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Martin Clunes

Alexander Martin Clunes (born 28 November 1961) is an English actor and comedian. Clunes is perhaps best known for his roles as Gary Strang in Men Behaving Badly, Doctor Martin Ellingham in Doc Martin and the title character in Reggie Perrin.

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We're delighted to be included in Sunday's piece about .
Martin Clunes erotica and John Bishop's Madonna impression: the worst Nightly Show moments so far
Martin Clunes Riding Therapy is a lovely lovely programme
BHS and Martin Clunes bring a great new advert to H&C
Don's miss the new documentary on tonight at 9!
Don't forget you can watch Martin Clunes: Riding Therapy tonight 9pm on Sky 253
Check out this great new ad from and the wonderful Martin Clunes, airing for the first time tonight >
Stars in New on how equine learning can benefit people .
JOIN-UP WITH MARTIN CLUNES. Body Language and Schooling. Everybody and anybody can be a horse whisperer. — Monty...
Tonight on catch 'Martin Clunes: Riding Therapy’ at 9pm as he looks into the benefits of equine l…
Where is Victor? Martin Clunes still offering reward to find dog
Check out LoveLove Films' new documentary ‘Martin Clunes: Riding Therapy' airing tonight on Horse & Country TV, Sky…
£4000.00 reward for getting Victor home safe
Super proud of the LoveLove Films team who produced concept to completion this lovely documentary :) On Air tomorrow…
Martin Clunes is back in Cornwall as Doc Martin.
Doc Martin on ITV3: Martin Clunes (Dr Martin Ellingham) starred in Snakedance in 1983. Ian McNeice was in Victory o…
My grandmother has a phobic reaction even to the words: "Martin Clunes". She alleges that: "His face shouldn't be allowed!"
Martin Clunes starts filming on series 8 of Doc Martin
Tomorrow Martin Clunes: Riding Therapy will be hitting the H&C TV screens at 9pm on Sky channel 253!
We caught up with actor & animal lover, Martin Clunes, to find out about his love affair with horses. Read more > http…
Bruno, who suffered with anxiety and a fear of men, soon felt comfortable with & Martin Clunes…
Yes! Also 'An Evening With Gary Lineker' that Martin Clunes was in. Any other forgotten, England based dramas? Tour…
i'm watching the episode of HIGNFY where martin clunes stutters a lot and it's gr8
'Martin Clunes is back in Cornwall as Doc Martin'
Martin Clunes and Neil Morrisey held prisoner and forced to recreate a couch conversation for their alien captors - Craig…
North Korea Behaving Badly. Kim Jong Un in the Martin Clunes role. Neil Morrissey in the Neil Morrissey role.
'North Korea Behaving Badly' will star Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey in high nuclear jinx.
North Korea Behaving Badly, the new TV spin off staring Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey?
What exactly did Martin Clunes have done? via
What exactly did Martin Clunes have done?
I never got to talk with him about Clunes! Did you two like Doc Martin?
⭐️ • What exactly did Martin Clunes have done?: There’s nothing new in the revelation that actors feel they……
What exactly did Martin Clunes have done?. .
DAILY MAIL - . What exactly did Martin Clunes have done?. .
'Martin Clunes: Riding Therapy' produced by LoveLove Films to air on sky for... Read Blog:
Martin Clunes tries to claim secret plastic surgery as a professional tax expense via
What exactly did Martin Clunes have done?
Watching a show with Martin Clunes, and I had so many conversations about weird!
"I hope that nice Martin Clunes still has a job" - my parents about the ABC cuts, probably.
Via his agent.. Martin Clunes on mystery cosmetic surgery: "I had some veneers put on my teeth because I thought they looke…
It's bizarre that the first show was Walliams with Martin Clunes and the second week is Bishop with Roger Daltrey. Wrong way round.
No guest is going to trump Martin Clunes. Seriously Russell Crowe pulls out and call Doc Martin. ***
Can cosmetic surgery be tax deductible.
