornton is tip top.
DEN : The film – making its market bow in Berlin – is set to star Paul Bettany, Natalie Dormer, Martin Freeman with…
Martin Freeman. Morgan Freeman. Its something in the initials
Martin Freeman to star in the big screen adaptation of Ghost Stories Saw the theatre version-ve…
Just watched this - Martin Freeman is my new hero. . If you are into R&B (and who isn't?) you should watch it too.
Narrated by Martin Freeman and exec produced by Weller this film has been described as a UK version of 'Sugarman'
Martin Freeman, Andy Nyman & George MacKay are all on for Ghost Stories:
.Ghost Stories is coming to the big screen w/ George Mackay & Martin Freeman!
I think I might hate Kirsten Dunst's character even more than Martin Freeman's character (but not Martin Freeman himself, the mod *** .
100% of Britons can't tell the difference between Martin Freeman and Louise Brealey.
I just googled that movie because I could fathom a mix of Martin Freeman & Ryan Kwanten, but geez that is 💯
This actor in Refuge (w/Krysten Ritter) is really confusing bc he's half Martin Freeman and half Ryan Kwanten
After watching lord of the rings with Ian Holm and then The Hobbit with Martin Freeman, it's safe to say, Bilbo did indeed "age a day."
He was like "what you got on there?" "Erm Michael Buble...Simpsons songs...Mario Galaxy Soundtrack...Martin Freeman reading Hitchhikers.."
The Lord of the Rings: The Story of the ONE RING (Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins)
It's so cool to see Martin Freeman and Bob Odenkirk in the same scene!! ❤ Thanks
📷 rominatrix: Martin Freeman in Paul Weller’s music video Pick it up x
The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love. Martin Freeman.
it should be right up there on a Bilboard. (I'm switching tracks now. Sorry, I love Martin Freeman too)
Watching Derren Brown on +1 and just saw David Tennant and Martin Freeman. Nice.
Derren, Robbie, David Tennant, Martin Freeman, basically most of my favourite people together I'm emotional
I've seen Martin Freeman and Stephen Fry. This is wonderful ❤️
The are delighted to have the surprise support of actor Martin Freeman https…
This Wednesday at 6pm will be inviting the fantastic Martin Freeman who is now starring in for a …
anything starring Martin Freeman, Tom Hardy and Bruce Willis (one for the teenagers)
I mean if I met Martin Freeman or Mark Ronson I would cry for a week but others I'm just like okay cool nice meeting ya have a nice day :)
||For me it's him, Martin Freeman and Ben Wishaw
I have so much love for Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott.
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Thank you Michael Sheen, Martin Freeman , Robert Lindsay and Peter Capaldi. In support of junior doctors
Watched it! 👍🏻👍🏻... I do love me some Andrew Scott!! Maybe even a wee bit more than Martin Freeman..😱
Hi Robert, any chance you could release the photo of John Watson's (Martin Freeman's) silhoutte from opening? Ta!
Just a note about how good Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott are in Sherlock. Absolutely brilliant.
Martin Freeman is the British Jason Bateman. Both best playing slime. Both not given enough chances to utilize this. (rewatching Fargo S1)
Waiting for has me between a forced Martin Freeman sigh & Mage Simpson's disapproving Mmm.
Oh, Martin Freeman playing John Watson, how I missed you.
Also, Martin Freeman playing Dr John Watson is the best thing to ever have happened to TV ever :)
📷 derekjacobi: Martin Freeman as John Watson. Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes | My tears! This is probably...
I'm a massive fan of that Sherlock programme. For me, Martin Freeman is every bit the equal of his dad, Morgan. A stupe…
Really enjoyed that. Especially taken by the Victorian version of Watson. Martin Freeman played that really bloody well.…
Poor Andrew Scott. Pushed over an edge by Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Ralph Fiennes all in one year
After the Hobbit and Sherlock it's crazy to think Martin Freeman was in Ali g 😂
Going back to bed to watch House of Cards, but never forget the time Martin Freeman asked Tim Lovejoy how many Ramones albums he could name
My respect to everyone involved in creating the scene, especially to Martin Freeman, who made John's pain so tangible it hurts my heart.
All purpose parts banner
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back – finally!
Britain's most mixed up couples:. 1 Harry Styles and Dan Howell. 2 Phil Lester and Martin Freeman. 3 Louis Tomlinson and Ben…
Hmm. I never noticed until now that Martin Freeman has a cameo in Shaun of the Dead. I've been watching this movie for over 10 years lol
Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington who play John and Mary
first series was stunning. Martin Freeman rocks. Did u just watch 2nd series? Not seen it yet.
Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves and Steven Moffat explain why Sherlock Holmes is loved so...
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are back in action at 221b Baker St. Catch the Abominable Bride special, Jan 1st. 9pm/10mt.
Louis Tomlinson is the only member of One Direction who can't see over Martin Freeman.
Tina Fey, Margot Robbie, Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton go to Kabul in WHISKE
Colin Morgan, Bradley James, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. And the inventor of Netflix.
are there going to be any cameos from Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis, Mackenzie Crook etc?
Academy Award nominee, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Emmy Award winner, Martin Freeman, return in this one-off...
I wish you all a Happy Hump Day . with Martin Freeman and the Freebeard! . (and a bit of tongue ;) )
Bill Nighy & Gregor Fisher (Billy Mack/Joe) also in WIld Target (w Martin Freeman too) very different but a great little movie
Sherlock's Martin Freeman and Downton Abbey's Hugh Bonneville are teaming up to bring children a bit of Christmas...
how's the cast? I loved the cast of season one. Martin Freeman is amazing and Billy Bob thorton is a good villain.
Great programme from the Coen Bros. Check out series 1 with Martin Freeman & Billy Bob Thornton. Brill
This has reached the compelling status of the Billy Bob and Martin Freeman masterpiece.
u watchin the version with Martin Freeman?
When I realize I didn't notice that Martin Freeman was Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy film
Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Kiera Knightley, Liam Neeson, Martin Freeman, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy all in one film😌👌🏼
Martin Freeman, Peter Capaldi, Derren Brown & more support and the (via 🐻
- we have characters like Baron Zemo (Crossbones ain't the main baddy) and a mysterious Martin Freeman role... How will -
they have so many characters that I completely agree with u! Don't forget about Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman!
Oh my word, I'd forgotten Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman make an appearance, too. My excitement knows no bounds.
apparently the first time we watched Sherlock (five years ago today) Matt called Martin Freeman "low-rent John Simm"
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