Millionaire star Martin Clunes bills the cost of a mystery cosmetic treatment to the taxpayer
is Horsing Around to Help Children . (Catch Seasons 6&7 on VisionTV…
oh no- thought we might get Martin Clunes again and Nina Conti doing a vent act whilst bring in a sack
Gendered 'Investment' discourses of cosmetic surgery haven't shifted: Men do it for their career via
Can cosmetic treatments be offset against tax? or just Men Behaving Badly?.
What cosmetic work do you think Martin Clunes…
What cosmetic work do you think Martin Clunes has had done? We asked the experts...
Bankers on botox? Martin Clunes isn't the only man going under the knife to get ahead at work
- Can Martin Clunes argue the cost of cosmetic surgery was incurred wholly in pursuance of his acting…
Some press reports about Martin Clunes’ defeat following his Application to have a tax Appeal heard in private. The…
What cosmetic procedures has Martin Clunes had done? We asked the experts 
Car parked in a disabled space? It most probably belongs to Martin Clunes.
Watched the 1st earlier with and guests martin clunes and really good enjoyed it
Much better analysis than in the weekend papers : Clunes loses appeal anonymity claim via
Ugh. Martin Clunes for people who think Men Behaving Badly is a bit intellectual.
Want to claim cosmetic surgery against your tax return? .
*new blog post from inc 'In the footsteps 👣of Martin Clunes' Happy Sunday ⛺️🏕🔆
Martin Clunes undergoes secret cosmetic treatment - and tries to offset cost for…
Interesting article in today's Sunday Telegraph about Martin Clunes promoting "Equine Therapy"...we have been talking about i…
I'm watching the Martin Clunes documentary on draft horses (Heavy Horsepower) and it's a fckn ride.
Monty Roberts and Martin Clunes in the round pen!
Cheeky horse just won’t let Martin Clunes give an interview to Lorraine Kelly:.
Martin Clunes is confronted by a shopper after parking his car in a motorcycle only bay
ooh, did you know the Grundy family are farming a mahoosive area of Australia on itv's 'Martin Clunes :islands of Australia '
Was laughing to myself earlier thinking of the Mrs Merton ep with Martin Clunes where she kept calling him Clunesy
what would you have done if amanda was copping of with Martin Clunes instead of Neil Morrissey
Currently sat in the same room as my 2 comedy idols, Neil Morrissey and Martin Clunes 😍.
Difficulty setting: Martin Clunes. Perhaps harder to detect when the beauty parlor defers to "Nastassja K…
Yes. I'm never buying anything ever again actually because Martin Clunes and Rob Brydon aren't sufficiently racist.
English actor Martin Clunes and friends . Heavy Horsepower ~ origin of the draught horse as a working horse .
We like Martin Clunes best, cos he likes furs and horses 😄
They are awesome. Last time I met Martin Clunes' 2 big boys. The ground shakes when you canter, but it's the best feeling.
all Sydney AFL GF he said in June...
New drama from ITV this autumn as Martin Clunes and Phillip Schofield star as two men in 'This Drama Is about Two Men'. Co-starring a woman
"A desk is a barrier, Reggie!" (see Reggie Perrin series with Martin Clunes).
HOLY CRAP there's a documentary on Netflix where Martin Clunes makes his Clydesdales get jobs.
Watched Martin Clunes swimming wae Mantas last night... Turns out he has a serious of other documentries. THANK U NETFLIX
hope you saw RCGP campaign reported in today's observer (next to picture of Martin Clunes!)
Just watched "Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower" on about Clydesdales and other work horses. Great!
3 v drunk middle-aged ladies in the pub tonight asked me if I was Martin Clunes, if anyone wants to know what success feels like.
YEA! Doc Martin series 8: Martin Clunes comedy confirmed to return for final outing
Pure sat in on a Saturday masell crying over Martin Clunes diving with Manta Rays... The fckn dream man🐋🐳🐢
Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs, pt 2: The Doc Martin star continues his quest to discover origins of man's best friend, 8/7 pm KET2
Watching Martin Clunes: Man to Manta and Guy Stevens is in it! Super chilled to have worked with him in York 😁
Local News: Chefs behaving badly? Martin Clunes joins Jamie and Jimmy for seafront…
Martin Clunes' excitable pet dog Jim steals the show on Loose Women -
Check out and why Martin Clunes says you should dust off your mugs for
Netflix thinks I love Martin Clunes and I don't know what to do.
Martin Clunes is a true British icon. My tribute:.
This ad featuring & Martin Clunes gave us the giggles so we thought we'd share for
I remember an article around the time Simon Nye was named as a S5 DW writer that joked about a villainous turn by Martin Clunes.
Prop exhibition at the BFI Imax includes this wonderful Martin Clunes mask.
Dogs behaving badly on Loose Women as Martin Clunes introduces Jack Russell Jim
Be sure to tune into at 12:30pm to catch the lovely Martin Clunes talking all things ☕🍰
Maria Island in to feature in documentary 'Islands of Australia,' hosted by 🇬🇧 actor Martin Clunes
From birds to bears and pets to primates. Take a walk on the wildside with Martin Clunes. 9.30pm.
Thanks Martin Clunes dog Jim for causing chaos on & raising awareness of in
Sigh. Why, oh why, did they cancel the remake? Martin Clunes is an amazing actor.
Coming up: Martin Clunes is here to talk about how you can hold a MacMillan Coffee Morning! More info in the link.. https:…
We may insist all celebrity supporters bring their fab pooch along as Martin Clunes' dog steals the show htt…
After episode 1 of "Martin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs" I have decided that Tegan is part Pomeranian, part Dingo.
I'm working on a hagiography of Martin Clunes
this if you think Martin Clunes dog Jim is cute... sitting in the green room of Loose Women! Aw. 🐶
Breast Cancer Awareness
Candace Watkins, Donna Jones Warren and any other horse lovers. Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) has shows on Netflix...
Petition for system of guest Tory leadership contenders. Brian Blessed, Alexander Armstrong, Martin Clunes...
Martin Clunes on Doc Martin: 'I love trying to punish this awful man!' via
I've lost a lot of respect for Martin Clunes, Catherine Tate and Patricia Hodge.
Great to meet my Men Behaving Badly hero Martin Clunes earlier today!
To be fair to Dan Hodges the Starsky and Hutch remake the BBC did set in Nuneaton with Martin Clunes and Nigel Havers was terrible.
Martin Clunes for the main course and Aiden Turner for dessert 😏
Fistral Beach is the second photo, the bottom left one was from Port Isaac. Sadly didn't bump into Martin Clunes
Hi, my Mum has less than 3mnths to live due to terminal cancer and she adores Martin Clunes - she would love to meet hi…
Actually Harry Enfield & Martin Clunes in the original series. Hope that helps. 😃
Watch something fun, Doc Martin. Love Martin Clunes. Love you, too!
I saw it on Martin Clunes' Wild Life DVD. We love Doc Martin. It's teh shizzit!
Great to see Martin Clunes raising awareness of the awful cat killer. Please report anything suspicious! https…
Martin Clunes in plea to catch Croydon cat killer
Oops! Just realized it was Martin Clunes (Man & Beast: not Stephen Fry! Sorry!
Website Builder 728x90
BREAKING: Martin Clunes rebuked over twisted pepper spray squeeze.
He had me there I admit. Martin Clunes still sticks to this day. 😩
I know, Martin Clunes is really grey.
You've never seen Adrian Chiles and Martin Clunes in the same room, just saying.
watching Doc Martin, Reggie Perrin, Men Behaving Badly all week. Enjoying them all. Mr. Clunes you are adorable.
now I want to see Martin Clunes in Les Miserables!
Martin Clunes stars in a different role at 10. In Arthur + George, Holmes author Arthur Conan Doyle turns sleuth.
Check out this Amazon deal: Six Surly + The Movies by Martin Clunes
Check out this Amazon deal: Martin, Series 7 by Clunes
Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin look a tad different in Doc Martin compared to when they behaved badly.
Martin Clunes as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle solving a cold case in turn of the century England based on a true story!
I'm in tears - just watched 'Goodbye Mr Chips'. Martin Clunes was outstanding :(
Up early good morning and happy new year! Watching Goodbye Mr Chips payed by Martin Clunes. Watery eyes not a kewl look lol
Martin Clunes seems to really soften his voice for voiceovers on ads. I'm thinking of the one with the camel!
Well worth a listen, even if they've not heard of Goodbye Mr Chips. Best thing Martin Clunes ever did!
looks more like Martin Clunes I reckon
Martin Clunes is a lovely man who does a great dog impression. Watch his full interview:
Im watching the strangest episode of the IT Crowd on itv right now. Moss has been recast as Martin Clunes
Peej in a fetching red pvc catsuit - Martin Clunes and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in the audience?? No freaking way!
Sir Lenny Henry is awarded an OBE for services to drama alongside fellow actor Martin Clunes : Sir Lenny Henry...
I'm currently being subjected to Nativity 3: Dude where's my donkey? What an absolute career low for Catherine Tate & Martin Clunes
I love Martin Clunes & Doc Martin I reckon Clunes would be a great Dr Who... -))
Martin Clunes honoured with OBE for services to comedy and Dorset community
Really interesting article on all the different international versions of
Totally prefer the original Fungus the Bogeyman with Martin Clunes. I thought this new one was a sequel, I have been TRICKED into a remake.
I didn't realise until now that Martin Clunes was the boy in Mary Poppins
who has a crush on Martin Clunes? Hollywood legend Sigourney Weaver I suspect
Rob Cooke who plays Bob Cratchit was in latest Doc Martin series. "Doc Martin is always grumpy, but Martin Clunes is the opposite," he says,
After last night's jive on I think I love more than Martin Clunes & Brendan Brady put together 😍
Oo, dinner with Doc Martin before cracking on with more work and Caroline Quentin is on with Martin Clunes. How lovely!
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I have only just clicked 💡 and realized.. But it's great to see Caroline Quentin & Martin Clunes back together
Did you enjoy tonight's Read Caroline Quentin on reuniting w/ Martin Clunes in our latest issue…
Lovely seeing Caroline Quentin and Martin Clunes back together in
Loving Caroline Quentin and Martin Clunes back together makes Monday's bearable
Great to see Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin together again on Doc Martin tonight.
Great to have Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin back on telly together! Men Behaving Badly was an incredible show.
Loving that Caroline Quentin and Martin Clunes are back on screen together in Makes me feel old though!
Caroline Quentin is guest starring in tonight's episode of Doc Martin. Nice to see her working with Martin Clunes again.
Caroline Quentin and Martin Clunes have lived strangely parallel lives – now ... - Radio Times
The question is, is the reunion of Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin enough to make me watch Doc Martin tonight?
Martin Clunes & Caroline Quentin reunite tonight on Could this be a returning role
Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin reunite on screen in this weeks Doc Martin, on at 9pm
Can't wait for Doc Martin tomorrow. Martin Clunes and are finally back on screen together 17yrs after Men Behaving Badly
'It was like no time has passed' Martin Clunes and Caroline Quentin reunite on Doc Martin.
Yes, I'm quite enjoying it. I like Martin Clunes and Ian McNiece is in it too.
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A few pics from last nights party! Me and the most lovely Mel Giedroyc. And the ahmazing Martin Clunes
INTERVIEW with Martin Clunes who discusses Doc Martin, Arthur & George and Men Behaving Badly via
A Raymond Briggs character.I first heard the name from Martin Clunes in Men Behaving Badly 😉😉
Martin Clunes returns as Doc Martin and we chat about, OBEs and Men Behaving Badly.. pls RT
Did you know Martin Clunes appeared on Doctor Who in the 80's?
Cuddles with Martin Clunes on the shoot today in port Isaac
but who could possibly replace Martin Clunes? (sorry/not sorry).
I like Martin Clunes but there was only ever going to be one Reggie Perrin.
The doctor will see you now... for a brand new series!. Martin Clunes returns as coming soon to
Clunes as Reggie Perrin, Merton as Hancock, Ant & Dec as Likely Lads, Steve Martin as Clouseau/Bilko.
I added a video to a playlist Martin Clunes - Drinking Songs
imagine martin clunes in a stiff wind. Does not lend himself to coastal climes.
you remind me of Martin Clunes on this pic. I hope you're well.x
Alison turned to me earlier & said 'that man looks like Martin Clunes' and he looked up with a smirk on his face lol (it was him) (awkward)
Huh. Martin Clunes looks very well in real life. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Enjoy "Revealed!" at 10:30 tonight, lots of fun from behind-the-scenes in Cornwall.
So basically I've had a beer and set up an account where I post bible verses and pictures of Martin Clunes . Please help me
Clunes appears to be becoming a thing. Have to start calling him Martin. ;)
never read the books but loved the TV show. Remake with Martin Clunes was dreadful though!
No Martin Clunes from Beaminster then. There's a surprise (not).
Arthur & George coming to Sept. with Martin Clunes
Did you sing the Martin Clunes song?
Didnt know you had a thing for Martin Clunes?
Martin Clunes having bants with N.Morrissey/Martin Clunes in a show from the 90s/Martin Clunes’s girlfriend is called Dorothy/It’s bants(x4)
Men Behaving Badly :). Miss that show. Show with the coolest intro theme. Starring Martin Clunes
As filming for the 7th series of Doc Martin ends, Martin Clunes is busy preparing for Buckham Fair:
I dream of Martin Clunes. A-frolicking in the dunes. He takes off his vest. And there on his chest. A series of ancient runes.
RIP David Nobbs. Loved the original Reggie Perrin series; hated the Martin Clunes version.
Without a doubt.. Reckon the remake with Martin Clunes was pretty good too.
Morrissey's life story on ITV shortly. . Can't wait to hear what Martin Clunes was like off camera
Birthday shout out to Dirk Kuyt, Martin Clunes, Kevin Anderson & Ian Dowie lookalike
How much did this pic influence Neil Morrissey and Martin Clunes for ?. Keith Moon and Oliver Reed.
Martin Clunes has a new Doc Martin co-star, it's... Sigourney Weaver. Wait, what?
The Town continues at 10pm with Andrew Scott (& Martin Clunes (—
Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower | Clunes examines role of world's working horses as he trains his own Clydesdales, 9/8 pm KET
And I love to behave so badly,. Living with Neil Morrissey,. Drinking in the sun with Martin Clunes. (And Leslie Aash)
Old Dr Who on right now on 70 - Martin Clunes is a New Romantic pirate and some lady is talking to a plastic snake
Such a privilege to ride Bruce the Clydesdale - one of Martin Clunes' Thanks
Nice to see mentioned alongside Martin Clunes in
If you can't handle me at my Neil Morrissey, you don't deserve me at my Martin Clunes
Martin Clunes receiving an OBE is pretty well deserved for a man who once behaved badly with Neil Morrissey and provided genuine laughs.
Andy Burnham: "It's time Labour had a leader from the north-west". Better idea. Guest leaders, like Next week: Martin Clunes.
World by Gilbert & George 1983 - see if you can find Martin Clunes in there
After they were Men Behaving Badly, Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey were Hunting Venus
Next week's guests are Neil Morrissey, Martin Clunes and a real life Dyson hoover.
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He's somewhere between Hugh Bonneville, Martin Clunes and (according to a woman on our honeymoon) Vince Vaughan.
It seems that David Tennant's allowed to play English, but when Martin Clunes plays a Scot it's somehow racist?
Trusting Mark Rylance or Derek Jacobi on authorship would be like trusting Martin Clunes to be your doctor.
Found my old copy of Hunting Venus starring Martin Clunes, wonder what ever happened to 80s icon Simon Delancy?
Oh, by the way guys, this is out April 13th:
I hid behind the door from my sister and when she opened it I screamed MARTIN CLUNES and she nearly punched me lol
How about Martin Clunes for Clarkson replacement on Top Gear? Makes sense to me. 👍
im literally so cold if I die in the night can someone tell Martin clunes I love him
Is there an advert on the planet that Martin Clunes doesn't do the voiceover for?
Thierry hanging out with Martin Clunes. Love it.
was on Arthur & George. My 1st, of many I hope, job through you. fun and fantastic experience. Martin Clunes was terrific!
Filming has started for the seventh series of Doc Martin starring local lad Martin Clunes:
Will you be able to find out when John Farnham became Martin Clunes or did Martin Clunes become John Farnham.
Martin Clunes is looking bang tidy.
Not sure about the remake of George and Mildred. Martin Clunes should really have been playing George.
Johnson, Clunes, Henderson, then, I guess, my brother, Martin
Yup, Marc Anthony meets Martin Clunes! Oh man, I'm so doing that!!
ITV's Doc Martin returning for a seventh season, now filming:
I can't even remember the last thing I saw with Martin clunes in
We're watching Arthur & George; lovely performance from Martin Clunes, but the scripts completely abandon the novel's intricate structure.
worked for my Mum& dad, and Martin Clunes. Fasting is tricky but gorging on cake after quite satisfying. I'm only on week1
Best news today RTMartin Clunes returns as Britain’s favourite grumpy medic
Doc Martin to return to STV as Martin Clunes reprises grumpy medic role.
Filming has begun on a seventh series of Doc Martin for ITV. Martin Clunes will reprise his role as Dr. Martin...
Series/Season 7 of Doc Martin now filming in Cornwall. via
Great news: Doc Martin has been renewed for a 7th series
Martin Clunes to return for 7th series of Doc Martin in September
weird seeing Martin Clunes as Conan Doyle walking down that hill you ran down in Mark of the Rani!
Neil Morrissey and Martin Clunes starred together in which TV series?
I very much wanted to like that but a) Martin Clunes
was fantastic! Martin Clunes was brilliant. Good on ya Sir Arthur!
Pish posh, Martin Clunes was fabulous in Arthur & George! Fab actor!
I can't believe folk watch Martin Clunes for entertainment.
This ITV Conan Doyle thing is bad enough without the magical mystery tour that is Martin Clunes appearing and disappearing Scottish accent
enjoying Martin clunes's accent as it wanders all over Scotland, apparently via Ireland at one point !
Martin Clunes is a joy to watch in the wonderful Arthur And George love the lilt of the Edinburgh accent
What the heck is occurring with Martin Clunes' accent in this gubbins on itv?!
Martin Clunes is so good at playing Arthur Conan Doyle
It's been fun, Martin Clunes. concludes tonight on at 9pm
criminal minds 2nite im not friggin missing it again :( even though I loves Martin clunes Arthur & George not really grabbing my attention
Right, Monday starts here. No theatre to worry about. Just my tea, BBC2 quizzes and that thing with Martin Clunes in it.
Had forgotten (well, not sure I ever knew) that Martin Clunes was Jeremy Brett's cousin (once removed)
It's the final of George & Arthur tonight; Martin Clunes as sir Arthur Conan Doyle some of which was filmed at Hughenden.
The horse community is really hoping Martin Clunes’ Conan Doyle can solve the case in the series finale of Arthur & George at 9pm on
Sooo my Nan thinks that Doc Martens are Martin Clunes' range from when he played Doc Martin the tv show. Give me strength 😩😂😂
Martin Clunes: the 'Clunatics' still love Doc Martin | via can't wait!
Doc Martin is set to film season 7 here in 2015. Probably the last according to Martin Clunes.
Once you get past Martin Clunes losing the accent, it's actually quite watchable, as is he!
Martin Clunes + Arthur Conan Doyle = *** Seen it all before 10 times. Come on it's time for originality.
Poor old Bert (Burt?) Is Rob dead yet? (BTW the Rob actor played a dodgy man in the Sunday night Martin Clunes drama.
Top Gear could do what do - guest presenter slots. All the usuals: Jo Brand, Martin Clunes, Louis van Gaal ...
Did you see Martin Clunes and his dogs in on last night? I caught some of the show with my new family member, a rescue chi...
Not quite sure on the Conan Doyle with Martin Clunes think a 2 hour program would have been better
Carry On Forever - a new three-part documentary airs over Easter on ITV3:. Martin Clunes is to narrate a new...
I do like Martin Clunes though still he's very good.
Yeah I'm on Series 5 right now. Morrisey looks weird with a beard. Now Martin Clunes doesn't look bad with the long hair. 👍👌😁
Yes I would agree. I love Martin Clunes, But they should have Louie. Spence in the backround as side kick, spinning & doing splits
Arthur and George viewers divided over Martin Clunes' Scottish accent
Martin Clunes would be a great on Top Gear, or perhaps the Red Dwarf team. Clarkson dominates the show too much. Don't
So who could replace Despite recent events, he's still an iconic broadcaster. (Martin Clunes anyone?!)
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
If it came to it, who could people see stepping into shoes on ? Big Shoes! Martin Clunes for me
then when you've watched it watch the episode of Would I Lie To you with Martin clunes
Video: What are the worst efforts at Scottish accents? .
. So let down by this program. Too dark and hard to follow. Really like Martin Clunes but this is not good, shame!
What do people make of Martin Clunes' portrayal of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in ITV's Arthur and George?
Poll: Which historical figure would you like Martin Clunes to play next?. a) Caligula. b) Andy McNab. c) Giant Haystacks. d) Lord Whoopsy
I'd like to see Arthur & George developed into a full series; Martin Clunes & Charles Edwards make a great double act.
Half an hour with John Gordon Sinclair and Martin Clunes reckoned he got the accent nailed.
starring Martin Clunes as Arthur Conan Doyle is a new 3 part drama starting tonight 9pm on
Martin Clunes plays the creator of Sherlock Holmes in a new TV drama. He speaks to about his latest role
At a conference earlier steadfastly ignoring a 90s sales instructional video when Martin Clunes, Tony Robinson and popped up!
No news from Ed Sheeran :( anyone got a number for Martin Clunes? Or John Craven?
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clunes - Neil Morrissey wanders Britain, explaining to passers-by that Martin Clunes isn't with him. ITV4, 10pm
this is lovely. Which of you is Martin Clunes and which is Neil Morrissey.
Watching Pink Floyd gig on Sky Arts. Observed that from certain angles Dave Gilmour looks like Martin Clunes!
Would you like to see Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey revive Men Behaving Badly?
On the bright side there's probably more work for Martin Clunes look a likes than for Martine McCutcheon look a likes
This is the woman who wanted to look like Martine McCutcheon and ended up like Martin Clunes!
Later on, the son one (Martin Clunes) is listening to the Thompson Twins. William Gaunt: 'Stiff Pigeon?' Clunes: 'No.'
just a next week BONKERS. But it's going to be big! We've got Martin Clunes on a light pencil.
Martin Clunes is not a big fan of direct eye contact with his fans which is why he's often wearing his Oakleys in public.
Love Martin Clunes, his work -We seem to watch The Secret Life of Cats ea time it's on: Tricky fellow
Last day to hear my radio play. With Bill Nighy, Martin Clunes, .
bring it back with Boris Johnson as the host (in a sensible world that's what he'd be doing) or maybe Martin Clunes?
It's Thursday and almost time for our weeknight Get back-to-back doses of Martin Clunes in at 8 & at 9.
My new favorite show and actor. Doc Martin - ITV 2004 with Martin Clunes. 6 seasons on NetFlix with another...
Fangirling cos was on the escalator with Martin Clunes the hero x
Pretty sure RS was interviewed and Martin Clunes was asked if he was interested and said no.
Just walked past Martin Clunes. All I could think was this:
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